The Bed-Sit

The usual disclaimers apply to the story.

Many thanks to all those that wrote to me, you have really inspired me to write more to the story.

I have re started this story so many times as I couldn't seem to get it right. Writing this type of story seems easy to write, but at times it can be really difficult, as you see I get writers block so easy, I do write a lot for a company I work for, but not this type of stuff though.

Thanks to the couple of you that wrote me telling me of their experiences they really helped me write this one. I hope that you get to writing them for nifty.

It was about a week since I last saw Dave again, but when I did see him he came up to my room and showed me straight away that he had on the boxer shorts that I had spunked in the last time he was here. He looked so happy to see me again. He then took off the boxers and sat down on my chair and said what can we do today? I had to think about what we can do as he is only 7 years old, and there is not a lot that you can do with somebody this young. So I asked him to tell me if he has anybody is school, or outside of school that he messes about with. He said that he sometimes messes about with his older brother, just wanking him off. I later found out that his brother is 14 and he likes to mess about with boys as well, (Editors note: but that is another story, or may just feature in this one, not sure yet.) I have seen his older brother and he is very cute too, and I would not kick him out of bed for eating crackers. (Lol) Anyway, back to the boy at hand.

I asked Dave to come over to me as I got up, and asked him to undress me, and just surprise me with what he would like to do, it could be anything he liked and to just let me know what he wanted and I would oblige him. Well, as I thought he would, he asked me to make love to him again. Well, that pleased me. He then started to undress me. He started with my socks, then me shirt, unbuttoning it slowly and feeling my chest as he went down the buttons. Then he got to my jeans, he undid them and pulled them down, this is where he got a small shock as I hadn't put on any boxer shorts this morning and had stayed hard all morning in anticipation of him arriving today.

Dave asked me why I didn't have on any underwear. So I told him that sometimes I like to go commando, as it feels nice on my cock. He said that he would have to try it one day for school, and surprise his brother, like I did him. I then thought that I could get him to shave my cock, balls and ass for me to make it look like his does. He jumped at the idea; he thought that it was an ace idea. So I got the razor, shaving cream and some water. I showed him how to shave me without causing too much pain and cuts. I then handed over to him. Dave really loved handling my big cock, then moving on to my balls. This was a bit more difficult for him to do, but he managed to shave there with only 2 cuts. I then got onto all fours for him to shave me ass and cheeks. I held me cheeks apart for him to get right into my crack. I really enjoyed Dave doing this part, as I like me ass touched. Once he had done everywhere, I got back on the bed and pulled him close to me and said do you like the look of me cock now? He said that it now looks like a bigger version of his, which had been standing tall the whole time of him shaving me. I then asked him to just play with it after I spread some lube on my cock head. Dave then sat there for about 3 or 4 minutes just slowly wanking me, then I said to him, please get on your back, and I will make love to you to show you just how much I think of you. He got on his back, and I put his legs over my shoulders and put my cock head to his ass and asked if he was all right if I push into him. He said that it was ok for me to carry on. I slowly pushed in my cock head, and then he said just force it all in as it feels better this way, but I told him that this way you get to feel every inch of me, and I want to make it last as long as I can for him. I then slowly pushed a bit more into him and stopped again, I had now got about 2 of my 9 inches into his love tunnel. I could see from the look he had he loved every minute of it. I pushed an other inch into him, when I must have caught his prostate as, he had a dry orgasm and passed out for a few seconds, when he came too again he wanted to know what happened, so I said that I would explain after we finish. He was ok with my response to that. I could not hold back any longer, and had to get the last 6 inches into him, but I thought that I have to make him feel good, and show him how much fun sex can be, so instead of getting an inch at a time into him I will get about 2 inches in instead. I pushed a bit more into him, and again, he had another orgasm, but this time he was out for a little longer. I waited for him to come back to me again before I carried on. When he opened his eyes he had a glazed look in them. He was so happy that he was having good feelings, that he wanted it to last forever. He then demanded that I get the last bit into him. So I just pushed really hard into him, and stayed there for a few minutes, while I kissed him on the lips and played with his little hard cock.

He then said that he loved me, which really blew my mind, as I had never really expected him to fall for me. But I will deal with that later. I started to play then, with his little nipples, which were really tiny, and yummy looking, and I could suck them forever. I then started to slow thrust him while still playing with his little nipples one at a time. By now Dave had closed his eyes and was obviously in heaven by the look on his face. I started to do bigger strokes with a bit more speed, but still going slow on him. I really needed to cum, as I had not had a wank, or anything since the last time Dave was here. Every morning I woke up with a good woody and would stay hard all day, an on my mind would be Dave.

I took up a bit more speed and pulled out more and more on each thrust out. A few times I pulled all the way out and pushed back in, which Dave loved, he said it felt great. I loved this moment more and more on each thrust into Dave. I wanted to stay inside Dave for eternity it was that good. But as with most things they have to come to an end at some point, but not this one yet.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and started to panic, as I didn't want to be caught like this with Dave on the end of my cock. But, who ever it was went to the toilet, so I stopped worrying for now. I went back to doing short strokes on little Dave's love tunnel, which I know he likes best. I then felt the urge to pull out and push back into him a few times, it was while doing this that I heard the toilet flush, followed by a knock on my door. At this moment in time I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. I shouted who is it? The reply was, its Jason, may I come in please? Dave whispered to me that's my older bro, let him come in and see me like this please. I thought about it for a few seconds, and thought that it could be fun having 2 in here to mess with, so I said to come in and not to shout.

In walked Jay, and his jaw just dropped open and stared at me on top of his brother. I told him to come in and shut the door, and come over to the chair and sit down. He closed the door and walked over without taking his eyes off Dave and me and went to sit on the chair when Dave reached out and pulled him onto the bed and said to him would you take off your jeans and get out your pee pee please so I can play with it while Mark fucks me? Jay just nodded yes to his little brother and got his hard cock out for him to play with. I waited for Mark to get right to the edge of the bed and I got back to work on Dave's ass while he wanked off his older brother.

The scene of Dave wanking his older brother was enough to get me really hot under the collar, I wanted to shoot my load right then and there, but I had to hold off for a bit longer, so I took my time and did short and slow stokes in Dave's boy pussy.

Jay was transfixed on my cock going in and out of his own brothers boy pussy, that I said that if you like you can get behind me and watch and lick it if you like. He just sort of looked at me and then nodded, I think it hadn't sunk into him yet what I had said to him. He said that he would just like to watch as he had never seen anyone make love before but has always wanted to try it, but didn't know if Dave would want to try it, and even if he did he wouldn't know where to start. But at least now he did, if Dave wanted to try it with him. So Jay got behind me and lay down and watched me making love to his brother. After a short while, I felt a tongue tentatively lick my cock, then, Mark said, it's not like... Then he went quiet. I asked him who else's cock he has licked. He said that he couldn't say. So I said to him that what ever he says in here would stay in here. He went quiet again obviously thinking about whether to say or not, but gave in and said that he sucks older lads off at school in the toilets every lunch time. Sometimes they cum in his mouth, and, sometimes they shoot all over his face. I asked him if he would lick my cock as it went in and out of his brother and then I would cum in his mouth so he could taste his brothers' ass juice and my love juice. He jumped at the chance of this.

Jay's touch on my cock was like electric. I knew that I had to get close to cumming soon as I had to try out this world class cock sucker for myself, as he was obviously a big hit at his school. I started to speed up a bit on Dave's boy pussy, and bang my cock into hit real hard, but made sure that he was ok; he said that he loved it, and wanted it like this more. I really speeded things up, and was fucking him like a rabbit. I then slowed down just enough to ask Jay if he would stick his finger in my ass and fuck it in and out for a while, which he did. He said that it felt funny having a finger inside someone's ass, as I've never done anything like this before. It feels kinda wet up there, but I love it. Dave we gotta try this real soon, its cool. I also wanna get inside you real bad, you don't know how long I've wanted to fuck you. Jay just stick you finger in and fuck it about please and suck on my cock, then you can fuck your brother after I've cum in him.

Cool, you mean that Mark? Only if Dave wants it Jay, I won't force anything on him, and he knows that, and so must you, as it's not fair. I under stand Mark. Jay got back to sucking my cock as it slid in and out of his younger brothers ass, and finger fucked me. I told Jay to push all of his finger in me and when I say pull it out fast and force it back in and pull it out again fast. He went to ask, but changed his mind and just did as asked. As he got all his finger into me, I said pull out and as he did I started to cum deep in Dave's ass, and as Jay pushed in again I shot more and more deep into his stomach that I thought it was going to come out his mouth. I then lay there trying to catch my breath as Jay asked allsorts of things, like how did you get all your cock in him to how does it feel to have a cock in your ass? I just didn't have the energy right now to answer him, but would explain it to him later.

Once Dave and I had recovered from the session, I asked him if he wanted to be fucked by his own brother, to which he nearly shouted the word yes, but remembered where he was, and just nodded a yes. I told Jay that he would normally need to put lube on his cock and Dave's ass, but as I had just fucked him he wouldn't need to, as my spunk would act just as good, if not better as lube. I asked him how he would like to do it, and he said that he would like to have Dave on his back so that he can see the look on his face as he pushed his cock into him. So Dave got back on his back and Jay got right in close and I said that I would help him guide his cock in for the first time, (really it was so that I could get a quick feel of his cock) I took his cock in my hand and gave it a quick few strokes and then said lean forward and I will line your cock up and guide it in. As he got closer to his brothers ass hole he started to shake bad, so I said to his relax and take your time, there is no need to worry about this and get scared about it as I'm here to help you both. I think this helped a little, as he seemed to relax a bit. I then asked him if he still wanted to do this and all I got was more than anything in this world Mark, this is what I've jacked off about for ages, e fucking my brother.

He had his cock at Dave's boy pussy now, and Dave grunted to let me know that he was pushing out and ready for Jay's cock. So I told him to push forward slowly, and stop when I say to. I let him get about half his cock in and then stop. I looked up at his face and he looked like he was ready to pass out from sheer excitement. Dave seemed to take it in his stride being fucked; the only difference was this time it wasn't me doing it. I then told Jay to push the rest of the way in and stay there for a few minutes while I move. I thought I would shock Jay by fucking him while he fucked his brother for the first time, this would answer his question about how it felt.

I'm sorry to leave it there, but like all good thing, they must come to an end, until the next instalment.

Please keep emailing me; I love to hear about other people's experiences.

Love Mark. X

P.S there will be more to come, so stay tuned. XXXX