The Best Days Of Your Life continued


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The Best Days Of Your Life, by Ivor Sukwell.


Dr. Thomas was a very contented Headmaster, very contented indeed.

His Headmasterly duties did not require his attention on a Sunday morning, though he would, naturally, attend for breakfast in the Staff Dining Room at a quarter to ten precisely, where he would indulge in a leisurely smoked haddock, followed by toast and marmalade with his coffee.

It would, technically, be a second breakfast as he would actually break his fast with a protein intake provided by the two ebony delights that shared his bed.

He had stretched the rules on Masters bedding boys more than just a little, though both brothers had considered themselves sufficiently seduced by no more than a single grasp of their superb cocks and had willingly agreed that their virginity should be disposed of by Headmaster cock.

Dr. Thomas was, by inclination, more of a cock man than an arse one, and the two boys did have magnificent cocks. Bill, at sixteen, boasting eight thick inches, and his younger brother, thirteen year old Ben, owning five inches of, naturally less thick, ever-hard, mouthwatering delight.

This is not to suggest that Dr. Thomas was in any way averse to the arses of boys; indeed, he took great and frequent pleasure in filling such arses with scholarly prick, but the essential delight of a boy, in his opinion, hung at the front and was not concealed at the rear.

However, he was forced to admit that the arses of African boys were of greater delight than those of their Caucasian cousins.

They were firmer, rounder, more muscular and did not droop in the least; a pleasure to feel and squeeze, a delight to rim and tongue and a wonder to fuck. African boys seemed to have a greater instinctive understanding of how to manipulate the muscles of their arses when they were being fucked than white boys did. It was a phenomena that required greater research.

Dismissing such academic musings, Dr. Thomas slipped beneath the duvet, grasped the still soft and still magnificent member of the elder boy and inserted it into his mouth.

Both boys expressed genuine pleasure at being sucked awake, and Dr. Thomas confessed to a distinct predilection for taking soft boycock in his mouth and feeling it swell to hardness there, and to wondering precisely what fantasies his actions produced in still-sleeping boy minds as they were sucked to hardness and, occasionally, to orgasm.

Mostly they awoke before climax was reached, but that did nothing to lessen a boy's smile of appreciation as his overnight build up of sperm was skilfully sucked from him.

Ben woke, as he always did on these occasions, before his sperm had begun to stir, and made appreciative noises as his cock was expertly sucked and his full, smooth, sixteen year old balls were massaged. He had made it very clear that there was no better way to be brought from sleep, his only regret being that it happened only every other day, his brother also of the opinion that a mouth was far better than an alarm clock when it came to waking.

Ben was fully awake long before his sixteen-year-old brother's long sigh of satisfaction was produced. Bill always emitted a long "Yeeeesssssssssss," when his spunk spurted, louder and longer when he squirted into Dr. Thomas' mouth than into others, a peculiarity perhaps accounted for by the fact that Dr. Thomas was an exceptionally skilled sucker of teenage cock.

His immediate fast broken, Dr. Thomas simply turned from one side to the other and engulfed the younger boy's cock in his still somewhat cummy mouth.

Ben had been awake throughout most of his brother's sucking; he liked to watch the expressions as they flitted across Bill's face, each one a reflection of some particularly pleasant sensation created by the Headmaster's lips or tongue.

Naturally, his five inch, thirteen year old prick was in an upright position, and, equally naturally, his hand had been gently stimulating that organ as he waited, with as much patience as he could muster, for his turn to have his cock swallowed.

All in all, he considered dreamily, having your overnight load sucked from you while still in bed was a wonderful way to begin a day.

Dr. Thomas firmly believed that it was not reasonable to expect any boy to concentrate properly on his lessons if his balls were full, and it was a school policy that every boy should empty his balls into either a mouth or an arse before rising from his bed.

Boys in Years One and Two, and some in Year Three, who had, as yet, unfilled balls, were urged to ensure that their roommates provided them with a dry cumming in order to ensure that their minds were properly focussed on the lessons ahead.

It is, however, a fact of nature that the balls of teenage boys refill with remarkably alacrity, and that strict adherence to the dictums laid down by the Department of Education that insisted a junior school boy's cock and arse were for the exclusive use of his upper school roommate unless the correct seduction process had been completed by another, frequently meant that, by break time, lunch at the latest, boys found themselves in need of further relief.

Fortunately, a member of staff, recruited only one year previously, had proposed an ingenious solution.

"We would all agree," he told assembled masters at a Staff Meeting, "That is highly desirable that boys should be able to concentrate on their lessons for the full day, but we all know that no boy can concentrate on anything if he is suffering from, shall we say, `sperm on the brain' pressure.
Naturally, I would not argue with our lords and masters in the Department with regard to the use of any boy's arse. Learning how to seduce and how to be seduced is a vital part of all boys' educational development; if a boy wishes to fuck or be fucked by another, then he should set about achieving that in a proper, civilised manner.

I do not think that the same rules should apply to cock, however. I would suspect that a significant number of boys in the upper school, and many in the lower, would find it most convenient if their cocks were freely available to any boy's hands or mouth. I'm sure that if boys were able to have their balls emptied at breaks and lunchtimes instead of having to wait until lessons end, concentration levels in afternoon classes would be greatly improved."

Discussion had been lively, terminated by a proposal from Dr. Thomas that any boy who had no objections to his cock being wanked or sucked by any other boy without the necessity of preliminary seduction, should wear a blue wrist band, thus indicating to all the total availability of his cock.

This proposal had been carried with no objections, and now almost every boy in the upper school worse such an armband, and almost every boy in the lower school who had achieved the ability to produce sperm wore one as well.

There had been some concern expressed that, if boys were now able to feel up other boys whenever they wished, classroom concentration would diminish, as a boy with a cock in his hand would concentrate more on that than on, for example, Physics or Chemistry.

"I feel it would be wrong to introduce this `blue wrist band' policy and at the same time restrict it with a `no fondling during lessons' dictate. I suggest that it is left to individual masters to determine what they will, and will not, allow in their classes, but that it must be stressed to boys that, while fondling may be permitted, ejaculation must be confined to breaks and lunchtimes. We do lay great stress on the insistence that sperm should never be wasted, and I agree that no master would feel able to deliver a lesson to a class where several heads were out of sight, below desk level."

Bill and Ben, aware that their cocks were the subjects of considerable admiration from boys of all ages, were amongst the very first to obtain their blue wrist bands from the school's Toy Shop, and, when Dr. Thomas had finished milking them, placed them on their wrists before departing for showers and breakfast.


Marcus, still a little bleary eyed, tried to resolve his morning problem –which of his two ten-year-olds should he fuck before getting up and which one should he save for after breakfast.

Both boys, Peter and Paul, had been deprived of their virginity several days ago, both having been properly prepared for that momentous occasion. Paul had been far the more eager of the two, but Peter was, surprisingly, the better fuck.

Paul took cock willingly enough, but Peter, still unsure if he really liked having his arse filled, worked harder at trying to enjoy it, and consequently gave Marcus' cock a better time.

Paul, Marcus decided, and ensured that the boy was sufficiently lubed before shoving his cock firmly up the boy's eager hole. The trouble with Paul was that he enjoyed having cock in him so much that he simply gave himself up to being fucked, lying, kneeling or bending to permit entry and doing nothing other than giving himself up to the pleasure cock gave him.

That did, though, Marcus thought as he thrust, withdrew and thrust again, make him quite ideal for a first thing in the morning fuck; there was no need to work at ensuring the boy enjoyed things, just having cock inside him was all he needed.


Ryan grunted in release as he shot his morning spunk into Ewan's suctioning mouth, his pleasure enhanced by having all four of Ewan's fingers deep inside his very recently fucked hole, one poking and probing at his prostate. It was nowhere near as much fun as being caned to tears, but there was work to be done after breakfast, and fresh marks on his thighs, stomach and arse were not allowed till later.


"How's the research going, Elwin?" asked Ashley Kennedy, Deputy Head, teacher of Society and Morals, his doctoral thesis on `The Importance of Boys to the Profitability of the Slave Trade Along the Silk Road, BC900 to AD 1200' almost complete, as they forked smoked haddock into mouths only recently filled with adolescent cock.

Dr. Thomas had seized the opportunity presented by the arrival in the school of Bill and Ben to work on an academic paper on `The Value of Inter-racial Sex Amongst Boys as an Aid to Developing a Properly Integrated Multi-cultural Society.'

The paper was to be accompanied by a number of visual aid videos, the first of which had already been given public release and had proved highly popular and consequently lucrative. Dr. Thomas had altruistically donated twenty percent of all income to the school, the Government allocation of funds for such necessities as good quality lube and a sufficiently wide range of toys being rather derisory.

"Very well, thank-you, Ashley," Dr. Thomas smiled between mouthfuls of haddock, smoked haddock mingling very pleasantly with the residual flavour of teen spunk still in his mouth. "Doing a section on the importance of the South East Asian community being properly informed and aware when contemplating integrating with Africans."

"Valuable work," Ashley Kennedy agreed, "I can easily imagine many Cambodians or Vietnamese boys fainting with fear at the sight of a cock like the one hanging between the legs of your Ben."

"Just so, Ashley," Dr. Thomas agreed. "This morning we are going to attempt to demonstrate that, with the correct preparation, successful integration between those two ethnic groups is perfectly possible."

"You'll be using Wing and Wong, I suppose," Ashley Kennedy said. `Wing' and `Wong' were not the real names of the fourteen year old twins, now third generation exiles but still completely Cambodian in ethnenticity, "That pair would integrate with anyone."

"And have done so on frequent occasions," Dr. Thomas smiled in agreement, "You took it upon yourself to introduce them to adult Caucasian cock, I seem to recall."

"I did indeed," Ashley Kennedy agreed, "And even at twelve they had absolutely voracious arses. Fun as well, even in broad daylight I never knew which one I was fucking."

Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster chuckled; the twins were identical in every respect physically, and had, from their very first day as Year One boys, demonstrated an identical appetite for cock, an attitude that ensured their rapid integration into the predominantly white, middle class school they had joined.

"They still look twelve, as well," Ashley Kennedy opined.

"A factor I hope we will be able to fully exploit in the visual aid planned for today," Dr. Thomas said. "Those two are cast in the role of shy, not yet teen virgins faced with the need to integrate with African teenagers. It should sell quite well."

"Wing and Wong will need all their acting skills to appear as shy virgins," Ashley Kennedy spluttered into his coffee.

"Faced with an erect Bill, I suspect that even Wing and Wong will not need to pretend a degree of consternation," Dr. Thomas smiled, "His brother still needs to take several deep breaths, even though he's poked by it every day."

"I doubt it not," the Deputy Head agreed.

"I'll be using Ewan and Ryan as well. We both know young Ryan likes to be stretched to his limit."

"He'll be setting a new `personal best' then," Ashley Kennedy, grinned.

"All boys should have a target in life," Dr. Thomas smiled and sipped his coffee, "And our task as educators is to help them reach those targets."


Six boys gathered at the appointed hour in a small lecture room, usually in use for small, `A' level classes. They knew each other by sight, but in more intimate ways only in the pairings of siblings or roommates.

What they did know was, that, whatever the context, the events would involve sucking and fucking, activities that all six boys participated in with unbounded enthusiasm.

Dr. Thomas was yet to detail the planned scenario to the boys, but, as was his usual custom in similar circumstances, had the cameras already running. From time to time these informal moments provided a shot or two that demanded inclusion in the final visual aid. On this occasion the informal moments led to the learned Doctor, abandoning entirely his intended scenario.

All six boys naturally gave intense study to the four cocks they were not familiar with, each determining the suitability of the items on show for their own preferred activities.

"Shit!" Ryan breathed, eyes glued on a still soft Bill, and temporarily forgetting the presence of his Headmaster, "That huge black cock has just got to spunk its load up my little white arse!"

"And the other one needs the skin sucked off it," Ewan opined, as fascinated with Ben's thirteen year old five inches as Ryan was with the older, larger version.

"We would please like to be fucked by all," Wing, or perhaps it was Wong, grinned large, "And our cocks delight in the administration of mouths."

No finer example of racial integration promoted by the sexual activities of teenage boys could be wished for, leading Dr. Thomas to abandon artificial plans and simply allow the boys to get on with it.

"Please sir," Wing or Wong requested, "My brother and myself would be most gratified if your learned cock should also wish to partake of our arses. We would consider it a great honour to be fucked by a man of such great knowledge as our esteemed Headmaster."

Dr. Thomas was forced to concede that, in the interests of his research paper into racial integration, he had no alternative but to comply with that request.

Accordingly, the six boys, without any need for further instruction, mixed and matched into a variety of ethnic and colour combinations, that exceeded the hopes of Dr. Thomas.

The five senior boys working the strategically placed video cameras, all advanced IT students under the guidance of Mr. Jenkins, the Head of IT, known amongst the boys as `Back Up', as that was a phrase he constantly uttered, rapidly found that concentration on their work was diminished by untouchable erections and sent pleading looks in the direction of their Master.

True to his reputation, Mr. Jenkins immediately initiated a back-up plan, sending urgent messages for two more senior boys to assist with the cameras, and for the pre-teen roommates of all to be summoned forthwith.

The boys satisfied, now able to work in relays, boys not manning cameras obtaining oral relief in pre-teen mouths, Mr. Jenkins sent for his own personal back-up.

Sam was his star pupil; aged fifteen and thus not deemed sufficiently advanced to work a camera in a project of this importance, Blond, blue-eyed Sam was an IT natural, and he had backed up for Mr. Jenkins many times.

Sam's outlook was that access to his adolescent body should be available to any who possessed the correct password, that password being `adult', and he would willingly spread himself on the sheets of any man who wanted him, and far excel the expectations of any who cared to open him for the first time.

His pre-pubescent roommate, Kevin, had little interest in IT but had won the lower school award for cock satisfaction three terms in a row, and would probably win it thrice more before the end of the school year. He also held the school's sucking record, won at the age of eleven with a score of fourteen orgasms, five more than the previous record.

The Sucking Cup, competed for annually, was generally regarded as the school's most prestigious award, and it was rare indeed for a lower school boy to progress as far as the final ten. Orgasms had to be induced by the mouth alone, competitors' hands being cuffed behind their backs to ensure no cheating. Lower school boys did not normally possess mouths big enough to deal with boy after boy without inevitable jaw-ache forcing retirement.

Kevin had simply slurped on cock after cock, showing the judges, as the rules demanded, that he had a mouthful of fresh spunk, before going down on his next.

The school had high hopes that Kevin would do well in the Regional Championships, possibly even reach the National Finals, and become the youngest boy ever to do so.


While Dr. Thomas was conducting the events that would, when edited, produce the visual aid for his academic paper, Mr. Alan Keevil M.A. was performing his duty as Head of House.

His main responsibility was the welfare of the boys and he took his responsibility seriously.

Adolescent boys not infrequently experience difficulty in coming to terms with their sexual appetites, and although the school, following Department of Education guidelines and curriculum, did its best to ensure that boys were happy and contented, there were, as may be expected, problems from time to time.

One such problem was currently seated comfortably in an armchair in Mr. Keevil's office.

Jason Hunt was a particularly fine specimen, the sort of boy that any man who has a partiality for fifteen-year-old boys would eagerly welcome into his bed.

Athletically fit with strong thighs, deep chest and a good six inches of boy-joy between his legs, he had many admirers amongst staff and pupils alike.

Having gone through the process of putting the boy at his ease – in this instance simply mid-morning coffee as Jason smoked only well-flavoured tobacco and mid-morning was deemed to be too early for a joint, Mr. Keevil enquired how he may be of assistance.

"It's a little embarrassing, sir," Jason mumbled.

This, Mr. Keevil understood immediately, meant that the facially attractive, physically delightful fifteen-year-old was worried about something to do with his cock.

Mr. Keevil took a long look to assure himself that, visually at least, there was nothing discernibly wrong with the boy's cock; far from it, it was a splendid item.

Strange how teenage boys, boys who spent their lives naked and who never had to produce their own orgasms, still managed to be embarrassed about matters of sex, but boys are boys and such times of embarrassment occurred.

Usually, Mr. Keevil knew, it was because a boy found himself wondering about an alternative life style, plagued by thoughts of sharing his bed with a female and not a boy, and this possibility he suggested to Jason.

"Oh, no, sir!" Jason protested vehemently, "I'm not queer! Well, not in that way, sir," he added with a deep blush.

Coaxed and encouraged, the truth emerged.

"I like boys, sir," Jason managed at just above a mumble, "Boys my own age."

"Is this a new thing, Jason?" Mr. Keevil enquired, dutifully maintaining his role as advisor though his thoughts were more along the lines that he shared Jason's fondness for mid-teen boys and that Jason's cock would be delightful with mid-morning coffee.

"Sort of, sir," Jason confided. "I mean, my roommate is very good, he sucks well and he's a very good fuck, but when I'm doing stuff with him I keep find myself wishing that he was fifteen and not twelve."

"I see," Mr. Keevil nodded fully understanding Jason's dilemma. Whilst the eager little mouths of lower school boys could, and did, provide pleasant moments from time to time, it was proper adolescent flesh that Mr. Keevil lusted for.

"The problem is, sir," Jason continued, confidence growing and embarrassment lessening, "That I think I am a bit queer because I don't think I'm going to change. I think I'll still want to do stuff with boys of fifteen even after I've finished school."

"I see," Mr. Keevil nodded again in full understanding. "Just ones of fifteen?" he asked with a hint of a smile.

"Well," Jason smiled back, "Perhaps fourteen as well, and possibly young looking sixteens."

"Excellent, Jason," Mr. Keevil beamed. "I can assure you that fifteens are, in my opinion, by far the best. They happen to be my personal favourite as well."

"Are they, sir?" Jason said, a weight lifted from his mind, and feeling that he should do something practical to show his appreciation for the sympathetic manner in which his problem had been dealt with, offered, "I don't mind at all if you wish to suck me, sir."

"A very generous offer, Jason," Mr. Keevil acknowledged, "And one that I'd be delighted to accept when we have finished our chat."

"Be my pleasure, sir," Jason smiled.

"To deal with your problem in a more practical manner," Mr. Keevil resumed, "Clearly you must concentrate on your studies, obtain good examination results, head to University and train as a teacher. That way you will ensure that your adult life is full of boys of an appropriate age for your taste."

"Yes, sir," Jason enthused. "Is that why you became a teacher, sir?"

"It was certainly a very major factor in that decision," Mr. Keevil agreed, "And it is a decision I have never regretted taking."

That it was a decision Jason was excited at taking was evidenced by what had, till now, been soft, beginning to change its status to something firmer.

"As to the matter of your roommate, I will discuss the situation with the Headmaster, and should we find a boy of an appropriate age with a similar problem, then I'm sure we will find a way to bend the rules. What we do not want are unhappy boys."

"Thank you sir," Jason said, his worries gone and his cock hard. "Would you suck me now, please sir? I really need to spunk."


Sixteen-year-old Charlie Shills was the school's `character' boy. Precocious to the extreme, Charlie, at ten, had needed only his first sight of big, thick, seventeen-year-old cock to know exactly how he intended to enjoy his boyhood and his adolescence.

He liked his cock big and he liked it hard; his arse devoured cock with an insatiable appetite. But he didn't just like to be fucked, he liked to be fucked hard, hard and rough, and he soon discovered that the best way to get a really decent pounding was to appeal to the kinky nature of those who pounded him.

A mere two days after his arrival at school, which just happened to be the same number of days it had taken him to learn that his arse functioned perfectly as an entry point as well as an exit one, Charlie paid the school toy shop a visit.

Nail varnish and make up he was able to obtain over the counter, but the false eyelashes he wanted had to be ordered in and it took a whole week before they arrived.

When they did, Charlie paid a visit to the school's stylist and beautician ( both funded by the income from the Headmaster's Visual Aids) and had his hair bleached, cut and set in the style of a boy of ancient Athens, a mass of white-gold curls.

The beautician showed him how to fix the new, long, curling, jet black eyelashes and did a full make-up on him – softly blushed cheeks, reddened lips, black eye shadow highlighted with gold and black eyeliner – so that, had he not been naked, he may have passed for a girl, but a girl who was most definitely a boy.

Charlie had no secret desires to be a girl, he was a boy, he liked being a boy; boys got fucked up the arse and Charlie loved being fucked up the arse.

His seventeen-year-old roommate had taken one look, picked up ten-year-old Charlie, thrown him across the table and fucked him remorselessly.

Charlie loved it.

It took only a few weeks for the desire for cock older than seventeen to develop and by the end of his first year, Charlie's arse had entertained the cocks of the school's entire teaching staff, even those, and there were several, who preferred their boys to be mid-teen, found the allure of a boy from ancient Athens who was both effeminate and, at the same time, very much boy, too much temptation to resist.

The teaching staff were, unfortunately, far too considerate for Charlie, and so he spent his remaining years in the lower school taking it rough in gardeners' sheds and boiler rooms, caretakers and groundsmen being far less concerned about the boy and far more concerned about simply reaming his arse.

At fourteen, Charlie developed a new interest; old men. Really old men.

Few of those could fuck him in the way he liked it best, indeed, many could not fuck him at all, their cocks, even with the help of pills, no longer able to obtain the required stiffness, but the sheer, kinky, pleasure of allowing a geriatric to indulge in his teenage flesh to the best of his ability, was a new and delightful turn-on for Charlie.

Now, at sixteen, Charlie had his future securely mapped out. The idea had come to him several months ago, but he had not expected it to come to fruition for another two years, but Fate had been on his side.

He'd found that he really enjoyed allowing very old men to fumble and mouth their way over his superb young flesh; they made him feel good and enjoyed his tales when he recounted for them how a builder or a road-worked had fucked him deep and hard. They enjoyed it even more when Charlie enticed one such to batter his arse while the old men watched and dreamed of their past.

Charlie made the old men happy and enjoyed doing it; why not, he thought, find one when he left school, live with him, take care of him and, after not too long a time, inherit what worldly wealth the old man left behind?

He could do good by giving some ancient geriatric a year or two of unexpected bliss and, at the same time, accrue sufficient capital to embark on whatever life may have in store when he was too old to appeal to geriatric men any more.

He looked, at sixteen, no older than fourteen; his body was as slender as any boy's body could be; his legs long and curvaceous, his skin soft and utterly smooth. Not one single hair had been allowed to show itself on his creamy flesh since he reached puberty, and so it would remain. Regular visits to the beautician who used an electronic thing on his body and gentle, depilatory cream on his vital parts, kept him smooth, and skin creams and lotions ensured his skin was soft as soft could be.

Charlie Shills was everything a man could want in a boy and offered everything a boy could offer a man.

He certainly offered everything that Aloysius St. John M.A. wanted in a boy.

Eighty three year old Aloysius St. John M.A. rejoiced in the unofficial title of `Headmaster Emeritus', and had been Headmaster when the current incumbent, Dr. Thomas had joined the school's staff fresh from University, and now passed his retirement in a pleasant villa in a land with a warmer clime and where boys vary in colour from cafe-au-lait to creamy chocolate.

His only regret was that the land of his retirement had a more constricting attitude towards school uniform, though that was compensated for in some measure by a far less constricting attitude towards school attendance and a commendable willingness on the part of boys when not in school, to dress as nature intended.

The duties of a Headmaster Emeritus are not onerous and Aloysius St. John M.A. fulfilled them adequately by visiting the school once every five or six years, and it was on the last of these visits that he set aged eyes on Charlie Shills.

Actually it was the very considerably younger eyes of Charlie that did the first setting, noting the elegant, silver-haired gentleman when he arrived at the school, emerging, still fully clothed, from a taxi.

Elegant, elderly, silver-haired gentlemen, clothed or unclothed, were exactly what Charlie liked, and being utterly devoid of inhibitions, Charlie had no hesitation in entering the almost forbidden Staff Common Room at the earliest opportunity, bestowing on the elderly gentleman, now more decently dressed in a purple academic gown, a smile that indicated nothing would be too much trouble, and asking if he could be of any possible assistance.

He enhanced this enquiry by sitting, unrequested, on the arm of the chair the elderly gentleman was occupying, bringing his smooth, creamy, slender body into close proximity, his erection pulsing enticingly.

Never averse to teenage erections, Aloysius St. John, first requested permission from Dr. Thomas and then, by grasping Charlie's ample erection, indicated that there were, indeed, things that Charlie could do for him.

Aloysius St. John remained for a week, discovered many of the things Charlie could, indeed, do for him, discovered also Charlie's plans for the future, and the day before his departure, proposed marriage.


"Satisfactory all round, I think, Headmaster," Ashley Kennedy observed over an after-dinner port.

"I believe so, yes, Ashley," Dr. Thomas agreed, idly fondling the genitalia of the only-just- pubescent boy whose only duty was to provide post-prandial cock for the Headmaster to have with his port. "Young Charlie's departure will free up a twelve for Bill and his brother will go with Jason.
I know that Ben is a year younger than Jason's preference, but he's a well developed boy and I'm sure will suit."

"And Jason's current twelve?" Ashley enquired.

"Mr Simkins has been anxious for some time to acquire one such for his personal use, so I'll move him there.
Very nice, Alfie," Dr. Thomas remarked to the just-pubescent boy he had fondled to hardness, "I'll suck it for you in a minute, don't be impatient."

"What will happen to Charlie, do you think?" the Deputy Head asked, two fingers already inserted into a boy of fourteen who was attempting not to allow his little moans of pleasure to interfere with the flow of conversation, "Ally can't last a lot longer, can he?"

"If he manages much more than a year with that piece of teenage delight he's hitched himself to, I'd be most surprised," Dr. Thomas observed, "And then our young Charlie will find that he's a very rich boy indeed."

The fourteen bit his lip but still squeaked a bit when the Deputy Head's middle finder found his prostate, but both Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster affected not to notice.

"Is that so?" Ashley Kennedy asked, producing another squeak from the boy he'd shortly be fucking.

"Indeed it is," Dr. Thomas confirmed. "Young Charlie thinks he's off to live in some villa on an island where the boys are brown. In fact he's off to live where boys are indeed that colour, but on an island that has a couple of villages and Ally's villa on it."

"I fail to see the difference," Mr. Kennedy paused in his manipulation of his boy's hole while he concentrated on the Headmaster's words.

"Ally owns the lot," Dr. Thomas said as if it were a matter of no real import. "Worth many millions is Ally. Old money, you know, all inherited. Charlie will get the lot."

"Very nice too," the Deputy Head agreed and returned to prostate teasing, "As long as he has boys to go with it."

"Oh, no problems there," Dr. Thomas shrugged, "As I said, Ally owns the place, bought it from the Island's government and introduced a local law making boys legal at ten. Only problem, Ally said, was that as most of the boys don't go to school, they can't count so occasionally one finds a hole a bit tighter than expected."

"This one's not tight now," Ashley Kennedy observed, withdrawing his fingers, "Time to sit on my lap, young Ian, get some cock inside you."

"Yes, sir; thank-you, sir," the boy grinned, hopped aboard and eagerly impaled himself, giving a deep sigh of satisfaction as adult cock filled him.

"Nothing quite like a boy after dinner," the Deputy Head smiled as his cock disappeared inside boy.

"Absolutely," Dr, Thomas agreed. "Carry on chatting when I've dealt with this," he said, and slowly swallowed only-just-pubescent cock.

It did indeed promise to be another good year for the school.



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