The Boathouse


This story was told to me in an email by Al. He said it happened to him. It's about an eighteen-year-old and a ten-year-old having sex. If that type of story doesn't float your boat, you're in the wrong boathouse.

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The Boathouse

It happened when I was camping with my friend, Ron, and his parents. My friend knew I was gay and liked younger boys, but other than jacking each other off now and then, we didn't do anything. I would have gone down on him, but that was too gay for him, and he wouldn't let me. He had a girlfriend he was screwing, but despite our different sexual preferences, we were still friends. I didn't push it, because like I said, I was turned on by younger boys, and he was the same age as me, eighteen, which might not sound so old, but I preferred boys who had no pubic hair and had small dicks.

We had been camping for a couple of days when his dad asked us to take the boat down to the public dock and fill it with gas. Ron piloted the boat to the dock, and I was going to jump out to tie it to the dock and get the gas hose to fill it up, but a kid, about ten I figured, was on the dock, and he said, "Toss me the rope, and I'll tie it up; then, I'll hand you the hose."

It wouldn't have been a big deal for me to do it myself, but if the kid would do it for me, why bother. I handed him the tie-down rope and watched him secure the boat to the dock, after which he handed me the gas hose before seating himself on the dock, his legs hanging over the edge into our boat facing me.

After handing Ron the hose, I sat down putting my line of sight at a level with the boy's crotch. He wore short-shorts, and the way his legs were splayed, I could look right up the legs of them. He wore no underwear, and his dick was hard. I could plainly see it, and from the grin on his face, he knew I was looking at it.

I followed his glance toward Ron who was filling the tank and was looking away from us. He looked back at me and reached up the leg of his shorts and started stroking his dick. I got hard and reached down the waistband of my shorts to rearrange my dick, holding out the waistband to give him a shot of it. He leaned over to get a better view, and I let him have an eyeful.

"How big is it?" he asked in a low voice, loud enough for me to hear, but not loud enough for Ron to hear.

"Eight inches hard, like it is now," I said.

"Fuck!" he said. "You come down to the boathouse about ten tonight, and I'll suck it."

That got my fucking attention. The kid was perfect. I got a good enough look to see he had no pubic hair, and even hard, his dick wasn't four inches long. I nearly creamed my shorts just thinking about having that cute mouth of his wrapped around my cock. Of course, I wanted to do more: I wanted to fuck the kid, but I didn't know if he'd be up for that.

"I'll be there," I said.

"Cool," he said.

It got dark around eight, so by ten everyone was asleep. At least, I supposed Ron's parents were asleep; they were in a different tent. Ron was asleep. The fucker was snoring. Sometimes, I had to wake him up to make him stop, but I let him snore that night. I wouldn't be there to hear him. I pulled on my shorts and put on my sandals. I slept in the nude, so I didn't bother putting on underwear or a t-shit -- just more to take off - I soon would be naked again I figured.

I got to the boathouse at a quarter to ten, wondering if the kid would show up or if he was spoofing me. It was so dark inside the boathouse, I couldn't see shit.

"Over here," I heard a voice say somewhere over to my right, and I went in that direction. When my eyes became accustomed to the dark, I could see he was already naked, and his little dick was sticking straight out. "Let me see it," he said, and knowing what he wanted to see, I pushed down my shorts. "Fuck! It's big," he said. "I've never had one so big."

"You really going to suck it?"

"I said I would, didn't I? Let's go over there I've fixed us a little bed out of boat cushions."

We walked down the dock to the other end of the boathouse that opened onto the lake. In the moonlight shining in, I could see him plainly. He was fucking beautiful, blond hair on his head but hairless otherwise. If he had any arm hair even, I couldn't see it in the moonlight. His dick stuck out above a tight ball sac.

He had obviously done this before, and I wanted to know more about what and who he had done, but not wanting to spoil the moment, I said nothing. We lay down on the bed he'd prepared for us, and he went straight to work, lying on his stomach between my legs and taking the head of my dick into his hot, wet, mouth. Fuck! I was so turned on I knew I wouldn't last long even though I had jacked off that morning in my sleeping bag before Ron had awoken.

The kid took my dick into his mouth trying to deep-throat it, but it was too big for him. Still, it was enough to make me cum, and I shot my load down his throat. He took it, swallowed it, making no attempt to spit it out. I don't know I've ever had a blowjob as good as the one the kid gave me. I'd had kids his age blow me, but none of them had been as good or as willing as he was.

"Your turn," he said. "Blow me," so I took his little dick into my mouth and gave him the best blowjob I could, taking his little dick all the way into my mouth. After a few, the kid climaxed. He didn't squirt nothing, but he damn sure climaxed. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I'm cumming," he said as he humped my mouth.

The climax seemed to exhaust him, and he lay on his back panting. Without asking, I lay over him propped up on my elbow. Spitting on my hand, I rubbed the spit on his butthole running my middle finger up it, telling at once the kid had been fucked before.

"Only if you let me fuck you," he said, which surprised me. His dick, fully hard, wasn't four inches long. I wasn't sure he could even get it in me. "I want to fuck you because you have a cute bubble-butt," he said.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing about him. He had a lovely bubble-butt, and I so wanted to stick my dick in the crack of those soft cheeks and penetrate him, sticking my eight inches all the way in him. "Kid, you can fuck me to your heart's content," I said.

"My name's Jase," he said. "What's yours?"

"Al," I said. We had blown each other without knowing the other's name, but it seemed right that we exchange names before fucking.

After loosening his hole with a couple of my fingers, I pressed the head of my dick against it and thrust. "Ow," he said. "It's fucking big."

"You want me to stop?" I asked, having no intention to stop. Having gone this far, I was going to fuck the kid whether he wanted me to or not.

"No," he said. "I want your big dick up me. Just go slow. I don't want to get my butt-hole ripped open.

I slowed down a little I guess but not much. I wanted inside him too badly, so I kept thrusting and thrusting until I was all the way in. By then, he was enjoying it. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I like it," he said. "Fuck me."

I fucked him, and I wasn't too gentle about it. Holding his legs raised with my hands, I pounded the kid's sweet ass, ramming my dick in as far as it could go. As rough as I was, he seemed to like it. "Oh, oh, fuck me. Goddamn, fuck me."

I fucked him, and to this day, it was the best fuck I've ever had. I was too soon squirting my load up his rectum. I think he came, but I was too caught up in my own orgasm to know for sure.

He fucked me next, and he was able to get farther in me than I thought he would, but still it was like having a finger up my ass, except that his dick was softer than a finger. I think he came, but since he couldn't squirt, it was hard for me to tell.

I fucked him again, and then we called it a night.

I went back to the boat docks the next day, but he was talking to a guy that must have been about thirty. He waved to me, but it was obvious that he had made a new conquest. I could see the guy's hard-on pressing against his shorts. It would be him in the boathouse that night not me.

God! That kid was hot. As long as I live, I'll never forget him.