The Bodyman pt 1. What I got for the tease.

A story by Joe.

In a perfect world we would not have to worry about diseases, as this is a story and a complete work of fiction no one uses protection. We don't live in a perfect world, please practice safe sex.

Standard disclaimers apply. No one was harmed in the making of this story and it is just that, a story. It contains sexual scenes between men and young teen males so this offends you or you live in an area where laws prohibit you from reading adult literature then you should move on.

One summer when I was 12, I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle in a small mid western city. It was in the mid 1970's then. My Aunt and Uncle had no kids and were unable to have any. I was close to them before my parents moved our family to the Pacific Northwest. My uncle Dominic lived across the street from my childhood best friend Brian. Brian's family ran a small Auto body repair shop. Brain and I helped out a little in the body shop, mostly just masking and cleaning up.

Brain's dad's had a hired body man and his name was Frank. Whenever I seen Frank he was always clad in dirty overalls. It was hot during the day that summer so he was bare chested under his coveralls and I could only imagine if he wore anything at all. Frank although dirty was not a bad looking guy, I often caught my auntie Helen looking at him but as far as I knew nothing ever transpired between them. I soon found out Frank had no interest in my auntie or Brian's mom at all.

Brian had severe allergies to many things, like bees and nuts and had to go to his doctor twice a week for shots. His mom couldn't drive at the time and so his dad used to pack us all in the car and take us across town to the special clinic for Brian's shots. Brain's mom used this time also to do some shopping at the farmer's market close by. This usually took 2 hours and because it took so long, that was one of the reasons Frank was hired. After the second week of the drive I got tired of attending the clinic and asked to stay behind. My aunt and uncle agreed but only if I helped out in the body shop while they were at work and Brian's parents were away. I didn't mind as there was something strangely compelling about Frank.

Frank had always been especially nice to Brian and myself. At first I didn't understand why a 30 year old man would want us to hang around, but he always took the time to explain what he was doing if we asked. I enjoyed talking to him and it seemed like he enjoyed talking to me.

As it was summer I rarely wore anything other than jean cutoffs and a t-shirt. My favorite pair of cutoffs was now more than a couple years old and I had almost outgrown them. My mom had tried to throw them out before I left home but I had found them in the trash and rescued them. I almost had to pour my slim frame and growing bum into them but once I got my butt into them they still buttoned up just fine. Frank seemed to really enjoy having me in the shop when I wore them. One day when I was wearing them I was removing a side mirror on a car and I glanced into it and saw Frank staring at me and rubbing his bulge in the front of his coveralls. I pretended to keep working and watched him watch me. He kept rubbing his growing lump for a moment and then he slid one of his hands into the side slit and began rubbing his cock from underneath the material. As I pretended to work I wiggled my butt back and forth a little as if I was trying harder to get the mirror off. This made Frank rub his cock even harder. Unfortunately Brian came into the shop just then and Frank broke off his stare and went into the bathroom.

The following Thursday, Brain and his parents took off for his allergy shots. I stayed behind as promised to work in the garage. I had worn the tight cutoffs again that day as I planned on doing a little teasing. It made me mildly excited seeing how I affected Frank last time and now that we would be alone for a while I would try again.

Frank gave me a job to do and I was to remove a front seat out of the car. I crawled in on my tummy and my hips were bent over at the waist. I heard Frank move away and him working somewhere from behind the car for a while. After about 20 minutes the noise of the grinder stopped. I had almost freed the car seat but I was having hard time loosening the final nut. It was a hot day and now past noon, so the sweat was beginning to run into my eyes

"How are you doing?" Frank asked.

"Ok, I've almost got it out but it really hot. I can't see for the sweat."

"Hmmm, Well why don't you take your t-shirt off. That will cool you off some. Frank offered.

I stopped working and pulled myself out from under the seat. My t-shirt stuck to me as it was drenched in perspiration. I struggled to pull the garment off and managed to get it stuck over my head.

"Here let me help you." Frank offered and pulled the shirt off from behind me. He ran his fingers down the sides of my shoulders and then my back as he lowered his hands. I was instantly cooler.

"Thanks." I said smiling at him as I turned to face him.

He gave me a big smile back and handed me the shirt.

"I should hang this up in the sun so it will dry."

"Yeah, Good Idea. You need any help with that seat?" He asked gesturing with his hand to somewhere behind me.

"It's a little tight, but I think I can manage."

"Tight huh? I'll bet." He said with a sly smile on his face.

"Ok, let me know if you need a hand."

"Ahuh." I said and I knelt down while turning. As I knelt down I got a full close up view of his large bulge that tented out the front of his coveralls. I knew he wasn't wearing any underwear so I decided to give him a show myself. I heard him move away again and the grinder start up. I didn't think there was any reason to do any wiggling until the grinder stopped. As it happened it only ran for a minute or two and then silence. I began my teasing without really knowing if he was there or not. I heard him move quietly behind me and then heard the soft rustling of material. I wiggled my bum back and forth and up and down as I pretended to fight with the car seat. I had long since freed the seat but I enjoyed giving him the show.

I heard him gulp and a low groan as I wiggled, then he moved away quickly.

"Hey Brad, can you come and help me with this!!!." Frank called from somewhere in the back of the shop.

"Sure!!!" I replied from under the seat. I climbed out and pulled the car seat with me. I saw Frank in the back by the workbench and he was doing something with a bumper.

As I got closer I noticed he was still red in the face and his coveralls were still very tented.

"What do you need?"

"You." He replied and gave another smile.


"I need you to hold this here and not let it move." He placed his hands on the bumper where I was to put mine. I did as I was told and he moved in behind me.

"I have to loosen this bracket. Can you hold the bumper while I loosen these tight nuts."

"Sure." I told him.

Frank took the socket wrench and placed it on the nut and tried to turn it. It was very tight and rusted so he moved closer to me to get better leverage. I felt his large bulge push against my ass cheek as he struggled to move the nut. The bumper tried to move away from my grip and I had to reposition myself to get a better hold of it. This movement allowed his large cock to find the valley between my butt cheeks. He held his cock there briefly before moving it around and grinding it harder into me. His breathing was now getting much faster as he worked at loosening his tight nuts. All at once the nut broke free as did his urgent embrace. He stopped turning the nut and looked at me.

"Do you know you are a very good looking boy?" He said boldly.


"No, I'm serious. Good looking and nice body. You will, if not already be the fantasy of many."

"Thanks. Is that what you are doing?" I asked just as boldly and nodding to his bulge.

"Yeah, you could say that." He responded a little more sheepishly.

"Do you need a hand with anything else?"

"Well, yeah, if you're offering. Come on in here." He said taking my hand and half dragging me to the bathroom.

He left the door open so we could listen for cars arriving in the driveway.

"Have you ever done anything with a guy?" He asked breathlessly as he ran his hands over my bare chest and shoulders. This made my nipples harden and I got goose bumps.

"My older cousin and I have done some stuff together." I admitted.

"Like what?"

"He plays with my cock while I play with his. We do it until he shoots his white stuff."

"Wow, cool. How old is your cousin?"

"He is almost 16."

"Do you shoot white stuff too?"

"No, not yet. I wish I could."

"You will, don't worry. Do you want to do that with me?"

"Ummm, sure. Just don't tell Brian ok?"

"Don't worry about that."

"Ok." I agreed and he ran his hands over my chest again but this time stopping to undo my top button on my cutoffs.

Once he had undone the button he reached up to unzip his coveralls. He lowered the zipper and I watched. It was almost as if it were in slow motion. The zipper stopped at the end of its travel. The man's chest and navel were covered in a light colored hair. The tip of his cock now protruded up higher than his belly button. I gulped when I saw it and never took my eyes off it. His cock was dripping a clear fluid that I mistook at the time for pee.

"Go ahead, touch it. It won't bite." He offered. I reached out my hand and ran my fingertip over the head and down the underside of his shaft until my finger hit the zipper end. I noticed that a string of the clear fluid had come with it as moved my finger. "Its called precum, didn't your cousin show you his?" he asked as if reading my mind.

"Yeah, some." I said as he pulled the coveralls off his shoulders. He let them fall to the ground around his ankles. Now his thick cock dropped out, springing to a position pointing slightly up and to the right. It bounced lightly as Frank moved. I looked at it closely and now looking back on the moment, I realized he had one of the nicest cocks I had ever seen in my life to this day. The head was slightly larger than the girth and he was cut. A thick blue vein twisted it way up its 9 inch shaft from his large ball sack. More precum streamed from his piss slit.

"Go ahead. Put your hand on it. Just like you would do with your cousin."

I was more spell bound with the size of his massive member. My cousin Gary was no where near this size. Frank reached down and gently placed my hand over his meat. He groaned loudly as I tightened my grip and tried in vane to reach around its girth.

"Run you hand up and down it now."

I did as I was told and he tilted his head back in enjoyment as he leaned against the sink countertop. Every now and then he would give me an instruction or some encouragement as I pumped his big fat man cock.

"Ok baby, stop for a minute. Going to cum to fast he said out of breath. Lets make you more comfy, shall we."

I had forgotten that I was still semi dressed. My own little cock strained to be free of my way too tight cutoffs.

"As much as I like you in these shorts, I want to see you out of them."

"I take it you like them?" I asked as I pulled them down over my hips with his help.

"Oh yeah. Its all I've thought about since I first laid eyes on you."

"Cool. I will wear them for you more often."

"I'd like that." He told me as my cutoffs hit the floor along with my tightey whiteys.

"Oooooooo, Very Very nice!" he crooned in my ear and ran his hands over my body.

"We should hurry though, Some one might come or the Richardson's might be home early."

"Oh yeah." I responded by reaching up and trying to grab his cock again.

"No, no wait. Can you turn around and let me look at your cute little bum?"

"Yeah, no problem." I said slowly turning. I saw him in the mirror as he began slowly stroking his cock. He ran his free hand over my naked bum over and over, caressing it softly. Then he reached around and grabbed my little cock and slowly stroked it while still pumping his massive cock with his other hand.

His hand felt wonderful just as my cousin's had when we played around. He took his hand off my cock and pushed my upper body down over the countertop so my little ass was sticking out. My little cock was crushed against the cupboard door as he held me there. His hand roughly grabbed one of my ass cheeks and he squeezed tightly. Then I felt the heat of his cock head brush my bum as he rhythmically pumped his cock.

"Ohhhh baby, I going to cum." He groaned in my ear.

"Oooo, oooo, ooooooooo,, yeahhhhhh!!!" he quietly whispered. Then I felt his hot liquid splash on me. The first glob landed high up on my back. The rest of his load splashed over my naked little bum.

"Oooooooowwwwwwwww." He continued to moan as his orgasm died and he rubbed his cooling spunk over my smooth ass with his cock.

"That was so nice." He told me as he pulled away.

"You really are a gorgeous boy." He told me rubbing his cream into my ass and down between my cheeks with his hand.

"Thanks." I said. I was now beginning to get anxious about someone coming home.

"We should get back to work." I told him

"Yeah, good idea. This our little secret?"

"Yeah, I liked it. You have a very big penis."

He chuckled briefly.

"Thanks, and you have a very nice little body that my big penis likes allot. Maybe we can do this again sometime."

"Yeah, ok. Why did you cum on me like that?"

"I guess cause that is how big people do it sometimes. Didn't you like it?" He asked as he toweled off my ass.

"Oh yeah, it was ok. Its just my cousin always shoots it in my mouth or on my face, mostly in my mouth."

"Oh, I see. Does he ever stick his cock in your mouth?"

"Ewww, no gross man. He just aims his penis at my mouth while I play with it till he shoots."

"Do you like the taste of it?"

"Not at first, but now its ok. I just about puked the first time he did it"

" I bet, how often do you guys do this?" He continued to pry me for information while we got dressed

"Once a week when my parents and his mom get together for dinner. We would go downstairs to play pool and read comic books at my place. At his house we just go to his bedroom. He has a stash of these guy magazines. Pictures of guys doing things with each other. That is where we first did it."

"What kind of things?"

"They were putting their penis's in each others mouths and bums."

"Wow, did that make you excited?"

"Yeah, more Gary than me."

" Hey this has been great and I would really like it if we could do it again, but we really have to keep this a secret, just between us guys ok?"

"Yeah ok, I'd like that." I agreed.

"Good, Lets get back to work. Next time I will make it up to you." Frank told me and gave me a big hug.


About 15 minutes after that, the Richardson's arrived home and no one was wiser. Brian and I took off to play for a while before returning to the shop for the end of the day clean up. Brian's dad was in the spray booth blowing on a coat of primer on another project and Brian went off to take out a load of garbage to the dumpster. I was sweeping the floor by Frank's toolbox.

"Hey, could you come over to my apartment on Saturday afternoon and help me move some furniture?"

My aunt and uncle were working that day and the Richardson's were going away for the weekend. Before that offer the weekend had been looking quite boring, but now it was looking up. I told him I would have to ok it with my aunt and uncle. I knew there was no way my aunt would be ok with going over to Frank's apartment alone and would have to sneak out. With any luck they wouldn't be the wiser either.

Part 2 coming soon.

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