The Bodyman 3 (the Nooner)

Continuation of a story by Joe

In a perfect world we would not have to worry about diseases, as this is a story and a complete work of fiction no one uses protection. We don't live in a perfect world, please practice safe sex.

Standard disclaimers apply. No one was harmed in the making of this story and it is just that, a story. It contains sexual scenes between men and young teen males so this offends you or you live in an area where laws prohibit you from reading adult literature then you should move on.

Frank never spoke to me all day Monday at work. I thought I must have done something wrong to make him mad and on Tuesday when Brian went for his shots I finally asked Frank what was the matter.

"It's not you kid, its me. I feel really bad about what I did to you."

"What do you mean? Didn't we have fun?"

"Oh yeah, its just the way I drugged you. I don't know what comes over me now and then. You are just so sexy when you wear those cutoffs."

"Thanks, I like wearing them for you."

"Mmm good. We still friends?" He asked reaching down and squeezing my butt cheek.


"Good. How is your bum doing? I think I was a little rough on you."

"Well I haven't had to poop in 3 days now and that's a good thing. I'm still a little sore."

"Oh, I'm sorry. It will be all better soon though."

"Yeah, its allot better than Sunday, that's for sure."

"Good, that's great. Maybe sometime you can come over and see the pictures I took."

"Yeah? Did they turn out good?"

"Oh yeah."

"Yeah, I'd like that."

"Good, how long until you go back home?"

"A few weeks."

"Dam, not much time left huh?"

"Nope, then back to school. I hate school."

"Ahh school is ok. Best time of your life." He assured me.

"Yeah I guess."

"Sorry I can't talk more, Jim wants this done by the time he gets back so it can go to paint." He said pointing to his project.

"Yeah, I have to finish unmasking that car."

Over the next couple days my backside finished healing and I was back having regular movements again Today was the first day I had been able to wear my tight shorts again since Saturday and I wiggled myself around Frank as much as possible all morning. I knew I was getting to Frank especially when I pulled my shirt off and bent over the hood of the car. Brian and his dad were in the spray booth as I taunted poor Frank. I could see Frank's eyes darting between the booth doorway and the little show I was giving him. He slowly rubbed his large bulge up and down through his coveralls. The clock slowly wound its way to noon, and then finally Brian and family took off for his customary doctor's visit leaving Frank and myself alone again.

Frank watched as the car slowly turned out of the driveway and went up to the garage door to close it. He quickly returned and grabbed my wrist on the way by, dragging me to the bathroom. He placed something on the countertop beside me as he pushed me against it.

"Tease." He hissed unzipping his coveralls.

"Yeah? So?"

"This is what happens to teases." Pulling the coveralls over his shoulders and letting them drop to the floor. His large cock sprung out almost hitting me. A large drop of precum had pooled at the opening. Frank then grabbed my top button and pulled it open hard. I smiled at him as he worked the tight garment down over my hips holding my hands around his neck and looking into his hungry eyes. He lifted me easily up onto the countertop so my ass was sitting on the edge. The surface felt cool and hard on my skin. He reached beside me and grabbed the container and flipped open the lid. He grabbed his big cock and applied a big glob of it and massaged it in before grabbing my legs and pulling me slightly towards him. The heat of his cock was intense as he worked to find my opening. I could feel him probing all over but not finding that magic spot.

"Come on Frank, make another baby in me." I teased.

Frank let go of one leg and grabbed his shaft. Now there was no mistaking as he guided his meat to my boy pussy. My hole spread easily to accommodate him this time and he forced his cockhead in slowly past my sphincter.

"Ohhhh." I moaned trying to bite off some of the pain.

"Yeah, take that you little tease."

"Mmmmm." I cried out a little from the invader.

Frank grabbed my legs harder and pulled them up a little higher. Then he drove his hips forward and sunk his fat meat into me.
"Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!" I cried out louder.

"Oh baby, sorry. That just feels so wonderful."

"No, no, its ok. It just hurts a bit."

"Ok. I'll wait for a minute till you are used to it."

"Ohhh, just a minute." I said and reached between my legs to feel where his cock entered me. My ass was so stretched out; it was hard to tell what was his cock and my hole just by touch.

"It looks awesome from here." Frank assured me.

I bent forward towards him and he held me close. Being young I was still very flexible and was quite comfortable with my legs spread over his shoulders and hugging him close.

He held me like that until all the pain went away and I pulled back. He pulled his cock from my stretched hole and reinserted it. I expected a bolt of pain but there was nothing but a tingle from deep inside. Frank watched my expression.

"Good." He said and began fucking me harder. Every stroke touched that spot inside me and my cock began to harden. I felt his large balls slap against my ass cheeks as he pounded into me. We both grunted in mutual satisfaction as we fucked in that bathroom. He lifted me off the countertop and pushed me up against the wall, not missing a stroke. I held my arms around his neck for support and he held my ass cheeks. After a few more minutes of hard thrusting, he pushed deep into me again and I felt his cock pulse again as it had done last Saturday. He howled out that he was cumming and filled me with his sperm. He held me tight as he finished his orgasm and then took me over to the toilet and lifted me off his cock. My hole began to give up its new deposit but dropped with a splash into the bowl. Frank lowered me softly to the seat and stood back briefly looking at me with a smile.

"Wow, thanks for that." Grabbing some paper towel to clean himself off with

"Its ok. I liked it."

"Good, anytime you want it, just say so. We have to make good in the little time we have left."

"Yeah I guess." I said coming back to reality.

"What are you doing Saturday?"

"I might have to go with my aunt and uncle, that is if they aren't working. They wont know until tonight if they have to work."

"Too bad. I was going to invite you over again. No furniture moving this time. Its time for some rewards young man."

"What do you mean rewards?"

"Come over Saturday and find out."

"I'll try."

"Ok, that's all I can ask for I guess."

"Come on, I'll buy you a burger for lunch."

"Ok, just give me a minute."

"Yup, perfectly understandable."

I know it's a little short, but part 4 is longer and I think better. Please stay tuned

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