The Bodyman 4 Saturday's surprise.

Continuation of a story by Joe

In a perfect world we would not have to worry about diseases, as this is a story and a complete work of fiction no one uses protection. We don't live in a perfect world, please practice safe sex.

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Later that night my aunt and uncle informed me that I would have to go with them out to my aunt's family farm. I was really pissed at the news as Saturday loomed close and Saturday with Frank was allot more fun than the farm. I told Frank on Friday morning that I couldn't come over on Saturday and he told me although he was disappointed it was ok.

Saturday morning came and I heard the phone ring early in the morning. My uncle had gotten called into work, as there was an emergency in some project he was working on. After a leisurely breakfast with my aunt, she informed me that she was going to go into her office to catch up on some work she was doing. My insides gave a happy lurch as I realized I could spend some time with Frank.

After auntie left I did the dishes and a few other quick chores. Brian and his family had gone somewhere unimportant to me. What was important was that Brian wasn't around.

Somewhat later I took off to Frank's place and just as it was about to ring the security buzzer a woman opened it with a key and let me in. I offered to help her carry her groceries to her apartment and she seemed pleased with that. I followed her around the complex and she led me to apartment #230.

`Holy crap.' I thought to myself. `This is little Billy's place.'

The woman invited me in and called out to the empty apartment, getting no answer.

"Hmmm they must be at the pool." She said absently.

"Well thank you young man. You have been very helpful. Do you live here?"

"No maam. Just visiting someone."

"Too bad, I have a son just about your age, He is always looking for someone to play with. His dad is his only real playmate. They are very close."

`Yeah lady, you have no idea how close.' I thought to myself.

"Ok lady, I have go now."

"Thanks again young man. Are you going to the pool this afternoon?"
"Ahhh, I don't know. Maybe."
Maybe we will see you there then. Bye" She said closing the door behind me.

I followed the corridor back around to Frank's apartment, knocked on the door and waited in anticipation. There was no answer, so I knocked again, this time harder. I could hear music coming from the other side of the door and then a door close inside. The door opened a crack and Frank peered through it.

"Hi Brad, What's up?"

"I thought I would drop over for some fun."

"Oh dam, I thought you couldn't make it today so I kind of made other arrangements."

"My aunt and uncle had to work after all."

"Ohh.. I see. Hang on a sec, OK?" and he closed the door softly.

The door opened again after a minute and he invited me in. Frank was in his housecoat again and it was tented out in the front again

"I have company and its someone you know."

I stood there thinking about everyone I knew and came up blank until he nodded towards the telescope. It suddenly clicked.

"Billy is here?"

"Not just Billy, his dad too. They are in the bedroom."

"Oh. I just met his mom in the hallway, I carried some groceries for her."

"Yeah? You have to keep this secret too, ok?"

"Yeah ok, are they making love?"

"Ahuh, right now in the bedroom."

"Why are they here?"

"I took some pictures over there and Billy's dad and I had a talk. They are here so I can take some more pictures of them in better light."

"You sure like taking pictures, don't you?"

"Yeah, like I said, I have a collection and I sell some to magazines for extra money."

"Are you going to sell mine?"

"Not if you don't want me too." He lied.

"Do you want to go in the room and watch?
I want to take some more pictures."

"No, I think I will wait out here."

"Ok, suit yourself. Help yourself to anything in the fridge, I will be back soon." He said turning to go back to the bedroom.

Once Frank had closed the door I sat down on the sofa to wait. I could hear the noises from the bedroom, the rhythmic thumping and some squealing noises along with deep male voices. I tried not to let them affect me but I couldn't help myself and started getting a hard on. I went out onto the balcony to get away from the sounds and stretched out in the sunshine while watching the antics of the kids in the pool. I quickly grew tired of this and went back inside. I notice a large photo album under the end of the sofa and dragged it out. I sat it down on my lap and flipped open the cover.

The first page had a bunch of poor quality Polaroid pictures showing a young boy sucking on some guy's semi hard cock. I flipped the page and there were more pictures of the boy showing off his bum and little cock. I turned the page again and now the pictures were of better quality but still obviously the instant developing kind. These were pictures of a different boy now as he posed in different animated poses. He started out fully clothed and as the series went on he had less and less clothes on. The last couple showed him with a mouth full of cock and judging by the size of the shaft it had to be Frank.

As I turned page after page I noticed that while all of the boys in the pictures were of approximate same age, the picture quality kept getting better and better. All together there had to be 20 different boys in the pages in this binder. Most of the boys had the same style of shots, starting fully clothed and ending on their knees taking Frank's cock in their respective mouths. Seeing all those pictures definitely gave me a hard on but I wondered how Frank came about seducing all of them. Just like he did to me I guess, or I did to him. Hmmmmm.

I could hear more grunting and a rhythmic thumping coming out of the bedroom but it didn't sound like Frank's deep moaning. Must have been Billy's dad. I set the binder full of photos back where I found it and noticed another binder pushed back in further under the sofa. I had to dig deep to retrieve it. This binder was only partially filled and it seemed to pick up where the last one left off.

I did a double take when I first turned the page. It was Brian in all his naked glory. I had seen him naked before in the bathroom but for the most part him and I kept our clothes on around each other. I knew he didn't have as nice of an ass as I did. It was rather plain and flat, not plump and round like mine. His little boy cock stood out proudly but again it wasn't as big as mine. The sight of my friend Brian in this book of pictures began to excite me, suddenly I wondered what the next page would contain, if he went all the way as Frank told me once that's what fucking was called.

Flipping the page, there he was on his back, with his legs spread. I could see his little pink rosebud glistening with some lube on it. He had a big grin on his face with one hand wrapped around his little cock. The next picture he had a mouthful of another guys cock. I couldn't see the face and he wasn't that big so it couldn't have been Frank. The following picture the man had shot his load over Brian's face and hair. More pictures followed of Brian on his hands and knees. Frank and the other man had switched places. Frank was trying to stuff his meat into Brian's willing little bum in the first two pictures and finally in the third shot he was buried balls deep in my friend's ass. Several more shots followed showing Brian's face and how he seemed to be enjoying it and of Frank's cock pistoning in and out of his small hole. I had no idea that Brian was into playing with guys as I was now and wondered how long he had been doing it for. I was about to turn the page in the binder, when I heard the bedroom door open. Thankfully whoever it was went into the dark room and not into the living room. I got scared about Frank discovering me with this binder. I assumed that Brian didn't want anyone to know about his activities, just as I didn't either. After putting the binder carefully back were I found it, I went into the kitchen to find a soda. The noise in the bedroom had all but stopped. The door to the darkroom opened again and Frank emerged still wearing his housecoat. He smiled at me and winked before ducking back into the bedroom.

5 minutes later I heard the bedroom door open and I looked up from the magazine I was reading to see Billy staring at me.

"Who are you?" He asked softly.

"My name is Brad, I'm a friend of Franks."

"Oh, are you going to play the housewife game with Frank too?"

"I don't know." I assumed that game was making love.

"Oh, you should, its allot of fun sometimes. My daddy likes to play it with me when mommy isn't around. Does your daddy play it with you?"

"No, but Frank and I have played it."

"Oh cool. He showed me his big wiener, it is much bigger than my daddy's."

"When did he show it to you?"

"A couple minutes ago, in the bedroom, when daddy was on top me with his wiener in my bum. He wanted to stick it in my daddie's mouth, but daddy said he was too big."

"What else did your daddy and Frank say?"

"Frank told him if he didn't suck it then he was going to stick his wiener in my daddy's bum." Billy said with a sly smile.

"And then?"

"Then my daddy said that he would have to do that cause he wasn't no cocksucker. I guess that is what they are doing now."

"Stay here for a minute, I'll be right back."

"Ok, where are the sodas? Frank said I could have a soda."

"Oh." I said and went to the fridge and found him a cola. He took it and wiggled strangely into the living room. I went to the bedroom door and could hear grunting through the doorway and low voices from beyond.

"Come on fuck that ass like my daddy did. Ram that big fucker into me!" I heard a strange male voice state. I knew Frank was busy so I turned and went back into the living room to look for Billy. He was standing on a step stool and looking through the telescope.

"Hi Billy."

"Hi Brad, This is neat, I can see into my room. Didn't you want to go into the bedroom?"

"Nah, I figured I would let them have their fun."

"Yeah, do you like it when Frank does it to you?"

"Yes, for sure. You?

"Nah Frank has never played it with me."

"No, you know what I mean. When your daddy plays with you?"

"Oh, oh yeah, Yeah I guess. Sometimes it hurts allot and sometimes when my daddy leaves his white sticky stuff inside me it gives me the poops, but he only does that when my mom goes to visit my aunt for the weekend."

"How long have you and your daddy been playing the housewife game?"

"A long time now, since I was 8 or so, maybe before. My auntie gets sick allot and my mom goes there to help her." He told me.

"Oh, how come you and your dad don't go too?"

"We used to but my dad gets bored there and we just get in the way anyway."

"Don't you have any cousins there to play with?"

"No, they are just little babies."

"Oh I see. So why did you and your dad start playing the game?"

"Daddy told me that when mommy was away I was supposed to help him around the house like he does with mommy. I also have to sleep with him and keep him warm and happy cause that is what mommies do. I would snuggle in bed with him and pretty soon his pee pee would get really hard and start poking me. One night I woke up and daddy had my pajama bottoms pushed down. He was rubbing his hard wiener up and down my bum and then I thought he peed on me but it was this warm sticky white stuff and lots of it too. After he seemed like he was really scared and made me promise never to tell mommy about it. I said that I liked how his thing felt on my bum and wouldn't tell mommy ever. He got a towel and wiped it all off and then got back into bed and we hugged the rest of the night. I like how it feels being held in my daddy's arms."

"Oh, that is quite the story and don't worry I wont tell anyone. We are kind of like brothers now as we both like playing the game."

"How come you don't play it with your daddy? Why do you only do it with Frank"

"I don't know, maybe because my mommy and daddy are always together, he doesn't need me to play that game with him. Frank doesn't have a wife or kids, so I guess he needs someone to play the game with too."

"Oh yeah." He said quietly lost in thought.

"Hey do you want to go to the pool later?" He asked.

"Sure, that would be fun. I will have to go home and get my swimsuit."

"Ok. You going now?" He asked starting to get excited.

"In a while, its only noon, we still have all day."

"Oh yeah, Its just I never get to play in the pool with anyone my own age. No one will play with me." He explained.

"Its ok, I will play with you." I assured him.

"Cool." He replied and got up to look out at the pool again. I followed him and we stood looking out at several older kids frolicking in the pool and not saying anything. He slipped his smaller hand in mine and we smiled at each other like long lost friends.

The thumping and banging had all but ended in the bedroom. I could hear a few sentences but nothing really clear.

"They must be done playing." Billy said, still staring out the balcony window.

"Yeah, I guess."

"Lets go ask my dad if we can go to the pool now."

"Ahhh, lets wait a few more minutes." I said. I wanted to make sure they were done and cleaned up before bursting in on them."

"Ahhhh." I couldn't really think of a good lie, but just then I heard the door to the bedroom open and Frank came striding into the living room wearing his housecoat.

"Good, just wanted to see if you boys are still alive."

"Ahuh." I admitted.

"Adrian will be out in a minute after he showers. Adrian is Billy's dad."

"Oh. Frank can Billy and I go to the pool?"

"Well you can but I don't know about Billy, he should ask his dad."

"Oh, Ok." Billy said from beside me.

"Well it seems like we all have become friends." Frank said nodding towards us. I hadn't realized that Billy and I were still holding hands. Now it felt a little awkward and I let go of Billy.

"Maybe one day I can take some pictures of you two holding hands again. That was cute."

"Maybe." We both said almost in unison.

Frank smiled at us for a second and then went to the fridge and retrieved a couple beer for himself and Adrian. I heard the shower shut off and a few minutes later Billy's dad came into the room. Frank introduced us and Adrian smiled at me with a sly grin. Billy asked about the pool right away and he agreed. Billy could hardly contain himself with excitement. I told them again that I would have to go home and get my swimsuit but Adrian explain that he thought he might be able to find me one of Billy's to wear that was still a little large on him. Frank told us that he would meet us down by the pool later as he was going to have a shower.

Billy, his dad and myself soon found ourselves back at his house. Billy's mom greeted us and told me it was nice to see me again. Adrian and Billy's mom, who I found out that her name was Sue, had a quick chat while Billy and I went into his room. Billy rooted through one of his drawers and pulled out a couple of Speedo style swimsuits. I wondered if Frank was watching us through his telescope and guessed he likely was. That idea turned me on so I decided to give him as well as Billy a little show. Without hesitation I dropped my cutoffs and pulled my t-shirt over my head and stood there naked. Billy smiled at me and copied me; we both looked each other over before giving each other a quick hug. His naked body felt nice but we broke apart before I could feel his bum. I figured that Frank would enjoy seeing this. We both struggled into our respective swimsuits. Mine was a little tight as it was bought for Billy to grow into. My little bum felt large in the small tight garment.

"What do you think?" I asked Billy.

"Looks good. Lets go." Not understanding what I was referring too. I turned my back to his window in the hopes that Frank would see and gave my behind a little shake before following him out of the bedroom.

We went out to the kitchen to find Sue doing some dishes. She smiled at us and told us to wait for Billy's dad. We only had to wait a few minutes before Adrian joined us and the three of us went out to the pool. Billy and myself dropped our towels on a chair and raced for the pool. Billy jumped in feet first not even pausing to feel the water temperature. I dipped a toe in and figured it was ok and cannonballed Billy just as he resurfaced.

Bill and I played like long lost friends for most of the afternoon in the pool. Billy's mom arrived a few minutes later and relaxed in a lounge chair wearing only a very skimpy bikini. Frank came down about an hour into our trip to the pool and sat talking with Adrian and Sue. The three of them were drinking beer and seemed to enjoy each other's company. I watched them for a while and Sue seemed to enjoy looking at Franks hard chiseled body more than Frank looked at Sue's big boobs that were covered in that skimpy bikini. The sun was well over the side of the building when Adrian decided that it was time for them to go. Frank concurred and Billy and I went in to Billy's apartment to get changed. After that we said our goodbyes, in hopes we could get together to play again very soon. I was walking down the hallway to the outside doorway when I met Frank at the entrance.

"Want to come upstairs for a while?"

"Umm sure I guess, I'm kinda tired and I got to get home soon."

"Ah come on, we wont be long. I enjoyed watching you two play in the pool."

"Ahhh I guess so."


I followed Frank into the elevator and he pushed the #2 button with one hand and then reached down and squeezed my ass with the other.

"This looked great in those little Speedos."

"I thought you might like it."

"Oh yeah." He grinned as the door slid open.

We walked down the hallway to his door and as he opened his door. He shoved me inside and closed the door. Frank dropped his wet swimsuit to the floor and grabbed his meat and shook it at me.

"Come and get some this boy." He commanded. I dropped to my knees in front of him and took his cock in my mouth.

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