The Captive Boy II

By Johnny Kape ©2011

Before this story:

Kiddie is back!

This story is a sequel of my story "The Captive Boy", so it is also a work of my early imagination and is pure fiction. It contains some sexual scenes between an adult and a minor, but not many. If you feel offended by such materials, please leave now.

Since it is a sequel, I hope that you can also go back to read the first episode of "The Captive Boy" first, which is just in the same folder. Many characters in "The Captive Boy II" are extended from the first episode. I didn't explain much in this story.

Special thanks to Matthew Templar, who edited this story for me. We knew each other when I published the first episode of "The Captive Boy". After that he helped me proofread all my stories. Thanks, Matt.

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-- Johnny Kape

He was very afraid, watching the knife in the other man's hand. He wanted to escape, but both of his hands and feet were handcuffed. He struggled a lot. However, every time he struggled, a fit of hurt from the fresh flogging wounds on his body made it very painful for him. Finally he was exhausted. He gave up. He just watched the knife, which was reflecting the light, getting closer and closer to him.

He closed his eyes desperately. He felt that someone grabbed his left hand. Very soon a sharp pain came. He screamed.

Johnny screamed and opened his eyes. He found that he was still lying on the bed, covered in sweat. He realized that it was just a dream and lay there weakly. The bed sheet and his pillow were soaked through.

After a while, Johnny touched where his own lost little finger used to be. He thought of the dream. No, it was not a dream. It was his real experience. His painful experiences came back to his mind, as if he was just flogged; as if his finger was just cut off. He could even feel the pain, again.

Johnny felt that his heart was still beating crazily. After a long time, he felt a bit better. He kicked the thin cover away and stood up. He walked to the bathroom, got into the shower and turned on the faucet. Then he stood under the waterfall, and let the water rinse his face and body casually.

After taking a shower, Johnny sat on the bed, watching the door in a trance. He had not had nightmares for... maybe two weeks? Once Johnny thought that he finally got rid of those nightmares. However the terrible experiences came to hit him again.

Why? Johnny asked himself. Why did he begin having nightmares again? Maybe it was because... Joey was not home?

The Captive Boy II - Chapter 1

"Joey: Please tell Kiddie that Zarkway and I will come to visit at the end of this month. We'll notify you about the actual time and schedule. Jack."

Johnny held the telegram tightly with his hands, reading the text on it. After a long time, he raised his head.

"So Jack is going to come here?"

Joey loosened his tie and took off his business suit. He nodded and watched his Kiddie with a smile.

Johnny read the telegram again and again, as if he was afraid it would disappear soon. His nude body trembled due to the excitement.

"They will be very surprise to see you becoming so tall and strong," said Joey.

Joey was right. He'd brought Johnny to the United States about a year ago. In that year Joey took care of Johnny very carefully. He would jog, exercise, and swim with Johnny. He even installed a shooting range in the basement of his house. He also taught Johnny many skills about unarmed combat. All these exercises made Johnny grow much taller and stronger. He also started to have muscle definition on his body.

Joey sat beside Johnny. His put his arm around Johnny's shoulder.

"I miss them so much." Johnny put the telegram down and sighed deeply.

Joey could understand it. Jack raised Johnny up in the guerrillas army, and Zarkway was another member who was still alive. Joey could understand how important they were to Johnny.

"Did you miss me too?" Joey rubbed Johnny's ear with his lips. Then he kissed Johnny's lips.

Johnny hugged Joey with his hands and started to kiss him too. Their tongues touched together. They sucked the juice from each other's mouth. After a long kiss, Johnny released his mouth and nodded shyly.

"Yes," whispered Johnny.

Joey smiled. He had left for Washington, D.C. for a few days, leaving Johnny home alone. However he didn't tell Johnny where he went or why he went there. When Joey came home it was already midnight. Though he tried to be very quiet, he also knew that since Johnny experienced the trials of wars, it was almost impossible to avoid awakening Johnny. So Joey was not surprised to see Johnny there when he opened the door. Joey soon took Johnny back to their bedroom and handed him the telegram from Jack, to give him a big surprise.

Joey unbuttoned his shirt and took off his undershirt. When he was releasing his belt, he found that Johnny just watched him in a trance, without moving.

"What happened? You don't look good. You would always come to take off my clothes, but you didn't do anything today. What's up?" asked Joey.

Johnny woke up from his trance. He shook his head. "Nothing."

He started to release Joey's belt and took off his pants and underwear and dropped them into the basket. Joey pulled Johnny to lie on the bed.

"I missed you so much," whispered Joey.

Soon Joey started to kiss Johnny's neck, the scars on Johnny's body, and his deformed nipples. All these scars marked Johnny's painful life in the Linbus Jail.

Joey kissed every inch of Johnny's body and enjoyed it. However, Johnny still thought of the nightmare he had just experienced. This time... it was even more real. He could even feel the pain, very clearly... Johnny closed his eyes. He tried to throw away the nightmare and concentrate on the feelings as Joey fondled him seductively.

Joey's fingers slightly touched Johnny's body. He touched and caressed Johnny's coarse skin. Though coarse, the muscle under the skin was becoming stronger and stronger. Joey's fingers walked through the muscle definition of Johnny's chest, towards Johnny's waist. Johnny felt Joey's warm skin touching his cool skin. Joey kept going to Johnny's thigh and crotch.

Joey touched and rubbed Johnny's dick. Johnny hadn't entered puberty, but his penis had become larger and thicker. Joey kept rubbing Johnny's penis tenderly, and it started to grow and harden.


Johnny tried to enjoy the feelings as usual. He still kept his eyes closed. He stretched his arms and touched and caressed Joey's strong body. However, Johnny found that he still couldn't concentrate. The nightmare still bothered him.

Joey didn't notice Johnny's abnormal reaction. He just kept rubbing Johnny's stick and put his other hand on Johnny's ass. Johnny turned his body onto his side to let Joey touch his cheeks in back and explore his love hole.

"Do you want it?" asked Joey slightly. "We haven't had sex for days."

Johnny hesitated for a while. However, he still decided to make Joey happy, as the nightmare was still in his mind. He didn't answer Joey. He just raised both of his legs and put them on Joey's shoulders, revealing his bottom hole to Joey, as a signal to Joey. "Come in!"

Joey smiled. He took a bottle of lubricant from the drawer of the night stand and started to apply it on Johnny's anus and his own dick. Soon, he pushed his hard dick against Johnny's small hole, and started to enter it.

Johnny had been used to the feeling. Since the day Joey gave him an intimate birthday celebration, at which time Joey entered his body for the first time, he loved to make love with Joey more and more. However, that night he found that he really couldn't enjoy it. Though the nightmare kept disturbing him for a long time, it bothered Johnny even more that night. Johnny thought of the days when he'd been frequently raped. He thought of the feeling, mixed with hatred, expectation, and the sense of guilt...

Joey started to go in and out slowly, and pushed deeper and deeper. He kept kissing Johnny's chest. He touched Johnny's body with his own. Then he started to speed up. His thick, large dick rubbed Johnny's small hole, hitting Johnny's prostate. Such a strong stimulation finally made Johnny forget about the nightmare. He started to moan.

"Oh... yes... hmm... keep going, Joey..."

Johnny's moan stimulated Joey very much. He penetrated Johnny faster and faster, almost crazily. He could feel that Johnny's body started to tighten and tremble.

"Gosh, Kiddie, I love you so much..."

Finally Joey started to shoot out the desire accumulated in his body for days. He pulled his dick out of Johnny's body and kept shooting the remaining seed onto Johnny's body. Then he sighed with relief and put Johnny's legs down from his shoulders. Johnny also sighed deeply, with satisfaction; his body relieved.

Joey lay down beside Johnny and gasped. He watched his little lover and smiled. Johnny smiled at Joey too.

"It's so wonderful," said Joey.

Johnny nodded. He hugged Joey and buried his head into Joey's chest.

They lay there for a while, then Joey sat up. Johnny raised his head and watched Joey.

"I should take a bath now. Tomorrow I'll go to the elementary school and talk about your admission."

"Oh..." Johnny's smile vanished.

Joey saw Johnny's reaction and smiled. "Don't worry. Everything will be fine."

Johnny sat up too. He heard a rustle. Then he saw that the telegram was crumpled when they were having hot sex. He laughed out.

Joey kissed Johnny's cheek. "Do you want to take a bath with me?"

Johnny nodded.

"General, we found them."

Lambriz stood beside the window and watched outside.

"They live in a small town called Milton now."


"Do you want to send someone to attack them now?"



"No. It's not safe here now. Go find another base near the town of Milton and get ready to withdraw from here. Keep monitoring them. How about the other part?"

"We have investigated it. There is a great possibility that you are correct, General."

Lambriz nodded. "Good. Go on with our plan and I'll tell you when to take action."

"Yes, sir."

The door was closed. Lambriz continued to look out the window with eyes full of hatred.

-- To be continued.

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