The Captive Boy II

By Johnny Kape ©2011

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This story is closing to end. It isn't good as I expect, is it?

Anyway, I'd still say thank you to Matthew Templar, who edited this story for me. We knew each other when I published the first episode of "The Captive Boy". After that he helped me proofread all my stories. Thanks, Matt.

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The Captive Boy II - Chapter 10

"Long time no see, Joey," said Ann with smile.

"What are you doing here?" Joey still couldn't close his mouth.

Ann laughed out loudly. "Do you think that I'm only here watching your passionate performances? Another guy was following you all the way since you started jogging. Joey, did you really backslide so much that you weren't aware of this guy at all?"

Joey blushed. He looked at Johnny. Johnny put on his poker face. He did feel that there seemed to be someone following them, but he didn't forget that night either -- the night Ann and George raped him, after he was rescued by Joey.

Looking at Johnny's poker face, Ann smiled. "Don't be like that, Pokerface. I know that I owe you very much. I'm here to pay you my debt."

"What do you mean?" asked Joey.

Ann didn't answer Joey but left them. A few seconds later he dragged something out from a corner. Joey looked at this "thing". It was an unconscious man. His hands were tied behind his back and his mouth was gagged. Joey could see that he was a black man.

"This is what I meant. Do you want to talk here and let everyone see us, or shall we go back to your place? After your passionate show, you need to take showers, don't you?" Ann asked, with a teasing laughter.

Johnny sat beside Joey, still with his poker face, looking at the black man sitting across him. The man was awake, but was still tied and gagged. He looked at Johnny too.

Ann stood beside the black man and started to speak. "I'm here because someone paid me to kill you both."

"Lambriz?" Joey blurted out.

Ann nodded. "I did some investigation and knew that he used to be the commander-in-chief of Leer's ex-government army."

Joey thought for a while, than a smile arose on Joey's face. "So he wanted to find a killer and he chose you? When did you become a killer?"

Ann sighed. "Just like you, I left the mercenary after coming back from Leer. The main reason of my leaving was the lesson Pokerface taught me."

Joey looked at Johnny, then looked at Ann. Johnny still kept his poker face.

"Since the day Pokerface saved my life, I realized how much I was lost. Those fighting days in the mercenary made me lose my humanity, so when I saw Pokerface I couldn't control my sex desire and raped him. Therefore I decided to leave the mercenary and start a new life.

"However, I didn't have any useful skill other than combat. I could only find some odd jobs and sometimes earned the prize from boxing. Then, when my life became unsustainable, Mr. Rayben came to me."

"Oh?" Joey was a bit surprised.

Johnny looked at Joey with questioning eyes. Joey explained to Johnny, "Mr. Rayben was the chief leader of our mercenary army. He was responsible for deploying us and giving us missions."

Ann nodded. "He came and asked me if I wanted to accept a secret commission or not."

"To kill someone?"

Ann nodded again. "You know that I can't tell you too much. Simply speaking, someone brought a huge amount of drugs into the United States and he was protected by a powerful person. Mr. Rayben told me that his superiors didn't have enough evidence, but they didn't want to see those drugs spread everywhere. So they wanted him to strike first."

Joey could understand why Ann didn't want to say too much, so he didn't ask more about Ann's mission. He changed a topic. "So you became a killer since then?"

"Yeah. But I have my principles. I didn't accept all commissions. Just like what I've said, I don't want to make the same mistake of losing my humanity. So I would always investigate the background in detail before accepting a commission."

Joey pondered all he had heard for a while.

"But... why did Lambriz choose you? Didn't he know that you and I were in the same mercenary army and we assaulted the Linbus Jail together?"

The black man seemed to be surprised. His eyes opened widely.

"It's true but, Mr. Rayben cleared all my records after I agreed to accept his commission. After all, a killer should keep secret. It's not good to let others know too much about my past, right?" Ann patted the man's cheek.

The man looked at everyone with hatred in his eyes. Suddenly Ann hit the man's neck. The man fainted again.

"What are you doing?" asked Joey.

"I don't want him to know about what I'm going to tell you," said Ann. He poked the man with his fingers to make sure that the man was unconscious. Then he sat down on another chair. "After Lambriz visited me, I followed him back to his base. I saw two other people there."

"Two other people?"

Ann nodded. "Lambriz kidnapped an old man and a small boy. I'm not sure who they are, but I heard Lambriz say that they were a part of his revenge plan."

"A part of his revenge plan?"

Joey and Johnny looked at each other. Ann continued.

"We need to find out who they are. Maybe we need to find out if there are reports about their missing. However we need to be fast. Lambriz will know in a short time if his underling doesn't report back. I'm afraid that he will injure the old man and the boy."

"WE?" laughed Joey. "No, YOU've done enough for US. Just tell US where Lambriz is. Then YOU don't need to be involved anymore."

"Oh, YOU just want to enjoy such an exciting adventure for YOURSELVES?" laughed Ann.

Johnny looked at Ann. He didn't make a poker face anymore. Johnny knew that Ann came to make up for his mistake. At that moment, Johnny had forgiven him.

"Kiddie? Where are you?"

Joey shouted. He found that Johnny was missing after showing Ann to the door. He looked into the room and then went to the shooting range. Johnny wasn't there.

Where had Johnny gone? Joey wondered. He wanted Johnny to prepare weapons with him. He had arranged to meet Ann at midnight and attack Lambriz at dawn. They should prepare everything and then have some sleep...

Suddenly a thought jumped into Joey's mind. Would Kiddie... ?

Damn it! Joey cursed himself. Would Kiddie hide in Ann's car and ask Ann to bring him to Lambriz's base?

Ann looked into the mirror and smiled. He kept stepping on the gas pedal. His car ran fast down the road.

After a minute or two Ann said, "Come out, Pokerface."

Johnny lifted the canvas that was covering him. He sat up and looked at Ann.

"Come and sit here." Ann patted the passenger's seat.

Johnny glimpsed at Ann, then he climbed across to the passenger's seat.

"You knew that I was in your car?" asked Johnny.

"Sure. I knew that right after I got into my car," laughed Ann. "Let me tell you, you're too anxious and too murderous now. An experienced soldier could easily sense your existence if you're too murderous. It's not good for you, do you understand?"

"So you knew that I was in your car, but you didn't tell Joey?"

"You hoped I would bring you to Lambriz's place, didn't you?"

Johnny nodded.

"Why hurry? We've arranged everything. We'll meet at midnight and start to attack at dawn."

"No," said Johnny. "I just want you to take me there. I don't want you and Joey getting involved in it. If you don't want to take me there, please let me get out now. I'll get there myself."

Ann laughed out loudly. "Do you think that you can defeat Lambriz? Do you think that you can save the old man and the boy?"

"I'd try my best."

Ann looked at Johnny. He knew that Johnny was quite serious. He stopped being flippant. He parked his car at the side of the road and stared at Johnny seriously.

"So I should get out now, right?" asked Johnny quietly.

Ann shook his head. After being silent for a while, Ann asked, "Why do you want to go there alone? Why don't you want us to get involved in it?"

"Because I don't want anyone to be hurt or killed because of me anymore."

Ann pondered. Then he asked, "What do you have as your weapons?"

"Two small handguns. About one hundred bullets."

"Only that? You'll definitely be killed. It's impossible to defeat Lambriz with those weapons only."

"I'll try it in any case," said Johnny, still quietly. "Even if there is only a very few chances to succeed, I will try it."

Ann looked at Johnny's face. Johnny wasn't afraid at all. He seemed to have made up his mind. Ann sighed and thought for a while, then he started the motor and started to drive again.

They both didn't talk. Ann just drove and Johnny just looked ahead quietly.

Ann drove outside of the town. After a while, he parked his car.

"You should walk from here," said Ann. "Go along this road, walk about two miles. There will be a big motel which is abandoned now. Lambriz's there."

"Thanks," said Johnny. He opened the door.


Johnny stopped and looked at Ann.

"The motel is big. There are several rows of two story houses, surrounded by a fence. Though there are some trees outside the fence, it was still very open between the houses and the fence. I'm a bit surprised that Lambriz would choose such a place to be his base, because that would be too conspicuous and could be easily surrounded and attacked. Maybe he thought that nobody would be near there and it was easier to monitor you. Because of the vulnerability, he will have many guards around. It took quite some effort for me to sneak in last time and I think it will be even more difficult for you. Do you still insist on going there alone?"

Johnny nodded.

Ann took something out from beneath his seat. "Put it on."

Johnny looked at it. It was a bulletproof vest.

"It's my treasure. Maybe a bit too big for you, but it's light and has good effects. Put it on."

Johnny looked at Ann and smiled.

"Thanks," said Johnny while taking the vest.

"That's the first time I've seen you smile." Ann smiled too. "Okay, not including your smile in the morning while having sex with Joey. It's the first time I've seen you smile at me."

Johnny laughed out loud. Ann patted Johnny on his shoulder.

"Take care, Pokerface."

"My name is Johnny. You can call me Kiddie too."

Ann laughed.

Johnny got out of the van. He just closed the door and Ann started the motor again. Ann made a U-turn and left.

-- To be continued.

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