The Captive Boy II

By Johnny Kape ©2011

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This story is closing to end. I'd like to say thank you to Matthew Templar, who edited this story for me. We knew each other when I published the first episode of "The Captive Boy". After that he helped me proofread all my stories. Thanks, Matt.

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The Captive Boy II - Chapter 11

Ann drove back hurriedly. He was quite upset with himself. He could understand Johnny's feeling; he appreciated Johnny's courage too. However he shouldn't have agreed Johnny's decision and request. Why did he become soft-hearted when facing Johnny? Or maybe he should say, why was he so hard-hearted to let Johnny face Lambriz alone?

Ann thought of Johnny's face. His eyes were so peaceful but firm. Was it Johnny's eyes that made him have no choice but to agree to Johnny's request? Johnny's eyes were so firm and stubborn that he must have no room for any concession.

Ann thought of that night again; the night he raped Johnny. He thought of Johnny's pokerface that night. Johnny's mouth held his own dick...

Maybe it was because he felt he owed Johnny too much, so he felt that he had no choice?

Ann stepped on the brakes. No! If he drove back to Joey's house, it would be too late to come back here. Johnny would have no chance to try to defeat Lambriz. He must go back and help Johnny secretly and wait for Joey to come. He believed that Joey would come soon if he had found Johnny was missing.

Joey thought about what to do next. Johnny decided to leave Joey alone and face Lambriz himself. His action made Joey very worried and upset. Joey thought for a while and started to carry guns and bullets from the armory in the basement to his own car.

Joey worked quickly. He kept thinking while working. Ann gave him some information about Lambriz's basement, however it was still not clear enough. He must go and observe there so that he could decide his tactics. However, time was very tight. He didn't know if he would have enough time to observe or not. The more he thought, the more uncertain he felt of his rescue action. He just hoped that Ann could help Johnny and wouldn't let Johnny face Lambriz alone.

When Joey was almost done, he heard a sound of car braking. He put the weapons on the ground and walked upstairs.

"Joey? Kiddie?" someone shouted.

It was Jack! Joey ran and opened the door quickly. Jack and Zarkway were standing there.

"Hey, Joey, we know where Lambriz is now," said Jack quickly. "Not far from here, but it may not be easy to capture him. He has a small troop of his elite soldiers there."

"I know all that," said Joey. "However, there are something I need to tell you..."

Joey told Jack and Zarkway quickly about the news Ann told him and Johnny's disappearance. Jack and Zarkway's faces became very serious.

"We need to act quickly," said Jack. "I've informed the US government that we may have fights when trying to capture Lambriz. They told me that they would never interfere with our fights with Lambriz. They also warned me that we need to take full responsibility for any loss, including financial damage, or even injury or death to any US civilian."

Joey sighed. "I'm ready to go there now. We'd better go as soon as possible. Besides Kiddie, there are two more hostages there. Things are getting more and more tough..."

"Well, Joey, do you need my help?" another voice said suddenly.

All three were startled and looked at the source of the voice. A man was standing there, watching Joey with a smile on his face.

Johnny stood there and looked at Ann's car leaving. When Ann's car was totally gone, Johnny put on Ann's bulletproof vest and took his small handgun out. The vest was really light, so light that Johnny almost couldn't feel its weight.

Johnny started to move toward the motel where Ann told him. He thought about how to sneak into the motel. He had only two small handguns, which couldn't shoot too far; so he had to fight with them at a short distance. He didn't know how many people were guarding there. He didn't know if he had enough bullets or not.

Johnny thought of that; it seemed to be his first time to act alone since he started to participate in the civil war of Leer. He started to feel regret. He seemed to be too impetuous. He was acting even before knowing how many enemies he would face. It would be better if Joey was here, the young boy thought...

Soon Johnny shook his head and rejected that thought. Joey had become Lambriz's target because of him; there was an old man and a boy kidnapped, too, also because of him. He didn't even know who the old man and the boy were. They didn't know about the existence of Johnny either. Johnny really didn't want to see more people getting hurt because of him.

He made up his mind to rescue the old man and the boy. He wanted Joey safe from Lambriz's threat. He would pay anything he could; even if he needed to sacrifice himself; even if he would be killed, or even worse, even if he would get abused again like he had been in the Linbus Jail.

Johnny soon saw his destination. As Ann had said, the motel was formed by a few rows of two-floor houses, which formed an H, with a wooden fence around it. Many parts of the fence were destroyed. There were big clearings between the houses and the fence, which should be for parking. Outside the fence were some sparse trees. Johnny hid within some trees and observed the house through holes in the fence. All the houses were dark. He observed and thought where Lambriz could be. Would he and the hostages be in one of the rooms? How could he find them?

Johnny observed for a while, but still couldn't see anyone. Could it be a trap? Johnny couldn't hear anyone walking either. He couldn't even smell the smell of gunpowder. Instead, he smelled a very light unknown smell, which made him uncomfortable. He didn't know what the smell could be. Could it be possible that Lambriz had run away because he knew that his underling, who monitored them, was captured?

Johnny decided to start his action. He held his gun and sneaked through the fence carefully. He looked around to make sure that nobody was watching him, then he started to walk along the houses slowly. He listened carefully.

After walking for a while, Johnny stopped. He heard a very faint sound. He stood still and listened carefully.

It was someone breathing and moaning!

Though very faint, Johnny could still hear it. Someone was moaning. It sounded like he was gagged. He started to trace the source of the sound.

The sound was getting clearer and clearer. Johnny walked to the side door of a house. The sound seemed to be coming from the second floor. He raised his head and looked up. The sound should be from that house.

Johnny observed carefully and tried the door. The door opened.

Johnny felt very strange. He had a strong, uneasy feeling. It was very likely a trap. But he had to find out who was moaning. He walked into the house carefully. In front of him was a long, horizontal hallway. The whole house was quite dark; there was only the moonlight from some of the windows.

Johnny waited for a while to let his eyes adapt to the dark. The moan was even more clear in the house. He started to look for the stairs along the hallway.

There was a very strange, pungent smell in the house, neither of gunpowder, nor of the moldy smells from an old house. Johnny felt strange. He kept walking and found the stairs.

He stepped on the stairs. A big creaking noise startled Johnny. He found that the stairs were wooden and were old. Johnny was upset with himself. He should have been more careful! He kept walking upstairs very slowly, trying not to make anymore sound.

Though less than twenty stairs, Johnny felt that he walked for a very long time. The moan was becoming louder. Johnny tried to find the source of the sound. The pungent smell was stronger and stronger and his uneasy feeling was getting stronger and stronger too. Finally he found the source of the sound. It was from behind a door. He opened the door and saw a figure in the room, lying on the ground, wriggling and moaning.

Johnny went into the room and found that it was a boy. The boy's hands were tied behind his back and his feet were tied too. His mouth was gagged. Johnny took a small knife out and cut off the ropes, then he removed the rag from the boy's mouth.

"Are you okay?" asked Johnny. He helped the boy stand up. He looked at the boy, then his chin fell down to his chest.

How... come?

Johnny looked at the boy in a trance. The boy in front of him was a bit taller than him. The boy's type of build was similar with his own. The boy had black hair and eyes, just like him. The most important was that, the boy's face was almost the same as his! Johnny felt that he was looking into a mirror.

Could it be that... the boy really was related to him?

The boy was also surprised and looked at Johnny in a trance. They looked at each other for a while, then the boy hugged Johnny tightly and started to weep.

Johnny was startled, but he hugged the boy tightly too. He patted the boy on his back.

"You're safe now. Don't be afraid."

"My grandpa... my grandpa was taken away..." the boy said with a sob.

"Do you know where your grandpa was taken to?" asked Johnny.

"I... I don't know... " The boy was still sobbing. "I just know that... they left me here and took grandpa away."

"Okay. I'll find your grandpa. Don't worry," said Johnny. He took off the bulletproof vest. "Put it on and let's leave here now."

The boy was still sobbing and didn't take the vest. Johnny helped the boy put on the vest, then he held the boy's hands and prepared to leave the room.

Suddenly, something hit the window and broke it!

Johnny turned around and raised his arm. At the same time, Johnny had fired his handgun and hit the object flying into the window. However, at that moment, the object started to burn. When it hit the floor, the whole room suddenly was in flames!

-- To be continued.

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