The Captive Boy II

By Johnny Kape ©2011

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This story is closing to end. I'd like to say thank you to Matthew Templar, who edited this story for me. We knew each other when I published the first episode of "The Captive Boy". After that he helped me proofread all my stories. Thanks, Matt.

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The Captive Boy II - Chapter 13


Two gunshots. The boy behind Johnny felt that something hit his back heavily; so heavy that it made him fall forward. Johnny was pushed and fell down too. Joey and Ann shot back at the source of the gunshots immediately.


Everything was in a great mess. Lambriz roared again and got another small hand gun out of his pocket. He aimed at Johnny and prepared to pull the trigger. However, Jack was faster than him. Before Lambriz could shoot, Jack had already shot three times. Zarkway also shot several times. At that moment Lambriz's body was shot with several holes. He fell down.

The gunshots stopped. Joey was about to go to see who was there. Ann stopped him.

"Go check Pokerface and the boy. Let me check the enemy," said Ann.

Joey nodded. Ann left Joey and Zarkway followed Ann. Joey and Jack ran to see Johnny and the boy.

Johnny was under the boy. He struggled to get up and shook the boy's body. "Are you okay?"

The boy moaned. "It hurts..."

Joey squatted down and checked the boy. Then Joey found that two bullets were stuck in the bulletproof vest.

Joey took off the vest from the boy's body and checked the boy again. He sighed with relief.

"Fortunately the vest saved your life. If you didn't have it, you had no way to survive."

Johnny looked at the vest. He hadn't thought too much when he gave the vest to the boy. Johnny felt very happy that it really saved the boy's life. He helped the boy to stand up.

"Oh my God... you..."

Jack saw the two almost identical boys and his chin dropped down.

The boy looked at Jack and then looked at Johnny. Then he saw Lambriz's bloody body. He exclaimed and grabbed Johnny tightly. He buried his head into Johnny's shoulder. Johnny turned his body to prevent the boy seeing Lambriz again. He patted the boy on his shoulder.

"It's all right. Don't be afraid."

The boy raised his head. "Where is my grandpa?" he asked.

Jack patted his shoulder. "Don't worry. Your grandpa is in our car now. My guard is with him."

"I want to see Grandpa! Take me to see Grandpa!"

"Okay, okay. Follow me," said Jack. He used his hand to cover the boy's eyes to prevent him from seeing Lambriz's bloody body and took him away. Johnny turned around and looked at Joey.

"Isn't this vest Ann's? Why is it here?" asked Joey.

"Ann gave it to me before I got out of his car," answered Johnny.

Joey nodded. Then he looked at Johnny and said very seriously, "You were really too reckless this time! Did you have any plan before coming here? Did you think for more than three seconds before deciding your actions? Fortunately Jack and Zarkway came to our place in time and Mr. Rayben also brought some soldiers in our mercenary troop to help us so we could break down Lambriz's ambushes nearby. If they hadn't come, Ann and I wouldn't have been able to save you from Lambriz's hand, not to mention the old man and the boy! Your reckless actions would not have any effect. They would only send yourself into that hell, again! Do you understand?"

Johnny lowered his head and listened to Joey's admonishments. Though being reproved, Johnny didn't feel upset. On the contrary, he felt much better. He raised his head and looked at Joey with watery eyes. Then he embraced Joey tightly and buried his head into Joey's chest.

Joey patted Johnny's head and changed his manner to be tender. "You little fool. What problems are unsolvable if we are together? Ann told me that you didn't want me to be hurt by Lambriz so you decided to come alone. But did you think about me, that I don't want you to sacrifice yourself either and make me lose my lover again?"

Johnny didn't reply. At that moment he just wanted to hug Joey tightly. Joey patted him on his back.


Johnny exclaimed and released Joey. Joey was startled.

"What happened?"

"It hurt..."

Joey then found that many places on Johnny's body were burned. He started to remove the remaining parts of Johnny's burned shirt.

"How about Kiddie? Is he injured? How about the other boy?" It was Zarkway's voice.

Johnny saw Zarkway come toward him with Ann.

"Kiddie's body was burned some places, but not very seriously. Well, he will have to endure the pain for some days," said Joey. "And about the boy, fortunately the gunman shot from a long distance, and the boy had a bulletproof vest on him, so he wasn't injured. Did you find the gunman?"

"No, he ran away. Damn it! Why didn't we notice that someone was slipping through our net?" Ann looked annoyed. "Maybe he's one of Lambriz's elite and ran away after he saw Lambriz die."

They all looked at Lambriz, who lay in a pool of blood without breathing.

"Your nightmare is over, Kiddie," said Joey.

Johnny silently looked at Lambriz.

"I hope so," Johnny said, after a long time.

After discussing with Jack and Zarkway, Joey decided to take Johnny home first because Johnny needed remedy and bandage, and also to avoid getting into more trouble. Jack, as an emissary of Leer, would take full responsibility of the fight and deal with the aftermath with police.

Mr. Rayben also left with Joey. "Well, I didn't see anything happening here. But Joey, you owe me one," said Mr. Rayben with a smile before leaving.

"Yeah, I owe you much," replied Joey, also with a smile. He waved to everyone.

"I'm sorry that you were involved in these things," Jack told the old man and the boy. He was bandaging the boy while waiting for police and corresponding diplomatic personnel to arrive. "But please, please don't tell anyone that you saw Joey, Johnny, Ann, Mr. Rayben and his soliders, okay? This will be a diplomatic incident between Leer and the United States. They will get into deep trouble if they're involved. My name is Jack Kape. I'm the emissary of the Leer government. I'll take full responsibility of all these incidences. And for you, please just tell them that you didn't see anything, okay?"

The old man nodded. "Thank you, Jack. Thanks for saving us. I'm Tom, and this is my grandson, Jason."

Jack nodded, too. He continued bandaging Jason's burned arms. Then he patted Jason's shoulder. "Okay. That should work for now, but you'd better see a doctor later."

"Thanks," said Jason in a low voice.

Jack looked at Jason and said, "You... you look so much like Johnny... almost identical. Tom, may I ask when your grandson was born...?"

"Yes," Tom replied even before Jack finished his question. He seemed to hold his words for a very long time. "Actually, Jason has a twin brother, named Dean."

Jason opened his eyes widely in disbelief.

"What? I have a twin brother?" Jason said in a lather, pulling his grandpa's hands. "You and Mom have never told me that. Why?"

"Calm down, good boy. Let me finish," said Tom. "When you were just several months old, your parents divorced. Your father took Dean away and migrated to the South Africa. However, the airplane they took crashed."

"Air crash..." Jack murmured. He thought of the raining night when he found Johnny in a crashed airplane. Johnny's background coincided with Dean's. Are they really the same boy?

"There were many people missing in that tragedy. The rescue people were not able to find the missing people, even their dead bodies. We prayed to God for miracles, hoping that Dean and your father could survive. But we didn't get any good news.

"Your mom broke down that time. She was in tears all day long, blaming herself that if she hadn't divorced your father, Dean would not have died in the air crash. So I decided to take you and your mother to my place to live together. All these years, I'm always careful not to talk about your father and Dean."

Jason looked totally shocked.

"Jack, may I ask about Johnny's background? Why was he with you?" asked Tom.

Jack pondered for a while and shook his head.

"Not now," said Jack. "I can only tell you a bit, about how I found Johnny. But I can't tell you about the other part, unless Johnny agrees, or you can prove that Johnny is really your grandson, Dean. Is there any special characteristic on Dean's body to help you identify him and prove that Johnny is Dean?"

Tom shook his head.

"I don't know. I have to ask their mom. But I believe that Johnny is Dean... He must be..." Tom said with sobs.

Jack patted Tom on his back and didn't say more.

Joey loaded the bathtub with cold water and let Johnny soak in it. Then he removed all Johnny's clothes in the water. He looked at all the burns and wounds on Johnny's body and arms. The burns on Johnny's body had blisters. The gunshot wound on his arm was not small, but had stopped bleeding.

Johnny felt much better soaking in the cold water. Joey moved Johnny's left arm out of the tub and started to clean the wound.

"Ouch!" Johnny exclaimed slightly.

"Did it hurt very much?"

Though Johnny felt hurt very much, he gritted his teeth to endure the pain and shook his head. "No, not very much. I can take it."

Joey smiled and went on with his work. He carefully and lovingly finished cleaning his boy, being gentle when he worked on his wounds. Then he applied some medicated salve and bandaged each of the wounds.

After cleaning Johnny's body, Joey let Johnny stand up and dried his body carefully. Then he applied some ointment to the burns on Johnny's body and bandaged them.

"I can't take you to the hospital because it would get us into more trouble. I'll try to contact a doctor who was in our mercenary army before and see if he can come here to check your wounds. Here are some aspirins and a sleeping pill. Take them and go to bed now. I'm going to take a shower."

Johnny nodded and took the medicine Joey gave him. He lay down carefully, trying not to hurt his wounds. Joey took a quick shower and lay down beside Johnny. He kissed Johnny's cheek.

"It's over, Kiddie. Have a good sleep!"

Johnny smiled. Joey kissed Johnny's lips and patted his head. Johnny closed his eyes and fell asleep quickly.

Joey smiled, watching his little lover. As he closed his eyes, the telephone rang. Joey jumped up and rushed to pick up the phone, worried it would wake up Johnny.


"Joey? it's Zark. How's Kiddie now?"

"I simply applied some medicine and bandaged him. There are a few burns more serious. His wound on left arm is not small. But generally speaking he's okay. He just took some medicine and now he's sleeping."

"Okay. Now, here, everything is in a big mess. Jack wanted me to ask about Kiddie's condition. And we'll arrange Kiddie to meet with Tom, Jason and their families in a few days."

"Tom and Jason?"

"Oh, sorry. I talked too fast. Tom and Jason are the old man and the boy who were kidnapped by Lambriz. Jack had a talk with Tom. Tom told him that Jason actually had a twin brother. There's a great possibility that Kiddie is the other the twins. They've contacted Jason's mother and hope to see Kiddie as soon as possible."

"Twins?" Joey thought of the boy who looked almost identical to Johnny.

"I'll arrange for it in a few days. Maybe at your place, or at the hotel we lived last time."

"Okay, see you then."

Joey hung up the phone and walked back into the bedroom. He sat on the bed beside Johnny, looking at Johnny's face.

He started to struggle in his mind. If Johnny was really the other twin, then...


Would it be better for Johnny to let him go back to his real family?

-- To be continued.

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