The Captive Boy II

By Johnny Kape ©2011

I have something to say before the last chapter...

This is the last chapter of this story. I don't know how many people are reading it. I don't know if you all like it or not. But anyway, I finished it and present it to you all now.

I started writing man-boy erotic stories about ten years ago, and published my first story in nifty about four years ago. To me, writing is a way to "realize" my (a lot of) early imaginations, which helped me to "tide over" my lonely childhood. Hence for me, writing is happy. Writing is fascinating. I am always "immersed" in my own story. I like to imagine that I am the main character, and imagine what happens after the story ends. I always have a very empty feeling when I end a story. However, however, writing is becoming very frustrating recently.

I used to be very happy to share my imaginations and stories to all of you. Well, actually I still am. But I'm getting more and more frustrating. My stories seem to be getting worse, (well, this makes me think of my other story, "The Original Joy".) To be honest, I'm also running out of ideas.

Therefore, I decide to quit writing new stories, indefinitely... unless I can have another very good new inspiration and have a very strong wish to write it.

Thank you for all who read my stories, especially for those who gave me your feedback and encouragement. You gave me very good and happy moments. Really, I was always very happy when I got your feedbacks.

I know that you may not, but I still wish you enjoy this story.

-- Johnny Kape

The Captive Boy II - Final Chapter

Someone knocked on the door.

"Mr. O'tsin, your visitors."

"Come in, please."

The door was opened and Zarkway's bodyguard led Tom and Jason and a woman into the room. Soon the bodyguard left the room and closed the door.

Zarkway had met Tom and Jason, so he observed the woman coming with them. She was in her forties. She was wearing a plain dress, which showed her good figure. Zarkway knew that she must be Jason's mother. Their faces were quite similar.

"Wow, it's so huge," Jason exclaimed when he just went into the room. He started to look around excitedly.

"You look much better after resting for days," Zarkway said with a smile. He nodded to other people. "Please come in and have a seat."

Zarkway led them into the living room and everybody sat down except Jason. He was still running around the living room and bedrooms.

"Mr. O'tsin, this is my daughter, Lisa," Tom said, introducing the woman to Zarkway. "She's Jason's mother."

"Nice to meet you," Lisa said, shaking hands with Zarkway. "Thanks for saving my father and Jason."

"Don't say that. It should be us apologizing to you. Tom and Jason were innocently involved in these terrible things because of us."

"Where is Dean?" Lisa looked around and asked. "Where is he? I'd like to see him."

"Dean?" Zarkway thought for a while and realized. "Oh, do you mean Kiddie? They're on the way here."

"Oh..." Lisa looked a bit disappointed.

"Be patient, Lisa," said Tom. "We don't know yet if Johnny is Dean or not."

Jason ran to his mother and sat beside her.

"This is so great! I wish I could sleep here for a night," said Jason.

"Well, you can ask if Kiddie will live here too, later. If he does, you can stay here with him," said Zarkway with a smile.

"Really? Wow!" Jason exclaimed excitingly. "Mom, can I really sleep here for a night?"

Jason's mother looked at him tenderly. She nodded and said, "Don't get too excited, baby."

Zarkway smiled watching Jason's excited face. Jason reminded him of Johnny. When Johnny found something new, he would also get very excited like Jason. The two boys seemed to have something in common. Only that Johnny became a lot more quiet after... those terrible experiences.

"Well, please tell me, Mr. O'tsin," said Lisa, "About Dean... oh, Johnny. What kind of kid is he?"

"Please just call me Zark," said Zarkway. "I can tell you that Kiddie is the most brave and marvelous boy I've ever seen. In the days he was with us, he brought unlimited happiness to us."

Lisa seemed to have taken Johnny as her kid for granted. Listening to Zarkway's words, she had a proud smile on her face.

Joey was driving with a heavy heart. Johnny was very likely to be the other one of the twins. If so, should he let Johnny go back to his real family? This question kept bothering Joey.

Joey told himself that he should let Johnny decide. If Johnny decided to go, he should let Johnny go. However, he still struggled a lot in his mind. He wanted to ask what Johnny thought, but he constrained himself not to ask. He told himself that he shouldn't try to affect Johnny's thoughts.

Joey looked at Johnny. Johnny looked out the front with a poker face.

"Are you nervous?" asked Joey.

Johnny didn't reply to Joey immediately. Joey didn't ask again. He just kept driving.

Johnny finally answered Joey after nearly two minutes.

"I don't know how to describe what's going through my mind..."

Joey nodded. "Me either."

Johnny glanced at Joey. He didn't talk anymore, just looked out the front.

Johnny walked into the elevator with Joey. The elevator was still very slow. Johnny felt that he was even more nervous than the last time, the time he came to see Jack. He was so nervous that it almost smothered him. Joey could understand Johnny's anxiety. He put his arm around Johnny's shoulders, trying to give Johnny some support.

The bodyguard knew them, so he didn't search their bodies. He led them to the room and knocked on the door.

"Mr. O'tsin, your visitors."

"Please come in."

The bodyguard opened the door and held the door handle for them to go through. "Please."

Johnny followed Joey into the room. The door was closed behind him. Johnny saw Zarkway walking out of the living room. The boy was following him.

"Hello, Kiddie, Joey. You finally arrived. Come in," said Zarkway with a smile.

Jason ran to Johnny and held his hands. He looked very happy. "Yeah, you finally got here. I've been waiting for you for a long time!"

Johnny looked at Jason's smile and relaxed a bit. He wasn't able to say anything and Jason began pulling his hand and ran into the living room.

"Mom! He's here!"

Johnny followed Jason into the living room and saw a woman standing there. The old man he saw that day was standing behind the woman. Jason released Johnny's hand and ran to his mother.


Lisa just stood there, watching Johnny in a trance. Johnny looked at the woman quietly.

After a minute, tears started to fall from Lisa's face. She walked toward Johnny and touched Johnny's face, cupping his cheek in her hand. Johnny stood there quietly, looking at the woman who might be his mother.

"It's... really you..."

Tom came and patted Lisa on her shoulder. "Let's sit down first," said Tom.

Lisa nodded, but she seemed like she didn't want to leave Johnny.

"Okay, please be seated," said Zarkway.

Jason held his mother's hands and sat on the sofa. Tom sat beside her. Johnny and Joey sat across from them. Johnny lowered his head and didn't see the three.

"So..." Zarkway started to speak. "Let me introduce everyone. This is Joey Bonders. Now he's Johnny's father. This is Johnny. Joey, this is Tom, Lisa, and Jason."

Johnny raised his head and looked at Jason. Jason smiled at him. Joey nodded at the three people as a greeting.

"Thanks for saving us," said Tom.

"It's nothing," said Joey.

It became silent. They seemed not to know how to start. After a while, Zarkway decided to break the silence.

"Okay, let me ask directly. Lisa, you think that Johnny may be your son. Do you have any proof?"

Joey became very nervous while listening to Zarkway's words. If Johnny is really Dean...

Lisa nodded.


Lisa let Jason stand up and pulled his T-shirt up.

"Both Jason and Dean have a big birthmark on their waists."

Jason turned his body around. Everyone looked at his waist. There was a big birthmark there, about as big as a fist.

Zarkway nodded. "Okay, Jason. Please sit down. Kiddie, do you mind letting everyone see your waist?"

Joey closed his eyes. He was thinking if he had ever seen a similar mark on Johnny's body. He didn't remember seeing any mark like that. Actually, Johnny's body was full of scars. He suspected that was what people could see, even if there used to be a mark there...

Johnny still lowered his head and didn't move.


Zarkway called Johnny several times. Johnny finally raised his head and stood up. He didn't talk, just turned around and pulled his T-shirt up.

"Oh, my God..." Tom exclaimed in a low voice.

Joey opened his eyes and looked at Tom's surprised face. Then he turned his head to see Johnny's back.

Johnny's back was full of scars, being flogged and burned. He couldn't see if there used to be a birthmark on Johnny's waist or not.

Joey sighed slightly.

Johnny glanced at Joey and put his T-shirt down. He sat down and looked at the three in front of him quietly.

"Sorry, Lisa," said Zarkway. "There are too many scars on Johnny's body, so we can't see if there's a mark or not. We still can't make sure if Kiddie is your son or not."

Lisa's tears started to fall again. Jason caressed his mother's back to comfort her.

"There must be... another way to know it. He must be... We can go to the hospital... to do more tests... we... we..." Lisa said while sobbing.

"Though we can't see his birthmark clearly," said Tom. "Mr. Kape has told me something about Johnny. The time and his background matched with Dean's very well. He must be Dean. De... Johnny, can you go to the hospital with us to do more tests?"

"What do you say, Kiddie?" asked Zarkway.

Joey looked at Johnny nervously. Johnny looked at the three quietly. Then he shook his head.


Everyone was surprised.

"What did you say, Kiddie?" asked Zarkway.

"I said, no."

"Why not?"

"I just want to be with Joey."

Joey looked at Johnny. The heavy burden that filled his mind finally fell down. He couldn't help smiling.

Tom saw Joey's smile, but he didn't say anything. After a minute's silence, Tom started to speak.

"Zark, Joey, can we have a private talk with Johnny?"

Joey hesitated and looked at Johnny with questioning eyes. Johnny nodded.


Joey stood up and walked out of the living room with Zarkway. They opened the door and left the hotel suite together.

Johnny still sat there and watched Tom.

"Johnny," said Tom. "Don't you want to know about your origins? Don't you want to know where you come from? Don't you want to know if you still have a real family in the world? Don't you want to reunite with your own family and get your original life back?"

Johnny shook his head again.

"Why not? Can you tell me? We really want to know if you are the missing boy we are looking for. Can you understand?"

Johnny kept silent for a while, then he stood up.

"No. I don't want you to get involved in my... pain again. You and Jason were kidnapped because of me, even before you knew of my existence. That made me feel very sorry and painful..."

"Don't say that. When we knew that we were kidnapped because of you, we were very happy. After all, you are our family. It's very nature to share the pain with our families," said Tom.

"Yes!" Jason ran to Johnny and held his hand. "At first I was very afraid. But when I knew that I have a twin brother and I was kidnapped because of him, I was so proud and happy."

Listening to Tom and Jason's words, Johnny felt that he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He shook his head again.

"You don't know how much danger you were in... Lambriz, who kidnapped you, was a very terrible guy. He is much, much more terrible than you could imagine."

"He's dead," said Tom.

"Yes, he's dead. But his followers are still there. I haven't got out of my dangerous condition. I'm afraid that you haven't either."

More silence. Lisa was still sobbing. Tom sighed deeply.

"So you don't want to go to the hospital to do more tests with us, to see if you are really Dean or not, do you?" asked Tom.

Johnny shook his head firmly.

"Well," Jason said. "You can still be my brother even if we don't do any test. I have really wanted to have a brother for a long, long time. Johnny, can you be my brother? Please?"

"Yes," Tom echoed with a smile. "Even if you just wanna be with Joey, we can still be your family. Lisa can still be your mother. No matter if you're actually Dean or not..."

"Yes, yes, so that I can come to find you during my summer vacation. You can come to our place too. Come on, Johnny, pleeeeease?" Jason said, holding Johnny's hands tightly.

Johnny looked at Jason's eager eyes. He looked at Lisa's sad face and watery eyes. He looked at Tom's smile. He knew that the three people in front of him were very, very likely his real family. He had been thinking for a very long time since Joey told him about Tom and Jason. He didn't want anyone to be hurt because of him. He knew that Lambriz's followers were still around. They may hurt Joey, or even Tom and Jason anytime. However, at that moment, watching Tom, Lisa and Jason, Johnny found that he couldn't deny them. Actually he didn't want to deny them at all.

After thinking for nearly a minute, Johnny nodded. Jason jumped up excitingly.

"Wow! I have a brother! Yeah!" Jason shouted happily as he hugged Johnny tightly.

Tom walked to Johnny with a smile. "Let me hug you too, my boy."

Johnny hadn't answered yet and Tom gave him a bear hug. Then Tom turned around and beckoned Lisa.

"Come on. Give your son a big hug."

Lisa walked to Johnny and touched his face. All of a sudden, Lisa hugged Johnny tightly. Very tightly.

"My baby..." Lisa said. She was still sobbing. "No matter if you're Johnny or Dean, you are always my baby..."

Johnny listened to Lisa's words. He felt Lisa's hug. Though the wounds and burns still hurt a bit, the feeling of being hugged was quite warm... Johnny hugged Lisa too.

It was not bad to have a mother, Johnny thought.

His hands were handcuffed on the bed corner. His knees were up by his shoulders. He was numb to everything. He just let everyone enslave him. He didn't resist at all.

The man that was penetrating him had an evil smile. He kept his poker face. However, he knew that when the man's penis was rubbing and penetrating his anus, he had an incredibly pleasant sensation. He hated those people, but he began tolooked forward to such great sensations, a lot. He was quite ashamed of himself for expecting it.

Why? When had he started to expect such a pleasant sensation? When had he started to like that feeling? It should be painful. It should be suffering. But why did he like to let other men penetrate him with their disgusting penises?

He felt that he was about to explode. He tried hard to hang on. He tried hard to keep his poker face...

Suddenly he heard a loud sound. Several people ran into the room. One of them jumped to the bed and kicked the man who was fucking him off the bed.


He didn't see what happened, but he knew that the man had been shot. He didn't feel afraid. He just looked at the one standing on the bed.

The background was changed. The one standing on the bed became a tall, thin boy, smiling at him.

"I hope that you can be happy with Joey," said the boy.

Suddenly he had a warm and familiar feeling. Had he heard those words before?

He wanted to ask something, but the boy started to vanish. Finally he was in the dark. He just heard the boy's voice.

"You're free now. Don't forget it."

Johnny opened his eyes.

Another nightmare? No, it was not a nightmare. It was a dream. It was still his experiences... but a bit different.

The boy in the dream made him think of the dream he had after Joey told him Ming's story. There was also a tall, thin boy in that dream. The boy seemed to come to his dream again, giving him warm support.

Johnny turned around and looked at Joey who was in a sound sleep. It was Joey who saved him from the painful life. It was Joey who gave him an all new life. Though Johnny would still dream of his own painful experiences intermittently, he wasn't afraid of those dreams anymore. Because he had Joey. He had Jack and Zarkway, who were on the opposite side of the sea. He had Tom, Lisa and Jason in another city. They all cared about him. They all loved him.

Johnny hugged Joey and buried his head into Joey's chest. He could still feel Joey's semen flowing in his anus. He closed his eyes with a smile. Then he thought of Kevin. Johnny felt that he liked Kevin very much. They had become very good friends. Kevin said that he would teach Johnny how to play basketball the next day. Johnny believed that it would be very interesting to play basketball with Kevin. He couldn't wait for the next day to come.

-- The End.

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