The Captive Boy II

By Johnny Kape ©2011

Before this chapter:

Kiddie is back!

This story is a sequel of my story "The Captive Boy", so it is also a work of my early imagination and is pure fiction. It contains some sexual scenes between an adult and a minor, but not many. If you feel offended by such materials, please leave now.

Since it is a sequel, I hope that you can also go back to read the first episode of "The Captive Boy" first, which is just in the same folder. Many characters in "The Captive Boy II" are extended from the first episode. Well, I explained a bit about who's who in this story, but not much.

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-- Johnny Kape

He couldn't see anything, because his eyes were covered. He just felt that he was kneeling down on the ground. His hands were handcuffed behind him.

He didn't know how long he knelt there. Time meant nothing. Then he felt a gun pushed against his head.

"Say goodbye to the world, son," a cold voice said.

He didn't tremble. He didn't even show any fear. On the contrary, he smiled a bit. Just shoot, he thought, and he could get rid of everything...

"Shit. The bitch smiles?" another angry voice said.


He heard a loud gunshot, so loud that he could still hear buzzing after a few seconds. But... he seemed to be still alive. Why? He raised his head in question.


Another gunshot. The bullet grazed his right arm. He frowned due to the sting.

"Fuck! No fun! He's not afraid at all!" the first voice yelled.

Someone kicked his back. Then something hit him on his head. He fell into a deep dark...

Johnny opened his eyes. Joey was snoring beside him. It was the second nightmare in a night... Only, it was not a dream. He had been reliving his real experiences. What on earth happened?

Johnny watched Joey's sleeping face. He felt easier and better. He had gotten rid of the extremely painful life and now lived with his beloved Joey... Johnny closed his eyes again. He prayed inwardly... not to have any more dreams.

The Captive Boy II - Chapter 2

Joey knocked on the door. After a few seconds, a woman's voice said, "Come in, please."

Joey opened the door, walked into the room and closed the door carefully. He looked at the woman who was wearing reading glasses. He smiled.

"Hello, Mrs. Katie, well, Headmistress Katie. How are you? We haven't seen each other for a long time."

Mrs. Katie took off her glasses and looked at Joey. "Joey Bonders, it's really been a long time not seeing you. Have a seat."

Joey sat down in front of the headmistress. "You look very good and healthy."

"Well, you haven't changed much since you graduated from this elementary school. When did I see you the last time?"

"I remember that we met once when I was in high school. Then I left home to study in a university in Chicago. Maybe we haven't seen each other anymore since then."

"You really seldom come back here, right?"


"You didn't even show up for your father's funeral. Can you tell me why?" Mrs. Katie asked, staring at Joey with her piercing eyes. Her voice had become very serious, too.

Joey had a wry smile and sighed deeply. "You're still so strict, Mrs. Katie."

"I'm waiting for your explanation."

Joey nodded. "I shouldn't tell you this, but since it is related to why I came here, I can tell you some. I was in a secret mission that time."

"A secret mission?" Mrs. Katie raised her eyebrows.

Joey nodded again. "I can't tell you too much. I can only say that I was executing a secret mission for our country, so I was abroad at that time. Nobody told me and I didn't know of my father's death until I got home. It had already been at least half a year afterwards."

Mrs. Katie's face became mild. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that. I'm sorry to blame you wrongly."

Joey smiled. "That's okay. Not many people know about my job."

"So, you said that it is related to why you came here today. Please tell me more," asked Mrs. Katie.

Joey put the data folder on the desk and pushed it to Mrs. Katie. "This kid."

Mrs. Katie opened the folder and had a look at it. "Oh, I know. I read this kid's data a few days ago. Johnny Kape. There's no useful data about him, except his birthday."

"To be honest, it's not his real birthday either," said Joey.

"What?" Mrs. Katie was a bit surprise. "So is there any real data about him? What's the relation between you and him?"

"I'm now his father. I adopted him."

"Yes, I see... here, his guardian, Joey Bonders." Mrs. Katie took a look at the paper again. "But... how? You haven't married yet, have you?"

Joey shook his head. He tried to pick better words to say. "Well, this kid is... special."

"How special?"

Joey thought for a moment and said, "Johnny used to be a kid soldier."

"A kid soldier?"

Joey nodded.

"What does that mean?"

"That means this kid grew up where there was a war taking place. This kid used to kill people in the war. He was even captured and became a war prisoner."

Mrs. Katie looked very surprised this time. She waited for further explanation.

"He grew up in Africa."

"Africa?" asked Mrs. Katie. "He looks like an Asian."

"He should be," said Joey. "But he grew up in Africa. He was in the anti-government army of an African country when he had his youngest memory."

"Which country?"

Joey shook his head with a smile.

"Okay. Why was he in Africa?"

"I'm not going to say," continued Joey. "Johnny started to attend the country's inner war at age five. When he was eight, he was captured and imprisoned in a concentration camp."

"A concentration camp?"

Joey absolutely did not want to explain too much about the Linbus Jail. He just nodded his head.

"He was imprisoned for about two years and was abused very seriously there. I found him during a secret mission and rescued him. I spent a lot of effort to get his trust and got an identity for him to live in the United States. Now he lives with me."

"So you are his guardian now."


"He trusts you, right?"

"Yes, I think so."

"That's good. You are here today for his admission, right?"

"Yes. He is a very talented kid. He can learn things very quickly. However, in the past, he used his talent to kill people and to survive. He has never studied in a school. He can't even read. I started to teach him reading after coming back here."

Mrs. Katie nodded. "So this kid is about eleven, but you want him to start from the third grade."

"Actually his level is still not good enough yet, but I believe that he can catch up in a short time. However..."

"However what?"

"However, he used to be abused a lot. It's been a year since I brought him here, but the wounds on his body and in his mind made it very difficult for him to adapt to a life here. He trusts me, but that doesn't mean he can trust someone else. I think he may have a very difficult time to adapt to the group life in school."

"I see."

"Besides, killing people used to be a game for him," continued Joey. "I hope that you can notice his behavior here. I believe that he won't hurt anyone. He experienced the time in the concentration camp, so I think he may not even have any reaction when someone bullies him. However, he grew up in the war. He had survived by himself in a difficult environment for a long time. We don't know what he will do when he thinks that his life is threatened."

"Okay." Mrs. Katie pondered for a while, then she picked up the phone and dialed. "Hello? Edwin? Can you come to my office now? ... Okay. See you."

Mrs. Katie put down the receiver.

Joey asked, "Edwin?"

"Edwin Grey, the teacher responsible for the third grade class. You may need to cooperate with him closely about helping Johnny."

"Edwin Grey..." Joey murmured.

They waited for a few minutes, and the office door opened. A tall, thin man with glasses came in.

"Hi, Mrs. Katie. What's up?"

"Let me introduce you. This is Joey Bonders. He is here for..."

Mrs. Katie hadn't finished her words when Joey stood up and faced Edwin.

Edwin exclaimed, "Joey?"

Joey nodded with a smile. He stepped forward and hugged Edwin tightly.

"You really became a teacher, didn't you?" Joey asked, after hugging the man for a long time.

"Oh... yeah." Edwin finally recovered from a great shock.

"So you know each other?" asked Mrs. Katie.

"Yes. He was my boyf... uh... buddy. Good buddy when we were in high school, right?" asked Joey.

"Yeah. Joey joined the army after graduating from the university, and I lost contact with him. I used to think that he might have been dead in the war."

"Well, I couldn't contact you because I had my own difficulties. But I came back finally."

"Why are you here?"

Joey pointed to the data folder with his chin. Mrs. Katie pushed the folder to Edwin.

"This kid may need special help. Since you know each other, you can have a detailed discussion yourselves."

-- To be continued.

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