The Captive Boy II

By Johnny Kape ©2011

Before this chapter:

This story is a sequel of my story "The Captive Boy", so it is also a work of my early imagination and is pure fiction. It contains some sexual scenes between an adult and a minor, but not many. If you feel offended by such materials, please leave now.

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-- Johnny Kape

Johnny walked toward home slowly. He had been attending school for a week. Most of the kids were very nice to him, but he still felt that it was very difficult to interact with them. The four tall boys would bully him almost everyday. Every time Johnny faced the four boys, he felt that he was totally confined. He couldn't resist at all, just like in the past... Johnny couldn't understand why.

He'd lived in this small town for more than a year. He seldom felt happy, except with Joey. He always asked himself if the decision to live with Joey was correct or not. He loved Joey. The love and care Joey gave him was the only motivation to keep him there. Joey always encouraged him to play with other kids. However, almost everyone would notice the scars on his wrists and his lost finger when they saw him the first time. When he swam with Joey, he could feel that everyone was pointing to him and whispering. But the worst time was when the police came to take him and Joey to the police station. They were set free after Joey made some phone calls.

Johnny looked at the sky and decided to turn onto another road. After walking for a while Johnny sat on a small hill, from which he could view the whole town. It was Joey's favorite place. They would usually jog in the early morning, along the road to this small hill. Then they would hug together to see the sunrise there. Sometimes, they would even make love there. During the days Joey was not home, Johnny liked to go and sit there, watching the town in a trance.

He looked at the town again and thought about the nightmares he'd had. Though they were dreams, their contents were all his real experiences after being captured. The pain and feelings were so real and made him very depressed. He really couldn't understand. Why did he have to experience such pain again... even just in dreams?

The Captive Boy II - Chapter 5

Edwin shook the wineglass slightly, raised it, and looked at his friend as Joey returned his gaze.


They both sipped their wine.

"Thank you, Edwin. Thanks for telling me about Kiddie's condition in class. Without you he would not have started his school life without a hitch."

"It's nothing. However, I still couldn't stop the other older boys from bullying him. I confirmed with all the other kids about them bullying Johnny, but when I asked Johnny he didn't want to say anything."

"That's okay. You can't keep an eye on him 24 hours a day," said Joey. "So as I have predicted, Kiddie didn't resist at all?"


"All right," sighed Joey. "He didn't even say a word to me about this. Maybe he needs more time."

"Don't worry. He will overcome everything with your help."

Edwin drank the wine in his wineglass. Then he poured more wine into it.

"Really, I'm really happy to see you again," said Edwin.

"Me too," said Joey. "I had been worried about this for a long, long time. I know that Kiddie's first teacher is the most important. I didn't know if he could have a teacher who understands his difficulties. I never thought that you would be his first teacher..."

"Can we stop talking about Johnny?" Edwin interrupted Joey suddenly.

Joey looked at Edwin in surprise. "Oops..."

Edwin drank the wine again, and poured another glass of wine. "Do you know how thrilled I was when I saw you again?"


"Do you know how depressed I was when you left me and joined the military all of a sudden, and then totally lost contact with me?"

"Edwin, I..."

"I tried to forget you in all these years. I kept telling myself that Joey is dead. Joey is not in the world anymore. However, I couldn't forget you. I can't forget the days with you. We gay people aren't accepted in this world. Do you know how much I cherish our love?"

"Edwin, I'm so sorry," said Joey. "I really wanted to contact you again, but I was not allowed to. In all those years I was seldom in the United States. I had so many secret missions and was abroad most of the time. Do you know how much I hated myself when I came back and knew that my father had been dead for more than half a year?"

Edwin put down his wineglass and looked into Joey's eyes. "I understand. I really understand."

Joey put down his wineglass too. He didn't talk. Edwin moved forward and hugged Joey. He started to kiss Joey's lips.

Joey was a bit surprised, but soon he started to hug and kiss Edwin too. Their tongues touched. Joey touched Edwin's back with one hand and started to unbutton Edwin's shirt with the other hand. Edwin released Joey and took off his clothes himself and then took off Joey's.

"Do you know how much I've missed you?" whispered Edwin.

"I know..." whispered Joey.

Edwin pushed Joey down on the sofa and kissed his lips again...

Johnny stood outside the window and looked at Joey and Edwin inside. They both were naked. They kissed, caressed, and whispered to each other.

That was what Joey would do with him. Johnny also liked to take off all his clothes and kiss and whisper with Joey. Then Joey would use his iron stick to penetrate his love hole. Johnny saw that Joey did the same thing with Edwin too. That meant... Joey liked Edwin too? Joey told him that it would feel very good to do all these things with a beloved one.

It was nothing. Johnny likes Joey too. Joey also said that he and Edwin are very good friends. However... Johnny still felt something strange. He couldn't quite understand what was in his mind.

It seemed to be a very depressed, angry, and weird feeling. Why?

Johnny left the window quietly and sat down on the stairs in front of the door. He held his own knees with his arms. He thought of the view he had just seen. He thought of the nightmares he had recently experienced. It was all too much. He felt like he was about to break down. He really didn't know what was happening to him. He buried his head into his knees, trying to clarify everything in his mind.

"Kiddie should be home now," said Joey while putting on his pants. "It's a bit too late. Where can he be now?"

Edwin put on his shirt and pants too. "Wanna go out to find him?"


Joey took his car keys and opened the front door. He stepped out the door and found that Johnny was sitting on the stairs, with his head buried in his knees. He went to Johnny and sat beside him at once.

"Kiddie? What happened? Are you okay?"

Johnny raised his head and looked at Joey. He didn't say anything. After a few seconds, Johnny stood up and walked into the house, leaving stunned Joey and Edwin alone.


Edwin looked at Joey with suspicious eyes.

Joey shook his head, then he said slowly, "Did he see us...?"

"Go in and see what happened." Edwin patted Joey's shoulder.

Joey nodded and went into the house. He went to their bedroom, but Johnny was not there.

Joey thought for a while, and opened the door to the basement. He went downstairs to the shooting range he'd installed. Johnny was standing there, wearing a pair of soundproof earmuffs and a small handgun was in his hand. He started to shoot.


Johnny reloaded the handgun very quickly, and shot again.


Joey stood in the entrance and covered his ears with his hands. He decided to let Johnny vent his emotions with his shooting. Johnny kept shooting.

After shooting more than sixty bullets, Johnny stopped. Joey walked to Johnny and took the gun from his hand. He took off the earmuffs from Johnny's ears.

"What happened, Kiddie?"

Johnny just stood there quietly and looked at the shooting target. He didn't answer Joey.

"Tell me, Kiddie. What happened?"

Johnny shook his head, and ran upstairs all of a sudden.

"Kiddie!" Joey shouted.

Johnny didn't stop. He opened the front door, ran out and slammed it behind him.

Joey didn't run after Johnny. He just stood there and looked at the shooting target. The center of the target was almost gone.

Lambriz walked into the bar. The bartender raised his head.

"What can I get you, sir?"

"XYZ, with ice."

The bartender glimpsed at Lambriz, then he nodded. It was a signal. If someone came to order a cup of XYZ with ice, that meant he wanted to see the man. He had seen all kinds of people coming, but Lambriz's type was a bit beyond his expectation. A bit too evil, he thought. He didn't think that the man would accept Lambriz's commission.

He continued his work. After a minute he handed Lambriz a wineglass.

"The door is beside the restroom. Go downstairs and he's in the second room, left side," the bartender said, lowering his voice.

Lambriz nodded and left the bartender. He found the door and opened it. He went in and the door closed by itself.

He walked downstairs. In front of him was a long hallway. Doors were on both sides. He found the room he wanted and knocked on the door.

"Come in," a man's voice said.

Lambriz opened the door. The room was quite small; only a small table and two chairs. A man was sitting on one of the chairs.

"Good place," said Lambriz. He sat down across from the man.

"Tell me what you want directly. I don't like to speak in a roundabout way."

Lambriz took two photos out of his pocket. He put the photos on the table and pushed them to the man. "These two."

The man didn't take the photos, he just looked at them. His eyebrows raised up.

"They're in the town of Milton," said Lambriz.

"What do you mean by giving me such a small boy as my target?"

"Don't underestimate that boy."

"Kill both?"

"Sure. Do it or not?"

"Did you bring the amount of money I want?"

Lambriz took an envelope from his pocket and put it on the table.

"I'll pay you thirty percent first. The other part will be paid after you're done."

The man laughed out loud.

"Okay! Thirty percent. How can I notify you after I'm done?"

"I'll know it once you're done. And I'll come here to pay the remaining seventy percent."

"Deal. But..." the man said. "Don't forget to pay the debt. I'll be able to find you no matter where you are."

"I won't," Lambriz sneered. He stood up and left the small room.

After Lambriz left the room, the man took the photos from the table and pondered. He thought for a while, then he put everything from the table into his pocket and left the room. He ran upstairs.

-- To be continued.

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