The Captive Boy II

By Johnny Kape ©2011

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This story is a sequel of my story "The Captive Boy", so it is also a work of my early imagination and is pure fiction. It contains some sexual scenes between an adult and a minor, but not many. If you feel offended by such materials, please leave now.

Special thanks to Matthew Templar, who edited this story for me. We knew each other when I published the first episode of "The Captive Boy". After that he helped me proofread all my stories. Thanks, Matt.

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-- Johnny Kape

He looked at those jailers around him. They all were naked, and were smiling evily. He was naked too, lying on the bed. His hands were handcuffed on the bed corners.

He didn't know why they would strip him. Well, the reason was not important. After all, he had no choice. He just looked at these people desperately.

One of the jailers said, "Son, you're still a virgin, right? Enjoy it!"

He didn't understand what "virgin" meant. He didn't know what would happen either. He just knew that no matter what would happen to him, he had no way to resist. He had no choices. He could only accept that. He looked at the black body of the man who was getting close and climbed on the bed. The man raised both his legs.

He felt the weight of the man's body on him. The wounds caused by being flogged started to hurt again. Then something was pushing against his bottom. After a few seconds, he felt a very strong pain from his ass, as if his body was torn in half from his ass. He screamed very hard.


The man was moving his body. Every time the man moved, the pain got stronger and stronger. He screamed and screamed. His legs kicked hard in the air. However, that didn't help. The man was still moving. He could feel that something was going in and out of his bottom hole. Each move made him hurt. Each move ripped his body from bottom to top. He kept screaming.

"Kiddie! Kiddie! Wake up!" Joey shook Johnny and tried to make him awaken from his bad dream. However Johnny still kept screaming and kicking. Joey was almost kicked off the bed.

Joey spent tremendous efforts to hold Johnny down on the bed. "Wake up! Kiddie!"

Johnny woke from his nightmare finally. He was covered with sweat. There were tears in his eyes. He lay there weakly.

"Are you okay?" asked Joey. "Another nightmare?"

Johnny could still feel the pain in the dream. His heart was still jumping crazily. After a minute he felt calmer. He looked at Joey's concerned face.

"What's up?" Joey wiped the tears from Johnny's eyes. He caressed Johnny's head and cheeks. "That's just a dream, okay? Don't be afraid."

Johnny looked at Joey and said weakly, "No... It's not a dream. It's real. Joey... am I going crazy?"

"No, you little fool. You just can't find relief from the extremely painful experiences in the past. But you're safe now. Nobody will hurt you anymore. Okay?" Joey tried to comfort him.

Johnny didn't talk. He thought of that night. Almost all the jailers raped him that night. After they left him, he could hardly move. He could only lie there, feel the pain all over his body, especially from his bottom, and feel the flow of semen on his face and body.

Johnny closed his eyes. Tears ran out of his eyes again. Joey looked at his Kiddie very worriedly.

The Captive Boy II - Chapter 6

Johnny walked through the door of the hotel with Joey silently. They walked to the elevator.

"Fifth floor. Thank you." Joey give a bill to the serving boy. The boy pushed a button and the door of the elevator opened. Joey and Johnny walked into the elevator, and the boy pushed the button marked as "5". He bowed and left the elevator. The door closed.

It seemed to take a century to arrive at the fifth floor. Joey and Johnny walked out of the elevator. There were three men waiting there.

"We'd like to meet Mr. Kape and Mr. O'tsin," said Joey.

One of the three men nodded. He said, "Please raise your hands. We need to do a simple body search."

Joey and Johnny raised their hands. Another two men quickly searched their bodies and nodded.

The first man said, "Follow me, please."

Joey and Johnny followed the first man. After walking to the room, he knocked on the door.

"Mr. Kape, your visitors."

"Please come in," a voice said.

It was Jack's voice! Suddenly Johnny felt very nervous and yet so excited at the same time. The man opened the door.


Joey and Johnny walked in. The door closed behind them. Jack was standing there. Apparently he had waited there for a long time. Johnny couldn't control himself anymore. His tears ran out of his eyes, and he ran to Jack and hugged him tightly.

Jack hugged Johnny tightly too. He could feel that Johnny was sobbing. He patted Johnny's back and said, "Why cry? We meet each other again, right?"

Johnny didn't answer. He just hugged Jack tightly and sobbed into Jack's chest. Jack caressed Johnny's back. After a long time, Johnny raised his head and looked at Jack with tearful eyes.

"I missed you so much."

Jack released Johnny and wiped the tears from the boy's face.

"Me too. Look at yourself! You've become so tall and strong! Joey has really taken good care at you!"

Johnny nodded and hugged Jack again.

"Has Kiddie arrived?" Another bright and clear voice was heard behind Jack. Johnny released Jack and saw Zarkway was smiling at him. He ran to Zarkway. However, when he wanted to hug Zarkway, he stopped in surprise.

He saw that Zarkway's left forearm was gone. Only the arm above his elbow was left.

"Zark, you..."

Zarkway smiled. "It's nothing. I just lost a hand. Will you refuse to hug me because my hand is missing?"

Johnny laughed out and hugged Zarkway tightly. "I missed you so much."

"Hey, Kiddie, you're almost taller than me." Zarkway also hugged Johnny tightly. After hugging for a while, Zarkway released Johnny and said, "Do you want to come in to see our room?"

Johnny nodded. Zarkway took Johnny into the inner living room. Jack turned around and shook hands with Joey. "Please come in. The room's so big that we're really not used to it."

Joey smiled and nodded. He followed Jack to the inner living room and sat on the sofa. Zarkway and Johnny were not in the living room. However he could hear Johnny exclaiming.

"Wow, the bed's so big."

"Too big for me," said Zarkway.

"It must be great to sleep on it."

"Ha, it's just a bed. Kiddie, do you remember the time when we camped in the jungle? You really liked to use my belly as your pillow and sleep on it."

Johnny laughed out. "You were all so huge to me at that time. It was really comfortable to sleep on your belly."

"Yeah. Now you're almost taller than me. You must have grown ten inches in the past year."

Joey smiled listening to Zarkway and Johnny's conversation. Then he restored his serious face and said in a lower voice, "Recently, Kiddie's mental status has not been good. It's been several days since I've seen him laugh and look so happy."

"How come?"

"He started to have nightmares again. A few days ago, he screamed a lot during the dream, and his legs kicked very hard. It took a lot of effort to make him calm down."

"Do you know why?"

"Not really. He hasn't talked to me much recently. He would sometimes even do the opposite of what I told him or asked of him. Maybe, since he started school recently he was bullied by some older boys. And..." Joey scratched his head, then, embarrassed, said, "Maybe he saw that I was ... doing something with my old lover."

"Old lover?"

"Yeah. My lover before I joined the military. Now he's Kiddie's teacher. I really didn't expect that I would see him there."

Jack smiled. "So Kiddie is jealous, huh?"

"Maybe. After that, he started to do the opposite of what I'd ask, " said Joey. "But I don't think that these things would make him have nightmares. The painful experiences he had should be the cause."

Jack sighed. "Kiddie's experiences seemed to much more painful than I expected..."

"Yeah. What I'm worried about is that Kiddie would trap himself in his nightmares. I tried so many ways in the past year, hoping to make him adapt the life here, but still in vain. He still doesn't trust anyone except me. Well, sometimes I feel that he doesn't even fully trust me. His teacher told me that he was bullied in school, but Johnny didn't even say a word about this to me."

Johnny ran out of the room and sat beside Jack. At that moment, Johnny reverted back to the naive Kiddie. "Your room's so big."

Zarkway walked out of the room and sat on the sofa too. "Do you like it? Wanna stay here for a night?"

"I'd like to," said Johnny. "But why do you have guards with guns outside?"

"Oh, you know they have guns with them, huh?" said Zarkway with a smile.

Johnny nodded. "Of course. They're full of gun's smell."

Everyone laughed out. "You're still good at it, aren't you?" Zarkway patted Johnny on his head.

"So..." Johnny looked at Joey with wishful eyes. "Can we stay here for a night?"

Joey smiled and nodded. "I'll check in another room later. You can stay here with Jack and Zark tonight. However we need to leave here tomorrow early morning, right?"

Johnny pouted. "Really?"

Jack nodded. "That's why we have guards with guns outside. We have our missions here. Tomorrow morning we'll need to go somewhere to meet some people. Maybe we can go to your house before going back to Leer. Let's call for dinner first. We can also ask them to check on a room for Joey."

The dinner was great. Joey couldn't believe what he saw. It was as if Johnny became a totally different boy, so active and talkative. When they were at home, Johnny would talk and laugh when he had a good mood. However it was the first time Kiddie became so active. Joey didn't talk much during dinner. He just smiled and watched the others chatting.

When the dinner was about to end, their topic changed to the purpose that Jack and Zarkway came to the United States.

"Jack, tell me. You said that you have missions this time. What's your mission?" asked Johnny.

"Oh," Jack drank some wine, and then he answered. "Do you remember Lambriz, the commander of the former Leer government army?"

Listening to Lambriz's name, Johnny's laughter vanished. He closed his eyes. This name... how could he forget?

"Kiddie? Are you okay?" asked Jack, worried when saw Johnny's reaction.

Johnny opened his eyes. He felt cold sweats on his forehead. However he still nodded.

Jack touched Johnny's forehead, still worried. "You became so pale just listening to his name. You even had cold sweats. Maybe we should stop talking about this."

"No. I want to hear about your mission."

"Really? Are you really okay?"

Johnny nodded.

"Okay, then I'll go on," said Jack, still very worried.

Johnny nodded again.

"After we conquered the capital City of Leer, Lambriz ran away. We didn't capture him. However rumors said that he went to the United States and hired a killer to get revenge."

"Hired a killer to get revenge?" asked Joey. "I know that he came here to buy weapons. But I thought that he just wanted to go back to Leer to start another military coup."

Johnny looked at Joey. "You know?"

Joey smiled. "I went to Washington D.C. because of it. When we talked about your immigration and getting an identity for you, one of the conditions I promised was that we needed to solve the following possible troubles ourselves. The government won't help us. That's why I was called to D.C., and that's also why Jack and Zarkway needed to come here."

Jack nodded. "Of course, Lambriz came here to buy weapons for another coup. However, he wasn't reconciled to being defeated at all. He can't have a foothold in Leer now, so he decided to aim his revenge at the old guerrillas outside Leer first."

"Old guerrillas outside Leer..." murmured Joey.

"Yes, that's Kiddie, and you, Joey," said Jack. "He knew that you attacked the Linbus Jail and rescued Kiddie and brought Kiddie to the United States. So he decided to kill you two first, then go back to Leer for a military coup.

"The President, " Jack saw Johnny's questioning eyes and gave him an additional remark. "Yeah, Colonel. I've told you that we elected Colonel as our new President in the letter I wrote to you, on your new birthday, remember? He told me that he isn't worried, and he doesn't think that Lambriz can do anything harmful inside Leer. However he worries about Kiddie's safety very much."

Johnny looked at Joey, then he lowered his head.

"We once considered taking Kiddie back to Leer... for better protection. At least Lambriz couldn't easily attack Kiddie inside Leer. But I rejected this proposal. One of the main reasons is that we just started to rebuild our country. We can't provide Kiddie the appropriate education he needs. Besides... I don't want to take you away from Joey." Jack smiled and patted Johnny's head.

Joey felt himself blush. Johnny still lowered his head and didn't talk.

-- To be continued.

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