The Captive Boy II

By Johnny Kape ©2011

Before this chapter:

This story is a sequel of my story "The Captive Boy", so it is also a work of my early imagination and is pure fiction. It contains some sexual scenes between an adult and a minor, but not many. If you feel offended by such materials, please leave now.

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-- Johnny Kape

"Are you tired?" Joey asked, because he saw that Johnny was yawning. "You can sleep if you want. We still need to drive for two more hours to home. You must have chatted very late with Jack last night, right?"

Johnny shook his head. "No, not very late, but I couldn't sleep at all. Can I ask you a question?"

Joey nodded. "Just ask."

"You said that in order to get an identity for me to immigrate to the United States, one of the conditions was that we needed to solve the following possible troubles ourselves," said Johnny. "What are the other conditions?"

"So you really noticed that, didn't you?" smiled Joey.

Johnny didn't reply. He just watched Joey.

"As for the other conditions, they wanted me to keep training you, including shooting, unarmed combat and many other skills. They thought that one day your talents and skills would be useful to them. That's why I installed a shooting range in the basement, and why I taught you so many skills. But," Joey stopped for a while and continued, "Though I keep training you, I will never send you back into war to work for the United States government."


"Never," said Joey firmly. "If I sent you back into that war, it would be totally meaningless to bring you here."

"What will we do then, when the government wants me to work for them?"

Joey grinned. "I don't know yet. Maybe we can flee to somewhere else. How about to Leer?"

Johnny laughed. "Sure, how about taking Mr. Grey with us?"

Joey looked at Johnny's smile in surprise. After a few seconds, Joey held the steering wheel with his left hand and hooked Johnny's neck with his right arm, as if they were wrestling. "Good boy, are you laughing at me?"

Johnny nestled into Joey's chest and giggled. Joey felt very happy and relieved, because he knew that Johnny would no longer mind those things between Edwin and he. He kissed Johnny's forehead heavily and released Johnny.

The Captive Boy II - Chapter 8

Johnny was sitting in the corner, watching other boys playing basketball on the court. He kept thinking about everything that had happened in the past two days. Seeing Jack and Zarkway again made him so excited that he cried; however knowing that Jack's purpose of coming to visit them was about Lambriz, made him fall into his nightmare again.

So terrible a memory... so painful feeling being burned...

'Memories are just memories. They're not the present. You're not in the hell now, not knowing when you can escape from it... '

Johnny kept thinking about Jack's words.

Memories... painful memories... they are just memories.

Johnny felt that a door in his mind was opened.

'Time flows. We can't always stay in the past. You will grow up. One day you will not be the Kiddie playing and nestling in our chests anymore...'

"Hey, look who's here!"

A voice interrupted Johnny's thoughts. He raised his head and saw that George and his three minions came in front of him again. He still didn't even know the names of the other three boys. He didn't want to know either. He didn't want to see the four boys at all. He didn't know why he was restrained so hard, as if he lost his mind, when they bullied him.

"We haven't seen you for two days. Where have you hidden, freak?"

Johnny still sat there and watched the four boys quietly.

A black boy came to Johnny and pulled him to stand up. Then he slapped Johnny. "George is asking you. Do you hide so that you wouldn't need to see us again?"

Johnny didn't answer. He just lowered his head and kept silent.

"We've told you to bring money. Where's the money?" George said as he pushed Johnny.

Johnny still stood there with his poker face.

George said impatiently, "Search his pockets."

The other two boys grabbed Johnny, and the third one started to search Johnny's pockets.

"Nothing there."

"Nothing?" George sneered. "So you really want to resist against us, don't you? I should teach you a lesson for this."

George punched Johnny in his stomach. Johnny bent his body over and held his belly. His hair was soon grabbed.

Johnny closed his eyes and got ready to receive more punches. However he heard a voice yelling.

"Don't... don't hit him anymore!"

It was Kevin's voice! Johnny opened his eye in unbelief. He saw Kevin standing in front of them. Kevin looked scared, but looked at everyone bravely.

"Well, well, well. Look who's here." George laughed. He stepped toward Kevin. Kevin stepped back in fear. Then George looked back at Johnny. "When do you need such a small potato to help you, freak?"

Johnny didn't answer. George went back to Kevin and pushed him. "So you want to replace him for receiving my fist, huh?"

Kevin looked at George in fear. He started to tremble.

"Okay, let me satisfy you first."

George held his fist up and prepared to punch Kevin.

Quickly Johnny found that he was shouting.

"Don't touch him!"

George stopped his action, turned his head and looked at Johnny.

"Who's speaking? You?"

Johnny felt a bit surprised too. He still felt restrained, but he didn't want Kevin to be punched because of him.

"What are you saying, freak? Can you please repeat that?" George said while putting his hands around his ears in ridicule.

Johnny became silent again.

"Well, since you have nothing to say, I'll go on."

George turned back to Kevin and held up his fist again. Kevin raised his hands to protect his head.

"Don't... touch... him!" Johnny shouted again.

George looked at Johnny and laughed hard. "Hey, look, this freak can talk and he is ordering us!"

The other boys laughed. George pushed Kevin hard, and Kevin fell back several steps. Then George stood in front of Johnny.

"So I touched him. What do you say?" George said provocatively.

George hadn't even finished his words yet when he saw Johnny's eyes changed. At the moment he had broke away from the other boy's control, held up his left fist and hit George's stomach very hard.

George opened his eyes wide in surprise. His body became weak and he knelt down on the ground. Johnny's right fist soon hit George's nose.

George fell down. His nose started to bleed. Johnny felt that he not only broke away from those boys' control, but also got rid of the restrained feeling. He felt that the active Johnny that he had been before being captured came back to his body. He turned around and looked at other boys with piercing eyes. Then he walked to the black boy.

The black boy stood still there, as if there was a magic spell cast on him, making him freeze. When Johnny stood in front of him, he woke up and started to escape. However Johnny reached his foot to trip the black boy, and soon he used his knees to sit on the boy's chest. His right thumb and forefinger then pushed into the black boy's neck.

The black boy grabbed Johnny's hand and started to struggle, trying to push Johnny's hand away. However, Johnny's fingers were like a pincer. He didn't release his fingers.

"Umm... uh..."

The black boy couldn't make sounds. His feet kicked. Johnny didn't move at all. The black boy reminded him of those soldiers and jailers in Linbus Jail. He pushed even harder, to give out his pent-up emotions accumulated in the past three years.

"Stop!" a voice shouted.

Johnny seemed not to hear this. He kept pinching the boy's neck.

"Johnny Kape! Stop!"

Johnny raised his head and looked at the source of the voice. It was Headmistress Katie. Johnny finally released his hands. The black boy started to cough hard.

Katie looked at Johnny with serious eyes. Johnny put on his poker face again and looked at Katie too.

They both looked at each other for a while. Suddenly Katie sighed deeply.

"Now I know what Joey meant," Katie said thoughtfully as she looked at Johnny. Then she turned around and shouted to the dumbfounded boys, "What are you still doing here? Take them to the medical room!"

The other two boys helped George and the black boy up in a hurry and left.

"Johnny, come with me," said Mrs. Katie.

Kevin ran to Mrs. Katie and said hurriedly, "Mrs. Katie, Johnny hit them because of me..."

"Stop, Kevin," Mrs. Katie told Kevin. "You come with me too."

-- To be continued.

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