The Captive Boy II

By Johnny Kape ©2011

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This story is a sequel of my story "The Captive Boy", so it is also a work of my early imagination and is pure fiction. It contains some sexual scenes between an adult and a minor, but not many. If you feel offended by such materials, please leave now.

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"Mr. Grey, why did you punish Johnny with suspension?"

Kevin grabbed Mr. Grey's clothes and asked anxiously.


"He fought with them because he saw George was going to hit me..." the boy interrupted.

"Kevin! Calm down!"

Kevin stopped. He stared at his teacher with his green eyes.

"Listen to me, Kevin." Mr. Grey put his hands on Kevin's shoulders. "I didn't punish Johnny with suspension only because he fought with them."

"What else?"

Mr. Grey thought for a while. Then he said, "I can't tell you too much, because it's related to Johnny's past. However, did you notice that Johnny almost killed York?"

Kevin lowered his head. After a while, he nodded.

"I don't blame him for this. He survived by himself for a very long time, so in his mind he has learned different standards for many things than we have. Therefore, I have to let him know that, he can't do that here. Do you understand?"

Kevin didn't answer Mr. Grey. He just looked at him silently.

Mr. Grey patted Kevin's shoulder. "Before Johnny left, he wanted me to say thank you to you for him. He appreciated you very much for stopping George for him."

Kevin raised his head in surprise. Mr. Grey nodded and smiled at him.

The Captive Boy II - Chapter 9

The sun was still under the horizon. The temperature was a bit low in the early morning. Johnny followed Joey and ran uphill slowly. It was very quiet; they could only hear the sounds of their steps and breathes.

All of a sudden, Johnny had a strange feeling. He slowed down and turned around.

Nothing special.

Johnny still felt that someone was following them. He looked for a while and turned back. Joey was a bit farther ahead, so Johnny started to speed up to chase Joey.

Joey turned his head back and looked at Johnny with concerned eyes. Johnny nodded to him. They kept running uphill slowly, until they were near their favorite hill. Then they slowed down and started to walk.

They walked to the hill and sat down under the tree, as usual. Joey took the bottle from his pack and drank some water. Then he passed the bottle to Johnny. Johnny drank some water too and Joey put the bottle back into his pack. Then Joey hugged Johnny and let him lean against his own body.

"Feel cold?" asked Joey quietly.

Johnny shook his head. He leaned his head against Joey's chest. Joey wiped the sweat on Johnny's forehead, then he kissed Johnny.

They didn't talk, just watched far away quietly. The sun was about to rise up. The temperature was getting warmer. Joey took off his and Johnny's jacket, then he hugged Johnny again and kissed Johnny deeply. Johnny hugged Joey too. They touched each other's tongue, explored each other's mouth.

After kissing for a long time, Joey released Johnny and asked with a smile, "Do you remember the first time I kissed you?"

Johnny nodded. "Yes," he whispered.

It was not very long after Johnny was rescued by Joey. They both were in the sentry box on Joey's base. It was the first time Johnny unarmed his own mind and opened it to Joey.

"You were so thin and small back then..." whispered Joey. "Now you have really grown up."

Johnny looked at Joey's smile and thought of his helplessness at that time, then he thought of the present. Just a few days before, he finally broke away from the confined feeling when being bullied by the four big boys and attacked back. Though he was suspended due to fighting with them, he felt that the heavy repression was gone. The little Kiddie who was active in the war had come back to his body.

Joey seemed to have realized Johnny's changes. He hugged Johnny and said, "You know? I feel that you are different these days."

Johnny didn't answer. He just leaned his head against Joey.

"After you resisted those boys, you became a lot more relaxed and sanguine. Do you still have bad dreams these days?"

"Actually, yes, those terrible things in the past still appeared in my dreams, intermittently. However, it is no longer so terrible and painful..."

Johnny stopped for a while and then continued.

"At first I didn't understand why those painful experiences kept bothering me in my dreams. I could even feel the pain... I also didn't understand why I was confined so seriously each time those boys bullied me.

"At that night, Jack told me that memories are just memories. He hoped that I would not trap myself into those bad memories. Then, when I saw Kevin standing up to resist George for me, suddenly I realized what Jack meant."

Joey looked at Johnny with a smile.

"Yeah, you finally realized that. That's my biggest hope in this year. I hope that you can get rid of those bad experiences in your past. Now I'm so happy because an all new Kiddie is born."

Johnny looked at Joey, and suddenly he hugged Joey tightly.

"Thank you, Joey," whispered Johnny, then he kissed Joey's lips.

Joey was a bit surprised. In their intimate touches, Joey was always the active one. So Joey felt very happy when he saw Johnny's action. Soon he started to kiss Johnny deeply too.

After kissing for a while, Joey pulled Johnny to lie down under the tree.

"We haven't had sex here for a long time," whispered Joey. "Now nobody is here. Do you want it?"

Johnny thought of his feelings just then. He looked around and made sure that nobody was there. He nodded.

Joey put his hands under Johnny's sport shirt and touched Johnny's body. After a while he started to take it off. Soon Johnny became shirtless.

Joey took off his own sport shirt too. Then he started to kiss Johnny's bare chest and his deformed nipples. He kissed Johnny's scars all over his body. Then he rubbed Johnny's body with his own cheek.

"I really like your smells after you've been exercising and sweating," said Joey.

"Me too," Johnny answered quietly, with a shy smile.

Joey smiled too. He got above Johnny and touched Johnny's body with his own. He kissed Johnny deeply again, and started to take off Johnny's pants with his hands and feet.

Then he released Johnny's lips and started to caress and kiss Johnny's nude body. The sun was out and made the temperature around them become very comfortable. Johnny lay there happily. The sunlight, dirt and grass kissed his nude body; plus, with Joey's tender caresses, Johnny felt that it was the best feeling he ever had, even though it was not their first time to make love there. He closed his eyes to enjoy the wonderful moment.

Joey spent quite some time kissing Johnny's hard penis. He pushed down Johnny's foreskin and started to lick Johnny's penis head. Johnny's body trembled uncontrollably. A familiar exciting feeling was all over his body. Though familiar, Johnny felt that the feeling was the best one he ever had, and he could concentrate more on the pleasant sensations Joey brought to him. Joey kept rubbing and licking Johnny's penis. Johnny started to moan.

"Oh... Hmm... Yes..."

The excitement was building stronger and stronger. However, Joey stopped his actions and started to take off his own pants. He touched Johnny's erect penis with his own. Joey's stopping made Johnny feel unfulfilled. He got up and pushed Joey down, then he started to kiss Joey's body.

Joey lay there happily, letting Johnny kiss all over his body. Johnny kissed Joey's strong chest. He smelled Joey's smell. Then he kissed Joey's thick iron stick and licked its head.

Though Joey had had sex with Johnny many times, he had always been the active one. So Joey felt very happy to see Johnny's change. He felt that he had never had such great sex with Johnny. Johnny's warm tongue licked his dick and stimulated him more and more.

Joey couldn't control himself anymore. He got up and pushed Johnny down to the ground and lifted Johnny's legs. Johnny stimulated him so much that he felt himself about to explode. He could no longer fondle Johnny slowly to make Johnny relaxed. He pushed his dick, which was already extended to the limit, against Johnny's small hole. Johnny smiled. He seemed to have been waiting for that moment for a long time.

"Kiddie, I can't wait anymore. I want to enter your body, or I will explode."

Johnny smiled and nodded. Joey started to penetrate him.

Maybe because Joey didn't lubricate his penis and Johnny wasn't relaxed enough either, Joey's penetration made Johnny hurt; such hurt made Johnny think of the dark days before. However, Johnny knew that it was totally different. He gritted his teeth to endure it. Just as he expected, soon the hurt feeling vanished and was replaced by a pleasant excitement. Joey sped up in a short time. He kept penetrating and hitting Johnny's bottom. He embraced Johnny tightly and kept kissing him. Johnny moaned, letting the familiar but even better feelings flood all over his body.

"Oh... oh... Joey... I... I've never felt that... so wonderful..."

Joey just kept penetrating the young boy crazily. Johnny's moans stimulated him even more. Finally, a wonderful feeling came over him. He started to shoot his seed into Johnny's body.

Joey finally pulled out his dick and put Johnny's legs down to the ground. He lay down beside Johnny and gasped.

After gasping for a while, Joey saw that Johnny's dick was still standing there. He rubbed it. Johnny smiled.

"This time it was ever more wonderful than before," whispered Johnny.

"For me too," said Joey with a smile.

They embraced and kissed each other. Then Joey said, "we should get up and put our clothes on. There will be people passing by here soon."

Johnny smiled and nodded. They got up and started to put on their clothes.

They had just put all their clothes on when they heard a sound.

"You really don't mind being watched by others, do you, Joey?"

Joey and Johnny were startled. They looked around and saw a man standing in front of them, smiling. Joey's mouth opened.


-- To be continued.

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