The Cave Dwellers

****Warning, this story contains many subjects that may be arousing to certain people, read at your own risk. It contains gay sex and erotica between men and boys, and boys and boys, it contains diaper fetish, and almost everything in between. If this is not the sort of story that you are interested in reading, then please feel free to close this story. If however this sounds good to you, then please feel free to read on, and I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. This story is set in the future, how far into it, who really knows. As always, I would love to hear from you, hear what your thoughts were on my story, but also, no flames please, they are promptly deleted, not that I have ever had any before. Also, if you wish to read the rest of my stories, and do not already have a membership to my site, you are welcome to join and share your stories as well, if they are appropriate to my site of course. You may join at Hope to see you there. Now enough with the part that no one really ever reads, and onto the story, and once again, enjoy.****

'Stupid!' Jonas muttered to himself for probably the millionth time since he left the house, or was kicked out, depending on how you looked at it. 'Stupid, stupid, stupid. How could I have been so stupid to have been caught fucking myself with a dildo through a soggy, soaking wet diaper? Stupid, stupid, stupid.' He muttered to himself even more. It was not the first time he had asked himself that question.

Jonas was a really nice looking fourteen year old boy who was not what he thought was normal. Sure he looked it to everyone that saw him, in fact most would say that he was above average in almost every way. He was bright and cheerful, he received excellent grades in school, was moderately popular in his small school, had a small close knit group of friends, he was also pretty strong and fit. He has auburn colored hair that is medium length, light brown eyes that always have the look of sadness in them, but that was for a good reason as well, he was still nearly hairless everywhere except one tiny little patch above his growing boy penis, and two even smaller patches in his nice relatively smooth arm pits. He was not at all bothered by the fact that he was late in maturing, his dad had said that he was the same and the doctor said that it was no problem. He also did not really mind that anyways, because he wanted to shave them all off anyways. He did have a fairly above average sized dick though for his size and development stage. It was about two and a half inches soft, decent girth, but reached about five and a half inches long when he was hard, which was most often, as was the case with almost every boy his age of course.

One month ago Jonas' life went from barely concealed misery to full blown misery. For all that Jonas had going for him, there were things that no one else on earth knew about him, or at least people that did not anonymously know him on the internet. Jonas was gay, as gay as they came he figured, yet he knew without a shadow of a doubt that his parents would not understand, nor would they condone such behavior, they had said as much in the past. Not only that though, he was also a diaper lover. This had brought so much shame on him that he had not known how to deal with it for the longest time, well both being gay and a diaper lover. The introduction to the internet though had made him realize that he was not alone, nor was he as freaky as he thought he was. That was when he was six that he was really introduced to the internet, and he had known it all from before that time. He knew he was different by the time he was five. He had been a bed wetter his entire life, but in all reality had probably truly stopped wetting when he was nine, but his parents did not need to know that, because he loved his diapers.

Everything came to a head almost exactly a month ago to the day that Jonas' story really starts. His parents had gone out, and were supposedly going out for the night, but they had other plans. They didn't trust their son, they thought he was hiding things from them, so they gave him an hour to get comfortable with the fact that they were gone, and then came back. Pretty much as soon as his parents had left the house, Jonas put on one of his night diapers and wet it heavily with the pee that he had been painfully holding for the last couple hours. Now nice and wet and warm, Jonas got down to searching the internet for a while, looking for more pictures of other boys, either nude or in diapers. Jonas got himself nice and horny, lightly stroking his erection through the front of his diaper, so horny in fact that he decided that he wanted to stroke his prostate again, something he enjoyed considerably. He grabbed his lube and dildo from their hiding places, got onto his bed, poked a hole in the seat of his diaper, and then proceeded to fuck himself nice and slow, while stroking his dick through the front of his diaper.

He was working himself up nice and slow, just the way he liked it, he was always so slow and loving with himself when he did this, not fast and furious, so that it would take a while. He never heard his parents arrive, nor did he hear them creep up to his room, he didn't even see or hear them open the door to his room and see what he was doing. He damn near had a heart attack when his dad and mom both started yelling at the same time.

“What the fuck are you doing? Are you some sort of fagot fairy or something?” His dad screamed at him.

“Oh my god, he must be, he's fucking himself in the ass with a huge dildo, that's so sick.” His mother screeched back.

“And through one of your diapers. You're a sick sick boy.”

Poor Jonas was so scared, his parents were furious, they were yelling, and he started crying.

“Oh look, the little sissy baby is crying. Well no son of mine is going to act like you are. Get up and get dressed, we're taking you somewhere to get you fixed.” His mother yelled at him.

Well Jonas may have been scared and all that, but there was no way that he was going to go anywhere where his parents could get him fixed.

“There's nothing wrong with me, I don't need to be fixed. I'm gay, I always have been.” Jonas yelled back through his crying.

“You're coming with us right this moment, or you can leave the house. We can't stand to see you anymore like this, we're giving you twenty minutes to get your things packed, we leave in twenty five minutes.”

And with that, they left the room. Jonas knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was not going anywhere with them, so used the time he was given wisely. He tore off his useless diaper and threw on the clothes that he had been wearing, grabbed his backpack and dumped its contents out and then proceeded to pack all his clothes and a few diapers into it to get him through. He grabbed all the money he had, and then threw the dildo and lube into the pack as a last minute addition, and then threw open his window and ran for it. His parents weren't even mad when they came back and found him gone, in fact, it almost seemed that they were happy with it. They had never really liked their son anyways, he was always too different, they felt that he was gay, but had not known for sure.

So, for the last month since Jonas ran, he'd been hiking and hitching to wherever he could get. He went north and into the mountains, mostly because he didn't want to be near anyone with his weirdness. Almost all his money was used up within the first two weeks to feed himself, but then he detoured into the woods and started eating from the land. It was lucky that it was late summer and the fruits and berries were in full bloom, or he would have starved to death. He was also extremely lucky to have not been eaten by anything so far. He had been camping out at night and moving on during the day. He had no clue where he was going or what he was doing, but he knew he was going to his death, because that was what he was searching for in a way, even though he had not actually admitted it to himself.

'Hmm, that's weird, I wonder what that's doing here?' Jonas asked himself a few minutes later after his last proclamation.

What he had seen was a sheer cliff face with a small cave, but he could see inside, due to the sun shining in there at just the right angle, and what he saw was a door in there. Curious enough to go in and investigate, figuring that he might have found himself somewhere to stay for a while, Jonas entered the cave and walked the ten feet to the door. It was a pretty large steel door, looked like something you might see on a bank vault, but it didn't seem to be fully closed and locked, so he pulled it open. It opened with ease, which should have warned him that it was probably used recently, and a lot. He pulled the door back closed the way it was behind himself, and then turned around to see himself in a brightly lit anti chamber sort of room, and then that's when the shit hit the fan.

All of a sudden, pretty much as soon as Jonas took a step into the room, alarms started going off, a loud siren blaring, and a voice warning telling him that he had entered a secure location without permission, and would be terminated. He pissed and shit his pants from fear, and then passed out. The last month had just been too much for him, and with this new shock, his mind just shut down.

The secret location that Jonas had stumbled upon was in fact inhabited, but by only one person. His name is Conner, he is in his eighties, but looked no more than thirty. He is a very fit man, short brown hair and brown eyes. He had been in that secret location for years, had not even talked to a real live person, other than on the computer for quite some time, or when he had to go into town for supplies, but even then any talking was minimal. He was a cross between a hermit and a recluse, a very famous scientist, but shy as can be, and hated by most people. He apparently had not closed the outer door after his last trek outside, or no one would have been able to get inside without him being warned that someone was there, because the only way to gain entrance was to ask for it, or to enter all the proper information. Once inside you again had to do that, or the alarms all went off, and that's all Conner heard.

He ran from the room he had been in when he heard the alarms, grabbing his gun as he went, and sprinted to the main entrance. When he arrived, he found a young boy laying there in his own filth, having passed out, but he was curled up and still shaking like a leaf on a windy day. Conner deactivated the alarm, because it was giving him a headache, closed the door, and then went to where the boy was laying.

He did a very quick exam and found that the boys heart was still racing far faster than what was normal, he was freezing cold but sweating profusely, and he looked very pale. Ignoring the fact that the boy was both wet and messy, Conner picked him up and carried him to the exam room. Once there, Conner first got the boy from his wet and messy clothes, got him cleaned up, and then put a diaper on him for good measure, because he had no idea when the boy would wake up, so he would need to stay diapered for his bathroom needs for the time being.

After the boy was all ready, Conner did a more thorough examination of the boy, just to be sure that everything else was good. He did put an IV in to get the boy some nutrients and something to calm him down, because he was still very shaky and looked to be a little malnourished. Other than those two things, Conner felt that the boy was in pretty good shape otherwise.

For the next few weeks Conner took care of the boy, because he had still not waken up. He did seem to be getting better though. Day by day his color came back more, he looked and sounded more healthy, but his mind was still in the process of healing. Conner had heard the boy dreaming a lot, and from that he managed to learn a lot about the boy. Eventually though the boy did wake up, but it was almost a month to the day that he did so. At first he was confused and disoriented when he woke up. He found himself alone in a hospital looking room. It took more than a few minutes for him to remember what had happened to bring him to where he was, but he did, and then wondered who would have brought him to a hospital. It was at about this time that he realized that he was wearing a very thick diaper and that it was very wet and a little messy as well. He was reaching down to squeeze it when someone walked in and scared him.

“Oh hi, you are finally awake. I was hoping that you would wake up soon.”

“Hi, but why and where am I?”

“Why would I be hoping that you would wake up soon, is that what you are asking?”

“Yes.” Jonas whispered.

“Because you have been sleeping for a month, a coma of sorts.”


“Yes, and that is far too long. As for where are you, do you not remember?”

“Well I know that I was high in the Rocky Mountains somewhere I think and stumbled upon a cave with a door, and then that's it.”

“And you are still here as well. We are deep inside a mountain. I have a full medical facility here that rivals nearly any hospital that you could hope to visit. Granted you are the very first person that this hospital has probably ever seen.”


“Well, you see, this is an ex government fallout shelter of sorts. It was built way back during the cold war for high level Canadian officials, but was never actually used. Everyone who even knew anything about the place was sworn to secrecy, and next to no one even knows where it actually is. I bought it from the government about fifty years ago now, because they had deemed it unnecessary, I did a whole bunch of upgrades to the place, and now I live here. I am a scientist and do all my research and development here.”

“Oh. How come you live here alone?”

“Because I do not like a lot of people around me, they make me nervous, and most certainly do not want me near them, or their children.”

“Oh, well if you're in a secret location, you're nervous around other people, and you develop all sorts of things, how is it that you get your stuff out to others then?” Jonas asked curiously.

“I have a truck that I use to take my stuff down to a courier a little ways from here and send it to the company that does all my stuff for me.”

“Oh, I see. I'm sorry, but who are you anyways?”

“I am Dr. Cumming, Dr, Conner Cumming, and you are?”

“No way, THE Dr. Cumming, that's awesome. I have bought some of your stuff, it's the best in the world.”

“Yes, afraid so.”

“But I thought you were in your eighties!”

“I am.”

“But you look the same age as my dad, and he was thirty five.”

“Yes, but I am a scientist, and I have made a few things that no one else knows about. So, what is your name then?”

“Oh sorry. It's Jonas.”

“Nice to meet you Jonas, do you have a last name?”

“None that I ever care to use or hear again.”

“I can understand that. From hearing some of your dreams, you have had a rough time with your parents.”

“I talked during my dreams? I've never done that before.”

“Yes, you talked a lot. That is one of the reasons why I now know that you certainly do not mind that you are wearing diapers, but that is okay, as you can see, so am I.” Conner grinned.

Jonas actually looked down and found that the doctor was in fact only wearing a diaper. He had not even looked before, so was shocked a little to see it.

“Oh, you had not noticed. I hope it does not bother you.”

“Oh no, it's awesome. I never thought that I'd meet someone else like me. I know you're gay of course, you've made so much stuff dedicated solely to gay people, it's amazing. The lube you developed is awesome and I even have one of the dildos that you made.”

“Yes, I am gay and have dedicated my life to helping gay people out. How though were you able to go and buy one of my dildos and lube if your parents had no idea until you were caught?”

“The internet is a great thing. All I had to do was get a prepaid credit card, you don't need much for that, and then I ordered it online. My parents are never home during the day, so it was easy. So, you made something that keeps you young, how does it work?”

“Yes I did, however I am not going to tell you that right now, simply because almost no one even knows it exists and I do not want them to either until I know it works.”

“And you don't really trust me yet. That's okay, I understand. I trust you though, because if you've had me here for a month and not done bad things to me, then you must be nice, not to mention I love your stuff.”

“You are pretty perceptive and smart. It is true that I do not entirely trust you yet, but then again I hardly trust anyone.”

“Thanks. How come you don't trust anyone?”

“Years of having people abuse you and take advantage of you does that. I have lived here nearly fifty years with next to no human contact, and to tell you the truth, I have preferred it, but I have been missing people as well.”

“Maybe I could stay here with you!” Jonas said softly, hopefully.

“I do not know if that is a good idea or not Jonas. You are pretty young, and I do not exactly have a good track record.”

“I know all about the accusations that were made against you, and then right after that you disappeared, but your products still came out. It's okay if you like or even love young boys, I'm a young boy, and I'd love to have someone just like you to teach me all there is to know and to love me like I know you would.”

“They were not accusations, they were charges.”

“True, but the boy absolutely refused to be examined or to say a word about you, but the police still tried to pin you for raping the boy anyways. They didn't have anything on you, so had to let you go. I read up all about it, and the boy has now grown up and has said many times how you two loved each other and that you never did anything to him at all, that it was he that had done everything. No one in the gay community cares at all, they think it's great, and that's the reason that your products sell so well, well that and they're the best.”

“Yeah, he was a great kid, and an even better adult. He is one of the few people that I still keep in contact with, but even he has never been told where I am.”

“How come though?”

“Because others know that he still has contact with me, and we both decided that he should not know where I am to be safe.”

“Oh, that makes sense.”

“Yeah. We did not make contact again until he was considerably older, and he was the one who found me, his life had already moved on, and he now has a wonderful partner, so he is happy.”

“That's good. So how is it that you were able to buy this place and all that when you were obviously not a very popular person for a while?”

“Because I had contacts in the government that owed me more than a few favors, and let us just say that I have sold things to people that they do not want others to know about. It was a very high official that sold me this place, and told me where to find it. I paid a few million dollars for it, added another five or so to make it mine, and that is about it.”

“I'd ask, but I have a feeling that you wouldn't tell me that either.” Jonas grinned.

“No, you are correct, I would not tell you, even if I did trust you, because I gave my word to never breath a word of any of it to anyone, and I always keep my word.”

“Then I will never ask again. May I at least ask what sort of things that they bought?”

“I do not think that there would be any harm in that. I sold everything from dildos to sex slings, S&M equipment, special chairs, diapers, and all sorts of other things. I probably sold it all.”

“Wow, that's cool. The diapers you made for the gay diaper lovers are the best there are, but they don't really fit me all that well, they're too big, because you don't make them for teens, but I think you should.”

“Yeah, I have been hearing that for a while now, so am thinking about having them added to the list, basically they will now start right where the baby diapers leave off. Lots of people buy them, not just gays, but that is who they were originally designed for, for fetish use, but they really are the best, I love them.”

“That's cool, I wish that I could have tried them out.”

“You can. I made a few cases of these diapers in your size here, because mine are too large for you. At first I had you just in mine, because I had nothing else, but they did not fit that great, and you had a tendency to leak. Speaking of which, do you need a change, I was coming in to check on you, because it has been a few hours since your last one, and you can usually only go for about five at most before you do, you pee a lot?”

“Actually, yes I do need a change.”

“Okay, give me a few minutes.”

Conner went about getting Jonas all changed, taking only a few minutes to do so. At first Jonas got a bit of a blush on his cheeks, but that disappeared quickly when he realized that the doctor had seen it all a few times already, but he did blush more when he started to get hard.

“Do not worry about the boner, you got them nearly every diaper change, and you often had quite intense wet dreams. I must say that for such a young boy who has not yet fully developed, you spray a pretty impressive load. Your diapers were always quite sticky afterwards.” Conner grinned.

“Oh, thanks.” Jonas blushed even more.

“No problem. No need to be embarrassed here. I know everything about what you are going through, both before you left home and after. I had a rough childhood, even worse than yours, so I know all about it.”

“Thanks. So, can I stay here with you? I don't want to be around others too much either, I have nowhere else to go, have no more friends that would take me in I'm betting, and I really like you.” Jonas asked softly.

“Well, we can think about it. For at least the next couple weeks you will not be fit to go anywhere anyways, because you have to start getting up and getting your muscles used to walking again, so we can think it over during that time. I have tried to keep your muscles going, but there is only so much I can do while you are completely and totally inactive.”

“Thanks for trying at least, it'll probably make it easier on me in the long run, and thanks for at least doing it, because I doubt even my own parents would have.”

“No, from the sounds of your dreams, they probably would not have for sure.”

“Can I ask you another question?”

“You just did.” Conner grinned.


“By asking to ask a question, you did in fact ask a question, so therefore asking to ask a question means that you have already asked the question that you were hoping to ask in the first place.”

“Oh.” Jonas grinned.

“Yeah, I love doing that to people, you will have to forgive me, but go ahead and ask away.”

“Well, the stuff that makes you look younger, would it work on me as well?”

“I do not actually know. I am the only one to have taken it, but from all my research and from my own test results, it should stop the aging process completely at whichever stage you are currently at, however even that is an uncertainty.”

“Cool. Does it let you live longer as well?”

“Um, well that is an uncertain as well. So far I would have to say that yes it does, as all my research shows that it should, but as for how long, I do not know. The tests are wildly varying, but the average seems to be at least an extra fifty years, depending on your health at the time you take it.”

“So, if I wanted to stay a fourteen year old for the rest of my life, it could do that?”

“Impossible to say. I never ran tests to speculate what it would do to children, because I never felt that a child would or should take it.”

“But what if let's say I wanted to take it, how could we find out what it would do to me?”

“Well, I can run computer simulations, run tests with it on your DNA, and things like that, but even with myself, some of the information I found is not correct. All my original tests said that I should still age, just at a much slower rate, but so far I have not seen that, maybe a year or two at most, but nothing like I had expected I might have, especially after forty five years. If my tests are correct, it will take me over a hundred and fifty years to reach the true age of eighty five, which is what I figured would be my life expectancy. However, I am reaching that age now in years, and I still feel as strong as I did when I took the stuff, so there really is no telling. I could still just up and die one day, who knows.”

“Would you do that for me please, I'd like to stay this age?”

“But why, why would you want to stay a teenager for what could amount to a life time?”

“Let's just say I have my reasons to not want to grow up too fast.” Jonas smirked.

“Well, I do have your blood already, I can run the tests to see what it says, but there is still no telling what it would do to you once you took it, it could just kill you outright.”

“It would be a risk I would be willing to take.”

“I do not know if it would be responsible of me to do that though, to risk a child's life like that.”

“Sure it would be, I would give you any permission you would ever need. Go ahead and do the tests, and we can talk that over later.” Jonas said confidently.

“You sure are confident or cocky, I am not so sure which.”

“Probably a little of both. I trust you and I like you, so I would do anything for you.” Jonas smiled brightly, the first time he had actually done so for a while.

“Thanks. So, seeing as how you are going to be staying here for at least a little while, would you like for me to show you around?”

“Sure. I don't think I could walk though, do you have something like a wheelchair that I could use?”

“Sure do. I will have to push you, but I want for you to try and use your arms to roll yourself a little as well, to get them used to it again. Your muscles are still pretty good, but they will not be perfect anymore.”


Conner got Jonas situated in a wheelchair that he grabbed right away, and then took him from the hospital room. Outside the door they found a wide hallway that led in both directions quite a ways. Off that hall were others, and all down the hall on both sides were many doors, all with numbers or names on them.

“Wow, how big is this place?” Jonas asked after they were walking for a few minutes.

“Couple hundred thousand square feet on the main living level. This place was designed to hold as many as two hundred people, and is almost completely self contained.”

“Wow. How many levels are there then?”

“Just two. This level, and then one below us that is almost as large, but it holds all the facilities to run this place. There is even a backup nuclear power system in case the main power system fails for some reason. All the water storage and treatment is down there, garbage treatment and recycling systems are down there, an automated laundry system, a full hydrogen manufacturing and storage system, and then lots of storage as well.”

“Really, that's pretty cool. What's the main power system then if there's a nuclear backup system?”

“That is actually where we are heading first, to one of the most spectacular views in the known world, but next to no one knows about it.” Conner smiled.

Jonas almost asked the doctor what the hell he was talking about, but figured that he would find out soon enough. Almost ten minutes later they came to a large sealed steel door, similar to the one that Jonas had opened a month ago to change his life. Conner put his hand on a pad and it scanned it, and then he put in a twelve digit number and the door opened. What they heard and saw when the door opened was a massive cavern with a waterfall at the end of it. The sound was nearly deafening to Jonas at first, but he quickly got used to it.

“Wow, is this a waterfall, I've never seen one like this before?”

“Sure is. You see those two things on either side of the cavern that appear to be going out and into the waterfall?”

“Yeah, this is so cool.”

“Well, those are two specially designed turbines that provide all the power to our little home. They create power, and then the hydrogen manufacturing system creates hydrogen from all that power for us to use, and then we convert the hydrogen back to electricity for the operations of this place. That is also how we fuel the truck. If we go up close, we will be able to see out, but be warned, it will be cold and we will get wet. I have no problem with it, so the choice is yours.”

“Wow, that's so cool, sure, I'd love to!” Jonas said excitedly, so Conner pushed them up closer.

“Wow, this is so cool, it's so beautiful, but man, are we ever high up.”

“It is, but that is because this is one of the highest waterfalls in the entire province, and we can probably see a hundred kilometers or more from here. Not much out there, is there?”

“No, it's wicked, just what I wanted when I took off.”

“That's good. Are you hoping to die any more?”

“No, not any more. I didn't really want to die, but there was nothing to really live for either, so I just kept on going to see if fate could help me out, I think it did.” Jonas smiled warmly.

“Maybe it did. We are getting all wet, so we better head back in now.”


From there Conner took them to his next favorite place, the gardens.

“Wow, look at this place, it's awesome. How can you have such beautiful gardens like this inside a mountain though?”

“Easy really, we have all the power we need and these huge sun lamps that provide all the natural light that the plants need. I also have bees in here to pollinate everything, as well they provide me honey to eat. In here I have virtually every type of food that we can grow, as well as a lot of flowers just to look at. It is the nicest garden I have ever seen.”

“Me too, and it's so big too.”

“Yeah, but again it was designed to be able to grow enough food for up to two hundred people. I will take you next door now where the animals would have been kept for feed, but I only keep cows for milk, chickens for eggs, and horses to ride. I get all my meat in town, I do not like to kill animals.”

“Cool.” Jonas said happily, and that was where they headed next.

Conner showed Jonas the animal area, and it was about as large as the garden area was, but it was mostly just grass. The rest of the animal feed was grown next door as well.

“So, what else is there in here then?”

“Well, the next place we are going to go is to the main pool, I think that you will like it.”

“Cool, I love to swim.”

“Good, you will be able to do a lot of that here then.”

It took them a few minutes to get there, but when they entered, Jonas found that it was not your normal pool, but a natural stone pool. There was however a hot tub that was carved into the rock as well. From the hot tub though was a tiny little stream that was flowing into the pool, which would keep it nice and warm.

“Wow, look at this please, it's awesome. You have the same sun lights in here, so it feels just like we're outside.”

“Actually, that was the way it was built. I added a bunch of stuff, but I did not touch in here. My major addition was the power system you saw. I hate nuclear power, so I will not use it unless there is an emergency and we have to. I cannot take it out though, so it has to stay. I also made changes to a few rooms, made myself an incredible lab, and a few other minor changes.” Conner smiled.

“That's pretty cool. So how's the hot tub heated then, because it looks as if it's heating the pool?”

“It is, and the hot tub is heated by a combination of geo thermal energy and electricity. There is a hot spring nearby that has a coiled pipe running to it that collects the heat. It was not very efficient when I got here, so that was one of the other upgrades I made and increased what it could do by a hundred and fifty percent, so now we do not use as much electricity to heat the place. As you can tell from the way I am dressed, I like to keep it warm in here.”

“That's awesome. So, if this is a fallout shelter, then I'd assume that it would be safe from all sorts of things!”

“That is right. It was designed to protect people against nuclear attacks, but it was built in such a way that even a massive earth quake would not affect this place much at all. It should also withstand most explosions from almost any sort of device, but nowadays I doubt we would have to worry about any of that, except maybe an earth quake.”

“So, what else is there here then?”

“Well, there is a theatre, a few lounges and games rooms, a sauna, which is through that door, a workout room, which is through that door there, and the bathrooms are in between. That is pretty much it for the fun stuff. There is a massive kitchen and dining hall, and then all the bedrooms, and that is about all there is to this place.”

“Wow, that's really awesome. Can I see your lab next?”

“Sure, why not, but make sure to not touch anything.”

“Okay, I promise.”

They headed out to the lab next, it was another five minute walk from where they had been. When they walked in, it was the largest room so far that they had seen, and Jonas had thought that a few of the others were huge.

“Wow, it's huge, but why so large!”

“You see all the doors around us? Well, if you look carefully, you would see that they were all doors that at one time would have led to bedrooms. I tore them all down, I do not need that many bedrooms here, and made myself the lab I always wanted. In here I can do virtually anything that I can conceive of, I am set up for it all.”

“Neat. So what are you working on right now?”

“A few things actually. Over here I've got a new diaper gelling agent that I think will absorb even better yet and retain so much more than the stuff I already use, as well as it is one hundred percent biodegradable. Over here I am working on a new synthetic leather type material that will be harder wearing and more comfortable than the current stuff on the market for the sex wear gear, and over here, my current pride and joy, a special suppository for gay sex. It is almost completely tested and it should be awesome.” Conner said excitedly.

“Neat. I know that the diapers you make are already almost totally biodegradable, which every other diaper company in the world is trying to copy but can't, because they can't figure out how you made it. I'd love to field test some of the new leather for you, but what's with the suppository?”

“I thought you would never ask. It is very special, designed solely for gay sex. Its main function is to cause your body to bring forth all the natural lube you need, but it also dilates your hole for you to make things more comfortable, causes a warming and a tingling sensation just for pleasure, and is also a germicide all in one. The germicide is almost one hundred percent guaranteed to stop all known sexually transmitted diseases, although protection is still recommended. The germicide is just one of those extra precautionary things I like to add, for just in case.”

“No way, that sounds so awesome. Can I try it out?”

“Well, like I said, it is almost completely tested, but still has not had human testing done yet, and I am always the first to try things out. The computer still has a day or so of calculations to run on it before I will even test it on myself. Once I have tested it and deem it okay, then yes you may. I of course have a wide assortment of different toys that you may use.”

“That would be so cool. How long do you test it on yourself then, and how do you do it?”

“Well, I usually test for at least a week, and then I send it out for further testing. I trust if you have bought my products before, that you have been to my website right? Well, did you look around at all the items available?”

“Yes and yes, I've blown more than a few loads looking at all the cool things your website has to offer.”

“Yeah, so I have been told by others. Not my fault my company insists on using only the hottest models to demonstrate the usage of everything. I wonder though, how the hell did you get past the age blockers, because you should not have been able to gain access to the site?” Conner asked suddenly, realizing that Jonas should not have even been able to see his website.

“I'm really good with computers first of all, but the age blocker only works if your parents didn't totally block out the controls and you went in and changed your birth date.” Jonas grinned.

“Yes, that would probably do it. Your parents were not the brightest then when it came to computers, were they?”

“No, I had the only computer in the house in my room, they said they got enough of them at work and didn't need them at home as well. They never even checked in my computer, but truth be told, I doubt they could have gotten past all my encryption anyways.”

“Maybe you can help me out with a few things then, if you are that good with hacking.”

“I'd love to help out, and I love to do it, I was the absolute best hacker at school and can program almost anything.”


“So what else have you been working on, maybe something that was released in the past couple months that I won't have seen yet?”

“Actually, nothing much, just a couple new dildos were released, but do you not want the answer to your other question first?”

“Yeah, lost track there for a minute.” Jonas grinned.

“It happens. So anyways, if you have seen my site, then you will know that I carry a special chair, well that is how I test most of my goods.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about the chair. I so dreamed of buying one of those, but like how would you hide that from your parents.” Jonas grinned again.

“Yeah, that would be tricky, especially considering it is quite large and you cannot possibly hide the motors in it, or the shackle points either for that matter.” Conner said.

They were referring to a chair that the doctor had designed a number of years ago, it had controls and motors in it, you could strap yourself in it entirely, and then when you placed a dildo on the holder and attached it firmly, when you sat down and turned it on, it could do things to you that were impossible to imagine. Every gay in the world wanted one, but they were really expensive.

“Yeah. Not to mention, how would I have paid for it. Three thousand dollars is just a little more than my allowance, even over two years. Do you think I could try it out?”

“Well, I do not think you need to try mine out, but I do have a spare here that we could put in your bedroom, along with an assortment of toys to go along with it.” Conner smiled brightly, he knew the boy was completely and totally gay, so there was no harm in it.

“That would be so awesome.”

“I think for now that that is enough for the tour. It is past lunch time now, so let say we go and get ourselves some food, some real food for you for the first time in a while?”

“That sounds really good, I'm starving.”

“You should have said something earlier, we could have gone to get you something to eat at any time.”

“I just never thought of it, I was too excited by everything that you've shown me.”

“I suppose that that is true, and I probably should have thought of it as well. Well, let us go and get some food then.”

They headed off to the kitchen and Conner got them some good filling lunch prepared and brought it to the table in the kitchen, to where Jonas was sitting and waiting. Jonas did not too bad with feeding himself, but it was difficult at times, and he did make a bit of a mess, because his arms were not used to doing what he wanted them to do any more. He did not get frustrated though, he just kept on trying and trying until he got it right. Conner just let him do it on his own, figuring that if he needed help, he would ask. Conner had pretty much had to insert a feeding tube in order to feed Jonas over the past month though, so his stomach was not going to handle much at first, and before too long, Jonas was full.

They both went for a much needed diaper change after lunch, and then went and sat down in one of the lounges and got to know each other more. Over the course of the next few days, they worked together to get Jonas back up and walking. It was long and hard work for Jonas, but he never once complained, he just kept working at it.

Chapter 2

“I'm so glad I can finally walk on my own again, and I almost feel back to normal.” Jonas told Conner five days later as they were sitting down to lunch.

“Yeah, I bet. So how are you feeling otherwise?”

“I feel great. I feel so free here with you, with someone who knows and understands me, who actually likes me. I know you still don't completely trust me, but you have your reasons for that, I understand, but can I stay living here with you?”

“You are once again correct, I still do not fully trust you, yet I trust you far more than I have anyone for many many years. Yes, you may stay living here with me.” Conner smiled warmly.

“Thank you. Have you checked the age stuff to see if I can take it, I want to take it before I age too much more, I don't want to mature much more than I am right now?”

“Yes, I have, and the results should be ready today. I checked yesterday and they only had ten percent left to go. I still have to ask if that is what you really and truly want though, because once you take it, I do not believe there would be a way to reverse the changes, because it makes permanent changes to your actual DNA.”

“Wicked, and yes, it's what I really and truly want, I never want to grow older than I am now, and I'll never change my mind.”

“Okay. Let us head to the lab now and check out the results. Remember though, it may not be what you are expecting, and even those results compared to what does happen may be different as well.”

“I know, and I'm willing to risk it.”


They headed to the lab and found that the results were in from the tests the doctor had run, and they appeared to state that Jonas would stay his age for life, which could be upwards of two hundred years.. They were both happy with that, so against his better judgment, Conner prepared the serum and injected it into Jonas. Within a few minutes, Jonas was really tired, so laid down, this was to be expected, he would probably sleep for the next few days or so as the changes were made, and he did.

Five days later Jonas awoke, and Conner was right there. The first thing that Conner did was do a full examination on Jonas once again, drew some blood and put it in his machine to test, and then proceeded to test a few of his functions.

“Well Jonas, it looks like it was a success, so now time will tell what will happen I guess. Everything looks to be perfectly normal, you are still as healthy as you were, and I see nothing of any concern whatsoever.”

“Awesome. I feel great. Something does feel different though.”

“What is it?” Conner asked worriedly.

“I don't know, everything seems brighter, almost like I can see better, but it's not just that, it's like everything is clearer, thinking wise.”

“Oh, that is different. I never felt anything like that on myself, and I saw nothing in the test results that would explain that. I have your brain scans from when you arrived and from when you woke up. Let me take another scan and then compare them.”


Conner took the five minutes that the scan took to get a good image, and then put them all into the computer to analyze. That took almost ten minutes for it to do, but when it spat out its results, Conner was astounded.

“Well, this is unexpected.”

“What, what is it?” Jonas asked, sounding worried. He really did not want to die.

“Well, it looks as if your brain function was increased by about twenty percent. That puts you upwards to where mine would be at, so maybe that was one of the side effects that I had no idea about, but would not have noticed if it only increases it up to a certain amount.”

“So, does that mean I'm smarter now than I was?”

“If I had to place a well educated guess, I would say that that is exactly what it did.” Conner smiled.

“That's awesome. Being smarter never hurt anyone.” Jonas smiled brightly.

“No, I do not suppose that it has. While you were asleep, the suppository that I told you about finished, and it passed everything with a hundred percent, which I might add, nothing ever has before. I tested it out last night, and it works incredible.”

“That's great, can I try it as well then, please?”

“Sure, why not. I took the liberty to get everything into a room for you to use, so I will show you there now.” Conner smiled, and then went to grab one of them.

“You know what, why don't we put our chairs side by side and enjoy them together. We can each put them in front of a computer, or even better yet, in the theatre and watch a hot porn and enjoy the chairs.”

“I do not think that that is such a good idea.”

“Why not. You've seen me naked and hard, I've seen you naked and hard, we both like each other, and eventually I want you in me and not just a dildo.”

“That is just it, we cannot do that, that is why we cannot do what you suggested.” Conner said sadly.

“You're afraid that what happened the last time will happen again, I know that, but you have nothing to fear. No one will ever find me here, for all anyone knows, I'm dead, and that's the way it'll stay too. No one could possibly get in here from what you tell me, so no one needs to know, right.”

“Yes, I am afraid, but not afraid for me, I am afraid to lose another boy I love, okay.” Conner said, starting to cry now.

“I know, but we'll be fine. I love you too, and that's the reason I took the age stuff, so that I could always stay young, just for you.”

“Y-y-y-you did it for m-m-m-m-me?”

“Yes. I know you're a boy lover, and well, I'm a boy, the same age as the boy was you were almost caught with, and I want a man, not another boy. This way we can both always have what we want the most, and no one will ever know.”

“You really did it all for me?”

“Yes. Now, we're not going to have sex yet, because I know that you're not ready for that yet, but we can sit side by side and enjoy together, and no more saying no, it's what we're going to do.” Jonas said, laying down the law.

“Okay.” Conner sighed, but happily so.

They went and got the items that they might want or need and headed to the theatre to have some good clean dirty fun. Conner brought up the list of all the pornos in the directory, and they picked one out. It was called Twinks Gone Wild, so it was going to be a fun one with good young boys in it, or as young as were allowed anyways. They each grabbed the dildo that they wanted, and applied it to the chair.

“So, once we put the suppositories in, how long does it take for them to be useful?” Jonas asked curiously.

“About five minutes or so. Do you want one of my erection and orgasm enhancers as well to really give it a good long go?”

“Hell yeah, I saw those on the site and was going to buy some, but you know the reason I never got a chance. Do they really work as well as the site said they do?” Jonas asked as he was slipping one of the suppositories up his ass, Conner was doing the same, they left their diapers on.

“Better, to tell you the truth, but people are leery of things that sound too good to be true, so we did not really say just how good they worked, we let people find that out on their own. One customer said that he and his boyfriend passed out after having sex for six hours, having never once lost their erections, as well as having multiple strong orgasms. So far we have not had one complaint.” Conner grinned, and handed over another suppository to Jonas, who slipped it in as well.

They just sat there and watched the beginning of the hour and a half long fuck session on the huge screen, both of them hard and horny, until they felt the effects of the two items starting to really take effect on them.

“Oh, I like that. The tingling and warming sensation is incredible. I can even feel my hole relaxing some, it's almost like I could take a fist if I wanted to, of which one day I will take by the way.”

“Yes, it will relax your hole enough to do even that with practice. Now that you can feel the warming and tingling, those are the markers that tell you when you are ready, then you are ready to have some fun. The erection and orgasm enhancer takes a little longer to fully activate, about fifteen minutes, so take it nice and slow.”

“Cool. I always take it slow anyways, much more enjoyable that way.”

“Are you sure that you will be able to take that dildo inside you, it is pretty big?”

“It's the same model I had, in fact it should still be in my pack, wherever that ended up.”

“Actually, it is probably still in the first chamber, I forgot all about it.” Conner said as he was poking a hole in the seat of his diaper to impale himself.

“No big deal, I think I can just use what you have here anyways.” Jonas said, doing the same thing at the same time.

They both sat down upon their toys at the same time, both sighing as they went, and then they both turned their machines on as well. They both chose a long slow motion, to really enhance the feelings. They both chose the vibrate option for the same reason, and then just sat back, held on to the arms of their chairs, watched the movie, and enjoyed.

“Oh man, this is so much better than I imagined it would be. I can feel my orgasm building, and I know it's going to be huge. I love this stuff, all of it.” Jonas sighed about fifteen minutes later.

“Just do not touch yourself and try to hold on as long as you possibly can. I am going to lower the front of my diaper though to see how far I shoot. My record so far is seven feet.”

“That sounds wicked, I'll do the same thing.” Jonas grinned, and then did so.

Half an hour later the feelings were becoming too much for Jonas, he had been holding back for more than ten minutes now, his balls were beyond the point of aching, his dick looked like it was going to explode it looked so angry and red, and he could not even see the screen any more. Finally with a scream that would have made a banshee flee, he came. Jonas came so hard that it burned his dick head as it ejected with the force and speed of a bullet, twelve strong shots like that erupted, each one no less painful and intense than the last one. Then he slumped down, but he never turned off the chair.

Seeing and hearing all this from Jonas set Conner off big time as well. He too yelled out, just not nearly so loud, he too ejected a good load, just not so harshly, he was more used to it after all, and then he too slumped down, and also did not turn off his chair. It was a good five minutes before either of them was able to say anything at all, and it was Jonas that recovered first.

“Oh my god, never in my entire life have I ever imagined anything like that, that was incredible, beyond incredible.” Jonas gasped out.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Combining those two drugs and the chair together does make for some good times, that is for certain.” Conner sighed out.

“Look at that, I think I shot further than you did. Do you have a measuring tape handy?”

“No, but I can give a damn close estimate.” Conner said, and then stood up on shaky legs, extracting himself from his chair. He paced it out with his feet, got the measurement, and then turned and smiled.

“Well, I think I beat my own personal record at seven and a half feet, but you beat me at a little over eight, that is impressive.”

“Wow, how cool is that!”

“Very.” Conner said, and then sat right back down on the toy that was still moving up and down and all over the place.

“Speed it up another two or three notches, turn off the vibrator, but this time try and hold on for even longer still.” Conner grinned.

“I don't think I could hold on any longer than I had. By the time I came I was in so much pain I couldn't even see straight any more, but man was it awesome.”

“Hmm, maybe you held on long enough then.” Conner chuckled.

Jonas did the other things that were recommended though and sat back to continue enjoying the show and the ride. It took almost another hour for them to both cum again, the movie had to be changed to another one already, and this time Jonas did hold on for just a few glorious seconds longer. This time he did not scream, but that was because he passed out as soon as his first shot escaped, passing his first shot from the first cum by at least three inches.

“Holy shit, powerful little fucker.” Conner chuckled when he realized what had happened, because he had cum at the same time.

Conner let his orgasm fade away, and then on very shaky legs got up and turned off both chairs, picked Jonas up, and took him to his bedroom to diaper him and let him sleep. Even in his sleep his erection was still going strong, but it would wear off in his sleep within about ten minutes, one of the features he made sure to add in to the product. Jonas woke up two hours later, more sexually satisfied than he had ever been in his entire life. He checked the computer to see where Conner was, and saw that he was in the lab, so headed there.

“Ah, you finally woke up did you?”

“Yeah, I feel great, how about you?”

“I feel almost as tired as you were to tell you the truth, but I could not fall asleep, so I came here instead.”

“That's too bad. So what're you workin on then?”

“The gelling material for the diapers. I think I almost have it. I just came up with a new addition to the formula that makes it more absorbent, but it's trying to break down too soon, which we don't want. I want a minimum of twenty four hours before it starts breaking down to degrade, but it is trying after only four hours, which is useless for us diaper lovers.”

“Oh, yeah that would be bad. Would you mind if I took a look at it?”

“Sure, another set of eyes might just see what I have been missing for the last hour.”

“Thanks.” Jonas said, and then looked at the formula and the computer simulations. He looked at it all for almost half an hour with neither of them saying anything. Conner was looking as well to see what he was missing.

“Hmm, it doesn't look like anything to do with the formula, everything I see says that it should in theory work perfectly. Could it be something with the program that's not seeing it properly?”

“No clue, never thought to look there to see if there was anything wrong with how the program was set up.” Conner shrugged, and then set the computer for the controls for the testing.

“Yep, there it is. It didn't take into account the newest changes for some reason.” Jonas said after ten minutes of searching.

“I'll be damned. I have been looking at this thing for that long and I just forgot to add the changes into the computer to test against.”

“Sometimes it's just the simple things that stump us.” Jonas smiled.

“Thanks. I think I like having your help in the lab. You also seem to be able to read these diagrams and plans quite easily. Did you like science in school?”

“Math and science were my favorite subjects, and I even got a hundred and five percent on my final report card for last year in math, and ninety nine for science. I love them both.”

“Very good, so you are already good in the two major subjects that would help you in my area.”

“Yeah, I suppose I was.”

“Why not try and get the computer to actually make some of this gelling material, make some new diapers, and test them out and see how they work?”

“Okay, can I design a new diaper to go with it?”

“Sure. What were you thinking?”

“Well, most of the diapers are for diaper lovers and teen and adult babies right?”


“Okay, so what if we made them in a more babyish design for those who would like them like that. The ones you make already are pretty damn close, but they still have two tapes and are still shaped more like the adult diapers are, instead of the baby ones.”

“The two tapes was simply because one tape will not hold them on and hold up to the weight strains that a full adult peeing in them will create. The shape is also designed more for an adult to fit them properly.”

“Okay, so what if we recreated the tapes to be stronger, and just trimmed down some of the areas to look more babyish, yet still fit the average adult properly. I think we could do it.”

“Okay, why not take on that project yourself, it sounds like you have some good ideas. I will let you work on that one while I work on something else.”

“Really, you'd let me do that?” Jonas asked excitedly.

“Sure, why not. With the two of us working, we could do a lot. It seems that you are pretty good at this and have some damn good ideas.”

“Thanks. We'll have to bring in another computer or two for me to work on, but where can I set up?”

“Just use that station over there, I am not using it anyways, and it should have everything that you will need. Now, I was not satisfied with my last design on how the gel was held in there, so see if you can figure out any better ways of making it stay so that it does not all fall down into the seat.”

“Okay, that was the only thing I didn't like about them too, but all diapers seem to have the same problem.”

“Yeah, they do, and that is why I would like to see if we can change it.”

“I'll see what I can come up with.” Jonas smiled, and then headed over to his new work station to get started.

Conner headed over to the station that he was working at to perfect the age solution, while Jonas headed to his and got started. First he took the designs for the previous diaper, grabbed the designs for a few different baby diapers, and pulled up the measurements for the average adult male. Once he had all that ready to go, he got started on drawing up how the diaper would look and fit first of all, so that it looked babyish, but would still fit an adult properly. After about an hour he was satisfied with how it looked. He next started working on the tapes. He thought long and hard, did lots of research, and finally came up with a design that was similar to a baby diaper in that it had Velcro to attach it. The problem though was that most diaper lovers preferred their diapers to be nice soft plastic, and that was how he designed the diapers, but felt to put a fabric like patch across the front tape areas would not hurt, and then maybe he could put babyish designs on that. Another half an hour later and he was satisfied with the designs. He had the computer do a test fit on a few thousand different adult male models that it had in the computer, and the test results came back with a ninety five percent perfect fit on all. No other diaper could claim that they fit that well, or held that well, so he kept that design. Next he spent an hour and a half working out how to hold the gel material inside the diaper so that it would not move. He also wanted a material that would wick the moisture away from the skin as quickly as possible. Conner already had the perfect stuff for that, what his current diapers used, so Jonas reused that design. After thinking it out and doing even more research, he wondered if there was a soft flexible material that he could adhere somehow to the wicking material and make pockets that held the gelling material. It would have to expand a lot, because the gelling material did, and it would have to be biodegradable like the gelling material and the outer covers were. He found nothing like what he was looking for, so decided to make it. After another hour of work, he had a perfect working computer model of how the diaper would work.

“I think I have it.” Jonas cheered once he was finished and the computer spit out the test results.

Conner was startled out of the work that he was doing, not used to hearing any sort of noise while he was concentrating. In fact it was a good thing that he was wearing a diaper, because it startled him so much that he peed himself. He shook off the shock though and went over to see what Jonas was cheering about.

“What have you got?”

“I think I did it. Take a look at these results. They have ninety five percent fit across the board, hundred percent for the hold rating at maximum capacity, the gelling material is held in place perfectly at all times. I think it's perfect.” Jonas said happily.

“No shit. This looks awesome. You did in a few hours what I have been trying to do for years.” Conner said in shock.

“Thanks. But in all honesty, I've been thinking about the perfect diaper for years as well, and had it pretty well designed in my head already anyways.” Jonas grinned.

“Nice. Okay, send it to the computer and have it manufacture a few each for us to test. I just hope we have enough materials for all this.”

“I already checked, and it's already sent, we have enough to make a dozen each, but I'm only making six. Do you have more stuff on order?”

“Yeah, it is being air dropped in a few days.” Conner said as he was still looking at the designs.

“Really, you have stuff air dropped to here as well?”

“Yeah, some of my contacts in the military are of great help when it comes to that. No one is told what they are carrying or who is getting it. They are just given coordinates to drop at, and they drop it. There will be at least twelve crates.”


“Yeah, it is. I only do that about once a year, so as not to wear out my welcome.”

“Good idea. I trust those contacts get nice toys as well!”

“Oh yeah. My main guy just got a new chair and table for his games room that his wife knows nothing about. I understand poker night at his house is a hell of an experience.”

“Wicked. So how long will the computer take to make our diapers for us anyways?”

“Varies with how advanced the design is and what all the machines have to change in order to do what we ask of them.”

“Oh, okay. So the manufacture system must have been expensive to buy, only a few companies even have them, and even they only use them for a few small things because they are too slow.”

“Mostly they are for design and development firms to design things like we do, but yes, they are too slow for actual manufacturing of things. It was actually pretty cheap, because I got it from a company I put out of business. I did not like them, they were trying to hustle everyone, and I do not agree with that, so I decided to make the same product that they had, I made it better, hell I made it work, and I sold it for half the price. They did not last even a year. I bought all that they had in their warehouse for pennies on the dollar. It was one of my better business moves. That was only a few years ago. Before I had to send everything out to have it made and then sent back so that I could test it. Now I do not have to do that, I can make virtually anything I want.”

“That's pretty cool, and I would have done the same thing if given half the chance.”

“Yeah, I would do it again too if I had to. I think I hear the delivery system though, so that means they might be on their way, and then I think we should go for dinner, we worked right through it.”

“Yeah, that would explain why I'm so hungry, dinner should have been two hours ago.”

“I do that a lot when I get to working, I actually did not eat or sleep for forty some hours once while I was working on something.”

“Yikes. I think we should get an alarm clock in here and set it to go off at specific times so that we can at least eat and sleep normally, because that's not healthy. I'm just a kid and even I know that.”

“Too true, and a damn good idea too. I have a few alarm clocks around here that can be programmed for multiple alert times, so I have no idea why I never thought of it before.”

“Just too busy I guess. Cool, there they are.” Jonas said excitedly when the hatch opened to reveal their new diapers, a dozen in total.

“Want to try them on?” Conner asked with a grin.

“Hell yeah, let's go.” Jonas said, and then took off.

They grabbed the diapers and stripped and changed each other.

“Wow, these really are a lot more comfortable, and thicker too.” Conner said happily, twisting and turning to see how they fit.

“Yeah, and their fit is way better too. I can't wait until they're completely soaked through to see how they hold up.”

“Me neither. Well, let us head up to dinner then.”

“Okay, but it'll have to be something fast, I'm starving.”

“Yeah, me too.”

They headed to the kitchen and grabbed some leftovers from the night before, heated them up, and then sat down to eat. They ended up each making a sandwich as well, because they had not had enough to eat, but after the sandwich, they were good.

“So, have you wet yet?” Jonas asked.

“Yeah, a couple small times already, how about you?”

“Same. How does it feel?”

“I hardly even feel wet yet, and can just barely tell from squeezing the outside either. Mind you, I really have not peed much yet.”

“Yeah, same here. So what should we do now for the rest of the night?”

“I am getting pretty tired, so I say we just go watch a movie and then go to bed.”

“Me too, so that sounds good.”

They headed to the theatre and picked out a movie to watch, sat down in the normal, comfortable chairs, not their sex chairs that were still in there, and sat back and watched the movie.

“So, how wet are you now, I've wet lots?” Jonas asked once the movie was over and they were ready to go to bed.

“Me too, I am pretty wet, and you know what, they are holding up great, way better than the previous version, that is for sure.”

“Yeah, that's what I was thinking as well. I'll be fine until morning I think, so I'm going to just go to bed without a change, I want to see just how much they will hold before they start to leak.”

“Sounds like a good idea, I will do the same as well then.” Conner smiled.

They said their good nights to each other and headed to their separate rooms for the time being. They both slept peacefully through the night, wetting all night long as they both always did. Within only about half an hour of each other, they woke up and laid in their beds, enjoying the comfort of their soft warm beds, and their soft warm squishy diapers between their legs. Conner was more than a little surprised that with how wet he felt, that he had not leaked in the slightest. Jonas was happy that he too had not leaked, so that meant that with how wet he was, and how well the diapers held up, that they were a definite keeper. Jonas heard a knock on his door a while after he woke up.

“Come on in.” Jonas called out.

“Good morning Jonas, how do you feel this morning?” Conner asked after entering the bedroom.

“I feel great, I've never felt better in my life to tell you the truth. You look as wet as I am, and that's really wet. Did you leak at all, 'cause I didn't, and I thought for sure I would have with how wet I am?”

“Glad to hear it, and yes, I am really wet as well, but I am also happy to say that I did not leak either. This is the best diaper design that I have ever seen before, and if possible, they are even more comfortable now while soaked than when they were dry.”

“I was thinking the same thing actually. Do you know what I like to do through a soggy diaper?” Jonas grinned.

“I bet I have a few ideas, and I too like the same things done.”

“Then why don't you come on into bed with me, and we can really test out the true fetish nature of these diapers and see if there's anything else that we should do to modify them?” Jonas grinned.

“We should not do that Jonas, you know that.”

“No, you think we shouldn't do it, and I think we should. So now you just have to let go of the past and do what your heart wants to do, because I will have you sooner rather than later.” Jonas grinned.

“I know what you want and think you need, and in some ways I want it as well, but for me I could not have sex with anyone unless I first loved them. And while I think I am starting to love you, I think that it is too early for us still, so at least please wait, okay.”

“Okay, at least you're willing to admit that you think you're falling in love with me, but I already know I love you. Can we at least go back to the theatre and take a ride in our chairs before breakfast, it'll have to be the next best thing?”

“Thanks, I guess we can do that.” Conner grinned slightly.

Jonas hopped out of bed quite quickly, faster than Conner figured he would be able to considering he was still a little shaky on his feet, and then he took off towards the theatre. Conner had to chuckle slightly, but took off after Jonas, swinging by the lab to grab a couple things first. By the time Conner made it there, Jonas already had a movie started and ready to go, it was just paused.

“Here you go, I thought you might like these again.” Conner smiled.

“Nice, thanks, I'd love them.” Jonas said, taking the two suppositories and slipping them into his own ass as fast as he could.

Jonas started the movie again and it started up right away in a locker room scene with a bunch of boys that were supposedly eighteen, but were probably no more than fifteen, at their oldest. It got pretty intense right away, and it was making both Conner and Jonas quite hot, but then again, so was the one suppository. Once they felt that they were ready, they both went and sat on their chairs, positioning themselves so that their toys entered their willing back passages through their diapers. They had already poked holes in them to insert their suppositories. With twin sighs, they each sat themselves down fully, and then turned their machines on to the setting that they wanted.

They both went with a nice slow vibrating motion, both opting not to play with their more than erect dicks as well. For the next half an hour they watched the incredible action form on the screen, enjoying the feelings in their bodies. As the actors on the screen got themselves into a chain fuck that blew Jonas' mind, he blew his load, and Conner blew his only seconds later from hearing and seeing Jonas explode. With grunts, groans, moans and sighs, they were both finished.

Neither one even thought about getting up though, they stayed right where they were, but they both adjusted their settings a little as well. Conner just turned his speed up a bit, but Jonas decided to see just how fast the machine would go, and how that would feel, so turned his up slowly and was soon up to maximum speed. At those speeds, Jonas was grunting a near constant string of vulgarities, saying very vocally how much he was enjoying it. Conner actually laughed at one point, because it sounded so ridiculous. Jonas was unable to hold on long under that sort of assault to his poor prostate though, and after only five minutes exploded yet again.

Conner had risen almost as fast as Jonas had however from watching him more than the movie, so with little surprise, he exploded at much the same time. Still neither of them got up when their cums eased down, they just adjusted the chairs again, and continued to ride. Jonas turned his right down to the very slowest setting, turned off the vibrator, and set it to maximum stroke, it was pulling all the way out and then pushing all the way back in as far as it could go. Conner saw the settings, and thought that it looked like a good idea as well, so set his the same. They were both moaning and sighing very lowly now, still not touching their boners as they watched the movie on the large screen and enjoying their chairs.

A little more than thirty minutes later and they both came again. This time though, they did turn off their chairs, they were both done for now. Even though they had turned their chairs off, they had not gotten up yet, so their toys were still buried inside them, but they were too tired to move, they had to wait a few minutes at least. The movie had ended about ten minutes before their last orgasms, so they were just sitting there in complete silence for quite some time while they came down.

“Wow, that was awesome.” Conner finally sighed out quietly.

“Yeah, it was. Now that's a damn fine way to start a day right, but now I need breakfast.” Jonas sighed as well.

“Me too.” Conner said, and then they both stood up, extracting themselves from their toys with grunts. They each took off their useless diapers and threw them in the garbage.

On shaky legs they walked to the kitchen, stopping in the lab on their way passed to grab a couple new diapers. Once they made it to the kitchen, they both got to work making themselves both a nice big filling breakfast. And then they ate, and ate, and ate, far more than they had both ever ate before, they were starving.

“Oh, that's so much better, now I'm full.” Jonas sighed.

“Yeah, me too, but I had to have eaten twice as much as I am used to eating. Then again though, I do not normally get that much exercise right before breakfast either.”

“Me neither. So, did you notice the one design feature that I built into the new diapers?”

“Um, no, nothing that I can think of comes to mind.” Conner said after a few moments of thought.

“Was there a huge mess of diaper stuffing to contend with once you cleaned up?” Jonas asked with a bright smile.

“No, come to think of it, there was not. How did you do that?”

“Well, we're going to market this as a true fetish diaper for gay adult and teen babies, and what do we all love to do with our diapers, but to get a good dick stuck through them right? So, when I made the designs, I purposely made it so that a small area right where the average persons hole would be, there is an area to actually tear through, and when done in the right place, which can be marked for ease of use, there will be no mess, or very little.”

“That is absolutely brilliant, and I like the idea of marking it as well. Did you by chance happen to do the same thing for the front where a penis can come through as well?” Conner asked excitedly.

“You bet I did. Let's go make the design change right away to add the markers in. Do you want to make it fun, like tear here for fun, or put in a printed on zipper, or should we just go with a dotted line?”

“How about a combination, I say the zipper and the saying, it sounds erotic, and the gays will certainly like it. Not so sure about the people who will buy these that are not gay and who need them, but I suppose we could just market those ones without the babyish designs or the markers.”

“That sounds good to me, and I had already thought of the same thing as well. We may as well sell them to everyone who will use them. Well, except for girls, because they are not designed for girls at all. Oh, and you know what I just thought of that would be nice, baby powder scent, just like baby diapers, I'm definitely adding that.”

“Nah, I never worry about the girls, let the lesbians worry about them. I have many female customers of course, but absolutely everything on my site is stated clear and bold that all products are gay male oriented, but all are welcome to purchase. If someone does not like that, then I can and would be happy to sell them the products to go fuck themselves. I do like the scent idea as well, and had once thought of adding it, but for some reason did not, but this is your design and decision, so by all means, go for it.” Conner grinned.

“Man, I love you so much, you're so funny, and I saw the warnings as well, but thanks.” Jonas giggled.

“Thanks. You know though, this little product that you designed though will earn us huge amounts of money. Every diaper lover in the world will want them for sure, and to be sure of it, everyone who has purchased diapers in the past will automatically be sent a sample pack of these, fully designed, and all others will be offered the free sample as well. I say we send them three each.”

“Wow, that would have been so cool when I lived at home, I would have taken you up on that offer in a heartbeat. It sounds good to me as well. Well, there we go, the design changes have been made, and it looks so hot.” Jonas grinned.

“I love how you did it, it is so gay.”

“Thanks. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I'm gay!”

“Nah, probably not.” Conner laughed.

“No, you're right, it can't have been something silly like that.” Jonas grinned.

“Well, I am going to send this out to the factory right now and tell them what to do, but how many cases should I order for us?”

“I don't know. How big are the cases, and how would they get them here anyways?”

“Well, the normal size case is fifty for all sizes, but I think that I am going to up these ones to sixty, just as a bonus to all our faithful customers, but keep the price the same. I want to guarantee that I get the sales, and these are actually going to be cheaper to make than the others were if the estimates you did up are correct, which they certainly look it. As for how do they deliver my stuff to me, by airlift as well. I have a very trusted pilot that does all that for me and works for the company, in fact, I made him the Chief Operations Officer of all my businesses, I just oversee and do the research and development, but he does the rest of the business shit. That man is so flaming gay, he makes us two together look straight, and he loves all the toys I make, and I do mean all. He had to build a fifteen thousand square foot house just to accommodate all the toys he takes home, and from the pictures, his play room is nearly as large as this room is. He loves to fly as well, so I bought him the helicopter so he could deliver things to me, and to other very important customers. He's one of only maybe five people in the world that actually knows where I am.”

“That's awesome, and a very good idea as well. Make sure to make your company all the money you can, the others will never be able to compete with what you offer, especially now. Sounds like I'd like to meet this guy though, he sounds like my kind of guy.” Jonas grinned.

“Trust me, that man would wear even you out, in fact I think he could wear out a tornado.”

“Cool, then I'd really love to meet him some day.”

“I bet. He has a husband already though, and does not play around any more, but fifteen years ago he would have taken you up on that offer, had you have been available and willing of course.” Conner grinned.

“Oh, well then. Okay, so sixty to a case, but how often does he deliver things here?”

“As often as I need him to really, he never minds it at all. Usually he only needs to come out two to three times a year though, but he just drops and goes.”

“Then I'd say ten cases each to make sure we always have lots.”

“I was going to say twelve myself, so why not go eleven to split the difference.”

“Nah, just go twelve, that way we always have lots to have fun.” Jonas grinned.

“Oh fine, twist my rubber arm why don't you.” Conner grinned back.

“Somehow I don't think I needed to.” Jonas smirked.

“Yeah, you are probably right. Well, give me a few minutes to go over all this and send it out okay.”

“Okay, can I go and play at the station I was working at yesterday?”

“Sure you can, it is yours now, do what you like there, and have fun.”

“Wicked, thanks.” Jonas smiled brightly, and then bolted over there.

Conner went to his main desk and gathered all the data, compiled it all, made up the propositions, and then called his COO. They talked for almost half an hour after Conner sent the plans, and he really loved them, all of them, and said his were the first off the line. Conner laughed and said theirs were the second then. They went over everything for the business as well, Conner making sure that everything was going smoothly since their last call a few weeks before. As soon as Conner was finished, he headed over to where Jonas was working, head nearly a millimeter from the screen, concentrating on it super hard.

“Oh holy shit, you scared the shit right out of me, literally.” Jonas screeched and screamed out as soon as Conner gently nudged his shoulder to get his attention.

“Oh wow, boy did I ever, and it smells bad.” Conner laughed, and he had heard it as well.

“Man, I hate stinky diapers, they're so gross. Since you caused it, you get to clean me up.”

“Hey, I hate dirty diapers as well, hence the reason I never mess them.”

“Yeah, but it was your fault you scared me so bad.” Jonas pointed out.

“While that may be true, I only just nudged you lightly to try and break your concentration without scaring you, somehow I do not think it worked. I will change you this once, but do not expect me to change any more dirty diapers.”

“Thanks, it really is gross, and I don't think I can do it myself.” Jonas said quietly.

“Yeah, I know, it has happened to me as well. Come on stinky, let us get you into a clean dry diaper.”

“Yeah, and it's pretty wet too, I peed about as much as I pooped.”

“Yeah, it sounded like a river when you peed too.” Conner giggled.

“Wasn't my fault.”

“Well, if you had not have been concentrating so hard, then maybe you would not have gotten so scared by my just touching you.”

“Yeah, but I was having fun and concentrating so hard, sorry.”

“You and I are a lot alike, I find it fun designing new things as well. So what is it that you are working on anyways?”

“I think I'd like to leave it as a bit of a surprise for now.”

“Oh, okay, just ask if you need any help with anything.”

“I will. Can you change me now please?”

“Sure, come on, hop up on the table and I will get you all cleaned up.” Conner said lovingly.

Jonas walked gingerly from the seat he got up from and to the table, and then laid down on it. Conner joined him a moment later after stopping and grabbing the wipes and a diaper. He also grabbed the cream and the baby powder. He gently removed Jonas' very smelly diaper, wiped him good and clean, smeared on a good portion of cream over his diaper area, and then sprinkled on the powder generously. He then slipped under him one of the nice new diapers, pulled it up into place, and then taped it on.

“Ah, much better, thank you so much. I'll try not to do that again, and I'll try not to hold it so long next time, that's probably the reason that it happened, I'd had to go to the bathroom for a while, but just held it off.”

“Ah, so it was your fault then!” Conner laughed.

“Well, only a little, you're still the one who scared it outta me.”

“Well, I am glad that you feel better now anyways. So, I am going to head back over to my station and continue working, just call if you need any help.”

“Okay, will do.” Jonas smiled, and then they both went their own ways and headed to their computers to work.

For the next few hours they worked in near silence, neither of them doing any talking at all, although they did often mutter to themselves, it was quite comical.

“Um, Conner, can you come here for a minute, I need your help with something?” Jonas called out.

“Sure, give me just a minute, okay.”

“Sure, take your time.”

A few minutes later Conner finished what he was doing, and came over to where Jonas was sitting with a puzzled look on his face.

“How can I help you?” Conner asked, coming up behind the boy and putting his hands on his shoulders.

“Well, I am working on a formula here, and I keep getting stuck right here. No matter what I do, the entire thing just collapses.”

“Okay, let me see. What is this that you are working on anyways?”

“Well, you know how you made the hair remover cream that works amazingly well, but sadly is not permanent, well, I want something permanent.”

“Ooh, a tough one. When I made that cream, what twenty five years ago, I gave up on trying to make the permanent one, because no matter how I did it, it always failed in one way or the other.”

“Oh, no wonder I'm having difficulties as well then.”

“Well, you have only been working on it for a few hours, I dedicated about five months to it before I finally gave up. So, you are working with some interesting chemicals here, be careful or you will burn skin very easily. That was one of my major problems, all of them ended up being for to caustic to be of any use. So anyways, the composition fails from here no matter what you do you said, so what have you tried?”

“Yeah, I've tried everything from heating it to chilling it, both to every extreme I could think of. I've tried using electrical charges to do what I need it to do, hell, I've even tried irradiating it, it all failed.”

“Hmm, well with the chemical compositions you are working with, have you tried a combination of those, or maybe putting it under a vacuum or something silly like that?”

“I've tried everything except the vacuum. Thanks, I'll see where that leads me.”

“Great, glad to be of some help then. This is a different formulation than I was trying, so maybe you will get it to work. If you pull up my file on hair removers, you will be able to see all of my trials and all the tests. Often I find it is easier to move forward if you know what the past once held.”

“Thanks, that's a really good idea, I'll look those over.”

“How about we do it after lunch, seeing as how it is that time anyways, and if we do not stop now, we probably will not?”

“That sounds like a really good idea, now that you mention it.” Jonas smiled.

They headed to the kitchen and made and ate some lunch together, and then headed back to the lab to get back to their work. Jonas spent the next few hours just going over the doctors previous notes in the area of hair removal. He found that while they had both been trying to do the same thing, they had gone about it in totally different ways, so now he knew all of what not to do, so went back to his work, and continued working on the models. They stopped for dinner a little later than normal, and then headed back to the lab to continue their working. Another three hours later, and Jonas fell asleep on his keyboard. Conner actually heard Jonas snoring, alerting him to the fact that it was getting really late.

“Come on Jonas, let us get you in bed, you passed out.” Conner shook the sleeping boy and whispered into his ear.

“No, just a few minutes more daddy.” Jonas grumbled in his sleep, but did not wake up any at all.

Conner just smiled and decided that the likelihood of Jonas waking up was slim to none, so picked him up and carried him to his bedroom. He checked Jonas' diaper, and while it was wet, he figured that it would hold up, and if not, it would not be a big deal. Gently he laid him down in his bed and covered him up, giving him a light kiss to his forehead. Jonas smiled lightly in his sleep, and whispered goodnight daddy, love you. Conner almost got misty eyed, but knew that Jonas was just dreaming of days that were better, but were sadly long gone. Conner left the room silently, turning off the light as he went, and then headed off to bed himself, but having to change his diaper first.

Chapter 3

It has been three weeks since that night now, and Jonas and Conner have gotten even more and more comfortable with each other. Almost every day they would have a nice long play session in the theatre, but as of yet, much to Jonas' chagrin, they had still not played with each other, because Conner was not ready for it yet. Their love was growing for sure, Conner was now trusting Jonas almost as much as Jonas trusted Conner, but still Conner would not cave in to Jonas' requests. They worked nearly every day in the lab, each of them on something, and they each helped each other out from time to time, Conner seeming to truly enjoy it. A few days after that night they got the call to say that they had a few crates coming, ten in total, from two different places. There were the supplies that Conner was receiving from his government friend, and the diapers and a few other things from his own company. When they arrived, the two of them headed out and picked them all up in the truck and brought them back. On the days they decided to rest, they would often go swimming, or even once they ventured outside and took a hike. They would also play games in the games room, or they would watch regular movies, and sometimes they would sit down and just play a board game. They were having a lot of fun holed up in their little cave, and Conner was really starting to realize that while he had liked his peace and quiet, he had been missing having a boy with him even more. On this day they were once again working in their lab, they had just had lunch.

“Conner, I think I did it.” Jonas cheered suddenly, breaking the silence.

“Wh-what, what did you do?” Conner stuttered in shock.

“I finally got the formula, I made the hair remover.” Jonas cheered even more.

“What, really, after only three weeks of working on it!”

“I think so, yeah.”

“Let me see.”

“Yeah, come on over, I want you to check it out, the results from the tests are back, I finished two days ago.”

“Oh, really! Why did you not tell me when you finished it?”

“Because I wanted to make sure it worked first. I've just been working on a cream now that gets applied afterwards to stop the process and reduces the burning, because I'm pretty sure that this stuff is going to burn a bit, especially on those with sensitive skin, but it should leave no marks.”

“Oh, that makes sense. Even the cream I have now burns a bit on most people, and can get pretty bad on those with sensitive skin, so most are used to that anyways, because they pretty much all do that. The problem is that some people do have strong allergic reactions to it, and can cause damage.”

“Yeah, I know all about that. Someone actually tried to sue your company just for that sort of thing, but then your lawyers pointed out the rather large disclaimer that says that that sort of thing can happen with products of that nature and to test it on a small inconspicuous spot on your body first. She was the retard who smeared the stuff all over her face without first testing it, and now she looks like as much a freak as she sounded. If you ask me, she got everything she deserved for not reading the bloody instructions.”

“Yeah, but we paid her a small amount of money anyways to cover her legal fees and plastic surgery. We did not want to look like monsters who had no heart, even though I personally did not care. Now if it had have been someone that I would have been attracted to, then maybe I would have cared more.” Conner grinned.

“Everything that I have been doing with this hair remover though should reduce the amount of allergic reactions. I'm hoping to keep it to only maybe one percent or less of any sort of allergic reaction, even though most of those would be very mild. The cream is then designed to help those people with that reaction to lessen the pain.”

“That sounds really good. How long do you figure people would have to keep this product on?”

“Not too sure yet, the results should be up any second now, they are at ninety nine percent.”

“I thought you said it was done?”

“Well, I was jumping the gun a bit on the main product, but the after cream is finished, and I knew this would be finished soon, and here it is.”


They looked at the results together for about fifteen minutes, going over everything that the computer had spit out for them. As always Jonas had the computer check against as many people as it had in its database to check for any sort of reaction. When they got to the end of the report, Conner was amazed.

“Holy shit, you did it. I have been thinking of this stuff for sixty years or more, and I have never gotten anywhere near to this before. The allergic reactions are one in a thousand or less, you have ninety nine point five percent permanent hair removal, says that all hair loss will occur inside of ten minutes, and the computer even says that it will reduce many blemishes. Did you actually have it test for that as well?”

“No, I just had the computer test it for all known reactions that this product could have, as well as all known effects that it would have. That's pretty damn cool though if it can help to reduce blemishes as well. Now I just have to test the cream, just to make sure it's going to do the job I think it's supposed to do. So, we'll say that it would be applied after ten minutes of the application of the hair remover, and voila, let's see what we get.” Jonas said happily, entering in the last of the specifications into the testing software.

Because it was not a complicated formula, the computer estimated only ten minutes to complete, so they both waited around to see what the results were. It took twelve minutes, but the results came out, and same as before, they were both very happy.

“Impressive Jonas, this cream completely stops the reaction, cools the skin, conditions and moisturizes it as well. So now I get to send this one out as well, but I would not mind testing it first, to see if it works as well as the computer says it will, because I hate shaving.”

“Thanks. It was a lot of fun actually. I can't believe I'm an inventor now, that's like so cool.”

“Yeah, it is, I know how you feel.”

“Yeah. I want to try the stuff out as well, because I never want to shave, and I want to make sure that I never have any hair grow anywhere else either.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, other than just a tiny patch above my dick, the only hair I want to keep is the hair above my eyes.” Jonas grinned.

“Wicked.” Conner grinned.

“Yeah. I'm going to send it to the computer to make some up for us, how much should I make?”

“Um, from the amounts it looks like you would need to use, I would say about one litre for the both of us should just about cover it.” Conner said, looking to the screen and calculating the amounts in his head for a few seconds.

“Okay, then I'm sending it to make two litres, just in case.”

“Better safe then sorry I guess.”

“Yeah, so are you only going to do your face then?”

“No, I was thinking of taking off the hair on my chest, back, ass, balls, feet, and hands for sure, and maybe more later if I decide to. I hope you know that this is going to be permanent though, and probably cannot be reversed, so make sure and think long and hard before you absolutely remove all of your hair, okay.”

“Oh, I know, and I know the risks. I've been wanting to get rid of all this pesky hair since it started growing, I hate it. I never want to have any hair marring my body.”

“Okay, just so long as you know, but I was already certain that you did with all the research and development that you have done.”

“Yeah, that I did.” Jonas smiled warmly.

“You know that this will make the company and you very rich right?” Conner asked as they were waiting for the creams to be made and to arrive.

“I don't want any of it, you keep it all.” Jonas said softly.

“No no, it is yours, you earned it, same as with the diapers. Half of those earnings are already being directed to an account I set up for you, and all of this will be sent to yours as well. It is only fair. There would be no way that I would keep the profits from something that you designed, or co designed as it very clearly states on the diapers. That is how it shall be from here on out, anything that you help with or design you will get your fair share, and there will be no arguments either. We are officially partners, you hear me.” Conner smiled warmly.

“But, I don't need it.”

“No, I do not either really, if you want to stop and think of it, everything here is paid for, I pay for little else, so I am the same, I do not strictly need the money. I do make a lot of charitable donations towards the gay youth though, so I do not have as much as I might have otherwise. No, you may not need it, but you do deserve it, especially for this. This stuff is a miracle for those that will want it, and believe me, many do. I also want you to design the advertising for it, just like you did for the fetish diapers, you did an excellent job on that.”

“Okay, fine, so we're partners now huh?”

“Yep.” Conner grinned.

“As in full partners?”

“How do you mean?” Conner asked suspiciously of the funny smirk Jonas had on his face.

“Well, as I understand it, most people still call married gays partners, not husbands, and that's how I think of you, so if we're really partners now, then take me to bed and prove it.” Jonas said huskily.

“Jonas, you already know that we should not be doing that, and you know the reasons why I cannot.”

“Yes Conner, I do know, and I also know that as much as you're fighting, that you want it just as much as I do. Can you honestly say that anyone will ever find out?”

“No, I know that you will never tell anyone, and I would certainly not say anything, but people have ways of finding things out. How do you think I was almost caught the first time, because neither of us told?”

“Yes, I know all about that, but do you think some stupid scorned reporter is going to be crawling around out here, snooping where their dirty noses obviously do not belong, and also, do you think they stand a chance of getting anywhere near us without us knowing?”

“No, I suppose there is no way they could.”

“Then there you go, you have your answers, now come on and take me to bed.”

“Okay.” Conner said softly, his resolve finally worn as thin as it could be for him to resist any further.

Hand in hand they walked to Conner's bedroom, they did not say anything, but every few moments they would look to each other and smile warmly. When they arrived, Jonas laid himself on the bed, and Conner crawled on top of him and they started kissing like long lost loves, maybe they were. They kissed softly and tenderly for a good fifteen minutes, sighing and moaning into each others mouths as they did, because they were grinding their wet diapered crotches together as they kissed.

“Oh fuck me, I'm cumming.” Jonas broke the kiss and gasped.

“Oh, uh uh me too.” Conner grunted.

Their first orgasms were intense to say the least, they were the first to be caused by someone else in a long time, or ever in the case of Jonas. Conner collapsed slightly on top of Jonas as he was coming down, but Jonas did not care in the least.

“Oh wow, that was awesome. Can I put the suppositories up your ass and you put them up mine, because I want this to last a while and to really be good?” Jonas sighed a good five minutes later.

“Oh yeah, that sounds good to me. They are in the nightstand, let me grab them.” Conner also sighed and reached to the drawer and dug them out.

Conner rolled off of Jonas as he was doing this, but he decided to get up on his hands and knees so that Jonas could more easily insert the sexual stimulator's. Jonas took the two offered butt pills and started by gently massaging Conner's bum through the diaper, really enjoying the playtime. He grinned once again at seeing the line and the slogan, 'Tear here for fun', and decided that that looked like a damn fine idea, it would be their first time doing this for each other to have fun together. He poked the hole through, and then stuck his finger in and started gently stroking Conner's hot moist hole.

“Ooh, I forgot how nice it was for someone else to do that.” Conner sighed lowly.

“I'm glad you like it. Just stay just like this and let me make you feel real good.” Jonas whispered, happy to be taking the drivers seat in their first time explorations.

Softly and gently Jonas played with Conner's hole, not once yet slipping his finger inside, just getting Conner's ass juices flowing nicely. As he was doing this, he also had his other hand on the front of Conner's bulging diaper, gently rubbing his firm erection from the outside, but making sure to keep it light so as not to make Conner explode again, that would be for later.

“Oh come on Jonas, just slip inside will you, quit toying with me!” Conner panted hoarsely.

“Now I can, I got you to the point I was hoping for.” Jonas grinned.

Instead Jonas grabbed the two pills and slipped them inside, but he did leave his finger inside as well, and just softly stroked Conner's prostate. Slowly for the next ten minutes or so, Jonas played inside of Conner's willing hole, waiting for the drugs to do their work. When Jonas felt Conner's asshole almost completely relax, and heard Conner starting to sound different, he knew it was time. Up until then he had just been using the one finger, and as much as he wanted to ram his dick up into Conner, he wanted this to last a good deal longer, so inserted a second finger and continued on with his playing.

“My god Jonas, that feels amazing, but I want your dick in me.” Conner panted and gasped.

“All in due time my love, all in due time. I want you as high as I can possibly get you before I even think of letting you cum. With the drugs in your system now, I think that I can hold you for a good long time.” Jonas grinned wickedly, so much so that Conner could hear it in his voice.

“No, please, you can't do that.” Conner gasped out even more now, the sexual frustration setting in.

“Actually, yes I can, and I will to, and if you try and stop me, I'll just tie you up.”

“Oh, fuck me that feels good. Don't tie me up please, I don't care for that?”

“Okay my love, I won't tie you up then, but don't move, or I won't continue, and I think that you like this too much for me to stop now.”

“Oh, I love this. How many fingers have you got in me now?”

“Just the two so far, but I'm putting another in right now?” Jonas said, and with that he slipped in the third finger.

Conner started panting and moaning even more now, enjoying the feelings that Jonas was causing in his ass. Jonas was really working Conner now, pulling all the way out and then slipping all the way back inside, twisting and turning, scissoring his fingers for even more sensations, he was doing it all. Jonas was painfully hard inside his diaper, and he really did want to rip it out and stab it into Conner, but he also wanted this to last a good deal longer. He did notice the two pills that Conner was supposed to have slipped inside him, they had rolled out of Conner's fist, so Jonas grabbed them with his free hand and quickly worked them both up inside his own ass. For added pleasure on his part, he decided to leave his fingers in there for a few minutes to loosen himself up even more, not to mention that he just loved the feeling.

Ten minutes later Jonas added a fourth finger, thus causing Conner to increase his love sounds to a volume and pitch that would have assuredly brought on the police had anyone been able to hear them.

“I'm gonna cummmmmmmmmmmm.” Conner wailed out not long after Jonas' fourth finger was added.

“Oh no you don't.” Jonas said quickly, and then removed his hand just as quickly, inserted it into the front of Conner's painfully tented diaper, and pinched his poor aching boner.

“Oh fuck, you can't do that.” Conner screeched out in a combination of both pain and frustration, because it did hurt.

“Actually, I think I just did.” Jonas giggled.

“Oh, you are a mean little one, but man, you are doing things to me I have never felt before.”

“Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it, because I plan to make you go as long as I can before letting you explode.”

“Oh please Jonas, you have to let me cum, and soon. My balls are so sore right now, you have no idea.”

“Actually, yes I do, my balls are hurting almost as much more than likely.”

“Then fuck me!”

“Nope, not yet.” Jonas grinned, and proceeded where he left off, just ramming his four fingers back inside Conner as if they were just inside a second ago.

Conner roared almost like a bear with that simple motion, but it was not pain, Jonas knew that for a fact. It was a roar of complete and total sexual bliss. So continuing just as he had been, Jonas worked for another ten minutes or so, really working Conner good.

Once Conner was good and loose, Jonas rolled his thumb in and gave one little nudge as he reached bottom, and his entire hand popped in. Jonas had read enough about the subject to know what he was doing, and that Conner would easily be able to take him, with a little preparation, and he had prepared more than just a little, so he was not at all surprised that he was able to enter so easily. The one wonder drug did help in this endeavor a great deal though. With a nice slow steady rhythm, Jonas started slowly fisting Conner.

“My god, you have got your hand inside me, don't you?” Conner gasped and panted even more.

“Yep, I sure do. How does it feel?” Jonas smiled warmly.

“I have never had someones hand inside me before, but I have had a few dildos nearly as big as your whole hand. It feels amazingly good though.”

“Good, I'm glad you like it, because I want you to do me next.”

“I cannot possibly do that to you Jonas, my hand is far larger than your hole is, and it will tear you.”

“I know it might tear, and it will probably hurt, but if you prepare me properly, I bet I can take you. Remember, I've had big things in me before, I'm no stranger to it. Even if you do tear me a little, which I doubt, it's not a big deal, we have stuff to heal it.”

“Okay, I will try, but if I think that you cannot do it, I will stop.”

“Thanks.” Jonas whispered and then started up again, because during their talk, he had stopped moving, but had kept his hand inside.

“I am getting close again.” Conner grunted, but as soon as he said it, he immediately regretted it, thinking that Jonas was going to stop him again.

“Good, roll over onto your back.” Jonas instructed, but never removed his hand.

Conner rolled onto his back as he was instructed, grunting as he did, because in doing so it caused Jonas' hand to do fantastic things inside him. As soon as Conner was in place, Jonas used his free hand to tear the proper hole in the front of Conner's diaper, pulled his bright angry red erection out, and then engulfed the entire piece of meat in one go. Once again Conner wailed out his incredible joy, and then exploded in the biggest cum of his entire life, and he had had more than a few powerful ones. As soon as it was done though, he promptly passed out.

Jonas saw and heard this happen, and was happy that he had managed to do what he intended, but instead of pulling out and off, he stayed put. He very slowly and softly jacked his hand in and out, while his tongue was very busy licking and stabbing at the boner in his mouth. It took almost fifteen minutes for Conner to come to again, and then Jonas started sucking and fisting even more again, now that he was awake.

“Holy shit Jonas, what are you doing to me?” Conner gasped out.

“Fucking your brains out.” Jonas grinned and mumbled around the erection in his mouth.

“That you are.” Conner grunted and laid back.

Jonas stayed sucking and fisting Conner for almost half an hour more after that, and had eaten two more good strong loads of nice sweet cum, but now wanted it to be his turn.

“Okay, I think that you've had enough fun for now, so now I want you to do me, but I warn you, I'm not going to last very long at all. I've almost blown my load three times already, and once you get your fingers inside me, there might not be anything you can do to stop me from cumming.”

“Okay, but I am not so sure I can move yet.”

“That's okay. We can just take a few minutes breather, grab a drink, and then come back and start all over again.” Jonas sighed.

“Okay.” Conner grunted.

A few minutes later they did just that, they got out of bed, Conner on very shaky legs, went to the washroom and splashed water on their faces and grabbed a drink. As soon as they were done, Jonas grabbed Conner's hand ad dragged him back towards their bed, and Conner let him lead him. As soon as Jonas got to the bed, he let go of Conner's hand and crawled onto the bed, seductively wiggling his fine little diapered ass at Conner, just to turn him on just a little more, it was not necessary, he was already as hot as he had ever been. Jonas laid down on his back, pulled his legs up and out, really spreading himself for the taking, offering Conner anything and everything that he could desire, and Conner sure desired it all as well.

Conner took only a few seconds to admire the vision that Jonas was creating, laying there, looking so much more sexy than he had ever seen a boy look before, the young boy just oozed sex appeal, and he wanted the boy so much more than he ever wanted any boy before. He slowly crawled onto the bed, nearly drooling as he got closer to the boy he planned to make scream in the most absolute bliss the boy had ever known.

Taking Jonas' words to heart, that he would not last through first digital penetration, Conner tore the hole in the front of Jonas' diaper first, and more than a little painfully worked out the nice hard young boy meat from inside, Jonas only grunted. He next tore the rear hole, and as he was inserting three fingers straight inside Jonas, he knew without a shadow of a doubt that Jonas was more than capable and ready to take that, he was also engulfing the oh so tasty looking treat that was Jonas' pulsing, leaking young cock.

“Oh fuck yes, oh yes, suck my dick and fuck my ass. Oh yessssssssssssss, I'm cummmmmmmmmmmming.” Jonas started out in a high pitched almost cry sort of sound, but ended in an even higher pitched wail that seemed to last minutes instead of the seconds it really did.

Conner though was greedily enjoying the copious outpouring of sweet young boy cum that Jonas was squirting quite forcefully down his throat. Not once before had Conner ever had to swallow quite so fast and furiously to keep up to his partner before, but then again, the last time had been far too many years before, and he did not have an orgasm enhancer at that time. He really enjoyed it. The cum seemed to last minutes, and it actually did, even if the actual spraying only lasted seconds. Jonas' entire body continued to twitch and heave for nearly three minutes. During that time Conner not once released his suction hold, or removed his fingers. He figured why bother, Jonas sure did not, so why should I.

“Oh wow, no one has ever made me feel so good before. I think though that now that the main load is gone that you should be able to play a little, so get to work, I want your fist before the end of the day?” Jonas sighed out his perverted question.

“Okay baby, but please make sure to tell me when to stop, or if you need me to take my hand out. I will be able to tell by your face when I should pause, but you have to promise to tell me if it becomes too much for you. I absolutely refuse to hurt you, I love you too much for that.”

“And I love you to, but don't worry, I'll be able to take you I'm sure, but I'll tell you if it is too much.” Jonas sighed, so very happy to hear Conner say he loved him.

“Mmmm yeah, that feels nice.” Jonas sighed out again as Conner started working in a fourth finger, slowly spreading him even further open, even further than Jonas had ever worked himself before, and he loved it.

“My god, you are so loose, I cannot believe that you are even able to take four of my fingers so easily all the way like this. I know my little wonder pills have a little to do with it, but you must have a natural ass for being intruded upon.”

“Oh yeah, and it feels so good, only a little stretching, and it hasn't hurt even once yet. I know I have a natural fucking ass, because I've known I was gay for as long as I can remember, and I've had things stuffed inside my ass since I was like six or something. I started out with my own fingers, then worked up to carrots and candles, or anything that would fit, and then I finally bought my own real dildo. Mmm yeah, that feels so good.”

“You have been fucking yourself since the age of six you figure, no wonder you are a natural then.” Conner chuckled, but it was turning him on even more.

“Yeah, so I've been having sex with myself for eight years already, and since I was eight years old, it was at least once a day, but once I was twelve, it became two to three times a day that I needed it.”

“Man, you have probably had more sex just with yourself than I have in the past fifty years then, because I only played about once every week or so. Hell, I have had more sexual pleasure in the past few weeks than I had in the past few years.” Conner grinned, really working his fingers inside Jonas now. He was opening and closing them, he was twisting and turning them, he was going as deep inside as he possibly could without actually slipping his whole hand in in fact.

“Yeah, well I've always known that I was sorta more horny than normal, and more than a little slutty. If I had not have been so shy and scared about anyone finding out I was gay, I'd have had more dicks up my ass than I could have counted. I knew my parents hated gays from the time I was a little kid, so I had to hide my feelings extremely well. Sure I knew a few gay kids in school, even one who paraded the fact when he was ten. I could have had my pick, but I knew how my parents would react.”

“Really, in this day and age, you would think that they would not have been like that. With as much as twenty percent of the population now openly gay and next to no gay harassment any more, that they would be comfortable with it.” Conner said in half shock, half disgust.

“Yeah, well the people who did still hate and beat up gays, well, my parents belonged to that group. But then again, they also hated other races, religions, or even thoughts. No one that thought differently than they did was worth their time. I really don't even know how they survived or were not arrested. I think I'm ready now, go ahead, do it.”

“Maybe we will just have to tip off the correct people then and have your parents actions looked into. Maybe tip off the fact that you have been missing and no one knows your whereabouts, and let them try and explain it.” Conner grinned, he liked destroying people that truly deserved it.

In fact, he destroyed more than a few people, and businesses for their actions, one he told Jonas about already. The reporter that originally got him into trouble though because she was snooping on his private property where her filthy nose did not even remotely belong, now she was his most favorite destruction. He had had to wait a few years to do so until he was safe and secure inside his little mountain home, but he was patient, and she was evil, so he had no problems letting her let her guard down. He did not even care that all the information that he planted in her computer was so far from true that it was almost a joke, he wanted payback, he wanted to destroy the bitch, he never had a problem with revenge, he held no guilty feelings that she was thrown into jail for a hundred years for all the disgusting child abuse photos and videos she had in there.

In the gay community they nearly ripped her a new hole for having such filth on her computer when she accused a prominent man in their community of loving a young man, even if it were not sexual, even though everyone knew it actually was. She tried to deny it, saying she was framed, but Conner was too good for that, he made it so airtight that every computer geek the police had confirmed that she had downloaded it all and viewed each one many times. Conner was of course more than good at hacking, so he was never suspected at all.

“Oh, we can worry about that later, just do it now please, I need it, please!” Jonas nearly begged.

Conner did not bother to answer, he knew Jonas was ready for it, he could have done it minutes ago, but he wanted Jonas to get higher yet, he was now at that point, so he tucked his thumb in, and gave one little push, and his whole hand popped inside. With the deepest sigh that Conner had ever heard, Jonas came again, spraying another impressive load up to his own chin this time, because Conner had not been sucking him at the time. It was not nearly as powerful as the previous one had been, he did not scream out his ecstasy, instead he sighed, like his body had needed that its entire life, and now that it had it, its purpose was fulfilled, but would need to be fulfilled repeatedly from then on. Conner was more than a little surprised. Most people did not take to fisting quite so readily as Jonas was, in fact most people found it rather uncomfortable and in most cases painful. He did not, but he was one of those few that enjoyed something a little larger every so often, but people like he and Jonas were rare. Conner did not remove his hand, Jonas wanted to be fist fucked, so that was what he was going to get. As soon as Jonas came down a little, Conner started moving his hand in and out, going as deep as he could get. As he started fisting Jonas, Conner also reattached himself to Jonas' still leaking erection, cleaned it of the previous mess and the new precum that was building up, enjoying it immensely, and started sucking and fisting quite slowly, really giving Jonas the full treatment.

Once Jonas came down from that cum, he was immediately assaulted with the many intense feelings that Conner was creating in his body, and he was moaning, sighing, panting, gasping, and all sorts of other noises that showed his utter appreciation for his lovers actions. He could feel yet another orgasm approaching, but knew that he could hold it back for a while, so while enjoying the feelings, he was concentrating on other things to try and prolong it as long as possible, holding back the oncoming orgasm for as long as possible. Once again he held it for so long that his entire body was burning up from it.

Conner could feel Jonas holding back his orgasm, his entire body was as tense as a clock spring, felt even more wound up in fact than one, he was vibrating, had been for more than five minutes now, he had not even made a sound for the past many minutes he was concentrating so hard, and for the last minute he had not even breathed. All of a sudden, it became too much and Jonas lost the fight to hold his orgasm in any longer. Conner actually had to disengage or he would have drowned. The first shot was so powerful it made even him gag at first, and then the onslaught just became too much and he could not swallow fast enough to keep up. Jonas though did not even make a sound the entire time he was cumming, and Conner knew the probable reason for it. That powerful an orgasm does not usually allow for the orgasmee to hold onto reality, so he knew that Jonas would have passed out. When the massive cum ended, not only was Jonas covered from face to crotch in his own cum, but he was passed out cold, still heaving.

Not wishing to let such a tasty treat go to waste, Conner cleaned up the entire mess with his tongue. He then felt it prudent to remove Jonas' ruined diaper and re diaper him so that he could sleep without peeing the bed. Conner slipped his hand out of the amazingly loose and relaxed hole, slipped out of bed, and grabbed all that he would need to diaper Jonas lovingly. He removed Jonas' diaper, and for once the boys penis was soft, something that Conner rarely saw, his hole was still gaping open, but it did not look more red or puffy than was normal for a normal fucking. He gently slipped a new diaper underneath Jonas, and then applied a more than healthy dose of nice thick soothing cream to his entire bum and groin, pulled the diaper up and taped it closed.

Now that Jonas was taken care of, Conner also got his ruined diaper changed. He decided to take a quick nap with Jonas, seeing as how he was more than a little worn out himself, so curled up to his little lover, pulled up the nice soft blanket and passed out quickly.

Chapter 4

The two lovers woke up together almost an hour later, within seconds of each other in fact, and just smiled warmly at each other for quite a few minutes before leaning in towards each other to share a nice tender kiss of lovers.

“Wow, I've never felt better or more loved in my entire life, Thank you so much Conner, I love you so much.” Jonas sighed as they released their kiss.

“You are so very welcome my young love, I love you so much more than even the most competent poet and or writers could ever write about. What you did to me earlier was beyond belief, but I would give it up in a heartbeat just to get to kiss you again.” Conner said softly, whispering it nearly, a tear in his eyes.

“I too would give up what you did to me as well just to get to kiss you. What you did to me was so much more than I ever imagined it would or could be, but your love means even more to me than mere sex ever could. Of course that's not saying that I wish to give it up of course, because I need you to make love to me as often as possible, for as long as possible.” Jonas said softly, grinning for the last part of course.

“I do not wish to give it up any more than you do, and now that I have had a taste of real sex again, I do not believe I could ever give it up again, and for once I feel more like a young teen again, so horny it is unbelievable.”

“And, well I'm a horny teenager and I need sex all the time.” Jonas grinned.

“Now, even though we only had lunch shortly before we started, I am starving again, so I say we go get a snack. Care to join me?”

“I'd walk through fire with you anywhere you asked me to go, but for food, you shouldn't even have to ask. Besides, have you looked at the clock, it's after six. We were playing for three hours and then slept for about one or so, and it was almost two hours after lunch time that we even started, so that's why we're hungry.” Jonas pointed out.

Conner's head whipped around to look at the clock he had not looked at before, and saw that Jonas was in fact correct. “No shit, no wonder we are starving then, let us go eat then before we starve to death.” Conner grinned.

“Yes, let's do.” Jonas grinned as well.

They ran giggling to the kitchen, just bumping and jostling the other, having a lot of fun. They made it to the kitchen and made themselves a huge pasta, salad, and garlic toast dinner, then sat down to eat. As soon as they finished eating, they decided to forget about their hair remover for the night, figuring that it would wait until the morning, so they went and cuddled up and watched a couple movies before going to bed for the night. They deemed their diapers sufficient to hold out for the night, crawled into bed, kissed each other tenderly for a while, then professed their love for each other before passing out for the night.

“Good morning my big soggy baby.” Jonas grinned as soon as Conner came awake and saw his bright smiling face.

“Mmm, good morning, I am soggy, and by the feel of it so are you, my little soggy baby.” Conner grinned right back, having copped a nice feel.

“It feels like we can last a little while longer, so do you want to go for breakfast first or suck a nice tasty load out of each other before that?” Jonas smiled brightly.

“Mmm, let me think, suck first.” Conner smiled brightly as well.

“Good, I'm glad your thoughts are in the same gutter as mine are!” Jonas grinned even more.

“Oh yeah.” Conner sighed.

Jonas swung around, taking the blanket with him, laid himself on top of Conner, and then ripped open the front right at the line, at the same time that Conner was doing the same on Jonas' nice soggy diaper. With twin grunts they each pulled the others erect members from the tight confines of their diapers. With twin muffled sighs, they sucked each in at the same time. They sucked each other softly and gently, lasting an amazing amount of time, nearly fifteen minutes. Even though they did not have the orgasm enhancers in their systems any longer, they both still had nice strong, lots of nice tasty cum orgasms, each savoring the load.

As soon as they were both down, Jonas swung himself back around, but staying right on top of Conner, and then attached their lips together once again. They shared another soft tender kiss, this time sharing their loads with each other, both enjoying it a great deal.

“Mmm, I love you.” They both sighed at the same time as they released from their kiss.

“Well, now that we are a little more drained, let's head for breakfast.” Jonas said.

“Yeah, the only thing stronger than a teens sex drive is his stomach, so let us go feed you.”

“I think my sex drive is stronger than my stomach is, because I was hungry before we started, but I wanted sex first.” Jonas grinned.

“True.” Conner grinned back.

They quickly diapered each other and then headed down to the kitchen for some much needed breakfast. They made and ate it, and then cleaned everything up nicely once again, even having to clean up the mess from the night before, because they had just decided to leave it for later, it had never got done later, so now they had to.

“Care to go try out my new hair remover now to see how well it works?” Jonas asked excitedly once they were all finished in the kitchen.

“Sure, lead the way my love.”

Jonas nearly ran full tilt all the way to the lab, Conner was unable to keep up. By the time he made it, Jonas already had the container open and waiting.

“You do me first so that I can make sure it works properly, and then I'll do you wherever you want me to do it. Cover my entire body in the stuff, except above my eyes of course.”

“We should just test it on a small area first, just to make sure that it does not burn you do you not think?”

“Yeah, I suppose we should.” Jonas said, holding out his arm to have Conner use for testing.

Conner took a small amount on the applicator and spread it over a ten square centimeter area and let it sit. Jonas had a very fine dusting of hairs on his arms, so they would know right away if it removed the hairs or not, and would tell them if it burned too excessively. They both waited patiently for the required ten minutes, Conner watching with baited breath, but he could tell that Jonas never once felt any discomfort from it. As soon as the ten minutes was up, Conner applied the other cream and let it soak in.

“Wow, all the hair is gone, and it never really burned at all, was more like a minor itch than anything, but now it's totally gone and it feels so nice and fresh there.”

“Yeah, I was watching, and you were never in any pain at all, I would have seen it in your eyes.” Conner smiled brightly.

“Cool, so do the rest of me now.” Jonas almost commanded.

“Yes Sir!” Conner almost saluted. They both giggled.

Conner took the happy task of removing Jonas' diaper, and then coating his entire body in the cream. Given that it was a light blue in color, and did not soak in right away, it was easy for Conner to see where he had already applied the cream. He made sure to put it on nice and thick to do the job properly, and would you not know it, but when the cream was applied all over Jonas' groin, he got hard as a nail. Conner just smiled and ignored the protrusion otherwise. By the time that Conner was putting the cream on Jonas' feet, the ten minutes was almost up for the upper parts of Jonas' hot body, so it was perfect timing. As soon as the timer went off, he started the chore all over again with the soothing cream to stop the reaction, taking just as much time to lightly rub in a good coating of the cream.

“Wow, that felt amazing, it was like an awesome full body massage, the only drawback was by the end my entire body felt like one big itch and I wanted to scratch, but somehow I doubt that that would feel too good.”

“No, probably not, and that would probably be a good warning to put on the instructions as well. But look, you have not got one single hair on the entire part of your body where you wanted, it looks so hot, so soft.”

“Good idea, and I can tell. It feels so much better too I tell you. I hated all the hair I was starting to get, and as soon as I got too much more, I was going to buy some of the hair remover that you had on your site so that I could remove it all, I wanted none.”

“Cool, but you do know that the warning on the hair remover said not to be used by anyone under the age of sixteen, because their skin tends to still be too sensitive?”

“I know, I was going to risk it and try it on a small place first to see how bad it was.”

“At least you would have tried a small area first, but then I knew you were smarter than that. Okay, now do me please. I want no hair on my back, chest, face, hands feet, ass, and I only want a small amount in my armpits and groin.”

“Can I take all the hair off your balls please, I'd love to suck your balls, but I hate the hairs?”

“Sure, that sounds nice baby.” Conner smiled.

Jonas started at the top, same as Conner did, and worked his way down, applying all the cream that was necessary. Even though Jonas was applying the cream in fewer areas, it still took him as long, Conner was considerably larger than he was after all. He too just finished as the timer went off, so he too started on the soothing cream, starting where he started off with.

“Wow, I feel what you mean about almost feeling a whole body itch, but it did not feel bad. We probably should have tested myself with just a small area first as well, but no harm done.”

“Oh yeah, we should have, that's for sure, but it's done now I guess, and you look real hot too.”

“Thanks. So, how are you coming on the designs for the diaper advertising anyways. You said a couple days ago that you were almost done?”

“Oh, I almost forgot about that when I got a brainstorm on this stuff, but it's pretty much done, all I have to do is model them now some way. I figure that we can just use a dummy to do the actual modeling, then just paste it onto a models body, because neither you or I should do it, that's for sure.”

“That'll work, we can use a few different models to show how they look on a few different people, then we just pay the models for using their bodies, we do that all the time.”

“I want a few really seductive poses though for the extra features.” Jonas grinned cheekily.

“Well, almost all of the poses on my website are more than a little seductive, or suggestive for that matter, so that will not be a big deal, hell, it is nearly expected.”

“True. Care to help me out with that, because believe it or not, as good a hacker as I am, photo rendering and manipulation is something I really suck at?”

“Sure, I will help with that, no problem, I am pretty good at it and do a few of the ads for the site, just because it is a lot of fun to do.” Conner smiled warmly at his little boyfriend.

“Cool, thanks a lot.”

For the next couple hours, after putting on a fresh diaper each of course, they worked on the ads that Jonas had started but was unable to finish.

“Wow, this looks so incredibly hot, and if we don't sell a few million in the first few months I'll be so surprised. I bet every little gay baby boy buys like a case a week, well, maybe every two weeks. I doubt even the most hardcore of us gay baby boys could go through sixty diapers in a week, although it might be fun to try.” Jonas said happily once they were finished, a large smile on his face.

“I agree, with all that in fact. I especially like how we made the model stand bent forward with his hands on his knees, hot ass sticking out, and your little saying so nice and prominent. The other two models showing the front in those ways is so hot, especially since you can very clearly see the ones good ten inch dick tenting the diaper to the extremes.”

“Yeah, and it really highlights the front saying too, makes it almost three dimensional.” Jonas giggled, because it did make the saying just pop right out like nothing else could.

“Was there anything else you wanted added to the ad?”

“Nope, I love it just the way it is. A three page ad though is a lot just for a diaper, but I bet it's worth it.”

“Well, quite a few of my more popular products have two to three pages on the site dedicated to them, so that is not such a big deal. I think that I am also going to take out an ad in the Gay Monthly Magazine, really hit all the angles.”

“I guess that's true, and a good idea as well. Feel like helping me to do up the product ads for the hair remover now? I think we can safely say that it's fully tested.”

“Sure, we may as well, seeing as how we seem to be on a roll.” Conner smiled.

For another four hours they both worked on those ads, completely missing lunch, seeing as how they should have had it when they finished the last one. By the time they finished though, they figured that they had an excellent ad for the permanent hair removal system. They did deem it rather important though to mark in really large bold lettering the word permanent, and that it would remove all hair that it touched, never to grow back. They even did up the product packaging and inserts for the boxes that it would come in, giving their customers all the instructions and other information. That was probably the entire reason that it took that long to complete.

“Holy shit, look at the time, no wonder I'm starving, we worked through lunch, and it's even past dinner time.” Jonas choked out when they finished and he happened to look at the clock.

“Well, at least we have quite the ads to show for it. You want to go get dinner now then?”

“Oh yeah, but I think I could use a diaper change first, it's been nearly ten hours since my last one I think, and I think I'll start leaking before too long.”

“Same here.”

“So, why haven't we set up a clock timer in here yet so that we don't keep missing meals and bedtime?” Jonas asked as he was being changed.

“No idea, I just never remember to, and you never remind me.”

“Well then, I'll try and remember after dinner then.” Jonas smiled warmly.

Once Jonas was finished being changed, he repaid the favor and diapered Conner. Once they were both ready, they headed to the kitchen to get a quick bite to eat, and then ate. Once they finished that, they headed back to the lab where Conner said he wanted to send out the information to his COO to get taken care of to get their new products going. The hair remover would still have to go through another week or so of testing before it was released, but that was normal. The diapers were already on the way to all their loyal customers as a sample pack, so as soon as they hit the site, Conner figured the sales would start immediately.

Once they finished their work, they headed to the games room to play for a couple hours before bed. They both had a blast playing all the different games in there, until they decided that it was bedtime. Although they had decided that it was bedtime, going to sleep was not on either of their minds at the time.

“You know, it occurred to me that while we have had fantastic sex a couple times now, you still have not truly made love to me. So take me to our bed, and make true passionate love to me? Let's not even use the enhancers, let's just go natural.” Jonas looked to his man and said softly, seductively.

“You know, I do believe you are correct, and the same could be said for you not making love to me, so let us go to bed and make love to each other naturally until we are either dry or we pass out, whichever comes first.” Conner smiled warmly back.

They grasped hands and walked slowly towards their bedroom. Neither one wanted to rush it any, this was about love, not sex, and there was no hurrying love. They made it to their room shortly after they left, and still holding hands, Conner turned them so that they were facing each other and bent down slightly to kiss his young lover. Jonas was only too happy with the arrangement, so kissed his big lover back with deep passion, every ounce of the love he had for Conner pouring forth in their loving kiss. For at least fifteen minutes they stood there kissing, gently rocking back and forth, almost dancing to the music only they could hear in their heads.

For the longest time, only their bodies moved, no other part of them, short of their lips and tongues of course, but their hands were still clasped on one side, and the other hands were resting softly on their lovers lower back. Slowly though the hands holding each others back started to move, slowly up to the top, then just as slowly all the way back down, until they were each holding a nice diapered bum cheek.

“Mmm, god I love you.” Jonas broke away from the kiss momentarily and whispered.

Before Conner could respond likewise though, Jonas reattached them at the lips, moved his hand from the outside of Conner's diaper to the inside, and grabbed a hold of the hot cheek inside. Conner decided that that felt like a mighty fine idea, so also moved his hand inside of Jonas' diaper and grabbed the nice hot cheek buried inside. They moaned once again into each others mouths as they did so, but continued right on kissing.

“Oh, make love to me now please baby?” Jonas broke apart again and whispered huskily.

“I would love to my little baby.” Conner whispered back, then picked up his little lover and laid him on the bed.

Once Jonas was positioned right in the middle of the bed, Conner stood up and slowly removed his tented diaper, Jonas watching with loving eyes as the diaper fell to the ground, Conner's ample erection bursting forth in all its glory. As soon as he was free of his diaper, Conner crawled onto the bed from the end, crawling up to Jonas, who was spreading his legs to make room for his big strong smart lover. Conner reached up and released the tapes on the diaper, and then pulled the front down to get it out of the way.

Conner moved just a little closer, laying almost totally down at the same time, and started by sucking Jonas' entire ball sack into his mouth. He sensuously sucked, happily hummed, teasingly tickled, and pleasingly played for a long time, just enjoying Jonas' so baby soft balls in his mouth. And from the sounds that Jonas was making, it sure sounded as if he were enjoying it was well. No one had ever just laid and sucked his nuts before, nor had anyone ever hummed on them, and it was driving him nearly mad.

After about ten minutes of this, Conner detached and worked his way down, taking a few minutes to lick and stroke the nice sensitive perineum that he knew Jonas had. Jonas squealed with pleasure from this of course, but that was nothing compared to what he did next. From there, Conner started giving Jonas a first class rim job, really working the nice tight hole buried deep inside the moist cleft.

After almost five minutes of blissful torture, Conner pulled away, so hard himself from the foreplay that he was not even sure he himself was going to last through penetration, but he was absolutely certain that there was no way on Earth that Jonas was. Jonas was nearing a fevered pitch now, his moans and groans, his pants and gasps, and his cries were getting louder and longer with each passing minute. It was kind of comical, Conner noted, that when he pulled away, Jonas nearly screamed out his frustration. Conner was not about to let him go without his much deserved pleasure for long though, because it took barely a second for him to work his way up, and only another to line up.

As soon as Conner was lined up, he leaned down and continued kissing Jonas once again, just as he was pressing forth his entire girth into the steamy confines of Jonas' amazing young ass. Both moaned far more deeply than they ever had before as Conner sank inside Jonas, not stopping once until he was all the way buried inside.

Having to stop himself from cumming too soon, Conner had to stop totally and stay perfectly still, as well as concentrate very hard on something else. He was not having any such luck though, because Jonas was milking him. The penetration, as Conner thought it would be, was far too much for Jonas, and as soon as Conner hit bottom, so did Jonas hit the peak. So as he was cumming, he was spraying their stomachs and chests, as well as milking Conner more than sufficiently to bring him off. They ended up letting go of the kiss momentarily as their passion rose too high, and as their lips parted, their love screams could clearly be heard.

Once Conner's orgasm let him down enough, he did not pull out, oh no, he was enjoying this far too much to do a silly thing like that, oh he started bumping and grinding instead in the age old tradition. He locked their lips back together, something Jonas was more than willing to accommodate. Lasting maybe five minutes longer than their first cum, they both came again. This time less intense, they continued kissing, and amazingly enough, Conner continued thrusting throughout. Jonas was amazed, but more than happy to continue right on going, for he too was having the time of his life. Never before had he imagined that his first time truly being made love to could feel so wonderful, so amazing, so beyond words. Sure he knew sex was terrific, beyond that even, hell he had experienced it for long enough, but not even in his wildest dreams did he ever imagine this.

This time they each lasted nearly ten minutes before exploding, and with that, Conner slumped down and let himself fall from Jonas' velvety soft tunnel of love. He would have kept going, but he knew Jonas wanted to have his turn, and he wanted that as well.

“Oh wow.” Jonas managed to sigh out a few minutes later.

“No kidding oh wow.” Conner sighed.

“You're amazing.”

“No more so than you are. I have never loved another like I love you, nor will I ever again. Everything we do feels so natural with you, as if we were meant to be together, like we are one mind working in two bodies, I feel so one with you.” Conner sighed, trying to put to words just a little of how he felt for his young lover.

“I feel the exact same way about you too. I'll never love anyone more than I love you, I don't think anyone else could love anyone else this strongly.” Jonas whispered back, right into Conner's ear.

They both had happy tears streaking down their cheeks as well as radiant smiles brightening their faces. Together they just laid there staring at each other like that for many minutes, not saying anything more, just looking deep into the others soul, searching for all they would ever need there instead. What they each found though was far more than they ever imagined, they ffound true love.

“I need you to make sweet passionate love to me now baby.” Conner finally broke the silence and asked in barely a whisper, so quietly that Jonas almost was not certain that Conner had even spoken, because he felt like it had come just from the mind, but he knew it had not, because he had seen his loves lips move.

Jonas did not say anything, he just shifted positions and pushed Conner onto his back, and then crawled down his almost hairless body. Jonas also took the first pit stop at Conner's hot hairless balls. Try as he might though, he was unable to suck the entire sack into his mouth, so he had to be content with just one nugget at a time. He too adopted the humming and strumming that Conner had used on him what felt like hours before. Conner for his part was thoroughly enjoying this, nearly as much as Jonas had before. He only wished that Jonas could take his entire sack into his talented mouth, but knew that eventually the boy would be able to do so, he would keep working at it until he was able to do it.

The sweet torture though ended far too soon in Conner's humble opinion, it was however close to ten minutes that Jonas had tortured his testes, and he had bigger and better places to visit before his oral talents were retired for the night. He too went to the perineum and strummed on the little string there for a few moments, and then went straight for the prize. At times Conner felt that Jonas was trying to bury his entire head inside his rectum, but he was thoroughly enjoying Jonas' oral and digital manipulation of his anal entrance.

Jonas decided to not only use his tongue to torture Conner's ass, but to also use his fingers, so he also had one finger from each hand in there as well, really rubbing and petting everywhere that they could reach. Jonas was unable to last too long like this, because his mouth, tongue, and neck were all starting to get sore, so before he really wanted to, something that Conner also agreed with, he had to vacate possibly the nicest place his tongue had ever visited before.

As soon as he pulled out though, Jonas started working his way upwards, and before too long, two sets of his lips were meeting two sets of Conner's, and without even using his hands at all, Jonas lined up and sunk inside Conner's buttery softness. Because they had both had multiple fantastic orgasms already, neither were in danger of cumming straight away this time, although they were both getting fairly close again. Jonas paused for only a few moments to get used to the incredible feelings, and then finally started a painfully slow motion. He was going so slow that it surprised Conner that he could go so slowly.

Even with the incredibly slow motion that Jonas was going, it was still too much for them, and only a few minutes later they shared their final orgasm of the night together.

“Oh baby, I just don't think I can go again, I have nothing left, that last one burnt as it came out, which means I fired dry.” Jonas whispered, sad that he could not go for at least one more.

“I was not so sure I was going to be able to last another either baby, my last one was blank as well, there is not even a tiny mess on either of us to clean up from me. Oh well, there is always another time, and the next time you get to start first and go for as long as you want.” Conner smiled brightly.

“Well, I don't know about you, but I'm beat, quite literally actually, so we should probably diaper up get to sleep before too long.”

“Same here baby. I am a little fresher than you are, you look like you went through a meat grinder, so I will hop up and grab the diapers and get you ready first.” Conner smiled warmly to his worn out looking baby.


Conner did as he said he would, adding a nice coating of nice thick diaper cream as well before taping Jonas up nice and snug, and then Jonas repaid the favor, and before too long, barely without kisses and I love yous, they were passed out.

“Good morning my gorgeous little baby, how do you feel this morning?” Conner whispered as soon as Jonas' eyes fluttered open and he saw his man watching him, he brightened up immediately.

“Mmm, I feel so loved. I slept wonderfully after being made love to so beautifully last night. I love you.” Jonas whispered back, accentuating his statement with a nice tender kiss.

“And you should feel loved my little baby boy, because I love you so much.”

“Should we get up and go get some breakfast?”

“Yes we should. Your stomach has even been growling in your sleep, and I knew that you would be waking up soon, and hungry as well. I would have gotten out of bed and gone and got breakfast started, but I was enjoying laying here watching you sleep too much.” Conner smiled warmly.

“That's okay, we can go and make it together as normal.” Jonas smiled back.

They both felt the others diaper and felt that they would both hold up until after breakfast, so they got up, clasped hands together, and walked to the kitchen in silence. Once they arrived, they made a large filling breakfast and sat down to eat it.

“So, what should we do today?” Jonas asked once they were finished eating and were cleaning up.

“I do not know for sure, but I have nothing that I am working on at the moment, I finished a few days ago, and I do not feel like starting anything new at the moment, so no idea.”

“Yeah, and I'm done about everything in the lab as well or a few days, or until I come up with some great idea.” Jonas grinned.

“And you sure do get some great ideas too.” Conner smiled back.

“Thanks, so do you. So, the question still remains though, what should we do?”

“Well, I want to call my COO today to make sure that he received everything and see how many loads he blew, so that I know the impact of the ads, it is how I judge most of them after all, to see how effective they will be. Other than that, I really have no idea.”

“That's funny, but if it works, no sense in not using it I suppose.” Jonas grinned.

“You know what, after we do that, why do we not take the truck into town and go do some shopping and have some fun?”

“Shopping for what, and I thought you said it was a small town, so what can we do there?”

“Well, we are running low on meat and some of the staples that I cannot grow here, and I never like getting too low, just in case of emergency, so that is the most important. There are also a few other things that I want to buy, but nothing major. It is a fairly small town in comparison to most major cities, but it still has a couple million people in it, so it is pretty large, nearly city capacity now. Man, I remember when a city only had to have a few hundred thousand people in it to be considered a city, now they have to have nearly three million. With that being said though, with as many people as this town has, it has many great things to go out and do, so no worries.”

“Oh, that's true, I never thought about that. How far away is this town anyways?”

“It will take us nearly an hour to drive there.”

“Wow, we're really far away then.”

“Yes, we are about as far away from civilization as you could possibly get out here.”

“I like that. What about clothes for me though? I doubt very seriously that the clothes I arrived in will be any good, they were in tatters already by the time I made it here, and I have nothing else.”

“No worries, this place was designed as a fallout shelter remember, and when people are falling out to safety, they do not usually bring anything with them, so there are large clothing stores in here, even many for children. All we will have to do is go to the large clothing store room and find you whatever you would like to wear.”

“I think you know the answer to that, but if we're going into town, then I guess it'd be best if I did wear something more than a diaper and a smile.” Jonas grinned cheekily.

“Yes, you and I are the exact same. I once went over three years without putting on any clothes whatsoever, and it felt so horribly constricting when I had to put clothes on that I almost cried, but oh well. Come on, let us go find you some clothes that do not mar your beauty any more than absolutely necessary.” Conner smiled and headed out.

“Let's go call your COO first, you said you wanted to do that first thing remember.” Jonas called out.

“Oh right, almost forgot.” Conner chuckled and blushed sheepishly.

“No worries.”

They headed back to the lab, and they both went to Conner's main desk, Conner sat down and then Jonas hopped into his lap. This would be the first time that Jonas was to meet this mysterious COO that Conner trusted more than any other person on the planet, other than himself now. Conner made the call, and a few seconds later, the screen came up showing a man in his early forties or so Jonas figured. He was wearing a nice tailored suit, was well groomed, but did not look bitchy like most of those types of people had a tendency to look, for one he was certainly not uptight.

“Good morning Richard, how are you today, how many loads did you fire off for the ads I sent you last night?” Conner asked with as straight a face as Jonas figured he could manage.

“Oh, good morning Conner, man, like eight times last night, and a further four this morning. Those diaper ads are so hot that they made me late for work this morning.” He grinned.

“Good, glad to hear it. You have not had that reaction since the leather bikini ads. So, as you can see, I have my new personal assistant and co creator with me, you two have not been formally introduced, so Richard, this is Jonas, and Jonas, this is Richard.”

“Yes, I noticed, and it is really good to finally meet you Jonas. I must say you are for more beautiful than even Conner said you were.”

“Thank you Richard, it's good to finally meet you as well, but you're younger than I thought you'd be, and you're pretty damn hot yourself.” Jonas smiled.

“Thanks. A few years ago those comments would have had you in my bed for hours of the most intense orgasmic pleasure that your mind and body could cope with.”

“I know, I heard, but I think maybe even I could wear you out.” Jonas grinned cheekily right back.

“Hoo, now there is a challenge I might just want to take.” Richard lit right up.

“You know you would never do it Richard, but dreaming is certainly okay.” Conner chuckled.

“Oh and I can certainly dream. So anyways, the ads were put up first thing this morning, and we have already had over fifty thousand hits for the diapers, but then we have already fielded questions on when they would be available, because everyone that received them just absolutely fell in love with the samples. It has only been a week, but I tell you, people sure were impatiently waiting for them. So far not one negative response has been fielded, and had we have allowed it, we would have already had a million pre sold. I figure that by the end of the day, we could hit a million sold, because it has only been online for what, three hours maybe. It is a very good thing that we have had the factory going at maximum speed since we received the specs on everything.”

“Wow, that is awesome to hear, and it is all you that did that Jonas. Almost the entire design was Jonas' idea, I only had the new gelling material started, he finished it off and then made the new diaper designs.”

“Yeah, I remember you telling me about that, and Jonas, this new hair remover that you designed, it is going to sell incredibly well as well. I have already tried it, and it works amazingly well.”

“Thanks, but I did have help, and I'm just happy that they will sell well.” Jonas blushed, not anywhere near used to being praised for anything. His parents used to mostly ignore him when they were not berating him for some reason or another, never showed anything near love or praise towards him, so it was not normal for him.

“Jonas, we have never in our history sold a million of anything in one single day before, and I fully expect that these diapers will do just that. I thought that it was a crazy idea to give away so many of those diapers like that, because that cost me a few million dollars, but now I see that it was the wisest decision ever. I mean I knew that I loved them, and I knew everyone else would as well, but not quite that much. Hey Jonas, I did have one of the customer service people ask the other day if we were going to make a cloth diaper as well, because a few customers have requested something, care to give that a shot?” Richard grinned.

“I don't know, I might be able to figure something out I suppose.” Jonas shrugged and blushed again.

“I am certain that you will. From what Conner tells me of you, your diaper love rivals even mine, and I had thought that that was nearly impossible. Now remember, we will need nice matching plastic panties to go along with them, in all sorts of nice colors, and add your nice little design ideas in as well, if you catch my drift.” Richard grinned hugely this time.”

“Okay, I'll see what I can come up with for you.”

“I knew you would, thanks. So Conner, you never said what the price range on the hair remover should be, where am I pricing it at?”

“No idea, not my product, what do you think Jonas, what would you like to sell it for, and remember, ten percent off the top is yours, and it will sell for great prices for what it is?”

“Oh, um, I'm not really sure. The cost to manufacture it is minimal at best, and you need to sell both the remover and the halting cream together, and neither one is expensive to make. You could make a few different sizes as well for those who do not need to take off all their hair as well I suppose. The one liter size works perfectly for nearly full body hair removal, so I say keep that, and maybe charge a couple hundred for it and the halting cream.”

“That is about what I was figuring as well, so I am happy to hear that we are in line with that. All tests were completed yesterday, and everything says that it will be even better than the temporary stuff, of which we will still continue to carry of course, so it went online today as well. Because we did not do any pre advertising on it though, we have only had a few hits, about a thousand or so the last time I checked, but so far only about five or six sales. We all figure that that one will not be quite so popular, given its permanent nature, but there are certainly those out there that never want to shave again, and now they will never need to.”

“That's cool that it's already sold some, and Conner and I figured that it would not be a huge seller, but would be a good one.” Jonas smiled, glad that it was already starting to sell.

“Yeah. So how is the new anal sex stimulator pill selling anyways Richard, I forgot to ask you the other day?”

“Like fucking beer to an alcoholic. One of our top officials in government that does not want his name ever released, you know the one, says that he absolutely loves the damned thing and cannot get enough of it, and all the little boys he has used it on and with have all certainly enjoyed it as well.”

“That is okay Richard, I think Jonas deserves to know that our very own Prime Minister is about as perverted as we are, and that his wife is nothing more than a paid actor, but then she will certainly never tell, because he loves the toys as much.”

“Huh, the Prime Ministers wife is actually a man?” Jonas choked.

“Oh yeah, he is a he she, he went for the surgery to get his face changed and the breasts added, but that was long before he was with the Prime Minister. Even up close you cannot tell that she is not entirely a she, unless she removes her panties. The Prime Minister does not like his boys any older than fourteen, and detests girls about as much as you and I do, so yeah, their arrangement is perfect, and his so called wife enjoys sharing their boys and toys.” Conner grinned at the shocked look on Jonas' face.

“But how is he able to get away with that? You'd think that the reporters would somehow get wind of at least something, and then dig until they found out everything.”

“Let us just say that the Prime Minister has more more powerful people on his side than all the reporters in the world do. A new law is being worked out right now that is abolishing all sexual age laws all over the world, because every country is finding that it is not working anyways, and they are having to jail people for no reason. I am happy to say that I am a large contributor to this new law and our Prime Minister.” Richard smiled.

“Wow, really. So soon we could have a fully legal relationship?”

“Yep, as long as all parties are in agreement, then any relationship is going to be fully allowed. However, he is recreating the rape laws as well, pretty much you rape someone, and it is without a doubt proven to be a rape, and not an after the fact guilt issue, then the rapist will never be the same again, because they will be in prison for life. He does not want children getting raped, at least more than are already being done, and he wants those stopped as well. So he's hoping these two laws will reduce that, because people will be able to now actively search for the children who are also actively searching, and therefore hopefully make everyone happy in the long run.”

“That's really good to hear, and had that have happened when I was at home, I would have been actively searching as well, and then I would have moved out of my parents house the second I could. As it turns out of course, that is no longer necessary.”

“Very true. Well guys, I do not know about you, but I have a multi billion dollar company to run here, and my secretary has been trying to page me for the past ten minutes, so I should probably get going.” Richard smiled.

“Oh yeah, sorry Richard, you have a good day.”

“Yeah, have a good day.” Jonas added.

“Bye guys.” Richard said and then disconnected.

“Wow, so you must really trust me now to have told me that, that has to be the largest secret ever.” Jonas turned and said happily.

“Baby, I trust you as much as or more than I trust Richard, and higher praise cannot be said. I also love you a great deal and know that anything that you find out would never ever be told, unless of course you were being tortured, but we will try and make sure that never happens.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, a few years ago one of my companies upper executives was kidnapped and tortured, they were trying to get information from him. What they were trying to gain we still have not fully found out, nor do we care. That man was Richard's right hand, so he would have known a great deal. As far as we can tell, they had him for a week and he refused to tell anything at all, and they eventually just killed him.”

“Oh shit, that's horrible.”

“Yes, it was, and it was never publicized either, because I found out who it was that was behind that, I destroyed their company, had them killed, and no one ever knew a thing about it. It really was too bad that all the top people were in the lab at the time that a large chemical explosion took out the entire place. I did have the satisfaction though of seeing it in their eyes that they were going to die, and that they could do nothing about it. They swore though that they were not able to get any information from him, nor had they ever breathed a word of it to anyone, nor had we. We take care of our own internally, we never bring in the police for internal company matters, we do not trust them enough for that, so once we were happy, they died.”

“Wow. Has anything else like that ever happened to your company?”

“Nothing quite so serious as that, but a few people over the years have been kidnapped for ransom. Our policy though is that we will not pay any ransom whatsoever, and that we will search and destroy whomever it is that did it, and that they had better not kill their victim, because then their fate would be far worse than mere death.”

“How could you have made something worse than death?”

“Well, the one who did almost kill one of our people, the victim was barely alive when I arrived, now he will probably never be found. He was deserted in a tiny little place, he would have food and water to barely keep him alive, but nothing else. He has probably died by now, but imagine being left to die like that, now is that not far worse than my killing him straight out?”

“Yikes. You can be very brutal, you know that right?” Jonas grinned.

“I treat everyone in my company as family. Every single one of my employees is a gay male, so they are treated very well, and if you hurt any of my family, I can and will make you pay for it beyond anything you can imagine. For most things I have a security force to do the dirty work, though I usually take care of the bad ones personally.”

“Wow. I think though that we're pretty secure here, so I really needn't worry about being kidnapped or anything, and besides, no one even knows I exist.” Jonas grinned.

“You are correct there of course, and we also need to ensure that. You know what, let me call up my security force and have them work on something that should take care of your parents nice and quiet like.”

“Don't do anything that could get anyone but them into trouble, and don't kill them please, they deserve worse than that.”

“Nah, I rarely have people killed, it is a messy business that makes us bad people, and we are not bad people. No, for what your parents did to you, they do not deserve death, they deserve to be taught that gays are no different than they are.”

“How do you plan to do that?”

“Well, a little something that I made quite a few years back only allows people to become sexually attracted to the same sex, yet it does not change their way of thinking. So they will be attracted to the same sex, but will hate it. Then I will put them into a situation that will drive them absolutely insane with horniness until they will have sex for hours on end, and they will both enjoy it and hate it all at the same time. While it was originally only designed for men, it actually works quite well on women as well, and I have a select few lesbians that can be called up for such a happy duty. More than a few gay bashers have found this torture. Oh, and by the way, it is permanent as well, so they will never again be sexually attracted to the opposite sex. Eventually their brains will change, and they will enjoy it, but for a few years, it will be torture to them.” Conner grinned evilly.

“Oh, that is so the most ingenious thing I have ever heard of, and my parents deserve that so much. What I wouldn't give to see my dad being broken like that.”

“It could be arranged. In fact, almost every episode has been recorded, so we can watch it if you wish as it happens. They will both be detained and put into a hospital like setting. The nurses though will be wearing only the skimpiest of outfits, and their bulges will be ridiculously accentuated at all times. Then there are the other patients that are there, some will be other men or women in getting treated, others are workers or ones that were bashed and enjoy giving this therapy, so there are usually at least fifteen to twenty people involved in orgies at any given time. With as bad as your dad is, I say we give him two days before he becomes so horny that he begs to have the biggest hardest cock jammed up his untrained ass dry. Most only take a day, but when they do cave, then they are fucked by every single person in the room until they pass out.”

“Wow, that sounds amazing, and I cannot wait.”

“There, it is all set up, the security force has all the required information, and your parents are now at the top of their personal grudge list, and by the end of the day, they will be in for therapy.”

“How long do they have to stay in for?”

“Usually a week, maybe more if they show real promise.” Conner grinned.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Well, if it turns out that they become real sluts, then they can stay in longer, and they get moved to a different room, where their therapy is bumped up a notch or two. We keep the biggest dicks, the biggest toys, the kinkiest play things in there, and they really learn to become a slut. More than a few really good gay porn actors have come out of that very section.”

“Oh, that would be so hot if my dad ended up in there.”

“Then we will have him dosed with our special enhancers at least twice a day, just for you.” Conner grinned.

“Oh wicked, he'll never know what hit him, or fucked him in this case.”

“Exactly.” Conner said, and then typed something more in. “There, done. He'll be a world class slut by the end of two weeks, I guarantee it.”

“Now that's payback, gay style.” Jonas whooped.

“Oh yeah, for sure, and most never realize that it was a setup, because they never know that they are given any drugs at all, and they feel that it is done of their own free will, even though they detest it. Any person that is caught gay bashing by us is treated to this, if we ever hear of it, they are brought to our clinic to be cured, no matter where in the world they are from. So far since we have started, we have cured well over ten thousand of their desire to beat gays in more than a sexual way. And not one has ever complained, although we did have one commit suicide, but it happens. His mind was clearly not strong enough to handle it.”

“How are you going to give my dad the sexual enhancers and not even let him realize it?”

“Easy, the same way we give anyone their meds. We use a sleep inducer on all the patients, and anytime we want them to sleep, the air is dosed with it, and they fall asleep. Our people are given the counter drug, so they never fall asleep. While they are asleep, we give them whatever they need, and then we fill the air with the reversal drug, and they wake up, not even realizing that they had gone to sleep.”

“Another of your inventions I trust?”

“Yes, and it works quite well. They now use it in many prisons and other like places where they need to keep people under control, but very few people even know it exists, and those that do are sworn to secrecy. Eventually it will leak, but it has been almost forty years already and so far not even a whisper.”

“Neat. So should we go get dressed then and head into town?”

“Sounds like a plan to me, so follow me.” Conner said and then got up, setting Jonas in front of him as he did so.

Conner led the way to a large storage room that had racks upon racks of all sorts of different clothes. Each rack was marked as to who they were for. Conner led them to the back where there was a rack of clothes that said boys size twelve to fourteen. He picked through for a few minutes and then picked out a nice diaper shirt looking thing, but was more in the style of a dancers outfit, it was black, almost shiny. He then picked out a nice green shirt and a pair of black pants. He grabbed socks and then went to another area and grabbed some shoes.

“Here you go baby, you should look real sexy in this, go ahead and try it on.”

“I'd rather you dressed me.” Jonas smiled warmly.

“Okay, I would like that as well.” Conner said, and then standing right there, he dressed his little baby boy, and he was right, he did look very sexy.

“You can't see my diaper can you?” Jonas asked, looking down, but thinking that he could very clearly see his diaper bulge.

“Yes, if you know what to look for you can tell it is there, but do not worry, my diapers almost always show a little and no one ever says anything. Besides, I think it makes you look more sexy with a diaper bulge.” Conner grinned.

“Oh, okay.” Jonas said, not really caring one way or the other.

“Come on baby, you get to choose my clothes and dress me now. Mine are all over here.” Conner said happily.

They got to the correct rack and Jonas picked out much the same clothes as Conner had picked out for him, including the nice black diaper shirt. The only major difference was that Jonas went with red for his shirt instead. He then helped his man to get dressed, and Conner loved it, even though he too hated getting dressed.

“Wow, you're right, it does make you look hot with the diaper bulge, and you can sorta tell it's there.”

“Told you so. Now come on baby, let us go up to the truck and get going.”

“Don't you think we should pack a diaper bag?”

“Yeah, we probably should. We will grab a new diaper shirt and a pair of pants each, as well as a few diapers and throw them into a bag, and then we should be good.”

“That was what I was thinking as well. Come on baby.” Jonas said, and then grabbed what they needed quickly and headed to their room to grab the diapers.

As soon as they were ready to go, they headed to where the truck was parked, Conner punched in the door code to let them in, and then they were on their way.

“So, tell me, is there any way to get my parents hooked on diapers as well, really demoralize them?”

“I am sure that we can work it into their training somehow, but there is no drug that I am aware of that would do so.........Unless maybe......”

“Unless maybe what?” Jonas asked curiously.

“Well, I am certain that it would not be hard to make a drug that would target only the sphincter muscle of their bladders and permanently relax it. Maybe when we get home I'll work on it.”

“That would be cool, but could I do it maybe, it's for my parents after all, and I think they deserve it.”

“Sure, and if you need any help at all, you need but to only ask.”

“Thanks, I know, but this might be fun.” Jonas grinned evilly.

“Ooh, you have right little mean streak in you too!” Conner grinned back.

“Oh yeah. I once caused a kid at school that was trying to bully me to shit his pants so bad that he was made fun of so bad he had to leave school and move to another.”

“Why was he bullying you, and how did you do that?”

“He found out I was a bed wetter and kept threatening to tell everyone unless I paid him. It was easy to do though, because one of the things he made me do every day was to go get his lunch. Well one day I brought in a brownie laced with laxatives and muscle relaxants, he never knew what hit him. His muscles were so relaxed that he was unable to feel it coming on, and I gave him so much that he said he felt as if his stomach was coming out. Even the teachers noticed that he seemed far more relaxed than normal, in fact he was nearly asleep in class, and then the smell hit. I offered to take him to the nurses office, and I told him that if he messes with me, then he will pay the price, and that if he ever messed with me again, I would make that incident seem like a friendly gesture. He was crying the entire way, he was totally broken, and the next day he did come to school, but by then, care of my telling, everyone in the entire school knew of his 'accident'. I never felt guilty for it, and there were more than a few people who suspected that I may have had something to do with it. The principle even called me into his office and told me that if it was proven that I was the one to have done it, even if the other boy was being a bully, that he would expel me. I just looked him right in the eye and told him that even if I had have been the one to have done it, that I am more than smart enough to have covered my tracks. He said he knew, hence the reason he was unable to prove that it was me, even though he knew without a doubt that it was me. He did smile at me though, I think he liked what I did to the boy, but of course could never admit it.”

“That is truly awesome and devious. No wonder you and I get along so well. So what else have you done like that?”

“Well, I did all sorts of things to my parents that thankfully they never found out I did. There was the time I caused them to both get supposed food poisoning, they threw up for like three days. That was after another verbal beating because I was useless. Well, I wasn't so useless in science, now was I. Then there was the time that I gave them both diarrhea for like four days, again for another verbal beating they gave me, same reason. I've also killed their cars on numerous times, to the point that it's caused them thousands in repairs, all seemingly just computer failures. Again it's too bad I was so useless at computer programming and hacking and hacked right into their cars' computers. Then there are all the times they refused to give me money for for whatever reason, so I just hacked into their bank account and gave myself ten times what I asked for in the first place, all making it look as if it were a personal withdrawal from themselves. They really should have learned not to mess with me by the time I was five, but I covered my tracks so well that they never knew it was me doing it.”

“Holy shit kid, you are even more conniving than I am, I love it.”

“Oh yeah. I've taken care of a few bullies in similar ways as well, gave them the runs or whatever whenever they fucked with me. I had lots of friends, but I was still targeted for some reason. My friends though were often targeted as well, so their tormentors often found the same fates.”

“Man, it was good to be one of your friends, but definitely not one of your enemies.” Conner chuckled.

“Yeah, but they never learned anyways. Mind you, the same one never struck again, but with a thousand kids in my school, I guess there were more than enough assholes to go around.”

“That is probably true.”

“So, what other famous or influential people do you sell stuff to?”

“Oh, so many that I would never be able to tell you all of them. There are more than a few of the most famous actors, so many politicians it is unbelievable, sports stars like you would not believe, all sorts.”

“Nice. What's the single largest order of kinky toys that you have ever sent to one single person?”

“Not too sure, but the biggest one I can think of was a few hundred thousand dollars worth. He bought probably every piece of kinky furniture we had, had to have been one of each size of dildo and butt plug we carry, a large assortment of vibrators, a full leather set, and a few gallons worth of lube. The problem though is that we do get those sorts of orders occasionally from porn producers for their props, so it's hard to say if it is for a single persons use, but this particular order was, because I knew who it was for. He had just won the lottery, so was able to afford to buy himself all the toys he wanted.”

“Wow, now that's a lot of stuff.”

“Yeah, it is, but I still have more, but then again, he has ordered more as well.” Conner laughed.

For the rest of the nearly hour that they had for their trip into the town they talked about all sorts of different things, just having fun really.

“Wow, nice town.” Jonas said as soon as it came into sight, they were up above the town, so could see all of it, and then the ocean beyond that. “It's quite large though, way larger than my old city was. Why is it only a town?”

“Well, because it does not have enough permanent residents to become a city, but it probably has more hotel rooms than it has people in it. This is a tourist town, and they have all sorts of great things here for tourists to do year round. Given that it is not the busy time of the year, it just ended, it will not be so busy, but there will still be many people here on vacation.”

“I thought I was a lot further from the ocean, I thought I had gone into the Rocky Mountains!”

“No, the Rockies are way over there, this is a much smaller mountain range, and we are on the opposite side, so we cannot even see the Rockies from here.”

“Oh, okay. Well geography was always my weakest subject anyways, so no wonder I had no idea where the hell I was. So, you still haven't told me where all we're headed, so where are we going?”

“I have told you all you need to know for now baby.” Conner grinned.

In response Jonas stuck out his tongue. Conner just chuckled.

They arrived into the outskirts of town a few minutes later, and already Jonas could tell that it was certainly a tourist town, easily seventy five percent of the people walking around had cameras around their necks and were traveling in groups. They seemed to have traveled into a street side market area, and Conner found a spot to park and they got out.

“How come we stopped here?”

“You had to have noticed the market, right! Well, we are here to check out the market to see if there is anything that we would like. If there is anything at all that you would like, ask for it, and I will buy it for you, because until a little later on, you have no money, but I have lots. We will stop by the bank and get you all set up to withdraw from your account, but this was the first thing we could stop at, and there is little point in backtracking.”

“Oh, okay, that makes sense, thanks. I doubt that I'll buy anything, but it'll be fun to look.” Jonas smiled.

“You would be surprised. The local artisans and crafts people have many beautiful items here all the time, also you can find a lot of nice fruits and vegetables, as well as almost anything else you could want here, this market is huge.”

“Oh, nice.”

For the next nearly hour they wandered around and chatted with a number of people. For someone who was shy, Conner sure seemed at home talking to most of the people Jonas figured. Jonas did see a great deal many things there that he liked, and he even bought quite a few neat things, and any time he asked Conner for something, he just paid for it without asking. They bought a large assortment of fruits and vegetables that they did not grow in their own gardens, as well Conner grabbed a few nice new linens that one vendor had.

“That was a great place, and there were so many great deals there.” Jonas said excitedly once they were done and were climbing into the truck. All their purchases were stored in the back of the truck. It was good and secure, and Conner had cold storage back there as well for all their food stuff, so it would be fine.

“Hence the reason that I do stop there any time that I am in town, I just like it. Next is the bank, because it is next in line, so we can get you all set up, and then it will be shopping.”

“Okay.” Jonas said, not really caring, just as long as Conner was by his side.

They went to the bank and Conner got everything fully arranged with no problem at all, something that amazed Jonas. He had been unable to get an account at any bank before because his parents had to do it for him, so he had no idea how Conner did it, nor was he about to ask. He asked once they were in the truck, and he told Jonas that the bank no longer questioned anything that he wanted done, they just did it for him with no questions. He told Jonas that it had something to do with the bank manager getting some prime play toys, Jonas grinned.

Their next stop was a large grocery place, but it was huge, and they had far more than just groceries. They had to have looked around for more than an hour before they even started doing any sort of shopping. They grabbed all the staples that they needed first, anywhere from five to twenty of whatever it was that they wanted. Next they hit the meat department, and here Conner really loaded up. Jonas figured that when all was said and done, they would likely have a full cow, two pigs, a few hundred chickens, a few turkeys, probably half a lamb, and even a few fish. Jonas had to politely tell Conner that fish was out of the question for him though, because he could not stand the stuff. Conner said that was not a problem at all, but Jonas knew it would not be. Next they hit the dairy section and bought a few hundred pounds of all sorts of different cheeses. They also hit the deli section and picked out at least twenty kilograms of assorted meats from there. By the time they were finished shopping, they were both pushing hugely overloaded carts, and they were huge in and of themselves too, and they hit the tills. Jonas had never in his life even fathomed a shopping trip costing as much as this one did, and when the final total came up, he gasped in shock and surprise, the lady at the till had to agree with him though.

They headed back out to the truck and started loading it all in, and that took a while. Thankfully the cold storage had enough room to fit it all, much to Jonas' surprise. It was getting pretty damn full in the back of the truck though, and Jonas was certain that not much else was going to fit, if anything else.

“So, where to next, because I doubt that we're gonna fit anything else in the truck?”

“Well, we have missed lunch by a wide margin, but that is okay, I wanted us to have a late lunch today, so that is where we are heading next. Now, where we are about to go to, do not be surprised by the fact that the menu has no prices on it, it is normal for this place and means that it will be expensive, but trust me. It is also written in Italian, so if you need help with it, just ask.”

“I can read Italian, speak it pretty well, and can speak four other languages as well. So I doubt I'll have too much trouble.”

“That is very good. What other languages can you speak?”

“French, German, Greek, and Spanish.”

“Wow, impressive, even more than I can. I can speak all of them except Greek.”

“I don't speak any of them perfectly or anything, but more than enough to not sound like an idiot should I ever need to use them.”

“That is at least very good. Maybe one day we will have to travel somewhere then.”

“I'd really like that.”

“Yeah, I'm starting to feel that the life of a troglodyte is not all it is cracked up to be, and with you with me, maybe we can start exploring a little. Most everyone will have forgotten what I look like by now anyways, so I should be relatively safe.”

“Not to mention, no one would really pay any attention even if they did recognize you, because you are far too old to look as young as you do, so they would pass it off as someone just looking an uncanny amount like you. I do have to ask though, what the hell is a troglodyte?”

“Cave dweller, or person that lives in a cave.”

“Neat, you learn something new every day.” Jonas smiled.

“That is good, you need to always keep learning. As for your points about people recognizing me, they are very good ones, and very true. Well, here we are, let us go eat.”

They walked into the very upscale restaurant and were seated almost instantly as soon as they were spotted, ahead of at least three other groups. Jonas chuckled that it was nice to be well known and respected, but did have to ask if it were maybe for the normal reason, and Conner nodded his head and smiled.

“How is it that so many people here know you, yet you do not seem fazed by it?”

“They think they know me, but no one knows I am who I actually am. They just believe that I am an upper official of the company. My real name is not on anything at all any more, it is all under a false name. I did that when I went into hiding. Like the waiter here, I searched all customers in this area, found out where they worked and then came in when I wanted to, and explained who I was, and that if treated with respect I could maybe get him some really good deals. He gets half price on almost anything he wants, because every time I come here, he treats me like a god. Of course I still have to pay, but it is usually nowhere near to what others have to. He too is a diaper lover by the way, I sell him many packs.”

“Oh, that really makes sense, and he's pretty hot too, and I can even see a bit of a diaper bulge. I imagine though that in his job, it probably is very handy at times.”

“I am sure it is, as with many jobs, but he loves them, not needs them, but no one else knows that. Everyone else thinks it is a bladder problem, should they find out that is.” Conner grinned.

A few moments later their waiter was back at their table, he was taking them personally, he passed them both menus, and then took their drink orders. Conner ordered house wine for both of them, and not once was he questioned about Jonas' age, it was just brought out. Conner did have to teach Jonas how to drink wine properly, and within a few sips he was enjoying it. Their orders were taken moments after they each set down their menus, and then shortly thereafter, they were eating. They had been talking softly amongst themselves until then, but once their food started coming, there were no more sounds.

“Oh man, what a meal. That was absolutely fantastic.” Jonas sighed out.

“Would you care to meet the chef and thank him for the wonderful meal, he would love to hear that as well?” Their waiter asked, he had snuck up on Jonas.

“Oh no, I couldn't, he will be much too busy for me.” Jonas declined politely.

“Oh, I assure you that he will not have a problem at all young Sir. He owns this place, and is my husband, and trust me, he always loves to hear nice reviews of his food from fellow gays, especially from ones who provide so many nice toys.” He grinned.

“Have you tried my newest design of diaper yet?” Jonas whispered.

“You designed them. Oh my god boy, you are my own personal god then. They are the most wonderful diapers that have ever been designed.” He boasted quietly but excitedly.

“Thank you very much. I appreciate it. If you are sure that he would not mind the interruption, I'd love to thank him for the great meal.”

“Oh, he will not mind, especially once he finds out who you are.” He grinned widely.

“Oh, is he a DL as well?”

“Almost as much as me, and he loves the new ones just as much as I do. Follow me please.”

Conner and Jonas followed the man to the kitchen, and as soon as they entered, their waiter called out excitedly. “Hey Mark, you have to come meet someone.”

“What's up baby?” Mark asked, recognizing Conner and seeing right away that Jonas was gay and wearing as well.

“You of course recognize this gentleman, but this young man says that he was the designer of the new diapers.”

“No shit, really! Well let me shake your hand.” He said, and before Jonas could react, his hand was taken by Mark and shook vigorously for a few seconds.

“Thanks Sir, but it is I that should be thanking you. Our meal was the very best I have ever had, and I don't think that I will ever be able to eat another meal and not think of this one.”

“If I had have known who you were, I would have put forth even more effort, and from now on, you Sir pay for not one cent of your food, nor you Sir.” Mark said ecstatically to Jonas, and added as an afterthought to Conner.

“Oh no, we insist on at least paying something, we cannot eat for free. We do thank you for the kind offer though.” Jonas politely refused.

“Nonsense. So, have you created anything else yet?” Mark asked.

“Then I'll just leave a large tip.” Jonas grinned cheekily. “Yes though, I created the permanent hair remover that was just introduced, and will be looking into some cloth diapers possibly.”

“Really, now that's really advanced, and you designed it yourself?”

“From the ground up.” Conner said this time, almost the first noise he had made.

“Now that's impressive. I ordered some already, because I've loved the temporary one, even though it lasts for a few months, so the permanent one should be even better yet.”

“Thanks, and it is. I am now as soft and smooth as a baby, and always will be.” Jonas smiled.

“Fitting, considering what you're wearing.” Mark grinned, pointedly looking down to Jonas' mid section.

“I know, and so will it be for you two as well.” Jonas grinned as well.

“Definitely. Now, as much as I would love to stay and talk to you for even longer, I really must be going. I thank you for your kind words and your even nicer inventions, and I hope to see you here soon.”

“And I thank you again for the excellent meal.”

“And I too must be going. Please have a good day.” Their waiter said, they never did get his name.

Jonas did stop by their table and leave a large tip though, two one hundred dollar bills under his plate. Conner smiled and nodded appreciatively, saying that it was perfect. The meal had probably cost more than that, but that was more than they would have been charged normally, so that was good.

“Wow, it's nice to meet people that like what you've done, it feels good.” Jonas said happily once they reached the truck and had climbed inside.

“Yes, it always feels very nice, and I am glad that you got to meet them, they are the type of people that are great for the self esteem. Although you have very little problem with that, which is both great and amazing.”

“Why would it be amazing that I have good self esteem?”

“Because of your parents. Most kids that are treated like they treated you have very low self esteem, and it usually takes years of positive reinforcement to correct it.”

“Oh, I guess that makes sense. I never let them get me down, I knew they were retarded, I was too smart for them to really hurt me any.”

“Yes, that is most certainly true.” Conner smiled warmly to his baby.

“So, what are we doing next?”

“I think first we need to change our diapers, and then we are going somewhere fun.”

“Okay, but where can we change our diapers?”

“Right here, I will just black out the windows. I have auto tinting windows, so I just have to turn them to the darkest setting.”

“Oh, okay. I've never actually seen a vehicle with that, I've seen the ads for it, but never saw it in real life before. It looked really neat.”

“It is.” And with that, Conner hit the switch and the windows all went dark. He turned on the light though so that they could see, and then they each changed the others diaper lovingly.

“Thanks, I needed that.” Jonas sighed as soon as he was done.

“Me too.”

Conner took off as soon as it was safe to do so, and he drove them clear across town Jonas figured, and when they stopped, they were at an amusement park. Jonas was understandably excited by this, having never once been to one before. They went and paid for their rides and then went inside the park and rode the rides for many hours. They had a blast, but all things must come to an end, and so it did. It did however end on a sour note.

“Hey kid, it looks like you peed your diaper too much, you're leaking and look just like my little baby brother.” The boy said, and if it had have just been said nicely, it would not have been so bad, but the boy said it loud and rude, so that a number of people heard, and they all looked.

“Oh, would you look at that, I did leak. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll have to get a change before we head home then.” Jonas said as upbeat as he could, even though he wanted to rub the kids face on the pavement.

“Huh.” The boy said in confusion when the boy he was teasing did not take the bait.

Jonas just got right up close to the boy and whispered only for him to hear. “The next time you try and tease someone, you best be certain that that person is not strong enough or smart enough to make your life a living hell. I am both, and if it were not for the fact that you are worth none of my time, and I need a diaper change, I would wipe your face all across the pavement. Now get the fuck out of my face before I decide to not be so kind.”

“Oh don't give me that shit, you ain't got nuthin on me. What are you gonna do, beat me up or something in front of your daddy.”

“Oh, he's not my dad, he's my body guard. He's only here to take care of adults though, or unless multiple kids try and attack me. However if by chance you do happen to beat me up, he'll finish you off for me, because I pay him a lot to do so, so believe me, you may be able to beat me up, which I doubt very seriously, but you'll never get him, and he'll hurt you far more than you could ever imagine.” Jonas grinned, and Conner put on the most menacing look he could to accentuate the point.

The boy never even said a word, he just looked up at Conner, saw that he was itching for a fight, looked to Jonas, saw that he was itching for a fight even more, and decided that there was no way he could win that one, so high tailed it out of there as fast as his feet could take him. It was rather comical. The small crowd of kids that had gathered had found it quite comical as well, since a few were laughing.

“That was the funniest thing I ever saw. No wonder you had no problem with bullies at your old school, you are a wicked fast thinker. I never would have thought of that.” Conner laughed as soon as they were out of earshot of the others. They had turned and started walking right away.

“Thanks. Most of the time I was able to talk my way out of things, but then sometimes they were able to see right through my bullshit, so sometimes I got my ass beaten, just not that way a gay boy likes.”

“I bet you at least fended off most of them.”

“About sixty percent or so I figure.”

They headed towards the exit and to the truck, both figuring that they could just change in the truck again, so that was what they did. As soon as they were ready to go, Conner got them on their way. Jonas fell asleep not even ten minutes after they started driving, and he slept the rest of the way home. It was a very quiet ride home, and now that Conner was used to having Jonas to talk to, he was not so certain he liked the silence any more. As soon as they got back, Conner carried Jonas into their home, leaving everything in the truck for the night, because it would be fine, he got them both stripped down for bed and into bed, and then he kissed Jonas goodnight, Jonas had not stirred even once, and then he too passed out for the night.

Chapter 5

“Mmm, good morning my big handsome baby. Thanks so much for yesterday, it was so much fun.” Jonas sighed as he woke up, to find Conner just laying there and watching him sleep again.

“You are so very welcome my loving little baby boy. I am glad that you had fun. It has been so many years since I went and did something like that, and it sounds as if you never have before. I think that we both needed that.”

“No, I'd never gone and done anything like we did yesterday at all, and yes, I think we both needed it as well.” Jonas smiled.

“Well, your diaper is near to saturation, so we had better get you changed before you spring a leak, and then I could use a change as well. Once that is done, it is breakfast time, and then we have to go and unload everything from the truck.”

“Oh, everything is still in the truck?”

“Yes, of course it is. I was nearly as tired as you were last night, and I was not about to bring it all in myself. Do not worry though, the cold storage bins will have kept everything at the exact same temperature as what we put them in at, so it will all be perfectly fine.”

“Oh, okay.” Jonas smiled and rolled so that he was in diaper changing position, submitting himself for his change.

They quickly changed each other, and then headed down to breakfast. They made and ate their meal, both enjoying it a great deal, they both seemed to be quite hungry this morning. As soon as they finished that, Conner led them to a storage room, where he grabbed them each a large cart to carry everything in. It took well over an hour to bring in everything that they had bought the day before, and then another hour and a half to put it all away.

“Well, now that that is all done, feel like going to the lab and getting some work done, because I want to work on that stuff for my parents?” Jonas asked.

“Okay. Mind terribly if I make the same thing for the bowels, and maybe just because we are overly cruel, we can test it out on your parents as well?” Conner asked with a sharks grin.

“If I had to live with them I'd say no, but that's no longer my problem, so sure, let's really torture them.” Jonas gave the same grin back.

“Excellent.” Conner said, and then they took off for the lab.

For the next several hours the two worked in near silence in their lab, both at their main stations, working away at totally destroying Jonas' parents for their abuse of him. They were both well aware that both of these drugs could be used by others for payback tools as well, but would be kept hush hush, because they were quite cruel, especially what Conner was working on. Conner was the first to cheer, saying that he was done.

“I'm almost finished as well, the computer is just running the final simulation on mine.” Jonas called out.

“Mine just finished, and it claims ninety percent failure rate within three to five days, and one hundred percent in up to thirty days.” Conner told Jonas.

“That's pretty good, and it will totally destroy my parents.” Jonas grinned. “Oh, mine just finished, and it's saying one hundred percent loss within two days. Wow, not even I expected it to be so fast. It's almost too fast, but oh well.”

“Wow, that is fast. Let me take a look at yours to see how you did it, maybe mine can be changed to act as fast.”

“We can trade places and look over each others formulas.” Jonas offered.

“By all means.”

They traded computers and both looked over the information for almost an hour.

“I was wrong, I could not make mine work the same way you did, not without changing almost everything. It is amazing though that we both started out to do basically the exact same thing, yet our formulas are entirely different.”

“Well, just because we're both about as smart as the other, doesn't mean that we think the exact same way. Both of these formulas could easily be modified for the other purpose though I figure, and they would both work about the same. Not sure if the outcome would be the same though, but it doesn't matter that they're different, because they both work for exactly what we anticipated. Want to try out the bladder one with me though, I don't need the control, I'll never use it anyways?” Jonas asked.

“That is very true, and I suppose you are correct as normal. In many ways you are smarter than I am though, but I am smarter than you in other ways yet. If you try it out, then I will as well, not like we have to, but you are right, we do not need the control.”

“Okay, I have already got some on the way, oh there it is, that was fast.”

“It is a very simple formulation, and all the chemicals it needed are here for it, so it would be fast.” Conner said as Jonas went to fetch the two vials.

“On the count of three.” Jonas said after handing Conner one for himself.

Conner nodded, and Jonas counted it down. As soon as he hit three, they both drank it down.

“Yikes, that was nasty tasting stuff.” Jonas said, pulling a face, so did Conner.

“I agree, thankfully you only have to take it once. So, I guess that officially makes us babies that cannot feel the need to pee at all.”

“You bet it does, ain't it great.” Jonas grinned.

“Well, should we send this information to the clinic for them to administer to your parents as soon as they arrive?”

“Sure, but will they be able to make it there?”

“Yep, they have a small version of our manufacturer for making all the different drugs that they need, it is faster and easier that way.”

“That's a really good idea, and by all means.” Jonas said happily.

Conner went and sent the clinic and Richard the newest inventions, and gave the clinic the instructions for Jonas' parents. They were perfectly okay with this, because they would just use other patients to do the messy cleanups anyways.

“There we go, now your parents will be totally destroyed by the time they leave our humble little get away, and they will never know that it was you who did it to them.” Conner smiled.

“Unless of course in a few months I call them and make more than a few hints to them that possibly I was the one to have caused their downfall and then really rub it in that they got less than they deserved.”

“Ooh, that would be cruel, but the choice will be yours alone if you wish to do it.”

“Yeah, I know, and I'll think about it. I might not want to, because I honestly don't really care to ever see them again, other than seeing my dad get raped, even though he'll be begging for it. That'll just be fun.”

“That it will be, and may even start as early as tonight, but more than likely tomorrow night. I asked that we be informed as soon as they are in custody, so we will know when they are getting what they deserve.”

“Good. Let's go for lunch, and then I want to come back and start working on a few other things.”

“Okay. Are you going to start on the cloth diapers?”

“I think so, yes.”

“Good. I do not particularly care for cloth diapers myself, but I will certainly try them out with you once they are done.” Conner smiled.


They headed down for some lunch and then were right back in almost no time. They both got down to work right away, Conner not really working on anything in particular, just redoing a few of the pages on his site. Jonas though got right to work on creating a new fabric that was both soft and absorbent. He went through a few hundred natural and synthetic fibers, trying to come up with a special blend that would give him all that he wanted. It took almost two hours for him to create a good sturdy fabric that was very soft, yet absorbed over ten times its own weight. He then went about creating a pull up design that would have all the features that they wanted in it. It had to have cutouts in two key areas, it had to be able to hold up well even with those cutouts, which were only slits in the fabric, it had to be comfortable, and while thick could not be cumbersome. It took about half an hour for Jonas to figure that one out, and once he had the design he wanted, he sent it to the computer sizing chart to see how it sized up against all the information they had available to them. This was the same program that Jonas had used for the disposable diapers to see how they would fit most people, and he knew it worked very well.

With the diaper itself being worked out, Jonas now had to work on the truly tricky part, and that was the plastic pants. He had to figure out a soft, stretchy, waterproof material that would not be hot or sticky, and that no one would be allergic to. Once again he started working with an assortment of different natural and man made products to come up with something. This actually took him a good two hours just to figure out, and it was the setting down of a plate of food that stopped his work.

“Oh, is it dinner time already?”

“Actually, nearly two hours after. You did not even respond when I called out to you, you just kept mumbling things to yourself and looking back and forth between different screens. I decided to just go and make dinner myself and leave you to your work. I was not all that busy, I am not really working on much of anything, so I did not mind.”

“Oh wow, thanks though. Now that I've stopped, I can tell I'm really hungry.” Jonas smiled, and then started eating. Conner also sat down and ate with his baby.

“So, what all have you come up with so far?”

“I've made the diaper, and now am working on the water proof pants. They're not made of plastic or rubber, but are completely waterproof. I just finished the formulation of it though, so have to test it all out to make sure that it's as good as I suspect it will be. Hopefully by bed time I will have it all figured out.”

“That is very good. It will have taken you only a few hours to do what others have wanted to do for years. I was asked years ago if I could do it, but I do not like cloth diapers like I said, so I did not really bother.”

“I don't know if I'll like wearing them either, but it's fun to make. Actually, I have to see how the sizing on that went, because the tests went awesome.”

“Oh really, how awesome?”

“On a softness scale of one to ten, one being soft as babies skin, and ten being about blue jean, this scores a negative three at least, it is that soft, and the absorbency of it is incredible. It can hold ten times its own weight in liquid.”

“Wow, now that is impressive, and I bet it sells very well.”

“For sure. I'm thinking of making a new line of TB and AB baby clothes using the same material. The nice thing with it is that I specially designed it with breatheability in mind, and it still breathes even when completely soaked. The waterproof pants I'm hoping have as much breathing room, because I designed them like that as well. That way you won't got all hot and sticky. Using the same material though for clothes would be nice, because it will be so soft and comfortable.”

“Very nice, and I bet it sells very well.”

“I'm hoping that it does. I think I'll send some of it to the guys at the restaurant from yesterday to test out for us. What do you think of that?”

“I think that they would love it very much.”

“I bet.”

“Well, I will let you get back to work baby, and I too will go back to my reorganizing of the website.”

“Okay, thanks. Have fun.”

“You too.”

Jonas got right back to work, and started by designing the new waterproof pants. He wanted them to have matching slits cut into them, but had to think long and hard on a closure device that would be water tight and would not cause any undo amounts of friction on anyone who cared to use the cutouts for their intended purposes, because that would be highly uncomfortable. It only took him about half an hour to figure this dilemma out, and so he incorporated it in. It was a simple plastic zipper like device, similar to what they used to use on sandwich bags. He figured that that would be more than suitable.

He then sent everything to the sizing system, and pulled up the results of the diapers. He was happy to see that the fit was a good one, if not great. He had a fit rating of almost ninety percent, so that meant that the new diapers would fit up to ninety percent of their customers on average. That was not too bad he figured. He did look at the results though, and found that he could get nearly a hundred percent by making another size larger, and also decided to make another smaller size for the younger teen babies. He wanted to get them into the young boys items as well. With the new laws passing to include children in sex, it would be worthwhile he felt. He sent it back, and then retrieved the sizing information for the waterproof pants, and got the same information. So he included that in the two extra sizes as well, and then sent the waterproof pants into testing to test for their functionality, because he still had not done so.

As he was waiting for that to be done, he started in on grabbing all the baby designs for all the various clothing, and just had the computer do all the work there and redesign it all for young teen up to adult sizes. It was all to be made with the same soft fabric, and to be made in many different colors and designs, same as the diapers had been. Again, he just used some of the baby designs that were already used. He also made sure to include some little baby girl colors and designs, because there were more than a few gay boys out there that liked to act a little girly. It only took half an hour for the computer to compile a nice list of different clothes, and he approved all of them except one, just because he thought it looked ridiculous.

By the time that that was finished, the results from the waterproof pants tests had come up, and he was very pleased with the results, one hundred percent waterproof across the board, completely machine washable, and had an average life span of about one year with daily use. No other plastic or rubber pants on the market could claim anything near that, hence the reason he was very pleased. The fabric had also tested well on the machine wash scale, and could be washed and dried without falling apart or shrinking at all.

He looked up and saw that it was not quite bedtime yet, and that Conner was still working, so he decided to do up a couple other things really quickly. He made a few different styles and sizes of baby bottles and pacifiers, just because. That only took a few minutes, and then he was done for the night.

“I'm done baby. Come take a look at it all.” Jonas stood up and called out, stretching to work out all th kinks in his body, because he was quite tense from working so hard.

“Really, let me see!”

“Here, go ahead and sit down and take a look. So what were you working on?”

“I was just reorganizing things a bit, but I created a whole new section for whatever all you have here. Go take a look while I look at this.”

“I'll go and look in a few minutes, I want to see your face when you see all this.” Jonas grinned.

And for almost half an hour Jonas watched Conner while he was looking at everything At first he was amused, but slowly it worked into a shocked look.

“Holy shit baby, you thought of everything, and it is all so perfect. It is a little risky making things even for younger boys though and putting it on the site do you not think?”

“No, with the laws soon to be changing, I felt that all the little gay baby boys could finally get all that they really want and need. You already carry all the dildos and plugs and all sorts of other assorted things that even kids can use, so no worries there. Maybe just create some good smaller condoms, and you'll be all set.”

“True, and maybe I should.” Conner grinned.

“So, show me the changes that you made to the site?”

“Okay.” Conner said and then led the way to his computer. “All I did was to really create a whole new page. Right now it just says coming soon, adult baby wear and accessories, but I think I will change it to also say teen baby. As you can see, it is just the blank page right now, and as soon as we go live, the diapers and creams will be moved to this section as well. When do you want to go online with this?”

“As soon as we have a good selection available, and I say we wait at least a few days to get some publicity, really work it.” Jonas smiled.

“Good idea. Let me just make a few notations to the site, tell people what they are waiting for.” Conner said, and then spent a few minutes. He told all the people that they were going to carry baby clothes made of the softest material known to man, they would have ultra soft ultra thirsty cloth diapers that were kinky certified, waterproof pants to match, and teen and adult sized baby accessories.

“There we go, that should turn more than a few heads.” Conner grinned.

“Oh yeah. You should call Richard and tell him to get this stuff started right away. I'm going to send a couple cloth diapers and waterproof pants to the machine to make us some.”

“Okay, sounds good to me baby, and I am going to tell him to start production on smaller sized condoms as well at the same time. We do not need to redesign them, just make them smaller.”

“Cool, sounds like a plan to me.” Jonas smiled, and they both went to do what they said they would.

It took almost half an hour for both of them to be finished, and Jonas met Conner with two cloth diapers and two waterproof pants just as he was disconnecting from Richard.

“Here we go baby. Let's say we take these to our bedroom, slip in a couple pills, diaper each other, and really test these new diapers out fully?” Jonas grinned cheekily, showing his horniness.

“Okay.” Conner said, happy with that plan.

They nearly ran to their bedroom, where they each stripped each other of their soggy diapers, cleaned each other up, inserted the suppositories, and then got each other diapered in the new cloth diapers and pants. Both of them had to sigh from this.

“Wow, are these diapers ever soft.” Jonas sighed.

“Are they ever. I have never felt anything so soft in all my life.” Conner sighed as well.

“Make love to me now!” Jonas almost demanded, but it sounded like a good idea to Conner, so he did so.

For almost three hours the two of them made tender love to each other, and they were both very happy with how the diapers worked out in this aspect. The waterproof pants never once felt as if they were in the way, the diapers were so soft that it added incredible feelings to their erections, and they both loved them.

“Wow, that was awesome.” Jonas sighed when they finally collapsed.

“Oh yeah. I guess we better get ourselves all zipped up and into bed, before we both pass out.”


So that was what they did. They each zipped up the others zippers, they fixed the bedding, and then they curled up and passed out, it was well past their regular bedtime.

“Good morning baby, how did you sleep last night?” Jonas whispered once Conner came to.

“Excellent. I thought that the cloth diapers would be hot and cumbersome, but they are not, they are very comfortable, and it was like sleeping wrapped up in a cloud all night.”

“I know, they're nice, aren't they?” Jonas smiled brightly.

“Yes, they most certainly are.”

“So, after we have some breakfast, can we get the recordings from yesterday and find out how the first day of therapy went?”

“Sure thing baby. Come on, let us go and get fed up then.”

So they headed down to the kitchen and made and ate breakfast, then headed to the theatre to watch the recordings, because it would be more comfortable.

“It will take a few minutes to find everything that pertains only to your dad. I assume you only care to watch your dad's punishment right?”

“Yeah, I have no interest in seeing females do anything at all in a sexual manner, how disgusting.”

“I agree.” Conner smiled and told the computer what all he was looking for, and a few moments later, the first clip started playing. It would have been just after he had arrived and all the meds would have been administered, including both the sexual stimulator's.

“What am I doing here for, I demand an answer, you can't detain me like this, I know my rights.” Jonas' father yelled out.

“Actually Sir, I assure you I can. However, you are here on charges of neglect, mental, and verbal abuse for the way that you treated your son. He is in good hands now and will never have to worry about the type of abuse that both you and your wife heaped on him for no reason at all. Now, this is a group home for dealing with family issues, you will receive all the counseling that you require to never do such a thing to anyone again. There are some rules that you must follow at all times, and when you finish muttering under your breath and are willing to listen, I will tell you, or you will cause me to shock you. If you have not yet noticed the collar that you wear, you are unable to remove it, and if I hit this button here, you will receive a mild shock, if I deem it necessary, it could hurt a great deal, understood!” The therapist asked.

The entire first part of the conversation Jonas' father was muttering under his breath, saying things like this' bullshit, or nonsense, or many other such things. He did heed the warning though, and probably for the best.

“What do you mean verbal and mental abuse of my son, and I certainly never neglected him. That boy had all he ever needed, but it was never good enough for the little fagot. All he...ahhhhh.” He started, but as soon as he said the word fagot, the button was hit, and the father felt what mid power shocks felt like.

“That's exactly what we're talking about Sir, you talked to him and about him in just such a fashion. And no, you barely gave him what he needed to survive. Now, I will warn you, I happen to be gay, and I take serious offense to your using derogatory terms such as that, and any time I hear them, I will shock you without warning, as is my right. Now, get it in your head that your son did nothing wrong, and that you are the one that is here for good reason, do not use any word such as that, and I will let you by without shocking you too much. Is that perfectly understood?”

“That fucking hurt.”

“Then I suggest you don't say that word again.”

“Why, that's what you and he are, dirty little fa.......” And then the screaming started, but this time it went on for longer.

“I told you already, that will not be tolerated here. That time it was only ten seconds at half strength. Do you really care to piss me off, because I assure you that one minute at full strength has been known to kill those with weak hearts, and it won't even make me feel guilty if that were to happen to you?”

“That really fucking hurt you asshole.”

“I understand that it hurt, and you were warned about what would happen, weren't you, now whose fault is it. This is also your only warning, calling any staff here by anything other than our names, which are on our jackets, and you will also feel the shock. This first time I will let it slide, simply because you did not know. Now, are you ready to listen to the rules?”

“Yes.” He said bitterly.

“Good.” He said and then read off the long list of rules. “Do you understand and agree to all the rules that I have laid out for you? Now, before you answer that, remember, any breaking of the rules and you will be shocked, there are no warnings. This is a behavioral treatment center, so you will learn to behave, or it might kill you.”

“Yes.” he said, already sounding slightly broken.

“Good, then we will get along just fine here. Now, there are only males in this center, but as with all males, they get horny, and it is well known and widely accepted that our patients play around, it is allowed, however, if you force someone into something, you will be punished beyond belief, and get that dirty look off your face. Most of the others just put it off as getting release, and like they say, any port in a storm.” He smirked. And with that, that video went black.

“So, what do you think of that so far?” Conner asked.

“I'm surprised he wasn't more stubborn, and more disgusted at the end.”

“That will be because all the drugs in his system have already started making him super horny. He can already feel his asshole tingle, his balls are starting to ache, his dick is so hard he can barely bend it, and now his mind is telling him that men are hot, even though he knows they are not.”

“That's awesome. Can we skip to the end of today, to see what he's like now?”

“Sure, but don't you want to see anything else in the interim?”

“No, not really. I already know most of the shit that he's going to say about me in their therapy and all that, so no point in listening to it all. I want to see him so sexually frustrated that it's nearly killing him. And how does the sex work anyways?”

“Well, each person is assigned to a room, there is always one patient, and one volunteer to a room, and then the volunteer will try and work the patient. Once the patient or patients are ready, some hot group action usually takes place quite soon after.”


So Conner skipped them to the last video in the selection, and mostly all they saw was his dad sitting in a room talking to the person that was supposed to be his room mate, apparently he was claiming that he was in for abusing his kids, similar to Jonas' dad. They were talking, and then the volunteer started steering the talk towards sex.

“I haven't had sex in days, I've been going out of my mind here. You wouldn't by chance happen to want to maybe trade blowjobs to release some of the pressure would you? I'm not gay or anything like that, but it's not like we're gonna be getting it anywhere else, and I'm scheduled to be here for at least two more weeks.” The man nearly begged.

“No, I can't do that, it's vile and disgusting.” Jonas' dad said forcefully, but the problem was that even he wasn't so convinced any more, and it showed on his face.

“You don't look so convinced there, nor does the bulge in your pants. Come on, look, when I was in the Navy we had to do it all the time, with no women around to take care of us, we had to resort to what just felt good. I wouldn't say I'm a good cocksucker, but I'm not bad either, and I'm sure that you'll do just fine if it's your first time, I just need to feel someone else do it for me.” He almost pleaded again.

“No, and that's final.” Jonas' dad nearly screeched.

“Okay, no need to yell at me, but maybe by tomorrow when your balls are boiling just like mine are you'll be singing a different tune. I've never gone more than two days without sex, and it's been three already for me. How long is it usually for you?”

“At least every couple days, but it's already been three days for me as well.” He said more calmly this time.

“So you're probably bursting by now as well, again so says your dick.”

“Yeah, I am.” He nearly whispered.

“At least let me help you out with yours then!”

“No, I can't, it's vile and disgusting.”

“No, it's really not, I've had to resort to it before, and it can be nice. I wouldn't do it if I didn't have to of course, but in times of need, I'll do what I can to have someone else suck me. Come on, what do you have to lose. I can start if you like.”

“No thanks. I need to go to sleep.”

“Okay, I guess I'll go to bed as well and just beat off, I hope you don't mind. You'll probably need to do the same.”


They quickly got ready for bed, Jonas' dad turning his back while stripping down to his underwear, and then slipping into bed. Once they were both in their beds, the lights were turned off, and because the night vision had turned on, you could still see almost perfectly clearly. The room mate started jacking himself off and moaning more than a little excessively, to try and turn Jonas' dad on even more, and then almost five minutes later, he came exaggeratedly. He moaned loudly, he kept saying oh fuck yeah, now that's a cum, and all sorts of other things like that. The sounds must have driven Jonas' dad mad with lust though, because no sooner had the room mate stopped, when he himself started, but he did so as quietly as he was able to, but only lasted maybe a minute. They both went to sleep moments later, the room mate with a smile on his face.

“Wow, that was pretty good, but even I thought for a minute there that he was going to cave and actually do it.” Jonas said happily.

“Most do, that is for sure. Your dads room mate is probably one of the most experienced there though, and he can manipulate almost anyone into doing almost anything. By tonight though, with a nice new round of sexual enhancers in him, he will be absolutely gone though, and he will agree to it, and that as they say will be that. He will crave it like he never thought he could, and more than likely will even end up giving up his virginity, and then tomorrow could be an all out gang bang. I think I am going to have them up the dosage of sexual stimulator's to your dad though, because normally it is only morning and evening, but I think I am going to have them do it at lunch as well. I want your dad so hot and bothered by bed time that he will practically beg his room mate to fuck his hot tight ass.”

“I can go for that.” Jonas grinned, and Conner sent the message to the clinic.

“So, what should we do now?”

“Are there any recordings from this morning yet?”

“Probably are, let me check.”

For the next half an hour they sat and watched Jonas' dad wake up, quickly exit the room to go to the bathroom, but not before they both noticed that he had wet the bed and was very wet, and more than a little embarrassed. He appeared glad that his room mate was still sleeping. He had a shower in there, of which they watched, and he jacked off again, of which they also watched, and then silently went and grabbed his bedding and put it in the laundry chute. From there he headed to breakfast and then started his morning therapy session, of which they did not watch.

“Awesome, he woke up wet, now he will start peeing all the time I bet, and by lunch he will probably be diapered, won't he?”

“If it takes them that long. The first time he gets shocked today too will probably make him shit himself as well. He will probably blame the wetting and messing on the shock therapy, and we can live with that. They will probably tell him that if he had not made them shock him so much, that he would not have been in that situation, and that while rare, it does happen, and is usually not repairable. That is what I would tell him anyways, and they are good at sort of thing.” Conner grinned.

“Oh goody. So, do you think they can arrange for him to walk in on a patient getting some special therapy, that would be so hot, and it will make him even more horny and frustrated, because it will turn him on?”

“That is usually already planned, it is one of the ways they do it.” Conner grinned again.


“It will more than likely be his room mate that is getting the special treatment, who will then get to introduce your dear old dad to the ways of anal invasion, but sometimes they vary it slightly. If you would like, we can just stay in here pretty much all day and enjoy watching your dads journey into becoming a dirty rotten gay baby slut. We really have nothing else that needs to be done, so we can sit and enjoy all day.”

“That sounds like a great idea actually, but I want to go make up a care package for our restaurant friends and ship it to them this morning. How do we ship anything out from here though?”

“We can do that, sure, and to ship it, we just get it ready, and then I will have to run it down to the office where I ship everything from, but that only takes about half an hour there and back. If you would like, you can stay here though.”

“I don't know. On one hand I want to stay with you, on the other hand I want to stay here and see what happens. I guess I can just stay here, it won't kill me to be apart from you for an hour.” Jonas sighed.

“No, it will not kill you. Come on, let us head to the lab then and get the systems started to create this care pack that you want to make.”

“Okay.” Jonas smiled, and they headed out.

When they got there, Jonas got started on creating all that he wanted to send. He did two diapers and waterproof pants each, and then one of everything else that he had just created the day before. The computer told him, once he was done, that it would take about half an hour for it to all be done, so the two of them sat there and talked while they waited. When everything was completed and in the lab, Conner grabbed a box large enough for it all, and got it ready, while Jonas wrote up a nice note, telling them who it was from, not that they would not have known as soon as they opened it.

“Okay baby, I will be gone for about an hour, go and enjoy the show.”

“Oh I will. Love you and stay safe.”

“Love you too, and do not worry, I am always safe, but remember, accidents happen and life has to go on.”

“I know.” Jonas smiled warmly, and with that, Conner left.

Jonas headed back to the theatre and chose the next video in the selection and just kept fast forwarding it until he found something interesting. Given that he could also go no further forward, he was now watching in real time. Jonas realized he missed a little something, so went back a little bit, to where he figured the conversation began.

“Your pants are wet, you peed yourself.” One of the staff told Jonas' dad.

“Oh shit, what the hell is happening to me.”

“Has this ever happened before?”

“No, I've never wet myself before in my life.”

“Then what about your wet bed this morning, was that the first time too, or are you lying to me?”

“H-h-h-how did you know about that?”

“Oh please, we know everything that goes on here. The laundry informed us as soon as they noticed the peed sheets. Proper protection will be given to you for this evening so that it does not happen again. Laundry has enough to do as it is without having to wash pissy sheets every morning. Now, was it the first time, or are you lying to me, and remember the button?”

“It was the first time ever, I swear. I don't know what's happening to me. You're talking about putting me in diapers, aren't you?”

“Yes. And from the file that we have on you, you should be familiar with that practice, seeing as how you forced your son to wear diapers to bed every night for bed wetting, and you made him feel very guilty from it as well. Too bad for you that you probably turned him into a diaper lover and eventually he loved being diapered, as you well found out.”

“You can't make me wear diapers, and I did that for my son for his own good, he was a filthy little bed wetter.”

“Riiiiiiight, and how are you any different?”

“It happened once.”

“Then care to explain your wet pants?”

“I don't know, I never even felt it happening.” He said sullenly.

“Again, I then ask how are you any different to your son then, because I'm certain that at least at first he certainly didn't do it on purpose? Although once he realized his love of diapers, he probably started peeing on purpose. Believe it or not, you more than likely caused that too.”

“He's a dirty little fagot boy, I am...............” And then the screaming started again.

“I told you yesterday that that sort of talk would get you the shock of your life. How did it feel at one minute of half strength. Ever say it again, and I will give you full strength for a full fucking minute.” The therapist said harshly.

“S-s-s-sorry, it just slipped out, please don't do that again?” He almost begged. That had hurt a fair bit more than he had ever had to endure in his pitiful life before.

“I won't do it again if you remember your manners. What's that smell, did you shit yourself now?”

“Oh shit. I don't know what happened.”

“Well, it does happen every so often that the shock therapy affects people like that. Go clean yourself up. If it happens again, you will be diapered, understood.”

“It'll never happen again. Will it be permanent if it does though?” He asked fearfully.

“In some cases yes, but don't piss us off any more and we won't have to shock you, in which case it may fade away.” He grinned, knowing full well that the shock treatment would be used at least a few more times in just that day alone.

“I'll try not to.” He said, totally ashamed.

Jonas' dad went to his room to go get cleaned and changed, only to walk in on his room mate being fucked rather forcefully by one of the other therapists there. At first Jonas' dad was disgusted, but for some reason he was unable to say or do anything, all he was able to do was stand there in utter shock and watch in morbid fascination. He was not sure why though, but his dick had gone painfully hard and he was getting very horny watching the rhythmic motions of the ass in front of him, thrusting in and out of the ass in front of him.

“The least you can do if you're going to watch is close the door and strip, and then join us.” The fucker called out to Jonas' dad.

Without thinking of it, Jonas' dad closed the door, staying inside. He did not strip off to join them though, he just walked into the bathroom, watching all he could for as long as he could, until he was unable to see them any more. He stripped out of his messy clothes, rinsed out his very soiled underwear in the toilet, and then threw the clothes all in the laundry chute. He then ran the shower as cold as he could possibly stand it, to try and clear his head a little and reduce his erection, and cleaned himself off. The problem was, that even with the freezing cold shower, he was still horny, he was still painfully hard, and he ended up jacking off three times while in the shower. He still was not totally drained by the time that he exited the shower and dried off. It was at this time that he realized that he had not brought in any clothes with him, so he wrapped the towel around his waist and walked out to the room. He could no longer hear any noise, so he figured the two men had left the room.

“Oh hi, I was hoping that you would not have caught me like that. Sorry. It looked as if you enjoyed the show though, and you're still hard.”

“I thought you said you weren't gay?” Jonas' dad spat out in disgust to try and hide his feelings.

“Nah, I'm not gay, but it did feel pretty good, and if I want to be able to give, I have to receive as well. I had just finished fucking him only minutes before you came in, and if you let the staff here fuck you, and you them, then they will give you special privileges. For instance I get to talk on the phone for half an hour tonight, instead of just five minutes. It'll be worth it to talk to my kids and to really apologize to them for the way I've acted. If you've never fucked or been fucked, I'll teach you how to so that it doesn't hurt. If you don't do it right, it can really bloody hurt.”

“It can't be that bad, my little sissy fagot son can take a dildo bigger than the dick you have, so I doubt it can be that bad.”

“Better not let the staff hear you talk like that, they don't like it at all. I got the shit shocked out of me like three times my first day for comments like that.” Jonas' dad was warned.

“Fuck, don't I know it. I've never felt pain like that in my life. Problem is it just keeps slipping out.”

“Tell me about it. So, you wanna try fucking my ass, you've been staring at me the entire time, and you're harder than I've ever seen someone before. Come on, I'll be real gentle with you once it's your turn?”

“Okay, but if you ever tell anyone, I'll find you and kill you.” He said softly.

“No worries, if I were to tell anyone, that would tell them just as much about me anyways. You can start on me first, the condoms are in the end table drawer, just be gentle when you insert, you're a little bigger than the last guy was.”

He still looked apprehensive, but he dropped the towel and grabbed a condom from the drawer as his room mate bent himself over the bed, so that they were both still standing. Once Jonas' father had the condom on, he slipped in behind, and then slipped in the behind presented to him slowly. Never before had he imagined something so exquisite, it was hot, it was tight, it was slick, and it was juicy. Even still trying to think like a straight man, he had to admit that this felt better than his wife ever did, and as soon as he was in, he started thrusting with wild abandon. No sooner had it started though, when his very first orgasm was upon him, but instead of stopping, he continued right on going, enjoying himself far too much for that. Not to mention the fact that he was still super horny and the ass in front of him just felt too good.

“Just remember that when it's your turn, I'll go twice as well, not that I'm complaining, for a guy who claimed he'd never done this before, you're pretty good.”

He never even thought twice about the implications, he just kept right on screwing. The second orgasm of his life changing event only took about three minutes, but with this one, he was drained enough to stop, so he did, slumping over top of the person he was fucking.

“Wow, that was pretty good.”

“You're welcome. Now, go ahead and trade places with me, and I'll get you prepared first, and then I'll be nice and gentle.”

“I don't really know if I can do this.”

“You have to now, you did me, and it's only fair, it was agreed upon remember. Don't go back on your word, or believe me, no one here will ever help you out again, and once you've had ass, you'll never want to stop.”

“I know, I just don't know if I can do it.” He said, nearly crying.

“It's rough the first time, but don't worry, I'll be gentle, and I bet it feels great. I really don't mind it at all, and it does feel really good, trust me. Now bend over and I'll take care of everything. If you have to bury your face in a pillow, so be it.” His room mate said softly but forcefully.

Jonas' dad did comply with the order, and his room mate quickly grabbed the lube from the end table and started working the asshole presented to him. Of course with the sexual enhancers that Jonas' dad had been given, this was not really all that needed, because he was about as wide open as he'd ever need to be, but it made his dad feel good to think that he was being opened up.

He did have to admit that the fingers that were probing him felt really quite good, but he still was not so certain about taking a mans dick up his ass. He did not have long to ponder that though, because no sooner had he thought it, when his cherry taker moved himself into position and gave a soft short thrust and buried his head inside.

“Oh fuck.” He moaned out.

The room mate slowly inserted all of his painfully hard dick inside the virgin ass that he was gladly taking, and then once he hit bottom, he stayed there for a few moments.

“I'm all the way in, how does it feel?”

“Full, and it feels not too bad. I thought that it would be really painful.”

“Normally there is a little pain involved, but you seem to be a natural bottom. Are you sure that you're not gay. Almost every other guy I've had before has at least grunted upon insertion, but you sighed as if you had been missing this.” He asked as he started a slow thrusting.

“No, honest, I've never done this before. Oh god, I don't know what you just did, but do that again, that felt incredible.” Jonas' dad moaned out. It was turning Jonas on to no end.

Thinking that he too would not mind having a nice hard dick buried deep inside his hot baby ass, Jonas grabbed one of the chairs that was still in the theatre, positioned it for maximum viewing pleasure, grabbed the biggest dildo, two of the suppositories, and the lube, and got busy getting himself ready for some fun. He first poked a hole in the seat of his diaper and inserted the pills. He then stuck the nozzle of the tube of lube up his ass and gave it a firm squeeze and squeezed considerably more lube inside than he really needed. Next he got the dildo positioned on the base in the chair and then sat down on it. He turned the chair onto a nice steady rhythm with the vibration turned on, and sat back and continued watching his father lose his virginity.

The man fucking Jonas' dads ass was taking his time though, he was going quite slow and steady, really enjoying getting to be the mans first. He was getting close to his first orgasm by the time that Jonas was sitting down and relaxing with a dildo going in and out of his talented ass. Only a few moments later, he groaned deeply and planted his seed, into a condom that he had put on. He too did not stop though, he just kept right on going, this time though he picked up the pace and really started banging Jonas' dad.

“Oh fuck me this is so hot, that feels so good, oh yeah, fuck me harder, fuck me faster.” Jonas' dad kept prompting, so his fucker listened.

“Oh fuck, I'm cumming again.” He grunted, and then came again.

“Don't stop, keep going, this feels too good?” He nearly pleaded.

“I don't have anything left man, I've shot like six loads in the last two hours, and I can't do any more than that. I can call someone in though that I'm sure would be happy to fill you up some more, and then you can fuck his ass too.”

“Do it, go get him now.” He pleaded.

The room mate threw on a robe and went to the door, he looked out and saw two men there, waiting with happy smiles on their faces, they had been watching, they were also volunteers. The room mate gave a nod of his head towards the room, beckoning them silently into the room. They came in excitedly, stripping all the way. One grabbed a condom and lined up right away to the ass that was facing him, while the other went and laid on the bed in front of Jonas' dad, presenting his dick for sucking.

Jonas' dad just moaned as the new dick was inserted into his ass, and he did not even look surprised to see a dick in front of his face. Without so much as even thinking of it, it just looked too tasty for some reason, he sucked it in. Everyone was moaning and groaning now, but Jonas' father was the loudest of all. He was being used from both ends now, he hated it, he hated every last second of it, but it felt so good, and it was making him so horny, he just could not stop himself.

The newest man to be taking Jonas' dad was enjoying it very much, he was being quite the vigorous fucker, and probably no more than two minutes later, he too filled his condom, but a growled command from Jonas' father not to dare pull out convinced him to stay put. Well, that and the fact that he was feeling so good, and the man in front of him had not cum yet. For some reason, although he hated the thought of tasting cum, he very much wanted the man he was sucking to blow his load deep in his rather talented throat. It had surprised no one more than he that the dick in his mouth slid in with ease, and into his throat without so much as a gagging sound. The room mate though was standing off to the side enjoying the show a great deal, he had his hard dick in hand and was slowly jacking himself while watching. Both fuckers had had enough at the same time about three minutes later and gave up yet another load, this time Jonas' dad got the taste of cum he was searching for, even though he didn't want to taste it, and he was hooked. He loved the taste so much that he almost cried out when the dick was pulled away from his face.

At the same time that the dick was disappearing from in front of his face, the man from behind pulled out of the battered ass that he had enjoyed, he pulled the condom off, and then the two men traded positions. The new man in behind slipped on his own condom and then slipped into the mans asshole quite quickly, almost brutally. Jonas' dad did not mind though, it felt wonderful, and then there was the nice cummy dick that was just presented to his face, he happily cleaned it all up, and then sucked it to the root.

Jonas was enjoying the show so much, enjoying the ride as well, he had blown two loads already into the front of his diaper without once touching himself. He was amazed by how slutty his dad was being, but he loved it as well. The show was incredible.

Unfortunately the show did not last for too much longer. The two men fucking him came again about five minutes later, and then they were all beat. Jonas' dad had even cum nearly every time his fuckers did, so he too was well drained. As soon as all the orgasms wore off though, and the sexual high let him down, he burst into tears and bawled like a baby. The two men who did not belong in the room silently got dressed and left. They had all seen this a number of times from someone that had just completed their first foray into wild gay sex.

“Hey, why are you crying, didn't that feel amazing, it sure looked like you enjoyed it?” The room mate asked softly.

“That's just the thing, I loved it, but I hated it at the same time. I'm not gay, I can't enjoy gay sex, I'm a horrible person.”

“Even if you're not gay does not mean that you can't enjoy gay sex. Why wouldn't you at least enjoy something that feels that good, even if you don't want it any more.”

“I don't know. Now that it's over I don't ever want it to happen again, but it feels like I'm ready to go again, and I'm already feeling the dicks in my ass and mouth, but I hate it.”

“Why not lay down for a sleep, the first time is always the hardest, because you're not gay you have conflicting emotions as to how it felt. On one hand it felt incredible, but on the other hand it felt incredible, but gay sex is bad. The problem is, as you can see it now, that gay sex is not bad, as long as no one is forced, and unless I am mistaken, no one had to force you.”

Jonas' dad just nodded slowly. The room mate got up and got dressed, and then silently left. Jonas' dad though just sat there for the longest time, thinking about everything that had just happened to him. He cried more, but he also smiled and got hard a few times. All of a sudden he looked down and realized he had peed again, and started crying even more. He got up on shaky legs and stumbled to the shower. He turned the water on as hot as he could stand it, and then got in. Trying his best to wash all the shame away, he failed to notice that he was shitting right there in the shower until he looked down and noticed the brown water. When he realized what had happened, he started crying even more. Jonas could clearly hear him say repeatedly to himself what is happening to me, and to some it would make them feel guilty, but Jonas felt that it was the best thing ever.

“Hey baby, what did I miss?” Conner asked as he walked in, seeing his little lover watching the screen with rapt attention while sitting in one of the pleasure chairs, enjoying it a great deal from the sounds of the moans.

“Oh you wouldn't believe it if I told you, but his room mate let him fuck him twice, and then they traded places. He came twice in my dads ass and then he begged to have more, so the room mate found two guys that just happened to be in the hall at that very minute, and they came in and raped my dads ass and face a couple more times each. He just finished and broke down, so is in the shower probably trying to wash the shame away. He also shit in the shower, hence the reason he's crying now. He knows what's gonna happen now, he just doesn't want to admit it.”

“Ooh, sounds good. How many loads have you fired off so far?”

“Six now I think.” Jonas grinned.

“Surprised that it is not ten or twelve by now then with how long that must have taken.”

“No, it actually did not take very long at all, pretty much the entire time you were gone. They were all pretty fast in their rapings of my dad. The longest one took maybe five minutes before he came, but it was normally around two minutes or so.”

They both turned their attentions back to the screen when Jonas' dad left the bathroom and went to the bed to strip it first, and then to the dresser to get some clothes to get dressed. As soon as he was dressed, he went in search of his therapist to talk to him.

“How can I help you?”

“I have to get out of here.”

“You will be allowed to leave in one to two weeks when we feel that you are ready. What seems to be the problem?”

“I can't deal with you shocking me any more, I can't deal with my room mate any more, I don't need to be here, I did nothing wrong.” He said sullenly, sadly, but a little heatedly as well.

“Well, if you don't want to deal with the shocks any more, don't give me or anyone else a reason to do so. As for your not needing to be here, trust me, you do need to be here, and you know the exact reason why. You horribly abused your son, and for that you need the behavior modification therapy that we are offering. Your session was about to start soon anyways, so I may as well get it done now. What is your reasoning behind your not liking your room mate? He seems to be a really nice guy and seems to really like you. I have had no complaints about him from anyone else, and we can't just move you, there are no other beds in this area free, and we try not to move people around unless absolutely necessary, because the therapy is hard enough on everyone as it is, we try and keep people as comfortable as possible.”

“Yeah right, you keep people as comfortable as possible by shocking the shit out of them!” He snorted.

“And in your case literally earlier right.” He laughed, Jonas' dad did not say anything.

“Look, if you really want to know, he wants to have sex with me, and I ain't no fagot...............” And then the screaming started once again.

“Fucking bastard, that hurt............” And then the screaming started again. By the time Jonas' dad was finished writhing around on the floor, he was soaked in piss and had shit himself quite severely.

“Care to try again, my finger is still on the button?”

“Why do you keep doing that to me?” He asked, full out crying now.

“Because we need to modify your behavior. You need to get rid of that nasty temper and your talking about other people in such disgusting ways. You do not get to leave this facility until you realize that all people are the same, no matter their differences, and it would be in your best interest to learn this quickly, because it will get very painful very quickly if you do not. Now, I see that you pissed yourself and shit yourself yet again, and from the report that just came up on my screen a few minutes ago, you pissed your bed earlier again. So I believe you know what that means. Now get your filthy ass out of my office, grab a package of diapers from the supply closet next to your room, and go get cleaned up. If you require help, one of the staff here will assist you in diapering yourself. Now, if you even think of not wearing the diaper willingly, we will forcefully do so, and you will not be able to wear any clothes over top of them. Not to mention you will receive at least one full minute of shocks as punishment”

Jonas' dad just looked down, still crying. He understood fully that he had no choice in the matter, so quietly left the room, trying to avoid everyones stares, because he knew they were staring at him. They were not of course, but he thought they would be. He grabbed the pack of diapers from where he was supposed to, and then went to the bathroom in his room. He got himself undressed and then cleaned out his underwear and pants, because both had gotten very messy this time, and then he hopped in the shower yet again. A few minutes later and he was back in his room, staring at the package of diapers. He stood there and stared at it for quite a while, and it was not until he felt his feet getting wet that he changed his field of vision. He looked down and found that he had peed again, this time on the ground and his feet. He started crying once again when he realized that he did in fact need the diapers that he had been staring at.

Silently he went to the bed and opened the brand new package of diapers, they were the ones Jonas had designed, just without the extra designs, they were just plain white. He pulled one out and laid it out on his bed. He knew the basics of how to diaper someone, because he had diapered his son more than a few times, but he had no idea if he would be able to diaper himself. He laid down on the diaper and pulled it up, and then worked to tape it in place, and he did pretty good for his first try he figured, he just had to do a couple minor readjustments. It was with no small amount of shock and disgust that he realized that the diaper did in fact feel quite nice. As he was laying there, just pondering, he got to feel what a wet diaper felt like as his body let out just a little more pee. It was not nearly so much as to warrant a change, but it warmed the diaper up, and it felt nice.

Finally he climbed out of bed and grabbed some clothes and got dressed. He looked in the mirror for several minutes, realizing that anyone that looked closely enough would be able to clearly see what he was wearing. At this time his room mate came back into the room, and the first thing he saw on the bed was the package of diapers.

“Ah, I see that you need diapers. How come you didn't wear one last night?”

“I didn't need them until all the shocks that I've gotten messed with my system. My therapist said that it could be permanent if I don't learn to control myself, but I already don't feel it coming at all, I don't know what I'll do if it is permanent.” He said, starting to cry again.

“Hey, it could always be worse. One of my best friends is a diaper lover, and he says that they are the most comfortable thing in the world to wear, and like he says, who else gets to watch entire movies without having to get up to go to the bathroom or holding it forever. There was a guy who was just about ready to leave when I came who was affected the same way as you are, apparently it can happen, and even though he still hated the idea, he had at least admitted that they felt good and he had earned it by not behaving, and now he may have to pay for that mistake for the rest of his life. He was a nice guy, but he had to be here for three weeks, and from what I hear, that's a long time, usually they can help us in only one to two. I'm hoping for one, but that's supposed to be tomorrow now, but they say I still have a few more days here at least. How long have you been told you have to stay for?”

“I haven't been told yet, every time I have a session, I end up having to come back here and get changed because they have to shock the shit out of me, and like my therapist so eloquently put it, literally. I actually shit myself as well. It's so disgusting. I could live with peeing a diaper if I had to, I just don't know if I can live with having to mess like an animal as well.” He said, starting to cry once again.

“Crying doesn't help here much I'm afraid, you'll get no sympathy from the staff, and the rest of us are going through the same shit. I learned after the first couple days that it just isn't worth it to beat yourself up so much like that. Like my first room mate told me after catching me crying for the fifth or sixth time, you may as well get used to the idea, get a stiff upper lip, and learn what they are teaching, and get rid of all the tears, no one wants to hear or see a whiny baby.” He grinned.

“I know, but the worst thing is that in a way it's like I'm being paid back for all that I did to my son. I forced him into diapers and called him horrible names, all because he wet the bed. Eventually he became a diaper lover, and I'm told that I was more than likely the cause of that. It also turns out that he's gay, and when I found out, I freaked on him and called him even more nasty names. Now here I am in diapers and enjoying sex with men. Even if I had any idea where my son was, if I were to ever see him again, I doubt I could look him in the eye, and I doubt I'd be able to apologize enough.”

“I'm sure that that felt good to say to me, but believe me, that's the sort of thing that you need to tell your therapist. I'll tell you, it took me longer to realize the reason I was here than you just did. Once we realize the reason for our being here, and that we deserve what we're getting, the easier this place becomes. I've actually been enjoying my time here, I have learned a lot, and to tell you quite honestly, helping you to break out of your shell a little and getting to fuck your virgin ass for the first time was probably one of the best things to happen to me in a long time.”

“I'm glad that you at least enjoyed it.”

“Like you didn't, admit it, it felt so good that you want to do it again and again, don't you.”

“Yes.” He whispered.

“Care to have another go right now, I'm good and recharged?” He grinned.

“No, I'm getting really hungry, I think I want to go for lunch, and to be quite honest, I don't think I want to have sex again, at least not quite so soon.”

With that they both headed off to the dining hall and had some lunch.

“So, what do you think of that baby?” Conner asked.

“Awesome. My dad is getting everything that he deserves, and while he thinks that he hates it, he's loving every second of it. I think I'm about as sexed out as I need to be though, so lift me out of my chair, lay me on the floor, and change my ruined baby diaper please?”

“I would love to my gorgeous little baby boy, and then I need you to get me out of these horrible clothes and change my soggy baby diaper as well. So have you even been feeling yourself pee?”

“Okay, but yeah, just a little still, but it's getting less and less.”

“Same here.”

They slowly and lovingly changed each others very soggy diapers, but Conner got the satisfaction of licking the inside front of Jonas' diaper, licking up a good portion of the cum that had been spilled in there. Jonas smirked knowingly, thinking that it looked so hot. As soon as they were in clean dry diapers, they clasped hands and walked to the kitchen and made and ate some much needed lunch.

As soon as they finished eating, they both headed back to the theatre and continued watching Jonas' dad become a gay baby slut right before their very eyes. The rest of the two week stay there went very well. Day by day Jonas' father succumbed just a little more to the gay lifestyle, he was being punished less and less, and he was enjoying sex more and more. Every day was the same thing though, he would get up in the morning feeling overly horny, more so than he had ever felt in his life, he and his room mate, and sometimes a number of others would enjoy a hot morning orgy together, but amazingly enough, Jonas' dad rarely wanted to give, although he did a few times, he just wanted to receive, and as much and as large as possible. He really did become a prime gay baby. The first time that the room mate poked a hole in the seat of his diaper though and fucked him silly like that, Jonas' dad knew the reason his son had done it, he had never felt more kinky, more incredible than he did at that moment.

His first week passed like that, and then he was moved into the advanced ward, he was told because he was doing great, but could use some more advanced therapy, as well as he seemed to really enjoy gay sex, at which he blushed, that he may enjoy being in with the sexual addicts ward. In here he was told that while everyone were sex addicts, that they would never treat someone for such a silly thing, why would anyone not want to do that, he finally had to agree. In here he had his fill, and then some. He was kept in near constant orgasm for the entire week that he was there. Even though he had fucked a number of guys in there, he had more than ten times that number of dicks up his ass, and all of them larger than he was, and he was no small fry.

Jonas and Conner watched every day of the transformation for the entire two weeks. About the only time they rested was when Jonas' dad did, they ate at the same times, and had it not been for the sexual enhancers that they too had taken, they probably would not have been able to keep up themselves. Although at the end of the two weeks, they were both well worn, and decided to take a few days off of sex.

“Wow, what a two weeks that was. I wonder if dad has even thought once of having sex with mom?”

“Probably not, and then when he gets home, he'll be thinking about it, but the second he sees her naked, he'll go soft. Same with her, the second she sees him naked, she will lose all desire. They will attempt it, maybe even dozens of times, before they both admit that they can't do it.”

“Good. I wonder if they even bother to stay together?”

“Who knows really. Come on, let us go have some much needed breakfast, and then I say we go swimming and relax in the hot tub.”

They had just waken up, having passed out the night before, and they were still laying in bed up until then. They got up, deemed their diapers good enough to last until they hit the pool, and then went and had breakfast. Once done and cleaned up from, they headed towards the pool, and stripped each other and cleaned each other gently under the shower. They then spent the next several hours in the pool and hot tub, just relaxing, and they relaxed for the rest of the day.

Chapter 6

“Well baby, all the new baby stuff that you designed is to be released today, and with all the fanfare that we have been doing, it could be a good day for sales. What do you think of that?”

“I think it's great. The disposable diapers I made are selling so awesome, and they're going to be moved over to the new baby section right, so it'll all sell well together.”

“Yes, everything was moved over automatically at midnight, and everything is now available for sale. I think that tomorrow morning we will call Richard and see how the first day of sales went. So what do you want to do today?”

“Not sex, that's for sure. My dick still feels raw, even though it feels really good. I was thinking of going up to the lab and working in there actually.”

“What were you thinking of working on baby?”

“Well, the hair remover removed blemishes, but not permanently like I had hoped, and I hate these damn pimples. You'd have thought that by ceasing my aging that they would stop as well, but they haven't, and I hate them. So I was going to see if I could make a pimple remover cream that actually works, because nothing on the market really does what it's supposed to do. If I can make it permanent as well, then I will.” Jonas said in frustration.

“I hate to tell you this, but pimples are not just a teens worry, but a lot of adults have them for their entire lives as well. If you can figure it out, then by all means, I certainly won't complain.”

“Yeah, I had heard that before as well. So do yo have anything in mind to work on as well?”

“Not really, but I do have some business work that needs to be done, so I will do that while you are playing around.” Conner smiled.

For the next five days Jonas worked on that product. For some reason it was not so easy to create as he thought it would be, because pimples were caused by so many different things, and then boys and girls were completely different in that aspect as well. He cut his work in half by not even bothering to worry about using it on girls though, and formulated it just for boys. He added a few things to let it take care of a few different things and to do a couple more, but eventually he got it to work. Once he ran the tests, he was extremely happy to see a minimum of ninety five percent reduction in pimples on up to ninety five percent of the male population. The cream was also supposed to last for a few months before re application would be required, and the longer it was used, the longer it lasted. Eventually a person could stop using it altogether, but it was not a permanent fix. It's side effects though were far softer, smoother, cleaner looking skin. The only problem was that he had a five to ten percent chance of allergic reaction, so he worked on a counter action soothing cream to be used, but then he thought that the halting cream for the hair remover just might do the trick, so ran it through the system, and it worked to reduce that to less than one percent, so he was exceedingly happy.

The following day after Jonas' baby products had been released, Conner and Jonas did in fact call Richard, and he told them that the sales were reaching astronomical proportions, that for one day they far outstripped sales in every other category every hour of the day. They were all very happy with this, but no one more than Jonas, especially once Richard informed him that his earnings on the sales alone for just that one day would be approximately five million dollars. He nearly fainted, because he had never fathomed making five million in one day. Then again he had to be told that his disposable diapers were making him on average a hundred thousand dollars a day, but that they would stay steady, whereas the baby products sales would taper off after a few days, until they were earning him about the same amount. Jonas was so happy that he peed himself silly, and then did a cute little happy dance, both Conner and Richard laughed at the boys antics.

Conner was in the lab when Jonas received the final results for everything and he was startled out of his work when Jonas cheered. He knew that Jonas had finally cracked the puzzle, so hopped up and went to check it out. He had known of Jonas' troubles, especially the allergic reaction issues, and he knew that Jonas would never allow that, because he wanted every gay boy to be able to enjoy his products and not have to worry.

“Finally got it did you?”

“Yeah I did, and it was so simple, I already had the right product, the halting cream from the hair remover works the same on this, so I am going to just package the two of them together as well, because it will help everyone and stop the chemical reactions, to reduce irritation even more in everyone.”

“Nice simple solution, I like that.”

“I knew you would. I'm going to have some made up, and then I'll test it out. You're lucky that you almost never get pimples, so you don't need to test it out.”

“I was always lucky that way, even as a teen I hardly ever had any pimples. I'll be happy to see them gone from you though, because I know how much you hate them. At least your acne problems are not nearly so bad as many teens are, you just get tiny little outbreaks, and you can hardly see them unless you are up close. I once saw a gorgeous boy in town who had a face full of the hideous stuff.”

“Yeah, I saw a few kids at school like that as well, hence the reason that this formula includes something that will remove much of the damage that that will have caused if they've picked at it too much. It may not fix any scar tissue, but it'll reduce some of it anyways.”

“That's a very good idea.”

“Thanks, I try.” Jonas smiled brightly, and just then the chime told them the items were ready, so Jonas ran and collected them.

He asked Conner to do the honors, so Conner took the acne remover first and applied a generous coating to Jonas' face and neck, being very careful not to get any in his eyes, nose, or mouth. Jonas had told him that it had to stay applied for at least five minutes, so Conner set the timer and waited. As soon as the timer went off, Conner lovingly washed Jonas' face, and then applied the soothing cream. Jonas sighed when it was put on.

“Oh, that feels better. The acne remover sort of burns a bit, but it was not too bad. If anyone has sensitive skin though, that could really burn for a few minutes, but we'll make sure to warn them of that I guess. How does it look now though, any pimples?”

“Not a single pimple is anywhere to be found, and your skin looks even softer and smoother now than it did.” Conner said, rubbing Jonas' cheek softly for effect, Jonas nearly purred, he loved to just be touched, softly stroked, it made him feel so loved.

“Good. Now to do up the marketing information and get it sent in for the final tests, and then get all those other poor boys out there with bad acne all fixed up nice and pretty like.”

“Yeah, I take it you want to do that as usual?”

“Sure, but I'd love it if I got to sit in your lap and we do it together” Jonas smiled brightly.

“Mind terribly if we poke some holes in our diapers and have a little fun at the same time, it's been a few days and I'm finally getting horny again?” Conner grinned.

“I thought you'd never ask.” Jonas grinned back.

They did not insert the suppositories this time, Conner just fingered Jonas for a few moments after poking a hole in his diaper, and then Jonas pulled Conner's dick out the front of his diaper, and sat his big strong lover in his chair, and then he sat down as well, both facing forward, impaling himself on his lovers staff. They both moaned lowly from this, it was an almost dry insertion, Jonas had barely had any time to produce any of his natural lube, and the sensations were intense. It took a few moments of Jonas just sitting there, not moving, before they even started doing anything at all. As soon as Jonas did start moving though, they both worked on the product information. It was sort of nice to do that, because with them concentrating so much on the screens in front of them, and with neither of them moving anywhere near fast, they were very slowly rising towards their orgasms, and they both knew they would be huge when they did spray, because it had in fact been five days since they had had sex last.

With a pair of matching grunts and groans, they both came at the same time, but neither one of them stopped at all, they just kept right on going. By the time that they had finished the information for the acne cream, they had both fired off three shots each, all just as powerful as the one before it, but taking longer and longer to achieve each time. It took them almost two hours to do, but they were complete, and then everything was sent to Richard.

“Wow, that was the most fun I've ever had while doing product information stuff before.” Conner grinned.

“I'll bet. I'll try and make any others in the future just as much fun then, just for you.”

“Yeah right just for me. You had as much fun as I did, and do not try and deny it either.”

“Never said I didn't.” Jonas smirked.

“That is good. Well baby, let us go slip into a nice thick dry diaper, and then I think it is about time we went for some lunch.”

“Sounds good to me baby.” Jonas smiled brightly, and then they went and got everything all taken care of.

“So, do you have any idea when the old sex age laws are to be passed and go into effect?” Jonas asked as they were cleaning up from lunch.

“Not too sure, why? I had not known anything about it until the same time as you found out, so you know as much as I do about it.”

“Well, I say the day that it does, we open the website to anyone who wants to enter, no matter their age. We both know already that there could be any number of kids on the site, jacking off to all the neat toys and dreaming of having just one of them, but we should make it easier on them as well.”

“Sure, why not. Care to call the Prime Minister with me once we are finished cleaning up here?”

“Sure, I'd love to call him and ask him how he liked the stuff we sent to him.” Jonas was referring to the fact that during one of the calls last week to Richard, he had asked him to send the Prime Minister a nice sample pack of all the baby items, Richard thought it was a grand idea, so had done so minutes after they had disconnected.

As soon as they were ready, they both headed to the lab and to Conner's main computer. Conner sat down, and then Jonas sat in his lap once again, in one of his more favorite positions. Conner put the call through to the Prime Minister's private line, that very few people knew about. It took a few minutes, but he answered, and he smiled when he saw who it was.

“Ah Conner, so good to see you again. I see you still haven't aged a day. Are you ever going to share your secret? And that little sample pack, my god man, are you trying to turn me into some sort of freak? I loved it all.” He said happily.

“It is good to see you again as well Sir, and I believe you know the answer to your first question. As for your second question Sir, it was not me that did that, I just supplied all the toys for you to do so yourself.” Conner grinned.

“Ah, that you did, and some mighty fun it has been too.”

“I bet. As for the sample pack, that was not my doing, but Jonas' here. Speaking of whom, Prime Minister meet Jonas, Jonas, meet the Prime Minister.”

“It's good to meet you Sir, and I'm glad you enjoyed the sample pack of everything that I created. From all that I had heard of you and your wife, I figured that the two of you, well as any of the boys you have there at any given time would enjoy it all a great deal.”

“And it's good to meet you as well Jonas. I must say, the things that you created are incredible. I do have to ask though, what all have you been told about me and my wife?” He asked skeptically, and before Conner could answer, Jonas did so.

“Absolutely nothing at all Sir, or at least that would be my response to anyone who was stupid enough to ask. You have nothing to fear of me, and I enjoy more than a little bit of an illegal relationship myself, or at least that is until you get your new laws passed, of which I for one greatly appreciate.”

“I'm glad to hear that.”

“Yes, I am sure that you have received more than your fair share of flack over these new laws. Gays are almost totally accepted now, and many people are starting to see that even children are sexual and deserve to have sex as well with whomever they want, but there are still all those mindless morons out there that think it is evil and vile and whatever else.”

“Yeah, some of those puritan religious groups have been riding my ass like you wouldn't believe, and it's not been at all enjoyable, not like a good ass riding should be.” He grinned.

“That's for sure. I'm sure that you are aware of Conner's great little clinic that he runs, so if any of them get out of hand, saying stupid shit like gays are bad, make sure and send them to see his people there, they're great. My parents are recent graduates of the program there, and they're much different, much nicer people for it.” Jonas grinned.

“Oh, I'm fully aware of his clinic and their results, and rest assured, I have sent my fair share of people in for behavior modification, and they truly deserve it as well. I understand that with your help that there are a couple new additions to the treatment should extra measures be required, and your parents got to be the first to try them out. I was kept up to date on everything, so I was fully aware of what was happening there.”

“Yes, I thought that it would be a good idea to punish them the same way they did for me, and Conner went one better on them, I thought it was warranted.” Jonas grinned evilly.

“I agree whole heartedly. There have been more than a few people that I wanted to do the same thing to, but now I'll be able to in the future should the need ever arise.”

“That's good Sir, glad you'll enjoy it as well. So tell me, if you can that is, when will the new laws be passed anyways? We want to open the website to all ages the same day that it does so that everyone, no matter their age, will be allowed to browse the selections should they desire to do so.”

“It goes into effect one week from yesterday. The time period that was given by all countries to come up with any valid reasons to not allow the laws to pass has passed, and other than some token resistance, there were no real reasons not to pass the laws. A few of the churches complained, but most didn't, so I'm happy to say that everything goes into effect in six days.”

“And what of the men and women that are in jail for offenses that would now not be punishable?”

“We are going to have a panel of experts look at all the information, and then we will release any of them as soon as we can that do not deserve to be there. All charges will be dropped, their records cleared of any wrong doing, but there will not be any further compensation, because at the time, they still broke the law, so therefore they will get nothing further. Some will have to stay in prison though because their crimes were simply outside of the scope of what even now would be allowed. They may be allowed to appeal to seek lesser sentences if they so desire, but so be it. I am also abolishing the sex offender registry, it was useless when it was started, and it is even more so now. The only reason to get in trouble now is to force a child, or anyone for that matter into doing something that he or she does not want. We are also asking that full parental permission be granted when possible, or some other official have full knowledge and the child's consent before any relationship may turn sexual. These were a few stipulations that some of the advocates asked for, since they could not stop the laws from happening, and I saw no reason not to allow them, since they do at least make sense. That will however cease once a child reaches the age of twelve, the age that we all feel almost any child could fully decide on their own. We do not expect many children under that age to wish to have sex with someone older, but I have known a few in my time that sure did.”

“That is really acceptable, and even if they had not requested it, it would have been smart just for you to have those protections in place anyways.”

“Oh we had similar things in place already, we have no interest in having any child taken advantage of, if not fully raped. Some of the younger kids can be quite vulnerable, and some adults can be quite manipulative, so we did not want some asshole taking advantage of a child who may not know what it is that they are getting themselves into. At least making it so that someone has to be aware of it, like a parent, they can talk to the child and find out if that is what the child really truly wants, and if it is, then it is up to the parent as to how far they allow the relationship to progress. I imagine that some parents would flat out veto their eight year old child to go and have sex with an adult, but I hope that should the child truly wish it to happen, that they would say yes.”

“Oh, I would have at six, that's for sure.” Jonas grinned.

“Me too, in fact, my first was when I was six, he was thirteen, he was baby sitting me, and when he went to change my diaper for bed, I pretty much raped the poor boy. He didn't seem to complain too much though, and he baby sat me for like six years, and then we had some great sex for a few years still after that. Between the ages of six to twelve though, I was a horny little slut, if he had a dick, and seemed remotely available, I had to have him, and in many cases, I did as well. Probably my biggest score was the day I got the entire junior high swim team, coach included, to gang bang me, I was ten at the time. They were a regular stop for me for a few years.”

“Wow, you were an even bigger slut than I am now. Then again, I've only had sex with myself and Conner now, so I guess that doesn't really constitute my being a slut, now does it, but I am totally slutty.” Jonas grinned.

“Oh boy, you have no idea. If I were to write down all of my sexual exploits up until the age of eighteen, I think it would be nearly ten thousand pages, and it would only be the sex, nothing else. Then again, almost my entire life revolved around sex and how good it felt. My parents had no idea what to do with me. I told them I was a gay baby slut when I was like nine, and although shocked, they were not surprised. They had caught me and a few of my friends a few too many times for them to think it was only childish playing around, and childish playing certainly doesn't involve what all we were into anyways.”

“Man, I would have loved to have read that, hell, still would.”

“As much as I'd love to write it all out, not only do I not have the time, but I don't really want all those details being known by all that many people.”

“Have you ever thought about coming clean with your sexuality? I think the world could be ready for a gay leader. You're already the single most popular Prime Minister Canada has ever had, no one has held the position for as long as you have, you've been elected six times already. You've helped the entire world in gay rights, you're passing a world wide law about sex, and although they have never said it, the papers have hinted more than a few times at your sexuality. Even still, that and all that you have done, the people still love you more than anyone else in history.” Jonas asked curiously.

“No, not while I am Prime Minister, but I plan to tell everyone the day I retire. I have no intentions of retiring any time soon, maybe ten years or so, unless of course someone manages to kick me out of my chair, but so far no one has been able to.”

“Oh, well at least you've thought about it. You know you have our vote if you were to do so.”

“Yes, and I'd have every vote for every gay person out there, but I do not wish to do so, at least not yet.”

“True. You have made your decision already, so I will never ask again, I was just curious. So, how many more of the baby items did you order anyways?”

“Thanks, I appreciate it. As for what I ordered, a lot, that's all that needs to be said there. Even with my fifty percent discount that Conner gives to me, I still made a three thousand dollar purchase the other day. And your disposable diapers, which are the greatest by the way, I go through about a case in total around here a week, between me and all those that use and enjoy them.”

“Wow, glad to hear it though. Well, I'm certain that you're even more busy than we are, and we have kept you long enough, so we should let you go now.”

“Yes, I am busy all the time, but to talk to you guys, call any time and talk for as long as you want, I'll never mind the interruption. It was really good meeting you Jonas, and I for one hope that you keep up your awesome inventing, because you rival even Conner, and that's very hard to beat.”

“Thanks Sir, have a good day.” Jonas blushed.

“You too. Bye Conner, have a good day.”

“And the same to you too Sir.” Conner said, and then they disconnected.

“Wow, you sure made an impression on him. It took me far longer to gain any trust from him and to get him talking. Then again he would probably trust you just because I trust you, since he knows I trust next to no one. You seem to be able to put people at ease and get them talking when they otherwise would not normally do so.”

“I liked him right away. I knew I liked him as a Prime Minister before, mostly because my parents hated him, they thought he was too lenient and lax in his decisions. I liked him though too because he talked about children's freedom like it meant something to him, like he was not just saying it to get votes. Thanks for the compliment though, it has been a trait that has served me well all my life. About the only people I could not charm into giving me almost anything I wanted were my parents, well them and the bullies, but some kids are impossible.”

“Tell me about it, being able to charm almost anyone into giving you what you want.” Conner smiled lovingly.

“Yeah, I got my man all right, and that's all that matters.” Jonas smiled warmly back.

“Yeah, and I got my loving little baby boy, what more could I ever want.” Conner said, and then kissed Jonas tenderly.

“Mmm, keep kissing me like that baby, and I'll make you take me to our bedroom.” Jonas sighed.

“Was that a request or a demand?”

“Your choice.”

“Then I will take it as a request. Come with me my gorgeous little baby boy.” Conner whispered huskily and led Jonas to their room.

Once there, Conner very slowly and lovingly removed Jonas' only article of clothing, and then standing right he had been set just inside the door, Jonas stood there and Conner used his lips and tongue to pay homage to his own personal god. Jonas was moaning and groaning, sighing and panting, because Conner was turning him on like never before. For almost half an hour Conner made Jonas stand there, erect, dripping, pulsing, and nearly begging. Finally Conner stood up and picked Jonas up and laid him in the center of the bed. Once situated how he wanted Jonas to be, Conner stood at the edge of the bed, and oh so slowly removed his diaper. He then used his own hands to pet his entire body, much the same way his tongue had caressed Jonas a few minutes before. Jonas was going insane with lust from the show and how Conner had made him feel.

Once Conner was as worked up as he figured that he would need to be, he crawled into bed and in between Jonas' wide spread legs. Aiming his erect member to the waiting hole, Conner slowly moved forth to claim his prize. With only just a minimal licking to loosen him up, Jonas was nice and tight. They both knew that with how much natural lube that Jonas usually made, and with how experienced he was, that he would more than likely be able to go without any preparation whatsoever, but that would be no fun, and would certainly cause at least some minor discomfort, and that was something Conner wanted to reduce as much as humanly possible.

As soon as Conner was sunk in fully, as far as he was able to go, he stopped, and he waited, and he waited, and he waited even longer still. Jonas was being driven nuts, and no matter what he tried to do to get Conner to start up, Conner always countered the motions and kept his dick as perfectly still as he was able to. Conner let Jonas suffer like this for at least ten minutes before he felt that Jonas had been tortured enough, and then started a painfully slow motion. It was too much though for Jonas, and as soon as Conner started moving, he exploded. The explosion was so fantastic that Jonas passed out. Even though there had only been one orgasm, it was probably one of the longer sex sessions that they had had, except a couple of the sex marathons.

Conner chuckled to himself and got out of bed on shaky legs, went and grabbed a fresh pair of diapers, the diaper rash cream, and went back and diapered first his little baby, before he peed the bed again. He then got himself all ready as well, and then curled up to his baby, and joined him in a nice afternoon nap.

After the two nice long sex sessions that they had had that morning and afternoon, the two of them slept quite well, for nearly an hour and a half. They both woke with smiles to each other.

“Mmm baby, that was so awesome, but you never got your turn, all day so far.”

“No need to worry about me, I get all the pleasure I need just giving you as much pleasure as you can stand. Now, I do not know about you, but I am starving again, even though it is not quite time for dinner, so what do you say to going and getting an early dinner, and then going and watching a movie.”

“Okay, but I'll let you get your turn later anyways.”

“No, not tonight baby, I'm getting tired, and we should think about taking a break.”

“Oh, okay, if you insist.” Jonas sighed exaggeratedly.

“Oh baby, I do insist.” Conner grinned, and smacked Jonas' very cute little diapered bum.

They padded down to the kitchen and made dinner together, laughing and joking together as they more often than not did. They had fun, and then they ate.

“So, what should we do to take a break?” Jonas asked curiously.

“I am not sure, but give some time and I will figure something out.”

“Do you want to take a nice long break and get away from here for a week or two, or are you just wanting to stay in and take some time off of all work and just play some?”

“I was thinking of getting away a bit, but am not so sure where to.”

“Okay. Let me look into a few things then and see what I can come up with.” Jonas smirked.

“Um, okay.” Conner said cautiously.

“Don't worry baby, I'll figure something great out for us, don't you worry. After dinner dishes are cleaned up, I am going to go to the lab and do some research, but I want you to go and watch some TV for a bit, because I want to try and work out a bit of a surprise for you.”

“I guess I can do that.”

“Thanks baby.”

After the dinner dishes were all cleaned up, Jonas headed to the lab and Conner headed to the main lounge. As soon as he made it there, Jonas started doing some research. He tapped into Conner's website and found a list of the top most influential and rich people around, and then did another search to see if any of them had a nice big boat. There were five different people that had humongous yachts, the smallest of those five were capable of holding a hundred or so people. He then did more research on Conner's site, and found what all those five people had ever bought. He wanted someone that was a diaper lover, and he was looking for clues as to if they were maybe boy lovers. There was one man, he bought an awful lot of diapers, and had purchased more than a few of the very smallest toys around, as well as some of the larger ones, he also bought an awful lot of lube, and some of that stuff quite recently. That told Jonas that that man was probably into boys. He then also did a little hacking and found that the man had also purchased many other brands of diapers in youth sizes, and a few packs quite recently, so again that told him that he had young people living or otherwise with him right now. He did more research and found that the same man also donated money only to children's rights, that meant he loved kids.

Next he did some creative hacking on Conner's site to see how many underage children were in lurking the archives. He found about thirteen or fourteen, depending on if all the information that he had found was correct. Almost all of them were in the eleven to fourteen range of age, but there was one eight year old as well. He skipped anyone older than fourteen though.

He found all fourteen kids' information, checked to see who all was online, and he found ten of them online at that time. So he sent them all a message, telling them that he was an official with the site, and that they had been caught searching in an age restricted area. He however informed them that he was not going to get them in trouble, and in fact would like to make them an offer. All but one asked what the offer was. Instead of answering though, Jonas started asking them more questions, like if they had ever had sex before, had they ever dreamed of being with a man, and were they diaper lovers, things like that. A further two dropped off from the questions, the other seven had all answered yes to all the questions. Jonas then asked them all if they would like to go on a boylover cruise, but warned them all that they would be asked to have sex by men and or other boys, but that they would not be forced at any time, and that they would be welcome to go at their own speed. Jonas chuckled to himself when it was the eight year old to answer with a resounding yes the fastest. He felt that that was a boy after his own heart. The others all answered yes as well though, just not quite so fast, and none of them had put it in bold letters. When he asked all them if they would be able to get permission, they all said yes, and to just send them a letter for their parents, looking all official, saying that it was an all expenses paid trip, and they would be all good. Jonas told them that when everything was all worked out, they would receive their tickets and information.

Next Jonas called up the number that he would need from earlier and made a call to the Prime Minister.

“Hello again Sir, I hope I am not interrupting you or anything.” Jonas greeted.

“Oh, hello again Jonas, no, of course not. Where's Conner?”

“He's in watching TV, I'm trying to work out a bit of a vacation surprise for him, and I was wondering when the last time you had a totally free to do whatever you wanted vacation was?”


“Good, then when would you be able to take a couple weeks off?”

“Hard to say really, but maybe I could arrange something for two weeks or so from now. What were you thinking of?”

“Would you be able to say no to a boylover cruise?”


“Thought not. I've already found seven boys who would be very interested in going, and hope to get more over the next few days, then there will be you and whatever boys you care to bring along, bring along as many as you would like.”

“How are you arranging that?”

“Well, I still have to arrange the ship, but I know whose ship we'll be using, because with all the research I did, I'm pretty sure that he's a boylover as well.”

“What's his name, I may know him, I know quite a few boy lovers?”

“Tom Buckingham.”

“Yep, know him well, and he's almost as big a boylover as I am.”

“Glad to hear it. If you would like to invite any other like minded men and their boys along, by all means do so. The ship holds about two hundred and fifty people. I just have to call him now and try and explain who I am. Please also make sure that anyone that you care to invite are very safe, we would prefer diaper lovers, and make sure that all boys are made aware of just what this trip will be, so that they can decline if they so desire.”

“I will do so, and would do what you asked anyways, because I have no interest in ever making any boy feel uncomfortable. So, how many boys are you inviting then, and how did you find them?”

“So far seven, and I found them by hacking Conner's site and finding anyone that was underage there, and then I just messaged them all and talked to them. A few were not interested at all, but those ones were, and I still have to ask more, as well as maybe find a few others. I found our ship owner the same way actually.”

“Wow, you're really good at hacking then to have found all that information, especially with how careful I know that he is.”

“Thanks, I am good. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to call the owner of the ship that we're going to use and make him see how this trip will make him a seriously happy man.”

“Would you like me to call him and ask him myself, we know each other quite well?”

“No thanks, I think that I will be just fine, especially if you give me permission to refer to the fact that I know you and how your wife isn't so feminine as she'd like to believe she is.” Jonas grinned.

“Sure, go for it, those two have known each other longer than I've known either of them, they were best friends at school. In fact he's how I met my wife in the first place.”

“That's very cool, so that should tell him that I am serious.”

“I'm sure it will, but I fully expect a call from him the second you guys disconnect.”

“I'm certain you will as well, and I'll even tell him you're expecting his call.” Jonas grinned.

“Well, have a good night, and have fun, but please don't torture Conner too much, we want his creative juices flowing to create all sorts of neat new toys and accessories for us.”

“Well, as for torturing him, of course I'm gonna, and as for his creative juices, well, he's pretty drained right now, hence the reason for the vacation, but then his creative juices may completely dry up during the trip I am planning.” Jonas said with a perfectly straight face, but the Prime Minister broke out into a full uproarious laughter. With a strangled goodbye, they disconnected.

“Hi there handsome, is your big strong lover there?” Jonas asked a cute little ten year old that answered the phone.

“Um um, how did you know about that?”

“I know much, like the fact that you are a gorgeous little gay boy that loves to wear diapers and get a nice big dick up your more than likely hot little ass. My name is Jonas, and if your lover is wearing a diaper right now, I'm the one who designed it.”

“Really, you designed it, I wish they were small enough to fit me too, they are so hot.”

“They will be available very shortly, don't worry. I look forward to meeting you and seeing you wearing one of them. If you wish, you may stay and listen to the conversation that I am about to have with Tom, who's standing behind you now wondering why you are talking so openly in front of a stranger, because he did not hear the important parts. So, if you don't mind trading places, or my favorite is to let my nice big strong lover sit down and then I sit in his lap. If you need to take a few moments to prepare for that, by all means, do so.” Jonas grinned, and while the boy blushed, he perked right up as well, because he received the hint loud and clear. While it did sound appealing to both of them, they did not do that, they just sat down instead.

“Hello Tom, I know you have no idea who I am, nor how I know that you are a boy and diaper lover, but I will get to all that. Have no fear though, I'm certainly not one to tell. But tell me, how do you like the new diapers I designed, your young lover there sure seems to like them?”

“Um, I love them. You must be Jonas then, I know that was the name of the new designer on staff, and that he has created a number of things for the adult babies of the world.”

“Yes, that would be me. I saw that you had purchased nearly one of everything that I created in all sorts of sizes, so you must like them. I also noticed that you bought the hair remover cream, how's that working out for you?”

“Oh god, those clothes and cloth diapers are the softest things I have ever felt in my entire life. As for the cream, I believe Jimmy here can attest to the fact that I am now almost as soft and smooth as a baby.” He said, and little Jimmy was nodding his head happily.

“Yes, so am I, and I love it too. So, anyways, the reason that I researched you so much like this was because I wanted to borrow a boat, however, I have no intentions of just letting you stay behind. I wanted to have a small boylover cruise as it were, and I want all or as many diaper lovers as we can find, it will be all influential people that all have more to lose than telling anyone about it would be worth, so it will be very safe. My lover for instance is none other than Conner Cumming, and so far the only other guest is a close personal friend of yours, the Prime Minister, and he will be waiting for you to call him as soon as we finish this call, just so that you could confirm that I am telling the truth. However, I can tell you things that no one else knows, like about his supposed wife, or husband, I never know what he is.”

“Okay, let me get this straight, you researched through Conner's site, found me, found that I had a large boat, found that I was a diaper lover and a boylover, talked to the Prime Minister about me, and want me to have a whole host of people on my ship for a boy loving cruise?”

“Yep, that sounds about right.” Jonas nodded.

“Okay, when do we leave, and how many people will there be?”

“We will be leaving in about two weeks, assuming of course everything can be arranged. I am going to get everything done tonight, and then I'll be sending out the letters and tickets as soon as I have all the information that I need. First thing I need to know is, where is your ship moored?”

“Just south of here at a small marina. I don't know about taking so many boys onto a ship though from there, they're really small, so they notice things easily.”

“Okay, we'll just have to have the ship out in open water and bring in everyone via helicopter. I trust you have a helipad?”

“Yes, it can land up to a twelve seater bird without trouble.”

“Good, next question would be how many boys would you like to bring with you?”

“Not too sure, I have six boys living with me right now, they're all orphans that I rescued, but one of them is not gay or into diapers. I would have to find someone who would be willing to watch him. He likes living with me, because I give him all that he needs, but I am trying to find him a suitable home where he can thrive and not feel uncomfortable.”

“That's good for him then, but yes, he definitely needs a new home if he feels uncomfortable there.”

“He never lets it show, but I know he is.”

“You will also be welcome to bring along any other guests that are like minded, should you happen to know anyone, but we would ask that all boys are made well aware of what this cruise will be, but also ensure them that at no time will they be required to do anything with anyone. They have full ability to say no to anything, but they have full ability to say yes to almost any desire they could possibly imagine.”

“All my boys would be happy with that, and the few others that I know of would be more than happy as well.”

“Excellent. Well, I should let you go then, because I have a few more calls to make.”

“Okay, thanks for inviting me for a party on my own ship.” He chuckled, and then disconnected before Jonas could answer. His next call was to be to Richard.

“Hey Richard, how are you this evening?”

“Great Jonas, and how about you?”

“Great, thanks for asking.”

“Where's Conner?”

“In watching TV. I'm working on a bit of a vacation for us, and was wondering if you and your husband would like to join us?”

“What are the details?”

“Better get your stroking hand ready, because you're gonna need it?” Jonas grinned cheekily.

“Ooh, this sounds good.”

“Oh, it will be. First of all, do you know any young gay diaper lover boys?”

“A few yes.”

“And are they active and interested in having sex with other boys and or men, or have they done either before?”

“As far as I know, yes to all. Why?”

“And would you and your husband care to partake in any of those boys, or any others that would be willing?”

“We would have to talk it over, but possibly yes.” Richard said curiously now.

“Good. I'm planning a cruise, and so far there will be about twelve boys on it, as well as a few men. If you know of any other men and their boys that would like to join us, you're welcome to invite them, I would just need to know who all is coming.”

“You're planning this, how, and what about Conner?”

“Oh, this is all a surprise for him. I think that he deserves it, and we'll both get to enjoy a few younger boys as well. So, would you guys like to join us?”

“I'll have to talk it over with Ronan, but I think we will be there.”

“Good, and talk to those who you think might like to come as well, but make sure they are well aware of what the cruise is, but also tell them that they are free to say no at any time and are not obligated to participate in anything that they do not wish to do.”

“Okay. I'll call you when I have any information.”

“Just email it to me actually, that would be easier, and more private.”

“Will do, well bye.”

“Thanks, bye.”

Jonas then went back to the computer and did a bit more research, starting at Conner's site first to find anyone that had a helicopter in Tom's area. He found a few, but only two with a helicopter large enough to make it worthwhile. Researching more he felt that only one of them would be suitable. He had bought diapers and plenty of small toys to suggest that he too liked to play with young boys. He hacked into his account and also found that he too had purchased diapers for older kids quite recently as well. Once he was fairly certain that he was correct in his assumptions, Jonas got the information to call the man, and then did so.

“Hello, are you Shane by any chance?”

“Yes, I am, who's asking please?”

“Excellent. Shane, my name is Jonas, and I know we have never met before, but judging by a few of the items that you have purchased from my lovers website, you have heard of me. I am the Jonas that designed the diapers that you like, as well as the adult baby wear, amongst a few other things.”

“Wow, it's good to meet you, but you're a great deal younger than I would have suspected. I do have to wonder though, why would you be calling me?”

“Well, before I actually answer that question, I have a few to ask of you, and before you say no to any of the questions, I have done enough research to assume that I know the answers that I am about to ask are in fact yes. The first question is are you a boy lover?”

“How could you have done research to know that?”

“Because some of the toys you have bought from our site are far too small for a well seasoned gay man such as yourself, because we have records going back many years. The only other reason to purchase such toys would be to train young boys in the art of gay sex. It is after all far easier and preferable to start them out small, I know, I did.”

“I see, and yes, you are correct, and damn good observation I might add.”

“Thanks, I am very observant, and know the correct things to look for. Next question is, do you have any boys living there with you now, or possibly frequent visitors?”

“Yes, to both in fact. I have three boys living here, and two of them have cute little boyfriends that very much enjoy staying for the weekend.”

“Excellent, and are all of them into diapers as well?”

“All but one, he just hasn't admitted to it quite yet that he loves them, but he does wear them. He says just because we all are, he may as well.”

“Sounds like a diaper lover in the making to me. That's okay, almost all boys love diapers, they just need the chance to try them out and enjoy them.” Jonas grinned.

“For sure.”

“Okay, next question, do all the boys enjoy having you as well, or do the boyfriends mainly stick with each other?”

“We all enjoy each other, a great deal in fact.”

“Great. And last question, would you be willing to lend your services and your helicopter to the cause if I were to invite you and any boys you care to bring along on a boy love cruise?”

“I would love to, where, when, and how?”

“The when is in about two weeks, and I will send you all the information that you need, the where we have not really decided, but maybe we won't even bother, just go, and the how, well that I am working out. All that you need to know is that you would be taking all the guests from wherever your helicopter is stored to the boat, which will already be out to sea, but not too far. No worries though, I will personally pay for all the fuel costs.”

“Wow, you must make a fair bit for your inventions and designs to be willing to pay for all that, it could be thousands of dollars just for fuel for my bird, depending on how many people there will be.”

“I'll put it to you this way, the very first day that the disposable diapers went on the market, I made more than a million dollars, personally. The entire line of adult baby clothes, the day it hit, I made upwards of three times that much. So yeah, I have no problems paying all the fuel costs.” Jonas grinned.

“Wow. For sure, send the information, and I will be ready. I have a helipad on my property though, so send everyone directly here, and I will take them to wherever I am supposed to go.”

“Good. You are also welcome to invite anyone that is like minded to us, and bring as many gay diaper lover boys as you would like, just make certain that they are all well aware of what this trip will be, but assure them that they are not required to do anything that they do not wish to do. Just email me with all the names of the guests.”

“Okay, thanks so much.”

“No, thank you, and have a good night.”

“You too.”

After they disconnected, Jonas went about calling another six people that he had found online that might be willing to go on such a trip, and he was not wrong about a single one of them either. They were all diaper and boy lovers to the extreme, they all had a boy or four to bring along, and all agreed that they may be able to bring another few people. By the time Jonas was finished, he felt that they would easily be able to fill up the entire ship, all with gay men and boys, all diaper lovers, and all horny. With all that work taken care of now, he went about the chore of having their manufacturing system make all of the items that they would be needing for their trip. He had it route all the items to one of the store rooms that it used, and hoped that Conner would not go there. He had it make cases upon cases of the disposable diapers, probably two cloth diapers per person, and matching waterproof panties to go with them, he ordered up nearly a tonne of the two very special suppositories, and a few dozen cases of each size of condoms that they now had, including the smaller child sized ones. As a last minute thought, he decided to also make a few tubs of lube and diaper rash cream. He figured that he would add more as time went by, and he did, but he was getting tired and wanted to go cuddle up to his man for a while.

“Wow, took you long enough baby, what all did you do?”

“Even if I were inclined to tell you, of which I am not, you would probably not believe me anyways, so you'll just have to wait patiently.” Jonas grinned, and then laid down on the couch, laying his head on Conner's lap, and then he sighed contentedly.

“Fine, be like that.” Conner said, but started stroking Jonas' hair softly.

They only stayed up for about another half an hour before they decided that it was time for bed. Even though neither one wanted to make love that night, they did need a little release, so they did so using their hands after they had each other nice and thickly diapered. With a grunt and a sigh each, they repositioned themselves inside their diapers, and then curled up and went to sleep.

Chapter 7

The last two weeks have gone by in a mad flash of planning for Jonas. At times he wondered how he was going to manage it all, but he did, and today was the day that everyone was to meet up on the ship. After only a couple days, Jonas was able to contact the other boys that he had found, and another five were scheduled to be joining them. All told there would be fifteen men and nearly a hundred boys on the cruise ship, all geared towards one goal, and that would be to have as much sex as humanly possible. All the boys that he had talked to, and he tried to talk to them all, said that they were ready, willing, and happily able to come on the trip and enjoy almost any act of sex they could imagine. Jonas was more than happy to hear that of course.

All the letters and tickets had been sent out to those that needed it, the letter pretty much just told any of the boys' parents that needed to know that the boys had won a full expenses paid trip, that it was all perfectly legal, blah blah blah, the usual stuff, and there were of course the standard release forms, so on and so forth. There were also the plane or bus tickets that every person needed to get to where they had to go. There was a limo that was scheduled to take everyone from either the airport or the bus station to the pilots house, so that they could then fly to the ship. Jonas had paid for every last cent of the trip out of his own personal bank account, and although so far it had cost him nearly a hundred thousand dollars, with all the tickets and the supplies he had to buy, he was happy to pay it, and he could certainly afford it, because he was making about that much per day now.

For all the food and everything that they would be needing for the trip that he could not make himself, or Tom said he did not have, Jonas just placed a large order with a restaurant supply chain and had them deliver it all to the ship the day before they were to set off. Tom said that he and his boys would be happy to go there and get everything all set up, so Jonas was happy about that.

It had taken five days for the manufacturing system to make everything that Jonas had asked for it to make, and when he checked to see how much raw materials they had left, he was happy to see that they still had a little bit, so after the trip was over with, they would have to get it restocked. Quietly Jonas was able to get all the stuff from the storage room to the truck without Conner noticing, mainly because he asked Conner to go do something else while he took care of some business for his surprise. Jonas also packed each and every one of the toys that he and Conner had, including the two chairs, so there would be lots for some good clean dirty fun.

Conner though was itching to know what the hell was going on, all he knew was that Jonas was planning some sort of vacation, but when, where, and how he had no clue on, Jonas was amazingly hard to read when he did not want to be. All he knew was that every day Jonas was doing at least a little something to get ready for this trip, but what, he was never allowed to find out.

Jonas was receiving almost daily emails from all the guests that were to join them, asking him all sorts of questions. The most common one though was what should they bring. Jonas told them all the same thing, come only with the clothes on your back and your toothbrush, nothing else, it would all be supplied for them. He was also asked how much money they should bring to pay him, but Jonas told them all that there was no need for money on this trip, and in fact to leave it all at home, because they would not even be stopping. A few of the kids asked about souvenirs to show their parents, so Jonas worked something out for that, and told the boys not to worry too much.

The new laws that the Prime Minister had made finally come true, after hundreds of years of the old barbaric laws, were ushered in with little fanfare. There were still a few token protests, but the speech that the Prime Minister made at the world summit actually managed to quiet most of them. He point blank told them that for hundreds of years, boys and men have been having sex with no ill effects for the boys, and in fact, it was helpful to them in many ways. The ones that were ill affected were the ones that had accidentally been caught for some reason and their lovers were unceremoniously tossed in jail and their protests were ignored. The Prime Minister even went on to say that he had been such a boy, and that he had vowed to his lover that he would one day grow up and change those laws. He told everyone how he was still great friends with the man that he had loved as a boy, had even went and visited him in jail as often as he had been able to, but unfortunately they had not allowed him conjugal visits, everyone chuckled from that. His speech went on for nearly an hour, telling everyone why these two new laws were beneficial to everyone, how all children could benefit from it, but that no child would ever be forced, because such a thing would constitute rape, and therefore would be punished harshly and quickly.

The same day that this happened, Jonas and Conner opened up the website for all to view, and a few new products hit the market. The youth sized condoms, diapers, and baby clothes were amongst them, but there were a few others geared towards the younger boys as well. The sales in those departments, while still quite low, were still somewhat staggering, because there was more being sold than they had anticipated, and a good many of them by the boys themselves.

But finally the day had come for them to head out. Jonas had checked his email, and the only ones in his in box were the ones saying see you there shortly, there were no other last minute emergencies that had popped up, so he was pleased. The past few days had been a circus of putting out fires, ironing out the last minute details, rearranging things that blew up in his or someone else's faces, and other sorts of things, but he had managed it, and each and every one of the people that had said that they would be there, was scheduled to be there.

“Well Conner, it's been two weeks of you wondering what it is that we're doing for our vacation, and you will not have to wait any longer, let's go get dressed, we leave in ten minutes.”

“Oh good, where are we going then?”

“I never said I was going to tell you anything yet, I just said that today was the day, so let's get going. You will find out everything as it happens.” Jonas grinned.

“You know, if I did not love you so damned much, and knew that you were planning this vacation for me, I would place you over my knee and give that well padded baby bum of yours a spanking.”

“Oh promises promises.” Jonas grinned evilly.

“Yeah, I should have known.” Conner said, just shaking his head.

“Yeah, you should have, now come on gorgeous, we have to get going if we want to catch our flight, and the pilot will be landing within half an hour.”


“There will be a helicopter coming to the clearing at the top of the mountain to pick us up, but we have to get the truck up there and get it all unloaded before he arrives, so that we can just load it all in as soon as he arrives.” Jonas answered.


This had been something that Jonas had arranged with Shane, since they only lived a couple hours by air away from each other, they figured it was the fastest and easiest way. Jonas and Conner would also be the first to arrive on the ship, other than Tom and his boys. Jonas had everything in the back of the truck already of course, but everything was in large unmarked crates, so Conner would be unable to tell what was there.

They headed to their bedroom right away to get into clean dry diapers for the trip, and then dressed in the same clothes that they had worn their last time out. Of course they dressed each other, why would they not really, and once they were ready, they grabbed their toothbrushes and were out the door. Conner made certain that all the security systems were activated and then they left. It was only a ten minute drive to the top and the clearing. When they made it, they started removing the crates from the back, and as they were pulling the second one off, they could already hear the unmistakable sound of an approaching helicopter. They were on their second to last box when it landed. Quickly they unloaded the last of the boxes as the pilot hopped out.

“Hello Shane, good to finally meet you in person. I see you have your boys with you, are they just staying with us once we land then?”

“It's good to finally meet you too Jonas, and yes, I figured that they may as well. And you must be Conner, I have heard a lot about you, I am Shane.”

“Hello Shane, I wish I could say that I was told all about you, but I have no clue what is going on here.” Conner said, taking the offered hand and shaking it firmly.

“Yes, we all know that this is a large surprise to you, and that we are not to say anything until such time as you've figured it out for yourself.” Shane grinned.

“Figures!” Conner chuckled.

“Yes, well let's get this stuff loaded into the helicopter shall we.” Jonas said.

The three of them made quick work of moving all the crates to the helicopter and loading them into the cargo area, and then they all climbed in and got buckled up. Conner was told to sit in the front seat, while Jonas sat in the back with the six boys that were back there.

“Hi boys, it's good to finally meet you all in person. I honestly don't remember all your names, nor do I expect to even at the end of our trip, but who needs names.” Jonas grinned.

“It's good to meet you as well Jonas.” The oldest boy said, and he was maybe thirteen at the oldest, Jonas had rarely asked for ages.

Seconds later the helicopter was back up to flight RPM and they lifted off. Jonas had never experienced this before, and he loved it. For the next two hours they flew, and Jonas excitedly watched out the window as they did so. The other boys in there knew what he was feeling, because they all still loved it, even after going up a few times, so they hardly talked to him, but talked quietly amongst themselves. Mostly about the trip they were about to take. Finally they landed, and before Conner could ask any questions, he was ushered inside and to the suite they were to use.

“Now baby, you just stay here okay, just wait until I come in and get you, and no questions.” Jonas told Conner with a kiss to his lips just as Conner was about to ask the inevitable question.

“Fine.” Conner pouted animatedly.

Jonas just giggled as he left the room, closing the door behind him. He knew that Conner would stay there, he knew that he would not want to ruin the surprise. Conner just sat back on the large comfortable bed and turned on the TV and watched for a while. Jonas though headed up to the bridge.

“Tom, it's so good to finally meet you in person.” Jonas said as he entered the bridge and saw the man he came to look for.

“Jonas, it's good to finally meet you as well. Why not get more comfortable like the rest of us already have.” He asked, referring to the fact that he and the couple boys on the bridge were just wearing diapers, all of them by the looks of it quite soggy already, and all of them were Jonas' creations.

“Sure, I just had to drop Conner off in our room first. It looks like you boys like the new diapers. How do they feel?”

“They're great.” They all said simultaneously.

“Glad to hear it. They're really so much better than any other diaper I've ever tried, and I'm glad that I was the one to design them.”

“Us too.” They all said together again.

“Me too.” Tom smiled warmly.

“Good. So, the Prime Minister and his party should be arriving next if the schedule works out like it should, and then there should be a group of only boys. The Prime Minister though has like eight boys with him, and there will be two extras with him. I hope that this all goes as well as I planned it.” Jonas said.

“I'm sure that it will. So far everything has been perfectly on time and to schedule. We almost had problems yesterday with the shipments, but only because one was a few minutes late and another was a few minutes early, so they did not end up quite as staggered, but we managed just fine. Why don't you take my boys and Shane's boys and go get everything that you brought with you today taken inside and put away?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me. It'll be about half an hour before the Prime Minister arrives anyways, but I'll probably never find all the boys, this ship is huge.”

“Boys, take Jonas here and find all the others, and then help to unload everything, but don't lift anything too heavy remember.”

“Okay daddy.”

“Come on, I know where they probably are.” The oldest boy said, grabbing Jonas' hand and leading the way. He was maybe eleven years old and was quite cute.

In short order they found all the other boys that were so far on board, all told there were only nine including Jonas, so it did not take them all that long, especially since they had found each other and were busy touring the ship with the three that knew it.

“Hi boys, it's good to finally meet everyone. I know you have all been asked this already, but I have to make sure myself, because I'd never forgive myself if it happened, but are all of you certain that you want to be here and do all sorts of fun, kinky, and sexy things with untold amounts of other boys and men?”

“Hell yeah.” The cheer erupted, and Jonas knew that each one of them had said it.

“Good, I'm glad to hear it. Just remember though that at any time you are welcome to just say no. If you do not wish to do something with someone, tell him no, and that will be the end of it. You are under absolutely no obligations to have sex with anyone. However, with that being said, you are more than welcome to have as much sex as your body can possibly stand, and do so with as many of them as will allow it as well. Even though there is next to no chance of any diseases, because almost all have been abolished finally, and there is zero chance of pregnancy in this group, I still recommend that outside of your normal groups you wear condoms. There will be more than enough, and of all the correct sizes for everyone. However, I nor anyone will force you to wear one. I probably won't, just because I like it natural, and I'm not afraid of catching anything, because I screened everyone quite well.”

“That's awesome, and I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we will probably all enjoy every position imaginable, and then a few, and I don't want to wear a condom either. My dad used to rape me all the time, but he used a condom so that he didn't leave any proof behind in case I was ever caught. Hell, he wasn't too smart though, because I would have told them everything had they caught me, well except about the men that I willingly let fuck me, but they were fun, and he didn't need to cum in my ass to leave any proof. He wasn't too smart. Now though I have a real daddy who loves me and makes proper love to me, not forces me to do anything he wants just for his pleasure. So I hate condoms now, because they feel like rape to me.”

“That's so sad to hear, especially for the fact that I'm willing to bet that had he just asked nicely and treated you with love and respect, you would have willingly given him your ass, or anything else he wanted.”

“Yeah, I would have.”

“Did he ever give you any pleasure?”

“No, only ever used me for his. He said he was no fucking fagot, and my ass was better than any female. He never did anything else for me.”

“Ever thought of paying him back?”

“Oh yeah, but what can I do. I won't ever tell anyone, because I don't ever want to go through with it and risk losing what I have now.”

“I bet I can work it out for you, and I'll send you all the videos of your dad's punishment. I think though that I'll leave it as a bit of a surprise for you, but by the time we get back, your dad will be a whole new man.” Jonas grinned, and then headed over to a computer for a few moments and sent off an email with all the information that the clinic would need to know. Jonas remembered everything about the boy, so that made it easier.

“There, done. And don't ask any questions, just rest assured that when you see all the videos, and there'll be about a weeks worth, maybe more if he shows promise, you'll find that your dad has been paid back gay style.” Jonas grinned again, truly loving Conner's idea.

“I wish I knew what it was that you did, but if it's half as much as it almost feels like you're talking about, it could be good.”

“Oh, you could never imagine. What about your mother, how did she treat you?”

“Not all that much better, she just called me names all the time because I was gay.”

“Then she will also be added.” Jonas grinned and added her as well.


“Okay, well we should probably go and get all the stuff unpacked and put away before everyone arrives. It'll take a few hours for everyone to get here, and there is to be no sex until the party officially starts either, okay.”

“Okay.” All the boys said.

They headed up to where everything had been set, and got started on first unpacking the boxes and taking it somewhere to put away. The two chairs were left until last though.

“Holy shit, the sex torture chair, how fucking cool is that?” The same boy that Jonas had worked out his dad's punishment for had said.

“And it is completely and totally for fucking as well. I figured that there would be a few people that might want to try it out, so I brought both of ours. Not to mention it might drum up a few sales from those here that don't already have one.” Jonas grinned.

“Oh, I am so gonna try it, and then I'll beg daddy to buy us one as well. Oh, I'll have to work very hard to pay that off, but I'll enjoy every second of it.” He grinned evilly.

“Yeah, like he would ever make you pay for anything you ever wanted or needed, you just want to fuck him silly until he says yes, assuming of course he says no, of which he probably wouldn't anyways. Almost everyone loves these things.”

“True.” He grinned.

“I hear the next load of people coming, so let's go and meet them all shall we, just remember to stay well away.”


They headed to the helipad and waited the few minutes for the helicopter to arrive, and as soon as it set down and revved down, the next load of people got out. As soon as they were out of the way, Shane took off again to pick up the next load and more than likely to refuel.

“Good morning Prime Minister, it is so good to finally meet you in person. How was the trip?”

“Good morning Jonas, but please, I am on vacation, so please call me John. It is good to finally meet you as well. The trip went well, even though the plane ride over the mountains was a little choppy. A couple little baby boys pooped their pants from some of the turbulence. It scared the shit right out of them. Good thing that it's a private jet and there was no one else aboard, or it could have been embarrassing for them.”

“I can see how that might happen. I trust you lovingly cleaned them up and made them feel better?”

“If you are thinking made them feel better because I could not tape up their new diapers and had to relax a certain muscle. Of course I did, what kind of boy lover would I be otherwise.” He grinned.

“Good, glad to hear it. Hi boys, I would say introduce yourselves to everyone, but honestly, no one is going to remember everyone anyways, so there is really no point. Go ahead and get as comfortable as we all are though and just stuff your clothes in the boxes on the deck here. No point in wearing uncomfortable clothes when we can just laze around in nice soggy diapers.” Jonas grinned to them all, and in record time, the eleven new people were down to only their diapers. And Jonas was right, they were all soggy.

Jonas then gave all the new boys the same speech that he had just given the previous group, and same as the previous group had, they agreed instantly.

“Well boys, why don't you all go and explore the ship, but no dropping off somewhere for any fun, yet. We're gonna save that until a little later. I know it'll be hard to wait, absolutely every possible pun intended on that one by the way, but it'll be better later if you do.”

“Okay.” They all said, some a little dejectedly from not getting to have some fun with the other hot boys around them.

As soon as they were all gone, just Jonas and John standing there, even John's husband/wife went with the boys, Jonas turned to John and they started talking.

“So, where's Conner, I figured that he'd be right up here enjoying the views?”

“I have him in our room to keep him occupied until everyone arrives. He still has no idea of all of the surprise that I have created for him. I do know him well enough though to know that he might not even want to have sex with anyone but me, but before the first day is out, I'll have him enjoying all the cute little boy ass that he can fill, and they him. He's still so terribly shy around too many people, because of his past and all, but he really does need this as well. He's dreamed of things like this for so long.”

“Oh, that makes sense, and I know you're right about him as well. My old adult lover was much the same after he got out of prison, and he's one of the ones that was invited, but he too actually has no idea what it is that he will find once he arrives here, I just sent him the tickets and told him to come on a cruise with me. Thanks for arranging for him to be the last to come though.”

“Oh, you never told me that about him, but you're welcome. I wondered why he was the only man to be coming without a beautiful bevy of bouncing baby boys.” Jonas giggled.

“You're horrible. Yeah, after prison he pretty much has lived the life of a hermit as well, much like Conner did, except he lives in an apartment. It's a nice one granted, it is one of mine, it was the least I could do for the man that taught me what true love was, when I had no idea what it was, all I knew was the harsh belt of a drunk and a slut. Granted I really did love all the sex I had with the other boys I had had, but he I truly loved.”

“I'm glad that you helped him out then, he does deserve it, and he deserves this as well. I know that there are a few boys on this trip that have horrible family situations, because I talked to them all a great deal over the past couple weeks, so maybe we can set him up with one of those boys. There's a little eight year old boy though that I am thinking of taking with us, he's such a beautiful little boy, but he's so sad. His parents know he's gay, he knows they hate him, but instead of just abusing him, they ignore him altogether. He's very smart though, well above average for his age, probably as smart as I am, and in a few years could surpass even me, but if he's not removed from that situation, and fast, it could be too late. I'm glad that he agreed to come on this trip, he needs this as much as your old friend and Conner do. He knows he's gay, but he hates it, he plays with himself all the time dreaming of a man that would love him, but it makes him so sad, because he thinks that it can never happen, especially with how shy he is. I'm quite surprised that out of all the boys that I asked that he was the fastest to say yes. I guess maybe in a way he feels that it is a bit of an escape, who knows.”

“That would be a very good idea, and that poor little boy, it sounds like he needs you guys for sure. I'm surprised as well that the boy even agreed to come with how shy he is then.”

“He has no idea how many people will be here, and at first it will be hard on him, same as Conner, but it'll be good for him as well. I plan to take him into a room with just Conner and I first and the three of us can get used to the idea together.”

“That sounds nice. Would you mind terribly if I asked you if I could make love to you?”

“Sir, I would like nothing more myself, however you will have to wait. When I said we had to wait until everyone arrived, I meant everyone had to wait.” Jonas grinned.

“Well, I didn't exactly mean right this minute, although the thought is appealing.” John grinned back.

“Very appealing in fact.” Jonas nodded.


“So, once everyone arrives, how are we going to do this?”

“Once everyone is on board, I will bring Conner out, and you will all yell surprise to him, and then I explain to everyone what is going on. Then I take Conner back to our room with little Johnny and we take a few hours to ourselves, and you all get to get down doing whatever it is that you would like to do with and to each other. There's about a five to one ratio of boys to men, so it could be very interesting to say the least.”


“Oh, it'll be very fun, have no fears there. The next two weeks will be nearly non stop sex, it'll be a blast, quite literally. Although even with the sexual enhancers, I'm not entirely certain that any of us that can shoot will still be able to by the end. I made sure to bring a few gallons of the friction burn prevention cream, and there is at least two vats worth of lube, so we should be all good.”

“And what about diapers, you brought lots I hope?”

“Of course. Every person on board could use fifteen per day and we still would not run out. Even if by some chance we did, we could always get more anyways. I also brought cloth diapers as well, just in case anyone wants to wear them as well.” Jonas grinned.

“Good, glad to hear it, and we just may go through that many as well.”

“I didn't figure that we would, but you never know.”

For the rest of the half an hour that it took for the next set to arrive, the two of them talked about all sorts of things, just getting to know each other even better, and having a great time. The next bunch arrived, and in it was Johnny, and as soon as Jonas got the preliminaries out of the way, he took Johnny down to one of the rooms and asked him to stay there and watch TV for a while. He agreed quietly.

For the next several hours it went like this, until finally everyone was on board. As soon as everyone was, Jonas went and collected everyone and told them where to go, and that as soon as he brought Conner in, that they were to yell surprise, so on and so forth. It was all set now, so all Jonas had to go do was get the love of his life. He grabbed Johnny first and told him just to stay behind them, he was hoping that the yell of surprise would not scare the boy too much, hence the reason he wanted him to stay back a bit.

“Finally, it's been hours baby, what took you so long?” Conner asked, sounding relieved.

“It took that long to get all of the surprise here for you. Now, if you'll go ahead and get undressed down to your very soaked diaper, and follow me please, it would be appreciated.” Jonas smiled warmly.

“Okay.” Conner said skeptically, but did as he was asked.

When Conner entered the hall, he noticed the cute little boy, but Jonas just shook his head, and Conner did not ask the question that he was about to ask. Jonas then had Conner lead the way, telling him where to go, and as soon as they made it out to where the others were all gathered, Conner had a shocked look on his face.

And then they yelled, “Surprise.”

“Holy shit Jonas, what did you do?”

“Just a moment, let me get to the front, come with me you two, and then you'll find out.”

“Hello everyone, once again, thanks for coming, and not for cumming yet.” Jonas called out, and everyone giggled out. Conner now knew what the surprise was. “As you have all been told, except a very few of you that were too nervous to be told too much, this trip is a boy lover cruise. Everyone here is gay, everyone here is a diaper lover, everyone here either needs or wants sex with boys or men. Some are not experienced, but want to be very much so, while others are very experienced, both men and boys. As everyone already knows though, no one is to feel obligated to do anything at any time that they do not feel comfortable doing. Take it slow and easy if you want to, or go as fast as you want to, but please never make someone feel bad for saying no. There are so many boys and men here that you will have your fill, and I do mean quite literally there as well, and then some.”

A large cheer erupted with that proclamation.

“Now, as many here know, Conner here, as well as myself, are inventors and we have invented more than a few things that everyone here will undoubtedly enjoy, and you are welcome to enjoy anything that we have here as well. We have brought cases upon cases of the sexual enhancers. For those that do not know about these, you have no idea what you are missing. The blue pill is the sexual enhancer, it'll make your erection hard for as long as you need it to be, you'll cum buckets if you can, your orgasms will be stronger, and everything will just feel ten times more intense. The red pill is the anal invigorator. It'll relax your hole, it'll bring forth your natural lubes, and it'll make your ass feel amazingly warm and tingly all inside. It is in fact those two things that tell you when it is ready to go, so enjoy. We have vats of lube and after sex cream to reduce the chances of friction burns and discomfort, there are condoms of all sizes for anyone that wishes to use them, of which as a proper host I should urge everyone to, but know that very few will, as I will not be myself. We have diapers galore for all to enjoy, both cloth and disposable, there are even enough baby clothes to go around, should you decide to get dressed for bed or something like that. I brought virtually every sex toy that we had, including the sexual torture chairs, so they are to be enjoyed as well. Now, all there is to do, is to have fun, so everyone, I'll be fucking you later.” Jonas said in closing, and this time the cheer was even louder and more intense.

“As for you my loving baby, follow me and Johnny back to our room. Johnny, you come as well please, and don't be too shy.” Jonas said softly.

They both just nodded to Jonas and followed him silently. Poor little Johny looked as if he was about to start crying. They made it back to the bedroom in quick order, while all the others were scattering, grabbing the hand of someone, anyone near by. The adults all thought that this was great, because each of them was grabbed by no less than two boys, and in only a couple cases were they boys that they even knew.

“Now Conner, I know that this will be difficult on you in some ways, because you love me a great deal, well I love you more than that, but that does not mean that we cannot enjoy others as well. I also know without a doubt that you both want and fear this, and that was the reason that I worked all of this out for you. Johnny, I also know that you want and fear this, mostly because of how shy you are. You knew that you would get the chance to meet a couple other boys like yourself and get to have sex with a man or two, but you never would have come had I have told you that there was to be this many people here, hence the reason you were also not told. Now, I am going to kneel in the middle of the bed, you both get to decide which positions you want to take up first, heads or tails, you get to decide.”

“Jonas, I knew that whatever this surprise was that you were working on was going to be huge, given how much work you put into it, but I never imagined that you would create an entire boy love cruise just for me. I'll enjoy a few of the other boys, but each night when we go to bed, it is just to be the two of us. Now Johnny was it, because you are the guest, why not take up Jonas' hot little bum, I assure you that there is no better.” Conner offered.

“But I'm not big enough.” He whispered.

“Sure you are. You may need to slip out of your diaper, and you may have to take Jonas' off as well, but I bet that you have more than enough to give both of us a good amount of pleasure. I for one would certainly not mind feeling you inside me sooner rather than later.” Conner smiled warmly.

“I've dreamed about this for so long.” He whispered huskily, an odd sound from an eight year old.

“Would you like me to put in the sexual stimulator's to your cute little bum, and I would be happy to remove your diaper for you?”


“Put them in my bum too baby, and grab a couple extra for yours and ask Johnny to put them in for you as well.” Jonas said softly.

“Good idea. I guess we may as well all get completely naked for this huh?”

“May as well. Johnny, if you would remove my diaper for me as well please?” Jonas asked.

Johnny did as he was asked. He first removed Jonas' diaper and could clearly see all that Jonas had to offer, and he started drooling at the offerings on display. With shaky hands he took the two offered suppositories and slipped them gently inside Jonas' hot ass. They both moaned from this. Conner had laid on his back, and as soon as he was finished with Jonas, Conner asked him to come do the same for him. Once again as soon as Conner was naked, Johnny moaned and salivated even more. He groaned when he stuck the pills inside of Conner's ass even more so, sticking them even further in.

“Thank you Johnny, you are amazingly soft and gentle. Now, may I do the same for you?”

“Yes please.” He whispered.

“Please lay down then and enjoy.”

Johnny laid down and spread his legs open quite widely. He may have been extremely shy, but he was also extremely horny. He may have only been eight years old, but ever since he found all the nice gay stuff on the computer at the age of five, and it had not entirely been by accident either, he had known what it was that he wanted, it only increased as he got older. When Conner removed the little boys diaper, he found in there a great looking little boy flesh nail. It was perfect in every way, very similar to Jonas' in fact, just smaller. He was approximately eight to nine centimeters long, a couple around, his cute hairless little balls were maybe the size of a large marble in total, and they were pulled up tightly to his body. He was as hard as granite, it was pulsing very rapidly with his heartbeat, and Conner wanted nothing more than to bend down and suck the tasty looking little morsel into his mouth and give the boy the very best blowjob that he could manage, but that would have to wait. Conner slowly worked a lube coated finger around the little boys barely visible hole, and then slowly slipped in both pills, Johnny only grunted slightly.

“Johnny, you have a very pretty little penis, a very good size as well if I may say so. Now, would you like to slip on a condom?”

“No thanks.” He blushed.

“Okay, we are both perfectly clean, and this is your first time, so we know you are as well. Feel free to slip into Jonas at any time, while I go and enjoy his very talented mouth.”


As Conner was moving towards the head of the bed, and Jonas' head, Johnny got up and moved towards Jonas' rear entrance. He had to grab a couple pillows to kneel on though, because he was too short otherwise, but as soon as he slipped in, he exploded. The feelings were just too much, and he had been so horny for so long, it just made him explode at feeling the buttery softness and fiery hotness of Jonas' ass.

“Holy shit, hot little bugger.” Conner mumbled.

“Wow.” Johnny sighed.

Instead of slipping out though, Johnny just pushed the rest of his little dick inside of Jonas, and started rabbit fucking the older boy. Conner moved his hands to Johnny's very cute little ass and grabbed hold of it, and slowed the little boys movements by a considerable amount.

“Slow down you hot little boy you. You do not wish to wear yourself out so quickly, not when there are so many fine asses to be fucked. Take it slow and easy, enjoy the ride, and you will get far more enjoyment from it, trust me.” Conner said very softly, and then bent forward and started kissing the little boy.

Johnny was just about to say something when Conner started kissing him. At first he was shocked, but then realized just how nice it felt, so joined in on the kiss. At one time he sighed, opening his mouth slightly in the process, and Conner slipped his tongue in. Once again the boy was slightly shocked, but regained his composure far faster this time, and started kissing back like a real little pro. Not even ten minutes later though they all exploded in the first of many very powerful orgasms of the vacation, well Johnny's second actually.

“Wow, I never knew that it'd be so wonderful.” Johnny sighed as he fell backwards, slipping out of Jonas completely.

“It only gets better, trust me.” Jonas said, turning and giving the little boy a nice tender kiss, only this time it was Johnny that opened his mouth first and started probing with his tongue. He had really liked the kissing, so now he wanted it again, and it was just as good with Jonas.

“Mmm, you're a pretty good kisser. And you're pretty good with your dick for being a complete virgin. Now, trade places and let me taste that hot little dick of yours.”

“Thanks, okay.” Johnny said almost excitedly.

“What are you waiting for baby, get behind me and fuck my hot baby ass?” Jonas asked, shaking said ass seductively.

“Oh, nothing much.” Conner grinned, and then he too moved into position, because Johnny was already trying to poke his erection into Jonas' mouth.

Jonas grabbed onto Johnny's back and bum, and held him firmly in place so that he would not go faster than was needed, he wanted to go nice and slow. Once Johnny got the hint that he was not to move, just to enjoy, he stopped trying to thrust, and Jonas stopped gripping him. Instead of holding Johnny though, Jonas worked his hands into the sweaty little cleft that hid the treasure that was the boys more than likely very tight little hole. Working first one finger into the hole, Jonas started stretching the boy, so that he would be ready for when it was his turn, because he held no delusions that the boy would not want this, and soon, he had said as much in their conversations, that he wanted to become a non virgin, and soon. Jonas found rather quickly that whatever toys the boy had been playing with in the past had been enough to open him up, because he was able to skip past only two fingers and go straight to three fingers.

Johnny was moaning and groaning, panting and sighing, he was loving every second of the pleasure and torture that Jonas was giving to him. Like Jonas had thought, he wanted to go next and be in the middle of the awesome sex sandwich they were making. He wanted Jonas first to prepare him a little more fully, and then he wanted the adult dick inside him that he craved so much.

Johnny was getting far too hot, far too quickly with what Jonas was doing to him, and no matter how much Jonas tried to prolong it, he was unable to. He could very clearly feel the orgasm building in the boy, and it did not stop even when he did, so he had to keep going. When Johnny shrieked in the absolute bliss that was an orgasm, the other two were close enough that it sent them over the edge as well, and they too came hard.

“Oh wow, that was the best ever, thanks so much. Can I try the middle position now please?” Johnny asked a few minutes later, still gasping for breath, but nowhere near wanting to stop.

“If you are sure, then we certainly won't mind. Who would you like where to begin with?” Jonas asked, certain he knew the answer already, but wanting to be sure.

“I want you in my bum first to stretch me out more for Conner. I want to suck Conner's dick and taste his cum real bad too.”

“Then that is how it shall be gorgeous boy.” Conner said softly.

They all got into position, Jonas added some lube to Johnny's tight little hole and worked it in, and then added more lube to his dick, and as Conner was moving forth, so did he. They both met both sets of Johnny's lips at the same time, and with hardly any resistance at all, Jonas slipped inside. Johnny grunted slightly at the very first intrusion, but as soon as Jonas' head was inside, and slipping inside him, he sighed deeply. So did Jonas.

Conner was very slowly feeding the virgin boy his dick, and he was taking it amazingly well. Only once did Conner have to back off because he went a little too deep, a little too fast, and caused the boy to gag. Soon though Conner was able to get almost his entire meat in the boys mouth and throat, and Johnny was humming and sighing, causing even more incredible feelings in Conner.

For nearly twenty minutes the three of them tenderly made love, Johnny was loving every second of it, even though it still hurt a little, which was probably the only thing keeping him from cumming. That was not to say however that the boy was not still painfully hard, because he was. The lingering pain, which was really not much, was only enough to keep Johnny from cumming, and even the little pain that he felt he was loving, because he knew that he was no longer a virgin. He also knew that the first time always hurt, but from everything he had read, he had assumed that it hurt a great deal more than what he was feeling. He was forgetting that while he was still a virgin, that he had played with his ass for a long time, so it was used to being invaded. Also while considerably larger than he was, Jonas was really not all that large, just enough to stretch him out. He also did not take into account the fact that he had been given a sexual stimulator that helped in the art of anal sex considerably.

Johnny did know however that when Conner broke into his ass, that it was going to hurt, and probably a great deal, because he was quite a bit larger than Jonas was. He was willing though to take it, and not scream out, because it was what he wanted most of all.

Finally all the work to Johnny's body caused him to explode yet again, and once again he caused the other two to tag along for the ride, not that they minded of course. It took even longer this time for them all to come down from the massive orgasm, and when they did, they flopped down.

“Oh my god, that was incredible. I knew it would be good when someone did finally fuck me, but I never thought it would be like that.”

“How much did it hurt?” Jonas asked softly.

“Quite a bit at first, but it went away after a few minutes, but it still feels like you're inside me.”

“That is because you are stretched quite a bit. Are you sure that you want for me to do the same thing to you now, because I am larger yet, and if you thought it hurt for Jonas to do that, then it will really hurt for me to do the same?” Conner asked softly, because he had to know.

Johnny was the single youngest boy on board, the next youngest being an old nine, almost ten, and he was also the only boy that had not had some experience in anal sex. All of the others had at least had other kids, but most of them had already felt an adult penis enter their tender bottoms.

“I know that it'll hurt, possibly lots, but I'm ready for it. Just don't take it out, whatever you do, I really want this.”

“We know that you really want it, and we will give it to you as well, just as tenderly as we possibly can, to lessen the pain as much as possible. The first time is always the worst though, but then it starts feeling even better than you just felt with Jonas. There is a very good reason that many boys and men put up with the initial pain and discomfort, because eventually it all fades away, to be replaced with the absolute best feelings that you could never describe.”

“I know, that's why I want you to do it, and thanks.”

“You are very welcome. Now, as soon as you are ready, go ahead and get back on your hands and knees, and we will make you feel the best we possibly can. Just make sure and tell us if you need us to pause for a few moments, okay. I will not pull out once I start, but you must tell us if you need us to stop.”


“We're gonna do this a slightly different way as well. I'm gonna slip under you, so that you can mostly lay down on my body, and I'm gonna suck your dick at the same time to relax you even more, and you can still suck on me when and if you can. Please just don't bite down if the pain gets too bad.” Jonas chuckled.

“I won't.” Johnny giggled.

“Thanks, I'd appreciate it.”

“Me too.” Conner chuckled.

The two boys got into position, and Jonas sucked Johnny into the root, sucking in his hot little balls as well, really giving the boy what for. Johnny cried out in intense pleasure from this, temporarily forgetting what it was that he was supposed to be doing, it just felt so good. As Jonas started sucking, he reached up and grabbed a cheek with each hand and pulled them as wide apart as he could to give Conner all the access that he would need.

Conner moved in with the tube of lube with the nozzle, stuck the tip in, and gave a good firm squeeze, squirting a lot of extra lube into the boy. He had already had lube in him, and the one suppository was adding a lot more lube to the mix, but Conner wanted all the lube he could get to make this go as smoothly as possible. Never before had he had to break in a boy before, all the boys he had had, which were sadly very few, had already broken themselves in, such as Jonas had. Johnny had started to break himself in already, but had not moved past more than his own girth in size, so even Jonas had been painful to the boy.

Once very well lubed, Conner grabbed a couple dildos from the bedside table, and started with the smaller of the two. It was only just slightly larger than Jonas was, and it caused Johnny to groan in a combination of pain and pleasure as it bottomed out. For five minutes Conner used this toy on Johnny, and then slowly slipped it out, and started on the next one. This one was about half way between the sizes of Jonas and Conner, so would really start to stretch the boy. When Conner got the head of that into Johnny, he groaned deeply, and asked Conner to wait a minute.

Jonas knew that the pain must have been quite harsh, because Johnny even went sort of limp, but he never stopped suckling on the cute little boy package. A few moments later and Johnny started to stiffen back up, and he gave the go ahead for Conner, who started slowly jacking the dildo in and out, going just a tiny bit further in on each stroke.

Johnny winced a few more times as Conner did this, but never once asked for him to pause, and finally after five minutes, he had the entire thing in him. Once Johnny got used to it again, he started slowly sucking Jonas as best he could, but most of his concentration was centered around the feelings that Conner was creating in him. It took five more minutes before Johnny was easily taking the dildo, and then Conner pulled it out.

“Okay Johnny, this is it, are you sure you want for me to continue?”

“Oh yes please.” Johnny gasped out, not liking the feelings of being left empty.

“Okay, once again, I will not pull out once I start, but be sure and tell me when to pause.”

Johnny just nodded and sucked Jonas as far into his mouth as he could to stifle some of the noises he knew he was about to make. Conner lubed his dick well, and then got into position, lined up, and slipped his head in. He heard the oh fuck that Johnny groaned out, even around Jonas' dick, and once again Johnny went temporarily soft. Conner paused, but Jonas kept sucking gently. Johnny had understandably stopped. He was trying to catch his breath, and was doing everything in his power, everything he had read about, to relax his asshole some and get rid of the burning. It took almost ten minutes before he was relaxed enough for Conner to continue. His dick started stiffening up again, and they all started once again.

Conner started the exact same thrusting motions again, pulling out just a tiny bit, and then going back in just a tiny bit further each time. Never before had he had an ass so tight before, and it felt absolutely amazing. He knew Johnny was no longer a virgin, but he was so close to it that he may as well have been. It took almost ten minutes before he bottomed out in Johnny, and Conner was doing everything in his power not to cum. When he hit bottom, he stopped all movements, and stopped thinking about what he was doing, concentrating on anything else, forcing himself to back away from the orgasm.

“I'm all the way in you Johnny, how do you feel?”

“Full, very full. It still hurts quite a bit, but that's going away quicker now. You can start now I think, and I want you to give it to me long and deep, I want you to really fuck me.” Johnny moaned out.

“I will take another minute before I start, I do not wish to cum too soon.”

“If you do, just keep going, I can take it.” Johnny moaned out a little deeper this time, showing Conner that the good feelings were quickly replacing the bad ones, and Johnny would now forever crave a big dick buried up his small tender hole.

“I will try, but this is going to be a massive cum, I am doing everything in my power not to blow as it is, and when I do, I may just pass out. Jonas has managed to do that to me a few times now, and this feels as big as any of those times did.” Conner grunted out.

Johnny just moaned his understanding. Jonas though decided that he would help Conner to hold off a bit, so took one of his hands from Johnny's hot little ass and grabbed onto Conner's balls, pulled them down a bit, and squeezed. It was not enough to cause pain, but can be painful when not having sex, but was enough to get Conner away from the powerful orgasm that he was feeling. Conner grunted from this, feeling the ache that Jonas was causing, but knowing why he was doing it and he appreciated it. It actually did feel good too though.

Once Conner was ready, he started pulling his dick out, he went right to the very end, right until he was in danger of slipping out, and then reversed direction suddenly and slipped all the way back in. He did it slowly though. He kept up the rhythm, long dicking Johnny, just the way he wanted for him to, but kept the pace fairly slow so that they could all enjoy it even more. Jonas was loving the view from where he was. Not only was Johnny sucking his dick quite tenderly, but he was sucking Johnny's entire hot package, and he was once again hard as nails, but he got to watch Conner really fuck the hot little boy ass and break him wide open. Jonas was certain the rest of the day the boy would not want his ass touched, because it would be quite sore, but they would put a lot of cream on him to aid in the healing, and by the next day he would be begging the biggest person on board to fuck his tiny baby ass.

Even though Jonas was firmly holding Conner's balls the way he was, the pleasure and pain just got to be far too much for him after not even ten minutes of nailing Johnny's very tight ass, and he exploded. Jonas could feel it coming on, and instead of trying to stop it further, he doubted he could anyways, he started massaging his balls. He increased the suction on Johnny's dick and balls to bring him off, because he was close, and also stopped trying to hold back his own orgasm, because he too was getting quite close, but had been able to hold it off for the past couple minutes. With deep grunts and groans from all three of them, they came, and it was massive. Johnny coughed and gagged on the load that Jonas was feeding to him, until he pulled back to savor the load, Johnny was pulsing madly in Jonas' mouth, and Jonas felt that if the boy could have cum at that moment, he would have drowned, and Conner was filling up Johnny's ass with cum, to the point that some started leaking out with all the lube.

As he suspected he might, Conner passed out as soon as the orgasm let him go. He fell backwards, he legs underneath him, and a happy smiled plastered on his face. It was not the only such smile plastered on a sleeping face on the ship.

“Wow, for something that hurt so much to start with, that sure felt bloody good to end. Thank you so much Jonas for all of this, I think I love you.” Johny said, almost crying from how he felt. He turned around as he was saying it, and as soon as he finished, he laid on Jonas the most tender and loving kiss he could possibly manage.

“Mmm, you really are a great little kisser, you know that right?” Jonas sighed when the lip lock was broken.

“Thanks, but you're really good as well.”

“Thanks. Now, while I don't love you, yet, I do like you great deal, and I think that I'm starting to love you as well. I know how hard it had been these past few years with your parents, and I think that I might have a solution for you.”

“What is it?” Johnny asked excitedly.

“How about we get you creamed up nicely to help heal your little bum, get us all diapered, and then I'll tell you what I was thinking.”

“Okay, but do you think that you can put one of the larger butt plugs into me so that as I heal I heal nice and big. I know it'll hurt before you say anything, but it'll be worth it and it'll make it easier on me later.”

“That's not a bad idea, and while I would have warned you that it would've hurt, I would have done it for you for that very reason. Choose the one from the drawer you want, and I'll get the rest of the stuff.”

“Okay, thanks. How long will Conner sleep?”

“Probably about half an hour, it usually takes him about that long.” Jonas smiled.

“Cool, I did that.” Johnny smiled proudly.

Jonas just smiled and climbed out of bed and grabbed everything that he would need. While he was doing that, Johnny dug through the drawer and picked out probably the largest butt plug there was.

“Are you sure you want that one Johnny, it'll be a hell of a fight just to get that thing into you, and it'll hurt like nothing else. I would at least suggest going a bit smaller. No one on the ship will be so big around that you need that one anyways.”

“Okay, I guess.” Johnny said, trusting Jonas, and grabbed a smaller one. It was not a huge amount smaller, but small enough that it would not cause the boy to pass out in pain, and more than likely tear his little hole.

“That's better. Now, I am going to push a lot of this cream up inside your hole, and then around it. At first it's gonna hurt, but then the medications in it will help to make you feel all better. I really suggest that for the rest of the day you do not use your ass, and I know for a fact that you're smart enough to understand why that is. Then once I have you well creamed, I'll put the plug into you, and believe you me, it's gonna hurt, probably more than Conner did at first, but that should fade quickly.”

“Okay, thanks Jonas.” Johnny smiled warmly, and just laid back for Jonas to do all the work.

Jonas got a diaper situated underneath Johnny first, and then got the cream and started putting as much inside of Johnny's ass as he could. The little boy was groaning in pain for a few moments as Jonas did this, but then that faded to moans. Next Jonas grabbed the chosen butt plug and positioned it into place, and with a quick little shove, the plug was firmly seated. Johnny gasped at the sudden intrusion, cried out slightly from the pain, and then sighed as the pain started to fade a few minutes later. Jonas then taped up the diaper nice and snug for Johnny.

“There you go baby, now you're all set.”

“Thank you so much Jonas, that really hurt at first, but now it doesn't. Man, I really love these diapers, they're so soft and thick.”

“Thanks, and you're welcome. Now, care to help me to get Conner untucked from his more than uncomfortable position, get him all creamed up, and then diaper him as well?”

“Okay.” Johnny said brightly.

So that was what they did. Jonas let Johnny do most of the work, because he really wanted to, and the little boy was amazingly soft and tender in his creaming and diapering of the older man. As soon as Conner was all set and now covered up, Jonas laid down and asked for Johnny to get him all ready as well.

“Would you like me to put in a butt plug for you as well?” Johnny asked almost hopefully.

“Sure, why not. Go with the one that you originally wanted to go with, I like that one. It's nice and big without being uncomfortable for me.”

“I'll keep working until I can take that and larger.” Johnny said vehemently.

“I know you will, all of us gay boys do, but it's important to start out small. We probably worked you too fast today to tell you the truth, but you had no bleeding at all, so we must have gone slow enough for you still.”

“I know. I accidentally tore myself a little bit last year and it bled a bit, but it healed up right away, it just really hurt to shit for a few days.”

“Been there, done that, didn't like it much, and I never did it again.”

“Same.” Johnny said, and then slipped the butt plug inside of Jonas, who only grunted slightly from the sudden insertion.

Johnny then made slow tender work of creaming and diapering Jonas up, making sure that the diaper was nice and snug.

“Thank you very much. Care to lay back now and have a bit of a nap with Conner?”

“Okay, I am pretty sleepy.” Johnny smiled warmly.

“Me too.” Jonas said, and then they curled up to Conner, a boy to either side, they cuddled right up to the man they loved, and they fell asleep quickly as well.

Chapter 8

The three of them woke up together about half an hour later, but no one really knew how long, because none of them had checked the time before they went to sleep. It did not matter any though.

“Hi babies, have a good nap?” Conner asked groggily still.

“Mmmhmm, I've never slept so nice in my entire life.” Johnny sighed out, stretching and yawning a bit as he did so, showing off his cute diaper that was already nice and wet in the front, but not nearly soaked.

“That's good.”

“Hey Jonas, you never told me earlier how we could get me away from my parents.”

“That's right, we never did, did we. Sorry.”

“That's okay.”

“Well, I was thinking that maybe you could come and live with us. You need a place where you can be loved and nurtured into the little gay boy you are, you need a place where your true brain potential can be used, because you are very smart. I checked your IQ and it's abnormally high, and in a few years with the right teaching, you could very well be smarter than both Conner and I.”

“Really, you mean it?”

“It'd have to be up to Conner to have the final say, but I think that he and you really should both say yes.” Jonas said.

“Yes!” Johnny said almost before Jonas was even finished speaking.

“And I will allow it as well, as long as you come over here and give me another of those special kisses of yours.” Conner said dreamily to Johnny.

Johnny never even answered, and it hardly looked as if he moved, just suddenly he was in Conner's arms, kissing the man he loved more than anyone else so tenderly. The kiss lasted no less than ten minutes, it was so tender and loving that Jonas had tears in his eyes from seeing it. As soon as Johnny let go of Conner though, he spun around and launched himself at Jonas, and then laid the same kiss on the boy he loved more than anyone. For another ten minutes Conner got to see the loving act, and he too had tears in his eyes. Finally the kiss ended, and if possible, Johnny had more tears in his eyes than the other two together did.

“Thank you guys so much, I love you both so much. This is the best thing to ever happen to me. First you guys make me feel so good, so special, and now I get to go live with you. But what about my parents, I'm too young to just leave them, and they'll never give me up, they enjoy torturing me too much. They told me that once. I actually ran away to come on this trip, and I forged my parents signatures. I'm sorry I lied to you Jonas, but I had to get away from them, if even just for two weeks. It would have been horrible going back there, but what else could I have done.”

“I suspected that you must have done that Johnny, don't worry. I knew from what you told me how bad it was there, and I was planning almost right from the beginning to get you out of there, I just had to see how well you'd fit in with us. As for your parents, you really won't have to worry about them. As soon as you left, someone else went in and got them, and they're currently in therapy to make them see how treating you so poorly was a bad idea. Don't worry, they will never look down on gays ever again. And no questions on that, when we get home, we'll show you what I mean about that. We also happen to be very good friends with the Prime Minister, in case you hadn't noticed, so having you placed in Conner's care shouldn't be too much of a problem. In fact, I probably should be as well, since technically I am still not old enough to be without my parents.” Jonas grinned.

“Oh, thanks.” Johnny said.

“No problem. Should we exit our room and go see what everyone else is up to?” Jonas grinned slyly.

“Assuming of course they are still up. It has been a few hours, and more than a few of the boys and men are probably passed out. I cannot imagine that any of them are still going at it.”

“Oh, I'm not so sure about that. I bet there's still at least one or two groups still going at it.” Jonas grinned even more.

“Then it should be fun to watch.” Conner grinned back and Johnny just nodded happily.

They all crawled out of the bed and left the room that they had been in. Every room they passed had an assortment of boys and a man in it, all the doors had been left wide open for anyones viewing pleasure, but all of them so far had been sleeping. At least most of them appeared to have gotten diapered. Conner and the boys diapered the few that were not, although for one boy it had already been too late. They headed up towards the main deck, where there had been a few nice mats laid out for anyone who cared to make love out in the open, and when they arrived, they found a small group of just boys had cared to, and still were. It looked as if the incredible chain fuck the five boys were in was nearing the end, because all the boys were going deep red with holding it back, that and their squeaks and squeals were getting higher pitched. They watched as first one, then the rest all exploded in their final orgasm.

“Wow boys, that was pretty fun looking.” Conner complimented the boys once they were all breathing properly again and appeared to have focused on them.

“Oh, it was far more than just mere fun. That was pure gay sex.” The oldest boy said, he was maybe fourteen at the oldest.

“That it certainly was. Would you like for the three of us to get you boys nice and diapered up, or are you still going to continue?” Conner asked.

“Nah, I don't know about the others, but seven cums is about the most I can do in one round, so I'm almost completely wiped.”

“No shit, seven times, that's wicked.” Johnny said excitedly.

“Yeah, it was.” The boy grinned, looking to the very cute little boy he would not mind sharing some bed time with. Johnny was thinking much the same thing about the older boy though.

“As for your question, I sure wouldn't mind you guys diapering us.” he answered.

“Okay, let me just grab the supplies, and then we will get you babies all diapered.” Conner smiled.

“Hey, I'm no baby! Just because I love to wear diapers, wear baby jammies, suck on a nice soother and drink my milk from a bottle doesn't make me a baby. Oh wait a minute, I guess maybe it does.” One of the other boys giggled.

The rest of them all started giggling as well, and Conner and his boys quickly got the others all diapered up.

“So, how are you guys enjoying the cruise so far?” Jonas asked them as they were standing up, all on shaky legs.

“Awesome.” They all said.

“Glad that you're enjoying yourselves then. I think that it's getting well past lunch time, and there are more than a few sexually satisfied people that are going to be very hungry once they all wake up. So far you are the only ones that we have found that are awake. Anyways, we should probably think about going and getting some much needed food going for everyone.” Jonas said.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

Together they all headed down to the galley and the eight of them let Conner and Jonas lead them and tell them what to do and when, and inside of an hour they had a huge lunch of stew, salad and bread for everyones lunch. Over the course of the hour that it had taken for them to cook lunch, a few people had come to the galley, wondering what it was that smelled so good. They were just told to go ahead and sit back and relax, that they would be called once lunch was ready. At about ten minutes to lunch being finished, someone was asked to go and wake up everyone else, so a few of the younger boys went and took care of that chore. It took a while, because the ship was large, and not everyone was in bedrooms. Once lunch was complete, and everyone had gathered, they all dished up and ate heartily. It was a good thing that Conner and Jonas had made easily twice as much as they needed to, because nearly every scrap of the food had been eaten. There were at most two bowls of stew left, and even less salad. There was none of the fresh bread left at all.

“So, did everyone enjoy their first sexual encounters of the day?” Jonas called out once everyone was finished cleaning up.


“That's good. I'm really glad that everyone was able to make it, and that there are a few more people than I had actually figured would be able to make it. From what I saw as well, everyone seems to have coupled up with more than a few people and everyone appears to have had a great deal of fun. Now, as much as I'm sure everyone wishes that they could, we cannot possibly have non stop sex, we would all die I'm sure before too long, although there's no better way to go if you ask me. With that being said, I made sure that there would be many things to keep us occupied as we recharge. There is the pool and hot tub for everyone to enjoy, there is the theatre with plenty of movies, and none of those are even porn, why would we need them, and then there are many different games. There are computers and game systems, and there are even some scuba sets so that a few of the braver boys and men can try scuba diving. We may even also try swimming in the ocean, although it can be dangerous, I'll warn you of that right now. Then there is also the fact that there are a great deal many people here to just sit and talk to, just get to know each other. I for one wouldn't mind sitting with my lover and cuddling up and watching a good comedy right about now. Anyone who cares to join me, the theatre can hold up to thirty people.” Jonas called out to everyone.

Everyone cheered and broke away. Jonas grabbed Conner's hand with one hand and Johnny's hand with the other, and holding hands they headed towards the theatre. When they made it there, there were already about fifteen others there waiting for them. Jonas was told to choose the movie, since this was his idea and his trip, so he did, although he told everyone that this was their trip, not his, he just planned it for everyone. For the next two and a half hours they all sat and watched, as well as laughed at the movie that had been chosen. They drank lots of juice and pop, ate a lot of popcorn and other candies, and wet their diapers nicely.

“I'm glad everyone enjoyed the movie. Not everyone has my sense of humor, so I wondered if you'd all like it.” Jonas smiled to them.

He was pretty much told by all of them that they loved his sense of humor and choice of movie, because they had loved it as much.

“Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I think I'm recharged enough, and with a couple pills stuffed up my ass, I could be ready to fuck an army. So everyone go and have fun, oh and let's try someone else this time, really go out and try someone and or something new. That means you too Conner and Johnny, go and find someone to have some fun with, and let go and just enjoy. Johnny, nothing in your ass other than what's in there already though, let yourself get healed fully first.”

“Okay.” Everyone said, Conner a little skeptically, Johnny was looking to the boy from earlier, who was also looking to him, he had come to the theatre as well.

“Bye guys, I want to go find someone.”

No one really even paid him any attention, they just scattered, even Conner. Jonas went in search of the person that he wanted to spend a little time with, and found him laying back in the hot tub.

“Good afternoon Prime Minister, I trust you're nice and relaxed?”

“The most relaxed I think I've been in years. My boys help a lot, but this vacation may just be the thing I needed to completely unwind. Thanks so much. Why don't you hop in and join me?”

“I was thinking that you could hop out and join me Sir.”

“Where should we go, and please call me John remember, I'm on vacation, and you're much too close to me now to be so formal.”

“Not as close as I'll be in a few minutes.” Jonas giggled, and John knew what it was that Jonas was looking for.

“Oh, you wish to get to know me a little better do you?” John smiled brightly.

“Oh yeah. Let's go find your room and get to know each other real well.”

“Okay.” John said and led Jonas to his room. He had been on board this ship a few times, so knew the way to his room, it was the second best on board.

“So, what did you have in mind?” John asked huskily.

“Well, have you ever dreamed of making love to a famous inventor?”

“Not until I first saw you. I sure wouldn't mind now though, but only if you make love to me as well.”

“I thought you'd never offer.” Jonas whispered, and then the two of them got down to some serious loving. They both slipped the pills into each others asses, and then through their diapers, they made love to each other in at least five different positions for at least two hours.

Johnny and the boy that had been eying him grabbed hands and went in search of a room that was not currently in use. They never even spoke as they entered, Johnny just pulled the older boy down to his level and kissed him deeply. They kissed for more than fifteen minutes, the older boy falling head over heels in love with the younger boy. This was also the boy that Jonas had told his parents would be punished as well. When they broke apart, Johnny explained what Jonas had meant, and the boy was perfectly okay with that, but they sucked each others dicks more than enough, and Johnny was encouraged to stick his fingers up the other boys ass, something he happily did. They laid together after their sex for more than an hour, just kissing and cuddling, their sex having taken a little more than an hour.

Conner had went in search of some fun, but some fun found him first, in the way for four boys who saw the lone hot looking man, they dragged him off to a bedroom somewhere and the five of them sucked and fucked each other in every conceivable manner. Not one of them could walk by the time they finished, their diapers were in tatters and had to be replaced. Conner though eventually got out of bed, after having the boys cream him up and diaper him heavily, and went in search of his baby.

“So, how was it baby?” Jonas found Conner first and asked him.

“Oh, it was great. Four boys, I'm not even sure what their names were, dragged me off to a bedroom and we each fired what felt like twelve times each. I feel like I went over a waterfall and hit all the rocks below.”

“That's funny, but truth be told, you look about that well.” Jonas chuckled.

“Yeah, and you're glowing. Who did you find?”

“John, he's almost as gentle and tender as you are.”

“Yeah, he probably is, and I wondered if you would find him and seduce him. I wonder where Johnny is?”

“I know he went with that boy who was eying him earlier, the feelings were mutual, and I'm wondering if he should be invited to live with us a well so that those two can have each other. He has had a rough time as well and his parents are in for treatment by now as well.”

“If you really think that it is the right thing to do, I will allow it, but we cannot adopt every stray gay boy that has troubles.”

“I know, just the really special ones. I wasn't kidding about Johnny. His IQ was over the current spectrum of measuring, and Simon is also pretty smart, about what I was before I was modified. So he too will do well with us I think. As for making sure all the stray gay boys are well cared for, we will work something out for them as well. I'm sure that John will be able to help us work something out.” Jonas grinned.

“I'm sure that you will work it all out. Just remember though that John has a tough job to do and cannot concentrate on just one aspect or one group of people. He has to work to protect all the people under his care, which is the entire country.”

“Oh, I know. I will work out everything for him, so that he has to do almost nothing at all, just sign off on it if he wants to. That's even if I bother going that high up. I'm betting that I can find more than a few people that would be willing to help out.”

“Actually, that reminds me, how exactly did you get everyone here? I do not know any of these other men here, nor any of the boys. I have met Tom once, years ago, but he was just barely an adult and was up and coming in his field. I had no idea what he was into, nor anyone else for that matter.”

“Easy, I first traced all the boys that were on the system and asked them to come on this trip, and then I found men that had purchased diapers and toys that were too small for well accustomed men to require, so I pretty much knew they were for boys. I did more research and managed to find that they had also bought child sized diapers, so I knew they liked their boys in diapers, and from the amounts they bought, I knew the boys liked wearing them as well. So once I had all the information that I needed, I called everyone, explained to them who I was and what I was almost a hundred percent certain that I knew, and then invited them on the trip. The first two were the owners of this ship and the helicopter, because I needed them first and foremost to make my plans work.”

“Wow, no wonder it took you so long to get everything done. I am not even sure I want to know how illegal all that hacking was though.”

“No, you probably don't want to know, but to tell you the truth, I had all the people found the first night, after that it was a matter of getting a schedule that worked for everyone.” Jonas grinned.


“So, care to go find someone to do?” Jonas grinned.

“Sure, why not, I could probably fire off one or two more loads, but probably not much more.”

And that was how it was for almost the entire two weeks of their trip. No less than three times per day everyone had their fill, and then some of gay sex. It was nasty, it was raunchy, it was kinky, it was loving. It was everything that any of them could have dreamed of and more. Almost every diaper was used up, almost all the lube and after sex cream was used. Every last sexual stimulator had been used, almost all their food was gone, and they were all walking more than a little awkwardly. Although everyone tried their hardest, once again no pun intended, no one was able to have sex with each and every person on board. Jonas though figured he had gotten the closest at eighty people. Johnny though was probably a close second at somewhere around seventy.

After his first day of discomfort and pain, Johnny kept working at it until he was able to take the biggest dicks and toys into his tiny little bottom without complaint or pain. The first few days were still tough, but once he got more used to it, he became insatiable in his appetite for it.

The rest of the men and boys universally had a great time though, not one of them having sex with less than fifty different people, not once having had sex with the same person twice. The funny thing though that the only thing that did not get used at all, were the condoms, there were still just as many packs of them left over as there had been to begin with. No one cared though, all feeling that it was as safe as they could hope for, especially with the germicide built into the anal stimulator. No one had anything to be caught anyways, so that was good for them.

“Well everyone, I am so very glad that everyone that came had fun, and I know for a fact that you all had a blast.” Jonas said with a straight face, but the entire group of people there burst out laughing.

“Yeah, I thought you'd find that comical. Now, Shane is about to take the first load of people back, and while we will not get to see each other too often, I know that we all have each others email addresses, and I for one want to keep in touch with everyone. I will try and arrange this again next year so that we can all get back together once again and have just as much fun. As for everyone who gave me new and neat ideas for things to invent, I will see what I can do for you, but don't expect anything right away. So, to the first group that gets to head home, thank you very much, have fun, and thanks once again.”

And with that, the trip officially ended, and there were some tears shed, but all were happy as well. They were in somewhat the same position that they had been in when they started, Shane got the helicopter started and everyone that was to climb aboard did so. Once again it took a few hours for Shane to get everyone ashore that was going ashore, Conner, Jonas, Johnny, and Simon were last, because Shane was to fly them home. Shane's boys were with them, and they talked happily all the way there. There were only two crates coming back with them, so they were able to fit easily. The two chairs of course were in the two crates, as well as the few extra supplies that were left were packed in with them.

“Well Shane, thanks once again for all of this. I know you refused payment for fuel, but you'll find a nice surprise when you get home. Call it payment for all the services you provided, and enjoy.” Jonas said, giving the man a nice hug.

“It is we that should be thanking you. Never before had I imagined something like that, I had a great time, and I know the boys had an even better time than I did. You really shouldn't have given us anything, because you provided more than enough as it was, and I was happy to be a part of it.” Shane smiled warmly.

The boys all came up to Conner and his boys and gave them all hugs, and once again, with more tears in their eyes, his boys left.

“Well boys, it has been a very long and tiring two weeks, but we still have to get back home and get our two newest family members shown around.” Conner said once the helicopter was both out of sight and out of sound range.

“Where's your house, I can't see anything around here?” Johnny asked curiously.

“Our house don't you mean. Remember, you live with us now. As for your question, I think we'll leave that as a bit of a surprise.” Jonas grinned.

Conner just smiled and hopped in the truck. The boys followed suit and as soon as they were in, they took off. When they entered a large cave, the boys were even more mystified, but said nothing. Conner shut off the truck and they hopped out, got everything from the back, and loaded it onto the carts, and then went to the rather large steel door. Jonas took the honors of entering the information to allow them entry, and as soon as the door opened, they went inside.

“Wow, what is this place?” Simon asked in awe this time.

“Home sweet home.” Conner smiled warmly.

“But it's a cave!” Johnny said.

“Yep, it sure is. It is however the nicest cave that you have likely ever seen or heard of. We have everything and more than we need in this large cave inside this mountain. I think that it is close enough to lunch time now though, so let us head to the kitchen and get some much needed food, and then we will tour the facilities.” Conner said.

“Okay.” The boys all said, more hungry than curious at the moment.

The power of a boys stomach proved more powerful than the deep curiosity that the two newest boys had, and they all went and made a large filling lunch together. While they had ate well during their trip, they had expended on average fifty percent more energy each day than they had been taking in, so everyone was famished. Most of the boys and men had lost weight, many of the boys as much as ten pounds, but some of the men had lost nearly twenty. Most of the boys were not big enough to have lost that kind of weight though, including Conner's three boys, so they had to eat a lot to get some of their weight back. And ate a lot they all certainly did.

“So, Jonas, what were these ideas that some of the boys gave to you?” Conner asked as they were cleaning up, all of them nice and full now.

“Nothing much. A few of the boys that were able to fit the smallest diapers said that even though they could go for ten to twelve hours in my new diapers, they wanted to be able to go for longer, so asked about a diaper doubler. Might not be such a bad idea, so I thought I'd make that, it'll only take a few hours to design I figured. One boy asked if I could make something that would keep him from starting puberty until he was a bit older, but wanted to be able to cum, but I'm not so sure I'll be able to do that. I'll probably look into it, but who knows how long that'll take. Then a few boys even asked me about strap on toys, because none of the strap ons will work for kids, they're simply too large. I figured I'd give that one to you, you're better at creating the toys than I am. Unless of course Johnny or Simon wants to give it a go!” Jonas smiled at them.

“No thanks.” Johnny said. “I have a really good imagination, but can't design worth shit, and I sucked at science. It's the only thing I consistently get a low mark in, although it's only a B when everything else is an A plus. I'm way better at writing, and I also can't draw.”

“Same here, I'm way better with art, and I love to read, and while I did not too bad in the human sciences, I sucked at chemistry and shit like that. I really don't have what it would take to create something like that I think. I can certainly give you guys ideas though, I'm really good at dreaming up things, but any time I tried to make anything, it failed horribly. Most of my science fair projects were lame at best.”

“Yeah, same here.” Johnny added.

“Hey, we're all really smart here, but that does not mean that we can all do the same things, so do what you're good at I always say.” Jonas smiled.

“Exactly. So what other ideas were there then baby?”

“Nothing much, just a couple little things that they thought of, but mostly just adding to what we already have.”

“Oh, okay. Want to go get started now then?”

“No, not yet. I told two certain boys that their parents would be nice and healed by the time we got home, and they certainly should be by now. Hows about we go to the theatre and watch their dads get dropped down a few notches and get to really understand what being gay is all about!” Jonas grinned evilly.

“Oh yeah, almost forgot about that. You boys will love this. Come on.” Conner urged.

“I actually did forget about it, but can we do the tour first?” Simon asked.

“Oh yeah, forgot about that too.” Jonas grinned. “Come on, let us lead you on the dime tour of the place.”

“Cool, but I don't know about you guys, but I should probably get a diaper change first, and I need more cream again.” Johnny said before they could take off once again.

“Okay, then to the lab first it is then.” Conner said.

Conner led the way to the lab, and the boys gasped when they entered. Conner and Jonas told the boys what all was in there as they each changed each others diapers, spreading a nice thick quantity of their special diaper cream into each other. From there they headed out to the very first thing that Conner showed Jonas when he arrived.

“Now, we may get more than a little wet out here boys, and do not get too close to the edge.” Conner said cryptically before even opening the door.

Both boys had the look of questioning on their faces, but before they could ask, the door was opened, and the rushing sound of the waterfall met their ears, as well as the cool ozone enriched mist that came from the waterfall. Both boys had looks of pure shock and awe on their faces as they stepped forward with the other two.

“Wow.” Both boys said amazingly enough at the exact same time.

“Yeah, that's what I thought my first time out here as well.” Jonas smiled. “It really is beautiful, isn't it?”

“Yeah.” They both said in awe.

“What are those two things though, they don't belong here?” Johnny asked, pointing to the special turbines.

“Those are two specially designed turbines. They both go out into the waterfall and create all the power that we need for our home. The power that it creates gets turned into hydrogen, which is then stored much easier than electricity is, and then the hydrogen is used to power our home and vehicle. The whole place is heated using a high tech geo thermal heating system, so we never wear clothes inside at all, just our diapers. And our next stop will be our garden and barn, and then another surprise. So unless you two want to stay out longer, follow us.” Conner told them.

“This is way too cool.” Simon said.

Both boys though turned and led the way out of the cave, and Jonas closed and reactivated the locks on the door. The boys were then led first to the garden, where they looked around for many minutes, and then to the barn and the boys enjoyed petting the animals.

“This place is so wicked, I can't believe that we have all this inside a mountain.” Johnny said.

“And there's more too.” Jonas smiled.

To the pool and exercise facilities they headed next, and again the boys were in shock. They looked at everything, even felt the water, and they both thought that it was perfect.

“Okay, now to the theatre, where your final surprise awaits you. We do have a few lounges scattered around with computers and TV's, games and other activities, and other such things to do, but you can look at them later. Once we finish this evening, we will find you two a nice bedroom to share I think.”

“Why can't we share a room with you guys?” Johnny asked.

“Because I think that the two of you have fallen in love, and while we can all certainly play and have fun together occasionally, I would rather keep my man to myself for the most part.” Jonas smiled warmly. “This will of course allow you two to get even closer together and be true boyfriends as well.”

“Oh, okay.” The boys both said and followed the other two to the theatre.

When they arrived, they all sat down side by side and Jonas pulled up the files with everything that they would need. Both dads only ended up in a one week program, but they were more straightforward and had lost the fight by the end of the first day. Jonas could now easily tell just by the file names, because Conner had told him what the codes meant. He queued them up to play so that first one dad and then the next would be shown, and they would play in succession until they ended.

“Hey, that's my dad, where is he?” Johnny asked.

“Remember how I told you boys that your parents would both be punished?”

“Yeah.” They both said.

“Well, what sort of punishment do you think would be fitting to someone who hates gays so much?”

“I don't know.” They both said again.

“Well, wouldn't it be so fitting for them to not only end up having gay sex and enjoying it, but that they also crave it, seek it out, want it every minute of the day, just like we do?”

“Oh yeah.” Both boys said once again.

“Well, that's what you're about to see. Your moms are going through similar processes as well, or went through I should say, they all finished their therapy a week ago, and are all now well on the road to becoming raging homos. Anyways, Conner developed a few years ago a sort of concoction that pretty much changes a persons attractions. They will still think that they're straight, will want to be with the opposite sex, but inexplicably they will also have an unnatural pull towards the same sex. This pull will be so strong, and their enjoyment of gay sex so immense that they will not ever even be able to have straight sex again, even with their partners.”

“Holy shit, you're kidding right?” Simon asked.

“Nope, absolutely not. For my parents, because they teased me so badly for needing diapers, I also created a product just for them, that we decided to also use on your parents, just because more diaper lovers in the world couldn't hurt. I made a product that will cause them to lose all bladder function. Conner created the same thing for the bowels, but we decided that that was a very cruel punishment and to only be used in the most extreme of cases, and your parents are not that bad, but bad enough to warrant the bladder one.”

“Wicked. My parents never really teased me, but they told me all the time that I should be old enough to control my bladder, and that obviously I was not as mature as they thought I should be because I couldn't. Well, I'm more mature than they are, and while I may have stopped bed wetting officially four or five years ago, I just didn't want to give up the diapers. Who would really?” Simon grinned.

“And my parents just bitched and complained that they had to keep buying me baby diapers all the time, that they were expensive, and that I should be able to piss in the toilet like a normal kid.” Johnny added.

“Yeah, hence the reason your parents all get to learn what it is like now as well, but they truly will never have bladder control again, including during the day.” Conner said.

“Cool.” Both boys said.

“So, now you get to watch all the transformations, and while this is the first video, it'll have very little of interest, just their first counseling sessions. Unless you boys want to watch them, they get pretty boring, we will just skip to the fun parts.”

“No, I don't care what my dad thinks.” They both said in their own way.

So, for the next few hours before they all decided that it was bedtime, they watched the two dads lose the battle with their feelings. They watched how the two supposedly straight men were transformed into lust filled, ass crazy gay men. Both men fell prey to the feelings by the end of the first night, and by the next night, they were both involved in an intense orgy as the main guests, they were together in fact. For the rest of the week, those two men fell into the trap fully and completely. They also both started losing their ability to hold pee their first night, both wetting their beds. Their therapists told them both that it had been caused by all the shocks to their systems, and had they have just learned the rules, and had not needed to be shocked so many times throughout the day, that that may not have happened. They were told to watch themselves or it would become permanent. As hard as they tried though, they ended up being shocked more, and by the end of their second day they were both in diapers. By the next morning they were both being roughly fucked through their diapers, and they both sure seemed to enjoy every second of it as well.

The funny thing though was that Simon's dad had admitted that when he was younger, that he had thought he was gay, and had even had sex with another boy at the age of thirteen, but his parents had been very harsh on gays, so to save himself, he killed those feelings and forced himself to only think straight thoughts. He now was feeling that isolation with only men, and his old thoughts were causing this, and that once he was back home, he'd be perfectly fine. He did have to admit to the therapist though, because of course he already knew of the multiple rapes of his son, about his younger teen years. Simon's dad was forced to admit that he actually liked young boys, and had raped his son to get what he had desired so badly, but could not face. When asked if he would ever rape another boy, Simon's dad said that no, he would never rape another boy, but would happily have a sexual relationship with a boy. That proclamation came on his very last day, and he was deemed healed at that moment, and told to go out and make some young boy very happy.

Johnny's dad made no such claims, but did admit to enjoying the gay sex, but when asked if he would ever do that again once he got home, the therapist was told no, but at least it was not heated, it was just simple. Of course everyone knew differently and wondered how many days it would take before he went cruising.

It took three days for them to watch all the videos that were there, and while they all enjoyed them immensely, not once did they ever jack off or have sex in any form. The previous two weeks had been enough for them, and they all wanted and needed about a weeks worth of rest. After their first night of viewing, Conner and Jonas found the boys a bedroom of their own, it was next door to their own, the boys wanted to be close they said. So that was where they stayed. About the only time they talked for those first few days was during meal times, otherwise, they stayed mostly in the theatre, and when they did talk, it was mostly about the two dads' punishments and how incredible it was.

“Well boys, now that your dads are free to live their lives in gay pleasure, what do you feel?” Conner asked after the last one in the file finished.

“I think it's awesome. My dad will never snub his nose at me or any other gay ever again. Now he knows why we enjoy it so much, and will never be the same again. I also love the fact that he has to wear diapers full time now, not that he seems to mind it any, he almost admitted to liking them, but choked as it almost came out.” Johnny said.

“I think it's awesome as well. I can't believe that my dad turned out to be a boy lover though, but given how he used me, I guess that shouldn't be too much of a surprise. I hope that he does find a nice boy and treat him right though, he deserves it I suppose. I too love the fact that he now has to wear diapers, and he pretty much did admit it, without actually saying that he likes them. I hope he finds a little boy that appreciates them just as much as we all do.” Simon smiled warmly.

“I am very happy for you boys, and your dads do deserve to go and live a nice happy gay life, now that their punishments have ended. Neither of you feel that what Jonas did for you was too harsh, and even though I agree with him, he should have allowed you two to have the say. But I know he knew that you two would approve, or he never would have done it.”

“Well, to tell you the truth, when I dreamed of punishing my dad, and when Jonas told me that he'd be punished, I always dreamed of cutting his balls off, and had hoped Jonas would do that. This however is even better, and had I have thought of something like that, then I definitely would have done it. I think though that at the beginning, had I have had the choice, I would have killed their bowel functions as well, but now I'm glad you didn't, they didn't really deserve that, except maybe a little.” Simon smiled warmly.

“And I just love what you guys did for me, they got what they deserved, and will love it for the rest of their lives.”

“I knew you boys would approve, or I would have asked you, but really, I guess I should have anyways, just in case. It is not without its dangers though. Conner told me that he had had one person commit suicide after their treatment ended, because that person could not live the gay lifestyle. Like he said though, that man had a weak mind. Simon, your dad will have no trouble at all, but Johnny, your dad worries me. He's having a hard time facing his feelings, and unless he wraps his head around it and soon, he could be another case like that. From what I've seen, usually they embrace it fully by the time they leave, but he'll probably be just fine, he may just need a few more days and no sex.”

“Well, I hope he doesn't kill himself, but if he does, then obviously he was not as strong as he thought he was. I would grieve for him of course, and I would even miss him, but even still, I don't think I ever want to see him again.”

“We'll send a therapist to him if he's not okay. Let me just check to see if he's still alive, because we would know by now for sure, this is well over a week old, and if he did anything, it would be in the first week probably.” Jonas said, and then turned to the computer and did some creative hacking. It took him nearly fifteen minutes, but he found what he was looking for.

“Okay, he's still alive, your mom has moved out and someone else has moved in. It's a man. Your mom moved in with another woman as well by the way. He has bought a couple cases of my diapers, a few of the baby clothes, including cloth diapers, some of the baby accessories, and in the last week he's had to replace his supply of lube already. He bought a number of nice toys, as well as a few packs of each of the sexual stimulator's. I think it's safe to say he is well healed, although from the amount of lube he and his new boyfriend have gone through, their asses may never totally heal.” Jonas grinned.

“Cool.” Johnny breathed out.

“Yeah, that is. Can you do the same thing for my parents, find out anything like that?” Simon asked.

“Sure, give me a few minutes to see what I can find, if anything.” Jonas said, and then turned back to the computer. This time it took almost twenty minutes, but he turned around with a big smile. “Oh, this is good. He has no less than three boys at home now, your mom is still there, but she appears to have a young girl or two of her own. I guess they decided to stay living together, maybe because they still love each other, or maybe for the cheaper rent, who knows. Anyways, your dad has been on a near spending spree, spending whatever he needs to get the boys whatever they want and need, and from some of the things, they need it as deep as we do. They all seem to enjoy diapers as well, given how may in all their sizes he's bought. I'd say the youngest is in around the eight year old range, and the oldest about my age. Just by their sizes. He too has bought many baby accessories, play toys, lubes and stimulator's. So he too seems to have embraced the gay lifestyle and is a boy lover as well.” Jonas said happily.

“That's awesome. I hope he's treating them right though, but I'm sure he is.” Simon said happily as well.

“I'm sure that he is as well. Well, I don't know about you guys, but I think I want to head to the lab and do some work. I haven't done anything in almost a month, and I want to get back to work and do something fun.” Jonas grinned.

“What, and the last nearly a month has not been fun?” Conner asked cheekily.

“Well, the two weeks before the trip was not all that fun, trying to plan everything like that was tough, and more than a little maddening. I didn't get any work done at all during that time, other than the planning. The vacation though was serious fun, and as much as I'd love to do it again, I think I need to wait at least a few months. The past few days has also been great, but just sitting around and watching movies does not get any work done.” Jonas said honestly.

“I am willing to bet that trying to arrange everything was more than a little maddening as you said, and not even I would take on a challenge such as that. I too would not mind going and getting some work done as well though, so what will you boys do?” Conner asked Johnny and Simon.

“Not too sure. Can we come to the lab with you guys and use a couple of the computers just to play around on?” Simon asked.

“Sure. There are more than enough work stations for us all to have three or four in there, but you will not need more than one each.”

“Why is it that you have so many work stations anyways?” Johnny asked.

“Because when I'm working on something, I often leave it to do calculations and things like that, but when the computer is working like that, it is pretty much off limits, so I have multiple stations so that I can do multiple things. I do not believe that I have ever used all of them at the same time before, but it is nice to have all the options, and now you boys can also make use of them as well. Feel free to do whatever you would like on them.”

“Oh, that makes sense I guess.”

“Good, now let's go.” Jonas said happily, and headed to the lab before the others were even out of their chairs. Conner had to chuckle, there were few people who got as excited as he did over inventing new things.

When they all got there, they all took up stations and got to work on whatever it was that they were working on. Conner got to work on some business stuff, even going so far as to calling Richard and talking for nearly an hour about the business and other things. Johnny was shown to a station and he got down to doing some creative writing, just pouring out his thoughts and writing a story. Simon was shown to his station and he started playing around with the photo rendering program that was on it, and took a product from the website and started recreating the ads for it, just having fun.

Jonas though was already at his station, face millimeters from the screen by the time the others arrived, and he was working very quickly on the design and development of the diaper doubler he had been asked to create. He started by using the same gelling agent of course, as well as he used the same stretchy material to encase it all. He made it a pocket design as well, so that the gel did not fall to the bottom. He also decided on a one size fits all sort of idea, but that was tricky. It would be absolutely huge in the smallest diapers, but would be not that large in the largest diapers. He ended up making two sizes to compensate for that, a youth size and an adult size, because he wanted the largest amount of capacity for both groups. The youth sized one was scaled down slightly, only about twenty percent, but the adult one was scaled up by nearly forty percent. He also decided to put a method of keeping the doubler in place inside the diapers, and because the top most layer of the diaper was a soft fabric like material that wicked moisture away, he went with a simple hook and loop style holding system, similar to Velcro, but was much softer should it ever touch skin.

It took him only about four hours total to come up with the designs and pretty much make them in the system, and then he sent them through the product testing software to see how it performed. Because this product was very simple in its design and usage, the tests were complete in less than ten minutes. What he found was incredible to say the least though.

“Guys, come take a look at this.” Jonas called out, breaking the near deathly silence in the large room.

“Holy shit, that scared me.” Johnny screeched, and like the others, it was a good thing he was wearing a diaper, because it scared the piss right out of him.

“Yeah, sorry about that. It's something you have to get used to around here, Conner and I do that to each other all the time. Conner even literally scared the shit out of me once. I suggest that when you have to go to the bathroom that you don't hold it, because if that sort of thing happens again, it could scare the shit outta you too.” Jonas chuckled as the others all came up to see what he was so happy about.

“No doubt.” Simon laughed.

“So, what did you come up with baby?” Conner asked, coming right up behind his love and wrapping his arms around him tenderly and looking at the screen.

“I made the diaper doubler, I decided to go with two sizes, a youth and an adult size, so that we would get better fit all around. The tests results are in though, and it's awesome. In the largest size diaper we carry, the doubler will add ninety nine percent capacity, but on the smaller sizes, it can add as much as a hundred and fifteen percent capacity, so more than doubles the overall capacity on some diapers. The youth one was about the same, but was actually slightly higher at one hundred percent capacity in the largest youth sized diaper, which is my size. In my size though you can use either doubler, and the adult doubler in my size diaper nearly triples the capacity at one hundred and sixty percent. I made sure to test the diapers with them in it, and the tapes will still hold at maximum capacity with no problem, although it will be huge by that time, but the sizing could be thrown off slightly because of it as well, but that's up to the customers to figure out. I also put a fastener on the bottom side of the doubler to hold it securely inside the diapers. The only thing I was unable to really do was to add the kinky aspects to it, it just would not work out, so there will have to be a warning that before using diapers for sex, if they wish to reduce the mess, the doubler should be removed before hand.”

“Wow.” All three breathed out at the same time some three or four minutes after Jonas had finished explaining it. They were all in awe at what Jonas had created.

“When can we try them out?” Johnny was the first to ask.

“As soon as they arrive. I made sure to make a couple dozen of them for us to test, a dozen of each size, and they should be here soon. I could use a change soon, and it looks like you guys will be able to as well, so once they're ready, we can try them out. I want each of us to wear and wet them until we are leaking, I want to see how long they last, and I want us to do something active to really test them out for fit and function.” Jonas said happily.

“Okay.” All three of them said together again.

Not even five minutes later the system pinged, telling them that their stuff was ready for them, so Jonas went and collected them, and then they headed over to the changing table that was in the room, and one by one Jonas got to diaper the others, making sure to put in the doublers properly, and then Conner diapered him.

“Wow, this really makes the already thick diapers even thicker still. But they're still just as comfortable. Somehow I think that the people will love these.” Jonas sighed out.

“Yeah.” The other three said.

“So, should we send out a small six pack sample pack to all the customers that have recently bought the new diapers baby?”

“Yeah, I think that Richard would agree to doing that again, because even though he had originally balked at my suggesting that of the diapers, it increased product knowledge and increased the sales a considerable amount. If I tell him that it was you that suggested it though, I am willing to bet that he agrees instantly. How big of packs should we do up, and how much should we sell them for baby?” Conner asked.

“I say that we do them in the same size packs as the diapers, and let's say we sell them for thirty dollars, that should be more than sufficient I think.” Jonas said after a few minutes thought.

“I think that we should sell them for at least thirty five. Hell, we could sell them for forty and still sell tonnes of them without problem.” Conner said after a moments thought himself.

“Okay, I have no problems with that.”

“Can I do up the ads for it, I'd really like that. I love doing stuff like that, and I was even playing around with some of the products and doing it for fun?” Simon asked.

“Sure, show us what you have done so far, and if they are good, we will send them in to have it all changed over.”

“Okay, cool.”

They went over to Simon's station and looked at all the things he had done, and they all loved them. Conner sent them right to the advertising department and told them to make the new changes.

“Those were very good, and as you could see, I told the advertising department to make the changes right away. They will get it done, and I expect that we will make even more money off the sales of these items. Feel free to make up the ads for the doublers and we will look them over when you are done.” Conner smiled warmly.

“Thanks.” Simon smiled back.

“I think though that we should wait a few days so that we can fully test these out, to see just how well they work, and then you can come up with something hot.” Jonas said happily.

“Okay.” Simon said easily.

“So, what were you working on Johnny?”

“Nothing much, just doing some writing. Don't know if it'll turn into a story yet or not, but we'll see.”

“Well, if it's all about hot gay sex, you know we'll all read it.” Jonas laughed.

“No one's ever gotten to read anything I wrote before, well at least not my stories. They're usually pretty hot and steamy.” Johnny grinned.

“Ooh, sounds good. Can we read any of the ones that you've already written?” Simon asked.

“No, because I have no way of getting them. They're on my computer at my parents house, assuming of course they haven't gotten rid of my computer, but even if they did, no one would be able to access them.”

“Do you know your computer address by chance?” Jonas asked.

“Yeah, I had to have it for some of the networking things I did, and I always remember everything. I could probably rewrite the stories, but I never do that.” He answered and gave Jonas the information he asked for.

“With that it just makes it easier to find your computer, and then even if they did get rid of it, as long as it's connected, I can access it. I'll get your passwords from you just to make it faster and easier, but rest assured, I don't need them.” Jonas grinned, and Johnny gave him the information yet again.

It took Jonas less than ten minutes to track down the computer and access the hard drive. He copied over Johnny's entire hard drive, but that took almost an hour over the network to do, they just sat and waited as it did so, talking about nothing much.

“There we go, now your entire hard drive is here, so you have access to your information. Go ahead and pull up your stories and send them out to us if you would allow us to read them.”

“Thanks Jonas. For once I think I will allow someone to read my stories, mostly because I know you guys will understand and enjoy.” Johnny smiled warmly.

“Can you get my hard drive as well, I had lots of stuff on there I wouldn't mind getting back, but I don't know my address?” Simon asked.

“Sure. It'll take me a few minutes to crack everything, but I'll be able to find it easily enough.” Jonas said, and then did so. It took almost twice as long for him to find Simon's computer, but once he was in, he copied everything over. Simon's parents had a much faster network connection, and Simon had less on his computer, so it took only twenty minutes for the hard drive to copy over.

“There you go, everything is now here for you as well. I noticed a lot of picture files in both of your transfers, any good ones?” Jonas grinned.

“Yeah, tonnes.” They both said.

“Same here.” Conner and Jonas said at the same time.

“Cool, we should dump all our pictures into one large folder and sort them out then, because I imagine we'll all have lots that are the same. This way though we can get one huge collection.” Jonas smiled.

“Will do, I'll send mine to your computer later then and you can sort through it all when you get a chance.” Johnny said.

“No, send it all to me, I'm really good at that, all of you do that.” Simon said.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

“Well boys, should we all go get some food, I am starting to get hungry again, and then after that we should go get some good exercise in, maybe even go for a hike.” Conner suggested.

“As long as we can go in just our diapers.” Johnny said.

“Well, I would at least suggest wearing socks and shoes, or your feet will be killing you before too long.” Conner grinned.

“Oh ha ha, very funny. Of course we'd wear shoes, just nothing else other than our diapers.” Johnny grinned right back.

“We could get a little scratched up from branches and stuff like that as well though don't forget. Conner and I did it before, and while we did get a little scratched up, it wasn't too bad.” Jonas pointed out as well.

“Not to mention the fact that this is a public domain, and technically speaking there is the very real possibility that someone could see us. However, in over fifty years I have never seen anyone else up here. Occasionally I will see people on the lower part of the mountain, but never up here. Not too sure why, it is beautiful up here.”

“Well, I for one can tell you that it's a pretty hard hike to get all the way up here, so maybe most people don't bother. The mountain climbers prefer the more challenging ones, and while this mountain is challenging, it is not really dangerous, it's just really steep. People could follow the road, but unless you know where it is, you can't even tell it's there. So that's maybe a couple reasons.” Jonas said after a moments thought.

“Both are good possible reasons, but no matter, I prefer it that way anyways. I certainly do not want anyone snooping around up here.”

“Me neither.” All three boys said.

“Come on, let us go get food.”

So they all headed to the kitchen to get their much needed late lunch, or rather early dinner, because they had missed lunch by that much yet again. They made and ate a very nice meal, and then went and grabbed a few things to take with them. They each grabbed a large water bottle and a small pack with a couple things in it. They would just carry them in their hands instead of putting on a belt, all figuring that that would be uncomfortable. Once they were all ready, they exited, and Conner took the few minutes to get the two new boys programmed into the computer to allow them access, and gave them the codes for the passwords. They would now be able to come and go as they pleased.

For the next nearly three hours the four of them hiked all around the area, having a great time. They hiked up to the lake near the top of the mountain that fed their waterfall, and enjoyed that. They went to the cliff and looked out and were amazed at the view, this was to be Jonas' first time up as well. They all enjoyed the hike, and by the time that they made it back, they were hungry again, they were wet, but it barely showed, and Jonas said the doubler passed the while in use portion of his test with flying colors.

As soon as they got back, they went back to the kitchen and made themselves a small meal, sat down and ate it, and then decided to go and watch TV for a bit before heading to bed.

Chapter 9

“Wow Johnny, you have a great writing style, and you sure know how to write a fantastic gay fantasy. I never could have written anything like that in my life.” Conner complimented him a few days later after he had finished reading the story that he decided to start on. It was a sci-fi story based in space, it was full of great plot twists, dangerous elements, and of course great gay diaper sex.

“And mine's awesome as well.” The other two said, although they were not quite finished reading yet.

“Thanks guys, I'm glad that you're enjoying them. No one's ever gotten to read one of them before. I didn't think that they were that good.”

“Wow, you have high standards.” Jonas muttered.

“No kidding. Johnny, most professional writers wish they could do what you did. Not once until the end did I actually figure out the true plot, you kept me guessing the entire way, and did it in such a way that I could not and did not want to stop reading. I have a small publishing company that publishes gay literature, would you mind terribly if I sent this to them to have put into print?”

“Really! You really think it's that good?” Johnny asked, a few tears leaking from his eyes.

“Yes.” All three of them said at the same time.

“If you're certain that people would enjoy it, I guess you can then.” Johnny said quietly.

“I am very certain of it. We will sell it right on my site with the other books we sell. They will write a brief synopsis of the story and tell people what it contains, so that no one will be shocked, because for some stupid reason not every gay boy likes diapers, just a good many of them do. As soon as I finish reading the others, I will send them off as well. Maybe you could ask your hot talented boyfriend to do up some of the artwork for the books as he is reading them, I bet he jumps on you, I mean it right away.” Conner grinned.

All three boys giggled, and Simon said that he would be very happy to do so. In fact he started drawing with one hand while he was using the other to scroll through the story that he started reading again. Conner and Jonas were actually quite surprised that he could do that, because he was doing it entirely without looking. Johnny had already seen Simon do this sort of thing, so was no longer quite so surprised. They sat right next to each other, whereas the others were across the room and they hardly ever looked at each other when they were working. All the others knew was that he managed to get an awful lot of drawing done while supposedly doing other things, that, they found out, was the reason why that was.

The others all went back to reading as well, even Conner decided to start another story, and he also decided to hold off sending the book in until all the artwork was done for all the ones that Johnny had had done. He had twelve full length books already written, and when asked, he told them that he had started writing them at the age of six, and was able to write about one every month or so. With his previous life, it had been his only release, and he was a fast writer, as well as an incredible story teller.

As Johnny took what he had started writing the other day and making it into a story, the others all read each and every novel that Johnny had written. Johnny would just write random nonsense of ideas first, just write and write and write, then look it all over, and decide if he had anything in there worth keeping. If he liked it, he would break it all up and organize it, and then use that as his story board, the area where he went for the ideas and the flow of the story. That he had done on his second day, so now he was actually writing the story, and he figured that if it went as well as he thought it might, then he felt he was already a quarter of the way through the writing process.

For the next five days, all four of them read or wrote. They ate and they slept, and they all enjoyed their partners during the night, at least once, but mostly it was just a quick release from reading such hot stories throughout the day. Although during this time it was not entirely uncommon to see someone stick a hand in their diaper and get a quick load out, because they were getting sore.

Finally all four of them were finished, pretty much at the exact same time, within five minutes of each other.

“Wow Johnny, am I ever glad that I decided that you needed to be rescued to come and live with us. You were certainly wasting your talents rotting away in that horrible situation. Each and every one of those novels, even your very first one, will make you loads of money. A couple of your earlier works just need to be cleaned up, but the editors can take care of that I'm sure, but all the others were very nearly perfect and will require almost no work at all.” Jonas said brightly.

“Thanks Jonas, I'm glad that you rescued me as well, and thanks for the compliment. I never really thought that they were that good, but I guess you guys are right. But speaking of loads of money, did you ever send in the test results and the information for the diaper doublers, because I don't recall you doing so?”

“Holy shit, I completely forgot all about that. I'll do it today, right after we get some lunch. I'd say that all the test results were perfect, not one of us has had one single complaint, right?”

“Nope.” They all said.

“Good. So Simon, how did the artwork for the books go, and how about the ads for the diaper doublers, did you ever get to them?”

“The artwork for the books went well, and I have at least twenty drawings for each book, they are labeled as well, so that we can tell from which story they go to. Now I just have to scan them all into the computer and color them, and then we can decide which ones to keep and which ones to put where. That'll only take me a couple days to do though. As for the ads for the diaper doublers, yeah, I finished those the very first day, but forgot about it as well.”

“Awesome, can we see them?” Johnny asked.

“Sure, here you go guys.” Simon said and handed them over.

“Holy shit, some of these are pretty erotic.” Conner gasped as he was thumbing through the stack that had been handed to him.

“Thanks. I thought they turned out well as well.”

“They are almost not even legal to put into gay books, well at least by the old laws, because many of them include young boys.” Conner smiled.

“Yeah, I love those new laws the Prime Minister had put in, they make our lives a lot easier as kids that want what we want.”

“Same for us adults.” Conner added.


“Well guys, if you want to go and get lunch started, I'm going to steal the ads from Simon and send the information out to Richard to have it added right away.” Jonas said.

“Okay, we can do that baby. Do not take too long and meet us in the kitchen.” Conner smiled warmly.

“Will do baby.” Jonas smiled back.

Jonas stayed behind while the other three headed out, and did what he said he was going to do. He emailed the information to Richard first, and then called him.

“Hey Richard, how are you today?”

“Good, and you?”

“Excellent. Would you please check your email and pull up all the information from me please?” Jonas asked with a sly grin, knowing Richard would more than likely love what he saw.

Richard pulled up the information and took a few minutes to look everything over. Jonas had the satisfaction of watching the mans face go from curious, to amused, to full out shock by the end of what he was reading.

“Wow, you did it again.”

“Thanks. I take it by that that you like what you see?”

“Oh yeah, that I do, for sure.”

“Good, I'm glad. Now, I'd like for you to send a six pack sample pack to all the customers who have purchased diapers from us, and as you can see, we are very competitively pricing them as well. And I personally assure you that the capacity is every bit as good as we claim it is. These have been done for more than a week already and we have tested them exhaustively.”

“Wow, I thought the numbers were wrong there for a minute, but didn't figure that they would be with how good you are.”

“No, they're certainly not wrong. We're gonna need a couple crates of these, as well as a few more crates of diapers and two new sex torture chairs, know anyone who'd care to deliver them to us once everything is all done?” Jonas grinned.

“Oh, I could think of a few people, but I'll bring them as soon as I can. So, is there anything else before I leave you to go get everything started?”

“Yeah, you better get the printing presses warmed up, because Johnny, as it turns out, is an incredible little writer and has thirteen novels that will need to be published and posted. We just have to wait a couple more days for the artwork to all be done and for us to finish reading the book he just finished today. I imagine that that won't take more than just a few days though.”

“Really? That'll almost double the amount of books that we have to offer, although we did receive a couple new ones recently that may be good ones to publish. As you probably know already, we do a print as ordered system, so if they sell, we print, if they don't sell, we save money.”

“Yeah, Conner told me about that once, but you might want to print at least a few, because I have a feeling that these will sell quite well. It'll hopefully also get other authors to send their works in to get them published, increase the market in good gay literature.”

“You never know, and it certainly wouldn't be a bad thing, that's for sure.”

“There are lots of really great books out there, many very old now, but probably many really good ones. Why not ask the authors to allow you to sell their works that are already published by other companies, or buy from them and resell through Conner's site? Everyone knows it's the leading website in gay sales, and it can only increase their sales even more. It will also help to increase sales on the website, and that never hurt anyone.”

“You know, that's really not a bad idea, and it would be very simple to set up. I'll have my people look into it, thanks.”

“No problem. Was there anything that you'd like from me before I go as well?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. I need to know Simon's bank account information so that I can put his advertising salary into. From the first ad Conner sent us, we have been paying him, because he's doing nicer work than many of the so called pros I have doing it for us. Problem of course is that due to the serious lack of gay advertisers, we have to outsource most of our advertising to a company that really does not so nice work. I have a couple in house guys, but that's not really where their training lies, so they're not great. Simon however is great, so I hired him, even though he doesn't really know it yet. I have decided to fire my advertising team and leave it up to him to do in his spare time, Conner says he enjoys doing it and was only doing it for fun.”

“I think that I'm going to need to leave that one as a surprise for him, but if you give me a minute, I can make a call and have it set up in just a few minutes, and I'll set one up for Johnny at the same time and give you that information at the same time, because you'll be needing it eventually.”

“Okay, take your time. I'm just gonna look through all this information again while you do that, okay?”

“Sure, enjoy, I'll be right back with you.”

Jonas put Richard on hold, called up the bank, asked for the manager and then had to explain who he was. Boy did he smile brightly when Jonas told him who he was and what he had made. He nearly begged Jonas to send him a sample pack of the doublers right away, but Jonas told him that his would be on their way soon. He did though do for Jonas exactly what he was wanting and had him the information in under five minutes. Jonas thanked him and told him that he would get his first pull pack of doublers for free as well, and entered that into the system for him. He said that he peed himself in excitement. Jonas smiled and disconnected.

“Okay Richard, I'm back. Oh will you get your hand out of your pants and concentrate on business you old pervert, you have a multi billion dollar company to run.” Jonas laughed, having caught Richard red handed jacking off.

“Oh, hi, what can I say, the ads for them are hot, and you're only upset 'cause you're not here to help out.”

“Be that as it may, I still caught you with your hand in your pants during a business teleconference.” Jonas grinned and stuck his tongue out.

“Yeah, you're not the first, trust me. So I trust you got it all taken care of no problem?”

“Yep, sent you the information already as well. All it cost me was a pack of diaper doublers to him for free, so his will be the first customer order shipped out, and it was for free. I told him that he'd still get his sample pack as well, and already made sure his name was at the top of the list, right below the Prime Minister's ten packs that he'll need.”

“Yeah, just a cost of doing business, we can write it off.” Richard grinned.

“For sure. Well, anything else, I want to go get some lunch, it's probably already ready and the others are probably eating it all without me?”

“No, I don't think so, but if I come up with something, I'll call.”

“Okay, talk to you later Richard, and have fun.” Jonas grinned and disconnected before Richard could comment.

Jonas quickly headed down to the kitchen to find the others just about to sit down to eat. It had been perfect timing, and while they sat and ate, Jonas told them all what was happening, other than the fact that Simon was being paid. He did tell him that he set up a bank account for him at the same time though, just not entirely for the correct reason. Conner did know why though, because that idea had come from him.

“Well boys, let us head to the pool and do some swimming and relaxing in the hot tub, as well we should probably get a good workout going. We have hardly moved this last week again, and that is not good for us.” Conner said after they were finished talking and cleaning up.

“Okay.” The boys all said.

Their diapers were almost all completely saturated anyways, so they tossed them as soon as they made it to the pool. They showered off and then hopped in the nice cool soothing water, although it was quite warm, and they swam and played for a while, as well as they got some good water aerobics in. After that they headed to the workout room and worked out on the equipment for a while. Next they headed to the sauna and sweated themselves for a bit, and finally to the hot tub to sit back and relax.

“Hey Conner, I've been meaning to ask you something, but I kept forgetting. How old are you, because I saw something on the website that says that you're like eighty five?” Simon asked curiously.

“Actually, I am eighty five years old this year. Why do you ask?”

“Well, because you look younger than my dad did, and he was thirty five. How is that?”

“Well, you boys have to promise never to tell anyone this at all, only about five other people in the world know this at all. Yes, I am eighty five, but when I was in my mid thirties, I created an age solution that halts the aging process. Even with all the research I have done though, and all the work I have still been doing on the formula over the past fifty years, I still have no idea what it has actually done to my body. I do not know how long I will live, I have no idea if I will age more, I just do not know, because there is nothing in any computer to tell me what I have done to myself. I have lasted for fifty years though and have the energy of a man much younger than I look, I do not feel like I am slowing down any at all, but that does not mean that I might not just drop dead tomorrow. Then again, no one, with or without such an aging formula can say they will last past the next day.”

“Wow, I never expected that. What would happen if let's say a boy of my age were to take that stuff?” Simon asked curiously.

“Jonas, why do you not take on that one?”

“Huh.” Simon said, and jerked his head to look at Jonas.

“Well, it didn't feel like anything at all really happened when I took it, except everything felt brighter. I have not aged a day more that I can tell since I took it, but it's only been a few months, so there's really no telling. Same thing as Conner though, I could just drop dead tomorrow. It didn't stop my growth of hair though, hence the reason that I created the hair remover formula.” Jonas smiled.

“Really, you took it and will stay a fourteen year old for the rest of your life?”

“No real way of knowing. As Conner said really, we have no idea what it's doing to either of our bodies. As best we can tell though, we are one hundred percent physically fit, there is nothing in any way shape or form wrong with us. Also, we have no idea if it does the same thing for each person or not, or even if it does the same thing for children as it does for adults. I could theoretically still age until I reach a certain age and then stay there, or it could take me years and years to age just one normal year. There's just no telling.”

“Wicked, can I take it as well?” Simon asked.

“That is a decision that has to be entirely up to you Simon, but if you really want to, and know all the risks, I would allow it.” Conner answered softly.

“Yes, I want to take it.”

“Yes, but you only know the risks that we have mentioned so far. There are others, but the biggest one is death. We can test it against your DNA, and it may say that it's safe, but computers are not always one hundred percent accurate, and this stuff could just outright kill you. There are also any number of other horrible side effects that could occur as well that we have no idea about.”

“I would be willing to accept the risks without problem. We can test first of course though, just to be safe, but if it says I'm good, I'd like to take it.”

“Okay, we just had to be certain. After you take it though, you will sleep anywhere from one to five days as it makes all the changes to your system.”

“That's cool, and I can live with that.” Simon grinned.

As all this was going on, Johnny watched with morbid fascination. He did not like the sounds of death being a possible side effect, but agreed that it would be worth the risk to get to stay the same age for the rest of his life. To that end, he spoke up as well.

“I want to take it as well.”

“No. You are much too young, I cannot allow that.” Conner said vehemently.

“And why not. I may be young, but I'm just as smart as you guys are, I know the risks, and I'm willing to take them as well. If I want to take it, I should be allowed to do so?” Johnny said hotly.

“I am sorry for insulting you or your intelligence Johnny, it is not that you are not smart enough. It is bad enough that I have allowed Jonas to take it and will allow Simon to take it, but they are older, and you should at least wait a few more years as well. At least wait until you can cum before you do it.”

“I want to stay a little boy though.” Johnny said with tears leaking down.

“I have to admit Johnny that I would at least like to be able to suck a nice tasty load of boy cream from you. Could you maybe just wait a few more years until you do start?” Simon asked softly.

“I guess so, but the second I start squirting, I want to take it. Jonas, you also have to promise me that if you can make something that would get me cumming sooner, you will do it okay!”

“I just don't think that that's a possibility Johnny, but I promise that I'll look into it for you. I too have to admit that when we have sex, I wouldn't mind getting some of your nice sweet cream when it starts, but if you were to stop your aging now, that would probably never happen. Also, I would think that you'd want to grow at least a bit more in the dick department before halting your age.” Jonas said softly as well.

“Okay guys, I can see your points, and thank you for trying Jonas, I know you really will, even if it can't be done. I will hold off on it for now then, but like I said, you had better believe that the second I start wet cumming, I will be taking the stuff, and there won't be anything you can do to stop me.”

“And we would not, although you are wrong, I could easily stop you from taking it.” Conner grinned.

“Oh, and how would that be?” Johnny smirked.

“Easy, you already said once that you are crappy at hacking, and I could easily put more than a few blocks in place to stop you from getting to the formula. If I had to, I could also sweet talk Jonas into blocking it completely from you, and you would never have any hope of hacking past him, he is too good for that.” Conner pointed out.

“Yeah, I suppose you could always do that. I also promise that I will not find the formula and take it myself, so you won't have to hide it away.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that.”

“Hey Jonas, I just realized something as I felt myself pee.” Simon said.

“Ew, you peed in the hot tub!” Jonas whined out, joking with the other boy.

“Like you haven't. Besides, you can't even feel yourself go at all any more remember, so you probably pee in here more often than Johnny and I do.”

“True. So what was this thing that you realized?” Jonas grinned.

“Well, that you have all sorts of cool diapers for diaper lovers, but you have no swim diapers for them.” Simon pointed out.

“True, but even babies swim diapers do not prevent pee from getting in the pool water, they're for just in case they shit.”

“Doesn't really matter. All it has to be is a swim diaper and the adult and teen babies will love it. You could make it nice and thick like a diaper, but make it so that it does not actually absorb much water. You could also make it look like a speedo, that would really turn people on. I might even suggest doing something like putting cute babyish designs on them, like cute colorful little fishies or something like that.” Simon grinned.

“Or even a sunken pirates ship.” Johnny added.

“Huh, why?” Both Jonas and Simon asked at the same time.

“Well duh, put it right over the dick, it would indicate hidden treasure of course.” Johnny giggled.

All three of the others laughed from this as well. “You sir are as horrible as I am.” Jonas smiled warmly.

“Thanks.” Johnny said brightly.

For only a little while longer they sat in the hot tub, talking about the new swim diaper that Jonas would design. Conner mostly just laid back and enjoyed the excitement in the boys, only adding a thought here and there. They all felt that it was time to get out at about the same time, so they got out, headed to the shower and all of them set it to a cool setting and gave themselves a really good washing.

“Well, I don't know about you two, well actually I probably do, but anyways, I'm going to drag my man to our bedroom and do all sorts of unspeakable acts upon his hot body, and then allow him to do the same for me. We have about an hour or so to kill before dinner, but given how long we usually go for, it could be another later dinner.” Jonas said as they were exiting the pool room.

“Ooh, that sounds like a good idea. Maybe I'll drag my baby to our room and do all sorts of nasty and wonderful things to him, and then demand the same back from him.” Johnny grinned.

“Okay.” Conner and Simon both said happily enough with the arrangement.

Without another word, they each grabbed their partners hands and headed to their bedrooms. There was no talking along the way, but four equally hard erections pointed the way like some fleshy compass needle.

“Put me in bed and make slow tender love to me baby?” Jonas whispered once they were in their room and the door was closed.

“Would you like it all natural, or should I slip a little something inside you first?”

“You decide baby, I don't know.”

“I was asking you because I was having a hard time deciding.”

“That might have something to do with the fact that none of our blood is in the right head right now.” Jonas chuckled and Conner laughed as well.

“Maybe. Let us just go natural then and see how long we can last for.” Conner said softly and crawled onto the bed as well.

He crawled over his baby, until their lips met in a tender loving kiss. As they kissed, Conner ground their erections together gently, causing them both to moan lowly. After nearly ten minutes of kissing and grinding, Conner released their lip lock and moved himself down, taking the time to suck, bite, and lick every centimeter of exposed skin that he was able to, until he made his way to Jonas' pulsing prick. However, as much as Jonas wanted him to do so, Conner did not suck in Jonas' meat. Instead he lifted Jonas' legs and started eating his hole out, and then jabbing his tongue deep inside. After nearly two minutes of terrific tongue torture, Conner added two fingers from each hand and really started opening Jonas up. He wanted this love making to be completely and totally natural if they were going to do it natural, so decided against lube, but he wanted Jonas well prepared. Five minutes later Jonas was that well prepared, so Conner started working his way upwards, until their lips met once again. As their lips met, Conner was slipping inside Jonas' hot wet ass, and they both moaned yet again. Jonas had of course been moaning and sighing the entire time, but nothing felt so good to him as having a nice hot hard dick sliding deep inside his hot ass.

Conner started slowly thrusting in his baby. At first he used short jabs, but then he changed to pulling all the way out and then all the way back in. He kept changing his method every few minutes, sometimes he would go long and deep, sometimes short and shallow, sometimes he would pull all the way out, while other times it was like he was not even moving at all. One thing that he never changed though was the pace. He kept their lovemaking so very slow. It was so slow in fact that while they were both building up to a fantastic orgasm, it was still many minutes away, and that was already after almost twenty minutes of lovemaking.

All throughout their tender lovemaking though they never once broke their tender loving kisses. It was almost like they were making love with their tongues as well, and in many ways that was exactly what they were doing.

They managed to last a further ten minutes at the pace Conner was going before they both came. It was not nearly their most powerful cums, but it was huge, and it was copious. Conner spilled no less than seven shots deep inside Jonas, whereas Jonas dumped his entire load of about eight shots right onto their stomachs. As soon as their fantastic orgasms ceased though, so did the energy that Conner had that was keeping him up, so he slumped down and laid almost fully on top of Jonas.

Jonas did not mind his big strong lover laying on him, but eventually he had to push Conner off of him, because his weight was becoming too much for him. Jonas rolled with him though and laid on top of Conner instead. As soon as Conner came down fully, Jonas started their tender kisses again. This time they kissed for longer before Jonas started moving himself down.

Taking much the same path, doing almost all the exact same things, Jonas was eventually in the crack of Conner's ass, eating him out thoroughly. Soon enough Jonas also had his tongue, and then finally his fingers buried deep inside Conner's wanting and waiting ass. Conner was moaning and groaning the entire time, loving every single second of it, and he almost hissed in frustration when Jonas pulled away. The loss of something nice in his ass though was replaced soon enough by something even better yet.

Jonas crawled up Conner's body, kissing his way up, and as their lips met once again, Jonas was sinking inside his baby. Jonas took his time sinking all the way inside, and when he did finally bottom out, he stopped entirely. The only thing he did was to continue their tender passionate kisses. He waited nearly ten minutes before he even started moving, and if at all possible, he was moving even slower than Conner had. He started by pulling all the way back out and then slipping all the way back in, taking an excruciatingly long time to do so. Instead of changing how he did it though, Jonas decided instead to just keep it the same, and for nearly half an hour they made love. Jonas would pull out entirely, until he popped out completely, and then would slip all the way back in, until he could go no further, then he would pause for a few moments. Each stroke was also very slow, very tender, and once again while it was building up to be another incredible cum, it was going to take time to do so.

For the entire half an hour that it took for them to explode, they kept it up, so very slow, so very tender, they kissed just as softly as they made love. They even managed to keep their kiss going throughout their orgasms, albeit awkwardly. As soon as they came though, Jonas crashed down, he was done. Every muscle in his entire body had been protesting what he had been doing, he hurt so bad from it, but felt so good as well. When they collapsed was finally when their tender kissing stopped. They were still connected however, even though Jonas was mostly soft, Conner had yet to expel him, nor did he truly want to. It took every bit of ten minutes for them to come back down again.

“Wow, that was so amazing.” Conner managed to squeak out first.

“Yeah, it was. I love you so much baby that it hurts.”

“I know how you feel, because I love you even more than that.”

“That's impossible, no one could love anyone more than I love you.” Jonas smiled warmly.

“I feel the same way about you. Now, I am pretty sure that I do not need to ask, but I will anyways. Want to get nice and thickly diapered and go get some dinner going, because I am very hungry now?”

“No, you certainly did not need to ask. Come on baby, let's get us really thickly diapered then and go get dinner going. The other two are probably getting pretty hungry by now as well.” Jonas whispered back, gave Conner a quick kiss, and then hopped out of bed.

Jonas grabbed the cream and the powder, two diapers and two diaper doublers, and went back to the bed to get Conner all ready. He very lovingly diapered his baby, then laid down and submitted himself to the same wonderful fate. As soon as they were both ready, they headed out of their room to head to the kitchen. As they passed the door to Simon and Johnny's bedroom, they noticed that the door was open, and the boys were not in there, so they had finished up first and had probably already headed to the kitchen. Conner and Jonas clasped hands and headed there themselves.

“Hi you two, you finished before we did, I did not figure that you would have. Whatever you are cooking smells wonderful though.” Conner said as they entered the kitchen.

“Yeah, we got here almost half an hour ago and decided to get dinner going. We were too hungry to keep going for too much longer, so we decided to make dinner instead. It's almost done, so go ahead and set the table please?” Simon said.

“Wow, you guys hardly played any at all then, did you?” Jonas asked.

“We had plenty enough time to each suck each other once and fuck each other once, we each came four times I think.” Johnny said.

“Wow, we only came twice each, but we only made love to each other once.” Jonas said.

“Wow, you guys were real slow then.” Simon said.

“Yeah, we decided very soft and tender was the way to go today, and completely natural as well, not even any lube.” Jonas said lovingly.

“We didn't use anything other than some lube ourselves, or we might still be playing.” Johnny grinned.

“Same here.” Conner grinned back.

As they had been talking, Conner and Jonas set the table, and before too long they were seated in their spots and eating a very tasty dinner. Once they were finished eating, they all got up and helped to clean up, and then headed to the theatre to watch a movie together before bedtime.

The next few days seem to fly by for them all, but they did not do much of anything that they could really remember. About the only thing that they did do was put Simon's DNA into the computer to test it against the age formula. They left it at that, because it would take some time, and when they decided to check on it would be soon enough, they were not in any real rush. Jonas had thought about the swim diapers, but had not gone in to work on them yet. Simon had thought about finishing the artwork up, but he just never went and did it. Johnny even thought about going back to the book he had just finished and giving it a quick edit, but he just lost track of anything else. Even Conner had things that he should have been doing, but he and the boys had just been having too much fun. For the most part the four of them just played around and did nothing much, just having fun. And that was okay too, they needed to remember to do that every so often as well.

“Morning boys, how did you sleep last night?” Conner asked that morning, they had all just met in the kitchen.

“Like babies.” They all giggled out at the same time.

“How fitting. So, what should we do today boys?”

“I was thinking of playing around in the lab today baby and try getting some work done.” Jonas answered first.

“And I was thinking of finishing off the artwork for Johnny's books.” Simon added.

“And I was thinking of finally getting my latest book edited.” Johnny added last.

“That sounds fine. I probably have more than a few things to look into and or take care of myself.” Conner smiled to his boys.

“I wonder if the test results are in yet though to see how your age formula will work on me?” Simon asked as they were on their way to the lab.

“Not too sure, but it is probably already done. Even if it is all good though, may I suggest you wait a few days to take it, so that you can finish your artwork first, so that we may get the books sent in?” Conner asked.

“I suppose that that would be okay, and I would like to get it all finished, but I'll probably be finished by tomorrow evening, so I can take it then. How long did you sleep for after you took it Jonas?”

“What was it baby, four days?”

“Yeah, almost four days. I slept for like five though, so each person is different, so there is no telling how long you will sleep for Simon.”

“I don't really care, as long as I do actually wake up, because I'd really rather it not kill me outright.” Simon smiled warmly to his boyfriend.

“Me too.” All three of the others said.

“In all likelihood though it will not kill you, but you never know. Here we are though, so let us go and check it out.” Conner said, and went to the computer that had been running the simulations. “Well, it is pretty much the exact same results as what Jonas and I had, so it looks like it is about as safe for you to take as it was for us.” Conner added after a few moments.

“Wicked, I can't wait to take it.” Simon smiled brightly.

“Well then, you know what you have to do, so go get to work.” Jonas urged him.

Without a word Simon headed to his computer and got started on the coloring of the artwork, since he had at least put all the drawings into the scanner to scan into the computer, so they were all there and waiting for him by the time he got there. Right away he got started, and in less than ten minutes he had the first of them all done. There were nearly two hundred though, so it would take a lot of time just because of the large amount that there were.

Johnny went to his computer next to Simon's and got started on editing the latest book, and he too would take quite a bit of time for this chore, simply because it was a long book and he was slow and careful to catch any errors he had made.

Conner went to his computer and got started working on some of the work that he needed to do. It was month end, so he had to look over all the numbers, sign off on budgets, verify stock quantities, send letters and memos, and all sorts of other things. Richard took care of all of this for the most part, but Conner always did the final things himself as well.

Jonas went to his computer and started working on the swim diaper right away. He already had the plans in his mind, so all he had to do was put them through the computer and make everything perfect now. He did wonder if it would be possible to create a diaper gelling material that would disperse water while collecting urine. He gave up after only an hour though, because he realized that it really would be nearly impossible, given that urine was mostly water anyways, and anything he thought of would just swell up. He would think about it over the next few years, and even try a few things, but would never actually manage to create it. That took the single largest amount of time though, because all he had to do was borrow the same material that was currently used in babies swim diapers, since it worked so well already. He liked it because it did swell up a bit, but not much, just enough to show a nice diaper bulge. He used a similar design to speedos, but created it around the diaper, and in only half an hour he had a working model of the swim diaper. He made it in a few different designs, one of which being the pirates ship that Johnny had jokingly suggested, and right underneath it it said dig here for buried treasure, there was a similar one right where an asshole would be positioned, he chuckled to himself at his perverted mind. One of the others had a picture of a fish with an open mouth, and underneath it said feed me, the rear had the same picture. The other was just plain, but would be made in many different colors, yet they too would be kinky certified. He sent a few of each of the two awesomely designed ones to the manufacturing system to be made up, and then he waited patiently for them to arrive.

“Hey guys, come take a look at this.” Jonas called out just as he finished sending the information.

A few minutes later the three others came up to see what Jonas had created. They all looked at the information first, and then Jonas pulled up the pictures of what they would look like.

“Wow, how was the fit ratings though?” Conner breathed out.

“About ninety five percent across the board. I made them in sizes right from child to extra large adult, and they should fit very nice and snug if they are worn properly. I used an awesome material that breaths, stretches, and clings beautifully, just like speedos are supposed to. I used the same material in them as the babies swim diapers do, just because I liked how they worked, and there's no point in recreating everything.”

“That's awesome. I can't wait to try one on.” Simon said happily.

“They will be ready soon, and after dinner tonight we can all try them out to see how they feel.” Jonas smiled.

“Wicked.” Johnny said this time.

“You do know that the adult and teen baby community is going to love this yet again. You have created more awesome things for them in the past few months than anyone ever has before.” Conner smiled warmly to his baby.

“I know, and that's why I'm doing all this. Other than just having awesome diapers, we had nothing much in the way of play things, other than just the regular gay toys, which I might add are quite fun, but sometimes some of us want just a little more.” Jonas grinned.

“True, but I never really thought of doing any of this, and you are far better at this than even I am. Although you are also every bit as good as I am at creating different chemicals to do all sorts of things.”

“Thanks baby. Well, you guys go ahead and get back to work, I just got another idea that I want to make up quickly.”

“I'd ask what it is, but I already know the answer.” Simon grinned, and then turned and headed back to his computer to get to work.

Johnny and Conner both did the same thing with a grin as well, and finally Jonas was back to his work. He had decided to make a slightly different type of soother for the gay baby boys. He would have to make a few different sizes, so that even younger boys could enjoy sucking on them, but his idea was simple, a penis shaped soother. When the soother was in the boys mouth, the outside would look like a perfectly normal baby soother, just larger, but the sucking part of it was to be a nice soft pliant rubbery type material that Conner had created many years before. He designed them so that while sucking they would not be so large as to become uncomfortable, but large enough for almost any gay baby boy to enjoy.

As soon as he was finished that, he sent it straight to Richard and the guys there to get put into production and onto the site, not figuring that he needed to do any more. Once that was all taken care of, he started working on a few other things. Mostly these were additions or upgrades to other products that had been suggested to him, but were of no real importance.

They all worked quietly there in their lab until it was only a little past dinner time. Once it was realized what the time was, and that they were all in fact quite hungry, they all headed to the kitchen to make and eat dinner.

“So, did you get anything done baby?” Conner asked Jonas as they were eating.

“Yeah, couple things. I got a few new sizes of baby clothes, and a few new styles, for those that asked for them, made an adjustment to the hair remover cream to add a nice scent to it, and made a new soother in three different sizes for the true gay baby boys. I sent all of it off to Richard already.”

“Why did you make new soothers baby, you already have three different sizes for all the gay baby boys to enjoy?” Conner asked in confusion.

“Yes, while that is true, they are more the standard issue baby soother, just in larger sizes. What I may have failed to mention though is the special design and shape of these new ones. I may have accidentally created them like a nice hard dick.” Jonas grinned evilly.

“Oh god.” The other three all moaned at the same time.

“Oh, you don't like the idea?” Jonas put the best crushed pouty look on his face that he could.

“Yeah right, you know we love it.” Johnny said, reaching over and smacking his own personal hero. “When were you planning to give me mine?”

Jonas broke into a giggle that lasted a minute, before he got his composure back. “Actually, I hadn't made any for any of us, because none of us like soothers.” Jonas said honestly.

“Oh, well I don't think I'd mind one of those every so often.” Johnny grinned.

“Well, we can make a few for those of us that want them later. I don't really want one myself, I only made it because I know that there are a great deal of others that would certainly love them.” Jonas smiled brightly.

“For sure.” The others all said together again.

“So, how did you guys do in your work then?” Jonas asked, not wanting to hog the spotlight any.

“I got about a third of the way done the coloring, and everything looks so hot already.” Simon said first.

“And I got about that much done on the editing of my book. I should be done late tomorrow some time, maybe by dinner time.” Johnny added.

“Same I figure.” Simon said.

“And I just got some more business work taken care of. I told Richard that we were going to handle the advertising department straight from here now, seeing as how I have a most excellent lead advertiser here now, so with Simon and I working on it, I figure that we can take care of almost anything.” Conner smiled to Simon.

“Wicked, thanks a lot.” Simon beamed.

“You are very welcome. You are now being paid accordingly as well by the way.”

“But, I don't need to be paid.”

“Of course you do, why do you think Jonas set up an account for you, so that Richard could put all the money that you had already earned into there, because you had been on the payroll from your very first one. The job does not pay very well, only about ten thousand dollars for every accepted ad, and you have done what seven now in the past couple weeks, so you have only earned about seventy thousand. We can see about getting you a raise though if that is not enough.” Conner said with a perfectly straight face.

Simon though started choking on the potato that he had just put into his mouth, and Johnny had to smack him on the back rather hard to dislodge the offending food. Simon gasped for breath as well as in pain as soon as he was able to breath again. He took a rather long drink, and wiped his mouth before turning to face Conner again.

“I'm sorry, how much did you say I was getting?”

“Ten thousand an ad. It is pretty much the going rate these days for any sort of professional ad though, so it was only fair. Granted an entire department usually takes care of that sort of thing, but you do better work than any advertising firm we have ever used before, so you deserve it. Being really gay though does help I suppose. Whenever you have time, I want you to go ahead and work on every item on the site and really promote it, redo the ads as you see fit, just pass it by me first, and we will be all good.”

“Wow, I always knew my graphics work was good, even though my parents never thought so, they told me to concentrate on things that would make a future for myself. I wonder what they'd think about my making as much money as my dad does in a couple weeks what he usually does in a year!” Simon smiled brightly.

“Well, they didn't see a great deal of good in you, but maybe they would now, who knows. You are good, and I'm glad that you get to do this.” Jonas smiled.

“Thanks, and you're right, they never did see a lot of good in me before. Oh well, that's in the past, and that's all that matters now.” Simon smiled warmly, a few happy tears leaking out.

“Well guys, I am pretty much finished, let say we get this cleaned up and go test out those swim diapers for a bit, and then curl up and watch a movie before bed?” Conner asked the boys.

“Okay.” All three of them said together.

So they cleaned up the small mess that they had to contend with, and then headed to the lab, where the swim diapers still were. While they were there, Jonas took a few moments to send to the manufacturing system one of each size of his new soothers, just so that they could all try them out if they wanted to. While he was doing that, the others had already started to strip and Johnny excitedly grabbed the swim diapers and was handing them out. Jonas' was handed to him last, and he too stripped out of his soggy diaper and slipped into the new swim diaper.

“Wow, these are really comfortable.” Jonas said as he slipped into his.

“Yeah, they are.” The others all agreed instantly.

“Let's go swimming then to see how they feel when wet?” Jonas smiled.

“Okay.” The others answered.

They ran to the pool and as they got there they stopped for a moment to shower off, and then quickly jumped into the pool.

“Hey, these aren't bad at all, are they?” Simon said after a few minutes of swimming.

“No, they're not, but I think I prefer swimming naked.” Jonas said.

“Me too.” The others had to agree.

“You have to admit though that if you can't swim naked for some reason, these would a great deal of fun to wear into a pool crowded with dozens of other people, preferably all other gorgeous boys and men.” Johnny said with a dreamy look on his face.

“Yeah, the only problem I see with that is, that it could offend some straight people, especially when the gay ones see them in it and promptly bend the person over and dig for the buried treasure that is promised to be hidden in behind these diapers.” Conner grinned, because they were all wearing the pirate ship ones.

“Oh yeah, but that would be so hot as well. Besides, what do we care what some straight person thinks.” Johnny grinned back.

“Well, I certainly do not, but that does not mean that I wish to offend any of them.”

“What the hell are you talking about baby, your entire site is highly offensive to almost any straight person out there.” Jonas grinned cheekily at his lover.

“Well, I suppose you have a point there, but the difference is that they have the choice not to visit my site, whereas wearing these in a public pool with a bunch of straights would certainly not be their choice. I would at least wear a very skimpy pair of shorts over top of them, so that no one can really truly complain.”

“Well, I guess if you had to wear shorts over them, the smallest, skimpiest pair of brief soft cotton shorts would be the best choice.” Simon grinned.

“Yeah.” The others all said.

They swam and played for a good couple hours, just enjoying themselves, before they got out and hopped in the hot tub. They all sat back and relaxed against a few of the jets and let the pulsating water relax their muscles even more. None of them said anything for the longest time. They were all getting tired.

“Well boys, I think that it is about time that we head to bed. Johnny is starting to nod off, and I am getting pretty tired myself.” Conner called out, Johnny actually snapping his head up, because he had actually started to fall asleep.

“Yeah, me too.” Jonas said, punctuating it with a yawn. “Well, I don't know about you guys, but I think that these passed the test.”

“Yeah, I think they did as well baby. Come on boys, out and into the shower to clean up.” Conner said.

They got themselves all cleaned up, diapered, and then they all headed to their bedrooms for the night. Once there, each pair climbed into their beds, kissed each other goodnight, said I love you to each other, and then curled up to go to sleep. And sleep they certainly found fast as well. They never did end up watching the movie that they thought they would, because they had spent too much time in the pool. They all slept peacefully until the following morning without waking.

“Good morning boys, how did you sleep last night?” Conner asked as they all met in the hall at the same time the next morning.

“Oh, good morning, really good, and you guys?” Johnny answered, still wiping the sleep from his eyes.

“Good, and we slept well as well. So, breakfast and then lab to finish up our work okay with you boys?”

“Yep.” The boys all answered.

“Good. How much more time do you need for the artwork Simon?”

“If all goes as well as planned, then I should be done by two at the latest, and then I want for you to give me the stuff right away. You guys can pick out which ones to put where in Johnny's books, you don't need me for that.”

“Okay Simon, if you are still sure about it.”

“I've never been more sure of anything before, except my love for Johnny.” Simon smiled warmly to his little boyfriend.

“I love you too baby.” Johnny smiled warmly back.

“Well, let us go get some breakfast and then get to work shall we.” Conner smiled warmly to both loving boys.

“Okay.” They all said again.

They all headed straight to the kitchen, got a good breakfast going, and as soon as it was cooked, they sat down to eat. After that they headed to the lab and changed each others diapers first, and then got down to work. They worked in almost deathly silence until just a little after one pm when Simon called out that he was done.

“Wow, you're finished already, let's see them?” Johnny was the first to ask.

“Nope, I have a date with an age halting formula, you can all look at them after I'm asleep.” Simon said giddily.

“Fine, be like that.” Johnny pouted cutely.

“Well Simon, I guess that this is it, if you are ready, I took the liberty of getting everything ready for you.”

“Yes.” Simon said before Conner could even totally finish his sentence.

“I guess that that is a yes. I guess that means all you need to do is hop up onto the bed and lay down. Now, as this goes in, it burns like you would not believe, you will feel like your entire body is on fire, you will scream horribly for at least ten minutes until you just pass out, and then you will be fine.” Conner said with a placid look on his face.

Simon though had a shocked look on his face, all of a sudden not so sure that he could go through with it. Jonas though could not hold it, and burst out laughing.

“Oh baby, that was good, he totally fell for it, hook, line and sinker.”

“Yeah, and he was about to have second thoughts had you not ruined it you brat.” Conner said, starting to laugh.

“Oh ha ha, very funny. Just do it now you big meany.” Simon said, but he did have a tiny grin on his face.”

“Okay here goes, and remember, once given, there is no possible way back.”

“I know, just do it.”

Conner injected Simon with the age serum and they all watched his stats on the monitors. Inside of ten minutes, Simon's brain activity started going nuts, his heart rate almost doubled, his temperature rose a little, and then he fell asleep. Once he was asleep, everything started going back down to normal, except the brain activity. It had all been the exact same when Jonas had been given his shot, as had it been for Conner, and Johnny had to be reassured twice. Even Simon, before he had fallen asleep, was starting to get worried, because his breathing had become labored and he was actually starting to hurt, but before he could get too worried, he passed out.

“There we go, that was in line with what happened with myself and Jonas, so I guess it is about as normal as can be, so now all we can do is wait it out. So, should we grab all the artwork and look it over?”

“I hope he'll be fine.” Johnny said, petting Simon's brow lovingly.

“I'm sure he'll be just fine, your baby will wake up in a few days and be a young teen for the rest of his life. I say we look at the artwork right now though, I've been dying to see how well it turned out.”

“Okay, thanks.” Johnny said and gave Jonas a tight hug.

Johnny was the one to open up the file of all the pictures though, and he sent them to the large screen on slide show so that they could all look and not have to worry about changing the pictures. As each and every one of them came up, they oohed and awed, they gasped and they panted, and more than a few times they had to stick their hands down their soggy diapers to readjust themselves.

“Wow, he is a true artist if I have ever seen one.” Conner said in awe once the slide show was complete, he was the first to do so some five minutes after the final picture had showed.

“No kidding. Now aren't you glad I brought him along as well?” Jonas smiled brightly.

“Yeah.” Conner breathed out slowly.

“Now all we have to do is figure out where each picture should go in the book. I like how he has each one identified by book and numbered. I would assume that they are in the order in which he drew them, so I guess just put them in in that order. The hardest one will be which ones to use for the front and back covers.” Jonas said.

“I know what we should do!” Johnny all of a sudden spoke up. “He's got more than enough here to do one for each chapter, plus enough for the covers, so I say we put them in the order in which he drew them at the head of every chapter. Pick out the two hottest pictures though for the covers, and that should work. I say that we use each and every one of them though, because they are all just too good not to use, so we can do a few in the center as well.”

“That works for me, and because they are your books, you get to choose them, but we can help you if you wish.” Conner offered.

“I don't know if I could do it alone, so you guys help me out please?” Johnny asked.


So, for the next several hours the three of them worked hard on sorting the pictures, no pun intended of course, although they were painfully hard. By the time that they finished, not only did they realize that they were late for dinner, but that they had completely skipped lunch as well. And here they were wondering why they were so hungry. They headed to the kitchen and made themselves something fast and filling for dinner, ate that, and then headed back to the lab. Conner worked quickly to insert an IV into Simon, and then hooked a couple bags of fluid up to him. Conner told the boys that one was a nutrient supplement to keep Simon from becoming hungry, and the other was just saline solution to give him all the fluids that he needed.

“So, what should we do now boys?”

“Don't know. Should we go watch a movie?” Jonas asked.

“Sure, that works for me, how about you Johnny?”

“I don't know, I don't really want to leave Simon all alone in here. What if something goes wrong?”

“Well Johnny, if something were to go wrong, the alarms would all go off, but given what we just gave to him, if something does go wrong, I am not so sure that we would be able to save him, depending on what it was. What we are doing is scary, because there simply is no telling what could happen. We have nothing but Jonas and I to use as test subjects, and now Simon. The computers can only do so much, because they can only draw on the past fifty or so years of information that has been collected from every chemical composition, however, what we are doing goes so far beyond anything that has ever been done before. All we can do now is hope that nothing goes wrong, but if it does, then we just have to go on with life as best we can. If one of us were to die, in whatever manner, sure, the others would be sad, and we would miss that person a great deal, but we would have to move on after a short time and get on with life. Remember, always, that there are simply no guarantees in life, and no matter how careful we may be, sometimes all hell just breaks loose and bad things can happen. That is why I live every day to the fullest.” Conner said softly.

“I guess you're right, but I would really miss him a lot if he were to die, more than I would miss even you guys, and I love you almost as much. Can he still hear me and will he remember anything from after he went to sleep?”

“Nope, I never remembered a thing while I was out, nothing at all.” Jonas said.

“However that does not mean that Simon will not, but I do not recall anything either. If it makes you feel better to give him a kiss or say things to him, then you should do it.” Conner said softly again.

“Thanks.” Johnny smiled warmly.

Johnny climbed up, petted Simon for a few moments longer, whispered a few loving things into his ear, and then gave him a tender kiss. He climbed down with a few tears in his eyes, smiled to the other two, and then headed out of the lab and towards the theatre.

Conner and Jonas followed him closely, their hands clasped, all the way to the theatre. They all cuddled up on one couch and watched a movie before bed. That night, and all the nights that Simon slept, Johnny asked to sleep with Conner and Jonas, and they allowed him to. The funny thing was that not once did Johnny ever ask the other two to have any sex with him, and although Conner and Jonas did make love to each other a few times during that time, Johnny just excused himself. Conner and Jonas figured that he was going off somewhere to jack off, but he had not, he just went and cuddled up to his baby for a few minutes, gave him a few tender kisses, and whispered sweet nothings into his ear.

It took nearly every minute of five days for Simon to wake up, and the others were all there working in the lab when he did start coming to. They could tell because the sounds the monitors made were changing, and Conner knew what that had meant. He told the other two what the sounds meant, so they all headed over to the bed that Simon was on, and Johnny was holding his hand when his eyes fluttered open.

“Oh baby, it's so nice to wake up to your bright smiling face. I take it then that it was a success, because I'm awake? How long was I out for?”

“Five days, and it's so good to see you too baby. How do you feel?”

“I feel....................great. Different, but great.”

“It's like everything sorta feels brighter, more alive, but not quite, right?” Jonas asked.

“Yeah, exactly. I take it that that's what you felt after you had woke up too?”

“Yep. We'll have to compare your brain scans to your previous ones, but you probably had happen to you what happened to me. It actually increased my IQ a bit.”


“How come you never told us that before, now I really want to take it?” Johnny asked.

“Wanted to leave it as a bit of a surprise, but Johnny, for you it would not increase your IQ anyways. It only seems to increase it to a certain level, because it never touched Conner's, but increased mine to just below what Conner's is. You however have an even higher IQ than Conner does, so it'll probably not even touch you, same as it didn't for Conner.” Jonas pointed out.

“Oh, really, I have a higher IQ than Conner does, but how, he's so smart?”

“And so are you. If you set your mind to almost anything you can conceive, I am willing to bet that you could accomplish almost anything at all. Now, that does not necessarily mean that you would be able to create all that Jonas and I have been able to create, your smarts may be in different areas than ours are, it just means that you are smarter than we are in certain fields. We all have our fields of expertise. Yours for instance appears to be in literature, whereas ours is more in science. Same as Simon, he is also exceptionally bright, and is now probably more so, however he is smarter in the field of art and design, as we so clearly saw. None of us can do what he can, yet we were all technically smarter than he had been, if you only measure by IQ, of which I do not.”

“Oh, that makes perfect sense I guess. How else could you measure smartness though, I thought that was what the IQ test did?”

“Well, it is only a test that gives you only a small percentage of what there is to know, it guages you against others of similar IQ, but does not truly give you a completely accurate measurement. Like you for instance, you tested off the current scales, so the information that it gives only says that you are smarter than most of the smartest people out there, but it is a sliding scale really, and means very little. How I guage people is simply by watching them, seeing how smart they act, and then seeing how they use those smarts. Some smart people are incredibly stupid if you watch them long enough, whereas some of the not so smart people are far smarter than any IQ test can truly show. It is only a simple test designed to see where people fit on a scale, but the scale is broken if you ask me.”

“Oh wow, I never knew that, and it makes sense. I know my parents were supposed to be quite smart, but they were incredibly stupid in so many ways, so while their IQ was probably pretty high, they were not all that smart. Thanks. You have an excellent way of explaining things, you should be a teacher.” Johnny smiled warmly.

“Thanks, but not a chance. I would want to bend every cute boy over the desk and teach him the right ways of proper sex.” Conner grinned wickedly.

“Now that sounds like a class I would have definitely loved to go to.” Johnny grinned brightly, the other two had to agree.

“So, how did you guys like the artwork anyways?” Simon finally got a chance to ask.

“Oh god, we loved it all. It is hard to believe that they were not real people, you did such an excellent job. We organized everything that same night and sent them all into Richard. He called us two days later saying that he had run completely dry, even with the sexual stimulator's he had cum so many times. And I tell you, not even the diapers caused him to go dry, and he absolutely loved them. The books all hit the site the day before yesterday, the same day that Richard had almost a thousand other titles added to the book section. So far with all those books, Johnny's books have out sold all the others three to one, together. It has a lot to do with the cover art as well as the description, because both together make you cum, as more than a few have already claimed.” Conner informed happily.

“Wow, that's awesome. I'm so happy for you Johnny, you're probably making thousands of dollars then.”

“So far only about ten thousand, but it's only been a couple days. Ten percent is being routed to you though because you did the artwork, and although I wanted to give more, the others all said that that was enough.”

“You shouldn't have given me anything baby, I did that for you, and you deserve it all.”

“No, you deserve some of it as well.” Johnny said with finality, sealing it with a kiss.

“Fine. Can I get something to eat now please, I'm starving, and I could use a diaper change too I think?”

“Your diaper will hold out until we eat something, and then we will all go swimming to get you back into shape. Five days is a long time to sleep.” Conner said.

“Okay, thanks, that does sound nice.” Simon smiled warmly.

So they headed to the kitchen, and at first Simon seemed a little cramped up and found it difficult to walk. That lasted only a minute though and then seemed just fine. He even helped to make some lunch, catching up on what the others had been up to while he had been sleeping, but found that they had really not done a whole hell of a lot. As soon as lunch was ready, they sat down and ate, and Simon packed away nearly twice as much as the others all did, he also drank nearly four litres worth of water and juice. He had a lot of catching up to do he figured. Once they cleaned everything up, they all headed to the pool facilities, got cleaned up, and then hopped into the pool, all of them naked, forgoing the swim diapers.

“Ah, that feels so much better.” Simon sighed a few minutes later when they were all hanging off the wall of the deep end.

“I bet it does. So, how do you feel now anyways, there is no unexplained issues is there?” Conner asked.

“No other than I felt pretty stiff when I first got up, I feel excellent. I guess that'd be about normal though for sleeping for five days, so I wasn't concerned.”

“Yes, that would be about normal, and the same thing happened to both myself and to Jonas. Although it took me longer to recover, but I am older. We never did check your brain activity after you woke up though, so we should go do that once we are finished in here.”

“Unless you need to check for anything else, don't bother for just to see if it increased my IQ, because I'm certain that it did.”

“No, that was about the only real reason, but we should check it anyways just to make sure that all your functions are still good.”

“Oh, okay then.” Simon said happily and then pushed off and continued swimming.

“I can't wait until I get to take that stuff as well.” Johnny sighed.

“You'll be fine waiting for a while longer, don't worry. And besides, it's not like it really matters whether you take it now or wait a few years. You may as well grow a little more.” Jonas said softly.

“I know, but in some ways I wish I could stay this size, just stay a little boy, I like it like this.”

“I know, but in other ways you agree with us and want to grow a bit more and be able to cum. And personally I think that that is the right decision.” Jonas said softly.

“Yeah.” Johnny said, and then he too pushed off and joined Simon in swimming.

“Well, should we join them baby?” Conner asked.

In response Jonas pushed off as well and continued swimming. Conner just smiled and did the same. They swam and played for about an hour more before hopping out and all of them headed to the sauna for a good sweating. After only about ten minutes they had had enough of that and headed to the hot tub to sit back and relax for a bit.

“So Jonas and Conner, have you two invented anything new recently?”

“Nope, just been doing research into what everyone wants.” Jonas answered.

“Nope, I have just been getting a lot of the website reorganized and doing business work. Nothing much to invent right now. I might discontinue a few of the older styles of dildos soon though and create a whole new lineup. I do that every few years or so, just to keep the people wanting more.” Conner smiled.

“Cool, you should make some really neat vibrating models, and maybe even a couple remote control ones for partners to use on each other. Also, did you ever create the new strap ons for younger teens and boys?”

“No, I never did get around to that, but will probably do that at the same time as I do the others. As for the remote control toys, I had thought of that a few years back, but I never did do it. Maybe I will now though, just for you.” Conner smiled.

“Cool, and it wouldn't be just for me, because I know for a fact that you and Jonas would enjoy those as well.”

“Yeah, we would.”

“Speaking of being enjoyed by others, while you were asleep a surprise came in for you two, but I kept it hidden until you woke up Simon.”

“Cool, what is it?”

“I know that you two have enjoyed mine and Conner's sex torture chairs, how could you not really, so I had Richard ship us a couple new ones for you two to use.”

“What, really!” Both boys nearly shrieked at the exact same time.

“Yep, now you have your own as well.” Jonas grinned.

“Cool, what else did he bring, because I know that you wouldn't have had him bring just that out?”

“Mostly more diapers and doublers, but I also had him bring a small selection of toys for you guys as well, so that you didn't have to keep borrowing ours.”

“Cool, thanks.”

“No prob, I'm glad you like your surprise.”

“I'd like it more if we could all take our chairs to the theatre right now, slip a couple hot sex pills into our hot baby bums, put the biggest toys onto our chairs that we can fit inside us, and while watching the hottest porn we can find we get ourselves fucked silly.” Simon said dreamily.

“I think that that could be arranged, and it even sounds like a lot of fun.” Conner grinned, he had gone instantly hard, same as the boys had from the suggestion.

They all nearly jumped out of the hot tub, practically ran through the showers, and headed to the store room that Jonas and Conner had stored the chairs in. Conner and Jonas each grabbed a chair, while Johnny grabbed the small box with the toys in it. Excitedly they all headed to the theatre, Simon in the lead. As soon as they made it there, Simon searched through the video files for the hottest gay porn there was, while the other three got the four chairs all set up, grabbed the toys and the lubes, and as Simon was coming back, he grabbed the sexual stimulator's. The other three bent forward for Simon, presenting their asses to him, he knew what they were asking, so he quickly inserted two suppositories into each of them, and then he handed two of them to Johnny, bent forward, and presented his ass as well. Johnny took the honors with smiles and slipped them deep inside Simon's ass as well.

They all waited the few minutes for the warming and tingling to start up while watching the beginning of the movie, and by that time they were all already hard, pulsing, and for the older ones, dripping. As soon as they all felt that they were ready, they mounted their chairs, sitting down fully onto the waiting dildos, they were all the same size, the largest ones that would fit on the chair, and they all moaned at the same time. At the same time they all turned their chairs on, each of them opting for a medium pace with vibrate. Instantly they started panting, but not one of them grasped onto their dicks, they wanted to see how long they could last before they exploded with no help from their hands.

“Fuck me I love these chairs.” Johnny panted out a few moments later.

“Oh yeah.” The others grunted out their affirmation.

“Oh god, I'm cumming already.” He grunted out again just a moment later.

Johnny was the first to explode in the first orgasm of the day, but the others followed suit only seconds later. Simon was the one to shoot the furthest today though, five days of absolutely no release, even if he had been asleep, was just too much. Seven shots spurted out, shots one and two hit the six foot mark easily, while the rest of them came progressively closer. A final three shots just dribbled out. Jonas though was right behind him at six shots, the first reaching five feet easily, and then Conner was last at four and a half.

“Oh fuck, that almost burned as it came out.” Simon gasped a few moments later.

“Yeah, it usually does when you hold off for a good long time, or in your case have not cum in five days.” Conner said.

“Yeah, but man did it feel good.”

“Oh yeah.” The others agreed.

Not one of them changed the settings on their chairs, they just sat back again and continued to enjoy the ride. They continued watching the movie, and once again they did not take their erections into their own hands or the hands of another, they just let them be, having only the feelings in their asses do all the work. The movie was nearly two hours long, and during that two hours not one of them touched a dick, not one of them changed a setting to their chair, and they all came three more times. By the end of their cumming marathon, they were all dry, with the exception of Johnny who was of course always dry.

And with that we end our tale. Jonas never did find a way of making someone cum early without making them age too fast to be good for the body, so unfortunately Johnny had to wait until just a little past his twelfth birthday to halt his aging, but he did have to agree in the long run that it was for the best, because his dick grew quite nicely, care of something Conner created. Over the more than hundred years that Johnny lived, he wrote another eighty books, many of them being made into great movies, some for the gay community, but others amazingly enough for everyone, because they found that they were able to remove the gay erotica from the stories completely and not detract from the story.

Simon continued his drawing, and even created a gay boy comic strip that was a huge hit, his artwork was a massive success, and his advertising skills allowed Conner's website to flourish even more than it had already done. He too took advantage of the penis enlarger that Conner had created, because he had still been a little on the small side, but like Johnny, he did not allow himself to go seriously out of proportion, just a nice size for a boy his supposed age.

Conner only managed to live a further fifty years, but during that time he never aged one single day. He created many new and fun toys and products for the gay boys of the world, and of course he was the most popular gay on the planet, although it is to be said that the other three with him were so close behind him in that popularity race that no one was entirely certain who was first or second. When he finally did die, the others were understandably upset, Jonas the most of all, but they had had fifty wonderful years together, and who could ask for more. Conner did share his age solution with a few select friends a few years later, after he deemed that it was about as safe as could possibly be. John being one of them, and Richard and his partner were also finally allowed to take it as well.

John took only another term as Prime Minister before he decided to retire. The entire country, as well as many other countries, were saddened to hear this of course, because under his guidance he had made the country flourish, and he had worked to make the lives of everyone in the world as good as he could possibly do. His policies and laws that he set into motion helped the entire country in so many more ways than anyone before him had been able to do. In his closing speech to the world, he informed them all that not only was he gay, but was a boylover as well, and that if he could do it coming from his horrible background, of which he told everyone, that anyone could do it, and that he would always be happy to offer advise to anyone that cared to ask. Every Prime Minister, President, King, Queen or otherwise ruler called him for many years asking his advice on every manner of subject, and he was always happy to help out, and he never charged a penny for the service. He lasted another fifty years after halting his aging as well.

Richard also lasted just a little more than sixty years, and during that time, he continued to run the company just as well as he had always done. When he died, that task fell to Jonas, but he appointed someone else to do the day to day work, same as Conner had done, because he did not want the headaches.

Jonas, now Jonas was special, he lasted nearly a hundred and twenty years more, and during all those years, he created more products than could be counted to help gay boys, in every manner of ways. He also created many neat and interesting things for the gays of the world; such as many health and beauty supplies, to add to the hair remover and acne preventing creams, such as makeup and shampoos and other such things. He also used the gay pride rainbow colors on a whole host of new household products so that men and boys could show their true colors, and they ranged from things for the kitchen; such as knives and cookware, to things for the house; such as washers and dryers, irons and other such things. As with all of his other products, these too were a huge success. He also did more to help out the gay youth of the world than anyone before him had ever done before, even Conner, and he had done a huge amount. He also over the years found a few more throw away boys that were gay and exceptionally bright and brought them to their home, where each and every one of them flourished. Whenever he found other boys that were not suitable to come and live with them though, he found other great homes for them. One such boy was the year after Conner died, he was six, he was cute in his own right, but was quite bright already, and promised to be more so as he grew up. After more than a year of begging though, Jonas finally agreed to give him the age halting formula, and the two of them stayed together until Jonas died, and then that boy ran the company. Jonas also arranged every year a party of their friends, many the same ones as the first year, but over the years new ones replaced ones who had passed away. It was always on a ship, and it was always two weeks of the most gloriously fantastic all out gay sex that anyone could handle. In fact the ship was none other than Tom's, and he was always happy to loan it out for that sort of thing. It should be noted that after that very first successful cruise that he started a small company using the boat, it was a boylover cruise line. Boys and men could come on board to meet others like them, the boys were always free to board, and there were always more than enough boys, and the men paid no problem, because they always had the best time of their lives, and many men and boys had happy lives after that because they stayed together.

Jonas did actually contact his parents some three years after they had been punished, to tell them all about their downfall, and all that he had done to them because of the way they had treated him. It was an interesting conversation to say the least, but in the end, they actually thanked him. They apologized many times during that conversation, as well as over the years, but they always thanked him for what he did for them, because it really helped to open their eyes. Never once did they complain about the fact that they had to use their diapers as a complete baby, and maybe by the time that Jonas had called, they had already learned to like it, he never asked, and they never said. They never became true friends, but they did have a much easier relationship after that, and in fact Jonas' dad had in fact been invited on one of the boy love cruses, and he came, many times in fact.

And they all lived happily ever after. I always wanted to end a story like that, lol.