The Cave
By Shadow

It had been a rough day, and I was in no mood to mess with people. But alas I had no choice. As manager of the McDonalds I had to talk to people, at least the employees. Little did I know that my afternoon was fixing to get more interesting.

I had just got out of high school and had taken the first decent paying job I had been offered, weekend swing manager at the local Mickey D's. It was an awful job, but it had it's up sides, like getting to be around all of the cute young high school guys that worked there and hung out there. A couple of my favorites I usually requested on my shifts, and the manager thought nothing of it because I told him that they were good workers and did a good job for me. One was Jason, a freshman at the local high school and the cutest thing I had laid eyes on in a long time. He had shoulder length blond hair and the deepest penetrating blue eyes you had ever seen. His face was so cute it was almost girlish, but this kid was all boy, that was obvious by the bulge in his tight black jeans he wore at work. Many a times I had gotten a hard on just watching him walk around the store. He just oozed sexuality, it was amazing how much he turned me on just watching him.

The other was Derrick. He was the quiet studious type but was also just short of being a Greek god. Dark hair, dark eyes, chiseled features, but very boyish looking. Derrick was a junior and was the older of the two. Turns out they run around together and are friends. I didn't know that when I picked them out for my shifts, but that was cool, cause they liked it too.

But anyway, back to my horrible afternoon. I was sitting in the manager's office, which was pretty nice and had a one way mirror out onto the store, which allowed me to watch the people in the store, particularly the employees without them knowing what was what. I had been sitting staring at Jason for a few minutes when there was a knock on the door. I slid up under the desk with the chair so they couldn't see the hardon in my pants. I said come in and Derrick walked in. It was time for him to get off and he was carrying shorts and a T-shirt and tennis shoes in his hand. He asked if I minded if he used my office to change clothes and I said sure go ahead. Assuming he would face into the corner and all I would see would be his underwear clad butt I was all set to be disappointed as I pretended to work with some papers on the desk. Much to my surprise, Derrick stood facing the desk and proceeded to take off all of his uniform and strip down to his underwear, a bright yellow pair of bikinis which looked a size or two too small for him. His shorts could barely contain his obviously very adequate package between his legs.

It caught me off guard so much that I was sitting there staring at his crotch when Derrick reached down with his hand and gave his dick and balls a tug, which drew my attention and caused me to look up at his face, only to see a smile that was an invitation. Did this kid want me? My mind did a million thoughts at once as I thought of the possibility that I could actually, maybe get inside those fun filled undies that Derrick was showing off to me. I was dumbfounded! Unfortunately too dumbfounded to take advantage of the invitation and fall to my knees and begin sucking hard on his dick. Instead I just stared and Derrick gently rubbed his dick through the fabric of the shorts again before pulling on his T-shirt first and then his running shorts. As the bulge in his underwear started to disappear behind the shorts I thought I saw his dick stir and begin to grow.

As he finished getting dressed, Derrick smiled again and thanked me and left the office. He walked over to Jason and started to talk and both of them looked back at my window just for a second. I knew that they were talking about me and I freaked. God, he is going to tell Jason that I was looking at his dick and they will be all over me about being queer. I sat at the desk as I watched Derrick leave the store and Jason continued to work just on the other side of my window. I lost myself in all the horrible thought when I was brought back to life by another knock on my door. I yelled for them to come in and in walked Jason with his shorts, shirt and shoes in his hand. I didn't even think when he asked if he could change clothes and told him yes.

Looking down at the desk and pretending to shuffle paperwork I watched out of the corner of my eye as Jason also stripped off his uniform and stood before me with nothing on but his underwear. He was wearing a green pair of designer Jockeys and stood there and as if he suddenly thought of it asked me a question about the job review that he had just gotten. I proceeded to answer his question and assumed that he would go ahead and get dressed, but as I talked he stood there listening to me and made no effort to get dressed. We talked for several minutes and he just stood there, his huge dick pushing against the fabric of the underwear that wrapped around his gorgeous body. I could not help but stare at his mid section as I talked and was amazed to see his dick start to grow in his shorts and spring to life. The boy was huge, maybe six or seven inches soft and it grew at a rapid pace in his shorts until it was poking straight out at me as I talked about the review. I was so horny that my tongue was hard! I could just barely talk.

I finished answering his question and ended it with a question back at him so that he would have to talk as I stared at the monster that has unrolled itself and was jutting prominently out in front of him. I looked up at his face and he started to answer me. He smiled and half way through his answer, he started to blush and told me that his dick got hard like that all of the time and he could not control it, and that he really needed to get off. I am sure that he could tell by the way my mouth was hanging open as I watched his dick that I would be quite willing to oblige him. I slowly licked my tongue across my lips and that was all of the encouragement he needed. He reached down and rubbed his hard dick and walked over to the side of the desk up next to my chair. His dick was so close to my face that I could feel the heat off of it. It looked even larger now that it was barely inches away from my mouth. I was drooling just thinking about sucking it.

As I continued to stare, Jason reached down and slowly pulled the front of his shorts down to reveal his perfectly shaped, big boy dick. As he pulled it out of his shorts it pointed straight at my mouth and I just leaned forward and took the head of it into my mouth. It was heaven. Jason's dick was so hot and hard that I slowly lowered my mouth over it and ran my tongue slowly over all sides of it and around the head. He flinched as I did and rammed his dick all the way in my mouth. As he buried it down my throat, I swallowed hard to get more of him into me. I could feel his young dick throb as I lavished it inside my mouth and sucked hard to make him feel as good as I could. I wanted to suck the juice out of him and make him feel so good that he would come back for more and more.

I was getting into it hard and Jason had reached down and grabbed my hair with both of his hands and was pumping his dick into my mouth as hard as he could. I was so involved that I did not hear the door open and see Derrick slip into the office. All I could see was the pubic hair above the monster dick that was being shoved down my throat at a rapid boy fucking pace. As Jason started to moan, I sucked even harder wanting to get him off like he had never got off before. I sucked him deep and reached up and grabbed his large balls in my hand and squeezed them as I buried my mouth up against his pubic hair just before he started shooting gallons of cum down my throat and into my mouth. I just sucked deeper, swallowing the sweet boy cum that was flooding my mouth. I did not know that I had an audience as I swallowed all of Jason's man juices greedily down my throat. He continued to pump furiously into my face even after he had stopped spewing his juices in my mouth. My dick was about to explode from the excitement of getting to suck on the dick of the boy I most lusted after. It almost didn't register when I heard a voice say that sure looked like it felt good. Not until I heard Jason respond that it was excellent dude, did I realize that the two voices had come from two different people.

I jerked off of Jason's dick and looked up to see Derrick standing over in the corner of the office, stark naked! He was beaming from ear to ear as he stroked his hard dick in front of him. I was shocked at being caught sucking on Jason and equally more shocked by Derrick and Jason smiling at me while I wondered what was going on.

"You're going to be our sex slave dude, or we are going to tell the manager." Derrick said through his broad smile. He knew that he had me right where he wanted me and there was little I could do. His confidence showed as he walked over to me and shoved his dick in my mouth and started to fuck my face with the vengeance of a boy in heat. His dick was not quite as big as Jason's was but he was more aggressive as a fucker. He was stroking his dick in and out of my mouth as I sucked hard on it. It did not take him but just a few strokes until he unloaded his wad down my throat and filled my mouth. Derrick came almost twice as much as Jason, and it was hard to keep it all in my mouth, along with his dick. But I managed and was able to swallow all of his equally sweet boy juices. He started to slow down quicker than Jason and slowly pulled my mouth all the way down on his dick and held my head tight up against the hair above his crotch. The intoxicating smell of boy was overpowering. I could smell his sweaty body and the smell of fresh sex from the load he had just dropped into my eager mouth. I was in never never land, dragging my tongue all over his dick when he pulled it out and raised his shorts to cover it just as it was beginning to soften up.

Jason had put his shorts and T-shirt on and was sitting there watching his buddy fuck his boss's face. No one said anything as Derrick pulled on his shorts and T-shirt, then Derrick looked over at me and smiled as he told me that I had better be a good little slave or they would tell on me. I knew I had to do what he said, but was still surprised when he told me to meet them at the stone quarry after work. I said ok and they walked out of the office and left the store. I smiled to myself, thinking that if they thought this was going to make me unhappy they were way wrong. I could not think of anything I would rather do than suck on their dicks on a regular basis. This was a punishment that I was going to enjoy.


I couldn't wait until my shift was over at eleven PM, so I could find out what these two cute youngsters had in mind for me. I couldn't think of anything they could think of that I would not enjoy. But I was underestimating my young friends a little bit. They were more devious than I thought.

When I got off I got into my car and drove toward the stone quarry. My dick was hard all the way there and I was excited at the possibility of sucking Jason and Derrick again. I pulled into the parking area and saw Derrick's car there and pulled up along side of it. Derrick and Jason were sitting in the car along with a couple of other guys. I couldn't make out who they were, but it really didn't bother me that they brought friends along. I got out of my car and walked over toward Derrick's car when all four boys climbed out of the car. I then recognized the other two, they were buddies of the boys that hung out around the store when it was time for them to get off at night. One was a little younger and was real cute, the other was the biggest of the four boys, but was good looking and was still a high schooler.

Derrick introduced me to Danny and Tom, Danny being the cute youngster and Tom being the good looking quarterback type. I looked them over as Derrick told me to follow him and started to walk into the quarry. I blindly followed the four boys into the inner reaches of the quarry till we came to an area that was tucked inside a little bit. You could tell by the beer bottles scattered around that this was the boy's party place. We had just gotten into the enclosed part of the area when Jason spoke up and told me to take all of my clothes off. I looked at the other two boys and Derrick popped up and said don't worry about them, get those clothes off.

I obeyed my new young masters and took my clothes off. My dick popped to attention as I removed my underwear last and stood before the boys naked, and maybe a little embarrassed. But I didn't stay that way long as all four boys started to strip off their clothes. I watched the two new boys anxiously as they stripped and revealed their young bodies to me. Danny was just beautiful. He was a small little guy, well defined with a swimmers build and to my surprise the biggest dick of the bunch. His balls hung low and big below his big dick, which looked out of place on the little body of the boy that sported it. Tom was better looking naked than dressed. He was well defined with a lot of upper body development. His waist narrowed to a small frame and his dick was rock hard as it poked out from his groin. All of the boys were excited, as evidenced by the rock hard dicks between all four of their legs. I decided to play afraid to see what they would do and asked them what they were going to do. Derrick spoke up and told me not to worry about it they would let me know what to do. It didn't surprise me that Derrick was playing leader, I was sure that he had initiated the other situation earlier with he and Jason. But I was game for anything, all four of these boys were gorgeous and I wanted each of them, one at a time or all together.

Derrick moved over to a rock couch in the opening and slid up on it and told me to come over and suck on his dick. I gladly complied and walked over between his legs and quickly gobbled up his dick. I allowed his dick to slide all the way into my throat and took all of him, which solicited a gasp from him. It made it all the more hot that the other three boys were standing beside us naked and watching me suck on his dick. As I swallowed his dick, I reached up and grasped his balls in my hand and started to squeeze them gently as I started to roll my tongue all over his boy meat.

It wasn't long before Derrick was squirming around on the rock and was lifting his hips high to try to force more of his dick into my mouth as I sucked on him. He was getting into it and I could feel his dick get harder and knew that it would not be long before I was rewarded with a huge load of boy juice. I glanced up at Derrick as I swallowed his dick once more and saw him staring at the other three naked boys as I sucked even harder to force him to give up his sweet juices. My efforts were rewarded as he pushed his hips high into the air one more time and started to unload his seed into my throat. Derrick grabbed my head as he started to cum and forced my face deep into his crotch. Wave after wave of boy juice filled my mouth and my throat as he got off. I sucked on his dick hard until I felt him go limp against the rock and then I just rolled his dick around in my mouth until I was sure that I had gotten every last drop of his cum in my mouth for me to swallow. When I could feel his dick start to soften I slowly removed my mouth from his dick and allowed it to fall to his leg. I looked over at the other boys and they were literally standing there with their dicks pointing hard straight up in the air and their mouths open. They obviously had not seen anyone get a head job like that before.

I was not prepared for the clamoring to be next that I then heard from the three remaining horny young guys standing beside us. But I need not have worried because Derrick took charge and started directing the action. He told me to get on my hand and knees on the rock and told Jason to get up behind me and fuck my ass and told cute little Danny to stick his dick in my mouth. This suited me just fine, as I had often fantasized about Jason fucking me as I watched him in the restaurant. And I had wanted Danny since the first minute I saw him take off his clothes and show me that big boy dick on the little boy body.

Jason got up behind me instantly and started rubbing his dick against my ass. He had a big dick so I knew that it was going to hurt, particularly without any lube, but I was ready for it. Jason wasted no time and slowly started to push his boy dick up my ass. It hurt, but it also felt really hot and I pushed back on his dick to drive it farther up my ass until it was buried and I could feel the hair above his dick rubbing on my ass. It did not take him long to catch on as he started to pull his dick out and shove it back up my ass. I knew that it was going to be a wild ride and that Jason was going to fuck me hard.

I had just gotten used to Jason's dick plowing my ass when I felt Danny's dick rub against my face. I raised my head to stare at the biggest dick I had ever seen hard, it must have been every bit of ten inches long and was thick. I opened my mouth to take him in and could barely get past the head into my mouth. I felt his dick jump as my tongue touched it, and started to rub on the underside of the ridge along his sensitive cockhead.

Jason was getting wild and started to pump his dick up my ass, while Danny got over his shyness and started to push his dick into my mouth and down my throat. Jason's dick felt so hot and warm as he stuffed it all the way up my ass over and over. I hoped that him getting off earlier would make him last longer now that he was fucking me while I sucked off his little buddy with the big dick.

I could barely get my mouth around Danny's dick but he was obviously very horny and wanted to fuck my face, so there was not much I could do but let him shove that huge thing in my mouth. I could just barely breathe; my mouth and throat were so full of this little boy's dick. He started to thrust hard into my mouth and it was all I could do to keep up with him and the dick ramming my ass. This was heaven: Two pretty boys pumping big dicks into me from both ends at the same time. I was so turned on I felt like I was floating, just hanging on their boy dicks. My dick was so hard it felt like it was going to explode.

Danny tensed up as he shoved his dick in my mouth once again. I knew that he was about to get off and I clamped my mouth as tight as I could on his monster dick. This got the desired results and Danny started to shove his dick in and out even faster and harder. He was killing me but I was loving every minute of it as his dick seemed to get harder and bigger as his sperm exploded out of his young dick and flooded my mouth and throat. I swallowed hard again and again, sucking down all of his sweet juices as he came over and over again. I was so wrapped up in swallowing all of his cum I almost forgot about Jason pumping away at my ass.

This was all too much for me and the cum shot forcefully from my dick against the rocks I was kneeling on. I heard Derrick say in surprised delight that I had gotten off with out anyone touching my dick. I must really like getting fucked and sucking dick. If he only knew how right he was. I was loving it, and as my ass tightened and throbbed around Jason's dick he could take it no longer and with a whining moan he let loose in my ass with a flood of hot juices that felt like they were completely filling me up.

Jason just twitched wildly, still pumping his young dick up my ass as he deposited load after load in my rear. I was still holding on to Danny's shrinking dick in my mouth and was moaning loudly around it as Jason filled by butt with his hot juice. I could feel my ass fill up and the juices run out of my ass and down along his balls and mine as he slowly started to slow down and come to a stop. He leaned over my back and just lay on top of me with both boys dicks still buried deep inside of me.

We laid there a couple of minutes before we heard Tom start to whine that it was his turn. Both boys pulled out with a loud plop and I could see Danny's softening monster right in front of my eyes. I was concentrating on that and did not even notice Tom moving up behind me until he rammed his dick into my ass. I could hear it slosh in all the cum that Jason had left behind and it turned me on and obviously it turned Tom on cause he was a wild man fucking my ass. It didn't take him two minutes until he started yelling that he was cumming and added his juices to the collection running out of my ass and all over both of us.

Derrick then told the boys to line up and told me to kneel in front of them and give them all head, which I gladly complied with, gobbling up all of their boy juices once more.

As we left the cave, Derrick told me to meet them their tomorrow night. I smiled and told them I would be there and was greeted with a set of smiles from them. I don't know if they were the taskmasters anymore, but either way I was going to get to play with those lovely dicks again ... I could not wait.