The Civilized Society
By: Joe Camp
Copyright 2000

Warning: The following story is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy that takes place in the present. It never happened, except in the author's imagination. This story contains sex between men and boys. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and children.

If you are underage, or this is illegal where you are, you already know what your supposed to do. If this kind of story turns you off, find something else. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is only a story. Real life doesn't always work out like a story.

Fiction and Real Life: This story is all fiction. The characters in this story engage in unprotected
sex. That's not real life if you want to live to old age. The characters are a product of my imagination, and can't catch anything unless I want them to. Any resemblance of characters to an actual person is purely coincidental.

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The Civilized Society

Part 2

    For thousands of years, back to the very beginning of time, the Civilized Society has hidden in and existed along side the other societies of the world. It knows no nationality. Yes, Society members may be American, German, Korean or any other nationality. They are citizens of the countries in which they live, but they are first citizens of the Civilized Society. They are the keepers of truth. The true history of the world has been passed down from generation to generation. Not colored by superstition or pride. The Civilized Society knows the origin of Greek Mythology. They know what really happened during the dark ages. They are the keepers of truth. They know better than to try to convince the rest of the world of the truth. They have been hunted and persecuted during all the ages. Yes, there are really two worlds, the Civilized Society and the Barbarians. Even in the year 2000, they must hide their beliefs and ways of life from the rest of the world.


    John Williams was my man's name. I became his boy when I was 8 years old. I tried being sucked. That was the first thing I asked John for when he became my man, just as Peter asked me as soon as I became his. I didn't get much out of it. Oh, I enjoyed being able to give myself to John, but I'm afraid I was really indifferent to sex. I would join the other boys sometimes when they would play at the socials, but I really didn't see what they got out of being sucked. I enjoyed sucking them because I knew it gave my friends pleasure.

    I enjoyed sucking my man, and I even liked the taste of his cum, but I'm afraid I would often forget to ask him for sex for long periods of time. Well, until puberty, then I was like Peter. Then I was over at his house for sex at least twice a week. Well, like I said, I was satisfied with sucking and being sucked until I was 15. Then I wanted more.

    It was only a few weeks after my 15th birthday, and I was a little nervous as we went through our ceremony. It was just being the center of attention. I wasn't even really nervous as I crawled to the center of our ceremonial bed. No, it wasn't until we were slick and John was ready to insert his cock that I got nervous. Oh, like all boys, I had had fingers up my ass, but that is different than a man's cock. I was suddenly afraid it would hurt, and I would embarrass myself by not being able to take it.

    John was tender as he talked to me and asked if I wanted to wait. I told him no, and he played with my channel muscles until I relaxed. He took his time as his cock teased my hole letting me relax before he started pushing in. He slipped into me, and it wasn't at all bad.

    Slowly he pushed his cock deeper and deeper until he hit my prostate. I had to gasp at the wonderful feelings it gave me. Slowly he pushed in until all his cock was buried deep inside me. The love I saw in his eyes reassured me as we started slowly fucking. I knew John really loved me and would protect me; never would he hurt me.

    No, it didn't take long for my dick to be hard and my nuts to be tight against me. John took my cock in hand and started jacking me off in time with his thrusts. Every time his dick head scraped across my prostate, that indescribable feeling would flood throughout my groin. I'm sure our witnesses could hear the sounds of our groans in the living room. John and I were never very quiet as we made love. John pulled his dick out one more time, and I had to scream his name as my cum shot from my dick. He slammed his cock as deep into me as he could, and I felt the hot splashes of his cum as they landed inside my guts.

    Yes, it was a great loss for me when John died 5 years ago. I have always been thankful that I went to see him the week before he died and we had sucked each other off. His widow thanked me for that not too long ago. But life continues, I told myself as I returned my attention to our guests. The Guardian was preparing to leave, as were some of the families with small children waiting at home. I joined Peter as we thanked each guest for coming.

    Peter's parents told him goodnight and kissed his cheek. I promised to have him home by noon tomorrow as they went out the front door. My son and Gary gave me a hug. They shook Peter's hand and gave him a hug before they gave us one last congratulations. They would be spending the night with Gary's family. My daughter will be staying with one of her friends, so Peter and I had the house to ourselves. We turned off all the lights before heading back to the bedroom. The mess could wait for the cleaners in the morning.

    Peter was quickly undressed, standing beside the bed sporting a hard-on and waiting for me. I was only a little slower. As I neatly lay my folded underwear on top of the dresser, Peter wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug. We stood with our naked flesh tightly pressed together as we gently rocked back and forth.

"Thank you for loving me as much as I love you, David."

"Oh, Peter. It is so easy to love you that I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. I don't want to ever stop loving you." I told him as I kissed the top of his head.

    Peter slowly moved me towards the bed. I lay spread eagle as he got the tube of lube. He slowly prepared me. He was eager, but he didn't rush. He took the time to savor every moment. I slicked his dick and we were ready to complete our mating. He lifted my legs onto his shoulders. Gently he pushed into me. Oh! He found my prostate on the first try. It had been so long since I had felt that. It had been over three years since Gary and I had last made love. Peter pushed all the way in and bottomed out. His pelvis was crushed against my butt.

    Ever so slowly he pulled his dick outward. I tightened my ass muscles as he withdrew. I wanted his first fuck to be memorial. Just watching the expressions and emotions crossing Peter's face was almost enough to make me cum. He pushed back in and once again his cock head poked at my prostate. Outward. Inward, and another stab of my prostate. Out once more. In again and Peter was going faster. Faster and faster he went until he was soon rabbit fucking. I couldn't take anymore and the cum erupted from my cock as I gave a long groan. Peter shoved hard against me and squealed his delight as the juices left his nuts. I swear I felt a hot splash. Peter doesn't shoot much at one time as he never is able to save anything up. He has to get off at least twice a day.

    We lay resting as we were and my mind drifted off. Yeah, Peter has had to get off at least twice a day ever since he hit puberty. There have been times when it wasn't too convenient for me. It seems he would often get horny during lunch at school. As he had an 11:30 lunch break, I learned not to schedule any appointments for that time. If he would call, I would be waiting in front of the school when the bell rang, and we would rush back to my offices. A quick blow job and Peter would gobble some lunch in the car on his way back to school. We always made it back within his 30 minute lunch break, but there were a few times when it was with seconds to spare. As I told Peter more than once, even though the principal of his school is a citizen, she wouldn't consider sex a sufficient reason for being late.

    Peter gently withdrew his dick from me and pulled me back to the present. He grabbed the towel and wiped my ass. He tenderly cleansed the cum from my chest before cleaning his dick on the towel. Peter dropped the towel at the side of the bed before snuggling into my arms. I switched off the bedside lamp and I could tell by his deep peaceful breathing that Peter was soon fast asleep. I lay thinking; remembering.

    I thought back to that first Saturday we had spent together.  Only one little incident had marred the day. I had pulled to the curb in front of Peter's home right at 9:45, the time I had told him I would pick him up. I saw his face peeking out the drapes of the front window as I arrived. I had to smile to myself as I wondered how long he had been staring out the window watching for me. I didn't even get a chance to ring the bell.

"David is here! David is here!" I heard Peter scream through the door just before it flew open.

    Peter hardly let me get through the door before it was slammed shut and he was hugging me tight. I returned his hug before he ushered me into the livingroom where his father had just turned off the TV. He mother came in from the kitchen drying her hands. Peter was all but bouncing off the walls.

"Peter had us up at 6:00 AM this morning so he could get ready for your date," his mother informed me as she smiled at her son.

"AWWWW, MOM!" Peter exclaimed.

"That's alright, Peter," I told him. "I've been looking forward to our date too. I thought if it is alright with you and your folks, we might spend some time over at the amusement park, then go to a small social that is being held this afternoon. Would you like that?"

"Yeah," Peter responded. "That would be neat."

    The first thing I had done after leaving Peter's the previous night had been to get on the web site and find a social that was being held for boys in Peter's age group. The only social I could find on such short notice was a small one that was held every other Saturday afternoon by some men I only had a nodding acquaintance with.

    It only took one phone call for us to have an invitation. I explained to the host that it would be Peter's first date, and he said he would pass the word to all the men and boys. As Peter is only dating and never has had a man of his own, it wouldn't be proper for him to have sex with a man. No, he would have to have sex with the boys if he wanted to have sex.

    I promised his parents I would have him home by 7:00 PM, and we were soon in the car headed towards the amusement park. I glanced over at Peter sitting up tall beside me. He looked so small with the seat belt coming across his little chest that way. He was staring at me with anticipation on his face. Even though I was almost sure what his answer would be, I had to ask.

"Peter, have you ever had sex with anyone?"

A look of shock covered his face to quickly be replaced by indignation.

"You know this is my first date!" he huffily responded.

"Yes," I gently replied, "but you said you had barbaric friends. Barbaric boys sometimes have sex together too."

The hurt was plain to see on his face.

"I'm Civilized!" he forcefully informed me.

"I'm sorry, Peter," I gently told him as I placed my hand on his leg and softly rubbed. "I needed to know."

    Peter was too excited to stay hurt for long. By the time we arrived at the park the incident was forgotten. We spent the time riding the rides and playing the games in the arcade. We got on the rollercoaster too soon after Peter had a Coke, and he had to lean over the side of the car and puke as we came off the top dip. He was very embarrassed about that, but I told him not to worry.

    When we got to the social, Peter hung onto me tightly until he was sure all the boys knew he was there as my date. There were only about 6 boys there, so everyone got plenty of attention. I don't know for sure if Peter had sex with a boy at that first social, but he did disappear for a while with a boy that was about 9.

    We stopped at Mickey D's for supper before I took Peter home. We got our burgers and fries and found a corner table without anyone around it. As Peter was placing his tray on the table, he glanced around to see if anyone was within ear shot.

"I've had a great time today. Thank you, David."

"I've enjoyed the day myself." I told him.

"Will you be my man," he asked as I was taking my seat.

I looked at him and smiled. "I would be happy to be your man, Peter."

    Peter leaned back in his seat and basked in his joy. He was so happy he had trouble eating. When we went into his house and told his parents, I thought his father was going to bust a gut; he was so proud of his son. As I was saying goodnight to his family, Peter gave me the sexiest kiss I have ever had. It was only a hint and a promise of things to come. I assured him I wouldn't forget to make an appointment with the Guardian for the next friday evening.

    Peter called me every night. We would talk on the phone from 6:30 to 7:00. Wednesday, we were able to slip away for supper together. He wanted to go to Mickey D's again, but I talked him into going to a restaurant. We ended up at Golden Corral and had steaks.

    On Friday, I arrived at Peter's home a little before 7:00 PM. Peter met me at the door, and he looked very nice. He was wearing dark gray slacks with a light pink dress shirt. The tie he had on had Bart Simpson prints on it. His mother had on a nice hostess dress, and his father was in a suit. I had worn a dark navy blue suit.

    There were flowers on the dining room table and a small fancy cake along with coffee cups and glasses. Of course Peter had to point out to me all the preparations his family had made. We sit in the livingroom visiting as we waited on the Guardian.

    The Guardian and his wife arrived and greeted each person. They didn't even sit down before the Guardian got right to business. As the Guardian took Peter into his bedroom for their private talk, his wife told me how pleased she was that I was going to be Peter's man. It has always been the Guardian's policy to make sure in his own mind that a boy was ready and had chosen the man. It was less than 5 minutes before Peter and the Guardian rejoined us.

    Peter's mother ask that we stand in the dining room so she could take photos of the occasion with the cake in the background. We stood as she directed with Peter at my side, and she snapped a few shots as the Guardian asked for my vow.

"Citizen David Knight, do you promise to train Peter Morgan in the ways of the Civilized Society?" the Guardian had asked.

"I do." I had responded.

That was it. Less than one minute and I was now Peter's man. Peter didn't give any vows as he was still too young. He might decide later that he would rather have a different man. No, a boy's first vows would be to his guide.

    Peter and I received congratulations, and the Guardian stayed long enough to have a piece of cake and a cup of coffee. Peter gobbled his cake and drank his punch in one gulp. It was easy to tell he was impatient for us to be going. A half hour after they had arrived, the Guardian and his wife were leaving. As the door was closing behind them, Peter was running to his room to change. He was back in only moments wearing jeans and a tee shirt.

"I'm ready to go," he loudly announced.

    I had to grin, but his father got a little misty. Yes, I had to recall the feelings that flooded though me as I watched my son leave the first time with his man. The pride in my son and knowing he had made a good choice. But also a little sorrow in knowing my son was no longer a little boy. A little sorrow in knowing he was growing up.

"You be good, son. Remember you are a civilized person, and mind what David tells you. This is an important step in your life."

"I will, Dad," Peter promised as he hugged his father.

    He hugged his mother goodbye, and I shook their hands. Tonight would be just for me and Peter. We didn't touch as we walked down the walkway to my car. No, I wanted to wrap my arm around his shoulders and hug him tight to me, but I didn't. I could see the obvious pride in Peter as he walked with his man. No, we walked just like a barbaric man and boy.

    I pulled the car into my big garage and hit the button to close the door behind us. Peter was out of his seatbelt and plastering me with kisses before I even got the engine shut off. His hand was groping me before I  got my seat belt unhooked. I was rock hard by the time my hand found his little package. His dick was hard too. We spent a moment just sitting in the car kissing and massaging each other's package before making our way into the house.

     As soon as we got into the bedroom, Peter pushed me down on the bed, climbed on top of me and stated to French kiss me.  He forced my lips open, and slipped his tongue into my mouth. We let passion rule and I found the inside of his sweet young mouth. My hands slipped down to his firm round butt, caressing each cheek lovingly.  He worked my jacket and tie off before he started unbuttoning my shirt. He slowly humped against me; our lips still locked against each other.

     Peter pulled open my shirt and took my left nipple in his mouth, gently sucking and kissing on it. All too soon, he took his wonderful mouth away, but quickly changed to my other nipple. I can't describe how I felt, but the feelings he was giving me took my breath away.

     I slipped my hands under his shirt, feeling the smooth warmth of his beautiful body.  I let my hands roam from his back to his small perfect chest.  I took one of his small nipples between my thumb and my forefinger, gently pinching and pulling on it. As I played with his nipples, he started moaning and withering against my hand and his little nipples started getting hard.

    Peter stood up, taking my hands and pulling me to my feet. He pulled my shirt off and reached for my belt buckle.  Slowly with an impish grin, he undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and pulled down the zipper. He let the weight of my pants drop them to the floor.  I stood there with my shoes and socks on and my pants around my ankles with just my tented out jockeys, wet with a large spot of pre-cum, covering my erect manhood.  He placed his hands on my chest gently rubbing and feeling down to my love handles, all the while kissing on me around my belly button and down the patch of hair leading to my dick.

    Peter hooked his thumbs inside the waistband of my jockeys and started pulling them down to my ankles, gently lifting them out over my hard-on.  He placed his small hands on each of my butt cheeks, and pulled me to him so that his nose was buried in my pubic hair and my dick laying hard against his cheek.  He inhaled deeply taking in my scent, and started licking and kissing at the root of my dick where it joins my ball sac.

    It was almost more than I could stand.  I told him if he kept it up I was going to shoot before I even got him undressed.  He looked up at me with that sweet grin of his and said we wouldn't want that to happen. He quickly licked the pre-cum from my dick, smiling that impish grin.

    Peter pushed me back down onto the bed and took off my shoes and socks, slipping my pants and underwear off each foot. I sat there in front of my boy, naked with my manhood proudly standing at attention, while leaking more pre-cum then I had in years.

    I reached over and lifted Peter's shirt over his head, as he helped me by lifting his arms. His perfect body slowly came into my view, from his nicely formed innie belly button, to his beautiful small round nipples, and then his narrow fine formed shoulders.  He was so gorgeous. With trembling hands I unfastened his belt and opened his pants. His jockeys were also tented out.

 I pulled his pants and briefs down, drinking in with my eyes every bit of him as he became exposed.  I thought I couldn't get any harder, but as I gazed upon his hard penis, I did. I had been expecting to see a little boy's hard, skinny, penis. What I saw, was a perfectly formed mini dick that had been cut, just a little thicker around then my thumb, and about 3 to 3 1/2 inches long, standing up hard against his stomach. I smiled at him and told him I thought he was beautiful; a large grin spread across his face.

    The dark purple head of Peter's dick seemed to be drawing me to it.  I leaned over and placed a kiss on the perfectly shaped head, smelling a boy, my Peter. I let my mouth slip over his dick, devouring it but being careful not to let my teeth scrape him.

     Peter let out a long soft, "ooooooh," and started moaning and bucking into my mouth. I started sucking and bobbing my head up and down, pulling his little dick nearly out of my mouth and running my tongue around the fat little head. I sucked his dick all the way back into my mouth, and started over. With my hand I started stroking his nuts, gently massaging them for the first time. In just a minute or two, Peter's whole body started jerking and convulsing. When his knees gave way, he slumped over me.

    I guided him onto the bed and stretched out beside him as Peter recovered from his dry orgasm. I lay propped up on one elbow as I smiled down at my boy and gently caressed his chest. He was giving me a contented smile as he looked back at his man and his breathing slowed.

    It didn't take long for him to recover. He was soon ready to continue. He shoved me onto my back and his mouth was back at work on me. He gave each of my nipples a quick lick before kissing his way down to my straining cock. His little hand cupped my big nuts just as his mouth wrapped around the fat head of my dick. He started gently nibbling and sucking as his hand massaged my balls.

It was only moments before I had to let out a groan. I didn't hardly get out, "Oh, Peter," before I moaned, "I'm cumming!"

    I strained against my climax as I shot my cum into Peter's sucking mouth. He never came up for air as he greedily swallowed every drop he coached from my nuts. He was still sucking, searching for more as my climax receded. I lay stroking his hair and he continued to suck as I recovered from the intense orgasm.

To Be Continued
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