Thank's for all the comments I've received. All of you have asked me to continue my story, some of you have asked me to make it a bit more readable, so I hope this is ok :-)

We went back to the cottage, knowing that my dad would not be home until the next day.

"Do you have any sun lotion?" Pete asked, "I want to give you a nice treat."

We didn't bring any sun lotion, if I had been there with my mon, we probably would have, but my dad doesn't think about that. Pete took me to my dad's bedroom, his bedroom actually, and opened a closet that was locked with a pad lock.

"Here's my secret stuff," he explained, and before I could take a good look at the content of the closet, he retrieved a bottle and some towels and closed the closet again.

"What's that," I asked?

"Massage oil," he said, "get ready for a nice treat."

He put the towels on the bed and asked me to lay down on my belly. He sat down with his dick on my ass and put some of the oil on my back. It was cold at first, but then he massaged my shoulders and back and it felt wonderful, Id never had a massage before. He then moved his body lower and continued to massage my lower back and my ass. I wanted him to move so I could open my legs, but he didn't at first. Then he lifted his body and I immediately opened my legs, he continued to massage my ass cheeks and I was so horny that I pushed my ass up and spread my legs as wide as I could, but he never touched my crack or my balls. He then massaged my legs and also my feet, but they were too ticklish, so he went up to my legs and ass again. By this time I was no longer laying on my belly, I had my ass sticking right up into the air, hoping he would lick it like before or at least touch it. But he didn't.

"Turn around," he said. He massaged my chest, my belly and my legs again, but never touched my dick, while I was pushing my hips up and almost pushing my dick and ass unto the ceiling, but he still wasn't touching them. I was going crazy, to be honest.

"Why are you not massaging me all over," I asked him?

"What parts am I missing?" he asked.

"Well, my weiner," I said, "and my bottom."

Somehow I couldn't say dick or ass to him. I grabed my cock and started jacking off, but he moved my hand away.

"You want me to play with your bottom?" he asked. While he asked that, he slowly ran his finger up and down my crack. "You want me to finger your hole?"

"Yes," I said.

"Just hold on a minute," he said. And he went to the closet again. I grabed my hardon again.

"Hey....don't play with it, you'll spoil all the fun," he said.

"Sorry, I can't help it," I said, "I need to cum."

"All in good time," he said, "and if you can't control yourself, I'll do it for you." He pulled out some handcuffs, pulled my arms backwards and tied my hands to the bed, and went back to the closet. When he turned around, I had turned around and was jumping the bed as if my life depended on it, I needed to cum so badly.

"You're such a smart ass," he laughed. And he turned me around again. He carried what looked like a big toilet bag.

"What's that for," I asked.

"You'll soon find out," he said. He took out a blind fold and put in on me.

"What's that for," I asked again.

"You'll like it even more if you can't see what's coming to you," he replied.

I felt kind of helpless, being tied up and blindfolded, but it was also very exciting. I soon felt hin finger running up and down my crack again, but this time it felt sticky and wet, he told me he was gonna lube me up, and he tried to put his finger up my ass. I didn't go very well, but then he asked me to relax and just push out as if I was crapping, and his finger slit in all the way. He started massaging something inside and that felt really great, I was moaning very loud now and my cock was harder than ever.

"That feels so good," I said.

"That's because I'm massaging your prostate," he said, "One of the most sensitive parts in your body."

I felt I was about to cum, and I tried to stop moaning as good as I could, because I knew he probably would stop doing what he was doing so I wouldn't cum, but somehow he figured out again, because he stopped just in time.

"That was close, wasn't it," he asked.

"Yes," I said, "Please make it cum."

He just didn't reply, but started playing with my nipples, and I realised he hadn't touched them either while he was massaging me. They were so sensitive and hard, I never new they could give me so much pleasure. Next time I jack off, I must remember to play with them myself, I thought. Then I felt something cold pushing against my asshole. I asked him what it was and he told me it was a small dildo, longer than his finger and thicker, so it would give me even more pleasure. It felt a bit weird at first, but I soon started to enjoy the dildo going up and down my ass, but it wasn't as nice as his finger massaging my prostate. When I told him, he asked me to turn around and sit on my knees and elbows, I just managed to do that, I was a bit restricted by the cuffs. He used his fingers again, but only to lube me up a bit more. Then I felt something else entering my ass, it was not as hard as the dildo, more rubbery, and a lot thicker and had ribbles all over it.

"What's that," I asked.

"A ribbled vibrator," he said. Although it was thicker, it entered smoothly, my ass seemed to be willing to receive anything.

"Good boy," he said when it had entered me completely, "You learn quick. I'll switch it on now."

It made a weird noice and felt very strange, but also ticklish and I just started to laugh and almost forgot I needed to cum bad.

"Seems like your reeady for the next stage," he said after a while, "Wanna try a bigger one?"

I was so horny and up to anything I quickly agreed. He applied some more lube, then I felt something else entering my ass.

"What's that," I asked.

"It's my cock," he said.

I couldn't believe I was actually gonna get fucked by a real cock. After all, I wasn't gay! It sort of scared me and excited me at the same time. I wasn't so relaxed anymore, and he had a hard time getting it in.

"Just relax," he said.

"I can't," I said, "Maybe I can if I saw you doing it."

"Ok, no problem, baby," he said, and he removed the blindfold and the cuffs also and he told me to turn around again so I would have a better view.

"Don't be nervous," he said, "You can do it. Just look at all the toys I have been using, they are almost my size."

I looked at the vibrator, and it was still a lot smaller than his cock, which wasn't as big as the one the guys in the porn movie had, but still a lot bigger than my 4 inches and still bigger than the vibrator he had been using, althoug not a lot.

"Just relax, and you'll be ok, and I'll make you cum real good," he said, "If you don't like it, we'll just stop, ok? Pull your legs up into the air."

I still can't believe that I did pull up my legs, and his cock was soon pushing against my asshole again.

"Just pretend you are crapping again", he said.

And when I did I was amazed on how smooth his cock entered me. It didn't even hurt, only just a bit. When his dick was all the way up my ass, he reached over and kissed me. I never even kissed a girl before. Well, I did kiss girls before, but not with tongue, like this kiss. It was another very enjoyable experience, and we kissed for minutes until I wasn't even thinking anymore about his cock up my ass. He then slowly started pulling his cock a bit up my ass, then in again, until he almost sat up again, breaking the kiss and he started pumping very fast. His dick was now going completely out of my ass, and then in again, fast. We both were moaning a lot now and I finally came in an enormous explotion, I never came like this before and my load was shooting all over my body, even as far as over my head. When I shot the last drops, he began moaning even harder and I could feel his dick pulsing in my ass. He lowered his body on top of mine, put his arms around me and turned the both of us around so I was now on top of him, his dick still up my ass. After a few minutes I could feel his dick softening until it slid out of my ass. He turned me on my back again, licked my nipples, licked all over my chest and belly, licking up the cum, then putting his mouth over my still rock hard cock, sucking me again. It didn't take me 5 minutes to cum again. He then took me to the bathroom where we showered and he washed me as if I was a baby and coudln't do it myself.

I thought it was past midnight by now, but the sun was still out and he layed down on the couch, and I sat between his legs and we watched TV while he kept his arms around me and that felt good too.

My dad would not be 'home' until the next day, and I wondered what was still ahead of me.