Alan's Next Ride, a short story by Josh Terrence

mb/oral/ anal/mast/rimming/

Author's note: This is part two of a series of short stories. Here's the link to part one:

The Coupling.

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Alan was awake long before the sun came up, his young body refreshed after a night in my arms. After pumping my load into his hot, tight bottom, I fell fast asleep in his bed, holding his warm body tight to my torso. Occasionally, I would feel him stir, prompting me to kiss his soft cheek, then he would snuggle up tighter and give me a squeeze. My natural inclination was to do the same, then settle back into a deep slumber with the little boy. At some point, I slipped my middle finger up his tight little rear end, bringing out a sigh of contentment from the sleeping boy.

Knowing that I had to get up and go to work, the boy took the liberty of waking me up in a most pleasant manner. I felt him stir again, then he whispered, “I have to pee.”

I reluctantly let him go when I felt him expel my finger on his own, using the muscles in his rectum to do all of the work. He planted his lips to mine, then he pulled away from my warm embrace and got out of the bed. I heard his light footsteps creeping down the hall of the trailer to the bathroom, then I heard his piss stream start to flow into the toilet bowl. I closed my eyes and let sleep overcome me once more, knowing that he would soon be back. The next time I opened my eyes, I did so with a sleepy smile. The smell of fresh brewed coffee was in the air and the light from the kitchenette was glowing, beaming down the hallway and dimly lighting the doorway into Alan's room. I was sprawled out on my back, and the sound of soft sucking was emanating from between my legs.

I looked down toward the foot of the bed, taking note of the blonde boy who had wrapped his lips around my morning erection. I reached down and petted his head, prompting him to smile up at me without taking my dick out of his mouth. I felt his warm hands caress my ball sack carefully, then he took my cock deeper, letting go of a hot moan in the process. I turned my head to the right so that I could see the illuminated display of little Alan's alarm clock, taking note of the fact that it was 6:15 in the morning, two hours and 45 minutes before I had to be to the office.

I sighed heavily, casting my gaze back down on the 12 year old beneath me. The thought of leaving him for the day was almost soul crushing, knowing that for at least eight hours, I would be separated from the little scamp. His expressive green eyes were fixed on my face, so full of desire and adventure. The light from the hallway illuminated his facial features, bringing them all to life in a way that was breathtaking. His moist lips were wrapped tight around my stalk, yet his smile was still so evident as he bobbed his head up and down, working for the mouthful of cum that he craved more than anything at the moment.

Of course, his warm mouth felt amazing around my dick. His tongue was hard at work, running constantly all over the portion that didn't fit in his throat, which was tight around my cock head. I could hear him breathing through his nose, by now a well practiced cock sucker who took particular pleasure in deepthroating the biggest of dicks. His sexual appetite was strong, and I knew that when I left him, he would go out in search of more gay sex.

It was inevitable.

Upon arriving for my first date with Alan's mom, I knew that something was amiss. She offered to make me dinner, and I readily agreed.

Do you mind that my son will be there?” she asked with a note of concern in her voice.

I gave Alan a once over, my eyes drifting to his bubble butt, then I quickly shook my head and told her, “I wouldn't mind that at all. Maybe after dinner the three of us can watch a movie or go for a ride.”

She gave me a look that I couldn't quite read at the time. I wasn't too sure, but it was almost a look of understanding. Not quite judgmental, but still a look that told me that she was aware that I was lusting after her 12 year old son. Little Alan gave me a cute, almost flirtatious grin while his mother and I swapped information, and I could have sworn I saw him lick his lips.

We walked out to the parking lot together and I couldn't take my eyes off of Alan's rear end. It looked so supple and soft, so delicious and so fuckable. I knew that I had to take it for a spin.

When I pulled into the trailer park, I spotted Alan coming out of a trailer near the front of the park. He spotted me and waved, so I slowed my car down and offered him a ride to his lot. He quickly accepted my offer, and the first thing I noticed when he got into my car was that he was glowing. The second thing I noticed was the musky scent of sweat, ass juice and what I recognized as cum. Seemingly oblivious to his own state, he hopped into my car and surprised me by giving me a long hug. I used this opportunity to surreptitiously sniff his face, taking note of the fact that the aroma was rolling off of his cheeks. My dick, which had already started to fill with blood at the sight of the beautiful boy, went rock hard as he squeezed my torso with his arms.

Hey buddy, were you at a friend's place?” I asked him, and he nodded happily, separating from me and settling back in his seat.

Yeah, we were pretending we were in the WWE,” he told me.

Sounds like fun,” I remarked, and he gave me a wry grin.

It was,” he said. “I always have fun when I play like that.”

Do you play like that a lot?” I asked, and he nodded, grinning hard and looking straight ahead.

I play like that all the time,” he said, then he smiled up at me and said, “Maybe later we can play, too.”

I'd really like that, buddy,” I told him.

Me too,” he agreed, then he pointed to a double wide trailer and said, “There it is.”

Before we got out, he leaned back over and wrapped his arms around my torso, giving me another long hug. As the smell of sex rolled off of him, I felt his right hand slip down and lightly push on my painfully hard dick, then he smiled at me and said, “I'm glad you came over.”

Well, I'm glad too, buddy,” I told him, “accidentally” letting my palm run down his back until it came to rest on his bubble butt. He sighed and rested his head back on my shoulder. “I'm glad that I get to spend some time with you and your mom.”

That seemed to sate the little boy, who let go of our hug and crawled out on my side. When I closed the car door and set the alarm, he slipped his little paw into my hand and we walked to the door. He greeted his mom with a hug and a kiss, and I noticed that her nose was working by his face, no doubt smelling the same thing I had. She whispered something in his ear, and he nodded with a neutral expression. She smiled approvingly, then she told me to make myself comfortable while she finished cooking.

I sat on the couch beside Alan, turning my attention to the show on Nickelodeon that he was enthralled with. It was some sort of a game show for kids, where they competed in pie throwing contests and the sort. Not my cup of tea, but Alan clearly got a kick out of it. At some point, he got up from his spot and sat in my lap, settling on my left thigh without taking his eyes off of the television set. I responded by looking into the kitchenette, where Alan's mom was putting the finishing touches on our meal, wondering what she would say when she saw our new arrangement.

I got my answer when she peered into the living area and spotted us. She smiled approvingly, then she went back to work. I breathed a sigh of relief and used the palm of my hand to rub the little boy's back, prompting him to smile warmly and say, “That feels good.”

You like that?” I asked, and he nodded, turning his attention back to his show. As the moments passed, I couldn't resist the urge to feel his soft skin, so I let my hand drop all the way down to his shirt tail, briefly slipping my forefinger down into the seat of his pants and feeling the tag on the waistband of his underwear. I let my finger push down into the top of his deep crevice, feeling the warm flesh of his buns start to encase it and wondering how far I could go if I dared to. Before letting things get out of hand, I pulled my finger out of his pants and slipped my hand up his shirt so that I could run it up his back. He let go of a soft mew and smiled up at me again, then he rested his head against my chest, his attention once again on his television show. As I ran my hand along his soft skin, I let my fingertips tickle the vertebrae along his spine, the small bumps yet another reminder of his young age. He responded by nuzzling the soft skin of his face into my shirt, then he surprised me again by planting a kiss on my cheek.

Well, it looks like someone has himself a new buddy,” his mom said, carrying two plates into the living area with her. Alan responded by wrapping his little arms around my torso and hugging me tightly. “He's probably not going to let you leave tonight.”

If I had only known then how right she was.

Alan stayed in my lap during supper, a meal I barely noticed. He seemed far too old to be as needy as he was, but it seemed almost routine to his mother. She was fussing over him the whole time, wiping his mouth and making sure that he didn't spill his plate of food, then reminding him to drink his milk. I gushed when he picked up my fork and fed me a few bites from my plate, feeling a growing affection toward the needy little boy in my lap.

I want to show him my room, mama,” Alan drawled during our meal. His mom gave him a knowing smile, then she answered him.

Okay, sweetie. But remember, he's here to see mama, too.”

I know,” he said sweetly, then he gave me an eager smile.

Sweetie, I want you to wait for us to finish eating, okay?”

Alan groaned but offered no protest. It sounded like they were making a deal between them, but I hadn't quite caught onto everything yet. When our meal was finished, his mom took our dishes back into the kitchenette, and that was when Alan made his move.

Are you ready to see my room?” he asked hopefully, and I nodded.

Sure buddy, is it down the hall?”

Yep, he said, getting up and taking my hand. “Mama, I'm going to show him my room now.”

Okay, honey,” she said, that look back on her face. “I'll be out here when you two are finished in there.”

When we got to his room, he turned the light on and closed the door. I looked around at the messy room, toys strewn all over, mixed with clothes and random, unpaired shoes scattered about. He quickly crawled into his messy bed, then he sat on his knees at the edge and reached out for another hug. My cock was jumping with excitement when he wrapped his arms around my neck, resting his head on my shoulder.

My mom knows why I wanted to show you my room,” he said quietly, as if he were telling me a secret.

Oh yeah?' I said, running both hands up and down his back. He lifted his head and looked deeply into my eyes, then a smile crept over his face.

It's because I'm gay,” he said, then he leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips. I heard him let go of a moan, then his lips parted and he slipped his tongue into my mouth. As our kiss commenced, he pulled me down onto the bed with him, then he broke our kiss and smiled up at me.

A few minutes later, we were both naked as the day we were born. I had him on his hands and knees in the doggy style position, my face buried in his spicy rump, eating his tasty ass while he moaned like a little whore. As some point, I heard the door behind us close, and I realized that Alan's mom must have opened it to see what I was doing to make her son moan like that.

When I pulled my tongue from his ass, I lined up to him and pushed in. He easily accepted my entry, telling me that he'd been penetrated before. I would later learn that he had been at it for a good four years, taking his first ride on a cock shortly after turning eight years old. Ever since, he'd been an insatiable bottom, not caring about his dick at all, only longing to service the cocks of men and older boys anytime he had the opportunity.

And Alan was good at building doors that opportunity could knock on.

On this evening, his pleasure receptors were alive with passion. His hungry hole swallowed my entire eight inches. I was amazed by his voracity, listening to the horny 12 year old moan while his incredibly talented ass worked my dick like a python. He beckoned me to begin fucking him, and I happily acquiesced, starting a slow, sensual butt fucking that made my toes curl. Alan smiled over his shoulder at me and carefully rolled his bubble butt from left to right, then he pushed it up, teasing me and tempting me to begin a harder ride. Without having to be told, I knew that a hard ride was exactly what he wanted, so I cooperated with the young bottom, driving in with more and more force, sending him into orbit until the squeezing around my dick was too much for me to sustain. I quickly buried my dick all the way up his young, hot ass and fired my load. As his bottom filled up with cum, Alan gave a cry of joy, pulling his little head back so that he was looking at the ceiling, then he let go of a slutty moan.

When I pulled out of him, I dove in face first, unable to resist the temptation to eat his ass deeply. He continued to moan wildly while I felched my load out of him, my tongue torturing the nerve endings in and around his hot butt hole. I finally quit when my tongue started to cramp, then I collapsed on the bed while he sucked my dick clean, giving it grateful kisses before licking my balls like a pro. When I got out of his bed and prepared to rejoin his mother in the living area, he got behind me and ate my sweaty ass, using his tongue to bathe my crack before he dug into my chute. I could hear him moaning into my behind, taking hard sniffs as his eating got more forceful. When he pulled his tongue out of my ass, he tugged on my once again stiff cock, then he bent over in front of me and spread his legs, holding onto his night stand while I pumped another load into his upturned ass.

I could feel my toes starting to curl, my hard dick burning with the familiar pangs of another orgasm. Alan could feel my nuts start to swell in his hands as the cum began to rise up my shaft. He moaned hotly and rolled his bottom around, a sure sign that he knew what was coming. He shut his eyes tight and smiled blissfully, then he tightened his throat muscles around the head of my dick and shuddered. With the force of a rocket, I blasted off in his mouth, my load exploding from the end of my dick. He was gulping furiously, trying desperately and successfully to keep up and not lose any of the precious sperm that he longed to swallow. I listened carefully as volley after volley of my cum load was gulped down by the little boy, so smooth and so soothing, a perfect treat for him to savor and swallow before breakfast.

Finally, my balls were drained, so he sat up on the backs of his legs and swallowed what remained in his mouth, his smile bright as he did so. His hairless little dick was dancing around on its own, telling me that he'd enjoyed himself immensely this morning, too. I knew that he would, though. He almost always experienced an orgasm while sucking dick, his moment of climax typically arriving while he worked his throat around the head of the cock he was worshiping. I've even watched from over my shoulder while he climaxed with his tongue lodged deep in my ripe asshole, the flavor and aroma of my hot sphincter a perfect trigger for the sexed up little boy to achieve ecstasy.

While I lay there awash in the afterglow of my orgasm, Alan got up and walked to the kitchenette, where he poured me a cup of coffee. He dutifully carried it to me, then he got in and cuddled with me while I sipped it. When my cup of coffee was gone, he walked with me to the bathroom, squatting behind me and tonguing my hot, sweaty asshole out with hot moans while I took my morning piss. While I shook off, he stayed where he was, eating me deeply, his craving for the taste of ass seemingly insatiable.

When he pulled his tired tongue from my chute, he led me back to his room and crawled into his bed, pulling his knees all the way back to his chest and offering up his delectable ass for my own dining pleasure. I ate at his back door for an extended amount of time, unable to bring myself to stop. As always, Alan's ass was a tasty treat that I could never get enough of, but I knew that time was running short. I quickly slid my once again aching cock into his yearning boy cunt and fucked him in the missionary position. While I was servicing his rear end, Alan alternated between French kissing me and running his cute button nose around the diameter of my mouth, inhaling the aroma of his own ass while a fierce anal orgasm ripped through his young body.

When I finally shot my load, I withdrew and ate him out all over again. When I stopped, he lay prone with his mouth opened, grinning while I fed him my cock from above so that he could lick and suck it clean for me. He wrapped his tender lips around it and sucked hard, loving the taste of his own ass as it filled his mouth. When he was through savoring my ass flavored prick, I kissed him deeply, then I held him close and let him recover in my arms before taking my shower and heading off for another day at work. As I turned out of the trailer park, I spotted Alan in my rear view mirror, getting on his bike to ride around the park, horny for his day of sex to begin.


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