The Coupling, a short story by Josh Terrence

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Are you done in there?” he asked with a note of desperation in his young voice. Through the darkness I could see the outline of the young boy, sitting up in his bed, his naked form resting against the wall as he sat cross legged. He could no doubt hear the sounds of love making that carried through the thin walls of the trailer that he shared with his mother. I had just left her, having performed for her in such a manner that she was now completely satisfied. As we commenced our carnal act, she knew that her 12 year old son was on the other side of the wall, listening closely, listening with anticipation. Because he knew that when I was finished pleasuring his mom, I would come to his bed. She knew it too, and while I think she wasn't totally on board, she could never bring herself to deny her son access to my talented dick.

I spotted him last month in line at a Walmart in Fresno. I was at the end of a long day, ready to go home and take a shower, longing to wash away the funk of a long, stressful day at work. He was Alan, a blonde cutie. He was 12 years old with sparkling green eyes, standing five feet tall with a perfect boy's build and a beautiful face. His lightly tanned skin shimmered from the glare of the lights overhead, accentuating his features as I stood patiently behind his mother, who was holding up the line so mercifully this evening. She had obviously just received her monthly welfare allotment, as she had separated her items into two piles; one pile was food grade groceries that her food stamp debit card could be used for, the other a grouping of household necessities like shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper and laundry detergent.

The boy was standing at the end of the checkout line, watching his mother intently as she instructed the cashier in the express lane to ring her items up on separate tabs. I took note of the fact that combined, her items totaled up to nearly twice the number of items than allowed in that particular line, but I simply smiled when she gave me an apologetic smile.

I'm very sorry,” she drawled, and I offered her a friendly nod.

It's no problem, ma'am, I'm in no hurry,” I assured her, my eyes switching back and forth between her groceries on the conveyer and the gorgeous little boy that was standing at the end of the checkout line, waiting to bag his mother's things. As the cashier rang the woman's items up, the boy was carefully watching, turning the carousel whenever a bag was filled. When the first order was rang up and paid for, he started to load the bags into his mother's cart, turning to do so and giving me a view of his perfect bubble butt.

Alan, make sure you put the milk on the bottom of the cart,” his mother called out, prompting the little hottie to bend over and do as instructed. Leaning over to slide the gallon of milk under the cart, his shapely bottom lingered invitingly up in the air, causing my loins to stir hard as my prostrate throbbed. I could hardly look away from the boy, but not wanting to be caught perving on the youngster, I diverted my eyes once again to his mother, who was watching her son load the cart.

When he was finished, he resumed his activity of watching and waiting while the cashier rang up the items that would have to be bought with cash. As each bag filled up, he turned the carousel until all of the bags were full, then he carefully unloaded two so that the cashier would have room to bag the rest of the items. The last item that the cashier rang up for the young mother was the 16 pack of Charmin, which she promptly handed to the boy so that he could lay it in the cart. I watched with a snicker as the lady then reached into her purse and pulled out a number of coupons, eliciting groans from a few people in the growing line behind me. Once again, she gave me an apologetic look, and I simply smiled and nodded, not too concerned with seeing this transaction end.

By the time they were finished, it was clear that the young mother was glad to get going. I set my items on the conveyor and watched as she walked behind her boy toward the Customer Service area. I checked out quickly, and though I didn't have to, I made a quick detour to the other end of the store, eager for one more look at the luscious little boy whose ass I longed to fuck. As I approached the Customer Service Area, I noticed that he was seated all alone on a small bench seat, waiting patiently with the cart while his mom stood in the line. Looking for any reason I could find to be in the same area, I got behind her again and took my receipt out of my pocket.

It looks like we can't get away from each other,” she said lightheartedly when she noticed me.

Yeah, I think they overcharged me for these avocados,” I said, feigning concern.

My son loves avocados,” she said, motioning to the little cutie, who was watching us with a curious expression. “If all we had to eat were avocados, I don't think he'd mind.”

Well, great minds must think alike,” I said, giving him a wink. He smiled shyly and looked down at his shoes, drawing my attention to them as well. They were worn out on the outside of each foot, making me think that he probably walked on the sides of his feet. The bottoms of his pant legs were pulled up far enough that I could see he hadn't worn socks, a typical trait in boys his age who were given the liberty of not doing so.

I've known quite a few boys in my years who loved to go sockless. As a result, their feet often bore a very powerful odor, one I loved to inhale as I sucked on their toes and used my tongue to lick the jam from between each one. Studying the young boy on the bench, my mind raced as thoughts of licking the underside of his stinky feet ran through it. That led to thoughts of bending the boy over and burying my face in his ass, dining on a fine feast of hot preteen butthole before lubing him up and burying my hard dick as far up his ass as I could. Before I could get carried away with my thoughts of scoring with the little scamp, though, his mom brought me back to the moment.

I imagine your wife must serve it to you every night,” she said, obviously fishing at this point. I proudly held up both hands and showed her my ringless fingers, then I said, “No ma'am. I've never had the pleasure of having a lovely young lady give me her hand in marriage.”

That was all it took. I knew it was wrong to bait the young mother, but I also knew that my chance of getting closer to the boy was at hand, and I had an obligation to seize it. In the end, it worked out well for all of us.

This boy wanted it bad tonight, and I wasn't going to disappoint. Earlier at the dinner table, he made it quite clear to his mother and I that he was in the mood for sex with me. He was running around the trailer with nothing but a pair of dirty white briefs on, hanging his bubble butt out my way in an effort to entice me to fuck him right away. Eventually he got his wish, dragging me into the bathroom with him where he promptly dropped his undies and bent over while I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly.

With my pants bunched uncomfortably around my knees, I dutifully grabbed his cheeks and massaged them with my thumbs before parting them. I took a long look at his tight, wrinkled hole, then I buried my face in his ass and ate him out like a man possessed. While I was dining at his back door, his mom opened the door and peeked in, rubbing her wet pussy the entire time. The site of her son whimpering for more anal stimulation was enough to get her wet, and by the time I pulled my face out of his rear end and lined up to his hole, she had slipped two fingers in her pussy and was rubbing a quick one out.

While I was butt fucking her son, she reached her own climax and was now watching quite blatantly while I scratched the itch that her son had deep in his rectum, an itch that could only be soothed with my horny man cock. His ass muscles were hyper sensitive that evening, grabbing my stalk violently over and over again like a vice. He was moaning loudly and shamelessly, perhaps aware of his mother's presence, or perhaps not. At that point, it didn't seem to matter because he was off in another world as his own fantasies were realized.

When I finally squirted my load up his butt, he waited for me to pull out, then he quickly got on his knees and licked my cock and balls clean before tonguing my sweaty crack. When he was somewhat sated, he composed himself and hiked his undies so that we could go back out to the living room and visit. He snuggled up to me on the couch while his mom did the same on the opposite side of me. It was there that our conversation took an interesting turn.

How long are you going to be tonight?” he asked somewhat impatiently. I was about to answer his question when it dawned on me that he was talking to his mother.

It depends,” she said somewhat noncommittally. “You don't have to worry, Alan. Mama won't keep him too long.”

Okay, but I really need to see him again,” he said a little dubiously, looking at his mom as if maybe he thought she should do without.

Don't worry, champ, you'll get more,” I assured him. “You just let me take care of your mom first, then we'll have some more fun.”

Do you promise?' he asked, and I nodded, smiling down at him as I admired his serious expression. He noticed my smile and rewarded me with one of his own, then he brought his lips to mine and we shared a kiss. I felt his lips part and his tongue pushed into my mouth, prompting me to reciprocate. As our kiss lingered, I felt his little fingers fiddling with my zipper, working it open and then fishing around for my dick. As soon as he made contact with it, he moaned into my mouth and broke our kiss. He smiled at his mother and I, then he slipped his mouth over the end and moaned again. While little Alan was getting a mouthful of my hard cock, his mom and I admired his determination and talked about how good he was at sucking dick.

After dinner, I helped his mom with the dishes while Alan fetched a pair of cut off jean shorts and rode his bike around the trailer park. His mother and I knew that he was looking for a few more dicks to suck. We both naturally assumed that he would also take it up the ass while he was at it. In the end, though, we also knew that he would be home and in his birthday suit by the time I was finished with his mother.

On this particular night, Alan hadn't bathed, and I knew it. The hot Fresno air produced a sheen of sweat that covered the little boy's entire back and ran down into his plump, smooth ass crack. Just like his mother, Alan was given to skipping a shower here and there. And just like his mother, he carried a powerful musk that made me weak at the knees for his young body. He laid flat on his tummy when I walked in, pressing his knees into the mattress and parting his legs just far enough that his ass cheeks parted on their own. Then, with the certainty of a horny young boy, he raised his bottom up into the air, causing his stiff, hairless cocklet to lose contact with the sheets and his tight nut sack to adjust to the new position. He smiled over his shoulder at me, and in the moonlight that crept in through the blinds, I could see that he was biting his lower lip.

I parted his cheeks slowly, using my nose to drawn in his rich aroma. It was so spicy, the sure sign that his pheromones were flowing heavy. I brushed across his hole with my nose, feeling that it was moist with cum and ass juice, a byproduct of his night cruising through the trailer park. I would no doubt get all of the details from the little scamp at some point, but right now, I had business to tend to. I pulled his cheeks apart far enough that his hole parted, then I dug in with my tongue, eager for him to push out as much cum and ass juice as he could for my dining pleasure. He quickly gave in to my wishes, sending a steady flow of cum down his rectum that I lapped up greedily. He was moaning with passion, his nerve endings tortured by the scratchy surface of my well practiced tongue. I'd eaten the asses of dozens of boys in my day, but Alan's puckered back door was an exquisite treat that I could never get enough of.

With my face once again buried in his bubble butt, I ran my palms up his back. I quickly realized that I had come across something sticky, something slimy, and it dawned on me that someone must have shot their load all over his back while he was no doubt bending over in front of them. I rubbed the sperm into his skin like lotion, bringing out a depraved moan of satisfaction from the little boy that I knew wasn't caused by my ass eating. It was a moan that said he wanted me to find the evidence of an earlier romp, and that he was happy to have me massage it into his skin.

Finally, I pulled my tongue out of his crack and pulled his hips up. He quickly assumed the position, practically lining his ass up to the end of my cock. He was pressing into the mattress with his palms, giving himself some much needed leverage so that he could push back to meet my thrusts. I placed the head of my cock at his entrance, letting it rest there for a moment, but he was in no mood to wait. I felt the moist membranes of his puckered hole bloom like a flower, then I felt my glans practically melt into his anus on its own. I sighed with relief when I felt his hole working itself around the head of my shaft, then I gave in and let him pull it all the way in. In less than three seconds, his hole swallowed my entire length and I found myself pressed up against his buns, my pubic bush smashing into his crack.

Without having to be told what he wanted, I began a rough in and out motion, causing him to moan hotly as I did. I could feel his ass muscles working overtime, just as reactive as they were when I had fucked him earlier that evening. I began to thrust harder, his tightness working in concert with the heat of his ass to pull the pleasure from my balls. Soon, I settled into a rhythmic but almost animalistic fucking of the boy, knowing that he was getting exactly what he wanted from me. I could feel his ass clench tight around my shaft, spastic and violently as his dry orgasm carried him away. Three, four, five more thrusts and that was all I could take. Without slowing my strokes, I began to unload into his tight bottom, pumping several hot shots of cum deep inside of him. When my balls were empty, I pulled out and collapsed on the bed, letting him fall into my arms for a moment while he recovered. A few moments later, he eased his way down my body and sucked my cock clean like a good little cock hound should, then he snuggled back up in my arms and fell asleep.