When Alan Met Sonny, a short story by Josh Terrence

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Author's note: This is part ten of a series of short stories.

This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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It was dark in the trailer when I heard Alan come in. I'd fucked his mom into a deep slumber over an hour ago, giving my balls time to recover. All day long, Alan had been sucking dicks around the trailer park and loving every minute of it. When he checked in at lunch, his mom marched him to the tub because he reeked of cum and piss, but the determined little boy was far from through. After lunch, he was back at it, sucking hot dicks and eating ripe assholes all afternoon. When he came in for dinner, his mom and I could once again smell his activities and questioned him. He gave us a run down of his pleasure filled afternoon, and after cleaning up, quickly treated himself to a hard ride on my fuck stick.

After supper, the horny little fairy got himself together and was out the door again with the promise of servicing more cocks and tonguing more rear ends around the trailer park. True to his word, Alan made his rounds, going from trailer to trailer and sucking dick's until he'd swallowed a baker's dozen worth of cum loads. Along the way, he talked as many lovers as he could into using his face as a seat, giving him access to their sweaty chutes and fulfilling a need deep inside of the 12 year old to savor the taste of hot ass.

After a long sucking and rimming session in Lee's bedroom, the horny boy accompanied his older lover to the bathroom, where he reluctantly washed his face and hands as to avoid any questions from Lee's parents. When the boy's face was washed and his disheveled hair was fixed, Lee insisted that the horny 12 year old rinse with mouthwash.

If I do it, will you kiss me?” Alan asked hopefully, prompting Lee to reluctantly agree to the little fairy's demands. Alan spent almost a full minute rinsing his mouth, and true to his word, Lee rewarded the gay youngster with a long, tongue filled kiss that both boys enjoyed, though Lee would deny it.

Finally satisfied to have received a kiss from his older lover, Alan made his exit, sauntering down the lane to see his next conquest. As Alan made his way through the park, he purposely let his horny rear end swing from side to side, hoping to entice an impromptu butt fucking from one of the many men or boys he'd had sex with in the park. Or, just as enticing to the boy, a mouthful of hard dick and a bellyful of warm cum that he could savor before stopping off at Sonny's trailer for sex.

Unfortunately for the horny little scamp, he'd drained the balls of almost all of his lovers by servicing their cocks over and over throughout the day, and his efforts were in vain.

When he got to Sonny's trailer, though, he knew that his needs would be taken care of all over again. Sonny loved having a horny little boy like Alan to play with, and much to the man's delight, the boy was always in the mood to play. Sometimes Alan would come around for nothing more than the thrill of giving head. Other times, Alan would come over looking for anal sex. His yearning for hard dick was something that the man was always amazed by, and eager to satisfy.

On rarer occasions, Alan would come around looking for something darker from the man. It was something that the man didn't always feel comfortable doing for the boy. But he knew that there were moments in the boy's life when his sexual charge was so high that only the nastiest of acts, the brownest of experiences would sate his sexual appetite.

But that's a story for another time.

On this night, Alan was looking for cock. The summer sun was just starting to set, and although the boy had been filled with hot dick at both ends off and on all day, he was still incredibly horny and needed to have another dick inside of him in the worst way. As soon as he let the gay youngster in, they shared a deep French kiss, and Sonny immediately picked up the minty taste of mouthwash. He figured that Alan must have rinsed his mouth out because he was in the mood for romance, either from Sonny or from another lucky male that the boy was hot to sleep with.

As he kissed his young lover, he guided the boy onto his back and felt Alan's fingers slip into the fly of his boxers. Alan let go of a moan when he wrapped his hand around Sonny's hard cock, knowing that he was holding exactly what he'd been after. There was something so satisfying to the horny boy about holding a cock in his hand and jacking a cute guy off. Tonight, Alan had the added benefit of being kissed up by his older lover while he jacked the man off , hoping to have a nice sized cum load shoot across his horny young body as a reward.

While Alan was giving him a hand job through his boxers, Sunny fiddled with the button on Alan's cutoffs, wishing he'd taken the time to ease them off of the boy before laying him on his back. Seeming to pick up on what the man was thinking, though, Alan raised his mid section just far enough to allow Sonny to work his shorts off without breaking their kiss, or stopping his hand job. When his shorts were far enough down his legs, the little fairy used his feet to kick them all the way off, leaving him completely naked beneath his older lover.

A feeling of intense passion and unfiltered horniness washed over the boy when he kicked his shorts away, and he felt an urgent need to jack his lover off with even more force. Sonny, feeling the boy's grip around his cock tighten, groaned into Alan's mouth and stiffened his tongue, wanting his young partner to know how much he was enjoying the hand job. By now, Sonny's hard cock was sticking straight out of the fly of his boxers, and Alan's little hand was pulling it down in a corkscrew like motion while he used his other hand to run his fingers through Sonny's chest hair.

The boy had a dreamy smile on his face that was clear to see, even though he had a mouthful of stiff tongue. It never ceased to amaze the older man how sexual Alan was, even when he wasn't sucking a dick or taking it up the ass. How just the act of kissing another male or stroking a hard cock could trigger the most sensual feelings in the boy, and how much he craved any gay experience that he could have. Little Alan's chest was heaving up and down and his small, hairless cock was stiff as a board, just like it had been all day.

From the moment he first wrapped his lips around my cock in the living area of he and his mother's double wide trailer that morning, his hard little wiener gave away just how horny the boy was feeling. It stuck straight out while he sucked dick after dick behind the trailer, not stopping until the rain started. It was pressed tight to his pubic bone when he took a large group of boys on at Lee's trailer later on, and when he took on the father-son foursome after lunch. His hairless little prick stayed hard all evening long while he made his rounds after supper, looking for quick loads to swallow and thick cocks to slide up his ass. Even after experiencing intense, shivering dry orgasms throughout the day, little Alan's boy cock stayed hard.

Seeing the cute little fairy off in his own sexy little dreamland was enough to cause Sonny's balls to tighten and his cock to burn with pleasure. Feeling the cum rise up Sonny's shaft, the gay youngster moaned again and aimed the head of Sonny's dick at his chest, all the while keeping his kiss in tact. He pumped Sonny's cock four more times, then he felt it pulsate hard in his hand and several hard shots of man sperm hit him in the chest. Feeling the hot cum shots spurred the little boy on, and he kissed his older lover with even more passion while his young, lust filled body shivered hard with a boygasm that crept up from behind and took him by surprise.

Alan's head was spinning with pleasure as the large, meaty cock throbbed in his hand, shooting glob after glob of man cream across his heaving torso while his senses were swept away. Alan longed to take every last strand of cum that Sonny could give him, right across the chest, and he continued to stroke his older lover until he was satisfied that there was no more cum in his lover's balls. Even then, he milked the man's cock gently and they eased up on their kiss, keeping it in tact while they moaned into each others' mouths. Finally, their lips parted and Alan smiled up at his stud with a loving grin, then he puckered up and they shared a sweet kiss on the lips.

Sonny spent the next five minutes massaging his pool of cooling sperm into Alan's heaving belly, occasionally leaning down to kiss the boy whenever Alan would beckon him to do so. Finally, the pair got up and moved to the couch, where Sonny sat down and Alan laid on his side with his head in the man's lap, wrapping his tender lips around the man's soft prick and softly nursing it back to life. Sonny smiled down at the boy who looked so fulfilled to have a dick to suck on, then he used his hands to rub Alan's back.

Alan's stiff little pecker was in plain sight of the middle aged man, but he made no move to fondle it. He knew that Alan had no interest in that at all. In fact, for as long as Sonny had been fucking the boy, he'd never known the young bottom to touch his own little prick, let alone ask for it to be touched. For as far back as Sonny could remember, Alan had always come around for the sole purpose of having his needs met, but those needs never involved the boy's cock.

The day that Sonny first had the opportunity to meet Alan, it seemed that there had been some sort of a divine intervention for the man. A long time boy lover, the man took note of the cute boy as soon as Alan and his mom moved into the trailer park. He'd made small talk with Alan's mom, but the boy was always off on his skateboard, riding around the park, looking for lumber to build ramps with so that he could do stunts. He came across Alan's mom one day at the mail boxes near the front of the park, and he saw the cute little boy standing by her side. The adults made small talk, but Alan seemed shy, almost as if he were hiding behind his mother's skirt. As their conversation lingered, the eight year old was holding his tummy and shuffling his feet almost frantically, catching the eye of both his mother and the older man just as a tell tale odor filled their noses.

Honey, did you go to the bathroom?” she asked knowingly, and much to Sonny's surprise, the boy shook his head no. His mom raised an eyebrow and sighed, prompting the youngster to look away deceptively.

Seeing the young mother's predicament, Sonny politely ended the conversation and walked back to his trailer. As he made his way, he surreptitiously eyed the boy and his mom, watching her kneel in front of him so that they were at eye level. He saw the cute little boy nod his confession, then the young mother smiled sympathetically and stood up, taking his hand and leading him back to their trailer. What he didn't see was his mother's warning to her son that Sonny was a pervert, and to stay away from the man because he preyed on little boys. Not entirely sure what she meant, Alan heeded his mother's advice and kept a safe distance from the man.

The next time Sonny saw the boy, he was riding his skateboard through the park again, but he looked bored. A couple of weeks later, Alan's mom had a new boyfriend and he saw less and less of the little boy. From time to time, he would see the boy moping around the trailer park, then he would see the new boyfriend pull up and the little boy would hurry inside. He figured that the boy had a father figure in his life and enjoyed the time he got to spend with the man.

What he didn't know was that while Alan enjoyed the time he spent with the man, it wasn't because of any paternal feelings. If Sonny had been able to see inside the walls of the trailer, he would have seen eight year old Alan waiting for his mom's boyfriend to come see him in his bed. He would have known that Alan and his mom were sharing a man, though the young mother didn't know that right away.

She became suspicious one afternoon when she woke up from a nap to find her little boy snuggling with her new boyfriend in the afterglow of their sex act. Luckily, little Alan had donned his briefs ahead of her awakening, and David had put his boxers back on as well, but the smell of anal sex was strong. And Alan's mom was no dummy. She had a feeling that her boy was keen to have a male lover, and David was a very talented lover. Finally, David could no longer live with the guilt he had been feeling and confessed his deed to the young mother. Alan was unclear as to why David felt so guilty, because the sex was everything that he wanted and more.

Reluctantly, Alan's mother gave into his pleading and allowed David to continue his nightly visits to the boy's room until one day he didn't come back. Alan was confused and a little hurt, but his mama explained that sometimes, men leave and don't come back. Alan had a feeling that his mama had driven David away, but he would never know the truth because David was long gone. Within couple of days, the hurt that Alan felt was replaced by the desire to have a hard cock slide into his ass. He managed to take the edge off a little by fingering himself almost nonstop, but as good as it felt to slip a finger up his butt, it wasn't the same to the boy.

So, remembering what his mama told him about Sonny preying on little boys, the horny eight year old formulated his plan, got on his skateboard and rode down the lane. He smiled and waved at the slightly obese man when he spotted him in front of his trailer, letting his dog out to shit. He stopped at the edge of the man's yard and decided to strike up a conversation with the man.

Hi,” Alan drawled, and Sonny realized that he was instantly in love with the boy. If for no other reason, his Southern accent was incredibly cute and charming.

How are you, buddy?” Sonny asked, and Alan smiled up cheerily.

I'm doing good,” Alan chirped, then he added, “I'm just skating.”

I see that, buddy,” Sonny said. “What's your name?”

Alan,” the blonde boy revealed. “Are you Sonny?”

That's correct, kiddo,” Sonny said with a very friendly tone. “You certainly seem to be doing better than you were the last time I saw you.”

Alan blushed deeply at the mention of their first meeting, knowing that the man saw him in a very embarrassing situation. Sonny saw the boy's cheeks turn a deep red and decided to lighten the mood.

Hey, don't worry about that, kiddo,” he said jovially. “It happens to the best of us.”

It does?” Alan asked sheepishly, and the man nodded, prompting the little boy to smile with relief. “My mom says I'll grow out of it.”

I'm sure you will, Alan,” Sonny said with a warm smile, then he changed the topic. “Why aren't you off playing with the other kids?”

Alan shrugged and looked down, then he gazed up at the man and said, “Well, I don't think they like the stuff I do. They talk about girls and stuff and I don't like that.”

Well, you're still a youngster yet,” Sonny observed. “I'm sure that one day, you'll want a girlfriend to kiss.”

No way,” Alan practically spat, using his forefinger to pretend that he was making himself throw up. “Besides, I was already someone's boyfriend.”

Oh really?” Sonny asked with an amused expression. “When was this?”

Just last week, but he went away,” Alan said with a note of disappointment in his voice, and Sonny felt his cock jump.

He?' Sonny asked almost disbelievingly, positive he'd heard the boy misspeak. Instead of a correction, though, Alan nodded sadly.

I was boyfriends with someone. I really miss him.”

Why did you guys break up?” Sonny asked, feeling his balls start to boil with cum.

I don't know,” the little boy moped, then he sighed heavily and said, “I wish I could have another boyfriend.”

Sonny decided that it was time to make his move.

I think boyfriends are a nice thing to have,” the man said. “I've had quite a few.”

Really?” Alan asked with a hopeful inflection in his tone, and Sonny nodded. “I really want to have another boyfriend more than anything.”

I'd like to have another boyfriend, too, Alan,” Sonny said, then he gave a sad sigh of his own, hoping to lead the gay youngster into his arms. “Maybe one day we can both get what we're after.”

Were your boyfriends cute?” Alan asked, and Sonny nodded, thinking back on all of the boys he'd fucked over the years. The man had an appetite for any boy under 20, and would earnestly seek out encounters on various dating sites and internet forums. Occasionally, a boy like Alan would stumble into his midst, but those times were few and far between. This time, it seemed, lightning was about to strike again for the older man.

My boyfriend was really cute, too,” Alan said, then he smiled up at Sonny and lied. “I think you're really cute, too, Sonny.”

Alan might have lied, but Sonny was nothing but honest when, with a stiff cock that was straining in his sweats, he told the boy, “I think you might be the cutest boy I've ever known, Alan.”

Thank you,” Alan said, blushing again, this time because of a flattering comment. “I wish you were my boyfriend.”

I think I'd like that, buddy,” Sonny said, unable to believe his luck. His heart was racing, the adrenaline in his system flowing hard as he contemplated the moment that he was experiencing. “Maybe we can have a date sometime. We can do it right in there.”

Can we have a date today?” Alan asked, and Sonny began nodding before the little boy could even finish the sentence. Alan smiled and said, “I have to go home and check in with my mama. Can I come over when I'm done?”

Sure thing, lover,” Sonny said, and just to seal the deal, Alan wrapped his tiny arms around the man's midsection and gave him a long, affectionate hug. Sonny gushed and knelt down, allowing the boy to hug him around the neck. Then, just as they broke their hug, Alan leaned in and stole a quick peck on the lips from the older man, then he got on his skateboard and rode home. As soon as he went inside, he begged his mom to give him an enema and help him prepare for an afternoon of gay sex with Sonny. Alan's mom, while still coming to terms with her son's sexual appetite, once again reluctantly complied. She helped her little boy clear the decks, then she helped him into clean underwear and a clean pair of cutoffs that she knew would make her son an attractive lay for the lecherous man.

When Alan left, his mom watched her little boy walk excitedly down the lane, leaving his bike and his skateboard behind. He chose to go barefoot, which was nothing new for the eight year old. He spent every summer since he could walk running around without shoes on his feet. It was one of his many boyish qualities. But she knew that just like her, he craved cock. He wanted to sleep with men and would seek out sex with men from now on. Part of her was sad that her baby boy was no longer innocent, but part of her was proud that he was so much like her.

When little Alan approached Sonny's yard, he walked across the grass carefully, not wanting to step in dog shit. As he climbed the stairs, he saw Sonny watching him through the screen door, then it opened and he found himself face to face with the older man.

Hey there, pal,” the larger gentleman said with a jovial smile, somewhat surprised that the small boy had actually arrived for their date.

I... I'm here for our date,” Alan drawled in a small, shy voice, feeling his cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

Sonny surveyed the blonde boy standing on his porch for a moment, taking note of his cute, almost feminine features. The eight year old was looking down with a bashful smile, his hands in his pockets and his dust covered feet shuffling to and fro. His blue cutoffs were tight fitting, accentuating his plump bottom and stopping just at the waist, showing the blue dashed waistband of his white cotton briefs. His ratty, plain white tee shirt added to the package while his creamy, smooth legs glistened in contrast to his dirty bare feet.

The man's shadow cast over Alan as the creak of the screen door carried into his young ears, prompting him to look up and squint as a bright glare of sun blinded him. Getting a better look at the youngster, Sonny felt his cock stir. The boy's lips were thin, yet they protruded just enough to look so kissable. He had deep dimples on his cheeks and his blonde bangs fell effortlessly against the flawless, smooth skin across his brow. With his head tilted up, the front of the boy's tee shirt pulled tight, revealing his abdomen and his shallow belly button. The little boy used his right forearm to shield his eyes from the sunlight, allowing him to catch a glimpse of Sonny's grinning mug, and he knew that the lecherous man was glad to see him.

Well Alan, it would be rude of me not to invite you in and offer you a root beer,” the man said, holding the screen door open and stepping to the side so that the boy could step into his trailer. Alan smiled and accepted the invitation, wiping his feet on the door mat before he went inside. As the boy passed through the doorway, Sonny set his eyes on Alan's plump bottom and licked his lips, longing for a chance to have his way with the youngster. As soon as Alan was inside, Sonny closed the front door and secured the dead bolt, then he invited Alan to have a seat.

Would you like your root beer in a can or in a cup, buddy?” Sonny asked in a friendly tone, prompting the horny little boy to smile.

A cup, please,” Alan replied, then he watched as his host made a beeline for the kitchen area of his double wide. While Sonny was fetching his soda, Alan looked around the man's living room, taking note of the many books on his bookshelf. The titles were interesting to the youngster, all related to philosophy and not the seedy collection of books he'd expected to find. He let his eyes drift over to the man's PC, which was adjacent to the couch he was sitting on, and immediately smiled. The screen-saver was on, and Alan caught sight of multiple nude men and boys in provocative poses. He could hear the sounds of the man opening his refrigerator and decided to get up and take a closer look, the thrill of such a simple act too much for him to resist.

While he was watching the images flash before him, Alan couldn't resist the urge to slip his finger into the back of his shorts. He reasoned that it would be quick, and that he'd have them out of his bottom before Sonny returned, but it was not to be. As soon as he slipped his middle finger up his butt, he let go of a moan and began rubbing his special itch. It only felt like a second, but time managed to get away from the horny little boy, and before he knew it, Sonny was setting his cup of root beer down on the desk in front of him.

Startled, Alan looked up at his older host in panic, but had yet to pull his finger out of his horny hole. He wasn't sure what to expect at first, but the warm, welcoming smile on Sonny's face put him at ease and he kept his finger in place.

Does that feel good, Alan?” Sonny asked, and the boy nodded his confession. “Then keep doing it. You don't have to be ashamed of anything while you're with me, okay?”

Okay,” Alan drawled, then he followed Sonny's gaze as it drifted to the screen-saver on his computer.

Do you like what you see?” Sonny asked, and once again, Alan nodded almost unconsciously, prompting the man to reach down and run his meaty fingers through the boy's blonde strands. “That's really nice, Alan. Would you like to take a picture like that?”

Yes,” Alan admitted, then he dug in hard with his finger while Sonny pulled the desk chair out and took a seat. With the horny youngster standing in front of him, still fingering his own ass, Sonny reached out and ran his hands up Alan's shirt, using his left hand to rub the boy's back while he used his right hand to explore his supple tummy. In reply, the eight year old let go of a soft mew and batted his eyes, then he sighed dreamily and let his own gaze travel to Sonny's crotch, where an obvious hard on raged below the man's sweat pants.

Do you like what you see there?” Sonny asked. Alan nodded silently and licked his lips while Sonny smiled knowingly and used his right hand to tug on the boy's forearm. Alan expelled his finger and allowed Sonny to guide his hand out of his pants, then he instinctively held his finger under his nose and took a long, intoxicating whiff while looking into his older companion's eyes for approval. When Sonny nodded, Alan slipped his finger into his mouth and sucked lustily while the man returned his own hands to the boy's torso and back.

Would you like me to undress you?” Sonny asked the boy, who eagerly nodded his answer. Sonny quickly unbuttoned the horny boy's cutoffs and eased them off of his hips, leaving him standing there in only a pair of white briefs and his tee shirt. Without delay, Sonny turned the eight year old so that he was facing the monitor, giving the lecherous man a very nice view of the youngster's supple, cotton clad bottom. Unable to resist the temptation, the pervert leaned forward and planted his nose in the boy's ass, taking a deep whiff of his boy pussy through his briefs. With his whiskered mug buried in the boy's ass, Sonny felt Alan's stance change and took note of the fact that the boy had spread his legs just far enough to cause his cheeks to part and was now leaning forward, resting his palms on the surface of the desk.

When he pulled his face out, he used his fingers to hook the waistband and pull them down, revealing Alan's creamy ass cheeks. Without having to be told what the boy wanted, Sonny spread the plump set of buns and gazed momentarily at Alan's puckered entrance, which was only slightly reddened from the invasion of the boy's own finger. He once again inhaled the lovely pheromones that were pouring off of the winking brown eye, and that was all he could stand. He instantly dug in with his tongue, eating the tasty hole with deep, almost animalistic moans while the eight year old closed his eyes and whined with pleasure.

As he dined at Alan's back door, Sonny dug his fingers into the boy's hips, pulling him back into his face, almost urging him to grind his bottom against it. Alan responded by howling out loud, his tiny legs quivering almost uncontrollably as his bottom was serviced by Sonny's talented tongue. Over the last few weeks, he'd been treated to a similar experience at the hands of David, his mother's now former beau, but the pleasure was nowhere as intense as it was with Sonny. David's tonguing of his sensitive entrance was pleasurable and always performed with tenderness, while Sonny seemed to be fighting to shove his tongue all the way up the boy's chute. At the same time, Sonny whiskers were scrubbing the insides of his cheeks while his teeth brushed Alan's anal ring, something he'd never experienced with David.

While Alan's boy cunt was being pleasured by the middle aged pervert behind him, his hand brushed against the mouse, causing the screen-saver to go away and the images of a very hot butt fucking to pop up on the monitor in front of him. A young twink, probably no older than 18 or 19, was taking it hard in the ass by a cute guy in his late 20's or early 30's. It was obvious to Alan that they were both enjoying their carnal act as much as he was enjoying his own, and he knew that he longed for Sonny to give it to him the same way.

Upon hearing the PC wake up, Sonny pulled his face out of Alan's horny bottom and peered over his shoulder at the monitor, then he rested his chin on the boy's shoulder and asked him, “Is that what you came here for?”

Yes,” Alan whimpered, then he felt Sonny start a trail of kisses all the way down his spine until he was back where he started, eating the horny eight year old out with reckless abandon. Minutes later, Alan was on his hands and knees on Sonny's couch, looking over his shoulder with a naughty grin as the man poured lube into his right hand and applied it to his shaft, which was as hard as steel and oozing with precum. Alan felt a stir in his bottom and knew that the moment he'd been so anxious for was upon him. He felt Sonny's hands rest on his hips and the head of his shaft line up to his hole, and he felt a shiver run through his little body.

Alan let go of a long, boyish moan when he felt the glans of Sonny's cock melting into the moist membranes of his hot, horny hole, then he felt it push past his anal ring and he had to bite his lower lip. From Sonny's view, Alan's hole looked impossibly small compared to his one eyed monster, but the boy looked so eager to accept it that he pushed in. Alan's sphincter started to bloom, and much to the man's surprise, his cock slowly eased its way into the boy's tight ass with no trouble. He took his time burying his shaft, still unsure just how deep he should go, but it felt to him like Alan's ass was pulling him all the way in.

As inch by glorious inch of man cock slid deep into his rectum, Alan felt his entire body come alive with passion and a long, deep shudder ran through him. The eight year old felt complete, somehow knowing that he was doing the very thing that he was meant to do. He smiled over his shoulder at Sonny and batted his eyes again, prompting the man to feel a shiver run through his groin that spread out across his thighs. He closed his eyes to compose himself, then he took a few deep breaths before leaning forward and planting a kiss on the nape of Alan's goose-bump covered neck.

Does that feel good, lover?” Sonny asked breathlessly, and Alan nodded almost frantically.

I love it,” the little boy said hoarsely. “I want you to start making love to me.”

With that, the lecherous man felt another stir in his groin, prompting him to begin a very slow, sensual in and out thrusting. Alan shut his eyes tight and moaned, timing his lustful call with each and every thrust that Sonny took. Less than 45 seconds into their love making, the little boy felt a powerful burn in his tummy and in his butt that he always got when he was with David, then his skinny legs began to shake almost uncontrollably beneath him and a boygasm overwhelmed him. Sonny began to feel the familiar pangs of his own orgasm start to swell, but he managed to tamp them down for another three minutes, giving both he and Alan three more minutes of sheer ecstasy.

Finally, the spasms inside of eight year old Alan's ass were too much to bear, and the man felt the cum explode from his swollen shaft, flooding his young lover's ass with so much cum that it poured out from around his cock while he unloaded. When he pulled out, he collapsed on the couch beside Alan, who dutifully took his lover's cock in his mouth and sucked it clean with lust filled moans. Finally, the little boy crawled into Sonny's arms and collapsed, letting the man hold him and kiss him deeply while he basked in the afterglow of a very satisfying afternoon lay.

Thinking back on his first time with Alan, Sonny's cock quickly regained its full stiffness. Feeling a bit nostalgic, Sonny let his finger slide between Alan's cheeks and found his horny entrance. He let his fingertips rub the experienced boy pussy, then he patted the boy on the right butt cheek and urged him to get up. Alan eagerly got into position, knowing that he was about to have his yearning butt hole serviced again. With a naughty grin, Alan watched over his shoulder as Sonny parted his cheeks and dined at his back door, eating him deeply.

A few minutes later, Sonny pulled his tongue out of the moaning little boy's ass and gave Alan the hard butt fucking that he was so hot for. As always, Alan's talented rear end managed to make the most of the occasion, tightly wrapping its hot lining around the contours of Sonny's hard prick so that every vein along the man's shaft could be enjoyed by the little fairy. At the same time, the head of Sonny's man cock was grabbed over and over, causing Alan to moan loudly during the hot ass fucking until the man finally shot his load, squirting it hard into Alan's love tunnel.

When he pulled out, Alan found himself with his head back in Sonny's lap, sucking his cock with soft, lust filled moans while the man smiled admiringly down at the little cock hound. Somehow, Alan managed to suck another mouthful of cum from his older lover, then he got dressed and shared one last kiss with Sonny, promising to return the next day.

Still horny, gay little Alan sauntered through the quiet trailer park, making his way toward his trailer while his bottom switched shamelessly from side to side. When he got in, I heard him call out for me from the hallway. I smiled and got out of his mother's bed, eager to bed the boy and fall asleep with him in my arms. We shared a long kiss in the hallway, then he took me to his bed, where we made love for 30 minutes until I filled his horny hole with my man spunk. When I pulled out, he sucked me clean, then he collapsed in my arms and fell asleep, finally exhausted after a long day of cock service.

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