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The Day My Life Began

Chapter 4 - A Lesson and A Revelation

I rose to an empty bed and my usual, over full bladder. After I'd relieved myself, I put on sweatpants and went down to greet my octopus and the day.

He jumped into my arms and said "Morning, dad. Here's your coffee. Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure son," I said putting him down. "Let me sit down first. Now, OK shoot, what's on your mind?"

Jimmy looked at me and said "Dad, tell me all about sex."

"What? Sex? Oh good grief."

Jimmy, looking at me very befuddled, asks "Tell me all about sex. Didn't you hear me?"

"Ah, well, ah" I stammered "Sex? What brought this on?"

Jimmy started his story saying, "Something happened this morning just after I woke up. My dick was hard. I thought it was because I had to pee. When I got to the toilet, it was so hard I couldn't go. I tried sitting on the toilet and even that didn't work. Sometimes, if I touch it, it will go down. But when I touched it this time, something strange happened. I got this weird feeling inside, I started breathing funny and then something came out and it wasn't pee. It was thin like pee but it was white, not yellow. So what happened?

I wasn't that befuddled when Michele asked me to marry her. I thought for a minute on how to answer that question and decided to answer only the questions he asked. "Well son, that white stuff was more than likely semen. I don't think you're quite old enough to make sperm yet."

Jimmy asked "What made the semen come out, dad."

"The way you touched it." I said

"Huh? Jimmy asked. "The way I touched it? I don't understand what you mean."

"Well," I hesitated. "How did you touch it and don't just say with your hand."

"Oh, ah, um," Jimmy thought. "How about I show you?"

"OK," I answered

So Jimmy stood up and pulled his underwear down. His manhood was already hard and he began to masturbate saying "See dad, this is how."

As I was watching him do this, I was getting hard and wondering why. I was so mesmerized at the sight. An eleven-year-old beating off was turning me on. "What's happening now?" I asked him.

"Well," Jimmy said. "It's starting to feel weird again."

I reached down and picked him up and headed for the bedroom stopping to get a towel first. I laid him in the bed and told him he could keep going. After a few minutes, He started breathing hard.

He started to moan and say, "Ugh, ahh, dad. It's feeling weird again. I think something's gonna happen. Ugh, ugh, ah dad. Here it comes, it's coming, coming now. Ugh ugh." And cum he did.

As he was reveling in his after-glow, he looked at me and just smiled. I wiped his juice up and cleaned his dick off. While this was happening, my bone was harder that it had ever felt. I noticed that Jimmy had closed his eyes, so I decided to go into the bathroom. It only took tow or three pulls and I was following Jimmy's lead. I let lose with a load I can't ever recall releasing and it was a very powerful orgasm. What made this happen, I thought. This kid just turned me on, big time.

Just as I retook my place, Jimmy opened his eyes. "Does that answer your question?" I asked.

"Yeah," Jimmy said with a smile, "Yeah, it does? Can I do this whenever I want?"

"Well," I answered. "It's your body, so I guess you can. There is just one thing you should understand; if you do that too much, your dick will get sore. So don't go crazy, now. OK?"

Jimmy smiled and nodded his head. Getting out of bed, Jimmy said "I need a shower, dad."

"So go and take one. You need to ask permission to take a shower? " I said heading down stairs back to the kitchen. I poured another cup of coffee and drank it while Jimmy was in the shower. This kid is doing thing to me only one other person had before today and she became my wife, I thought to myself. Am I gay or bisexual? NO, but me attracted to a child, why? I don't understand this at all. I'll have to keep a safe distance from Jimmy until I can figure this out. I had finished the coffee and washed the dishes before Jimmy was washed and dressed. We knocked around the house just watching TV.

Jimmy went to his house and brought over his Sony, PS2. We hooked it up to my big screen and we played until Marge came over. She walked in and laughed. I looked at my watch and it read 4:45 PM. The last thing I remember, it was only 11:30 AM. We had played for almost 6 hours straight. No breaks toilet, food or anything.

We were two starving guys now and we wanted food. We changed and took Marge out to a wonderful Italian place and had a feast. We talked about what to do with Jimmy when I go back to work.

School gets out in two days and he is home for the summer. Michele was going to have her schedule changed when the kids were out of school but now we need to figure out a different plan. I still have at least 8 weeks off but I don't think I will need that much time off. I can switch to the 4 PM to midnight shift. Jimmy comes here when you leave for work. He can watch TV in the den until I get up. I'll care for him until I leave for work and drop him off to you at the bank.

Marge thought about that for a few minutes and decided that was the best thing for the time being. When school starts, I can go back to days if I want. We were about to head out to the Ram when she gave me a "You do love him, don't you" kind of smile.

"You think you know me that well? I asked her.

"Don't need to," Marge answered. "I just know how you feel about him. That's why I asked you what I did, remember?"

"Yeah, I do." I responded "Here is my lawyers card. Tell Neil I told you to call and he will set up an appointment. All you have to do is tell him what you want done and Neil will take care of the rest. He did the work for us. The one thing you should think about is to sell your house and put the money into the estate. My house is big enough for him and I and Jimmy is my new beneficiary of my estate. This means he will be alright when I die."

"Are you sure about what you are doing?" Marge asked.

"Quite." I said. "Do you want Jimmy to go to school tomorrow? I wonder if he is ready?"

Marge answered, "Since there are only two more days left, I'll just call the school and let them know he won't be back."

It was getting late and Marge had to go to work tomorrow, so she decided to go home and get some sleep.

We were talking in the living room and Jimmy was playing his video game in the den. It was getting late so I sent Jimmy on to bed. It dawned on me that when he was over here with Sean, I would tuck them into bed and I had not done that for Jimmy. I went up stairs and settled him in on my bed then kissed him good night. I went down and watched the news then I went to sleep.

The day started out like the last few had. I was in the kitchen having coffee when jimmy came down and had cereal and milk. We knocked around for a while and played video games to pass the time. Jimmy got tired of playing so we took a break for lunch. Now one thing about Jimmy, food is his middle name and he was picking at his lunch. Several times I almost asked what was wrong but I waited. Finally, I had to find out what was bothering him. I sat down beside him and raised his head with my finger and asked "What's wrong, pal?"

That was all it took. Everything that had been bottled up inside him came out. How he missed Sean. How he missed Michele and Denise. How he wished he was in the car with them. He felt totally lost without Sean. I put him on my lap and let him cry it out. I wasn't going to stop him. He had to get this out of his system. Jimmy would cry for a while, rest then start up again. This went on for about 30 minutes then he felt better.

Life over the next few weeks returned back to a new sense of normal. I had got over the initial loss of my family and was ready to go back to work and Jimmy had finished his grieving. The 4 to midnight shift was working well for Marge and I watching Jimmy but the EMS office was having a problem with the arrangement. I had to go back on the 6 AM to 6 PM shift. I had mentioned this new development to Dave and he came up with an idea. Jimmy could stay with Dave's wife Mary and their two kids, Sally and Dave Jr. Marge didn't have a problem with that and Jimmy was OK with it as well.

Jimmy and Davey hit it off. Jimmy new Davey from school and were in a class together. Davey was 12 but in the same grade as Jimmy and Sean because of when he was born. He was born just after the cut off date to start school and could have been in the 6th grade if he was born two weeks earlier. They started becoming inseparable. On the weekends Jimmy would ask if Davey could stay at my house when he did and that was fine with me. I began to take notice that the boy's friendship and bond had grown stronger. I had my bathroom back and even my bed. The boys used Sean's old room and Jimmy felt at home again as if Sean was still in there with him.

One Saturday morning, I awoke and did my usual morning ministrations then went to get my coffee. The house seemed quiet, too quiet considering there were two boys there. "Quiet" was not in their vocabulary. It was a little after 9 and I thought they might be sleeping. I went to the bedroom to check in on them when I heard the shower running. I looked in the bedroom and it was empty. I went into the bathroom and there they were, taking a shower together. Jimmy smiled and Davey looked like he wanted to melt and go down the drain. I looked at Davey and told him that he wasn't in trouble. He seemed to relax and begin breathing after he heard what I said.

As I was heading down stairs, I heard Jimmy giggle and tell Davey that he knew that everything would be OK. After I heard that, I decided that I had to have a talk with the boys. Jimmy is gay, I know this and don't have a problem with this knowledge. Davey was a different story. I believe he is straight and is starting to enter puberty. He has a light dusting of hair just above his manhood compared with Jimmy who is still bald. Davey may be curious about sex and willing to experiment and test the waters but I don't know what might happen if Jimmy tells Davey his secret. I wonder how comfortable I will be with the knowledge that these two are experimenting in the bedroom. This is something I need to discuss with boys and I need to do it so I don't screw this up. I poured another cup of coffee and sipped the hot liquid and went over in my mind how I would talk to the boys.

Jimmy would be easy to talk to. I'd had the first part of sex ed. 101 behind us and that went smoother than I anticipated. Jimmy has no fear in just blurting out something. I hoped this would not scare Davey, but would it have a calming effect on him. If Davey see's Jimmy talking open, hopefully he would also. As the boys came into the kitchen, I asked them if they had eaten and Jimmy said he fixed cereal then washed the dishes before getting their shower. I watched the boy's faces as they were talking to me. Jimmy was up beat while Davey seemed to be uncomfortable around me. Well, I thought to myself, it's now of never. I didn't want Davey walking on eggshells. I had the boys sit down and began.

"Davey, Jimmy and Sean used to do what you were doing this morning. I don't mind you to showering together. Were you embarrassed that I saw you naked or was it the fact I saw you two in the shower together?" I asked.

Davey mumbled, "A little of both."

I asked him, "Why? I was a dad. I bathed Sean when he was younger. You, Jimmy and Sean all have the same things between your legs. You have hair, and that is because you are getting older. Sean had just started getting his hair before he died. What is really bothering you?"

"I don't want my dad freaking out that I showered with Jimmy. I really like him and when we get into middle school next year, we will be doing that in school. I'm afraid he will blow his cork when he finds out I did it here and I wanted to."

"Davey," I said "There is nothing wrong with what you did. I will not say anything to your parents about what happened here today. If they are going to find out about this, it will come form you, OK?"

"OK," Dave said. "There is something I need to say to you and after I do, I'm afraid you won't want me around any more. A tear started to form in his eye as he was speaking. Mr. Mark, Jimmy...I, I, I think I'm gay. You can take me home now. I know you don't want me around..."

Jimmy reached over and held him like I had seen him hold Sean before. He kissed him on the cheek and whispered something into his ear. Davey looked at him and whispered something back. They did this for a couple of minutes and then I saw a little smile appear on Davey's face.

Judging from the look on Davey's face, Jimmy told him. I was wondering if his parents were aware of this new revelation. Davey stood up and hugged me and sat on my lap for a few minutes. He looked into my eyes and he could tell that I knew about Jimmy and did not have a problem with his sexuality. He also saw acceptance in my eyes. I whispered "It's alright, I know about Jimmy and I don't have a problem about you." I sat Davey up and asked him "What do your parents know?"

Davey said, "I think my mom might know but dad and sis don't know."

"Well," I said, "When you are ready, we can talk to your parents. Now as for the two of you, there is something I need to know."

Jimmy started smiling and I said, "You can't grin this talk away, young man. I have some questions and I need and want straight answers. OK, boys."

Davey nodded his head and Jimmy swallowed hard and followed suit. "Jimmy, what have you two done together? Sex wise."

"Nothing much," Davey answered. "Just touching and rubbing."

"That all?" I asked.

"Yes, sir." Davey replied with Jimmy shaking his head in agreement. "Mr. Mark, I asked Jimmy if we could try some other things but he wanted to wait to talk to you about it. But when I heard him say that, I told him to just forget about it and we could just touch each other. I was afraid that you would get really mad at us for fooling around even though I know every boy does it sometime."

"Son, I am proud of you for remembering our talk." I said to Jimmy. "Davey, Jimmy and I have talked a little about sex. He knows what he can do and what he can't. Masturbation and touching is OK but anything else you should wait. Davey, did you want to try oral sex?"

"Yes sir," Davey said softly looking away from me.

"You don't need to look down." I said to Davey lifting his head up. "It was a natural question. Have you ever done it?"

"No," Davey said. "A friend did it to me once, and that's how I know about it. I never did it to somebody but if Jimmy was willing, I was willing too. I would have even swallow his juice if he did it. I wouldn't let Jimmy do that to me because I can put out a lot."

"Hey," Jimmy spoke up. "No fair. Whatever you do to me, I'll do to you."

"Except one thing," I interrupted them "No sex in your butts."

The came over and kissed me on each cheek at the same time saying "Yes, sir."

Davey came over to me and whispered in my ear that he wanted to speak to me alone for a minute. We went up stairs and I closed the door. I asked Davey what was on his mind and he dropped his pants. He asked if I thought he was too small for his age. He was about 4" hard and I just said "Davey, it is not how long that matters, it what you can do with it that counts." He smiled at me as he pulled his pants back up. I went into the bathroom and adjusted myself. Not again, I thought to myself. First Jimmy and now Davey. What's happening here?

I looked at my watch. 12.30pm. No wonder I was hungry. The boys wanted to go to BK for lunch then go bowling. I looked at them and asked when had they bowled before. Seems Dave bowls and he got Davey into the sport and Jimmy has been learning from Davey. Me, I love the sport. I went upstairs and grabbed my gear and we were out the door. We were eating lunch when Davey asked me to call his dad and see if he wanted to meet us at the lanes. That was a great idea, I thought and gave him a call.

Dave met us at the lanes and we bowled for four hours straight. Dave was a pretty good bowler for only going once a week. I used to bowl three times a week before my wife died and I was carrying a 190 average. Davey was a pretty fair bowler and I saw room for improvement and Jimmy was holding his own. I thought Jimmy might like to join Davey's youth league in the winter and his smile went from ear to ear when I asked him. Dave and I were sitting at the table having a beer watching the boy bowl when Dave said something that took me totally by surprise.

"They look good together, don't they. Mark?" Dave asked.

"What do you mean, man?" I asked back.

"Well, I mean." Dave started saying "You know, like Sean and Jimmy. Brothers."

"Well, now that you mention it," I answered. "Yeah, they do. I'm glad they hit if off so well. Jimmy took Sean's death hard. I know Davey must have as well. They seem to be good for each other. Sean and Jimmy were real close. Sean even told me that he loved Jimmy like a brother and he was very lucky to have him as a friend. I see the way Davey seems to take Jimmy under his wing just like Sean had. Jimmy wanted to know if Davey could stay over tonight. He said we could go to mass tonight so they could sleep in. He knows mass is important to you and Sally so he wanted to make sure Davey went."

"If Jimmy is willing to do that for Davey," Dave said. "Sure, the boys can be together tonight. Tell Marge that Jimmy can stay over Sunday and just pick him up at my house on her way home Monday."

I said I would take care of those details. The boys finished their game and the adults paid the bill while the boys played a video game. Jimmy hugged Dave as he went to his car, as a way of saying thank you for letting Davey spend the night again. We went home and got ready for Saturday evening mass. After dinner, we went to a Japanese restaurant. The boys were thrilled at how the chef could flip his tools and never cut himself or anybody else for that matter.

We got home around 8 and the boys said there was a movie on HBO they wanted to see. I turned on the big screen and then went to get comfortable. I fixed myself a soda and came into the den and almost dropped my glass. Laying in the double recliner were Davey and Jimmy in nothing but their underwear. I looked at them and said "You guys said you were going to get comfortable, not nude."

"Ah dad, we are comfortable," Jimmy wined. "Besides, we got our underwear on."

"If you two want to watch TV in your underwear, keep your bathrobes beside the chair in case someone rings the door bell. I don't want people thinking this is a nudist colony."

They got up and brought their robes down and set them by the chair and watched the movie. I noticed during the show, Davey had brought Jimmy over to him and had him cuddle up on his lap. This reminded me how Sean used to treat Jimmy. Davey saw me looking at them and he just smiled. I smiled back at him.

When the movie ended, I saw Jimmy look up at Davey and smile. Jimmy motioned for him to get closer. Davey leaned his head down got a quick kiss on the cheek. He blushed bright red and Jimmy turned his head towards me and just smiled. I had never seen how Sean and Jimmy grew close but I had seen the love between them many times. If I didn't know better, it would appear that these two are falling for each other. I had to test my theory. I scooted down to the chair both boys were in and whispered to Jimmy, "You love him, don't you?" His eyes said it all. I asked Davey the same question and saw the same answer.

The boys got up and headed upstairs to bed. They wanted me to tuck them in so after they used the bathroom, I went to their room. They were snuggled in the same bed. They looked cute together. I worried if they could keep their love under wraps so they would not become out casts to their friends. Davey was a big kid for his age and would fight someone at the drop of a hat, especially if he was defending someone he cared about. He beat up a kid at school once for tripping his sister and I had to respond to the school to treat the child. He had a bloody nose but if a teacher had not broken it up, it could have been worse. That evening I had to go over to Dave and Mary's house and talk to them about the incident. I had kept the police out of it this time. After I talked to him with his parents present, he promised me that he would never hurt someone that bad again. He had a couple of tiffs, but he kept his word and never hurt a child. Jimmy wasn't afraid to fight either but he would rather find another way to solve a problem. I figured I could talk to them about it in the morning. I sat on the side of the bed and looked at my now two boys. If these two were going to be together, Davey was now as much a part of my life as Jimmy was. Jimmy was looking at me and then at Davey then he mouthed the words "I love him, dad." and I just smiled at him. I leaned down and kissed Jimmy good night.

I went over to Davey and kissed him good night also and he whispered in my ear "Mr. Mark, dad, thanks. I love you and Jimmy both very much. I hope your not mad that I called you dad. I call my Dad either pop or daddy. OK"

I turned the lights off and said, "I love you, boys. Sleep well and I'll see you in the morning." I got a reply in stereo "Love you dad and good night" from the boys. I closed the door and went down stairs to watch the 11:00 news. I was wondering if I was really ready for another child, even though he has parents and a home. I couldn't say no to Jimmy after he lost Sean. He would think I never really loved him like a son. If I keep my eyes open and keep things from moving too fast, then things should be OK, right? I could only hope.

Back upstairs in the boy's room Jimmy and Davey were talking quietly to each other. Their room was at the far end of the hall and my room was at the other end so if they talked quietly, they would not disturb me sleeping. The boys had been just lying in each other's arms enjoying their company.

"Davey, do you mean it?" Jimmy asked.

"Mean what?" Davey asked back.

"Love me?" Jimmy asked? "Do you really love me?"

"Yeah," Davey whispered "I do love you. Why you asking?"

"Just." Jimmy said.

"Just why?" Davey asked.

"Just because I wanted to hear you say it again." Jimmy said smiling.

"Any time." Davey said and he kissed Jimmy. Not just a little kiss but a full kiss right square on the lips, tongue looking for tonsils, kind of kiss. After a few seconds, Davey heard.

"Wow!" Jimmy said "That was great, love. Do you know what else you did?"

"No," Davey said. "What did I do?"

Jimmy led Davey's hand over to his crotch and set his hand on his dick. Davey said, "I did that?"

Jimmy was giggling saying "Yep, you sure did. Now what are you going to do about it?"

"Well," Davey said, "I guess I'll have to take care of it, now won't I." Davey slid Jimmy's underwear down his body and helped him take them off. He gently wrapped his hand around Jimmy's hard manhood and gently started to stroke it up and down.

Jimmy was in heaven. This was better that his own hand. He reached over to Davey's dick but Davey moved his hand away saying "not yet, let me do you first." Jimmy was softly moaning at his friend's ministrations.

"Oh, god Davey," Jimmy moaned "It feels sssooo good. Man, don't stop. Ungh, please don't stop. I'm gonna cum, Davey! I gonna cum. It's here, unnngghh." one, two, three shots of watery liquid. Davey had Jimmy's underwear in his hand and cleaned up his still glowing friend.

"That was fantastic!" Jimmy said. "I love you, David Anderson, Jr." Jimmy returned from his after glow and told Davey "Your turn." Jimmy took his friend's dick and gently teased his friend. Lightly touching the tip and sides with his hand. He gradually increased pressure and tempo until Davey was squirming.

"Oh, man " Davey said, "Please, don't stop. You're better than I ever was. Pleeaassee keep going. I'm cumming, ungh, now!" One, two, three, four shots of pure boy juice. Davey was cleaned just like he did to Jimmy.

Returning from his after glow, Davey said "And I love you, James Lassiter."

They each kissed each other good night and slept soundly until morning.

How does Mark handle the boys relationship. Can he keep things from going too fast?


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