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The Day My Life Began

Chapter 5 - A New Beginning Times Two?

One, two, three, four shots of pure boy juice. Davey was cleaned just like he did to Jimmy.

Returning from his after glow, Davey said "and I love you, James Lassiter."

They each kissed each other good night and slept soundly until morning.

I slept very soundly considering my octopus was not sharing my bed. I looked at the clock and it read 8:30. I was thinking about rolling over and going back to sleep until my bladder had other ideas. I went into the bathroom and made my bladder gladder, and come to think about it I didn't feel to bad either. I went downstairs and poured myself a cup of coffee. I finally got smart and set my coffee pot up so it would go off at 7:30 I wouldn't have to wait for my wake-up juice. After my second cup of coffee, I decided to check in on the boys since they are usually awake by now. As I opened the bedroom door, I heard the boys whispering and they were lying outside the covers naked as the day they were born in each other's arms. They were caressing each other then Davey looked at me and fell out of bed. I decided to go, just as Davey stood up laughing and embarrassed at the same time. He decided that he didn't care whether or not I was there and sat on the bed beside Jimmy. Jimmy was rubbing his stiffy until he realized I was there.

"Ah, hi dad" Jimmy started to say. "Davey didn't mind me doing this and I don't care if he does this to me."

"Just don't let things get out of control." I said looking at both boys. When you're ready, come down stairs and talk to me." I went over and kissed both boys and went to finish my coffee. A few minutes later, the boys came into the kitchen. Both boys had on nothing but their white briefs.

"Dad" Davey asked, "Are you mad at us?"

"No, son I'm not." I answered. "I was wondering why you were doing that in front of me, that's all. That is something that should be kept private."

"I didn't think you would mind" Davey replied "But we will keep it behind closed doors in the future."

The boys kept their word and kept those things in private. Summer was coming to a close and the boys started complaining about the upcoming start of school. Davey informed me of something that almost made my jaw bounce off the floor. He told his parents and sister that he was gay and about the new love in his life. They took that as well as my family did when Jimmy came out to us. They all were worried about how "society" would accept them so it was decided that this part of their lives remain a secret. They would inform only those people who could deal with that news constructively and not tell anybody else about them being gay.

They boys love grew and blossomed and they even told me the first time they had oral sex. I think they did this so I would not think they were hiding anything from me. The boys also decided to wait on anal sex since neither of them was ready for the next step in their relationship.

In three days, school would be starting. I can't for the life of me think of why a school system would start the school year the Friday before Labor Day. But, ours did. Go to school for one day then have a three day weekend. Since Jimmy lived across the street form me, Marge said he could spend his last night of freedom with me. Davey had to use all his powers of negotiation to stay with us and Dave finally relented after 45 minutes of his son's begging. We spent the evening watching TV until 9pm then it was time for bed. Davey, a junior F. Lee Bailey, tried his powers of negotiation but was over ruled by the house judge. Me.

They fell asleep fairly quickly. If these two persist in sleeping in the same bed, I'm going to need to take out the two single beds and put in a queen size bed. The last thing I told the boys was no monkey business. Again Davey tried to whine but I said, "You should have gone to bed sooner so you would have had time. Davey had to have the last word but this time I beat him to the punch saying "Too late monkey butt, you lose. Now move it!" He finally got the massage.

I got permission to be late for work that Friday so I could get the boys up and fed for school. Everything went smooth and we all were out the door at ten minutes to seven. The boys were capable of walking to the corner of the road where the bus picked them up while I went on to work.

I had been on the street for a couple of hours when I heard a message on the radio.

"Dispatch to EMS 5 and EMS 3"

I replied "EMS 5, go ahead dispatch."

The voice asked, "What is your 10-20." (What is your location?)

I answered "Lynn Haven and the Boulevard."

"10-4 EMS 5, EMS 3 disregard, EMS 5 stand bye for a call" The voice replied "Rescue 16, Zone 16, EMS 5 respond to Quail Street and the Boulevard. Two vehicle 10-50 PI (accident with injuries), one person pregnant. Respond priority 1 (top priority)."

"EMS 5, 10-4, responding" I answered. I was less than two blocks from the scene and I expected things to be worse and then what they were. One driver had cuts and bruises. The other driver was 8+ months pregnant with her second child. I got my birthing kit out of my truck and went to check on the driver. While on my way to the woman, I requested another ambulance for the driver with cuts so Rescue 16 could be ready if I needed it for a quick transport. The woman had no injuries so I got her into the back seat so if she went into labor I had room to work. I assessed her condition, and she said she wasn't having any contractions. Well, this might not be so bad after all, I thought. Mistake number 1. Never assume something isn't as bad as it looks. Because if it isn't, it could soon well be. Just as I was going to assess her pregnancy, her water broke. I thought I had the Nile pouring down on me. And then she let out one very loud scream as a contraction hit her full force. While she was screaming, I screamed for zone 16 just as Rescue 16 arrived. I needed the help of another paramedic. Things had to be done so I could concentrate on the baby.

Finally, Zone 16 arrived and I had my second paramedic. He got Rescue 16's drug box and started an IV so I could have a way to give medications if needed. I examined the woman and her birth canal was 8 centimeters dilated. Her contractions were three minutes apart and getting closer. She screamed and said she had to push.

I reinserted my fingers inside her vagina and felt the baby's head. She was screaming and I was yelling for her to push. After about five minutes of pushing and screaming, the head was out. I gently manipulated the head so the shoulders could come out without tearing her. Once I was satisfied with the baby's position, I had her push on the next contraction. When she pushed the baby's shoulders started coming out and I gently eased the top shoulder out along with the arm to the elbow. Once the elbow was out, I gently pulled the arm out so there was enough room to deliver the rest of the baby without tearing the mother. She gave one last push and she had her little girl. I put two clamps on the umbilical cord and cut it between the clamps, then wrapped up the baby and started cleaning out it's nose and mouth. The two EMT's (emergency medical technicians) got the mother onto the stretcher and loaded her into the ambulance while I was giving the baby the APGAR test. This is a quick test to assess the condition of a newborn. Anything over 8 is OK, under 3 is poor and she was a perfect 10. The other paramedic delivered the rest of the placenta so it could be checked out at the hospital and I was able to clear and hit the street. I laid the baby on the mother and told her she did a good job and let the crew take her on to the hospital.

I cleared with dispatch and finished the day fairly busy. I had four more calls but none like my "special delivery". On my way home from the station, I just had to stop by the hospital to check on my patient. When I walked in, she was holding a very precious package. I looked at her and thought she was the second most beautiful baby girl in the world. The first was Denise when she was born.

We chatted for a while and I got a chance to hold this little life I help to bring into the world. I asked her what she had named the baby and she told me I was holding Sara Denise. I'm glad I was sitting when she said that because there were more than a few tears rolling down my face. After regaining my composure, I told her about my loss and how honored that she had my daughter's name. This happened by just pure chance since she had no way of knowing anything about me. While we were chatting, her doctor came in and naturally he went over her progress with the baby's "Attending Physician". I tried to laugh this off but he showed me baby Sara Denise's birth certificate and guess who was listed as the delivering physician? Yep, me.

After we all talked for a few more minutes, I had to leave and get something to eat. I was starving, then it dawned on me that in all the confusion of the days events I'd missed lunch. I pulled the Ram into the driveway and there was Jimmy and Davey. Seemed the boys had pre-arranged to spend the weekend with me. Just wished someone had let me in on this minor detail.

"Hi, dad." Jimmy started "How was your day, slow or busy?"

"Busy" I answered. "Had six calls and a delivery."

"Yeah?" Jimmy replied "What did you deliver to who?"

Davey jumped in and said "Hey, Jimmy, Duh! Hello, hey lady! Dad delivered a baby."

"Really?" Jimmy asked with wide eyes "You didn't get sick or faint seeing a girl down there?"

"No!" I said. "Why would I? This wasn't my first delivery, son it was my third. The woman had a girl and her name is Sara Denise."

Jimmy was beaming with pride when he heard that. I went upstairs to get out of my uniform so I could get something to eat. Just then the boys came in and told me we were expected at Marge's for dinner and she would not take no for an answer. Jimmy said she was adding in some fried chicken livers just for me. She knew those were my favorite along with mashed potatoes and gravy. We had a feast and I ate the whole pound of livers. I couldn't move for almost an hour.

Finally, my food digested enough where I could waddle back over to my house. I fixed myself a cup of coffee and we watched TV. The boys wanted to watch a movie that had some very explicit sex scenes and I had to be the bad guy. They finally found something we all could watch and around midnight, we turned in.

Saturday I took the boys and bought a queen-size bed for their room. I was tired of hearing someone fall out of bed in the middle of the night. You would think they would get tired of hitting the floor and use the other bed, but neither did.

I had a cookout on Monday, Labor Day, but nothing fancy. Burgers and dogs were the main course. Marge made her homemade potato salad. The kind that if you smell it, it will raise your cholesterol 100 points. Mary brought her homemade chocolate ice cream. Sally tried her hand at baking and made a cherry pie. She was so worried that something was wrong with it she had to have the first bite. Little did she know that I snitched a piece of the crust and it was so flaky it melted in your mouth. Needless to say, everybody went home with some cherry pie in his or her stomach.

Between dinner and desert, I went looking for the boys, as they were nowhere to be found. I asked Sally to help look for them. She started to search for them when out of no where, Sally was up in my arms whispering in my ear. She found the boys having a go round in the bathroom.

It was time to lay the law down to these two. I have no objection to these guys having fun but there is a time and place for everything. AND THIS WASN'T THE TIME OR THE PLACE. They just learned a very valuable lesson on why NOT to make dad mad. Dave, Sally and Marge saw two naked boys streak past them with red behinds heading for the pool.

When their butts had "cooled off" they came into the house and had to go past the four of us in order to get to their clothes. Dave looked at Davey with a look that could only mean one thing. "Son you really disappointed me." Dave said. "What do you have to say for yourself, young man?"

Sally walked over to the boys and kissed each of them on the cheek and said, "If you two had been in your bedroom, I wouldn't have said a thing to Daddy, Mom and Poppa Mark."

"Daddy, Dad, Mom" Davey started saying. All this time these two are still like baby's (nude) and cold. "Can we get dressed first?"

"NO!" we all said.

"Since this is my house," I started "when you finish answering the question, you can get dressed."

The boys had no answer for their actions except to say their hormones got the best of them. Dave wanted to get the best of him but since that had already been done, he settled for a thirty day grounding. The boys could not see each other, except at school, spend time together, or watch TV for a month. Each boy had a new best friend, their bedroom. A book was the only thing they could look at when they were done with their homework.

I'm not sure who the restriction was harder on, the boys or me. Marge made Jimmy serve his punishment at home. He wasn't allowed over to my house until I begged her to let him spend one night at my house. I hate to admit this, but I missed the little guy. He had become such a big part of my life things weren't the same unless he was under foot.

On the day the wardens released the prisoners, they were waiting for me when I got home from work. The boys were in the den doing their homework and things were quiet. If I had not known they were in the house I would have thought I was alone. When I entered the kitchen, there was a pot of fresh coffee made and my special coffee mug was sitting beside the pot.

I went into the family room and got comfortable in my recliner when I felt somebody undoing my shoelaces. The boys were at my feet taking my shoes off making sure I had everything I needed. I felt I was about to set up when they asked if they could talk to me.

"What's on your minds?" I asked

"Dad" Jimmy started off "we need some advice. Every time we start playing around and touching each other, we both get so hot and horny, we have to take care of each other. How can we play tag, dunk each other and rough house without getting major boners?"

I thought about that for a minute and replied "you are not the first to have this problem and you won't be the last. When you feel yourself getting hard, stop what you are doing and take a break. Get a soda or sit down and talk about anything other than sex or how much you love each other. By not thinking about sex, things will return to normal. At your young age, you will go from zero to super horny in two seconds. As you get older, you will have learned how to keep things from getting out of hand. The only question I have for you is what ever made you use the bathroom for your sex session?"

"Dad" Davey answered "we didn't think any one would come in and see us."

I answered back, "you're right on both counts. First, someone did go in to use the bathroom and second, you didn't think."

Jimmy spoke up and said "Dad, we know we have said this many times before, we're sorry and we will only do that in our bedroom. I know talk is cheap, but we will prove to you than we can be trusted."

True to form, the boys kept their word. In fact, they were so quiet I never knew when they were having sex.

A month after school started, I had to meet Marge at Mr. Rosen's office to sign papers regarding the future of Jimmy. It stated that Jimmy would be placed in my foster care "until such time as said minor child wishes to be adopted by Mr. Mark Thomas or any other suitable guardian of his choice. The house is to be sold and the proceeds are to go into the estate. Since Jimmy is a minor, Mr. Rosen would have to handle the sale. All debts will be satisfied and the remaining moneys going into the estate. I am on her bank accounts so paying the bills will be easy. Marge's house is worth close to $400,000 and life insurance totaling $250,000. She has a portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds worth close to $200,000 so Jimmy would be set financially for the rest of his life.

Marge had worked hard for her money and she was going to make Jimmy do the same. In her will, Jimmy had to work for at least ten years before he could touch the bulk of her estate. He could go to college if he wanted, but that was not compulsory. He had to have a job and learn how to handle money. He would get a monthly allowance of five hundred dollars so he would be able to afford a car and find work, but once that was gone he would not get another check until the following month so he was being forced to have a job. He could live at my house for as long as he wanted but he had to pay me rent and I wasn't going to be giving him a free ride with things either.

Marge handed me an envelope and told that I was to give this to Jimmy only if she died by "other than from disease." I asked what her what she meant by that and come to find out, Marge has a very slow growing yet very inoperable brain tumor. The doctors said she would have about 12 to 18 months left to live. They told her that one night "she would go to sleep and never wake up". She wanted Jimmy to know that she was prepared to meet Jesus and not to be angry at God for taking her away. I put the letter in my pocket and gave her my word that he would see it when it was time.

By the middle of October, the boys were doing very well in school. Davey played football and Jimmy wanted to bowl. Davey was an outstanding tight end. He could block or get open to catch the ball with ease. The middle school would end up going 8 and 2 with Davey earning offensive player of the year. Jimmy was his biggest fan and the way he cheered for him, people thought they were brothers. Little did they know.

Jimmy, however, loved bowling and was a natural. After 7 weeks in his youth league, his average went from 120 to 158 and would take on all challengers. Kids challenged him but try as they might, no one in his age group could beat him. One of the coaches for the juniors (13 to 15 year-olds) wanted him to move up but I thought he should finish out the season in the 10 to 12 age group. Little did I know, he had a few boys in a private lesson program and one boy mentioned it to Jimmy that he could benefit from some private lessons. The coach was one of the managers so he could open the center early for his lessons. Jimmy came home worked up about this and begged Marge and I to let him take a few lessons. We agreed to let him take a lesson and see what he thought. I bowled myself and Jimmy knew he could learn everything he wanted from me but since one of his team mates was also invited, we thought it was alright.

Saturday, I had him at the lanes at 7:30 in the morning and told him I would see him bowl at 9, with the rest of the other kids. I went across the street to the new restaurant that just opened and had breakfast in order to kill some time. The place was almost empty so I got my food quickly and while I was eating, Dan King, a friend of mine from the police department came in. I spotted him enter and asked him to join me for breakfast. It seems his son is one of the boys who is taking private lessons and is Jimmy's team mate. I asked him if he knew anything about the coach and he said this was his son's first year bowling so he knew about as much as I did.

We were done eating about 8:30 and decided to go watch our boys. Just as we were pulling into the parking lot, one of the boys came running out in just his underwear with an older kid chasing him. Dan pulled in and blocked the kid chasing the barely clothed child. I got out of the Ram with a blanket and covered the near nude youngster.

"What's going on here?" I asked the frightened child.

All the panting child could say was "sex."

Dan put a set of plastic "quick cuffs" on the teen and locked him in his car and I used the EMS radio in the Ram to get additional police and rescue units here fast. As we entered the building, the lights were so dim it took us a couple of seconds to adjust to the darkness. Jimmy had Dan's son hiding while the four other boys were engaged in a private orgy. The coach was behind the counter getting plowed by a 14yr.old while he was sucking off another kid.

Seems these "private lessons" were nothing but a cover for the coach and two teenage boys to have sex with other willing boys. When the police arrived, the coach and the two other boys were arrested for various child sex crimes.

When Jimmy saw me, he and his friend came running into my arms. Dan found the coach and had him in cuffs just as two paramedics, Dave being one of them, held me from doing something I would regret later. Jimmy and Dan Jr. were crying saying they couldn't get to a phone to call us and they were afraid we were going to be mad at them.

After everything settled down, I took Jimmy aside and had a talk with him. "Son" I asked, "how did you end up getting invited in this and does anybody know about your secret?"

"Ah, well, yeah dad" Jimmy answered "the two older boys are together and I mentioned I had a boyfriend too. They thought that Dan Jr. was my boyfriend so that's how he got invited. Gosh dad, I never meant to get Dan into trouble. I didn't know what was going to happen here, honest."

"OK son" I said, "I believe you. Now do you see why you must be absolutely sure of who you tell about your private life? Suppose you had mentioned Davey? What do you think could have happened to him?"

Jimmy lost it then. "Daddy, I'm sorry. I would never do anything to get Davey hurt you know that. I love him and would lay my life down for him. You know that, don't you dad?"

Jimmy was babbling. I talked softly to him trying to calm him down saying "yes son, I know you love him and would never do anything to hurt him."

The police had everything under control by 9:30. Another manager came in and bowling went on as normal.

It seems one of the teens had found out a deeply hidden secret about the coach. Seems that 15 years ago, the coach had been arrested for having his hand down the pants of a junior bowler. He never went to jail but he ended up getting a suspended sentence because the child, 14 years old at the time, was a very willing participant. The parents wanted jail but the child refused to testify against the coach. The DA had no choice but to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor.

The coach pled guilty to three counts of taking indecent liberties' with a minor and was sentenced to a total of 30 years in prison with 15 suspended. The two juveniles were tried as adults because they were 16 at the time and because of the nature of the crime. Each boy received 15 years in prison with 10 years suspended. They would each have to register as sex offenders when released from prison.

I talked to Marge about it and then with the other parents and we all agreed that it would be better on the boys if they didn't have go through the stress of a trial. I was probably the only adult that knew that the boys were all willing participants except Jimmy and Dan, Jr. rather than forced into the orgy. I didn't want Jimmy and Davey's secret out in the open so this was the best for all concerned.

As the weather got colder, Jimmy hit a growth spurt. He shot up four inches and gained 30 pounds but was still as bald as a newborn baby's behind south of the border. I took him to get some new jeans and he asked me to get him these microscopic underpants. They barely held his equipment inside and if he popped a boner, he was in trouble. He was modeling them for me and I grabbed the back of the waistband and pulled up giving him the mother of al wedgies. He started dancing around trying to get them out of his ass while I was rolling on the floor laughing.

Two days before Thanksgiving, we had our first snowfall. Now I remember why I bought my Dodge Ram Charger 4x4. It was fantastic in the snow. It had an 18inch clearance on her and with the all terrain tires; she handled like a dream. I got a call from EMS Central that they wanted the morning shift in by 5:30 AM so they would know how many extra personnel would be needed for the day.

Buzz, Smack. 4:00am. "Damn, it's early!" I said as I rolled over. I got up, headed towards the bathroom and turned on the shower. We had so much snow on Tuesday school was closed. This was a rarity for us because we had snow all the time here. The phone rang and it was Dave telling me the kids were off from school. I got Jimmy up at 4:30 so I could take him over to Dave's since Marge had to work. I called the city garage and had snow studs put in the tires on my blazer. This was going to one very long day and it wasn't starting well either. Just as I was locking the door, the phone rang again and I said the hell with it. I would retrieve the call when I got to the station.

It took me only 10 minutes to get to Dave's house but the trip to the station took forty. The back roads that I use had not been ploughed and it was tough going even for the Ram. The garage said they were out of studs and would have more in later so I got permission to use my Ram instead. I had the mechanic put a red light bar on her and I transferred some special equipment out of the Blazer and I was off. I felt like an Eskimo needing a team of dogs to get around town.

After fueling the Ram, I went over to the station and received instructions from head of EMS. Standing order for the day was no ambulance would be allowed to exceed 25 miles per hour. We were going to have enough accidents to respond to so we didn't need to be responding to ourselves.

I called home and picked up the call from my answering machine. The message was from the Deputy Chief of Police informing me that the bitch that took my family from me was being released from jail at 7 AM.

"Just fucking great," I said to Dave and he looked at me wide eyed. "That sorry assed fucking bitch is getting out of jail today."

"Just chill out man," Dave said, "I know it hurts, but she did her...."

"Time!" I said. "She can never do enough time! She ought to rot in jail until hell freezes over!"

Just then the Captain said I had a phone call. It was Jimmy telling me to be careful, come home safe and he loved me. I told him I would and headed out into the darkness for a very long day. Having the Ram helped since the city could only keep the main roads clear.

We called in every volunteer we could and had 14 ambulance crews and all 7-zone cars on the street. The Chief of Police asked everybody to stay off the roads unless it was absolutely necessary.

Jimmy never fully woke up while I was bringing him to Dave's so he crawled back into bed with Davey and took full advantage of not having school. He was about to get cozy when he realized his lover was nude so he quickly conformed and striped down just like him. Davey snuggled against Jimmy and he felt his lover's tool wake up. "Got a problem, love?" Jimmy asked.

"No, not now" Davey replied and closed his eyes.

Both boys slept until Jimmy felt like he had to take a dump waking him from a very erotic dream. When he opened his eyes, he realized it wasn't a dream he was having but an erotic, yet weird feeling between his legs and butt at the same time.

Davey was giving Jimmy's body one big turn-on. It was nothing like he had ever felt before. Something was probing his virgin back door and he knew it wasn't Davey's dick because that was in between his fingers. As Jimmy pushed like he was going to take a dump, Davey's finger slid all the way inside him and he hit something inside. "Oh, god Davey," Jimmy whispered "that feels so good. Where'd you learn to do that?"

"Dad's medical books" Davey answered "that's your prostate. Just hold on love, you ain't seen nothing yet." Davey started rubbing Jimmy's magic button and sucked harder on his love tool.

Soon, Jimmy was ready to be launched to the moon. "Oh shit, Davey!" Jimmy cried "Uunnggghhh, I'm gonna cum man! Oh god, please don't stop. Now! I'm gonnnnaaaa ccuuummm! Nnnooowww!"

One, two, three blasts of pure boy juice. Davey's mouth almost over flowed with Jimmy's love juice, and he swallowed just in time to catch the next four blasts from his lover. When the last of his lover's milk went down his throat, he planted the biggest kiss on Jimmy he could muster. "I love you, James Lassiter" Davey said with a smile.

"I love you, too David Anderson, Jr." Jimmy said softly back to his love as he floated down to earth enjoying the after glow from the strongest orgasm he ever had. "Oh man," Jimmy said "whatta rush. How did you learn that? What did you do, try it on yourself?"

Davey was giggling when he heard what Jimmy asked. "Yeah," Davey said, "As a matter of fact, I did. The first time I tried it, I forgot to wet my finger and that hurt. The next time I was standing, I couldn't hit that button and almost fell on my ass. Finally, the third time being the charm, it worked perfectly. I was on my back in bed with my finger deep in my asshole and had the wildest orgasm of my life. See what I go through just to learn how please you?"

"Ah, your sweet Davey." Jimmy said. "Now it's your turn and I think you had better fasten your seat belt. You're going on a ride to space mountain."

Jimmy was right. He sent Davey on a ride like he had never experienced. He started at the top and worked his way south. He started with Davey's ears, licking and kissing them ever so lightly. He would lick his ear and Davey would shudder as chills ran down his body.

Next, he kissed and nibbled on his neck. Jimmy was careful not to leave a mark where it could be seen but he gave him love bites just below the front part of his shoulder blade. Right above his nipple on each side. Left side and right. He had a matching set of tattoos and Jimmy was the artist. Next stop was his nipples. This drove Davey wild. Jimmy had to put his hand over Davey's mouth because he started moaning so loudly, he was afraid the rest of the household would hear them.

Heading south, Jimmy's next stop was the "naval" base. This was the one place that drove Davey wild. Lick or kiss his belly button and Davey would almost cum right then and there. While Jimmy was working on his belly, he started working on his pink rosebud. Gently probing and pushing, his finger slipped into Davey's love hole. As soon as he found the spot, Davey's dick jumped like it had a mind of it's own.

Then it was time for the main event. Jimmy started licking the insides of his thighs. He would start low and work his way up towards Davey's balls but never touching them. He would alternate left then right but never touching the goal line. This was driving Davey mad with desire. So close, yet oh so far away. While Jimmy was doing this with his tongue, his finger would slip close to his prostate but never hit the mark.

Davey was begging for release. His poor balls were so sore he felt like they were going to explode. "Oh god, Jimmy" Davey pleaded "let me cum. Please, I gotta shoot."

Jimmy relented and went into overdrive. He sucked his buddy's dick like he was trying to pull ice cream up through a straw and his finger massaged his lover's prostate. Soon, Jimmy was hearing Davey moan like he was about to die and go to heaven.

"Oh lover," Davey sighed "what you do to me. If this is torture man, then chain me to the wall. Man, I can't take much more of this. I'm getting close, man. Oh god, yeah, oh yeah. Here it comes, man. You better get ready because you are gonna to get the mother of all loads. Oh shit man, here it comes. Uunngghh, here it comes, I'm ccummiiinnngg! Oh lover!" were his final words. Just then his body went stiff and his main gun fired. The first round consisted of three quick and powerful bursts into Jimmy's waiting mouth. Swallowing fast, he took three more full loads. Those went down his throat like the first one and then Davey gave him two more for good luck.

Jimmy slid beside his love and kissed Davey with everything he had and said "I love you, David Anderson, Jr. You are my reason for living, my soul mate and partner for life. Without you, I would be nothing. If today was the last time we could make love to each other, I would still love you and want to be with you forever."

Davey had been on the ride of his life. Never before had he felt such pleasure and love from one human being or new those feelings were even possible. "I love you too James Lassiter," Davey said with a very weak voice "you are my everything, my other half. Together we are one person.

They drifted off to sleep until Sally knocked on the door. She started to open the door when Davey hollered "Hey, what's the rule in this house about a closed door?"

The boys had quickly put shorts on when Sally opened the door and said, "What's ya gonna do about it, smart ass?"

Just then she felt a very sharp stinging on her butt and said "Hey, what the..."

"You know the rules in this house young lady," Mary was standing behind her and Sally didn't know it when she shot off her mouth. "A closed door means stay out until you are invited to enter. And, if I ever hear you use language like THAT again, your mouth will be cleaned and your tail warmed. Do you understand me, little girl? Now apologize to your brother and Jimmy!"

"Sorry" Smack, Sally jumped.

"Say it like you really mean it, or do you want another?" Mary said. Now she was getting angry. Mary and Dave almost never spanked their children. They had to do something really wrong in order for them to feel a hand on their butt and this was one way to get spanked. Disobeying a parent would get the hand.

"I'm sorry, guys" Sally said. "I will not talk to you like that again. I'm sorry for violating the closed door policy in the house."

The boys accepted her apology and they all went down stairs to eat breakfast, if you could call it breakfast. It was almost 11, so you could say it was brunch.

Mean while, I felt like Sgt. Preston of the Yukon with all the snow I was mushing through. I felt for Dave, my Ram could go places those Blazers could not.

The city had received three new Dodge Ram Chargers and the mechanics were taking their time getting the entire emergency lighting equipment, radios and sirens put in until the mayor called. She asked why those vehicles were not ready and on the streets since they had been at the garage for three weeks. By noon, EMS 1, EMS 2 and EMS 5 were ready for the street. Since I was fine in my vehicle, I let the volunteer supervisor use my vehicle. I did however let him know he had better not wreck my new truck.

Accident calls were coming in hot and heavy. I had been on the streets since 5 AM and already I was at 6 accidents. Two of the wrecks had some minor injuries that required transport to the hospital while the others were simple cuts that took a bandage to fix.

By noon, the snow had stopped for now. The forecast was for more snow beginning after 5 with another 4 inches expected. The main road was passable so we begged the city to start doing the side streets. Marge called me on my cell phone and said her car died and she was getting a rental. She would be leaving work around 3 to get the rental then head over to Dave's to get Jimmy.

All the calls were handled and while we had a lull, I took advantage to return to the station and get my snowsuit. I can't believe that I forgot that when I left the station this morning, but then I remembered the phone call and I was lucky I knew my name. I went into the locker room and put on a dry uniform and insulated boots. These had a thick felt insert and kept your feet dry as long as you did not step into some snow that was deeper than the top of the boot. My EMS snowmobile suit was snug. I could actually turn the heat down some in the Ram. I saw Dave once and asked him what he thought of the Ram. All he could say was "awesome" and said they could keep that Chevy.

At 2:30, we started getting calls again. Since the main streets were passable, our response time picked up but I was sitting on the drivers to watch their speed. We had to get one unit pulled out of a ditch because a driver misjudged a turn. There wasn't any damage to the vehicle but I had to write him up any way. This was one part of my job I hated. On the line marked recommendations I put "REQUEST NO FURTHER ACTION BE TAKEN. HAD THE ROADS BEEN PLOUGHED, AS REQUESTED, THIS ACCIDENT WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED."

I looked at my watch and it read 3:45. Two more hours and I will be off and out of this mush. I spotted a 7-11 and decided it was time for a cup of coffee. I got some strange looks from a few people who had never seen a snowmobile suit before. The fact that it was made of nylon and I sounded like a one-man band every time I took a step might have had something to do with it. I just paid for my coffee when my radio sounded off.

I heard "Rescue 5, Zone 5, Engine 5, Rescue 9, Zone 9, Squad 9, EMS 2, EMS 5, 10-50 PI confirmed entrapment. PA Road and Concert, PA Road and Concert. Map Grid C-7, Priority 1. Use Caution due to road conditions. EMS 5 you have command. Rescue 5, Zone 5, Engine 5, Rescue 9, Zone 9, Squad 9, EMS 2, EMS 5. 10-50 PI (accident with injuries) confirmed entrapment. PA Road and Concert. Map Grid C-7, Priority 1. EMS 5 you have command. Time out 1625 hours (4:25 PM)."

I said "EMS 5, 10-4. Time to scene 6 minutes."

A voice said "10-4, EMS 5."

I said "EMS 5 to Engine 5"

They answered "go ahead EMS 5."

I asked "do you have jaws equipment on your truck?"

They said "10-4, we do."

I said "10-4 Engine 5, EMS 5 to Squad 9 you can 10-19." (Cancel response)

Squad 9 said "that is our job."

I said "Squad 9 10-19"

They said, "We are still responding."

"EMS 5 to EMS control" I called out.

"Go ahead EMS 5" control answered

"I told Squad 9 to 10-19 and they refuse to cancel."

"EMS control to Squad 9, you are to 10-19."

"10-4 EMS control" the driver replied with a definite attitude in his voice.

I called dispatch for comments "EMS 5, may I have the comments on this call, please?"

The dispatcher replied, "10-4 EMS 5, you have a two vehicle accident, head-on collision with confirmed entrapment of at least one occupant. Full size SUV vs. a sub-compact. Fuel is leaking from one vehicle."

I replied "10-4 dispatch. Did you copy the possible fuel leak, Engine 5?"

The captain replied "10-4, Mark."

I was about a half a mile from the scene and I could already make out the vehicles. This looked bad and I didn't recognize either car so I felt a little better that it wasn't anyone I knew personally. It was a good thing I had my snowsuit and boots because this was going to require me being out in the snow for quite a while. I call Dave in EMS 2 to see how far out he was.

He replied, "EMS 2 to EMS 5, I'm about 2 minutes out. I have my snow gear on and ready to go."

I arrived on the scene and quickly assessed the scene and make this call "EMS 5 to Engine 5, Rescue 5 and Zone 5. Stage to the sub-compact, that's your entrapment. EMS 2, Rescue 9 and Zone 9 stage to the SUV. There is no entrapment there."

All the units acknowledged my orders and began arriving on the scene. Dave arrived and set his crew. The engine crew had put a tarp over the front windshield to keep passers by from seeing the occupant. I came over to supervise the extrication and because snow was covering the side windows, I couldn't tell if the driver was male or female. Suddenly I heard Dave yelling to get 10-22 (police) their priority 1. I walked over to Dave and asked him what was wrong.

"Take a look, Mark" Dave told me.

I had to use a stepladder because the SUV had a lift kit so it was higher than normal. Suddenly my eyes got big and I wanted to throw up. She wasn't out of jail 12 hours and she has struck again. I reached my the microphone on my lapel and said "EMS 5 to dispatch. Respond 10-22 to this location. We have a 10-41 (drunk driver) involved.

I was just about to climb back into the SUV when I heard the captain holler over to me.

I walked over to him and he put his hands on shoulders saying "You have to keep your composure, Mark. We need you to tell us how to handle this."

"Sure," I said as I got to the just pried opened door. I went to assess the driver and I saw who it was. "OH, God" I cried out." I felt her neck for a pulse and she was alive. "EMS 5 to Zone 5 and Rescue 5. Bring your drug kit here." Paramedic Sam Adams was in Zone 5 and I told him to start two large bore IV's and get her stable so she could be cut out.

Just then, Sam called to me "Mark, look at this."

He had seen Marge was totally pinned between the steering wheel and the seat. The force of the impact caused the seat to come forward and crush her abdomen and the air bag was useless in protecting her. Sam had the IV's going and Dave had walked over to see what was going on. He gasped when he saw who it was and I told him she was still alive. I had the engine company cut open the other door so I could better assess Marge's condition.

I crawled inside the car and made a gruesome discovery. I felt Marge's legs for pulses and they were ice cold. The aorta had been severed and the only thing keeping her alive was the fact the steering wheel was acting like a giant tourniquet. The minute she was removed from the pressure of the steering wheel. she would instantly bleed to death. For right now we were lucky, she was unconscious but could wake up at any minute. When she did, she would be in severe pain. I called the hospital and spoke to a trauma surgeon about how to remove her. We were told that the only thing we could do was keep her pain free. She was going to die and there wasn't a thing we could about this.

Dave took me aside and asked "How do we tell Jimmy about this. She is still alive and she may want to tell Jimmy good-bye. I had Dave call Mary and get her opinion. She thought Jimmy would want to say good-bye, since that was more than I had with my family. I had Dave get the boys and bring them to the scene. He would need Davey at this time. I also notified social services and Neil Rosen so all the legalities were in place so I could take Jimmy home with me. Neil assured me that I would not have to be bothered by the little things and my main priority was Jimmy. I thanked him because this was something I was not looking forward to. I saw Dave's vehicle heading up the street just as Marge was waking up.

I got orders from the hospital on how to keep her comfortable. She was in pain so I had zone-5 bring me their drug box and I pulled out a pre-filled syringe of Demerol, 50 mg. I gave it to her slowly so it wouldn't burn her vein. She said the pain was better.

I went over to Dave's vehicle and looked at Jimmy and held him as I talked to him. "Son, there are some thing you need to know before you go over there. Do you understand?"

He nodded his head and I continued. "First, she in not in any pain. I will see to that. Next this is there isn't anything I can do to save her life. I wish I could and you know that. She will not feel any pain when she dies. Last son, is this letter your mom wrote to you. I have no idea what she said but this is for you. You should read this first."

Jimmy opened the envelope and read the letter for Marge. It said,

"Dear Son,

"You are such a joy to me. I can't imagine what my life would be without you here. If you are reading this letter, it means that something has happened to me and my life is coming to an end. You see son, there is something I didn't want you to find out about until the time was right for me to tell you and now there isn't much time. What I have to tell you is in the letter.

I have a tumor inside my brain and the doctors can't take it out. There isn't a thing they can do to help me and I have accepted this fact. I made my peace with the Lord and I am ready to see him. Please son; don't be angry with me for not telling you about this. The last thing I wanted was for you to be worrying about me instead of enjoying life with Mark and Davey.

Son, Mark loves you and that's why I want him to be your dad and I know how you feel about Davey. You guys are good together. I even know that Mark has feelings for you in a sexual way but he will never touch you so please don't ask him to do something that he would never do."

Davey had scooted over to Jimmy as he read the letter. He saw the tears streaming down his face so he put his arms around him as he read the letter.

Jimmy continued reading the letter.

"I am not scared to go to heaven and I don't want you feeling sad. Remember all the good times we had together and the things you, Mark and I did as a family. You forget about the sad times. Please don't let this eat you up inside.

You deserve happiness and I am giving you my blessing to spend the rest of your life with Davey if that is what you want.

May your life be filled with much love and happiness.

I Love You


Jimmy looked up at me and through the tears smiled at me and said "Dad, I'll miss her but I will give you both my word that I will not be mad. Can I see her now?"

He fell into my arms and I said "sure thing, son. Lets go."

We walked over to the car and Marge was ready to talk to her son for the last time.

Jimmy fought back tears and said "Hi, mom. Are you hurting?"

"No, son. Mark has seen to that. Don't be mad at me son, please?"

"I could never be mad at you mom," Jimmy said "it's just that I'm gonna miss you something' awful."

"I know son," Marge said "it's my time to go now. You remember what the priest said about everyone has their own time to go to heaven, well it's my time. Just like it was Sean's time."

Jimmy went over and held his mom and kissed her on the cheek and whispered in her ear "Good-bye mom, I love you."

Marge whispered back "I love you, too son. I always will." as she returned his kiss.

Jimmy looked up at me and said "It's ok, now dad. She's ready to see Jesus."

With that, Jimmy kissed me and went back to Dave's truck and watched us as we worked to cut the seat loose and remove her body. Before we started cutting, I gave Marge 100 mg of Demerol IV so she would not feel any pain as the firemen cut the seat loose. I did not let Jimmy see us take her out of the car. He saw us cut the bolts loose then Dave took the boys home.

We had cut the bolts then the EKG machine went flat line. Marge was dead. The EMT's removed Marge and placed her on a stretcher and took her body to the hospital for autopsy. I quickly signed off of some paperwork and went back to the station. I took the borrowed equipment out of my Ram and put it into the new vehicle.

I headed over to Dave's house and met Mary at the front door. Dave had to turn in his vehicle and get his own back. Jimmy crawled onto my lap and just lay there. I could tell he was sad but at the same time, he was relieved that his mom was not in any pain. I new this would hit him and when it did, I was ready.

Jimmy asked if she felt anything and I reaffirmed my earlier answer that she did not. I told him that she smiled at me and closed her eyes. Then she went to heaven with Jesus. He smiled at me and put his head against my chest and closed his eyes. He lay there until dinner was ready.

After we ate, I took Jimmy home and we turned in about 11 and I saw a little boy looking at me from the door. I lifted the sheet and Jimmy crawled into bed grabbing my arm pulling it over his chest like he had done so many times before.

Marge's funeral was just as elaborate as was the one for my family. Everybody who knew Marge or Jimmy came to pay their respects.

Jimmy took Marge's funeral better than he took Sean's. I think it was because he had the chance to say good-bye. He grieved for a while and Davey helped him with his grief. They were good for each other. Each boy having his respective sports helped also.

As we got closer and closer to Christmas, I started asking Jimmy for ideas of what he wanted. He never came right out and gave me an answer, but I was beginning to realize what it was he wanted. He was using the word "dad and daddy" more than he ever had before.

I talked to Neil Rosen and had his send the papers over to the family court. We went before the judge on December 23rd while Jimmy was in school. Since this was just a formality, the judge quickly signed the adoption petition.

I took that certificate and put it in a special frame. Around the 4 corners of the frame I took some special pictures that had been taken of Jimmy. I had the picture of him and Sean by the pool in their blue trunks, a picture of him and Davey together by the pool, a picture of him and Marge at our last cook out and a picture of the three of us together. I got a firm box for the frame, wrapped it and placed it under the tree in the back so he would not see it.

As was our tradition on Christmas Eve, we had a fine dinner and there was a place set at Dave's house for Marge in her honor. Jimmy said a special prayer before we ate.

Jimmy said "Dear Lord, on this the night of your Son's birth, may we be ever mindful of what you and your Son do for us. May we live together as one with you and thank you Lord for having my mother in heaven to watch over me. I also thank you for allowing Davey and Dad into my life. Please watch over Daddy Dave, Momma Mary and Sally. Amen"

I smiled at my son and he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. After dinner, we all went to Midnight Mass and we returned to my house to open one gift.

Jimmy gave me a small package and I wondered what this was. I opened the box and inside was a piece of paper that said:


One kiss to my new Daddy.


Your son Jimmy

I was taken by surprise with this and I knew then that I had to give him the frame.

"Here, son. Merry Christmas" I said handing him the heavy box. "This is for you and I hope you like it." The rest of his presents would be put under the tree when he was asleep.

Jimmy tore open the paper and lifted the top off the box. His eyes got big and tears started to well up in his eyes. He ran over and hugged me saying "this was the best present I could ever ask for. Now here is my present to you." He kissed me on the cheek.

Dave, Sally and the kids opened their presents from me then headed home to get some sleep. I put Jimmy in my bed and told him to go to sleep. I went and checked on him a little later and he was out like a light. I must admit that I went a bit over board but this was our first Christmas together as father and son. This was the day my life began.

Jimmy slept until almost 9:30 then I felt a little boy tickling my nose to wake me up. I headed into the bathroom to pee and I knew my coffee would be ready. Jimmy had taken to drinking coffee with me on Saturday morning so I let him drink it when he wanted. We had our coffee and opened our gifts. Marge made arrangements that Jimmy was able to get money from the estate for special gifts. As long as Neil approved, he got the money.

This had been quite a time for us. I realized I loved Jimmy more than as a son but he had Davey and that was just fine with me. He would crawl into bed with me whenever the mood hit but most of the time he was with Davey. Their relationship blossomed and they are talking about wanting to live here together.

The boys have become very responsible and they can stay at the house when I'm at work and I know that no one will be allowed inside unless they have asked me earlier. Jimmy is just about to celebrate his twelfth birthday but his maturity level is that of someone much older.
Dad is just a phone call away and between the members of the fire department, EMS and the police department, they are never really alone.

I got home from work this afternoon after a very long 12 hour shift and my two boys had a meal fit for a king. I asked Jimmy where he learned to cook and he just smiled and said "from my two mothers."

My boy is growing up.


The woman who took my family's life and my son's mother wrapped her car around a telephone pole on New Year's Eve as the three of us celebrated at home and was killed instantly. I learned this information when I returned to work on Jan. 3rd.

I had Dec 31st, Jan 1st and 2nd off and I enjoyed a very quiet evening with my two boys. Jimmy was curled up with his head on my lap and his lap was occupied with Davey. Davey is spending a lot of time with Jimmy and they have told three of their friends their secret. Dave and Mary are comfortable with their son's life style and his choice for his lover. They take their relationship seriously and are taking things one day at a time as far as sex goes. When they are ready for more, they will come to me and we will all sit down and talk things over.

I bought a split of champagne, just enough for one glass for each of us. We had on ABC and watched Dick Clark come from Times Square as the ball dropped signaling the start of the New Year. When the ball hit the bottom we toasted each other and had our drink. The boys knew this was the only time they were allowed champagne or any other liquor for that matter. At 1AM we all went to bed and began our first year together. Just like many nights before, I was with two boys making me the meat in a sandwich. I kissed Davey on the head, then looked at Jimmy and gave him his first kiss on the lips and called it a night.

As I put my head on the pillow and closed my eyes, I wondered what surprises the coming year would bring.

Well, that's the story of Mark and Jimmy and how one person could cause so much pain yet bring two people so much happiness. I hope you enjoyed the story. Feel free to e-mail me at the address below.

Miguel Sanchez