The Family
by: Kewl Dad

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely a coincidence. This work of fiction depicts sexual acts between males of various ages, some minors. If reading such is illegal where you reside or you are not of legal age, please go no further.

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It's been over a decade since I posted the last chapter of The Family. All those years I was away I worried that I had never gotten to finish this wonderful story and fretted that I had left Ricky and his boys in the hands of Hunt Lawson and those wicked slave traders. But now, by popular demand here is the conclusion of this wonderful story. In it Ricky and the boys are saved by Ricky's boyhood friend and now police officer Mike and though there is great tragedy, there is healing in the end. Ricky will travel several light years to the Bakersfield Boys Home to see first hand where the victims of the slave trade were raised and find an unexpected ally in his search for the perfect family. Thanks to my readers who keep me sane and inspired and please let me know what you think of the ending to one of my favorite stories.

For your approval and enjoyment the final chapters of:

The Family
Chapter 8

by: Kewl Dad

Juanita Wagner was a lady in the truest sense. She was well educated and traveled but when she met Fredrick Wagner she knew this was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Then they were married and it was pure magic. Four years later they were blessed with a son and life got even better. For the next  18 years she devoted her life to her son Richard, but when he left the nest things began to change.

For one thing her husband Fredrick began to spend more and more time at the office and would often return home after she had already gone to bed for the night. She often suspected he was having an affair or affairs but eventually realized she didn't really care. She had no interest in him sexually and if his affairs saved her from his amorous attentions she was content to let him have them.

She turned her energies to her charity work and her doll collection which had grown from a few dozen over the years to just over 300 and growing fast. She missed Ricky but she saw him as often as he'd allow and she was for the most part content with her life. She would have liked to have had grandchildren but since her only child had turned out gay she accepted her fate and carried on as best she could.

When the boys from Ricky's commune, as she liked to call it, contacted her she was short with the one called Peter because in her mind she had always thought of him as the boy who stole Ricky away. She knew that was foolish and now that she had time to think about it she realized the boy had been trying to tell her something important.

She frowned as she stared out at the frozen wasteland beyond their domed and green estate and after some soul searching  she moved to the vid-phone and dialed Ricky's number.

Dominic answered immediately and Mrs. Wagner could see that he was somewhat agitated. Carefully she drew the story out of the boy and nodded. She knew something wasn't right, but she was unsure what to do about it. She had suspected for quite some time that something sinister was going on at Kronos Trading, but her husband had always kept her insulated from the business and now she regretted not getting involved. After all, her livelihood and her reputation were dependent on Kronos Trading being a responsible company.

She assured Dominic that she would take action quickly and promised to get back to him as soon as possible. As she disconnected she contemplated her options. She considered alerting her personal security people but realizing they were actually agents of the corporation she decided that was not an option.

The police might be a viable option she decided, but then again, most of the police force was corrupt and who knew how much KT payed them to turn their heads if trouble started. Then it dawned on her that she did know one policeman she could trust, Ricky's friend Mike. She remembered the boy was a frequent visitor in their home when the boys were in school and she had always liked him. He had been open and honest and alway so polite. She quickly searched the terminal for his name and number keyed it in.

There was a momentary delay while the computer digested the information and a second later Mike's smiling face appeared on the screen.

"Hello Mrs. Wagner," Mike said grinning. He had always liked Ricky's mom even if his dad hadn't always been as friendly, "How are you? And may I say, you are looking as lovely and radiant as ever."

"Oh, Mike, stop it," she said grinning for a moment then remembering her reason for calling she became somber, "I'm worried Mike and I hope you can help me with a problem."

For the next ten minutes she told him all she had suspected and what she had been told, ending with a plea for Mike to help Ricky, who she feared was in a difficult situation and being held at Kronos Trading.

"I hate to tell you this, Mrs. Wagner but I have heard a few rumors around the station. Some say that Kronos is..well, dabbling in the slave trade...children to be exact. Now mind you I have no evidence of that, but it's a common thing out here in the belt and there's a lot of money in it."

"Oh, dear. I suspect that the rumors may be substantiated, but what can we do about the present situation in light of the fact that, well...some officials seem to turn a blind eye to such practices?"

"Well, the cops may turn a blind eye to it, but I know some guys at the HCS (Human Crime Sentinel) and they take this shit, excuse my language, very seriously. I could contact them and see if they have any info and maybe get them to go with me to try and find Ricky."

"Would you do that for us, Mike? You have no idea how grateful I would be. You were always Ricky's closest friend and he thinks of you as a brother and I dare say I think of you as a second son."

"No need to butter me," Mike chucked, then in a serious voice he continued, "Count on me Mrs. Wagner, if Ricky is being held there, we'll find him and bring him back safely. I never liked that Hunt guy that runs the company and I'll just bet he's the one behind all this crap."

"Hunt and I have never seen eye to eye, but I always supposed Fredrick had him under control, now I wonder if it wasn't the other way around."

"Fortunately I'm off duty today. I'll call my buddy at HCS and get back to you."

Mrs. Wagner thanked him and disconnected and called Dominic back and filled him in on what was happening, "Stay put and don't let anyone in till you hear from us."

"Alright, but please let us know as soon as you find Ricky. We love him and we're worried about him and the others."

"I will keep you informed. Have heart, Ricky will be fine...I just know it."

Mike was not surprised that the  HCS had already been investigating Kronos Trading for quite some time. In fact they had planted an agent in the corporation in the trading center and had received an urgent message from him that very day. In it he stated that there was some trouble on the executive floor and that a young man and a boy had been detained and that later several other boys had been detained as well. He was unsure what had triggered the events, but did know that the young man and boy originally detained had been on the trading floor and studying the cloud a short time before.

"This all fits together with what the boys told Mrs. Wagner. I know you don't want to mess up your investigation but don't you think this might be the break you've been looking for?"

"I think so, but I'll have to get approval from my supervisor. I'll call you back in ten minutes, I promise," the agent said grinning. He could smell a bust in the air and a promotion if this turned out the way he hoped.

Then minutes later true to his word Agent Gary Hall called Mike and he was all smiles, "The boss agrees, the time to move is now before Hung Lawson hides all the evidence. And....I have special permission to bring you alone, in a professional capacity so put on you uniform. I'll pick you up in seven minutes."

Mike disconnected and hurried to change, he felt the adrenalin kick in and he smiled as he pulled on his weapon belt. "Ricky, old buddy, the Calvary is on the way."

Six and one half minutes later a plain black air car landed on his flat next to his patrol vehicle. As he climbed in he was introduced to four other agents , all in flack suits with stun rifles and wearing, gas proof and weapon proof gear.

"Damn, you guys don't play around do you?"

"Well, considering that Kronos employs at least 25 highly trained security agents, we aren't taking any chances. We have four more air buses with another 20 agents on call should we need them."

Mike began to relax a little but the adrenalin kicked in once again as they neared the Corporate office building. Soaring nearly a mile into the clouds it was a wonder of glass and steel and gave no indication of being a labyrinth of evil and dread, but Mike knew that looks were often deceiving.

Requesting permission to enter the landing bay, Agent Hall was kept waiting for over five minutes until Hunt Lawson could be reached. In a shaky voice he gave the agents approval to land and then called his chief security officer to his office.

"They cannot find Richard or those boys. Do I make myself clear? And pull the plug on the cloud. I want it to until they leave. We'll tell them we are rebooting the system or something. Get my head techs in here now!" he shouted.

The head of security Graham Wilson had once been a cop, but because he was even more corrupt than his superiors he eventually lost favor and when he killed a young girl while raping her he was fired from the force. Hunt Lawson had hired him as soon as he saw his record.

"Yes sir, Mr. Hunt. Those are five bodies they'll never find," he said turning on his heel, "and I'll send Polk in, if anyone can advise you on the cloud, it's Polk."

Hunt Lawson paced nervously as he waited for his head tech to arrive and on the huge video screen he observed the HCS car touch down in the landing bay. He could just barely make out the men exiting but zooming in and seeing the riot gear of the four officers he cursed under his breath. "We're fucked, and I'm not going out alone." He said going to his desk and retrieving his neutron gun. Sitting the gun to stun he continued to wait for Polk.

As Dr. Polk entered the door he was met by Lawson who quickly told him what he wanted done.

"But sir, we stand to loose millions if not billions of credits for each hour the cloud is down."

"I don't give a rat's ass if we loose trillions, don't you understand...we are so fucked it's not funny. The HCS is here and in riot gear. They aren't here for tea they're here for my ass. So do what I ask or I'll shoot you where you stand and find someone who can."

"Yes sir, immediately Mr. Hunt," the man said running from the room fearing the feel of a neutron beam on his back at any moment.

From the parking flat the agents and Mike entered an elevator and ascended to the executive floor, number 100. The elevator traveled at over 50 miles per hour but there was very little sensation of movement due to the built in sensual override circuits. In no time at all the elevator stopped at the 100th floor and brandishing their weapons two of the agents emerged first to make sure the area was secure.

Motioning the the others forward they took up the flank position while the other two agents in riot garb took the lead. There was an eerie silence in the halls and from the rooms on either side but when they reached the door at the end of the hall there was a whooshing noise as the door slid into the wall triggered from someone inside.

"Haley, Thomas, cover the rear, Davis, Edwards check out the room ahead," Agent Hall instructed.

Davis and Edwards nodded and moved forward quickly and were gone only a short time before returning, "It's clear sir. Mr. Lawson is waiting just  outside his office."

Hall nodded, "Don't let your guard down for a moment, Lawson is a snake and his bite is deadly."

"Gentleman, come in. What can I do for you?" Hunt Lawson said coming forward and offering his hand.

Agent Hall declined to shake, "Mr. Lawson I have a warrant, signed by Judge Alcorn to search these premises and I expect your complete cooperation," he said brandishing his badge and a copy of the warrant which he handed to Lawson."

"Gentleman, no need for unpleasantries. If you'll just tell me what it is you are looking for I'm sure we can accommodate you."

"Huh, I doubt it," Agent Hall grunted, "All right if you really want to help you can tell us where you're holding Richard  Wagner."

"Why I haven't seen Ricky in...quite some time. Isn't he at his....ummm home with his...friends?"

"Come on Lawson, cut the shit. We know Richard came here this afternoon with one of his young friends and that Richard was detained but the young friend escaped and went for help. Returning with three other boys they were apparently detained as my count you are not only holding Richard but four of his young friends as well."

"That's absurd," Lawson said feigning shock, "If Richard was here as you say, I never saw him. Perhaps your informant is confused."

"I'm done talking Lawson, either produce the boys or get out of our way!"

Lawson held his hands out as if in surrender, "Be my guest gentleman. I won't stand in your ways."

Moving aside Agent Hall gathered his men together, "This place is 120 floors and God only knows how many acres. There is no way we can search this place effectively. As soon as we search one area he can just move the boys to another, we can never get ahead of him and he knows it. He knows this place like the back of his hand I'd imagine and we're virgins here."

"So...what's your plan?" Mike asked with concern.

"You didn't hear this from me, but I think sweating Lawson is our best bet."

"Sweating? You mean....?"

Hall raised an eyebrow, "We're not above the law, but we do stretch the limits some time. Mike, come with me. The rest of you...spread out, but be careful and stay in touch with one another. I'm not loosing any men for a fucked up deal like this."

Mike was speechless but he soon recovered, He had no love for Lawson and he vowed that if he had done anything to Ricky he would personally cut his nuts off and make him eat them. So taking a deep breath and steeling himself for the worst he followed Agent Hall into Lawson's office.

As they burst through the door Lawson was on the vid-phone with someone but he quickly disconnected, "Gentleman...what is it now. I'm a very busy man...."

He never finished his sentence because Agent Hall moved in and grabbed him my the collar cutting off any further speech, "Listen and listen good. You have to the count of ten to tell me where Richard and the boys are or I am going to show you what they taught us in the academy concerning pressure points and pain. Do I make myself clear?"

"But...I already told you...." Lawson gasped wide-eyed with fear.


"I don't know where Richard is...."


"Please you have to believe me," Lawson said stalling for time as he slowly slipped his hand in his pocket and located his weapon.

But Mike who had been observing carefully from the door saw the movement and processing it immediately he drew his own weapon and shouted, "Drop it Lawson or I'll burn you where you stand. Hall move back so I don't hit you too."

Hall dropped Lawson like a hot potato and Lawson staggered back. Even out numbered Lawson still believed he could get to his weapon in time but when his hand pulled free and he brandished the weapon Mike took aim and fired.

The neutron blaster hit Lawson's hand just above the wrist and severed it cleanly, cauterizing the cut as it went. Lawson screamed in pain as his hand and the weapon dropped to the floor with a thud.

"You shot my hand off," he howled.

Then muttering incoherently he dropped to the floor and with is other hand attempted to disengage his severed hand from the gun. Mike and Agent Hall weren't sure whether he was after the weapon or his hand but they weren't taking any chances. Hall placed an expert kick in the middle of Lawson's chest and he collapsed to the floor falling back on his butt.

He began to wail then and Hall kicked the hand and the weapon out of his reach.

"You had a chance Lawson, what happened to your hand is only the tip of the iceberg. Next I blind you with my thumbs," Hall threatened.

" away from me...are you mad? I'll sue...I'll have no right....." he babbled.

"Tell me where you're holding Richard and the boys and we can avoid all this pain and suffering."

"Please...." Lawson blubbered, "I didn't mean to hurt anyone.....I's not my fault...Mr. Wagner authorized the whole thing.....He's to blame...not me...I'm just a servant...."

"One last time, where are they?" Agent Hall said moving quickly and placing his thumbs against Lawson's eyes.

Lawson screamed but managed to blurt out the location of the holding cell before his eyes were gouged out. Hall radioed his team leader and after several minutes of waiting the location was confirmed and the hostages freed.

While they waited for the boys to arrive Hall helped Lawson into his chair and read him his rights. Lawson glared at him behind a mask of insanity.

Mike doubted he would ever stand trial, but would probably wind up in some rubber room somewhere for the rest of his life. It was a shame, but not as shameful as what had gone on at Kronos for so long. He wondered how many children had been blinded, maimed or killed so that the company could make a profit. He felt sick to his stomach. 

When the boys arrived Mike hugged Ricky warmly and introductions were made all around.

"How did you know?" Ricky asked as he hugged his boys to him.

"Mom," Mike said grinning, "good old mom came through for us bro."

Ricky sighed, "And dad, has anyone seen my dad. He was here earlier and....Mike, he knew...he knew," Ricky said sadly as tears clouded his eyes.

In his office just down the hall Fredrick Wagner sat at his desk weighing his options. He knew Kronos was through no matter what. Oh sure they might salvage parts of the trading business, or sell to Galactic Trading for a decent profit, but the company would never be the same....he would never be the same.

He had ruined his life and that of Ricky as well. He thought about his wife only in passing, he hadn't really loved her for a good many years and had only put on a show for Ricky. Believing that his only son was already dead, he made his decision.

Pulling a small neutron stinger from his desk he powered it up and held it looking at it as the last seconds of his life ticked by. Then raising it he placed it against his temple and fired a single blast. His body convulsed as every nerve in his body was shorted out and almost instantly he was dead.

"Commander," one of the other agents said as he returned from his search of the executive floor, "I found Mr. Wagner. Looks like he took the cowards way out. Used a stinger on himself. Funny once they stop the initial convulsing hey look like they're asleep."

Hall nodded and took Mike aside and told him the news, "You're his friend I think you should be the one to tell him about his father."

Mike nodded and slowly walked over to Ricky to break the news.

There was a trial of sorts, but as predicted Lawson managed to wind up in treatment instead of prison. In all fourty two other individuals were indited at Kronos and the link to The Bakersfield Boys Home as well as one to a similar facility for girls was uncovered.

A team of investigators would eventually weed out those in the institutions that knew of the sinister purpose of the facilities and they were brought to  justice swiftly. As a result there were positions to fill and rather quickly and that is how Thomas Oaks became head administrator of The Bakersfield Boys Home. 

Back at home Ricky tried to resume his life as it had been before, but the loss of this father and the horror of what had happened began to prey on his mind. Peter became concerned for his physical and mental health and sought him out one day to try to soothe him.

"Ricky, it's been a month and you still seem, sad. I know it was a terrible shock loosing you dad and all...."

"No, he wasn't my father. He was a monster. It's not him I grieve for...its those boys who were sold and abused and especially the ones who died. I can't do this anymore Peter, I'm not strong enough."

"Ricky, you are the strongest person I know, but you don't have to do it alone. We're here for you ...all of us and we love you and we care what happens to you."

"I know, I'm being selfish and hurting all of you...I'm sorry, but until I work this out...I'm not good for any of you."

"Don't say that...we can't go on without you," Peter wailed.

"Peter, you're the oldest and the most experienced of the group. I'm leaving you in charge."

"But...but where are you going?" Peter asked in horror.

"To Evelon and The Bakersfield Boys Home. I need to do this Peter. I don't think I can find peace until I do."

Peter nodded, "I wish I could go with you," he said sadly, "but I'll stay here and keep this place running so when you get back we can be a family again."

Ricky nodded, "I love you with all my heart Peter and I trust you to carry on if...if something happens to me."

"Stop it Ricky," Peter said as tears blinded his eyes, "Don't say'll come back to have to."

"I want to and I'll try, but I've decided that I no longer control my destiny. It's out of hands. I'll be leaving first thing tomorrow. There's a warp ship lifting for Evelon at noon. And Peter.....I don't want the others to know where I'm going...not yet. As far as they're concerned I'm leaving on business."

"They'll never buy it Ricky," Peter said shaking his head, "please Ricky don't start lying to them now. They trust you and love you and a lie could ruin all that."

"Okay, you're the boys together tonight after the evening meal. I'll tell them then. But right now I need to be alone. I have some thinking to do."

Peter kissed Ricky gently and hugged him, "I love you. Please reconsider."

"I'm sorry, I love you too, but I have to do this."

"Then take some one with you....Cory maybe. That boy loves you so much sometimes I'm a little jealous. He would follow you into the flames of Hell I do believe."

Ricky chuckled. It was the closest to a laugh he'd come since that tragic day, "I know but this is something I have to do alone," Ricky said with such finality that Peter protested no further, "I'll see you at dinner. And..Peter, thank you for...for everything."

Peter didn't like leaving him but he was loyal and obedient and very much like Cory he would follow Ricky undauntingly no matter what he decided. He busied himself with dinner, it was his turn to help cook, and soon he began to fell better. Even if Ricky was the hub on which their wheel turned, the other boys were the spokes and just as important to the Family. He loved each of his brothers and knew in his heart that he would die for any one of them if the need arose.

It was a horrible thought to have but he knew in his heart that if anything ever happened to Ricky that he could go on and make sure the others were taken care of. If there was anything Ricky had taught him, it was to have hope and to always put others before himself and most importantly to love one another. He didn't feel much like eating but he didn't want the other boys to see how concerned he was so he put on his happy face and joined them for the evening meal.

Ricky came in toward the end and grabbed a French fry from Tum Tum's plate causing everyone to giggle. Then leaning against the serving buffet he munched it slowly as he looked at his family.

All the boys turned expectantly to Ricky. He had been so unhappy and so down these last few weeks and all the boys were happy to see him looking better, but there was an air of expectancy filling the room.

Ricky took a deep breath and began, "I've already told Peter and I'm leaving him in charge while I'm gone," he said slowly as the boys gave him their full attention. Some were filled with fear, others with dread.

"I have to go...there is no way I can stay away. I have to see where....where the corporation housed the boys they sold to make a profit. I feel sick just thinking about it but I have to go....I hope you understand," he said holding out his hands and trembling.

As one the boys moved to him and melded into him in a group hug. Ricky let the tears flow freely as he accepted and gave love and support with his family. When he was cried out he answered their questions and to the boy they gave him their undying support and love.

"When will  you be back?" Dominick asked leaning his head against Ricky's shoulder.

"I...don't know, I won't be long though. I need to meet the new director Thomas and make sure the home will now be a safe place for the boys there and any new boys that come to stay there. I have to know that the evil has been washed clean from that place. I have a friend who is making sure of the same thing at the other home, the one for girls. I just couldn't do that myself, the horror of that place is even worse than this one from what I've been told. Young virginal girls as young as seven or eight....." he broke off and began crying again, "I hate...what they have done in the name of my family. I can never forgive those people. I hope they all die in prison," he wailed.

Peter shooed the boys away and gently led Ricky to his room and helped him into bed, "Rest now Ricky and tomorrow I'll take you to the terminal. We'll be fine now, now that we know the truth...we understand."

Ricky nodded and was asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. Peter went back to the boys and assured them Ricky was fine then excused himself, took a shower, and climbed into bed beside Ricky naked.

Ricky stirred and reaching out for the boy he pulled him against him. He nuzzled his neck and found that despite his distress he was still rock hard. Peter reached down and grabbed his hardness and squeezed it gently.

"Please," Peter said softly, his voice full of need, "make love to me. I need this if I am to let you go."

Ricky smiled for the first time in forever and gently kissed Peter on the lips. Soon the kiss became passionate as their hands roamed over each other's bodies. Finally breaking the kiss Ricky worked his way down Peter's neck to his chest and suckled each nipple causing the boy to moan. 

The boy was a work of art. He had grown and matured since Ricky had first met him and his body was nothing less than spectacular. His chest rippled with muscles and his washboard stomach was flat and smooth. His body was completely hairless now due to the laser treatments that Peter had insisted on having, but there was no confusing him with a boy. Peter was as perfect a specimen of male that one could find and his cock stood at just over 6" straight and as perfect as the rest of him. His balls were big for a boy his age (14) and Ricky knew they held a copious amount of sperm. Even when the boy came multiple times in one night he could still produce a decent load of his tasty nectar and Ricky looked forward to tasting the first very soon.

"Ahhhhhh...." Ricky moaned, "I love you so much."

Ricky did not reply as he was too busy swallowing Peter's perfect hardness and didn't stop until it touched the back of his throat. Peter cried out once more and thrust upward burying his cock even deeper in his lover's throat. He never ceased to be amazed at how good Ricky was at oral love making. He had witnessed Ricky with the other boys and each one had said the same thing. He smiled as he thought about watching the boys reactions to Ricky's oral love making. Toes curling and legs shaking the boys would orgasm so hard they often said later that they felt as if their young balls had been turned inside out.

Inside out, that was how he felt now. As if Ricky were loving him from the inside out. He sighed as Ricky pulled up to take a needed lung full of air and then he was back down again working his throat muscles and pulling Peter toward a loud and intense orgasm.

"AWWWWWWW....GAWDDDDDDD," Peter cried out as he began to unload a pint of hot creamy boy cum in Ricky's mouth.

Ricky smacked and moaned in appreciation as he gobbled it all down and when he was sure the boy was empty he lay there with the boy's spent cock in his mouth and savored the taste, scent and feel of is lover. Finally he pulled off but noticed that the whole time Peter has stayed hard. He knew he could have brought him to orgasm again immediately but he wanted to give him a few minutes to rest first.

"Now," Peter said dreamily, "make love to me. I need you inside!" he said desperately.

Ricky smiled and bend down to kiss the boy, "I love you so much. I will miss you most of all, but I need you here to take care of the others. I hope you understand."

"I know," Peter whispered, "let's not talk about that now."

Ricky answered by kissing the boy once more, his tongue probing deep in the boy's hungry mouth. Then sliding down his body he traced a trail with his tongue form chin to navel.

Peter shivered as Ricky worked his magic and when his older lover pushed his legs up and began to lick his balls and taint he cried out and clutched the sheets. When Ricky's tongue reached his hot center he raised his legs higher and pushed his fine smooth ass against Ricky and whimpered.

"Awwwwwwww......ohhhhhhhhhh....."Peter moaned"," he moaned.

Ricky chuckled as he positioned himself and spitting on his hand he lathered up his cock. That and Ricky's pre-cum was all the lubrication he needed and when he at last placed his cock head against Peter's hole it was if it swallowed him up like a hungry mouth.

Ricky threw back his head and moaned as he felt himself sink into the silky heat of  Peter's insides and then as he began to move slowly in and out Peter sighed in satisfaction. This was what he loved best and if it was done right he knew he would orgasm again just from the feeling of Ricky's cock deep within him. The first time that had happened was with Ricky and ever since he had began to observe the phenomena in others, usually when they were with Ricky. But sometimes the older boys could produce the same result in their lovers and he finally decided it was less about size than technique. Whatever the reason, Ricky was expert at making a boy come just by making love to him.

As Ricky let all his troubles melt away he became one with the boy beneath him and by the time he was near orgasm he felt an inner peace that he had not felt since that day when his whole world had fallen apart. He knew he owed this feeling to Peter and to a lesser part the other boys that he called his Family and for the first time in a long time he began to think that things really would be okay again.

As he came he cried out not in despair but in ecstasy and down the hall the other boys giggled as they recognized the sound of orgasmic bliss. Hot jets of his cum filled Peter to almost overflowing and suddenly Peter's cock began to erupt, the first volley landing squarely on Ricky's lips. He laughed out loud and then licked the tasty cream from his lips and bent down to share the taste with his lover.

He stayed inside the boy until his arms began to ache then pulled out slowly and rolled over to lay beside him. They rolled together and began to kiss and cuddle as both recovered from their intense orgasm and soon they were both fast asleep.

The Space Terminal

The boys gathered around Ricky each trying to touch him somewhere on his body as if they needed that contact to survive. They sat in the waiting area of Trans-Galaxy Transport waiting for Ricky's ship to board, but none of them, not even Ricky, was in any hurry for that to happen. There had already been two delays and it looked like there might be yet another before the ship was finally ready for boarding.

Peter sat beside Ricky with his hand entwined in his older lover's a sly smile on his face. He had made peace with Ricky's leaving and felt in his heart that he would be back and soon and that things would be as they once were. Maybe he was deluding himself, he decided, but there was no need to worry about things he couldn't change. He would miss Ricky every day he was away, but he would have his family to pull him through. 

"Now Boarding Trans-Galaxy ship A-48 at gate E-11, please have your boarding pass ready for the agent to scan. Again....." the computer voice repeated the announcement over and over for the next ten minutes but Ricky stood up at the first page.

"Well, this is it guys," Ricky said hugging each boy in turn, "remember Peter is in charge and I expect you to give him the same respect and cooperation you give me. I'll be back as soon as I can," he said fishing in his pocket for his boarding pass, "You can come with me as far as the gate, then...." he said choking up a little. Suddenly he wasn't so sure he was doing the right thing, but he was committed and pulling himself to together he put an arm around Peter and the group moved toward the gate.

In the first few days after the bust at Kronos Trading the media had been after Ricky and his family almost night and day, but news gets old fast and now no one seemed to even notice them as they headed toward the boarding gate in this huge facility.

At the gate a young man watched the group approach. He noticed how affectionate the two boys seemed to be and he wondered if they were lovers. He neither found it offensive or strange, since he had been in many relationships with both male and females, but something was familiar about this group. Then it dawned on him, this was the group called the Family. He tried to remember what all the fuss had been about, but try as hard as he could he couldn't remember the details.

At the gate Ricky hugged each boy again and kissed Peter slowly and throughly causing the young man at the gate to smile knowingly. Then it all came back to him, this was the boy who's father had committed suicide. The man's company had been involved in some sort of slave trading, boys, if he remembered correctly and this one, his son, had taken it very hard. He remembered the young man on the news denouncing the whole affair and promising to do his best to make things right. He smiled as the young man approached.

"Boarding pass sir," the young man said pleasantly.

Ricky smiled as he held up his boarding pass. The young man was cute and seemed to be very nice. He could sense the young man's interest but he didn't know if it was sexual or if he was just curious about him because of the news reports.

After scanning the pass the young man looked past Ricky and smiled at the group of boys watching anxiously. Some had tears in their eyes and they were hugged up in twos comforting each other. He was curious about them more than ever, but he supposed he would never know the real story of their life.

Turning to wave at his family, Ricky started up the ramp and soon disappeared down the tunnel connecting the terminal to the shuttle bus. The boys stared after him until he was gone then stood watching as if they expected him to change his mind and return. Eventually they gave up and turned to go as the young man at the gate watched them with interest. Somehow he had to know more, he decided, and made a mental note to do some research when his shift was over.

 Outside the terminal the boys loaded into the large hover car and belted in. With Peter at the controls they headed back toward the city intending to kill some time shopping and dining out before heading home. It was not often they strayed from the safety and security of the nest, but Peter felt a day out might help them to accept Ricky's leaving. 

At a huge mall near the center of the city, Peter landed the car in the enclosed climate controlled garage and they took the moving walkway to the upper level of the mall. Inside it was a madhouse of confusion and activity and the boys loved it. Watching wide-eyed they finally managed to pull themselves out of their trance and move toward the shops. There was so much to see, so much to do, and so many new and wonderful things to experience. 

Each boy had almost unlimited funds a their disposal but amazingly they bought little. Back at home they had everything they could desire and since stylish clothing was only for the outside world there wasn't much interest there. Peter did find a pair of matching chains, each with half of a heart that when placed side my side made one heart, and he bought it, intending to give Ricky the other half when he returned. He wished he had had he necklace to send with Ricky, but decided it could wait till Ricky returned and it would be a wonderful welcome home gift. 

Dominick chose a pair of wireless headphones and virtual glasses for playing video games. These were new and much better than the ones back at home and when the other boys saw what he had they picked out a pair as well, each in a different color.

Peter missed Ricky already and since Ken had decided to go back to his home world for a visit he was now the oldest boy in the family. A tremendous amount of responsibly had landed on his shoulders, but he was sure he could handle it and hopefully Ken would return in a few days. Ken's leaving had come at a bad time, but Ken too had ghosts to chase and needed the freedom to do so.

Tommy found a huge box of chocolates to purchase and the brothers Todd and Mark chose some matching RC hover car toys and soon they were ready to go. They used the family credit card to pay with and Peter signed with his thumb print. Actually any one of the boys could have signed in such a manner, but Peter usually took the initiative.

From the mall they headed to one of their favorite restaurants, the Pizza Satellite. Hovering a half mile above the planet the Pizza Satellite was one of the most popular hangouts on the planet for the younger crowd. The food was good and there was among other things, a huge arcade, an inside hover board track, and three swimming pools. But the Family's favorite attraction was the Flying Deck. Here one could don an anti-grav back pack and literally fly like a bird in the huge 200 foot high hanger.

After pizza and sodas the older boys headed toward the flying deck, while Doug, Tommy and the brothers headed toward the arcade. They loved the three D reality games and usually spent all their time playing, Time Traveler, or Space Explorer, their favorite games.

"I need to pee," Tommy said veering off from the others, I'll catch up to you in a minute. Then headed off toward the bathroom he noticed a couple of boys ahead of him cuffing each other playfully and giggling. 

Inside the huge restroom he headed toward the urinals. The two boys were nowhere in sight now, but he heard a door close at the other end of the room and guessed they had entered a stall, either together or separately. He knew boys like himself often played around when they had opportunities like this and he was curious if they would like to play with him too. 

He finished peeing and zipped up then headed toward the end of the room where the stalls were. He bent down and craned his neck and was rewarded by a glimpse of both boys shoes beneath the low door. One pair was facing him and the other was turned the other way indicating that the boys were at least facing each other and that was enough evidence for Tommy to continue.

Entering the stall next to the one the boys were in, Tommy latched the door and quickly dropped his pants and underwear and sat down on the toilet. He bend low again and now saw the feet and ankles of one of the boys next door and realized that this boy was also sitting on the toilet.

Coughing softly to let the boys know he was there in case they hadn't heard him close the door he waited. From the position of the other boys feet he determined that he was facing the boy on the toilet and very close to him, his crotch just about at the level of the other boy's head. He smiled, the one boy is blowing the other one, he thought as his own penis grew to it's full 4" of uncut glory. He reached down and grabbed it automatically and began to stroke it as he leaned over and pressed his ear against the partition.

He thought he heard heavy breathing and a soft moan and that made him even hornier. Finally standing up he pulled his clothes up so they wouldn't trip him and placed a foot on the toilet and grabbing hold of the top of the wall he brought the other foot up to rest on the rim and peeked over the wall.

As he had suspected the boy on the toilet was sucking the other boys noisily and rapidly and the other boy seemed lost in lust. His eyes were closed and he was swaying as he softly moaned and thrust his crotch into his friend's face.

"Hey," Tommy whispered softly causing both boys to look up and cry out softly, "'s okay. It's cool...can I come over there and play too?" he asked grinning.

The two looked at each other and the boy standing shrugged and spoke softly, "Okay, come on over. But you gotta suck my friend if you do."

Tommy was at the door almost before the boy could unlatch it.  Stepping inside Tommy latched the door behind him and introduced himself.

"I'm Tommy, I'm 12 and I love to suck." 

"I'm Jay, that's Phillip. He likes to suck too," the standing boy said grinning.

"Do either of you like to fuck?" Tommy asked boldly causing the boy named Jay to gasp in surprise.

"In the butt? way...we've never done that...but, I sort of wondered what that's like."

"Okay, how bout this, I suck your friend while you fuck me?"

"I...well, okay....if you're sure, but I never done this before so you'll have to show we what to do," the boy said starting to tremble in anticipation.

Fortunately the stall was the handicapped type and ran the entire length of the bathroom so there was room for what Tommy had in mind. Gently moving Jay out of the way Tommy removed his shoes then stripped off his pants and underwear. It felt so much better to be naked and he was suddenly aware of both boys staring at him with lust filled eyes. He couldn't help but wiggle his little ass a bit but it was his hard penis that the boy on the toilet, Phillip was staring at.

"Uh, how about if I suck you while Jay fucks you instead?" Phillip said practically licking his lips at the sight of Tommy's uncut stiffy.

"Well, that works too, but you'll have to kneel down here...." he began, but Phillip was already on his knees and taking Tommy's cock in his hand, "O...kayyyy...Tommy giggled, "Now Jay spit on your dick and wet it while I lube my butt," Tommy said, then spitting on his finger he began to wet his hole. He knew it wouldn't take much since Jay's cock was much smaller then Ricky's or even Peter's. 

He sighed with satisfaction as Jay pressed against him and he reached back to guide the shaking boy inside. With one impatient thrust Jay buried his slender 3.5 inches in Tommy's wet silky hole hissing his approval as he felt the heat enclose his throbbing cock.

"Awww...feels so fucking good," Jay said to his friend who was already busy swallowing Tommy's hard cock to the hilt.

"Sure does," Tommy cooed, "Now just move in and out...that's it...oh, yeah like that, you're touching my button inside," he gasped.

"Button?" Jay muttered but Tommy didn't explain and he didn't pursue it. He didn't really care about anything at that moment except the wonderful feeling coursing through his body as his cock slid in and out of Tommy's hot wet hole.

He worried for a moment that his dick would be covered in shit when he pulled out, but that worry was overshadowed by the wonderful feeling he was getting by plugging the boy's poop chute with it. He was young and inexperienced and soon he felt himself approaching that wonderful feeling that he had felt so many times before while rubbing his hard cock. This was the feeling he had hoped for when he had agreed to let Phillip blow him, but somehow he knew that feeling was nothing compared to the one he would soon be experiencing when he came deep inside this boy's guts.

He had only just recently began producing spunk, but as of yet had no pubic hair which caused him to look younger than his 12 years. Grabbing the new boy, Tommy by the waist he suddenly threw his head back and cried out, "Awww....I'm coming...then he began to unload his small watery load into Tommy's hot guts.

Not to be outdone, Tommy suddenly grabbed Phillip by the head and forced his cock deep into the boy's throat as he also reached orgasm. Phillip gagged for a moment then recovered and proceeded to greedily gobble down every drop of Tommy's tasty cum.

"Aww...gawd....that was amazing," Jay said looking down to see his still hard cock as he pulled it from Tommy's gaping hole. He was amazed to find that other than a clear liquid, spit or his cum he supposed, there was no mess at all. Of course he couldn't know that Tommy, like all the other boys in the Family, kept himself clean inside and out at all times.

"Thanks Phillip," Tommy said letting his cock slip from the boy's mouth just as Jay freed his own from his still throbbing hole. What he really wanted was for Phillip to fuck him too, but somehow he thought Phillip was more like him than like Jay and was probably more interested in getting than giving, "Now, I wanna suck you."

Phillip shrugged, "Sure...thanks...uh, for letting me suck you," he muttered.

Jay was pulling up his pants but he was still hard and when he saw Tommy sit down on the toilet and pull Phillip to him he began to get a little aroused again. He moved closer and watched with interest as Tommy swallowed Phillip's nicely shaped 4" cock and wondered where this kid had learned all this sex stuff. 

"Uhhhhh..." Phillip grunted. He loved sucking cock and getting fucked but this was something new for him. He knew Jay would never have returned the favor, but he had wanted to suck his friend off for so long that he didn't care if he got his nut or not. Now this new kid was giving him the best feeling of his life. Grunting and gyrating his hips and obviously enjoying himself, Tommy decided to take a chance on getting more.

Pulling off of the boy's dick he began to jack it as he looked up at the boy, "Want to fuck me like Jay did?" he asked lustily.

"I...I've never..." Phillip sputtered.

"But, you've had it up your butt, right?"

Phillip nodded, "I like that," he said blushing.

"Come on, just try it. If you don't like it, I'll finish blowing you. Pleasssse," Tommy pleaded.

"Do it Phillip," Jay said in a husky voice, "I wanna watch you stick that big dick up his ass."

That was all the encouragement Phillip needed and nodding he stood back as Tommy stood up and turned around wiggling his cute rear end as he braced himself the wall. With shaking hands Phillip spat on his hand and lubed his cock while Tommy took care of is hole. It was still gaping a little and Phillip had no problem burying his hard cock in there and when he bottomed out he moaned softly. Now he knew what it felt like from the other end and he had a whole new insight into sex. He loved the silky hot wet feel of this new boy's ass and he could smell a slight musky odor emanating from it that drove him on with new excitement.

As he began to move he felt Jay touch his ass gently and he shivered at his touch. He wanted Jay to fuck him more than anything on earth and he saw this as an opportunity to open up that door for him.

Pushing all the way inside his cock was surrounded by Tommy's heat and he wasn't sure how much longer he could hold out. He had been close to coming while the boy was blowing him, but his orgasm was imminent.

"Oh...oh...oh..." he gasped, then second later he began to unload deep inside Tommy's hot tight guts.

Seeing his friend in the throes of such an intense orgasm Jay gasped and grabbed him and began to rub against his smooth naked ass. Then before either boy knew what was happening Jay was pressing his cock head against Phillips rosebud and seconds later he was deep inside his friend.


Tommy managed to work himself out from beneath Phillip and stood off to one side and watched with interest. 

"Well, looks like my work here is done," Tommy giggled, "you two have fun, I'm gonna go play Space Explorers." He said getting dressed quickly. 

Neither boys seemed to take much notice as he slipped out the door making sure to close it and even though he couldn't latch it, the spring hinge kept it closed. He washed his hands at the sink and looked at his reflection in the mirror. He smiled and pointed a finger at himself in the mirror and headed out to join the others. This would make a nice story to share with the others tonight.

At the Flying Deck Peter and Dominic were showing Cory how to use the anti-grav pack. He was a fast learner and before long they decided he was ready for his first flight. They flanked him as he began his ascent and then coached him as he learned to control his up, down, left, right controls. Within a few minutes he was flying smoothly and the other two relaxed and though they remained close they allowed him to experiment and learn as he went along. 

There were a dozen or so other fliers that day, mostly children or teens, but there was plenty of room for each to claim a fair amount of air space. There were roosts and ledges in the huge room earning it the nickname, the birdcage, and as Cory came to rest on one of the flat wide roosts he looked down at the floor below in awe. He was only about half way up in the dome but the people below still looked as small as ants.

He was considering taking flight again when someone skidded to a stop a few feet away on his roost. Turning to see if it was Peter or Dominic he was surprised to see it was a girl about his age wearing a red skin tight jumpsuit. She had one of those non nondescript  bodies that could have belonged to a boy or a girl, with no breasts and short hair. The only reason Cory decided it was girl was because she wore makeup and lipstick. 

She smiled at Cory and flashed her deep blue eyes at him them smiled exposing a mouth full of perfect white teeth, "Hey, you.. new boy. What's your name," she said in a voice that didn't exactly match her looks.

"Cory, what's yours," Cory replied a little put off by the girl's brash demeanor.

"Jonny," she said then spelling it out to avoid any confusion, "J..O..N..N..Y, not the other way."

Jonny, Cory thought. He had never know a girl named Jonny. Was it possible he had guessed her..his sex wrong?

"How old are you...Cory?"

"Uh, 12 almost 13. How bout you?"

"Jonny threw her head back and laughed, " ya can't."

"Uh...12," Cory said uneasily. Something about this girl was making him very nervous.

"Ha, I"m 16 and I'm not a girl if that's what you're thinking," Jonny said grabbing his crotch and for the first time Cory could see that there was a prominent bulge there. How he had missed that during his initial observations he couldn't understand...unless, was it because now she..he was hard?

"But, you look my age...." Cory began.

"I know, I know...I'm a runt, but not down here. I got six inches down here," he said fondling himself again and causing the bulge to grow a little.

Cory swallowed nervously, he wasn't afraid of the boy exactly but it was kind of weird what he was saying and doing, " guess."

"Want to come to the bathroom with me and see?" Jonny suddenly said looking excited.

"Uh, that's okay. I believe you," Cory said nervously.

"Oh, okay...your loss. Well, gotta fly. Maybe I'll find someone who wants to play. Hey, if you change your mind....I'm here all day," the boy said grinning, "and I'm lots of fun."

"Okay, thanks," Cory said blushing. Boy things sure were weird out in the real world, he thought. Suddenly he longed for the safety and security of home and dropped off the ledge to see if he could find the others.

As he slowly drifted to the floor below he was unaware of someone coming upon him from behind and above until there was a gentle nudge from behind. Turning his head suddenly he was shocked to see the boy from the roost, Jonny reaching for his hand.

He hesitated only a moment before extending his hand to the boy and when he did Jonny grasped it tightly and pulled him closer, "Hi, I just couldn't let you go without apologizing for before. I'm sorry...sometimes I forget that not everyone is as  horny as I am. Do you forgive me?" he said looking at Cory with puppy dog eyes.

Cory had to laugh, the lipstick and makeup were just too much for him to accept, "I guess, but...what's with the makeup and the lipstick?"

"Well, some guys know..girly boys and I can do that too, if that's what they want. You thought I was a girl at first, right? Well sometimes I spot a guy who looks know, the kind who likes girls and boy are they surprised when they get in my pants...ha ha."

Cory frowned, they were very near the ground now and he waited till they landed to speak. "But what happens then, aren't they mad?"

"Only one guy acted like it mattered. See, I'm all smooth down there. I had the laser thing and I don't have any hair on my body at all anymore."

Cory sighed, "I guess I see, but don't you have any friends you can do stuff with. Why do you come here and pick up...uh, strangers?"

"Oh, I don't''s fun and exciting I sometimes they buy me pizza," he said giggling, "and...well...I sorta don't have anywhere to go right now."

"Huh, what do you mean?" Cory asked with concern.

"I...sorta got kicked out of my place. I mean I had a job, but I got fired and now...well, I hang out here a lot and guys...well, they like me so I sorta do okay."

"That's awful," Cory said frowning, "you need a place to live and a family. Don't you have any parents or anyone?"

Jonny shook his head and looked away but not before Cory saw  tears form in his eyes, " was bad...remember a couple of years ago when that big storm hit the lake?"

"Uh, no I didn't live here then, but I heard a little about it."

"Well, my folks, see they had a business on the lake and they got wiped out when the storm hit. I was at school that day so...well, I had some money and I kept our place till the money ran out then I got a job and found a little place to stay. It's a whole sad story," he said seeming to be over his earlier show of emotion, "but I do okay."

Cory had an idea but it wasn't his place to make a decision of this magnitude. He had to get the others involved. Just as those thoughts entered his head Peter and Dominic drifted down to the floor a few feet away.

"Hey, Cory who's your girlfriend," Dominic joked.

"I'm a boy," Jonny said rolling his eyes, "and from the looks of that lump in your are you," he teased.

Dominic's eyes flew open wide and he blushed, "Uh..sorry...I'm Dominic," the boy said offering the universal fist bump that had become so popular since the plagues of 2020.

Jonny bumped fists and looked at Cory questioningly, "These your brothers?"

Cory grinned, "Yeah, they are and I have some more running around here somewhere, oh, and this one is Peter. He's sort of our...umm..leader right now."

Jonny eyed Peter hungrily, he was just the type Jonny craved, "Well, you can lead me anywhere," he said suggestively.

"Can...can I talk to you a minute...alone?" Cory asked eying Peter nervously.

Peter frowned, but nodded, "Come on let's get a drink and let Jonny and Dominic get better acquainted.

In the vending area Peter fed his card into the machine and they both pulled out an aluminum bottle filled with a popular energy drink. 

"What's up with this one?" Peter said perching on the edge of a table.

"He's...alone Peter. He comes here to find guys have sex with and they...they buy him food or whatever. His folks died when that storm hit the lake that time."

"I remember that, but what's that got to do with us?"

Cory sighed. He was hoping Peter would see things as he did, that Jonny needed a home and a family and they could provide that. "I was know, maybe he could come home with us....just for a little while. I mean if the others don't like him or he doesn't fit in....."

"Ah..sorry, I see now. I guess I'm dense," he said tapping his head and grinning, "Well, I don't have a problem with it, but I think we need to talk to the others don't you?"

Cory nodded, "Yes...but I wanted to know how you felt first."

"Okay then, let's go find the others. But have you discussed this with Jonny? He might no want to come with us you know?"

", I didn't want to mention it till I knew for sure."

"Okay, fair enough. Let's go see how Dominic and Jonny are doing. 

When they found the two they were surprised to see the other boys had come looking for them and now were engaged in conversation with the new boy. 

Peter smiled, "Well, I think we can assume that the other boys won't have a problem with our new friend."

Peter managed to get the other boys' attention long enough to ask the questions he needed to. It was decided by unanimous decision that Jonny was welcome to come home with them and though Jonny looked unsure and a bit worried at first he finally agreed under one condition, that if it didn't work out he could leave.

"Of course, it's not a prison. It's a Family. You're going to love it there though," Peter assured him.

"I hope so, but...I will umm, friends here," he said biting his lip. 

Cory knew exactly what he meant though and he tugged on his sleeve and pulled him down to whisper in his ear and when he raised his head he was grinning, "Well in that case, let's fly," he said looking at Peter and winking.

Peter felt a little uncomfortable as Jonny continued to stare at him as if he were a tasty treat but once the got in the air car he lost track of him as he settled in the back with Cory and Dominic.

The trip was a short one and when they landed on the lake pad Jonny became a little agitated, "Wait, what are you doing? We'll drown," he said rising and trying to reach the front.

Dominic and Cory tackled him and dragged him back to his seat and tried to calm him down.

"It's okay, it's perfectly safe. Our home is under the lake. It's waterproof and there are escape pods and plenty of safeguards. Trust us, you'll forget all about the lake once you're inside."

"O....okay," Jonny said shivering in fear, "I'll just close my eyes...tell me when it's over."

The descent into the parking garage took only a minute or so and once the top hatch slid back into place Peter unsealed the door and announced it was safe to get out.

Jonny followed Cory and Dominic closely and when they reached the decontamination room he relaxed a bit. He stripped off his clothes quickly and stuffed them down the nearest shoot and  when he was naked Cory couldn't help but gaze at his slim smooth body with interest.

Scratching his balls absent-mindedly Jonny grinned and winked at Cory. When the cycle began he closed his eyes and let the water wash away his worries and insecurities. By the time they were dry and in the clothing room he felt at peace with his decision to join them.

They dressed in shorts and tees and barefoot the boys padded out to the lounge to visit and get to know the new boy. The decon unit had washed away Jonny's makeup and lipstick leaving behind a cute teenage boy's face with dimples and lovely blue eyes that seemed to flash with danger.

Jonny was a happy person and very loving, but until now he hadn't had anyone to love. Now that he was in the midst of these boys, this family, he began to remember the old Jonny and how good it felt to love and be loved.

By dinner time it was as if he had been a part of them forever and even offered to help clean up after the huge meal. As he and Peter and Cory cleared away the dishes he asked a few more questions about the Family.

"So this guy, Ricky, he like owns this place?"

"Well, actually it belongs to all of us now. Ricky made sure each of us has a share of his assets. Technically all of us are bazillionairs," Peter laughed, "but who needs money when you have everything you could ever want right here?"

"So..if I stay and go through that initiation thing, I get a share too?"

"Well, that will really be up to Ricky, but if things work out, and I'm pretty sure they will, then would become a partner in all this. You see someday we hope to grow, to include men and women and boys and girls."

"Yeah, so maybe you'd fit in either way," Cory teased.

"Funny, very funny," Jonny said slapping Cory with a wet dish rag, "I bet you'd like for me to dress up like a girl and do you."

"Gross....I don't like girls that way," Cory said making a face.

"Anyway, what do you think so far?" Peter said ignoring the two boy's teasing.

"Well, so far I.....LOVE IT...." he said beaming, "and if what Cory had told me is true I'm gonna love it even more at bedtime...if you know what I mean," he said looking at Peter and winking.

"Have you already got a partner in mind?" Peter asked cutting to the chase.

"Uh...well....I know who I'd like to be with," he said suddenly turning shy.

Peter chuckled, "Someone in this room?" he asked assuming it was Cory since he had hit on him first.

Jonny nodded, "Uh huh," he said looking Peter squarely in the eyes.

"Well, what does he say about it?" Peter asked looking at Cory who appeared to be confused.

"I...haven't asked yet. I'm sort of shy. I mean I'm new and kind of a runt...." he said  trailing off. All his insecurities seemed to be returning suddenly and he was at a loss for words.

"I don't think of you that way," Peter assured him, "I think you're a very cute boy and I think anyone here would be happy to play with you."

"Even...uh, even you?" Jonny asked blushing bright red.

"Oh....oh!" Peter said, suddenly understanding that it was him and not Cory that Jonny was talking about all along. "Well, yes...but there's only one problem."

"Uh, what's that?" 

"I'm extremely tired and may not last long enough in bed to please you. But if that happens and I fall asleep anyone of the other boys would be happy to finish what I started," he chuckled.

"Peter!" Cory laughed, "Stop teasing Jonny. You know you aren't going to fall asleep on him."

"I'm sorry Jonny, I just couldn't resist. Come on the dishes are done lets go see what the others are up to."

Since they had all showered in the decon room upon their return baths weren't necessary that night so everyone had parked in the lounge and were scattered around the room watching a variety of programming on the four huge vid screens. The new wireless headsets were proving to be a good investment, but when Peter, Cory and Jonny entered the room the boys removed them and gave their attention to the three.

"Hey Jonny, you gonna join us?" Dominic shouted.

At first Jonny thought he meant on the couch he and Tommy were sitting on, then when Doug shouted, "Yeah, take the plunge and go for it. The initiation is so cool and what happens afterwards is even cooler," he said poking Mark in the side causing him to giggle.

"Oh, that....well, I need to think about that a while I guess, but I really like it here so far."

"Come sit by us, Doug said patting the seat next to him, "I wanna tell you how I wound up here."

One by one the boys told their story and when they were finished the evening had turned into nighttime. The two youngest boys, brothers Mark and Todd went off to bed looking tired and yawning widely. It had been a long and tiring day and all of the boys were feeling a little of what the brothers felt. All except Jonny who seemed to have an endless supply of energy.

One by one the boys excused themselves until only Cory, Peter and Jonny remained in the lounge.

"Are you tired Jonny?" Cory asked as he stifled a yawn.

"Naw, not really.  I guess I'm too excited to feel tired."

"I'm sort of tired, but I can stay up if you want to talk some more," Cory offered.

"Naw, you go on to bed. Hey, by the way....where do I sleep?"

"Tonight you'll share my bed," Peter said smiling, "and tomorrow we'll find you a bed you can call your own."

"Oh, okay," Jonny said grinning.

"Well, goodnight," Cory said reaching over to give Peter a big hug and a kiss on the lips. Jonny watched closely and smiled as the two showed their affection for one another.

"Goodnight brother. Sleep well."

"Well, goodnight Jonny," Cory said offering the same affection to his new brother.

Jonny accepted willingly and felt a lump in his throat as they hugged. It had been a long time since anyone really cared about him and that he had cared for anyone else, but this group had opened his eyes to what he had been missing.

"Goodnight little brother," Jonny said easily. He liked the ideal of having so many cute boys for brothers.

When Cory was gone Peter stood and offered his hand to Jonny. "Well, come on, let's see if I'm really who you want tonight."

Jonny had no doubts in his mind and once they were in Peter's room and began to undress he felt his excitement growing by the second. His cock was rock hard now and he had not been exaggerating when he said it was 6". Though slender it was a perfectly straight arrow with a flaring purple mushroom head and as he freed it Peter gasp in surprise.

" are hung like a pony," Peter said grinning, "I hope you like riding, cause I definitely want that in me."

Jonny grinned, "You got it big brother. It's all yours, but only if you return the favor...see I like it both ways."

"Not a problem bro, I love it both ways too. Come on lets pee and brush our teeth and get busy."

Far away in space Ricky lay in his stateroom and stared up at the ceiling. Out here in space it was night all the time, but his internal clock told him that it was night also on his home world of Kronos. He missed his family, most of all Peter, and sweet Cory who had stolen his heart so easily and suddenly he wondered why he had left them. What could he accomplish out here in the blackness of space? The authorities and the new security forces of Kronos Trading had assured him that the boys home had been cleaned up and all was well there. So why was it so important that he go there? Was it because he needed closure or was it because he wanted to see first hand where the victims of his father and Hunt Lawson had been herded and raised for slaughter?

He was jogged from his wool gathering suddenly by a soft knock on his stateroom door. Rising he walked the few steps to the door and opened it just enough to see who was disturbing his deep thoughts.

"Mr. Wagner....Richard Wagner?" The young man outside the door said looking as disturbed as Ricky felt.

"Yes, I"m Richard Wagner, what can I do for you?"

"I'm Charles Barone, I understand you are headed for Evelon....I am headed there myself. You see, I've been hired to teach at the boys home there....the Bakersfield Boys Home and I understand that you...well, sort of own the place."

"My father's...well, let's just say that my family has supported the home for a good many years, but that recently some changes had to be made. I hope you understand if I don't go into detail, I'm tired and really need to get some sleep."

"Oh, yes...yes, I'm sorry. Perhaps we could talk some more tomorrow then. I really want to discuss some things with you...some things that I feel may be important for you to know before you make a decision."

"Decision? What decision is that Mr...Barone?"

"Well, I supposed your trip out here was to make a decision about whether to close the boys home or whether to just cut your ties with it."

Ricky rubbed his eyes, he could feel a headache coming on, "I really don't want to get into this any further tonight, perhaps over lunch tomorrow. I'll be dining at twelve hundred hours. I'll see you then. Goodnight Mr. Barone."

Barone uttered a quick goodnight and Ricky shut the door and latched it. Leaning against it Ricky began to sob. As his legs buckled he slid down the door until he was sitting on the floor. He sat there for most of the night.

"Harder," Jonny cried out as Peter continued pounding his small tight ass with abandon, "faster...I wanna cum from being fucked. Yeah, that's it..oh..oh..yeah that's the spot...ummmm.....gonna cum soon......."

Peter couldn't remember when he'd had such an enthusiastic partner and except for Ricky, anyone he's enjoyed fucking more. The kid was a sex machine. He'd fucked Peter first and came twice and now he was trying to come again from getting fucked. Peter was no stranger to orgasms caused by rubbing against the prostate, but never had he been with anyone who could come so many times in such a short time period. As his orgasm approached he bent down and kissed the boy beneath him again. This time Jonny offered his tongue and when Peter sparred with his own the boy bit it as he cried out and began to spew his sticky seed all over the two of them.

"Owww..." Peter cried out, then a second later he too orgasmed and cried out again, but  his second cry was of pleasure and not pain. He continued to move slowly even as his balls emptied in the boy and the ensuing deluge was too much for the boy to accept. As Peter looked down at where his cock disappeared into the boy's tight hole he saw his own seed begin to dribble out.

Sighing he stopped moving and basked in the euphoria of his post orgasmic bliss as Jonny wiggled beneath him still experiencing his own bit of euphoria. When they had both settled down a bit, Peter untangled himself from the boy and fell down beside him.

"Wow, that was pretty intense," Peter said sighing.

"Uh huh...nice," Jonny cooed, then sighing he said, "I could really get used to this."

"So I take it you want to stay a while, if not forever?"

"I don't know about forever, but till I'm of age sounds good."

On Kronos the age of consent was 12 or puberty, which ever came first, but legal age was still 18 just as it had been throughout most of history.

"A day, a week, a month, a year, two years, five years..forever, you are welcome as long as you obey the rules."

"Uh, I didn't know you had any rules here," Jonny said reaching over to rub Peter's chest.

Peter shivered at his touch then sighed, "Only one really, love and be loved, but of course there are a few sort of unwritten rules."


"Well, obvious things, like you don't hurt anyone, or cause any damage to anyone or anything. Stuff like that."

"And what if I want to know, later or something?"

"You go, it's that simple and Ricky will take you anywhere you want to go and make sure you have money for a place to stay and food. He's like that and you know what else, we all want to be just like him."

"He sounds almost too good to be true."

Peter laughed, "Yeah, sometimes it does seem that way, "but right now Ricky's really hurting and he needs to fix things out the boys home and then he'll be back and we can all be happy again," Peter said sounding tired and sad.

Jonny who was a bit of an empath picked up on his feeling right away and began to stroke him gently in a soothing manner, "It's okay, he'll be back soon. Boy, can't wait to meet him," then stifling a yawn he added, "I guess I'm finally ready to get some sleep if you are."

Peter nodded and closed his eyes, "And for the record, what just happened was amazing. Thanks little brother," he said leaning in and kissing Jonny once more, "sleep well little brother and welcome to the Family."

"Thanks," Jonny said snuggling in against Peter's warm solid frame, "goodnight....and thanks."

"Welcome....." Peter said drowsily and then a moment later he was snoring softly.

There were no alarms in the nest, as the boys liked to call it, but hungry boys make excellent alarm clocks and every morning by seven the first meal of the day was began. The boys took turns with cooking, cleanup and other chores, following a schedule that Peter made out once a month and not one of them ever complained or balked when it was their time to do chores. However there was often trading of duties or favors asked, but as long as the chores got done Peter didn't make a fuss.

This morning it was the brothers Mark and Todd and Dominic who cooked breakfast. Mark liked waffles but Todd preferred French Toast so when breakfast duty fell on them they flipped a coin to see who got to fix his favorite. Today Todd won the toss and the French Toast, bacon and sausage were already on to cook when Jonny stumbled into the kitchen still naked looking bed worn.

"Good morning," Mark giggled, "did Peter wear you out last night?"

"Huh,, it okay that I' know, not wearing any clothes?"

"It's dangerous in the kitchen but clothes are optional. Most of us wear them because we want to. But it's up to you. Just don't get too close to the stove, that sausage of yours might get cooked," he added giggling.

Jonny yawned and stretched displaying his lean taut muscles and Dominic clucked approval, "Hey, Jonny....if you haven't got a better offer how about sleeping in my bed tonight?"

"Huh, oh sure...yeah that'd be good," Jonny said grinning. He thought Dominic was cute and he intended to sleep with all of his new brothers eventually so why not start with this one, "Thanks."

"Thank me in the morning," Dominic said winking and causing everyone to erupt in laughter.

Jonny decided being naked might not be all that wise and anyway he was a little cold so he went back to Peter's room to find his clothes. Peter was awake and sitting on the edge of the bed, still naked and staring at a piece of paper in his hand.

"Good morning," Jonny said as he walked in, "have you seen my clothes from last night?"

"Oh, sorry. I shoved them down the processing chute. They'll be washed and restocked in the clothing room. Just go on down there and grab some clean ones, okay. You know how to get there?"

"Uh, no...not really," Jonny confessed, the place was massive and he'd only seen a small part of it and it was like a maze getting around. He was lucky he found his way back to Peter's room.

"Okay, I'll have Cory show you how to get around then. It's really pretty easy and there are maps everywhere. Those little screens in each corridor they pinpoint your location and all you have to do is enter your destination and it maps out the route. It will even print it out if you need it. Cory will show you. I'll call him."

Standing up Peter walked over to his computer on the desk and pushed a button, "Cory can you come to my room?"

Jonny watched Peter with interest, he was so hot and so sweet. Last night had been wonderful, but Jonny wasn't the kind of boy who chose just one partner, no...he liked to play around and this place was just what he needed.

Cory appeared looking well rested, dressed in shorts and a tank top and of course barefoot as all the boys were except when they ventured outside the nest. Peter told him what was needed and Cory smiled and took Jonny in tow. As they left Peter noticed Jonny had his hand on Cory's cute little butt and he smiled. He recognized Jonny for what he was, but he hoped he could change and fit in anyway because he hated to admit it, but he had already became quite attached to him.

He returned his attention to the letter he had been reading and frowned. It was from Ricky's mother and in it she detailed how sorry she was for all that had happened and how ashamed she was of her husband. In it she said she had no love for her dead husband and called him a coward and went so far as to say he got what he deserved. 

This was definitely not the kind of letter Ricky needed to see right now and though it was addressed to all of the Family, Ricky had no intention of sharing it with anyone until Ricky saw it first. He sighed and laid the letter down and thought about how much he missed Ricky. He had only been gone one day but it seemed like an eternity. Jonny had helped him forget for a few hours, but now the loss and longing for Ricky returned with renewed vengeance. He got up quickly and hid the letter and then went in to shower and get ready for breakfast.

In the clothing room Jonny was exploring the cubby holes and hang racks for clothing and finally came up with a pair of long shorts and a baggy tee which hung almost to his knees. As Cory watched him curiously from his seat by the door he couldn't help but notice how slender and wiry the boy looked. He was scarsely aware of his erection poking up in his shorts until Jonny spun around and pointed at it.

"Nice tent pole," Jonny teased, "see something over here you like?" he said strutting a bit and shaking his cute slender butt.

"Maybe, I mean I get boners a lot, we all do. Ricky says it's because we're un...uninhibited, that means nobody makes fun of us or cares that we get them. It doesn't mean we just stop everything and have sex every time we get one, but it's nice to be free and not have to worry about it. Does that make sense?"

Jonny nodded, he hadn't really needed all that info, but it did make sense to him. But what he was really hoping was that Cory might be up for some playing around before they went back. Walking over to where Cory sat, he plopped down beside him and put an arm around him, "You know, you were the first one I met and I liked you right away and wanted know, you like me that way or not?"

"Huh, oh sure," Cory said quickly, "I think you're really cute have a nice body."

"So....what do you say? We have time before breakfast....don't we?"

"Uh, yeah...I guess so....right here?"

"Well, I don't care if you don't. Or if you know somewhere else to go, I'm game."

Cory thought a minute and the longer he thought the hornier he got, "Okay, come on I know a place. Bring your clothes, you can get dressed afterwards."

Peter grabbed his things and eagerly followed Cory as he led him back down the hall only this time they veered off to the right and went through a set of double sliding doors into a huge room with a very tall ceiling that had among other things,  a huge swimming pool.

"Wow, cool....a swimming pool down here...that is so cool."

"It's where we have the ritual, if you join us this is where you will become one of the Family. Come on," Cory said taking his hand. It felt naughty to be doing this and it only added to Cory's excitement.

Leading Jonny up to the stage and through a door they found themselves in the robe room. There was a bathroom there at one side, but Cory had something else in mind. 

Going to a tall stack of cushioned mats he pulled one down, then another and tossed them on top of each other on the floor, "There, that should be soft enough," he said as he began to strip off his shorts and tee shirt.

Jonny was pumped that the kid was so eager and since he was already naked he helped Cory get undressed. They hit the mat kissing and hugging and then Jonny began to make his way down Cory's smooth soft body until he got to his middle. In one gulp he swallowed Cory's hardness causing Cory to moan softly. Running his hands through Jonny's short hair he thrust up to bury all of his hard uncut 4" in Jonny's hungry mouth.

"Wow, you're good," Cory gasped.

"Uh huh," Jonny mumbled around his boystick as he continued his expert oral assault.

"I'm close," Cory cried out a few minutes later. This resulted in Jonny redoubling his efforts and a few minutes later Cory rose up and cried out once more, "Awwwwww.....oh...oh....shit....ummmmmm..." as he began to come in Jonny's hot wet mouth.

As soon as Jonny had swallowed it all he came up off Cory's slick cock and licked his lips, "Tastes like candy," he giggled, then looking serious he asked, " you take it up the butt?"

"Ummm...yeah...want to?" Cory asked grinning.

"Oh,, I want to....I want to bad. On your back okay?"

"Uh huh, if you kiss me while you're doing it," Cory said dreamily.

Shivering with anticipation, Jonny wet his cock with a mouthful of spit and Cory's cum and then fingered his hole until he was sure he was loosened up, "You been fucked a few times haven't ya. Did Ricky and Peter fuck ya?"

Cory frowned, "We call it making love, but yeah...and I love it."

"Then you're gonna love this even more," Jonny said placing his 6" penis against Cory's slick hole and pushing. 

Cory grunted as Jonny slid in, but moaned in appreciation as he touched his special place inside, "Ummmm.....oh...yeah.....that's the spot."

"Hold on baby, cause I'm gonna f...I mean make love to you like no one ever has."

Cory hated to admit it but Jonny was a good lover and he knew exactly what to do to make it good for both of them. He had  orgasmed from being made love to several times before with Peter and Ricky, and he was pretty sure it was going to happen again with Jonny. 

He didn't have to ask Jonny to kiss him again either because as soon as Jonny pushed all the way in he bent down and began tongue kissing him passionately. He knew how to take his time too and make it last and Cory didn't even care if they missed breakfast. All he cared about at the moment was how good it felt with Jonny inside him and on top of him as he swirled his tongue around in his mouth.

He was right about the spontaneous orgasm because about five minutes later he felt it coming on strong, "Oh...gawd...I'm gonna...gonna...come." 

"Me too baby, hold on we'll come together," Jonny gasped as he quickened his pace.

Cory closed his eyes and drifted away for a moment then suddenly he heard Jonny cry out then with one more almost violent forward thrust Jonny began to come. Cory felt Jonny's hot cum hit his guts and that was all he needed to push him over the edge and suddenly he began to spew all over the two of them.

"Uh uh uh," Jonny grunted, "stay with me babe I'm gonna go again," he said beginning to move again.

"Awwww.....I can't," Cory squealed, "no more, no more...pleaseeeee."

"What, oh...okay," Jonny said looking down and seeing the dispair in Cory's eyes, "'re just so hot baby and I...I'll pull out if you want...."

"No, it's okay. I'm dick is just sooo sensitive. I don't think I can come again, but you can if you want."

"Naw, it's okay," Jonny said slowly pulling his hard slick cock out of Cory making a wet plopping noise.

"Come up here," Cory said grinning, "I'll suck it for ya."

"Well...okay," Jonny said lustily, "it's pretty clean, you must keep yourself pretty clean back there."

"We all do, it's one of the things Ricky and Peter taught us," Cory said, then reaching up to grasp Jonny's cock he pulled him closer and when he was straddling Cory's chest he raised his head and took all of his six inch cock into his mouth.

"Ummmmm," Jonny hissed, "that feels awesome. You're really good at that baby."

"Ummmmm," Cory moaned back around a mouthful of hard cock.

It didn't take long to get Jonny going again and after a few minutes he took over and began face fucking Cory and like a champ Cory took it all without choking. Jonny allowed him to come up for air now and then but it didn't take long for him to reach orgasm. When he came he pulled out and shot his smaller but still ample load on Cory's cute face. When he was done he leaned down and began licking the sticky cum off of Cory's face.

When he had most of it cleaned off he bent down and kissed Cory sharing his taste with the boy, "'re a lot of fun," Jonny said raising up and looking into Cory's eyes, "I wonder...if maybe, I mean...I need a place to sleep...eventually and I was wondering if I could sleep in your room. But not tonight because I already promised Dominic. You're okay with that right?"

Cory smiled, "No one ever gets jealous, that's the best part. We share our bodies in love and no one owns anyone else. Ricky and Peter are the closest but, they still share themselves with us. So go and make Dominic happy tonight and tomorrow or the new day or after you're shared flesh with all our brothers you can come sleep with me anytime you want." Cory couldn't believe he said all that, but most of all he couldn't believe how true it was. Ricky and his brothers had taught him what love really was and jealousy had no place in a Family like theirs.

Jonny leaned down and kissed the boy again, "You're awesome. I think I'm starting to like this place more every minute."

"We had fun, and no one got their feelings hurt or even cares. They'd be happy for us, but right now...I'm let's get dressed and go eat breakfast."

"Yeah, I could eat a horse," Jonny said jumping up and grabbing his clothes, "I already ate a stud," he giggled.

"And we had a tasty snack just now," Cory said licking the rest of Jonny cum off his face.

They got to the dining room about half way through breakfast but no one said anything as they grabbed plates and loaded them up. They found a seat together near the end of the table and Cory bent his head to say grace. Jonny started to attack his plate then realizing what Cory was doing he bowed his head as well and waited for Cory to mumble a quick prayer. He wasn't sure if he exactly believed in God, but he did know that these guys had discovered something special and he was willing to listen to whatever they had to say.

"So....," Dominic giggled, "did you two have fun?"

"Yep," Cory said grinning around a bite of French Toast with syrup, "Twice."

"Way to go," Dominic said giving Cory and Jonny a high five, "I get him tonight."

"Better get your rest brother," Cory said grinning wider, "he's a lean mean sex machine."

"That's me," Jonny said blushing, "and I'm available this afternoon if anyone want to try me out."

Everyone laughed but Tommy was giving Jonny little come on looks and Cory figured the two would be hooking up before the day was over. They ate until they were full and then Doug and Mark cleared and Jonny offered to help load the dishwasher and clean up.

Cory went off to do some studying and to rest up after his and Jonny's little work out and everyone else scattered to do what they needed or wanted to do.  Later Jonny found Tommy in the game room playing a video game and moved up beside him and joined in.

"So, you want to have some fun later?" Jonny said after a few minutes.

"I don't know, maybe," Tommy said a little put off at Jonny's boldness.

"You were looking at me crazy back there at breakfast, did I get it wrong?"

"Naw..I guess not, I'm curious I guess. You've got a big one, that's for sure and, yeah, I wouldn't mind trying it out."

"You guys are so cool about sex, I don't get it really. Most kids are so uptight about it, that's why I started gettin with older dudes cause they don't get so stressed about it. They want to get off and they don't care how."

"Did you enjoy it, the stuff you did?" Tommy asked glancing sideways at Jonny for a moment.

"What? Yeah, of course, well mostly.... I mean there was a few times when I just wanted the guy to get off so I could go, but I had to eat somehow," Jonny said sadly.

"You'll never have to do that stuff again if you join us and you can have sex any time you want. One of us is always horny," he giggled.

"I.....I think I'd like it here, but I just want to be sure know, I don't want to let anyone down by being someone I'd not."

"It's okay," Tommy said forgetting his game and putting an arm around the older boy who was not that much taller than him.

Jonny smiled and leaned in expecting a kiss, but Tommy just laughed and went back to his game, "I don't like to kiss that much, only when I'm really, really into it...I hope that's okay."

"Yeah, sure....kissing is cool, but I don't have to do it all the time."

"So....wanna go see my room?"

"Yeah, sure....that'd be cool," Jonny muttered, he wasn't sure if he was quite recovered enough after his morning work out, but he could always get Tommy off till he was ready to get off himself.

Tommy saved the game and took Jonny's hand and led him down the hallway to the bedroom area. His was a double that he shared with Doug, but he knew that Doug was in the pool room with Peter and would probably be there for a while longer.

"This is my bed," Tommy said pointing to a huge over-sized king sized bed on one side of a huge plush room that was divided down the middle by a wall about 4 foot tall with an opening at the front. There was a desk and bookcase and a plush chair and on the other side of the wall a duplicate of his side. A single walk-in closet served both rooms and beside it was a huge bathroom with a shower and tub.

"It's huge," Jonny said falling down on the bed, "you sleep all by yourself in it?"

"Sometimes, sometimes some one sleeps with me. It just depends on how we feel. Sometimes Doug and I sleep together because we like to watch a movie or talk late and he usually falls asleep in my bed. We don't always have sex, but we do a lot. It's better than jerking off," Tommy said grinning.

Jonny had raised up on his elbow and was listening attentively and nodding, "Wow, this is so cool. Well, what do you wanna do, watch a movie, read, talk.....get nekkid?" he said laughing at his last words.

"Get naked of course. I didn't invite you to my room to talk," Tommy chuckled.

"Well, here goes," Jonny said sitting up and skinning off his tee. Then raising his slim butt up he pulled off his shorts and tossed them on top of the tee, "need help?"

Tommy nodded and held his arms up and allowed Jonny to remove his tee shirt. There was something very erotic about being undressed by someone else and apparently it was just as erotic for both boys. Tommy was rock hard and once his 4.5" cock was feed it sprang up hitting his tummy then swayed seductively in Jonny's face.

Jonny took a deep breath and savored the boy's smell and with a low moan he began to explore Tommy's boyhood with his tongue and lips.

Tommy shivered beneath his touch and sat down heavily on the bed and spread his legs to allow Jonny better access to his boy parts. Jonny nuzzled his soft hairless balls and then took one in his mouth rolling the plum sized orb inside around in his mouth.

"Awww....gawd....that feels sooooo....good," Tommy gasped.

"Ummmm," Jonny mumbled, and then he started working on the other nut.

When he had Tommy good and hot he started licking his cock up and down the shaft. Jonny loved cock, he had since he was a little boy and his cousin had taught him how to suck a big one. He liked to suck it and he loved having it shoved up his boy hole and he was hoping for both with Tommy.

When he took Tommy's cock into his hot wet mouth Tommy raised up on his elbows to watch. He loved getting sucked more than anything in the world and Jonny was doing an awesome job. He laid his head back down and closed him eyes and let the feelings wash over him as Jonny began to take him deep in his throat and the feeling was amazing. He was moaning softly and clawing at the sheets as Jonny began to move faster and soon he was nearing orgasm. He didn't worry about coming too soon. He could come three or four times if he wanted to, but usually once or twice was enough. 

He didn't mind getting the other guy off either,  in fact sometimes that usually got him all horned up again and ready for round two. He figured Jonny for a top and figured after he blew him he would want to get in his ass and that was fine too. He could top or bottom, it didn't matter to him. He could do it all, but he really wasn't into kissing that much.....except with Ricky. He didn't  really understand all of his feelings about that, but he supposed it was because he loved Ricky more than anyone else in the Family. He knew that wasn't how it was supposed to be and that everyone in the Family was supposed to love and be loved equally, but it was just how he felt. He knew he could never tell Ricky how he felt or any of the rest of the boys, but as long he kept it inside it was safe.

He was close now, really close and then Jonny did something really wild with his tongue and he was there. He tried to warn Jonny but he couldn't speak. All he could do was let out a little squeak then the gusher began. Of all the boys Tommy was the one who had reached puberty first and could produce the most spunk for his age. 

Jonny was in no way ready for the volume but once he got a taste of it he was lapping the boy's cum like a hungry calf. He loved the taste of cum and the more there was the better. That was one of the things that kept bringing him back to Pizza Planet. There was no shortage of horny guys there who would gladly let him empty their balls one way or another. He especially liked the older ones, even the men because they always had plenty of hot cum for him to guzzle down.

Gently squeezing Tommy's balls Jonny sucked out the last of his tasty load and pulled off then licked the boy clean and crawled up to lay beside him.

"Nice," he said grinning, "you make a lot of spunk. I didn't expect that."

"I tried to warn you," Tommy said sheepishly.

"Hey, it's cool. I love cum....heck, I'm a cum junkie," Jonny laughed.

"Well.....that was about the best blow job I ever had. You got real talent," Tommy said seriously.

"Thanks, you got a nice was fun."

"Well, you ready for some pay back?" Tommy asked after a few minutes.

"Sure, what you want to do?"

"Wanna fuck me?" Tommy asked hoping he'd say yes. Laying there and getting fucked was a lot easier than sucking someone off.

"Okay, but....I know you said earlier that you didn't like kissing, but....can I at least kiss you when I come?"

"Oh sure, I didn't mean I didn't never like it, I just like it best during sex, that's all."

"Cool," Jonny said. How tight are you? Do I need lube?"

"Naw, a little spit is all ya need, I been fucked a few times," Tommy said grinning.

"Nice.... okay... raise that cute ass up and let me at," Jonny said scooting down on the bed. Once Tommy had his legs up and is rosebud came into view Jonny moved in and started sniffing around like a dog. Liking the scent he stuck his tongue out and began running it up and down Tommy's crack until he was moaning and shaking as hard as he had during the bj. As good as Jonny was at giving head he was even better at rimming and Tommy was loving every second of it.

Once he was sure Tommy was wet and horned up Jonny knelt between his legs and spitting on his hand and wetting his cock he plunged on in. Tommy felt a moment of delicious pain then began to moan as Jonny showed him one more thing he was good at, fucking.

"Oh...gawd.....that's," Tommy moaned.

"You have a nice...tight...ass....." Jonny said as he pounded Tommy harder.

"Uhhhhhhh......uhh...uhh....I'm gonna come....again," Tommy cried out after a few minutes and a second later he began to unload wetting both of them with his hot cum.

Jonny smiled at the effect he had on Tommy was he wasn't quite ready to end the fun. Pulling Tommy's legs higher he pushed in a bit deeper and found a more comfortable position then grabbing one of Tommy's feet in each hand he began plowing him even harder.

"Ohhhhh.....gawd.....I can't come again.....hurry and finish.....ohhhhhh."

"I'm close baby...just a little lon...ger....uhhhhhh." Then leaning down he kissed Tommy roughly as he began to come. 

He came so hard he shook like a he was having a fit and his moaning was so loud Tommy figured they could hear it out in the game room if anyone happened to be out there. He also found out another thing Jonny was good at, kissing. 

There was something about the way he used his tongue and the intensity he brought to the such a simple act as kissing. Tommy had to admit that of all the boys he's kissed, except for Ricky, he liked the way Jonny kissed the best. He could get used to this, he thought as Jonny came down from his orgasm and broke the kiss. 

But instead of pulling out and rolling off he moved down and began nuzzling Tommy's neck," Mmmmm, that was amazing baby. I could get used to this....all these horny boys. Do you have sex every night?"

"Not every night, but most....or during the day," he said raising stretching his neck out and shivering as Tommy placed little kisses on it, "Gawd, you could do that all day," he cooed.

" have such soft skin. I'm gonna pull out now but we can still cuddle if you want."

But once he was out and laying on the bed next to Tommy the magic seemed to evaporate. They half-heartedly tried to start things going again but after a few minutes they called it quits and began to get

They walked out into the hall and came face to face with Peter who gave them a smile and winked, "Showing Jonny around I see," he teased, "See anything you liked?" Peter said looking into Jonny's eyes.

Jonny smiled, "Yeah, it's pretty sweet here," he said glancing toward Tommy.

"Well, it's not all fun and games, but it's close. Speaking of which...can I see you in my room as soon as you get a minute?"

"Hey, I'm free right now, but don't expect too much, I'm not a machine," he laughed.

Peter frowned, "That's not what I  heard, but don't worry, that's not what I had in mind."

"Hey, I was only joking, no need to get your panties in a wad," Jonny said smirking.

"Wow, that's original. I think that was coined on earth back in the stone age."

"Did they wear panties in the stone age?" Tommy piped in just so he wouldn't be left out.

"Funny," Peter said giving Tommy a nasty look, "Don't you have somewhere you need to be Tommy? Aren't you on laundry duty today?"

"Oh yeah, I'll...uh see you guys later," Tommy said wilting under Peter's stare. Gawd what's with Peter all of a sudden? he wondered.

"Follow me," Peter said giving Jonny a stern look.

Jonny knew something was bothering Peter, but even after the night they'd shared he still couldn't read him that well. Could it have something to do with this Ricky person who had left them to go off to some planet he's never even heard of?

Jonny grabbed a desk chair and spun it around and sat down without being told to, but Peter didn't seem to mind. Grabbing the other chair he pulled it out and sat down facing Jonny and looked him over. What he saw was a street smart kid who probably thought with his dick most of the time and who was used to getting his way. Of course that didn't necessarily mean he was a bad kid, just one that needed some love and guidance for a change.

"Sooooo.....what's up? You haven't changed your mind about me have you.....I mean I can stay for a while...right?" Jonny said sounding  a little nervous.

"No, of course not, like I said you're welcome to stay as long as you like and even join us permanently if you long as you follow the rules."

"Good, great....cause so far I really like it here."

"Lots of sex, huh?" Peter asked leading the boy.

"Oh yeah, lots," Jonny said grinning.

"Is that all you want from life, Jonny?"

"Huh, no..I mean...I want a know, friends....stuff," he shrugged, "what do you want me to say?" Jonny said frowning.

"What I really want to know is this," Peter said leaning back and gripping the arms of the chair tightly, "do you see yourself fitting in here? The whole nine yards, loving, growing, being part of something bigger than yourself, can you handle that?"

"I...think so, but geeze, I just got here. It's not fair to ask me that so soon," Jonny said frowning.

"I know, I'm sorry. I don't meant to put you on the spot, but this isn't just about you, it's about them too, the other boys, they like you already, I can see that, especially Cory and Tommy. And of course I like you too, last night was very special. I  just don't want to see them get hurt, do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Not....really, could I hurt them?" Jonny was confused, wasn't this place all about being free and having sex whenever you wanted with anyone you wanted?

Peter blew out a breath and cocked his head before replying, "Sex isn't what this family is about. You understand that right?"

Jonny lowered his head and stared at his bare feet drawing Peter's eyes there also. Despite himself Peter found the boy's feet cute and sexy and he felt a stirring in his lap, but this wasn't the time or place for it so he put those feelings aside.

"I know that, it's about...ummm, love and being part of a family, right?"

Peter nodded, "But not just going through the motions, you have to really feel it, really mean it. I wonder if you can do that?"

"Why are you doing this to me, making me sweat like this? What did I do? Everything was cool last night... I mean, I only been here a little while and you're making me say things...I don't know, I don't know. I never had anything like this before. Even when my folks were alive they were too busy to care about me. Oh sure, they fed me and bought me stuff, but they weren't know regular parents that loved and hugged their kids," Jonny said getting worked up and sounding ready to cry at any moment.

Peter felt bad for stirring the kid up, but he was in a bad mood and with Ricky gone the responsibility of bringing Jonny in rested on his shoulders. He wished Ken would get back, at least he'd have someone older to take some of the load off his shoulders.

"I'm sorry, but you've been out on your own for a while now and living your life as you chose, it can't be that way anymore, not if you decide to join us and become part of the Family. There are responsibilities that go along with belonging to a Family, especially ours."

Jonny sighed and wiped at his eyes, "I don't know if I'm ready for all that, but I want to stay and try it. I like it here, I like everyone......and, well...I like you, a lot, but if you want to take me back I understand," he said sadly.

This was too much for Peter. Realizing he was being unfair and way too harsh just because of his own frustration he motioned for the boy to come to him. Jonny stood and came to him slowly unsure what was about to happen. Reaching for Jonny's hand Peter pulled him to him and hugged him gently.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply that we were sending you back or anything. I promise you will have all the time you need to decide whether this is right for you. I just wanted to let you know that being part of what we have here isn't all just fun and games, there is a price to be paid for anything that's worthwhile."

"I....know that. I'll do what you tell me and help out or do chores or whatever. I want to give it a try, really," Jonny said smiling weakly.

"Tell you what, Cory and Ken share the room next door but right now I'm alone. How would you like to share my room. I can have another bed put in over there or we can share my bed. It's big enough and just because we share a bed doesn't mean we have to have sex, that's not what I'm implying."

Jonny shrugged, this wasn't the first offer he'd had to share a room, but this was the one he wanted the most and he wasn't about to refuse. He's find a way to let the other boys down easy, after all this was Peter that was asking.

"I'd really like least till Ricky gets back. Everyone says  you and him have it special and I don't want to get in the way."

"Ricky and I don't share a room, but yes we do have something special but your sleeping here wouldn't interfere with that."

"Then I guess....I'm your new roomie...and no need to bother with another bed, sharing with you is fine."

"Great, what say we go over the chore list and I'll work you in. Then I'll take you on a personal tour and show you your new home."

"Yeah, that's cool...and thanks Peter, thanks for everything," Jonny said as he swarmed into Peter's lap and kissed him wetly. A few seconds later they were lost in each other as the kiss continued.

End of Chapter 8...more to come.

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Back in the nest Jonny tries to adjust and fit in while he slowly samples all the flesh of his brothers.   While meanwhile Peter tries to come to grips with his feelings for Jonny even as he continues to yearn for Ricky's return. 

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