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All the usual disclaimers apply: This is a work of fiction with made up characters and scenarios. Any
similarities found while reading is completely coincidental. I work at making the situations and characters both plausible and authentic. 
Any comments can be posted to jet2larkin At Gee mail dot cum.. (reinterpret) And will be appreciated. 

The Game

by Lark

Instead of watching the game the tall slender man's eyes were turned toward the crowd of spectators. There eyes were fixed to the playing field. Occasionally the spectators would jump up and cheer a player making it to home plate. Also in the crowd were hot dog and beer vendors. People would reach out and wave paper money for a hot dog with extra mustard.

Tom was thinking of boys. He was looking for boys. Although any boy at a ballgame would surely be attended to by a father, or an older brother or in a small gang in the company of a trusted neighbor. Under these circumstances all he could hope for would be a wondrous glimpse that he would keep to dwell upon later.

Occasionally he would catch the eye of a boy. Sometimes the boy might look back and just for a second the man and the boy would silently acknowledge each other. The boy looked to be a about 12 or perhaps 13. He had blond hair and very dark eyes. In an instant, the boy pressed on through the crowd. The experience warmed him. Tom hoped that it would happen again with another boy. He wondered if he possessed some strange magnetism and if he had, was it only boys that could sense it?

He didn't always come to the ballgame. He might just as easily go to the beach or a special event like skateboard tournament. In the crowd, Tom could be a father encouraging his son to win or an uncle with nothing better to do but take his nephew out for the day, But Tom was none of these. Tom was alone.

The third out on the bottom of the ninth and the entire crowd rose up to exit. The game was over. Streams of people descended staircases towards the parking lots. While waiting, he looked down at his side to see a boy. It was the same boy, the blond boy, the boy with unusually dark eyes, the one that he gazed at during the game in the midst of the cheering crowd.

Can you take me back to Venice? I don't have a way home?”

Tom didn't need to be prodded. “Yes of course, where in Venice?”

Out on the parking lot, on the way to Tom's car he asked, “What's your name.”

He said, “Robert.”

They both got into the car. The man and the boy looked at each other and smiled as if recognizing a conspiracy between each other. The boy slid up close to Tom in a way he might do with a familiar and adored parent. Tom gave him a surprised but accepting glance. He looked at the boy and knew that this is what he had intended all along.

Tom had close encounters with a number of boys but it was he that always had to do the work of gaining trust and acceptance. He would do this carefully and slowly but many times in the end, he would not succeed at all.

The boy placed his hand on Tom's thigh and did not let it rest long but gradually let it explore. The boy knew that if what he was doing wasn't right that he'd already be walking home but the man driving the car did not protest. The boy's instincts were right all along.

He gazed up at Tom or pretended to look out the window. It was unsettling but it was so much of what Tom was yearning for, what he wanted more than anything that he let it happen. The boy was stroking his leg and felt the crotch of his pants. Tom's cock erected. The boy looked up at him and smiled.

Instead of driving him home he headed away from Venice towards his small house along the Pacific Coast Highway that overlooks the ocean.

Tom showed the boy around the small 4 room house. As soon as he saw that they were the only ones there, the boy tried to unthread Tom's belt and open his pants. The boy was panting with audible and intense desire. He tugged out Tom's long cock and put it into his mouth. The man and a boy half his size stumbled into the bedroom and fell together on to the bed. To call it the heat of passion is an understatement. The boy was on fire. Tom pulled off his clothes and then tried doing the same to the boy who didn't seem to care just as long as he had the hard cock in his mouth. Once naked, Tom got over him and fucked to come in the boy's mouth because that seemed to be exactly what he wanted. The young boy, half Tom's size, the boy he had just met, encouraged him until Tom's cum streamed and squirted into the boy's mouth.

Tom couldn't quite believe what had just happened. The boy was masturbating furiously. The man got down to lick the boy's small set of balls. When he did the boy raised his legs up high inviting the man to lick his boy hole. When the boy came, there was no fluid just prolonged cries of pleasure.

In spite of reaching his own resolution Tom was shaken.

Robert, I have to get you home so that you won't get into trouble.”

He had no idea if the boy would get into trouble or not he just needed to recover from the unexpected experience.

Tom dropped the boy a block away and watched him run the rest of the way home.

When he got home, he jerked off again recounting what had happened from when he first saw the boy.

Tom answered the phone. “ Hello, I'm Janet Wilson, Robert's mother.”

A chill went down Tom's back, anticipating trouble.

Robert says that you invited him to your beach house for the week-end. I'm calling wondering if it's alright?”

Tom quickly replied. “Yes, of course it is, Robert's always welcome here.”

Tonight's Friday, do you want me to drop him off tonight or tomorrow morning?”

Tom quickly said, “I could come and pick him up this evening.”

The two, and more especially Robert, was more restrained then their first meeting but Robert's passion threatened to explode at any moment. Entering the small house the boy followed Tom into the bedroom where they undressed each other. He put his arms around Tom's neck and using his tongue, kissed him. It was just as intense and chaotic as it was the first time.. Robert's little cock was barely 4 inches including a pointed foreskin. Smiling, he pulled it down and offered it to Tom. Tom wanted to repeat his first experience with Robert where his tongue intruded part way up Robert's rectum just as the boy came. When he did, Tom felt it squeezing his tongue. Robert reach down and took hold of Tom's rigid cock and with legs raised, aimed it at his hole. The boy's beautiful hole didn't appear to have been fucked much before but it was apparent that someone had planted the seed up there and Tom knew that it hadn't been him.

Using generous amounts of mineral oil, Tom pushed his larger than normal hard cock up Robert's boy hole. Once all the way in Tom couldn't believe it and proceeded slowly gauging Robert's wide eyed reaction. He pulled Tom close and they continued kissing.

It was all so unexpected but Robert was everything Tom ever wanted. Robert wrapped his arms around Tom when he came up the boy's hole.

Over the next few days they went swimming, went to Neptune's net and ate fish and chips. They went way up the coast to a remote and sparsely populated nude beach. Every 3 or 4 hours, no matter where they were they would have whatever kind of sex the surroundings or situation would allow. Tom showered the boy with toys and gifts. As far as Tom was concerned he had died and gone to heaven and Robert could never seem to get enough. On Sunday evening Tom drove Robert home with a promise to do it again next weekend.

Tom had no idea that the entire week would slow down making the wait almost torture.. Each day would drag by, hour by hour, minute by minute. Going to work was the only thing that made time pass. He was grateful for that but his thoughts were still filled with Robert. thoughts of Robert tugging his pants open and taking hold of his cock and then putting it in his mouth. Robert's Underwear thrown on the bed, Robert's tongue probing his foreskin, naked Robert raising his legs. Tom didn't want to mastubate instead staving it off for when Robert comes to visit. Doing this kept him in a state near constant erection, erection for the boy, erection for Robert.

"What's up?"

Tom looked up to see his friend Paul,

"Tommy, what the fuck is the matter with you?. I hate seein you miserable. What is it this time?"

Paul was in his late twenties making him a few years older than Tom.

At first he resisted but Tom needed to talk and Paul was safer than anyone."

Once he started the words fell out of his mouth in a torrent..

"Oh for Christ-sakes you and that boy thing. Sooner later you'll fuck up and they will burn you at the stake infront of the Freedom and Liberty Mall."

"Paul, you don't understand, he picked me up!"

"Oh, did the 13 year old boy have a driver's license?

"No, he needed a ride to Venice."

"So what? You probably never see him again so forget about it."

Tom was silent and then said, "He spent last week end with me and he's coming over this week end."

Tom's friend laughed, "Take two beers, jerk off and call me in the morning."

Paul was just trying to be helpful.

Tom and Paul had been a couple for a while until Paul moved on to anonymous sex and serious men.

Thursday night, Robert called and suggested that Tom pick him up Friday afternoon at school. When the final bell rang, Tom was waiting out front and in the distance he could see Robert running. Seeing this provoked a thrill inside of him. They stopped at McDonalds and then headed to the beach.

How you doin?”

Robert answered, “Ok.. I'm just glad to get out of school.”

Does you mother know that I was going to pick you up?”

He said, “Yeah, I told her.”

Robert had already taken his penis out of his pants inviting Tom to fiddle with it. It was so small that no passing car would ever notice it. Next to Robert, Tom was a novice. The boy loved sex and the dirtier the better. Tom had never seen someone so intensely sexual and in a boy half his size it ignited a fire in both of them. Once home and naked together the sex was prolonged but needed to be broken with intervals of swimming, rides to the mall or movies. They had to so that their could passions would rise up again. Many gifts stayed at Tom's house so as not to raise his parent's suspicions.

These weekend sleep overs went on through most of the summer.

My mom's gone. Come and get me!”

When Tom arrived at Robert's house he found the boy naked and hard. Pulling Tom into his bedroom Robert opened his pants and pulling out Tom's cock began to suck it. The boy was masturbating at the same time. Tom had to pace himself because cuming 3 or 4 times in a 24 hour period was about all he could muster but who knows about Robert? Robert could go on forever. It seemed like he would cum and almost immediately begin again. This probably contributed to Robert wanting to do absolutely anything.

The door opened. They both looked to see the boy's mother standing there. Robert quickly slipped under the cover leaving Tom's cock sticking straight up making it central. Tom tucked it back into his pants but it was too late. There was stunned silence between all three in the small bedroom. It was broken when Tom retreated towards the door.

Once in his car he hurried home fearing the worst. The next few days were filled with continual and impending dread. All the feelings he had for the boy dissolved into deep regret. The boy was intensely sexual but he wasn't really affectionate, and if he was affectionate it was to be rewarded with things that were a little more expensive each visit. Tom was thinking that this whole thing could be blamed on Robert's incautious, sexual precociousness. It didn't matter because even with irrefutable evidence, no one was going to believe it.

After a week his fears began to lift. He vowed to himself never to be so foolish again.

While at work he was visited by a man. “Hello, I am Ed Wilson, Robert's father.”

Tom stared at the man and felt ice water streaming through his veins.

He spoke. “Robert's quite a boy, don't you think?”

The man had a sly smile on his face and he looked directly into Tom's eyes not really allowing him to look away.

If the man didn't notice that Tom was trembling he definitely heard it in his voice. “Yes, he's a nice boy.”

Yes my son is very affectionate, don't you think so?”

Tom could not answer.

He's cute too, especially if he is naked.”

Tom went white.

But you know I didn't come here to discuss Robert.”

Still smiling at the petrified Tom he said, “Actually, I need to borrow some money.”

Tom said, “How much?”

Tom, I'm really up against it, I need 5 grand.”

Witout uttering a word, Tom wrote a check.

Robert's father took the check and cheerfully said, “Thanks.” and disappeared out the door.

He never saw Robert again.

Any comments can be posted to jet2larkin At Gee mail dot cum.. (reinterpret) And will be appreciated. 
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