Chapter 5

A month later and Kyle had his plans all done. It was done, now all he had to do was wait for everything the churches worked so hard for to tumble. He hoped it would take no longer than just a few days. He did not figure that it would take all that long, that was for sure.

Kyle and Jamie, as well as Cohen and Brady had spent a lot of time together, several times having wild sex as well. Brady's dad had been pleasantly surprised to find Cohen there as well, and in celebration, took the young man for the night and made love to him for almost four hours, until they both well and truly passed out. The boys and the men had even had some good times together, and while Brady was still absolutely allowed no anal sex as of yet, he was healing nicely back there.

The doctors assured Brady that it would be soon that he would very likely be able to once again enjoy anal, though they hoped he had not lost too much feeling back there, because of all the nerve damage. The doctors had done what they could, but considering that Brady had already started to heal when he was rescued, some of the nerve damage was considered irreparable. He was still able to feel back there though, so that was a good sign.

Brady had just come back from his latest doctors appointment to be checked out. He was immensely happy with what the doctor had to say, and went right to his friends to tell them all the good news.

“Guys, guess what?”

“What?” They all said as one.

“The doctor's finally cleared me, I'm allowed to take dick up my ass again. He doesn't want me to do too much too fast, but he wants me to start again and to start out small and work my way up. Today when he inserted his fingers into me to check me out, there was no pain or discomfort, and he says I'm as healed as he ever hoped to see me healed, so let's go have some sex. I want you to each fuck me once, that should be an easy enough start, just start from the smallest, which I guess is a tie between Jamie and Kyle, but you two get to figure it out.”

“Awesome Brady, I bet you're so happy.” Cohen said.

“Oh yeah. Getting to suck dicks and fuck as much hot diapered ass as I want was nice, but I'm so gay I need a dick buried inside me to make me feel whole.”

“Know how you feel.” All three boys said at the same time.

“Come on, let's go to whosevers room's closest.”

“That'd be mine I think.” Cohen said after looking around for a few seconds to see where exactly they were.

They very nearly ran all the way there, and when they made it, Brady jumped onto the bed and landed face down, ass up, just the way he liked to be fucked, and wiggled his cute little baby diapered ass. Cohen grabbed the lube, which as for almost all of them there was conveniently kept right in plain sight on the end table, and passed it to Kyle, who had been told to go first.

Kyle took the offered lube and poked a hole in the seat of Brady's diaper and inserted just one finger to start.

“Make sure and let us know if you need us to slow down or pause at any time, okay. I know you're used to having adult dicks in you, but your little hole's been through a lot since then.”

“Don't worry, I would've anyway. I'm sure I can do it though. I just hope I'll be tight enough back there for you guys. I can clench my ass now at least, and I haven't pooped my diapers in quite a while, so hopefully it'll be good.”

Kyle just nodded and continued working until he had three fingers working inside Brady easily. Jamie had already taken the liberty of poking a hole in the front of his baby boyfriends diaper and extracting his rock hard erection, so, as soon as Brady was ready, was Kyle.

“Okay, you ready?”

“I was born ready.”

The other three had to chuckle, because in his case, it damn near was true. Kyle slipped in, and once his head popped in, he slipped all the way in slowly, until their soggy diapers were pressed together. Brady just sighed deeply.

“Now that's what I'm talking about. God that feels so good, so right, and it feels just as good as it always has before.”

“Good. You're still surprisingly tight. I think maybe the doctor tightened you up a bit back here.” Kyle giggled.

“Yeah, maybe you should get a hole shrinkage done, you slut, you could take a bus up your ass now.” Brady laughed.

“Nah, only half a bus.” Kyle said as he started thrusting inside Brady.

They stopped talking, because the feelings were so good, but they sure were moaning and sighing a lot. Brady could not last though, it had just been too long since the last time he was properly fucked, and Kyle felt so good inside him, and he exploded. Kyle managed to hold off, continuing to fuck Brady slowly as he came, though it was hard to do, because Brady's orgasm made Kyle all that much harder, he was being squeezed so tight and so hard, it was amazing. Kyle lasted only a couple seconds more, and then blew his load deep inside Brady.

“Oh god, that was amazing. It was like fucking a virgin. I have a little pee stored, would you like it?”

“Oh god yeah, and it was like I was a virgin again too, it felt so new, so right, but still just as good as I remembered it being.”

“You're a reborn slut.”

“Mmm, yeah, I so am.” He sighed as Kyle filled him up just a bit more.

By the time Kyle finished, Jamie was already waiting, his dick poked out the front of his soggy diaper as well, erection dripping precum and all. As soon as Kyle pulled out and moved out of the way, Jamie slipped in and started fucking Brady merrily. Jamie lasted only a minute or so before exploding, and he took Brady along for the ride. He too let Brady have what little pee that he had stored, and then as soon as he slipped out, Cohen was right there to slip in, and Brady sighed deeper still.

Cohen was a fair bit larger than the other two, yet not as large as Brady's dad or Miles, and even though the other two had loosened and lubed him up well, Cohen was still more than a stretch. It did not hurt though, Brady was so happy that it did not hurt, because he wanted this so much.

Cohen started slowly making love to Brady, and because he had watched the other two, it had made him so horny that he came inside a minute. Brady had not cum though, and a satisfied sigh and direction from Brady said not to pull out, to keep on going until they both came again.

“I have to cum again, can I use your mouth?” Kyle asked.

“For sure, you both can.”

Kyle slipped in as Cohen was slowly fucking Brady, and together they went the same pace and gave Brady what he needed most. Kyle lasted only a few seconds more, while Cohen was able to continue on, so as soon as Kyle finished giving Brady his treat, Jamie slipped in and fed Brady his dick as well.

Jamie and Cohen came at the same time about thirty seconds later, which set Brady off for one last time, and they all sighed and collapsed. It took almost five minutes for Brady to come down, but during that time Kyle had already gone and got all the supplies that they were going to need and was already adding another diaper to Brady.

“Mmm, thanks guys, that was amazing. I can't wait to tell Daddy that my ass is his again. Thanks for the double diaper as well by the way.”

“You're welcome.” They all said.

Within only a few minutes, they were all double diapered and on their way. They all decided that they desperately needed lunch, so they headed somewhere to get some good food. As soon as they were done lunch, they went to find Brady's dad. When they did, he was a little busy, but given the redness of everyone's faces and how much they were all sweating, the boys knew the men were almost done anyway, so they stayed on the sidelines and cheered the men on. Finally they all came, apparently it was their fourth time, and then they slumped down. It took several minutes for the men to all come down, and the boys were there with diapers, ready to diaper all the men, and without even asking them, they were all double diapered. All the men smiled and thanked the boys.

As soon as they were alone, Brady excitedly told his dad about that mornings appointment, which was not new, because Brady had had to go in every day anyway, and then the following sex session that he enjoyed. He explained to his dad that he was now more than capable of taking his nice big dick up his little baby bum again, and that that was what he wanted that night. He was very happy and told Brady that if he was ready for it, then he would be happy to fill his little baby boy up good and proper once more.

“So, I have news guys. Let's go find my dad and we'll go over it all together.” Kyle said once everything that had needed to be said was said.

It took only a few seconds to find Miles, who was called and told to meet everyone and where. He said he would be there shortly, and they all headed out to their meeting point. Miles walked in only seconds after the rest had, and then they all sat down.

“So, I got a report from a couple guys today Kyle, looks like your plans went off without a hitch.” Miles said as he sat down.

“Good. Say no more though, I wanna tell the guys this one.”

“I was gonna, don't worry. I actually don't even know all the details myself anyway, so I was hoping you'd fill me in.”

“Good. So, you guys know I was trying to get back at all those that caused all of us so much pain, well, it's finally done. It's been well over a month, but everything was implemented last night. So, my first task was to the scientists here, and we have a lot. I know they developed the hair growth formula and the bladder formula, so I hoped that they could make what I wanted. They worked on it, and for almost a month they worked on it, and finally they got it. A little concoction if you will that'll permanently and irreparably cause the receiver to turn gay. The only way to not be gay is to kill yourself, we made certain that there could never be a cure found. Roughly ten thousand people, men and women, were given that and the bladder one last night. We handed it out to every gay that we could, and tasked them with doing this. So far it's only the worlds leaders and the top church people, but more will be receiving it tonight, and for the next several nights. We wanted the top people first, then slowly down the line. Within a week, we'll have easily a hundred thousand more gay diaper wearers out there.”

“To ensure that they know what's happened and why, and everything, they are all being emailed a letter to explain things as soon as they've been adjusted, as well as hundreds of gender appropriate pictures for them to masturbate to. It won't start to show right away, give it a couple to a few days before they either start offing themselves or admit to everyone that they were tampered with and now have to wear diapers and are gay. The people will either lynch them or accept it, but all gays have been given warnings to not interfere and to only protect themselves when and if necessary.”

“My team of hackers and myself were working overtime as well, ensuring that the people that were to administer the drug would have unrestricted access to all the peoples houses while they slept. Anyone who had guards were tranquilized and dosed as well, and then the main targets were given their drugs. By the time they wake up, they'll already be wet, because the bladder drug starts to work pretty quick, and they'll already know that something's wrong, because they'll feel it. The men will know that men are gorgeous, and same for the women, none of them will be spared, or at least as best we can do.” Kyle said.

“Wow.” Everyone there said as one, a full minute after Kyle had finished speaking.

“Yeah, I know, payback, gay style.” He grinned brightly.

“Normally I'd say it's wrong to do such a thing, but in this case, it's well warranted.” Miles said.

“Definitely.” The others all agreed.

It was just over a week later that Kyle received word that the last of the people that had originally been scheduled to receive their punishments were done. By then, the first few batches were already well and truly gay diaper wearers. There were only about one percent of them though that committed suicide because of it, and the entire world thought that that was not exactly a huge loss. So, his plans had come to fruition, because Kyle managed to topple the government and the largest church in the world that was controlling most of them and causing all the problems in the world. Within a week more, everyone that had been scheduled were right up there as well. And not even a month after that, that particular church folded up, because all their hatred had been against gays and weirdos, now they all were, so there was no church.

Everyone was called for a meeting at the town hall as soon as this all happened and Kyle got to explain to everyone what he had done and how it all went, so on and so forth. Everyone was very happy to hear this, but at no time was it ever offered or suggested that they could all move away from their new home, because it was home, and no one ever cared to leave. Why would they really. They would live a thousand plus years, they got to be completely and totally free for as long as they could possibly hope for, and what more was there.

That night Kyle and all that had helped him were treated to an orgy that most would likely never forget, an all around the lake orgy almost two thousand people strong. Kyle took so many people that he lost count, he passed out five times, and every time he woke up, someone else was still fucking him happily, though he was happier still. It took almost a week though for him to even have the desire to have sex again, he was so worn out, but what a night it was.

Over the years they found new men or boys that were abused because of who and what they were and brought them to live in their massive cave, and the one or ones to have doled out the abuse received their own punishment as well. It was universal though, all that entered the cave never wanted to leave. It was a rare thing in fact that anyone did, and it was only ever to rescue someone who truly needed it, but more often than not, they were simply instructed where to go and that they would be received with open arms, and asses of course.

And they all lived gayly ever after.

***Thanks for taking the time to read this. I know, this could never happen, right. Well, take a look at it, it really still is. Russia, where it once perfectly fine to be gay, is now bordering on this very situation. There are still several countries in Africa and Asia that are just as bad, if not worse. If given half a chance, half the world would still turn on us. And those of us who like extra kinky things, such as diapers and or boys, well they truly would kill us if they could. Thankfully I live in Canada, and it seems to be fairly good for us gays here, but still I hear about gay beatings and taunting every day. Bullying to the point of suicide is commonplace, even here, even in my hometown there have been issues with that. Hopefully it never gets this bad, but let's face it, there are still churches out there that think we're monsters, that we're gonna go to hell, or wherever that particular religion believes monsters go after death, because there's several of them. Take your pick as to which one could be capable of doing such things if given the power to do so. Take a look at your neighbors, you know exactly which ones would turn on you in a heartbeat if they knew about you, how many of them would happily kill you, maybe they'd just turn you in, which one would be worse. All we can do is continue working for gay rights throughout the world, maybe, just maybe this will never happen, but sadly, it still could. Please email me at erich5748 at if you wish to comment. Please remember, I do not accept flames. I had actually anticipated that this story wold be much longer, but it did not really work out like that, and it ended up as more of a friction story than I had anticipated as well. I prefer stories with more content, but this is just how it came out. I may, in the future, add more chapters if I ever get the urge, but maybe not. I am going to offer to all that read this though, that if you desire to write your own chapter that you may do so, all I ask is that you email it to me and I'll edit and approve it. I think that's it for now, thanks.****