The Ginger and the Chub 

by: Kewl Dad

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual acts between an adult male and a minor boy. If reading this sort of story violates any of the laws where you reside, or if you are under 18 years of age,  we strongly suggest you leave now. To all others enjoy.
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The Ginger and the Chub
by: Kewl Dad

A long time ago when no one had heard of stranger danger and kids weren't being abducted and murdered on a daily basis it used to be fun to be a boy lover. In the seventies it was safe to cruise the parks and streets and occasionally pick up a boy for some fun. Of course even then I was all about the boy and would have died before I harmed one, but things were just so much easier then. There were still mags at the dirty book store with naked boys, but of course they weren't too graphic, those kinds were illegal even then and boys weren't afraid to have some fun if it seemed like the thing to do.

I liked to have fun when I approached a boy or boys and I had a dozen cute opening lines but one of my favorite was the one I used that day when I met the Ginger and the Chub.

I was cruising as usual in a neighborhood I'd scored in a few times before when I spied them, the Ginger and the Chub.  It was a poorer neighborhood, but not a ghetto, more of a working man's neighborhood and a lot of the kids there were left unsupervised for long periods of time and were usually looking for trouble. I wasn't exactly trouble but I was a diversion in a boring everyday life and if things worked out the boys would learn a little about the good feelings sex brings.

They were walking along the street near a grocery store looking bored and hungry for adventure and I was just the guy to bring it to them. I waited till they were past the grocery store, circling the block so I was at the intersection just as they started to cross. 

They were obviously buddies, a couple of mismatched outsiders, probably shunned by their peers and that touched a chord in my heart. I too had been an outsider, a little chubby as a kid and the Ginger would have been someone I would have gravitated toward at that stage in my life. They were both cute, boys that age usually are, and I guessed their ages to be between 11 and 13. Ginger was lean but not skinny and had a shock of red hair that looked like he'd combed it with an eggbeater. He wore baggy jeans, probably from Sears or Monkey Wards and a red and white tee that clashed with his pale freckled face and flaming hair. His eyes were emerald green and sparkled with youth and vitality. I loved him immediately.

Chub was also pale but I didn't notice any freckles though he did appear to have a pimple or two making me wonder if he was older than I'd guessed. He wasn't what I'd call obese, just chubby and cute as a fat puppy.  I could just imagine those chubby butt cheeks of his in my hands as I sucked his hard boy cock. He too was wearing store brand jeans but his tee was dark and loose hiding his shame I suppose though to me it was not shame and I wanted to see what was beneath. He had soft brown eyes and a kind face and I added him to my love list.

As they approached the road they paused at the curb to see if I was going to go or let them pass and when I nodded and smiled they started to cross and I made my move.

"Hey guys, are your dicks hard?" I said smiling like an idiot. Now this line usually did one of two things, it embarrassed the boy and he would quickly mutter something unintelligible and slink away, or he would meet my eyes and answer me openly. 

The Ginger punched the Chub in the arm and laughed and said something to him that I couldn't hear from inside my car then they both laughed and I knew things were going to get interesting.

"Hell yeah," The Chub said boldly, "It always is. What you wanna do about it?" he giggled.

It was now or never, I couldn't stay parked there all night, "I could suck you off," I said boldly.

The ginger punched the Chub again but this time he didn't laugh, he was whispering like crazy to the Chub who was watching me closely and listening with rapt attention to the Ginger. Ginger looked my way and when he met my gaze he blushed but he looked eager to learn more.

"Both of you, and you don't have to do anything in return and afterwards I'll buy you guys dinner at the Sonic. How about it, a dinner and a blow job, you can't beat that," I said laughing.

They whispered to each other for what seemed like ten minutes but was probably only a couple of minutes then slowly walked over to the car and that brought their crotches at eye level and my original question was at last answered.

Ginger looked to have a good sized cock though I envisioned it to be slender like he was and with small balls, but I would know soon enough I thought. Chub's cock was pushing at his worn jeans and their was no doubt his  was a chubby one and I guessed he had big balls to match. I hoped they were both cummers but either way I wanted those cocks and now.

"Where would you do it?" Ginger asked, obviously the leader of the pair.

"I have a place by the river, it's a nice apartment and I have a special room just for playing." Back then I had a two bedroom apartment and the spare one had wall to wall mattresses, a small fridge and a stack of gay porn magazines, and all the stuff necessary for boy sex.

"It's not a dungeon is it?" Chub said laughing.

"No, it's a fun place where you can look at dirty books and get sucked off and have some fun. It's comfortable and afterwards there's dinner at Sonic, or anywhere you want."

The dinner thing might have been the determining factor, after all some of these street kids were left to fend for themselves at meal time, though it was obvious Chub hadn't missed any I wasn't so sure about Ginger. They gave each other that look that best friends give one another and I could tell they were two kindred souls despite their obvious differences. With a nod to each other their decision was made.

Without a word they around the car and into my line of vision out the front window.
At first I thought they were going to walk away but instead they climbed in beside me on the bench seat of my Monte Carlo, Ginger next to me and Chub on the outside. He closed the door and we were on our way.

"I'm Rodney," I said looking the boys over closely now that they were all mine.

"I'm Justin," Ginger said offering his hand shyly. 

I took it and held it bit longer than necessary just to gage his reaction. It was soft and small but he had a firm handshake. 

"That's Robert," Ginger said taking his hand back as I released it, "He's shy," he laughed.

"Am not," Chub said poking Ginger playfully. There was a moment of poking and wrestling then they were quiet.

"I'm a nice guy," I said to ease their minds, "I just like doing stuff with boys like you and I'll treat you nice and you'll have fun. And if you like it we can do it again. If you don't like it just tell me and I'll stop...and I won't get mad, I promise."

I was a handsome guy back then, long brown hair, soft brown eyes and a porn star mustache and a 34 waist. I was a nice guy and people, especially boys picked up on that and I generally got along with everyone. I looked totally non threatening to boys and in fact they seemed to gravitate toward me and seek my company. These two recognized my interest in them as something different but interesting and they wanted to know more.

"How come you like to do this stuff?" It was Robert who had spoken up and he looked curious and not at all judgmental.

"Well, I just like boys better than men and I'm gay," I said simply, "Do  you know what that means?"

"You like sucking dicks and doing stuff with guys?" Robert said sounding unsure.

"And fucking them in the butt," Justin added then blushed bright red.

"Exactly, some guys like pussy, I like dick and ass," I chuckled, "Do you guys like pussy?"

"Yeah, course we do." both mumbled they didn't sound too committed to it.

"How many boys have you sucked?" Justin the Ginger boy asked.

"Mmmm, haven't really every stopped to count them, but a lot I guess. I been doing it since I was about 16."

"Really, who were they?"

"Well, first it was cousins and neighbor boys, then as I got older and could drive it was boys like you, boys I just meet places who want to have fun."

"We wanna have fun, don't we Justin?" Robert laughed.

"Yeah, we been talking about this lately, about how to get a blow job, but we didn't know anyone who would do it." Justin said looking thoughtful. I'd heard that before from boys and I was the answer to their prayers, "But I don't know about the butt stuff," he added looking a little frightened for the first time.

"Oh, don't worry. I don't do that stuff with boys, only men. Mostly I just suck dick and make  boys like you feel good," I said smiling warmly.

"Okay then, we like that..don't we Robert?"

Robert grunted a yes and shook his head enthusiastically.

"Cool, then we will definitely have us some fun," I chuckled, "Cause I have been wanting some boy cock to suck all week. By the way, how old are you guys? Do you come yet?"

"You mean make sperm?" Robert said then looked at Justin as if asking permission to answer.

"I do, he don't," Justin said answering for them both, "but his is bigger, fatter too. Won't be long till he sperms too. We're both the same age 12."

I was in the ballpark on my age guess and glad to hear I had at least one cummer. If I was lucky I'd get a chance to taste Robert's first cum assuming he came back for seconds and thirds as a lot of boys did.

"Do you swallow that stuff?" Justin asked curiously a look of wonder on his face at the thought of it.

"Yesssss, it's the best taste in the whole world, especially when it's a boy's first cum or he hasn't been coming long. It tastes like honey," I said smiling lewdly.

"Huh uh," Robert laughed, "it's salty," he said then blushed bright red and shut up.

I didn't press him, I figured he'd tasted Justin's or someone else's at some point and had let it slip out by accident. Instead I asked them about their lives and got to know them a little better.

They lived next door to one another in a neighborhood that I knew well and both were from single parent homes, a mother for each and an absent father that they obviously missed despite their tough exteriors. I knew how they felt having been fatherless and raised by my saint of a mother and maybe that was why I liked them so well. By the time we got to my apartment we were like old friends, laughing and wrestling around and I could tell this was not going to be a one time thing. 

They oohed and ahhed at my apartment, it was really nothing special, but I guessed to them it was lavish. I offered them a soda to settle them down since they seemed a bit shy again and they swallowed it in three or four gulps.

"Well, shall we go to the fun room?" I said as they tossed their soda cans in the trash, "We can take it slow, don't I said if you don't want to do anything just tell me and it's cool."

Both muttered it was okay, and I led them to the spare bedroom. When I asked them to take off their shoes at the door they obeyed without question and even stripped off their socks revealing small and lovely feet, thus satisfying another of my fetishes. If things went well, I might be sucking those lovely little toes soon.

Inside I had black lights and mirrors and the boys smiled as they noticed their white teeth glowing in the black light.

"Cool, do you get high in here?" Justin asked excitedly.

"Nah, I don't do drugs, just get drunk once in a while," I said laughing.

"Can we get drunk too?" Justin asked enthusiastically.

"Not unless you spend the night," I said simply. It wasn't out of the question and had been done before by other boys.

"Really, could we?" he asked looking at me to see if I was joking. He must've seen the I was serious because he added, "We could spend the night sometime, couldn't we Robert?"

"Yeah, my mom wouldn't care, I'd just tell her I was spending the night at a friend's house, she never checks."

I felt a little sorry for him, but it was actually to my advantage and I reminded myself he was in no danger from me and in fact would no doubt benefit from a relationship with me.

"We could spend the night tonight," Justin offered, but he didn't sound too sure and I thought it too early to make those kind of plans before we'd even had fun.

"Maybe some weekend, I'm off on the weekend," I offered.

"Okay, yeah, that's cool. So we...gonna do this or what?" Justin asked sounding nervous but a bit excited.

"Yeah, do you boys want another soda? There's some in that little fridge over there.

They grabbed another soda and looking around they sank to the mattress covered floor and sat down Indian style. They sipped their sodas and watched me nervously waiting for what was to come next.

"Why don't you boys get more comfortable," I said at last, "why don't you take off your jeans, you can leave your underwear on if you want," I said feeling a twinge of excitement in my groin area.

Robert started squirming out of his pants immediately, but Justin seemed hesitant. He looked scared or embarrassed and then he said, "I...I don't have any underwear on." His face was crimson and I felt sorry for him, but hiss words only added to my excitement.

"Well, I don't care if you don't. Since the ultimate goal is to get at your dick so I can suck it, that just makes things easier." I chuckled.

He shrugged and looked over at Robert who was already down to tighty whities glowing obscenely in the black light and began to remove his jeans. I couldn't help but stare as he slowly pushed them down around his white hips exposing a few strands of reddish pubic hairs and my mouth watered in anticipation.

He was either very shy or a master of suspense because I swear it took so long to get those jeans off that I thought I would die from anticipation. Slowly they were lowered, exposing just the top of his penis and a few more hairs then a little more of that glorious member and finally it was there to behold in all it's beauty.

I had guessed correctly that it would be slender, but it was long for a boy his age and his balls substantial and hung loosely between his slender legs. I drew in a sharp breath and took in every detail of his lower body as it was revealed to me and I can still remember to this day how lovely it was. His legs were hairless and though slender were well muscled and shapely. He had just a sparse patch of reddish hair above his penis but otherwise he was smooth between his legs, his balls two perfect wrinkled orbs, hung loosely and he scratched at them absent mindedly as he looked at me for acceptance.

"Nice," I said sincerely, "You are a little stud, aren't you?"

He blushed but I could tell he was pleased by my appraisal of him.

Robert stretched his chubby legs out and looked at me expectantly.

"I bet you're a stud too," I said grinning, "but I need to see for sure. So how about taking off the undies?"

He giggled and looked embarrassed, but not too embarrassed to quickly shuck his FOL's. His cock popped into view and bounced against his stomach and I was amazed at the girth of it. Though probably no more than 3 1/2 to 4 inches long it was fat and hard as a rock. His balls were huge for a boy that age but hadn't dropped yet causing it to appear that his dick and balls were all one appendage. His skin was smooth and he was not nearly as chubby looking naked as he had looked clothed. His legs were nice and his feet were small and soft looking. I wanted a look at his butt, but there would be time for that later.

"Nice, man you are hung like a little pony," I chuckled, "When you get your sperm you will be a real danger to the girls."

He bristled at my compliment and smiled showing dimples that I hadn't noticed before and I was struck by how cute he was. I wanted to kiss those sweet soft lips of his right then but I knew that was too much too soon and I'd have to settle for placing my lips between his legs instead.

"So, who's first?" I said anxious to get started.

Both shrugged, so I decided to flip a coin. Justin chose heads and I flipped the coin. It came up tails. Robert was first just as I'd hoped. I wanted to save the feast for last.

"What do I do?" Robert asked nervously.

"Nothing, just relax and enjoy it. Do you want to lay down or stand up?"

"Uh, lay down I guess," he said with a slight tremble in his voice. He was so sweet, so innocent at that moment that I felt my heart throb for him.

"That works best usually. That way you can relax and enjoy it. Remember, if I do anything you don't like just tell me and I'll stop." I had given spoken that disclaimer many times and never once had a taker on it. Once a boy felt my lips on his cock or balls, my tongue in his ass, or his toes in my mouth, he never wanted me to stop.

He sighed and laid back and I could hear his labored breathing and almost see his cock throb with excitement. I moved in between his legs and began.

I am so confident of my boy pleasing powers that I usually don't go straight for the dick, instead I start low and work my way up and from the little noises Robert was making it was obvious I had another fan. His feet smelled a little musky but were otherwise clean and I didn't hesitate a moment before popping the first little piggy in my mouth.

I head Justin mutter something unintelligible but it was obvious he was in awe that I would suck a dirty toe and perhaps he was anxious for his own turn. I didn't leave Robert's feet till I had serviced all ten toes and  licked his souls and ankles then I moved up his legs licking and kissing every inch of them as he trembled beneath me. He would raise his head and look down at me then let it fall back down as he squirmed and made little mewling sounds. I wondered how he would react when the big event happened if he was so verbal now but I would soon find out.

Once I was at his upper thighs I decided to make him wait no longer. His fat cock was bobbing with my every move and it looked angry and red. I grabbed it and he grunted and I began to lick his nut sack. 

He giggled then began squirming and panting, raising his head to look at me in disbelief and occasionally at Justin to see if he was watching. No worry there as Justin's eyes had been glued on the action from the start as he rubbed his cock slowly and stared in rapt disbelief.

I slobbered on those huge balls for a long time before grabbing his dick and giving it a wet sloppy lick. He moaned and thrust up and instinctively reached down and grabbed my head and attempted to push me down on him.  I smiled, that reaction was as natural as scratching an itch and fucking for the first time and I let him have his way.

I deep throated his fat cock and he moaned even louder and began to thrust up against me pushing as deep as possible into my hungry mouth and throat.  I wished he could cum but I had no doubt I'd know when he orgasmed because he was so animated during the act.

I took the opportunity to grab that ass that I had been lusting after and he didn't seem to mind, in fact he seemed to like that even more. I wondered if he'd be up for a rim job, but some boy's hygiene isn't all that great and decided it could wait till if and when he stayed over and I could be sure he was bathed and clean back there. 

I did snake a finger into his crack and rub it across his hole just to see how he would react and getting no resistance I began fingering his hole. It was moist and slick, whether from sweat or poop I didn't know, but I continued until I had the tip of my finger dipped into his virgin hole and still he didn't protest so I continued. 

I had my finger in to the first knuckle when he began to buck faster gagging me with his fat cock and then with a grunt and a final thrust he came. 

As fate and the patron saint of boy lovers would have it, nature chose that moment to produce Robert's first load of sperm. Granted it was thin and watery, but no less delicious and made even more wonderful so by the fact that I had gotten his first load. I savored every drop and made sure I had it all before kissing his dick head and raising up to praise him.

"You came, you little stud. You came and I was the first to taste it and it was great. So good, thank you."

He was beaming and so proud and I couldn't resist giving him a little hug. I didn't know what to expect, some boys are stand offish especially after an orgasm, but Robert hugged me back and sighed contentedly and I knew he was going to be back for more.

"Hey, what about me?" Justin said anxiously.

I let go of Robert and turned to him, "Oh, you are next and I am going to suck you so hard your balls will turn inside out, " I teased.

He giggled and fell down next to Robert who rolled over onto his side to watch his best friend get his blow job. I winked at Robert and he blushed, I now knew he'd been down there where I was about to go and maybe he felt a little proud that he'd been first or perhaps a little jealous of what I was about to do, but the excitement of the moment pushed all that aside.

He watched with interest as I made love to Justin's slightly larger feet and sucked each toe, wrinkling his cute nose and then smiling at me as I smiled back around a mouthful of toes. He fingered his cock and I could see that it was chubbing up again and I hoped he'd be ready for round two, but wasn't putting too much hope in that. Most boys his age were one and done, especially when it was their first wet come, but stranger things had happened.

When I started on Justin's dick I learned that he was not only much more verbal than Robert but more passionate. He pushed my head down on his cock and moaned loudly then began to cuss and cry out as I gave him my best. 

I pulled off long enough to suck and lick those gorgeous balls of his and when I reached around to finger his ass, he not only didn't resist, but he actually opened up for me to enter him making me wonder if the boy had been dicked before....maybe by Robert. Maybe they were butt buddies, or maybe someone else had been back there, but the possibility was certainly there.

His ass was tight but my finger entered easily with his natural juices and I had it in up to the second knuckle by the time I was seriously going down on him. With each upward thrust he drove his slender hard cock into my hungry mouth and on each down stroke he impaled himself on my finger. I know from experience what a rush it is to be finger banged and sucked off at the same time and I knew he was getting close to orgasming.

I pulled off and went after his balls again and then in a moment of passion I took the initiative and pushing his slender legs up I rooted around with my tongue till I found his hole. He was salty and slightly bitter but not at all dirty and I went crazy as  I tongued his hot little hole.

I looked up to see Robert watching with his mouth open and a look of awe on his face and I chuckled. Next time he'd want to experience this bit of Heaven and I would gladly oblige.

Justin was grunting, swearing, and thrashing about as if possessed as I continued to tongue fuck his tight hole and after a few more minutes of that I decided it was time to claim the prize I'd been craving all evening.

As I took his dick into my mouth again I replaced my tongue in his ass with my finger and began to finger bang him fast and furiously as I bobbed up and down on his hard cock, putting as much suction on it as I could muster. He was thrusting up against me wildly, moaning now and clutching alternately the sheets and my hair and then with one final moan and several upward thrusts he began to unload in my mouth. 

To say he tasted amazing is an understatement. I'll just say that if I could bottle and sell that flavor I'd be a millionaire overnight if only from sales to perverts like

His cum was not only flavorful but plentiful and thick unlike Robert's newly found dew and I gobbled it down greedily. I squeezed his nut sack to milk it all out then held his spent cock in my mouth until it shrank back to normal.

I rose and kissed it one last time and praised the Ginger.

"That was the best tasting cum I have ever tasted and you are the most amazing boy I have ever been with," I said overcome with emotion.

Robert tittered next to me but I offered him no further praise, this was Justin's time.

"Your ass is sweet too, I love eating it and fingering you as I sucked. Did you like it?" I knew he did, but I just needed to hear it from his lips.

"Yeah, it was nice," he said seeming at a loss for words. Then blushing he added, "You suck real good and that thing with my butt was cool. I never came so hard before."

"So do you think you would want to come back and do this again?"  I asked addressing both boys.

Robert nodded, leaving it up to Justin to speak, "When? How about this weekend? We could maybe spend the weekend and get drunk, " he said grinning widely. No way could I ever resist these two and I knew I was in for a long and satisfying relationship in the days and weeks ahead.

We made plans for the weekend and the boys got dressed and I drove to Denny's where we ordered breakfast and ate and talked as if we were old friends. Something about the familiarity of sex? Maybe, but it does lower a lot of barriers when it comes to communication.

I drove them back to their neighborhood and drove home in a funk. I missed them already. Just as always I had gotten attached quickly, only this time there would be lots of other good times ahead and I smiled at that. I went home, pulled out my best boy porn mags and jerked off and fell asleep instantly.

The End




Once again I have been moved to write about boys I have seen in real life. While driving home from work one day I saw these two, the Ginger and the Chub and in the short time I observed them I could see they were close and I wondered just how close and what it would be like to know them. Thus the story I present now. Of course it is all fiction though based on real life characters the rest is pure fantasy. I hope you enjoyed the story, but please don't ask for more. This is all there is...the rest you can conjure up in your own imagination. Thanks again for your email and support. New chapters of LBF are up and I am working on Alex and Aidan, hope to have those chapters up early next week. 

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