By Max the Cat

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Part 1: Tragedy!

The rain was coming down in bucket fulls, Martin and Mary Marsh were late picking up their son Andre from school. The eleven year old had been told to wait until they arrived, they were going out for a family dinner, and had a surprise for him, he would never meet his surprise. His mother had been confirmed and was two months pregnant.

Martin and Mary had Andre a little over nine months after their marriage, then nothing. They had tried for another baby, but it never happened, now Andre would have another sibling. They were afraid that he would be put off and wanted to break the news in a happy way. They had made reservations at his favorite restaurant, a fun and games place. There were lots of action games for the kids to play, so he would be in the best of spirits when they broke the news.

Martin made the turn down Walnut Avenue, a brown truck going at a very high rate of speed and behind in his delivery's was unable to stop and hit Martin and Mary's car at seventy mile's per hour. The couple had no chance and were killed on impact. Their Mercedes rolled five times and came to a stop upside down against a telephone pole, the pole fell over a top of the mangled vehicle.

Andre sat waiting and thinking of the things he had done in the past four months. His parents had gotten him a very large laptop, 6 gigabytes of RAM and 500 of memory. He began to surf the net, first playing games and researching for school projects. In his spare time he looked around and quickly found sex! The regular boy/girl didn't really interest him and he might have let it go at that, but he found Channel 6969 and was hooked.

He surfed around the site, and was awestruck. Andre spend hours on the site, he jacked off into a wash cloth then quickly rinsed the cloth out. A couple times he licked the cum to find out how it tasted. At first he shook his head and recoiled, yet he kept licking it, one Saturday afternoon when his parents were grocery shopping he licked the cloth clean, then sat back and wondered if all cum tasted like his?

His parents both worked and he was always home alone until six or so. He logged into a Chat Room one afternoon just to see what it was like. Quickly something came up on the left hand side:

AB6969: Hi, what;s your handle?

AM1111: I just posted it, see?

AB6969: Oh I see it, I've never seen you here before?

AM1111: My first time!

AB6969: I'm 38 and u?

Without thinking Andre answered truthfully:

AM1111: I'm almost eleven.

AB6969: Your shitting me, right?

AM1111: Why would I do that, I'm really almost 11, in fact I will be 11 on Tuesday!

On the other end the man almost had a stroke. His name was Walt and he just felt that his leg was being pulled, or maybe just maybe it was a young boy. Well nothing ventured, nothing gained he thought.

AB6969: So what grade are u in?

AM1111: Fifth Grade, what do u do for a living?

AB6969: Plumber. What do u like to do besides surf here, do u like older men?

AM1111: This is my first time here, feels funny, I guess I like men, I don't like girls, except as friends, oh I love to play video games on line, but this is exciting and I'm not sure why?

AB6969: I know why it's exciting, you've wondered what it's like to be with someone, right?

AM1111: Maybe?

Andre and Walt continued to chat for two more months, mostly about Andre and his life, school and friends, which were few. The one Wednesday afternoon Walt asked if Andre wanted to see something hot?

AB6969: I have a hot file if you want to see it?

AM1111: Sure, what's it about?

AB6969: A boy and man having sex!

Andre immediately got an erection and his thin fingers wrapped around it.

AM1111: Please yes.

AB6969: OK here we go Andre:

On Andre's screen appeared a message saying: one file sent-accept or decline. Andre clicked accept and waited for the file to download. Finally his GOM player came on and the video began. Andre almost shit his pants, a dark haired boy was sucking on the cock of a bearded man of around forty. The boy was sucking the cock like it was a popcicle. Andre's hand slipped into his underwear and grasped his boi cock and began to jack it off.

Walt was watching Andre with his web cam and enjoying the show he was recording unbeknownst to Andre. Andre was now breathing harder, the action between the boi on the screen and the bearded man. The screen changed the boi was on his back and the man was slowly fucking him, the boi was moaning and begging for more cock. “fuck me harder, but cum in my mouth I just love the taste of hot creamy man cum.” Andre was jacking faster and harder.

Walt was hard himself, he was recording it, and wishing that Andre's lips were wrapped around his cock, but he knew that was impossible, he was in Denver and Andre was somewhere else. Finally the bearded man placed his cock on the dark haired boy's lips which opened to catch the hot discharge, the boi swallowed as fast as the man's cock shot hot cum out of him.

Walt watched as Andre's boi-cock erupted and covered his naked chest with hot boi-cream. Walt licked his lips, as Andre's eyes were shut tight as he relished his hot reverie. He loved it. “Damn Andre you are a hottie!” Walt said and awoke Andre from his hot cum. “What, where I-I-I-I?” Walt sat there smiling, Andre's blue eyes opened wider and wider! “Oooohhhh you saw me?” Andre was surprised. “Yes, Andre and it was very beautiful, you are very beautiful!”

Andre felt a teacher shake him “Andre there is a Highway Patrolman here to see you. He had been waiting for his parents and they still hadn't shown up. The uniform clad man sat down next to the blond haired, blue eyes boy and put an arm around him. “Son I have some very bad news, you have to be very strong with the news I have for you.” Andre looked up at the man with a quizzed look. “What?”

The big cop's eyes welled with tears as he told Andre that his parents were killed in a traffic accident. The boy was crying uncontrollably. The cop wanted to know who was his next of kin. The boy was trying to think and trying to stop crying. “My dad has a brother in Denver named Bruce Marsh, I don't know his phone number, he's the only one, both sets of grand parents were dead and his mother was an only child.

The school nurse sat next to Andre and held him tightly as he sobbed. The cop called chief and gave him the info of the uncle in Denver. The chief said he would take it from there, but he also had to call Child Protective Services to have someone take care of Andre until Uncle Bruce could be found. Andre was having a hard time controlling his emotions and ran to the bathroom and threw up twice.

Bruce Marsh was sound asleep when the phone rang. He had worked late with his friend Walt making a man/boy video to be sold to B.T.W. for their Channel 6969 web site. Since the passing of the Boi Lover Protection Act two year previous, the video market had boomed. Last year he and Walt took a vacation to Sorococo island off the coast of Brazil. Two weeks at the B.T.W. Pleasure facility had been an eye opener and a sexual escapade he would never forget, a different Pleasure Boi every night, his sexual desires more than fulfilled.

Hello?” He was trying to clear the cobwebs from his head. “Yes this is he, and yes I have a brother named Martin, say just what the hell is this about?” The woman from C,P,S. Then told him of the traffic accident that claimed the lives of Martin and Mary. He quickly sat up, ran his left hand's fingers thru his hair “how's my nephew, was he killed also?” He was now in shock himself, he and Martin had not been close, in fact it had been five years since they had seen each other.

Mrs. Lanier from C.P.S. explained that Andre was in their care and needed a next of kin to take custody of the boy. They had found a will and Bruce was the only person named as next of kin, the estates executor and their minor child's guardian. Bruce could only say "Me?" The lady from C.P.S. was very businesslike and said "Mr. Marsh will you be able to come here and take custody of Andre, also when would you be able to come here?

"Gee, Mrs. Lanier I have to get a plane ticket and make reservations, can I have your number and call you back when I get them ready?" She gave him the number "1-831-555-2785 between 8 am and 5 pm PST, sir I will await your call." Bruce sat on the end of his bed, the phone in his hand and found his cheeks wet with tears, his brother gone forever, he's have to make funeral arraignments, find his brother's lawyer and get the court to sign Andre over to him. yesterday he was filming a fuck film and today planning a funeral, life could be very, very unpredictable.

Bruce went to his bank and got his birth certificate and passport for identification from his safety deposit box, called the airline and got a one way to California and two return's for Denver. He called Walt and asked for a ride to the airport and said he'd call when he left Santa Cruz to return. Walt was very sympathetic . “Man I don't know how I would handle all you have to do in such a short time?” Bruce smiled weakly, “you'd make it, you'd have to Walt, anyway I'll call and give you the heads up, thanks?”

Walt drove him to the airport, waited until he checked in and watched the Southwest Jet take off. In the plane Bruce settled in for the two hour or so flight to California. He and Walt had planned a trip this year to Palmyra Island in the South Pacific, the Pleasure Facility there was described as beautiful along with the Pleasure Bois, but now things had changed and there was Andre, who by now was eleven and probably some macho ball playing kid who was just starting to chase pussy.

Bruce closed his eyes and a picture of the little redhead he and Walt had filmed and fucked for three days. So responsive and willing, the kid named Andy had swallowed evey load shot in his mouth, he was getting a hard on just imagining those luscious red lips wrapped around his cock and moaning fuck me harder please, my dad doesn't fuck as well as you two guys, yes bois like Andy were rare indeed.

Andre sat in class, he had been driven to his school by Mrs. Delk the woman taking care of him until his uncle arrived, they were trying to keep everything as natural for him, but he just wanted to lied down and cry all the time. Although he wasn't really paying attention, yet Mrs. Wilson his teacher let it be, each time she thought about Andre and his predicament she welled up with tears.

The jet landed at Minnetta International airport in San Jose. Bruce picked up his luggage and the car he had reserved and drove to Santa Cruz. The traffic was horrible even in the early morning. He pulled up at the law office building and scanned the office directory to find the office of Peter R. Middleton, Attorney at Law. His office was on the second floor #3 and entered.

A middle aged woman sat at the desk, smiled up at Bruce and said “can I help you sir?” Bruce introduced himself and took a seat. A few minutes later Lawyer Middleton cam out and introduced himself. They shook hands and the two entered the office. Bruce sat down and Middleton explained everything while he looked over Bruce's identification.

Mr. Marsh I have all the paperwork here, here is the papers for the minor child Andre David Marsh, age 11. You and I will go to see Mr. Delk and take possession the the minor mentioned.” Bruce shook his head a bit “sounds a little cold the way u put it?” The lawyer looked up '”sorry but theta is my legalese talking, but I am just trying to make this a easy as possible, also here are the keys to the home, are you going to move in or sell it, if it is to be sold all profits must go into a trust for the youngster, along with the four insurance policies for the young Andre, in the amount of 3.7 million dollars.”

Bruce just nodded. “Of the monies you will receive in the amount of 1 million dollars for his education and up keep, you will be given control of these monies, the 3.7 million cannot be tapped by you or anyone else, his parents made that air tight. Bruce smiled, actually I really don't even need the million, I have ample finances of my own, I don't have to use his and really would like the other million placed into a trust also, Andre can tap it as he get's older, in fact he is my beneficiary in case something happens to me, if something happens to him charities should be the beneficiaries.”

The lawyer smiled “that's up to you, but you should talk to your own lawyer, we will let it go as is for now. We will now go and get Andre, OK?” Bruce smiled 'lets go!” He followed the lawyer to the home of Mrs. Delk, the temporary guardian appointed by the court. Andre was watching television when Mrs. Delk let the two men in. Andre looked at Bruce, he wasn't sure he knew him. “Hi Andre you probably don't remember me, it's been five years, but I'm your Uncle Bruce. Andre got up and ran up and grabbed the man around the middle and began crying.

Bruce stood there his hands running through the boy's mop of unkempt hair. “It'll get better Andre, trust me, it will.” Andre continued to sob. Both Mrs. Delk and Bruce had tears running down their cheeks, the lawyer stood their stoic, doing his best to control his own emotions. “Do you have all your things, Andre?” Bruce asked, we'll go to your home tonight and then get ready to go to Denver, I hope you'll like it there, it's not California, but I think you'll like the fresh air there?” he rally didn't know what to say, the only young boys he had contact were sucking his cock or riding it, now he was a parent.

They pulled up in front of Andre's home and Bruce went in using the key the lawyer had given him. Andre looked around hoping to find his parents, but the house wasquiet and vacant. He went into his room and it was as he left it. He sat in front of his laptop and just stared. “Hey I'll arrange for a pod and have your room sent to my place, I have your new bedroom just as it was here?” Andre again with a tear streaked face said “I would like that Uncle Bruce, thanks.”

He ordered a pizza and soda delivered, then called the funeral home to finalize the arraignments. Andre's parents would be laid to rest the day after tomorrow. The pizza arrived and they ate in silence. “I'm gonna shower and sleep in the guest bedroom Andre, you can do what you wish if you want, I can tell you need time to yourself, OK buddy?” Andre just nodded and finished his Pepsi.

Bruce crawled naked into the clean sheets. He laid back on the pillow and heard Andre showering and then nothing. Bruce was quickly asleep, it had been a very trying day. Bruce felt a shake and awoke to find a naked Andre next to the bed “no PJ's Andre?” The man looked at the naked, appealing boy, he was quickly erect, young naked boys had that effect on him.

Andre then asked “can I sleep with you Uncle Bruce, I don't want to be alone tonight, and for two years I have been sleeping in the all together, mama said it was OK, last summer we spent two weeks at a nudist camp, no one wore anything!” Bruce pulled back the covers and Andre's blue eyes widened when he saw Bruce's hard cock. “Gee Uncle Bruce you have a real big one, wow!”

Andre crawled in and his butt cheeks felt Bruce's hard cock lying in the crack, Andre also got hard, but didn't let Bruce know he had gotten excited my Bruce's nakedness. Andre quickly was out like a lite, Bruce had a more difficult time getting back to sleep, but when he did he was dreaming of the boi's he had fucked who were just like the naked boy next to him.

Bruce looked down a blond mop of hair was moving back and forth, his cock was being sucked, the small tongue scraped his cock, the felling was magnificent, he heard himself saying 'suck it you beautiful cocksucker, can you swallow it all, I love to throat fuck. The head seemed to consume his entire length and his balls were churning, his semen was traveling at light speed to leave his body.

Bruce awoke and threw back the cover's just in time to see creamy sperm belch from the head of his cock and land on his chest and pool in his belly button. He realized he had been dreaming, Andre was sound asleep along side of him. “fuck a wet dream, I could have sworn I was getting a good sucking.” he got up and went to the bathroom, got a wash cloth and ran it under the warm water and cleaned off the creamy goo and washed his leaking penis.

The funeral was a very somber affair and Bruce was very surprised on the turnout. He and Andre stood in front and shook hands, Andre's hair was ruffled twenty or thirty times along with pecks on the cheek from women he had never met. Finally the long vehicle procession took the two oak caskets to the cemetery. A pastor of a church Andre had never attended, in fact outside of a baptism he had never gone and actually never missed church. Finally it was over and Andre was guided to the vehicle by Bruce and the boy turned a waved good by and again could not hold back the tears.

The POD arrived and Andre's bed and other furniture were stored by the movers, the rest went with the house, less pictures and the vehicle that belonged to his mother. The B.M.W. was sold, Bruce and Andre took the plane back to Denver to begin a new phase of their lives. On the cell Bruce called Walt and told him to pick them up when they arrived at the airport.

Andre only took a few clothes and his laptop. He slept on the plane and felt Bruce nudge him “were going to land in Denver soon.” The jet touched down and Bruce and Andre came through the terminal where a very surprised Walt and a really shocked Andre met in person. “Well I'll be damned you're the boy I talk to in the chat room right?” Andre was speechless. Bruce looked at Walt funny “what's going on her Walt?”

Walt was grinning from ear to ear “hey bro Andre and I have been chatting on Channel 6969 for a couple months, in fact he has a very lovely body, he stripped for me quite a few times, and wanked to completion, right Andre?' Andre's face was beet red. Bruce now looked at Andre a bit differently. “So there's a horny side, right Andre, a very horny side!” Walt quickly added “Andre cool it, we all seem to be like minded!” Andre wasn't sure what he meant.

Walt grabbed most of the baggage along with Bruce, Andre had a small hand bag and his laptop. “Come on I have a surprise in the SUV, remember what we talked about the last time Otis was here?” Bruce tried to remember, but with all that happened he couldn't remember. Refresh me Walt?” Walt chuckled “OK wait until we get to the vehicle, then you'll remember.”

They walked into the passenger pick up lot and to the dark blue SUV. Sitting in the back seat with the window's cracked for fresh air sat a full grown black Labrador Retriever his big red tongue hanging out of his big mouth. “Holy cripes sake now I remember “Boi's, Dogs and hot sex, it was Otis's idea, now I remember!” Bruce said with a joyful chuckle. “Where did you get him from?”

Walt explained he had bought “Pierre from this Rene guy in France, he trains them for either boys or girls, for the life of me I can't remember his last name?” Bruce just shook his head, he had absentmindedly forgot, the thought of using a dog on a boy and filming it was something he wanted to do and when Otis said he had a couple of boys who would do it, he said 'we got to get going!”

Andre got in the back seat and Pierre put his nose in Andre's hand and the boy was soon petting and scratching the large dog. In the front Walt was driving and telling Bruce about Otis and his two boys he would soon bring by for their sampling. Andre didn't understand what they were talking about and just watched the new scenery go by, he was in a new place, in a new town and he felt overwhelmed, plus the meeting Walt, his computer buddy!

Uncle Bruce turned to the back seat “I didn't know you and Walt talked on the computer and you let him see your body and you even jacked off for him? Andre's blue eyes got small and he said in a heated voice “you never asked?” Walt up front chuckled. “Hey Andre were not mad, in fact you don't know how pleased we are, right Bruce?”

Bruce was smiling broadly “Andre I'm not mad at all, Walt and I are boi lovers, I was just surprised that you were interested, have you had sex yet, with a man I mean? Andre squirmed in his seat and turned beet red “no, just looked and talked on the net, I've never been interested in girls and then I found Channel 6969 and realized why, but-but-but Don't know, I-I-I-I?” he quit talking, he felt sweaty and uncomfortable.

Part 2: Educating Andre!

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