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Part 2: Educating Andre!

Bruce enrolled Andre in middle school. Mr. Wasloski the Vice-Principal looked over Andre's transcript. “Outstanding Andre, 3.97 average, I believe you are going to do very well here, we will be happy to have you, also, my condolences on the tragic loss of your parents, please if you need to talk feel free to come to me, I will help the best I can or find the right venue for you to get the help you might need,” Andre looked at Uncle Bruce, and gave a half hearted smile.

The Vice-Principal handed Andre his schedule of classes. Andre looked it over. Bruce told the man that Andre would start in the morning, that he had to get Andre some clothing and supplies. “Very good Mr. Marsh, see you tomorrow Andre, again if you need anything see me.” Andre smiled a little “thank you sir, see you tomorrow. Mr. Wasloski watched as the walked away, he eyed the youngsters ass as it twitched from side to side, he had to adjust his cock and thought 'very fuckable ass on that one!”

Unlike most boys Andre loved to shop. He seemed to finger everything in the stores and put on so many different outfits that Bruce was having a hard time keeping awake. “Uncle Bruce is this to big or to small, do the colors clash or how do they look on me?' Bruce got bored, he'd rather see Andre naked if he had his druthers. Still he stayed as alert as he could and humored Andre.

Walt and Otis were back at Bruce's place with two eleven year old's, Kevin with the blue eyes and dirty blond hair and Brian with the brown eyes and shaggy brown hair. Each nubile boi was on his knees in front on the men showing how accomplished they were at sucking cock. Kevin had Otis's big black cock down his throat, his red lips buried in the kinky black pubic curls while Brian had hold of Walt's ample penis and licking it like a lolly-pop.

Walt was enjoying the way his cock was being attended too. “Otis wait until you see Andre naked like I have and you should have see his face when he met me in person?” Otis moaned and he felt the boi's red tongue tip wax his ball sac. “I would have loved to see yous face when you saw him wit Bruce, from the video screen to live in your pocket?' He chuckled and moaned “good god Kevin yous a good cocksucker, yo daddy learned yous right, yes sire bob!”

The two boys had been picked up at a hamburger joint by Otis about a month ago. They were in the bathroom taking a leak when Otis had entered and took the turn between them and pulled out his “Black Mamba,” both couldn't keep their eyes off it and Otis decided “what the hell,” and asked “you's want to hold it for me?” he got the shock of his life when two slim fingered hands took hold of it for him. Brian looked up “gee mister you got a real big one there, can we suck it off for you?”

Otis had them follow him to his van and drove to a secluded part of town, parked and turned to see two preteens as naked as the day they were born. “You two must love cock right?” Kevin smiled, licked his lips “you bet and we'll swallow it all, we love the taste.” Otis climbed in back stripping as he came to the back. “Well boys do what you will, this is going to be a big treat.”

Otis stretched out on the carpeted floor. Brian took one side and Kevin the other. Their small mouths began to nibble and lick up and down the fat black spike. He could hear them giggling as the sucked and licked his cock. His hands ran through their hair as he enjoyed the sucking of his cock! Brian got on his knees, wrapped his red lips around the fat black sausage and slowly took two thirds in to the back of his throat, glossy saliva dripping down the sides.

Otis relished the boy's oral manipulations. “I's knows where yous two came from, but I thank my lucky stars you did!” Otis moaned as Kevin was sucking on his crinkled ball sac. Kevin looked up from his ball sucking and said 'we both go to St. Micheal's Academy sir!” Otis got a funny look on his face, “they train them right a perochical schools these kids can suck cock!”

Bruce drove Andre back home and the two lugged the school clothes into the boy's room. “OK, hang up and place in the drawers, Andre.” Andre smiled “sure Uncle Bruce. Bruce hurried down stairs to find the video being shot. Kevin was impaled on Otis's black cock, Brian skewered on Walt's. Another associate Horace was filming. Bruce quickly stripped and placed his hand behind Brian's head to guide the boy's mouth to the head of his ready cock.

Walt looked at Bruce “where's Andre?” Bruce pushed in over half of his penis into the wet sucking mouth. “He's busy putting away his clothes, I think he's going to lay down, I hope?” Walt got an eying grin “maybe he'll come down here and hop on your cock, hehe!” Bruce shook his head “we got to take it slow with him!” The men continued to make their video for posting on Channel 6969.

In his room Andre continued to hang up his clothes. He got to the last bag which were socks and underwear. There was a bag in the big bag and he pulled it out. “What the fuck?” He looked at a lacy black bra and panties. “Shit I got someone else s package?” He left his room and went looking for Uncle Bruce. He came to the top of the stairs and heard muffled sounds from downstairs. “I guess he listening to music?”

Dressed only in his boxers Andre descended the stairs. The noise got louder and the language nasty. He opens the curtain and his blue eyes got wide as he saw the two boi's his age being fucked and sucking men's cock. Andre quickly got and erection which poked out the opening of his boxers, he didn't notice it, but Otis and Walt did! “Well look who's come in to join the party?” Walt said. Andre was frozen in place

Brian was full of hot black cock and was moaning to Otis “ooohhh Otis I'm gonna cum, look I'm hands free.” Andre's blue eyes were glued to Brian now that he spoke. The young catholic school boi hard a hard four inches and the red cap was swollen and erupted shooting hot creamy boi-honey into the air. Absentmindedly Andre's right hand had slipped into his boxers and was fiddling with his erection.

Andre stood there, Bruce pulled his cock from Kevin's mouth and came up to Andre. His right hand took hold of Andre's penis, his lips covered Andre's open mouth and his tongue probed the boi's mouth. A muffled moan came from deep within Andre his hips moved forward in Bruce's grasp, then they pulled back and again knifed forward. A shiver went up Andre's spine.

With his free hand Bruce slid it down Andre's back and into the boxers. He cupped the left butt cheek and then a finger slid into the crease between the two cheeks. Andre pushed back and the finger slid in to the first knuckle, then to the end of the digit. Andre moaned and his hips pushed back and forth trying to bring himself off, the head of his boi-cock tingled, the length throbbed.

Oooohhhh” this is better that the video's, you're doing the real thing!” Andre moans as he throbbed and tingled in Bruce's hand. Andre came quickly, so much was pent up, he fired a creamy blast on Bruce's left legs, Bruce kept wanking him, Andre had to grasp Bruce's arm to steady himself. Bruce grinned inside and kept the boi-cock in hand and didn't let go!

Grab mine Andre I need relief too?” Andre was in a different world and did not realizing it, he took hold of Bruce's cock and jerked it back and forth for Uncle Bruce. Bruce rocked back and forth to the beat of the boi's wanking hand. Andre slowly slipped to his knees and was eye to eye with Bruce's rampant cock. This was the closest he had ever been to someone else s sex organ.

The hot penis was only inches from his red lips. His lips were dry and he licked them and eyes the creamy bead that had appeared from the hole on the vermillion corona. He had seen Walt and others on Channel 6969, here was one so close and so tempting. He couldn't help himself, his tongue tip flicked out and cleaned off the creamy bead. He was surprised there was very little taste. He smiled when he heard Bruce moan out loud “oomph so good Andre, it felt good!”

Andre couldn't help himself his lips quickly surrounded the throbbing staff, he was surprised how hard and how soft it felt in his mouth, here he was sucking his first cock in front of audience, and he didn't care. His mouth engulfed over half of Bruce penis and he sucked like he had been doing this all his life, until he heard Bruce say “watch your teeth, sweetie, but keep sucking me, it feel so wonderful.” Andre formed a smile as he sucked.

He felt Bruce's hand on the back of his head, more cock was stuffed into his mouth and hit the back of his throat, he gagged and pushed back, tears welled in his eyes and ran down his rosy cheeks, but he refused to release the cock, he had wanted to suck Walt through the computer screen here he was sucking off an man and he was loving it, he was in control, or at least he thought he was?” In his other hand he still had the women's lingerie in his tight grip.

Bruce could feel the cum building, Andre's mouth felt so good on his penis. The top of Andre's tongue scraped the underside from bottom to the very sensitive crown. Bruce rocked back and forth in a fucking motion, Andre sucking like he had been doing this for a long time instead of his first mouth meeting with a prick. The boi's lips were clamped tightly and Bruce moaned “oooohhhh Andre I'm cuming, you have to swallow it all, please swallow all my seed?”

Horace turned the video camera to Bruce and Andre as the boi's cheeks puff out and a creamy trickle at the corners, his Adam's apple bobbed up and down as he drank the creamy essence. His eyes scrunched with his first taste of the foreign substance, yet he drank it all, sucking Bruce dry!

Andre moved his mouth away and looked around with a sheepish grin, he had lost all notice of people in the room as preformed his first blow job, and actually felt prowd of his accomplishment. He looked up at Bruce, his blue eyes sparkling, his boxers around his ankles and sporting a very erect four inches of boi-cock. “Stand up Andre.” Bruce said in a low voice. The preteen did as asked and Bruce knelt and sucked in the boi's throbbing meat, his eyes glazed over as Uncle Bruce reciprocated.

Andre rocked as he felt the exhilarating feeling taking over his body, he was so close to a cum and here he was being sucked and licked. “Oooohhh, oooohhhh Uncle Bruce it feel so good, I am cuming, here I cum.” The words blurted out and his cock erupted in Bruce's mouth. He also felt Bruce's fingers probing his insides. Two fingers were inside the boi's anus and between the sucking and the finger fucking his cum was the best he had ever had, before he just wanked, but today this was different, and memorable.

Applause erupted in the room. Brian still impaled on Otis and Kevin, his head lying back against Walt and cum leaking out around Walt's shrinking cock. “Great show you two!” Horace exclaimed the camera still on the two. Andre came back to earth, the lingerie still in his hand. His chin was cum coated and his tongue licked one side of his mouth. “I sucked a cock, I swallowed cum.” Was all the boi could say, Bruce's fingers still imbedded in his body.

Bruce got up, disengaged his fingers “come on Andre lets shower and talk.” The two went back upstairs naked. Andre had kicked the boxers from his feet and followed his uncle. In the shower they soaped and scrubbed. “Andre I want to be you're first, can I?” Andre put his face in to the water “my first what?” Bruce chuckled “come on you know what I mean, the first one to fuck you, you saw what we were doing down there?”

Andre thought for a minute “I guess so, I know being here it's going to happen and soon, what were you doing with those two bois, making a porn film?” Bruce retorted “that was obvious right? Andre stepped from the shower and said nothing as he toweled off. Andre sat on the toilet top and meticulously dried each toe. Bruce was toweling his back. “If I let you fuck me Uncle Bruce can we film it and called it “Andre's First fuck?” Bruce nodded, he was getting another erection “You bet be can, we can really make a production out of it, I can fuck your boi-pussy and Walt or Otis your mouth?”

As Bruce finished he watched a naked Andre walk from the bathroom his butt cheeks twitching from side to side. Andre disappeared down the stairs toward the filming room to rejoin the others. Bruce hurried behind him the towel draped around his neck.

Horace was just finishing with the vid. Brian was cleaning the cum from Otis's black cock and Kevin was lapping the semen from Walt's cock and pubes. Andre leaned against the wall, he was getting excited again just watching. Bruce leaned against the wall next to Andre. Andre reached over and slowly jacked Bruce's cock. Finally Horace said “CUT!” Every one relaxed.

Bruce said “I have an announcement, Andre has agreed to let me deflower him on film, he wants to make it memorable.” The group sat back, Otis and “your a lucky bastard Bruce, I'd give you a grand to fuck him for the first time!” Walt piped up “I'll make it two thousand!” Andre blushed “No, Uncle Bruce will be the first, but you two can have me later if you want!”

Otis had to get Brian and Kevin back to St. Micheal's. Bruce. Walt, Horace and Andre sat around the table in the backyard, the BBQ had steaks sizzling on the grill and discussed the deflowering of Andre. “We can do it tomorrow?” Walt said. Bruce looked at the blue eyed boi “tomorrow OK four you Andre?” Without any stalling Andre said “tomorrow is Saturday, sounds like a plan to me, I'm as ready as I'll ever be!”

Horace said “hey I can make it and video tape it, OK?” Bruce and Walt nodded in approval. Andre looked “Uncle Bruce will fuck me and I will suck off Walt at the same time!” The two men smiled broadly. Andre traipsed around the place naked as the day he was born. Walt had to comment “Bruce if he doesn't put something on I'm gonna have to rape that sweet ass of his.”

Andre spent a few hours on Channel6969 watching bois taking the cock and all seemed to love the deep probing they were receiving. He kept his finger's wrapped around his erect boi-cock and slowly worked the tingling flesh, he wanow anticipating the fucking he'd be receiving the next day. For the past few months he had actually tried to place himself in the boi's places not tomorrow he actually join them.

Saturday morning arrived faster tan expected. Andre awoke, stretched and then placed his bare feet on the floor, He stood up and took his naked body to the bathroom and looked at the yellow stream splash into the clear toilet water turning it a bright yellow. Uncle Bruce rapped on the door. “Come in!” Andre chirped and Bruce walked in and reached into the cabinet and produced a red bag. He attached a nozzle to it and lubed it up. “What's that for?” Andre asked. “Thats to clean you out and get your ready for the big event today. Bruce filled it with warm water and had Andre bend over.

After the red bag was used Andre took a very hot shower with Bruce. Walt hollered out “hope you two can get finished soon, I want to shower also.” Andre and Bruce walked out and Walt took his shower. “Hope there's enough hot water for me?” He said as he stepped in.

Walt took his position sitting against the back of the bed. Being a bit apprehensive Andre slowly crawled in between Walt's legs. His blond hair combed and his blue eyes sparkling as Horace focused the video camera. Bruce had already lubed Andre and now smeared the slick lube on his hard cock and jacked it a couple times, even though he was extremely hard. Andre looked at Walt and took his cock in his slim fingered right hand and worked it up and down, a creamy bead bubbled out of the tip.

Horace said “action!” the taping of Andre's first fuck had begun! Andre's red tipped tongue flicked out and lapped up the big creamy bubble of precum off Walt's cock. “Oooohhhh!” Walt moaned out loud. Andre swallowed and looked at Horace then back at the cock in his hand and slid his lips over the red/purple corona, then down half way. Walt ran fingers through Andre's hair and held him in place.

Andre got lost in his cock sucking. His head bobbed up and down, slick saliva coated the fleshy stalk in his warm, wet mouth, little rivets of spittle trickled down the shaft and matted the dark hair pubes. Bruce took his place behind Andre. Holding his cock he rubbed the vermillion head up and down the boi's ass crease. He placed the head at the boi's virgin pucker, then rubbed up and down again!

Andre tensed up, but with no pressure at the target he relaxed and sucked in earnest, he like the feeling of the throbbing stalk on his tongue and in the wet recesses of his mouth, it was empowering. Bruce smiled at the camera as he place the lubed mushroom at the entrance of Andre's virgin love hole and pushed in hard, Andre froze with Walt's cock in his mouth, the cock had plunged in a little past the head.

Andre thought quick that maybe this wasn't such a good idea, but Bruce wasted no time in pushing in harder and plunging his slick shaft in two thirds of the length. Andre was being skewered and he couldn't do anything about it, he tensed up and Bruce halted the assault on Andre's virginity. “Relax Andre you've got almost all of me inside, relax.” He bent forward and planted a few kissed on the boi's back and then his neck, his tongue making small wet circles and he kissed.

Andre took a deep breath and tried to relax. Bruce felt a bit of a release of the boi's inner muscles and quickly knifed forward, his balls slapping against the boi's ass cheeks and the top of his scrotum, Bruce had his entire penis embedded inside of his young preteen nephew, he had the boi's virginity and he prepared to fuck the kid hard, fast and deep. Andre now had to go through with his first fuck.

Bruce let the boi relax and get used to his boi-hole being stretched. Bruce continued to lick, nibble and kiss the boi's neck, back and suck on his ear lobe. Andre liked that, it felt warm and loving. After some time and Andre returned to sucking on Walt's cock. Slowly Bruce moved in, then out, he plunged back in and rubbed something, Andre got erect!

Andre felt stretched and somewhat uncomfortable, but there wasn't any real pain. He felt a electricity shoot through his nubile body, especially when Uncle Bruce's cock hit that place, the tip of his boi-cock tingled and throbbed, he hadn't expected that, it was becoming exciting and his breath was coming in short pants, he couldn't help himself and Walt's cock slipped from his mouth and he moaned “ooohhh fuck me harder please fuck me harder uncle Bruce I want to cum too!” That really surprised him.

What also surprised him was the muscles inside his body started to clamp down and try to keep Uncle Bruce inside of him. The muscles tightened and released and clamped again. “Oh fuck Andre keep it up, that feels so good, Andre please?” Walt pushed down behind the bois head and guided it to his cock “suck it Andre, suck me off I need to cum, suck you sweet slut!”

Andre closed his eyes and again slid his full red lips over Walt's penis. Slowly Andre pushed down until the hard flesh hit the back of his tender throat, he gagged, but Walt's hand held him tight. Tears welled and streamed down his rosy cheeks. “Breathe through your nose Andre, swallow my cock, you can do it, I know you can, try?” Andre was trying to push back when the cock head passed the gag reflex and into his throat. Walt was fucking his mouth and throat, Bruce pounded his love hole.

Finally Walt released his grip and Andre pulled off the hot fleshy tube. “Crap I almost strangled” he moaned, saliva flowing and coating his chin and naked chest. “You didn't Andre, you deep throat ed like a champ, come on try it again, please?” Walt was begging for relief, his balls ached and were full of creamy swimming sperm. “Don't try and make me swallow your cock this time, please?” Walt nodded and smiled.

Something quickly took over Andre, his boi-cock throbbed, the head tingled and swelled, Bruce drove in balls deep and there was an eruption inside of Andre's preteen body, his mouth sucked in Walt's throbbing prick and a hand again held his head, but didn't push. Andre's boi-cock began to spew hot boi-honey on the blue beech towel that lay on the bed.

Andre's hips were humping air and his cock spilled his boi-seed on the blue Cannon terry cloth. His muscles clamped down hard on the pile driving flesh inside of his bowels. Bruce clamped his jaw tight trying to hold back his spew, but to no avail he too exploded deep inside of Andre sending bolt of his creamy ejaculate into the boi's tight bowels. The mouth and tongue twirled on the flared penis head in his mouth, Walt's brown eyes got as wide as saucers “holy fuck the boi is bring me off, I can't hold on, oh fuck I'm cuming!” The man yelled out loud. Horace was trying to get it all, but he had to go from one end to the other to catch all the action.

A creamy white ring formed around Andre's lips, another around the base of Bruce's cock. Andre pushed back due to his own cum. His blond head bounced back and forth as his Adam's apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed all of Walt's sperm. Andre sat back on his heels, cum rushed out of his ravaged boi-hole and he licked his lips and used a fore-finger to scoop cum from his glossy chin!

Mr Wasloski stood outside his office as the boi's left class for the day. He saw Andre and motioned for him to come. “Hi Mr. Wasloski what do you want?” Andre's blue eyes sparkled. The Vice Principal looked at the youngster. “Come in I just want to know how you're doing in our school. He guided Andre in.

Andre walked right in and into the edge of a table. He dropped his books and grabbed his upper thigh. “Are you OK Andre?” The man said in a concerned voice. I ran into that table. Mr. Wasloshi locked the door. “Let's see take down those gray short pants (the bois wore a uniform). Andre unbuckled and slid them down. “Gee I don't see anything, here down with the boxers. At the top of his thigh was a small bruise.

Mr. Wasloski went to the cooler in his office and pulled out a small ice pack, made a sly grin and knelt infromt of Andre, who was lying back on the office couch. Wasloski slid his hand in and pushed aside the boi-cock and balls and place the ice pack. His hand wrapped around the boi-cock, it immediately hardened in his grip. “That feels better Mr. Wasloski.” Wasloski wanted to plunge his mouth over the erect boi-cock, but held back, just in case Andre wasn't like the boi's his uncle made the movies Wasloski had in his collection?

Andre gave the man a dreamy eyed look “my leg feels good too, your hand is so warm my thingie feel's even better, I bet yours is hard as mine right?” Wasloski face covered the boi's private parts, his mouth made hard, wet sucking sounds on the boi's throbbing penis, he inched a finger between Andre's crack and found the love hole, his finger inched in and probed.

Oooohhhh Mr. Wasloski you're finger fucking me, ooohhh it feels real good, almost as good as Uncle Bruce's cock the other day, how big is yours?” The vice principal unbuckled his belt, dropped his trousers and presented his uncut cock to Andre. The boi grinned and reached for the hot man meat and took hold “gee this is a hot one.” Andre sat up and brought the man's hot flesh to his lips and sucked it in, his red tongue rolling over the tingling tip.

Oh Andre your such a good student, I do believe you're going to be a definite asset to the school, now suck me please, I continue to finger you, OK?” Andre mumbled with the throbbing penis in his wet sucking mouth. “Humph, mumph!” The words unintelligible, but the sucking shot thrills up the man's backside. He thought to himself “so many boi's and so little time.” He pushed forward to the back of Andre's throat. Once again Andre gagged, tears made tracks over his red cheeks.

Two fingers replace the probing one, Andre pushed hard on them, they had found his spot and electricity shot from the finger probe to the tip of his boi-cock in Waysocki's mouth and scraping tongue. “You can fuck me if you wish, I want to be fucked, please fuck me?” That was what the vice principal wanted to hear. His cock was covered with the boi's saliva and he took it in hand, breathing very hard.

Andre splayed wide with his legs, he wanted it more than he knew, his first fuck had set him off and hot cock was his desire. Holding his cock at the boi's ready hole he plunged in hard, deep and fast until his big balls slapped against the boi's butt cheeks, he was balls deep and he was ready for hot sexual release, “Ready you sweet boi, ready to fuck?

Andre smiled and nodded as the man's cock began its in and out movement. He was now getting his second cock and he clamped his legs around the man's midsection, there was a twinge from the bruise on his upper thigh, but that made it all the hotter. “Ooohhh fuck me Mr. waysoki, fuck me with your big cock, are you going to cum in me, I like that?”

Andre's hot sex talk mad this all the hotter, his ass humped back and forth running his hard fleshy tube into the hot set depth of Andre's body, Andre pushed back to meet each penetrating fuck thrust his young body was receiving, also the older man's hairy belly scrubbed the boi's cock flesh and that made the fucking all the more exciting, Andre could feel his own eruption building inside, he would have a cum too and he moaned into the man's ear “make me cum too, please make me cum?”

The vice principal's wet tongue licked the boi's face, he entwined tongues with Andre and the boi licked tin inside's of the man's mouth too, this was hot, his first fuck had been more of a staged event, now he was getting an inspired fcuk and this was more exciting, the tip of his boi-cock was tingling and swelling, he was almost there. “OOOhhhh Mr. W-a-y-s-o-k-i I-I-I-m-m-m shooting my cum, n-o-w.” He announced and the man covered his mouth with his,m he didn't want to alarm anyone in another office.

Waysoki felt the boi-honey coat their bellies, his own cock began to increase in size, the throbbing and tingling rushed to his body and he felt the cock head swell and explode inside of the boi. “Another of his charges had succumbed to him and his cock, he flooded Andre's insides with his creamy spew. Andre also felt the cum as it coated his colon, he tightened his inner muscles and milked the man's cock dry!

The two laid there trying to catch their breath. “I'll give you a ride home OK Andre, I have some paper towels here to clean up with, and thank you, I loved your body and how you responded.” Andre blushed as he too tried to catch his breath, he was now becoming what Uncle Bruce and Walt wanted, a boi-slut, and it would be fun!

The vice principal drove Andre home, as Andre opened the door he turned to Mr, Waysoki and reached over and gave his cock a squeeze. “Thanks for the fuck Mr. Wasoki, I hope we can do it again real soon, OK?” Waysoki immediately formed an erection. “Andre you can count on it!”

Andre walked in the house and looked around for Uncle Bruce. He and Walt were in the backyard throwing a Frisbee for Pierre. The big lab sniffed the air and ran up and stuck his nose in Andre's crotch and his tail was wagging a mile a minute. The two adults looked and grinned “look's like he has a thing for Andre?” Walt commented, the two began to chuckle. Andre wasn't sure why Pierre was interested in his privates or why his uncle and Walt thought it was so funny?

Part 3: Furthering his education!

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