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Part 6: Off to Boi Atlantis!

The stay at the Orlando Pleasure Facility had come to an end. Alain got his two charges ready, Jared and Micheal, while Uncle Bruce with the help of Otis and Walt got their five Pleasure boi trainees ready, Boi Atlantis was the next summer stop. Walt sort of grumbled, he wasn't the best flyer, he always referred to taking a “White knuckle Adventure!”

Andre took charge of Pierre and got him on the B.T.W. Lear for the short flight to the Virgin Islands, then the yacht to Boi Atlantis. Still Pierre hadn't been used for a video, s Andre thought that surly they would use him there. Pierre curled up in his crate and was asleep, he seemed to travel better than the humans.

Alain got his bunch settled as did Bruce. It would be a short flight to St. Thomas, When they left they were told that they would be taking a helicopter to Boi Atlantis. Walt nudged Bruce “we'll get to see the place from the air, not bad dude?” Bruce cracked a smile “dude, you are becoming a talker like the kids, dude may ass, but yes we'll get to see the big glass dome over the facility, they say it's something to behold?”

The jet flew over the blue waters of the Caribbean. The landed in St. Thomas and quickly boarded the chopper for Boi Atlantis. Pierre was petrified of the noise and Andre held the canine all the way, the big brown eyes looking at him all the time as if saying get me off this thing. Andre said soothing words to his dog until the pilot announced over the speaker “it's time for all the boi's to take off their clothing, Pleasure boi's are to be nude at all times, only the sandals are allowed.

Quickly the seven preteens stripped off their clothing with out being prodded, Evan gave out with a sigh “good I hate clothes anyway!” The helicopter slowly put down on the helipad with the big B.T.W. Logo painted on it in blue. The rotors came to a stop and Pierre almost drug Andre off it. It was very warm and a dark skinned man approached them, his hand stuck out for a handshake.

Welcome to Boi Atlantis, you must be Alain and you must be Bruce?” Each man shook the mans hand “I am Cecil de Voire the facility director, and again welcome.!” Standing off to the rear was a man dressed in white shorts, a well trimmed beard. Next to him stood a naked boi of ten or so. Cecil motioned for the man and boi to approach!

Gentlemen this is Count Kruger and one of his nephews Bobie.” The count clicked his heels and gave a short bow and the stuck out his hand. “Welcome to this beautiful piece of heaven. My nephew Robert, but we call him Bobie, he is such a lovely slut, he helps me train my dogs for their performances, I see you have a canine of your own, is that true?”

Bruce said “yes this is Pierre, purchased him from Rene in France, he too provides canines for the B.T.W. Videos, so far we haven't been able to use him, but shortly we hope to?” Count Kruger smiled “I would love for you to see one of mine in action, tomorrow Bobie will give a demonstration to the Patron's, I hope you will attend?” Bruce smiled, but Walt interjected “can't wait Count, our Andre did a video, he was great, right Andre?” Andre just blushed.

The Count put an arm over Andre's shoulders “good lad, you and Bobie have much to talk about, he loves the feel of canine cock in his body, right Bobie?” The white-blond haired boi blushed under his tanned skin, he had been outside in the sun for some time, he didn't burn, but tanned naturally. Otis had to adjust his cock, he wanted a piece of the boi and aimed to fuck the boi as soon as he could. He wondered if Bobie had ever had a black man before?

Andre looked up with his big blue eyes “how so sir, how so?” The Count squeezed Andre close to him “you like to kid don't you?” Andre grinned, he knew just what the Count meant, the interracial party and all. It was funny, Andre was erect. He could remember the party and his being taken by BoBo, the hot and hard red canine cock really brought him off twice. He looked up at the Count “I hear you raise dogs?”

The group took a short walk to the main building. Alain was to be the new Director, while Cecil was to assume his new position as Director of Boi Lemura, B.T.W.'s latest Pleasure Boi Resort in the Seychelles. Alain asked Cecil as they walked and observed the antics on one of the five beaches. A boi sat impaled on a Patron's hard cock, bouncing up and down on the pristine white sandy beach.

I see lust abounds here Cecil, just how many Pleasure boi's will I have here to service our clients?” Cecil said smiling broadly, “well counting your two that will make 97 permanent and the 5 temporary. You will also have a new boi landing this afternoon, a 10 year old redhead named Shamus, a real virgin, he will be part of the show planned for tomorrow!” Alan nodded as he watched a blue eyes blond on his hands and knees being fucked from both ends by two very massive and very black African Patrons, his red lips were being stretched as well as his tight boi-hole.

That's Frankie, such a good boi and does he love the black men, they seem to like him as well. Since I've been here the dear boi must have swallowed 5 or so gallons of black man's sperm, you know he never missed a drop, sucks and licks them clean as a whistle!” Both men chuckled at the statement. Alain smiled “I just love compliant boi's, don't you? Alain asked Cecil “so my friend, when do you depart for your new assignment?” Cecil looking down at the beach action “the day after tomorrow!”

Jared was talking to Bobie and Bobie said “you know they have it all wrong with Frankie!” Jared said “how so, Bobie?” Frankie really has a thing for a boy back where he came from named Jimmy, they talk everyday, he's trying to convince him to become a Pleasure boi and follow him here, Jimmy is just having a hard time making up his mind?” Jared chuckled “Jimmy must be the girl in their relationship, and like most girls has a hard time making up his mind!” The both busted out laughing.

Cecil escorted Alain to the offices. “This will be yours when I depart Alain. I will be at Boi Lemuria before you know it and this all will be yours to deal with. Tomorrow we'll be having a show for the Patron's. You know the Count is here with his Rottweilers and three boys will be on stage with three of his, they just don't know it?” Alain scratched his head 'have they been picked yet?” Cecil chuckled “no Alain you will have the pleasure of drawing their names from a bucket!”

Jared and Michael got permanent rooms. Jared #27 and Michael #77, soon Boi Atlantis would have 100 permanent boys to pleasure the Patrons, Yacht owners renting up to 10 boys for cruises around all the islands. The cost was $5000.00 per boy per day, a minimum of 5 days, but B.T.W. had never once had a complaint. At this time there were 15 boys on yachts giving sexual pleasure to the yacht owners and their guests. Even in a down economy, the money kept rolling in.

Alain and Cecil sat in the office going over all aspects of the Boi Atlantis operation. Alain asked “Cecil do you know who will assist you at Boi Lemuria? Cecil looked up from the papers “why yes, his name is Gordon La Farge, he's the assistant at Argos. He called me yesterday and told me he was including his 10 year old nephew and would install him as a pleasure boy, I think the boy is named Danny, if I'm not mistaken?” Alain chuckled 'his little nephew, will wonders ever cease?”

Andre and the other four boys (Evan, Brian, Kevin and David) in temporary bedrooms, they'd still perform duties as Pleasure boys, but soon they'd be on their way to Sorococo island off the coast of Rio de Janiero. Andre couldn't wait, he wanted to meet up with Christy as soon as he was able to. In the room he logged on to Sorococo island and quickly was talking to Christy. The lad had just finished of twin brothers and had just come out of the shower.

Gee Andre I can't believe you'll be here in two weeks, how you been?” Andre said he was well and here on Boi Atlantis, but couldn't wait to get out of there. “You know there are men everywhere and close to 100 Pleasure boys, people are fucking everywhere?” Christy laughed “this place is jumping, we have had three trips to the main land to entertain private clubs, I missed the one on Tuesday, one of the boys did a miniature pony as the main attraction, he's still not walking right, I don't mind a dog now and then, but no horses for me?” Andre couldn't stop from smiling!

Christy heard his name called “well sweetie, I got to go, no rest for the horny and I'm always that way, I'll ring you up tomorrow around the same time, leave your puter on OK?” Andre said he would and Christy logged off. Andre laid on his bed, put his laced fingers behind his blond head and closed his eyes. He could hear the cooing of doves “gee doves in the tropics, I never knew doves were in the tropics?” He was soon asleep, he needed a nap. He had two hours in the “Gloryhole” later this evening!

Everyone was around the Triangle Stage. Alain and Cecil had a bucket with the names of all the Pleasure bois in them on small white balls. Alain as the new Director drew 3 and handed one at a time to Cecil, who then read them out “first is Bobie, second is Frankie and third is Jared. The boys rose and came on stage, they were then led away by 3 black midgets dressed in gold loin cloths! Shamus had arrived and was sick, so he had to wait, another boi would be needed.

The BBQ then went along for awhile. The Count who was staging this event go on stage with the microphone and said “Patron;s, Pleasure boys and all may I have your attention please!” All came to his attention “your entertainment is at hand!” The first of three black midgets let a large Rottie on a leash and Bobie sporting a Emerald collar and a leash attached. And were led out to a triangle corner of the stage. Next the second naked black midget leading the second Rottie and Frankie sporting a Sapphire jeweled collar and led to a second corner. Mumbling went through the crowd.

Patron's sat on comfortable lounge chairs sipping the drink of their choice, most with a Pleasure boy either kneeling between their legs and nursing a hard cock or riding said penis. The last naked black midget led the third Rottie and Jared with a Diamond studded collar and being led to the last corner. Every one knew that the boy's would at least service the canine, but just maybe to black midget would be sucked also, B.T.W. Always aimed to please.

In the Gloryhole Andre had just finished off his third cock and swallowed a good amount of cum. He drank from a ice cold Pepsi and washed the acrid tang from his taste buds. In was stuck a dark cock, Andre began to suck the forth cock in just a two hour span. After this bout Andre had an hour in the casino making sure the gamblers were preoccupied with a boy willing to go under a gaming table and take care of the gamblers sexual needs, or distraction.

The Count took over the show, it was his canine's that were being used. In his thick German accent The Count explained that these 3 boys had been selected at random to service the midgets and of course his trained dogs. Each midget produced a can of Bitch in heat and generously sprayed the boys spread butt cracks. Each canine was instantly aroused, a couple of red inches of dripping penis was quickly shown!

Both Frankie and Bobie had already made boi/dog videos for B.T.W., but Jared was a virgin and was nervous, the canine's were fierce looking and big. He observed Frankie and Bobie wiggling their butts to attract their dogs, slowly he copied their actions, swallowing hard he felt a big wet, red tongue run from his small ball sac up and over his ready anus, then back down, but this time stopping at the hole of his boi-pussy. “Ooohhh god he found it?” Jared thought to himself.

Looking to his left he saw Frankie already mounted, his Rottie was deep inside of him, the fore paws clamped tight around his waist. He looked right and the same had happened to Bobie. “he could hear Bobie mumbling 'fuck me, fuck me harder.” Then his black midget grabbed Bobie's blond head and filled his mouth with hard black cock and begin to fuck Bobie's wet mouth.

Jared felt extra weight on his back and the Rottie clamp paws around his slim waste, there was a hot, wet stab at his love hole, his rose bud was opened and he felt a hard stab, a stretching of his boi-pussy and a filling of his body by cock hotter than a humans, his blue eyes got extra big when the knot was jammed hard and he and his dog were knotted. “Geeezzz it's big!” he moaned. Quickly his blond head was pulled forward and his black midget filled his mouth with hot and hard black cock, his mouth was also being fucked hard, the cock hit the back of his throat, and he swallowed it!

The fucking of the three Pleasure bois was being sent on live feed to Channel 6969 on a Pay-per-view basis, the lines were full along with B.T.W. Coffers. At home the viewer could jack off or if he was lucky to have access to his own boy, he was fucking like a mad man. Meanwhile this was also being recorded for later sales, the last time this was done was on Palmyra Island and the video was #1 on B.T.W.'s sales charts for over three months.

Jared was being reamed and ravaged. His own penis throbbed, the head tingled he know he was going to cum. The black midget was throbbing himself, and the Rottie fucked Jared like this would be the last piece he'd ever get. Jared recoiled and shot sperm which splattered onto his naked chest. Long gooey strands hung down and puddled on the carpet below.

Geeezzzzzzz I'm cuming!” Jared moaned. “He made me cum, damn that fells good, the little blond boi-slut told all were close enough to hear. He felt his head being held tighter by his black midget. “Swallows my cum boy, I's cuming!” his black midget warned Jared. Before Jared could act a creamy cum blast filled his mouth and he instinctively swallowed, not once but three quick times.

Little beads of sperm appeared on the corners of his red mouth. His red tongue licked each corner. He sucked the midget dry of any man juices that remained. Now the Rottie was going to be the last, but he fucked Jared in methodical in and out rhythm. Jared felt another erection, he couldn't believe that he was responding once again to the hard fucking he was getting from the canine.

All of a sudden the Rottie froze. He had been shooting a thin liquid of slick lubricant, but this time the crowd heard “ggggggggrrrrrrrrrr, ggggggggrrrrrrrr, ggggrrrrr, the sound was low and guttural. The Rottie began to fuck the boi hard fast and as deep as he could pushed his fat red penis, it was as though he wanted to climb inside of Jared. Jared felt the first blast of canine sperm hit his insides, his cock exploded again.

One, two, three four and a fifth creamy and very gooey blast of canine sperm filled up Jared's tight boi-pussy. The inside of his thin legs began to show the sperm as it exited his body. Around the red base of the canine cock a white ring was clearly displayed to show the boy's insides ware full of semen. Jared was exhausted, he couldn't hold his head up. He turned his head to the left and Frankie was pushing back to meet the fuck thrusts of a hard cuming Rottie, sperm actually squirted out . To his right Bobie was lying head on the carpet tired as all get out!

After some twenty minutes one by one a loud “plop” was heard as each canine penis extracted itself from was well fucked Pleasure Boy. Frankie was the last. He thought “well I'm closer to seeing Jimmy, I'm one dog up on him!” Jared was glad it was over, he was exhausted, he also felt as though he had been fist fucked, it had never actually happened to him, but this was the closest thing to it. Bobie had a funny grin on his face, he was hard again, he had cum twice and again erect. A Patron close to him thought to himself “ah the stamina of the young, I wish I had it once again!”

Frankie awoke. The office runner summoned him to Alain's office. “You wanted to see me sir?” Frankie asked. “Yes, Frankie isn't, I'm the new director and I must familiarize myself with all of you Pleasure boi's, by the way excellent performance yesterday, I don't believe that was your first coupling with a canine, right?” Frankie blushed. “The reason I called you here is that your friend Jimmy will arrive and I want you to go with me to pick him up in the Virgin Island, you want to go?”

The boy's eyes lit up “when?” Alain told him that Jimmy would be landing the next afternoon, and they would leave early the next morning. Frankie that night had a hard time sleeping. On the launch he was asleep a couple minutes after they took off. He was awoke when the landed in the Virgin Islands.. The car took them to the airport to await Jimmy's arrival.

On Boi Atlantis Andre finished talking to Christy. He told Christy that he and his party would be leaving next Tuesday. He told Christy he couldn't wait, the idea of participating in Carnival was overwhelming. First things first was at hand, Alain got a fax telling of an up coming event and its coverage!

B.T.W. Will schedule a Black-Jack Tournament to promote the new Boi Atlantis. B.T.W. Had handed the coverage of this event to “Hermes” the writer and now was heading their Publicity department. He and his team would cover all the event, plus all of the other activities. In an exclusive interview Hermes was quoted saying “I want the whole Boi Atlantis and Pleasure Boy experience!” End of quote!

With his entourage in tow Hermes began to use his television feed to Channel 6969 giving the Pay Per View audience reports on the beautiful island that awaited them. On the 5 pristine white beach naked young boys roamed, or were in a mass of tangled bodies having sex with patrons. Hermes was also becoming excited by the many boys who were following him around, hoping to be seen on the feed, these boys were the ones who liked to excite, entice and gave their men everything they desired in a sexual vacation.

Hermes main assistant was his nephew Tyler, a boy of twelve. Blond, blue eyes and quite striking. Tyler sported his necklace and anklet with the identification tag of G-7 or Guest #7. he ran into another boy with the number of G-1. He and Andre hit it off at once. Tyler was intrigued with Andre's news he would be leaving for Sorococo Island. Andre told of his coming involvement in Carnival with the group from the island, and of the dance leader Christy.

In Andre's room. Andre was on the computer and in Christy's room. The pleasure boy was involved with a Patron and was on his back splayed wide and taking on a serious fucking from a very big man. Christy looked to the side and saw the two boys on the screen. He gave them a forefinger wave and went back to pleasuring the man. They heard Christy whisper into the man's ear. “Fuck my face, I want to drink your cum ?”

The patron straddled Christy's face and laid his long fat cock on the boy's red tongue. Quickly the cock disappeared into Christy's mouth and down his slim throat. “Look the head of the patron's cock is making a bulge on the side of your friend's throat, fuck that's hot.” Andre's had took hold pf Tyler's cock and rolled the head with his thumb. “Oh that feels good, Andre!” Tyler's hand did the same and rolled Andre's penis in the same way.

The two boys tangled up and began to suck off each other. Andre was on his back with Tyler on top making a perfect sixty-nine. They got the high sign from Christy who had to swallow a big load of cum. The man's began to explode in Christy's mouth, a girgle was heard as he swallowed the creamy goo quickly. At the corners of his mouth trickles of creamy semen leaked down and into the neck.

Andre and Tyler were oblivious to what was happening to Christy. The was nursing on each others boi-cocks. Fingers were probing into each others boi-pussy's. The two made noisy sounds of smack and slurping. Little ooohhh and aha's floated from withing the two preteens, they were lost in each others, the just wanted to please each other.

Hermes had seen them walk down the beach, he left his film crew alone and went looking for Tyler. A little boi started walking with the older man. “What's your name?” Hermes asked. “I'm Jimmy!” Said the thin brown haired boy. Hermes looked back at the boy's bubble butt and began to get hard. He looked to see if Jimmy had a red band on, he didn't which made Jimmy available for a little man/boi action.

Hermes hand slid over the boy's butt. “You can have me sir, I'm very good, I hope your try me out? Hermes decide “why the hell not, he had been at Boi Atlantis for a day and a half and with all the boi-pussy running around, it was time to sample a few, and why not Jimmy for starters. Hermes rook Jimmy by the smaller hand and led him into the bushes. Jimmy grinned and had grabbed a beach towel for them to fuck on.

Jimmy laid out the towel under a tall Palm and Had the man lay down. “let me take care of you Mr. Hermes, please?” Hermes settled down and Jimmy got on his knees. There was a bottle of lube on a tree holder on the Palm . He took it and put a large amount on his palm and coated the man's hardening uncut cock. Slowly the boy stroked the blood filling penis until Jimmy looked at his fine job. The hard cock glistened in the afternoon sun.

Hermes started to say something, but Jimmy put a finger to his lips. “Shhhhhh!” he bent forward and kissed the cock head, licked the head is a slow circle. Hermes moaned “Oooohhhh fuck kid, I mean Jimmy that's very good.” Jimmy slowly wrapped his red lips around the cock's girth and sucked the hot flesh up and down, his brown hair blowing in the breeze. Hermes let the boy take charge.

Tyler and Andre were very loud in their sucking. Christy's Patron had left and Christy sat in front of his laptop licking his lips and watching to two boys suck each other off. Fingers worked each others asshole feverishly. Both boys could feel cum boil inside of their insides and making it's way to the exit, the tip of each boi-cock.

Christy had his chin in his palms. He watched intently as the boys put on a very good show. Christy hadn't cum with the patron and was playing with his own cock. Up and down he wanked himself. He had been practicing sucking his own cock for a month now. He thought to himself “I might just try it, I like my own taste, just maybe!” He slowly stroked himself, and watched intently, then stretched and brought his red lips to his cock and sucked the head, it felt so good.

Hermes ran his fingers through Jimmy's hair as the boy sucked his cock. Jimmy slid his mouth into the man's black pubes. Saliva ran freely into the pubes, quickly matting down the coarse pubic hair. “Suck that cock Jimmy, suck it deep, that tongue feels so good, can you wax my balls with your tongue? Jimmy stretched some and his tongue tickled the crinkled hair covered sac.

Let's fuck?” Hermes asked the sucking boy. Slowly the man's cock slid from the boys wet mouth. He sat up and straddled the glossy man cock. Looked deeply in the man's eyes. Holding the hard penis his his hand, he placed it against his lubed boi-cunt hole. Jimmy grinned at the waiting man and pushed down. The head popped into Jimmy, the hard length of cock slid into the boy deeply, finally Jimmy's butt nestled into the saliva matted pubic hair!

Tyler was huffing and puffing, he felt his sperm splash into Andre's sucking mouth. This set Andre off and his first blast hit the roof of Tyler's mouth. Both youngsters swallowed each others gooey shots of hot boy cream. The swallowed as fast a one could. The they sucked the other dry until they couldn't stand the feeling anymore. Tyler planted a very wet kiss on the head of Andre's cock, Andre reciprocated. Andre looked up to see Christy on his computer screen, his mouth had half of his own cock, the red lips tightly sucking. Andre thought “bet that hurts you're back?

Up and down Jimmy moved on the slick mass of slick flesh. Up Hermes pulled the boys butt and then let his slide back down into the black pubes, then he pulled him up again. They looked at each other. Jimmy moaned to Hermes “fuck me Mr. Hermes, fuck me with your hard, beautiful cock.” Hermes thought to himself, “either this kid was a good talker, or he just loved a hard cock in his young body. Hermes's looked into Jimmy's eyes, they seemed glazed and the boy was biting on his bottom lip. “Maybe Jimmy's going to cum too?

Hermes was surprised by the hot shot of Jimmy's boi-honey. His chest was coated with Jimmy's goo. “Oooohhhh I just came Mr. Hermes I'm sorry I should have warned you.” Hermes didn't say anything, he could feel his own climax working it's ways through his system and to the tip of his cock. Gritting his teeth, pursing his lips, he flooded the boy's tight insides.

The cum went in just so far, then began it's trickle out of Jimmy's stretched boi-hole. Jimmy leaned forward and began to lap up his own cum from the man's chest and nipples. Jimmy licked the man's chest clean. Looked up and winked “was I a good fuck Mr. Hermes?” Hermes opened his eyes from his reverie “you were wonderful Jimmy, just what I needed, please don't move, I like my cock inside of you!”

Part 7: Interviews and dancers!

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