The Greyhound Bus Kid

By Rob Loveboy

Edits by Len Homber

Kenny James. Forty-two, was returning to Winnipeg from his father’s funeral in Toronto via Greyhound. The 2,200 kilometer journey was long and tiring and he swore he’d never do it again and wouldn’t have had his rust bucket not been on the fritz. He’d seen small towns he never knew existed and the damn bus stopped at most of them.


A boy of about twelve or thirteen got on the half empty bus at Thunder Bay. He was certainly a looker, dirty-blonde, blue eyes, well tanned face wearing blue jeans and one of those half-tshirts that exposed his bronze belly and arms. He tossed his knapsack on the seat across from Kenny and sat down. Their eyes met for a moment, the kid politely smiled showing pearly white teeth before turning away and putting on his ear-buds to which his head rocked to and fro to the music.


“Rod Stewart, right?” Kenny smiled and said loud enough to get the kid’s attention. “Rod Stewart?” he asked again when the boy removed an ear-bud to hear him.


“Yup. He’s my favorite singer.”


“One of mine, too. I love his Maggie May song! Gotta be his best. Kenny James.” he introduced himself.reaching his hand over.


The boy shook it and cordially introduced himself. “Liam.” he smiled.


“Cool name, Liam is. Irish I think? Means protector if my memory serves me right.”


“My mom is Irish, she moved here a long time ago with her parents.” he replied showing his perfect pearly white teeth again. “Ya wanna share a bud and listen?”


Kenny was thrilled by the offer. “Sure!”


Liam switched seats and handed Kenny a bud. He was intrigued with Liam’s looks, his long cock stirred confined in his jeans that he had to covertly adjust to the right without being obvious.


Kenny liked pubescent boys, however, he was never blessed with the opportunity of having sex with one. Once he had a fifteen year-old prostitute while on vacation in Mexico, Manuel stole his wallet, but the sex was great before that. He glanced at Liam’s crotch and saw a promising mound secured under the well-worn soft denim jeans that were starting to wear at the crotch. Kenny was well aware frayed jeans were the fashion, as well as gaping holes in the knees common among kids, that also adorned Liam’s fashionable attire. Kenny liked the kids with their pants halfway down their ass showing off designer boxer shorts, he would humor himself thinking they were advertising to get fucked!


“So where ya headed, Liam?”


Kenny could tell he had stepped out of bounds by the look on Liam’s face. “My … my grandmother’s place.”


Kenny detected the lie and dropped the inquisition. He had a gut feeling Liam was a runaway and afforded himself a trip to a big city with hopes and dreams of surviving his new life. Kenny pulled out a small notebook and wrote his address and phone number. “In case you want to visit when you grow bored of hanging with grandma.” he said handing the note to Liam that he looked at and shoved in his back pocket lifting his ass enhancing the mystery of his concealed basket.


Reaching their destination, Kenny shook the boy’s hand again wishing him luck. “And remember, if you want a change of scenery I have a nice house with a swimming pool. Summer is fucking hot here, most people have a pool.”


Saying their goodbyes, Kenny hung around outside a while before catching a cab. He saw Liam walk out, look around, and walk aimlessly toward the city’s core with his backpack hung from his shoulders. Kenny followed at a distance a good hour, Liam stopped at a park looking lost and forlorn. Kenny flagged down a cab and went home wondering if he couldn’t have been a little more sharp and talked the kid into going home with him to hopefully seduce.


One evening a week later, Kenny picked up the phone, it was Liam. “Can I come visit you?”


Liam mustn’t have been far, fifteen minutes later the doorbell rang. The sight of the unwashed kid confirmed Kenny’s suspicions, the boy was a runaway.


“Where’s your backpack?” Kenny asked noticing the missing bag.


Was stolen from me by some teenagers. My money was in there, too!” he replied sadly looking like he was about to cry.


“Well, you’re safe here if you want to stay a while and think about going back home.”

Liam’s eyes bulged angrily, “I’m never going back as long as that fucker is there!”


Kenny learned the boy was referring to the man his mother recently married who he claimed didn’t want him around and beat him up one day telling him to leave … so he did after stealing money from the man’s wallet and a credit card that he used to buy his bus ticket no questions asked.


“First of all, we gotta get you out of those dirty, smelly clothes so I can wash them and you scrub your body in the shower. There’s a robe hanging on the door.” Kenny strongly suggested. “Don’t lock the bathroom door, I’ll come and collect your clothes.


Kenny stared at the silhouette of the naked boy through the clear shower curtain as he shoved the discarded clothing off the floor into a basket including the smelly sneakers that had seen better days. Unable to see much except the distinct contrast of Liam’s tanline from his hips to upper thighs … Liam had spent much of the summer in a bathing suit. Kenny looked for a hint of pubic hair before remembering the kid was a true blond and as would be his pubic hair. Kenny did notice a dark strip he surmised was Liam’s inner crack as he washed himself there.


How desperately he wanted to strip off his shorts and muscle shirt and join Liam in the shower, drop to his knees and worship the child-Adonis’ genitals. Kenny’s cock was straining for release, he could feel the precum saturating his thin white cotton shorts that pronounced his manhood purposely worn for Liam’s sake and hopefully tweak the boy’s curiosity. Kenny was proud of his body. He swam every day and worked out at a gym three times a week. He turned the heads of women and maybe a few guys at the gym. Perhaps he was being over-confident thinking Liam would be curiously interested enough for Kenny to put the make on Liam.


Kenny had no idea what he was doing, he had absolutely no experience with young boys he, could barely even converse with them on their level, he was almost tongue-tied. However, he had a feeling about Liam being easy prey if he could figure out the secret on how to win him over and seduce him.


Kenny lived in a small two-bedroom house, one room was converted into his office, his job as an architect allowing him to often work at home. Liam could sleep on the living room loveseat, the only thing that fitted in the small room without taking up too much space, but his legs would hang over the end, not very comfortable. The ideal arrangement would be if he agreed to share Kenny’s bed ...


Kenny was quite generous sharing beer with Liam while sitting and chatting on the deck overlooking the pool. Both wore robes naked underneath, at least Kenny knew that to be a fact as Liam’s clothes were deliberately still in the wash. The kid drove him nuts when he crossed his legs and the robe exposed his uppermost golden-brown thigh, high enough that Kenny saw the milky-whiteness of the tanline. Even Liam’s bare feet were a turn on … Kenny suddenly wanted to suck the boy’s toes. He had been somewhere between semi-erect and flaccid the two hours, after several beer he arranged his robe in a way to somewhat expose himself ever so nonchalantly. Liam looked  more than once, Kenny was more than pleased to say the least. He was also happy that he managed good conversations with Liam, a happy medium of adult and boys stuff, easing Liam’s generational differences that Kenny would be a fool not to realize.


“Want to go for a swim, Liam? Kenny had been waiting until Liam was tipsy from the beer before asking.


“I have nothing to wear, my clothes were stolen, remember?”

Kenny remembered it well, he was also aware that when he gathered Liam’s clothes for washing there was no underwear in the pile. Kenny had been anticipating the moment of truth. In his seated position he removed the robe from his shoulders letting it fall from his back and said, “No big deal, we’re both boys and the yard is pretty private. I always swim nude.”


Kenny watched for Liam’s reaction, as expected he appeared nervous and fidgety thinking about the situation. Kenny stood, guzzled down the remaining beer giving Liam full view of his naked body for a few moments before heading  to the pool leaving the boy alone hoping he had set the example.


Seconds later Liam ran past and jumped in the water catching Kenny off guard to only to notice his delicious white ass for a second under the dim blue and red Chinese lanterns strung around the yard.


Kenny back tracked and retrieved two beers from the cooler and set them on the edge of the pool in hopes of keeping Liam feeling good, Liam swam over and took a mouthful, it was easy to see he was still uneasy being naked, he stood pressed against the tiled wall.


“So, how come you aren’t married?” Liam asked abruptly, so far he hadn’t asked much about Kenny’s life.


“Guess I never found the right one, besides, they’re all bitches! “ he laughed. “I rather like being a bachelor. Do you have a girlfriend?”


“Naw. There’s one I kinda like, but I don’t think she likes me.”


“How old are you, anyway?”


“Just turned thirteen two months ago.”


“Really? You look fourteen.” Kenny thought the kid was at least close to being fourteen, obviously an early bloomer, his upper body seemed well developed for his age as well as Kenny  thought he saw a few blond hairs under his arms if his eyes hadn’t deceived him … in which case Liam was sure to have pubic hair and able to cum.


Liam seemed to relax a bit. He swam several laps and when he returned not bothering to hug the wall but a hand covered his genitals until he must have  forgotten and reached for his beer at which point Kenny saw something floating under water however, he was unable to see much by the side view and poor lighting but enough to tease him with desire.


They frolicked in the pool  for quite a while longer and finished their beer. “Liam, why don’t you grab us a couple more?” Kenny’s ploy worked well, Liam used the ladder to climb out and the rear view sight of his balls between his legs was beautiful. When he returned carrying a beer in each hand, Kenny finally saw Liam in all his glory. Three-inches of boy meat didn’t hang, it was angled at approximately twenty-degrees, cut, and as thick as a man’s thumb, Kenny had to wonder if the kid wasn’t semi-erect. Under his cock hung his sack, not overly long or thick, but evenly proportioned. Liam did in fact have pubic hair, short and sparse, but growing nonetheless. Kenny was rock hard and bobbing merely a foot under water that he didn’t try to hide.


Liam noticed when he bent to hand Kenny a bottle and almost dropped it, his own beer slipped from his hand and sunk to the bottom of the pool that diving after it. Kenny laughed, “Good thing it isn’t opened … or worse, broke on the bottom, butter-fingers.”


Liam was somewhat embarrassed by his faux-pas. “Sorry, I’ve always been a Klutz.”


Kenny placed a hand on Liam’s shoulder. “No worries, buddy.” he smiled to ease Liam’s mind. “I’m a bit of a klutz myself!” his hand remained on the boy longer than necessary gently kneading the soft skin staring into Liam’s eyes and softly said, “I like you a lot, Liam.” Two fingers sensually stroked circles down his arm to his hip.


Liam might have been frightened, but he didn’t move away even when Kenny’s hand was on his bum and the tip of his erection connected with his tummy ever so deliberate on Kenny’s part. Liam had even looked down a moment, perhaps to confirm what he already knew.


“Ya know, you can stay with me as long as you want … living on the street must have been pretty scary and dangerous.” he whispered.


“It … it was.” Liam admitted barely audible.. “Hated it!”


Kenny moved closer, his six-inch cock straight up against Liam and both hands then feeling his meaty cheeks. Liam stared at Kenny’s chest, his eyes blinked rapidly in his confused, nervous state. “Well, you’re safe here … I’ll even buy you a bus ticket home if that’s what you want.”


Silence followed and after a few moments, Liam said, “I don’t want to go back there as long as that bastard is around … I don’t want to go to boarding school … ever!”


Kenny had mixed emotions. He was more than pleased with himself, ecstatic at the spontaneous and daring gamble he took … events miraculously took their own course although he was well aware Liam could yet refuse further advances … his young mind must have been reeling with anxiety and fright to which Kenny truly sympathetic toward his vulnerability that Kenny selfishly had every intention of taking advantage of … and not waste a moment doing so.


With trepidation, Kenny moved his left hand down the crack of Liam’s bum. He felt what he knew to be the boy’s puckered hole however, he brushed passed that temptation and meandered farther south to between his legs. Kenny’s index and forefinger were first to contact Liam’s scrotum, shivers ran up his spine, never had he been so sexually excited.


Not a word had been spoken between them while Kenny took liberties. He chanced Liam wouldn't freak and bolt out the door and run to a neighbor for safety as he was led by the hand to the bedroom. Not a word had been spoken between them while Kenny took liberties well beyond being a friend and protector under false pretences.


Kenny was disappointed that Liam wasn’t erect, nor did his cock jut from his crotch as it it was so evident earlier, likely an innocent subconscious reaction to the aura of the moment and not sexual, Kenny surmised. It wasn’t much shorter, however, it hung limp.


Sitting on the bed, Kenny began massaging Liam’s upper thigh, before long he was feeling him up. So soft and delicate,. “Relax,buddy. I’m not going to hurt you … I just wanna make you feel real nice, and you make me feel nice, too.” Kenny took Liam’s hand and wrapped it around his thick shaft using it in his own hand to slowly masturbate. “You do want to make me feel good, right?”


“I … I don’t think I want to do this, Kenny.” he uttered looking like he was about to cry.”

“Shh, Liam.” Kenny put his finger on Liam’s lips. “I promise you’ll like it, kiddo. Ya don’t want to end up back on the street now, do ya?”


Under his own loosened hand he felt Liam’s fingers grip him and and begin to stir. Cautiously, Kenny gave the kid the benefit of the doubt lifting his own hand away. Liam took over. “That’s it, Liam. You like my cock, don’t you?”


“It … it’s big!” was all he could say. Kenny was satisfied taking the comment as a compliment


Kenny was more than pleased when ten-minutes into fondling Liam, his cock reacted to the stimulation. “I told you it would feel nice if you let it … you have a boner! Now spread your legs a bit more for me.” Liam did as he  asked  and Kenny then had full access to his grape-size, velvety balls that he toyed with before masturbating him again.


“Lie back, Liam. I want to show you something very nice.” Kenny moved to the floor on his knees, Liam obeyed and was staring at the ceiling. Examining Liam’s treasures, he whispered, “So fucking nice,” then took the beauty into his mouth, cock and balls together.


Liam gasped perhaps in shock … or pleasure! Kenny believed it was the pleasure of his warm, wet mouth on Liam’s sensitive genitals. Dropping the testis from his mouth, Kenny performed what he had longed to do hardly believing it was true and not another dream. he wanted desperately to taste Liam’s cum and was willing to suck all night long if that’s what it took, the night would be all about Liam, his own needs could wait if need be, time was not an issue … his boy-toy had much to learn and wasn’t going anywhere soon!

The cherry he bypassed earlier in his haste, Kenny was then running a finger over. Kenny did something he never thought of doing before, he hoisted Liam’s legs to rest on his shoulders and spread spread the boy’s cheeks replacing his finger with his tongue. Liam flinched and made an attempt to sit up however, he must have decided otherwise. Kenny could understand, Liam would think it gross … so had he until moments ago. Kenny licked and slobbered over the pink-chewed bubblegum looking boygina his cock would eventually break-in.


Liam’s body shivered, his hands grasped the bed sheet in what had to be erotic sensations overtaking him that Kenny had read about somewhere that proved true. Equal attention being given, Kenny licked ass and balls and sucked Lam’s cock.For what had to be a couple of hours … and he loved every minute of it!


Liam’s body convulsed, his knees over Kenny’s shoulders constricted against his neck. “OH FUCK!” Liam yelped. Kenny finally got his just reward from the pulsating cock, a small amount of semen struck his palate.


Kenny released Liam’s still erect cock and straddled his stomach spewing his own load over Liam’s chest and neck, the boy’s reaction was priceless … in a state of awe was probably a better description.


“I could sure use a beer about now. How about a late night swim to cool off, too! He suggested for lack of anything else to say under the circumstances as he used a sheet to wipe Liam’s chest and neck of his jism.


“Sure.” replied Liam solemnly. Kenney detected the kid was reflecting on the night’s events. perhaps a little resentful toward Kenny.


Swimming and the effect of the beer, Liam chilled out. Kenny sat on the edge of the pool letting his legs dangle in the water watching Liam play on an inner-tube raft. He had lost inhibitions about his nudity laying on his back and paddling with his hands. The Kid’s body didn’t cease to arouse Kenny, he was proud of himself for scoring with the good-looking boy, his cock becoming aroused just thinking about it.


Liam paddled over to have a sip of beer, his genitals displayed ever so tantalizingly. Kenny put his foot on the raft and maneuvered it closer to him. Liam couldn’t help but notice the erection and Kenny’s strange look.


“How ‘bout a hand job and help me out, buddy.” Kenny blatantly suggested as he lay back supported on his elbows to watch Liam’s reaction  Much to his surprise, Liam got off the raft. With a great deal of trepidation, his hand secured Kenny’s shaft looking away obviously ashamed as he milked Kenny.


Kenny decided to push matters. “Why don’t you make me feel real nice and put it in your mouth?” Kenny grinned.


With a look of disgust and hesitation, he did exactly as he was told much to Kenny’s surprise. Kenny would have been happy with the hand job thinking Liam needed more grooming and reach a comfort level before rushing him into it. He was glad he didn’t wait.


Liam performed using his hand more than his mouth … all in good time, thought Kenny, at least he was cooperating. Whatever happened to him at home, and then a taste of living on the street was enough to cause him to do anything rather than re-live those experiences … however, Kenny knew he couldn’t keep the boy forever, it was the best two months of his life!


“Hello Mrs. Harper. My name is … “


Two months later Kenny convinced Liam to go home where he belonged … his mother chose him over her new husband. Kenny was heartbroken watching the greyhound bus drive away.


If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.” --Khalil Gibran


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