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            The Guardian

Installment 13


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 25 – The Final Push. 

"So did Dylan's parents say it was alright for him and Justin to call you Uncle Blake?" Tyler wanted to know, as soon as I got back in the Outback. 

"Kind of, but I want to give the Cochrans time to talk it over first,"  I confirmed.  "I have a feeling their biggest concern is that they are worried Dylan might be taking advantage of me." 

"He's not, is he?" Tyler pressed, sounding concerned. 

"No and I told them he wasn't, so don't worry," I replied, much to Tyler's relief. 

"Justin likes you too," Marcus added from the back.  "He told me that when we were alone."

"I know and I enjoyed him being with us as well," I agreed.  "I'm glad you and Justin got along and both Dylan and Justin feel comfortable when they're with us." 

"Justin said he was glad you told him all that stuff when we were taking our bath too," Marcus added.  "He thinks you're really neat." 

"I'm glad," I said aloud, while thinking to myself that I hope he keeps all of that information to himself. 

"I gotta find someone now," Ethan chimed in, suddenly feeling left out. 

"I'm sure you will, once you start playing ball," I assured him, to ease his concern.  "You'll probably become good friends with one of your teammates and then you'll start hanging around with each other too." 

"I hope so, and then I'll have him spend time at our house too, like Dylan and Justin do with Tyler and Marcus," he added, suddenly looking more upbeat. 

"Yes, and then you'll all have a special friend too," I confirmed. 

Later, I gave Ethan and Marcus their baths and got them in their pajamas, but I let them stay up a little longer afterward, since this was the start of their spring break.  I informed them that during the week I'd let them all stay home with Tyler, as long as there weren't any problems.  I also explained that Ethan and Marcus would have to go over to the Riordans when Dylan's mother picked Tyler up to take him to practice.  Ethan and Marcus had no problems with any of this and Marcus didn't even say anything to Tyler about not being bossy. 

Sunday was a pretty laid back day and we didn't do a whole lot.  The boys didn't even bug me to take them to the park, since we'd gone twice the previous day, but I think it also had something to do with Dylan and Justin not being here to go with us.  We merely enjoyed each other's company and hung out together until it was time for bed. 

It was a little strange when I woke up Monday morning.  Not only didn't I have to get the boys up and ready for school, but I didn't have to fix them breakfast either.  They'd all agreed to just have cereal and toast while they were home, so I'd stocked up on cereals, milk and bread.  I also loaded the fridge with plenty of lunchmeat, sliced cheese, fruit and juices, so Tyler could make them lunch too.  He agreed to do that as well, since he wanted to make sure I'd allow him watch the other two until his baseball practice. 

I called home a couple of times before noon, just to make sure there were no problems and all three boys sounded happy about how things had been going so far.  That took a load off my mind, so I was able to concentrate on what I needed to get done at work. 

When I finally arrived home later, I saw that Tyler had retrieved his brothers from next door when he got home from practice, but I was surprised to find Dylan there too.  Even though I was expecting to work with him on his pitching this week, I guess I just didn't think we'd be doing it the first night, especially since we'd done so much on Saturday. 

"Hi, Uncle Blake, and Mom and Dad said it would be alright for us to call you that," he said in greeting.  "I had my mom drop me off here with Tyler after practice, because I wanted to tell you about what the doctor said this morning." 

"Yes, I'd like to know if your doctor found anything," I agreed.  "Did he feel a lump?" 

"Not on my nuts, but there was one on my sac," Dylan replied.  "That's what I felt, but I thought it was on one of my nuts.  The doctor said it was a fatty deposit that sol... sol... it just got hard." 

"Were you trying to come up with the word solidified?" I asked, just to be sure. 

"Yeah, that's the word he used," Dylan confirmed. 

"Did he say what you should do about it?" I followed, to get a little more information out of him. 

"He said I didn't have to do nothin'," Dylan answered.  "He told me that unless the skin changed color or the lump got bigger, it shouldn't be a problem." 

"I'm glad to hear that," I told him. 

"Me too," he agreed.  "Let me show you where it is, so you can help me check to make sure it doesn't get bigger." 

Before I had a chance to say anything or object, Dylan pulled down his shorts and underwear. 

"It's right here.  See if you can feel it too," he urged. 

I did and found it quite readily.  It was a hard little nub about the size of a very small ball bearing. 

"Did you feel it?" Dylan persisted, as I was checking it out. 

"Yes, I did this time," I confessed.  "Now I have a pretty good idea why you were so upset the other day." 

"Yeah, but you'll be able to tell if it gets bigger, won't you?" he pressed, as he studied my face. 

"I've equated the growth to something I'm familiar with, so I should be able to tell if anything changes," I confirmed, much to Dylan's relief. 

"Good, because I was worried I wouldn't be able to tell if it got bigger and there was no one else I could ask," he responded, quite relieved.  "Thanks, Uncle Blake.  I knew I could count on you."

"I'm glad I could help," I assured him.  "Do you want to throw a few pitches before I start fixing dinner?" 

"Yeah, that would be great and mom said I could call and she'd pick me up when we're done," he added. 

"Why don't you first pull up your underwear and shorts first.  Then, you can call your mom while I'm changing and tell her that I'll bring you home after we eat.  You can have dinner with us too, if you want and she doesn't mind," I offered. 

"Yeah, that sounds good, so I'll call her to make sure it's ok," he confirmed as he was getting redressed. 

I then went upstairs to change out of my suit and came back to the kitchen afterward, so I could begin my search for what we were going to have for dinner.  As I was doing that, Dylan came out to find me. 

"Mom said she'd rather pick me up and have me eat at home," he announced, looking disappointed.  "She says you feed me enough as it is and they'll need to start paying you child support if it gets any worse."  I could only chuckle at his mother's observation. 

"It's not that bad, but I can appreciate how she feels," I told him.  "Ok, let's go out and throw the ball around then.  Did she say how long it would be before she'd come to get you?" 

"She said she'd pick me up at 6:00," he replied. 

I asked Tyler to catch again, so I could work directly with Dylan.  I was hoping to correct the little quirks in his grip and help him get the ball to react better.  I spent some time working with him on his pitching motion too, so every pitch would appear about the same to the batter until he released it.  I also pointed out a few places in his last game where he should have shook Carlos off and thrown a different pitch, but that will come with experience.  For now, he was beginning to understand what I getting at, so I felt confident that he would do better in his future outings. 

"Oh, I wanted to tell you about how much better Justin and I are getting along now too," he advised me, as we took a short break.  "We talked more yesterday than we had during all of last year.  He's really not so bad after all and he didn't even freak out when I accidentally walked in on him when he was on the toilet.  He just smiled and waved at me." 

"I'm glad to hear that, because brothers should be close," I stated. 

"And we started talking about this coming weekend too," Dylan continued.  "Do you think Justin and me can stay here with you on Friday and Saturday night?  The sign ups are Saturday morning and tryouts are the following Saturday, so this will be the last chance we'll have to practice more before then." 

"I know, but your father will need to be with you for the sign ups," I pointed out. 

"So!  We can pick him up before we go there then," Dylan suggested.  "He can sit in front with you in the wagon, while the rest of us sit in the back." 

"We could do that, if he's willing," I agreed.  "In fact, there is something else I'd like to talk over with him before the sign ups too, but first I need to ask you something." 

"Ok, what?" Dylan countered, while studying my face. 

"Are you and Tyler going to be in the same league this year?  It's for 13 and 14-year olds." 

"Yeah, I know and I'm 13 too," he explained, looking at me strangely, but I was the one that was confused. 

"How can you be that much older than Tyler, yet still in the same grade?" I wondered.  "Didn't you say your birthday is in September?" 

"Yeah, but I started school a year later than everyone else my age," he answered.  "The summer before I was to start Kindergarten, I was having a lot of infections, sore throats and trouble breathing.  Just before school began, the doctor told my mother I needed to have my tonsils and adenoids taken out.  He couldn't do it until after school started, so my mom and dad decided to keep me back a year, rather than have me start out missing a whole bunch of time just as I was getting started." 

"That makes sense and now I understand," I agreed.  "It also gives me more reason to ask your father something."

"Then I'll make sure he picks me up one night when I come over here to work on pitching.  That way you can talk to him about everything when he shows up," he offered. 

"That sounds great, so when do you have in mind?" I followed. 

"How about Wednesday?" he wondered.  "Then we could do it again on Friday, because I hope Justin and me will be able to stay over that night." 

"That sounds fine, as long as your dad agrees," I confirmed.

After we finished our discussion, we worked some more on his pitching and shortly after we'd finished up, Dylan's mother arrived to pick him up.  I went out to chat with her briefly and informed her that giving Tyler rides to and from practice this week more than made up for what I was doing for her son.  She said she didn't think so, but she no longer worried about Dylan spending so much time with us. 

After dinner, Tyler wanted to talk to me too. 

"Carlos said he might be able to come over for a while on Saturday, so you can work with him," he announced. 

"I hope you didn't talk to him about this where anyone else could hear!  Did you?" I responded, concerned.  

"Only Dylan, because I didn't say anything to Carlos until we were outside waiting for our rides," he assured me.  "No one else was around, so no one heard what we were talking about." 

"Ok, then we'll just wait to see what happens next," I responded.  "If he shows up, then I'll talk to him about things and see if he wants me to help him improve.  If he doesn't, then we'll just drop the idea.  Ok?" 

"But I'm going to have to pitch to Carlos next year too, since we're in the same grade and Nathan is older," Tyler complained.  "I want to do this so he'll be better for next year as well." 

"And we'll do it, but only if Carlos wants to and he comes here so I can work with him," I confirmed, to let Tyler know that I didn't feel this was negotiable.  He argued with me a little while longer though, but when he saw I wasn't about to budge, he finally let the topic drop. 

The rest of the evening was fairly quiet, along with the entire next day.  The boys seemed to be doing well on their own until Tyler went to practice and then the little ones went over to spend a few hours with Brenda Riordan and her daughters.  Tyler was also good about going to get his brothers when he got home, so I had no complaints. 

I came home a little later than usual on Tuesday evening though, because I ran an errand after work.  The boys didn't even notice my tardiness, which meant I didn't have to answer any of their questions about where I'd been or what I was doing.  It was something I had planned to do before, but got sidetracked, so I felt this was a good time to make up for it.  I didn't tell anyone else what I'd done, however, because I felt it could wait until a more appropriate time. 

Wednesday started off just as quietly and nothing of any consequence happened until I got home from work.  At that time I found Dylan waiting for me again, but he wanted to talk before we went out to practice. 

"I talked to my dad about staying here Friday and Saturday and he said he'd talk it over with you when he picks me up at 6:00.  I told him you had something you wanted to talk to him about too, so he said you could do it all then." 

That sounded logical, so I went to change my clothes.  When we went outside, I discovered that Dylan was steadily improving with every outing together, so now I started working on his control.  First, I had Tyler hold the catcher's mitt at a spot I called out to him, such as high inside, low outside, etc.  Then, I asked Dylan to pitch to that spot, so Tyler wouldn't have to move the mitt very far to catch the ball.  This was a little more difficult for him to master than the various grips, so it would take a little more time for him to get comfortable doing it.  Fortunately, the batters he'd be facing in between wouldn't be the cream of the crop, so he'd still be able to do fairly well until he got better at everything. 

I was just about ready to start dinner when Don showed up.  After greeting him warmly, I invited him inside so we could talk. 

"Are you sure Dylan's not taking advantage of you?" Don asked, as soon as we began our conversation.  "He said you were willing to let Justin and him come and stay for two nights again this weekend." 

"That's what I agreed to, because this will be the last weekend before the tryouts.  That means it will also be my last chance to get Ethan, Marcus and Justin ready so they'll get picked on a team," I confirmed.  "I know the leagues only turn down a very few kids and it only happens if more kids sign up than they have openings for, but I'd rather not take any chances." 

"That explains Justin, but why do you need Dylan?" he followed. 

"Besides spending more time working on his pitching, he and Tyler help me with the younger ones," I explained.  "I use them at first and second base, so the boys can practice throwing there after fielding the ball.  They're also handy during batting practice, so no one has to run around a lot to retrieve the balls that are hit." 

"Ok, I see now," he agreed.  "I just wanted to make sure, but at the same time it's nice to have some time alone with my wife.  Maybe we'll go to a movie or do something else, seeing we'll have two nights alone."  He winked at me after saying this. 

"And if this leads to another child, will you name the baby after me?" I joked and I thought Don was going to choke after hearing my comment. 

"That's not about to happen," he shot back.  "We've got all the kids we want."  Don then released a nervous giggle after saying this, before moving on to another topic.  "So Dylan said you had something you wanted to talk to me about too." 

"I do," I concurred.  "First of all, if the boys are here with me, then I'll drive over to your place Saturday morning to pick you up, so we can all ride to the sign ups together.  You'll need to be there to sign Dylan and Justin's forms,"  Don nodded his agreement.  "I also wanted to talk to you about this too." 

I then went ahead and explained my idea to him and he seemed agreeable to it.  As soon as we firmed up the details of how we were going to handle it, he took Dylan home.  I told Dylan I'd see him and Justin on Friday, just so he'd know everything was set.  I thought he might knock his father over when he began to jump around in a personal victory celebration, but fortunately that didn't happen. .

My three were excited about it too, once I confirmed this for them during dinner.  Even Ethan seemed happy about it, since he got along with Justin too and Marcus told him they could all do stuff together. 

The boys were riding a high for the rest of the night and even bath time was more fun than usual.  With them in such good moods, they wanted to play around a bit, which included making sure I got wet too.  I was certainly glad I was wearing my old clothes at the time. 

Tyler wanted to sleep with me that night and I had a feeling it was because he knew he'd be busy with Dylan on the weekend.  He said it was just so we could talk about some things, but I felt this might just be a pretense.  We did chat about a couple of minor issues about sign ups and tryouts, but he also told me how his practices were going. 

"I'm kinda worried about something," he said at one point.  "I think the guys are already taking the team we're going play in the next to last game we have left way too easy, so I'm afraid it's going to happen like you said before.  You warned me that if we got too confident, then we might not take a team seriously enough and end up losing." 

"Yes, that's basically what I told you," I confirmed.  "So do you think that is what's happening now?" 

"Yeah, and I think the coach does too," Tyler agreed.  "He told them they'd better settle down and start taking this team seriously, because they might not be as bad as we've heard.  He even tried to remind them about the one team we faced that we thought were going to be easy too and then they played a really tough game that we had to struggle to win."

"I remember that game," I replied.  "I hope that doesn't happen again, only with worse results next time." 

"I'm afraid it might," Tyler stated, and I could see he was really bothered about this.  "Some of the guys are even saying that we'll probably score twenty runs or more before the game gets called." 

"That's definitely not a good sign, but I hope they get their heads screwed on straight before then," I commiserated. 

Since I wanted Tyler to relax and get a good night's sleep, I did something else I wasn't planning on.  I decided to perform oral sex on him again.  When I told him what I was going to do, he said he wanted to sixty-nine with me instead.  Even though I was hesitant at first, he convinced me that he could handle it.  He said I'd seen him doing it with Dylan, so there was no reason why he couldn't do it with me too.  That's when I finally gave in. 

I laid on the bed and had Tyler hover over me as we did this.  I was insistent we do it this way, because I produced much more semen than he did and he would be less likely to choke on it, because he could just let it fall from his mouth if he needed to.  Once we got started, Tyler blew his load long before I was ready, but after he recuperated he finished me off too.  Then, he snuggled against me for the rest of the night. 

I almost hated to get up the following morning and it wasn't that I didn't want to go to work either.  I just knew that the moment I moved, it would wake Tyler up.  I couldn't stay there though, so I slipped out of bed as carefully as possible.  Tyler still woke up, but I convinced him to go back to sleep, because I'd be leaving soon.  He got up and used the toilet first, but then he came over and gave me a kiss, before he finally got back in bed.  I finished dressing and then left for my job.   

Thursday passed by fairly uneventfully and I actually got a lot of work done.  When I got home, I asked Tyler if things had improved at practice and he said it hadn't.  He told me the guys were horsing around a lot of not taking things seriously.  He said they were even taking bets on how many runs they'd beat the other team by, but it was mostly just the 8th graders doing this.  Tyler said the 7th graders were doing much better, because they were mostly subs and were working hard so they could get more playing time.  Except for Juan, all of the other 8th graders were starters.  Jamal, Dylan and Tyler were the only 7th graders that got to start. 

I was pretty sure Tyler was assessing the situation correctly, so I hoped the 8th graders came to their senses before it was too late.  I'm fairly certain Coach Hendricks was wishing for the same thing, but only time would tell if that happened. 

For some reason, I got really antsy about leaving work on Friday, especially as the end of the day approached.  You might think this was because it was the weekend and I was looking forward to getting away from my job for a while, but that was only partially true.  Even more than that though, I was also looking forward to spending time with Dylan and Justin, as well as being with my three boys.  For some reason, I was super excited about getting them signed up for the summer baseball leagues, although I wasn't exactly sure why. 

As I kept one eye on the clock, I was even more impatient than normal as I waited to leave.  When I was finally able to get out of there, I drove directly home and eagerly looked forward to seeing all of the boys there.  Dylan and Justin were waiting for me when I arrived, since their mother had dropped both of them off after Dylan and Tyler's practice.  Justin ran to greet me as I walked through the door. 

"Hi, Uncle Blake," he said, as he wrapped his arms around my waist.  "Thank you for letting us come back to stay with you again." 

"You're very welcome," I replied, as I gave him a hug in return and kissed him on the forehead. 

"Oh, and my dad wanted me to give you this," Dylan stated, as he handed me a wad of bills.  "He said you should take us out to eat tonight and there should be more than enough left over to feed us tomorrow too." 

"He didn't have to do that," I protested. 

"He wanted to, so just take it," Dylan added, as he shoved the money into my hand. 

"Ok," I relented.  "So what do you say about going to the diner tonight, since we haven't been there for a while?"  When I saw the confused look on Justin's face, I thought I'd better fill him in.  "It's someplace we go to eat from time to time and I think you'll enjoy it too.  Ethan and Marcus always find something they like to eat there." 

Justin looked at that pair quickly and saw them nodding their heads.  That seemed to be good enough for him. 

"Ok," he agreed. 

Since everyone was agreeable, I loaded them into the Outback and drove to the diner.  The waitress we liked so much was there and seated us quickly.  Then, she gave us the menus and filled our water glasses. 

"Every time you come back you've added another boy," she observed.  "Who's this little cutie?" 

"It's his brother," Marcus quickly offered, while pointing at Dylan, "and my friend." 

"Then I'm sure he's just as well behaved as y'all are," she replied, before taking our orders. 

Justin had wanted to sit between Marcus and me, so Ethan sat between Dylan and Tyler.  Tyler even helped Ethan like I would have done and I was pleased to see this.  I even noticed Dylan helping Ethan too.  What great kids they are. 

After we finished eating, I stopped to say hello to the manager before we left.  Once again, he told me how impressed he was with my boys, as well as their friends.  He said I wouldn't believe how some of the other kids that came in there behaved, but he was always pleased to see us, because he knew he had nothing to worry about.  I thanked him for his kind comment, as I paid the bill and ushered the boys out to the wagon. 

A short time after we got to the house, I told Ethan it was time for his bath.  I was surprised when all three little ones went upstairs together, but I soon discovered why.  Justin wanted to see Ethan when he didn't have anything on, since Ethan was the only one he hadn't seen naked on his previous visit.  I had no problem with it, and obviously neither did Ethan, and it sated Justin's curiosity. 

After watching Ethan undress in his bedroom, Marcus and Justin didn't come into the bathroom with us.  They went to Marcus' room to undress instead, which mildly surprised me.  After I finished bathing Ethan and got him in his pajamas, I went to see what the other two wanted to do next. 

"Are you going to take your baths together again?" I asked the two bare-assed boys. 

"No, we wanted to do it alone this time, but we still want you to wash us," Justin replied for the both of them. 

"Then who's going first?" I asked in return. 

"Justin can, since he's our guest," Marcus quickly agreed.  "He wants me to wait in here until you're done though, but that's ok with me." 

I was surprised by this, as I followed Justin into the bathroom.  I filled the tub and then he stepped in and sat down. 

"Shut the door too," Justin urged me, before I knelt down to wash him.  I wasn't sure why he wanted me to do this, but I complied. 

"I like doing this with you," he announced, as I knelt down beside the tub.  "This way we can talk without any of the other boys in here to butt in." 

"Yes, that's certainly true," I agreed.  "So what did you want to talk about?" 

"I wanted to thank you for telling me all that different stuff the last time," he began.  "I didn't know any of those things before and I didn't know my thingy, I mean my penis, will get bigger.  I didn't know they got as big as Dylan and Tyler's, because I had never seen another boy naked." 

"And some day you might even see some penises bigger than theirs," I confirmed. 

"Really?  Even bigger than theirs?" he asked, surprised.  His mouth was hanging open and his eyes were as wide as saucers. 

"It's possible," I agreed.  "I even suspect Dylan and Tyler's penises will probably get bigger than they are now." 

"Wow!  I hope they let me see them then," he commented, although I wasn't sure if he was speaking to me or himself. 

"I know now why Marcus likes you to give him his bath," he added, once he got over his amazement.  "It's fun, but we can talk to you about stuff we don't want the other boys to hear.  I'm glad you are doing this with me now." 

"I'm glad too, but I don't want you talking to others about what we do here, because some people might not understand," I warned. 

"I know.  Dylan explained it to me.  Don't worry.  I won't ever do that," Justin confirmed.

"Thank you," I replied. 

After I finished giving Justin his bath, I got Marcus next.  He told Justin he could stay in with us, so Justin sat on the toilet lid, as I washed the last of the boys.  Once I finished, I tucked all three boys into Marcus' bed, since they all wanted to sleep together.  Then, I kissed each one goodnight and went to do the same with Dylan and Tyler. 

I was a little more cautious before I entered Tyler's room this time.  I knocked and asked if I could come in first, before I entered.  They were both naked when I walked into the room and they told me I didn't need to worry about asking first.  They insisted I could just come in, whenever I wanted.

"You've seen everything we've got already," Dylan stated, as he tried to convince me. 

"But I haven't seen everything you do," I countered, which made Dylan and Tyler giggle. 

"Maybe not, but we don't care if you see what we're doing," Dylan assured me, with Tyler nodding in agreement.  "You're like my second dad now and I don't mind if you catch us doing stuff.  I wouldn't want my dad to see any of it, but I'm ok with you.  It's strange, but I just feel more comfortable here than I do at home, even when Tyler and I are doing those other things too." 

"Well I'm glad you feel comfortable here, but now it's time for you to get some sleep," I suggested.  "We'll have to get up early for the sign ups tomorrow, unless you guys have changed your minds about playing." 

"We haven't," Dylan quickly confirmed. 

I then kissed both boys on the forehead and wished them sweet dreams, before I turned off the light and shut the door.  At least I didn't have to worry about that pair coming over to bother me later.



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 26 – Wheeling and Dealing. 

Saturday morning, I woke all of the boys up early, fed them breakfast and got them ready to go to the sign ups.  After I got them into the back two rows of the Outback, I drove over to pick up Don at his place.  He got into the front passenger seat and I drove to where the sign ups were being held. 

Once we were inside, Don and I told the boys to sit off to one side while he and I took care of something first.  They all looked confused, but did what we asked as Don and I approached one of the tables.  We then asked to speak to the person in charge of the 10 - 12-year-old group, along with the person in charge of the 13 - 14-year-old group.  One of the men went to see if they were available and soon came back with two men we hadn't seen before.  Don and I then introduced ourselves and asked if we could speak with them in private.  They agreed and led us to a corner in the back where we'd have some privacy and then they looked at us apprehensively. 

"What is it we can do for you?" the first man asked. 

"I have a problem.  I'm a single parent, but I've only been one for a few months," I began.  "I became a parent when one of my best friend's and his wife were killed in a traffic accident.  They named me guardian of their children, so now I have three sons that want to play baseball.  They will all be in different leagues, with the youngest in tee-ball, but the other two will be playing in your leagues.  This presents me with a real problem in logistics, since I'll be running all over the place to get them to their practices and games, and I have no one to help." 

When I paused to take a breath, one of them spoke up. 

"And what do you think we can do to assist you with that problem?" the same gentleman that had spoken earlier wondered. 

"I was just about to get to that point," I offered.  "This is Don and he also has two sons that will be playing in each of your leagues as well.  Since our sons are all friends, Don and his wife have offered to help me with my dilemma.  The only way it will work though, is if you allow our 10-year-olds to play on the same team and our 13-year-olds to do the same."

The two immediately began whispering back and forth with each other and then they turned to speak with us again. 

"Have your sons played before and are they any good?" the other gentleman asked this time. 

"Our 13-year-olds play on their school's modified baseball team this year.  They're both 7th graders and starters," I began.  "My 10-year-old played in the 7 - 9-year-old league last year, but Don's younger son broke his arm before the season began and didn't get to play.  I take the boys to the park and work with them nearly every weekend, so I've seen that Don's 10-year-old is just as good as my middle son." 

"Wait!  You practice with all of the boys at the same time?" the first gentleman asked. 

"Yes, I take them to Riverside Park and run fielding drills, before I let them take batting practice," I confirmed.  "A couple of times some other boys joined us too, but usually it's just our five sons." 

"That clears up one thing we've been wondering about," the man replied.  "We'd heard that someone was working with a group of boys there and thought one of our coaches had gone rogue and was working with his returning players before it was allowed.  I'm glad to find out that isn't the case." 

"If you're that well versed with the sport, then maybe you'd like to coach a team for us," the other man suggested.  "We are always looking for new talent and fresh blood." 

"I'm flattered by your offer, but like I said, I will have problems getting the boys around as it is, so I won't have time to get involved in anything like that."

"That's a shame, but how will our allowing your sons play on the same teams help you with the youngest boy?" the second man asked.  "You'll still have him to deal with." 

"Yes, and if he makes a team, then I'll try to find a parent of one of his teammates to help me out with him too," I explained.  "Even if I have to run to get him, Don has agreed to do whatever is needed for one pair of boys and his wife will do the same with the other pair."  The two men merely nodded their heads in understanding after hearing this. 

"I'm afraid we can't make this sort of decision alone," the other man added.  "We'll need to run it by the other league officers too." 

"Then I hope you can do that now, because I'm not letting my three sign up until I know for sure that I'll have a way to get them around," I replied.  "I don't want to build up their hopes thinking they're going to play, only to find out we can't manage it later." 

"And I won't sign my sons up either," Don added.  "I don't want them to have to choose between their friends and playing ball.  The boys are close enough that my sons wouldn't want to play if their best friends can't." 

"Please give us some time then and we'll go speak with the other officers that are here," the first man offered.  "If not enough of them are present to allow us to make a decision, then we'll call some of the others to get their input.  However, we will get this taken care of before the sign ups are completed for the day." 

While the two men went off to do that, I left Don where he was in case the men came back early, while I went to tell the boys we'd be with them shortly.  They wanted to know what was going on, but I told them we'd explain it all to them on the way home.  Hesitantly, they accepted my answer, so I went back to wait with Don. 

About twenty minutes later the two men came back to speak with us again.  They both looked very serious, so we weren't sure what their decision might be. 

"We got all of the officers for both leagues to agree with your proposal, so this is what we'll do," the second man began.  "You might already know this, but the coaches each rate the boys when they tryout.  Then we hold a draft, where the coaches get to pick the players they want on their team.  We do this in the reverse order from the way the teams finished the previous year, in an effort to keep the league balanced.  As soon as we know how many new kids are going to try out and how many previous players are returning, then we'll know how many players will be on each team.  There has to be a minimum of 12 on a team, but no more than 15.  We'll add or eliminate teams according to the demand." 

"So how will this work for our sons?" Don asked next. 

"What we've agreed to do is this," the man continued.  "We'll announce to the coaches before the draft begins that there will be a pair of boys that must be drafted together.  When the first of each pair is selected, we will give the coach choosing him a chance to take both, with the other boy automatically becoming his pick in the next round, or he will be allowed to reconsider and make another selection.  I'm not sure if this will make your boys more or less desirable to the coaches, but it should take care of your problem." 

Don and I thanked the two men and then we went out to make sure each of our sons got signed up.  When we completed this process, each boy was given a tag they were to wear at the tryouts the following Saturday.  Each of these tags had both a letter and number on it.  The letter indicated the age group they were in, while the number showed their place in the sign up.  For example, Tyler's tag read I-26.  The 'I' showed he was a 13-year-old and the '26' indicated he was the 26th 13-year-old to register.  It would be the only way the coaches would be able to identify them, since no names would be used.  This was being done in order to make the selection process as fair as possible.  The boys were all excited as we got in the wagon to head home. 

"Where did you two go when we first got there?" Tyler asked, as soon as we were driving away from the place. 

"Mr. Cochran and I went to talk to the league officials from the two leagues that you four older boys will be playing in, so we could ask them a favor," I answered.  "We got them to agree to let Dylan and Tyler play on the same team, and Justin and Marcus will do the same, so Dylan's parents and I can help each other get you boys to and from practices and games.  However, you just can't mention this to anyone else, because we don't want them to think we were rigging the process or gaining an unfair advantage." 

I'd barely got the last sentence out of my mouth before I heard the boys shouting and whooping it up behind us.  They had all been worried they would be on different teams and have to play against each other, but now their concerns were no longer relevant. 

When we dropped Don off at his house, Dylan and Justin both thanked him for doing this for them and each one told him they loved him.  Don seemed a little uncomfortable with the last part, but he told them they were welcome, before turning and going into the house.  As soon as he was inside, I backed out of the driveway and headed home. 

The boys continued walking on cloud nine for the rest of the morning, since they knew not only would they be on the same teams, but it meant that they'd probably be able to spend a lot more time together at our house too.  Ethan looked slightly down and I could tell he kind of felt left out, so I promised him we'd find someone on his team that we'd include in our little group as well, just as soon as he made a friend and we could get his parents to agree.  That seemed to make Ethan feel better, so he went off to spend time with Justin and Marcus. 

Carlos called just before lunch and I'd almost forgotten that he wanted me to work with him today.  After thanking me for having Tyler suggest that he do this, he wanted to know when he should come over.  I told him I'd be taking the boys to Riverside Park to run through some drills at 2:00, so if he could get here before that time then he could go with us.  After talking to his parents, he said he'd be at our house by 1:30.  I said that would be fine, but then I told him to tell his parents that we'd drop him off when we were done, so they wouldn't have to come and get him. 

Carlos showed up at precisely 1:30, so I took the boys to the park a little earlier than I'd planned.  I had the little ones play catch and throw grounders and fly balls to each other, while I worked with Carlos, Dylan and Tyler.  Before any balls were thrown or I began to work on his stance, I first asked Carlos a question. 

"I hope you remembered to wear your cup," I began and Carlos made a strange face.  Although I couldn't tell for sure, I thought he might have been blushing. 

"Yes, I have it on," Carlos confirmed.  "You saw me naked at Tyler's birthday party, so you know I have much to protect.  You can check if you want."  He giggled after saying this, so I wasn't sure how much of that was tongue-in-cheek and how much was serious, but I responded. 

"No, that's fine.  I just wanted to make sure you had it on before we got started." 

"I don't leave home without it when I'm going to be catching," Carlos teased, as he wrapped his knuckles on the plastic protective device through his clothing. 

"Ok, Carlos, now that I'm sure, we'll work on your stance first.  This is the stance you've been using when you are catching," I began, as I got down in the crouch he used.  "Can you see how your weight is basically centered in your butt, which is almost touching your heels?  This prevents you from moving around behind the plate, as you should be able to do." 

I could tell he wasn't sure what I meant at first, so I decided to demonstrate.  I had him get in his normal crouch and then I took a baseball and tossed it high, low, right or left completely at random, but all within reach, to see if he could get to it.  A couple of times he even fell over in the attempt, but he was only successful about 25% of the time. 

"Now let me show you how you should be positioning yourself instead.  This stance is good in all situations, but it's especially important when there are men on base or you're expecting the batter to bunt," I explained.  "First of all, you can't sit back on your heels.  Instead, place your feet about shoulder width apart and then squat down, like your going to sit on a low stool, but there isn't one there." 

I showed him exactly what I meant and then had him practice doing it a few times, until he started to feel comfortable with it.  After he had that down pat, I showed him how to drop to his knees and position his glove when a pitch was in the dirt.  Then, I showed him how easy it was to pop up for high pitches, as well as move right or left for the throws that were off line in one of those directions. 

Once he was getting the hang of it, I had him practice moving around and reacting to my hand signals indicating which way I wanted him to move.  When he was getting used to doing that, I then took one of the baseballs and tossed it at him again, just like I'd done before.  The only difference was, this time he got to or blocked about 6 out of every 10 throws, which was much better than what he'd done in his former stance. 

"Hey, this IS a lot better," Carlos agreed, as he smiled at his recent success.  "Why didn't anyone ever show me this before?" 

"I'm not sure, but if you've watched Nathan when he's catching, this is exactly what he does," I explained.  "That's why he's so good and not many pitches get by him.  It's also why he is able to react so quickly to bunted balls and foul pop ups behind the plate."

I worked with Carlos a little more at perfecting this skill, before I let Tyler and Dylan start pitching to him.  I knew each one would be wild in different ways, but since they were two of the pitchers Carlos would be catching for, it would also get them familiar with each other. 

I was impressed by how quickly Carlos caught on to this and how much he improved.  I would continually give him pointers whenever he made a mistake, but I'd also roll balls out in front of the plate to simulate a bunt and then have him throw to whoever wasn't pitching. since I had that boy play first.  I also took a bat and hit a few foul pop ups to him while he was in his crouch, so he could get used to moving on them as well.  Then I let Dylan and Tyler take turns working with Carlos, while the other one played first while I hit infield practice to the three younger boys. 

It seemed as if the younger boys had a greater motivation to do well today, because they knew this could affect whether they got picked on a team or not.  They were all putting a lot of effort into everything they did, but Justin appeared to be working harder than anyone else.  He was also doing much better fielding ground balls, as well as improving on chasing down fly balls too. 

After a while, I called an end to what they were doing and started throwing batting practice.  Everyone got a turn at bat, including Carlos, and I gave him a few pointers on hitting too.  I was pleased that all of the boys were hitting quite well, so it looked as if they were ready for tryouts. 

"Thank you for showing me all of this stuff and working with me," Carlos told me, before I took him home.  "I think I'll do a lot better now, so maybe the coach will let me catch more in the last few games." 

"I hope he does, because you're doing much better now," I agreed. 

"Yeah, you were doing super," Tyler added.  "You were moving much better and stopping a lot more balls, but I'm sure you'll get even better the longer you do it this way." 

"I think so too," Carlos agreed.  I dropped him off at his house a couple of minutes later. 

When we got to our house, I told the boys they'd have to clean up first and then we decide what we were going to do next.  When I went upstairs a few minutes later to give them their baths, I found five naked boys wandering the hallway, without a care in the world.  I was truly surprised to see how much Justin had changed in such a short time when it came to this, but I was glad he had loosened up and so was his brother. 

"Can we take a shower this time, like Dylan and Tyler?" Justin asked, when I called Ethan to come with me. 

"You want to wash yourself, or possibly each other, in the shower instead?" I followed, slightly confused. 

"No, we still want you to wash us, but in the shower," Justin replied. 

"That would mean I'd have to get naked too," I pointed out, in case he hadn't figured that detail out for himself. 

"Yeah, I know," he said quite blandly, but alarm bells were going off in my head. 

"One at a time or all together?" I asked, but only to give me time to think about this a little longer. 

"Ethan, Marcus and me want to do it together," he answered.  "We think it will be fun to do stuff like this with each other, but we still want you to wash us." 

"Hang on a second and let me do something first," I suggested.  "Why don't you three wait in Ethan or Marcus' room until I get back." 

They agreed and I went in to talk to Dylan and Tyler.  They were still in the shower, so I went into the master bath to speak with them.  They were surprised to see me, although it didn't bother either one, and I explained Justin's request to them. 

"Since you already give them baths, what difference would it make?" Dylan wanted to know. 

"It means I'd have to get naked as well," I pointed out. 

"Cool.  Then I'll get to see you naked too," Dylan chirped.  "I've always wanted to see what you look like without anything on, so Tyler and I will come in and watch when you do this." 

"You're a big help," I teased.  "But what will your parents think if they find out about this stuff?" 

"They're not going to find out about any of it," Dylan assured me.  "Justin knows what goes on here is to stay here, so don't worry about it." 

"But if Justin got an erection from seeing you two and thought your penises were big, then how is he going to react to me?" I wanted to know. 

"You mean you've got a big dick?" Dylan shot back. 

"He's hung better than Jacob," Tyler quickly answered. 

"Damn!" was Dylan's response. 

"I'm just average, but can we get back to my point?" I scoffed.  "Do you really think I should do this?" 

"Yeah, cuz I want to see your dick too," Dylan offered, as he and Tyler stepped out of the shower. 

"Be serious," I chastised him. 

"I am!" he shot back.  "Just do it and don't worry so much.  You're making too big a deal out of this and nothing bad is gonna happen." 

I wondered if those words were as ominous as they sounded, but I finally agreed to do what the little ones wanted.  Nothing had resulted from any of the other things we'd done, so I was hoping this wouldn't be any different.  I went out and got the boys, but then had them wait in my room until I got undressed. 

"Wow!  Your penis is bigger than Dylan or Tyler's," Justin announced, as his mouth hung open and he pointed at my groin.  I was afraid this attention might make me bone up, so I quickly herded the three of them into the master bath.  They had to wait briefly while I adjusted the water, but then I told them to get in the shower stall with me. 

"Wow!  This is cool and it's big too," Justin observed.  Luckily, the boys were small, so it wasn't too crowded. 

"Ok, I'll wash you one at a time," I told them.  "I'll start with Ethan and you two can decide who I'll do after that." 

They agreed, so I began removing the dirt from my littlest angel.  When I finished with him, Justin wanted to go next, so I washed him again.  He already had a stiffy when I started, probably from seeing me naked, but I washed him anyway.  When I got to Marcus, I was surprised to see he had an erection as well, but I wasn't sure if his had been caused by the sight of me or Justin.  It didn't really matter I guess, so I washed him too and then quickly cleaned myself. 

While I was lathering up, I noticed the boys were busy doing some exploration and touching each other's bodies, but then they began to touch me too.  I was hesitant about letting them do this at first, especially when Justin reached for my dick, but I didn't want to reverse all of the progress he'd made so far with things like this.  I let him explore the area briefly, but after we got out of the shower and I was drying them off, I began to clear up a few things, so this wouldn't lead to future problems. 

"Guys, I want you to know that you shouldn't be going around touching other people's private areas like this," I explained.  "We all like each other and I know none of you object to having the others do this to you, but it's not something you should do outside of our house, at least until you are grown.  I know you boys are curious, so I let you explore my body too, as well as each other's, but that's not something you should go around doing to anyone else." 

"But you touched us too," Justin pointed out. 

"I only did it while I was cleaning that area for you and I asked your permission first," I responded.  "If you didn't want me to do it, you could have said no." 

"I didn't mind, but I understand now," he replied.  "We only did it with you because we wanted to see what it would be like." 

"That's fine, as long as you all understand," I confirmed.  They said they did, so I sent them off to get dressed. 

Since it was still early afternoon, I made a quick phone call while they were putting their clothes on.  Once I discovered we could do what I had in mind, I made reservations, so our dinner and activity for the night was set.  I then called the boys downstairs, so I could explain what I had planned. 

"While you were getting dressed, I called and made reservations for us all to go to Medieval Times later," I informed them. 

"What's that?" Justin wanted to know. 

"Did you learn about kings, knights and castles at school?" I followed, and he nodded in response.  "Well we are going to this place for dinner and you'll eat some food that you might have had if you lived back then, but don't worry, you'll like it.  We'll also get to watch a show and you will see knights jousting on horseback, but they'll be fighting with swords too.  You'll not only get to see them do this, but you'll be able to cheer for them too." 

"That sounds neat," Justin quickly agreed. 

"Do you mean they do this in a restaurant?" Marcus followed, looking confused. 

"No, it all takes place in sort of a big arena, but it will look and feel as if we're going into a castle when we get there.  You'll see," I told him.  "It will be fun and I think you'll all enjoy it." 

"Won't it be expensive?" Dylan asked next, looking concerned. 

"Of course I'll have to pay for it, but since your father sent money with you to give to me, I'll use that to help pay for you boys, so I feel we can afford to do this." 

He seemed satisfied with my answer and all of the boys were excited.  Since the place opened more than an hour before the activities began, I made sure the boys were ready in time for us to drive there with this in mind.  Not only did I want to be among the first to arrive, but I was hoping that by getting there early it would allow me to do a little extra with the boys too. 

Since we arrived even before the doors opened, we were in the very first group to go inside.  I immediately took the boys to the medieval torture museum first, which they all thought was really neat.  After looking at all the strange devices there, I took them to see the Hall of Arms display after that.  After seeing all of the weapons on display, the boys were still talking about all of the different things they'd seen, both the weapons and torture devices, as we went in and prepared to eat. 

There was definitely more than enough food for each of us and we were served a variety of items.  The menu consisted of oven roasted chicken, garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, herb-roasted potatoes, spare ribs and what they called the 'Pastry of the Castle'.  We were also allowed two beverages each, so the boys were all stuffed by the time they'd finished. 

Once the meal was over, we settled back and waited for the show to begin.  It was spectacular too, with horses, falcons, knights fighting, trumpets announcing the different events and the King and Princess sitting in the Royal Box.  The boys were amazed by it all and happily cheered for our particular paladin, the Blue Knight, as he engaged in personal combat.  After nearly two hours of non-stop action, the evening finally came to an end. 

"I liked it when the horses and knights charged at each other," Ethan squealed excitedly, as we were riding home.  "The sticks they used busted when they hit each other or they could have really been hurt."  Of course, he was referring to the joust. 

"Yes, it was a good thing their lances shattered, but it was very exciting," I concurred. 

"I was afraid those birds were going to swoop down at us," Marcus stated, as his eyes widened.  "They were big and had sharp claws too.  Those birds could have really hurt us, like when they went after those things that were tossed into the air, so I'm glad the man was able to control them."  He was referring to the Royal Falconer. 

"Falcons have long been used as hunting birds by kings and other noblemen," I confirmed.  "They would use the falcons to kill other birds or small animals and the falcons were trained to bring whatever they caught back to their handler, so it could be used for dinner."

"I liked seeing all of the different weapons," Justin chimed in.  "They weren't like guns, so you had to be close the other person to use them.  They didn't kill people quickly either.  The guys using them had to beat or stab each other with those things a bunch of times.  It must have been awful to fight like that." 

"I'm sure it was and very painful too, especially if you were on the worst end of the deal," I agreed. 

"I liked watching the knights fight with the swords," Tyler offered next.  "I think swinging a sword was kinda like swinging a bat.  They must have had to learn how to open their hips and do stuff like that too, but they had someone swinging back at them at the same time." 

"I hadn't thought of it quite that way, but I'm sure you're right," I confessed.  "Fighting with swords had its own set of skills that had to be mastered, so the knights had to practice a lot with every weapon they used." 

"I really liked the Torture Museum.  There were lots of really scary things in there," Dylan announced.  "I can't imagine what it must have been like having any of that stuff used on you, but it must have been awful and I'm sure it had to hurt really bad too." 

"I'm sure it was very painful, but didn't you like anything in the show?" I followed, slightly confused. 

"I loved it all!" he added, in response to my prodding.  "I really liked watching the horses the most though.  They were fast, powerful and awesome to see in action." 

"They certainly were, but you had me worried for a second," I teased.  "I was beginning to think you didn't like the show." 

"No!  We all liked it," Dylan shot back, and then I heard a chorus of "Yeah, we did" and "Thank you!" from each of the boys. 



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