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            The Guardian

Installment 14


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 27 – New Horizons. 

When we got home from Medieval Times, I sent all of the boys upstairs to get ready for bed.  When I went up a few minutes later to tuck them in, I reached Marcus' room and discovered the three little ones were standing around naked. 

"Why haven't you put your pajamas on yet?" I demanded, as I looked at them. 

"Can't we just sleep like this?" Marcus wanted to know, as he looked at me hopefully. 

"Is it something you all want to do?" I followed, only to see three heads bob up and down in unison. 

"Well I guess it won't hurt to let you try it this time," I relented.  "Since you all agree, I'll allow you to do it tonight, but you can't tell anyone else about this." 

"Not even Dylan and Tyler?" Justin wanted to know. 

"Oh you can tell them, but only when you're here at our house.  You're not to talk about it when you're anywhere else though, because someone might overhear you and then cause problems for us." 

"Ok," he agreed, as I had them all get into Marcus' bed, so I could tuck them in. 

After I'd kissed each of the boys goodnight and was sure they were settled down for the night, I went over to Tyler's room.  I felt I should give Dylan and Tyler a heads-up about what I was letting the little ones do tonight.  I didn't want the older boys to be surprised or react inappropriately if the younger ones said anything to them about it later. 

"Goodnight you two," I said, as I kissed Dylan on the forehead, while they were lying next to each other in bed.  When I leaned across to kiss Tyler, however, he turned his head and kissed me squarely on the lips instead. 

"I want to do that too!" Dylan exclaimed, when he saw Tyler kiss me on the lips. 

"What?" I countered, since it hadn't really dawned on me what Tyler had just done.  I had been too focused on how I was going to tell them about what I'd let their younger brothers do. 

"I want to kiss you on the lips too!" Dylan followed, while looking at me anxiously.  When I looked at Tyler, he tried to explain his way out of what he'd done. 

"I just forgot and did it that way, because it's how I used to kiss my mom and dad when they came in to say goodnight to me," he stated, as he looked at me sheepishly hoping I would accept his indirect apology. 

"I guess it hadn't even registered with me that you had done anything different," I confessed, while continuing the charade.  Then, I looked back toward Dylan.  "If I let you do this, it will only be to give me a peck on the lips.  There will be no big production and absolutely no tongue."  He giggled when I said this. 

"I know," he agreed.  "It's just that my dad would never let me kiss him on the lips when I was little, so I want to do it with you." 

I allowed it and Dylan gave me a sweet peck on the lips too, just as he had promised.  After he'd done that, I looked at the two of them and spoke. 

"Seeing we've got that behind us now, I can tell you the real reason I was planning to speak with you," I began.  "I wanted to tell you that your brothers asked if they could sleep naked in Marcus' bed tonight." 

"Holy crap!" Dylan gasped.  "You mean Justin took a shower with you and the other boys earlier and then he wanted to sleep naked with them too?  This certainly isn't the same brother I knew a month ago, but I'm glad he's finally getting over his hang ups." 

"Oh, he's certainly doing that," I quipped.  "He and the other boys also spent some time feeling each other up when they were taking their shower this afternoon."    

"No way!  Did they do it to you too?" Dylan wanted to know.  I hesitated briefly, before I finally answered.

"I let them do some touching and exploring, but not too much," I confessed.  "I only did it because I didn't want to give your brother the impression that any of this was wrong and reverse the progress he'd made so far.  After I dried them off, I explained that they shouldn't be doing anything like that with anyone else and they definitely weren't to talk about it, except with you two.  It's why I felt I should warn you first, so you'd be prepared for what they might say about it tomorrow." 

"Thank you," Tyler countered.  "I'm glad you did, because we probably would have been very shocked and maybe even said something we shouldn't."

"Would you let me feel you up a little too?" Dylan asked, ignoring the current topic.  I merely gave him a dirty look in return, since I'd just given in to him about the kiss, but I didn't directly answer his question.  "Come on.  You let my brother do it.  This isn't fair.  I want to have a chance too!" 

Even though I didn't think it was a good idea, I considered his request for a few seconds first, before I finally gave him my reply. 

"If I allow you to do this, it will only be to do what I allowed the others to try," I explained.  "There will be no sexual exploration, like trying to get me hard or attempting to jerk me off."  I said it using the street term for masturbation, so Dylan couldn't claim he didn't understand what I meant later. 

"Ok, but I don't see why not," he responded, not completely satisfied with my response. 

"It's your choice.  It's either that or nothing," I offered. 

"I said ok, so I'll just do what you let the others do," he agreed. 

As soon as he agreed, I told him I'd be right back and then made a quick trip across the hall to get undressed.  Before I returned though, I grabbed the towel I had used earlier and wrapped it around my waist.  Even though I knew Dylan was going to see me naked in a few seconds and he was even going to touch my genitals, I didn't think I should go back without covering up first.  

When I walked into Tyler's room again, Dylan hopped out of bed to do this and I immediately noticed that he and Tyler were both naked as well.  He kept moving closer and eventually unfastened the towel from around my waist and let it drop to the floor.  He then reached toward my privates and tentatively felt around my scrotum and penis, as he explored it.  I did my best to think of something unexciting and non-stimulating while he was doing this, so I wouldn't firm up.  I certainly didn't want to get hard from his manipulation and, luckily, it didn't happen.  I waited patiently, as Dylan sated his curiosity. 

"You certainly are a lot bigger than Jacob," he observed, and it almost sounded as if he was saying this as a compliment.  "I wish I could see how big it gets when it's hard." 

"Keep wishing," I teased, as I ended the session.  I then picked up the towel and wrapped it around my waist again, as I headed for the door.   

My mind was spinning as I climbed into bed a short time later.  Even though I hadn't planned or expected it, I'd allowed Justin and Dylan to explore my body with their hands today, but that wasn't the weirdest part.  That honor belonged to the fact that I didn't think what they'd done had been overly inappropriate or strange, although I was glad I hadn't gotten aroused from their attention.  I'll admit that I had to work at it when Dylan was doing the touching, but I chalked that up to the fact that he knew how to turn a guy on, since he had been practicing those skills on Tyler. 

What I found the worst aspect about the experience and the thing that shocked me the most was that I actually enjoyed what they did as well.  I also knew this would have to be the only time I allowed anything like this to happen and it was absolutely as far as I could go with either one.  I had the feeling Dylan might want to try doing more with me later, but I just couldn't allow it to happen.  Dylan may not like it, but he's going to have to be satisfied with doing those things with Tyler, because this was the last time he'd be permitted to do anything like this with me. 

I was just dozing off later when I heard someone enter my room.  As I opened my eyes and let them adjust, I discovered it was Tyler.  He was standing beside my side of the bed, looking down at me. 

"Dylan's been bugging me to come over here since you left my room.  He wants me to ask you a question," he offered, as a way of explaining the intrusion.  I could tell from the way he said this and how he sounded that he was reluctant to continue.  "Dylan wants to know if we can sleep with you tonight.  He said we did it before, when he thought he had a lump on his balls, and he wants to do it again.  This time he wants you to be in the middle though."

I wasn't sure if I should permit this or not, since I had a feeling Dylan might have an ulterior motive.  After thinking it over for a few seconds, I decided how I was going to answer Tyler. 

"If I agree to do this, then there can be absolutely no funny business," I emphasized.  "Absolutely nothing sexual can take place, but I will let both of you cuddle against me if you want." 

"Great!" I heard Dylan shout, before he raced across the room and hopped under the covers beside me.  He'd obviously been standing in the doorway awaiting my answer.  

I moved over so Tyler could get in on the other side now, and then both boys sidled up against me. 

"Hey!  You're both still naked!" I exclaimed, as I felt their penises brush against my legs. 

"Yeah, but we won't try anything," Dylan promised. 

Once again, I ignored the little voice in my head and let them get away with it, but this would have to be my line in the sand.  At the first hint of either one trying to do anything sexual, then I'd send them both back to Tyler's room. 

To my relief, each boy behaved and merely cuddled with me.  I had one in each arm and they put their heads on my shoulders.  They also draped one of their arms going across my body and one of their legs were hanging over one of mine and probably touching each other.  I also felt their penises wedged against my leg, but neither one was aroused at the moment.  Even though it might sound as if this was uncomfortable, I had never felt more loved and contented in my life, so I ended up sleeping like a baby. 

When I woke up Sunday morning, I could feel both boys' morning wood pressed against my thighs.  Since I knew this wasn't caused by sexual arousal, I remained in bed and waited for one of them to wake up.  It was Dylan who woke up first and when he opened his eyes, he was staring directing into my face.  He smiled when he noticed that I was awake too. 

"Good morning," he greeted me, when he saw I was looking at him.  "I totally enjoyed doing this and slept really well." 

"I'm glad you had a good night's sleep, but you two are poking holes in my legs," I responded, and Dylan burst out laughing. 

"I guess we just really like you," he quickly quipped in return. 

"I think you'd better go use the toilet before you make a mess in my bed," I suggested. 

Our talking must have also awakened Tyler, but he wasn't quite coherent yet. 

"Mornin'," he said, as he stretched and yawned.  "Why are we getting up so early?" 

"Actually, it's not early.  It's almost 9:00," I stated, after glancing at the clock.  "I'm surprised the other boys aren't up and moving around yet."

"They probably did some more exploring on each other's bodies last night, since they were all naked," Dylan teased.  "If they did, they probably stayed up late and are all tired out now." 

"That may be, but let's get up before one of you wets the bed or amputates my leg with that saber you have sticking into it," I joked, which got both boys giggling. 

"You mean this?" Dylan teased, as he threw back the covers and hopped up on his knees, so I'd get a good view of his piss hard erection. 

"Yeah, that," I confirmed.  "Now go use the toilet." 

Dylan giggled again and jiggled his penis in my face.  He even paraded across the room on his way there and made sure his penis swung back and forth so I could see it.  Tyler got up to join him in the master bath and he gave me a good show as well, as he made his way there.  I waited for them to finish up before I went in to empty my bladder. 

After washing my hands and splashing some water on my face, I went back into the bedroom and put on some clothes.  As soon as I was dressed, I went to check on the little ones.  They were all tangled together in a heap, like a litter of puppies, but they looked very contented.  I quickly decided it was possible they had done some more bodily exploring after I'd tucked them in, because the covers were quite rumpled and indicated they had been fairly active. 

While I was fixing breakfast, I was surprised to see all five boys enter the kitchen still completely naked.  I did a double-take, since it wasn't what I was expecting, and then I spoke. 

"Don't you think that maybe you should have at least put on your underwear?" I asked, while scanning each of them. 

"Why?  This is good and no one cares," Dylan offered. 

"Well I do, because I don't want any pubic hair in my food," I shot back. 

"There's a better chance that the hair from our heads would get in the food first, so quit making things up," Dylan challenged.  "Only Tyler and I have pubic hair anyways and we're not going to get it anywhere near the food." 

I knew there wasn't much sense in arguing with him, since it was obvious he was going to keep balking about going back upstairs to put on his underwear.  In fact, I had a feeling he'd been the ringleader that talked the others into doing this as well. 

"Ok, go sit down at the table and I'll bring your food in shortly," I told them.  "I made French toast again, since you all seemed to enjoy it so much the last time." 

"Great!" I heard several different voices mutter. 

After I fed them, I sent them up to the bedrooms to get dressed.  I threatened that if they didn't do as I'd asked, then I wouldn't take them to the park later.  That was enough of an incentive to get them moving. 

We went to the park twice during the day, once before lunch and again after they'd finished eating.  This would be the last time we'd be able to work together before the tryouts, which were the following Saturday.  When we got back after the second session, I told Dylan and Justin to go grab their things so I could take them home. 

"Our only game this week is on Thursday, so can we stay over again next Friday?" Dylan asked, before he went to do as I'd suggested.

"That will depend on what your parents have to say," I replied.  "I have a feeling they are beginning to think you're spending too much time over here as it is." 

"We'll only stay over on Friday this time, if it's ok," Dylan offered.  "I'm pretty sure my parents will be alright with that." 

"You can ask them after I drop you off and then you can let Tyler know what they say later," I agreed. 

Dylan and Justin then went to collect their belongings so I could drive them home.  Their parents came out to welcome the boys back as I pulled in the driveway and they waved at us from the stoop, as their sons were getting out of the Outback.  Since the Cochrans had come outside, I had the other boys get out of the wagon too, so we could say hello to them.  After we had all exchanged pleasantries, Justin asked his parents a question. 

"Can we stay at Uncle Blake's house next Friday?" he blurted out.  This caused his parents to look at him, before they glanced at each other and then at me. 

"Don't you think you should spend a weekend home for a change?" his father countered, while looking at Justin first and then at Dylan. 

"We have the tryouts next Saturday and we'll come home right after we finish there," Dylan offered.  "We just want to stay Friday night, not both days this time." 

"Blake, are you ok with doing this?" Cherie asked next, bringing me into the discussion. 

"I'll have three boys that are going to be more than a little excited about the tryouts the next day, so it's not a big deal for me.  Having your two for company may give them something else to occupy their minds, rather than worrying about how they're going to do," I offered.  "I just told the boys that it would be up to you if they could stay over.  The tryout times are staggered throughout the day, so we won't be done until around 5:00, but I'll bring the boys home then, if that will help." 

"Why will the tryouts take so long?" Cherie wanted to know, since she hadn't been informed about how this would work. 

"It's because the tee-ball tryouts for Ethan will be at 9:00," I began.  "Then we'll have a break, because the 7 - 9-year-old tryouts are held at 11:00 and none of our boys are in that group.  Justin and Marcus will be trying out at 1:00 and then Dylan and Tyler will start at 3:00.  Fortunately, we don't have anyone in the 15 - 17-year-old group, because they won't begin until 5:00." 

"Ok, I understand now," Cherie stated.  "I guess we don't have a problem with it then, if you don't."  She said this while looking at me and I shook my head to indicate it wasn't a problem for me either. 

"Nope, that will be fine," I added verbally.

"I guess we'll just drive down to the field at 1:00 then, so we can watch Justin tryout, and then Justin and Dylan can come home with us after Dylan's group finishes up," Don added. 

"That will work and I'll have the boys put their things in our wagon, so they'll be able to get them when they're ready to go home with you," I suggested, and I saw Cherie and Don nod in agreement.  I then told them which fields the tryouts would be held at. 

"Thanks, Mom and Dad," Dylan quickly told them and then Justin did the same.

Now that everything had been cleared up, my boys and I got in the Outback and I drove them home.  They were happy with everything we had done over the weekend and were already looking ahead to next weekend, although Tyler was also thinking about his team's game on Thursday. 

A little while later, after I'd fed the boys again, I took the two younger ones upstairs and got them cleaned up.  After they changed into their pajamas and got ready for bed, I let them come down to the family room with me and I cuddled with them as we watched a couple of shows on TV. 

Since they would be returning to their classrooms tomorrow, I made certain they got to bed early.  I wanted to make sure they had a good night's sleep, so they would be alert throughout the day. 

I went to bed shortly after the boys did, because I was worn out as well.  It was the direct result of the culmination of one of the most unusual and surprising weekends I'd had with the boys and their friends since I'd come to live with them. 

When the alarm went off in the morning, I got up, took my shower and woke the boys, before I went down to make their breakfast.  The boys quickly got back into their routine again and I gave them all a kiss goodbye, before they headed out the door to catch the bus. 

Work wasn't as bad as I'd expected, because we weren't as far behind as I thought.  There was still plenty to do though, so the day passed by quickly and before I knew it I was heading home to pick up the boys. 

When we arrived at Tyler's practice, I could see his team was just about ready to finish up, so the younger pair and I didn't even get out of the car.  Instead, I pulled around to the front of the school and waited for Tyler to take his shower.  When he and Dylan came out after they'd finished, I noticed Dylan's mom wasn't there to pick him up, since they'd wrapped up early.  I quickly called her on my cell phone, so I could tell her what happened, but I also advised her that I'd drop Dylan off on my way home.  She thanked me and we took off. 

"The coach let us go early because he was pissed about the way the older guys were messing around," Tyler advised me as I was driving to Dylan's house.  "The coach told them to either start doing things right or just stop showing up any more.  I'm pretty sure they got the message, because the team we're playing on Thursday isn't the one they think is so bad." 

"I hope you're right," I replied.  "I'd hate to see you guys ruin such a good season when you're so close to the end." 

After getting home and feeding the hungry horde, Marcus and Tyler went to do their homework, while I spent time with Ethan in the family room watching TV. 

"I had a lot of fun over the weekend," Ethan told me, when a commercial came on.  "I liked the place you took us, but I had fun here too.  Justin and Marcus let me play with their pee-pees in the shower and when we were in bed later." 

"I had a feeling that's what you boys were doing when you slept together," I mentioned. 

"How did you know?" Ethan wondered, while looking at me curiously.  "Did they tell you?" 

"No, but I saw signs that you boys had done more than just sleep," I answered. 

"You're not mad at us, are you?" Ethan asked next. 

"No, I know boys do things like that because they're curious, but like I told you and the others after we showered together, you can't do those things anywhere else.  Ok?" I asked in return, and Ethan nodded in agreement. 

He cuddled against me for a little while longer, as we finished watching the show.  Then I took him upstairs and gave him his bath, before I tucked him into bed.  After checking Marcus' homework over, I bathed and tucked him into bed too.  Then I went to see how Tyler was doing.  He was just finishing up with his assignments, so I told him I'd check everything over while he was taking his shower.  When he came back, I told him it was fine, gave him a kiss and bid him goodnight. 

"Thanks for helping Carlos on Saturday," Tyler told me, before I started to walk away.  "I'm pretty sure he's going to do better from now on." 

"I think so too," I agreed, before I left his bedroom. 

Tuesday passed by fairly uneventful as well and was pretty much a repeat of Monday.  However, when I picked up the boys and got to Tyler's practice, things seemed to be going differently there.  Coach Hendricks was working the team hard, so we got out to watch what was going on.  Actually, I was the only one that watched the practice, because the other two went off to play catch.  When Tyler's team finished up, he came over to speak with me. 

"Things seemed to be going better today," I pointed out, after Tyler said hi. 

"Yeah, I think the other guys were scared the coach wouldn't let them play if they didn't start doing better," he agreed.  "I think we're going to be alright now." 

"I hope so," I concurred. 

Tyler then raced off to take his shower, so I got the other two and went to wait for him in front of the school.  It didn't take very long before he was done and we were soon on our way home. 

After we ate and the boys finished their homework, Tyler stuck around to speak with me after I'd checked his assignments. 

"Everyone on my team signed up for summer baseball too," he announced.  "The older boys will be on the same teams they were on last year, but the other guys my age will have to tryout, just like Dylan and me." 

"So now most of your teammates are going to become the enemy," I teased, which made Tyler grin. 

"Yeah, in a way, but we'll still be friends," he quipped back.  "I think it will be fun to pitch against them now, since I know what types of pitches they like to hit." 

"Yes, that could be an advantage for you," I agreed. 

"But they also know what pitches I throw, so it might not be much of an advantage for me," Tyler added, after he'd thought about it some more. 

"That could definitely even things out," I mused.  "I guess you'll just have to be smarter than they are."  Tyler's face suddenly lit up.

"Yeah, I can do that," he quickly agreed. 

He was in a pretty good mood when I got to his room to say goodnight later, after putting the other two to bed.  After I tucked him in, I gave him a quick peck on the lips and wished him sweet dreams.

Wednesday started off just like the previous two days, as I got the boys up and sent them off to school.  Then I drove to work and spent the day wrapped up in spread sheets and entering data into the accounting software.  When the day finally came to an end, I headed home, picked up the little ones and took them to the school.  Tyler's team only practiced a little while longer after we got there, before the coach let them go.  He was letting them out a little early again, because he wanted to make sure they all got a good night's sleep before the game the following day. 

After Tyler took his shower, we went home, had dinner and he did his homework, before getting ready for bed.  That's when Tyler came to find me. 

"Can I sleep in your room tonight, because I know I'll sleep better with you," he began, and it seemed this was becoming his regular routine on the night before a game. 

"I suppose, but it's only to sleep.  Ok?" I countered, although I was pretty sure he already knew that. 

"Yeah, I know," Tyler agreed, halfheartedly. 

"Ok, you can hop into my bed and get comfortable, but I still have a few things I need to do first," I told him.  "I'll join you just as soon as I'm done." 

About a half hour later, after finishing the tasks I wanted to complete, I prepared for bed.  Tyler was already asleep when I got there, but as soon as I was in position, he automatically cuddled up against me.  I'm not sure if he had awakened or merely did it out of instinct, but he slept soundly for the rest of the night.



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 28 – Many Tryouts. 

Thursday was an away game and Tyler was pitching, so I asked the boss if I could leave early, since I didn't want to miss any of the action.  My boss had no problem with my request, because he knew I would make up the time one way or another, so I called Brenda Riordan to let her know what I was doing too.

When it was finally time to leave, I raced home to pick up the munchkins and took off for the game.  This team was playing on a field at the school, so it was easy to find.  When the boys and I walked up to the bleachers, Tyler's team was just coming off the field after warming up.  Tyler gave me a coy little wave to let me know he'd seen us, but he then sat down on the bench with the rest of his teammates. 

The team got off to a fantastic start and each of the first five batters got hits, before Crawford flew out to left field for a sacrifice fly that scored Tyler.  By the end of the top half of the first, Tyler's team was already up 5 - 0.  Tyler also pitched quite well in the bottom of the inning and kept the other team scoreless, but his team didn't do quite as well when they came up to bat again. 

The game was never in doubt though and Tyler's team won by a final score of 8 - 1.  It was a good thing that they'd gotten off to such a fast start, because the other team settled down after the top half of the first and gave them a good game.  Tyler came over to speak to me afterward, to let me know what was going to happen next. 

"I'm going home on the bus, because the coach wants to speak with us again," he announced, "but you aren't going to believe this.  Some of the guys on our team found out this team beat the team were playing next 5 - 0, so they're starting to get carried away again.  I think that's what the coach wants to talk to us about." 

"Ok, I'll see you back at the school then," I concurred.  "You had a good game on the mound, but you also looked good at the plate, so try to enjoy the ride back.  I hope Coach Hendricks is able to get through to the others, without getting down on the rest of you." 

"Yeah, me too," he agreed, before racing off. 

The boys and I took off and we easily beat the bus back to school.  I parked where I normally did, along the curb in front of the main entrance, and waited.  We saw the bus drive in about five minutes later and it pulled up behind us and let the team off.  Tyler immediately ran over and hopped in the car. 

"The coach wasn't too bad," he stated, once he got buckled in.  "We're going to practice tomorrow and Saturday at 9:00 too, because our next game is on Monday.  Coach said he'd thought about giving us Saturday off, because he knew a few of us would be trying out for the summer league that day, but since some of the team has been screwing off, he felt we needed the extra work."  

"I can understand that, but it's going to make it rough on me," I pointed out.  "What I'll have to do is drop you and Dylan off at the school a little earlier than usual on Saturday, because Ethan's tryout is at 9:00 too, just the same as your practice.  I'll stay with him until he's done and then I'll swing back to pick you boys up afterward." 

"That's fine with us," Tyler agreed.  "Me and Dylan will be alright hanging out at the school for a while before and after practice, if we need to.  You don't have to worry about us."

"I hope not," I countered. 

That comment evoked a surprised look from Tyler in return, but I wasn't sure if he thought I didn't trust him or that I didn't think they were capable of defending themselves and each other.  He didn't say anything about it though, but after seeing the look on his face I felt he might do that later, when we were alone.   

We stopped and grabbed some take out on the way home, because the boys were already hungry and I didn't feel like fixing anything.  After we finished eating, Ethan and Marcus raced off to do other things, but Tyler stuck around to speak with me. 

"I want to ask you about the comment you made in the car," he began, while looking at me with a serious expression on his face.  "I know you trust me, at least I'm pretty sure you do, so don't you think me and Dylan can handle ourselves, if anyone tried something?"

"I absolutely trust you," I assured him, "but I'm not sure you two would be able to handle every situation on your own.  I'm not sure if I could handle some situations, especially if the other person had a weapon or was much bigger than myself, but I know you two will do ok in most cases." 

"Oh, ok.  I guess I can see that.  I just wanted to be sure," Tyler added.  He then took off to take his shower and do his homework. 

Other than checking their assignments after they finished and giving the younger pair their baths, nothing out of the ordinary happened.  We all slept in our own beds, which in itself was quite unusual as of late.  Everyone woke up in a good mood the next morning and eagerly started getting ready for school. 

The day passed by uneventfully and I was soon on my way home to enjoy the weekend.  After picking up Ethan and Marcus, we swung by the school to watch the end of Tyler and Dylan's practice.  They didn't look very happy as they headed toward the locker room to shower and I wasn't exactly sure what was wrong with them.  I had a vague idea about what might be bothering them, but I'd have to wait and speak to them first, in order to be certain. 

After those two came out of the school and hopped in the car, I set out for Dylan's house to pick up Justin.  On the way, Dylan and Tyler filled me in on what was bothering them. 

"Before practice started, the 8th graders began taking bets on how much we were going to win the next game by," Tyler stated, sounding disgusted. 

"When they asked us what we thought, we told them we were just focused on the tryouts tomorrow and didn't have time for stupid stuff like that," Dylan stated, with touch of bitterness in his voice. 

"Then, they told us none of us 7th graders had to worry about the tryouts or making a team, because we were better than the other guys that would be trying out," Tyler advised me.  "They said we needed to loosen up, because this was party weekend." 

"When we asked them what that was supposed to mean, they laughed and said they were going to be getting together and enjoying the weekend and told us we should too," Dylan added.  "They're going to blow the next game for us.  I just know it." 

"Yeah, I hope Coach Hendricks doesn't play any of the 8th graders now, because we'll do better without them," Tyler spat out, totally disgusted by the way his older teammates were acting. 

"I hope things work out for the team then," I commiserated, as we pulled into the Cochrans' driveway. 

Dylan got out and hustled inside to get his brother, but he also told us that he needed to get something else that he'd forgotten to put in with his other things before he left the house that morning.  I told him there was no hurry and to take his time.  I didn't want him to feel that he had to rush and then hurt himself in the process. 

When the two brothers came out to join us, I saw Cherie waving in our direction from the doorway.  I waved back and then pulled into the street, as we headed toward the diner.  Once again, I didn't feel like cooking and felt this was the best alternative. 

We said hello to everyone on our way in, as we were led back to a booth.  We sat in the same order we had the last time we were all here together, with Justin sitting between Marcus and me, while Ethan sat between Dylan and Tyler.  After ordering, the boys turned their attention to the tryouts. 

"Do you think we'll all make a team?" Marcus asked and I could tell he needed some encouragement. 

"Let me put it this way," I began.  "I've seen you boys improve over the past several weeks while we've practiced at the park together.  If you do half as well as you did there, then I'm sure you'll all be picked by a team.  It will make life interesting for me though, because I'll have to juggle driving you all around, but I'm glad to do it so you can play." 

"Thanks, Uncle Blake," I heard from my three at about the same time. 

"And our mom and dad will help with that too," Dylan quickly added, to let me know I wouldn't have to do this alone.  "They feel they need to help you out as much as they can, since you've done so much for me and Justin." 

"I really appreciate that and it will be a big help," I agreed.  "That's why I asked your dad to back me up when we talked to the league officials about putting you boys on the same teams." 

"That was excellent!" Dylan enthusiastically agreed.  "I'm really glad you did that, because this way we'll be able to spend more time at your house with you too." 

About that time our meals arrived, so we ended our discussion and concentrated on the food.  As soon as we finished eating, I herded everyone out to the wagon and drove them home.  When we reached the house, the boys each carried their things inside, and almost as soon as we walked through the door, Justin asked me a question. 

"Can we shower together again and then all sleep in Marcus' room, like we did last time?" he wanted to know. 

"You three can shower together if you want, but you'll have to wash yourselves," I answered. 

"You aren't going to wash us?" Justin shot back, as he looked at me confused. 

"No, I don't think I need to be getting naked with you every time you're over here," I replied.  "And I don't think it would be a good idea for you three to sleep together naked tonight either.  You stayed up a lot later than you should have the last time you did that and you're going to need your sleep this time, if you want to do well at your tryouts." 

"Ok, we won't do it then," Justin agreed, "but won't you please wash us?" 

"Sure, if you want to take a bath instead," I replied, much to Justin's disappointment.  After seeing how Justin was reacting, another option was offered. 

"Me and Dylan will take a shower with you and wash you, if you want," Tyler offered.  Almost immediately, the three little ones were putting their heads together and  whispering back and forth.

"Ok, we'll do that then," Marcus agreed for all of them. 

I wasn't sure what this meant or what it might lead to, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to know either.  I asked if they were going to do this now or later, since they still had a couple of hours left before they needed to go to bed, and they quickly agreed to do it later.  In the meantime, the three youngest went with me to the family room and decided to watch something on the Disney channel.  Dylan and Tyler chose not to join us and headed up to Tyler's bedroom instead. 

The little ones were pressed against me on three sides, as we watched a movie.  Justin was on my right, Marcus on my left and Ethan was on my lap.  All three rested their heads against me, as we enjoyed what was happening on the television screen.  When the movie ended, I told them it was time to go up and take their shower and they needed to let Dylan and Tyler know they were ready.  I also told them they could yell down when they wanted me to come up to tuck them into bed. 

It was more than forty minutes later when I heard Ethan call for me.  "Uncle Blake, you can come up now." 

I was a little surprised it had taken them so long to shower, but I wasn't about to say anything.  Instead, I went up and tucked Ethan in bed first and then I went over to tuck Justin and Marcus into Marcus' bed next.  I also told them no fooling around tonight and they were to go to sleep.  Then I went down the hallway to say goodnight to Dylan and Tyler. 

"I hope you didn't have any trouble with the little ones," I stated, when I walked into the room.  I only brought this up because it had taken them so long. 

"I wouldn't exactly call it trouble but it sure was interesting," Tyler replied.  "Dylan and I had talked it over before they came up and agreed that I was going to wash Justin and he was going to wash Marcus and Ethan.  That part was ok, but those three kept grabbing our dicks and rubbing our balls and butts the whole time." 

"Yeah, they had both of us hard and even tried to jerk us off," Dylan added, as he looked at me, incredulously. 

"I didn't think they knew about that stuff yet," I offered, since I was totally surprised by this news as well. 

"I think maybe Marcus saw some of that stuff happen at my birthday party, because a bunch of the guys jerked each other off after some of the others were asleep," Tyler responded, in order to explain this for me.  "Marcus must have been awake at the time and seen some of it, so maybe they tried it with each other when they slept together naked." 

"That would definitely explain a few things.  Maybe I shouldn't have let Marcus join you that night," I suggested, belatedly. 

"He would have learned about it sooner or later, so it's probably not such a big deal," Tyler suggested. 

"Maybe not to you, but I would have preferred it didn't happen for a couple more years, especially if he's getting Ethan and Justin involved in it too," I replied. 

"Yeah, I guess that could be a problem," Tyler conceded. 

"So what did you two do when this happened?" I asked, since I wanted to know what transpired next. 

"We both let them do it for a little while, but stopped them before we cummed," Dylan answered.  "It was kinda like you did when they touched you in the shower last week.  We didn't want to completely discourage them, because we knew they were just being curious, but we told them afterward that they should only do this here and nowhere else." 

"I'm glad you two put a limit on what you let the boys do and were smart enough to warn them afterward," I agreed, somewhat relieved. 

"They got us all worked up though, so now we're going to have to take care of each other," Dylan added, with a wink. 

"Then I'll leave you two alone to do that," I countered, as I gave each one a peck on the lips and a hug for helping me out. 

"We could come over and do it in your room and then sleep with you," Dylan offered, hopefully. 

"I think you two should just stay here and do whatever it is you are going to do," I suggested, as I turned to leave. 

After I exited the room, I decided to go to bed too.  I was tired out as well and Saturday was going to be a very hectic day for me.  I had Tyler and Dylan's practice first, along with Ethan's tryout, but then we'd get a little break until Justin and Marcus were due to try out, followed by Dylan and Tyler's tryout after that. 

Once again, I was just falling asleep when I heard someone enter my bedroom.  I wasn't surprised when I saw Tyler standing beside my bed. 

"Can we sleep with you?  Please?" he asked, as soon as he saw I was looking at him. 

"No, I'm not going to get in the habit of letting you two do this every weekend," I responded, without hesitation,  "Just as I turned the little ones down earlier about showering with them, I'm turning down your request as well." 

"Please?" I heard Dylan beg from the doorway. 

"Not this time," I repeated.  "You'll sleep just fine in Tyler's room tonight." 

They weren't happy with my answer, but they did as I'd asked.  A short time later, I finally fell asleep and spent the night alone. 

When the alarm went off the next morning, I took a quick shower and then woke the boys before I went down to fix breakfast.  It was just scrambled eggs and toast this time, but I promised to make it up to them at lunchtime.  I told them we would eat early today, just as soon Ethan's tryout and Dylan and Tyler's practice ended.  That way, Justin and Marcus wouldn't be going to their tryout right after eating, but it would still allow them to make up for the meager breakfast.  It should also give their meals time to settle before their tryout began. 

As soon as the boys had finished eating, I told them to go get dressed quickly and then load all of their gear into the wagon.  I also told them to remember the tags they were given when they signed up, because they would need to wear them at the tryouts.  It was the only ID they would have so the coaches would know who they wanted to pick.  After I'd said this, Dylan admitted that was what he rushed into his house to get when we stopped to pick up Justin.

When I dropped Dylan and Tyler off at school, I knew they would have to wait about twenty minutes before their coach showed up.  I felt badly that they would have to stand around for so long, but I wanted to make sure I got Ethan to the field in plenty of time for his session. 

Once we got to where his tryout was going to be held, I could see all of the other eager five and six-year-olds waiting to tryout too.  After about a ten minute wait, the coaches and league officials got things started and ran the boys through a series of fielding and throwing drills, before letting them hit off the tees.  I could see the coaches jotting down notes about the various boys as they went through their paces. 

Doing my own mental evaluation of what was going on, I actually thought Ethan was one of the better kids I saw trying out for tee-ball, if not the best, but I might have been prejudice.  He not only did a great job at fielding grounders and catching fly balls, but his throws were accurate too and they also had some zip on them.  On top of that, he did great hitting off the tee as well.  He hit the ball just as hard and far as anyone else, but he also made contact with the ball every time he swung, rather than hitting the tee or missing the ball completely.  I made sure to tell him I thought he'd done a good job, once he came over to find me after they'd finished. 

"You looked terrific out there," I told him.  "I don't think you have anything to worry about." 

"You were the best one out there," Marcus eagerly assured him, without any prompting from me. 

"Yeah, you looked really good doing everything," Justin added, making it unanimous. 

"Really?  You think I will get picked then?" Ethan asked, looking for confirmation. 

"Unless the coaches are blind or crazy, I think you're a shoo-in," I replied. 

"What's a shoe got to do with it?" Ethan wondered, confused. 

"Not shoe, like you put on your foot, but shoo, like you say when you want to get something to go away or get moving in the right direction," I told him.  "It's just a way of saying you're sure to get picked or bound to get what you want.  In other words, I'm saying you've got nothing to worry about." 

"You should have just said that then," Ethan added, while giving me sort of a scowl.  This let me know I would need to select my phrases more carefully when dealing with the boys, although they should probably learn the meaning of expressions such as this too. 

From there, I took those three back to the school to see if their brothers were done yet.  The coach was talking to the team when we pulled up, so we didn't get out of the Outback.  I thought he was merely going over a few things quickly before letting them go, so we waited to see.  If not, then we could always get out to watch them after they took the field again.  My first guess turned out to be correct, however, and Dylan and Tyler waved at me as they headed toward the locker room.  Once I saw this, I pulled up in front of the school. 

When Dylan and Tyler got in the car a short time later, Ethan was the first one to speak. 

"Uncle Blake says I'm gonna get picked to play on a team," he announced, with a huge grin on his face. 

"That's great!" Dylan responded. 

"Yeah!  Congrats, bro," Tyler added, grinning at Ethan.  "I knew you could do it." 

"Ok, time to talk about lunch.  What do you guys think about getting subs?" I asked next, breaking up the little congratulatory party. 

"Yeah!" I heard them all reply, nearly at once. 

I then drove over to Subway and let each of them get what they wanted.  Just as before, the little ones got 6" subs, while the rest of us got a foot-long sub.  They also got chips and a drink to go with it.  I didn't worry about Dylan and Tyler eating too much, because they would have more than enough time to digest such a large meal before their tryout began.  Besides, they had a small breakfast and worked really hard at their practice, so they needed it to build their strength back up. 

We stayed at Subway to eat, rather than making the trip home.  After the boys finished their meal, I told them they should take it easy and not race around until their tryouts began.  They didn't give me any problems about doing this, so I drove them over to the park where Justin and Marcus would be trying out next and we found a nice shady shot to hang out and wait.  I felt this was the best way to handle the in between time, because this way I'd avoid the extra running around that would be caused by driving home and back.  It would also ensure we would be on time for this tryout session to begin. 

This tryout was taking place at a different park than where Ethan had tried out earlier and was going to be held on an enclosed field, with fences at an even 225 feet (68.6 m) all the way around.  We were definitely the first ones there and I spotted the Cochrans when they showed up about forty minutes later.  We all moved to the bleachers at that point and sat together to watch how Justin and Marcus did. 

That pair performed admirably when it was their turn to show what they could do.  They both did quite well fielding grounders, although Marcus did a tad better than Justin, but Justin seemed to do better when it came to catching fly balls.  He even ran down one fly ball that was hit poorly by the assistant coach and I could tell the other coaches were impressed by what he'd done.  Both boys did really well with throwing and hitting too, so I felt they had nothing to worry about either. 

"You guys did great," Tyler told them when they came back to join us.  

"Yeah, I don't think you'll have to worry about getting picked," Dylan added.  "I hope me and Tyler do as well as you just did." 

"That was the best I've seen either of you do since we started practicing together," I told them.  "Your hard work has definitely paid off." 

"I was quite impressed with both of you too," Don added.  "You looked almost as good as your older brothers." 

Marcus and Justin were beaming after receiving this praise and began strutting around like a couple of peacocks.  It was really cute to watch. 

Dylan and Tyler's tryout was going to be held at another field,  because the three youngest groups played on fields with 60 foot base paths (18.3 m).  The older two groups played on fields with regulation 90 feet (27.4 m) between the bases.  I left Don and Cherie with Marcus and Justin, because they weren't quite finished yet.  The coaches still wanted to time the boys to see how fast they were, especially when compared to each other, so I took Dylan and Tyler and drove over to their tryout next. 

I also took Ethan with me and we got there just in time, due to being held up in traffic.  It made me wish I'd left the other field a few minutes earlier, but luckily our late arrival didn't negatively effect the way the boys performed.  Dylan and Tyler hustled out to join those that were already on the field, because they wanted to make sure they didn't get left out.  This tryout was taking place on another very nice enclosed field, but the outfield fence here was marked off at 300 feet (91.5 m) all the way around. 

Don and Cherie arrived with our 10-year-olds about a half hour later and came over to sit with Ethan and me.  A couple of the assistant coaches were already working with the boys, as one hit ground balls to them at the shortstop position and had them throw to another coach at first.  Once each boy fielded a few ground balls, he went out to shag fly balls in center field next and then make a long throw to another coach standing near the one hitting the fly balls.  Tyler and Dylan both looked good in those drills and I overheard a couple of the coaches talking about them. 

During the batting portion of the tryout, Tyler hit two balls over the fence, while Dylan hit a homerun too, but that was merely icing on the cake.  Both boys had been connecting solidly with the pitches and hitting the ball hard, as they sprayed line drives all around the field.  After watching this pair finish up, I didn't think any of the boys should have a problem making a team. 

Each of the boys had been told that the various leagues would hold their drafts the following day, so they should be receiving a call either Sunday night or possibly Monday evening instead.  I knew the boys would be on pins and needles until they received those calls, so I was hoping their notifications would come early in the day, rather than later. 

My boys and I said goodbye to Don, Cherie, Dylan and Justin as they got ready to head home.  Before they left, however, Cherie had something to tell my three. 

"Since Dylan and Justin are calling your uncle, Uncle Blake, my husband and I want you to start calling us Uncle Don and Aunt Cherie from now on," she announced. 

Tyler, Marcus and Ethan were all thrilled by this announcement and eagerly chimed in, "Goodbye, Uncle Don!  Goodbye, Aunt Cherie," as they were walking away. 

After getting the boys home, cleaned up and fed, we settled in for a quiet night.  They kept talking about their tryouts and making comments about how they thought they and each other had done.  Whenever one of them asked me what I thought, I replied they had done really well and should be getting a call sometime over the next couple of days to verify that fact. 

Later, after I'd tucked the two younger ones in bed, Tyler came over to speak with me. 

"Last night I realized something," he stated, while giving me a dirty look.  "You said you were going to get me some of those fake dicks to practice with, but you never did." 

"They're called dildos," I pointed out.  "Think of them as a sick female deer, an 'ill doe' and just add a 'd' for deer in front of it."  I thought making a joke out of the word would keep him from forgetting it again.  "And I did get them for you, I just forgot to give them to you.  I stored them on the top shelf of my closet, so your brothers wouldn't find them, and then they simply slipped my mind." 

Actually, I hadn't given them to him intentionally, hoping he might forget about them for a while.  Unfortunately, something must have triggered his memory.  That made me wonder what he and Dylan had been up to after I'd refused to let them sleep with me again.

"So can I have them now?" he wanted to know. 

"I will give them to you, but I want you to keep them someplace where Ethan and Marcus won't find them," I cautioned.  "I don't want to have to answer their questions about why you have them and what they're for." 

"Ok, I promise," he agreed.  "So are you going to get them for me?" 

"Yes, just be patient," I snapped, as I headed toward the closet.  I pulled down the bag and dug out a couple of items and handed them to him. 

"These are the two smaller dildos and here's a bottle of lube to use with them," I explained, as I handed him the items.  "I'll hold on to the two larger dildos until I think you're ready for them.  You can start off practicing with the smallest one first and then move on to the next larger one when you think you're ready.  Just coat the outer surface with a little lube first, before you insert it." 

"Will you show me what to do?" he wanted to know. 

"Yes, I can do that for you," I agreed, but then decided to tease him a bit before giving in.  "Are you hinting that you want me to do that now?"  

"Yeah, I was and that would be great!" he replied.

"Ok and when you're done just wash them using the liquid soap and warm water, but make sure they're thoroughly clean before you dry them off and put them away.  It's imperative that you do a good job doing this, especially if you're going to let Dylan use them too." 

"Ok, I promise we'll do that," he concurred, which let me know he did plan on sharing these with Dylan too. 

I then showed him how to pour some lube over the smallest one, as I held it in my palm and then worked the lube all around the surface of the dildo next.  After I'd finished doing this, I handed it to him. 

"You should probably put some lube on your fingers before you use this.  Just insert one of your fingers into your rectum first and move it in and out for a while.  Then do the same thing with two fingers, so you stretch your opening out a little bit before you put the dildo in there," I suggested, as he looked at me. 

"Will you do all that for me now, so I know what you mean?" he followed, and his expression pleaded with me to give in. 

"I'm sure you can figure that part out for yourself," I responded, thinking it wouldn't be necessary for me to do this for him. 

"Please?  Come on, just this once," he whined, while flashing me his most pathetic look.  I was going to say 'no', but his eyes were begging for me to give in. 

"Ok, I'll do it this time," I conceded, since he looked so damn miserable.  "Get on the bed and I'll explain exactly what I'm doing, so you can do it to yourself after this.  You'll also be able to show or tell Dylan how to do it too." 

Tyler immediately shed his shorts and t-shirt and then raced over and hopped on the bed, before spreading his legs to give me access.  Since I already had lube on my hand from preparing the dildo, I placed my middle finger at his entrance and slowly began to add pressure.  Gradually, it slid inside him. 

"Oh, that feels strange," he announced, once I had the finger all the way in his butt.  "It didn't hurt or nothin', but it was like taking a crap with it going in, instead of coming out." 

"I guess that's one way to describe it," I confirmed.  I then worked the finger around for a while, before repeatedly sliding it in and out of his hole. 

As soon as he seemed comfortable with that, I added a little more lube to my hand and used my index and middle fingers next.  I saw him wince slightly as these went in, but he didn't ask me to stop or complain that it hurt.  Since he seemed to be fine, I repeated the same procedure that I'd used with just my middle finger and finished up by sliding the pair of digits in and out of his widening hole. 

"Are you ok and do you want to continue?" I asked, just to be sure.

"Yeah, I'm ok and you can use the dildo now," he confirmed.  "I want to see what that feels like too." 

I then followed the same procedure with the smallest dildo and gradually worked it in and out of him as well.  When I felt I'd done that for a sufficient amount of time, I pulled the dildo out and looked at Tyler's face. 

"That's enough for now," I told him.  "Take this and clean it off before you put it away." 

When he grabbed the dildo from me, he inspected it for a few seconds first.  Then, he looked up at me and spoke. 

"I guess you were right about using this before I did anything else," he told me.  "It isn't nearly as big as your dick and it made me feel full, so I guess I wasn't ready to do it with you after all." 

"I'm glad you're mature enough to admit that now," I told him, as I gave his bare ass a swat and sent him on his way.



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