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            The Guardian

Installment 17


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 33 – The Beta Project. 

Work was a bear on Monday.  Not only did we basically have to do everything twice, but there were also some initial glitches in the beta system that made it even worse.  My co-workers and I worked very hard with the IT department to solve the problems, so I was mentally exhausted and physically drained by the time I was able to leave for the day.  I also had a lot more work to take home than I'd anticipated. 

When I arrived at the house, the boys were all there and Tyler and Marcus were working on their homework.  Ethan was in the backyard hitting the Wiffle ball off the batting tee with his new bat.  I said hello to each of the boys to let them know I was home and then I sat down with the company laptop, as I tried to finish as much work as I could before it was time to fix dinner.  After a while I gave up on the idea of fixing anything to eat and asked the boys what they wanted from the Chinese take out.  After they told me, I called and placed an order to have delivered, so I could get back to work. 

I stopped when the food arrived and sat down to eat with the boys.  I asked each of them what they were going to do while Marcus was at practice and quickly got my answer.  When the Cochrans stopped by to pick Marcus up, Dylan got out because he was going to stay here so he and Tyler could study together.  There were only about two weeks left in the school year and they were already studying for their finals, because they both wanted to do well.  Ethan said he'd either watch TV or play video games, since the rest of us would all be busy, so I said goodbye to Marcus and thanked the Cochrans for picking him up. 

After I saw the one off and welcomed the other, I went back to work on the laptop.  I continued doing that until Marcus returned home and then I said goodbye to Dylan, before taking the little ones upstairs for our joint shower.  As we were doing that, Marcus filled me in about his practice. 

"My coach asked who wanted to pitch tonight and watched us throw," he began.  "A lot of the older boys want to do it too and some pitched for the team last year, so the coach said I might not get a chance until later in the season." 

"How do you feel about that?" I asked, because I wanted to see what he was thinking. 

"Me and Justin talked about it and we know we might not start or play a lot right away," he replied.  "There are only four boys our age, so that means there are ten guys that are older.  We know we'll play, just maybe not very much this year." 

"Does that bother either of you?" I pressed, as I attempted to gauge his mental attitude. 

"Nah, we know most of the older boys that played on the team last year probably had to do the same as us, so it's only fair" he answered.  "Me and Justin will just try to do our best and maybe the coach will play us more later.  We both saw how Dylan and Tyler had to do that too, when they were our age, because we went to their games back then too." 

"That's a very grown up attitude and I'm impressed that you and Justin are acting so mature," I stated, while looking at him in a new light.  "Just keep working hard and I'm sure you'll play more and more as the season goes along." 

"Yeah, we know," Marcus replied simply. 

Once we finished our shower, I put Ethan and Marcus to bed, before going downstairs to work on the computer again.  I was nearly done when Tyler came over to speak with me. 

"Uncle Blake, me and Dylan were wondering if Dylan and Justin can stay over Friday night after our practices," he began.  "Then you can drop us off at our practices on Saturday.  I don't know what time our practice will be yet, but can we do that?"

"It's fine with me, so tomorrow you can tell Dylan to ask his parents if it's alright with them," I suggested.  "I can talk it over with Don and Cherie when they pick you up for your practice on Wednesday." 

"K!  Thanks," he responded before running off. 

I soon finished up what I was doing and then went upstairs to get ready for bed as well.  I stopped by Tyler's room first, so I could kiss him goodnight, and then I went and hopped into bed.  I was totally exhausted. 

Tuesday turned out to be a little better at work, since most of the problems we'd had the previous day had been corrected.  It also meant I didn't have as much to do at home that evening, which was good, since I had to take Ethan to his practice.  When I first reached the house, I did some of the things I still had left to finish and then I took a break to fix dinner.  While we were eating together, I asked Marcus and Tyler what they were going to do later.  Marcus said he wanted to go with us to Ethan's practice, while Tyler said he was going to stay home and study.  I had no problems with what either wanted to do and agreed that would be fine. 

When we got to the practice field, Ethan ran off to join his team and Marcus went down for a closer look at what was going on, so I sat next to Sally Prescott in the stands.  We were talking about Andrew, Ethan and a bunch of other things when I had an idea, so I presented it to her. 

"Sally, if you're not doing anything after the boys' practice on Friday night, why don't you follow us back to our place," I offered.  "That way you can see where we live and I can give you the cheap tour of the place.  The Cochrans will be stopping by later too, since they're going to be dropping the other two off, so you can meet them and their sons as well." 

"That sounds like a lovely idea," she agreed.  "Andrew's been bugging me about letting him spend time with Ethan, so this will work out fine.  I look forward to meeting the others as well." 

When the practice ended, we watched as Ethan and Andrew approached us with an arm draped over each other's shoulders.  They looked as if they were very old friends. 

"When can Andrew come over to my house?" Ethan asked as they approached the bleachers. 

"Your uncle and I were just discussing that," Sally answered.  "He's invited us to follow you home after your practice on Friday so we can see where you live and meet your brothers and their friends." 

"Marcus is here, so you can meet him now," Ethan shot back.  After he said this, I introduced Marcus to Sally too, since I'd forgotten she hadn't actually met him yet. 

Once that had been taken care of, we all said goodbye and got in our cars to head home.  On the way, Ethan had some questions for me. 

"Is Andrew going to stay over when he comes to our house?" he wanted to know. 

"No, they're just coming over to see where we live first and to meet everyone else," I replied.  "Maybe he'll do that some other time." 

"I hope so," Ethan responded, while looking slightly depressed.  I guess he had been hoping Andrew was going to stay over right away. 

When we got home, I took the boys directly upstairs so we could all take our shower.  There wasn't a lot of talk tonight, except between Ethan and Marcus, as Ethan told him more about Andrew. 

After putting them to bed, I went downstairs and finished the work I had left to do.  Then I made sure Tyler had his homework done, before I sent him up to shower.  It had been another long day and I was definitely ready to get some sleep. 

Wednesday was even better at work and I began to suspect that maybe this beta project wasn't going to be so bad after all.  Once the glitches had been worked out, most of the changes were invisible to us, except for the fact that we had to do a lot of our work twice.  It only included what we entered into the computer, which was about half of what we did, since most of the rest was done on the phone or were simply clerical duties.  I was actually feeling pretty good about things when it was time to go home, because I'd be there all evening.  The Cochrans were going to pick up Tyler, so I wouldn't have to take him to his practice. 

As we were eating, I asked Ethan and Marcus what they were going to do while Tyler was at practice.  Marcus said he was going to go too, since Justin would be there as well, but Ethan was going to do the same things he'd done when Marcus was at practice.  When the Cochrans stopped by to pick Tyler up, I went out to speak with them and discovered Cherie was the one hauling the boys around this time. 

"Dylan asked me about Friday and I have no problem with it, as long as it's ok with you," she told me.  "If we let the boys come over though, then Don and I insist that you let all three of your boys come over and stay with us on Saturday night.  That will give you an evening to do whatever you want and we feel it is only fair, since you've given us so many nights alone." 

I could tell she wasn't about to argue the point, so I agreed that would be fine.  The boys had been listening from the car and reacted immediately to let us know they liked the idea too, so I just had to let Ethan know about it.  I didn't feel he would mind, but I wanted to be sure. 

When I went back inside, I headed to the family room first, so I could talk to Ethan.  I told him what Cherie had said, but he wasn't as eager about doing this. 

"What if Andrew can come over that night?" he asked in return. 

"I don't think it will happen that quickly," I told him.  "I think Andrew's mother just wants to stop by and check things out on Friday, but I doubt she'll let him stay over the next night.  Maybe she'll let him stay over the following weekend or after school ends, but not on Saturday." 

"Ok then," he reluctantly agreed.  "I like spending time with Justin and Marcus too." 

"I know you do, but we'll talk more about this Friday night, when Justin and Dylan are here too," I confirmed. 

I went back to work on my computer for a while, but when I finished I went to spend a little more time with Ethan before the other boys got home.  We were doing that when we heard the Cochran's car drive up, so we went out to greet the boys. 

Cherie seemed to be in a hurry to get home, so I merely thanked her for picking up Tyler and Marcus.  We then waved goodbye as she took her sons home.  Then, I took Ethan and Marcus upstairs to shower. 

"Justin said his parents want us to stay over at their house each time after Justin and Dylan stay over here with us," Marcus advised me.  "They think they're being unfair to you because Justin and Dylan stay over here so much."

"Yes, I understand that's how they feel, so this must be how they intend to even things out in the future," I replied.  "It might be good for you boys to get away for awhile and spend some time with them too." 

"Ok, I just wanted to tell you that," Marcus added as we finished up. 

After we'd showered and I'd put them to bed, I went to check on Tyler to see how he was doing.  He said he had finished his homework earlier, so he was just going to go to bed now.  When I said I was too, he asked if he could sleep with me. 

"Only if it's just to sleep," I replied.  "I'm tired and need my rest." 

"Yeah, I'm tired too, but I always feel better when I sleep with you," Tyler replied, so I agreed to let him do it. 

Even though I didn't want to admit it to him, I really enjoyed being able to cuddle with Tyler all night long too.  It was almost as if he belonged by my side and it actually made me feel like we were an old married couple.  There was just this familiarity of having him draped across my body, with his head on my shoulder that seemed so right.  We both slept really well whenever we did this too, so I'd allow it almost as often as he wanted to do it. 

On Thursday, my co-workers and I encountered a couple of new problems at work, but they were easily fixed so it wasn't a big deal.  Once again, I didn't have that much work to take home with me, but tonight there would also be no practices for any of the boys.  This meant we'd now have a night alone. 

When I arrived at home later, I quickly sat down to finish up what I had left to do, while Marcus and Tyler finished their homework.  I noticed Ethan was out in the back yard working on the batting tee again and marveled at how he was willing to do it alone.  He would hit the Wiffle ball and then go chase it so he could do it again.  It didn't discourage him that he was all alone and would have to get the ball after hitting it and I watched for a while as he continually hustled back and forth.  I also noticed he was getting better at making contact and was generating a little more power with every swing. 

When I called the boys to dinner later, Ethan came in all smiles and told me how much better he thought he was doing. 

"I think that's great and I'm impressed with how hard you're working," I praised him.  "You keep doing that and you'll turn out to be one of the best players on your team."  He just smiled after I said this. 

Once we'd finished eating and the boys had cleared the table, rinsed the dishes and loaded the dishwasher, I agreed to spend some time with them in the family room.  They basically just wanted to cuddle as we watched something on TV, but that was fine with me.  I loved spending time alone with them like this too. 

After taking our shower and getting everyone in bed, I went around the house to make sure everything was shipshape for tomorrow evening.  I knew Sally would be informally inspecting the place while I showed her around and I wanted the house to look good.  It usually did, but I just wanted to make certain this time, seeing the outcome was so important to Ethan.   

Once I felt everything looked great, I went up to bed too.  It kind of felt weird and lonely without Tyler in there with me tonight, but I was tired and soon feel asleep.  My last conscious thought was that it was strange that I was missing him so much, since we only slept together on occasion. 

Friday went smoothly from the time we got up and it continued all throughout the day.  I still had work to bring home when the workday ended, but I also had the entire weekend to complete it.  It was a great feeling. 

When I got home, I told the boys we were just going to eat a light meal, since they all had practice.  I also advised them I'd fix them something more if they were hungry when they got home later.  Don and Cherie were going to take Marcus and Tyler to their practices, while I took Ethan, and I was so glad I didn't have to run around to all those different practice fields. 

Once the older boys had been picked up, Ethan and I got in the car and headed over to where his team was practicing.  Andrew and Sally were already there when we arrived and Andrew came running over to greet us.  Then he and Ethan walked onto the field and started warming up. 

"Andrew really likes Ethan," Sally told me as soon as I sat down beside her.  "I think that's great, because he really needs a good friend." 

"Ethan feels the same way about Andrew," I assured her.  "He's felt left out at home, since the other two have close friends that stay over a lot, and even though he gets along well with Marcus and his friend, it's just not the same.  He still needs someone his age to be close with too." 

"I'm hoping this works out for both of them then," she added.  "I know Andrew is anxious to go to your house afterward.  I told him it's just for a visit, but he's still excited about it." 

"And Ethan is too," I assured her. 

"Andrew could also use a strong male role model," she added, but I didn't know if it was a hint for me or not.  "As his mother, that's not something I can do for him."

"No, it certainly isn't," I agreed, but I didn't know what else to say. 

Sally and I watched the practice and it was looking as if our two might even become starters.  Even though they were younger than some of the other kids, they were both doing quite well.  It looked as if the coach would be playing Ethan at shortstop because of his fielding ability and good arm, while Andrew would be playing first base.  This was because Andrew could catch the ball better than most of the others, but he was also left handed.

Before the practice ended, Sally suggested we should exchange telephone numbers and offered to give me hers.  I entered it into my cell phone, but she wrote mine down in a small book she carried in her purse.  When she did this, I noticed she was left handed as well, which explained Andrew's preference. 

When practice ended, I had Sally and Andrew follow us to our house.  I pulled the car into my usual spot in the driveway, so Sally could pull in behind me.  The driveway was as wide as the two-car garage and deep enough to park an additional car behind each of ours.  As she got out of her car, she looked at the house and spoke. 

"You've got a really lovely place here," she remarked, while looking favorably at the exterior. 

"It belonged to the boys' parents and they left it to me in their will," I informed her.  "That way the boys could stay in the house where they'd grown up." 

"I'm sure it made it a little easier for them to transition," she followed. 

"Yes, it did.  Come on and I'll give you a quick tour inside," I suggested.  "We might be able to get through the entire place before the others arrive." 

I led her and Andrew inside and began to show them around, but Andrew soon went off with Ethan.  I noticed Sally was looking in every direction as we made our way around the house and she seemed pleased with what she saw.  After we finished up on the first floor, she made a comment. 

"It's a beautiful home and really neat and clean, considering there are four males living in it."    

"Yes, not all y-chromosomes contain the messy gene," I teased back, which caused her to chuckle.  "The boys help me take care of the place and are very good about doing it." 

"Really?  What do they do?" she wondered, while looking slightly confused. 

"They each do several things," I answered.  "They vacuum the rugs and help with the dusting.  They also clear the table after meals, rinse off the dishes and load the dishwasher.  In addition to that, they bring their clothes hampers downstairs on the weekend and Tyler, the oldest, helps me do the laundry.  The boys then carry their clothes basket back to their room and put things away." 

"And Ethan is able to do that too?" she countered, not quite believing. 

"He sure does," I concurred.  "He helps clean up after meals, brings his own hamper down on the weekend, although he slides it down the stairs, but then he carries it to the laundry room.  He can't quite handle the laundry basket with the clean clothes by himself, but he and Marcus help each other carry them upstairs, with one on each handle.  He also does some of the vacuuming and dusting too." 

"Wow!  I wish I could get Andrew to help me out like that," she stated, once she heard my answer. 

"It was just a matter of convincing them that the more they do to help out, the more time I'll have to do things with and for them," I replied.  "The boys also help with the yard work and they've even washed the cars with me too.  They know if they do these things then I'll do special stuff for them in return, since it frees up some of my time." 

"Do they help with the meals too?" she asked next. 

"I do the cooking, but they set the table," I offered.  "I pretty much take care of the kitchen and bathrooms; since I want to be sure they are clean." 

Sally nodded her head in agreement, as I led her upstairs to show her the bedrooms.  Ethan and Andrew were already in his room when we got there. 

"And each of the boys has his own room too," she observed.  "The rooms are all so big and the boys have a full-size bed as well.  That's impressive." 

"Yes, their parents did well when selecting this place and made sure the boys were set for when they got older too, so they only had to buy the furnishings once," I agreed.  "It also works out when they have friends over, because they can both sleep together." 

"I see and I'm sure Andrew would love that," she confirmed as we finished up and headed downstairs.  A short time later, we heard a car pull up, so we went outside.  It was Cherie with Justin and Marcus.  I introduced them to each other and we chatted for a while, but the boys left and went inside. 

"My boys spend a lot of time over here," Cherie admitted a few seconds later.  "They both adore Blake and his nephews, but my husband and I are having his boys stay at our house tomorrow night.  We felt it was the least we could do, after all the time he's given us to be alone." 

"That's really nice of you," Sally remarked.  A few seconds later Don pulled up in front of the house with the two older boys.  I then introduced all of them as well, before Dylan and Tyler also raced inside. 

The four of us chatted for a while longer, before Don and Cherie took off.  Then, Sally and I went inside so she could get Andrew and go home. 

"Thank you for inviting us over and you have a very lovely home," she told me before leaving.  "I'm sure we'll be seeing more of you from now on." 

"Can Andrew stay over sometime?" Ethan pressed before they left, since he hadn't heard anyone say anything about that yet. 

"I'm sure we can work something out," she agreed, but without exactly making a firm commitment. 

After she and Andrew went home, I went inside and rounded up all of the boys.  I had something I wanted to discuss with them before I forgot. 

"What's up, Uncle Blake?" Dylan asked, once we were all together. 

"I just wanted to discuss some things about tomorrow night with you," I began.  "You'll all be staying at Justin and Dylan's house and I wanted to make sure you all understood that you can't do the same things there that you do here." 

"Why not?" Marcus immediately asked. 

"I was just about to get to that," I replied, while giving him a dirty look.  "First of all, you should all bathe or shower alone.  Justin and Dylan have told you how Uncle Don feels about people being around other people when they're naked, so let's not give him anything to complain about.  That means no experimenting with your penises or anything like that either." 

"Do we get to sleep together?" Ethan followed. 

"I'm not sure what the sleeping arrangements will be," I replied, as I looked over at Dylan.

"I have a big bed, so Tyler can sleep with me, but Justin just has a small bed," Dylan answered.  "Mom said he could sleep with Marcus and Ethan in the guest room if they wanted, because there's a big bed in there.  But they'll all have to wear pajamas." 

"Ok, we can do that if we can sleep together," Ethan stated, while letting us all know this was very important to him. 

"But why can't we do the other stuff?" Marcus pressed, since he didn't want it to be any different than what they did here. 

"Let me put it this way," I replied.  "If Uncle Don sees or hears about any of that stuff going on, then he may not let you boys stay over at their house again.  He may also refuse to let Justin and Dylan stay over here with us as well.  Do you want to take that chance?" 

"No, I don't!" Dylan immediately answered.  "Uncle Blake is right and my dad just might not let us come over any more if he thought we were all running around naked or doing stuff with each other." 

"Ok, I don't want that to happen," Marcus agreed.  "We won't do any of those things there then, but it won't be as much fun." 

"Maybe not, but it will be a lot less fun if you boys aren't allowed to get together any longer," I pointed out, as I tried to make sure the boys understood. 

"Can we have Dylan and Justin wash us in the shower tonight then?" Justin asked next.  "If we can't do it at our house, then I want to do it here." 

"And is that all you want to do or is there something more that you're hoping for?" I followed, since this sounded too simple for me to buy at face value. 

"I was hoping that maybe they'd let us do the same thing to them again, like we did the last time," Justin added, as he looked at Dylan and Tyler. 

"We only agreed to do it with you the last time just so you'd see what it was like," Dylan replied.  "We aren't going to do this all the time from now on." 

"I know, but I want to do it with you this time," Justin stated, as he looked at his brother.  His facial expression was pleading with Dylan to please say 'yes'.

"I don't know if I want you touching me like that," Dylan immediately responded.  "We're brothers!" 

"So?  We're not gonna get married or nothin' like that," Justin shot back.  "I just want to see what it's like to make you shoot that stuff too." 

"Hang on a second and let me talk to Dylan about this," Tyler interjected, since he wanted to give Dylan his take on this too.  "We'll be right back." 

Tyler then dragged Dylan a short distance away so they could discuss this in private. 

"It's just so they can learn and it won't be like what we do with each other, but we'll also tell him this is the very last time they can do it with either of us," Tyler explained.  "I told you before that I'd let Marcus and Ethan do it to me one time, as long as it was just to learn, so just don't make such a big deal about it." 

"Ok, I guess you're right, but I want Uncle Blake in there too," Dylan insisted.  "They won't get carried away if he's in there with us." 

Dylan and Tyler then came back and explained what they had agreed to do.  Once the little ones promised to follow the rules, they all went to the various bedrooms to get undressed before heading over to the master bath.  I joined them again, since that's what the older pair wanted. 

As soon as Tyler adjusted the water temperature, the boys then stepped into the shower stall together.  Dylan still seemed a little reluctant to participate, because he pulled away briefly when Justin reached for his family jewels.  Eventually, he relaxed and allowed his brother to grab his penis.  Justin was as happy as a kid in a candy store; as he began to eagerly stroke his brother's slowly inflating boyhood.  Tyler arranged Marcus and Ethan the same way Dylan had done the previous time, so they could masturbate him together. 

All three boys had fun doing this, but I could tell the older boys were enjoying it as well.  Tyler and Dylan basically had their eyes closed and their mouths hung open slightly, as the little ones jerked them off.  The older pair also began to groan as they got closer to ejaculating, which alerted the little ones that it was about to happen.  I'm not sure if Justin and Marcus had talked this over beforehand or not, but each boy reached out to catch some of the semen in his hand.  They then played with it for a short time, testing it's texture, putting it up to their nose to see how it smelled and I think they might have even tasted it as well, but I couldn't really be sure.  Then, both boys rinsed their hands off in the spray, before Dylan and Tyler returned the favor. 

After that had been accomplished, Dylan and Tyler washed the boys next and then the younger trio stepped out so I could dry them off.  As I was doing this, I offered them a word of advice. 

"You've been able to do this with both of the older boys now, so don't ask again," I warned them.  "They've been good about giving you a chance to do it, so just thank them and don't push your good luck."

Once they agreed, I had them go put on their pajamas, while Dylan and Tyler finished their shower. After I tucked the little ones in bed, I went back to my bedroom and found Dylan and Tyler waiting for me. 

"Ok, it wasn't too bad, but it did feel a little strange when Justin first started touching me there," Dylan explained.  "I'm glad we won't have to do that with them again though." 

"I think Marcus and Justin even tasted our cum," Tyler pointed out.  "I know they felt and smelled it, but I think they tasted it too." 

"I believe you may be right about that, because I thought I noticed it as well," I agreed.  "I'm sure it was just to satisfy their curiosity about it though." 

Once we finished this discussion, I kissed the boys goodnight and waited for them to go over to Tyler's room. 

"Seeing we gave in to the younger boys tonight and let them do that, will you give in to us and let us sleep with you?" Dylan asked, while looking at me apprehensively. 

"You know I have to get up early to take Ethan, Justin and Marcus to their practices again," I pointed out.  "The practice times are the same as they were last week." 

"We know and we want to go too," Dylan replied.  "So can we?" 

"Just to sleep?" I asked, while eyeing him suspiciously. 

"Yeah, just to sleep," he agreed.  "We already got off."

"I'm beginning to think the only reason you gave in to the little ones and let them do that to you was so you could use it to convince me to give in to you," I teased in response. 

"Maybe, so can we?" Dylan persisted. 

"I suppose it would be alright," I agreed.  "Just let me get ready for bed first." 

At that point, I hurried through my nightly ritual and came out to get in bed with them.  There was one on each side again and once more they didn't bother to put anything on first.  As usual, I spent the first few minutes with them poking me in the thighs with their erections, but then their penises gradually deflated, as the boys fell asleep cuddled against me.  I'm beginning to think this isn't so bad after all.



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 34 – A Busy Weekend. 

I got up even earlier on Saturday morning than I had the previous week; because I remembered there was something else I needed to do.  I told Dylan and Tyler they could stay in bed a little longer and I'd wake them when I woke their brothers.  They thought that was a good idea and went back to sleep, this time cuddling with each other.  I went downstairs, got on my personal computer and then spent quite a bit of time creating a document.  I then began printing out a bunch of copies, because I would need them later. 

Once I finished, I went upstairs and woke the boys.  I told them to get dressed and bring all of their gear down with them again, so we could leave right after we ate.  They agreed to do as I'd asked, so I went to the kitchen and began fixing their breakfast.  Since the boys basically inhale their food, we were done in no time at all.

Once we got to where Ethan's practice was being held, he raced over to warm up with his teammates, while the other boys sat in the stands with me.  The older pair advised me that they wanted to go to Justin and Marcus' practice again, just like they had the previous week.  I said that would be fine and they could keep an eye on their brothers for me, while I came back here to pick up Ethan. 

Sally and Andrew showed up a couple of minutes later and Sally came over to sit next to me again. 

"At least today I don't have to rush off," she announced, after we'd exchanged greetings.  

"Unfortunately, I do," I responded.  "I have to take the next older group to their practice, so would you mind keeping an eye on Ethan for me while I'm gone?"

"I'd be happy to do it," she agreed, which took care of my problem about leaving Ethan alone. 

We left Ethan's practice early enough so I could get Marcus and Justin to their practice with time to spare.  After I felt they were set, I mentioned something to the coach before I returned to Ethan's practice.  His team was still working with Coach Lucas when I got there, so I sat down next to Sally again.  We talked as we watched the boys and commented about how well they seemed to be doing. 

When the practice ended, Sally and I said goodbye to each other and set off in different directions, with our sons in tow.  She was going home, while I was heading over to the next practice field.  When Ethan and I got out of the Outback, I grabbed the items I'd put in there specifically for today and took them with me, as Ethan and I strode over and sat down in the bleachers to watch the rest of the practice.  When the team was done for the day, Coach Howard signaled me to come over to join him.  As I was approaching the field, I could hear what he was saying to the team. 

"Marcus' uncle has asked to speak with you before I let you go, so here he is," the coach announced.  I stood in front of the boys and began to address them. 

"Next weekend, on Sunday, I'm having a birthday party for Marcus and you're all invited," I told them and immediately I saw their faces light up.  "You'll be coming to our house first, but then I'll be taking you to Pirates Cove Adventure Golf.  I have already called and made arrangements for such a large group and we'll all play a round of miniature golf there before returning to our house.  I'll pass out the invitations, which have all of the information about the date and times.  The invitations also has our address and phone numbers on them, so I want you to give these to your parents." 

I then handed each boy one of the invitations and watched as they went off to meet up with their moms and dads.  A few of the parents came back to speak with me about this before they left and I happily answered all of their questions.  Marcus was excited too, because this was news to him as well.  I hadn't told him exactly what I was going to do for his party, since I knew each of the boys would be having their first baseball games the following Saturday.  I also handed Dylan an invitation, since I expected him to come as well, not just his brother. 

After everything had been taken care of, I took the boys out for lunch next, before driving them over to the last practice field.  We were a little early getting there, so the boys decided to play catch with each other while we waited for the rest of Dylan and Tyler's team to arrive.  When Coach Washington showed up, he came over to speak with me. 

"At our last practice, Curtis, Tyler and Dylan all told me how you worked with the backup catcher on their school team and helped to make him a lot better," he began.  "Would you be willing to help me with Zach, our returning catcher?  I know he could use some help too, but I have so many other things to work on with the rest of the team that it's hard for me to find time to give him individual instruction." 

"I'd be willing to do that if Zach is willing to have me work with him," I agreed.  "Did you plan to do this today?" 

"Yes, if you have the time," he confirmed.  "I'll also ask if anyone wants to be the backup catcher and you can work with both of them at the same time, while I work with the rest of the team." 

"Sure, that's fine with me, as long as the boys have no problem with it," I concurred. 

After Coach Washington called the team together and spoke with them briefly, he sent Zach over and a 13-year-old named Darren, who'd volunteered to be the backup catcher, to work with me.  I asked if they were wearing cups, but Darren wasn't even sure what I meant, so Zach explained it to him briefly.  Since only Zach had one on, I wouldn't be able to do as much with Darren.  He had only just volunteered to do this, so I told him to have his parents buy him a jock strap with a cup before their next practice.  It was a league rule that all catchers wear one. 

After that was settled, I showed them how to get in a proper stance and began working with them just as I had done with Carlos.  I had them put on the gear, one at a time, and get in the stance I'd demonstrated for them.  Then, I made sure they were able to move quickly and easily in every direction, so they could get to any errant throws.  More importantly, however, I wanted to make certain they could block balls in the dirt and prevent them from getting by. 

At this level of play, a great deal of a team's success depends upon how well the catcher can keep runners from advancing once they get on base.  In order to do this, it is essential for the catcher to reduce the number of pass balls and increase his ability to stop wild pitches with men on base.  Since the base runners can leadoff at this level, the catcher's job is most important; because he can reduce the number of times the runners advance a base on a pass ball or wild pitch. 

I worked with that pair until the coach called them over to join the rest of the team, although I had taken it a little easier on Darren because he didn't have a cup.  Then, Coach Washington divided the 14 boys into two teams for a scrimmage.  The coach told them he would pitch for both sides, so there would be eight on a side, including him, so each team would be playing one man short in the field. 

When I heard what he was planning to do, I motioned Coach Washington to come over and mentioned to him about Darren not having a cup on, so he probably shouldn't catch.  The coach said that wasn't a problem, because he had a couple of new ones in the trunk of his car that he had purchased in case a situation like this presented itself.  He gave me the key to his trunk, told me which car was his and asked me to take Darren over to get it and have him put it on. 

After finding his car and pulling out the required item, I handed it to Darren and told him he could put it on in the men's room.  He looked at me funny for a few seconds and then spoke.

"Will you show me how to do it?" he wanted to know.  "I've never worn one of these before." 

"It's not that hard, so I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out," I replied, since I wasn't sure how his parents might react if they learned I had assisted him later. 

"Please!" he whined, while giving me his best puppy-dog face.  I still wasn't sure I should do this, but I eventually gave in.  

"Do I put it on over my underwear are underneath?" he wanted to know.  That was a fair question, so I answered him. 

"Most boys put it on without underwear, but you can wear your underwear over it if you want," I replied and he shook his head. 

We walked together to the men's room and I opened the box and pulled the jock and cup out.  The cup wasn't in the pouch yet, so I decided to show him how to put it in and then how it snapped into place, so it didn't fall out later.  Then, I explained briefly how he should slip his legs into the straps and pull it up to cover his boy parts.  When I went to hand it to him, he'd already pulled off his pants and underwear and was standing next to me, naked from the waist down. 

Mildly surprised that he had done this in front of me, a total stranger, I handed him the jock and watched as he put it on.  I couldn't help but notice that he was circumcised, but just in the very early stages of puberty.  He only had a few stray hairs sprouting above his penis, which was in that in between stage of growth.  He didn't seem to give it a second thought that I was watching him and even asked if he was putting it on correctly.  After I assured him he was, he finished up and then put his underwear and pants on over it and we walked back so he could scrimmage. 

I thought this would be an interesting test for the boys, seeing the coach had seemed to split the teams up fairly evenly.  He had put a starter at one position on the first team and then the backup for that same position on the other team.  After that, he reversed the process and put the backup at the next position on the first team and the starter for that position on the second team.  I'm not sure who was going to be considered the starter or backup player, but Dylan and Tyler were playing shortstop on opposite teams. 

It was an interesting scrimmage and I wasn't sure if Coach Washington was doing it intentionally or not, but he threw quite a few pitches in the dirt, so we got to see if either catcher was able to block them.  To our surprise and delight, both catchers did fairly well and kept quite a few of the balls from getting by them.  Even though they hadn't done badly, I knew there was a lot more work to be done and was hoping we could get them to do even better as the season progressed. 

After they finished, Coach Washington came over to speak with me again. 

"I'm not sure what you did, but that's the best I've seen Zach do and he played for me last year too," he confessed.  "He was moving better behind the plate and stopped more bad pitches than I would have expected." 

"Were you doing it on purpose, throwing those balls in the dirt like that?" I asked next. 

"Some of them, but not all," the coach admitted with a sly grin.  "I've never seen Darren catch before, so I'm not sure if he was that good already or if you helped him improve too.  I'll have to ask him if he'd ever caught before today, but I just want to thank you for what you did.  Feel free to give them more pointers at any time." 

"Thanks and I'll keep that in mind," I responded. 

I then rounded up all of the boys going with me and took them back to our place.  I had them clean up first, since I knew they'd rather do that here than at the Cochran's house.  It also might prevent a mistake from happening there as well.  I then had my three put on clean clothes and pack up what they were going to take with them, before I drove them over to spend the night with Uncle Don and Aunt Cherie.  I also talked with Don and Cherie briefly before I left. 

"I hope you're ready for this," I teased.  "Oh and your boys have invitations to Marcus' tenth birthday party, which will be held a week from tomorrow.  It will be at our house and Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf course in Duluth." 

"I'm sure the boys will enjoy that, but won't it be a bit expensive for you to pay for all of them?" she wanted to know. 

"Maybe a little, but their parents left me in good shape.  I just want to make sure the boys have a childhood they'll remember for the good times they had, not only that it was when their parents died," I replied. 

She seemed to understand, so I said goodbye to all of them and headed home alone. 

I quickly finished up the work I'd brought home with me, but the house seemed especially lonely after that.  I felt totally lost and wandered aimlessly from room to room, until I decided to go out to eat, just so there would be other people around.  I know Don and Cherie had hoped that I'd use the time to get out and meet someone and even hinted that Sally and I might hit it off.  This was good in a way, since it meant they definitely didn't know I was gay.  I was well aware of how Don felt about that issue and didn't want him to stop his boys from hanging around with mine merely because of my sexual orientation. 

When I got back from dinner, I took some time to add the boys next practice dates and times to my calendar, since we'd been told about them earlier in the day.  Monday through Wednesday would be the same as they were this past week, but then all of the boys would practice on Thursday, instead of Friday this week.  It was because the league was having a parade Friday night, with all the boys marching in it with their teams, and then two teams from the oldest league would play a game under the lights.  The rest of the teams would play on Saturday, once again at different fields, but this might create a slight problem for me, if any of the games went into extra innings. 

After I finished doing that, I tried to watch TV for a while, but I soon became disinterested in what was on and grew so bored that I could hardly stand it.  I wasn't used to not having the boys around, so I wasn't sure if Cherie and Don's new plan to swap nights with me was going to be a good thing or not.  Unless I found something else to occupy my time, it definitely didn't appear as if it was going to be an advantage for me. 

Even though I often slept alone, I had a great deal of trouble falling asleep tonight.  Maybe it was because I was getting used to having Tyler or even Dylan and Tyler sleeping with me on the weekend, but I tossed and turned for a couple of hours before I finally dozed off.  Damn, this was torture and not a gift, at least as far as I was concerned. 

When I woke up the next morning, my first instinct was to wake the boys and fix them breakfast, but they weren't here.  Instead, I went down to the kitchen alone and merely grabbed a bowl of cereal, since I didn't feel like cooking for just myself.  I certainly hoped that Don and Cherie didn't offer to do this very often, because I wasn't sure if I could take much more of this. 

I then went upstairs and got each boy's hamper and brought it downstairs so I could start the wash.  I felt I could have a good share of it done by the time they got home, but I wasn't sure what time the Cochrans were planning on bringing them back.  I had enough to do though, so I merely keep busy until the boys arrived. 

Don and Cherie showed up with them just after 3:00 and I was glad to see everyone again.  The Cochrans told me the boys had been well behaved and they'd enjoyed having them.  That made me feel good, but I certainly didn't want to do this again right away.  They also asked if I'd had a good night, but I didn't want to tell them the truth.  I merely said I went out to eat and got to do some things I hadn't done in a while.  They took that as a positive sign, but I wondered what they would have thought if I'd told them what I'd actually done. 

Once the Cochrans left to return home, the boys followed me inside.  As soon as we entered the foyer, I told them that I'd really missed them and asked how their night went. 

"It was ok, but not as much fun as when we're here," Marcus quickly replied. 

"Yeah, it wasn't too bad though," Tyler agreed.  "We only spent a little time with Dylan's parents and played a game with them, but then we went off to do our own thing, so we had a pretty good time." 

"Aunt Cherie's a good cook," Ethan chimed in.  "She made 'ghetti and meatballs for dinner and she made some bread too." 

"It was garlic bread and it was good," Tyler added, to support his little brother's claim.  "She made us grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with a pasta salad for lunch earlier."

"I'm glad you boys had a good time and ate well, but I'm happy to have you back home," I confessed.  "I've got to go do the grocery shopping now, so what do you say about joining me." 

"Can I stay here?  I've got some homework and studying to do.  Finals are this week," Tyler advised me. 

"Sure, I think Ethan, Marcus and I can handle it on our own.  Right guys?" I asked and they both nodded in agreement. 

We actually ran into a couple of the boys' teammates at the grocery store, since they were there shopping with their parents.  We all said hello and spoke briefly, before we continued to pick up the items we needed.  I didn't usually run into people I knew when I was out shopping, since I hadn't lived in this area before I moved in with the boys.  As far as I knew, only a couple of my co-workers lived nearby, so this was kind of a nice change of pace.  Meeting new people through the boys might even prove to be an asset. 

When we got back to the house, Tyler was still up in his room studying, so Marcus and Ethan helped me bring everything inside and put it away.  I'd picked up a special treat for the boys to have later, after dinner, so I asked what they wanted to do until then.  They thought maybe we could watch a movie or something on TV, so I went with them to the family room.  They quickly found something they wanted to see and I sat with them on the couch.  I held one in each arm while they leaned against me and I think they kind of liked the fact that Tyler wasn't with us at the moment, so they had me all to themselves.

After dinner, I gave each of the boys the chocolate éclair I'd bought for them earlier.  Then, I sat down with them so we could discuss the upcoming week.  It was the last full week of school, since all classes would end a week from Wednesday, and I wanted to know if anything special was planned at their schools.  I certainly wanted to be there if there were any special events or ceremonies scheduled to take place. 

In addition to that, I wanted to talk about how we were going to handle them being home all summer while I was at work. 

"I can watch my brothers, just like I did before baseball started," Tyler insisted. 

The thing was, I wasn't exactly ready to leave them home alone all day without any adult supervision.  I trusted them to be by themselves for short periods of time, but I definitely didn't feel comfortable with them being alone for the entire day.  If I worked closer to home I might feel differently, but my job was about thirty miles away.  That was too far for me to get here quickly if there was an emergency and it would be like that for the entire summer.  I just wasn't comfortable approving of something this drastic quite yet. 

"What if we do this instead?" I asked, trying to offer a bit of a compromise after we'd had a fairly lengthy discussion.  "I'll let you boys sleep in each morning and then Tyler can fix everyone breakfast before you go over to the Riordan's house for the rest of the day.  I'll leave things Tyler can easily prepare for the three of you to eat once you get up, but then you'll spend the day next door.  I'll tell Mrs. Riordan that she can let you come home at the same time as you did during the school year though, so you'll be here when I get home." 

After making these concessions, I got the boys to agree to let Mrs. Riordan watch them again.  As soon as that had been taken care of, I went next door to speak with Brenda about it.  She was fine with the idea and we agreed on an amount I would pay her for doing this, with enough to cover their lunches as well.  I also explained the details the boys and I had settled on and told her I didn't like the idea of making the boys get up early just to go over to her place.  She said she understood and then I advised her that she could let them return home at the usual time later.  Once this was taken care of, I thanked her and went back to the house and confirmed it with the troops. 

Since that issue had been handled, I took Ethan and Marcus upstairs for their shower and then put them to bed.  Tyler was just coming back from taking his shower when I was returning from Marcus' bedroom. 

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" he asked, and then he tried to butter me up with some kisses and hugs. 

"I think I'd like that," I quickly agreed.  "It was kind of lonely last night without any of you boys here." 

"What?  No argument this time?" Tyler quipped.  "Maybe I'll like staying at Dylan's house once in a while, if you're going to be like this when I get back.  Will you help me with this too?" he followed, as he removed his towel and exposed his erection. 

"I suppose I could do that as well," I concurred. 

"Damn, this is great!  I like it when you're this way!  You must have really missed us, well missed me last night," he squealed, as he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the bed. 

"That I did, but hang on.  I have to get ready first," I advised him, as I headed into the master bath to do my thing. 

When I came out a couple of minutes later, Tyler was sprawled out on the bed with his legs splayed wide, waiting for me to service him.  To tell you the truth, it was a beautiful sight and I wouldn't mind coming to bed and seeing this same sight every night. 

I gave Tyler the full treatment tonight.  After laying down beside him, I began kissing him passionately.  I had kissed Tyler before, but not like this.  Tonight there was a need, a lust that I was trying to fill, and Tyler was about to be my lover for the night, maybe longer. 

Tyler was just as eager to kiss me, as I was to kiss him, and we tongue dueled for quite some time, before I moved down to his neck for a while and then I began to work on his ears.  Tyler was moaning and squirming beneath me and I could tell he was enjoying this a great deal.  After paying those areas more than a sufficient amount of attention, I worked my way down to his breast.  I then suckled on, tweaked and nipped those tiny nubs for a while, before I began to slide down his chest. 

When I reached his waist, I got up and moved between his legs.  I didn't usually do it this way and normally would've just worked on his genitals from the side, but this time I had even more in mind for him.  As soon as I was between his legs, I lifted them up and pushed them toward his chest, as I exposed his pink, puckered hole.  It was winking at me as I lowered my head and touched it with my tongue for the very first time.  Tyler's body twitched when I did this, probably more out of surprise than anything else, but then he relaxed again as I began to rim him.  This time, Tyler's body began to shiver as I ran my tongue all around that area, and although he'd never had this done to him before, he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it. 

I lathed the entire area around that most private opening for quite some time, while also working my oral muscle in and out of his virgin hole.  Sure, Tyler had been using dildos prior to this, but that was the only thing that had ever been in there, other than my fingers, and possibly his own, at least before my tongue had begun invading it.  He was cooing, moaning and trembling all over as I did this, but he was also thrusting his hips toward me to match my efforts. 

I continued working on him like this for quite a while and then I lifted my head up slightly, as I worked my way from his hole and up to his scrotum.  I bathed the entire area with my tongue and toyed with the delicate marbles contained within his fleshy sack for a short time, before I licked my way up his shaft.  Tyler's hips were bouncing up and down on the mattress now, in anticipation of my swallowing his blood-engorged organ.  When I finally did that, he thrust his hips upward and jammed his penis as far into my throat as it would go. 

Once I got him to calm down slightly, I started bobbing up and down on his shaft.  My lips and tongue were working overtime on it, as they teased and pleased him at the same time.  Tyler began bucking upward to meet my movements again and before much longer was spraying my throat with his juices.  It was a rather big load for him, at least when compared to what he normally produced, so I wasn't sure if it was due to my expert treatment on him tonight or the result of his lack of being able to do anything with Dylan the previous evening.  Finally, he collapsed upon the bed and laid there motionless for a while. 

"Man, if that's how you're going to treat me after I'm away for the night, then I'm going to stay over at someone's house more often," he offered.  "That was incredible and I loved every minute of it." 

After saying this, he hopped up on his knees so he could hug and kiss me again.  His kisses were even more aggressive and passionate than before and he was the most turned on I'd ever seen him, even though he'd already cummed.  I think my barriers were beginning to crumble as well and I was becoming more and more willing to do this with him all of the time.  For now though, I'd just do it with him once in a while, but I knew I was becoming just as hooked as he was. 

Tyler then laid down and cuddled against me, as he draped his body over mine as he usually did.  We then slept peacefully for the rest of the night, both completely content, even though I hadn't had an orgasm of my own.



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