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            The Guardian

Installment 2

 by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 3 – Saying Goodbye. 

I was awakened the following morning by a knock on the bedroom door. 

"Come in," I stated, after I'd opened my eyes and noticed the sunlight filtering through the blinds. 

"Uncle Blake, do you want me to start fixing breakfast for my brothers and me?" Tyler asked, as he popped his head through the door.  "They're both up already and I wasn't sure if you wanted me to do it or not." 

"No.  That won't be necessary," I told Tyler as I slid out of bed.  "I overslept because I had trouble falling asleep last night, but I didn't sleep very well either.  Don't worry; I'll take care of all of that now." 

"Wow, I like those," Tyler stated, as he walked farther into the room.  "I wished I could wear something like that, instead of these." 

At first I didn't understand what he was talking about, until I realized he was commenting about my boxer briefs.  He was still wearing the pair of tighty whities he'd put on last night after his shower.  The fabric also showed a noticeable bulge in the front, which indicated to me that he had already begun his trek into puberty. 

"I didn't care for the boxers that my dad wore, but I like those," he reiterated.  "Do you think maybe I can get some of those to wear too?" 

"I don't see why not, but it may be a while before I have time to do any shopping," I agreed.  "As long as you don't mind waiting, I'll see what I can do." 

"No, that will be fine," he confirmed, with a huge grin plastered across his face. 

"Ok.  I'll just throw on something quickly, before I go downstairs to fix breakfast for everyone," I added.  "I suggest you do the same.  By the way, what do you boys usually eat in the morning?" 

"It depends," he answered, as he watched me pull on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.  "Sometimes we just have cereal and toast, but most of the time Mom fixed us eggs, pancakes or something else." 

"Ok.  I'll go see what your brothers want and you can tell me what you'd like when you get there," I offered, as I started down the hallway. 

"I'm ready too.  I can just wear these," he countered, as he started to follow me.  "There like shorts anyway, so it's no big deal." 

I know women don't like guys coming to the table dressed that way, but I didn't have a problem with it, as long as we weren't expecting company.  As we strolled into the kitchen, the other two were already there, still dressed in their pajamas.  That's when it finally dawned on me that Tyler must sleep in his underwear, unlike his brothers. 

"Ok, what does everyone want this morning?" I asked, as I looked from one face to another.

"Smambled eggs," Ethan suggested, but I got the idea. 

"Are scrambled eggs ok with you two, Tyler and Marcus?" I asked, to get their input.  They merely nodded in response. 

"Ok, let me see what we have then," I stated, since I hadn't really checked the refrigerator or freezer to make an inventory of what was there. 

After looking around, I found a dozen eggs and some orange juice in the fridge, along with a package of sausage links in the freezer. 

"How about scrambled eggs, sausages, toast and orange juice?" I asked. 

"Yeah," Ethan shouted, with the other two nodding and smiling in agreement. 

After preparing everything, I fixed a plate for each of them and we sat down to eat.  I was amused watching the boys shovel the food into their mouths and wondered if they were even taking time to taste it. 

"This is good, Uncle Blake," Ethan mumbled through a mouthful of eggs.  I guess that answered my question about whether they were actually tasting what I'd fixed. 

"Thank you, Ethan.  I'm really glad you're enjoying it," I replied, politely. 

We had some time yet before the first set of calling hours would start, which wouldn't happen until 2:00.  It would last until 4:00 and then the next set wouldn't begin until 7:00 and run until 9:00.  Just before noon, I went out to the kitchen and made each of us a sandwich.  I also put out the salads the neighbors had dropped off and poured the boys a glass of milk, before calling them for lunch. 

After they finished eating, I sent them upstairs to wash their faces, brush their teeth and start getting dressed.  As soon as I had finished putting the leftovers away and making sure the dishes were all in the dishwasher, I did the same.  I knew the boys would need my help, especially with their ties, and I wanted to make sure they were all set before I got ready. 

The three boys were already in their slacks and working on their dress shirts when I went upstairs.  After making sure they'd put on their dress shoes as well, I made certain everything was in order, before I started to help them with their ties.  I just did it for Ethan and Marcus, but I tried to teach Tyler how to do it, so he would be able to take care of himself eventually.  I knew that wouldn't happen soon, but it was a good opportunity to get him started. 

Once the boys were set, I told them to carry their suit jackets downstairs and not get messed up, while I got ready.  I also asked Tyler to keep an eye on the younger pair until I came down to join them.  He agreed and looked pleased that I was assigning him this responsibility, which in his mind meant that I was treating him like a grown up. 

Once I finished getting dressed, I found the boys sitting in the family room watching TV.  They still looked as good as when they left me earlier, so I had them put on their jackets and follow me out to the car.  I buckled Ethan and Marcus into the back seat and let Tyler ride in the front.  He was beaming as he got settled in and fastened his seatbelt, because he was pleased that I was letting him ride in the front, beside me. 

Of course, we were the first to arrive at the funeral home, so I took the boys inside to view their parents first, before anyone else showed up.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had a feeling this wasn't going to be easy for them.  Since Ethan wasn't tall enough to get a good look into the coffins, I picked him up and held him in my arms as we moved toward his mother's casket. 

"She looks like she's sleeping," Ethan stated, when he gazed down at her body. 

"Yes, she does," I confirmed, as I noticed Marcus reaching out to touch her arm. 

"She feels really cold!" Marcus exclaimed, after his hand came into contact with her skin. 

"That's because her heart is no longer beating and pumping the blood around," I told him, as I watched Tyler reach out to discover this for himself. 

"Her skin doesn't feel soft either.  It feels kinda like the outside of a baseball," Tyler stated, after he'd touched her arm too. 

"Yes, it probably does," I agreed.  "That's what happens to your body after you die." 

Once that had been cleared up, I gave the boys all the time they needed to check her out a little more.  I merely answered their questions and explained their observations when they made one.  They did this for several minutes, before one of them turned to me and asked a question. 

"Is it alright if I kiss her?" Tyler wanted to know, as he glanced between me and his mother's body. 

"Certainly!  There's nothing wrong with doing that," I concurred.  Somewhat tentatively, he bent forward and kissed her on the cheek.

"Can I kiss her too?" Ethan asked, so I bent down with him in my arms and allowed him to do the same. 

"I can't reach either, so will you help me, Uncle Blake?" Marcus followed, and I quickly agreed. 

After setting Ethan down, I lifted Marcus up, so he could kiss his mother too and then we all moved over to their father's casket, where we repeated the process.  Once they were satisfied, Tyler made another observation. 

"The flowers on the bottom of both caskets look really nice," he observed.  "One has Mom on it and the other one says Dad, but we didn't buy them." 

"In a way you did.  That's one of the things I told you I took care of yesterday, so they are both from you boys," I explained.  "There is another arrangement on a stand beside each casket that is just from me." 

Excited by this revelation, the boys asked me to point out which arrangements were from me, since there were several others there beside each casket.  Happily, I pointed each one out to them.  

"They look really nice, Uncle Blake," Marcus observed. 

"Yeah.  You've got really good taste," Tyler added, while flashing me a grin. 

"Who are the other ones from?" Ethan wanted to know, so I went around and read the cards on every arrangement to them. 

Some were from their parents' co-workers, while others were from their neighbors.  There was also an arrangement for both Matt and Kelly from Matt's parents, so I suspected they must have had someone where they lived help to place the order.  Realizing this, I made sure the videographer got a good shot of each arrangement, so the Weavers could see how they looked.  The three boys also seemed very pleased with what they saw and learned about each of these items. 

Just as we were finishing up that discussion, the funeral director approached and asked if it was all right if he let the others in.  I told him that would be fine, so I led the three boys off to the side, where the others could stop and speak with them, after they had paid their respects.  Tyler stood on my right, Marcus on my left and Ethan stood directly in front of me.  I placed my hands on Ethan's shoulders, since he was a little apprehensive about doing this. 

Everyone that dropped by for the calling hours also made sure to stop and speak with the boys.  They did this so they could tell the trio how sorry they were and at the same time offer their heartfelt condolences.  A couple of the guests also made some questionable comments, such as saying the boys must really miss their parents or that it had to be difficult for them to stay in the house without their mom and dad being there. 

It was during this process and an indirect result of those comments that the harsh reality of the situation finally started to sink in for the boys.  They had held up fairly well until then, but suddenly the tears began to stream down their cheeks, as if caused by a flash flood.  I was glad the funeral director had placed a small stand next to us with a box of tissues on it, because it immediately came in handy.  Throughout the rest of our time there, I continually pulled out one tissue after another and handed it to one of the boys, so he could dry his eyes or blow his nose. 

Once the calling hours were over, I kept the boys there for a little while longer, while I wrapped my arms around them and hugged the trio to me.  Tyler and Marcus were on either side, with Ethan on my lap, as I did my best to comfort them. 

"So they're going to bury mommy and daddy in the ground tomorrow?" Ethan asked, as his teary eyes looked up at me. 

"Not exactly," I responded, while noticing his confused reaction.  "Your mom and dad purchased vaults to be placed in, which are like cubbyholes in the outer wall of a building.  Their caskets will be placed in them and sealed up, rather than being buried in the ground.  You may not be able to understand what I'm telling you right now, but you'll see it for yourself tomorrow.  It's kind of like a small storage area where their caskets will remain forever."

Although I could tell they didn't completely understand what I was describing, they accepted my explanation and dropped the topic for now.  As soon as I felt the boys had calmed down sufficiently, I led them out to the car, got them buckled in and drove home.  When we got there, the boys wanted to know if they should change, so I thought about it for a minute before I answered.  I decided we'd be having dinner before we left for the funeral home again, and since I didn't want them to get anything on their suits, I told them it would be a good idea if they did that.  I helped each one take off his tie before sending them upstairs, but I didn't untie them completely, so we wouldn't have to go through that process again.  I also went upstairs and slipped into something more comfortable, so they wouldn't feel out of place. 

After we finished talking about how they were feeling, I answered their questions about what had happened earlier and advised them about what to expect next.  As I was doing this, the doorbell started to ring again, so I stopped to see who was there.  It turned out to be more people dropping off goodies for us, so I wouldn't have to cook.  I invited each of them in for a few minutes, so they could speak with the boys, but none of them stayed very long, because they all had to get home too. 

At around 5:30, I called the boys to the kitchen to get their plates and gave each one a nice slice of ham and a scoop of mashed potatoes.  Those items had been dropped off a short time before by one of the thoughtful visitors.  I also let the boys choose which salads they'd like, as well as what they wanted to drink, and then we sat down in the dining room to eat.  

No one's appetite was very good this evening, since we were all emotionally drained and a little choked up.  I ended up covering the leftovers with aluminum foil and storing them in the fridge, in order to save them for later.  I felt we might be hungry when we returned home after the calling hours, so this way we'd merely have to heat things up again. 

The evening calling hours went much the same as the first one, although the boys didn't spend as much private time at each of the caskets.  They also held up a little better as we greeted those stopping by, so I was pleased about that.  As soon as 9:00 rolled around and the last of those attending had departed, I rounded the boys up and took them home. 

The first thing I did after we got there was to ask them to get undressed and hang up their suits and dress shirts, so they wouldn't get wrinkled.  Then I had them come back downstairs for a little snack, before announcing it was time to get cleaned up and ready for bed. 

"You gonna give me my bath again, Uncle Blake?" Ethan wanted to know before heading upstairs. 

"Sure, kiddo, if that's what you want," I agreed. 

"Me too?" Marcus asked, as he gave me a sly grin and Tyler flashed him a startled look. 

"Of course, sport.  We can do it just like last night if you want," I added. 

I think tonight Marcus' request was the result of his insecurity and a desire not to be left alone, more than anything else.  I didn't mind though and sent them off to get ready, while I filled the tub.  When they returned, they were both completely naked.  I guess they felt they had nothing to hide and left all of their clothes in their rooms, as they began brushing their teeth. 

While I was finishing up giving this pair their baths, Tyler came into the bathroom and joined us.  He merely sat on the toilet seat wearing only his tighty whities, but he didn't say a word.  I had the feeling he didn't want to be alone either. 

"Will you stay and talk to me while I'm taking my shower?" he asked, as I was finishing up with the other pair. 

"Just let me get these two in bed first and then I'll come back, if that's what you want," I agreed. 

He seemed fine with my response, so I finished up shampooing Ethan and Marcus' hair, rinsed them off and drained the tub.  Then I dried each of them off, before escorting them to their rooms.  Once they were in their pajamas, Ethan had a question for me. 

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" he wanted to know and I could tell the day had taken its toll on him. 

"Sure, that will be fine," I concurred. 

"Me too?" Marcus chimed in from behind.  It was obvious he had overheard our conversation and didn't want to be left out. 

"Of course," I relented.  "It's a king-size bed, so there's plenty of room." 

Both boys were thrilled that I was allowing them to do this, so I guided them into the master bedroom and helped them get under the covers, with Ethan in the middle.  As soon as I was sure they were settled in, I explained that I'd be back in a little while, but first I needed to honor Tyler's request.  They didn't put up a fuss, since I had done what they wanted earlier, so I kissed each of them on the forehead before leaving the room. 

Tyler hadn't locked the bathroom door, so I went inside and sat down on the toilet lid.  Since he hadn't made any indication that he knew I was there, I announced my presence. 

"I'm back," I informed him.  "Was there a reason you wanted me to do this?" 

"Yeah, seeing my mom and dad in their caskets was really hard for me," he answered.  "I'm just so confused and wanted to ask you some stuff, but I didn't want to do it in front of Ethan and Marcus.  Do you think there's really a heaven, like they tell us in church and is it possible that some day we might get to be with our parents again?" 

"There's no way to prove whether there is a heaven or not, but a whole lot of people truly believe there is, so I'd say it's definitely possible," I replied, since I wanted to leave him with some hope.  "If that's what you believe too, then there's a good chance you'll see you parents again at some point."

"I hope so, because I don't want to believe this is all there is and I'll never see them again," he responded.  After he finished speaking, I heard him sniffle, so I was pretty sure he was crying once more. 

A few minutes later, the water shut off and the shower curtain slid back unexpectedly, exposing Tyler in all his glory.  I thought he might have asked me to leave first, before this happened, but he never said a word.  I guess I must have been looking slightly confused when this happened, but he just looked at me and smiled. 

"You've already seen Marcus and Ethan naked, so I figured you might as well see me too," he announced, before releasing a little giggle. 

Since he wasn't embarrassed, I decided to check him out.  As I suspected, he had definitely started puberty already.  He had a nice little horseshoe pubic patch consisting of auburn colored hairs, which nicely highlighted his flaccid 3" (7.5 cm) penis, which was thicker than my thumb.  He was also circumcised, like both of his brothers. 

"Did you get a good look?" Tyler asked when he noticed me checking him out and before releasing another giggle.  Startled, I glanced up at him again. 

"I was just marveling at how mature you were," I stated, trying to justify my actions.  I could also feel some heat radiating from my cheeks, which meant I must have been blushing too.  "You're definitely not a little boy like your bothers," I added, which earned me a huge smile. 

"Thank you.  I'm glad you noticed, because that makes me feel good," he confirmed, as he started to dry himself. 

"Ok, you finish up while I go hop into bed with your brothers.  They asked if they could sleep with me tonight, because I don't think they want to be alone," I offered, as a way of leaving gracefully and preventing him from having to undergo further scrutiny.  "I'll shower in the morning."

I then walked out of the bathroom and made my way down to the master bedroom.  Both boys were already asleep when I got there, so I stripped down and slid in beside them.  Before long, I noticed the bedroom door open and then I heard a voice. 

"Do you mind if I join you too?" Tyler nearly pleaded. 

"I don't mind at all and there's plenty of room, so come on in," I offered, as he shut the door and glided across the room in the dark.  Once he saw where his brothers were, he came around to the other side of the bed and started to get in beside me.  I slid over to give him some room and he laid on his side, with an arm and leg draped over my body. 

"I didn't want to be alone either," he announced, as a way of explaining his actions. 

"I understand," I replied, so he wouldn't assume I thought less of him for doing this. 

Slowly, I slipped an arm under his head, so he could cuddle against me if he wanted.  I'm sure today had been very hard on him too, as well as confusing, so I wanted to make it as easy for him as I could. 

"Thanks.  This is really nice," he whispered in my ear, as he moved a little closer.  I could even feel his package pressing against my thigh as he got comfortable.  A few minutes later I realized he was asleep, because all I could hear was his gentle breathing. 

That's how I spent the night, sandwiched between three very cute and emotionally distraught boys.  It was clear they were totally dependant on me now and trusted me completely, so I wasn't about to let them down. 

When I woke up the following morning, I started to get out of bed and must have awakened Tyler in the process.  He looked at me, as a grin slowly spread across his face, and then he spoke. 

"I slept really great!" he announced.  "Thanks for letting me do this." 

"You're welcome, champ," I assured him, before heading to the toilet so I could relieve myself. 

After I'd finished up and washed my hands, I went downstairs to fix pancakes for all of us, while Tyler woke his brothers.  After we finished eating, I sat with the boys in the living room for a while, before I sent them up to their rooms to get dressed.  The funeral at the church was scheduled for noon, but I was going to take them to the funeral home first and spend a short time there. 

After making sure the boys got a chance to say a final farewell to their parents, the caskets were closed and placed in the hearse.  As they were being carried out, I pointed out the flowers I was planning to take with us and then told the funeral director to make certain the rest were donated to a nursing home or the hospital.  Then, I guided the boys out to the limo we would be riding in, as it followed the hearse to the church. 

The church service was very rough for the boys to get through, especially after the minister shared some very personal stories about Matt and Kelly.  Obviously, he had talked to others about them too, and not just me, since I hadn't heard some of these stories before.  They were very poignant and brought Matt and Kelly back to life again, so it was almost like losing them all over when he finished. 

Of course, it's always difficult to cope with the loss of someone you love or cared about, but it's a little easier if they were old and had lived a full life.  However, when it happens to someone young and vital, it just makes it that much harder to accept.  After all, Kelly and Matt were only in their mid-30s and should have been around for many years to come.  As expected, the boys took it the worst, but I have to admit the three of them held up better than I'd expected, especially after I realized how it was affecting me.  They were all good little troopers throughout the proceedings and did their parents proud. 

I'm not sure if it was just me or whether the service at the cemetery wasn't quite as distressing as when a casket was lowered into the ground.  This time, we merely watched as the caskets were slid into the vaults and then the boys and I each pulled two roses out of the sprays that had previously been draped over the lower half of the coffins.  We then placed one of the roses behind each casket, as a final tribute to their parents.  Then I leaned what remained of the sprays against the wall and guided the boys back to the limo.  We were all emotionally drained and more than ready to return to the house. 

Before I got in the limo, the videographer I'd hired tapped me on the shoulder. 

"I'll download everything into a file, so I can email it to you later," he informed me.  "How would you like to pay for this?" 

"I put the down payment on my credit card, so just use that for whatever else I owe you," I explained.  "You're a good friend and I really appreciate you doing this for me." 

"And I appreciate your business," he replied, as I got in the limo with the boys.




            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 4 – Mixed Signals. 

It was only 2:00 when we finished up at the cemetery and then we rode back in the limo to the funeral home.  Once we got there, we quickly went over and hopped into my car, so I could take them home. 

When we arrived at the house, I told them all to change.  I also advised them that I wanted them put their suits, dress shirts and ties on my bed, so I could take them to the dry cleaners later.  They had no problem with my request and quickly disappeared up the stairs.  I followed behind them, so I could change too. 

Before long, the underwear clad boys appeared in my bedroom, as they brought in the suits, shirts and ties, as I had requested.  I was amused that they hadn't got dressed first, but obviously they were very comfortable doing this around me.  After they'd tossed their things on the bed, Ethan looked at me and spoke. 

"I liked the baults," he announced, mispronouncing the word.  "They were nice." 

"And doing it that way, Mommy and Daddy won't be in the ground with the bugs and worms," Marcus added, seriously. 

"Actually, that doesn't really happen when the caskets are buried," I explained.  "The casket would be lowered into a concrete vault in the ground and then a lid would be place over it, so the bugs and worms couldn't get in." 

"It still seems a lot better having them in the vaults," Tyler announced.  "I'm glad Mom and Dad made that choice." 

"Yes, I agree it did seem much better," I stated. 

I thought the boys would return to their rooms after that, but they just stayed there with me.  I wasn't sure why they were doing this, so I asked if they wanted to talk. 

"Yeah, just for a while," Tyler answered, as the three boys moved toward the bed. 

I hurriedly picked up their clothing and moved everything over to the dresser, before I sat down on the mattress.  As soon as I did that, Marcus and Tyler quickly took their places beside me, while Ethan indicated he wanted me to pick him up, so he could sit on my lap. 

"I'm having trouble believing we won't see them around here any more," Tyler stated, as a tear formed in his eye. 

"You may not see them in person, but you'll always see them here and here," I replied, while pointing toward his head and his heart. 

"Yeah, I know, but it just won't be the same," Tyler followed.  "Will the pain in my heart ever go away?" 

"Over time you won't feel the pain as much, but it doesn't mean it will ever disappear completely," I offered.  "It just doesn't hurt as badly, once you've learned to deal with it." 

"What's gonna happen if you die too?" Marcus wondered, and I could see the fear building in his eyes. 

"I'll do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen," I quickly countered, hoping that would put him at ease.  "Next week, I'll also start making arrangements for you to be taken care of, in case that should happen." 

"Who will take care of us then?" Ethan asked, while letting me know he didn't like playing the game 'musical parents'. 

"I don't know yet, because I have to ask some people if they'd be willing to do it first," I explained.  "I can't just pick someone without asking if they'll agree." 

"So our mommy and daddy asked you to do this?" Marcus wondered, as his eyes fixed on me and he waited for my answer. 

"Not in so many words, but they did ask me to be Tyler's godfather and they also knew how I felt about you boys," I replied.  "Your dad understood he could count on me for almost anything, since we had been best friends for so long, so I guess I was the logical choice." 

Although it didn't directly answer his question, Marcus still seemed satisfied with my response. 

"So who are you going to ask?" Tyler pressed, looking concerned. 

"There are some people that I plan to talk to about this, but I don't want to mention any names until they agree.  Is that ok with you?" I countered, as I studied his face. 

"Yeah, I guess so, but I really want to know what you decide," Tyler responded, and I assured him I'd do that when I knew. 

We continued to talk for a while longer and then I decided it was time for me to go downstairs, so I could start preparing dinner.  The boys seemed fine with this idea, so I sent them back to their bedrooms to get dressed. 

As we were eating later, I decided to mention something else to them. 

"I'm going to call your schools in the morning and tell them that I'm keeping you home for the final two days this week," I began, which elicited huge grins in response.  "I want you to have a little more time before you have to face your friends, because I'm certain they'll have a lot of questions for you." 

"I really like you, Uncle Blake," Marcus suddenly announced.  "Mommy and Daddy never let us skip school like this." 

"I'm only doing it because of the special circumstances," I informed him, and you're not going to get off scot-free.  I'm going to use you boys to help me move things out of my apartment, so I can bring them over here.  I might even work you so hard that you'll beg me to let you go back to school."  I winked at the boys after saying this. 

"I don't think so, but you can try," Tyler scoffed, challenging my statement. 

"Ok.  Just remember you asked for it," I shot back with a grin. 

I was definitely going to have them help me, although I didn't plan on working them that hard, but maybe I'll change my mind now.  It might be good for them to think about something other than having lost their parents, and if they get tired enough from the activity, then it might allow them to sleep better at night.  It was something I'd have to consider before morning. 

I wasn't sure what they wanted to do this evening, but the boys quickly informed me they wanted to watch "Extant",  which didn't come on until 9:00.  I said that would be alright tonight, since they weren't going to school tomorrow, but then I asked what time they normally woke up on school days. 

"We all get up at 6:00," Tyler advised me.  "My bus comes about 7:00 and their bus comes shortly after that." 

"And what time do you go to bed when you have school the next day?" I followed, trying to get a feel for how things were done.  The boys suddenly glanced at each other and I got the feeling they were forming a conspiracy. 

"They stay up until 10:00, but I stay up until 11:00," Tyler informed me, but I knew that couldn't be right.  I had a feeling they were trying to pull a fast one on me. 

"Since I'm the new sheriff in town, this is how we're going to do it from now on," I announced, to let them know I was laying down the law.  "Starting Sunday, Ethan's bedtime will be 9:00, Marcus will be in bed by 9:30 and I'll let Tyler stay up until 10:00." 

All three started to whine and complain about this, but I held up my hand to stop their impromptu protest. 

"Any further complaints and I'll move all of your bedtimes a half-hour earlier," I advised them, and miraculously they all quieted down.  I was pleased with myself for how I had handled my first decision as a parent and their first attempted mutiny. 

After watching a couple shows with the boys, I told Ethan it was time for his bath.  He had no problem with this and grabbed my hand so I would follow him upstairs.  Before I left the living room, I glanced over at Marcus. 

"I'll do it by myself tonight," he stated, catching my drift.  I merely nodded, to let him know that was all right. 

"We'll be done in 15 or 20 minutes, so I expected you ready to take your bath by then," I told him.  "Tyler, that means I expect you in the shower as soon as he's done." 

"Ok, but will you come in and talk to me again tonight?" he asked next. 

"If that's what you want, I'm good with it," I agreed, as Ethan and I went upstairs. 

I sent Ethan to his room to undress, as I filled the tub and got ready for him.  He came streaking down the hallway again and flew into my arms, as I was sitting on the toilet lid. 

"Wow!  You seem to be in a big hurry, kiddo," I teased, as I scooped him up. 

"I like it when you give me my bath," Ethan stated, as he threw his arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. 

"I like it too," I agreed, which earned me another squeeze and a kiss, but this time on the lips.. 

I was just drying Ethan off when Marcus showed up naked and ready to go.  I watched as he quickly rinsed out the tub and then filled it, because I wasn't sure if he might need help.  He didn't, so I followed Ethan down the hall to his room.  Once he got in his pajamas and I'd tucked him in, I kissed him on the forehead.  While I was doing that, he threw his arms around my neck again and whispered in my ear. 

"I love you, Uncle Blake," he announced in a very soft voice.  "I'm glad mommy and daddy picked you to take care of us now."

Moved by his unsolicited announcement, I kissed him on the forehead again. 

"I'm glad too, kiddo.  I really am," I stated, before I left the room.

On the way down the hall, I stopped to check on Marcus, to see how he was doing.  He was still in the tub and he looked up at me and smiled. 

"How are you doing, sport?" I asked, as I smiled at him. 

"Ok, but would you wash my back?" he replied.  "It's hard for me to do that." 

"Yep, that is a stickler," I agreed, as I bent down and washed his back for him.  I then walked toward my room, after I left him to finish up. 

"Uncle Blake, will you come in here for a minute," Tyler asked, when he saw me approaching his door.  I didn't hesitate and walked into his room to see what he wanted.  "I really like how you're doing things, because you're not treating us all the same.  You're giving Marcus and me later bedtimes because we're older and that's great.  I was worried you'd make us all go to bed at the same time Ethan did." 

"Well I do believe a certain amount of freedom comes with age, but it also means you'll also have to accept a greater amount of responsibility," I advised him.  "If you boys aren't willing to accept the responsibility too, then I may have to cut back on the extra freedom I'm giving you." 

"No, I'm willing to do that, as long as you keep treating me this way," Tyler confirmed.  "I'm still sad that I lost my mom and dad, but I'm glad you're taking over, rather than somebody else." 

"Ethan said something like that earlier and I'm glad I got to do this too," I confirmed. 

Once we finished our conversation, I went back to see if Marcus was done yet.  He was already in his room, putting on his pajamas.  As soon as he was dressed for bed, I tucked him in and kissed his forehead. 

"Goodnight, sport," I told him, before leaving the room. 

"Goodnight, Uncle Blake, and thanks for helping me earlier," he added. 

As I was closing Marcus' door, I saw Tyler heading toward the bathroom. 

"Do you still want me to come in or did we clear everything up already?" I wondered. 

"No, I still want you to come in," he stated, as he flashed me a sheepish grin.  "I like talking to you while I'm in the shower.  I don't know why, but it's fun.  I guess it's kind of like I'm joking around with the other guys in the locker room." 

"I'm ok with it, as long as you are," I agreed, as I followed him inside. 

I stayed back out of the way while he adjusted the water temp and took off his briefs, since I figured I'd let him do those things without me gawking at him.  To my surprise, he turned around and faced me before getting in the shower. 

"You're still going to get me the underwear like yours.  Right?" he wanted to know. 

"Yes, we'll have to do some grocery shopping this weekend, so maybe I'll be able to swing by Target to pick those up for you." 

"Neat," Tyler shouted, as he held up his hand to give me a high-five. 

After Tyler stepped into the shower, I sat on the toilet lid again, so we could chat. 

"Uncle Blake, do you like sports?" Tyler asked from the other side of the shower curtain. 

"Yes, I played just about everything when I was younger," I confirmed. 

"Great!  Do you think you might be able to help me get better at baseball?" he followed, and I could tell he was being serious.  "I did ok last year, but this year I want to be one of the best players.  Do you think you can help me?" 

"I'm certainly willing to try," I agreed.  "Do your brothers play too?" 

"Marcus said he was going to play again this year, but Ethan is too young," Tyler explained.  "We can still work with Ethan, but he won't be able to play on a team yet." 

"There must be something for him, so I'll check it out," I replied.  "Maybe we can find some time to go to the park this weekend then, so I can work with you boys." 

"That would be great!" Tyler said, quite loudly. 

"Do you have bats and gloves," I followed, since I wanted to know what they had. 

"Yeah, we've all got gloves and there are a couple of bats we can share, but we'll have to look for my dad's glove for you to use," he answered. 

"That won't be necessary.  I have my own glove at the apartment and we'll be moving everything here before then.  I've even got some baseballs and softballs as well, along with a football, basketball and soccer ball." 

"Super!  We'll have everything then," Tyler responded, with a great show of enthusiasm, as he shut off the water and pulled back the shower curtain.  "Having you here just gets better and better all the time." 

I had to chuckle at Tyler's show of exuberance, as well as how he continually exposed himself to me without really thinking about it.  I wasn't sure if he was naturally this open and immodest or if he just did it with me, but it definitely reinforced the idea that he trusted me.  It was certainly a good thing that I wasn't turned on by boys too, except for when I was that age, or he would have been in big trouble.  He was definitely good looking, smart, had a great personality and a nice body, so he should make out very well.  I just hope I can guide him and the others into being terrific men, just like their father was. 

After he finished drying off, we both went back to our rooms.  I was also thinking about turning in early, since I hadn't slept very well the previous couple of nights and today had been quite draining.  After stripping down to my underwear, I was just about ready to get into bed when I heard a knock on my bedroom door. 

"Who is it?" I asked, although I probably didn't need to. 

"It's me, Uncle Blake.  Tyler," the voice announced. 

"Come on in then," I responded, as the door burst open and Tyler appeared. 

"Why didn't you come over to say goodnight to me?" he wanted to know, catching me completely off guard. 

"I guess it just slipped my mind," I answered.  "I suppose I thought that since I had just spent all that time with you in the bathroom, you didn't need me to do that." 

"No, I want you to do it every night," he replied, while looking at the floor and acting as if I'd just committed a terrible crime. 

"Then I apologize and I'll never forget again," I told him, as I spread my arms as a signal for him to come to me. 

Seeing what I'd done, Tyler basically sprinted across the room and threw his arms around my chest.  As soon as he did, I wrapped my arms around him too and kissed him on the top of the head. 

"Goodnight, champ, and I promise I'll never forget to do this again," I admitted.  He merely flashed me a coy smile in response. 

"You'd better not," he confirmed, as he turned to go back to his own room.  "Goodnight, Uncle Blake.  I'll see you in the morning." 

"Yes you will, champ, and goodnight to you too," I repeated, as I slapped his butt.  "The second goodnight is to make up for forgetting." 

I heard Tyler giggle, just before he shut the door to his room. 

I hopped in bed and prepared for sleep, but this time the bed felt awfully big and empty.  Last night I had three boys sharing it with me, but tonight I was all alone.  I was going to have to get used to this or else I would drive myself crazy thinking about it too much. 

About halfway through the night, I thought I felt the bed move, so I opened my eyes and glanced around.  I saw movement next to me and temporarily forgot where I was. 

"Who's there and what are you doing?" I demanded.  A second later, a timid voice replied. 

"It's just me, Uncle Blake," the voice announced and I recognized it belonged to Tyler.  "I had a bad dream that woke me up and I didn't want to be alone.  I didn't think you'd mind, since you let me sleep in here with you last night." 

"I don't mind, but I just didn't know it was you," I responded.  I then reached my arm out and placed it around his shoulders.  "Just make yourself comfortable and try to go back to sleep." 

Tyler immediately slid closer to me, put his head on my chest and threw an arm and leg over my body.  Once again, I could feel the bulge in his underwear pressing against my leg and wondered if there might be another reason for his showing up again, one that didn't include a nightmare.  I eventually pushed that thought aside, since he didn't try anything and never got hard, so maybe this had happened because of a bad dream.  Possibly he was just clinging to me like this for protection and to feel safe, rather than for another reason. 

As I lay there thinking about this, I heard his gentle, even breathing and knew he'd fallen asleep.  That's when I decided it was time for me to get some shuteye too. 

For the first time since I'd been there, I enjoyed a very peaceful and relaxing evening.  When I awoke the following morning, I lay in bed for a few minutes more, as I thought back over the past few days.  As I was doing this, I felt Tyler's erection pressing against my leg.  Obviously, this was morning wood, meaning he had to pee, rather than from sexual arousal.  I slowly slid out of bed and headed toward the master bath, because I was suffering from the same problem.  As I was standing at the commode, waiting for the flow to start, Tyler came racing in, lowered his briefs and pulled out his penis as well. 

"I've got to go too," he stated, as he stood next to me. 

I wasn't sure if I should say anything about this or not, but we both stood there until our flow started and we began urinating into the toilet bowl.  His penis definitely looked bigger this morning, probably due to the situation he was in when he raced in here, but I didn't say anything about it.  Instead, we both finished up, washed our hands in the sink and then returned to the bedroom. 

"Can we stay in bed for a little while longer," he asked, when he saw I was moving in the other direction. 

"You may, if you want, but I'll probably get up," I countered. 

"Come on.  We don't have school today and you're not going to work, so just for a little longer?" he pressed, not giving up. 

I glanced over at the clock on the nightstand to see what time it was.  Surprisingly, it was just a few minutes after 6:00, so I knew I could do it, if I wanted too.

"Pleeeze," Tyler pleaded, when he noticed my hesitance. 

"Ok.  I can probably do it for another half hour, but then I'll have to get up to do some other things.  I'll have to call my boss and your schools, so they'll know we won't be in today or tomorrow," I explained.  "Once I've squared all of that with them, then I'll need to call and see if there's a truck available for me to rent.  If I can get one, then we'll be able to move the rest of the things from my apartment to here." 

"Ok, but let's do this for as long as we can," Tyler urged, as he jumped under the covers again. 

I walked over and got in on my side of the bed, and soon Tyler sidled up against me.  I slid my arm under his shoulders again and he immediately cuddled against me.  I was beginning to suspect this might be the start of something more, at least in his mind, so I might have to speak with him about it before much more time elapsed.  I'm not sure if he's inadvertently confusing his feelings about me or if he's just a confused young man who has just lost his parents and is looking to be loved again.  This could be harmless, but I need to make sure. 



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