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            The Guardian

Installment 20


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 39 – Wild Times. 

Friday was turning out to be fairly normal, even after I arrived home.  The boys were out in the backyard playing when I got there, so after a couple brief interruptions, I began to fix dinner.  I hadn't been at it very long when I heard a horrific crashing sound in the dining room, followed by several thumping noises.  I ran in there to see what happened and discovered the glass on one of the French patio doors was shattered.  As I looked through the gaping hole, I saw three boys looking toward the house, eyes bulging, mouths hanging open and appearing guilty as hell.  One of them was also holding a bat, while the other two had baseball gloves on their left hands. 

I quickly made my way toward the unbroken door, while trying to avoid stepping on any of the glass.  As I opened it and stepped outside, I immediately addressed the three boys with frightened expressions on their faces. 

"What just happened?" I demanded, as I looked at each one. 

"It was an accident!" Marcus blurted out.  He and Tyler had the gloves on, while Ethan was holding the bat. 

"Obviously a very big accident," I reiterated in more accurate terms.  "So how did it happen?" 

"Tyler was trying to help Ethan hit the ball better," Marcus stated in a meek voice. 

"And why were you batting toward the house and not away from it?" I followed, studying their reactions. 

"I didn't think Ethan would hit the ball that far or that hard," Tyler explained. 

"I guess you must be a better hitting coach than you thought," I countered, tongue-in-cheek.  "But why were you using a baseball instead of the Wiffle ball?  Even hitting it toward the house, a Wiffle ball would have bounced off the window." 

"I thought it would be better for Ethan to hit the same type of ball as he'd hit in a game," Tyler confessed. 

"Well this was more than an accident," I pointed out.  "You were careless and didn't think, so now I'll have to figure out what I'm going to do about it."  They were all staring at me and holding their breath, waiting to see what I was going to say next.  "As punishment, I guess we'll just cancel having anyone stay over this weekend." 

"No, don't do that!" Ethan pleaded.  "Andrew is gonna stay with me!" 

"Yeah, don't punish them for them for what we did," Tyler added, since it would mean Dylan and Justin wouldn't be staying over either. 

"Then what do you think I should do?" I countered, while staring at each of them. 

"Can we pay for it?" Marcus asked innocently. 

"This isn't going to be cheap," I pointed out.  "If you hadn't noticed, those aren't normal doors.  The glass in the two doors would form an arch if placed together, so I'm probably going to have to hire a professional to replace the glass."  

"Could we do extra chores then?" Tyler followed, as an alternate solution. 

"Possibly, but I'm not sure what," I replied.  "Let me think about this for a while, but for now we need to hurry in order to get you boys to practice.  I'll go check on dinner and then I'll sweep up the broken glass.  Once I tell you it's ok to come inside, I want Tyler to go to the garage and grab a couple of the large, empty boxes we have stored there and start taking them apart.  I'm going to have to tape those over the window until it's fixed.  Then all of you get changed and grab the things you'll need for tonight, for when your rides show up.  Ethan, I'll be taking you."

They all did what I asked and I taped the cardboard boxes Tyler had taken apart over both sides of the door as a temporary fix.  I'd have to call around tomorrow to see if anyone was available to fix it, but in the meantime this would suffice, so we sat down to eat.

Shortly after we'd finished, Don and Cherie showed up to take Marcus and Tyler for me.  As soon as they left, Ethan and I got in the car and headed to his practice.  After I'd parked, Ethan went over to be with his team, although I think he was just happy to get away from me, while I walked over and sat in the bleachers. 

Sally and Andrew showed up a few minutes later, but Andrew ran directly toward me first, rather than going over to be with his teammates.  He was nearly out of breath when he stopped in front of me. 

"Mommy says I'm going to stay at your house for two nights again," he blurted out, his face beaming.  "Thank you for letting me do this.  I really like staying with you." 

"You're very welcome and you'll ride back with us later," I told him, "but right now you need to go be with your team.  I think they're probably wondering where you are." 

After I told him this, he raced off to join the others, as his mother was taking her seat next to me. 

"I guess you've seen how excited he is," she teased, with a huge grin on her face.  "I'm glad I didn't tell him until just before we left to come here or I would have had to scrape him off the ceiling." 

"Oh, I doubt it was that bad," I replied.  "Sure, he's excited, but he's not out of control." 

"You didn't see him when he first found out," she joked.  "I thought he was going to run all the way here and not wait for me to drive him." 

I could only smile in response.  "I'm glad he enjoys being with Ethan that much," I finally stated. 

"Oh, it isn't just Ethan that he's excited about seeing," she countered.  "He's looking forward to being with all of you.  He has never been around a group of guys before, so this is new and exciting for him.  He's finally learning how other boys and men act." 

I didn't know how to respond to this, since I wasn't sure if he'd told her some of the other things that had happened during his last visit.  She didn't seem upset though, so even if he had mentioned those things it apparently didn't bother her, but I wasn't exactly sure what her last comment was supposed to mean. 

"Well they are certainly prime examples of what it's like being a boy," I quipped in response.  She merely smiled and didn't respond, so I felt we were safe. 

We talked about several other things after that, but I didn't tell her about what happened before we came, because I didn't want her to keep Andrew from going home with us.  Instead, we discussed what her sister had done for us when we stopped at the diner the previous week. 

"I know, she told me all about it," Sally admitted.  "She really likes you and your boys too.  She also thinks what you're doing for Andrew is absolutely terrific." 

"We all like her too and I'm glad this is working out," I replied. 

"You can't imagine how well," Sally countered.  "I told you on Tuesday that Andrew was helping out, but he's been doing more and more every day.  Yesterday, he even came to ask me what he could do to help me." 

"That's great and I'm glad he was that impressed about how the boys help me," I mused. 

"I wasn't sure I'd ever see this day, but I'm convinced it's all because of you," she confessed. 

"No, it's because of the boys and their friends," I shot back.  "He saw how they all helped me and he is just emulating their example." 

"I'm just grateful for whatever caused this transformation," she stated, "but I'm sure you had a lot to do with it, whether you'll admit it or not." 

"I appreciate the compliment, but I think you're giving me more credit than I deserve," I countered. 

"I think you're wrong, but I won't argue the point further," she added in resignation. 

We sat and watched the practice from that point on; although we occasionally chatted about one thing or another while we were doing that.  When the practice ended, she had Andrew follow her to the car so he could grab his duffle bag.  Then, she kissed him goodbye and gave him a hug, before he came racing over to where we were parked. 

During that time, I happened to notice a sad look on Ethan's face and wondered what was the matter.  "Is something troubling you, kiddo?" I asked, which caused him to turn away from me. 

"Nutin's da matter," he responded. 

It was fairly obvious this wasn't true, so I continued to watch him.  That's when I noticed him brushing a few tears from his cheek and I was about to pursue this further, but stopped when Andrew ran up and hopped in the back with his buddy. 

"I got all my stuff," Andrew announced while looking at me, and then he and Ethan buckled up.  Since I didn't want to embarrass Ethan in front of Andrew, I decided to let it slide for now.  I would follow through on this later, once we were alone.  

As soon as we reached the house, Andrew carried his things upstairs and put them in Ethan's room, but I grabbed Ethan before he could follow. 

"I know something was bothering you after practice, when you were watching Andrew and his mother," I began in a low and sympathetic tone.  "It was because you missed doing things like that with your mother too, wasn't it?"  Ethan nodded his head ever so slightly in conformation. 

"It's ok and there's nothing wrong with missing her," I told him.  "Just come to me and I'll try to help, but don't make Andrew feel guilty or think he's doing anything wrong.  I'm sure it never even dawned on him that doing that might bother you." 

"I know.  It's ok," he answered, and then I gave him a hug and sent him on his way. 

The other boys arrived shortly thereafter and they took their things upstairs too.  A few minutes later, I called them all downstairs again. 

"What's up, Uncle Blake?" they all chirped, somewhat in unison.  I think my three expected me to say something about the dining room door, but I surprised them. 

"Right after I got home earlier tonight a delivery man showed up with a package," I began.  "Even though it was addressed to me, the things inside belong to you." 

I then pulled the box out from where I had it stashed and opened it up.  As soon as I could reach inside, I passed out the various bat packs to the boys I'd ordered them for.  When I also handed one to Andrew, he looked at me in awe. 

"This is really nice!" he exclaimed, as he and Ethan began to check out their identical bat packs together. 

Once the boys had those, I took a marker and wrote their names on the inside.  I then told them to take the bat packs upstairs, so they could pack their gear into them for tomorrow.  Before they did that, however, I noticed our visitors peeking into the dining room so they could check out the damage.  I hadn't mentioned anything about it, but it was obvious the other three had. 

When they finally took off, I followed the boys as they raced up the steps, so I could give them their baths when they'd finished doing as I'd instructed.  I put Ethan and Andrew in the tub first, and just as I was finishing up with them, a naked Marcus and Justin strolled into the bathroom, much to Andrew's delight.   

Once I got Ethan and Andrew dried off, I told them to head over to Ethan's bedroom and put on their pajamas. 

"Can we just stay here until they're done?" Andrew asked, while staring at the other two.  "I like seeing their wieners." 

"If it's ok with Marcus and Justin," I answered. 

"Yeah, it's fine," Justin quickly answered, as he smiled at Andrew. 

I could only grin at his response, because just over a month ago this same boy would have freaked out if anyone had seen him naked.  What a complete turnaround in such a short time. 

After I'd finished bathing Marcus and Justin, I accompanied the younger pair over to Ethan's room, so I could get them ready for bed.  "Ok, let's get those pajamas on quickly," I urged. 

"Can we just sleep like this?" Andrew wondered, as he looked up at me hopefully. 

"Do you both want to sleep naked?" I asked to be sure, and both boys nodded in response.  "Ok, but get to sleep.  You'll need to get plenty of rest so you'll be ready for your game tomorrow." 

"Ok," they both chirped back, as I tucked them in and kissed each one on the forehead. 

I then went over to Marcus' room to tuck them in as well.  They were both just in their underwear when I entered. 

"Aren't you going to put your pajamas on?" I challenged. 

"Nah, we want to sleep like this," Marcus answered. 

"You want to do this too?" I asked Justin next and he nodded in confirmation. 

Seeing they were both agreeable, I told them it would be fine and they quickly hopped into bed.  I tucked them in and kissed them goodnight too, although I began to wonder why the four boys had decided not to wear their pajamas this evening.  I didn't think about it for very long, however, and merely went to my bedroom.  When I got there, I found Dylan and Tyler waiting for me with only towels wrapped around their waists. 

"Will you shower with us again tonight?" Dylan hurriedly asked. 

"Is that really necessary?" I shot back, since I knew there was much more to this than what he'd just stated. 

"Yes, I really want you to wash me again," Dylan responded.  "I totally enjoyed it the last time and want you to do the same thing."  

"Can't you and Tyler just wash each other?" I challenged. 

"No!  It's not the same," Dylan stated, quite emphatically.  "It's totally different when a grown up does it." 

I merely stared at him and knew he was hoping for more than just having me wash him.  I was going to turn him down, but in hindsight I realized that I'd enjoyed doing it to both of them the last time too.  I was still hedging when Tyler spoke up. 

"Come on.  It's not a big deal," he stated.  "We did it before and nothing bad happened afterward, so let's just do it again tonight.  Ok?" 

I knew what they wanted and I kind of wanted it too, although I knew I shouldn't be doing these things with them.  Even though I wasn't attracted to Dylan like I was with Tyler, I was still very fond of him and eager to help him cope with any problems from his past.  Besides, the two of them had helped me out a great deal over the past weekend and I probably couldn't have done it without them.  For that reason, I relented. 

"Ok, as long as you both behave, then I'll wash you as a reward for everything you did to help me organize and run Marcus' birthday party," I agreed. 

They immediately ripped off their towels and raced into the bathroom.  After throwing the towels on the counter, Tyler adjusted the water while I was getting undressed.  By the time I got in the bathroom, both boys were already in the shower waiting for me. 

"Ok, who do I wash first?" I asked, figuring I already knew the answer to this question. 

"Me!" Dylan quickly yelled. 

I washed him from his head down to his feet, but I intentionally bypassed his genitals again.  When I told him I was done, he looked at me and smiled. 

"No, you forgot something again," he responded, while thrusting his hips in my direction. 

"That's because I know what happens when I touch you there," I quipped back. 

"Oh come on!  It's not like you've never done anything with me before.  Just wash that part of me too," he whined. 

"Just do it, Uncle Blake.  Don't wuss out now," Tyler followed. 

I turned and glared at him; since I was sure he was well aware of why I was hesitant to do this. 

"Please, Uncle Blake?" Dylan begged again, while fluttering his eyelashes at me. 

"I suppose," I finally relented, as I began lathering up his penis and scrotum too. 

Just as I'd suspected, Dylan immediately began to firm up, until he had a full-fledged erection.  I just stared at him when it happened. 

"I can't help it.  It just does that," he stated, trying to explain it away.  "I wouldn't mind if you helped me with it though." 

"What?" I yelped in response.  "I told you before I wasn't going to do that again."

"Please, just help me out," Dylan stated.  "Remember, this is our reward and it probably won't go down unless you take care of it." 

"The reward was that I'd wash you, so you or Tyler can take care of it instead," I countered, unwilling to give in a second time. 

"Go ahead, Uncle Blake.  Just do it for him," Tyler urged and I wheeled around and glared at him again.  He definitely knew why I didn't want to keep doing this with Dylan.    

"You had us do it twice with our brothers, so why can't you do it twice with us too?" Dylan followed. 

"I think we've discussed this before," I replied. 

"Come on.  Please?" Dylan whined while giving me his best pathetic expression. 

"And if I do this for you again, what will you want me to do next?  Give you a blowjob?" I challenge. 

"You can if you want to, but I won't ask you to do that," Dylan answered. 

"Is that a promise?" I persisted, since I wanted to get a firm commitment from him. 

"Yes, it is," he agreed. 

"Ok, but this is the very last time I do it," I relented, although I knew this probably wouldn't be the end of it.  The damnedest thing was, I kind of wanted to do it for him too, but I didn't want him to know that. 

As soon as I agreed, Dylan began thrusting his hips at me until I grasped his penis.  Then, he just groaned and closed his eyes, as I began to stroke him.  As I was doing this, I looked up at Tyler and he had a huge grin on his face, so I was fairly certain he'd been involved in setting this up with Dylan.  I couldn't be mad at him though, because I was enjoying it too, almost as much as Dylan was. 

Without warning, Tyler sat on the shower floor in front of Dylan and tilted his head back so he could use his tongue on Dylan's scrotum.  A short time after Tyler started doing that, I felt Dylan's penis begin to swell and could see the other muscles in his body start to tense, as his body began to stiffen.  Then, he arched his back and several volleys of his semen shot into the air, landing on Tyler's body or the floor.  I had my other arm around his waist again, just in case he got weak kneed like the last time. 

Once Dylan had come down from his orgasmic high, Tyler let me know it was time to wash him next.  The thing was, he already had an erection from watching Dylan and me.  I didn't hesitate though and washed him completely, and just as soon as I'd finished, he swayed his hips to let me know what he wanted.  His penis swung tauntingly back and forth in front of me, so I didn't argue the point and started to masturbate him too.  Dylan did the same thing that Tyler had done to him, sitting on the floor and running his tongue all around Tyler's scrotum, so it didn't take long before Tyler was spewing his load, with similar results. 

Once he recovered, the boys announced it was their turn to wash me.  I looked at each one closely, before I responded. 

"You can wash me again, but nothing else," I stated sternly. 

"Can't we jerk you off too?" Dylan shot back. 

"Absolutely not!" I answered.  "I wouldn't let the little ones do it either, so it's that or I wash myself."  I had gone as far as I dared with Dylan and had to draw a line somewhere. 

After hearing my offer, he relented and they just washed my body.  Dylan was the one that cleaned my genitals again, but he didn't try anything more than that, for which I was grateful.  As soon as they were done, I asked them to clean their cum off of each other and rinse it off the floor again, while I went to check on the other boys.  They agreed, so I stepped out of the shower stall, grabbed my towel and dried off, before I wrapped it around my waist and went to check on the younger group. 

Ethan and Andrew were both sound asleep, but from the look of things, they had probably done some bodily exploration before that happened.  They were both laying naked and uncovered, so I covered them up.  They looked so cute with their lithe little bodies partially draped over one another and resting peacefully, and I didn't have a problem with their sexual exploration either.  I was sure they had both been willingly participants, so no harm, no foul. 

When I got to Marcus' room, however, I stopped before opening the door, because I heard them talking inside.  I wanted to listen first, so I could hear what was being said. 

"Just put it in your mouth," I heard someone say and I thought it sounded like Marcus.  "Just pretend it's a Popsicle and do what you would if you had that in your mouth instead.  Just don't bite it." 

At this point I had a pretty good idea about what was going on, so I opened the door as quietly as possible and attempted to catch them in the act.  They were in a sixty-nine position, with Marcus hovering over Justin, and both boys had the other boy's penis in his mouth. 

"Do you mind telling me what you think you're doing?" I asked in a normal voice, but it still caused each boy to pull off the penis in his mouth, as he turned his head and stared at me in return.  Slowly, I saw both of their faces began to redden. 

"Don't be mad," Marcus began, as he started to get out of bed.  "We just wanted to try it and see what it was like." 

"And where did you learn about doing this?" I followed and I could tell Marcus wasn't sure if he should answer this time.  "Well?" 

"If I tell you, don't be mad at them either," Marcus quickly replied, so I nodded my head to agree.  "I went to ask Tyler a question one time when Dylan was staying over and when I opened his door, I saw them doing this.  They didn't see me though, but I watched them for a while and then just closed the door and went back to my room.  When I told Justin about it tonight, we decided to try it too, so we could see what it was like.  You aren't mad at us, are you?" 

"No, I'm not mad, but I wish you had talked to me about this first," I confessed.  "It's just something I didn't expect to find you doing for a few more years." 

"Is this what they call a blowjob?" Justin asked next. 

"Yes, but the proper term for it is oral sex, meaning you do it with your mouth," I answered, while trying to enlighten them as well. 

"But why do they call it a blowjob, if you don't blow on it," Justin followed.  "We tried that first and Marcus told me to suck on it instead.  He said he'd heard other boys at school saying things like 'suck my dick'." 

"I don't know how it got the name blowjob either, unless someone saw someone else doing it and thought they were blowing on it, kind of like a clarinet or trumpet," I reasoned. 

"Do you mind if we do this then?" Justin pressed and I could tell they would probably do it later, whether I agreed or not. 

"No, I don't mind.  It's just another type of sexual exploration boys do, but I just wasn't expecting you to be doing this for a couple more years," I answered.  "I only stopped you earlier, because I wanted to see how you learned about it.  Since it was by accident, I'm not upset.  Just don't do it with anyone else until you're at least as old as Dylan and Tyler are now." 

Both boys were glad to hear I wasn't mad and agreed to only do this with each other.  Having been given their assurance, I kissed them goodnight again and left the room.  When I got back to my bedroom, Dylan and Tyler were sitting on the end of the bed waiting for me. 

"What took you so long?" Tyler demanded as I walked through the door. 

"I just caught Marcus and Justin doing a sixty-nine and sucking each other off," I replied. 

"No way!" Dylan shouted back.  "How would they even know about doing that?" 

"By observing you two again," I responded, which drew a shocked reaction from each of them.  "Marcus said he went over to talk to Tyler one night when you were staying over and he accidentally saw you two doing it when he opened the door.  He said he just watched for a while and then left, so you probably didn't even know he'd seen you.  I thought I had asked you to keep your door locked when you were doing that stuff." 

"We do, but we just forgot one time," Tyler answered. 

"You mean besides the time I caught you doing it?" I quipped back.

"You didn't tell us about locking the door until after that, so that time doesn't count," Tyler reasoned.  "The other time we forgot to lock it, we thought we heard someone shut the door later, but then we figured it was just you and you didn't want to interrupt us." 

"Well it wasn't me and that's how Marcus found out about it, so they're probably over there trying it again," I shot back. 

"You didn't tell them to stop?" Dylan challenged, forcefully. 

"Did I tell you two to stop when I caught you doing it?" I answered rhetorically.  "I didn't want to scar them and make either one feel ashamed about what they were up to.  I merely discussed it with them, so they'd understand everything better.  Just don't be surprised if they eventually ask to do it to you too." 

"Really?  You think they'll actually do that?" Tyler responded, looking shocked. 

"I'd almost be willing to bet it will happen, just like it did when they wanted to masturbate you," I answered.  "It's what you get for getting caught." 

"It would be kind of weird doing that with them though," Dylan mumbled. 

"Hopefully it won't happen right away," I offered, "but just don't let Ethan or Andrew catch you now.  I made Marcus and Justin promise they'd only do it with each other." 

"Ok, we won't," Tyler agreed. 

"So what are you still doing in here anyway?" I asked next.  "You should be in bed by now." 

"We waited to ask if we could sleep with you," Dylan answered.  "Can we?" 

"Since you shouldn't still be horny, I guess we can do that," I agreed. 

They both quickly ripped off their towels and waited for me to get in bed.  I dropped my towel and reached for my underwear first. 

"Sleep naked with us this time," Dylan pleaded, so I turned and stared at him again.  After thinking about it for a few moments, I finally answered. 

"I guess after what we've already done, this will be alright too," I relented. 

Both boys started hopping around in delight as I climbed into bed.  They hurriedly slid in beside me and quickly snuggled against my body.  I was mildly shocked to discover they were both firming up again and when they were completely hard, I merely chuckled to myself about teenagers and how easily they got erections, as we all drifted off to sleep. 

Sometime during the night I awoke and felt a hand over my crotch.  I wasn't sure whose hand it was for a few seconds, until I determined it belonged to Dylan.  At first I thought his hand might have accidentally landed there while he was sleeping, but then I felt his fingers wrap around my limp shaft.  After that, he slowly began to move his hand up and down, as he began to jerk me off.  I tried to look down at Dylan's face without moving very much and was able to see his eyes were wide open. 

"What do you think you're doing?" I demanded and Dylan quickly froze and closed his eyes.  "I know you're awake, so don't try to pretend to be asleep now."  After a brief hesitation, he finally answered. 

"I just wanted to see if it felt any different doing it to you than it did with Tyler," he reasoned.  "I didn't think you'd mind, since this time you didn't tell us not to try anything funny when we were sleeping with you." 

I quickly thought back about what I'd told them earlier, before I agreed to let them sleep with me, and realized I hadn't said that this time.  This might be partially my fault after all, since I hadn't warned them no funny business this time.  I'm not sure why I didn't do that, except I was possibly still thinking about what I'd just seen Marcus and Justin doing.  There's a slight chance that Dylan might have just misread the signals I was sending. 

"Ok, that was my fault, but don't do it again," I told him. 

"Can I finish doing it this one time?" Dylan begged.  "You had us let our brothers do it to us." 

I was about to say 'no', when I realized I'd probably sleep better if I just let him continue.  I was still very conflicted about my decision, but I finally gave in. 

"Ok, but just this once and only with your hand," I relented. 

As soon as he heard my answer, Dylan hurriedly threw the covers back, scrambled onto his knees, grasped my penis with his right hand and happily began to jerk me off.  I was just nearing my release when I heard Tyler's voice from the other side.  I'm not sure when he woke up or how long he'd been awake, but he obviously could see what was going on. 

"It's about time you finally gave in to Dylan about doing this," he stated, as he removed his arm from my chest.  Shortly after he did that, my penis erupted and sent semen splattering on my torso. 

Before my body had calmed down from this substantial release, I felt Dylan's finger on my chest.  That's when I realized he was scooping up some of my semen and sticking it in his mouth. 

"It's more bitter than ours, but it's still not bad," he announced, much to my surprise.  That's when I felt Tyler doing the same thing.  Since I knew Tyler had tasted my semen before, I felt he was just doing this so Dylan wouldn't know he'd been sexually involved with me prior to this. 

After they did that, I asked Dylan to grab the towel off the floor that I'd used earlier, so I could clean up the ejaculate.  Once I had wiped the mess off my chest, I tossed the towel back on the floor.  Then, Tyler and Dylan immediately began to cuddle with me again.

"Thanks.  That was fun," Dylan whispered in my ear. 

"You're welcome, but now that you've done it, we'll never do it again," I responded.  He didn't seem to care and put his head on my shoulder.  Before long, I was able to tell he had fallen asleep. 



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 40 – A Busy Weekend. 

When I woke up Saturday morning, Dylan and Tyler were still wrapped around me and we remained as we were when we went to bed - naked.  That's when I began to feel slightly guilty about what I'd done with these two the night before.  I'm not sure why I continued to give in to them a little at a time, but they seemed to be able to get me to keep lowering my defenses when it came to doing these things with them.  Although I felt slightly remorseful about what I'd allowed to happen the previous night, I also had to admit that I'd enjoyed it too. 

Once I pushed my guilt aside, I went downstairs so I could look up a phone number and make a quick call.  I had done some research prior to this and found out what company made the door in question, so I was calling to ask what I should do.  Since it was Saturday, I reached the answering service and they gave me the name and number of a local contractor that handled their warranty claims, knowing he'd be able to help me.  I'd have to work things out with him, because it wouldn't covered and I'd have to pay for whatever repairs he made, but he would also know whether or not the glass could be replaced or if I'd need to purchase a new door.

I then called the man and arranged for him to come to the house after I arrived home on Monday.  After I hung up, I went to wake the boys, because we had two early games today.  Marcus and Justin's team played at 10:00, while Ethan and Andrew's team played at 11:00.  I wasn't sure why the odd time this week, since every other game so far had started on an even numbered hour, but that's the way it was.  Hopefully, Don and Cherie would be at the first game, so I could take Andrew and Ethan to where they'd be playing.  Before I did that, however, I would ask Don and Cherie if they'd mind bringing the boys to the other field for me, once Justin and Marcus' game ended. 

After feeding the boys, I had them check to make sure they'd put all of their gear into their bat packs before we left.  Then, we loaded everything into the Outback and set off for the field where Marcus and Justin's game was going to be held.  When we got there, those two boys rushed off to join their team and the rest of us went to find a seat in the bleachers.  Don and Cherie arrived about 10 minutes later and came over to sit with us. 

"I'm glad to see you, because I have a favor to ask," I began, after greeting them.  "I have to leave early today to take Andrew and Ethan to their game, which starts at 11:00, so would you mind dropping these four off at the other field when this game ends?  It would save me from having to run back here to pick them up."

"Of course we'll do that for you," Cherie agreed without the slightest hesitation.  

"Since Ethan's game will probably be more than half over by the time you get there, what would you think about sticking around until it ends and then going to lunch with the boys and me?" I followed.  "I was planning to take them over to the diner as soon as their game is over."   

"That sounds like a good idea," Don agreed.  "It will be a nice change to have lunch together with all of you." 

"Yes, and I'll ask Sally to join us too, since she'll be at Ethan and Andrew's game as well," I added.  "The boys can sit in one booth and the four of us can sit in another." 

"Kinda like a double-date," Cherie quickly added, while grinning at me. 

Don cracked a smile as well and I knew what they were thinking, but if only they knew how far off base they were.  No matter what they were hoping might happen, it was never going to turn out the way they suspected. 

"I see you gave the boys the bat packs already," she observed. 

"Yes, they came yesterday and the boys wanted to start using them right away," I confirmed. 

"I'm sure they'll get plenty of use out of them before the season ends," she commented, and then we turned to watch what was going on. 

I stayed at Justin and Marcus' game until about 10:30 and then I had to leave to take Ethan and Andrew over to the field where their game was going to be played.  I quickly noticed that Sally was already in the stands when we arrived, so I had the boys go over and say hi to her before Andrew and Ethan went off with Coach Lucas to warm up. 

"I goofed!" she quickly admitted while I was taking my seat.  "I thought the game started at 10:00, but when I realized it wasn't the case, I just stuck around and enjoyed the lovely day, rather than leaving and coming back later. 

"Yes, the starting time for this game is a bit unusual; especially if you consider that every other game has started on an even numbered hour.  I can see how you got confused," I replied.  "I'm not sure why the time for this game was so different." 

Coach Lucas must have overheard our conversation, because he came over to explain. 

"The game was supposed to be at noon, but the other coach had a conflict, so the league agreed to move the game up an hour to accommodate him.  We were supposed to play on a different field too, but the game was moved here to avoid any conflicts with the games scheduled both before and after our game at the original location," he explained.  "The opposing coach is involved in some sort of big ceremony later this afternoon and he needed the extra time so he could go home, get cleaned up and be able to change first, without being late." 

"In that case, it makes perfect sense now," I agreed, as the coach went back to hit fielding practice to the team. 

"What is that thing Andrew had on his back when you first arrived?" Sally wanted to know, once we were alone again.  "Is it something your boys are letting him use, since I saw Ethan has one too?" 

"No, I actually bought that for Andrew as an early birthday gift," I informed her.  "I did the same thing for the other boys too.  After Marcus got one for his birthday, they all liked it and thought it was neat, so they wanted one as well.  I decided to buy one for each of them as an early birthday present, so they'd have it to use now.  This way the boys can use them for their summer league, seeing most of their birthdays fall after the season is over.  The devise is called a bat pack and is specifically designed for baseball players.  It has enough room for their cleats, baseball glove and a change of clothes, but it also has special areas to carry a bat or two." 

"Is that why you asked when Andrew's birthday was?" Sally quickly shot back, while giving me a dirty look. 

"Only partially," I replied.  "I really wanted to know who was older, but it also helped me to decide if I was going to give it to him as an early birthday gift or an early Christmas present.  Either way, I would have gotten one for him too."  Sally punched me playfully in the arm after I'd said this.

"You're absolutely incorrigible," she stated.  "I hope you know you're spoiling these boys." 

"But they're all good kids and they've earned it," I stated, while grinning at her concern.  "I wouldn't do it if I didn't think they deserved special treatment and Andrew is helping you more, isn't he?"  She merely nodded her head and smiled in response.  

After that discussion, I glanced over at the team while they were warming up and noticed it appeared as if Ethan and Andrew were going to be starting again, at the same positions as before.  I was fairly certain the coach was doing this because they were good at their positions, but they were also two of the older boys, which might have had some impact upon his decision as well.  Either way, they were happy about it. 

Since Sally had gotten over the fact that I'd bought Andrew a gift, I told her about the idea I'd discussed with Cherie and Don earlier. 

"We're all going to your sister's diner for lunch, so how about joining us?" I asked directly.  "This game should end about 1:00 and Dylan and Tyler's game isn't until 4:00, so we'll have plenty of time." 

"It sounds like a wonderful idea and I'll get to see my sister too," she quickly agreed.  "I think it will be fun to finally get a chance to see Andrew interacting with the other boys as well." 

"Yes, you'll get to see that," I confirmed.  "You'll also get to see how the older boys look after and dote on the younger ones." 

About that time, the game started, so we ended our discussion.  It was just as wild as their game the week before, although Ethan and Andrew's team showed some improvement.  They didn't make nearly as many mistakes as the previous week, but the other team didn't do quite as well.   There were even a few moments when those of us in the stands, on both sides, had to fight to keep from bursting out in laughter, but we somehow managed to stifle our amusement.  We did it because we didn't want to embarrass or discourage the kids, so we bit our lips to keep from giving them the wrong impression. 

The rest of our group showed up in the fifth inning.  Marcus and Justin excitedly told me about their game and informed me that they'd won again.  According to Dylan and Tyler, both boys had played extremely well and had their share of hits too.  Once we got that out of the way, we all settled in to watch the rest of this game. 

Ethan and Andrew's team won as well, so they were all smiles when they came over to join us.  After they gave us their own recap of events, we told them what we were going to do next. 

"Mommy, are you going with us?" Andrew wanted to know. 

"Yes, I am, honey," she replied.  "I thought it would be nice if we all had lunch together." 

"But I'm still going to stay with Ethan after, right?" he asked, while looking concerned that she might say 'no'. 

"Of course you are," she answered and Andrew immediately smiled.  "We're just going to have lunch together is all." 

"Ok.  I like that," Andrew agreed. 

Since he knew this was only to give us a chance to eat together, Andrew was fine with the idea.  He rode to the diner with his mother, while Justin and Dylan went with their mom and dad and my three rode with me.  I think each of the boys felt they should spend a little time with their parents, since they were willing to join us for lunch and then still allow the boys to spend the night at our place.  It worked out well and everyone seemed happy. 

I saw Ann was working when we walked in and immediately had the feeling it was the reason we hadn't seen her at the game.  She probably couldn't afford to take off for all of her nephew's games, so she only came to those when she wasn't working.  Upon seeing us, she hurried over to greet the crew. 

"Hi Auntie Ann," all the boys greeted her, which caused Don and Cherie to look at them, and then over at me, oddly. 

"Two booths please," I announced with a wink, ignoring them.  "One for the boys and another for the adults." 

"Please follow me," she told the boys, while making a big show of leading them to their table. 

While we were getting comfortable, she gave us the menus and poured our water.  I noticed Dylan and Tyler had Andrew sitting between them, while Marcus and Justin were doing the same with Ethan.  Sally was sitting next to me and we were able to observe the boys at the same time. 

"So y'all are the parents of the two friends that come in here with Blake's crew?" Ann asked the Cochrans. 

"Guilty as charged," Don joked.  "I hope you won't call the police and have them lock us up for that." 

"Heavens no!" Ann replied.  "Your sons are absolutely fantastic.  I wish all of the kids that came in here were as polite and well behaved." 

"You are talking about our two, aren't you?" Don teased in return. 

"Most definitely," she agreed.  "Y'all should be very proud of both of them." 

While the rest of us were looking at the menus and deciding what we wanted, Ann and Sally started chatting about something else.  Seeing this, Don and Cherie looked over at me again. 

"I take it they know each other?" Cherie finally asked. 

"They're sisters," I responded.  "I thought I'd mentioned that." 

"If you did, I guess I just didn't connect the two things," she admitted, but it didn't seem to be a big deal for her.  "I guess it also explains why the boys called her sister Auntie Ann."

"Yes, she told the boys they could do that," I replied, before turning toward our waitress. 

"Ann, you can take the boys' order first and put it all on one check," I instructed her. 

"Well that makes it easy," she quipped, while giving me a wink. 

When the food came, Sally kept one eye on the other table and I think she was amazed when she saw how the older boys helped the two youngest ones.  She kept looking over at me with a grin on her face whenever she saw it happen, but she never said a word.  I think Cherie and Don were reading something else into her actions, but Sally and I knew what was going on. 

The four of us talked about several different things during the meal and we got to know each other a little better.  When Ann brought the check later, Don reached out and took it from her, before I had a chance to grab it. 

"The least I can do is pay for this, seeing you keep babysitting for us and giving Cherie and me time alone," he stated, and then he looked at the bill.  "You get a discount here?" 

"Yes, we have as of late," I responded.  "The manager likes us, and since Ann's nephew joined our little group, her boss told her to give us her employee discount." 

"You seem to make a positive impression on nearly everyone you meet," Don stated, as he dug into his wallet for the cash. 

"It was the kids that made the impression, not me," I corrected.  "The manager was amazed at how well behaved they were and that has led him to make several very generous gestures on our behalf." 

We were still talking about this when the manager came to our table to say hello.  We introduced him to Don and Cherie and explained their connection.  Once the manager found out who they were, he also told them how impressed he was with the boys. 

"Look at them!  They're sitting in a booth by themselves and they're still better behaved than most of the other kids that come in here, even when those kids are sitting with their parents," he pointed out.  "And the older boys are so good with the little ones too.  That's so nice to see nowadays.  I'm extremely impressed with them." 

I think Don and Cherie were finally beginning to realize the high regard these people had for their sons, as well as mine.  I could almost see Don's chest swell with pride when he realized what others thought of his children. 

When we left the diner, we said goodbye to Sally and I told Don and Cherie that we'd see them at the other game later.  The boys then came with me, while the others took off in different directions. 

Since we had some time to kill, I asked the boys what they wanted to do next.  None of them had anything in particular to recommend, so Dylan suggested we could go to the field where they would be playing so we could watch the other teams' game.  Dylan and Tyler felt they could scout those teams before they played them, so they'd know what they would be up against.  The other boys had no problem with this idea, so that's what we did. 

The four younger boys sat and watched the game for a while, but then they got bored, because they didn't know any of the boys playing.  Since they all had baseballs in with their other gear, they asked if I'd let them get a few things out of the wagon, so they could play for a while instead.  I said that would be fine and took them to the Outback so they could get their gloves, a couple of baseballs and Ethan's bat.  After playing catch for a while, Justin and Marcus taught the younger pair how to play pepper.  I guess their coach had been having them do this at their practices. 

Don and Cherie came to sit with me when they arrived and we chatted for a while.  When the other boys saw Dylan and Tyler take the field to warm up, they came over to sit with us too.  They were eager to see Dylan and Tyler play, so I think there might have been a little hero worship going on as well.  Seeing Dylan and Tyler had been doing so well, both on their school team and now, I had a feeling the younger boys were trying to emulate their success. 

I was mildly surprised to see that Dylan was going to be the starting pitcher today.  It wasn't because I thought Tyler would be starting, since he came in as a reliever in their last game, but I figured the team must have another older pitcher, other than the boy who'd started the first game.  Maybe I was wrong. 

This team wasn't quite as good as the last team they played and Dylan did a great job pitching against them.  Even though he was doing well, Dylan still made the occasional errant throw, but each time Zach managed to come up with the ball and stopped it from getting past him.  Whenever this happened, Coach Washington would look over in my direction and flash me the 'ok' sign.

The Eagles were also hitting the other team's pitchers really well and their opponents were currently on the second pitcher and it was only the third inning.  When Tyler came up to bat, he nailed a fastball and it sailed over the fence for a homerun.  The boys sitting with me erupted when this happened and Tyler kept glancing toward the stands grinning, as his cheering section yelled their approval as he made his way around the bases. 

Dylan pitched the complete game and the team won easily.  The other four boys were all over Dylan and Tyler once the game ended and hailed them as conquering heroes.  They eagerly complimented Dylan on his pitching and Tyler for hitting the homerun.  Both boys had other hits as well and made some fantastic plays in the field, but the pitching and homerun got all of the attention. 

After saying goodbye to Don and Cherie, I herded the boys over to the Outback.  Since Don had picked up the tab for lunch, I decided to take the boys out for dinner too.  Sure, they were all in their baseball uniforms and not as clean as I might have liked, but it was past their normal meal time and I wasn't in the mood to cook.  Therefore, I decided to patronize one of the team sponsors and took the boys to eat at O'Charley's. 

While we were waiting for a table, I guided all of the boys into the men's room and had them wash their faces and hands in the sink.  I helped Ethan and Andrew do this, so when we came out again they all looked a little more human than when we entered.  Once we were seated, I mentioned to our server that we chose to come here tonight because the two little ones played for the O'Charley's Angels.  The team name brought a smile to his face as he took our order. 

Our server must have also mentioned this to the manager, because he stopped by our table to chat with us a few minutes later. 

"We've sponsored a team for a few years now, but this is the first time any of the boys have showed up in uniform," he confessed. 

"Well their game was this morning, but the other boys had games afterward, so they never got a chance to change," I stated.  "I would have liked to have taken them home and had them clean up before doing this, but it was getting late and the boys were complaining they were starving.  Since I didn't feel I should make them wait any longer, we came as we were." 

"They look fine and I'm happy to have them," he replied.  "I thought it was cute how they made our team the Angles.  I've always hoped that maybe Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith or Kate Jackson would show up to act as cheerleaders." 

I had to laugh over that, but he was definitely giving away his age.  I would have expected him to come up with Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore or Lucy Liu instead, since they were the Angels in the 2000 movie.  The Angels he mentioned were from the 1980s TV show. 

The manager returned just as we were finishing our meal, but this time he was accompanied by our server.  He then explained that he wanted us to order desserts, on the house, as his way of showing his appreciation for making his day.  He said he wished more of the families that had kids on the team would stop in and let him know it.  I thought this was a very nice gesture and told him so, and the boys all chimed in their agreement, as they ordered this little treat. 

As soon as we got home, I decided it was time to get everyone cleaned up and ready for bed.  I gave Ethan and Andrew their bath first, but they stayed in the bathroom when I did the same with Justin and Marcus.  Andrew was really getting a kick out of seeing the other boys naked and none of the other boys seemed to mind. 

When we finished, the four of them announced that they wanted to sleep together tonight and they wanted to do it the way they were now.  This meant they wanted to sleep together naked.  After I asked each of them if it was what they wanted to do, they all agreed it was.  Seeing there were no objections, I told them they could do it in Marcus' room.  As the rest of them hurried off to get there, I held Marcus back for a moment, so I could say something to him. 

"I'm letting you do this, but I don't want to hear that you or Justin were doing to Ethan and Andrew what I saw you two doing together last night," I warned.  "I'm sure Andrew will want to touch each of your penises and maybe even try to see if you'll get erections, but I don't want you to do anything more than that.  Ok?" 

"Yeah!" he agreed.  "We weren't gonna do that other stuff anyway." 

Seeing I had his confirmation, I went in and tucked them all into bed.  It was kind of crowded, but they were small and I knew they didn't mind being crammed together like this.  They were most likely going to get a lot more intimate before the night was over anyway. 

When I went to my bedroom, I saw Dylan and Tyler waiting for me again.  "No!  I'm not going to wash you tonight," I stated without even waiting for them to say anything. 

"We weren't going to ask you to do that," Tyler replied.  "We've already taken our showers and just wanted to know if we can sleep with you again." 

I looked at them skeptically.  I couldn't help but suspect they had something up their sleeve and were trying to con me yet again. 

"We did that last night and I got more than I bargained for," I pointed out, while I glanced at each of their faces. 

"We won't do that tonight," Dylan promised.  "I just wanted to see what it would be like, but I didn't mean to make you mad." 

"I wasn't exactly mad, but I have told you numerous times that I didn't think it was right to do those things with you," I reiterated, much to his dismay. 

"I know, but I don't see why not," Dylan challenged.  "It's not like you're forcing us to do any of it.  We want to do it with you too, so it's different than the guys who force kids to do things like that." 

"Maybe in your mind and you might even be right about that, but it's not how the law would see it.  I just don't want to take the chance that something will happen and the authorities will end up taking Tyler, Marcus and Ethan away from me.  It would also mean I wouldn't see you or Justin again either." 

"I keep telling you nothing like that is gonna happen, but if I promise no funny business tonight, then will you let us sleep with you?" he continued. 

I studied his face for a while, to see if I could determine if he was being truthful this time.  He seemed to be sincere, so I hoped it was truly the case.  Even though I might have actually been subconsciously willing to accept his advances again, I was too afraid it would mess up what I had been doing with Tyler.  The more I thought about him, the more I considered that I might actually be falling in love with a 13-year-old boy. 

"Ok, as long as you promise no funny business tonight," I confirmed. 

"Can we all sleep naked again?" Dylan pressed, as he looked over to see my reaction. 

"Why do you want to do that, if you're not going to try anything this time?" I countered, since it made me suspicious. 

"I don't know.  It just seems better for some reason," he admitted.  "Maybe it's because it feels like I'm getting away with doing something my dad wouldn't approve of, but I just want to do it this way." 

"Fine, but any funny business and you'll leave immediately," I warned. 

"Yeah, I know, but you don't have to worry," he agreed. 

Once I went through my nightly ritual, I climbed into bed with them.  To my utter delight, neither one tried anything other than to snuggle with me.  I was really getting to love when they did this and actually missed it when they weren't around. 

When I awoke the following morning, I decided not to get up right away.  Instead, I laid motionless and merely enjoyed the closeness of two boys I had wrapped around me.  I glanced from one to the other and was overcome by how handsome they both were.  How in the world did I become so lucky as to have two adorable young men eager to love me this way? 

Even though I had done my best to try to keep them at bay, I had to admit that I actually enjoyed everything I had ever done with either one.  Maybe they were right.  Maybe I was being foolish by constantly turning them down.  In the past, I had never found myself attracted to anyone so much younger than myself, but now I had to admit that had definitely changed.  No matter how hard I tried to deny it, I was loving every moment I spent with these boys, especially Tyler. 

When they eventually woke up, I finally got out of bed and went downstairs to fix breakfast.  Even though I had slipped on some clothes first, that pair came down a few minutes later completely naked.  A little while after that, the other four came down the same way.  Andrew could hardly contain himself, since he was so excited seeing all of the fabulous boy meat swinging back and forth. 

After they'd finished eating, I sent them upstairs to get dressed.  I also told our three guests to get all of their things together and bring it all down with them.  I explained they weren't going home just yet, but I wanted them to store their gear in the foyer, so it would be ready for when it was time for them to leave later. 

When I asked what they wanted to do until then, no one had anything in particular to suggest.  Finally, the four younger ones said maybe we could go to the park so they could play on the playground equipment.  I was surprised when Dylan and Tyler agreed it would be fine with them too and they'd be happy to join us. 

When we got there, the older pair pushed the younger boys on the swings first and then they went on the teeter totter together, with two of the smaller boys seated on the other side from an older one.  I could tell the younger boys were enjoying this attention and I was having a good time just watching them interact.  After they finished doing that, they all made several trips to the top of the curly cue slide and then came barreling down it, one after the other. 

Dylan and Tyler also pushed the younger boys on the manual merry-go-round, but the two older boys also hopped on once it was going.  The boys all thought doing this was a blast, even though it made them all a little dizzy too.  They also spent some time on the monkey bars and even played on the little fort like structure that had been added in recent years.  They were all pretty much exhausted when I told them it was time to go home for lunch. 

To my surprise, the boys continued to talk about their time at the park while they were eating their meal.  Each one had his own observations about what they had done and some of their comments were hysterical, as well as enlightening.  It was also obvious that they'd all enjoyed it in their own way. 

After the boys cleaned off the table, I asked what they wanted to do next.  They finally agreed on watching a movie, but only if I joined them in the family room.  After we settled on what they wanted to see, Ethan and Andrew asked if they could sit on my lap, while Marcus and Justin leaned up tightly against me on either side.  Then, Tyler plopped down next to Justin and Dylan sat next to Marcus.  Both of the older boys then draped an arm over the younger boy's shoulder and touched me at the same time, while we all focused on the screen. 

It was a lovely and relaxing way to enjoy each other's company and it really seemed as if we were part of one big, happy family.  Shortly after the movie ended, I told our three visitors it was time for me to take them back to their parents.  They all groaned as soon as I'd said this, but then they realized it actually was time to return home.  They all thanked me and said they couldn't wait to do this again, as they grabbed their gear and followed me out to the Outback. 

I dropped Justin and Dylan off first.  When their mother asked if they'd had a good time, they both responded with a resounding 'yes'.  Cherie and Don just grinned at the boys' antics and thanked me or letting them spend so much time with us. 

When I took Andrew home, Sally invited us in for a few minutes, so the boys and I decided to join them for a while.  Andrew was busy telling his mother all about his weekend and she kept looking over at my three whenever Andrew mentioned that one of them had done something special with him, such as at the park or even at home.  He didn't tell her about any of the naked stuff though, so I was grateful for that. 

After an adequate amount of time with them, I told her I had to get going, because I had some things I needed to finish up on the computer before morning.  She thanked us for showing Andrew such a wonderful time and I told her I'd see her at the next practice.  We then said goodbye and I took the boys home. 

After dinner, the three of them went off to do their own thing, since they knew I had work to finish.  I only stopped when it approached time for our shower, but I had something else to do first and called all of the boys together. 

"I've thought long and hard about what I'm going to do about a fitting punishment for the broken window in the door," I began, and suddenly all three boys looked guilty again and tilted their heads toward their laps.  "I know it was just an accident, but it was one caused by not thinking things through first, so here's what I'm going to do.  I going to deduct whatever it costs to fix the door from the amount of money I was going to spend on you boys for Christmas.  I know that's a long time from now, but I won't forget and you'll end up getting a lot less than I'd planned to do for you.  If there are no further incidents between now and then, and you boys cooperate with everything else, then I may lessen the amount I deduct later.  It will all depend and what you boys do between now and then." 

They looked slightly relieved after hearing what I was going to do, since I was leaving them a chance to atone for their error, but they understood there was a price to pay for their lapse in judgment and carelessness.  Now that was settled, I took Ethan and Marcus upstairs to shower.  As I finished putting them to bed, Tyler came rushing over to ask a question. 

"Since you've told us how you're going to punish us, can I sleep with you again?" he wanted to know and I decided to make him squirm a little first, before I answered. 

"Don't you think you were more responsible for what happened and maybe should be punished more, seeing it was your idea?" I asked, while studying his face. 

"I feel terrible about what happened, so I won't ever do anything like that again, but please don't punish me by not letting me sleep with you," he replied.  "I've learned my lesson, so is my promise enough for you or not?" I pretended to think about it for a minute.  

"If you've truly learned your lesson, then I'll agree to let you do this tonight," I relented.  "However, if anything like that happens again, then you may find yourself banned permanently from my bed." 

The look on Tyler's face told me all I needed to know, because it convinced me he would never make a mistake like that again.  I was satisfied and finished getting ready for bed.  Once I slipped under the covers, Tyler cuddled up against me, but then he decided it was time to chat. 

"I'm glad you did that stuff with Dylan this weekend.  He was thrilled that you'd finally given in," he began. 

"I didn't really have a choice about some of it and I have a feeling you two conspired about doing it in advance," I added.  "I wasn't very happy with you for a while, because you kept putting me on the spot." 

"Ok, maybe we did talk about doing some of it first, but everything was fine and nothing will happen, just like we told you," Tyler shot back. 

"At least not yet," I challenged.  "So you don't mind that I did those things with Dylan?"

"Heck no!" he responded without hesitation.  "He's my best friend and I like it when he's happy too.  Besides, I know you like me best, so I don't mind if you do that stuff with him as well." 

"I wish I had your confidence about this, but I've been taking a chance since I first gave in to you," I stated.  "Adding Dylan to the mix just complicates the situation and makes it even riskier." 

"Don't worry.  We'd never do anything to mess up what we have right now," Tyler assured me, as he gave me a kiss and then put his head on my shoulder.  It was the last thing either of us said before we both drifted off to sleep.



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