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            The Guardian

Installment 23


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 45 – A Few Surprises. 

Now that Detective Jackson had explained the situation to me and I was alone with Tyler again, I spent the next few minutes brushing his hair with my fingers, as I attempted to make sure he looked good when the others arrived.  I also talked to Tyler and hoped he could hear me, at least on a subconscious level, so he'd know I was there for him and encouraging him to get better. 

I was still doing this when Dr. Flatow came by on his rounds a short time later.  We chatted briefly before he asked me to step out of the room for a while, so he could examine Tyler and determine how he was doing.  About fifteen minutes later, he came out to get me and filled me in on what he'd discovered. 

"His vital signs are good and he seems to be doing fine," Dr. Flatow explained.  "I'll leave word with the nurses and let them know that this afternoon we'll start reducing the dosage on his medications.  Once we do that, Tyler should slowly begin to regain consciousness and he should be completely alert a few hours later, tomorrow morning at the latest." 

"That would be fantastic," I commented, breathing a sigh of relief.  "So when will I be able to take him home?" 

"Not for a few more days," the doctor replied.  "If everything goes well, I might release him later in the week, but then he'll need to stay in bed for another couple of weeks after that." 

"That's terrific news!  I'll contact my boss at his home and request some time off from work," I announced.  "I plan on staying with Tyler until he's completely healed." 

"I'm glad your job might allow you to do that," Dr. Flatow stated.  "He'll need a helping hand or two during his recovery." 

"And I plan to be there to assist him with whatever he needs," I confirmed. 

Once the doctor left the room, I stood by the bed again and told Tyler everything Dr. Flatow and I had just discussed.  I wasn't sure if he heard or understood what Dr. Flatow and I had been discussing, because we hadn't always been close to his bed while we were speaking.  Doing this now was my attempt to get through to Tyler, because I wanted him to know we were doing everything possible and I needed him to return to me as soon as he could. 

After doing that for a while, I sat down in the chair again, since I didn't expect a reaction from him anytime soon.  I chatted with the nurses briefly whenever they came into the room to check on Tyler and they did their best to encourage me that everything would turn out fine.  I really appreciated their comforting and caring bedside manner. 

During one of their visits, I ran out to call my boss at home.  After I finished telling him what had happened, I asked if he'd allow me to take some time off.  He agreed to do whatever he could to make it possible and he'd allow me to use whatever days I had coming, both sick time and vacation days, so I'd get paid while I was doing this.  I thanked him for his help and stated that I'd call him at work on Monday, before I went to be with Tyler again.

I'm not sure what time it was, but I knew it must have been getting late when I looked up and saw Sally, Ethan and Andrew standing in the doorway.  I jumped up and greeted them, before leading all three in to see Tyler. 

"The others are in the waiting room, because the nurse would only let us enter three at a time," Sally informed me.  "They let us go first, since I wanted to take these two home so I could get them fed and ready for bed.  How's Tyler doing?" 

I looked down and noticed that Ethan and Andrew both looked really sad, but I could also tell that Ethan's eyes appeared red and puffy.  I assumed that was from crying, so I pulled him to me and gave him a hug, before reaching out and doing the same to Andrew.  While I was doing that, I explained the situation to Sally and thanked her for taking care of Ethan.

"I'm glad I can help, especially after everything you've done for Andrew," Sally responded.  "Just let me know if there's anything else I can do for you." 

I then led the three of them closer to Tyler's bed, because they all wanted to see him.  As we were standing there, I noticed that Ethan and Andrew both reach out and touch Tyler's arm, which I thought was sweet, but I also felt it might be their way to let Tyler know they were there for him. 

"Is Tyler gonna be alright?" Ethan asked, as he looked up at me with watery eyes.  I also noticed his lower lip was quivering slightly.  "He won't go to heaven with Mommy and Daddy, will he?" 

"No, kiddo, he won't do that," I said as passionately as I could, as I gave him another squeeze.  "The doctor says he'll recover and be the same Tyler he was before." 

Ethan flashed me a weak smile after I said this, but I could tell he was still worried.  I could see Andrew was equally concerned, as he looked up at me too, so I tousled their hair, gave them each one another hug, before kissing them both on the forehead.  I could see Sally smiling at us as I did this. 

After she and the little ones left, Cherie showed up with Dylan.  He had a pathetically pained expression on his face and looked as if he was about to burst into tears any moment.  I walked over and wrapped my arms around him, hoping it might help him feel a little better. 

"He's going to be fine," I assured him.  "It's just going to take a little more time for him to get back to normal, even after we get him home." 

"When will that be?" he quickly challenged. 

"The doctor said maybe by the end of the week, if everything goes well," I replied.  "He'll need to stay in bed for a couple of weeks after that, but I'm going to take some time off of work so I can stay home with him." 

"I want to stay with you then too," Dylan immediately informed me.  I glanced up at Cherie when he said this, to gauge her reaction. 

"That will be up to your parents," I told Dylan as I studied Cherie's face to see if I could tell what she was thinking.  After a brief pause, she finally spoke. 

"If you don't think he'll get in the way, then I'll convince Don to let him do it," she agreed. 

"That will be fine with me, because if he's there then I won't have to leave Tyler alone at any time," I confessed.  "I know Marcus and Ethan will help too, but I'm sure Tyler will want to see Dylan as well.  Tyler will also need some help getting to and from the bathroom and I don't think Marcus or Ethan are strong enough to support him or catch him if he starts to fall.  Dylan can stay with Tyler when I'm doing other things or he can watch over the other two for me whenever I'm taking care of Tyler." 

Cherie smiled and nodded her head in agreement, as she began to get Dylan to leave with her.  He wasn't anxious to go and did everything he could to stay a little longer, but she finally told him that the others were waiting to see Tyler too and couldn't do that until they left.  Dylan finally relented and went with her.  

A short time after they were gone, Don came in with Marcus and Justin.  Marcus looked a little better this time, as he handed me a duffle bag with the things I'd requested from home.  After I thanked him for doing that for me, I noticed Justin was looking scared and concerned too.  Although I felt Marcus had probably shared what I'd told him when he was there earlier, I felt I still needed to say something to Justin. 

"Don't worry.  Tyler's going to be fine.  It's just going to take a little time for that to happen," I advised him, as soothingly as I could.  He nodded his head that he understood, as Don handed me a container of food and a cup of coffee that he had been holding. 

"We felt you might be hungry," he stated simply as he gave me the items. 

"Let me pay you for this," I offered as I reached for my wallet. 

"No, Cherie and I owe you much more than this for everything you've done for us and our sons," he replied.  "It's something we want to do." 

After I thanked him, I filled him in on Tyler's condition as well, while Marcus and Justin went to stand by Tyler's bed. 

Once visiting hours were over and they had all gone home, I sat down in the chair so I could eat the food they brought me and drink the coffee, before I got settled in for the night.  After I grabbed the blanket the nurse had given me the night before, I pulled it over my body and attempted to get as comfortable as I could.  It wasn't the best place to sleep, but it would do, because I wasn't about to leave Tyler alone,  At least this way I could still get some rest and remain by his side.  If Tyler could survive this, then so could I. 

I woke up Sunday morning when one of the nurses came into the room to check on Tyler.  She apologized for waking me, but I told her I was ready to get up anyway.  The nurse didn't look as if she believed me, but then went about her business and left the room when she had finished.  Once she was gone, I grabbed the duffle bag Marcus had given me and walked down to the restroom to change and wash up. 

When I opened the bag, I was pleased to discover that Marcus had put a towel and washcloth in there for me as well, along with my shaving kit.  I only used the shaving kit when I went on trips so it was normally empty, but Marcus had placed my shaving cream, a razor, my hair brush, my toothbrush, a partially used tube of toothpaste, dental floss and deodorant in it for me.  I wasn't sure if putting all of those things in there had been his idea or if Don or Cherie had suggested including them, but I was grateful everything was there.  Marcus had also picked out three pairs of slacks and three polo shirts for me to choose from, along with three different color boxer briefs and three sets of fresh socks.  I guess he figured I was going to be here for a while. 

After I'd washed up, shaved and brushed my teeth and hair, I changed my clothes and headed back to the room.  I sat down in the chair beside the bed again and merely watched Tyler, hoping he would regain consciousness soon.  After doing this for a while, I placed my right arm on top of the bedrail, closed my eyes and rested my forehead against my arm.  I spent the next few minutes concentrating on everything that had happened thus far and thinking about what was still to come when I felt something touch the top of my head. 

I thought maybe one of the boys had returned, but when I looked around there was no one else in the room.  When I turned back toward the bed, I was astounded to see Tyler's eyes wide open, although it definitely looked as if he was scared.  I understood why this might be, since he wouldn't have recognized where he was, but he hadn't made a sound.  That was probably due to the tube in his throat that was helping him breathe. 

"You're in the hospital, but I'll explain everything to you in a few minutes," I rattled off, very excited.  "First, I want to go out and let the nurses know you're conscious, so someone can remove the tube from your throat." 

After saying this, I raced out to the nurse's station and told them the good news.  The nurse on duty said she'd page the doctor and have him come to Tyler's room, since she was certain he was somewhere in the hospital making his rounds.  I thanked her and then went back to be with my boy. 

I was in the process of explaining to Tyler that he'd been shot and the police had found the guilty party when the doctor strode in and joined us.  He had a huge smile on his face as he looked down at Tyler. 

"If your uncle will wait out in the hall for a few minutes, I'll remove that tube from your throat, as well as some of the other devices you're attached to," Dr. Flatow stated.  "I'm glad to see you're awake and alert." 

I did as he requested and shortly after I exited the room a nurse passed by and hurried inside to assist the doctor.  A short time later, she came out again and told me I could go in now, as she headed off to do something else.  As I entered, I overheard the doctor telling Tyler he shouldn't try to speak right away, before letting him know the nurse went to get a cup of ice chips so he could moisten his throat.  Tyler nodded and then gave me a quick wave and weak smile. 

"Things are looking good and Tyler appears to be doing fine," Dr. Flatow informed me.  "Try to keep him quiet for the next half hour or so, until he's had a chance to swallow the water from the ice chips." 

About that time the nurse returned and handed Tyler a cup.  She told him to only take a few ice chips at a time, until his throat started to feel a little better.  Tyler nodded that he understood and let a few of the ice chips enter his mouth.  The doctor and nurse both watched to see how he handled them and then the doctor patted me on the shoulder as the two of them turned and left the room. 

"I know it probably doesn't make any sense to you," I began, as I attempted to explain the situation to Tyler in more depth, "but you were struck by a stray bullet.  The doctor said you should recover fully, but it's going to take some time.  He advised me that you'll have to stay in bed for a while after we get you home and then you'll have to take it easy afterward as well, but you should be back to normal by the time school starts." 

"Baseball," Tyler whispered in a hoarse, raspy voice. 

"I'm afraid the summer league season is over for you, so let's just concentrate on getting you better," I told him.  "Everyone stopped by yesterday to see you, but I'm sure they'll be back a little later.  Dylan looks almost as bad as you did, since he was so worried about you." 

That news brought a slight smile to Tyler's face, since he knew his BFF was concerned about how he was doing.  Then, I began to tell him some of the other things the doctor had stated, along with telling him what Dylan had said about staying with us when he returned home.  That brought another smile to his face. 

I continued to sit with Tyler and filled him in about as much as I could, although I told him he shouldn't try to talk until the doctor or someone else said it was ok for him to do so.  He nodded in understanding and before long one of the nurses returned to check on him.  After she watched him swallow a few more ice chips, she told him he could talk briefly if he wanted, but not to overdo it.  She also said she'd have something soft delivered for him to eat, since she was sure he was probably starving.  Tyler nodded his head in agreement, thanked her and then turned toward me to speak.

"The coach had just called for us to come in when I felt a sharp pain in my chest.  I remember falling, but nothing else," he stated in a hoarse whisper. 

"Let's just be grateful it didn't cause more serious damage and now we'll put all of our energy into getting you healthy again," I informed him and Tyler nodded in agreement. 

A short time later, an orderly showed up with a tray for Tyler, so I excused myself and went to see if I could get the television in his room connected while he was eating.  At least that would give us something to do while we were there, since Tyler wasn't supposed to talk very much. 

When I returned after doing this, I found Sally, Andrew and Ethan there chatting with Tyler.  He was assuring them that he was doing fine and would be home soon.  Sally also handed me a container with my breakfast in it, along with a cup of coffee. 

"I picked this up at the diner and Ann said she knew you would enjoy it," she stated, as I took it from her. 

"Please let me pay you for this," I offered, since I knew Sally couldn't afford to buy my meals too. 

"It's not necessary," she assured me.  "Although I stopped at the diner to get it, Ann and her boss were the ones that sent it to you.  They told me to tell you it was their way of helping out and letting you know that they cared about your family and hoped Tyler got better soon." 

I thought that was very nice of them, so I told Sally I'd have to thank them both later.  She and the boys spent the next few minutes chatting with Tyler, while I filled my belly.  Once I'd finished, I pulled Sally aside and talked to her in private for a couple of minutes.  I used the opportunity to thank her for everything she'd done so far and to let her know how I was going to handle things from here on out. 

Sally and the boys stayed for about an hour, but then left when Cherie and her crew showed up.  Cherie had checked with the nurses first to see if all four of them could visit at the same time and was told that would be fine.  Since she had their approval, Cherie brought Dylan, Justin and Marcus into the room with her. 

Dylan immediately raced over to the bed and told Tyler how worried he'd been about him.  I think he must have forgotten his mother was there, because it looked as if he was nearly ready to bend down and kiss Tyler, but he caught himself at the last second.  Instead of doing that, he whispered something into Tyler's ear, but none of us could hear what was said.  It must have been good though, because a grin quickly formed on Tyler's lips and it almost appeared as if he had to stop himself from bursting out laughing.  If we were lucky, Cherie wouldn't get suspicious about what almost happened or what that pair was up to. 

They stayed for about an hour as well and then left so Tyler could get some rest.  While they were there, the boys filled Tyler in about their games and Dylan told him the rest of the team and Coach Washington had been asking about him and hoped he got better soon.  That made Tyler smile as well. 

While the boys were keeping Tyler occupied, I motioned for Cherie to step out in the hall with me so we could speak in private.  Once we were alone, I decided to let her know how I was going to handle the situation until Tyler was released. 

"I spoke with my boss and he's going to allow me to take some time off from work until Tyler is better.  I've already told Sally about this as well, but since Tyler is improving I no longer feel I need to stay with him overnight.  I'll leave when visiting hours are over and then drop by to pick the boys up.  They can stay with me overnight and then after I feed them breakfast in the morning, I'll send them next door to spend time with Brenda Riordan while I come back here to be with Tyler. 

"I'll go home again later to feed them dinner and make sure they're ready for when you and Sally pick them up, if they have a practice or game," I continued.  "If that's the case, then I'll stop by and collect them again on my way home, but if they don't have anything going on then I'll just bring them here with me when I come back to visit Tyler.  Then, we'll stay until visiting hours are over before heading home again." 

"Are you sure you want to do that?" she asked, while giving me a questioning look.  "Sally and I don't mind taking care of the boys for you." 

"I know you don't, but they need me as much as Tyler does, so I want to make sure we have some time together each day as well," I explained.  Cherie merely nodded her head to indicate she understood. 

"Ok, I can appreciate that too, but don't be afraid to call on us if you need anything else," she added, to let me know I could still depend on them. 

I thanked her and then we went back into the room with the boys.  I'm not sure if they even noticed we had been missing, because they merely continued their conversation and didn't say anything to either of us.  That was ok though, because at least we didn't have to answer any questions about what we'd been doing. 

After they left, I sat down and explained the situation to Tyler too, so he'd know what I was planning to do.  He was fine with the idea and said he knew Ethan and Marcus needed me too, but he also realized I'd be there with him as much as I could.  He was also impressed that I'd planned to take time off from work until he was better. 

"You know, I heard you praying before and asking God to help me get better," Tyler announced, shocking me. 

"I don't think so," I countered, not knowing what else to say.

"You did too!  I heard you!" Tyler shot back.  "You told God you loved me and that you'd do whatever it took to make me happy." 

"I think you must have dreamt that while you were under the medication," I offered.  I wasn't sure why I was reluctant to tell him that he'd heard me correctly, other than I thought he might use it to start pushing for me to give in more than I was prepared to do, especially about the sex.  He looked at me oddly after hearing my answer, but then he offered one parting shot, before letting the subject drop.  

"I don't know why your being so stubborn, but I know that's what you did," he said, sounding slightly disappointed.  "I love you too and I want to make you happy as well."  Hearing this made me feel slightly guilty about not admitting it to him.  Maybe I'll do it later. 

Throughout the day, some of Tyler's teammates stopped by, both from his summer league and school teams.  They all expressed their concern and told him they hoped he got better again soon, but his summer league teammates were somewhat disappointed to learn that he wouldn't be able to rejoin them and finish the season.  Tyler assured them that he would come with me to watch as many of the games as he could, once the doctor told him it was ok, so that made them feel a little better. 

Curtis, in particular, seemed to be the most concerned about Tyler.  They played on both teams together and Curtis promised he'd do his best to help make up for Tyler's not being able to play the rest of the summer season.  He also said he'd stop by to visit from time to time, either here or at home, which seemed to mean a lot to Tyler.  We both thanked Curtis before he left. 

When visiting hours ended, I went to pick up Marcus and Ethan, so I could take them home with me.  While we were in the car, I felt I needed to apologize to them.

"I'm sorry that I haven't been there for you two for the past couple of days," I began.  "However, I plan on spending part of my time with you from now on, even though I'll be with Tyler the rest of the day." 

"It's ok," Marcus assured me.  "Tyler needed you more and we were ok staying with Aunt Cherie and Aunt Sally." 

"Yeah, it was kinda fun being with Andrew, but I was worried about Tyler too," Ethan chimed in.  "And you don't got to worry.  Me and Andrew didn't play with each other's pee-pees while we were with his mommy." 

"I'm glad to hear that," I told him, as I chuckled internally.  "But I still feel guilty about not being with you for the past couple of days."

"It's ok.  We know you would have done the same for us, if me or Ethan was in the hospital," Marcus added, to let me know they realized I hadn't just done this for Tyler.  "That's why we all love you and you don't got to 'splain nutin'."

"I'm glad you both realize that, but I'll still try to do something special for you as well, to make up for not being with you very much," I confirmed. 

"Can we sleep with you tonight?" Ethan quickly piped up from the backseat. 

"I think that would be an excellent idea, because I've definitely missed you boys and would love to cuddle with you," I quickly answered.  I looked over at Marcus and then glanced in the rearview mirror at Ethan and saw both boys were smiling in response. 

When we got to the house a few minutes later, I spent some time with the pair in the family room first, before we went upstairs to take our shower together.  They were both very affectionate tonight and sat tightly against my side as we watched TV.  They also hugged me after we'd showered and then wrapped their arms across my chest once we were in bed together.  It was nice to see they needed and appreciated me as well. 

When we woke up the following morning, we all got dressed and I led the boys downstairs to fix breakfast.  After we ate, I spent a little more time with them alone, before I took them over to the Riordan's house.  Brenda wanted to know how Tyler was doing, because she'd heard about what happened on the news, but she also offered to do whatever she could to help out. 

After thanking her for the offer, I explained Tyler's situation and told her how I was going to work everything out until he was home again.  I also told her that I'd be staying home with him while he was recuperating, so all of the boys would be staying with me during that time.  She was fine with the idea and offered to help out whenever I needed her, so I told her I'd probably be in contact whenever Tyler had a doctor's appointment. 

After I got to the hospital, I stayed with Tyler for the rest of the morning and afternoon.  He fell asleep a few times while I was there, but I knew it was good for him and merely spent my time watching television until he woke up again.  When he was lucid, he used the time to clear up a lot of things with me. 

"This isn't going to keep me from playing sports or being able to do other stuff from now on, is it?" he wanted to know. 

"No, it shouldn't, although we will have to wait until you are completely healed to be certain," I responded.  "The doctor said he expects you will be able to do everything you did before, just not right away." 

"I don't play a fall sport, but I was hoping to try out for the basketball team this year," he stated with a hopeful expression on his face.  "I'll still be able to do that, right?" 

"Yes, you should be able to play basketball, if the doctor says it's ok," I agreed.  "If I remember correctly, basketball tryouts don't start until November, so it will give you nearly five months to recover.  That should be plenty of time for you to heal and you shouldn't have any restrictions by then." 

"Great, because Dylan and I have talked about playing this year," Tyler informed me.  "But I'll be ok for baseball too, won't I?" 

"Yes, I don't see any problem with you doing that either," I confirmed.  "You can ask the doctor when he releases you to go home from here, but I'm fairly confident he'll tell you the same thing." 

"Good.  I was a little worried about that," he admitted, before releasing a mild sigh of relief. 

"What about the other stuff, you know like I do with Dylan?" he asked, while giving me a wink to let me know he also meant the things he did and wanted to do with me as well.

"You'll probably need to take it a little easy with how much you do or how acrobatic you get," I replied, while making a little joke out of the situation.  "But overall, I suspect you won't need to give that up either."

"Super! I'm really glad, because I was worried about that too," he agreed, while releasing another mild sigh.

When I got ready to leave later, I told Tyler I was going to pick up his brothers and take them out to eat.  After that I'd bring them back with me so they could visit with him, if they didn't have a practice or a game.  Tyler seemed to like that idea, but he had something else in mind as well. 

"Do you think maybe you could bring Dylan back with you too?" 

"I'll call Cherie and Sally to check and see who has what this evening, but if Dylan is free then I'll ask his mother if she'd mind if I brought him back with me tonight," I agreed. 

"Yeah, I forgot he might have a practice or a game, but bring him with you if he doesn't," he urged, as he made a face somewhere between mild disappointment and pleading with me to do what I could.  

When I picked up Ethan and Marcus later, I explained that I'd decided to take them out to eat at the diner, rather than fixing something at home.  They had no problem with doing this, but before we left the house I called Sally and Cherie to see what was up.  Sally told me Ethan and Andrew didn't have anything scheduled for tonight, but they had a practice the following evening.  I thanked her for filling me in and then she agreed to pick Ethan up at our place tomorrow and take him to practice for me, so I wouldn't have to do it.  I thanked her again and agreed to pick Ethan up at her place after visiting hours ended. 

I called Cherie next and she informed me both Marcus and Dylan had practices later.  Marcus also had a game the following day, but Dylan only had a practice.  His game was the day after that.  Since he was so busy, I asked her if I could pick Dylan up in the morning and bring him with me, since Tyler wanted to see him.  She said that would be fine, so I told her I'd give her a quick buzz before I headed over the following morning to pick him up.

Once that had been taken care of, the boys and I hopped in the car and I drove over to the diner to eat.  As soon as we walked though the door, Ann came rushing over to greet us.  Ethan and Marcus immediately said, "Hi, Auntie Ann," and she gave them both a quick kiss and hug before turning toward me.

"How's Tyler doing?" she wanted to know.  "Sally told me what happened, but how is he doing now?" 

"He was very lucky the bullet didn't do any more damage than it did," I began.  "The only vital organ it hit was the left lung and the surgeon was able to patch everything up.  He says Tyler should be fine, once he's had enough time to heal." 

"I'm glad to hear that," she quickly confirmed. 

"And I'd like to thank you and your boss for sending me breakfast while I stayed with him," I offered.  "It hit the spot and was delicious.  It was very thoughtful of both of you." 

"It was our pleasure," she responded.  "My boss really likes you and your boys, so he was extremely upset when he heard the news.  As soon as he knew what had happened, he told me to tell my sister to stop by anytime she was going to head over to the hospital so we could send you something to eat." 

"That was very generous of him," I replied, as I saw the manager moving in our direction. 

Once I'd filled him in on Tyler's condition and thanked him for what he'd done as well, he made his own observations. 

"I've come to think of you and the boys as family, so it was the least I could do," he told me.  "Feel free to stop in as often as you need to until he gets home, because I doubt you'll want to spend what little free time you have fixing meals.  We will take good care of you and you won't have to worry about the expense.  That will be my concern." 

"Although I appreciate your offer, I don't want to take advantage of your generosity," I replied.  "Allowing us to use the employee discount is more than enough help for now." 

"Nonsense and tonight is on me," he stated, quite emphatically.  "You just take care of those boys and we'll help however we can." 

I thanked him again as the boys and I enjoyed our meals.  Even though I asked Ann for a check when we finished, she merely winked and said it had been taken care of.  I knew arguing the point would be useless, but I had a question for her. 

"How can your boss do this without getting in trouble?" I wondered, since this must be costing the business quite a bit of money.  Ann glanced around before she answered.

"Hardly anyone else knows this, but he's really the owner," she confided in me.  "He doesn't like other people to know, so he tells everyone he's the manager." 

That made a lot more sense to me, because he didn't have to answer for his actions to anyone else.  Since I didn't have a bill to pay, I left Ann a decent tip instead.  After we left the diner, I dropped Marcus off at the Cochran's house and Ethan and I headed to the hospital. 

Tyler was glad to see Ethan, but he was slightly disappointed that Marcus and Dylan weren't with us.  I immediately explained that I was going to pick Dylan up in the morning and he would be coming with me then.  I'd also told him I'd bring Ethan and Marcus back with me after lunch, and this news made Tyler feel a lot better. 

I let Ethan and Tyler do most of the talking that evening, since Ethan wanted to tell his brother about everything he'd been doing since he'd last seen Tyler.  He hadn't been able to tell Tyler much the last time they were together, seeing there were others there as well, so now he filled him in about staying with Andrew and Aunt Sally.  He also told Tyler about his and Marcus' last games and explained that they'd both won.  Tyler said he was glad they were doing so well and he was proud of them.  That made Ethan's chest swell out, since he had just received his big brother's approval. 

When we left later, I drove to the Cochran's house to pick up Marcus.  I was mildly surprised when Dylan asked if he could spend the night with us, because I thought he'd just be excited that I'd promised to take him with me in the morning.  He said if he was at our house it would prevent me from having to come get him in the morning, but then he added in a whisper that he wanted to speak with me about a few other things too.  After I'd talked it over with his parents, they finally agreed to let him do this, so I waited a few more minutes while he quickly packed a duffel bag to bring with him. 

Once we reached the house, I showered quickly with Ethan and Marcus and put them to bed.  Dylan was just coming out of the shower when I returned to my bedroom and he gave me a cocky smirk. 

"I hope you know I'm planning on sleeping with you tonight," he announced smugly.  "I've missed having you or Tyler to snuggle with over the weekend, so I want to make up for it now." 

"I think I will enjoy it too, since I didn't have you or Tyler to cuddle with either," I confessed.  "Marcus and Ethan slept with me, but it wasn't quite the same." 

"Well I'm kinda looking forward to having you all to myself," Dylan stated, which immediately brought a few questions to my mind.  I didn't think about it for very long though, since it was time for us to hop into bed. 

Before we did that, however, I told Dylan to put on his underwear first, which he wasn't happy about.  He insisted that he'd slept with me naked before so it should be all right to do it again, but I told him I thought it would be best if he put something on, since we were alone this time.  Reluctantly, he finally gave in and did as I'd asked.  Then he snuggled against me as he normally would have and we settled in for the night. 

Even though I was tired, I didn't nod off right away.  My mind was going over a lot of different things and I think my restless behavior kept Dylan awake too.  He kissed me on the cheek a handful of different times and I felt him squeeze me slightly, since he had his arm laying across my chest, but he never spoke.  It was possible he was concerned that he might wake me again if I'd finally started to drift off, but I couldn't be positive about what he was thinking.  Either way, I was grateful for his concern and eventually dozed off. 



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 46 – The Aftermath. 

Dylan had stayed over to keep me company and was sharing my bed again, so I wasn't sure if that was why I experienced some very powerful sexual dreams that evening.  I was in the midst of a very vivid and graphic encounter with Tyler when I suddenly started to drift into consciousness and became aware that my penis was about ready to explode.  Since I was partially awake and convinced I was about to have a nocturnal emission, I was going to do whatever I could to keep from making a mess.  With that in mind, I felt the best plan would be to get up and run to the toilet. 

After forcing myself to completely wake up, I was just about to head to the master bath so I could take care of the situation, but I didn't quite make it.  As soon as I opened my eyes, I realized this wasn't a dream at all.  Dylan had obviously fished my penis out of my boxer briefs and was giving me a wonderful blowjob.  Before I was able to speak though, my penis erupted into his mouth. 

It took a few minutes for me to recover from this very powerful release, but when I found my tongue again, I decided to confront Dylan about this. 

"What in the hell do you think you're doing?" I shouted, more loudly and harshly than I'd planned.  This caused Dylan to pull his mouth off of my penis and glance up at me with a guilty expression plastered across his face.  There was also some of my semen dripping from the corner of his lips. 

"I could tell you were having trouble falling asleep and you were really restless, because you kept moving all around on the bed.  I just thought doing this would help you calm down so you could finally get some rest.  I figured if I could help you relax, then you would be able to sleep a lot better afterward, so I just kinda did it," he answered, while trying to convince me of his sincerity.  "You've been so worried about Tyler that I knew you haven't been taking very good care of yourself or getting enough sleep, so I just wanted to make sure you slept well tonight." 

I realized he was being completely truthful, because I saw the concern and sincerity in his eyes.  Since I understood he was only trying to do a good deed, I didn't want to come down too hard on him and quickly considered how I was going to respond. 

"Ok, I can tell you were only trying to help out, but just don't do anything like that again," I stated, as he began to relax slightly.  "Even though you were only trying to do a good deed this time, I also know you've wanted to do that for quite some time.  Now that you've had your chance, just don't try it again and I'll let this slide for now." 

"Thanks," he quickly responded, "but that's only part of what I've wanted to do with you."  His comment caused me to study his face, as I considered what he meant by this remark.  After a few seconds, I responded. 

"I take it you mean that you were thinking I'd return the favor," I shot back after reaching my conclusion.  He merely nodded his head in agreement. 

"Yeah, I was hoping you'd do me a solid too," he confirmed. 

Dylan then hung his head slightly, since he was afraid of how I was going to react.  I glanced over at him and noticed that he currently had the demeanor of a whipped puppy, which made me feel badly about how harshly I had first responded to what he'd done.  It also helped me to make my decision.

"Well I suppose that since I'm letting this go, it probably would be all right to give you what you want as well.  It's just a one-time deal though, so don't plan on trying this again." 

After hearing what I'd just said, Dylan suddenly perked up and began to excitedly bounce up and down on the mattress in anticipation.  He also quickly agreed to my demand that he not try anything like this again.  As for me, I wasn't sure if I was actually doing this for him or just fulfilling my own inner need.  There was also the possibility that I was subconsciously using Dylan as a surrogate and pretending I was doing this with Tyler.  Either way, Dylan was thrilled and definitely satisfied that I was going to finally give in.  He was also hurriedly removing his briefs to get ready. 

As I rolled over in his direction to get started, he reached over, grabbed my neck and pulled my head toward him.  Then, he placed his lips over mine and gave me a very sensual kiss.  When I felt his tongue pressing against my lips, I didn't fight him and parted them slightly.  I then tongue dueled with him for a minute, much to his surprise and delight.  After I finally pulled away, I moved lower and got ready to attack his penis. 

Dylan was already very aroused and I wasn't sure if this had happened while he was servicing me or if it came about due to our kiss.  Either way, I wouldn't have to exert any effort to get him hard, so I began running my tongue up and down his shaft.  After doing that for a short time, I moved a little lower and began working on his scrotum too. 

Dylan eagerly let me have complete access to the area and cooed, moaned and sighed as I worked on him.  When I began to bob my head up and down on his rigid pole, he energetically mirrored my efforts and his hips bounced up and down on the bed.  Although I was trying to take it slowly and draw this out so it would last for a while, Dylan seemed to be in a hurry.  He was totally focused on and enthusiastically responding to his desire to climax, so I didn't fight him on this either. 

With his mind focused on the final goal, Dylan initiated a slightly more aggressive tempo than I was using, so I gave in and did what he wanted.  It wasn't long after that before his hot boy seed was gushing into my mouth and flowing down my throat.  He bucked a few more times after I felt the last blast hit the back of my throat and then he collapsed on the bed, completely spent. 

"Thank you!  That was really great!" he gushed a few seconds later, after he'd recovered.  A huge smile had completely spread across his face and he was absolutely glowing as he continued.  "Thank you for finally doing this with me.  It's something I will always remember." 

"You're welcome and I enjoyed it too," I confessed as he sat up and hugged me. 

When I looked over at the clock, I noticed it was just a little after midnight, so I knew we needed to get back to sleep.  After using the bathroom and grabbing a quick drink, we got back into bed together.  This time Dylan didn't bother to put his underwear on and I didn't see any sense in mentioning it to him either.  He just cuddled up against me again and we soon fell asleep.  I have to admit that not only did I nod off quickly this time, but I also slept very soundly for the rest of the night.  

When we woke up Tuesday morning, I had Dylan dress quickly and then I went over to wake the younger boys.  Once I fed them all breakfast, I told Dylan to go upstairs and get his things, while I explained to Ethan and Marcus that they were to go over to the Riordans and spend the day there.  The younger boys quickly began to argue with me and complain about not being allowed to go too.  They weren't happy that I was letting Dylan go, but not them, and they let me know this in no uncertain terms.  Once they finished, I explained that they'd had a chance to spend time alone with Tyler previously and now Dylan needed the same opportunity. 

Since Marcus hadn't gone with Ethan and me to see Tyler the previous evening, he wasn't buying my argument.  He was still arguing with me, so I appeased him by promising that I would pick them both up in the afternoon and take them to the hospital for a while then.  That way they could spend some more time with their brother, since they both had something going on later.  Obviously, Ethan hadn't heard or didn't remember that I had told Tyler last night that I'd bring his brothers with me when I came back the following afternoon, so it seemed to satisfy him too.  Now that this had been settled, I walked the pair next door and spent a few minutes explaining my plans to Brenda Riordan. 

When I finished with her, I returned to the house and made sure Dylan was ready to leave.  He was not only ready, but he was extremely anxious to get going as well.  This was fairly obvious, because he practically shoved me out the door and then literally pushed me down the sidewalk, toward the car.  He apparently wanted to have as much time as possible to spend with Tyler. 

Tyler was just as thrilled to see Dylan when we got there, so I gave the boys some time to be alone, while I went to the nurse's station to see if I could get any further updates about how Tyler was doing.  They shared a little more information with me and explained he seemed to be doing very well, so they thought he should be able to go home before the weekend.  It made me feel good hearing this and I thanked them for everything they'd done for Tyler while he had been there. 

When I got back to the room, Tyler smiled at me as I walked in and then spoke.  "Dylan said he stayed with you last night," he announced and I could immediately tell that Dylan had divulged slightly more than just that bit of news. 

"Yes, he did, because he wanted to come with me to visit you this morning," I agreed, curious to see what Tyler was going to say next. 

"So did you have a good time together?" Tyler followed, and although I knew what he was getting, I wasn't about to give in to him quite so easily. 

"It was nice having him stay over," I agreed.  "I'd missed not having him around." 

"Is that all?" Tyler asked with a smirk on his face, not willing to let up. 

"Pretty much.  I can't think of anything else off the top of my head," I replied, knowing this would frustrate him slightly. 

"I wasn't thinking quite that high up, but I'm glad you two spent some time together," he responded, since he had concluded I wasn't going to respond as he wanted. 

During our little conversation, Dylan kept glancing between Tyler and me, and I could see he was trying to stifle the urge to laugh over our exchange.  I had no doubt that he'd told Tyler exactly what we'd done, but it didn't bother me.  I had already concluded that he would mention it to Tyler and I didn't have a problem with him doing so, as long as it didn't go any further.  However, I wasn't about to confirm it to Tyler in a public place, since I was slightly concerned that someone might overhear us.  Tyler was smart enough to let the subject drop, but I knew the questions would begin again once we got home. 

I let Tyler and Dylan do most of the talking throughout the morning and merely sat in the chair beside the bed and listened to them.  Dylan surprised me when he plopped down in my lap at one point, and even though I offered to get up and let him have the chair, he said he was fine and liked doing it this way better.  I wondered what the nurses were thinking as they wandered in and out, but we did nothing else to make them suspicious and none of them ever said anything. 

As it got closer to noon, I told Dylan I'd take him home, because I'd promise to pick up Ethan and Marcus so they could have some time with their brother too.  They both were busy this evening, so it was the only time they'd have to do this, and Dylan understood.  He also made me promise to let him come back with me again the following day, which I readily agreed to do. 

After we were in the car, Dylan finally confessed what he'd done.  "I guess you figured out that I told Tyler about last night," he began, as he looked at me sheepishly. 

"No!  Really?  Tyler never let on!" I teased, while studying his reaction for a few seconds and then I got serious again.  "Of course I'd come to that conclusion, although I hope you didn't do it loudly enough for anyone else to hear." 

"Oh, no!" he exclaimed, as a look of horror crossed his face.  "I whispered it in Tyler's ear.  I'm not stupid you know." 

"I know and I was almost positive you had taken the appropriate precautions," I agreed, "but I know sometimes you boys can become so excited that you temporarily forget about things like that." 

"No, I was really careful about doing it," he reiterated.  "Tyler was really happy that we did it though." 

"I could tell that too," I confessed.  "It was pretty obvious from the way he was trying to get me to react to what you'd told him." 

"Yeah, that was kinda funny," he agreed. 

When I dropped Dylan off at his house, I assured him that I'd pick him up in the morning and I'd call first to let him know I was on the way.  He thanked me and said he would see me then, before he grabbed his bag out of the back seat, raced to his front door and went inside.   

I then drove over to the Riordans, picked up Ethan and Marcus and took them to Subway for lunch before heading over to the hospital again.  Once we got there, I let the boys dominate most of the time with Tyler and direct the conversation, since I'd be alone with him later, when the boys were busy with baseball.  Ethan only had practice, but Marcus had a game. 

When it got close to dinnertime, we all said goodbye to Tyler and I told him I'd be back a little later.  He was fine with that, so I took the other two home and began to fix dinner.  While I was doing that, Marcus went upstairs to change into his uniform and both boys gathered up the things they were planning to take with them.  This way they'd be ready when Sally and the Cochran's dropped by to pick them up. 

While we were eating, Marcus told me about the team they were going to be playing.  He also said he'd fill me in about how they did later, since he knew I wasn't going to be there.  I told him I was sorry about missing another game, but he assured me it was fine and he knew Tyler needed me more, so he wouldn't be all alone.  I thanked him for his understanding. 

When Cherie pulled into our driveway, I walked Marcus out and thanked her for doing this.  I also told her I'd stop by their house on the way home from the hospital and pick him up, so she told me that would be fine. 

Sally showed up shortly after the Cochrans drove away, so she could take Ethan for me.  She and Andrew both chatted with me for a couple of minutes, but then she announced they had to get going.  I told her I'd pick Ethan up after visiting hours were over and she offered to have him stay over, if it would help.  That's when I explained to her that I wanted to spend some time with Ethan and Marcus later, because they still needed me too.  She was fine with that, so I reiterated that I'd drop by to pick him up after I left the hospital.  

Once they drove away, I went back into the house and cleaned up the remaining mess from dinner, since I didn't want to leave it until later.  Then, I drove over to the hospital and headed up to Tyler's room.  He was all smiles when I entered and very anxious to talk about what Dylan and I had done.  I quickly informed him that I thought that particular conversation would be better left until after he got home.  After some minor disagreement about this, he reluctantly gave in, since he understood my concerns.  However, it didn't stop him from whispering to me that Dylan had shared a few of the details with him. 

Once that was out of the way, we finally settled on watching a Braves game together on TV.  While we were doing that, Tyler asked when he'd be able to go to see his brothers' and Dylan's games.  I told him it wouldn't be for a while, at least not until the doctor released him from bed rest after he got home, which caused him to groan.  He knew he couldn't play, but he was hoping he'd at least be able to attend the other boys' games. 

Visiting hours ended before the game did, so I kissed Tyler on the forehead, told him I'd see him in the morning and left him watching the rest of the game alone.  He assured me the nurses wouldn't mind, as long as he didn't get too excited. 

I drove directly to Sally's house first and picked up Ethan and then I headed over to the Cochrans' house to pick up Marcus.  Once I was there, Dylan announced that he wanted to come with us too, since I'd promised he could go with me to the hospital in the morning.  He insisted he was doing this so I wouldn't have to drive over and pick him up in the morning, but I was a little leery about saying yes, especially after what he'd done the previous night. 

To my surprise, his parents thought it was a good idea too, since it would save me from making another trip over there.  Since they thought it would make it easier on me, they gave Dylan their consent right away.  Seeing I didn't want to give them the impression that Dylan had done anything wrong when he stayed with me the previous night, I agreed it would be fine.  Dylan was thrilled when he heard this and raced up to his bedroom to grab a few things.

While we were waiting for him to return, Don and Cherie offered to have Ethan and Marcus spend the night there and said I could pick the boys up when I dropped Dylan off the following day.  I thanked them for the offer, but pointed out that neither one had the things they needed with them, such as their pajamas or a change of clothes.  Cherie said she wished they would have thought about doing this when they picked Marcus up earlier and added they would keep it in mind for the future. 

After Dylan came shooting down the stairs again, ready to join us, we said goodnight to his parents and got into the car.  After I had all of the boys buckled in, we headed home.  I was watching Dylan out of the corner of my eye, to see if I could figure out if he was trying to hatch a plan for later, but he was busy chatting with Marcus about the game.  I considered maybe I had misread his intentions for wanting to stay over again, but I would remain on my toes for the rest of the night. 

Once we got home, I told Ethan and Marcus to go upstairs and get ready to take their shower and I'd be right there.  It was what I would have normally done and didn't consider how Dylan might react, but I probably should have, considering what he said next.  Before Marcus and Ethan left to go to their rooms to get ready, Dylan looked at me and made the following comment. 

"Since you're going to shower with them, what if I join you?  Then we can all shower together." he suggested and warning bells went off in my head.  Unfortunately, I saw the two little ones' faces light up. 

"Yeah, that'll be fun!" Ethan squealed all excited. 

"But just to shower," I quickly added, in order to stem any ideas they might have about doing more.  Although each one flashed me a semi-dirty look, they all agreed and we headed upstairs. 

Of course, all of the boys wanted me to wash them and then they did the same to me.  They were good about it, although Marcus and Dylan both got erections when I washed them.  Ethan was disappointed that he couldn't play with Dylan's boner, but he got over that fairly quickly, so I dried them off and tucked them in bed.  He was asleep in hardly any time at all. 

When I went back to my bedroom, I found Dylan waiting for me.  He had the towel wrapped around his waist and was sitting on the foot of my bed. 

"Can I sleep with you again tonight?" he asked, although he didn't display the same cocky assuredness of the night before. 

"I don't know, after the stunt you pulled last night," I replied.  "I'm not sure if I can trust you again." 

"I just wanted to help you relax and see what it was like doing it with you, but I promise I won't do it again tonight, if you really don't want me to," he added as he mimicked the same pleading look Tyler always gave me when he wanted to get his way.  "I wouldn't mind if you wanted to do something though, because I think you saw I could use it when I boned up in the shower." 

"You ALWAYS bone up like that, but I don't think it always means you need to get off," I countered, in an effort to burst his bubble. 

"Actually, it does," he shot back without hesitation.  "I usually get off three or four times a day, but because I was with you this morning and then my mom wanted my help when I got home, I never got the chance.  Then I went to practice and then over to watch the end of Marcus and Justin's game afterward, so I haven't done anything since I got off with you last night." 

"Then I'll give you some time to take care of your problem," I offered, as I turned to leave the bedroom. 

"Please!  It feels a lot better when you help me," he whined, as he gave me that same damn puppy dog face.  He also stood up and began walking toward me and his towel 'accidentally' fell off before he wrapped his arms around my chest and gave me a hug. 

"I know you want to," he stated, as he tilted his head up to look me in the eye.  Then he started covering my face with tender little kisses.  "We can help each other again and then we'll both sleep better." 

"What if I just masturbate you," I suggested as a compromise, since he was wearing me down. 

"Aw, come on.  You know what we did last night is a whole lot better," he pleaded, as he kissed me some more.  "You did me a solid last night, so just do another one for me now."

"Has Tyler been giving you lessons on how to get to me?" I asked without thinking and Dylan's eyes shot wide open. 

"So you do this with Tyler too?" he squealed, thinking he had figured something out. 

"No, I just meant when he wants to convince me to let him do something or he wants me to take him some place," I countered, although I wasn't sure how effectively.  "He does many of the same things you just did when he wants to get his way too." 

"Did it work?" Dylan responded, as he gave me a look that said he was sure I'd been doing this with Tyler too.  However, I wasn't about to confirm anything. 

"Maybe, but it might be the last time I let you stay over so you can go with me to visit Tyler the next morning," I answered.  "I might also have to rethink the idea of letting you stay with us while he's doing bed rest at home too." 

"No!  You can't do that!" he gasped and I could see the panic in his eyes.  "I'd rather not do anything tonight then, if it means you're not going to let me stay here and help with Tyler, but I know you really don't mean it.  Do you?" 

His eyes were boring into me, as he nervously shifted his weight from one leg to the other and awaited my answer.  Seeing him react this way made me feel badly, because it was almost as if I was torturing him.  Even though I didn't feel quite the same way about him as I did about Tyler, I still liked Dylan a lot and didn't want to hurt him.  Hesitantly, I responded. 

"If you want, I'll suck you off and then we can go to sleep," I offered, giving in yet again.  He was obviously sexually active and had been the one to initiate this, not me, so it's not like I was forcing him to do something he wasn't interested in. 

"You got to let me do it to you too!" he quickly countered, nearly jumping up and down in anticipation as he said it.  "You know I can handle you and I really want to do that too." 

As I quickly thought about it, I realized it was something I would enjoy as well.  Since doing this would be at his insistence and he had already done it with me once, what harm would there be in giving in to him again?  After a brief delay, I finally responded. 

"I hope this doesn't come back to kick me in the balls or bite me in the ass later, but ok," I confirmed.  "I'll do you first, since you look like you're ready to explode, and then you can do me, that is if you still want to.  It will be totally up to you." 

Dylan hugged me again and showered me with another round of kisses before we got into bed.  After he was lying on his back, I crawled between his legs and got ready to attack his penis, which was already standing at attention and leaking pre-cum.  As soon as my tongue touched his scrotum, his penis twitched and the pre-cum flowed even more freely from the tip of his dick.  He was definitely fully aroused. 

I worked on his scrotum and testicles briefly, as I toyed with the watery nuggets in my mouth, and then I started to lick my way up his quivering pole and lapped up the abundant supply of pre-seminal fluids, as they oozed toward the base of his shaft.  Then, I opened my mouth wide and swallowed his penis to its base. 

Before I began nodding up and down on it, I swallowed several times and stimulated his mushroom head with the muscles in my throat.  As soon as I did this, he began squirming around on the mattress, while enjoying the sensations my actions were causing to course through his slender frame.  It was obvious Dylan had never experienced anything like this before and was merely responding in unbridled pleasure as he enjoyed the sensations it elicited in him for the very first time. 

Fearing he might ejaculate before I had a chance to do anything else, I squeezed his scrotum slightly to take off some of the edge and then I began to bob up and down on his joystick.  His head was snapping from side to side in tortured delight as I brought him closer and closer to his desired release.  His hips were bouncing up and down on the mattress as he matched my effort and his hands were on my head as he unconsciously tried to guide my movements.  Eventually, his penis swelled slightly, his abdominal muscles tightened and he thrust his hips upward, as a torrent of his boy cream erupted into my throat. 

As I swallowed his offering to reward my efforts, I continued to work on him until I had drained his testicles completely.  When that happened, his butt dropped back onto the mattress and he remained motionless for a few seconds, as he enjoyed and recuperated from this powerful release.  Much sooner than I'd expected, he bolted upright in bed, wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me closer so he could kiss me.  It wasn't the type of kiss a boy might give his father, but a passionate kiss instead, as his tongue snaked its way into my mouth.  I let him have his way and even willingly participated, as I enjoyed his spontaneous thank you for what we'd just done.  

"That was incredible," he gushed, as he finally withdrew his tongue and pulled his lips away from mine.  "I don't know what you did at the beginning, but I've never felt anything like that before.  It was the best feeling ever, but everything you did was terrific.  Thank you so much for doing this with me again." 

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," I responded, as I pulled him against my chest for a hug and kissed him on the forehead.  "Are you ready to get some sleep now?" 

"No!  I've got to do the same thing to you first," he shot back.  His eyes were wide, almost as if he was afraid I wasn't going to allow him return the favor. 

"You don't have to," I offered, to let him off the hook. 

"But I want to," he replied, as he gave me that pleading look again.  "And tell me how to do that thing you did to me." 

"I'll explain it to you some other time, because I think I'm too big for you to do it to me," I answered.  "I'm afraid you'd choke, but I'll let you do the other stuff if you still want to." 

He obviously did, because he told me to lay down on the bed, while he began tugging at my boxer briefs.  He had them off by the time my head hit the pillow and he was already running his tongue over my genitals.  Dylan was definitely not a novice when it came to giving blowjobs and obviously his practice sessions with Tyler had advanced him to the rank of expert.  I've had adult partners that hadn't done as good a job and he soon had me panting, as my seed began the journey up the tiny tubes. 

Dylan was attacking my penis like a playful puppy with a new bone.  He didn't want to miss working on any part of it and was eager to get at the creamy filling inside.  Although I'm not sure how liquidy the marrow is in a bone, he received a very liquid treat for his effort.  In fact, he had me so aroused that I produced a larger amount of semen than in a normal load and was afraid he might choke on it.  To my surprise, he handled it like a pro and drank it all down. 

Once he had drained my testicles completely, he crawled up the mattress to lay beside me, after he'd kissed me yet again.  Then he put his head on my shoulder, as he usually did, and cuddled against me.  I merely reached over and turned off the lamp before wishing him sweet dreams, and then we both fell asleep.  We were completely sated and slept like babies until the alarm began beeping the following morning. 



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