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            The Guardian

Installment 24


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 47 – Things Are Looking Up. 

The rest of the week went about the same, with Dylan going with me to visit Tyler in the hospital in the morning and Ethan and Marcus accompanying me in the afternoon.  Their evenings were pretty much filled with baseball though, so I had that time to be alone with Tyler for a while. 

Some of Tyler's teammates stopped by to visit him again during that week and Curtis actually stopped by twice.  I think Tyler was impressed that Curtis had done this and I could tell Tyler had completely forgiven him for his part in the fiasco in their next to last scholastic baseball game.  I was glad that issue was definitely behind them.

Shortly after the boys and I had arrived on Thursday afternoon, Dr. Flatow stopped by and examined Tyler as I and the younger boys stood in the hallway.  On his way out, he waited for Ethan and Marcus to go back in with Tyler, so the two of us could speak in private. 

"I'm going to send Tyler for a CT scan in a little while," he informed me.  "If everything looks good, then I'll release him tomorrow morning."  This was great news, because it meant I might finally be able to take Tyler home with me. 

"I merely advised Tyler that I would be sending him for a CT scan," Dr. Flatow continued, "because I didn't want him getting too excited about possibly being released.  I want to keep him as calm as possible, so please don't mention this to him either."   

"Yes, that was probably the best way for you to handle it and I'll keep this a secret from him too," I agreed. 

When I went back into Tyler's room, he was chatting with his brothers, but he quickly stopped his conversation with them to inform me about the CT scan. 

"That means I won't be with you for a while," he added and I could tell he was worried about leaving us alone. 

"I think we can manage until you return," I replied, tongue-in-cheek. 

Tyler was gone for slightly less than an hour and I helped him get back into bed, with the assistance of the orderly.  Marcus, Ethan and I had entertained ourselves watching TV while he was gone, with both of them sitting on my lap.  I felt this seemed to indicate that they both needed me too. 

After Tyler was comfortable, he told us about the scan and we filled him in on the movie we'd been enjoying, and then we watched the rest of the movie together.  About an hour after Tyler returned, I happened to hear something and glanced toward the door to his room.  That's when I noticed that Dr. Flatow was standing in the doorway and discreetly attempting to summon me out to speak with him.  I merely told the boys I had to go to the toilet and would be right back, as I had the little ones slide off my lap so I could leave the room. 

"The CT scan looked great, so I've decided to discharge him in the morning," Dr. Flatow advised me, once we were alone in the hallway.  "I'll let you tell Tyler if you want, but please don't let him get too excited." 

"I'll tell him and I'll try to keep him calm in the process, but do I need to prepare a place for him to sleep downstairs?  All of the bedrooms are on the second floor and I'm worried about Tyler trying to navigate the stairs." 

"As long as he takes it slowly and is allowed to stop whenever he needs to, he should be able to navigate the stairs this one time and use his bedroom," Dr. Flatow explained.  "I don't want him going up and down the stairs after that, at least not until it's time to bring him in for his next appointment.  Using the stairs might put too much strain on his lung and possibly tear at the patchwork I did on his body.  I don't want him to accidentally loosen any of the stitches and suffer a setback as a result. 

"I will reevaluate his situation the next time I examine him and then I'll let you know what restrictions need to remain in place," Doctor Flatow continued.  "I also want to remind you that he'll be able to get out of bed to use the toilet, as well as to wash up from time to time, but I want him to stay in bed other than that and not overdo it.  Since he shouldn't be constantly going up and down the stairs, I suggest he take his meals in bed too." 

"That's fine and I'll make sure he follows your instructions to the letter," I agreed.  "Thank you for everything you've done for him." 

I then went into Tyler's room and told him the good news, but not until after I'd warned him not to get too excited or move around too much.  He did as I asked, but it was easy to see how thrilled he was about finally being able to go home.  Since Dylan had been staying with me each evening and coming to visit Tyler every morning, it meant he would also be with me when I picked Tyler up tomorrow.  Before that happened, however, I'd have to find a time when I could chat with Don and Cherie, so I could see whether they were still willing to have their son to stay with us on a more permanent basis for the next few weeks. 

When I went home later to fix dinner for the boys, I called Cherie to ask what she and Don thought about this.  She explained they had discussed the situation in advance and were fine with Dylan coming to help me out. 

"Don believes you'll have Dylan doing most of the stuff Tyler can't do for himself," she explained, "so you'll be free to do other things or be able to spend some time with Ethan and Marcus.  Since this is the way Don is viewing it, then I'll just stop by the house after Marcus and Justin's practice and make sure Dylan packs everything he'll need to bring with him.  I'll drop all of the boys off later, since I'm sure it will take me a while to go through what Dylan has chosen to take and ensure he has everything he will need for that amount of time.  I don't want him frantically calling the house every few minutes to demand Don or I bring over something that he didn't think of."

"Yes, I can see where that might be a problem and having you do this will be helpful, Cherie.  I'm sure Dylan's going to be very excited and possibly not thinking clearly," I confessed, knowing how he might react and what a great part she had played in arranging this to happen. 

"Hmmm, Dylan not thinking clearly.  Do ya think that could happen?" Cherie teased in response to my statement. 

"He's a good kid, but sometimes he just gets excited," I offered, trying to tone things down.  "Do you want him to come home on the weekends?" 

"I don't feel that will be necessary right away, but maybe later, depending on how long you think he'll be needed," she replied.  "I'm sure Justin is going to want to spend some time there too, so he can be with Marcus, so maybe we can alternate weekends with the younger boys.  One weekend Justin can stay with you and the next weekend we'll take Ethan and Marcus with us.  I'll even speak with Sally about having Andrew stay over with us too, since I don't want him to miss out either.  Don and I could come stay with Tyler for a while as well, if you wanted some time off so you could do something away from the house." 

"I don't feel I'll need to do that, since Dylan will be helping me out with Tyler and giving me whatever breaks I need, but the idea with the younger boys sounds fine," I confirmed.  "I've missed spending time with Justin and I think those three will enjoy being together again.  It's nice that you're willing to include Andrew too." 

"Well, he is part of your little weekend group, so that's what we'll do," Cherie agreed.  "I'll drop Dylan off later then and I hope he turns out to be an asset, rather than creating more work for you." 

"Feeding one more boy won't be a lot of work and I'm sure he'll be a tremendous help with Tyler, if it's only just keeping him company and entertained." 

As soon as we ended our call, the boys and I sat down to eat, so I could get them ready before Cherie picked them up.  Marcus and Justin's team had a game tonight and Ethan was planning to go watch it, so Cherie would be coming over in a little while to get them.  Then she would drive home after the game to pick up Dylan, since Don would be taking him to his practice, and then she would make sure he grabbed everything he needed before dropping all of the boys off here later. 

Shortly after Marcus and Ethan left, I returned to the hospital.  Tyler was obviously still excited about going home the next day, as well as not having to eat the hospital food any longer.  I also decided to bring up another issue. 

"I've decided to let you stay in my room when we get home," I announced.  "The trip between the bed and the bathroom will be shorter that way and you can take advantage of the shower stall." 

"And you can sleep with me!" Tyler chimed in, while flashing me a smile.  I, on the other hand was trying to get him to quiet down a bit, since I didn't want anyone else to overhear what he'd just said. 

"I'm not sure that would be a good idea," I quickly pointed out, which immediately erased Tyler's smile. 

"Why not?" he wanted to know. 

"Because I don't want anything to happen to set back your recovery," I replied.  "I'm just afraid something might occur during the night that would mess things up for you." 

"Like what?" Tyler demanded, challenging my assessment. 

"I don't know!  Maybe I would bump into you and cause your stitches to break or possibly I'd accidentally knock you out of bed and cause even more damage.  I might even unintentionally elbow you during my sleep in a way that would aggravate one of your internal injuries and then delay your recovery even more," I offered, although Tyler didn't look convinced that any of those things I'd just mentioned were valid concerns. 

"None of that stuff has ever happened before, but I'll ask the doctor when I see him in the morning if there's anything I need to worry about then," Tyler countered, to let me know he wasn't giving up easily. 

"So you're just going to ask him if you can sleep with me?" I responded in slightly more than a whisper, somewhat shocked and concerned. 

"No, silly!" Tyler shot back in a controlled tone.  "I'll just ask if I need to worry about bumping the areas or if I have to take any special precautions.  I'll also ask him if I'll be able to shower, rather than taking a bath or a sponge bath." 

"Just be careful about how you phrase things then," I followed in a hushed voice.  "I don't want to accidentally set off any alarm bells for the doctor and make him question what's going on." 

"I know, so don't worry," Tyler assured me, speaking just as quietly.  "Dylan can sleep with us too, because he told me the two of you are getting along really well now."  Tyler smirked after saying this, which let me know what he was referring to.

"To a certain extent, but I don't want you two getting any ideas," I countered, while trying to let him know I was serious.  "There are still limits on how much I'll allow you two to get away with, so it doesn't mean either one of you can do whatever you want." 

"I know.  I'm just happy that you and Dylan are becoming closer," he agreed.  "I like it when we're all getting along really well." 

I guess that pretty much covered the topic, at least while still avoiding verbalizing any of the details of what we were talking about.  I wouldn't want anyone to overhear and discover exactly what we'd been up to. 

When I left later, I kissed Tyler on the forehead and told him I'd see him in the morning.  He confirmed he could hardly wait, so I took a few moments to remind him that he needed to calm down and get some sleep.  He told me he would, but I wasn't sure how well he'd be able to keep that promise. 

When I got home, Cherie was waiting for me with the boys.  I apologized for making her wait, but she told me they had only been there for a few minutes, so I shouldn't feel badly.  I also decided that I'd have to have a couple of keys made so Marcus and Ethan could keep one in their bat packs.  That way, they'd be able to get into the house even if I wasn't around, especially with Cherie or Sally driving them back and forth for me. 

As I suspected, Dylan wanted to shower with us again and Ethan and Marcus were both in favor of the idea.  Dylan even allowed the boys to fondle him while I was washing the other one, so I was now certain they would want Dylan to do this with us each night he was there.  Since Tyler won't have to shower every day, Dylan might just opt to join them on those nights instead. 

After I'd put the little ones in bed, I found Dylan waiting for me again, naked as usual.  It was also difficult to miss the fact that his penis was erect and pointing directly at me in anticipation.  I thought maybe I could distract him by talking about how I was planning to handle Tyler's homecoming. 

"When I bring Tyler home tomorrow, I'm going to let him use my bedroom," I began.  "That will shorten his trips to the toilet, plus he'll have the TV to entertain him.  I know he wants me to sleep with him, but I'm not convinced that's a good idea.  I don't want to do anything that might injure him and accidentally prolong the recovery process." 

"If we can't sleep in here with Tyler, then me and you can sleep together in Tyler's room," Dylan offered, seemingly unbothered by what I'd just told him. 

"Tyler told me he's planning to ask the doctor if he will have any restrictions about getting bumped," I added, while eyeing Dylan.  "He's still hopeful that he won't have to sleep alone.  He also wants to know if he'll be allowed to take showers too, rather than just a bath or sponge bath." 

"If the doctor says it's ok, the three of us can take our showers together and then we'll all sleep in here," Dylan suggested, undeterred.  "You can be in the middle." 

Damn!  This wasn't working out as I'd planned, because Dylan still wanted to sleep with me the entire time, whether Tyler was there or not.  As I was thinking about this, Dylan made another comment. 

"Since this might be our last night alone, you can help me with this again," he stated, while glancing down at his erection and then up at me.  This kid truly had a one-track mind. 

"Dylan, I told you we weren't going to do this every night," I reminded him. 

"But this might be our last chance to do it, since we might all be sleeping together.  That's why we've got to do it this time," he countered, looking hopeful.  "Unless you'll do it with both me and Tyler when we're all together?"

"Whoa!  I know you've told him what we've done, so I'm sure he'll want me to do it with him too," I admitted, "but I'm not sure I'm ready for a 'ménage a trois'." 

"What the heck is that?" Dylan shot back, which pointed out that he wasn't as sexually aware of things as I thought and didn't understand the meaning of the term. 

"It means a three-way encounter," I explained simply.  

"Oh, that sounds like fun too," he gushed, while giving me a seductive look.  "I'll have to suggest it to Tyler." 

"Dylan, I didn't mention it to you so you could convince Tyler to do it.  I just said it because something like that is more than I'm prepared to do right now," I pointed out quite clearly. 

"But it would be wild and I'm sure we'd all enjoy doing it," he quickly countered, undeterred. 

"That's not the point and maybe I need to explain something to you," I stated, as I looked at him sternly.  "Dylan, I really care about you and even love you, but I love you like a son, the same way I love Tyler, Marcus, Ethan and Justin.  I'm not IN love with you and I've told you before that I've never been attracted to guys so much younger than me before." 

"I know and I'm not in love with you either, at least I don't think I am," he agreed.  "I still love you though and we can still have fun together.  I know Tyler would love doing that too." 

I was certainly glad he didn't know about Tyler and me or else he wouldn't give up, not that he was going to anyway.  Still, I didn't want to encourage him. 

"Dylan, I don't know how many different ways I can explain this to you," I stated, while watching his reaction to see if it might give me a clue. 

"We'll talk about it more when Tyler is here," he offered, as he ignored everything I'd just told him, "but you'll help me with this now, won't you?" 

He then grabbed his penis and shook it at me, so I wouldn't have any doubts about what he meant.  He had already kept me up longer than I wanted tonight; because I had planned on getting a good night's sleep so I could get to the hospital as early as possible.  I wanted to be there when Tyler talked to Dr. Flatow, so I could hear everything from the horse's mouth, so to speak.  I was afraid Tyler might only tell me what he wanted me to know and not actually what was said.  Since I believed Dylan would keep bugging me about doing this, I decided to give in quickly, just so we could turn in. 

"Ok, but it will be quick," I reluctantly confirmed.  "I want to get some sleep so I'll be fresh when I pick up Tyler in the morning." 

"Then we'll sixty-nine," Dylan immediately offered.  "That's the quickest way for us both to get off." 

"I don't remember saying I wanted or needed to get off," I shot back, while giving him a questioning look. 

"It will help you sleep better, so let's just do it," he stated, thinking he had solved both of our problems. 

Actually, he was correct, even though I didn't want to tell him that, so I decided to just give in to him once again.  I felt by doing this we would both sleep fairly well, since we'd be totally relaxed. 

"Ok, I'll lie on the bed and you can hover over me," I finally agreed.  "That way I won't have to worry so much about you choking, because I shoot more than you do.  If it proves to be too much, just let it drop out of your mouth and onto me." 

"I'm fine with that, as long as we are going to do it," he concurred. 

I immediately hopped on the bed and Dylan crawled into position over me.  He didn't hesitate and attacked my groin as if we were in a room with no breathable air and my penis was the hose connected to the oxygen tank.  He was sucking on it as if he'd die without its contents. 

I took a more leisurely approach to attacking his magic wand, because I realized he was already very aroused and it shouldn't take much stimulation to get him to ejaculate.  This way, we might even climax at about the same time; at least that was my plan.  Therefore, I took my time as I licked, teased and sucked on his engorged member as he frantically bobbed up and down on mine.  When I began to feel the juices beginning to churn in my scrotum, I picked up the pace on him and he soon exploded into my mouth.  It was a tasty treat and well worth the effort. 

Dylan stopped working on me temporarily when he began to cum, but then he got busy again less than a minute later.  Since I'd been close before this happened, it only took a couple of minutes for me to orgasm and my seed blasted into Dylan's mouth.  Since it wasn't the first time we'd done this, he handled everything like a trooper.  Then, he spun around so he could hug and kiss me. 

"Thank you!  I really enjoyed doing that with you again!" he exclaimed, before kissing me over and over.  "I really do love you, Uncle Blake." 

"And I love you too, Dylan," I confirmed.  "Now, let's go in the bathroom to rinse off and brush our teeth." 

He agreed, but he made sure he had his arm wrapped around my waist the entire way there.  He did it again when we finished and returned to the bed, before cuddling with me as we got settled.  It didn't take very long before we both drifted off and entered the Land of Nod. 

After we woke up the following morning, I made the boys breakfast and then took Ethan and Marcus over to the Riordan's, because I didn't want to have to watch them too while I was getting Tyler.  They didn't complain, because I told them they could come home just as soon as we got back and I had Tyler situated.  It was going to be a busy day, because they both also had baseball practices later. 

When we reached the hospital, Dylan and I hustled to get to Tyler's room.  I wasn't only anxious to take him home, but I also wanted to be there when he asked the doctor if he had any other restrictions.  I wanted to hear the information first hand. 

As we were walking into his room, I noticed Tyler was just finishing his breakfast.  He looked up and smiled as we entered. 

"Wow, you're really early today!" he exclaimed.  "Guess you guys must really miss me and want to get me out of here." 

"We're here to save the doctor and nurses," I quipped back.  "They've suffered long enough having to put up with you and it's time they got a break."  Tyler had a mock shocked expression on his face after I said this. 

"Hey, I've done everything they've told me and haven't given them any grief at all," he protested, as he put on his pouty face. 

"In that case, I expect you to do the same when I get you home," I replied as I winked at him and set down the bag containing the clothes I'd brought for him to wear home.  "Just do what the doctor and your new nurse tells you and everything should be fine." 

"New NURSES," Dylan offered, grinning.  "I'm going to be helping take care of him too." 

"I stand corrected," I conceded.  "Just do what your TWO nurses tell you so you'll get better sooner." 

We were just about ready to continue this playful banter when Dr. Flatow walked into the room.  He had a big grin on his face as he entered. 

"I was told someone in this room wants to go home," he stated, as he moved toward Tyler. 

"You're darn right I do," Tyler responded as his face lit up. 

"Then if your uncle and friend will wait out in the hall so I can examine you one final time, then you might be able to do that," Dr. Flatow followed, as he glanced over at Dylan and me. 

"Just let us know when you're done," I stated, as I guided Dylan out into the hallway with me. 

We hadn't been out there for very long before the doctor came out and spoke to me. 

"You can come back in now," he began.  "Tyler says he has some questions for me, but informs me that you want to be included on our discussion." 

"Yes, I think it's best if I hear what you have to say so there's no confusion or disagreement later," I concurred and the doctor gave me a knowing nod. 

"Ok, Tyler.  What is it you wanted to ask me?" Dr. Flatow stated, once we were all together again. 

"Sometimes Dylan stays over at our house and he sleeps in my room with me," Tyler began.  "Uncle Blake was saying maybe we shouldn't do that for a while, since it might cause a problem." 

"As long as you two don't start wrestling or horsing around and you aren't horribly restless sleepers, then I think it will be safe for you to share a bed," Dr. Flatow confirmed.  "You seem to be healing quite well, so I don't feel you'll damage anything by doing that." 

"Will I be able to take showers at home too?" Tyler quickly followed, since he was happy the first answer was what he wanted to hear.  "I don't really care for baths."

"Just as long as you're very careful and avoid any slips or falls, but don't rub the areas that I've stitched up too hard either," Dr. Flatow advised him.  "As long as you're careful and take only quick showers, then you should be all right."  

"Is there anything else he should be aware of or careful about?" I followed, once I saw Tyler didn't have another question. 

"Other than getting up to use the toilet or taking a quick shower, I want him to remain in bed until our next appointment," Dr. Flatow stated.  "Unless Tyler or either of you is embarrassed by the idea, I think it might be a good idea if one of you showered with him, in case he has a problem.  You can also help to make sure he doesn't fall." 

"I can do that," Dylan quickly agreed.  "Tyler and I showered together when we played on the school baseball team, so it's not a big deal." 

"I'm glad to hear that.  I'll go fill out his release forms and then have someone bring all of the paperwork to you shortly.  It will also include the date and time of Tyler's next appointment.  He'll have another CT scan at that time and then I'll evaluate how he's healing," Dr. Flatow advised us.  "I'll also have an orderly sent here with a wheelchair to take him down to the exit, but Tyler might need some help getting dressed.  I have a feeling he's going to be a little stiff and the areas around his wounds might still be a bit tender, which will make it difficult for him to do things on his own.  That is why I think one of you might need to assist him." 

"We planned on doing that, but thank you for the advice and for everything else you've done for him," I replied, as sincerely as I knew how. 

As soon as the doctor left, Dylan and I closed the door and drew the curtain around Tyler's bed.  I dug through the bag and pulled out the required items, while Dylan helped Tyler out of his hospital gown. 

"That sure didn't hide very much," Tyler quipped, as the gown was being removed.  "I'm sure the nurses all got an eyeful." 

"As long as they didn't play with your little friend, it's ok.  It probably gave them a thrill too," Dylan teased. 

"They gave me a couple of sponge baths and washed ALL of me," Tyler admitted while blushing, "but that's it.  I guess that's the purpose of these stupid gowns, so they can do things like that even if you're unconscious."

"Probably," I agreed, while Dylan helped Tyler slip into his boxer briefs. 

Once we'd finished getting Tyler dressed, I opened the door to his room again, as we waited for the various people to show up.  A couple of minutes later a nurse entered with the paperwork and explained everything to us.  Shortly after she finished, an orderly arrived with a wheelchair and helped Tyler get into it.  Then, Dylan and I followed them down to the lobby. 

When we got there, I left Dylan waiting with Tyler and the orderly while I went to get the car.  I pulled up in front of the automatic doors and rushed over to help Tyler get into the car, just as soon as the orderly had wheeled him up to the rear door.  I had Tyler and Dylan sit in back and buckle up before I got back in the driver's seat. 

It wasn't a long drive to get home, but I took it as easy as possible so I didn't jostle Tyler and aggravate his injuries.  After I parked in the driveway, Dylan and I took our time helping Tyler walk into the house and then go upstairs to the master bedroom.  Once there, we helped him undress and get into bed again, since Tyler had decided to stay in just his boxer briefs. 

As soon as Tyler was ready, I went over to the Riordans and got Ethan and Marcus, so they could spend the rest of the day at home with us.  They were excited to see their brother again and I left the three boys alone with Tyler, so they could chat and keep him entertained.  It felt good having him home again. 

Once I got downstairs, I called my boss to check in with him and explained that I'd just brought Tyler home.  He said he was glad to hear that and wanted to know how much longer I expected to stay home from work.  I told him it depended on Tyler's doctor visits and how fast he was progressing.  We talked about several other topics as well, which Included the possibility that I might do some work from home, before we eventually ended our conversation.  I was grateful he was so understanding and such a good friend. 

Later, just as soon as we'd finished dinner, I took some time to make sure Ethan, Marcus and Dylan had everything they needed for their practices and were ready to go.  They each had one scheduled for tonight, because Ethan's team had a game the following day, while Marcus' team had a game on Monday and Dylan's team had its next game on Tuesday.  Fortunately, Sally and the Cochrans would be taking the boys for me, so I could stay home with Tyler. 

When Cherie, Don and Sally stopped by, they each took a few minutes to come inside, along with Andrew and Justin, so they could say hello to Tyler first and ask him how he was doing.  I thought that was nice of them, but they couldn't stay for very long, seeing they had to get the boys to their practices.  Justin and Andrew also reminded me that they'd be staying over later too, which I hadn't forgotten about, since Ethan and Marcus were anxious for us to get back in our old groove again. 

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Sally asked, but I could tell Cherie was wondering the same thing. 

"Yes, it will be good to get things back to normal for the boys, since it's been such a hectic time for them," I confirmed.  "Ethan and Marcus are looking forward to it too."

"Ok, if you're sure," Sally conceded.  "I'll pick Ethan and Andrew up for their game in the morning and you can let me know if it was too much.  If so, then Andrew can spend Saturday night at home with me." 

"I'm sure this will work out just fine, so don't worry," I stated.  "Thanks for your concern though." 

After they left and before I could spend some time alone with Tyler, I had a few things I needed to take care of first.  I hurried upstairs and retrieved Tyler's dirty dinner dishes and took them down to the kitchen.  After rinsing everything off and putting them in the dishwasher, I cleaned up the mess I'd made while fixing dinner.  Once that was taken care of, I was ready to go upstairs again. 

I had left Dylan with Tyler for most of the afternoon, while they talked and watched TV together, so I hadn't really spent much time with him.  Now that I was finally able to be alone with Tyler, I could tell he was anxious to be with me too.  Although he was watching something on the TV when I got there, he immediately clicked it off when I entered the room.  This let me know that he wanted to talk about something and he certainly didn't waste any time before revealing what it was.    

"If I promise to stay in the bleachers and take it really easy, will you take me to watch my team practice?" he whined.  "I promise I'll do whatever you say while I'm there!" 

"Not yet," I responded.  "You just got out of the hospital and the doctor emphasized that you were on complete bed rest for now and shouldn't be going up and down stairs.  Maybe the doctor will say it's ok for you to do that after you see him at your next appointment, which is in one week." 

Tyler was disappointed, but he knew better than to argue with me about this.  Instead, he hoped it would only be a few more days until he could go watch his team again.  I knew how much it meant for him to do this, but I felt it was best for him to heed the doctor's orders, so we didn't hinder or set back his recovery. 

Undeterred by his lack of success on that subject, Tyler plowed ahead and broached the next topic.  "I'm really glad you finally gave in to Dylan.  He's really happy about it too and he told me about what you have been doing together while he has been spending the night here."  I think he felt we could discuss this in more detail now, since we were totally alone. 

"I'm not convinced it was a bright move on my part, because I know he's just using me to provide the love his father has never shown him or his brother," I confessed.  "Even though it's a different type of love than what he'd get from his dad, I know it means a lot to him.  I just hope his parents never find out what he's been doing over here." 

"Don't worry, they won't," Tyler assured me.  "Dylan's not using you either.  He really loves you too." 

"I know and I love him as well.  The problem is, we love each other like father and son, except we're doing things most fathers and sons would never consider," I stated, as I looked at Tyler.  "I have tried to make sure he doesn't think it is more than that, because I don't want him to get the wrong idea." 

"I don't think he is, but he's really thrilled that someone older, someone who he loves too, actually cares about him and is willing to return his love," Tyler conceded. 

"I just hope he isn't confusing love with sex," I offered, while studying Tyler's face. 

"I don't think he is, but doing that stuff is definitely one way you can show your love," Tyler replied.  "I haven't told him about us yet, but I don't think he feels the same way about you that I do.  He just really wants to know that an older guy can love him too, completely.  He's told me he was feeling that maybe there was something wrong with him and that was why his dad never showed him any love." 

"But his dad didn't show Justin any love either," I pointed out. 

"I know, but Dylan said he thought maybe he'd done something so terrible that made it so his dad couldn't show either of them any love," Tyler added.  "After he started spending time over here though and saw how much you loved all of us, he couldn't understand why his dad wasn't more like you." 

"So I caused the problem and became the cure too?" I replied, somewhat rhetorically. 

"Maybe a little, but Dylan realized there was a problem before that," Tyler confided.  "He'd seen his other friends with their dads too, so he knew his dad wasn't exactly typical." 

"That's too bad, but I'm glad he's getting over it to some extent now.  That's part of the reason I gave in to him, because I knew how much it meant to Dylan," I confessed and this caused Tyler to look at me skeptically.  He even raised his eyebrows up and down to let me know this.  "Ok, I enjoyed it too, but that's not why I finally did it with him.  I just knew how much it meant to him.  I like Dylan too and didn't want to hurt him, but I'm not in love with him." 

"No, you're in love with me!" Tyler shot back, with a huge grin on his face.  "But I don't mind including Dylan in the fun too."

I decided to let the conversation end there, so I wrapped my arm around Tyler's shoulders and pulled him against me slightly.  Then, I grabbed the remote from him, turned on the TV and we watched a couple of programs together until the others returned home.



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 48 - A Return to Normalcy

Sally arrived with Ethan and Andrew first, and Cherie showed up with the rest of the crew about fifteen minutes later.  I thanked them both for lugging the boys around for me and we chatted briefly with them before they left.  They didn't stay long because they knew I had a lot to do in order to get the boys ready for bed, but they yelled up the stairs before they left and reminded their sons to behave.  I'm sure that was purely a formality though. 

As soon as I went upstairs, Andrew came running over to me.  "I've missed you," he stated as he hugged me tightly around the waist.

"I've missed you too and I want to thank you for letting Ethan stay with you while I was with Tyler," I responded, as I hugged him back. 

"But it's more fun when we stay here," Andrew countered.  "We couldn't see or touch each other's wieners at my house."

"I'm glad you boys were smart enough not to do that or else your mother might not have let you spend any more time over here," I replied as I smiled at him. 

"Will you give us our bath now?" Andrew quickly followed, since he was anxious to enjoy this small treat again. 

"Sure.  You and Ethan can go to his room and get ready while I draw your bathwater," I stated, just before Andrew gave me another quick hug and then raced off with Ethan. 

As I was filling the tub, Justin came in to speak with me next.  "Me and Marcus want to take a bath tonight too.  Is that ok?" he wanted to know. 

"Sure it is, if that's what you two want to do," I agreed, much to his delight. 

"Yeah, we've missed being able to do that," he added as he made a face.  "We couldn't do it at our house."

"I know, but you can still do it here if you want," I assured him.  "Just let me give Ethan and Andrew their baths first and then I'll wash you and Marcus." 

Justin smiled and raced out of the bathroom before Ethan and Andrew arrived, sans clothing.  They were also busily touching each other's genitals, happy to be reunited with one of their favorite toys.  Almost as soon as they were in the tub, Marcus and Justin arrived, also bare-ass, and Andrew squealed with joy. 

"This is a lot more fun than when Ethan stayed at my house," he announced, since he was thrilled to see the other pair naked again too.  The other boys just smiled at him, since they knew what he meant and fully agreed with him.

As soon as I'd finished giving Ethan and Andrew their baths and had dried them off, they stuck around to watch the other pair.  In the meantime, Marcus had emptied, rinsed and refilled the tub for me, so he and Justin hopped in so I could wash them next.  I was still a little confused about why these two still wanted me to do this for them, since they were capable of showering on their own.  They could help each other wash where they couldn't reach and still see each other naked, but as long as this was their choice I would do whatever they wanted. 

Once I'd finished up with the last pair's bath and dried them off, I put all four boys to bed, two in each room.  After telling each one I loved him and wished him sweet dreams, I kissed him on the forehead and then headed back to my room.  When I got there, I could tell Dylan and Tyler had been conspiring about something, simply by noting their facial expressions.  It definitely gave them away. 

"What's going on?" I asked, immediately putting them on the defensive. 

"Nothing.  Really!" Tyler quickly countered.  "I was just telling Dylan I thought I should take a shower.  I've only had sponge baths for the past week, so I think it's time I cleaned up better than that." 

"Yes, that's probably a good idea," I agreed, while waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

"I thought we could all do it together," Tyler added, thinking I was just going to give in easily.  "That way one of you can make sure I don't fall while the other one washes me." 

"That wouldn't happen to include some other activities too, would it?" I asked, pretty sure I already knew the answer to that question. 

"Nope, I just want both of you to help me when I shower," he replied, shocking me.  I was convinced he had more than that in mind, but maybe he was merely waiting to spring it on me once we were all in the shower together.  Anyway, I agreed to do this for him. 

To my complete surprise neither one tried to get me to do anything with them.  I washed each of them and then they washed me, but nothing sexual happened, unless you count their erections as being sexual.  They do that every time though, so I kind of just wrote it off as their typical adolescent reaction to my touching their family jewels. 

After I toweled Tyler off and we'd brushed our teeth, we went back into the other room.  Tyler got in bed, without putting anything on of course, and Dylan encouraged me to get in the bed next.  Once I was beside Tyler and comfortable, Dylan crawled in beside me without anything on as well.  Once he was settled in too, Tyler spoke. 

"I haven't been able to do anything for a week now and I really need to bust a nut," he announced, none too subtly.  "Would you suck me off, like you've been doing with Dylan?  Pleeeze?" he whined.  Even with the lights off I knew he was giving me that same puppy-dog pleading expression. 

"You could suck both of us off and then I will do it to you while you kiss Tyler or something," Dylan quickly followed.  "Or we could do that manage a twat thing or whatever it was that you said before." 

"What it's called is ménage a trois," I corrected him, "but I don't think Tyler is physically ready for anything like that yet and I'm not emotionally prepared to do it with you two.  I'm still trying to figure out how I got dragged into doing these things with you in the first place, but since I have I guess it would seem kind of silly to say no now.  I'll do it with you one at a time, if you wish, or you can take care of each other."

"No!  One at a time is good," Dylan hurriedly agreed, sounding slightly panicked. 

"That's ok with me too, but I really need to get off," Tyler groaned.  "My gut aches and my nuts feel like bowling balls." 

"Ok, I'll take care of you first then," I agreed. 

I then threw the covers back, got out of bed and turned on the lamp on the nightstand, since I didn't want to reach across Tyler to do that.  Then I crawled between his legs and began to lick his scrotum. 

"Do that other thing too, like we did before," Tyler suggested, much to my dismay.  Up until now, we'd sort of kept Dylan in the dark about what we'd been doing with each other. 

"I knew you guys were doing stuff when I wasn't here," he stated somewhat annoyed, yet elated at the same time.  "I want to see what Tyler's talking about, because maybe I'll want to try it too." 

"I don't think Tyler is ready to do anything like that yet," I announced.  "It requires him to get in a position that might aggravate his injuries." 

"I'll just roll over on my stomach then and we can do it that way," Tyler suggested. 

"You mean he's fucking you?" Dylan gasped. 

"No, it's nothing like that," I quickly corrected.  "It's called rimming and I did it with Tyler one night without thinking." 

"Do it now and then you can suck me off," Tyler urged.  "Dylan can watch and decide if he wants you to do it with him too." 

"But I haven't even agreed to do it with you yet," I pointed out, while making a face. 

"Come on!  You know you will and then you can do the same thing to Dylan after you do it with me," Tyler teased.  "I'm sure he'll enjoy it just as much as I do." 

Dylan was looking a little skeptical, but he was still nodding his head slightly at the same time.  I guess he figured that if Tyler liked it then he would too.  I wasn't quite as sure about doing this to either of them though.  We'd just showered, so I knew both boys were clean, because I had soaped up the area and even slipped a finger into their rectums when I was washing them.  Putting all of these facts together, I decided to give in.  Tyler quickly rolled over onto his stomach, spread his legs and offered his butt to me. 

Although I didn't glance over at him, I'm sure Dylan was wide-eyed as I spread Tyler's butt cheeks open, lowered my head and began running my tongue over and around his private place. 

"Oh my God!  You're licking his butt?" Dylan squealed, totally shocked. 

I didn't say anything, but Tyler, on the other hand, was cooing, moaning and sighing as I was doing this to him.  He was also lifting his butt up slightly to afford me better access and even thrusting it back at me, which let me know he was enjoying this.  Eventually, I had him roll over on his back again, so I could attack his scrotum and then his penis.  When he started bucking to meet me, I urged him to lie still and just enjoy my efforts, since I didn't want him to reopen any of his previous wounds in the process.

Tyler reluctantly did as I advised him, but he continued to stroke my hair as his way of showing his appreciation for my efforts.  He certainly had been accurate in assessing his own condition though, because he was indeed more than a little horny.  It only took less than half the usual time for him to blow and then he released twice as much of his boy cream into my mouth.  He was panting fairly heavily as I finished up and pulled off of his penis. 

"That was wonderful," he gasped almost breathlessly as I moved away a minute later.  "Thank you so much, because I really needed that."

"I could definitely tell," I agreed, as I looked up at him and grinned. 

"It's my turn now and I want to do everything you just did with Tyler," Dylan stated, quite adamantly.   "I also want you to do that rim thing to me the way you did it to Tyler the first time you did it to him, not now."

"Are you sure you want to try that?" I asked, as I looked him in the eye. 

"Yep.  Tyler seemed to really enjoy it, so I want you to do it to me too," Dylan replied.  "I guess that's why you made sure we were both clean down there when you washed us earlier," he added with a giggle.  "I felt your finger going into my butt hole and I saw you do it to Tyler too." 

"I have done that every time I've washed you and didn't do anything different tonight," I assured him.  "I always do it to you two, because it's important to keep that area clean too." 

"I always thought you just wanted to finger us and play with our butt holes," Dylan giggled back.  "Do you do that with the other boys?" 

"I wash around the area, but I don't penetrate them," I confirmed.  "I didn't do it with you and Tyler either, until after you started practicing with the dildos.  I felt it wouldn't bother you then." 

"Yeah, I was ok with it," Dylan agreed, before getting back to business.  "Should I lay on my back or stomach?" 

"On your back, if you want to try doing it the other way," I advised him. 

Dylan did as I'd asked and I crawled between his legs, which he spread wide for me.  I then bent down and began sucking on his scrotum and toyed with his testicles at the same time, before I started to work my way down his perineum, the area between the scrotum and the rectum.  Before I got there, however, I placed my hands under Dylan's calves and lifted them into the air, as I slowly pushed his knees back to his chest. 

"Oh, I see now!" he exclaimed.  "Yeah, that might have hurt Tyler a little and maybe aggravated his injuries." 

"All you have to do is to hold your legs in this position for me and I'll do the rest," I offered and Dylan quickly nodded in agreement. 

As soon as he had a hold of both of his legs, I lowered my head and attacked his hole.  Dylan giggled at first, but then he began to moan, sigh and coo, as I paid the area some oral attention for the very first time.  He even urged me to keep going, when he thought I was about to quit. 

"I really like it.  It feels sooooo good," he moaned.  "Keep doing it!  Please don't stop!  Just do it for a little while longer for me.  Pleeeze!" he whined when I began to pull away. 

Giving in, I continued doing it to him for another couple of minutes before I worked my way back up to his scrotum and then began to lick my way up his shaft.  Dylan was leaking profusely by the time I reached his helmet, so I knew he wasn't going to last very long.  I'd only nodded up and down on his shaft a few times before I felt his body stiffen and he rammed his penis into my throat.  Then, he fired off a handful of volleys of his sweet nectar, which I drank down willingly.  After draining him completely, I sat up as I waited for him to come out of his orgasmic haze. 

"That was incredible!" he gushed, once he came back to his senses.  "I liked that a lot and want to do it again.  Maybe Tyler and I can do it with each other too, once he gets better."

"Yeah, we can," Tyler quickly agreed. 

"You lay down next to Tyler, Uncle Blake," Dylan instructed, as soon as he'd calmed down.  "Then I'll do that to you too." 

"Are you sure you're ready to try rimming already?" I wondered, since I thought he might be jumping the gun. 

"Yeah, I want to try it with you first," he confirmed, "and then you can tell me if I'm doing it right.  That way I'll know what I'm doing when I do it with Tyler." 

"Do you want me on my stomach or back this time?" I followed, giving him a choice. 

"Maybe you should get on your stomach for now," he stated after a brief hesitation.  "I don't want to have to hold up your legs and I don't want you to have to stay in that position while I'm trying to figure things out." 

"Whatever you decide," I agreed, as I rolled over onto my belly. 

I glanced over at Tyler and noticed he was watching in intense fascination as Dylan got started, since he had never tried doing it to me in this position.  He'd only done it to me the other way, so he was watching how Dylan did.  Seeing it took Dylan a while before he got started, I was able to tell he had some reservations after all, which was probably due to the fact that I was hairier down there than he was prepared for.  After a few more seconds of hesitation, he eventually pulled my butt cheeks apart and I felt his tongue make its first brief contact.  After obviously deciding it wasn't too bad, he continued his investigation and gradually built up more and more confidence as he continued.  I was actually surprised by how far he was willing to go, but eventually he told me to roll over onto my back so he could finish me off. 

When I did that, I got close to Tyler again and he rolled onto his side and began to kiss me as Dylan sucked on my penis.  Tyler was more aggressive than I thought might be prudent, since he was bending and moving more than I considered wise, but I felt he was trying to make up for lost time.  We hadn't been able to do anything like this during the week he'd been in the hospital, so he was aggressively attacking my mouth and eagerly dueling with my tongue to let me know how much he loved me. 

I was somewhat surprised that this dual attention got me worked up much more quickly than usual.  I had to admit both Tyler and Dylan were talented cock suckers, but Tyler was also a very passionate kisser too.  With them both working on me in unison, it cut the normal amount of time it would have taken me to reach orgasm in nearly half and I was spraying Dylan's oral lining with my ejaculate.  He handled it like a pro, as he'd done before, and then I took a few moments to recover, before I spoke. 

"Ok, now it's time to get some sleep," I stated, glancing from one to the other.  "I'm just going to get a drink first, since you've drained me of fluids, but then I'll turn off the lights and you two can cuddle against me as we sleep." 

They agreed to this, although Tyler asked me to bring him a drink too and Dylan followed me into the bathroom so he could pee and get a drink as well.  Once all of that had been taken care of, I turned off the lamp, climbed into bed between the boys and pulled the covers over us.  Then, they both placed their heads on my shoulders, as I wrapped my arms around them and held them close.  Tyler remained on his back and didn't drape an arm and leg over me this time, but Dylan did.  If there is a better way to go to sleep than this, then I've never discovered it. 

When the alarm went off Saturday morning, I knew I had to get Ethan and Andrew up and fed, so they'd be ready when Sally picked them up for their game.  Marcus and Justin had said they wanted to go with them, so I woke them up as well and made sure each one was ready when Sally arrived.  She inquired about how Tyler was doing before they left and said she'd spend a little more time with us when she dropped the boys off later.  After I went back inside, I fixed Dylan and Tyler's breakfast and took it upstairs so they could eat it in bed.  I figured I'd spoil Dylan a little at the same time as I was taking care of Tyler. 

In preparation for Tyler's return home, I'd stopped by the mall one afternoon and purchased four sturdy wooden bed trays.  I did it in case I wanted to pamper the boys sometime and give them their meals in bed, but I got one for myself too.  Now, they were coming in handy, as I carefully stacked one on top of the other and prepared to carry them upstairs.  Each tray had a plate of food, two drinks and the appropriate silverware.  On the boys' trays, there was one glass with orange juice and another with milk, but they were only half full so I didn't spill their contents along the way.  My tray was on the bottom and had a glass half full of orange juice and a travel mug of coffee, which had a top on it so it wouldn't slop all over.  Then I carried all of the trays upstairs to the bedroom. 

Once inside the bedroom, I set everything on the floor and woke the boys.  I gave them a chance to go to the toilet first, and then had them get back in bed before I gave them their tray.  Then I sat on the foot of the bed and set my tray down so I could eat with them. 

"I knew I'd be eating up here, but I didn't know we all would," Tyler stated as he took a bite of his omelet.  I'd also given them two pancakes each as well. 

"Yeah, I didn't expect this kind of service either," Dylan added, smiling broadly. 

"I thought Dylan would enjoy a little special attention too, since he is doing us a favor and helping out.  This way, we could also enjoy each other's company," I explained.  "You are both very special to me, so spoiling you once in a while doesn't hurt anything." 

"You're very special to us too," Tyler quickly countered, with Dylan nodding his head in agreement. 

"And you spoil us all the time, just like last night," Dylan chimed in, while flashing me a devilish grin. 

"But I wouldn't do it if you weren't both great young men and worth the effort," I confessed. 

They were both glowing like the early morning sun when it first breaks over the horizon, but nothing more was said for a while.  We simply enjoyed our meal together and basked in each other's company. 

"I know I have to stay in bed, but what are we going to do?" Tyler wanted to know.  "I'm tired of watching television all day long." 

"First of all, you're going to put on some underwear and Dylan's going to get dressed, because I'm sure we'll be having visitors stop by later," I teased and both boys blushed.  "After that, I know there are some decks of cards and a few board games in my office that I can bring up here.  If you want, we can play any of those using the bed trays like a table.  If you don't like any of those choices, I could have Dylan disconnect the PS3 from the TV in the family room and then bring that upstairs, so you can play video games with him and the other boys." 

"I guess we can play cards first," Tyler mentioned.  "I know how to play gin rummy, hearts and pitch." 

"I know how to play those too," Dylan confirmed. 

"That's fine with me," I agreed.  "Let me put all the dirty dishes onto one tray first and then I'll carry it downstairs and grab a couple decks of cards.  Are you sure you wouldn't rather play video games?"

"I want to wait and talk it over with Ethan and Marcus first," Tyler responded.  "They play them more than I do, so I don't want to mess up their plans, if they have any." 

"That's very mature of you and it is fine with me," I replied.  "You definitely amaze me sometimes with how grown up you act.  I'm sure not all boys your age would be quite as understanding and considerate of their brothers, and that goes for both of you." 

After saying this, I gathered up what I was going to take with me and hauled it all down to the kitchen.  After rinsing everything off and putting it in the dishwasher, I grabbed three decks of playing cards out of my desk.  I did that in case one or more of the decks were missing a card or two.  They hadn't been used in like forever, so I wasn't sure if they were still complete decks. 

We played several games and only stopped when we heard the boys enter the house later.  It was kind of obvious, since they shouted, "We're home!" the minute they came through the door.  I yelled back that we were upstairs and they could come up and join us if they wanted.  I told them to bring Sally too, if she was with them.  Before long, the bedroom was full of people. 

"We were just passing the time playing card games," I stated once they were all there.  "How did the game go?"

"We won," Ethan shouted, glowing. 

"And Ethan hit a homerun," Andrew chimed in, while smiling at his buddy. 

"Darn!  I'm sorry we missed that," I told him, as I walked over and gave each boy a hug. 

"They both played great," Marcus added, obviously proud of their accomplishments as well.  "Ethan's hit didn't go over the fence, but he hit the ball hard and it just kept rolling.  He ran all around the bases before the other team could pick the ball up, throw it in and get him out."

"Way to go, little bro!" Tyler shouted. 

"Yeah, you're going to be better than Tyler," Dylan added.  "I don't think he had a homerun in tee-ball." 

"Nope, I didn't," Tyler confirmed, which made Ethan feel even prouder. 

"Ethan and Andrew are a lot better than most of the other kids their age." Justin concurred.  "I think they might even be better than any of us were at the same age." 

This comment had the two youngest boys strutting around the room proudly with their little chests puffed out.  It was cute to watch. 

"And I think we know who to thank for all of this," Sally added as she looked in my direction. 

"I only helped to bring out their natural ability, but they did all of the hard work themselves," I responded, because I didn't want to take anything away from the boys.  "They deserve the credit, not I."

"Just the same, none of these boys would be where they are without you," she added, before I decided to turn the attention to Tyler. 

"This one is here because of good fortune or someone up above looking out for him," I confessed, as I focused on my boy.  "I'm not sure if it was God or his parents watching over him, but I have no idea what I would have done if things had turned out differently." 

"I think we're all grateful that didn't happen," Sally agreed, "but we're also just as grateful for you." 

Since I didn't want this to continue, I decided to switch topics completely.  "Tyler was waiting for you boys to come home so he could talk to you about something.  I'll let you guys do that, while Sally and I go downstairs.  I know I could use another cup of coffee, and after spending the morning at the ball field, I'm sure she could use one too." 

Sally nodded, so I led her downstairs.  She opted to have a glass of ice tea instead, so I had one with her. 

"Why is Tyler in your room?" she asked as we sat at the table. 

"This way he doesn't have to travel as far to get to the bathroom, because he can use the master bath, and he can also use the TV for entertainment, seeing he doesn't have one in his room," I explained.  "Besides, I wanted to sleep close by, in case he needed something during the night and I have the biggest bed."

"That's makes sense and I'm sorry I got carried away upstairs.  I realize you don't like me bringing attention to you, but I know each of the boys feels the same way I do," she confessed. "Andrew, in particular, has blossomed since you've come into his life." 

"I think the other boys have had more to do with that than I have," I replied.  "He just needed to be around other males is all."

"Maybe, but you're boys and their friends are much better behaved than most and I'm sure that's due to your influence too.  It just rubs off on all of them." 

"Let's not get carried away, but it's nice to have you visit," I confessed.  "Sometimes it's refreshing to be able to chat with another adult for a change, although I would never give any of these boys up." 

"Speaking of boys, are you sure you want me to leave Andrew for another night?" she followed, eyeing me suspiciously. 

"Everything was fine and having Andrew and Justin here kept Ethan and Marcus occupied," I said.  "It was no problem at all."

Sally then passed along messages from her sister, Ann, and Ann's manager at work.  She also told me how Andrew had been helping out more around the house and how well he and Ethan behaved when Ethan stayed over with them.  That's when I thanked her for taking care of him and for filling in for me while Tyler was recuperating.  She assured me it was no problem and thanked me again for all I'd done for Andrew. 

Sally stayed for a little while longer and then she went home.  She said she had a lot to do and had stayed for as long as she dared, especially after spending so much time at the ball field.  Once she was gone, I began to wonder if she might have a crush on me, especially after all the nice things she'd said.  I hoped not, but I'd have to find a way to let her know I wasn't interested in a relationship, other than as a friend.  It just wouldn't be possible, but I'd have to find a way to do it in a manner that was tactful and wouldn't create other problems.  I didn't feel she would have a problem with me being gay, but if word got back to Don, then it might create a whole new set of issues.  I merely wanted to avoid that, if at all possible. 

When I went back upstairs, the boys were hooking the PS3 up to the television in my bedroom.  I knew they'd be busy playing against each other for most of the day, but Ethan and Andrew were pretty dirty from their game.  I had them change out of their uniforms and then just wash their faces and arms off quickly, figuring they would be ok until I gave them their baths later.  Then, I left the boys alone to challenge each other on the video games, while I went back downstairs.  Tyler had more than enough help there if he needed it. 

The boys only came down to eat lunch and dinner, although I took Tyler's meals up to him.  Actually, Dylan took his lunch up, but I delivered his dinner.  We then all piled onto the bed and watched a movie on the TV in my bedroom, before I decided it was time to give the little ones their bath.  This time, Andrew wanted to take his bath with Justin, while Ethan and Marcus did it together. 

I knew Andrew was doing this so he could play with Justin's penis again, and since Justin didn't mind, I didn't stop it either.  Once all four were cleaned up, I tucked them into bed, wished them sweet dreams and kissed them on the forehead.  Then I went back to my own room. 

Since Dylan and Tyler didn't need to shower and I'd taken care of them both earlier, we just cuddled on the bed together until we fell asleep.  I'm not sure how I'll handle this when Tyler gets better and Dylan returns home, but I won't worry about it until that time comes. 



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