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            The Guardian

Installment 25


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 49 - Making the Best of Things

Once we got up on Sunday morning, I tried to think of something the boys and I could do together.  We didn't have a whole lot of choices though, seeing Tyler was still confined to bed rest, so I did my best to come up with an idea that would make everyone happy.  After racking my brain and trying to think of something appropriate, I decided to carry Tyler downstairs for the day.  I felt he could take it easy just as well sitting on the sofa, as he could lying in bed. 

After I made this suggestion to the boys, they all seemed to like the idea, so I helped Tyler slip on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, since others might be dropping by later.  Once he was ready, I wrapped one of my arms around his waist and placed the other one under his legs, so I could lift him off the ground.  While I was doing that, Tyler wrapped one arm behind my neck and the other across my chest and then he clasped his hands together, as he hung on for dear life.  I then headed toward the stairs, but I had Dylan go in front of us and Marcus follow behind, so they could help to make sure I didn't lose my balance and fall.  Once I reached the family room, I set Tyler on the sofa and we prepared to watch a movie. 

"At least this is something recent and not more of the crappy reruns," Tyler offered. 

"True," I agreed, "and it's not the Sunday morning news shows either." 

Dylan sat on the other side of Tyler from where I was, while Andrew crawled onto my lap and Ethan sat on the arm of the sofa and leaned against me.  After seeing this, Marcus sat on the floor between Tyler's legs and Justin did the same with me.  It was a cozy way to watch a movie. 

When it eventually ended, I went out to the kitchen to whip up something for lunch.  Then I allowed Tyler to walk out to the dining room, so he could sit down and eat with the rest of us.  During this time, I also asked the boys about their games and practices for the week.  I also spent some of that time trying to think of how I could keep Tyler entertained while the others were busy with those things.

When the boys began to take their dishes out to rinse them off, I saw Dylan grab everything Tyler had used, along with his own, so Tyler wouldn't have to do anything.  I thanked Dylan for doing that when we were alone in the kitchen and he merely smiled at me as he acknowledged my comment.  Then, I asked him if he had any ideas for what we could do next. 

"I'm pretty sure the Braves have an afternoon game, so I could ask Tyler if he wants to watch it," he suggested. 

I thought that was as good an idea as any I could come up with, so I told him to see if Tyler liked the suggestion too.  He did, so I gave the other boys a choice of doing that with us or going off on their own.  The four younger boys decided to go outside and work on their baseball skills.  Andrew and Ethan chose to hit the Wiffle ball off the batting tee, while Marcus and Justin opted to use the Easton Pop-up Pitcher's Zone training device that I'd given Marcus for his birthday.   I was surprised to discover that Justin was thinking about pitching too, while at the same time it looked as if Andrew was practicing so he could be the next one to hit a homerun.  These boys were definitely set on improving their game and were bound to do just that, especially if they remained this motivated. 

While the other boys were doing those things, Dylan and I sat down and watched the game with Tyler.  During one of the breaks between innings, Tyler made a comment. 

"You know, I could go watch Dylan and my other teammates if you would carry me downstairs when they have a game.  Then, I could walk out to the car with you," he offered. 

"There's a lot more involved besides just getting to the car," I pointed out, as Tyler made a face.  "None of the parking lots are close to the bleachers and I think in most cases it would be too far for you to walk just yet.  On top of that, the ground isn't exactly even between the parking lots and the fields either and I wouldn't want you to stumble and fall." 

"Then you can carry me from the car to the bleachers too," he shot back, with a hopeful expression on his face. 

"Look, I don't mind carrying you up and down the stairs once in a while so you're not so isolated from the rest of us, but I'm not a pack mule," I replied, giving him a questioning look.  "Most of those distances are fairly long and you're not exactly a lightweight." 

 "Does that mean you're a weakling or are you just out of shape, old man?" Tyler teased in response, hoping this slight slam to my ego might embarrass me into doing this for him. 

"It means I haven't got a rickshaw and I'm not a slave that has to carry his master from one place to another," I answered while staring in his direction.  I could also see Dylan and noticed that he was totally focused on the game, and it was obvious his act was intentional, because he wanted to stay completely out of this discussion. 

"So you don't love me enough to do this for me?" Tyler quipped back, in an attempt to shame me into it. 

"Oh, I love you enough and I think I do a lot for you, but what would happen if I injured my back while carrying you back and forth so much?  Would you be willing to carry me around when I can't get places on my own?" I challenged in response. 

"Hey, you're a lot heavier than I am," he offered, thinking it made a big difference.  "Doing that would definitely bust my stitches too."

"Quid pro quo," I replied and immediately received a confused look from him in response. 

"What the heck is that suppose to mean?" he followed, since he didn't understand the phrase. 

"It's Latin and means 'something for something'.  It is the equivalent of saying 'one hand washes the other'," I offered in clarification.  "It could also be interpreted as 'I'll scratch your back if you'll scratch mine', 'a favor for a favor' or 'tit for tat', if those make more sense to you." 

"So you won't do it for me unless I'd agree to carry you if you can't get around later?" he followed.   

"I'll take it easy on you and won't ask you to do it before you're healed," was my tongue-in-cheek reply.  "You know, 'what's good for the goose is good for the gander' and 'what's fair for one is fair for all'." 

"Damn, you're just full of clichés and other crazy sayings today, aren't you?" Tyler spat back while giving me a dirty look. 

"First of all, I'm surprised you even know what a cliché is, but yes, I know quite a few of them, as well as a bunch of other sayings," I agreed.

"Just so you know, we learned about clichés in school, but I haven't heard so many used all at once since the teacher taught us about them," he groaned.  "So I guess that means you aren't willing to do this for me?"

"I think it would be safe to say it would be 'above and beyond the call of duty', so I'm merely suggesting that we just wait until the doctor says it's ok for you to do those things," I confirmed.  "Besides, I could always stumble and fall while carrying you, which wouldn't be good for either of us.  And if you were at the game, there's also the chance someone else might bump into you or you could end up getting hit by a foul ball or a wild throw.  There are just too many things that could go wrong, even if you were merely sitting in the bleachers watching." 

"I can take care of myself," Tyler insisted, while looking smug. 

"Under normal circumstances I'd agree," I replied.  "But now I'd be willing to bet that your reactions aren't as quick, since parts of your body are still stiff and tender.  I noticed how tough it was for you to do things for yourself upstairs, like when you were getting dressed, so I can only imagine how difficult it would be for you to react rapidly enough to avoid a problem.  I'm just not convinced you'd be able to move swiftly enough to protect yourself in case of a foul ball or a bad throw were to come in your direction."

"Ok, so maybe getting dressed was tougher to do than normal," he hesitantly admitted.  "It felt a little uncomfortable whenever I moved my left arm, because it sorta felt like the skin was pulling on my stitches.  I don't like it, but I guess you may be right, so I'll just wait until the doctor says I can do that then." 

Even though it had been worth the effort, it had taken quite a bit of time to get to this point, so we'd missed watching an entire inning of the game.  It was obvious that noting much had taken place during that period though, since the score was the same, but Tyler and I had come to an understanding.  Now, we settled in to enjoy the rest of the action and happily rooted for the Braves to win. 

The other boys came back inside and joined us before the game was over, so during the next break, while the other team was changing pitchers, they filled us in on what they'd been doing.  Dylan and Tyler had basically the same reaction as I'd had when they first heard that Justin was thinking about pitching too. 

"I didn't know you wanted to do that," Dylan told his brother, after he and Tyler glanced at each other and exchanged quizzical expressions. 

"I didn't at first, but seeing you, Tyler and Marcus are all doing so good at it, I thought maybe I'd try it too," Justin answered. 

"So you want to be like these three?" I asked, in mild jest. 

"Maybe," Justin replied, as he began to blush slightly. 

"Just be careful what you wish for," I teased, which drew a confused look from Justin.  "I guess if you only want to be like them as a pitcher or baseball player then they're pretty good to emulate, but other than that, you might want to reconsider." 

"Hey, what's wrong with us?" Tyler demanded, while giving me a dirty look. 

"Yeah, why wouldn't he want to be like us?" Dylan added, while giving me an equally sour glare. 

"You guys aren't exactly perfect, so I just wanted Justin to know that he might be getting in over his head trying to be like you!"  I teased, while releasing an evil laugh to let all of the boys know I was only joking. 

"Hey, he could do worse than us," Tyler added, looking smug. 

"Yes, he definitely could," I agreed.  "Actually, I'm glad to see that Justin is willing to try new things and I'd be happy to help him with it, if he wants." 

"Yeah, I do," Justin quickly agreed.  "Me and Marcus was gonna ask you about that later, because we didn't want to do it during the game." 

"I guess that's taken care of now," I pointed out, but then all of our heads pivoted toward the TV screen nearly in unison when we heard the crowd at the ball park cheer.  When we focused on the game, we discovered the Braves had just scored two runs and taken the lead.  It had been scoreless up to that point, so we decided to concentrate on what was going on there, since it was in the seventh inning. 

The Braves won, to everyone's delight.  However, one of the boys had another observation to make when the game ended. 

"I guess those Braves are almost as good as us," Marcus announced, referring to his team, the Masonite Braves.  Except for Justin, who was nodding his head in agreement, the rest of us groaned at his comment. 

"Hey, we're good, maybe even better than they are," Justin shot back, in support of his teammate. 

"Oh, you're definitely good for your age, but we just don't think you're as good as the Atlanta Braves or that you'd be able to beat them," Tyler replied, bringing a devilish grin to Marcus and Justin's faces. 

"Ok, maybe we're not that good," they each confessed.  "But we are doing better against the teams in our league than the Atlanta Braves are doing against the teams they face."

"Ok, we'll gave you that much," I quickly chimed in, to prevent this escalating into an argument. 

Since the game was over and it was getting late, I decided to go out and start working on dinner.  Before I did that, however, I turned to ask Tyler a question.  "Do you want to stay down here and eat in the dining room with us or would you prefer that I take you back upstairs first?" 

"I'll eat down here with the rest of you," Tyler confirmed, since he'd rather not be alone.  I then quickly looked around at the others, before leaving to get things started. 

"Just so you know, Justin probably won't be here for dinner," Dylan pointed out, in case I had counted on feeding him too.  "In fact, I'm surprised my mom isn't here to pick him up already." 

"That's a good point, so Justin and Andrew you'd better go upstairs and get your things together and then leave it all in the foyer," I suggested.  "If your mothers don't show up before we eat, then you can have dinner with us, but if they arrive before that, then you'll be ready to go." 

"We can do that, but Dylan's right.  I think my mom wants me to eat with her and my dad tonight," Justin admitted. 

"Yeah, so?" I teased.  "With the way you boys eat, you could probably eat here and then still have enough room left over to eat at home too." 

"Maybe," Justin replied with a smirk. 

"But Tyler, I want you to take it easy at dinner tonight and not eat too much," I added, tongue-in-cheek.  "You nearly broke my back carrying you down here, so I don't want you to tack on a lot more pounds before I have to carry you back to my room." 

"Come on, I only weigh the same as a bag of feathers," Tyler whined in response. 

"Maybe a bag of lead feathers," I countered, making Tyler groan and grimace. 

"You sure are being mean to me today," he pouted.  "Maybe me and Dylan will just go back with Justin then."

"Good luck with that," I teased, not giving in, but then I winked at him. 

"Yeah, I guess Uncle Don and Aunt Cherie wouldn't want to carry me up to Dylan's room either, so ok, I'll just watch you guys eat then," he stated, trying to make me feel guilty. 

"No, you know I was only joking and I really want you to eat," I relented.  "You won't get better and your body won't heal unless you do, so I guess I'll just suck it up and pretend that I'm Atlas when he carried the world on his shoulders." 

"So now you're saying I'm as big and heavy as the world?" he demanded, looking hurt. 

"Just glance in the mirror and you'll be able to answer that question for yourself," I replied, knowing he'd definitely see that wasn't the case. 

"It's a good thing I love you or you'd be in trouble tonight," Tyler shot back with a devilish smirk. 

"Yeah, yeah.  All bark and no bite," I teased. 

"Oh, I can bite," Tyler quipped.  "You just better hope I don't decide to do that later."  Hopefully only Dylan and I understood that he was threatening to do it to me during oral sex, because I heard Dylan giggle when Tyler said this. 

At that point, I thought it would be best to let the teasing end there, before we got carried away even more than we already had.  Tyler didn't push it, so I guess he felt he'd made his point and had won this light-hearted verbal battle. 

Sally and Cherie both showed up before I put dinner on the table, so Andrew and Justin went home with their mothers.  After the rest of us finished eating, I left Dylan and Tyler in the family room, while I took Ethan and Marcus upstairs to shower.  To my surprise, Ethan got an erection while I was washing him and his face lit up when it happened.  I think he felt this meant he was growing up too, because it was fairly obvious his penis had gotten bigger.  It was also when I began to realize that he'd actually sprouted up quite a bit since I had first moved in with them, a fact I verified a couple of different ways a little while later. 

After I'd finished up with that pair, I had Marcus and Ethan put on their pajamas, but I told them they could go down and join us for a while if they wanted.  They did, so we went back to be with Dylan and Tyler in the family room. 

"What's with the high water PJs, Ethan?" Tyler asked when we entered the room.  That's when we all looked at him more closely and I saw the legs on the PJ bottoms did seem shorter than before. 

"I don't know," Ethan responded, shrugging his shoulders.  Since I didn't think we'd shrunk his pajamas while doing the wash, it helped to confirm my earlier observation. 

I wasn't really paying attention to the boys after that exchange, since none of us had to get up early in the morning.  Since we were engrossed in what we were doing, I didn't notice that Ethan and Marcus had both fallen asleep before I was ready to take them upstairs to bed.  Since Tyler was incapacitated, Dylan offered to carry Ethan for me, while I did the same with Marcus. 

After tucking those two in bed, I returned downstairs with Dylan, but then I announced that I had something to take care of before I rejoined them again.  They had no problem with this, so I went to my office and viewed the video I'd had taken during their parents funeral.  I wanted to see if I could notice and differences in the boys since then and I was totally shocked when I realized how much Ethan had changed since that time.  Even though he was definitely getting bigger, his erection might have also been the indirect result of the boys constantly playing with each other's penises, because it now took on a sexual context. 

After I returned to the family room, I spent a little more time with the older pair until it was time for us to go to bed too.  Rather than carrying Tyler in my arms, as I'd done when I brought him downstairs earlier, I gave him a piggyback ride instead.  After I crouched down in front of Tyler, so he could lean against my back and wrap his arms around my neck, I grasped his legs and stood up again.  Then, I had Dylan walk behind us, so he could give us a shove forward if we started to tip backwards. 

To prevent that from happening, I intentionally kept my body weight shifted slightly forward as I carried Tyler upstairs, and then I took him to my bedroom and set him down.  As I went to the bathroom to get ready, Dylan helped him undress.  What I hadn't expected was that Dylan helped him to get completely undressed.  This came to my attention when they joined me in the master bath to urinate and brush their teeth. 

"Is this a nudist convention or are you guys planning to shower now?" I wondered, while eyeing them suspiciously.  "You probably don't need to, since you didn't do very much today."

"We know, but Tyler and I talked it over and decided we want to take one anyway, so let's get started," Dylan urged. 

"I don't need to shower, because I did that earlier with Ethan and Marcus, but you two can go ahead if you want," I replied.  "I guess you'll just have to wash yourselves or each other this time." 

"But I want you both in there to make sure I don't fall," Tyler said, as he looked me directly in the eye.  "I feel safer that way."

I had a feeling there was more to this than just his well being, but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.  I'd definitely rather be safe than sorry.

"I suppose I can do that, but only to help make sure you don't have an accident.  I'm already clean," I stated, to make sure they understood. 

"You can still wash us, but we won't wash you then," Tyler offered.  I hesitated before I responded, in order to make it look as if I was thinking it over. 

"Ok, I guess I can do that too," I finally agreed. 

After I scrubbed both Tyler and Dylan, we finished up in the shower, dried off, brushed our teeth and headed to bed.  By the time Tyler was sliding into position under the covers, he made sure I noticed he still had the erection from when I'd washed him earlier.  Shaking my head, I got into bed beside him, but then I spotted Dylan's erection too, as he was getting into bed beside me.  I had a feeling something was up now, that was besides their penises, since they had both gone out of their way to make sure I was aware that they were fully aroused. 

"Oops, I guess Dylan and I both got a problem that we need help with," Tyler teased, as he and Dylan wiggled their erections at me. 

"Can we do the same thing we did last night?" Dylan quickly added, while staring at me. 

"I thought I told you we weren't going to do this every night from now on," I pointed out, as I glared at first one and then the other. 

"Ok, we'll make sure there's one night that we don't do anything then," Dylan agreed, thinking he'd got me. 

"One night?" I shrieked, with my voice going up an octave.  "So you think not doing this one night while you're here is what I meant?" 

"Sure.  You said we wouldn't do it every night, so by not doing it one night it would mean we didn't do it every night," he stated, while trying not to giggle.  I could tell Tyler was trying to stifle a laugh too. 

"Damn!  I guess I'm going to have to watch how I phrase things from now on," I groaned.  "What I meant when I first said it was that we would only do this once in a while, like on special occasions." 

"But that's not what you said or what me and Dylan agreed to," Tyler whined, scowling. 

"Are you two planning to become lawyers or politicians," I quipped, seeing they were currently using my words against me, and quite effectively too. 

"We haven't decided yet," Tyler replied, while Dylan nodded his head in agreement.  "We might do one of those things, but let's get back to what we were talking about."

"Yeah, so can we do it like we did last night then?" Dylan quickly asked again, to get things moving.  I just glared from one face to the other. 

"I suppose," I relented after a modest delay, while internally I was chuckling at their quick witted handling of my objection.  "Who's going first then?" 

"Me!" Dylan squealed, as he bounced up and down on the mattress next to me. 

"Yeah, I went first last night, so do it to Dylan first tonight," Tyler agreed, drawing my attention back to him. 

When I turned to face Dylan again, he was already on his back with his knees pulled up against his chest.  I guess he really did like doing this last night and was eager for me to do it to him again.  Since he was so anxious, I got into position, bent forward and stuck out my tongue until I made contact with his rosebud.  When that happened, Dylan immediately lifted his butt slightly, to give me better access, while also silently encouraging me to continue.  He was purring and sighing now, which showed he was totally enjoying my ministrations, until I finally decided I'd done enough and started to move away from that area.  Then, I began my journey up his perineum and headed for his scrotum. 

By the time I reached his penis, Dylan was trembling slightly and panting as if he'd just finished an exhaustive workout.  His penis was also twitching with every heartbeat and leaking profusely, as I positioned my mouth above it and began to lower my head.  As my lips slid down the sides of his shaft, the sensation caused him to moan and instinctively buck his hips upward, as he sought that moment of ecstasy which would rock his adolescent world. 

When it finally happened, Dylan's eyes rolled back in their sockets and he grunted and moaned as each blast of his hot boy juice jettisoned into my throat.  This caused him to swoon for a few seconds, as his mind temporarily became oblivious of his surroundings and his senses were swept away by the earth shattering feelings that made his consciousness soar above the clouds.  Tyler and I watched until he rejoined us again, a couple of minutes later. 

"Holy crap!  That was fucking awesome," Dylan shrieked, but then he realized what he'd just said.  "Oops, sorry about the language, but it was really incredible.  It was even better than yesterday and I didn't think that was even possible."  His face was radiant, his eyes sparkled and his body was energized as he leapt onto his knees so he could hug me.  "Thank you so much for doing that for me.  You are the best ever and I really love you." 

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," I offered, before adding a word of caution.  "As I've told Tyler before, I hope you're not confusing love with sex.  Sex will make you feel great for the time being, but love is a feeling that should last much, much longer.  Just make sure you take the time to understand the difference." 

"I know, but I'd still love you even without the great sex," he replied with a wink, before he hugged and kissed me again. 

Now, it was time to do the same thing to Tyler.  As soon as he saw me move away from Dylan, he didn't even wait for me to say anything before he rolled over onto his stomach and spread his legs.  Then, he lifted his hips and wiggled his butt seductively, to let me know he was ready, willing and merely waiting for me to begin. 

As I zeroed in on my target, I noticed Dylan was moving closer, so he could get a bird's-eye view of what I was doing.  I pulled back from Tyler momentarily and turned toward him. 

"May I help you?" I asked, to clarify what he thought he was doing. 

"I just want to watch and see what you're doing, so I can do all the same things to you and then later to Tyler too," he replied.  "I mean I kinda know what you did, but I want to see if you do anything special, because something made it feel incredible." 

"I don't do anything special that I know of, but I don't mind if you watch, as long as you don't get so close that we end up banging heads in the process," I warned, which caused Dylan to giggle. 

"I don't want to do that either, so I'll be careful," he agreed.  "I just think you must do something that I don't know about to make it feel so unbelievably super!" 

I appreciated his enthusiasm, as well as his enjoyment of what I'd done to him, but I just hoped he wasn't disappointed when he saw that what I did was actually pretty basic.  I just assumed that particular area on his body must be more sensitive than for most people.  It was also possible that he had more highly developed nerve receptors there or maybe they were just closer to the surface at that location.  I mean Tyler has always seemed to enjoy it too, once I'd initiated him to rimming, but he has never been quite as animated or vocal about it as Dylan seemed to be. 

Once that was cleared up, I went back to servicing Tyler, since he had glanced over his shoulder to see why I'd pulled away.  He listened to what Dylan and I had each said, although he never commented on our discussion.  I think he was just glad Dylan liked it and was enjoying himself, now that I had given in about doing these things with him too. 

As I began rimming Tyler, there was no doubt that he was enjoying it as well.  I could tell because he was rocking back to meet my efforts and using this movement to encourage me to continue, but it also raised some concerns.  For that reason, I decided to use my hands to keep Tyler from moving about too much, since I didn't want him to put undue strain on his stitches.  When I thought he was starting to get too aggressive, I stopped what I was doing and had him flip over on his back.  Then, I attacked his scrotum and penis instead. 

Tyler let me know he wasn't thoroughly pleased that I stopped rimming him, so I told him it was because he was starting to get carried away and needed to calm down before we continued.  Since he was afraid I might completely stop at this point and not finish him off, he quit complaining and did as I'd asked, so I returned to taking care of his problem. 

After lathing his fleshy sac with my tongue, as well as nipping and tugging at it with my teeth and lips for a few seconds, I took his scrotum and testicles into my mouth and started using my tongue to stimulate and tease that area some more.  Tyler was squirming around as I did this and when I pulled away, I licked my way up his throbbing pole and prepared to swallow it.  In an effort to limit some of his thrusting upward to mirror my actions, I placed my hands on his hips and used just enough pressure to pin him to the bed.  Then I began bobbing up and down on his erection and took it to the next level. 

Tyler moaned, groaned and whimpered louder than normal this time, possibly because he was mildly frustrated that he couldn't do as he wished and thrust up into me, but I could tell he was still enjoying my effort.  After a couple of minutes of my intense actions, as I slid my tongue and lips over his shaft and provided suction on the upstrokes, Tyler's body stiffened and he grunted with each pulse of semen that was ejected out of his turgid pole.  Once I'd drained him of every drop that his body could produce, I savored its sweet taste before swallowing it and then finally pulling off of his well used boyhood. 

It took Tyler a minute to recuperate from his powerful release before he was able to say anything.  Then he lifted his head, looked me in the eye and spoke. 

"That was really great, but I wish you hadn't stopped working on my butt so soon and then wouldn't let me help out when you were sucking me off," he announced, mildly perturbed. 

"The biggest reason I did that was because I thought you were trying to do way too much this time and getting carried away," I responded.  "Your actions in both instances involved your abdominal muscles and I was worried you might break some of the stitches, either those on the surface or the ones deeper down." 

Tyler thought about this for a minute before he responded.  "Ok, I guess I can understand why you did it then, but it's just seems so much better when I can do all of that with you." 

"I understand and you'll be able to do it again, once you've healed," I confirmed, much to his relief. 

Now that this had been cleared up, Dylan announced he was ready to do it to me.  He wanted to rim me while I was on my back this time, since he felt he knew what he was supposed to do and wanted to see what it was like doing it this other way.  I didn't have a problem with it, as long as it was his choice. 

Dylan didn't hesitate tonight and got right to it.  He was like one of those horny dogs that kept thrusting its nose into your butt or crotch, both while he rimmed me and then again when he began to suck me off.  I actually couldn't tell which he'd enjoyed the most, when I had done it to him or now that he was doing it to me, but there was no hesitation or reluctance while doing any of it in return. 

In fact, he did such a great job that my body reacted noticeably to his efforts and I ejaculated much sooner than I typically would have done.  Even though I had tried to hold back and delay my release for as long as possible, his actions had my hot man lava rising up the delivery system and spewing from the tip to reward his efforts far sooner than I would have wished.  Dylan seemed pleased about the way I had responded and quickly drank it all down.  Then he crawled up my body, laid on my chest and then bent his head down to kiss me. 

"Thank you," he stated simply, as he released my mouth.  "I'm really happy that you're showing me this stuff, along with doing it with me and letting me do it to you." 

"You're welcome, but I'm the one who should be thanking you," I returned, getting a surprised reaction from him.  "You may have just started doing some of this stuff, but you're a fast learner and did a fantastic job.  I want to thank you for that." 

Dylan blushed at my comment and then Tyler spoke up.  "Maybe I'll have Dylan do it to me next time then.  I'd like to see how good he is at it too."

"I'm game if you are," Dylan agreed, as the two boys smiled at each other.

Then, Dylan rolled off my body and got comfortable next to me, as I wrapped my arms around both boys and we drifted off to sleep. 



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 50 - Small Changes

Monday morning, after I'd fed the troops, I went into my office and called my boss.  I wanted to bring him up to speed about how Tyler was doing, but I also wanted to let him know that things were going smoothly enough here that I thought I could do some work from home.  My boss was thrilled to hear this and told me he'd ask one of our co-workers that lived in the area to drop off what I would need.  He'd have him pick those things up the following night and then drop off a few more items.  This way, my boss could pay me for actually working, otherwise I would soon run out of paid days.  Even though the new fiscal year for us had begun on June 1st and I had been credited for more vacation and sick days, they wouldn't last forever. 

Even though I explained to the boys that I'd soon be working from home and would need some undisturbed time each day, they were happy to go along with my request.  Other than that, there was nothing else out of the ordinary that happened during the week.   All of that changed on Friday, however, when I took Tyler to his doctor's appointment. 

I had to get him up early that morning, so we'd have enough time to eat before we left the house, since I'd been requested to bring Tyler by the hospital first.  It was so the technicians could run a CT scan on him before we went over to the doctor's office.  Even after doing that, we still arrived at Dr. Flatow's office door just as his receptionist was unlocking it, even though the doctor was already inside.  We were quickly told that Dr. Flatow had already been sent the results of the scan via the internet, so we were led to an examination room to wait for him, while he went over everything. 

"It's good to see you both again," Dr. Flatow greeted Tyler and I when he finally joined us, "How have you been feeling, Tyler?" 

"Much better!" he exclaimed.  "Can I go watch my baseball team play now?"

"I've got to examine you first, before I can make that decision," Dr. Flatow replied, before turning toward me.  "If you will wait outside for a moment, I'll examine Tyler and see how he's doing." 

"He doesn't have to go," Tyler quickly chimed in.  "He's been doing everything for me at home, so I don't have anything to hide from him." 

"That's fine.  I just wasn't sure how you'd feel about your uncle staying in here with us.  Since you don't have a problem with it, we'll get started then," Dr. Flatow stated, as he began the examination. 

After checking Tyler over and viewing the handiwork he'd done on him, Dr. Flatow showed us the results of the CT scan on the computer screen in the room and explained what it meant.  I think Tyler and I were both holding our breath when he started speaking.

"Tyler is recovering nicely, so I'm going to remove some of the restrictions on him," he announced and I could read the hopeful expression on Tyler's face.  "Starting today, Tyler will be allowed to walk up and down the stairs at home, but only once each day.  That way he can join the family downstairs, but I still want him to take it easy and not exert himself.  Can you promise me you'll do that?" he asked, while looking directly at Tyler. 

"Yeah, ok, but can I go watch my baseball team too?" Tyler countered.  "I'd really like to do it if I can." 

"Let's hold off on that for a little longer," Dr. Flatow urged.  "I'm afraid you'll get too excited by being there and begin jumping around, or you might even start rough housing with your friends.  Being at a place where a lot is going on opens up a whole new set of possibilities that could create additional problems and set your recovery back.  For the time being I think it would be best to avoid those situations, but we can discuss it again at your appointment next week." 

Tyler immediately opened his mouth slightly and it appeared as if he was going to dispute this point, but then he snapped his jaw closed again just as quickly and didn't say a thing.  I wasn't sure what he was thinking or why he had suddenly changed his mind, but I was glad to see that he had reconsidered arguing with the doctor. 

After Dr. Flatow had gone over everything with us and answered all of our questions, we thanked him and then he went to see his next patient.  I helped Tyler get dressed again and then I walked him out to the car so we could head home. 

"I thought you were going cause a fuss back there, but I'm glad you didn't," I told him, as soon as I'd started the engine. 

"Yeah, I thought about it, but then I figured maybe he'd put even more restrictions on me if I did that," Tyler confessed.  "It's only another week until my next appointment, so I'll wait until then to see what he has to say." 

"That's probably a wise decision," I concurred, as Tyler turned his head so he could look out the side window. 

Dylan had stayed at the house and watched the younger pair for me, since he felt he wouldn't be allowed to be with Tyler during the CT scan or while the doctor was examining him.  It worked out well for everyone, because Ethan and Marcus were just as happy that they didn't have to get up early and go over to the Riordans while we were away.  Just as soon as I pulled into the driveway, Dylan came bolting out the front door and raced over to the car. 

"How did it go?  What did the doctor have to say?  Can you go to our games now?" he demanded, in rapid succession. 

"Not yet," Tyler answered, less than enthusiastically.  "He said I'm doing better, but he wants me to wait until my visit next week before he'll let me do that.  He said I could walk downstairs and be with you guys during the day though." 

"That's good, but I wish he would have let you come to our games too." Dylan grumbled. 

Once we got inside, the boys headed for the family room and I heard them ask Marcus if he would go upstairs and get the PS3.  They wanted him to hook it up to the TV in there again, since Tyler was going to be able to come downstairs from now on.  While they were doing that, I headed off to my office so I could do a little work.  I got so wrapped up in what I was doing that I lost all track of time.  That's when Dylan stepped up and helped out, although I didn't know that until he delivered something to my office. 

"Here, I brought you some lunch," he said, as he placed a plate down beside me.  "What would you like to drink?" 

"Dylan, I'm so sorry," I apologized.  "I didn't mean for you to have to wait on me or the others.  You should have just come in and let me know it was lunch time and I would have gone out to the kitchen and fixed everyone something." 

"You didn't need to," he countered, smiling at me.  "I found a bag of French fries in the freezer and saw I could fix them in the oven.  While they were cooking, I got everything else out so I could make everyone a grilled cheese sandwich to go with it." 

"Damn, that was awfully thoughtful of you and I really appreciate it," I told him, sincerely. 

"Well, you're letting me stay here so I can help out, so that's what I did," he added, looking smug. 

"You certainly did and I'll make it up to you," I promised. 

"You can do that later tonight, before we go to sleep," he stated, just before he raced out of the room giggling.  I knew what he meant, so I thought it best not to say anything or chase after him. 

I kept an eye on the clock after that, because I didn't want to get so wrapped up in my work again that I failed to go out to the kitchen in time to fix dinner later.  The boys all had practices to get to this evening and I didn't want them to be have to do that right after they'd just finished eating.  I also didn't want to make them late or have them running around like chickens with their heads cut off when their rides arrived. 

Not only did I have the meal ready in time, but after we'd finished eating I took the boys to the family room for a while, so their dinner would settle first, before they took off for their practice.  Sally and Cherie each showed up about 20 minutes later and shuttled the boys around.  My crew also took their extra bags with them, because they were going to stay over at the Cochrans tonight and most of the weekend.  Sally was planning to drop Andrew and Ethan off there later as well, because Andrew would be joining the other boys too. 

This meant I was going to be alone with Dylan and Tyler until Sunday afternoon, so I was slightly apprehensive about what they might attempt to get me to do with them.  I kept busy doing other things after Dylan first got back, but when I eventually entered the family room, I caught them whispering secretively with each other.  As soon as they saw me, they looked up and both of their faces displayed the same devilish grin.  I could only imagine what they might have been collaborating about, but I was positive I'd find out eventually.  In the meantime, however, they quickly invited me to sit on the sofa between them, as they searched for something to watch on TV. 

They were both more affectionate than usual tonight and each one leaned over to kiss me on the cheek or wrapped their arms around my chest to give me a hug whenever a commercial came on.  I kept trying to get them to tell me what they were up to, but they only said 'we love you' in response.  Unfortunately, I had a feeling there was more to this than met the eye and couldn't shake the feeling that they had something up their sleeves, even though they were only wearing t-shirts at the time. 

It pretty much stayed like that until bedtime, when the boys eagerly announced it was time for us to go upstairs to take our showers together.  I expected this, although I wasn't sure if they had something planned while we were taking our showers or if they would spring it on me afterward, when we got into bed.  They kept refusing to give me any information about what they were up to and wouldn't answer most of the questions I asked, in my effort to gain some insight into their objective. 

Since neither of the boys did anything out of the ordinary during our shower together, I was waiting to see what was going to go down next.  After making our way to the bedroom, both boys tossed their towels on the floor and then moved their hips, so their erections swayed back and forth in front of me, like a snake charmer's cobras.  After a few seconds of this semi-hypnotic performance, Dylan finally spoke. 

"I told you last night that I wanted to rim Tyler tonight, so he's going to get on his stomach so I can do that.  I'll get on all fours while I'm rimming him and then I want you to get behind me, so you can rim me at the same time."

"Oh you do, do you?" I shot back.  "And when are we going to get to this supposed night when we don't do anything?" 

"We've got plenty of time yet, so don't worry about it," Dylan responded, brushing my concern aside.  "So will you do that for me?" 

"I suppose," I hesitantly agreed, although my semi-reluctance was only for show.  I was actually getting a kick out of how this pair was orchestrating these encounters. 

As soon as Dylan started rimming Tyler, I moved in behind him and began to do the same thing to him.  Since there was no one else at home during this time, both boys were moaning very loudly and making a great deal more noise than usual, although Dylan's vocalizations were somewhat muffled by Tyler's butt.  When Dylan finally pulled away, I did too, and then I waited to see what they had planned next. 

"Ok, this time you get on all fours and suck Tyler off, while I rim you," Dylan ordered.  I merely stared at him mildly stunned, as I wondered who'd suddenly made him the boss. 

Even though I was mildly amused by his take charge attitude, I still did as he'd requested.  By this time, Tyler had rolled over onto his back again, so I crawled between his legs and got on all fours, as I began to work on him.  As I was paying homage to Tyler's scrotum and penis, as I attempted to give him as much pleasure as possible, I felt Dylan's tongue make its first contact with my backside.  Since he was busy doing that, I continued to give my boy the best blowjob possible. 

I was actually surprised that Dylan worked on me the entire time and never made an effort to pull away until Tyler climaxed in my mouth.  After I gulped down his offering and nursed on his penis until it became too tender to continue, I reluctantly pulled away.  When I did that, Dylan pulled back too. 

"Now, you lay on your back, but with your head at the foot of the bed," Dylan commanded, barely giving Tyler or me time to move or enjoy what we'd just done.  "As soon as you're ready, I'll get on all fours over you so we can sixty-nine.  Tyler can then get on all fours behind me, so he can rim me at the same time." 

I hesitated momentarily before moving, as I considered how doing this might affect Tyler.  After concluding that he should be able to handle it, I got into position and then so did they.  As I started to work on Dylan's penis, I suddenly realized that Dylan was getting rimmed for a second time!  He also rimmed two of us too, where Tyler and I had only done either of those things once each, so I guess maybe Dylan was kind of hooked on that particular activity. 

As soon as Dylan and I released our loads, we all got in bed together and prepared to sleep.  Both of the boys cuddled with me, as usual, and I had an arm wrapped around each of them.  Even though I didn't love Dylan the same way that I loved Tyler, I still cared deeply for him.  Besides, it made Tyler happy that we included Dylan in these sessions too.  I also had to admit that I never slept better than when I did things like this with them and then was sandwiched between these two adolescent beauties as we slept. 

When we got up on Saturday morning, I made an announcement.  "You both know that Ethan has a game today and I feel I've missed being at too many of them already.  I've decided that I want to go today and I think I've figured out a way to do this.  I know the field they're playing at and the parking lot there is just beyond the outfield fences.  I figure we can park as close as we can and then watch the game from the car, so Tyler doesn't have to walk.  Since Dylan would be in the back seat for this, I'll give him the choice of watching the game from there or joining the others in the bleachers.  No matter which he chooses to do, I still want him to walk down and tell everyone else that we're there, so Ethan and Andrew will know it too." 

"That's a great idea and I'll be able to watch them play!" Tyler squealed with joy.  "Maybe we can do the same thing for Marcus and Dylan's games too." 

"Yes, I've already considered that, but it will depend on the field they're playing at," I replied.  "Not all of the ball fields are conducive to viewing the games from the parking lot." 

The boys were forced to agree with my observation, seeing they were aware of some of those fields too, but Tyler was ecstatic that we might be able to do this.  He even made me promise that we would do it whenever possible.

The boys and I arrived at the field well before Ethan's game started and then I waited for someone from the previous game to pull out of a parking spot from which we'd be able to get the best view of the game.  When someone freed up one of those spaces, I pulled into it and sent Dylan to inform the others that we were there. 

Since the other boys had stayed at the Cochrans' house the previous night, Cherie had brought them to the game, but Sally was there too.  I saw Dylan telling them first, before he went over to tell Ethan and Andrew.  When they heard what he had to say, they turned to see where I was parked and then they both smiled and waved in our direction.  I beeped the horn in return, to let them know I'd seen what they'd just done. 

Dylan eventually came back to the car to watch the game with us and Marcus and Justin came back with him too, but just so they could say 'hi'.  Then, the younger pair went back to the bleachers, while Dylan stayed with us.  I asked him if he was ok and could see all right from the back seat and he assured me he was fine and could see everything perfectly.  Since he had no complaints, we settled in to watch the game. 

Andrew and Ethan both played very well.  Ethan made some good plays at shortstop and Andrew had a great game at first base.  They both did terrific when at bat too, so it was obvious their extra practice on the batting tee at home was having an impact.  Their team won again and I was very pleased that I'd had a chance to watch them both play today. 

When the game ended, we stayed put, because I had a feeling the others would stop by before leaving too.  Cherie, Sally and the boys all came out to speak with us, and after saying 'hi' and asking Tyler how he was doing, the boys were eager to tell us about their game. 

"We won!" Ethan shrieked, while flashing us a big grin. 

"We saw that and you both played really well too," I agreed.  "Your extra practice with the Wiffle ball seems to be paying off, because you both hit the ball really well today." 

"I tried to get a homerun, like Ethan, but I didn't do it," Andrew added, looking slightly down. 

"Keep at it and you may still do that yet," I encouraged him.  "You both did really great though, even without hitting any homeruns." 

"Yeah and you did terrific in the field too!" Tyler chipped in.  "I'm not sure if me or Dylan could have done that good when we were your age."  His comment brought smiles to both boys' faces. 

"Are we still going back with Aunt Cherie?" Ethan asked next. 

"Yep, you are," I confirmed.  "I just didn't want to miss another of your games, so we'll come to all of your future games too, if we can find a way to do it from the car until Tyler gets better." 

That seemed to make all of the boys happy, even the older ones, so we said goodbye to Cherie, Sally and the younger boys before we returned home. 

After we left the ball field, I opted to take Dylan and Tyler for a ride before returning home.  We'd all been basically cooped up in the house for a while now, so I thought the change and the fresh air would do us all some good.  Before doing that though, we stopped at a drive thru to pick up drinks and something to eat first and then we ate in the car.  As soon as we were done, we took off and went to check out some of the surrounding countryside and get away from the city. 

As I was driving along, we started to chat about a lot of different things, including the possibility of going to more games and Tyler's next doctor's appointment.  Eventually, someone brought up the topic of the Fourth of July. 

"I hope you'll be able to take us to see the fireworks display, since I probably won't be able to do much else that day," Tyler stated, in a semi-whine.  I could understand how he was feeling, so I did my best to allay his fears. 

"I'm sure we'll be able to watch the fireworks from the car, but I'm not sure we'd dare take you out where you might get jostled around by the crowds," I agreed, hoping that would suffice. 

"I know, but I guess it's better than missing it altogether," he agreed, although I could tell he was still a little down. 

After cruising around for a couple of hours, we headed back home.  After making sure Tyler was ok, I went out to the kitchen to make dinner, but my mind was consumed with how I could make sure the Fourth of July was still a special time for him. 

Later, after watching a movie with the boys, I announced it was time to head to bed.  After taking our shower together, Dylan informed me about what they wanted to do next. 

"Tyler and I want to do what we did with you last night.  Is that ok?" 

"I'm still waiting for 'the not every night' part to happen," I shot back. 

"It will, just not tonight," he countered.  "So will you do that with us again?"  I glanced at Tyler and he was nodding his head at me.

"I guess I don't have much say in this," I grumbled, trying to show some resistance, although it was merely for show. 

"Sure you do," Tyler quickly replied.  "If you don't want to do this, then we can do something else instead."  Dylan was nodding his head in agreement this time, to show he thought my input mattered too. 

"No, that's ok.  We can do what you want," I agreed, trying to sound slightly pathetic. 

"Are you sure?" both Dylan and Tyler wanted to know. 

"Yeah, it's ok," I conceded, as I eyed each of them to gauge their reactions.

Now that I had consented to do what they wanted, Tyler got on the bed, but this time he stayed on all fours, and then Dylan and I got into position behind him.  After that, we basically repeated everything we'd done the previous night, including cuddling in bed afterward. 

Sunday morning, I woke up before the boys and attempted to get out of bed without waking them.  That didn't work out quite the way I'd planned, but I was able to convince them that they could stay there a little longer, while I went down to start breakfast.  Then, I surprised them by bringing all of our meals upstairs on the trays again, the same as I'd done before.  I felt that since it was just the three of us, I might as well spoil them a little. 

"Wow, why are you doing this?" Tyler immediately asked, after they had used the toilet and I'd informed them about what I had done. 

"I don't know.  It just seemed like a good idea at the time," I replied, since I didn't want to tell them I enjoyed their company or was pleased that they had been including me in their little sexcapades.  

"It's because he likes that we help him get off," Dylan stated, with an ear-to-ear grin. 

"I think it's more like he loves us and likes doing special things to make us happy," Tyler suggested as an alternative.  They finally agreed that it was probably a little of both, although I wouldn't confirm any of this for them. 

When Dylan offered to help me take the trays downstairs after we'd finished eating, Tyler agreed to follow us.  Then, I checked the calendar for the week, to see what was on the agenda.  As soon as I had figured everything out in my mind, I went to talk it over with Tyler and Dylan. 

"Ok, I think we'll be able to go watch Marcus' game tomorrow, if that's what you want to do," I explained.  "The field they're playing on will allow us to see the game from the car."

"Yeah, that sounds great," Tyler agreed. 

"I've got practice, so I won't be able to go with you this time," Dylan added, sounding slightly disappointed. 

"I understand, but I think we'll also be able to go to your game on Wednesday," I confirmed.  "We won't have prime seating for it, since we'll be a little farther away from the field than when we're at the other games, but at least we'll be there.  You can even bring your teammates over to the car afterward, if they want to see or talk to Tyler." 

"That's terrific!" Dylan shouted.  "I'm sure they'll all want to come over to chat with him, even Coach Washington." 

"And I can't wait to see them too," Tyler agreed, as he looked at Dylan.  "This is great, even though I won't be able to join you on the bench or be in the bleachers for the game." 

After Dylan commiserated with him and that discussion had ended, we decided to watch the Braves game on TV.  We were still doing that when the younger boys arrived home, so I got up to speak with Cherie. 

"I'll drop Dylan off at your place tomorrow, before I drop Ethan off at his practice.  We'll be out anyway, because Tyler and I are going to go watch Marcus and Justin's game.  We'll still have to do it from the car, like we did with Ethan's game, but at least we'll be there." 

"That's wonderful," Cherie agreed.  "I'm sure all of the boys will like that.  Have you told Sally, because when she picked Andrew up a little while ago, she told me she had to pick Ethan up tomorrow." 

"I was going to call her and let her know too," I confirmed.  "I just hadn't got around to it yet, because I wanted to make sure she was home first.  I wasn't sure if she'd be picking her son up or if you were dropping him off." 

"I offered to do it, but Sally said she'd be out doing other things, so she'd just swing by to get him," Cherie replied. 

We talked for a while longer and then Cherie went home.  I called Sally a short time later and explained everything to her, so she agreed to watch Ethan for me until I arrived to pick him up after his practice. 

Marcus was thrilled when he heard his brother and I were going to be at his game and told us he might be pitching too.  He said the coach told him at his last practice that he hadn't made up his mind yet, but he might just put him on the mound for the game.  Tyler and I were now excited about the possibility of seeing him pitch too. 

We all watched the rest of the Braves game after that, before I got up to fix dinner.  While I was getting everything ready, the boys stayed in the family room so they could talk and play video games. 

After dinner, I spent time with all of the boys, but gave most of my attention to the two little ones, since they'd been with the Cochrans for the past couple of days.  They were thrilled that I was focusing on them and eagerly told me what they'd done while they were away, but not until they'd assured me that they'd missed me.  I confirmed that I'd missed them too, but I was glad they'd had a good time. 

After we'd spent some time together watching TV, I took them upstairs for their shower.  Before I left the family room though, I decided to make an announcement to the older pair. 

"Tyler, if you want my help showering, then you and Dylan will need to be up there when I finish with the little ones," I advised them.  "As soon as I'm done with those two, I'll put them to bed and then come back to help you.  You'd better be ready when I get there, otherwise you two will be on your own." 

"Don't worry.  We'll be there in plenty of time," Tyler assured me.  I wasn't sure if this was just to shower or if they had something else in mind, but I knew I'd find out before long. 

Ethan and Marcus were all smiles while we were in the shower together.  Not only hadn't they been able to bath or shower with Andrew or Justin, but they insisted they had really missed their special time with me as well.  They each hugged me several times to show their appreciation for doing this with them again and then they added that they couldn't wait until the coming weekend when everyone would be staying at our place. 

Once I'd dried them off and tucked them in bed, I returned to my bedroom and discovered Tyler and Dylan waiting for me.  Since I just had a towel wrapped around my waist, I led them inside the master bath so we could get started.  Both boys were very good and didn't try anything that they shouldn't, while allowing me to wash them and then they washed me, since I had skipped that part when I was in with the younger pair.  Tyler only did the top half though and left the rest for Dylan, since he couldn't bend over easily.  Then, we dried off and returned to the bedroom. 

"Since you keep asking when we are planning to give you a night when we don't do anything with you, Tyler and I have decided we'd do that tonight," Dylan announced, much to my surprise.  "We're going to sixty-nine with each other instead, since we both have boners," he added, as they both swiveled their hips and made their penises wiggle from side-to-side for added emphasis.  "You don't have to leave though and can stay in here while we're doing it." 

"That might be a little awkward," I responded, while considering their offer.  "Maybe I'll just give you some time alone." 

"No!" Tyler shot back.  "We're not doing anything to you or asking you to do anything to us, but you've seen us do stuff like this plenty of times, so there's no reason for you to leave." 

Seeing he was so adamant, plus the fact that he was correct about me seeing them do stuff like this before, I finally relented and laid on the other side of the bed.  I tried to ignore what they were up to, but that was kind of difficult, so I ended up glancing over from time to time.  Fortunately, I somehow managed to keep from sprouting wood after seeing what they were up to, or else the boys might have wanted to help me with it. 

When they finished, I slid over next to Tyler and Dylan hopped over to my other side.  I then wrapped an arm around each of them and they cuddled against me as we fell asleep.  Actually, I found this to be just as good as doing the other stuff with them too, as long as they didn't exclude me every night. 



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