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            The Guardian

Installment 26


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 51 - Another Step Forward

The following week started off fairly normally and pretty low-key, although there were a few notable exceptions to this.  The first of those occurred on Monday night, when I took Tyler to see Marcus and Justin's next game.  Marcus was pitching and doing really well, which meant I had all I could do to keep Tyler calm as we watched the action from the car.  Tyler was super excited that his brother was doing so well and was cheering and getting even more wound up than if he were the one pitching.  Justin had a good game too and their team won, so Marcus ended up strutting around the house later, since he was quite proud of what he'd accomplished. 

Then on Wednesday night I took Tyler to see Dylan play.  Once Tyler's teammates found out he was there, they all came over to the car to see him.  They were happy he was doing so well and wanted to let him know they were pleased he was recovering so nicely, when they came over to speak with him both before and after the game.  Coach Washington joined them as well and told us that he was really disappointed that Tyler wouldn't be able to finish the season with them, but he was already looking forward to next year.  Tyler then replied that he was looking forward to next year too.

Thursday night we went to see Marcus and Justin play again, but this time their team didn't do quite as well.  It was still a really good game and Marcus and Justin played decently while they were in the game, but most of the other boys on their team had an off night.  I wasn't able to tell if their teammates had been preoccupied by something else or if they had let the previous game go to their heads and were resting on their laurels, but either way they fell a couple of runs short in the final score.  Needless to say, Marcus and Justin weren't in the best mood when they left to go home. 

"I thought we'd win all of our games this year," Marcus pouted on the way home.  "I think we could have won too, if me and Justin had played the whole game." 

"That may or may not be true," I offered in response to his comment, "but the two of you did play fairly well." 

"I know it's not easy to lose, because our team has lost twice so far, but those losses happened after Tyler wasn't able to play any more," Dylan added.  He was with us too, because his team had an off night, with no game or practice.  "We all want our teams to have a perfect season, but that doesn't happen very often.  You can still finish first in your league though, even with one or two losses." 

"I guess we'll try to do that then, but some of the other guys played really awful and didn't have a very good game," Marcus added, with a touch of bitterness in his tone. 

"I just want to warn you not to get down on those other boys or treat them any differently than before," I warned.  "If you start criticizing them or griping about how they played, then you might destroy their confidence or just make them mad and end up causing them to play even worse in your next game."

"Yeah, Uncle Blake's right, because I've seen it happen," Tyler confirmed.  "Guys get down on themselves when people yell at them or bitch about their mistakes, and then that causes them to make more mistakes and play even worse the next time." 

"That's why you hear a lot of coaches tell their players to shake things off, so it doesn't keep building and getting worse," Dylan added.  "We all make mistakes from time to time or have a bad game, but we don't like it when others gripe about it or point it out in front of others." 

"Ok, I see what you mean and I'll try not to do that," Marcus agreed.  "I'll tell Justin about that too.  We've got a good team and I know we can still finish first, so I don't want anyone to give up or quit trying to do his best." 

"That's a very good attitude and your team has a good chance to come back from this, because we know they can play well when they put their minds to it," I chipped in.  "If I remember correctly, this is the second time you've played against this team and the first time you beat them by a lot." 

"Yeah, you're right, so I guess this isn't such a big deal after all," he agreed, as the smile slowly returned to his face. 

Once we got home, I took Marcus and Ethan upstairs for their shower, but then I let them stay up a little longer.  I wanted to get the boys in their pajamas first, since they had a tendency to fall asleep when I let them stay up later than normal and I wanted them to be ready so I could just put in bed if that happened. 

When we got down to the family room, the others were watching one of the superhero programs on TV, so I went to my office to do a little work instead.  I hadn't been in there very long before Tyler and Dylan showed up. 

"What's up, guys?" I asked, when I noticed them entering the room. 

"Do I have to get up as early for my appointment tomorrow?" Tyler wanted to know. 

"I'm afraid so, champ.  It's just like last week, with the CT scan first and then we go over to see Dr. Flatow afterward.  It's all scheduled for the same times too," I confirmed.  "I suspect we'll be doing this a couple more times before he releases you, so you might as well get used to it." 

"Alright, but I was hoping it might be later this time," Tyler half-whined in response. 

"I'm sorry, but we've got to do this when the hospital and doctor can fit us in," I offered, although Tyler still wasn't happy.

"Do you want me to stay here with Marcus and Ethan again?" Dylan followed, while staring directly at me. 

"If you don't mind," I replied.  "You won't be able to go in with Tyler at either place and I'm sure the younger boys would rather stay here than have to get up, get dressed and go next door."

"Ok, I'll do that then," Dylan concurred. 

"You're a good man and I'll make it up to you," I promised. 

"Nah, you already do a lot for me and I'm just glad you're letting me stay here to help out," Dylan confessed.  "It's been a lot better being here with you and Tyler, cuz you've made sure I've been included in everything too and that's been really great."

"And we appreciate everything you've done to help us out too," I stated with the utmost sincerity.  "I know Marcus and Ethan like having you here as well and not only because they don't have to get up early and go next door." 

At that point, I decided I wasn't about to get much done, so I put my things away and followed them to the family room.  I had Ethan and Marcus stand up for a second, so I could sit on the sofa and then I pulled both of them onto my lap.  After that, we watched the show that was on when I came in with them.  When it was over, I took the little ones upstairs, tucked them in to bed and kissed them both goodnight. 

As I was coming out of Marcus' room, I discovered Tyler and Dylan waiting for me in the hallway.  "We've decided to go to bed now too, since we'll have to get up early," Tyler announced. 

"Dylan can sleep in the morning if he wants," I replied.  "The younger pair can wake him up later, if they get up first." 

"I know, but I want to do everything with you guys," Dylan countered.  "I really like showering with you and cuddling in bed together, but I also want to get up and have breakfast with you before you leave in the morning." 

"Ok, let's get moving then," I said, as I took off for my bedroom with the other two following behind. 

After we got undressed and jumped in the shower, I began by washing Dylan first.  I started from the top down, but as soon as I finished washing his feet, I stayed crouched down and decided to give him a blowjob right then and there.  I think this surprised Dylan, but not for long, because he was soon thrusting his hips and driving penis into my mouth, as he strove for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  That came a couple of minutes later, when his dick exploded into my mouth and he nearly collapsed due to the mind-blowing rush that came with it. 

I was fortunate that Tyler had been able to help me keep Dylan upright until he came down from his orgasmic high, because I wasn't exactly in a position to prevent it at first.  After Tyler kept him from falling over, I was able to stand up and take over, as I helped Dylan stay on his feet until the jelly in his legs had once more turned back into muscle. 

As soon as Dylan had recovered, I did the same thing to Tyler and Dylan helped me when Tyler became weak in the knees as well.  I told them I didn't need to be washed, since I had done that when I showered with the younger pair, but it didn't prevent Dylan from dropping to his knees and sucking me off, just as soon as Tyler had recovered.  Once he finished swallowing my offering, we dried off, brushed our teeth, hopped into bed and cuddled together for the rest of the night. 

When the alarm went off a few hours later, Dylan got up and followed us down for a quick breakfast before Tyler and I left.  He kissed us both goodbye and wished Tyler good luck as we got in the car and drove away.  We went to the hospital first and Tyler was taken in for another CT scan, and then we drove over to the doctor's office.  Tyler's was Dr. Flatow's first patient again and the CT scan had become available on the computer at the doctor's office by the time we showed up. 

After we were shown to the examination room and the doctor had joined us, I helped Tyler take off his clothes and then Dr. Flatow checked him over.  Once the doctor finished doing this, Tyler began asking him questions, even before Dr. Flatow had a chance to say anything first. 

"Can I go sit in the bleachers to watch my team now, instead of watching them from the car?" he wanted to know.  "And will I have to watch the fireworks from the car or can I go to see those with everyone else too?" 

"How about you slow down a little and then I'll let you know," Dr. Flatow urged, while chuckling slightly.  "I will agree that you are doing better than I had anticipated, but you still have a long way to go before you're completely healed.  One thing I want to see you do first, before I agree to anything, is to observe how well you're doing getting dressed by yourself." 

After Dr. Flatow said this, he pulled me toward the door and away from where Tyler was standing, so I wouldn't be tempted to assist him.  As we watched Tyler putting his clothes back on, Dr. Flatow and I chatted and I got to ask him a few questions of my own, ones that I didn't want to ask in front of Tyler.  When Tyler finished tying his athletic shoes, Dr. Flatow gave me a nod in response to my last question.  Then, Tyler looked up and spoke.

"Well, did I do good enough so you'll let me do those things now?" he followed. 

"I could tell you were experiencing some discomfort and that you appeared to be a little stiff while you were doing that.  I was able to judge this by watching the expressions on your face and observing your movements at the time," the doctor replied.  "I'll admit I was impressed that you were able to do it without asking your uncle for help though, especially when it came to tying your shoes, but you may have just been willing to put up with some pain to convince me you were all right.  Even though that may be true, I'm still willing to grant you a little more freedom. 

"First of all, I'll lift the restrictions I had placed on you at home, but I don't want you to start running around the house or racing up and down the stairs," Dr. Flatow offered, as Tyler looked at him hopefully.  "As long as you promise to take it easy, you can move around more freely and even do more than before.  This means I'm also willing to allow you to go to the ball games and sit in the bleachers, but just be careful and no horsing around. 

"The same goes with viewing the fireworks display," Dr. Flatow added in a fatherly tone, "but I want to also warn you to be very careful when you're around large crowds.  Have your family use their bodies to form a protective barrier around you at all times, especially when you're moving about.  It will provide a buffer zone that will prevent others from accidentally bumping into you or knocking you down.  I only say this, because it's a regrettable fact that there will be an assortment of drunks out and other incapacitated people out and about that day too.  This will help to ensure that they and other over energetic people won't turn a good time for you into another trip to the emergency room."

"Thanks, Dr. Flatow, and I'll be really careful," Tyler agreed.  "I'm just glad you're letting me do more of these things now."

"You are welcome, but please remain alert at all times for any potential problems and remember to take it easy," the doctor repeated.  "You were incredibly lucky when this first happened, so let's not mess things up now." 

"I won't," Tyler agreed.  "I promise!"

Now that we had some answers, I drove Tyler home and he was literally bouncing around in the seat as we made our way there.  Watching his antics, I decided I should offer him a word of advice. 

"Tyler, you promised Dr. Flatow you'd take it easy, so calm down a little," I urged.  "I know you're excited, but you are already working yourself into a frenzy and it's only going to get worse when you're with Dylan.  If you don't want me to decide on my own to reinstate those restrictions, then you'd better settle down a bit." 

"Ok.  It's just that I'm so happy that I can go watch my team play without having to stay in the car," he replied, as he calmed down slightly.  "They have a game tomorrow and now I'll be able to be right there to cheer them on." 

"As long as you don't get too excited," I pointed out.  "If that happens, then I'll make you go back to the car with me." 

"No!  You can't!" he pleaded, beginning to panic. 

"Then you'll have to cheer without getting too excited," I agreed.  "Ethan's game is in the morning and Dylan's is in the afternoon,

so it's going to be a long outing.  That's why it will be even more important that you remain as calm as possible." 

"Ok, I'll try," Tyler agreed. 

"You'd better do more than just try," I countered, as I eyed him suspiciously. 

"Ok, I promise that I'll do my best then," he reiterated, hoping it would be enough. 

"Ok, but I'll remind you whenever you look as if you're messing up," I confirmed. 

As soon as I pulled the car into the driveway, Dylan came shooting out of the house and raced toward us.  Tyler's grin was from ear-to-ear as he opened the passenger door. 

"I can go to the game tomorrow," he informed Dylan, who immediately started hopping around in celebration. 

"Dylan, I suggest you calm down, because I don't want to get Tyler started again," I warned.  "This all depends on Tyler being able to remain fairly calm and under control, otherwise he'll have to watch you guys from the car again." 

"Ok!  Ok!  I get it and I'll do better," Dylan concurred as he stopped hopping around.  "It's just that I'm so happy Tyler will be in the bleachers for our game." 

"I know, but he can't get too worked up over it," I pointed out and I saw Dylan nod in response. 

The other boys were also excited when they found out too, but they were primarily happy that Tyler was doing better and the doctor was giving him more freedom.  I was glad they weren't getting carried away though, because it made it easier to keep Tyler calm too. 

The rest of the night was fairly uneventful, although Dylan and Tyler were slightly more hyper than normal.  It wasn't excessive, but they were more worked up than I'd like and I knew it might get even worse later.  Andrew and Justin would be showing up after their practices finished, because each of the boys had a practice tonight and then they were all staying here with us. 

Tyler wasn't too bad after the other boys left earlier, but I could tell he was still looking forward to tomorrow.  As long as he wasn't getting too energetic though, I'd let it go,  I just hoped there was a way I could make sure he remained calm later, without having to get him drunk or give him some downers.  By the way, I'm just joking about that, because I'd never allow him to do either of those things. 

Sally showed up with Ethan and Andrew first and then Cherie dropped off Justin and Marcus.  I chatted briefly with the two woman and explained an idea I had with them.  After talking it over for a few minutes, Sally said she'd let me know at the game the following day.  Cherie said she'd discuss it with Don later and then get back to me too.  I told both of them that would be fine. 

When I went inside, the four little ones came running up to me.  I knew they were excited to be with us again, but I had a feeling there was more behind their actions at the moment. 

"Uncle Blake we want to all take a shower with you tonight," Marcus began, speaking for the others. 

"Yeah, can we?" the other three offered, somewhat in unison, as they attempted to drive the point home. 

"But that means I'll have to get naked too," I pointed out, in case they hadn't figured this out on their own. 

"I've done it with you before," Justin reminded me, thinking maybe I'd forgotten. 

"And I want to see your wiener too," Andrew piped up, while flashing me a huge grin. 

"I'm sure you do, but if I do this with you then you won't be able to tell anyone else," I countered, having a fairly good idea about how he was going to respond. 

"I don't tell mommy or nobody else what we do when I'm here," Andrew quickly replied.  "So can we do it?" 

"Ok, I guess it will be alright," I conceded.  "It's going to be a little crowded in the shower though, so I hope you're all ok with that." 

"Yeah," they all shouted back, as they turned and grinned at each other. 

"Go upstairs and start getting undressed then.  I'll be right up to join you," I told them, before I went to speak with Tyler.  "I'll be upstairs with the other four, but you can wait down here for Dylan to arrive.  I don't think Don will want to chat with me, but if he does then you can tell him I'm making sure the younger boys are getting ready for bed.  You can send Dylan upstairs to get me, if Don still wants to discuss something." 

Once that was agreed too, I went upstairs and wondered how this was going to work out.  The boys were all waiting for me in my bedroom, so I asked Marcus to go in and adjust the water, while I got undressed.  The other three stayed to watch. 

"Wow!  You've got a really big wiener," Andrew gasped.  "It's bigger than Dylan or Tyler's wieners." 

"That's because I'm a man and they're still growing," I advised him, as I herded the group into the master bath.  I washed Ethan and Andrew first and Ethan got another erection. 

"Ethan's wiener got stiff, just like Justin and Marcus' wieners do," he observed, somewhat amazed. 

"Yes, I guess it means Ethan's growing up too, but it was bound to happen sooner or later," I explained. 

"What about me?" Andrew followed, looking disappointed that the same thing hadn't occurred for him yet. 

"It will happen eventually, but it's not something you can rush," I answered, hoping that would suffice.  "I think Justin and Marcus only started to do that a few months ago and they're quite a bit older than you."

That pair immediately caught on to what I was trying to do and helped me out by nodding their heads in agreement.  This seemed to make Andrew feel a little better, so I went ahead and started washing the other pair.  While I was doing this, I could feel Andrew running his hands all over my body, so I decided to address this issue with him too. 

"I'll let you do this tonight, since I know you're curious, but this will be the only time.  The others had their chance to do it one other time, so this will be your turn." 

Andrew seemed satisfied and didn't do more than merely touch and feel the areas of my body that were of interest to him.  While he was doing that, I finished up with the older pair.  They both sprouted erections too, as usual, and that fact didn't escape Andrew's notice either. 

"All their wiener's did that but mine," he whined, looking upset again. 

"It didn't happen to me either," I quickly pointed out, and this realization brought a smile back to Andrew's face. 

"Ok, then I'll be like you," he announced, suddenly looking better. 

Once I'd dried off the four of them and they'd brushed their teeth, I tucked each pair in bed, kissed them goodnight and wished them sweet dreams.  When I finished doing this, I saw Dylan and Tyler waiting for me in my bedroom. 

"It's our turn," Dylan announced, as he quickly stood up and shed the dirty clothes he had on. 

"Since Tyler has been released from most restrictions, then you should be able to do this without me," I stated, while trying to keep a straight face.  "And he can sleep in his own bed again too." 

"No, not yet," Tyler pleaded, as he gave me his patented look - the one that usually made me give in to him. 

"Hey, you were the one who was in a hurry to get better and have the doctor remove the restrictions, so why shouldn't we do this too?" I countered, eyeing him carefully. 

"But you showered with us and let us sleep with you before this happened, so can't we just keep doing it?" he begged in his little boy voice.  "Pleeeze!  Can't we do this tonight too?"

I just looked at the two of them as they stood there awaiting my answer.  That's when I realized this was one of the very few times that I'd seen them both flaccid while we were together.  They were usually at least partially erect, if not fully hard, so I guess my reluctance to give in to them right away had affected their libidos, hormones and blood flow too. 

"Geez, will you make up your mind.  Do you want me to treat you like you're still hurt or that you're doing better?" I teased, and he caught on immediately. 

"I want you to treat me like you still love me," Tyler shot back, figuring he had me now. 

"Hmmm, that's a toughie, but I guess I can fake it," I countered, as I finally shed my stoic façade and motioned them into the master bath. 

After I'd washed each of them, they washed me, since I hadn't been able to do that when I was in with the four younger boys.  Then, we dried off and brushed our teeth, before heading into the other room again.  I knew they were expecting something more to follow, and since I thought it might help Tyler relax too, I strolled over to shut and lock the bedroom door.  When I turned around again, I could read the anticipation on both of their faces. 

"I've figured out a way we can do what you want tonight, since Tyler's doing better," I began.  "First, we can rim each other, but we have to decide who is going to do it to whom first?" 

"I want to do it to you tonight," Tyler stated, while fluttering his puppy dog eyes. 

"Ok, so we'll all get on the bed on all fours and form a triangle with our bodies.  Tyler you get here, Dylan here and I'll be here," I advised them.  "Now you'll have to turn you head at a 90-degree angle to accomplish this, but it will allow us to do this to each other at the same time." 

"Is this that ménage a three thing you were telling me about?" Dylan wanted to know. 

"Yes, it's one version," I agreed, while silently chuckling at the way he'd phrased it this time.  At least it was better than his 'manage a twat' comment the last time he'd brought it up.  "Are you both ok with this?" 

Each one nodded his head in agreement, so we all got started.  After using our tongues to run around the area for a few minutes, I decided it was time to move to the next activity. 

"Ok, here's what we'll do next," I informed them.  "Tyler you stay on all fours and Dylan you get on your back and slide under Tyler, so you can suck him off.  I'll lay down in front of Tyler so he can do the same to me and then I'll angle my body so I can take care of Dylan as well.  Is everyone ok with this too?" 

After getting an affirmative response from each of them, we began to work on each other's penis.  Dylan was quite aroused and shot his load first, but I continued sucking on him while he did the same to Tyler.  Tyler shot his load shortly thereafter and stopped working on me momentarily, so I ended up holding off until last.  I had been close when Tyler unloaded and was just about ready to explode, so it didn't take very long after Tyler started in again before I filled him with my manly offering.  Now that we'd each enjoyed a release, we cleaned off quickly, took a whiz and got a drink before getting back into bed.  We then cuddled with each other for the rest of the night. 

Saturday morning started off in a blur of activity, which began the moment we got out of bed.  As soon as I fed the crew, I made sure each of them was ready to leave, which meant Ethan and Andrew were in their uniforms, because they had the first game.  Dylan would play later, but Justin and Marcus had the day off.  They didn't have a game or a practice, so I didn't worry about them as much.  We would have time to come home after the little ones' game for lunch, so if they'd forgotten anything then they could get it then.  Dylan would also be able to change into his uniform at that time and then we'd take off for his game. 

Prior to the first game starting, but after Ethan and Andrew had taken off to warm up with their team, the other boys stayed with Tyler and did their best to make sure nothing happened to him.  While they were doing that, I used the time to chat briefly with Sally, so we could discuss the idea I had mentioned to her on Friday night.  During our conversation, Sally confirmed that everything was set, so I told her I only had to check with Don and Cherie now, to make sure they were ok with everything too. 

Ethan and Andrew's game was really close and both teams played better than I seen during any of the previous games I'd watched.  I guess that since they were approaching the end of the baseball season, each of the players were beginning to show improvement and the coaching was starting to pay off.  Ethan and Andrew played another exceptional game, both on the field and with their bats, so I was very proud of them. 

They were beaming when they came over to join us after the game ended and we all praised them for how well they'd done.  Their team had only won the game by two runs, because it had been a very close and well played contest.  After allowing them to celebrate with their teammates for a while longer, we said goodbye to Sally and I took the boys home so I could feed them lunch.  I sponged Andrew and Ethan off first, since they'd gotten quite dirty during their game, and then I had them change before we ate.  After lunch, we hung around the house until it was time to go to Dylan's game. 

When we arrived at that field, Tyler's teammates all rushed over to greet him, including Coach Washington.  They each told Tyler they were happy to see him out and about and that they hoped he was completely healed by the time school started up. 

While Tyler and Dylan were busy doing that, I checked with Don and Cherie to make sure they agreed with what I had talked to Cherie about on Friday night.  They were and thought it was a wonderful idea, so we firmed up some additional details and were totally agreeable for how this was going to take place. 

Tyler's teammates couldn't stay and talk to him for very long, because they had a game to play.  I think Tyler's presence had kind of given them a morale boost though, because they went out and blew the other team away.  Dylan pitched and did a fantastic job, but the rest of the team played super too.  When the game ended, Tyler's teammates came back over to see us and told Tyler that he had to show up at the rest of their games, since he was now officially their good-luck charm.  This really meant a lot to Tyler and he was beaming when we finally left the field. 

Once we got home, I hurried out to fix dinner, but not before giving the boys something to snack on first.  We would be eating much later than normal because of the game, so I figured I'd give them something to munch on now.  I hoped it would hold them over in between, because I didn't think any of them would be able to hold out until I took dinner out of the oven. 

Everyone was in a great mood throughout dinner and even afterward.  They talked about the two games the entire time, at least until we decided to watch a movie before going to bed.  When that time came, the four little ones wanted to shower together again, and even though I was hesitant to do it, I finally relented, since they had been so good about it the night before.  It was getting to be an old hat for them now and they weren't really that interested in me being naked too, because they were busy feeling up each other. 

After I'd put that group in bed, Tyler and Dylan showed up and asked if I'd shower with them as well.  They didn't demand or just announce we would do it this time, they actually asked.  Seeing they were taking this approach, I decided to give in to them too and we did the same thing as the previous evening.  That went for afterward too, except we did it in the reverse order this time.  It meant that Dylan serviced me, I worked on Tyler and Tyler did the same thing to Dylan.  They were both satisfied afterward and happily snuggled with me in bed until the alarm went off the next morning.  Even though they didn't know it yet, we had another big day ahead of us. 



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 52 - An Early Celebration

When the alarm went off Sunday morning, I began rousing the boys and telling them to get up and get dressed.  Since I hadn't forewarned them that I was going to do this, they all began to complain and wanted to know why we were getting up so early on a Sunday morning.  I just told them I had something special planned, but I wouldn't tell them what it was or answer any of their questions either.  I merely explained they'd have to wait and see, but I advised them to dress comfortably, preferably in shorts, and they were to wear their athletic shoes and a hat too, because it was going to be a warm day and we'd be doing some walking out in the sun.    

While they were getting ready, I filled up a large cooler with the things I'd specifically purchased or prepared for the day.  Then, I loaded it into the back of the Outback, along with a few other items, before I went back inside.  I then whipped up a substantial breakfast and fed everyone, before having them load into the Outback with me.  Once we were all inside, I drove over to the Cochrans' residence, because they were going to join us as well. 

"Do we need to pick up something here?" Justin asked, looking confused as we got nearer to his house. 

"Yes, your parents," I replied as simply as possible.  Since they wouldn't be the only ones joining us, I'd concluded there would be too many to fit in one vehicle, so the Cochrans were going to follow behind us in their car. 

As soon as we pulled up, Don and Cherie came out their front door and walked over to speak with us, so they could tell  Dylan and Justin they wanted the boys to ride with them.  Dylan and Justin spent a few minutes arguing the point and stating that they wanted to ride with us instead, but after Don threatened to have them all stay home, the duo finally did what their parents requested and we took off.  They followed behind us as I led the way to the next location to pick up the other pair going too. 

"Hey, what are we doing at my house?" Andrew squeaked up when he saw where we were. 

"Your mom is coming too," I informed him, as the front door opened and Sally and Ann walked outside to join us. 

"You three little ones get in the very back seat," I quickly advised them.  "Tyler, you get out and get in the middle seat and you'll sit next to Auntie Ann."  Sally then hopped in the front passenger seat, while Ann slipped in next to Tyler. 

"I'm so glad you invited me to join you today.  I know this is going to be a lot of fun and we'll all have a fantastic time," Ann announced, so I thought I'd offer her a word of warning. 

"I haven't told the boys what we're doing yet, because I wanted it to be a surprise," I announced and she quickly nodded that she understood. 

"Mum's the word then," she confirmed, as the boys started barraging me with questions again about where we were headed and what we were going to do. 

I ignored them and chatted with Sally and Ann instead, as we set off for our final destination.  The boys were busy trying to figure out where we were going, but that didn't actually happen until they spotted the sign at the entrance, when we eventually pulled off of the highway.  That's when Tyler spoke up. 

"So we're going to Stone Mountain Park then?" he asked, still not convinced this was what we were doing. 

"Yes, I thought it would be fun to come here today and we'd celebrate the Fourth of July a day early.  I felt the crowd wouldn't be as wild today, so it would be a better time to do this," I agreed. 

The boys seemed pleased with this news, so I paid the entrance fee and we went inside.  After locating a parking space that I felt might be shaded for at least part of the day, we all got out and walked to the building to pick up our passes.  Once that had been taken care of, I informed everyone about what we were going to do next.  I had planned the day out at home, so I knew in what order I wanted to do everything.  I'd been to the park a few years back with my former boyfriend, so I was familiar with the activities here.  I had attempted to mix things up to prevent Tyler from getting too tired and so the other boys wouldn't get too bored.  Don and Cherie told me previously that they had come here once on a date, but that was quite a few years ago, before they were married, and things had changed a lot since then. 

"Follow me," I announced, as I led them over to the 'Scenic Train Ride'.  On our way there, I made sure Tyler was surrounded by those in our group, to protect him from others that might not be paying attention to where they were going. 

"I've never been on a train before!" Andrew squealed all excited when he saw what we were going to do.

"I don't think any of the boys have been on a train before either," I agreed, as the other boys chimed in to confirm my observation. 

"Tyler and I have only been on the kiddie train at the amusement park that our parents took us to when we were younger," Marcus added, with Tyler nodding his head in agreement.  "Ethan was there too, but he was just a baby then."

"Same with us," Justin offered, which was confirmed by Dylan. 

Once that was cleared up, we guided the boys aboard and took our seats.  This ride had a full-size locomotive pulling a series of open-air cars that the passengers rode in.  It took us on a five-mile ride around the mountain, during which we got to enjoy the beautiful landscape surrounding Stone Mountain.  It also gave the boys a fairly good idea of what the park was like. 

"This is fun," Ethan told us before the ride was over.  "It's too bad we can't go to other places on trains like this." 

"You still can, between some locations," I confirmed.  "At one time though, trains were a very common way to get around, but that changed over time, after the invention of cars, trucks and buses.  Certain areas, especially large cities, still use trains a lot to get people around and some countries still use trains as their major form of transportation."  This seemed to satisfy Ethan, although he continued to ask a few more questions about the things I'd just mentioned in my answer.

Once the ride ended, I led everyone over to the 'Stone Mountain Museum and Memorial Hall' next.  I wanted the boys to get a brief look at how this area had formed and how it had changed over time, but I knew this wouldn't keep their interest for very long. 

"So this big rock just came up out of the ground?" Ethan wanted to know, as he looked up at me in wonder. 

"It didn't happened overnight, but it was pushed up out of the ground just like the mountains were," I explained.  "It happened millions of years ago and took a very long time to get like we see it now."  Andrew nodded his head in response, so I interpreted this to mean that I'd answered his question.  

After they saw what I felt were the most important aspects of the museum, it was time to move on to our next activity.  When the boys saw what we were going to do next, it evoked an immediate reaction. 

"Mommy, we're going to play mini goff, like I did at Marcus' birfday party!" Andrew squealed, totally excited. 

"Yes, we are," Sally agreed, as she and Ann chuckled at his antics.  "I think it will be fun."

"Yeah, me too!" Andrew quickly concurred.

We then got our golf balls and putters so we could start out, but I told the boys to pay attention to everything they saw along the course.  Then, we split into groups and agreed to let Sally, Ann and Andrew go first, but Andrew quickly let us know he wanted Ethan to join him.  Once that had been agreed to, they started out and then Don and Cherie went next, with Justin and Marcus, since those two wanted to be together as well.  Then, I followed with Dylan and Tyler. 

"That was fun," Justin told us, once we had finished the 18-hole course and were back together again, "but it was way different from Pirates' Cove." 

"Yes, everything at Pirates' Cove was based on a pirate theme, but this one was based on something entirely different," I explained.  "If you remember what you saw while you were playing, it all fit in with its name, the 'Great Locomotive Chase Adventure Golf'.  The 'Great Train or Locomotive Chase' took place during the American Civil War when some men from the Union Army stole the Confederate train, 'The General', and tried to get away with it.  They didn't quite make it, but it became a very famous event in history and a movie was made about it.  It has also been mentioned in other movies and TV shows as well, so you might see it pop up from time to time." 

"Neat!" the boys pretty much agreed, as they glanced back at the course.  After I'd given them some time to see what I meant, I advised them about what we were going to do next. 

I thought this would be a good time to take a break and grab a bite to eat, since it was already slightly after noon.  I figured the boys must be getting hungry by now, and when I announced what we were going to do next, some of the boys cheered and confirmed my suspicion.  Besides, certain lunch offerings were included in the price of the ticket, so I planned on taking full advantage of that fact. 

After we'd finished eating, I decided it would be a good time to do something fairly easy to give our meals time to digest, so I informed them what I had planned next.

"Now, we are going over to take a look at the 'Antebellum Plantation and Farmland' exhibit.  It's a collection of buildings that were built during the period beginning shortly after the Revolutionary War and up until just after the Civil War.  These are all homes that had been residences in Georgia, but they were moved here to allow others to see what it would have been like to live back then."

"Gee, I'm not sure if this was here when we came before," Cherie stated, while glancing at her husband.  "if it was, then we certainly didn't see it."  I knew it had been here at that time, so I merely assumed the lovers had been focused on other things. 

We entered the first house, which was built in 1783.  After we made our way through it and had looked around, Dylan made an observation. 

"This must be one of the older houses, because it's pretty small and there's not a lot to it.  It couldn't have been much fun living back then, because it doesn't look like there was very much to do." 

"Oh there was plenty to do, because the people living back then had to do almost everything for themselves.  There weren't a lot of stores they could go to and buy what they needed.  Instead, they grew their own crops, raised animals for food and hunted, but they also made their own clothes for the most part." 

"Gee, that must have sucked," Justin added, looking disgusted. 

"Not really.  The people living back then weren't used to doing anything else.  It was just the way things were," I countered.  "I'll admit it was a hard life though, but they did what they had to do in order to survive." 

By the time we got to the house built in 1875, the boys attitudes had changed slightly. 

"This place is really nice," Marcus stated.  "It's nicer than a lot of houses I've been in and the dining room was really fancy." 

"And the furniture in it is all in great shape and not that much different from what we use," Tyler agreed. 

"Yes, this was probably the home of a wealthy person and they had it much better than most, although they still lacked a lot of the conveniences that you boys are used to today," I pointed out.  "They didn't have a furnace to heat the house, so they had to cut down and chop up wood to burn in the fireplaces in the different rooms to keep warm.  They didn't have air conditioning either, or even electric fans to keep them cool, and it got pretty hot in Georgia during the summers." 

"And no stoves, refrigerators, indoor bathrooms or running water either," Ann chimed in.  "That must have been awful."

"Not so much for the owners," I challenged in reply, "since they had slaves or servants to do most of the hard work that was required." 

"I'm glad I didn't have to do that stuff," Marcus added, while thinking about how much work he might have had to do.

After we'd toured the houses, we took the boys to the farm next.  You might think this was a little childish for the boys, but the four youngest got a kick out of being around the animals and being able to pet them. 

"That was fun," Ethan stated, as we were leaving the area.  "I've never petted a goat before."

"Me either," Andrew chimed in.  "I liked seeing all the animals and being able to get close enough to touch them." 

Now that we were ready to leave that area, I felt it would be time to do something a little more fun.  With this in mind, I led them over to do what was known as 'Ride the Ducks'.  No, we weren't going to ride on a bunch of birds, but on some 1940s era DUKW transports, which were six-wheel amphibious vehicles made by GMC and similar to those used during World War II.  These had been converted into comfortable open-air attractions that would take us on a fun thrilled ride from the land, into the water and then back onto the land again.  While we were in the water, we took a nice cruise around Stone Mountain Lake, so the kids had to wear life jackets during the ride. 

"That was really fun," Justin gushed when we got back. 

"I liked it too," Sally quickly added, while grinning at the boys. 

"I think my grandfather used one of those during World War II, but I'm sure it wasn't quite as nice," Don added.  "I would guess he was probably being shot at too."

"But it was neat that those things would work on both the land and in the water," Marcus chimed in.  "I wish our cars could do that." 

"It wouldn't be practical for most areas of the country or for a lot of the families either, but I'm sure there is probably something similar available for those that can afford it," I stated, satisfying Marcus' curiosity somewhat.  I still had the feeling that he might want to investigate the idea further when we got home. 

Since we were ready to move on again, I had everyone follow me over to the next area.  I had saved one of the best activities until now and hoped the boys would enjoy it more after we had done the other things first.  With this in mind, I led them over to the 'Summit Skyline Ride', which was a high-speed cable car system that would take us up to the very top of Stone Mountain.  After making sure Tyler was protected from the others in the gondola, we were able to look around at the stunning views of the Atlanta skyline and surrounding area.  When our car got close to the Confederate Memorial, I decided to fill the boys in about it. 

"This sculpture was started by the same guy that carved Mount Rushmore, but it was finished by three other men," I explained.  "That was because work on it started in 1915, but it wasn't completed until 1972.  It took that long because work stopped on it during both World Wars I and II." 

"Dang, that took a long time," Tyler observed.  "So who are those three guys on the mountain?"

"The figures you see where thought to be three of the most important people to the Confederate cause," I answered.  "The first one is Jefferson Davis, who served as President of the Confederate States of America.  Then there's General Robert E. Lee, who was the Commander of the Army of Virginia, although most historians say he was in charge of the entire Confederate Army.  The other man is another famous Confederate general, Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson." 

"He sure had a funny name," Marcus observed. 

"Well, 'Stonewall' was just a nickname he was given during a battle when he stood firm in the face of the enemy attack," I explained.  "He got it after another soldier observed that General Jackson was 'standing like a stonewall' under the fierce assault and the nickname stuck.  Unfortunately, Jackson was later killed by a Confederate soldier, when he was mistaken for an enemy soldier." 

"Wow, that fuckin' sucks," Dylan blurted out, before clamping his hand over his mouth and waiting for his parents to scold him.  They merely gave him dirty looks, but they didn't chastise him at the time.  I had a feeling this incident would be brought up again later though, possibly on the ride back. 

"But didn't they try to keep the blacks as slaves?" Justin asked, looking conflicted.  "Wasn't that a bad thing, like all the talk about the Confederate flag now?" 

"Yes, it's what the Confederacy fought for and why the flag and things like this still create such strong feelings in people," I agreed.  "It isn't typical for the losing side in a conflict to be honored like this, but many southerners never gave up trying to subjugate the blacks, even after they lost the war.  Over the next hundred years, their ancestors and supporters did everything they could to keep the cause alive and passed laws that kept the south segregated.  This monument was designed and most of the work completed on it before the Civil Rights Movement began and the laws ending segregation were passed, but now people are once again questioning whether the state should be running a place like this." 

"So why did you bring us here?" Marcus followed, looking confused. 

"We didn't come to honor these people or that part of the past, but it also doesn't mean you shouldn't know about it.  Knowing things such as this can help to keep it from happening again," I offered, in an attempt to answer his question.  "What we came here for was to watch the fireworks and celebrate the birth of our country, as well as just have a good time."  That seemed to answer their question, so I left it at that.  

Once we were at the top of the mountain, we walked all around, so we could look in all directions and enjoy the view.  Off course there were barriers of sorts to keep people from going too far and tumbling off, because we were over 825 feet above ground level.  Not only were we able to observe the Atlanta skyline, but we could also see the Appalachian Mountains when we looked to the north.  

"Did they use this place during the Civil War?" Tyler asked, as he looked about. 

"I'm sure there were some scouts that climbed up here and used it as an observation post to watch for troop movements," I confirmed.  "Other than that, however, it wouldn't have served any useful purpose.  The soldiers wouldn't have been able to shoot their rifles from up here with any accuracy and it would have been tricky getting the cannons and supplies they would need up here to use them.  It would have also required a lot of effort to prevent them from rolling off the mountain after they were fired, because you can see the top isn't exactly flat."  I saw the boys looking around after I'd said that to confirm my point. 

"So you mean there's a way you can walk up here too, not just the way we did it?" Dylan followed. 

"Yes, there are trails you can follow to both climb up here or walk down afterward," I answered.  "Normally I would have had us all try that when we left here, at least those that wanted to do it, but it's not an easy thing to do and I didn't want to take the chance of Tyler injuring himself.  I also wasn't sure if the women would be up for it either." 

"Y'all got that right," Ann chimed in.  "I did that when I was a lot younger and I darn near killed myself.  My body got going really fast on the way down, because it was so steep, and I nearly ran head-first into a tree before I could stop." 

"I remember when that happened," Sally agreed.  "Climbing down wasn't as easy as you would think, just because you're going down hill.  It's much better to ride down in the cars that we came up in." 

Once everyone had seen everything they wanted to from the mountaintop, we hopped into a cable car and rode back to the starting point again.  Once we were there, I led everyone to a shady spot on the open, grassy expanse in front of the Confederate Memorial so we could take a breather and wait for the next activity to start.  I told the others to wait there and keep our place, while I went back to the Outback to grab a few things.  I took Don and Dylan with me to help out and we walked back to the parking area to collect the items we needed. 

When we got to the wagon, I handed Dylan a duffle bag with three blankets inside and a couple of plastic bags that contained bags of potato chips, Doritos, Cheetos and a few other items.  I then lifted the cooler out of the back and set it on the ground.  It was on wheels and had a handle that could be used to pull it with, rather than having to carry it.  It was the cooler my ex-boyfriend and I used to load up with beer and other things when we went someplace to party with our friends.  Now, Don and I were going to pull it together, because it was loaded down and the terrain along the way back to where we left everyone else was not flat or without its share of ruts. 

Once we reached the others again, I took the duffle from Dylan and spread the three blankets out on the ground for us to relax on.  As soon as everyone was comfortable, I explained what we were going to do next. 

"The cooler not only contains all kinds of beverages, but there are a bunch of sandwiches inside too.  I made tuna, egg salad, roast beef, ham and sliced chicken sandwiches, so there should be something everyone will enjoy.  Each Ziploc bag is marked, but there's also a package of cheddar cheese slices in there too, in case you want to add cheese to your particular sandwich.  Take whatever you'd like and there are some heavy duty plates and napkins in one of the plastic bags, along with some chips and other snacks.  We'll eat now and then hang out here until the laser show and fireworks get started." 

"Dang, Blake.  I didn't know y'all could do things like this," Ann teased, as she went to take what she wanted. 

"I'm really glad Andrew is getting a chance to see a man can do this stuff too."  Sally agreed with her sister and Andrew merely smiled.  He'd heard his name mentioned, but I'm not convinced he truly understood why his name had been brought up. 

After we'd finished eating, we put all of the garbage into the plastic bags and then tied them shut.  I would put them into the cooler before we left, but there were still more drinks in there that the others might want to get out before then, so I'd wait to do that until later.  Once those things had been taken care of, we merely leaned back, relaxed and chatted as we waited for it to get dark and the laser show to begin. 

While we were doing this, I noticed a group of guys lower down on the open area and they were tossing a football back and forth.  I wasn't sure if they were planning to play a game or just playing catch, but I kept an eye on them just in case.  After a few minutes, some of those guys began running pass patterns and another would throw them the ball.  These patterns not only kept getting longer and longer, but they also were coming closer to where the rest of us were seated.  Becoming worried, I got up and approached one of the twenty-something young men and spoke. 

"Would you mind doing this in another location?" I began, as I drew his attention to me.  "We're waiting for the laser show to begin and I don't want you running into any of us.  We have women and young children in our group, plus my son is still recovering from extensive surgery after a recent accident.  I don't want another accident to injure someone else or to set back his recovery." 

The young man looked at me and then over at our group.  When he did, I saw Tyler lift his shirt and expose his lengthy scar.  I didn't think he could have possibly heard what I was saying, so he must have surmised what the conversation was about.  After seeing our group and Tyler's scar, however, the young man looked at me and spoke. 

"Yeah, no problem," he agreed.  "There's an open space over there so I'll get my friends to go over there instead." 

"Thank you.  I really appreciate that," I offered, as he went back to inform his friends about our discussion. 

A few minutes later, they were moving to the other side of the open area and I breathed a sigh of relief.  I'm not sure what I would have done if they hadn't agreed to do this, since there were several of them and basically only Don and myself to stand up to them.  I'm just grateful they weren't drunk or just plain stubborn, because if they had been, either we would have had to move or possibly even needed to leave early, which would have ruined an otherwise lovely day.

When it finally started to get dark, we sat up and prepared for the laser show to get underway and we weren't disappointed.  The boys were totally impressed by the vast number of lasers flashing on and off, as they pulsed and seemed to jump and dance over our heads.  There was also a selection of different musical numbers blaring over the loudspeakers while this was taking place and a variety of digital images were being projected against the mountainside.  This included an American flag and a large graphic that read 'USA' with a red, white and blue ribbon below it.  Everything highlighted the patriotic nature of this celebration and it was a very rousing and entertaining show. 

"That alone was worth the price of admission," Don stated, once the show ended. 

"Yes, it was fascinating and even kept the boys' attention," Sally quipped right after.  

Shortly after the laser spectacular ended, the fireworks display began.  It was a breathtaking assortment of aerial rockets going off and included quite a few of the following, initially set off in separate groups.  There was the Peony burst, a spherical display of colored 'stars' and the very similar Chrysanthemum burst, but this one appeared like shooting stars instead.  Then there was the Willow, where the various streaks seemed to open up and then cascade toward the ground and the Palm, which looked like a collection of comets streaking out in various directions.  There were also the Crossettes, which produced stars that then burst into smaller stars, as well as the Ring that produced halo like shapes and the familiar Roman Candles that looked like sprays of stars. 

After each explosion, which you not only could hear but often could also feel as the compressive explosion bounced against your chest, there was a round of oohs and aahs of delight.  Before it ended there was also an impressive and massive finale, where those in charge set off an assortment of the most colorful and loudest types of fireworks in rapid succession.  After the last of these explosions had boomed above our heads and the streaking lights in the air had faded away, we began to pick up and pack things into the cooler. 

"This was a really great day and I enjoyed it a lot, especially since I haven't been able to do very much recently.  Thank you for making this all possible," Tyler told me and I could tell he was being totally sincere. 

"It wasn't just me that made it possible," I shot back.  "Uncle Don, Aunt Cherie, Aunt Sally and Auntie Ann all chipped in to make it happen too, so make sure you thank them as well." 

The boys then began to move around and thank each of the adults for the fantastic day we'd just enjoyed.  Then, we packed everything up and lugged it back to our vehicles, so we could head home.  We dropped Sally and Ann off first and said goodbye to each one. 

"Thanks, y'all.  I had a great time today," Ann told us before she got out. 

"I had a wonderful time too," Sally added.  "I hope we can do other things like this as well."  I merely nodded in agreement. 

"Bye, Auntie Ann and Aunt Sally," all of the boys answered in return. 

"Thank you for coming with us, Mommy and Auntie Ann," Andrew added, bringing a smile to his mother and aunt's faces. 

Dylan and Justin then got out of their parents' car and hopped in with us again, because they would be spending the night at our place.  When they were buckled in, we said goodbye to Don and Cherie too.  As we were driving away, I could tell the boys were tired, so by the time we got to the house I chased the younger four upstairs so we could take a quick shower first, before I put them in bed.  They were all sweaty and dirty from the long day and I didn't want them to get into bed in that condition. 

The shower was quick and surprisingly no one sprouted an erection this time.  After I'd washed each one off, I had them brush their teeth and then I agreed to let them sleep naked, since they said they were too tired to put on their PJs.  I guess at least some of them were as exhausted as they claimed, because Ethan and Andrew were asleep before I left the room.  Justin and Marcus, on the other hand, were holding up a little better.

Dylan and Tyler wanted me to shower with them too, which I did, but as we were finishing up our nightly ritual, they surprised me when they announced they were also too tired to mess around tonight too.  They said we could do something special the following night, although I wasn't exactly sure what that meant.  However, everything came to a screeching halt when we re-entered the bedroom and discovered a naked Justin and Marcus lying on the bed. 

"What do you two think you're doing?" I asked when I saw them. 

"Me and Justin decided we wanted to sleep with you tonight," Marcus announced without hesitation. 

"Too bad.  Dylan and I are sleeping in here," Tyler shot back and Marcus immediately bristled. 

"You two sleep with Uncle Blake all the time," Marcus stated, as he scowled at his brother.  "We want to do it tonight." 

I quickly felt I needed to step in and began to nudge Dylan and Tyler toward the bedroom door.  At the same time, I also spoke to Marcus.  "I'll be right back." 

"What are you doing?" Tyler demanded, as I guided them into the hallway. 

"Yeah, we want to sleep with you," Dylan confirmed, supporting his buddy.  

"Just consider yourselves lucky that you weren't planning on doing anything tonight anyway," I countered, which caused them to shoot daggers at me with their eyes.  "Marcus is right and you two have monopolized my bed, so I feel I need to do this for them tonight, unless you'd prefer I ban all of you from my bed." 

"We don't want that either, but we like cuddling with you," Tyler reiterated, hoping I'd change my mind.

"That may be, but so do the others and I can't ignore when they want to do it too, if I don't want to cause a major mutiny in the ranks, so to speak," I answered.  "Just do this tonight and you'll be able to join me again tomorrow night.  Justin won't be here then." 

As they began to finally understand, I urged them to go into Tyler's room.  I then tucked them in bed and kissed them both goodnight.  They still weren't happy, but they did what I asked anyway. 

When I got back to my bedroom, Justin and Marcus had pulled back the covers and were waiting for me.  I was going to say something about them being naked, but decided I'd better not, since at least Marcus knew that Tyler had slept with me that way before.  He might have even been aware that both Dylan and Tyler had slept with me that way too, so I didn't want to initiate an argument.  Instead, I crawled into bed between them. 

As soon as I pulled the sheet up over us, they both cuddled against me and I placed an arm around them.  After I kissed them both and wished them sweet dreams, it didn't take long before they were sound asleep and content to be with me for the night. 



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