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            The Guardian

Installment 27


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 53 - Celebrating the Fourth of July

We all slept in a little later on Monday morning, since we were still exhausted from all of the walking around and excitement of the previous day.  Today was the actual Fourth of July and the official holiday, so most people wouldn't be working.  It also meant there would be a lot of other things going on too. 

When we got up, I fed the boys breakfast and told them to fill up, because we wouldn't be eating again until later, when we would be having company for a late lunch.  The boys immediately wanted to know who was coming over, and even though they guessed correctly about who'd be joining us, I wouldn't confirm their hunches.  They didn't know for sure until Don, Cherie, Sally and Ann arrived to join us a little while later, but we were going to do something else first.

This time Sally and Ann rode with Don and Cherie, while all of the boys got in the Outback with me.  We then set out for the Fourth of July parade that was being held locally, since we felt it would be fun to see as well.  We'd also probably run into others we knew while we were there, so it would give us a chance to intermingle briefly too. 

The parade wasn't anything special, just the typical community parade, but it might have been a little better than what you'd see in a smaller area.  The parade was quite long, but it was also enjoyable and started off with a police SUV cruiser.  It had its lights flashing and the siren being used intermittently to clear the way.  Behind them was a military color guard carrying the American flag, followed by a series of military jeeps with local veterans riding in them to represent the various branches of the armed services.  Each jeep had a sign attached stating which of the various conflicts that group had taken part in, from World War II, Korea, Viet Nam, both Iraq wars and Afghanistan.  Many of them were also wearing their old uniform, many of which probably had to be altered first or an appropriate facsimile of the one they had worn made for this purpose. 

Behind them was an 18-wheeler pulling a flatbed with replicas of a World War I fighting plane, a propeller driven fighter plane from World War II and a jet fighter that might have been used in Viet Nam or one of the later conflicts. 

"Wow!  Look at how different they are from each other," Tyler observed as the float drove in front of us. 

"What's even more amazing is that those changes all took place in just over 50 years," I pointed out.  "The first plane could have been used in 1917 during World War I, the second in 1944 during World War II and the last one in 1967 during Viet Nam.  That's not a very long time to have made that much advancement in aeronautical engineering."  The boys all nodded in agreement with my comment. 

After that float passed by, the police color guard came next.  They were followed by several police cars and SUVs, along with several cops on motorcycles and a dozen more officers on bicycles or walking with their K-9 partners.  After that was the first on the civilian groups, which were intermixed throughout the parade.  These groups might include social or charitable organizations, businesses or various political candidates, with each one having its own banner to signify who they were.    

They were followed by the first of the bands, which in this case was a high school group.  They sounded really good and played a medley of patriotic songs, which got everyone in a really good mood quickly.  Behind them was a series of antique cars, many of them convertibles, and they carried various dignitaries as well.  Each car had a magnetic sign or banner attached to either side that explained who was riding in the vehicle.  The first of these cars contained the parade's 'Grand Marshall', while others held local and state politicians or important people from the community.  I was more interested in the cars and was able to recognize vehicles from the 1920s to maybe as late as the 1980s and I tried to fill the boys in about each of them.  There were also a few 'muscle cars' too and the boys got a kick out of seeing them, as well as some of the older vehicles. 

"I'm glad we don't have to ride in those old cars now," Ethan stated while making a face.  "They look funny and probably don't go very fast."

"Oh, they went fast for their time and were a big improvement over what came before them," I assured him. 

Then came the first of the groups that stopped to sing, dance or perform a martial arts, cheerleading or other routine for us.  These groups were interspersed from this point on, until to the end of the parade.  This particular group stopped briefly and sang 'God Bless America' and they enticed a large number of those in the crowd to sing along with them, including most of our group. 

"That was fun and I knew the song," Justin stated, once the singing ended.  "They sing it at different games, so I've heard it a lot." 

"Yes, they do," Don agreed.  "Some major league baseball teams use it during the 7th inning stretch and other sports often use it during intermissions as well."  Justin seemed pleased by his father's acknowledgement. 

Behind that group was an assortment of clowns, with some of them on bicycles or unicycles, while others where on miniature motorcycles.  There were also a few on rollerblades that were juggling clubs or balls, but others were making balloon animals and balloon hats that they passed out to the kids along the way.  There were a couple of other clowns with dogs that were doing tricks for the crowd, upon command. 

"I wouldn't mind trying out one of those little motorcycles," Dylan observed, with Tyler quickly agreeing with him. 

"That little dog is sooo cute and he keeps going in an out of the clowns legs," Andrew bubbled as he watched it happen.  "I hope he doesn't step on the poor doggy." 

"I think he's being extra careful so that won't happen," Sally offered, trying to reassure him. 

"I like the jugglers," Ethan chimed in.  "I wish I could do that."

"You just have to give it a try and then practice a lot," Ann encouraged him. 

Right after that group was an SUV pulling a flatbed trailer with a sign announcing it was carrying the 'Old Timers Band'.  They were having a good time playing Dixieland music. 

"Now that's more my style," Cherie joked, seeing the musicians seated on the float.  "Not only do they sound good and the music gets you moving, but riding sure beats marching the entire way too!"

There were a few newer cars after that, mostly convertibles, and each one represented a specific group, again noted by a sign or banner, with the various members seated within.  Among this group was a series of cars with individuals dressed to represent some of our former presidents and their wives.  The first of those cars had George and Martha Washington, followed by Thomas and Martha Jefferson, Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln, Theodore and Edith Roosevelt, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and Jack and Jackie Kennedy.  I thought this was a particularly classy and interesting touch. 

"Hey, how can it be them?" Marcus wanted to know.  "Aren't they all dead?" 

"Yes, so they are just people made up to look like them, but they are also wearing costumes from the period in which they lived too," I informed him.  "Since it's the birthday of our country, this just honors some of those who led the nation at various times and might be considered some of our greatest presidents." 

This group was followed by a fife and drum corps and the boys seemed intrigued by the different sound they made.  This group played a variety of older patriotic or quasi-patriotic songs, such as 'Yankee Doodle', 'My Country Tis of Thee', 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic' and 'Dixie', along with 'The Minstrel Boy' and 'Garry Owen'.  

"The song they're playing now is called 'Garry Owen' and that was a favorite of Colonel George Armstrong Custer," I informed the boys.  "He liked to have it played when his troops were on the move from one place to another."

"I know I've heard the name of that guy before, but I don't remember why," Tyler stated, as he tried to recall why he knew it. 

"He was a general during the Civil War, but what he's best remembered for was his worst defeat.  That was when his 7th Cavalry was massacred by Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and a bunch of other braves that fought with them at the Battle of the Little Big Horn," I answered. 

"Oh, yeah.  'Custer's Last Stand'," Tyler added, as it finally came to him.

Behind them was another float and this one had a replica of the Statue of Liberty on it, along with a guy dressed up like Uncle Sam.

"That's not as big as the real Statue of Liberty, is it?" Ethan wanted to know. 

"No, the original is over 300 feet tall (91.5 m), so the real one is about twenty times bigger than what you see on the float," I answered.  "Did you know the Statue of Liberty was given to us by the French on our country's 100th birthday?" 

"Yeah, we learned about that in school," Dylan replied, although it was news to some of the others. 

"Was there really an Uncle Sam?" Justin followed, as he waited for an answer. 

"I guess in a way you might say there was," Don answered this time.  "When I was your age, we learned that the figure of Uncle Sam was based on Samuel Wilson, during the War of 1812.  I've also heard that Uncle Sam was mentioned in the song 'Yankee Doodle', which is much older than the War of 1812.  They say the name Uncle Sam was just used in the song as a nickname for the United States, since their initials were both U.S." 

"Oh, yeah!  I see now!" Justin exclaimed, as a light bulb went off in his head. 

"I think most people think of Uncle Sam from the posters used to recruit soldiers during war time," Ann added.  "Maybe y'all have seen a poster with Uncle Sam where he seems to be pointing right at you and saying 'I Want You For the Army!', or something like that."

"Yeah, I've seen those in my history books," Tyler confirmed.

We almost missed the group that came next, seeing we were so busy talking.  It was the fire department's color guard, followed by an antique fire truck. 

"Do they still use that?" Andrew asked his mother while the rest of us were still carrying on the other discussion.  He was asking about the smaller, older fire truck that almost looked out of place now. 

"No, it probably hasn't been used since your Auntie Ann's and my papaw was a boy," Sally informed him. 

"What's a papaw?" Andrew followed, since he was unfamiliar with the term. 

"It's what a lot of southern folks call their grandpas," Sally clarified and Andrew nodded his head in understanding. 

Behind that was a modern fire truck, which dwarfed the other one, and several emergency vehicles.  There were also a bunch of different individuals walking along with them, the women's fire auxiliary, and they were tossing candy, bubble gum and lollipops to the kids in the crowd. 

"Hey, I want to get some of that stuff," Marcus stated as he stepped off the curb.  Some of the other boys soon followed and one of the ladies spotted our little group.  She stopped and tossed a couple of handfuls of treats in their directions, which the boys hurriedly snatched out of the air or grabbed off of the ground. 

"Thanks!" I heard a few of them shout in response.

Next came another high school band, but this one was led by a large collection of cheerleaders and a big color guard unit.  They stopped briefly so that group could do a little of their flag and rifle routines, but the cheerleaders also led a cheer as well, while the band played. 

"That's neat how they spin the flags and guns," Ethan stated, while watching the action. 

"I like the way they toss them to each other!" Tyler exclaimed as he watched the objects sail back and forth. 

The next group was quite unusual, but still very entertaining.  It was a collection of men dressed up in period uniforms from the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Viet Nam and up to the present day.  They also carried replicas of the weapons that would have been used then too, at least I didn't think they were the real deal.  If they were, I hope they weren't loaded.  Behind them was another group dressed up as frontiersmen, such as Lewis and Clark, Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket, and then there were others dressed like cowboys.  Some of the last group were doing rope tricks too. 

"I wish I could do that," Justin observed, as he watched the cowboys doing their rope tricks. 

"It takes a lot of practice to get that good," Cherie warned him, which I think made Justin lose interest in acquiring the skill. 

Right after them was a group of young people twirling batons and then a group of older women dressed in period costumes from the early 1900s.  These women were carrying a banner about Women's Suffrage and the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. 

"Who are they?" Andrew wanted to know when he saw that group. 

"They represent the women that fought for equal rights and the right for women to vote," Cherie told him. 

"You mean women can't vote?" Andrew followed, looking confused. 

"They can now," Cherie confirmed, "but not until those women fought for the right."  Andrew looked satisfied with the answer.

After them came a bagpipe and drum group, which I assumed signified the various immigrants that relocated to this country, as they helped to settle it and make it strong. 

"I still think bagpipes sound like a bunch of cats fighting," Don quipped as they passed by.  As soon as he said this, I heard some of the boys begin to giggle.

Behind them was a collection of various Boy Scout, Cub Scout, Girl Scout and Brownie troops that represented the youth of our nation. 

"Look, there are kids our age in the parade!" Ethan pointed out when he saw them. 

"Yep, there sure are," Ann concurred, just so Ethan didn't feel ignored. 

Those groups were followed by the last of the marching bands and then a bunch of people on horseback, along with some kids riding ponies.  Behind them was a man with a large, plastic wheelbarrow and two others with shovels, to clean up after the horses. 

"Oh, wow!  I wouldn't want their job," Tyler joked when he realized what the men were doing. 

"Yuck!  They have to scoop up all the horse poop!" Marcus exclaimed, wrinkling his nose.  That comment made everyone chuckle. 

Once the parade ended, we happened to run into a bunch of people we knew on the way back to the cars, so we stopped and spent some time chatting with them.  The boys got to talk to some of their friends that they hadn't seen since school ended, so they enjoyed having a chance to interact with them too.

When we got back to the house, we hurriedly got ready to have our cookout.  We decided to hold this at our place for several reasons.  First, we had more room than the others, just in case it rained and we had to move inside, plus we also had a larger yard if it stayed nice out.  On top of that, all of the boys were already staying with us, so only the adults had to get ready earlier to join us.  It worked out just fine. 

Don, Cherie and I had chipped in to buy the meat and rolls, so we could offer an assortment of hot dogs, hamburgers and sausages.  The women had also made a salad each, with Cherie bringing a macaroni salad, Sally a southern potato salad, which had a lot of egg in it, and Ann chipped in a Waldorf salad.  I also provided dill pickles and sweet gherkins, as well as the other condiments necessary.  In addition to all of that, Ann and Sally had brought the dessert, which consisted of watermelon and cantaloupes, but there was also some vanilla ice cream too.

Don and I manned the grill, while the ladies got everything else set up.  Cherie even went inside and fried up a bunch of onions and green peppers on the stove, so we could add those to the meat as well, if we wanted.  Once everything was ready, we adults sat down to eat at the picnic table, while the boys opted to bring out folding chairs and then each pair shared one of our wooden TV trays, which they placed their meals on.  It worked out well and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal.    

After we were done eating, we took it easy for a while, although we did some less strenuous things too, such as playing a few simple games.  I saw Don and Cherie playing the game with the boys where they place the palms of their hands against one another and the person whose hand is on the bottom tries to move it quickly enough to slap the back of the other person's hand before he could pull it away.  Don seemed to be doing pretty well against the younger group, while Cherie didn't seem to be quite as successful. 

I also saw Sally and Ann playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with the younger group, with varying success.  While they were doing that, I went into the house and rounded up the top half of three identically colored plastic eggs that were left over from Easter and a small rubber ball.  I took that outside and played a version of the shell game with the boys, although mine was on the up and up. 

In addition to those games, we all took turns playing Bocce Ball and crochet with the boys, after we explained how to play each game to them.  Don and Cherie had brought those items with them when they came over this time, which was something I hadn't even considered.  Cherie had Sally and Ann set up for crochet and then we all switched playing the games with the boys.  They turned out to be wonderful and fun activities that we all enjoyed doing together. 

Later, we all drove down to watch the local fireworks display.  It wasn't as good as the one from the previous night, but it was still nice and we enjoyed it.  After we got back to the house and everyone had collected their things, I said goodbye to Andrew and Justin, as well as Don, Cherie, Sally and Ann, because they were all going home.  We'd had a good time, but now it was over. 

After they'd departed, I took Ethan and Marcus up for their shower and then put them to bed.  When I returned to my room, Tyler and Dylan were waiting for me.  It caused me to remember what they'd said the previous evening about doing something special tonight, so I wondered what they had in mind. 

"We want to thank you for the fun time we had the last two days," Tyler informed me, after I entered the room.  "So we want you to take a shower with us tonight, but Dylan and I will do all the work." 

"Hey, I wasn't the only one responsible for the last two days," I challenged, to let them know the others had played a part too. 

"Yeah, we know, but we're pretty sure it was your idea," Dylan offered, with Tyler nodding in agreement. 

I didn't bother to argue the point and followed them in to the master bath to shower instead.  They started off working together to wash me first and then they did the same to each other.  After we had dried off and brushed our teeth, I followed them out to the bed to see what they had planned next.  Dylan made a side trip first and went over to shut and lock the bedroom door.  I guess they had something planned that they didn't want the younger boys to walk in on. 

"We're going to take care of you first and then we'll do each other," Tyler announced while Dylan was doing that. 

"Yeah, this will be another night when you don't have to do anything to us," Dylan added with a smirk. 

To my surprise, the boys took turns rimming me first and then sucking me off.  One would start and then do it for a while before the other would take over.  Tyler was the first to rim me, while Dylan finished me off, but then Dylan was the first to suck me off, before Tyler received my load.  Then Tyler laid beside me and kissed me while Dylan was rimming him and sucking him off, and then Dylan did the same thing while Tyler serviced him.  It was slightly different than anything we'd done before, but it was all very enjoyable. 

After that little workout, Dylan and Tyler cuddled up against me so we could go to sleep.  They were even more cuddly than usual, if that was even possible, but I think last night had a little something to do with that.  They both mentioned that they hadn't been happy about what happened and they weren't thrilled about not being able to sleep with me, but then they let me know I was still truly loved. 

As I slowly drifted off to sleep, I thought that if this was what they meant by doing something special, then I was all for it.  Not only had I enjoyed what we did together, but I also slept really well and woke up totally refreshed in the morning.  



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 54 - The End of Summer

Seeing Tyler was getting better, I called my boss on Tuesday and told him that I'd be coming back to work the following Monday.  He was thrilled to hear this news, although he said he would continue to send things I could work on throughout the rest of the week. 

Dylan quickly offered to stay with Tyler after I'd returned to work, so he could help him with whatever he needed.  The two of them also offered to watch the younger pair during that time as well, so Marcus and Ethan wouldn't have  to spend time with the Riordans.  I told Dylan that would be fine with me, but he would have to get his parents' permission first, in order to do this.  He had been with us for a very long time already, so I wasn't sure how his mom and dad would feel about him staying longer.  After I'd told him this, he called home and spoke with his mother, but she asked to speak with me before giving him an answer. 

"Blake, is this something that will actually help you or is Dylan just trying to find a way to continue staying there?" she wanted to know. 

"Let me answer your question this way," I replied, hoping what I was about to say would let her make up her own mind.  "I really hate the idea of leaving Tyler alone while I'm at work, but I can't continue staying at home for much longer without it hurting us financially.  I also don't feel Tyler is capable of watching his brothers without help yet either.  I can always send the three of them next door and let Brenda Riordans watch them during the day, but the boys would rather not do that, if at all possible.  I have thought about this at length after Dylan first mentioned the idea to me and I've decided Dylan and Tyler would be able to handle things here and watch the boys too, as long as they do it together.  For that reason, his help really would be a benefit to us." 

"Ok, then I'll talk to Don about this and get him to agree," she assured me.  "I just wanted to make sure Dylan wasn't pulling a

fast one." 

"No, he's actually trying to help out," I assured her. 

"Then I hope he's ready to do that when he returns home," she stated and I understood what she meant.  Don would now expect Dylan to do more to help out when he got back, since he'd let him help us for so long.  I thought I'd better mention this fact to Dylan and forewarn him about what he should expect. 

During this same time, we were also entering the final week of the summer baseball season.  I can't say that I was terribly sorry to see it come to an end, because it had been very hectic dealing with the boys going in all different directions, but I also had to admit it had been good for them.  With the exception of what had happened to Tyler, the boys had all blossomed and grown while taking part in it. 

On Wednesday, Marcus and Justin had their final league game, while Ethan and Dylan both had practice.  I dropped Ethan off with his team and asked Sally if she would keep an eye on him for me, so I could go watch Marcus' game.  She said she'd be happy to do that for me, so I took Tyler and headed off for the field where Marcus was playing. 

To my surprise, it didn't turn out to be a very close game.  The team they were playing was going to finish in the lower half of the standings, so they didn't have a lot on the line to play for.  Marcus' team, on the other hand, was determined to end the season with only one loss, which they had no trouble doing.  When their game ended, Coach Howard called the team together so he could speak with them. 

"Even though we had that one loss, we still finished up in first place," he announced.  "The team that beat us not only lost to us earlier, but they also lost to another team, so they'll finish in second place with two losses.  You had a great season and I am proud to be your coach." 

Needless to say, Marcus and Justin's teammates began to cheer and dance around, as they began to celebrate their success.  They went completely wild for a few minutes and the parents were having a good time watching their sons enjoy the results of their hard work.  Eventually, we got the boys to calm down and took our sons home. 

Marcus was still wound up when we got to the house and that didn't change in the slightest during the shower.  Since Tyler and Dylan were able to see how Marcus was acting, I noticed Tyler say something to Dylan and then Dylan followed Marcus into his bedroom after I'd finished washing him.  Dylan told Marcus to lie down on the bed, still naked, and then advised him what he was planning to do. 

"I know you've done this with Justin before, so I'm going to do it to you now.  It will help you to settle down, but it will also make it easier for you to go to asleep.  Just don't expect Tyler or me to do this for you again." 

Dylan then bent over Marcus' smaller frame and began to slowly lick and play with his genitals, before he took Marcus' penis into his mouth and attempted to give him the best blowjob possible.  Dylan told me later that Marcus' body went limp when he first started doing this, almost as if he was sucking the energy out of Marcus' body, but that didn't last for very long.  Dylan said it all seemed to change when Marcus began to sense that special feeling building in his groin, because he started bucking his hips upward, in an effort to make it happen sooner.  Even though it was only a dry orgasm, it obviously did the trick, because shortly after Marcus thanked Dylan for doing it for him, he fell asleep. 

Upon returning to join me in my bedroom after servicing Marcus and after I'd tucked Ethan in bed too, I went in to shower with Tyler and Dylan next.  Once we'd finished, I decided that they needed to be rewarded for being so thoughtful and considerate for taking care of Marcus, since it appeared to have been Tyler's idea and Dylan carried it out.  After I thanked them for helping out, I began doing the same thing to Dylan first.  I used my tongue to bathe and stimulate the entire area, but I also used my teeth to nip and tug at the skin on his scrotum, as I attempted to tease and please him at the same time.  Dylan was squirming around on the mattress and whimpering as I did these things to him, and then I started to nod up and down on his turgid pole. 

Dylan was usually quite vocal when I did this to him and tonight was no exception to that rule.  Dylan was moaning, cooing and purring as I sucked and bobbed up and down on his pride and joy, so I had to warn him to keep the noise down.  His hips were also bucking up and down in an effort to hasten the results and increase his pleasure, which was merely an ageless and inbred response to any sexual act.  This went on until his body tensed and his hips lunged skyward one final time, as the seminal fluids came surging up the tubes in his penis and spurted out of the tiny opening at the tip.  After I'd completely drained him, I gave him a kiss and left him to enjoy the wonderful sensations still coursing through his body. 

While Dylan was recovering from his post orgasmic haze, I did the same thing to Tyler, because he had been the one to suggest to Dylan about doing it to Marcus.  I took my time with him too and attempted to give him the same amount of satisfaction from my efforts.  He was nearly as vocal and aggressive as Dylan had been and I eventually coaxed the boy ambrosia from his penis too, as his mind swirled in sexual ecstasy.  After I finished, I gave him a very passionate kiss as well, since I was pleased that he had been so concerned about his brother. 

Even though I tried to resist their efforts to reciprocate, I gave in and allowed them to do the same for me.  They took turns and alternated between sucking on my penis and nipples, and their efforts proved extremely successful.  Dylan was the one working on me when I busted a nut and he drank it all down without missing a drop.  After I'd recuperated, I pulled both boys' bodies against mine as they cuddled against me and we eventually fell asleep.   

Tyler didn't have a doctor's appointment on Friday, since Dr. Flatow had set the next one for two weeks later this time, but we still had another ball game to go to.  Dylan was playing his final game that evening, and of course Tyler demanded that we be there to watch.  Once we got to the field, Tyler's teammates told him they knew they were going to win, since he was there and they considered him their 'good luck charm'.  

It was a close game, but Tyler, Dylan and their teammates were all thrilled when the team won, but unfortunately they finished the season in third place.  Tyler's coach and teammates told Tyler that they were convinced they would have finished in first place if he hadn't been hurt.  Everyone agreed they had really needed him to pitch, along with Dylan, but they also missed his bat in the lineup, since he'd been hitting so well.  They felt that not having him in the batting order had really hurt them in the games they'd lost, but now the younger players were already talking about winning it all next year. 

Ethan's team had its final game on Saturday.  I'd been impressed all season long with how well Ethan and Andrew had played, so I wasn't surprised when their team ended up the year undefeated.  It was a goal Marcus wished his team had attained too, but he and Ethan were thrilled they'd both played on a first place team. 

The rest of the weekend we just enjoyed each other, but I also took time to get everything ready for Monday.  I'd be returning to work and leaving the boys alone, so I went over some things with them first.  I wanted to make sure this worked out and they were all happy and safe in the process.

I went in to work for the first time on Monday and many of my co-workers came over to welcome me back and so they could ask about how Tyler was doing.  I appreciated their support, as well as their concern, and thanked them sincerely, but I also explained that I'd try to make it up to them for having to cover for me for so long.  It was nice to know they cared, but it also felt good to be back with them all again. 

The boys and I were mildly surprised when Ethan got a phone call Monday night from Coach Lucas, since the season was now officially over.  Unbeknownst to us, he was calling to tell Ethan that both he and Andrew had been selected to the All-Star team.  It meant they would be playing one additional game against a team from a nearby community and they would be practicing on Tuesday and Thursday.  Needless to say, Ethan was walking on air for the rest of the night. 

After the call, I pulled Marcus aside so I could explain something to him.  "I know you're probably disappointed, but I doubt you'll be receiving a similar call.  Not only were you one of the younger players in your league, but you weren't a starter for most of the season either.  You and Justin will have two more years playing in the league, so you'll have other chances to be an All-Star.  This was Ethan's year to shine as one of the older players in his league and he had a really good season too." 

"I know and I'm happy for him," Marcus replied.  "I would have liked to be an All-Star too, but I understand why it probably won't happen." 

"I'm glad you're mature enough to accept that," I followed. 

On Tuesday, while I was with Ethan for his All-Star practice, Dylan and Tyler got phone calls from Coach Washington.  Dylan had been selected as an All-Star for his league and would have to practice on each of the next three nights.  The league coaches had also decided to make Tyler an honorary All-Star, because he wouldn't be able to play.  The other coaches felt he still deserved the honor for what he had accomplished before he was shot, so this was their way of acknowledging his achievements.  Tyler and I both thought it was a nice gesture on their part and were appreciative of the recognition. 

The following Friday I took Tyler in for his next appointment.  The doctor hadn't ordered another CT scan this time, but I still had to take Tyler in for a physical examination.  After checking him over, Dr. Flatow announced that Tyler was doing very well and would be able to start school in a couple of weeks, but he gave Tyler a temporary release from P.E. classes.  He also sent along another note to request the principal allow Tyler to leave his classes a couple of minutes early, so he could move to his next class without being involved in any bumping or jostling in the hallways along the way.  Tyler was fine complying with both of those conditions and his next appointment wouldn't be for another month. 

Saturday morning, Ethan and Andrew were scheduled to play in their All-Star game, so we drove over to pick up Andrew and Sally at their place, so we could all ride together.  Both boys played fantastic again and their team won, which was basically just a morale builder for the players and boasting rights for their league.  That pair was thrilled though and acted as if they had just won the World Series. 

After we returned home and I'd gotten Ethan cleaned up, we had to eat quickly and then leave to go watch Dylan's All-Star game.  Making the All-Star team with the older groups meant he would be playing in a tournament, with the winning team moving on to the next game.  If the team continued to win, the boys could advance through the regional and state levels, but they could possibly even progress to the national tournament. 

Unfortunately, this was not to be their fate.  Although the game was a close and the team played well, Dylan's group lost, thus ending his season.  Tyler felt badly for him and promised they would do a lot better next season.  I guess he felt they'd both make the All-Star team next year and win a few games.  How many, if any, only time would tell.

There was also a lot to do before school started, since we had to buy new school clothes and footwear for each of the boys, along with whatever supplies we knew they would need.  We would do a little shopping each weekend from now until school started, beginning with this Sunday when I'd take them to the mall.  I'd let each boy pick out whatever he wanted to wear and would only interfere if I felt one of his choices was inappropriate for the school setting. 

The boys and their friends ended up begging me to let them spend the final weekend in July at our place, since classes would be starting the following Wednesday.  I had no problem with this, and luckily neither did their parents, so Andrew and Justin were dropped off that weekend with us, since Dylan was still here.  He had managed to spend nearly the entire summer at our house and I could tell Justin was more than a little jealous of that fact. 

"Trust me, it wasn't all fun and games for your brother," I told Justin to soothe his bruised ego.  "Dylan had to do a lot of work to help me take care of Tyler and he had to do a bunch of other things that Tyler wasn't able to do any longer, plus he helped me with other stuff as well.  I'm sure he ended up doing more work than you would have wanted to do." 

Since he understood it hadn't all been fun for his brother while he was with us, Justin felt a little better now.  I was glad to see this, because I didn't want any hard feelings to resurface between the pair, seeing they had been getting along so well since they started hanging out with my boys on the weekends. 

As had become the usual modus operandi as of late, I took the four younger boys upstairs together to give them their shower.  They preferred doing this over taking a bath and it was actually quicker for me, since they were all together.  They also still got a kick out of seeing each other naked and had fun playing with each other's genitals.  At the same time, they'd began to regard me as just another part of the shower stall and none of them tried anything sexual with me, so I no longer was concerned about doing this with them. 

On the other hand, Dylan and Tyler liked showering with me too, but they also enjoyed washing me too.  This typically led to some sexual hijinks in the bedroom afterward, which I was beginning to look forward to as well, possibly even more than they were.  It hadn't progressed beyond the oral gratification stage so far, and I certainly wasn't ready for anything more than that to happen either, but what we did seemed to keep all of us fairly mellow.  I just tried to keep the younger boys oblivious to what I was doing with the older pair, since I didn't want any of them begging to become involved too. 

I actually thought by now Tyler would have given up his idea of being my lover and spending the rest of our lives together, but that hadn't happened yet.  Although I tried to encourage him to be more involved with Dylan, and possibly even to discretely explore other options within his age group, he still insisted that he only wanted me.  He was willing to mess around with other boys from time to time, since I had been encouraging it, but he proclaimed that he knew he was meant to be with me forever.  Whether that would work out was still to be seen, but I was slowly becoming less resistant to the idea as every day passed. 

Since Andrew's birthday was on Wednesday too, along with the start of school, I had talked Sally into having his party at our place that Sunday, since the boys would all be there.  She was grateful for my offer, since her place was so small, but she decided to only include my boys, Justin, Dylan and her sister.  She did this because the baseball season had ended and she didn't have a way to contact the other boys on his team. 

Since Sally and I had first started talking about the possibility of doing this a couple of weeks before it took place, I had time to plan something special for Andrew's birthday as well.  During the interim, I had discovered the 'Lion King' was going to be performed at the Fox Theater in Atlanta that weekend, so I'd ordered matinee tickets for all of us to attend.  It was going to be a surprise for everyone. 

I got the boys up and dressed in nice clothes early that morning, but I'd also advised Sally and Ann to show up early dressed to go out too.  I told them they could leave the things for the party at the house while we were gone, but I didn't tell them why or where we were going, even though they tried every trick in the book to get me to spill the beans.  Once they were all at the house, I had everyone load into the Outback and we took off.  All I would tell them was that I had a birthday surprise for Andrew. 

Everyone kept bugging me about where we where going, seeing the ride took more than forty minutes, but I never divulged our destination.  When I pulled into the parking garage that was just down the street from the theater, I finally announced what we were going to do. 

"Since I wanted to do something special for Andrew's birthday, I got everyone tickets to see the matinee performance of the 'Lion King' at the Fabulous Fox Theater."  This elicited some very vocal cheers from the boys and got me some very harsh glares from Sally and Ann. 

"You shouldn't have done this without checking with me first," Sally scolded.  "I would have found a way to help pay for it." 

"Yes, y'all are doing way too much," Ann agreed.

"It's part of our gift to Andrew," I countered.  "Besides, my boys will enjoy it just as much as he will." 

"That may be true, but you already bought the bat pack for Andrew's birthday," Sally pointed out. 

"Yeah, so it's not a big deal and let's get moving, because all of you will want time to check out the building first, because it's spectacular," I told them.  "There's also a huge pipe organ that is hydraulically lifted out of the orchestra pit before the show and a organist plays songs to entertain the audience while they are waiting for the show to start.  I'm sure you will all love it." 

"Sally and I went to see a movie there when we were younger," Ann offered.  "It's an amazing place and y'all are goin' to love it, but you still shouldn't have done this."  I merely looked back at Ann, rolled my eyes and shrugged my shoulders in response to her comment. 

We hurriedly got out of the wagon, locked it and walked across the street to the theater.   As soon as we were inside, I gave everyone a quick tour around the public areas first, so they could examine the 'Moorish themed' decor.   They all seemed mesmerized by the elaborate Arabic (Islamic) decor, but I also showed them a few places that contained some Egyptian style architecture as well. 

After they'd had a chance to look around, I led them inside the theater to locate our seats.  Once the usher helped us find them, we settled in to enjoy the music supplied by the organist.  He was quite good and played several songs, many of them show tunes, and the boys mentioned that it sounded like what you might hear at a circus.  I told them it was similar, but not the same thing, since the circus would most likely use a calliope, not a pipe organ. 

The show started out with a soloist singing the same African themed song that was used in the movie and this immediately got the boys' attention.  Then the various animals began to take the stage or parade down the aisles, and the boys commented about how creatively they were designed so you could tell what they were, but in many cases still see the actors.  It was a very well performed production and we all thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Once it ended, it took us more than a few minutes to exit the theater and make our way back to the car. 

"That was so neat!  Thank you for taking me here," Andrew gushed as we were heading back to the Outback. 

"It was like the movie and they even used a lot of the same songs," Ethan agreed. 

"I thought this might be more for the younger kids, but I enjoyed it too," Tyler added, with Dylan nodding his head in agreement, much to my delight.  I'd been a little worried about the two of them. 

"It was really awesome," Justin chimed in.  "I've never seen a show like this before and I can't wait to do it again.  Maybe we can talk our mom and dad into taking us to see something else."  That comment made me hope I hadn't created a problem for Don and Cherie now. 

"Yeah, it was fun," Marcus chirped in agreement, "but I liked the building too.  It was really cool!"

"The whole thing was very special and a wonderful experience for all of us," Sally agreed.  "I just wish your Uncle Blake hadn't spent so much to do this."

"Do you hear me complaining," I shot back, drawing another evil glare from Sally and Ann, although they eventually both cracked a smile. 

When we got back to the house, Sally and Ann took over the kitchen and prepared dinner for us.  They'd brought everything they would need with them and planned on doing all of the work, including the cleanup.  After enjoying a wonderful meal with them, they just watched, open-mouthed, as each of the boys got up, including Andrew, took his dishes out to the kitchen, rinsed them off and then loaded them into the dishwasher.  A short time later, Dylan, Justin and Marcus returned to take Sally, Ann's and my dinnerware too, since they were still taking it easy on Tyler and didn't allow him to do this.  Both women just glanced over at me and shook their heads, before they went out to the kitchen to cleanup everything else. 

The boys and I stayed in the dining room, as the younger group offered more comments about the show and then began to chat about the start of school.  Some of the boys were wondering if they were going to be in the same classes together this year or if they'd have different teachers, although Justin and Marcus knew already.  Justin was a year ahead of Marcus in school, because his birthday came before the cutoff date.  I merely told the other boys they'd just have to wait and see what situation turned out.  As soon as that discussion ended, Andrew, Justin and Dylan wanted to know if they would still be able to come over once in a while and spend the weekend with us.  I assured them it was fine with me, as long as their parents agreed to it as well.  They seemed satisfied with this answer, at least for now. 

About the same time, Sally came in carrying a cake with lighted candles on it and Ann had a couple containers of ice cream, which she set on the counter.  After she set the cake down in front of Andrew, we all sang 'Happy Birthday' to him and he blew out the candles, before the ladies served the cake and ice cream.  I think we all enjoyed it. 

Once we'd finished our treats, Justin raced off to get something, while the others removed the dinnerware we had just used and rinsed it off, before putting it in the dishwasher.  When Justin came back, it was easy to see that he was carrying a package for Andrew. 

"This is from Dylan and me, so happy birthday," he said as he handed the gift to Andrew.  Andrew opened it to find a 'Super Stadium Baseball Game'.  "We thought you'd have fun playing it and maybe you could even bring it back with you when you stay over here next time, so we can play it with you." 

"Yeah, that would be great and I'll do it.  It will be fun for us to play it against each other!  Thank you!" Andrew responded, with an ear-to-ear, toothy grin.

Shortly after he'd opened his present, we noticed the time and

Sally and Ann announced they had to get going.  They thanked us several times for the great day and then they had Andrew grab his things, so they could leave and go home.  Once they'd driven away, I had Dylan and Justin get their stuff from upstairs and get into the car, so I could drive them home too.  I told the other three boys they could stay put until I got back. 

Justin and Dylan both thanked me too, but I could tell Dylan was a little sad about leaving us, since he'd been at the house with us for so long.  I had agreed with his parents that it was time for him to return home and that Tyler was well enough to watch his brothers for the final two days before classes started.  It was kind of a melancholy end to an unusual summer. 

When I got back, all three boys announced they wanted to shower together with me, which I found a little surprising.  I was amazed that Tyler had agreed to this too, but then I discovered there was an ulterior motive behind this strange request.  The other boys had told Tyler they wanted to check out his scars, and although Tyler had no problem doing this, he wanted me there when it happened.  His brothers hadn't really seen his scars yet, since Tyler had wanted to keep the boys from staring at them, so he had either worn a shirt or kept the area covered by blankets.  Now, the younger pair's curiosity had become more than they could contain and they convinced Tyler to show the scars to them.  Once we were all undressed, the questions began. 

"Dang, how come you have such a long scar and not just one where the bullet hit you?" Marcus wanted to know. 

"It's because the doctor had to cut me open to patch up the injuries inside too," Tyler answered.  "After he did that, then he sewed me up again, so that's what you see here." 

Both of the little ones also asked Tyler if the scars hurt, and when he assured them they didn't any longer, they asked if they could touch them.  Tyler allowed them to do this briefly, but when I saw it was starting to bother him, I made the other two stop and then I led them into the shower.  I concluded that was why Tyler wanted me there when they did this, to prevent his brothers from getting carried away. 

Over the next two days, I just kept checking with the boys to make sure everything was set and they were ready for the first day of school.  I didn't want to be running around Wednesday morning trying to find things or discovering that we'd forgotten something, and so far it was all looking good. 

Tuesday night, I not only got all of the boys showered, but I also made sure they had everything laid out for the morning.  Once I woke them, they'd have to get dressed, grab everything they'd need for the day and then come down for breakfast.  They'd all agreed to take their lunch the first day, so I made sure I had what would be needed to pack it for them.  I wanted this to all go smoothly, since I needed them to get off to a good start, as I got them back into a routine again. 

Once the other two were in bed, Tyler entered my room.  "Can we do something tonight, because I know you're going to tell me we can only do that stuff on the weekends once school starts." 

"Yes, you should probably start sleeping in your own room again and it would probably be best to limit these types of activities," I agreed.  "Maybe just for special occasions or if something unusual comes up, but for the most part we'll only do these things on the weekend.  I am willing to help you out tonight though." 

I thought it best to agree with what he imagined was going to occur and then hope he would go along with it, but I had a feeling this wasn't going to happen, at least not easily.  I was prepared for him to try to wheedle his way into my bed again and look for ways to coax me into giving in to his sexual needs, but that wouldn't be so bad either.  Actually, doing those things with him was helping me too, because I'd been more relaxed and easy going since we'd been helping each other out.  However, I would try to hold off as much as possible, even though I was beginning to question why. 

"Will you rim me the way you used to do it, before I was hurt?  You know, with me on my back," Tyler wondered. 

"The doctor hasn't given you your final release yet, but since you've been bending over to tie your shoes and doing other things like that, I think that will be fine.  We just have to be careful and make sure you don't get carried away," I conceded. 

"Great!  I don't know why, but it feels better and I like doing it that way more," Tyler gushed in return. 

As a final farewell to summer and a silent celebration to signify that Tyler was just about healed, I attempted to give him the best rim job and blowjob he had ever experienced.  Once he was in position, I dove into his butt with more enthusiasm than normal and licked, sucked and penetrated his opening with more gusto and wild abandon than ever before.  I think Tyler could sense the difference as well, because he was gasping, whimpering and even mewing as I did this to him.  At the same time, I attempted to limit his physical responses to my effort, since I still wasn't convinced he was completely healed.  Even so, I was able to tell that he was thoroughly enjoying my passionate attention and delicate touch. 

By the time I had moved on to his penis, Tyler was begging for release.  He was moaning that he 'needed to cum badly', which I was independently able to judge by his actions.  I wasn't about to hurry this though and attempted to work on him slowly, so it would last longer, but his body failed to cooperate.  I had only bobbed up and down on his erection a few times when his body decided it couldn't hold out any longer and he surrendered his load down my throat.  I guess the other stimulation must have gotten him so worked up that he was ready to blow the moment I got to his penis. 

After he'd recovered from his post orgasmic fog, he returned the favor and did the same things to me.  Once I had enjoyed my release too, we cuddled together and went to sleep, although I'd originally told him he should sleep in his own room tonight. 

Wednesday morning was a blur of unaccustomed activity.  As soon as Tyler was awake, I sent him over to his room to get dressed and then I went to wake up his brothers.  After they were up and moving, I went downstairs to prepare breakfast and pack their lunches, before racing upstairs to get dressed too.  I got back just in time to see them off on their buses and gave each one a kiss before opening the door and telling them to have a good day.  Once they were gone, I got in the car and drove to work. 

I couldn't help but wonder how the boys were doing as the day progressed, but I was sure they were doing fine.  Instead of thinking about them, I attempted to focus on my job and what I had to do until I got home later.  The boys were all there when I arrived and each one was eager to tell me about his day. 

"Me and Andrew are in the same class!" Ethan shouted gleefully. 

"That's nice, but you two can't spend your time fooling around and talking in class," I reminded him.  "You have to behave and can only do those things on the playground or after school." 

"I know," Ethan groaned, since I'd just thrown a damper on his good news. 

"Me and Justin are in different grades, but our rooms are pretty close to each other," Marcus told me.  "We have lunch at the same time and I'll see him at recess too, but that's all." 

"I'm sure you'll survive and don't forget he'll be coming here some weekends too," I pointed out. 

"I'm glad he'll be staying over once in a while," Marcus agreed, as I looked over at Tyler. 

"Dylan's in a couple of my classes, but not all of them," he stated.  "It's not that bad though, but I wish we had all our classes together." 

"Yes, I am sure a lot of people wish for things that will never happen," I replied.  "We just have to learn to do our best with the way things are."

I then made sure the boys got busy doing their homework and I was surprised to see that even Ethan had homework this year as well.  It looked as if the extra freedom he'd enjoyed last year had come to an abrupt end.  While they were doing that, I went out to fix dinner. 

Later, while we were eating, the boys told me more about their day, their teachers and their classes.  They all seemed fairly satisfied with how things were working out for them this year, except that Marcus and Justin weren't in the same grade and Dylan and Tyler weren't in all the same classes.  Marcus also mentioned something about trying to skip a grade so he could be with Justin, but I didn't think that would be a good idea.  Other than that, things seemed fine.

The boys also had lists of extra things they needed to get before the next day, so after dinner we ran out to do some additional shopping.  We picked up most of the items they needed, but we couldn't find all of them locally, so I told the boys that I'd stop at another store the following evening on the way home from work and see if I could find the rest of their required supplies.  Then I took them upstairs to shower, before I tucked them in bed and kissed them goodnight.



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