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            The Guardian

Installment 30


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 59 - Dylan's Party

The next two weeks seemed to fly by and I soon discovered it was the Friday before Dylan's birthday party.  Dylan had managed to talk his parents into letting him stay over with us on Friday night too, so he could help us get everything ready for the sleepover, and rode the bus home with Tyler.  As soon as I got home from work, he assisted with moving most of the furniture out of the family room and into the living room, so there would be plenty of room for the boys to spread out their sleeping bags.  I planned on sleeping on the sofa in the living room that night, so I would be close by in case of any unforeseen problems.  

Once everything had been moved, we quickly ran the vacuum and made sure everything was set.  Then, I collapsed on the sofa, somewhat exhausted from lifting the various pieces of furniture.  I'd been on one end of each piece we moved by myself, while Dylan, Marcus and Ethan were on the other side, so I'd had quite a workout.  I didn't let Tyler take part in this, because I didn't want to take a chance that he might re-injure himself. 

As soon as I'd recuperated, I drove Marcus and Ethan over to the Cochran's house, since they were going to spend the weekend with Justin.  Andrew was going to be there as well, so they should have a good time too.  On the way back home, I stopped to pick up some take-out from the Chinese restaurant and Dylan was apparently rearing to go by the time we finished eating and had cleaned up afterward. 

"Are you going to give me my birthday present now?" Dylan asked while looking at me hopefully.  His comment confused me slightly, so I stared at him momentarily. 

"I thought I already had," I answered, mildly confused. 

"No, not the kind you buy, but the kind I'd really enjoy tonight and would make me feel good," he shot back as a grin crept over his face. 

"Your party isn't until tomorrow," I pointed out, not giving him any satisfaction.  I had a fairly good idea what he was hinting at, because he hadn't been very subtle, but I was going to make him squirm a little before giving in. 

"I know, but I thought we could all take a shower together and then you might surprise me by doing something I'd really enjoy," he replied without coming right out and saying what he wanted. 

"Oh, so you're hoping for a late night snack," I teased, getting a scowl in return. 

"I was thinking I'd be giving you something to snack on," he snapped back, figuring I'd catch his drift now. 

"Well that would be really nice of you," I agreed.  "There's some pudding cups in the fridge and I'll take one of those and a glass of ice tea."  He was beginning to look frustrated now that he'd heard my response. 

"Come on, you know that's not what I mean," he groaned, while looking as morose as if his best friend had just told him to go to hell.  "I was thinking about something we could do in your bed."

"I can eat and drink in bed.  We've done that before," I teased, as I waited for him to spell out what he wanted.  I noticed Tyler standing behind Dylan and doing his best not to break out laughing.

"I want you to make me feel good and help me get off," he whined, as he started to get more specific and I'm sure he reasoned that I had to know what he wanted now. 

"I suppose I could give you a massage on my bed and then help you get off of it afterward, so you can go over to Tyler's room," I countered, as Dylan's eyes snapped wide open and his lower jaw dropped toward the floor.  I also heard Tyler snicker. 

"Quit playing games with me," he barked, this time glaring at me.  "I want you to rim me and suck me off.  Then, I want you to let me do the same things to you." 

"Oh, so you want to do something sexual.  Well why didn't you just say that to begin with?" I offered, as he glared at me and looked incredulous. 

"I figured you'd know what I meant, since we've done it before," he groaned.  "I didn't think I had to come right out and say it." 

"It's always best to be clear about what you want," I shot back, which drew an exasperated sigh in response. 

"So will you do that for me or not?" he pleaded and I knew it was time to let him off the hook. 

"Well I suppose I could do it, if that's what you want," I offered, as he suddenly let out the breath he'd been holding in. 

"Of course I do," he moaned.  "Didn't I just say that?" 

"Ok, then let's hit the shower," I offered, as Tyler grasped Dylan by the arm and tugged him toward the bathroom. 

"Didn't you figure out that he was only teasing and trying to make you suffer," Tyler pointed out as they entered the master bath.  "He does that to me all the time." 

"You could have warned me or pointed it out before now," Dylan snapped, while flashing Tyler a disgusted glare. 

"I could have, but I wanted to see how long it would take you to figure it out," Tyler replied and then giggled.  "It was really funny watching your reaction." 

"I'm glad you thought so," Dylan shot back, "but I didn't think Uncle Blake was like that." 

"Oh, he gets in one of those moods every now and then and doesn't let up until he thinks you can't take it any more," Tyler responded. 

"I'll have to remember that," Dylan groaned, as he looked over his shoulder to see if I was coming behind them. 

Tyler had the water adjusted by the time I got there, so we all hopped into the shower and I began to scrub Dylan down.  Since Dylan still looked slightly upset about my teasing him earlier, I decided to see if I could lighten his mood.  As I was washing his body, I began to tickle his rib cage, which caused him to squirm around as he attempted to break free.  As soon as I promised not to do that to him any more, he stopped using Tyler as a shield and moved beside me again.  To make up for that, I reached down and stroked his penis for a short time, which immediately made him feel much better. 

Once both boys were clean, they combined forces to wash me next.  Dylan tried to get even by tickling me too, but since he wasn't having much success and I threatened to forget about my promise earlier to do something with him, he finally gave up.  Yes, the threat of withholding sex can be an extremely powerful motivator. 

Once we finished up in the bathroom, I followed the boys to my bed and they quickly got into position for me to service them.  I merely stood at the foot of the mattress and admired the view. 

"Aren't you going to do anything?" Dylan pressed after a couple of minutes had passed by. 

"Oh, you're waiting on me?" I responded, trying to stifle a laugh. 

"This isn't turning out to be a very good birthday present," he groaned, since he wasn't finding my antics amusing. 

"Then think of all the presents I've given you every other time I've done this with the two of you," I pointed out, which made him relent slightly. 

"Ok, I get it, but can we just do this now?" he followed, this time looking hopeful. 

"Sure," I quickly agreed.  "Who's going first?" 

"The birthday boy," Tyler answered without hesitation.  When I looked at Dylan, he had a huge grin on his face. 

"Of course," I agreed, as Dylan was pulling his legs onto his chest.  I glanced down at his rosebud and it appeared to be winking at me. 

That was all the invitation I needed, as I bent forward and dived into his butt with my tongue.  Dylan nearly rocketed off the bed when I made the initial contact, but then he settled down and began to enjoy what I was doing to him.  I realized he always seemed to enjoy this when I did it to him, but tonight he seemed to be even more appreciative than usual.  He was making a series of throaty, guttural sounds as I licked, sucked and paid attention to the entire area and then he began to purr.  He almost sounded like a contented kitten enjoying a belly rub.  Since I was doing this as an additional birthday present tonight, I kept at it twice as long as I normally would have.  Dylan certainly wasn't about to complain and Tyler was having fun merely watching his best buddy enjoying himself. 

When I finally ceased doing that to him, I had Dylan lower his legs and he instinctively spread them wide in the process, to give me complete access to his family jewels.  I immediately leaned over and began to work on his scrotum, as I nipped and tugged at the fleshy sack with my teeth and toyed with the with the watery orbs contained within using my lips and tongue.  When I had him squirming around on the mattress, I began to lick my way up his shaft until I reached the spongy head.  Then, I opened my mouth and lowered it over the tip, until my lips came into contact with his pubic mound. 

I continued to use my tongue, but I also added suction every time my head rose upward and then I rapidly lowered it again and repeated the process.  Dylan started to buck his hips to assist my effort and we continued this rhythmic dance until his body arched skyward, as he thrust his penis into my throat and his body surrendered its creamy nectar.  I didn't release his shaft after that happened and continued to nurse on his wilting boyhood until I'd drained him completely.  Once I was sure there was nothing left to offer, I let his penis fall from my lips.  When that happened, he finally relaxed and his body crashed down on the mattress again, as he swooned in post-orgasmic delight. 

While Dylan was enjoying the pleasurable feelings still coursing through his frame, I proceeded to do the same thing to Tyler.  I didn't rim him quite as long as I had Dylan before I began to suck him off too, but it didn't take long before he was enjoying his own release.  After he had relinquished every drop of boy cream his body had produced, he spent a few more minutes recovering from his own pleasurable experience. 

Just as soon as Dylan and Tyler were both ready to continue, I let them start on me.  Tyler graciously told Dylan he could do either or both activities if he wanted, since this was in honor of his birthday, and Dylan didn't hesitate to accept the offer.  While he was doing those things to my body, Tyler decided to move up and kiss me, but he was also tweaking my nipples at the same time.  Then, he opted to move his head lower so he could nip and suck on the erect nubs for a short time, before moving up to my neck and then back to my mouth again. 

This dual stimulation proved to be very effective and I was soon depositing my own load into Dylan's mouth.  He never hesitated accepting it and greedily drank down the juices offered, as Tyler and I continued to make out.  Once I had a chance to fully enjoy my release, we all snuggled together on the bed and rapidly fell into a very pleasant slumber. 

We slept later than usual the following morning, since we were so relaxed, but we were also pretty tired from the previous day's activities.  We were currently the only ones in the house, so there was no one else to disturb us either.  After we got out of bed and dressed, I asked the boys if they'd rather have breakfast or an early lunch.  They chose to have me order the pizza and have it delivered early, so that's how we started our day.  Then, Dylan and Tyler went out to mess around with the basketballs, while they waited for the other boys to show up. 

As soon as each individual arrived, either Dylan or Tyler would bring the boy inside so he could leave the things he'd brought in the family room for later, and they did this until everyone was there.  The boys that already knew me stopped to say hello on the way through, while Dylan or Tyler introduced me the boys that I hadn't met before. 

Those invited from the baseball team included Carlos, Curtis, D'Wayne, Jamal, Jon, Paul and Stanton, while I met Adam, Anthony, Chris, Derrick and Karl, who were some of the better players from last years 7th grade basketball team.  It didn't surprise me that Anthony, Derrick and Karl were black, but I was slightly amused to learn that it seemed the three of them had talked to D'Wayne and Jamal about coming to the party first, before they accepted the invitation.  It appeared that we must have gotten favorable reviews from the latter pair, because they had all showed up. 

Once everyone was at the house, I suggested they could play a game of basketball first, since Dylan and Tyler wanted to see how they'd do against the other boys.  I had called Dr. Flatow on Friday to see if he thought it would be all right for Tyler to do this and he said it would be fine, as long as the game didn't get too rough.  I told him I'd make sure that didn't happen, because I would referee. 

I let Jamal and D'Wayne chose up teams, since they were about the same height and had both played on the 7th grade team too, which I hadn't previously been aware of.  They also knew all of the other boys and what they were capable of, although some of the baseball players weren't as enthusiastic about participating.  Jon and Paul were not only shorter, but they felt less skilled than everyone else, so they weren't overly enthusiastic about playing.  They eventually agreed to do so, just as long as no one else made fun of them.  Carlos and Stanton weren't eager to play either, although Stanton didn't dislike the idea as much as Carlos did.  Therefore, those four agreed to be the subs, since there were 14 boys in total. 

I was impressed by the level of play, and even though the boys wanted their team to win, no one played overly rough or dirty.  They also didn't try to take advantage of the subs when they came in to play later.  Even though those boys hadn't seemed enthusiastic about doing this, they played fairly well too, but what really impressed me was how well Dylan and Tyler were doing.  They weren't backing down at all and were performing just as well as the boys that had played the previous season.  I thought this was a good sign and let the game continue until they all began to grow tired.  Then, I took everyone inside so they could replenish their bodily fluids, as well as giving them a chance to rest and cool down in the air conditioning. 

"Damn, you two played really good," Anthony told Dylan and Tyler.  "Why didn't you tryout for the team last year?" 

"I guess we didn't think we were good enough, and we probably weren't back then either.  We got a lot better after Uncle Blake started working with us," Dylan answered, with Tyler nodding his head in agreement. 

"Shit, if he helps you guys as much as he did in baseball," Jamal chimed in, "then you guys will probably end up being starters." 

"We'll be happy if we just make the team and get to play," Tyler countered.  "Me and Dylan will try out as guards, but Anthony, Karl, Adam and Chris all look pretty good too." 

"Some of us can play forward too and that's probably what the coach will do with the taller guys," Karl replied.  "You both handled the ball pretty well though and you surprised me that you could go strong with either hand." 

"And you both shot pretty good too," Chris chimed in, "and the coaches like to keep the scorers in the game longer." 

"If you do as good at the tryouts as you did here, then you'll have no trouble making the team," Adam added.  "I just hope you don't knock some of us off the team when you do." 

"I doubt that will happen," Dylan countered.  "Like Tyler said, we just hope to make the team."

"I don't think that will be a problem," D'Wayne assured them. 

While the boys had been chatting, I used the time to give the Cochrans a quick call, since one of them was going to help with the next activity.  Cherie answered the phone and told me she'd be right over.  As soon as I knew she was on her way, I told the boys to grab their towels and swim trunks, because we were heading over to the local YMCA to use the pool.  I'd made the necessary arrangements with the management earlier in the week and had also taken care of the required fees. 

Cherie showed up driving the van they'd rented for the day and we split the boys up into two groups, some going with her and the rest with me in the Outback.  Since the four youngest boys were going to join us too, seeing they didn't want to be left out of this, they were already in the van with Cherie. 

I had told our guests to leave their valuables at the house and I took a couple of locks with me to keep our clothes and shoes safe while we were in the water.  Once we arrived at the Y, I went over and gave Cherie the key to our house and told her to come back at 5:45, because that's when the place shut down for the day.  She agreed and the rest of us went inside. 

When we got to the locker room, I went to the middle section, because I didn't like to be in the traffic flow at the front or in with those wishing to hide from everyone else in the back.  I was surprised when all of the boys followed me to that area too and then began to undress.  I guess that since they had all done stuff like this before and had taken group showers after games and practices, they had no problem doing this now.  Of course, none of my group had any problem doing it either, so everyone began to change. 

I noticed the younger boys checking the other boys out, but I also glanced around to see how the baseball players might have changed since I saw them at Tyler's party.  I didn't hesitate to glance at the others as well, but I attempted to do it without becoming too obvious about what I was up to.  I would merely let my eyes wander about as I took their clothes and placed them in one of the lockers, but I was able to get at least a glimpse of each of them.  I could also see that Andrew, Justin, Ethan and Marcus were nearly on overload from being able to check out all the dangling boy meat, because it was there, no matter which way they turned.   

The Y had a fantastic indoor pool and some of the boys thought this was a real treat.  I guess they'd only used outdoor pools before and this one was not only beautiful, but it was also suitable for competitions as well.  We stayed in the pool for as long as we could, and during that time some of the boys challenged some of the others to race, but there was a little horsing around going on too.  I never let it get bad enough to warrant a whistle from the lifeguard, so the boys had fun without getting into trouble. 

When we got back to the locker room, I gave everyone back their things and then we all headed for the shower so we could rinse off the strong smell from the chlorine.  Once again, no one was bashful, even with me, the younger boys and a few others being in there too, and this time I got a much better look at the boys I hadn't seen before. 

Once we dried off and got dressed again, we headed out to the parking lot.  Cherie was there waiting for us, so the boys riding with her got into the van, while the others hopped in the Outback with me.  When we got to the house, we discovered that Don already had the grill fired up and he and Cherie had brought over everything for the meal while we'd been swimming. 

Since the boys had been extremely active since they first arrived, they went through the food like a pride of hungry lions after killing a water buffalo, followed by a pack of starving hyenas.  I think Don and Cherie were glad that they had brought so much food with them, because it didn't appear as if there would be much, if anything, left over.  Fortunately, by the time that happened everyone was full, including Don, Cherie and myself, so I was grateful that no one would go hungry. 

After we finished eating, I had the boys throw their disposable dinnerware in the large trash bag I was carrying around.  Once that had been taken care of, Dylan introduced his parents to the boys they didn't know and then we all sat around and got to know each other a little better.  After we'd waited a decent amount of time, Don and Cherie went to the kitchen and grabbed the cake and ice cream so we could have it next. 

After Cherie put the candles on the cake and lit them, we all sang happy birthday to Dylan, before he blew them out.  Chris then handed Dylan a card, since he'd somehow been chosen spokesperson for the group.  When Dylan opened it, he saw the card was signed by all of the boys there except for my crew, and there was a gift card included with it. 

"There should be enough on it so you can get the pair of Jordan Aj Xx9 basketball shoes that you want," Chris informed him.  "We all chipped in to do this, because we know how expensive they are." 

"Thanks, guys!  How did you know I wanted a pair of those?" he followed as he looked from face to face. 

"Tyler said you'd mentioned it to him before," Chris answered. 

"Oh yeah.  I forgot about doing that," Dylan stated.  "Thanks again.  This is great and I really appreciate it." 

After that, Andrew came outside carrying a square package for Dylan.  We weren't sure what it was, but after Dylan opened it he discovered it was a really nice basketball. 

"Your mom told my mom you wanted that, so it's from us," Andrew told him. 

"Thanks, little bro.  That was really nice of you," Dylan shot back and his comment elicited a huge smile from Andrew in return. 

Once that was out of the way, Cherie cut the cake and began to pass it out, while Don and I scooped out the ice cream.  When everyone had their share, we cleaned up the mess again and put things away.  Then, Don and Cherie got the little ones ready to go back with them and they wished the other boys a good time for the rest of the night. 

As soon as they had left, the boys headed for the family room so they could lounge around for a while, since everyone was stuffed and worn out.  Before he joined them, Dylan asked me to hold on to the gift card for him, since Tyler explained I would take him to pick up the basketball shoes later.  It wasn't very long after he disappeared, before the boys called me in to join them, although I didn't know why. 

"Dylan told us that you were the one who planned the things we did today.  Is that true?" Chris wanted to know. 

"Guilty as charged!" I responded tongue-in-cheek, although I had no idea if he thought those activities were a good thing or not. 

"What we did so far was fun," Karl offered next.  "I wasn't sure if I wanted to come to this at first, because I thought it might be lame, but I'm glad I listened to Jamal and D'Wayne now." 

"Yeah, and I'm glad I came too," Anthony quickly chimed in, with many of the others nodding their heads or adding comments in agreement.  "At first I was afraid the adults would try to make us play a bunch of kid games, but the basketball game and swimming was perfect."

"I'm glad you all joined us as well and enjoyed what we had planned," I concurred, hoping that would make them all feel good. 

"Dylan said it was why he wanted to have his party at your house, because it would be more fun that way," Chris offered next. 

"I hope it was, but don't go spreading that around, because I don't want Dylan's parents to feel badly.  Besides, they paid for everything and held the cookout," I suggested and I saw the boys nod in response.

"That was pretty good too," Derrick added. 

"And the younger boys were pretty cool at the Y too," Adam chimed in.  "They didn't have a problem getting naked with the rest of us when we were changing into our swim trunks or when they showered with us afterward.  I guess that could have been because they were busy checking the rest of us out and staring at our equipment."  Some of the boys giggled after he'd said this. 

"Yes, they are pretty open about their bodies, since they've all been naked around each other when they're here and they've even done it with some of their friends before," I agreed.  "They all stay with us quite often and end up taking showers together, but just like the rest of you, they like to check out everyone else's package too.  They just want to see how they compare and what they might have to look forward to."

"They were still pretty cool and we didn't mind," Derrick offered.  "We're pretty used to that stuff, but I don't think my little brother would have been that cool doing it with people he didn't know.  I've caught him checking me out at home though, so I guess all kids must do that." 

"My brother wasn't willing to do things like that either, until he started hanging out with Tyler's brothers," Dylan added.  "Now, he is just as willing to get naked as everyone else and doesn't have any more hang-ups about it.  I think it's been really good for him." 

"Yeah, because there are a lot of older guys that still have problems doing stuff like that in a group too, so your brothers put all of those wusses to shame," Stanton offered.  "Marcus was cool about doing that at Tyler's party too and he even cracked us up a few times, but the other three boys weren't there then."

"How did he crack you up?" Chris wanted to know. 

"Oh, he told us that we had penises, not dicks, while telling us that was the correct name for them.  He said he sometimes got 'rections too," Stanton answered, before giggling again. 

"I'm afraid that was my fault, since we'd just had some heart-to-heart sex chats shortly before Tyler's party," I admitted, somewhat sheepishly. 

"You should be proud of him," Curtis offered.  "I thought it was neat that he knew the proper name for things and was aware about that stuff.  I wish my dad had been more open about things like that when I was younger."

"Yeah, he'll have a head start on everyone else when he gets older," Adam agreed. 

It seemed as if the boys were impressed by the younger group and Derrick even joked that he might have to send his brother over to spend some time with us too.  Once we got through that discussion, I sat down with the boys to chat for a while, but actually it was so I could tell them my spooky story, although none of them knew that's what I was doing at the time. 

"Hey, do any of you have a dog or know of any dogs living nearby?" I asked to get things started.  Rather quickly, most of them let me know that they either had a dog or there were dogs in their neighborhood, which set things up for me nicely. 

"Then have you heard about what's happening in some parts of the country?" I followed, while waiting for them to respond. 

"No, what are you talking about?" Paul wanted to know, since he'd indicated that he had a dog at home. 

"Well something is effecting dogs all over the country and scientists think it may have something to do with the dog food," I answered. 

"Why?  What's happening?" Paul demanded, definitely concerned. 

"Well they don't know for sure and the dogs don't show any outward signs that something is wrong with them until it's too late," I answered, which got all of the boys leaning forward to listen, as they stared at me intently.  "There have been instances where dogs have suddenly become really aggressive.  I've heard there have been cases where a dog bit its owner's throat while the man was sleeping and killed him.  There have been other reports that dogs have chewed off a body part from a person instead." 

"Fuck, you've got to be kidding me!" Karl shot back.  "This isn't true, is it?" 

"It's been on the news," I replied, while trying to keep a straight face. 

"Then I'm not going to sleep at home unless my bedroom door is shut and locked first and I know the dog is somewhere else!" Paul gasped, obviously afraid. 

Ironically, at that moment we suddenly heard some dogs barking outside.  I think all of the boys' eyes snapped wide opened when that happened, as their heads swiveled toward the window, but it was too dark to really see anything. 

"Is it happening around here?" Jon followed, as soon as he turned back and looked at me with his eyes bulging out of their sockets. 

"I think I heard about it happening in Mississippi and maybe Alabama too.  There might have also been a report about it happening in Tennessee as well, but I can't remember.  I haven't heard about anything happening in Georgia though, at least not that I can remember," I answered, as Jon released some of the breath he'd been holding in.

"So they're just attacking their owners?" Chris asked, since he hadn't indicated that he owned a dog. 

"I'm afraid not.  I guess some of the dogs involved had either been running around loose or had somehow gotten out of the house before they began attacking total strangers," I confirmed, much to his dismay. 

"There are all kinds of dogs where we live," Chris blurted out.  "I'm about ready to lock myself in the house when I get back." 

"Uncle Blake, is this one of your horror stories just so you can scare us?" Dylan followed, while eyeing me suspiciously. 

"Would I do something like that?" was my retort, without admitting or denying anything. 

"Yes!" Tyler screamed.  "You said you'd tell us a ghost story tonight, not scare the crap out of us by telling us stories about stuff like this." 

"Well I'm sure this must have scared you as well as any ghost story would have," I stated, after which I heard several groans. 

"So is this real or not," Stanton pressed, while staring at me. 

"Maybe, maybe not," I answered, leaving them hanging.  "I'll let you figure that out for yourselves." 

"Damn, you really had us going there!" D'Wayne chimed in while grinning at me.  "That was even better than the story you told us at Tyler's party and you almost had us shitting our pants then." 

There were a few murmurs of agreement, while a few of the boys told me I was cruel and they probably wouldn't be able to sleep now.  I merely shrugged my shoulders, bid them goodnight and headed out the family room to go to sleep in the living room. 

It was about a half hour later and I was lying comfortably on the sofa when I saw Jon and Paul exit the family room and head in my direction.  They were just in their underwear and I felt they might be too scared to fall asleep.  I was beginning to feel badly about what I'd done when Paul spoke up. 

"Mr. Blake, I'm sure you must have seen us earlier when we were changing at the Y and we're wondering what's wrong with us?" he began, leaving me somewhat confused. 

"I'm not sure what you're getting at," I stated, as I sat up and looked at him for an answer. 

"This!" he suddenly stated, as he lowered the front of his briefs.  A moment later, Jon was doing the same thing.  "You saw both of us at Tyler's birthday party too, so why haven't we changed and got bigger like everyone else?  What's wrong with us?" 

Both boys were still in the very early stages of puberty, although they had slightly more pubes than the last time I'd seen them and their penises might have been a shade bigger.  However, they were both still very small for their age and obviously in a hurry to be more like everyone else. 

"Guys, there's nothing wrong with you, but not everyone's body matures at the same time or at the same rate," I answered.  At the same time I was considering why they hadn't remembered what I'd told them at Tyler's party, since they had mentioned the same problem then.  "When are your birthdays and how old will you be then?" 

They both told me and I did some quick mental calculations that led me to conclude they must also be among the very youngest in their grade.  "It may just be that you're just much younger than the others in your grade or you might just be late bloomers, which means your body clocks aren't set to start the process until you're a little older.  There is nothing to worry about though." 

"Maybe not for you, but this sucks!" Jon complained.  "It's not easy being one of the smallest and least mature kids in your class." 

"I'm sure it isn't, but as I explained to you at Tyler's party, there's nothing you can do to speed things up either," I commiserated.  "It would be best if you just learned to accept the way things are and not let others get to you about it." 

"That's not easy to do," Jon griped, before lowering his face so he was staring at the floor.

"Maybe not, but what you want will only happen when your bodies decide it's time," I stated.  Since I could see they were both still down, I decided to make them an offer that I hoped would help them feel a little better.  "Hey, how would you two like to spend the night in here with me?" 

"Can we?" Paul asked rhetorically, as Jon and he pulled their underwear back up.  "That might help, seeing you also got us scared about that dog crap."

"Ok, then why don't you go grab your sleeping bags and I'll sleep on the floor with you," I agreed.  "I'll just move my pillow and blanket down so I can join you." 

They nodded in agreement and then scampered off, but they soon returned carrying their bedding with them.  They hurriedly placed it down beside me, with one on each side, but they arranged themselves so close to me that I barely had room to move.  I guess that was the price I had to pay for scaring them half to death earlier, but they fell asleep rather quickly after they got settled in, while it took me a little longer to enter dreamland.



            The Guardian

by Erastes
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Chapter 60 - Surprises and Planning

I was the first one to wake up Sunday morning, but it was probably because I was stiff and hadn't slept very well.  Jon and Paul had kept inching closer to me all night long until they were almost attached to my body, so I was unable to move around or shift my position.  I understood why they did this and it might have even been a unconscious reaction to the story I'd told the previous night about the dogs.  In one way, I was pleased they both felt comfortable enough to come to me and expose their problem, quite literally, while asking for my advice.  On the other hand, I'd felt cramped and confined the entire night. 

As soon as I dared, I started to sit up and attempted to move away from there, so I could stretch for a few minutes and loosen up the muscles again.  I also wanted to go out to the kitchen and get things ready for breakfast.  Unfortunately, I woke both boys up in the process. 

"You two can go back to sleep if you want, because I don't think anyone else is up yet," I urged. 

Jon immediately laid down again, but I thought Paul was going to get up with me instead.  After considering his options for a few seconds, Paul decided to just use the toilet and then return to his sleeping bag, since he realized he was still tired.  When I went in to check on them again later, those two were snuggled up against each other. 

Once I was alone, I started to mix the ingredients for scrambled eggs, so I'd only have to pour it into the frying pan when the boys were ready to eat.  I also had everything ready to make a large batch of home fries and I set the boxes of cereal out, in case someone wanted that instead or planned on having it to go along with the other things I'd prepared.  I would also fix them toast, if they wanted it, and I got the bacon and sausage links out so I could fry that up as needed.  When the boys began to wake up and started coming out to join me, I asked what they wanted for breakfast and then began to prepare it.  Tyler offered to take care of the toast though, which left me one less thing to worry about. 

I think the smell of the food woke some of the other boys up, because they seemed to be following their noses as they walked into the dining room.  Everyone was still in their underwear and I urged each of them to go to the toilet right after they gave me their order.  I did that because their morning erections were tenting out the front of their underwear and leaving no illusions about how well they were hung.     

As soon as everyone was fed, I had the boys get all of their things together for when their parents arrived to pick them up, although a few went back in to lay down again after they ate.  Some of the others went outside to shoot hoops, while a few more stayed in the family room and started playing video games, once Tyler got things set up. 

"Thanks, Uncle Blake.  This was a fantastic party and I'm pretty sure all of my friends had a great time.  Even your silly dog story didn't ruin it," Dylan teased, as he punched me lightly in the shoulder.  "I know my party wouldn't have been half this good though, without you helping out and letting me have it here." 

"I'm just glad your parents agreed to let me do this for you," I replied, as I gave him a hug. 

"Me too," he whispered, before we broke the embrace. 

Over the next few hours the various sets of parents stopped by to pick up their sons.  Each of the boys thanked both Dylan and me, while assuring us they had a great time.  I, in turn, thanked them for being so well behaved and such a pleasure to be with. 

Shortly after the last of our guests had departed, Don and Cherie showed up to get Dylan and drop off Ethan and Marcus.  Before they left, however, I asked Dylan to help Marcus, Ethan and me move the correct pieces of furniture back into the family room.  That's when Don spoke up.  "Why don't Dylan and me take one end, and then Marcus and Ethan can help you on the other?"

That sounded great to me, so I quickly agreed.  Once we had each the pieces moved back to the family room again, I asked Tyler, Marcus and Ethan to finish straightening up the family and living rooms for me, while I took a few minutes to chat with the Cochrans. 

"So how did things go after we left?" Don asked almost as soon as we'd moved into the dining room.  "I see you're still standing and the house is in one piece and looking good, so it couldn't have gone too badly." 

"No, it went great!" Dylan gushed.  "Everyone had a fantastic time, especially me."  Cherie just looked over and gave me a knowing grin. 

"Well, Blake, it looks like you did it again," Don chuckled.  "I'm certainly glad it was you and not me though." 

"I actually think I enjoyed it as much as they did," I confessed.  "I only refereed the basketball game, but I enjoyed the swim and I got a kick out of fooling them with a story I made up." 

"Oh?  What did you tell them?" Cherie wanted to know. 

"I'll let Dylan fill you in about it later, once you're home and you can't do me bodily harm," I joked and the boys giggled.  Cherie quickly flashed me a questioning look after hearing my answer, but I didn't add anything further. 

"I know my party will be just as good," Justin chimed in.  "I'm so happy your helping me too." 

"So are we," Don chimed in, while flashing me an appreciative grin. 

Once they left and went to drop Andrew off, I headed into the family room and collapsed on the sofa.  Before long, the boys came in to join me and we watched a movie together, before the Falcon's game started.  They remained basically stuck against my body on both sides and in front too, until the Falcons won again and we got up to eat dinner. 

Tyler came out to speak to me while I was cleaning up, because he wanted to thank me for the great time he'd had at Dylan's party.  "I can't believe how well Dylan and I did playing against those other guys and that they thought we should both make the team," he gushed and he couldn't seem to suppress the huge smile that had spread across his lips. 

"You both played really well and I was impressed watching you two," I assured him. 

"But we couldn't have done that without your help," Tyler blurted out next. 

"Just like with baseball, I only showed you the skills you needed to learn, but you two did all of the work," I replied.  "How much you improved depended on your athleticism and hard work, so it is both of you, not me, that deserves the praise." 

"But even the guys on our baseball team know we wouldn't have done so well without your help, and now the basketball players know it too," Tyler insisted, while looking smug. 

"When a team wins a game, who is more responsible?  The players or the coach?" I asked next. 

"Both!" Tyler responded, without hesitation.  "The players have to go out and do everything during the game, but the coach helps them get ready to play and makes the decisions during the game to help them win." 

"Ok, I'll give you that much, but my old coach used to say it's the team that wins the games, but the coach is responsible for the losses," I followed.  "I can only show you what you should be able to do, but it's not any good if you can't do it.  I can tell you all kinds of things, but if you aren't capable of doing them, then it will all be a waste of time.  I, or any coach, is worthless without athletes that can actually do what we teach them, so for me this is more about you and Dylan, than about me." 

Tyler thought about this for a few minutes and then shrugged, so I took that to mean he wasn't about to argue the point further.  "So when are you going to take Dylan to pick up his basketball shoes?" Tyler followed, while staring at me. 

"There isn't really any hurry to do it, since you've got a month before basketball tryouts are held, but he's going to be here next weekend too," I pointed out.  "If he wants, I can take him then." 

"Yeah, I'll let him know then and thanks for everything, Uncle Blake," Tyler countered, before he turned to leave the room. 

"Oh, and when you talk to Dylan, make sure you tell him and Justin to bring some good clothes with them next weekend, because I've made some other plans for us too," I offered before he disappeared. 

"Why?  What are we going to do?" Tyler wanted to know. 

"I want it to be a surprise, but you should be dressed better than usual for it," I offered in response. 

"Like when we went to see the Lion King?" Tyler asked, while staring at me. 

"Yes, that type of clothing would be fine," I answered, without giving him a hint about what we'd be doing.  I could tell that Tyler was frustrated before he finally left, but I wasn't about to spoil the surprise.  That reminded me to call Sally too, so I could tell her the same thing, because I wanted to make sure Andrew had something appropriate to wear as well. 

The rest of the evening was fairly quiet, but then Tyler asked if he could sleep with me again later.  I agreed and he hopped into bed with me after we showered. 

"I forgot to ask you earlier, but some of us were wondering why Jon and Paul went to the living room to sleep with you at the party," Tyler wondered, while waiting for me to answer. 

"I'll tell you, but only if you promise not to spread this around to anyone else," I replied. 

"Not even Dylan?" Tyler followed. 

"Ok, you can tell Dylan too, but only if he promises not to tell anyone else," I agreed.  Tyler nodded, so I answered his question.  "They came to ask me why they weren't developing physically like the rest of you.  They were concerned that they're so much smaller and only just starting puberty, while the rest of you passed that milestone quite a while ago." 

"Oh," Tyler gasped.  "We thought they did it because your story scared them." 

"That might have been part of it too, but they mostly wanted my opinion and didn't feel that there was anyone else to ask.  Since they still looked troubled after I explained things to them, I offered to let them sleep next to me too," I stated, as Tyler began to nod. 

"Yeah, all my friends trust you and feel comfortable talking to you about stuff like that, especially knowing that you've helped me and Marcus too," Tyler admitted. 

"And did anything happen in the family room after I'd left, like at your party?" I asked, while observing his reaction. 

"A little, but not like the last time," Tyler admitted.  "After some of the others fell asleep, I saw a couple of the guys jerking off and a couple more jerking off each other."  Then he looked into my eyes and grinned.  "Are you gonna help me out with my problem now?"  After saying this, he began shaking his penis at me and I merely nodded in response.  "Can we sixty-nine?"

I merely nodded again and slid into position.  We attacked each other like two greedy calves and kept at it until we were both drained and satisfied.  Then, Tyler cuddled against me and placed his head on my chest, as we eventually drifted off to sleep. 

The following week was basically uneventful, as we moved into the month of October.  The boys were firmly entrenched at school and focused on their studies, which pleased me.  They were all doing very well, so this weekend's surprise wasn't only for Dylan and Justin, but to reward each of them as well.  I would point this out to them before we went, so they'd understand. 

When Justin and Dylan showed up on Friday night, we went to the diner for dinner, before heading over to watch another high school football game.  The boys were all happy to see Auntie Ann again and she was thrilled to spend a little time with them as well.  I'd invited Don to join us, but he opted to spend the time alone with Cherie instead, which was fine with us.  It was a good game and the high school team won, so the boys were all in a fairly good mood when we got back to the house. 

We immediately started the shower rotation, since we were now doing it in pairs again.  I took Ethan and Andrew in first, with Justin and Marcus waiting just outside and watching our every move.  Then those groups switched and I began washing the next pair. 

"It was neat seeing all of those other boys naked when we went swimming with you guys last Saturday," Justin announced, with the other three quickly chiming in their agreement. 

"I'm glad you enjoyed it and they were impressed that the four of you didn't hesitate to change or shower with them either," I pointed out.  "They told me they thought you boys were really cool." 

There were smiles all around, before Justin spoke again.  "Yeah, but I would never have done that before I started coming over here.  I'm really glad that you taught me it's ok to do stuff like that." 

"You can thank your brother too, since he was the one that pointed out you would need to take group showers if you wanted to play sports," I reminded him and Justin nodded in agreement. 

"Yeah, I guess I forgot about that, but he didn't tell me it would be a lot of fun too," Justin admitted and then he giggled. 

"Yes, I could see that you were all enjoying it," I agreed, as four heads bobbed up and down to confirm my statement. 

Once that group was in bed, Dylan and Tyler wanted to shower with me too.  I was beginning to wonder if my body was going to start shriveling up like a giant prune from taking three showers each time all of the boys were here. 

I wasn't surprised when Dylan and Tyler began begging me to do something with them after we got out of the shower.  Although I feigned reluctance, I eventually gave in to them and rimmed and sucked each one off before they did the same thing to me.  Then, they cuddled against my side as we fell asleep. 

When we got up the next morning, I fed the boys, but I also took the opportunity to talk to them while they were eating.  "I've made some special plans for today, so I want you to get dressed in your good clothes in about an hour." 

"Why?  What are we gonna do?" Marcus wanted to know. 

"I want to keep that a surprise for a little longer, but I will tell you this," I responded.  "This is sort of a combined birthday gift for Dylan and Justin from the four of us, but it's also a reward for the three of you for doing so well on your schoolwork.  It's also to reward Andrew for being so helpful at home, because I know his mother really appreciates that.  I'm proud of all of you boys and that's why I don't mind doing things like this for you." 

They all thanked me for saying that, but they also attempted to wheedle more information out of me about what we were going to do.  I refused to give in and they continued to hound me as we were cleaning up from breakfast, and it continued while we were getting dressed and preparing to leave the house. 

Once we were all in the Outback, they began making guesses about where we were heading.  I think they eventually all agreed we were going to Atlanta, although they hadn't figured out why.  There was so much we might possibly do there that they came up with several different guesses, although one of them was that we were going to the Fox theater again.  They eventually figured out that was what we were doing when we passed the building on our way to the parking garage. 

"What are we going to see?" they all demanded, now that they knew our destination. 

"You all enjoyed the Lion King so much that I thought you would like to see this too," I answered, before we got out of the Outback.  "This musical is called 'Newsies' and it's about a bunch of boys that sold newspapers to make money for their families or themselves." 

"So kids had to work?" Ethan wondered, as he looked at me incredulously. 

"Yes, back then the newsboys were probably between eleven and eighteen, with the average age being about fourteen," I replied. 

"So that means me, Marcus, Dylan and Tyler might have had to do that too?" Justin asked, after he'd heard my answer. 

"It's very possible, but it would depend on your family situation.  Most of the boys worked if their families were poor or if they were left on their own," I told him.  "Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, people didn't live as long as they do now, so many children found themselves living in very poor homes, while others were orphaned, so they were forced to survive on their own." 

"What's orphaned mean?" Andrew asked innocently. 

"Orphaned, means their parents were dead, like my brothers and me," Tyler injected, which caused me to realize the comment had struck a nerve.  I immediately understood that I would have to do something later to soften the damaging effect, because I didn't want any of them to get down. 

"Yes, but back then many of those kids had no one else to take them in, so some ended up in orphanages while others lived on the street and had to take care of themselves," I responded.  "For that reason, many of those kids had to work to get the things they needed to survive, like food, clothes and even a place to sleep." 

"I'm glad we had you then," Marcus quickly added, with his brothers agreeing with his comment. 

"I'm glad I was able to help out too," I assured them, as I looked at each one and made eye contact with him, to let him know I was being sincere.  "I'm sure the actors you'll see today in this show will be a little older than the kids they're portraying, but now you know that the actual newsies were probably younger when this happened.  I'm telling you this because the show is based on a real event that happened in 1899, when the owners of the newspapers started charging the newsies more for the bundle of newspapers they sold.  The newsboys had to pay for the papers up front, so not only did they have to pay for all 100 newspapers that were in the bundle, but they would also lose money if they were unable to sell all of them.  The increase price cut even further into how much money they could make and many found they could no longer make enough to survive.  As a way to try to change that, they went on strike hoping to get the newspaper owners to stop making it so hard on them." 

"Did they win?" Justin wanted to know. 

"They got the owners to compromise with them, so it wasn't as bad as it had been," I answered.  "They still had to buy the same amount of newspapers at the increased price, but the owners agreed to buy back any newspapers they couldn't sell, so they wouldn't lose so much money." 

"That's good," Ethan chirped in response.  That told me he was taking everything in. 

"Ok, let's get moving now, so we can wander around the place for a while first and you can check the building out again.  Then, we can sit and listen to the organist until the show starts," I urged.  They had no problem with my suggestion, so we all hopped out of the Outback and took off for the theater. 

The boys seemed to enjoy this musical too.  I could tell, because I noticed they were all sitting on the edge of their seats and leaning forward during most of it.  There was a lot of dancing in the show too, but much of it seemed to be more acrobatic, almost gymnastic, as it was performed on the stage.  As soon as the show ended, the boys all began clapping and cheering, which proved to me that they'd really liked it.  They also thanked me on the way out and began asking more questions about what had happened to the real newsies. 

On the way home, I decided it was the perfect time to stop at Foot Locker and have Dylan get his basketball shoes.  He wasn't expecting to do this today, but he was more than agreeable to go along with my suggestion.  The other boys went in with us and looked around while Dylan was getting fitted.  After we used the gift card to pay for them, I discovered he was a little short, but it was less than a dollar so I just pulled out a buck and made up the difference.

When we got back in the Outback, I decided to make another stop before returning home.  I pulled into O'Charley's next and took the boys inside for dinner.  It would save me from having to cook, and since the boys were already dressed up and looking nice, I felt this would be a perfect ending to a special day. 

After we finished up there, I took the boys home and we sat down to chat for a while.  We talked about a lot of different things, including Halloween and whether they were planning to go trick-or-treating this year.  I told them they could have a party instead, but I also mentioned that I'd learned that Lawrenceville was going to have its annual Halloween parade on Saturday night, even though Halloween fell on a Sunday this year.  The boys thought it might be fun to march as a group in the parade, but only if we could figure out costumes that would let everyone know that they were all together in one group.  We didn't come up with anything right away, but we agreed to continue thinking about it. 

After that, we went into the family room, found a college football game to watch and then settled in.  It was kind of comical as I watched how the boys kept switching places at the end of every quarter so each one could have a chance to be near me, but it was also very touching.  I made sure to show each of them some special attention and gave them a little affection when they were near me, which usually got a big smile or some other sign of approval from them in return. 

When the game ended, I took the boys upstairs, had them change out of their good clothes and started giving them their showers.  After we went through the rotation with the younger boys, I put them to bed and found Dylan and Tyler waiting for me again.  I knew they wanted me to shower with them too, but I had a feeling there was something else on their minds as well.  I wasn't sure if it was more than usual though, but I knew it wouldn't be long before they filled me in. 

"Uncle Blake, I was playing a game with Justin and my parents after we went home last week and it gave me an idea," he began.  "It has to do with our costumes for Halloween." 

"Really?  I've been thinking about that too, but I'm still having trouble coming up with any really good ideas," I admitted, while looking at him hopefully. 

"I'm not sure mine is a really good idea either, but it would let people know we're all a group," he advised me.  "We were using dice in the game, and since there are six sides to each one, I thought maybe we could each all go dressed like that.  We could each have a different number showing in front so the people could see the difference, but still know we were all part of the same group." 

"Yes, I think that's an excellent idea," I agreed.  "We could get various size boxes, paint them white and then put black dots on them to indicate the various sides of the dice.  It would be easy to do and it would definitely show you were all together." 

"Won't it look funny that we're all different sizes?" Tyler asked, while looking at me quizzically.  "I mean, the costumes probably won't be as big for the younger boys and we're all different heights, so won't that be a problem?" 

"Not at all," I retorted.  "In fact I think it will look even cuter that way.  Ethan and Andrew can be 1 and 2, Marcus and Justin 3 and 4 and you and Dylan 5 and 6.  I don't think anyone would have trouble seeing each pair being slightly different in size, with the bigger numbers on the front of the largest boys." 

"Ok, that's cool," Tyler agreed.  "So are we going to do it then?" 

"Let's talk to the others tomorrow and see what they think, but I have a feeling everyone will go along with the idea," I confirmed, while looking at Dylan.  "I think it's a great idea and I'm really glad you came up with it." 

"Thanks, but I guess I was just lucky," he confessed. 

"Maybe so, but you kept your eyes open and used your head to put it all together, so good job," I followed, with Dylan looking pleased with my comment. 

As soon as we finished our shower, the duo talked me into messing around with them again, although it didn't really take much persuasion.   I was happy to give in to them, but I didn't want them to realize how eager I was to accommodate their sexual desires.  I needed to maintain the upper hand and make them believe that they were merely able to talk me into doing these things most of the time. 

After we'd each satisfied our sexual urges, the boys cuddled up against me and we fell asleep.  They both dozed off before I was able to, so I spent a few minutes glancing at each of them, as I considered the idea Tyler had posed to me earlier in the week.  First, I looked at him and then at Dylan, and although they were both very good looking and wonderful boys, I just didn't have the same feelings for Dylan that I had for Tyler.  Sure, I was willing to do some stuff with him too and I helped him out to a certain extent, but when it came to anal sex, it was the line I wasn't prepared to cross with Dylan. 

After breakfast the following morning, I spent a few minutes discussing Dylan's costume suggestion with the other boys.  They each seemed to like the idea, especially that they were being paired up size and number wise with their best buddies, so I agreed to round up the items we would need to make this happen.  We still had four weeks until Halloween, so there was still plenty of time to pull it off. 

I also spent quite a few minutes talking to Justin about the types of games he wanted to have at his party, which would take up the early portion of the day.  He liked some of the things I'd done at both Marcus and Ethan's parties, so I agreed to do some of those same things again.  He was thrilled that I agreed to do this for him, which made him even more excited about his birthday weekend.  I noticed that he was barely able to contain himself now and suspected he would have to struggle to hold on until it finally happened. 

The rest of the day was kind of laid back and we spent some of the time watching the Falcon's game again.  It wasn't exactly a happy experience for us though, since they lost this time, but we still managed to enjoy each other's company.  By the time the game ended, it was also time for the other three boys to return home, so we all piled in the Outback and I dropped them off.  Each one thanked me for the wonderful weekend, especially the trip to the Fox Theater to see 'Newsies', and I told them they were very welcome.  Then we returned home so I could spend a little more time with my three before I put them to bed. 



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