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            The Guardian

Installment 31


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 61 - Justin's Party

The next two weeks passed by fairly quickly.  The boys spent the first weekend with the Cochrans, so I used the time to make sure I was prepared for the following weekend, in order to keep my promise to Justin.  Almost before any of us were ready, it was the night before his birthday party.  Normally, this would have meant the boys would all be staying at our place, but doing that would have messed things up for the party.  For that reason, Don, Cherie and I agreed we would skip this weekend on our alternating schedule of having the boys stay with us.  Andrew would still come over, because he would be going to Justin's party with us too, but other than that it was a free weekend. 

Once I drove over to pick up Andrew, I took the boys to the diner to eat.  Ann waited on us again and immediately wanted to know where the other pair was, so I explained to her about the party so she'd understand.  Once we finished our meals, however, I was planning to drive over and pick up Dylan and Justin next, because they wanted to go to the football game with us.  I would drop them off at their place afterward, because their mom and dad had decided they could attend the game with us, as long as they returned home when it was over. 

From the minute they hopped in the Outback, I could tell that Justin was totally wired and extremely hyper about his party the following afternoon.  After asking me several times if I was all set for his big day, he told me he was meeting up with some of the boys that were going to come to his party while we were at the game.  Then he informed me that they were all excited about coming too and I found it interesting that the boys were getting together the night before the party as well.  I just hoped the distraction of the game might have a calming effect on Justin. 

It turned out to be a very disappointing game though, because our team was having difficulty finding plays that would work against the other team's defense.  Without an effective offense they didn't score and lost the game, so Justin was convinced this was a bad omen to start the weekend.  I did my best to make him understand that the game had nothing to do with his party and was finally able to get him to see reason, so he was feeling a little better by the time I dropped Dylan and him off at home.  I also tried to be as cheerful as possible when I told him that we'd see him the following day, so he wouldn't continue to worry. 

When we got back to our house, Andrew asked if Marcus could shower with Ethan and him, because Justin wasn't there.  Since I didn't think it would be too crowded in the shower stall with the three boys and myself, I agreed.  Andrew was thrilled, but so was Marcus, because he didn't like the idea of possibly having to shower alone. 

Before I took them upstairs to do this though, I got all of the boys to agree that they would help me in the morning, since I was going to need their assistance to get things ready for the party.  There was quite a lot left to do and some of it couldn't be done too far in advance, because those things might not last until the party.  That was why I needed the boys to help me, because it was just too much for one person to accomplish in a limited amount of time. 

After I took a quick shower with the boys, I made sure they were all in bed fairly early, so they'd be well rested when I woke them in the morning.  Then, I headed downstairs again, but only after explaining to Tyler that he would have to shower alone.  When he began to protest, I merely told him that I had things I needed to get ready for the morning and I was going to do some of it now.  He finally said he understood and gave me the space I needed to get it done. 

The first thing I did was to go to the laundry room and grab two of the laundry baskets I kept there.  Then, I rounded up a bunch of other items that I had purchased just for this purpose, as well as digging out a few other items that I knew I would need for this purpose.  After doing all of this, I went into the kitchen and took an assortment of plates out of the cupboard and then I placed everything on the kitchen counter, so it would be waiting for us in the morning.  As soon as I was satisfied, I headed upstairs to go to bed.  

I was only mildly surprised to find Tyler waiting for me when I got to the bedroom.  He was lying naked on the bed and I just looked at him and shook my head.  When he finally noticed me, a big grin spread across his face. 

"Hey, you didn't say I couldn't sleep with you or that we couldn't do anything," he pointed out.  "You just said you had some other stuff to do first."

"I know, but I'm really tired and I have to get up early," I replied, but his smile only dimmed slightly. 

"How about we just sixty-nine then," Tyler offered.  "It will help us both sleep better and I'll do whatever you want to help out after we get up in the morning." 

"I guess that sounds like a doable compromise," I conceded after a slight pause.  Then, I took off my clothes and slid into the bed beside him. 

Tyler was correct and it did help us both sleep better, but he was also true to his word the following morning.  Before we woke the other boys, Tyler cracked all of the eggs I was planning to use and deposited their contents in a mixing bowl, so they would be ready for me to make scrambled eggs later.  While he was doing that, I spent my time taking care of getting the home fries ready.  Then, as I was mixing the milk into the eggs, setting out the frying pans and lighting the burners, Tyler took the bacon and sausage links out fridge for me.  After he finished doing that, he set the table and poured the drinks for everyone, before going upstairs to wake the younger boys. 

After making sure they were all stuffed, I split the boys into two groups for the next project.  Justin wanted to play some of the same balloon games that we'd played at Ethan and Marcus' parties, so I had Tyler and Marcus blow up the larger balloons and gave them an 8-inch (20 cm) plate to judge the size by.  At the same time, I had Ethan and Andrew blow up the smaller balloons and gave them a 6-inch (15 cm) plate to use as their gauge.  This was what I was afraid to do too far in advance, because I was worried the air would leak out and leave the balloons unusable for our purposes. 

As soon as each boy had inflated a balloon, he would bring it over to me and I'd compare it to the plates I had where I was sitting.  If the balloon looked to be the correct size, I would tie a knot in the stem and then toss it into one of the laundry baskets.  We did that until a sufficient number of balloons were ready for use. 

Since we would need more of the smaller balloons than the larger ones, it took Ethan and Andrew longer to complete their task, so Marcus and Tyler were done first.  Once the older pair had finished what they were doing, I gave them some string and a ruler and asked them to cut off lengths of string for another activity I had planned.  When they finished doing that, I then had them put those items and the scissors into a bag that I placed in the laundry basket, along with the balloons.  Then, while they were helping the youngest pair finish blowing up the smaller balloons, I threw a couple of bags of un-inflated balloons into the laundry basket with everything else, because we'd need those later as well. 

Once everything was set, I had the boys go upstairs and change.  After they were dressed, we loaded everything into the Outback and took off.  When we arrived at the Cochran's house, Dylan and Justin came rushing out to greet us and helped to carry the things we'd brought inside.  The boys and I had showed up a little early, because Cherie had invited us to have lunch with them first, before the other boys arrived. 

While we were eating, Justin kept asking if I had everything I'd need for the various games he wanted to play and I assured him several times that everything was set.  I had never seen him act so nervous or excited before and his parents were getting a kick out of the way he was behaving. 

"What did you think of the portable basketball hoop when you pulled in the driveway?" Don asked changing the subject, and then he looked abound the table at my boys too. 

"It looks like a pretty good one," I replied, to let him know he'd done well.  I saw Tyler and Marcus nod in agreement with my comment. 

"Thanks.  It was getting to the point where I was afraid these guys were going to strangle me if I didn't get it for them as a joint present for their birthdays," he followed.  "I sure hope they get plenty of use out of it." 

"Oh, I'm sure they will," I countered.  "They are constantly using the one at our house, so I'm positive they'll all be practicing on it when they're over here for the weekend too."

Shortly after we'd finished eating, the doorbell started to ring, as Justin's guests began to arrive.  As soon as the other boys were all there, we headed out to the backyard to get things started. 

"Hi, I'm Justin's Uncle Blake and he asked me to get everything organized for his party, but he chose the various activities we're going to do," I began, once I got the boys' attention.  "The first game we're going to play will help to get you loosened up and put you all in a good mood, because we're going to play 'Simon Says' first.  Does everyone know how to play?"  They all assured me they did, but I still warned them that they were to only do the things after I had said 'Simon Says'. 

Don and Cherie were sitting at the picnic table watching what we were doing, while the boys, including Dylan and Tyler, were trying their best to keep up with me.  In addition to the usual stuff, I kept adding crazy stunts to catch the boys off guard as well.  There was one instance where I suddenly pointed up at the sky and yelled 'Look at that!' and then I had all the boys who looked where I was pointing sit down until the next game got underway.  Another time, I shouted 'Look out!' and then fell to the ground like I was trying to avoid something, and anyone who did the same was out of the game. 

I had decided to include these types of gimmicks to see how many of the boys I could catch, and I'll admit that I fooled a lot of them.  Luckily, after they first grumbled about it being unfair, the boys began to laugh at the way I'd tricked them and got a kick out my stunts.  They also seemed to enjoy this game, in fact so much that they teased me to play it several more times. 

After that, I asked Dylan and Tyler to go grab the laundry baskets we'd brought over, so we could start the next game. 

"Now we're going to have a balloon race, but this is probably different from anything you've done before.  I and my assistants are going to give each of you one of the smaller balloons we brought with us and you'll have to put it between your knees, maybe slightly higher if you want, but you have keep it there the entire time without touching it with your hands." 

Seeing the boys were looking at me strangely, I had Dylan and Tyler demonstrate, since that pair wouldn't be competing.  After we'd given one of the smaller balloons to each boy, I sent the oldest pair out about twenty yards (18.25 m) to form the finish line.  Once they were set and the other boys were ready to begin, I shouted 'go' and the boys took off.  I heard a lot of good-natured grumbling and even a few cuss words when one of the balloons popped or if a boy lost his balloon and then had to backtrack to get it before continuing on.  However, they were all laughing and having a good time when the race ended, so much so that they wanted to do it two more times. 

Once we put the surviving balloons back in the laundry basket, I informed them about what they were going to do next.  "This is another balloon race, but this time you'll need a partner.  We're going to use a larger balloon to do this, because you'll have to race with it trapped between your heads."  I then had Dylan and Tyler demonstrate this too, before they returned to their places at the finish line. 

After I'd shouted 'go', a couple of groups had their balloons pop on them because they tried to apply too much pressure to keep it in place, and this caused them to bump their heads together.  The results were never very severe, but enough to make them groan or say 'ouch' first, before breaking into hysterical giggles.  Others didn't apply enough pressure and the balloon drifted away from between their heads and landed behind them on the ground, so they had to stop, go back and pick it up before they could continue.  Once we declared a winner, the boys wanted to do this again too, so I let them compete once more.  Actually, we did it three more times, until I finally had to refuse to do it again and started a new game. 

"This time we're going to play a game called 'Balloon Stomp', so we've got to get each of you ready first," I informed them.  Dylan and Tyler took out the string at that point and helped me fasten one of the smaller balloons to each boy's non-dominant leg.  Once they were set, I explained the object of the game to them next. 

After I yelled 'go', the boys were shouting and laughing as they tried to stomp on each other's balloon.  Since our youngest four had done this before, they seemed to be making out slightly better than the others.  I allowed the boys to do this three more times too, once we attached a new balloon to the string tied to their leg after the other balloon had popped.  When the final game ended, I went around and cut off the string that had been tied to their leg, before letting the boys take a little breather. 

While we were doing those things, I sent Dylan and Tyler off to complete one more task for me.  They hurriedly grabbed what they needed and headed toward the house.  Then, they went inside and came out again about twenty minutes later carrying a laundry basket with more balloons in it - except these balloons weren't filled with air.  As soon as they set the laundry basket down, I announced the final game.

"Now we're going to play one last game," I announced, "but this one is a balloon toss.  You will need the same partner you had for the partner race, but I want you to form up in two lines, with the partners in different lines and facing each other."  After we got them all arranged and had spaced the two lines accordingly, we handed a balloon to one of the partners. 

"These balloons are filled with water," I explained, "and you're going to toss them back and forth, but you'll only do that on my command.  You will keep doing it each time I tell you until there is only one group left with a balloon that hasn't busted.  You are to toss the balloons underhand and the idea of the game is to catch the balloon so it doesn't break.  I don't want to see anyone trying to intentionally get their partner wet or you won't be allowed to play in any more games.  That's because I suspect you are going to want to play this more than one time." 

The boys seemed fine with my warning, so I had them toss the balloons back and forth, but only when I told them to do so.  The winning group was able to complete three successful tosses, while one member of the other groups got a little wet.  Once a winner was declared, we gave a new balloon to the partner who had been the first to receive the pass in the last game and then we did it all over.  I was surprised that we had enough balloons to play this four times and the boys all seemed to enjoy it. 

When the last game ended, I told the boys to take a little break, because we were going to eat next.  I could tell they all thought this sounded like a good idea too, plus it gave them a chance to dry off a bit from the previous game.  Justin and Dylan passed out towels to anyone that needed one, but only a couple of the boys had gotten wet enough to actually require a towel. 

"That was really fun and Justin says we're still gonna do more stuff," one of Justin's guests told me after we'd finished and I nodded that he was correct. 

"Yep, after we eat, we've got one more activity planned," I confirmed verbally. 

"I've never had so much fun with balloons before," another boy added.  "I always thought they were for babies, but now I know they're not."

"I wish we'd done some of those things at my party," someone else chimed in, and I thought he sounded a little disappointed that his party hadn't been as much fun. 

"Thanks, Uncle Blake," Justin gushed, with an ear-to-ear grin.  "The party has been super so far and we still haven't had the pizza, cake and ice cream or gone on the ghost tour."  He added that last part in a whisper, since he hadn't told his friends about what else we'd be doing. 

"I'm glad you're having a good time, but I think you're parents just shouted for everyone to come get something to eat," I replied, after I'd heard Cherie summon the boys inside. 

We each filled a plate and grabbed a drink before going outside again.  I sat with the boys on the grass until Don and Cherie eventually came out to join us and then I got up and sat at the picnic table with them. 

"Blake Hunter, you're obviously just a big kid at heart," Cherie teased.  "No wonder the boys like to spend so much time with you and enjoy the parties you arrange." 

"Alright, I'll admit it.  I'm just one of those guys that never grew up and has a perpetual Peter Pan complex," I agreed, as I smiled across the table at her. 

"I'm glad Justin asked you to do this for him, because we would have never thought of doing any of those things, even though we might have done them when we were younger too," Don offered next.  "Maybe Cherie's right and you are just a big kid at heart and that's why you remember the fun things you did when you were growing up." 

I could tell that Don meant this as a compliment and realized it was just his way of thanking me for doing these things for his sons.  It was very touching that he felt the need to verbalize this, but I was left speechless after hearing his comment, especially after thinking about some of the other things I'd done for his boys.  Since I didn't know how to respond, I stuffed my mouth with food so I didn't have to say anything. 

"Oh, and we heard about last weekend too," Cherie added, since I hadn't bothered to comment.  "You went and gave the boys another present by taking them to the Fox Theater again, even though you'd given them presents and done so much already."

"Actually, I did that for several reasons," I stated, as I studied her reaction.  I wanted to make sure this came out right, so she would understand.  "It was partially for their birthdays, but it was also to reward all of the boys for being such great kids and for helping with different things, like when Tyler was injured or just doing chores around the house.  Primarily, though, it was a reward for them doing so well on their schoolwork." 

"I'll certainly agree with you on those points, because Dylan and Justin's grades improved before the end of last year and they've kept it up so far this year too," Don offered.  "The problem is, you are also making it tough on us, as we attempt to keep them just as happy when they're here."  He laughed after making this comment, so I knew he was just making a joke. 

"I wasn't trying to make this a competition, but I was hoping it would keep them doing all of those things without backsliding," I responded, in an attempt to explain my actions. 

"Well you've certainly done that and you've made a major impact on our sons, which has helped us out tremendously," Don followed with a grin.  "I'm not sure how we got so lucky, but I'm sure glad your boys got along so well with ours and we all got to know you." 

"I think the other four and I have benefited just as much from knowing your family too," I indicated as sincerely as I could.  I was including Andrew too, along with my three.  "You're help has been invaluable at different times and I don't know how I'd have got my three around or been able to do so much for them without your assistance." 

At that point we noticed the boys were finishing up, even after some of them had returned for seconds, so we had them throw their trash away and take a little breather before the cake and ice cream were served.  While we were waiting, Andrew and two of the other boys went inside, so I assumed they might have had to use the toilet.  However, when they came back outside, they were carrying  presents. 

Although I hadn't noticed that Andrew had brought it with him, he was holding onto a square package about a foot (30.5 cm) square, while the other two were carrying a longer package, a little over a yard (1 m) in length.  After staring at it for a few seconds, I realized there was another, flat package resting on top of that one too.  They placed these items on the picnic table, so Justin could open them up after we sang to him and he blew out the candles on his cake. 

At about the same time they were bringing those things outside, Marcus came over and whispered into my ear.  "Justin told me who he was inviting, so I told them they should all chip in and buy a present together.  I knew that way Justin would get something nice." 

"Smart boy!" I praised him.  "You're definitely learning." 

After waiting a short time, we adults went inside and came out carrying a few other items.  After Cherie set the cake down and lit the candles, we sang happy birthday to Justin and he blew out the candles, then his mother started cutting the cake into squares.  As she passed the cake out, the boys then came over to where Don and I were standing to tell us what kind of ice cream they wanted.  Then they went and sat down to enjoy it. 

When they finished, the boys threw away their trash and Justin opened his presents.  The gift from Andrew was a basketball, just like the one he'd given to Dylan, since Justin wanted one too.  This way they could both practice on the new hoop they'd got from their parents at the same time. 

When Justin opened the smaller flat package, it turned out to be a Doinkit Dart board with kid-safe darts, which meant the darts had no metal points.  The other package concealed a table top air hockey game and I was pretty sure all of the boys would get plenty of use out of those items when they stayed over at the Cochran's house again. 

After he had opened his gifts, Justin explained to his friends that my boys and I had given him a bat pack earlier, so he could use it during baseball season, and then he added that we had also taken him to see the Lion King and Newsies at the Fox Theater, so they wouldn't think we hadn't given him anything.  He also told them about the basketball hoop and other gifts his parents had given him as well.

A short time after Justin had thanked everyone for the presents, we decided it was time to load into the vehicles and head to our next destination.  Don and Cherie took Justin and his friends in the van, while the rest of the boys rode with me in the Outback.  Don followed behind me to where the Ghost Tour was going to start out and then we had to wait a short time until it got underway. 

During the tour we went to several of the historic sites around Lawrenceville, which was established in 1820.  We stopped at the County Courthouse first and were told stories about an assortment of really bad men that had been condemned to death for their crimes after being tried in that famous building first.  The men were executed a short time later at a nearby location and a few of the men sentenced to death continued to protest and maintain their innocence until the very end.  Some of those men even threatened to return and haunt the place until their names were cleared, as a way to emphasize their claims.  For that reason, several ghosts have been said to haunt the building and we were told about some of the shocking occurrences that had happened to people who were either visiting the place or just working there. 

After that, we went to 'Little Gardens', which had been a plantation house back in the 1800s, but was now a restaurant.  This place was said to be haunted by a woman that died there in the early 1900s.  It's claimed that she will often move silverware and dishes around, but sometimes she will even throw those items at people.  There have also been reports of other shadowy figures lurking about the property and it is suspected that those apparitions are the ghosts of people that died, or were possibly even murdered, while working on the plantation. 

We were also taken to the original jail house and told about Alex, a slave who had been accused of killing his master.  Alex always claimed that his master had come at him with a sword first and he accidentally killed the man while trying to protect himself.  No one seemed to care about his version of events though and Alex was arrested.  Later, Alex tried to escape, but when his attempt failed he was chained to the jail so there would be no chance he'd be able to get away.  While he was chained up awaiting execution, it is said that Alex passed the time singing a very mournful and haunting melody that people claim they can still sometimes hear when they are nearby. 

Those were just a few of the places we visited and the stories we were told, but I could tell those tales were having the desired effect upon the boys.  I noticed they all seemed to be staying in very tight groups so they'd feel safer, and a few had even gone as far as to seek out one of us adults for added protection.  As we were walking back to the vehicles and getting ready to leave, I overheard some of the boys chatting with each other. 

"Dang, it was really scary being at those places when it was getting dark and then hearing those spooky stories too," the first one stated. 

"I thought I heard that Alex guy singing when we were walking away from the jail," another claimed in. 

"I think it was just the wind you heard," another boy responded.  I wasn't sure if he was saying that to calm the speaker down or whether he thought it was actually true.  Possibly it was just an attempt to control his own fears. 

"I don't think so," the other boy shot back, "because it sounded like music, not wind." 

"And I thought I saw someone moving around at Little Gardens, but when I looked again the thing I saw just disappeared," one of the other boys confessed. 

"It was pretty scary," another boy admitted, "but it was fun too.  I really had a great time at your party, Justin, so I hope you will invite me next year too." 

Suddenly all of the other boys were seconding that suggestion and Justin was beaming, knowing that his friends had a good time today.  A few seconds later he was walking by my side and grinning up at me, as he offered a whispered 'thank you'. 

It wasn't very long after we got back to their house that the other parents began to pick up their sons.  I heard some of the boys telling their parents about what a great time they'd had, as they began regaling their parents about everything they'd done.  The parents were smiling as they listened and led their sons away, but I wondered how many of them would be swearing at us later, when their sons had trouble falling asleep or woke up after having a bad dream. 

After the last of the other boys had gone, I chatted with Don and Cherie for a few more minutes before I started rounding up my boys and Andrew, so I could take them back to our place.  Justin and Dylan immediately asked if they could come with us too, since they were supposed to be staying with us this weekend anyway.  We'd actually just moved the rotation back one week, but since they still wanted to come, I merely looked at Don and Cherie to see what they had to say. 

"Hey, if you're ok with it, then we are too," Don stated with a wry grin.  "If any of them have a nightmare later, you might as well be the one to deal with them, seeing you planned this activity in the first place."  Don and Cherie both laughed after Don said this, so I told Justin and Dylan to go grab their things and they could go with us if they wanted. 

When we got to the house, I hurried the boys through their showers and got them ready for bed.  The four youngest asked if they could sleep with me, which didn't really surprise me, so I told them they could.  Dylan and Tyler agreed they'd be all right being together in Tyler's room, so I masturbated each of them as I was giving them their shower.  That was my way of thanking them for being so good about letting the other boys spend the night with me, but I also hoped it might help them sleep better too. 

When I went to join the other boys, Marcus and Ethan agreed to let Justin and Andrew sleep next to me, if I agreed to let them sleep with me the following night.  I quickly stated that would be fine, but I was sure Tyler wouldn't be very happy about this arrangement, so I'd have to do something extra to make it up to him in return. 

Once we got in bed, Justin and Andrew clung to me like two shipwrecked sailors grasping a hold of flotsam so they wouldn't drown.  They weren't the only ones doing this though, because Marcus and Ethan were clinging to them as well, while at the same time extending one of their arms out so they could touch me too.  I wondered if this was going to turn out to be a very long and sleepless night, although I was convinced I'd find out before long. 

Miraculously, nothing serious happened and I was only aware of a few minor problems, such as some unusual groaning or some restless thrashing around at various points, but no one woke me up intentionally.  However, there was also an instance where I thought I heard Justin gasp and possibly release a strangled shriek, but it only partially registered with me at the time.  He might have even sat up in bed for a moment too, but by the time it registered in my weary brain and  I'd chased the fog of sleep from my mind, he had settled down again and was merely clinging to me tightly.  Since he didn't seem overly distraught, I merely wrapped my arm around him and pulled him tightly against my side, before drifting off to sleep again. 

By the time the sun came up the following morning, the boys were all sleeping soundly and appeared content.  I decided to remain in bed with them a little while longer, because I didn't want to get up and wake them in the process.  I was pretty sure they had all spent at least part of the night awake, since I'd been able to tell some of them had trouble falling asleep at first and I had my suspicions that at least a few of them had woken up later, possibly after having a troubling dream. 

The good thing was that no one woke up screaming, but that might have been prevented because they weren't alone.  We were all snuggled tightly together, so even if they had awoken at some point, they must have felt comforted being surrounded by so many others.  No matter why they'd been unable to sleep, the result was that it was well after 10:00 before they finally got up.  This included Tyler and Dylan, and this surprised me as well, because we had gone to bed long before midnight. 

As soon as everyone was awake, I took them all downstairs and fixed a large, filling breakfast for them, which consisted of pancakes and scrambled eggs.  I felt that should hold them over until dinnertime, since it was nearly lunchtime before we sat down to eat. 

"Yesterday was a lot fun, but I had a really bad dream last night because of the ghost tour and it woke me up.  I was glad you let me sleep next to you, because when I saw you it made me start to feel better," Justin admitted, while glancing around the table to see how the others were reacting.  I didn't let on that I was aware of when it had happened, but Justin was eyeing me as if he knew better.  It was probably because I had wrapped my arm around him and caressed him against my body. 

"Why?  What did you dream?" Dylan pressed, not realizing the silent communication going on between Justin and myself.  He was too busy looking at his brother concerned. 

"I thought one of the guys that had been hung was blaming me for what happened to him," Justin replied.  "I dreamed he was coming after me to get even and I woke up just as he was about to stab me with a knife." 

"Dang!  I must have had the same dream then, because it felt like someone was stabbing me in the leg," I teased, trying to turn this into a joke and make it seem less frightening.

It must have worked, because my comment caused Justin to blush and then grin slightly, since I was convinced he realized I was referring to his morning erection poking me in the thigh before we got up.  Doing this helped to make his dream seem slightly more comical than scary.  On the other side of the table, Dylan and Tyler were busy snickering too, because I'd accused them of the same thing on different occasions.  I think Marcus caught on to my meaning as well, but my comment sailed harmlessly over Ethan and Andrew's heads. 

"Justin's right and that was pretty scary last night," Andrew chipped in innocently. 

"So you wouldn't want to do anything like that again?" I pressed, to see what his reaction would be. 

"No, I would do it again, because it was fun too, but it was still kinda scary," Andrew clarified. 

"Out of all the birthdays, there's no way anyone can say one of the parties was better than the others, because they were all different and really great," Dylan eventually added.  "Uncle Blake planned each one special for us and he did a really terrific job making them fun." 

The boys all chimed in their agreement with this, but it left me with the challenge of how I was going to top or even just match the same level of success the following year on their birthdays.  I didn't think about this for very long though, because the boys began asking what we were going to do today. 

It happened to be the Falcons off week, so there would be no game to watch.  After I explained this to them, the four oldest boys asked if we could go out and work on basketball again.  Even though Dylan and Justin hadn't brought their basketballs with them, we still had our two, so I agreed to do it.  Andrew and Ethan said they were going to stay inside and watch cartoons, so I gave each of them a kiss on the forehead and then went outside with the older group. 

Marcus and Justin were trying their hardest to do everything just like their brothers were doing it, especially after they heard how well Dylan and Tyler had done against the other boys at Dylan's birthday party.  The younger duo wanted to get an early start on things as well, because they knew their school had a 5th-6th grade intramural league that they'd be eligible to participate in this year. 

After we did that for a little over an hour, we went inside to cool down and then we all watched a movie together.  When it ended, I had Andrew, Justin and Dylan grab their things so I could take them home.  The other boys wanted to go along too, so we all hopped in the Outback and I dropped the other three off at their homes. 

After dinner, I went up with my boys to shower.  I did Ethan and Marcus together, but afterward I showered with Tyler too.  While we were doing that, I informed him about the promise I'd made to his brothers and he was sort of bummed out by the news.  He said he'd been planning on sleeping with me, since he didn't get to do it the night before.  In an effort to make him feel better, I offered to suck him off there instead. 

He quickly agreed and leaned against the wall of the shower stall, as I knelt down and took his penis into my mouth.  I worked on him for a couple of minutes, but I remained in front of him after he had released his load, just to make sure that he didn't collapse and had enough time to recover first.  As soon as he was ready, I let him wash me too, but I told him we didn't have time for him to return the favor.  I explained that his brothers were waiting for me and I was sure they would start asking a lot of questions if I didn't show up soon.  He wasn't happy about it, but at least he'd been able to get off first, before going to his room alone. 

Marcus and Ethan were already in my bed when Tyler and I came out, since they wanted to make sure I hadn't forgotten my promise.  I assured them I hadn't and got into bed with them, and then they snuggled against me and we all fell asleep.  Sometime later, Tyler came back to my room and crawled into bed on the other side of Ethan, so I guess he wasn't prepared to sleep alone after all. 



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 62 - Getting Ready for Halloween

The boys were all staying at our house again the weekend after Justin's birthday party, because we had skipped doing it the previous week, at least in theory.  Seeing Halloween was the following weekend, we had to get busy on the costumes for the parade, so they'd be ready in time.  I had previously picked up everything we'd need to make them, so it meant we just had to put it all together and add the finishing touches to have them ready in time.  I wasn't going to get into doing it on Friday night though, because I was taking the boys to the high school football game, but we'd work on the costumes both Saturday and Sunday. 

The boys were all in a good mood as we headed over to the diner to eat and Auntie Ann greeted us warmly.  "How are all of my nephews tonight and what are y'all up to?" 

"Uncle Blake's taking us to the football game again," Andrew told her. 

"And do y'all like doing that?" she followed, while looking Andrew in the eye. 

"Yep, it's fun going there," he replied. 

"None of us play football or are on a team or nothin'," Marcus added, "but we all like watching the games.  We usually sit with some of our other friends too."

"So y'all leave poor Uncle Blake by himself?" she followed, while flashing a shocked reaction for the boys. 

"Not the whole time," Justin quickly offered.  "We sit with him for part of the game, but he has other people he hangs out with too, so he's not really alone."  Ann glanced up at me and then smiled and winked. 

"Ok, as long as y'all aren't just taking off on him," she added with a grin. 

After we were seated and had ordered what we wanted, the boys decided that they probably should clarify the situation with me next.  "Uncle Blake, does it bother you that we spend some of the time at the game with our friends?" Dylan wanted to know, since I think Ann had made him feel guilty. 

"No, I enjoy watching the games and I've met a few other people there that I tend to sit with," I assured him.  "As long as I'm able to keep an eye on you boys and know that you're not getting into trouble, then I'm fine." 

They all looked relieved after I'd answered, but I'm not sure what they would have done if I had responded that it did bother me.  Would they have still gone off with their friends or would they have given that up to keep me company.  It was possible they might have merely decided to take turns sitting with me, with each group staying for a quarter, and then possibly all of them would remain by my side during the final period.  I guess I'll never know. 

This turned out to be a much better game though, but I wasn't convinced if the difference was because the other team's defense wasn't as good as the team the previous week or if our team's offense had finally gotten its act together.  Either way, our team won and the boys were all smiling and dancing around when they came back to join me. 

When we got to the house we immediately started the shower rotation.  After washing the first pair and putting them in bed, I returned to take care of the next group.  When it was finally Tyler and Dylan's turn, they were all smiles.  Obviously, they had more on their minds for after we finished washing up. 

"It's about time we got to do this again," Dylan quipped as we exited the shower and headed for the bedroom.  "I wasn't happy that we couldn't sleep with you when I stayed over last week." 

"Me neither!" Tyler chimed in.  "I didn't get to sleep with you then and you wouldn't let me do it during the week either.  That sucked." 

"Oh my poor babies," I began in a sickly sweet tone.  "I guess I'm gonna have to do something special to make up to my widdle boys for that." 

"You can do something special for us, but don't make it sound like you're dealing with babies," Tyler snapped back, slightly irritated. 

"Yeah, we just like spending time with you," Dylan added, as I looked at each of them. 

"Or is it that you just like what I let you get away with and do for you?" I pressed, which gained a couple of sheepish grins. 

"Ok, we like that too, but we like being with you as well," Dylan responded.  "You're our favorite uncle." 

"As far as I know I'm the ONLY uncle any of you has," I challenged, while studying their reaction. 

"Ok, maybe you are, but you're still our favorite uncle too," Tyler replied, before both of them began to giggle. 

After they settled down, they agreed that we'd do the triangular three-way encounter that we'd done once before, where one of us would only do something to one other person,  First we'd rim one of the others doggy style and then we'd reverse direction before we laid down and sucked the other person off.  Seeing they both agreed to do this, I did too and then we cuddled against each other for the rest of the night. 

Everyone was still in a good mood Saturday morning, so while the boys were eating breakfast I explained what we'd be doing next.  "As soon as you're done here, we're going to get started on your costumes for the Halloween parade.  Are you planning to go trick-or-treating on Sunday, and if so, are you going to wear the same costumes?" 

There was some quick discussion amongst the boys, as they decided if they were going to do this or not, before Tyler answered for all of them.  "Yeah, we think we'd like to do that too and we'll wear the same stuff." 

"Then we'll need to make a choice on the costume's design," I pointed out.  "Do you want to put holes in two of the sides for your arms, or do you just want to let them dangle inside?" 

"Why does that matter?" Dylan wanted to know. 

"Well if you're planning to go trick-or-treating in them too, then you'll need to carry a bag for the treats," I replied.  "I just need to know how you plan to carry it." 

After the boys discussed this briefly, Tyler spoke up again for the group.  "We think it would be too awkward to put our arms through the sides, since they probably won't be very close to our bodies, so we'll just hold the bags for the candy underneath.  Just make the dice so they don't reach all the way down to our waists though, because that way our arms will hang below the bottom and we can hold the bags out to get the candy that way." 

Seeing they were all in agreement, I felt their choice would be fine.  We'd just have to size the boxes to their bodies, to make it happen.  This wasn't a big deal though and would merely mean a little extra trimming of the cardboard. 

Before we were ready to work on the costumes, I pulled both cars out of the driveway and parked them on the street, because I didn't want to take any chances on them getting splattered with paint.  I was going to leave the garage door open for ventilation and to circulate the air to help them to dry, so it was a concern.  I also laid down a large sheet of plastic on the garage floor to keep it from getting splattered with paint too.  After doing that, I helped each boy pick out the correct size box and then I cut out a hole for his head to extend through the top and had him try it on.  At that point I could see how much I might have to trim off the bottom, before we moved to the next stage, but I also wrote their name inside of it, so I'd remember which box belonged to whom. 

As soon as I had cut all six of their boxes down to size, I opened a large can of white paint and handed each of the first pair a brush.  I would only allow one set of partners to paint at any given time, because I wanted to keep an eye on what was going on and limit the possibility that they'd end up painting each other.  As soon as that pair had finished, I checked their boxes over and helped the boys touch them up if necessary.  Then we left it to dry while the next pair went to work.  After all six boxes were sitting on the plastic, I took the boys inside and fed them lunch, but not until after I had checked them over first, to make sure they didn't have paint on them that they would end up bringing inside. 

After we finished eating lunch, we made our way to the family room and watched the UGA football game together.  I knew we had time to do this, because the paint on the boxes would still be damp.  Once the game ended, I went out to the garage to check on them again, but I discovered they were still slightly tacky.  After telling the boys that we'd have to finish wrapping everything up the next day.  We then watched another game to pass the time. 

After dinner, I dug a jar lid out of the cupboard that I would use to trace the pips onto the four sides of each die and then I set it on the kitchen counter for the next day.  I'd trace the various pips onto the dice for them, but then I'd let the boys paint them black. 

Since we couldn't use the time to do that now, we went outside and pulled the cars into the driveway, before closing the garage door.  Then I went back to the family room and watched another football game with the boys until it was time for their shower.  I took the four younger boys up at half-time and washed them quickly.  Then, I had them put on their pajamas before they came back down to join us again, because it would be fairly late before the next game ended.  They were fine with doing this, especially seeing I was going to let them stay up a little later than usual. 

When the game finally ended, we all went upstairs.  I tucked the younger boys in bed first, before I went to join Dylan and Tyler.  They were waiting for me to take a shower with them, and when we finished doing that, they agreed to a repeat of what we had done the previous evening.  This time, however, we ended up rimming and sucking the opposite person from the night before, so there was still a little variety involved.  I guess the boys had improved enough with doing these things that they no longer felt I had to do it to each of them every time. 

As soon as we finished doing that, they both cuddled against me and we got ready to sleep.  Before we dozed off, Tyler whispered something in my ear.  "I have something I want to ask you tomorrow night, so remind me." 

I quickly glanced over at him and wondered what this might be about, since he felt he couldn't bring it up in front of Dylan, but I merely nodded my head in response.  Then, I laid in bed as my mind raced over the numerous scenarios he might have in mind, until I finally fell asleep. 

After I'd fed them breakfast the following morning, I told the boys they could do whatever they wanted until I came back to get them.  I then explained what I was going to do and went out to the garage to get started.  I carried an actual die with me when I did this, in order to make sure the costumes looked accurate.  Even though I knew the opposite sides on a die always equaled seven, I wanted to make certain I had the right combinations next to one another too. 

Ethan and Andrew's costumes were nearly identical, except that Andrew's had the 'one' in front of his costume and Ethan's had 'two' on it.  The numbers on the four sides were exactly the same though, with 1, 2, 5 and 6, but they were just in slightly different locations.  I decided to work on Dylan and Tyler's costumes next, because theirs would use the same number arrangement, but with the 'five' on the front of Dylan's and 'six' on Tyler's costume.  Justin and Marcus' costumes were slightly different, since they would use 2, 3, 4 and 5, with 'three' on the front of Justin's and 'four' on the front of Marcus' costume. 

When I had the circles drawn for the various pips, I called the boys out in pairs and had them paint them using small brushes.  I told them to be very careful while doing this, if they wanted their costume to look good, but I was planning on touching up any goofs.  They did a fairly good job though, so I had very little to correct. 

This had all been accomplished before the Falcons' game started, so we went into the family room to watch that next.  The boys kept shifting their seats during the game, so that each one got to spend some time either next to me or on my lap.  I was honored that this seemed to mean so much to them and only left to use the toilet or get us all drinks, as well as to start fixing dinner at the half. 

When the game ended, I had the other boys get ready to return home, but I told them I'd see them for the parade the following week.  They were scheduled to be staying with the Cochrans that weekend, so I said I'd put their costumes in the Outback and meet them there, so I could help them get ready.  They thanked me and then I drove them home. 

Later that night, after I'd showered with Ethan and Marcus, Tyler came in to shower with me next.  Before we headed in to do that, he asked me his question first and I didn't even have to remind him to do it. 

"Last night I whispered that there was something I wanted to ask you and this is what I need to know.  I remember that you told me not to ask you this, but it has been over a month now since you gave me that last dildo and you still haven't asked to check to see if I am ready or told me that you are.  When are we going to finally do anything?" 

I was only partially prepared for this, so I thought for a minute first, before I answered him.  "You're right, but there has been a lot going on and I've been extremely busy.  There were birthday parties to prepare for and to be part of, as well as another outing at the Fox Theater to plan, plus I had to get you boys ready for Halloween..." 

"Ok, but can we do it now then?" he blurted out, before I had a chance to continue. 

"Tyler, I'm not sure this would be a good time for you to do it, because you'll be starting basketball soon," I replied, as I tried to keep an even voice.  "I don't want you walking funny before that happens and I don't want to do anything that would cause you to look bad at tryouts.  Doing something that might affect how you perform at tryouts could possibly decide whether or not you end up making the team and I wouldn't want you blaming me if you got cut." 

"Awww, come on!  That won't happen!" Tyler spat back.  "That's just an excuse." 

"No, it really is one of my concerns," I replied.  "It's one thing to do it using a dildo, but it's a totally different story doing it for real.  I just don't want to mess things up for you."  What I didn't tell him was that I wanted to be absolutely convinced his internal injuries had healed first, because I didn't want to do anything that might hurt him or cause further damage. 

"So you won't do it now because of basketball, but then you won't want to do it later because of baseball, so when will we ever do it?" he demanded, sounding very annoyed and even angry. 

"We'll do it when we have enough time in between so we can be sure you are all right before you return to school or get involved in sports again," I offered. 

"And when will that be?" he shot back, just as tersely as before.  I hesitated, but only for just a few seconds before I answered him. 

"I was thinking maybe over Christmas break," I suggested, as I looked to gauge his reaction.  "There's a good chance there will be no practices then, because some families go away over the break so the coaches usually give the team the time off and just have an open gym for those that stay around.  That would allow us the time to do it and still give me an opportunity to make sure you're ok before you go back to school or return to practice."

Tyler suddenly seemed to calm down a little when he realized I wasn't trying to put him off indefinitely.  It's also when I saw his neck muscles start to relax and when I noticed his face slowly return to its normal color. 

"So you're saying we'll do it over the Christmas break then?" he pressed, just to clarify what I'd just told him. 

"I hate to ruin the surprise, but I thought it would make a really nice Christmas present; one you'd really enjoy," I responded. 

Before I had time to react, Tyler lunged at me, wrapped his arms around my body and began kissing me with more force and passion than he'd ever done before.  It wasn't only for a few seconds either, because he kept it up for several minutes.  It got to the point where I finally had to push him away, so I could catch my breath and finally speak. 

"We're never going to take our shower if you don't stop this, you know," I warned.  Tyler looked at me for a second and then his face broke into a smile. 

"Ok, we can do that if you want, but only if you promise to rim and suck me off before you let me sleep with you," he stated, as he flashed me a smug grin. 

"You're just full of demands tonight.  Aren't you?" I followed, and that caused him to giggle. 

"Maybe, but will you do that for me?" he reiterated, while staring at my face. 

"I suppose, you little weasel," I retorted and then he immediately grabbed my hand and started pulling me toward the master bath.  Suddenly, he was in a hurry to get going. 

After we washed each other, I did what he wanted, but then he asked to return the favor.  I gave in and let him do that too, before he cuddled against me for the rest of the night.  Even though we usually only did this on weekends, at least most of the time, we already seemed to be acting like an old married couple.  This revelation made me wonder if a similar thought had ever occurred to Tyler. 

The following week went by in a blur and it was already time for the boys to spend the weekend with the Cochrans again.  Don invited me to join them when he took everyone to the football game, which I happily accepted.  During the game, Don and I went over many of the details concerning the parade the next evening and then we discussed taking the boys trick-or-treating on Sunday.  We'd worked everything out before the game ended, which our team managed to win again. 

I was all alone that evening, but it wasn't entirely a bad thing this time.  I was tired and I'd have a long day tomorrow too, but I'd also be able to spend at least some of the time with the boys each day, even though they wouldn't be staying here at the house with me. 

When I woke up Saturday morning, I went out to check on the boys' costumes after I'd finished breakfast.  I wanted to make sure everything was set for later and that they all looked fine.  I just had to hope it didn't rain either day, because that would certainly play havoc with the cardboard that was the basis of all of our hard work.  I also rounded up the other items we'd need and put everything in a bag, which I then placed in the Outback, before I went inside to take it easy for a while. 

I watched college football games until it was nearly time to leave and then I went out and carefully placed each of the costumes inside the Outback.  I then went over to pick up Sally next, so we could head over to meet up with the others.  Most of the boys were going to ride with Don and Cherie, but I still had room for a couple of them, without endangering the delicate dice.  When we got to the parade's staging area, Sally, Cherie and I quickly helped the boys apply the white clown makeup to their faces first and placed on a black beret on their heads, so they would match the die that they'd be wearing.  Then, I helped each one get into his costume, while Cherie took snapshots of each pair and a couple more of the entire group together.  After that, we walked them over to take their place in the parade. 

The boys looked really cute as they marched off together and we heard multiple comments about what a wonderful idea it was.  Someone even said that the boys looked like they'd just tumbled out of a Yahtzee game, which made us chuckle.  I know Sally, Cherie and I were all pleased hearing that comment and we were sure the boys would be too, once we told them about the various things that had been said. 

When we finally caught up with them again, the boys were all excited.  "Wow!  You wouldn't believe how many people told us they loved our costumes," Tyler gushed. 

"One guy said we looked like a floating crap game," Dylan added.  "I guess that's a game you play with dice."  If only he knew. 

"A bunch of people said we looked really cute," Justin added. 

"And others wanted to know if we were all brothers," Marcus stated with a grin. 

"Some of our friends liked us too," Ethan offered, seemingly pleased about this. 

"And a woman said it was too bad there wasn't any prizes, because we would have won," Andrew told us, with an ear-to-ear smile. 

"A bunch of people asked it we'd made our own costumes and we told them we did, but with your help," Tyler added.  "They all told us we had done a great job, which made us all feel really proud!"

Sally, Cherie and I added our own observations and relayed the comments we'd heard.  Hearing this made the boys even more determined to go trick-or-treating the following night.  It wasn't so much that they wanted to acquire all kinds of candy, but it was mostly so they could show off the costumes they had made.  We had no problem with that and agreed to let them go to a few houses in each of our neighborhoods, so their friends and neighbors could see them too.   

Once we helped them take the costumes off, I placed everything in the Outback again and we followed the Cochrans back to their house.  Sally and Cherie helped the boys wash the white paint off their faces, but we would end up putting it back on them again the following evening.  After that, I drove Sally home and bid her goodnight.  Before she got out of the car, she thanked me for doing all of these things with Andrew and commented that she'd never seen him so happy.  I assured her he was a pleasure to be around and they were both more than welcome for whatever I'd done. 

After being alone for another night, I got up to face the new day.  It wasn't too bad, even though the boys hadn't been with me, and I was looking forward to spending a little more time with them that evening.  After watching the Falcons' game, I drove over to the Cochran's house to let some of the boys ride with me.  Then we all rode over to Sally's house to pick her up, because we were going to start the trick-or-treating there.  The boys had a tough time holding their sacks out to collect the candy, so one of us usually had to assist them, but they didn't really mind.  They were just excited about showing their costumes off to even more people and hearing their comments. 

After we hit a few houses around there, we then made our way to our neighborhood next and started at the Riordans' house first.  Brenda got a kick out of seeing the boys and raved about how good they looked.  She was there alone though, because her husband was busy taking their daughters around at the same time.  As soon as we hit a few other places nearby, we loaded up again and drove over to where the Cochrans lived. 

Don and Cherie led the boys around to a few places close by their house and then we said goodbye to Justin and Dylan.  I let the boys keep their costumes and told them they could do with them as they pleased, which made both boys happy.  Then I dropped Sally and Andrew off at home, while giving Andrew his costume too, before I took my group home.  Once we got back, I had them drop their costumes off in the garage and then we went upstairs to take our showers.  Tyler washed his face off quickly while Ethan and Marcus were getting undressed and then I took the younger boys into the shower and cleaned them up. 

They couldn't seem to stop talking the entire time and told me over and over again about what a great time they'd had on both nights and repeated some of the comments people had made to them.  After I finally got them clean and had put them in bed, I went back to repeat the process with Tyler.  

He wasn't quite as bad as the younger pair, but he was still pretty excited about the weekend too.  As I was trying to wash him, he had something he wanted to say to me too. 

"I want to thank you for helping us with everything and for making the whole thing possible," he began.  "We all had a blast and I've never had that much fun on Halloween before, even when I was younger." 

"Well I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," I replied.  "I'm also glad Dylan came up with the idea too, because it turned out really good!" 

"But it still wouldn't have happened without all of your help," he repeated.  I wasn't sure why this was so important to him, but I didn't want to take too much of the credit. 

"I'm sure you would have worked something out without me, but I'm glad I was able to help," I confessed.  "You boys were simply adorable dressed up like that." 

"Yeah, lots of people said that to us," Tyler admitted. 

As soon as he finished washing me, we dried off, brushed our teeth and then went out to get in bed.  Tyler asked me if I'd rim him again, which I readily agreed to do, and then he wanted us to sixty-nine.  I had no problem with that either, and before long our heads were bobbing up and down in rapid succession, like two woodpeckers pecking holes in a tree. 

Tyler was the first to reach the end of the line and painted my tonsils with his creamy nectar, but I held off for a little longer.  When I finally pulled into the station beside him, I filled him with a bigger load than I'd produced in a very long time.  I'm not sure if I had really been that horny, if he'd done a better than usual job or if I was just inspired by who had helped me have my orgasm.  I could no longer deny that I loved Tyler more than life itself and hoped he never changed his mind about wanting to remain with me.



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