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            The Guardian

Installment 33


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 65 - Indigestion

On Wednesday, Cherie picked up Dylan and Tyler from practice and then drove over to our house so she could drop those two and Justin off.  She'd also brought dinner along with her for all of us to share and explained that she had left Don's meal for him before heading over here.  She merely asked the boys to set the table and then we all sat down to eat. 

Sally showed up with Andrew shortly after we'd got up from the table, so I hung back to chat with the ladies in the kitchen first, before I went off to entertain the boys for a while.  I explained to Sally and Cherie about what had happened when the boys and I had been talking about Thanksgiving, and then I showed them some of the things I'd found in with Kelly's cookbooks.  Both women then agreed to help me prepare the things the boys had mentioned, so I just hoped we could pull it off successfully.  

Once that had been taken care of, I went to spend some time with the boys.  I watched a movie with them first, but as it grew later I took everyone upstairs for their showers, as I normally would have done.  After washing the first pair, I told them to put on their pajamas and advised them they could go downstairs to watch TV for a little while longer.  They were fine with this, so I moved on to the next group and repeated the process.  When it came time to shower with Dylan and Tyler, they had some questions for me. 

"Are we going to be able to do anything tonight?" Dylan wanted to know.  He looked concerned that I was going to tell him 'no'.

"As long as I shut Tyler's door first, just in case one of the ladies comes upstairs with a question.  It will keep them from noticing that you aren't in there.  I'll lock my door too, so we should be fine, as long as you two keep the noise down," I cautioned. 

"We don't get that loud," Tyler stated, looking offended. 

"Sometimes you do," I countered, drawing a puzzled expression from both of them.  "There have been times when I was worried that you were going to wake the younger boys with your antics, because you really were getting carried away."  After I told them this, they looked at each other next, before turning back toward me. 

"Ok, we'll keep it down then," Tyler agreed. 

"Before we do anything though, I'm going to throw something on and go downstairs to make sure the ladies have what they need.  I'll come back when I'm sure they're all set, but you can get started without me, if you want." 

"No, we'll wait," Dylan confirmed, but I wasn't sure if he was doing this because they wanted me to help get them off or he just didn't want to hurt my feelings. 

When I went down to the kitchen, the women were elbow deep in their work of stuffing the turkey.  They looked up when I entered and smiled. 

"Did you get all of the boys cleaned up and put to bed?" Cherie asked with a smile. 

"Yes, I think they're all set," I confirmed. 

"I don't know how you do it, taking care of so many of them like that," Sally stated next.  "I know the older ones don't need as much help, but I'm sure they still like having you do things like that with them too." 

Her statement concerned me slightly, since she seemed to be indicating that she knew I showered with all of the boys, so I wondered if Andrew had slipped at some point and said something to her.  Neither of them seemed upset about it though, so I just smiled and sloughed it off. 

"I just do my duty to God and family," I joked and they both laughed at my comment. 

They then told me to go ahead and go to bed and assured me that they would lock up when they left.  I'd already given Cherie a spare key to use, since she would be returning rather early to make sure things were going all right, so I just thanked them for doing all of this for us.  They said it was their pleasure and they were just happy that we would all be spending Thanksgiving together, so I did as they suggested. 

I hadn't left the boys alone for very long, but Dylan and Tyler were watching the TV in my room when I got back.  They left it on to help mask any noise they might make, but quickly tossed their towels aside as soon as I'd shut and locked the bedroom door.  They were obviously eager to get started and appeared slightly aroused from just thinking about what we were going to do. 

I decided to do their favorite activity tonight and rimmed and sucked each of them off.  However, after doing it to Dylan first, Tyler and I got into position to sixty-nine after I'd rimmed him.  I took the top position and then Dylan slipped in behind me, so he could rim me at the same time.  I have to admit that led to one mind-blowing orgasm.

Cherie was already up and working when I went downstairs the following morning, so I suggested she take a break while I fixed breakfast for all of us.  I made a pot of coffee first and poured us each a cup as we sat down to chat. 

"I used the recipe you gave me when I prepared the stuffing," she informed me.  "I hope I did it correctly." 

"I'm sure you did just fine," I assured her.  "I'll begin preparing the butternut squash casserole as soon as we finish our coffee and I finish making everyone breakfast." 

"And Sally made the sweet potato pie last night and just has to bake it today," Cherie added.  "I just hope we pull this off and earn their approval, because I'd hate to ruin this special day for them." 

"I'm sure everything will be just fine," I assured her, although I was worried about the same thing. 

While I was working on getting things ready for breakfast, Tyler and Dylan showed up and I got them to agree to set the table first, before going upstairs to wake the other boys.  After they'd done that, I had them start making toast and pouring the drinks for everyone, while I fixed everything else. 

"Wow, I can see why you like having Dylan stay over," Cherie observed after watching Dylan and Tyler help me out.  "He's a bigger help than I would have ever imagined and I hope maybe I can get him to do some of those things at home from now on too."  I only chuckled at her comment and hoped Dylan was prepared for what was to come later. 

Sally returned while we were eating, so we invited her to join us.  After we'd finished up and the boys had cleared off the table, I went out and started the dishwasher, because we'd need all of those things again later.  After I sent the boys off to the family room, the women and I got busy again, as I began to make the butternut squash casserole.  When I finished doing that, Cherie offered to put it in the oven and watch it for me, while I went in to see what the boys wanted me to do with them. 

Cherie and Sally worked hard all morning, while I kept the boys busy outside working on basketball.  Ann showed up while we were doing that and we stopped to chat with her briefly, before she went inside to assist Cherie and her sister. 

The boys and I finished up working on basketball sometime before one and then I took everyone upstairs to shower again and get changed for an early dinner.  Once we had done that, I let them watch a movie until Don came over to join us.  He had brought the small banquet table with him and it was sticking out of the back of his car, so I helped him carry it into the living room.  We set it up in a spot where we could all see each other while we were eating, since the boys would all sit there, while the adults were at the dining room table. 

After we finished doing that, Don and I chatted for a while, but I thought he seemed a little cold and aloof today.  I wrote it off to my overactive imagination or possibly that he was just upset that Cherie had spent so much time over here the previous night and this morning.  I didn't consider it to be a big deal though. 

We were called in for dinner around 3:00 and I was surprised the boys had been able to hold out until then, even though they'd had a large breakfast.  We took our places at the appropriate tables and we said grace.  Sally, Cherie and I then helped the boys fill their plates and helped the younger ones carry their meals into the living room, so they wouldn't spill anything along the way.  We also brought the drinks in for each of them as well, and once they were set, the rest of us took our seats at the dining room table. 

I sat at the head of the table with Don next to me on one side and Cherie sitting beside him.  On my other side was Sally and Ann, with the other end of the table open so we could observe the boys.  The various dishes and platters then began circulating around the table, as each of us took what we wanted and passed the dish on, before digging into the delicious fare. 

"This stuffing tastes just like what Mommy used to make," Ethan stated with his mouth half full of food. 

"It should, because I used her recipe," Cherie confirmed, as Ethan smiled at her in delight. 

"And so does the butternut squash casserole," Marcus chimed in with an equally broad smile.  "Justin, you've got to try this.  It's great and you'll love it!" 

"Your Uncle Blake made that," Cherie informed him.  "I'm sure he used one of your mother's recipes too." 

"Thanks," Marcus gushed, as he shoved another forkful of the casserole into his mouth. 

"Does that mean someone made a sweet potato pie for me?" Tyler wondered, since he didn't want to be left out. 

"Yes, Sally did that," I confirmed, and Tyler's face lit up as well.  "We won't have that until later though, once our meal has had a chance to settle."  Tyler seemed fine with that, as long as he knew he'd eventually get some of the pie, and smiled broadly.

The women had done a wonderful job and everything was really great.  The turkey was moist and very tasty, and they also fixed both mashed potatoes and yams, to go along with the traditional cranberry sauce and an assortment of vegetables.  Ann had also brought over both Waldorf and Watergate salads, but I thought the latter seemed more like dessert.  It was made using pistachio pudding, pineapple, miniature marshmallows and walnuts, but it was also topped with whipped cream.  In addition to all of those things, Cherie had also prepared a lasagna, which she informed us was part of her family's tradition.  We then proceeded to stuff ourselves, while also knowing their was an assortment of pies for dessert, which we wouldn't have until later. 

We had just about finished our meal when Don turned to me and spoke loud enough for everyone to hear.  "When I went out to run some errands yesterday, I ran into an old friend of mine," he announced, while looking me directly in the eye.  "I didn't know it at the time, but I discovered he had been Matt Weaver's friend before we met.  He mentioned that fact after I told him I was coming over here today for dinner." 

"He knew my dad!" Tyler squealed with a great deal of glee at this announcement.  "What was his name?"

"It was Jim Valk," Don answered, while looking at me instead of Tyler. 

"Oh yeah.  I remember him," Tyler confirmed.  "He came over here a few times."

"And he remembered you too, because he told me about having been here before for some parties and cookouts," Don informed us.  "When he found out your Uncle Blake was raising you boys now, he asked if Blake was still with his old boyfriend." 

After saying this, I noticed Don was glaring at me and I could see he wasn't looking particularly happy.  I also knew I had to respond to what he'd said, without escalating the situation. 

"No, I haven't seen him in years," I stated simply, hoping that would defuse the issue. 

"So you are one of them!" Don stated in an accusatory tone. 

"If you mean that I'm gay, then yes, I am," I answered, while attempting to maintain my cool and keep my temper from flaring up. 

"If I had known that before, then I never would have allowed my family to have anything to do with you!" he announced before turning toward his wife.  "I want all of you to get your things together, because we're going home!" 

"No, we're not!" Cherie countered with as much determination in her voice as her husband had just used.  "There's nothing wrong with that and Blake is still the same wonderful person he was before." 

"No!  Everything has changed.  The situation is completely different now, so we're getting the hell out of here!" Don shot back, while glaring at his wife. 

"You can go if you want, but the boys and I are staying here," she confirmed in her most defiant manner.  "We are having a good time and aren't bothered by the news you just revealed." 

"I'm not going to allow my sons to remain here for a second longer!" Don screamed, as his face began to turn red and the veins in his neck bulged under the skin. 

"I'm not going with you either!" Dylan chimed in, which quickly drew an ice-cold stare from his father.  "You're so hung up on anything that even looks slightly gay that you have never been able to show me or Justin any love."  Don was momentarily stunned by his son's words, but he recovered rapidly. 

"That's not true!" he challenged, although not convincingly. 

"It is too!" Dylan insisted.  "When was the last time you gave us a hug, kissed us goodnight or even told us that you loved us?  Never!  That's when!" 

"Those things aren't manly.  They're ok for boys, but not for men," Don responded, but in a much calmer and lower voice. 

"They are too, because a lot of our friend's fathers do those things, but you never have!" Dylan shouted back.  "At least over here we know we're loved." 

"Oh, I'm sure you do," Don scoffed while glaring at me.  "Has he ever tried to do anything to you?" 

"Yeah, when he tucks us into bed at night, he kisses us on the forehead and tells us he loves us," Dylan screamed.  I had been momentarily worried about what he was about to say, but after hearing his words I began to relax.  "He's been doing what you should have been doing our whole lives." 

"He only does it because he's a faggot, so that's something I'd never do," Don replied.  "I don't want anything to do with him or any of his kind.  We never would have hung out with him if I had known about him earlier."

"So does that mean you don't want anything to do with me either, because I'm gay too?" Dylan snapped back and his father's eyes almost popped out of his head. 

"You aren't queer!" his father screamed.  "You're not only good at sports, but you've dated girls before too." 

"I only did that because I knew it was what you expected me to do and I didn't want to see how you'd react or what you'd say if I didn't go out with a girl," Dylan confessed, in a slightly calmer tone. 

"Has he forced you to stuff with him and turned you gay?" Don demanded, as he turned toward me again. 

"I've known I was gay since I was eleven, but I just didn't know what it was called.  I just knew I liked boys, and that was long before I knew Uncle Blake," Dylan confirmed, much to his father's dismay. 

"Don't call him that any more!  He's not your uncle!" Don screamed, visibly upset.  "I want you to answer my question, though.  Has he done anything to you?" 

"I've done stuff here, but with Tyler," Dylan responded, and I could tell he was doing his best to answer his father without lying.  "I've also done some stuff with other boys from school too.  All Uncle Blake has done for me is to make me a better baseball and basketball player." 

"Faggots don't like sports and aren't good at them," Don insisted, still not sure if he believed his son. 

"Well this faggot likes them and I think I'm pretty good at them too," Dylan countered, defying his father's perception. 

"I don't believe it.  I want to get out of here now!" Don reiterated, while looking between his wife and sons. 

"I told you before that you can leave if you want to, but we're staying here," Cherie replied, again taking a defiant stance. 

"You're all coming with me, even if I have to drag you out of here," Don stated, not giving an inch. 

"And if you try anything like that I'll call the cops and have you arrested for abuse and then I'll divorce you," Cherie countered, standing her ground.  "And I'll file for sole custody of our sons too, while claiming your homophobic attitude would prove to be detrimental to the boys." 

"You wouldn't dare!" Don shot back, his eyes fixed and ablaze as he stared at his wife. 

"Just try me," Cherie dared him in return.  After a brief standoff, Don finally responded. 

"Fine, I'm going home without you then and you and Dylan can stay here with the queer.  Justin, get you're things!" Don barked next. 

"No.  I'm staying here too," Justin responded, as Don's authority was challenged once more. 

"You aren't old enough to make that decision, so do as I say!" Don ordered, unsuccessfully. 

"He doesn't have to go with you.  He's staying with Dylan and me," Cherie confirmed, to let Don know he was leaving alone. 

"Fine!  Do what you want, but I'm not ever coming back here, not to see you or for any other reason!" Don screamed, thinking that might change their minds, but it didn't work.   

"Don't worry about us.  We'll be fine.  The boys and I will just stay here until you come to your senses again," Cherie offered, which obviously surprised Don.  "I'm sure Blake can make room for one more houseguest, since the boys were already staying here with him.  And if you're dumb enough to try doing anything else to get us back before we're ready, I'll call the cops and have you stopped.  Then, I'll ask a judge slap a restraining order on you to keep you far away from the three of us." 

That definitely took the wind out of Don's sails and he appeared totally deflated.  Making one final 'hmmpf', he moved toward the door and slammed it behind him.  We heard the tires on his car squeal, as he took off down the street a few seconds later. 

"Blake, I'm so very sorry about that," Cherie apologized.  "It had been such a wonderful day until Don had to go and ruin it.  He obviously knew this information earlier, when he first got here, so I'm not sure why he waited until we were just about finished eating before he brought it up." 

"Probably because he was afraid he wouldn't get to eat if he mentioned it earlier," Dylan chirped back.  Even though it had been an upsetting situation, that comment brought a slight grin to all of our faces. 

"Well I certainly don't have a problem with anything," Sally added after a slight lull in the conversation.  "Blake has been wonderful with Andrew and has helped him tremendously.  We both love him and that's not going to change." 

"And it don't make no never mind to me neither," Ann added, while smiling at me sympathetically.  "I don't give a darn who y'all love, I just know you're a terrific role model for the boys and I think you're a truly great guy."  I was deeply moved by Ann's comment and thanked all three women for their support.

"As you probably could tell, it won't change anything between us either," Cherie concurred.  "The only thing that may change will be my marital status." 

"Aunt Cherie can use my room tonight, if she's going to stay here too," Tyler offered as soon as the women had finished speaking. 

"And where will you sleep?" Cherie countered in return. 

"Me and Dylan can sleep with Uncle Blake.  He's got a king-size bed," Tyler answered, which immediately caused me some concern.  I wasn't sure how any of them were going to react to this suggestion, especially after just learning I was gay. 

"Yeah, we don't mind doing that," Dylan chimed in, offering his support for the idea. 

"Ok.  I appreciate that and it will help me a lot," Cherie agreed, while smiling at both boys. 

"I know Tyler has a queen-size bed, so what if I stay over and keep Cherie company, that is if she doesn't mind," Sally quickly offered.  "I'm pretty sure she won't want to be alone tonight and will probably need a friend to talk to.  I've been through a divorce before, so maybe I can help." 

"Yes, I'd like that," Cherie confirmed.  "I guess I might need to start exploring my options." 

"In that case, I'll run over to Sally's house and pick up a few things that I know y'all are going to need then," Ann offered in support, so Cherie and Sally each thanked her for being willing to do this for them.  Cherie added that it would be a great help, since she didn't want to go home and face Don again, just to get whatever she might need. 

Since I knew this conversation might get pretty involved, I sent the women into the family room so they could chat, while the boys and I started cleaning up the kitchen and dining room.  There was a lot to do and keeping busy would occupy the rest of us for now, so the boys wouldn't dwell on how this was going to turn out. 

"I'm sorry Don ran into that guy yesterday, because it helped to ruined our Thanksgiving," Dylan snarled once we were alone.  I immediately noticed that he'd also called his father by his first name, which made me do a double-take and Dylan noticed my reaction.  "I know what you're thinking, but he's not my dad any longer.  He pretty much told me that he doesn't want anything to do with me now, seeing he knows I'm gay too, so I don't want to have anything to do with him either." 

"You don't have to make that decision yet and I would advise you against slamming the door in his face too soon," I offered, since I didn't what him to do something he might regret later.  "Things still might change." 

"Yeah, maybe if you believe in fairy tales and magic," Dylan shot back, startling me. 

"Don't count anything out too quickly," I challenged, but Dylan merely shook his head to let me know he didn't agree.  It's also when I noticed Justin moving in my direction too. 

"I don't care what my dad says, you're still my Uncle Blake," Justin assured me, as he threw his arms around my waist.  "I don't ever want to stop coming over here." 

"And I don't ever want you to stop coming over here either," I confirmed, so there wouldn't be any doubt. 

The boys did their best to reassure and make me feel better, as we continued cleaning the kitchen and dining room.  After we'd done as much as we could and I'd started the dishwasher, we headed to the family room to see how the women were doing.  It was apparent Ann had returned from running her errand already, because they were all hugging each other when we walked in.  Since I wasn't sure if they needed some more time together, I thought I'd offer to leave them alone. 

"We didn't mean to interfere, so the boys and I will come back later," I offered when I thought we were intruding. 

"No, that's not necessary," Cherie responded.  "In fact, I think I could use a hug from my two boys." 

"And I'd like one from Andrew too," Sally quickly added. 

As those three went to do that, my three followed behind them and each boy hugged both women, before moving over to hug Ann too.  Then, we all sat down with them to talk things over.  Dylan sat beside his mother, while Justin and Andrew plopped down on their mothers' laps.  The rest of us got comfortable on the floor. 

After discussing a number of topics with them, Cherie and Sally decided it was time for us to go out and have our dessert.  While they took the pies out so they could cut and serve a slice to anyone that wanted one, I started a pot of coffee and the boys poured themselves something to drink.  We then went into the dining room and crowded around the table to enjoy our treats together. 

"Aunt Sally, this sweet potato pie is great!  It tastes exactly like the ones my mom used to make," Tyler announced after he'd polished off the entire slice.  "Can I have another piece, please?"

"Of course," she quickly agreed as she took his plate. 

"I really like the pumpkin pie," Justin offered, as he was busy getting another bite ready to shove into his mouth. 

"Mom knows I like the pecan pie the best," Dylan chipped in, while smiling at his mother.  "Thanks for making it for me, Mom." 

"You're welcome, sweetie," she quickly agreed. 

"They're all very good," I added, since I'd taken a very slim sliver of each type, including the apple and cherry pies.  "If I ate like this every day, I'd weight 400 pounds (181.5 kg) in no time."

My comment elicited a few snickers, but some of the boys also chimed in their agreement.  Once we finished eating our dessert, Cherie and Sally said they would empty the dishwasher, load it again and then finish cleaning the kitchen.  I told them while they were doing that, I'd take the boys upstairs and get them ready for bed, since it was getting late.  I knew I'd probably be facing a bunch of questions when we got up there, because I was convinced the boys would want some clarification about the things they'd overheard today. 

"Can we still take our showers together?" Justin wanted to know the minute we reached the top of the stairs. 

"Yes, I don't see any reason why we can't do that," I answered.  "Just wear your underwear from the bedroom to my bathroom and I'll keep the door shut until you're finished and decent again.  When you're done, you can just wrap a towel around your waist to go back and put your PJs on." 

"So can we watch each other in the shower?" Andrew asked next. 

"Sure you can.  Just be in there before they get in the shower," I confirmed.  "If the four of you want to stay in there the entire time, I think that will be perfectly all right." 

"Can we still sleep together too?" Marcus asked next. 

"Yes, that won't be a problem either," I confirmed, much to his relief.  "Just no messing around.  Ok?"  They all nodded in response. 

"What about us?" Dylan asked, once the little ones ran off to get undressed and I was adjusting the water temp. 

"I think we can shower together too, but we won't be able to do anything else, other than to sleep together," I answered as I eyed each one.  "The women will just be across the hall and I don't want to give them any reason to change their minds about how they feel about me."  Both he and Tyler nodded their heads in response, but I knew they weren't thrilled about it. 

I then asked Tyler and Dylan to go clean up Tyler's bedroom quickly, as well as to change the sheets and make the bed.  I also asked them to make sure their 'sex toys' were out of sight and well hidden, so they wouldn't accidentally be discovered.  I didn't want anything else to raise another red flag, especially after what else had transpired today.  While they were doing that, I took care of their brothers. 

As I was washing the four younger boys, there was still some touching going on, but they were more subdued than usual.  I could understand how having the women around might have that effect on them, but I think the boys were also thinking back about Don's tirade earlier.  It had certainly dampened the mood earlier, which had been quite jovial before that happened. 

After those four had gone back to the other bedrooms and put on their pajamas, I went in and showered with Dylan and Tyler next.  When we finished, I had them put on something too, since they didn't wear pajamas, and then we went downstairs to spend some more time with the women. 

We ended up watching a movie together in the family room, seated in much the same manner as we'd been as earlier.  Ann was sitting in the chair, while Sally and Cherie were on the sofa with their sons.  I sat on the floor with my back leaning against the couch between Cherie and Sally, while Tyler used one of my legs as a pillow and Marcus the other.  Ethan sat between my splayed legs and was leaning back against me. 

"It's too bad Don would never allow himself to do things like that with the boys," Cherie observed during one commercial, as she looked down at us. 

"Yes, I'm sure that's why all the boys feel so close to Blake," Sally added.  "They all know he's there for them, even if they're just doing something as simple as watching TV." 

"Yeah, we all like cuddling with Uncle Blake," Justin confirmed, as the other boys murmured their agreement.  I couldn't see either Cherie or Sally's face, but I was pretty sure they were both smiling.  

When the movie ended, we all decided to turn in for the evening.  It was already past the younger boys' bedtime, but it had also been a very long and draining day for each of us.  Before we did that, however, we all said goodnight to Ann and thanked her for joining us.

"No, I want to thank y'all for inviting me," she countered.  "I was having a great time and it would have been a fantastic day, if it wasn't for one grumpy person." 

We all agreed with her in our own way and then the rest of us headed upstairs.  I tucked each of the younger pairs into bed as I always did, but this time with their mother's standing in the doorway and waiting their turn.  After I had covered each pair, I kissed both boys on the forehead and then wished them sweet dreams, before their mother went in to say goodnight to them too, along with their bed partner. 

After those four were tucked in, the rest of us said goodnight to each other and headed toward our rooms.  Before we parted company, I took a moment to fetch two new toothbrushes out of our collection of replacements and handed one to each of our guests.  I'd heard Sally mention earlier that Ann had forgotten that one item when she inspected what Ann had brought over.  I then told them they should find whatever else they would need in the bathroom, if we had it.  I also advised them to feel free to look through the linen cabinet or medicine chest for whatever else they might need and urged them to let me know if there was anything they couldn't locate.  They agreed they would do that and thanked me for everything, before we closed the bedroom doors behind us. 

Once we were in the bedroom alone and I'd shut and locked the door, Dylan and Tyler began to ask me questions.  "So are you sure we can't do anything tonight?" Dylan wondered, as he looked at me hopefully. 

"I'm afraid not," I confirmed.  "I don't want your mother or Sally to overhear anything, because then they might begin to agree with your father about things." 

"Can Dylan and I do something then?" Tyler followed, looking hopeful. 

"Not in here or in the master bath," I replied.  "The same thing would imply, because I'm sure they'd wonder why you were doing things like that with me in the room with you.  I guess you could always go downstairs and use my office if you wanted." 

"Nah, but this really sucks," Dylan gripped, while looking less than happy.  "Do we still get to cuddle with you?" 

"I think we can get away with that, since it won't cause us to make any noise," I concurred, much to his relief.  

"Can we do it with one on each side or do we both have to be on the same side this time?" Tyler wanted to know next. 

"I think one on each side will be fine," I confirmed, which earned me a smile.  "I wouldn't be able to sleep as well, if I didn't have a teddy bear in each arm." 

Both boys hugged me after I said this and then we got into bed.  They immediately wrapped their bodies around mine, just like they always did.  They also placed their heads on my chest, as I wound an arm around each one's shoulders.  I was still thinking about what had taken place earlier, when I heard a voice in my ear. 

"I won't let Don stop us from coming over here, no matter what," Dylan told me.  "I enjoy this too much and it's the one place, and one of the few times, when I really feel loved." 

"I know and I'd miss this too, but I suggest you allow your mom and dad to hassle this out," I recommended.  "Try to stay out of the arguments as much as possible, because I'm afraid you'll only complicate the issue and mess things up." 

"But it concerns me too," he pointed out, as if I didn't already know. 

"Yes, it does, but I think you should stay out of the discussion unless they ask for your opinion or if your mother is unable to work things out to your satisfaction," I urged.  "She also wants what's best for you, so give her a chance first.  I'm sure she won't let you down." 

"But I didn't think Don was going to listen to her earlier, not until me and Justin spoke up too," he pointed out, trying to change my mind. 

"That may or may not be true, but you or I don't know that for certain," I observed.  "I thought your mother was doing just fine on her own and I have the feeling she'd have stood her ground and done what she thought was best.  She actually reminded me of a mama grizzly protecting her cubs from an attacker."  Dylan giggled after hearing me say this. 

"Yeah, I guess she did," he agreed, and although I couldn't see it, I knew he was smiling.  "Ok, I'll try to do what you say, but I know it won't work if Don starts trying to order us around like that again." 

"Just don't call him Don to his face just yet and let your mother handle him first.  You should only stand up for yourself if she's not around," I countered, hoping that would tone things down a bit.  

"I'll try," he conceded, although weakly. 

That ended our discussion for the night and we fell asleep shortly thereafter. 



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 66 - Weathering the Storm

Even though Dylan, Tyler and I were still troubled by the events of the previous day, I believe we were able to deal with it because we had each other.  The boys and I cuddled together as we normally would and soon drifted off to sleep. 

Sometime during the night I felt the covers being yanked off my body and it woke me up immediately.  Even in the dim light, I could tell that Dylan had heaved the bedding off both of us and was getting out of bed.  I wasn't sure why he had done this, but I spoke to him in a calm and reassuring voice.  "What's the matter?  Is something wrong?" 

He stopped in his tracks when he heard me speak.  He was just getting out of bed at the time, but when he heard my voice he sat down on the mattress again, although he didn't turn toward me or offer to say anything.  Concerned, I reached out to place my hand on his arm and could immediately feel he was trembling.  "Dylan, what's wrong.  What is bothering you?"

Slowly, he turned toward me and I was able to make out his features in the limited amount of moonlight filtering into the room.  He looked absolutely wretched. 

"I guess I musta had a dream," he answered, as his expression began to soften slightly.  "It musta been a dream, because it all happened at my house." 

"Ok, but why are you shaking?" I pressed, trying to get at the root of the problem. 

"I dreamed that my dad came to my bedroom and was trying to kill me because he didn't want a gay son.  I think I musta been trying to get out of bed so I could get away from him before he could do that when I heard your voice.  It surprised me at first, because I knew you weren't in my bedroom, but then I suddenly remembered where I was." 

"Well you're ok now and nothing is going to hurt you while you're here with us," I stated as soothingly as I knew how. 

I was just about to coax him into getting back into bed when I began hearing other voices.  They weren't loud and no one was shouting, so I probably wouldn't have even noticed them if I had been sleeping, but since I was awake, they were quite obvious.  Since I wasn't sure who was speaking or what was up, I decided to go check it out.  After telling Dylan to wait there, I opened the door to my bedroom and realized the voices were coming from Marcus' room, so I walked over and opened his door.  That's when I saw Marcus and Justin standing on opposites sides of the bed, hurriedly taking their pajamas off. 

"What's going on?" I asked without raising my voice, as I turned on the light. 

"Justin had a bad dream and wet the bed," Marcus quickly told me, as he and Justin finished removing their pajama bottoms.  As I glanced across the bed at Justin, he appeared to be totally embarrassed by what had happened. 

Feeling a wave of empathy for him, I walked over and placed my arm around his shoulder.  "It's ok.  Nothing has happened that can't be taken care of, so don't worry about it."  He looked up and flashed me a weak smile, along with an expression of enormous relief.  "So let's get you boys and the bed cleaned up.  Marcus, take the sheets off your bed and I'll go get a couple of damp washcloths to wipe you boys off."

I was just coming back to the room with those items when I heard Justin shout this time.  "Mom, get out of here!  We don't have nothing on!"

Cherie was standing in Marcus' doorway, looking into the room, and Sally was looking out of Tyler's doorway when I got there.  When I looked past Cherie so I could see into Marcus' room, the two younger boys were doing their best to hide their nakedness from Cherie.  When she realized I was standing next to her, she offered an explanation. 

"I just heard people taking and came over to see if there was a problem.  I'm not sure why Justin is getting so upset though, since he isn't bothered when he's taking showers with all of you and I've seen him naked before, when he was younger." 

"But we're all guys when we shower together and I'm not a little kid any more," he screamed back.  "Just go away!" 

I assured Cherie that I could handle the situation and merely explained that he'd had a bad dream which had caused his bladder to relieve itself.  She nodded knowingly, told Justin she was sorry and then went back to the room she'd been sleeping in.  Moments later, she and Sally disappeared inside and the door closed behind them. 

After quickly wiping down both boys and washing off the urine, I attempted to clean off the bed as well.  After I'd done that, I told Justin and Marcus to put on a fresh pair of pajamas, while I took the soiled bedding and pajamas down to the laundry room.  I'd decided to throw everything into the washing machine right away, because I didn't want to leave those things sitting around overnight.  I felt it was best to clean them immediately, although I would wait and move them over the dryer in the morning. 

When I returned to their room, I suggested they come over and sleep with me tonight.  It would be crowded, but I knew we'd all fit in, but first I wanted to know what had caused this to happen. 

"I had a dream about my dad," Justin offered, while staring at the floor.  "He was carrying me out of the house and told me that he was taking me far away from here.  He said he didn't want me hanging around my mom or Dylan any more, so we were going to someplace far away.  I didn't want to go with him and was trying to fight him off so he'd let me go, and I guess that's when it happened."

I knew he was referring to his 'accident', but neither of us mentioned it directly.  Since Tyler was still asleep, although I couldn't imagine how he'd managed to do it through all the ruckus, I told Dylan I'd get in bed next to Tyler, but then I wanted Justin between him and me.  Once Dylan was also in bed, then Marcus could get in on the other side of him.  After Dylan heard that Justin had a bad dream too, he agreed and we all got into my bed together.  

I placed my arm around Justin and he clung to me for the rest of the night.  There were no further incidents, and surprisingly we were all fairly well rested and refreshed when we got up the next morning, but that was possibly due to the fact that we slept later than normal too.  Both Justin and Dylan seemed somewhat chipper after we got up, so I told all of the boys to get dressed and then we'd head downstairs for breakfast. 

I was a little surprised when I saw Tyler's bedroom door was still closed and I didn't hear any movement or talking on the other side.  That's when I realized the women probably hadn't gotten up yet either.  After thinking about it briefly, I concluded that Cherie and Sally must have stayed up late after they'd been awakened.  It was possible they stayed up to talk about what had happened with Justin, but they might have also been discussing what had transpired at dinner the previous day.  Since I wanted to give them a little more time to get some rest, I decided not to disturb them and urged the boys to be quiet as we passed their room. 

When we got downstairs, we discovered the youngest pair was already up and watching their shows in the family room, so Justin and Marcus went off to join them, while the rest of us made our way to the kitchen.  When we got there, Dylan and Tyler offered to set the table and get everything ready for when the  women came down to join us, so I made a pot of coffee first, before I started to get things ready for breakfast. 

Once the coffee was brewing, I headed over to the laundry room to take out the items I'd tossed into the washing machine in the middle of the night and moved them over to the dryer.  Then, I went back to the kitchen, washed my hands and began whipping up a bowl of pancake batter for those that might want some.  I also mixed another bowl with the ingredients for scrambled eggs, because this way I'd only have to pour it into a frying pan when the others let me know what they wanted.  I also got things ready to make home fries too, so I'd only have to heat up the appropriate amount when needed, and then I got the sausage links and bacon ready to fry up as well. 

Once everything was ready, I asked the various boys what they wanted and went out to fix it for them.  I called them out to the dining room when it was ready and then whipped up a little something extra for myself.  We were still eating when the women came down the stairs about fifteen minutes later, still in their nightgowns and housecoats. 

"Wow!  It smells good," Sally observed as she walked into the dining room. 

"Thank you and you have a choice this morning," I announced, as I advised them of their options. 

"You don't have to wait on us.  We can fix what we want," Cherie announced while looking at me oddly. 

"No, you're our guests and you did all the work yesterday," I pointed out.  "Just tell me what you'd like and I'll heat it up.  It's all ready to pour into the frying pans." 

They looked at each other and exchanged glances first, before telling me what they wanted.  While I was fixing their meal, Tyler poured each of them a cup of coffee and Dylan gave them a small glass of orange juice to go with it.  As I was bringing the food in to them, I heard Cherie ask the boys a question. 

"Do you eat like this every time you stay over here?" 

"Mostly," Dylan answered, "unless we have a game right away.  Then we don't eat as much." 

"Sometimes we have stuff like this, but other times Uncle Blake makes us French toast, waffles or omelets instead," Justin chipped in. 

"No wonder you like staying over here," Cherie muttered.  "It sure beats the cereal and toast you have most days at home." 

"We do that sometimes too," Marcus confirmed.  I felt his comment was merely to deflect attention away from what I usually fed them, because he was worried about how the two women were reacting to this information. 

"Well Uncle Blake sure knows how to spoil you boys," Sally chimed in as she watched her son devour his food.  "He's a pretty good cook too, isn't he," she added, as she took another mouthful of her meal. 

"Yep, he is," Andrew agreed, smiling at his mother before he filled his own mouth again. 

I fixed extra for those that wanted more, and the boys got up at various times to take their dishes out to the kitchen to rinse off and place in the dishwasher.  I then told the boys they could do whatever they wanted for the time being, while Cherie, Sally and I stayed in the dining room to chat and enjoy another cup of coffee.  All of the boys decided to go to the family room next and watch cartoons, which mildly surprised me.  Dylan and Tyler didn't usually do this with the younger boys, so either they just wanted to be with their brothers or they felt the younger group might need their moral support after what had happened the night before.  Either way, they all went off together. 

Once the boys were gone, we sat in silence for a few minutes before I looked at Cherie and spoke.  "So how are you holding up today?" 

"Better than last night," she confessed.  "I'm really glad Sally stayed over with me, because we did a lot of talking.  She helped me out a lot, so I think I have a better idea about what I'm going to do next." 

"I just let you get it out of your system," Sally offered in return.  "I actually offered very little to the conversation." 

"Your support, empathy and insight were invaluable," Cherie stated next.  "Now for the question I've been dying to ask," she continued, as she lowered her voice.  "What the heck happened last night?" 

"There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just spit it out," I replied as I looked into her face.  "Both of your sons had nightmares last night and they both concerned Don."  I stopped there and didn't continue, because I wasn't sure if I should give her the details.  I also wasn't sure if her sons would want her to know. 

"What were their nightmares about?" she demanded, as a panicked look came over her face. 

"If I tell you, then I want you to promise you won't let the boys know I gave you this information," I began, as I looked to see her reaction.  "I don't think either one wants you to know what happened, although I think you should."  She nodded her agreement, so I continued on. 

"Dylan dreamed your husband went into his bedroom at home and tried to kill him, because he didn't want a gay son," I stated, and Cherie's mouth dropped open, as her hand shot up to place over it.  "Justin dreamed that Don was carrying him off and telling him that they were going to move far away, where he'd never see you or Dylan again." 

"Oh my God!" Cherie exclaimed.  "No wonder he wet the bed, but I do feel as though I need to apologize to him and Marcus for barging in there while they were both naked.  I noticed Justin has changed a little since I used to give him baths, but not that much.  He's definitely taller, has lost most of his baby fat and his penis might have grown a bit, but he's basically the same boy I used to do everything for, until he stopped me because he said he was getting too big." 

"Yes, I think he might be slightly better endowed now then when he first started coming over here," I agreed.  "And I think it might be a very good idea if you apologize for catching them without anything on, because I think that bothered both boys.  They're not shy around other guys, but I don't think they like the idea of a female seeing them naked yet." 

"Ok, I'll do that then and I'll try to be more careful about barging into their bedroom in the future," she countered and I could read the pained expression on her face.  "I guess I'm just not ready to admit that he's growing up.  To me, Justin's still my baby."  I merely nodded my head in understanding.

"Blake, do you mind if we leave the boys here for a while this afternoon?  Sally's offered to go over to the house with me so I can see if Don is ready to come to his senses yet.  I'm just not ready to face him alone, but I feel I need to do this for the boys' sake now.  Since I don't want them going over there with me, I'd feel better knowing they were here." 

"Certainly!  They can stay here for as long as you'd like and you can too," I offered, just in case things didn't work out with Don. 

"Thank you.  You don't know how much that means to me," she replied and I could read the gratitude on her face.  "If Don is still as obstinate as he was yesterday, then I'll probably just pack up some things for the three of us and come back here.  I'm serious about divorcing him if he continues to remain this pigheaded and unreasonable, so we may be here until Monday or possibly even a little longer.  Monday is probably the earliest that I can contact a lawyer to get things started." 

"You are welcome to stay here for as long as you need," I confirmed, and I meant every word of it.  "The rest of us are fine with the way things were last night, so it's not a big deal." 

"So you don't mind sleeping with Dylan and Tyler?" she asked, eyeing me suspiciously.  I didn't feel her question had anything to do about sex, but just about having the unwanted company. 

"No, it's fine," I acknowledged, to reassure her.  "Even after what happened and I brought Justin and Marcus in with us too, there were no problems.  We all just cuddled together on my huge bed and I believe they all slept fairly well after that." 

"I'm glad we were here and they had you to rely on when Don decided to do this," she admitted, looking relieved.  "I'm not sure what would have happened or how they might have reacted if this had happened at home.  Dylan might have even run away and come over here to see you and Tyler, but I think Justin would have just hid in his room.  Did you know Dylan was gay?" 

"Yes, Dylan has talked to me about it before," I confirmed, while hoping this information wouldn't bother her.  "Tyler had told him I was gay before I knew Dylan was, so I think he felt comfortable talking to me about it.  Even though I've told him he still has time to explore his sexuality more before deciding if he's truly gay, he assures he is.  Tyler, on the other hand, isn't sure yet.  He thinks he might be bi." 

"I wondered about that too, since Dylan announced that he had done stuff with Tyler," Cherie responded.  "I'm glad he could go to you about it though, because his father would have assuredly gone through the roof if Dylan had mentioned it to him earlier." 

"Yes, I kind of noticed that," I agreed as mildly as possible. 

"How about the other boys?" Sally followed, while looking at me as she waited for an answer. 

"They're too young to tell anything yet, but like all boys, they are curious about their bodies and each other's," I answered, trying to be honest.  "Ethan and Andrew generally take baths together and Marcus and Justin have pretty much done the same thing.  On occasion, Ethan and Andrew have switched off and taken baths with the older boys instead, but I think it was just because they were curious about checking each other out." 

"Justin takes a bath with the other boys?" Cherie asked, looking incredulous. 

"Yes, but it hasn't always been the case," I confirmed.  "He was very hesitant about doing it at first, but that slowly began to change.  It started to happen when he realized his brother and Tyler took showers with the other boys at school after sports and that he might have to do it too if he wanted to play sports at school.  He also knew Ethan and Marcus took baths with each other, so I think his curiosity just got the better of him and he decided he wanted to see what it was like."  

"It really surprises me, but I'm glad he no longer acts like his father when it comes to that," Cherie announced, while giving me a weak smile.  "I was worried he was going to turn out to be just like Don, because I had heard Justin screaming at Dylan about accidentally walking in on him when he was naked before." 

"I think he's over that now.  At least that's what Dylan has told me," I confirmed. 

"That would explain why I haven't heard any screaming matches taking place recently," Cherie mused. 

"I'm sure Andrew's been totally fascinated about doing things like that too, since he's never been around other boys or men before," Sally chimed in, but she was smiling broadly as she said it.  "He has been so different and so much happier since he's been coming over here, and I'm sure it's because he's learning a lot in the process too." 

"I'm sure they all are, but it's all fairly harmless," I offered, in case they had any concerns.  "Just boys being boys and letting their curiosity show." 

We talked for a little longer before Cherie asked Sally if she was ready to go with her.  They both told me they'd be back, because Sally was only making sure Cherie was ok and wasn't going to stay there, while Cherie was planning to come back either way.  She would return to stay with us for a while if things didn't work out or she'd come back to pick up the boys if Don had calmed down and was acting reasonable again.  Cherie assured me that she wouldn't take Dylan back home unless she felt he would be absolutely safe and Don was willing to accept him as he was, not as he wished him to be. 

After the women had driven away, I took the boys outside to work on their basketball skills some more.  I think they had all temporarily forgotten about where Cherie and Sally had gone and what they were doing, but I was very aware they'd been away far longer than I'd expected.  The only reasons I could think of to explain this was that things were going well, they'd had a major blowup and the cops had been called in, or that Cherie was busy packing up everything she and the boys owned.  I was beginning to think maybe I should go over there to check on things when Cherie's car pulled up in front of the house.  The women got out and casually walked over to us. 

"What happened?" Dylan asked, as he turned toward his mother. 

"I'm afraid your father was just as obstinate and illogical as he was yesterday," she replied. 

"Then what took you so long?" he demanded, confused. 

"I argued with him for a while and then Sally helped me pack up a bunch of things the three of us would need to stay here," his mother answered.  "I'd like you boys to help me take everything inside.  There are some suitcases in the backseat and a bunch of boxes in the trunk." 

I quickly called a halt to what we'd been doing and we all helped Cherie carry things inside.  Once we had done that, I started to clean out some space in my closet.  When I finished, I told Tyler to move some of the things he would be needing over to my room, including discretely moving his 'sex toys' there as well.  He could hang the things from his closet in my closet for now, to make room for Cherie to store some of her things.  Then I had him stuff everything in his dresser into two of the four drawers and then carry those drawers over to my room.  I told him that he could store the drawers against the wall for now, and this way Cherie could use the other two for her things. 

While Dylan was helping Tyler do that, I went over to Marcus' room and helped him condense the things in his closet and dresser, so Justin would have room for his stuff.  While Justin was taking care of what his mother had brought over for him, I emptied a couple of my dresser drawers for Dylan to use.  I also made sure he had some closet space as well, because I took some of the things I didn't use as much and moved them over to Ethan's closet for the time being.  The closet in my room was very crowded after the boys moved their things in and the situation was not totally ideal for any of us, but it allowed Cherie and her sons to unpack their belongings.  It also gave the three of them an opportunity to get organized, so they didn't have to live out of suitcases or boxes while they were with us. 

After we'd completed all of that, we then went down to the family room and took a breather.  Between the basketball and what they'd just done, the boys were tired, but so were Cherie, Sally and I, since Sally had been helping Cherie the entire time too. 

"Thank you so much for doing all of that for us," Cherie told me after a few seconds of sitting in silence.  "You've all gone out of your way to make us feel comfortable and done far more than I ever expected." 

"That's what families do and we're all family here," I told her, to let her know she and the boys were more than welcome here. 

"You amaze me more every day," Cherie replied and I merely smiled at her in return.  "Since you're doing so much for us, I plan to return the favor and will take some responsibilities from you.  As long as we're here, I'll do the cooking, cleaning and take care of the laundry.  That should give you a little more time to take care of the boys for me, because I'm pretty sure they're going to need your help more than mine for a while." 

"We can share those other responsibilities, plus the boys usually pitch in and help with that stuff too, and I'll still do what I can for your sons," I offered, since I didn't want her to feel obligated to do those things. 

"No, I insist you let me do this for you," Cherie countered.  "It is the least I can do in return for your understanding, generosity and help."


"For the time being I will let you do it, if that's what you want," I hesitantly agreed, "but we can adjust the arrangement at any time.  I'll leave it entirely up to you." 

Since that had been settled, we decided to watch a movie together next.  Before we did that, however, Sally said she was going to excuse herself for a while, because she wanted to go home and pick up a few things too.  She'd told Cherie she'd spend tonight helping her sort things out, but she would need a few more items from home before she could do it.  I told her that would be fine and Andrew could stay with us while she was gone. 

"I never had any doubts about that," Sally quipped as she gave me a wink.  Then, she gave Andrew a kiss before heading out the front door to her car. 

Sally returned before the movie ended and had a small travel bag with her.  After setting it down next to the staircase, she came in to join us and watched the rest of the movie with her son sitting on her lap.  When it ended, Cherie and Sally followed me out to the kitchen, as I went to see what there was to fix for dinner.  As soon as I went over the options with them, the two women chased me out of the kitchen and informed me that they would prepare the meal.  After studying the determined looks on their faces, I retreated to the other room and joined the boys again. 

An hour later, we enjoyed a wonderful meal together, and after the boys took the dishes out, rinsed them off and put them in the dishwasher, Sally made a comment. 

"Cherie and I will take care of everything else and you boys can go spend time with Uncle Blake until he takes you upstairs to get ready for bed.  The two of us will join you a little later, but for right now it's males only time to do whatever you want to do." 

Although that was a very nice offer, it also made me wonder if there might be a hidden motive for it.  Maybe I was being overly suspicious after recent events, but I couldn't push that idea out of my mind.  What exactly was she hinting at when she said it was 'males only time' and what exactly did she think we were going to do?

I eventually pushed those thoughts from my mind, as the boys and I found a college basketball tournament on TV and settled in to watch it.  It turned out to be a pretty good game and Dylan and Tyler were focused on what the better players were doing that they would be capable of emulating.  The younger group was merely enjoying the action and I took the time to explain anything they had questions about or didn't understand.  I was also having a good time watching all of them, as I was enjoying the game too. 

At the half, I took the younger group upstairs for their showers.  They knew the routine now, so while they were stripping down to their undies, I went to undress and adjusted the water temp.  They decided to mix up the shower pairs again, but that was fine with me, as long as they all agreed with it. 

After washing all four and having them slip on their pajamas, we went back downstairs and watched the rest of the game.  It was actually a very exciting second half and Georgia Tech ended up pulling out the victory in the final seconds of the game.  I think the boys and I were all exhausted just from watching the action and cheering for the Yellow Jackets. 

Once the game ended, I took the boys upstairs.  The door to Tyler's room was closed and I could hear voices coming from inside, so it looked as if the women were calling it a night too.  Sally had agreed to stay once again, since she wasn't convinced Cherie was ready to be left alone.  I thought it was nice of her to do that, so I knocked on the door and let them know the boys were in bed, in case they wanted to say goodnight to them too.  Dylan and Tyler gave both women a hug and kiss goodnight too, before we went into our bedroom. 

As we were taking our showers, I agreed that I'd masturbate each one after I washed him, but only if he promised to keep the noise down.  I told them the women probably wouldn't think anything about the shower being long, since there were three of us, and it would keep the boys from getting blue balls for a little while longer. 

We cuddled in bed afterward, with one boy on each side, and I wondered how long we'd be able to continue doing this with Cherie in the house.  Then again, maybe it wouldn't bother her knowing that I was just showing her son a little love and filling a need that his father had been oblivious to.  Yes, she might understand after all. 

By the time the boys and I got up Saturday morning, Sally and Cherie already had something ready for breakfast, so we just sat down at the table and let them serve us.  Justin and Marcus had woken up first and they told the women they liked French toast, so that's what the women made.  I had to admit it was good and a nice change from having to fix everything myself. 

After we finished eating, Sally decided to go home.  She wanted to take Andrew with her, but he wanted to stay with us, so she gave in and left him behind.  Before she left, I assured her that I would bring him home before dinner on Sunday. 

After we'd said goodbye to Sally, Cherie and I decided to head to the grocery store and do some shopping.  We left Dylan and Tyler behind to watch the other boys until we got back, while we went to pick up the items we'd need, since there would be more of us at the house for the time being. 

After we picked up everything we thought would be required for the week, we went home and the boys helped us carry it inside, while Cherie and I put it all away.  Almost as soon as we finished doing that, Cherie started making lunch for everyone, but she also asked the boys to bring down their dirty clothes so she could do some laundry.  Her sons looked at me funny, so I had Marcus and Tyler explain to Justin and Dylan that they'd just have to start putting their dirty clothes in the hampers too, at least as long as they stayed with us.  Then I sent them upstairs to bring the hampers down and Dylan said he'd bring mine down too. 

After we ate, the boys quickly took care of the dirty dishes and Cherie started working on the laundry.  I told her that we could help out and she didn't have to do all of it, but she insisted, as her way to pay me back for letting them stay with us.  I repeated that it wasn't necessary, but she wouldn't listen, so I took the boys to the family room to watch some of the college football games. 

We actually did that for the rest of the day and the only break we took was to eat dinner, when Cherie told us it was on the table.  It seemed strange to me that I didn't have to do all the work and I could probably get used to this, but I knew it wasn't going to last forever.  Even if she and Don weren't able to reconcile, Cherie would probably end up getting her own place for Dylan, Justin and her. 

Once we finished eating, the boys and I went back to the family room to watch more football games.  When I started to take the younger boys upstairs to shower, Cherie made sure that we took up whatever clothes of ours she had already washed.  After we'd put those things away, I washed the four younger ones and got them ready for bed, before allowing them to go back downstairs.  I thought I was done at that point, but I found Tyler and Dylan waiting for me when I walked back into my bedroom. 

"Can we shower with you now?" Dylan wanted to know, mildly surprising me.  "Since my mom's downstairs, maybe we can do something quick in the shower."  I thought about his request for a minute before I responded. 

"Ok, but it can't take too long," I agreed. 

After I washed each of the boys, I knelt down in front of him, took his penis in my mouth and sucked him off.  They both seemed grateful that I had done this for them, but they also appeared to have needed it as well.  Then, while one of them was washing me, the other one was busy doing the same thing to me, although they switched midway, so they each got a chance to do both. 

After we'd dried off and put something on, we went downstairs again too.  I felt badly that Cherie was still working so hard and doing so much, but she ignored my suggestions to stop and join us for a while.  The boys and I even offered to stop watching football and put on a movie instead, but she wasn't moved by our offer and continued doing her thing.  That's when I started to think she was intentionally keeping busy so she wouldn't have think about how things stood with her husband. 

Eventually I took the little ones upstairs and put them to bed, and when I came downstairs again I told the older pair I was going to spend some time with Cherie.  They didn't have a problem with this, so I headed out to the kitchen to speak with her. 



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