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            The Guardian

Installment 34


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 67 - The Transition

When I went out to the kitchen, Cherie was still busy cleaning up, so I asked if she'd take a few minutes so we could chat.  After she agreed, I poured us both a cup of coffee and we went into the dining room to talk. 

"Look, I appreciate everything you're doing, but you don't need to spend all your time working," I stated, once we were both seated at the table.  "Tomorrow, I want you to spend more time with the rest of us, because we're all very worried about you, especially your sons."  She looked up at me and a slight grin started to cross her lips. 

"It's nice to know that you all care, but this has given me some time to myself so I could think about things," she countered, as she explained her recent actions.  "It's not easy going through this and I've been thinking about some of the information Sally shared with me.  I hate to think my marriage might be over, since I've invested so much time and energy into it, but I've got to do what's best for my sons." 

"I think they both know that and it's why they're so worried," I confessed.  "Dylan and Justin have each expressed to me that they're worried you're going to give up everything just for them.  They said they've made it this far living with their father too, so they're willing to put up with it a little while longer, as long as he's willing to compromise a little too." 

"That's the problem.  Don doesn't think he has to change at all and wants us to do whatever he says," Cherie informed me.  "I'm not about to do that and I'm worried about how he'll treat Dylan, now that he knows about him." 

"Yes, that could be a problem," I concurred.  "After seeing the way Don had reacted to me, I'm worried about how he's going to treat Dylan from now on too.  So you don't think there's any chance that he will go easier on Dylan, since this time the gay person is his son?" 

"I highly doubt it and suspect he might be even worse to Dylan, especially after I'd confronted Don about it again when I went home yesterday," she confirmed.  When she looked up at me, she had the saddest expression on her face and I could see her eyes were beginning to water.  I expected she was about to burst into tears. 

"So do you know what you're going to do next?" I followed, since I wanted to get some idea what she had in mind. 

"Sally gave me the names of a couple of divorce lawyers that she heard are really good," she answered.  "I'm going to call both of them on Monday and see if I can get a free consultation.  Then I'll be able to decide which, if either, I'm going to use." 

"So you're going through with this?" I asked, just to be certain. 

"Don's leaving me no choice," she replied.  "I was hoping he would be more rational when I went over to the house to speak with him yesterday, but absolutely nothing has changed.  He was the same stubborn S.O.B. that we saw here on Thanksgiving Day and I don't see that changing any time soon."

"I'm sorry to hear that, but you and the boys are welcome to stay here with us for as long as you need," I stated to let her know it was one thing she didn't have to worry about. 

"Thank you and we'll share all of the expenses with you," Cherie assured me.  "I have all my bank cards and things, so we're not destitute, and I'll take drastic action if Don tries to interfere with those." 

"Don't do anything foolish, because we'll work something out in the meantime, if anything like that happens," I countered, to let her know she still had some options. 

"You're a good man, Blake Weaver," Cherie followed.  "That's why it's even more difficult to understand Don's present stance.  He knows what a great guy you are too, because we've talked about you before, but he is letting his preconceived notions cloud his judgment." 

"Yes, up until yesterday I'd thought Don and I had always gotten along quite well," I confirmed while making eye contact with her.  "I knew how he felt about gays prior to this, because Dylan had told me about his father when he first confessed to me that he was gay too, but I hoped Don would judge Dylan and me on our own merits.  I was even somewhat encouraged when he invited me to go along with him when he took the boys to the football games and that the two of you allowed me to help your sons with their birthday parties.  I guess in the end the gay thing was just too much for him to overcome." 

"He had made his views very clear about this previously, so I'd tried to figure out if there was possibly something in his past that made him so hostile about gays," Cherie stated.  It almost appeared as if she was trying to think back in time so she could discover the moment when it might have happened.  "Whatever it was, it must have taken place before we met.  It must have also been fairly traumatic for him, because he has been like this for as long as I can remember."  I merely nodded to let her know I understood what she was saying. 

Cherie and I actually talked for so long that it was getting quite late when we finally finished up.  As soon as we realized what time it was, we agreed we should probably turn in and walked to the family room to let Dylan and Tyler know it too.  They wanted to see the end of the game they'd been watching, so Cherie went upstairs by herself, while I sat down to join the boys.  There was something I needed to do as well and I felt I could accomplish it while they were watching the rest of the game. 

"You're mother said things didn't go well with your father when she went home earlier," I explained to Dylan during the break.  "She's planning on talking to a divorce lawyer this week, but I don't want you to start thinking this is just about you.  She is deeply concerned about how your father would treat all of you from now on, since you all stood up to him.  She also knows that you and Justin don't want to stop coming over here either, but she's convinced your father won't allow that to happen from now on either.  So there were a lot of different things that went into her decision and helped to make up her mind.  In a way, it is partially because of me too, not just you three." 

"So she's not doing this just because I told him I was gay?" Dylan followed, looking concerned. 

"Only partially, but the situation is far larger than that," I assured him.  "She worries that none of you will be happy, or possibly even safe, if she takes you back there to live, so she feels what she's doing is the best choice for right now.  I think she's hoping things might change later, so you can all get back together, but it all depends on how your father reacts." 

"Then I don't see us ever being with him again," Dylan admitted.  "I hate that this is happening, but I'm kinda glad it's not all about me.  I would feel really awful if I thought I was the one that was keeping my mom and Justin from being happy." 

"It's your father who is doing that, not you, so you can put those thoughts completely out of your mind," I urged and he seemed to relax a bit after I'd said that.  We then watched the rest of the game together, before the three of us went upstairs to turn in. 

When we woke up Sunday morning, I told Dylan and Tyler what I planned to do today, before we went down to breakfast.  We weren't really surprised to find Cherie already in the kitchen when we got there and she was prepared to make us waffles.  She had also thawed out a package of frozen strawberries to put on top of the waffles, which immediately appealed to the three of us.  As she was getting our breakfast ready, she asked the boys to set the table and grab their drinks, while I went over and poured myself a cup of coffee. 

"How long have you been up?" I wondered, while looking at her concerned.  I wasn't sure if she had slept at all. 

"Maybe a half hour," she answered.  "I actually slept pretty well last night, but then I had a troubling dream that woke me up."

"About the current situation?" I followed and she merely nodded her head in response.  "Well Dylan, Tyler and I have already talked it over and we've agreed to go to the cinema to see a movie, as soon as we can get everyone ready.  You're coming with us too.  We all insist on it." 

"I appreciate the thought, but I'm not sure I'm up for it," she countered, unwilling to agree. 

"We have agreed that we won't go either, unless you join us, so you would actually be spoiling it for all of us," I countered.  I felt that putting a little pressure on her might make her give in, since she wouldn't want to ruin it for her sons. 

"Do you know what you're going to see?" she asked, figuring maybe she could make up her mind after finding out that detail.

"We'll all go to my office after the other boys get up so we can use the computer to see what's playing," I explained, mildly encouraged that she hadn't immediately said no.  "The boys are willing to compromise and find something you would like to see as well, because they don't want you to use the movie we select as an excuse not to go."  She looked up at me and smiled. 

"And I'm sure you had something to do with their making this decision," she stated, shaking her head. 

"Actually, it was Dylan's suggestion," I replied, staring her in the eye.  "He obviously knows you well enough to conclude that you might use it as an excuse to stay behind." 

"Ok, after I feed the rest of the troops," she conceded, chuckling slightly to herself.  "I'm glad Dylan is starting to act more like you than his father though." 

I didn't know how to respond to her comment, so I didn't.  I knew it was meant as a compliment to both of us, but I was just going to accept this minor victory, no matter how it was achieved. 

The younger boys came down a few minutes later, so I explained things to them as they were filling their bellies.  They seemed to like the idea too, so after they finished eating, I took everyone to my office and we all gathered around the computer.  We spent the next few minutes tossing around various ideas, in an attempt to see who would be interested in going to which movie.  After several minutes, we finally settled on the movie 'Max', which was about Marine service dog that suffered from PTSD after the soldier it was assigned to was killed in action.  It sounded as if the movie would appeal to the boys, Cherie and myself, so that's what we agreed to see. 

After everyone got dressed, we loaded into the Outback and headed over to the cinema complex.  Since it was one of the early viewings the theater wasn't too crowded, so we found an empty row where we could all sit together.  Justin and Dylan sat on either side of Cherie and then Tyler sat next to Dylan.  Marcus had followed Justin to the far end of the row and took a seat beside him.  I think he did that to offer his friend some moral support, while at the same time realizing that Justin needed to spend time with his mother too.  Ethan then sat down next to Tyler and I took a seat next to him, before Andrew sat down on my other side. 

It didn't stay that way for very long though, because Andrew and Ethan started taking turns sitting on my lap.  Andrew did it first, so he would be close to Ethan too, but they agreed to change places about halfway through the movie.  They had actually both wanted to sit on my lap at the same time, but the theater seat just wasn't large enough and the arm rests got in the way too, so this was the best alternative the pair could come up with.  They also made sure I'd let them know when the movie was about half over so they could switch around, so I kept an eye on my watch.  I already knew the movie was just under 2 hours long, so it wasn't that tough to do. 

The movie was actually pretty good and I think we all fell in love with the dog and the loyalty it showed to its fallen partner, Kyle.  Eventually, however, Max came to live with Kyle's family and switched his loyalty over to Kyle's brother, Justin, who was taking care of him now.  The boy playing Justin was really cute and enjoyable to watch too, so that was another plus for Dylan, Tyler and me.  Since the plot revolved around Justin and the dog, it was more than sufficient to hold our attention. 

When the movie ended, I decided to take everyone over to O'Charley's for lunch.  I felt this would give Cherie another break, so she didn't feel as if she had to immediately fix us all something to eat when we got back, but it would also give us a chance to chat about the movie and some other topics at the same time.  Cherie sat on one side of the table, with Dylan and Justin on either side of her.  Tyler sat at the end of the table next to Dylan and Marcus did the same thing at the other end, so he could sit beside Justin.  I sat across from Cherie, with Ethan and Andrew on either side of me. 

After we'd looked over the menus, decided what we wanted and placed our orders, we began talking about the film.  "I really liked Max," Andrew stated, beaming.  "He was a really good dog." 

"Yeah, he was really brave too," Marcus added, nodding in agreement.  "It would be so cool to have a dog like that." 

"Yeah, it would," Justin agreed while turning toward his mother.  "I wish I could have a dog like him some time." 

"A dog can be really nice to have around to keep you company, but the right dog could also be used as a guard dog," Cherie agreed.  "The problem is, a dog can be a lot of work too, since someone has to be responsible to feed and water it.  Not only that, but the dog will need to be taken outside for exercise and to go to the toilet too.  Since we live in the city, you would also have to be willing to pick up after the dog when it takes a poop, so it doesn't create problems." 

"Ewww!  That would be gross!" Justin exclaimed, wrinkling his nose and scrunching up his face. 

"It's a responsibility that someone would need to take care of," Cherie pointed out while looking directly at Justin.  "You would find it even grosser if you stepped in it or fell into the poop that you left laying around the yard later, such as when you were out playing." 

I think her comment may have temporarily ended her son's desire to have a dog, but possibly not entirely.  I think Cherie was also thinking ahead about this too, like when she mentioned that 'the right one could be a good guard dog too'.  If she were living alone with the two boys, it might be a good idea for them to have a dog to help protect them. 

"I kinda liked Justin better than Max," Dylan added, as his mother turned quickly in his direction and grinned. 

"Yeah, he was cute," Tyler added in support.  This time Cherie looked across the table and grinned at me. 

"What can I say, other than they seem to have pretty good tastes," I joked, to keep the mood light.  Cherie just shook her head and smiled in response. 

When we got back to the house, the boys announced that they wanted to watch the Falcons' game next.  They also informed me that they expected me to watch it with them.  I hated to do that, because it would leave Cherie alone and I had a feeling that she would appreciate some company, so I hemmed and hawed for a few seconds before responding.  I was trying to find a way to let the boys know I had something else to do instead, but Cherie beat me to the punch. 

"Go ahead and watch the game with them," Cherie urged, while grinning at all of us.  "I know the boys like to have your attention when they're doing things like this and I'll be fine.  I just want to make a list of things that I'll need to do this week, as well as compose another list of demands that I intend to make when I meet with the lawyer.  If you have some paper and a pen I can use, I'll be fine out here by myself." 

Since she seemed to be sincere and honestly acted as if she preferred some time alone to do this, I went to my office to get the required items for her.  I came back carrying a legal pad and a couple of pens and gave them to her.  She thanked me and once again assured me she'd be fine, after she noticed I was still hesitating about going to join the boys. 

"They need you too, especially my two, since they most likely feel abandoned by their father," Cherie offered once more, now that we were alone.  "I'm truly glad they know they can depend on you, otherwise this could be a really rough time for them."

"Ok, as long as you don't feel you're being taken advantage of in a male dominated environment," I replied, to let her know I still felt badly about leaving her out. 

"What do you think I had at home?" she countered, and I quickly realized what she meant.  "Just go and don't worry about me.  I'll be fine."

When I walked into the family room, Ethan came trotting over to me.  "Uncle Blake, can me and Andrew go up to your room and watch Disney or Nickelodeon instead?" 

"Sure, if that's what you want to do," I agreed, since I could tell this pair wasn't interested in the game today.  "Just no horsing around up there.  Ok?" 

"Ok," Ethan chirped back, before he and Andrew went racing toward the stairs. 

"Sit here, Uncle Blake," Justin urged, as he patted a place beside him on the couch. 

It would put me between him and his brother, with Tyler sitting next to Dylan and Marcus on the other side of Justin.  It was a little crowded and a bit uncomfortable, until Justin stood up and then sat on my lap instead.  When he did that, I wrapped an arm around his waist and the other around his brother's shoulders, since I felt Dylan and Justin could probably use a little extra affection right now.  Then, we focused on the screen. 

I noticed that Cherie popped her head in a little later to see how we were doing.  When I glanced in her direction after noticing the movement in the doorway, she merely smiled to let me know she approved of what I was doing with her sons.  Then, I saw her turn around and head back into the living room, with the legal pad in one hand and the pens in the other. 

At halftime I went out to see what she was up to and found her in the kitchen getting things ready to fix dinner.  "Would you like some help with that?" I asked, since I didn't want her to think she had to do everything. 

"No, I'm fine," she replied.  "I'm used to doing this and it's not that much harder to fix a little more, since there are a few more of us here than what I dealt with at home. Just let me know what time you'd like to eat." 

"Well the boys have already let me know that they want to go out and work on their basketball after the game ends," I informed her as I was trying to calculate a time.  "I'll take Andrew home after we do that, because I know Sally wants him to eat with her." 

"Ok, that gives me a good idea then," Cherie stated.  "I'll just get everything ready, but I won't put it in the oven until you finish up outside and get ready to take Andrew back.  That should work out just about right." 

Since that had been worked out, I went upstairs to check on Ethan and Andrew next.  They were laughing and watching cartoons, so I merely told them what we were going to do once the game ended.  They thought it was a good idea too, so they told me they'd come down and join us at that time.  I then went back to the family room to watch the rest of the game with the other boys. 

Regrettably, everyone's mood was a little down when the game ended, because the Falcons lost.  I put an end to that though when I told them to go get their basketballs and head outside.  While they were doing that, they completely forgot all about the football game.  I also went upstairs to make sure Ethan and Andrew were joining us too, since I knew they didn't want to be left out. 

We began by running some drills operating as partners,  starting with dribbling and passing drills.  Each pair was able to do these things at their own skill level, so it was working out fine.  Then, I let them dribble up to the hoop for layups, although they were more like short jump shots for the four youngest, once they got close to the basket to shoot.  At one point I turned around and noticed Cherie was sitting on the front stoop watching us, with a broad smile on her face that went from ear-to-ear. 

"I'll put dinner in the oven in about twenty minutes and it will be ready about an hour after that," she informed me.  I knew she was doing this so I could gauge what I was doing and still be able to get Andrew home in time. 

When I saw Cherie go into the house later to do that, I knew we could keep going for about another twenty minutes.  We ran a few more drills and then I let the boys just shoot for a while.  They were all pretty good about taking turns doing this, so their basketballs didn't bang into each other on the way to the hoop, since they each had their own ball.  After they'd done that for a while, I sent Andrew inside to get his things. 

"I wish I could stay over here too, like Justin and Dylan are," he told me when I brought this up. 

"They are only staying because they can't go home right now," I responded, hoping he'd understand.  "Your mommy wants to see you and spend time with you too, so you're lucky you can go home to do that.  Just be grateful that you've been here so long already.  You were only supposed to stay here Wednesday and Thursday nights, but you got to stay Friday and Saturday too." 

Andrew nodded slightly in return, before he spoke.  "Yeah, that was pretty good, with mommy staying here too."  Then, he raced inside to get his things. 

While Andrew was doing that, I told the other boys they could stay and continue working on basketball, since Cherie would be there too.  They were ok with that, except for Ethan, because he wanted to go with us.  I finally relented and took him with me, but I told the boys to let Cherie know where Ethan was, if she came outside to check on them. 

When we pulled into the driveway to drop Andrew off, Sally came out to greet us.  "Did you have a good time?" she asked her son and he grinned broadly in response. 

"Yeah, I had a lot of fun," he assured her. 

"Good!  You can tell me all about it after we eat," she told him before turning toward me.  "How's Cherie doing?" 

"She's holding up really well, but mostly by keeping busy," I answered.  "I took them all to see a movie this morning and then we went to O'Charley's for lunch, so that gave her a little break.  I just hope she's ok when the boys are in school and I'm at work tomorrow." 

"I'm sure she will be, because I know she has a lot she's planning to do," Sally responded.  "She'll be shopping around for a lawyer, but she also told me that she was planning to go back to the house so she could pick up some more things while Don was at work.  She'll be busy, so she should be fine." 

"I hope so and I want to thank you for leaving Andrew with us," I followed.  "It was good that all of the boys were there to keep each other distracted, because it left me a little time to spend with Cherie too." 

"I'm sure she appreciates everything you've done for them," Sally stated, before we said goodbye and Ethan and I returned home. 

After dinner, I asked the boys if they had any homework they needed to do for the next day.  "Dang, I almost forgot about that," Justin responded, as a panicked look came over his face.  "Mom, did you bring our school stuff here too?" 

"Yes, I believe your backpacks are still out in the car, because you left them there when we came over here on Wednesday," she answered.  She then dug out her car key and handed it to Dylan, so he could unlocked the door when they went outside to get what they needed. 

When that pair returned, I told all the boys that had homework to get busy and I warned Justin and Dylan that I would check theirs over when they finished, just like I did with the other boys.  They both smiled at me in response, because they had noticed I was treating them just like the others.  Before they took off to get started though, I took all of the boys out to the kitchen so we could check the school menu on the fridge.  I wanted to see if they were going to buy or take their lunches the following day.  I was happy when they all agreed to buy, since that was much easier.  When I got back, I noticed Cherie was smiling broadly at me too. 

"I can't believe how different my boys are when they're over here with you," she said almost immediately.  "I've watched them with you all day long and have noticed how they crave your attention, but I've also observed how happy it makes them when you give it to them.   It didn't seem to matter whether they were cuddling with you on the couch, going outside to work on basketball or just eating their meals at the same table with you, and I'm sure it's the same way when you're helping them get ready for bed too." 

That last comment panicked me slightly, but Cherie was still smiling, so I didn't feel her intention saying it had been negative.  She, however, must have noticed the worried look that briefly crossed my face, because she spoke again. 

"Don't worry.  I have no problems with you doing those things for them," she assured me.  "I must admit that I was a little surprised when I discovered Justin was letting you bathe him, because he stopped me from doing that a few years ago.  Then, I realized it was because you were a guy and he was probably trying to make up for the fact that his father would never do anything like that for him.  I also wouldn't be surprised if Dylan was asking you to do those things for him too." 

Damn!  She just threw me another curve ball, but I felt I should be honest with her.  She had been good about everything so far and didn't seem to have a problem with any of it, so I decided to tell her the entire truth, at least where the issue of bathing was concerned. 

"At first I gave them baths, but then the boys decided they'd rather take showers instead," I began.  "I was slightly hesitant about doing that with them at first, since it meant I would have to get naked to do it, so we didn't do it for quite a while.  The boys didn't give up though and kept pestering me to do it every time they were here and eventually I relented.  I hope it doesn't bother you." 

"Not at all!" she answered, without even the slightest hesitation.  "I think it might have even been good for Justin to see that males could be naked together, especially boys and men, without it becoming a major issue.  I'm sure his father would have freaked out about doing that, but I've seen how much calmer Justin is since he's been doing that over here and how there's a lot less screaming between him and Dylan upstairs." 

"I'm glad you approve," I replied, breathing a sigh of relief.  "It takes a huge weight off of my shoulders.  I was a little worried about how you were going to react once you found out."  Cherie merely smiled again and patted my arm.  That gave me the courage to tell her more. 

"As far as Dylan goes, he and Tyler had been taking showers together since he first started coming over here.  It was probably due to the fact that they did it at school too, but this was never a concern.  I'm not sure when it started, but eventually they began asking if I'd shower with them too, after they realized I was bathing all the other boys.  I had to admit I was more than a little surprised by their request at first, but after they kept hounding me to do it, I finally gave in to them too.  I felt it was no different than showering with them at a gym or the YMCA, although I was aware of how Don might react if he found out what we were doing.  Your sons informed me about how he was and promised they'd never tell him that they did those things here." 

"That was very wise of them, because we've seen how he reacted to just finding out you were gay," Cherie confirmed.  "I am a little surprised that Dylan didn't ask you to wash him too, or has he?" I must have blushed when she said that. 

"Yes, he eventually asked me to do that for him too," I replied, as I felt the heat radiating from my face.  I couldn't believe how embarrassed it made me feel. 

"Well I hope you gave in to him, because I'm sure he asked you for the same reasons Justin did," Cherie offered in return.  "I think Don damaged them both slightly with his outdated views, so I'm hoping you have done what you could to reverse the process." 

"Surprisingly, that's almost exactly what Dylan argued while trying to convince me to do it for him," I admitted.  "He said he wanted to see what it was like to have an adult male do it for him so he'd know what it felt like to be loved.  He suddenly put it that way after I had suggested that he and Tyler could wash each other." 

"I'm glad you did what you thought was best for Dylan, even though you were concerned that it might cause you problems if Don found out," Cherie responded, before moving closer and giving me a hug.  "I'm not sure if you'll ever realize how much you've done for Dylan and Justin by reversing the perceptions their father had tried to force on them, but the transformation has been tremendous.  I knew Don's views weren't healthy for them, but I only realized how damaging they'd been after they started staying over here.  Once I saw how you were with Ethan, Marcus and Tyler, and after my sons saw it and became part of it too, they went through a complete metamorphosis.  The three of us owe it all to you." 

"Maybe some of it, but my three played a big part in that too," I confessed, trying to downplay my importance.  "If they weren't as open with me since the very first day I moved in here, then none of this would have happened.  I was lucky that Matt and Kelly had been very open and honest with the boys too, because the hardest part was already accomplished by the time I took over here." 

"Yes, I suppose that's true too," Cherie conceded, "but you've played a big role in this too.  I'm sure things wouldn't have turned out this well if Matt and Kelly had named someone else guardian of their sons.  Whether you are willing to admit it or not, you've played a big part in all the boys' lives and have had a truly amazing and positive influence with each of them." 

Luckily, a couple of the boys returned at that point and handed me their homework to look over.  I could see Cherie out of the corner of my eye as I was doing this and she continued glancing between the boys and me, smiling the entire time. 

Once the boys were done with everything, we all went into the family room to see what was on TV.  We found something we all agreed to watch together, and then Cherie and I sat down on the couch.  Before long, Ethan crawled onto Cherie's lap and Justin sat on mine again.  Dylan found enough room to sit beside me on the other side, while Tyler sat on the floor between Dylan and my legs and Marcus did the same thing between Cherie and my legs.  It was a very cozy way to watch television. 

When it was time to take the boys upstairs for their shower routine, Cherie gave us a knowing smile.  Ethan, Marcus and Justin went with me first, since I felt we could all squeeze in the stall together, since none of them wanted to shower alone. 

"Mom knows that we shower with you, doesn't she?" Justin asked once we were inside the shower stall. 

"Yes, she does," I confirmed, as I noted the worried expression on his face.  "She's ok with it though and she's even glad that you no longer have problems doing things like this now."  As soon as I said this, Justin released the breath he'd been holding in. 

"Good, because I was worried about that," he confessed.  "I had a feeling she knew that we didn't take baths any longer, because she told me to enjoy the shower when we were heading up here." 

"Yes, she and I talked about it while you boys were doing your homework and she doesn't have a problem with it," I explained. 

"But I hope she doesn't tell Dad," Justin added, as his eyes grew wide just thinking about it. 

"She's definitely smart enough not to do anything like that," I confirmed, much to his relief.  "She's just glad that you and Dylan seem so happy and relaxed being here and doing things like this."

"Yeah, we both like staying with you and I'm glad she's ok that we take showers with you," he announced as he wrapped his arms around my waist and gave me a naked hug. 

When we finished up, I sent the boys over to their bedrooms so they could put on their pajamas.  When I came out, I found Dylan and Tyler  sitting on my bed waiting for me.  I left them there for a few seconds, while I went over to tuck the younger boys in for the night.  The older pair were still sitting on the bed, completely dressed, when I entered again a couple of minutes later.  I shut the door and looked at them oddly, wondering why they hadn't undressed yet.  Did they wait to get undressed because I'd left the door open or was there another reason?  I didn't have to wait long before I got my answer. 

"Does my mom know we shower with you?" Dylan asked, nearly panicked. 

"What makes you ask that?" I followed, just to see what had caused his reaction. 

"When we didn't get up with the other boys, she told us to hurry up and get upstairs if we wanted you to wash us," he answered, looking just as concerned as before. 

"Yes, she led me into a discussion about that while you boys were working on your homework," I confessed.  "Don't worry, she doesn't have a problem with it.  She thinks it has helped you and Justin a lot, since your father would never do anything like that with you." 

"Really?  I can't fucking believe it," Dylan responded, before slapping his hand over his mouth when he'd realized what he'd just said.  "Sorry, but I'm just surprised that she not only knows that we do this with you, but she's ok with it too." 

"I know, we had a long talk about it and she says she can see how happy you boys are, so she thanked me for doing these things with you," I confirmed. 

"Damn!  That's really hard to believe, but I'm glad she feels this way," Dylan followed.  "Does she know about the other stuff too?" 

"I'm not sure if she suspects anything or not, but she has never asked and I haven't shared that information with her," I replied.  "She's just told me that she has noticed how different you boys are when you're over here and she is pleased by the changes she's seen in both you and Justin." 

"Wow!  I'm amazed she's said that, but please don't tell her about the sex stuff.  Ok?" he pressed, while staring at my face. 

"Yes, I would agree it's probably best not to confirm that fact for her," I concurred. 

"So does it mean we can start doing stuff again while she's here?" he immediately wanted to know. 

"Not if you want to keep it a secret from her," I replied.  "I'm afraid she still might recognize the moans of pleasure without anything to drown them out.  I think I can probably get away with masturbating you or sucking you off in the shower, since the running water should drown out most of the noise, as long as you boys promise to keep it down." 

"We will!" they both quickly agreed. 

"Yeah, we just don't want to go a long time without doing nothin'," Dylan added as we started to get undressed.  Once again I decided not to point out his use of the double negative and what he'd actually just said. 

Therefore, after I washed each one, I quickly sucked him off too, but that was all we did.  Of course they had to return the favor, which I allowed them to do as well, and then we got out, dried off and brushed our teeth before getting into bed together.  They cuddled up against me and I wrapped my arms around them at the same time, as we prepared to sleep. 

"In a way I hope my mom and dad don't make up and we can just stay here like this," Dylan whispered in my ear a short time later.  I just made a mental note to talk to him about this as soon as I could find the opportunity to be alone with him.



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 68 - Blending Together

When we woke up Monday morning, I made sure each of the boys was dressed and had everything he would need for the day.  While we were doing that, Cherie announced that she would go downstairs and fix breakfast for us, so I got dressed for work too.  The boys and I then went down to eat and I gave all five of them lunch money before I kissed each one on the forehead and told him to have a good day.  Then, I sent them off to catch their buses, as I got ready to leave for work. 

"I'll make sure I withdraw some cash today too, because I don't want you having to take care of my two as well," Cherie told me, once the boys were gone. 

"I wasn't worried about it," I assured here.  "I just wanted to make sure they didn't go hungry.  When the boys get home later, send Marcus over to tell Brenda Riordan that they'll be staying here after they get off the bus, as long as you're still here with us." 

Cherie promised she'd do that, so I told her when I'd be home and went out to get in the car.  What a difference a few days had made!  Not only was our situation completely changed, but we'd be entering December in a couple more days and would have to start thinking about Christmas too.  I wasn't sure how any of this was going to work out, but I knew it meant Cherie and I would both have to start doing some shopping.  We'd also have to get the house decorated and start preparing for whatever functions the boys might be part of at school. 

When I got into work, everyone was asking each other if they'd had a nice Thanksgiving and wanted to know what each of us had done.  I merely told everyone that I had Thanksgiving with the boys and some friends and that we had a great time.  I also hinted it had been interesting too, but I never explained what I meant by that comment.  No one really pressed me for more details though, but I thought I might explain things to my boss if Cherie and the boys wound up staying with us for very long. 

To say I was slightly distracted during the day would have been a huge understatement.  I couldn't help but mentally stop what I was doing from time to time so I could think about a variety of different things.  I not only considered what changes, if any, we might still have to make at home while Cherie, Dylan and Justin were with us, but I was also worried that Don might create even more problems for us, such as claiming that I had molested his sons. 

After thinking about these things for quite a while, I decided that for the most part nothing would have to be altered while they stayed with us, at least not in any significant way.  I would, however, continue to analyze every scenario just in case, to make certain everything would continue to function smoothly.  As far as Don was concerned, there was nothing I could do to prevent him from making outrageous claims if he so desired, nor could I keep him from adding more fuel to the fire.  I'd just have to hope he wasn't vindictive or spiteful enough to go to those extremes. 

When I went home later, the three youngest boys were there, but Dylan and Tyler were still at basketball practice.  After I had greeted those three,  I encouraged them to get started on their homework, while I went to talk to Cherie. 

"So how are you doing and how was your day?" I asked, just to give her an opportunity to tell me whatever she wanted. 

"I had a very busy day," she began.  "I contacted the schools first, to let them know that I and the boys would be staying here for the time being, so the boys wouldn't have problems with the bus drivers.  I also went to the bank and withdrew some money, before I called both lawyers and made appointments to meet with them.  One said he'd be able to see me on Wednesday, but the other one couldn't squeeze me in until Thursday." 

"That's not too bad," I replied.  "There's really no rush though, so just make sure you check them out carefully and choose wisely." 

"I will," she assured me.  "I also went over to the house and brought a lot more things over here.  I put what we might want right away in the room I'm using, but I left the rest of it in the garage for now.  I stored it next to the boxes of things you had out there already."   

"That's fine and it should be safe there until you require it," I confirmed.  "If you have time now, there are a few other things we need to talk about though." 

She looked a bit confused but agreed to do as I'd asked.  I then talked to her about getting ready for Christmas, which meant doing some shopping, decorating the house and preparing for whatever else might be going on.  After talking it over briefly, we agreed that we would decorate the house this coming weekend, because we both felt it was important that the boys realized life would be going on as it normally would have, although maybe not in the same place.  Once that had been agreed to, I left to go pick up Dylan and Tyler. 

Shortly after we got back, Cherie advised us it was time to eat, so we all sat down at the dining room table together.  Cherie and I sat on either end, Dylan and Tyler on one side of the table and the three youngest on the other side.  It was a very workable arrangement and the boys were able to sit by their friends.

After we finished our meal, the boys and I helped clear off the table and took everything out to the kitchen, but then Cherie sent me off with the boys.  I offered to help her finish up, but she told me she was fine and suggested I could use the extra time to check over the boys' homework.  I understood she didn't mean anything by refusing my help and was merely trying to give me more time with the boys.  Therefore, I went to do what she had suggested. 

"Ok, those with homework go do it," I announced when I located them.  "Those who are finished can bring it to me so I can check it over." 

The boys did as I asked, although there was some grumbling at first.  When I heard that, I reminded them that Santa was making his list of who was naughty and nice, so they'd better do as they were asked, if they didn't want to end up having a miserable Christmas.  That seemed to be enough of an incentive to get them moving and they all took off.

After they'd all finished their homework and I'd checked it over, I let them join Cherie and me in the family room to watch TV.  We enjoyed a couple of shows together and then I told the three youngest it was time for their showers.  Cherie smiled when she noticed Justin bolt toward the stairs after I'd said this.

"I've never seen him quite so excited about taking a bath or shower before," she teased, as she winked at me.  "I'm not sure what you're doing, but keep it up." 

Before I left to join the little ones, I noticed Dylan staring at his mother, with an incredulous look on his face.  Even though he already understood that she knew most of what was going on, I think he still found it hard to believe that she didn't have a problem with any of it.  She was even encouraging me, a fact which I had a feeling Dylan might question me about later. 

When I reached my bedroom, all three boys were already there, so I merely closed the bedroom door and started to get undressed.  Then, the boys followed me into the master bath and I started to adjust the water temp. 

"I'm glad my mom doesn't have a problem with us doing this," Justin told me before we entered the stall.  "This is one of my favorite times of the day and I really like that we're staying here now, so we can do this every day." 

"I'm glad you enjoy it, but you won't be here with us forever," I reminded him.  "Just enjoy it while you can and I'll do this for you as long as you want, but don't make a big fuss when you go back home or your mother gets another place for you to live." 

"I know," Justin grumbled as his head tilted toward the floor.  "I just hope that doesn't happen soon, because I really like being here with all of you." 

"We like having you here too, but we all know it won't be this way forever," I repeated and he merely nodded in response. 

I washed Ethan first and then Marcus, before moving on to Justin.  When I washed him he got an erection, which was fairly normal for him, although his response to it happening this time wasn't.  "Will you rub it for me, like we did with Dylan and Tyler?  I want to see what it's like if you do it for me." 

"Justin, that might be pushing it a little too far," I cautioned, as I looked him in the eye. 

"Why?  Mom knows you wash me there and she doesn't care, so please?" he whined, with a hopeful expression on his face. 

"Washing is one thing, but doing what you want would be sexual," I replied, as I tried to explain this to him.  "I know your mother doesn't have a problem with the showers, but she might react completely different if she discovered I was masturbating you.  Not only that, but your father would probably have me arrested and locked up if he even thought I was doing anything like that with you." 

"I don't care what he thinks.  He's sick in the head!" Justin shouted in reply. 

"You shouldn't say those types of things," I warned, since I knew it could aggravate an already bad situation.  "You might not want to consider what your father thinks, but he could make a claim like that and then the police would come to ask if I'd done anything of that nature with you.  I don't want you to lie, so if I never do it to you, then you can just tell them the truth." 

"But I'll never tell my dad or the police anything, even if you do this for me," he countered.  "They'll probably ask if you ever touched me there and I won't tell them that either.  I won't tell them nothin', so you don't have to worry.  Please, won't you do this for me?" 

"Justin, maybe under normal circumstances," I began, "but after what happened on Thanksgiving, I shouldn't even be thinking about taking chances like this." 

"Please!  I just want to see what it's like when you do it to me," he whined again.  "I promise I won't tell anyone about it, not even if they try to beat me to make me tell them.  This might be the only chance when we can do this, especially if my dad has anything to say about us spending time with you." 

"Please, Uncle Blake.  I want you to do it to me too," Marcus chimed in, as he put even more pressure on me. 

"We all love you, Uncle Blake," Justin quickly added, "and we really want you to do this for us.  It's not like we've never done it before, because we do it to each other and Dylan and Tyler have done it to us too, so please.  We just want to see what it's like if you do it to us." 

I was extremely conflicted over the idea of giving in to them, especially knowing the risks involved, but all three were looking up at me with pleading expressions on their faces.  Even though he hadn't said anything, Ethan seemed just as eager to try this as the other two.  All I could do was stand there and look at them in return.  After doing this for what seemed like an eternity, I finally felt I had to reply.  I knew I'd break their hearts if I refused, so I swallowed hard before I spoke. 

"Only so you can see what it's like, but this won't be something we're going to do every time I shower with you boys," I relented.  All three immediately began to hop around and cheer, so I had to warn them to stop, before someone slipped and fell, or Cherie inquired about what had caused all the noise. 

That seemed to do the trick, so I knelt down beside Justin to do this for him first.  Since I was slightly worried that he might fall afterward, I had him sit on my knee and lean back slightly, as I put one arm around his back and took his penis between my thumb and two fingers of my other hand.  Before I started to do this for him, however, I noticed something. 

"Justin, did you know that you have a couple of hairs already?" I asked, as I focus on his pubis. 

"Really?  Let me see!" he exclaimed as he bent forward to investigate my claim.  "Dang, I never noticed them before." 

"Well they are a little hard to see yet," I confessed, "but it seems that you're growing up too."  After I said this, the other boys moved closer so they could see his hairs too. 

"I can't wait until that happens to me too!" Marcus added in a wistful tone. 

Once that issue was out of the way, I began to stroke Justin's penis and that's when he unexpectedly leaned over and gave me a quick kiss, to let me know he appreciated that I was willing to do this for him.  After I got over the shock, I slid my fingers up and down his slender shaft and he began to pant and moan in approval.  I kept this up until his entire body began to tremble slightly, which let me know he had just experienced an orgasm.  I stroked his penis a couple more times after that happened before I released my grip and then I allowed him a few moments to enjoy the sensations radiating throughout his body. 

"Thank you for doing that for me," Justin gushed when he came back to his senses a short time later.  "It was wonderful and way better than when anyone else ever did that for me." 

Although I wasn't sure why that might be the case, I opted not to reply to his comment.  Instead, I had him stand up and made sure he could support himself first, before I had Marcus take his place on my knee next.  I did exactly the same thing to him, although I had to help him get aroused first, since his erection had gone down since I'd washed him.  Then, I began to stroke his penis the same way I'd done for Justin.  Although he didn't react quite as visibly as his buddy, I could tell when he had a dry orgasm too and noticed that he seemed to enjoy it just as much.

"Justin was right!  That was way better than all those other times," Marcus agreed, just before he threw his arms around my neck so he could give me a hug and kiss too.  "Thank you.  I'm glad you did that for me." 

After making sure Marcus could stand under his own power, Ethan let me know it was his turn next.  Even though I was slightly concerned that he might be too young for this, his growth spurt over the past few months showed he was ready and his actions proved he was eager.  Therefore, I agreed to do the same thing to him. 

After Ethan took his place on my knee and leaned back, I saw he was almost fully aroused just from watching what I'd done with the other pair.  Therefore, I repeated the process on him and I was amazed at how Ethan reacted.  He was obviously enjoying this just as much as the other two and it seemed he was almost purring as I stroked him.  His body even shuddered briefly when he experienced his dry orgasm and his eyes appeared glazed over and his mouth hung open when we finished. 

"That was fun!" Ethan squealed a few seconds later.  "It made my whole body tingle and I thought I was going to pee all over you.  That never happened to me before." 

"It's because you're growing up," I assured him, before I chased all of the boys out of the shower, dried them off and sent them to their own bathroom to brush their teeth.  Then, they went to their bedrooms to put on the pajamas, before we headed downstairs again. 

When we returned to the family room, we got a few strange stares from the others, since I think everyone was wondering what had taken us so long this evening.  I decided to nip this in the bud early and get them to move on to other things, so I made an announcement. 

"The boys had some questions tonight, so I took time to answer them," I stated, hoping that would put the topic to rest. 

Cherie seemed satisfied with my comment, but Dylan was still eying me suspiciously.  This made me wonder if the other three might have said something to him earlier about wanting to do this, although at the time I had the feeling Justin was making a spontaneous request.  I merely took a seat and watched what was on TV with everyone else and ignored Dylan's continued stares. 

When the show ended, I told the younger boys it was time to head upstairs and get in bed.  I thought Cherie was going to go up with us too, but she merely kissed and hugged each of the boys before they took off and wished them goodnight.  I then followed the boys up the stairs to their bedrooms.  I tucked each one in bed, kissed him on the forehead and then wished him sweet dreams, and they all thanked me again for what I'd done for them.  After finishing up there, I went back to rejoin the others in the family room. 

I watched an hour long program with Cherie and the older pair and then we all agreed it was time to turn in too.  We walked upstairs together and the boys kissed and hugged Cherie first, before we all bid her a pleasant evening.  Then, the boys and I went into my bedroom and shut the door.  As the boys were getting undressed and ready to shower, Dylan made sure I didn't walk away from him just yet.

"Uncle Blake, how come my mom is so happy that you're taking showers with all of us?" he wanted to know.  "She even told you to keep doing what you were doing, even after you told her that you were washing us.  I thought she would be mad about you doing that, especially to me." 

"I think she's always been a little frustrated that your father would never do things like this with you and your brother when you were little," I began to give him a little background first.  "I believe that now she is just happy that I'm helping you two and making up for what your father wouldn't do.  I think she feels I'm giving you boys a chance to erase some of the emotional scars from not having the same type of relationship and opportunities when you were little." 

"Ok, I guess I can understand that part, maybe not completely though, but now I have another question for you," he continued while staring at me.  "What was the real reason you took so long with the other boys earlier.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't just because you were answering questions for them.  They were all making these goofy faces and grinning at each other, so I know you must have done more than just what you said." 

I looked at Dylan for a moment before I answered.  I also glanced at Tyler too, because I wanted to gauge how they might react to the truth.  However, since they liked me to do similar things with them, I felt they should understand and shouldn't overreact. 

"Yes, you're right about that," I began, as I continued to study their faces.  "I washed Ethan and Marcus first and saved Justin for last this time.  He popped a boner like he usually does when I wash him, but this time he asked me to masturbate him after it happened." 

"No way!  Justin did that?" Dylan followed.  "Yeah, I know he asked us before and he does it with the other boys too, but I never thought he would be brave enough to ask you to do it to him too.  So did you?" 

"Yes, Justin pleaded with me to do it so he would know if it felt different," I began.  "The other two said they wanted me to do it to them too, so after talking it over with them, I finally gave in."   

"Why?  They're all so young!" Dylan shot back, obviously disagreeing with what I'd done. 

"Justin's not as young as you'd like to think," I countered, while studying Dylan's reaction.  "I noticed tonight that he has even begun to sprout a couple of pubic hairs." 

"Really?  He has?" Dylan mumbled in shock. 

"Yes, he has, and I pretty much did this for him for the same reasons I gave in to you and Tyler the first time," I replied.  "He said he wanted to know what it would be like if I did it to him, because he wanted to see if it was different from when he did it with the rest of you.  I judged that he was being just as honest as you two had been, so I told him I'd do it for him so he could find out." 

"So you did it to Marcus and Ethan too?" Tyler followed while staring at my face. 

"Yes, I couldn't do it for one and not the others, so I did the same thing to each of them," I confirmed. 

"Did any of them cum?" Dylan challenged.  I think he was just curious to see if Justin was mature enough to do that yet, since he'd started to grow pubic hair. 

"No, not that I could tell.  They each appeared to have a dry orgasm though, and I could tell they all enjoyed it," I confessed.  "I think it sated their curiosity too." 

"I wasn't sure about you doing it to them at first, but since they have all been doing it with each other, plus they've done it with us too, then why shouldn't they do it with you too?" Dylan finally conceded.  "I guess it isn't that much different than what Tyler and I do with you either, so let's just get in the shower and you can help us out too." 

"Yeah, I really need to get off," Tyler added.  "I'm tired of having to sneak off to the toilet to beat off during the day, because it doesn't feel nearly as good." 

"Ok, I'm willing to help you boys out too," I concurred. 

Once we got in the shower, I washed each of them first and then sucked them off, since they liked that much better than when I merely masturbated them.  After I'd done it to both of them, they washed and sucked me off too, taking turns during the process.  Each day they would alternate so the opposite one from the day before would start to service me orally, while the other one got to receive my load.  Skill wise, they were both very similar, so I didn't really notice when they switched places, except for the brief pause in the service. 

As soon as we'd all deposited our loads in one of the available orifices, we finished up, dried off, brushed our teeth and headed to bed.  I'm not sure, but they both seemed to cling to me even tighter tonight than usual.  I wasn't sure why, but I wasn't about to complain either.  Eventually, we all drifted into a very peaceful and relaxing slumber. 

Tuesday was pretty much a repeat of Monday.  The boys and I went off to school and work, while Cherie kept busy at home and ran a few errands.  Tuesday night everyone except Ethan had a basketball practice, so I had to pick them up when they finished.  At dinner, Dylan and Tyler reminded us that they had a game the following afternoon, so Justin and Marcus made sure that we remembered they would be playing their games on Thursday.  Cherie and I had no problems with any of that and promised that we'd be there to watch their games. 

Later that evening I took the younger group upstairs to shower, but this time there was no repeat of the previous evening.  I think from the way the boys were shifting their weight from one leg to the other and kept glancing up at me that they wanted to ask, but they never did.  I think they really wanted to do it again, but they remembered that I'd told them the previous night it would be a one time deal, so they didn't want to upset me by asking again. 

After I'd put those three in bed and tucked them in, I watched another show with Cherie, Dylan and Tyler before we turned in as well.  After saying goodnight Cherie, the three of us went to shower too and had a repeat performance of the previous night.  We may be in a rut, but it was a good rut. 

Wednesday started off just like the previous two days, but this time Cherie was scheduled to meet with the first of the divorce lawyers.  When we met up later at Dylan and Tyler's basketball game, she informed me that she didn't want to discuss the visit just yet.  She said she would prefer to wait until she had seen the other lawyer the following day before mentioning what they had discussed.  I had no problem with that and gave her the latitude she'd requested. 

Dylan and Tyler didn't start again, but they seemed to stay in the game even longer than in their previous games.  I also noticed that the coach subbed them in together, so they played in the same backcourt.  I guess he felt they knew each other's moves and worked well together, so he chose not to split them up. 

I was impressed with their play while they were in the game.  Not only did they make a couple of good drives and managed to dish out a few assists, but they each hit a couple of jumpshots too.  They also played extremely well on defense and overplayed the man they were guarding, which forced him to go to his weaker side.  By doing this, they forced him into a few turnovers, but they also made a couple of steals along the way as well.  They were both going all out and giving it their best shot, because they were hustling and diving for loose balls, which I think impressed their coach.  I know watching their effort definitely impressed Cherie, their brothers and me. 

Their team won the game and their teammates had all looked good while they were in the game.  It had been a strong team effort and Tyler and Dylan came over to say 'hi' to us before heading to the showers. 

"Great game!" Marcus shouted when they got close. 

"You two were awesome," Justin followed, addressing both boys. 

"You were really good," Ethan added.  "I hope I can play like you when I'm older." 

"I'm sure you will," Tyler assured him, which brought a smile to Ethan's face as well.  Then, Tyler turned toward me.  "We'll be back in a little while, because we're going to go in to shower and change."  I was expecting that, so it wasn't a problem. 

"Ok, just don't take too long," I responded and then they turned and headed for the locker room. 

Once that pair finished cleaning up, we drove home, had dinner and went through our usual shower routine again.  The hot topic during the evening, both while we were eating and throughout the showers, was the basketball game.  Marcus and Justin kept telling me that they hoped they did as well the following night. 

After I put those boys in bed and kissed them goodnight, I spent some time with the others downstairs, before we went upstairs to go through our nightly ritual as well.  It didn't change from the previous nights, except I told them how excited their brothers were about watching them play and that they told me they hoped they did as well in their games.  That was when Dylan and Tyler realized they would be practicing and wouldn't be able to see their brothers play, so they hoped they would get a chance to see one of their brothers' other games. 

Thursday turned out to be a repeat of each of the previous days, except that this time I picked up Cherie and Ethan to go watch the younger pair play.  Their games were played on the shorter courts that were laid out across the main basketball court.  One sideline for each of the smaller courts ran just inside the mid-court line for the full court.  The one on the other side ran along the baseline for the main court.  Since the 5th-6th grade league had four teams, the two games were going on at the same time.  Seeing Marcus and Justin's teams weren't playing each other today, we had to watch the action on both courts at the same time. 

These games weren't nearly as organized as the older groups and the boys pretty much played a run and gun offense.  Of course they made some passes too, but it was a pretty open attack without any organized offense.  From what I could see, Marcus and Justin both looked pretty good playing for their teams and I saw each one score.  Their teams also won, so they were both pretty pleased when the games ended and they came over to speak with us. 

"You both looked really good out there," I told them when they approached us. 

"Thanks, that was fun," Justin told us. 

"Are you going to wait for us to shower?" Marcus followed. 

"Sure, we can do that and then you won't need to shower at home later," I replied, which drew two very surprised reactions in return.  They didn't say anything and just raced off, but then I realized they must have showered after practice on Tuesday too, but they still showered with me later.  In fact, Dylan and Tyler were doing the same thing as well and it just hadn't occurred to me.  With the older pair, however, I knew they were doing it so I could help them get off. 

"I may be wrong, but I think they're still going to want to shower with you again later, judging by their reaction," Cherie observe while watching me. 

"You know, it hadn't dawned on me before, but I just realized they've all been doing that all along, well except for Ethan," I mused. 

"I think it's because they each enjoy their special time with you and don't want to miss out on it," Cherie pointed out.  "It's better than not having them shower at all, so I certainly don't have a problem with it." 

She surprised me yet again and before long the other pair was jogging out of the locker room to join us.  We also picked up Dylan and Tyler, since it was time for their practice to end as well.  When we got home, I suggested to the boys that they get started on their homework, while Cherie went off to fix dinner.  I went out to see if I could help her, but I also wanted to talk about what she'd done earlier in the day. 

"Are you ready to fill me in about your visits to see both lawyers now?" I asked while looking at her and waiting for an answer. 

"Yes, this is as good a time as any," she agreed.  "I think I'm going to go with the lawyer I met with today.  He seemed to be a little sharper and had a much better plan for how we should do this." 

"That sounds great!  So when are you going to tell him this and get things started?" I followed, while wondering if she already had. 

"I told him I was pretty sure I was going to use him before I left his office," she confirmed.  "I just wanted to talk things over with you and Sally first, to see what you thought." 

"Ok, so what can I do to help you?" I asked, curious to see how I fit into her plan. 

"The lawyer said as soon as I notified him that I was going to use his services, he would prepare temporary support and custody agreements for Don to sign.  After doing that, he's going to serve Don with an eviction notice and a restraining order," she informed me. 

"Eviction notice?" I asked, totally puzzled. 

"Yes, since I have the boys and will be asking for full custody, the lawyer felt I should also be living in the house," she replied.  "He said Don would have 45 days from the date he was served to find a new place and move out, so it looks as if you will be stuck with us for at least that long, if it is all right with you." 

"Of course it is.  Even longer, if necessary," I confirmed.  "Is that why the lawyer is doing the restraining order too?" 

"Yes, he felt Don might come after us once he was served with the eviction notice, but the restraining order should prevent it," Cherie concurred.  "If he shows up anyway, the lawyer told me to contact the police and have him arrested for not obeying it." 

"This doesn't sound as if it's going to be a very amicable divorce then," I acknowledged.  "How bad is Don's temper?" 

"It isn't too bad, but as you saw on Thanksgiving Day, he does have one," she answered shaking her head as she thought about this.  "The other lawyer didn't say anything about doing all of those things, which might have been less confrontational, but I don't think that's how it will go down with Don, no matter how I try to approach it." 

"Then you have to do what's best for you and the boys," I countered.  "If this lawyer has a better plan about how to take care of those things for you, then he's the one you should go with."

"That's what I thought too, but I'm still going to call Sally later and talk to her about it too," she announced. 

We actually continued to talk about this until dinner was ready.  Afterward, I went to check the boys' homework and gave them all their showers, while Cherie called Sally.  Marcus and Justin were relieved that I wasn't cutting them out tonight and I merely told them I didn't mind, as long as they wanted to do it. 

"We're glad, because we only take showers after basketball because we were all sweaty and it helps us cool down," Marcus offered as his way to explain the situation.

"And so we can see the other boys naked, since a bunch of them are taking showers now too," Justin chimed in with a grin.  I merely shook my head and smiled. 

Once those boys were in bed, I showered with Dylan and Tyler next.  Cherie was still on the phone with Sally when we went to say goodnight to her, so we didn't stay long.  Instead, we went back to our room and cuddled with each other until we fell asleep. 



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