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            The Guardian

Installment 36


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 71 - Fun and Games

After I saw the boys get on their buses Wednesday morning, I stuck around for a few minutes more so I could tell Cherie about what had happened last night.  I wanted her to be fully aware of what was going on, because she'd be home alone with the boys during the day, once they were out of school for Christmas break.  I felt this would help her to be prepared in case anything else were to happen, since the boys would most likely still be sleeping when I left for work.  As soon as she was up to speed, I mentioned that I would come home to get her and the younger boys later, so we could go to Dylan and Tyler's game. 

All throughout the day, my mind kept drifting away from what I was working on and I would start thinking about Tyler.  I wanted to see if I could figure out a way I could prevent him from having any more nightmares, since I had a feeling that everything we did over the next few weeks was bound to trigger even more of these memories.  Although I hoped he would always cherish the good times with his parents, I didn't want him to be constantly reminded about their deaths between now and the New Year.  Try as I might, however, I couldn't come up with a way to prevent that from occurring.  

As soon as I could leave work for the day, I hurried home to pick up Cherie and the boys, so we could go to see Dylan and Tyler's game.  It was an away game, but I was familiar with the school district where they were playing, so I hoped I would be able to locate the correct building quickly and we wouldn't miss any of the game.  It appeared as if luck was on our side, because I spotted our team's bus parked in front of one of the schools, so I pulled into a parking space and we rushed inside. 

The teams were just finishing their warm-ups as we entered the gym and went over to find seats in the bleachers.  Tyler and Dylan weren't starting again, but that wasn't unusual and we knew they'd play, so we settled in to enjoy the game.  Shortly after the other team scored their first basket, it became obvious that their opponents were going to set up a full-court press each time they scored.  This strategy proved to be very effective and created havoc for our team.  Dylan and Tyler's teammates looked confused by this strategy and turned the ball over a couple of times before they reached midcourt.  Even when they did get the ball into the frontcourt, they had trouble running their offense, so I had a bad feeling about this game. 

When I looked down at the bench, I saw Dylan and Tyler talking things over with each other, while also pointing out toward the court.  I felt that maybe they had spotted something they could take advantage of and hoped they could pass this information along to their coach and fellow players.  Before that happened, however, I heard Coach Jackson tell both boys to check in at the scorer's table.  I was anxious to see how they were going to handle things now, if they had actually spotted a flaw in the other team's defense. 

The first time their opponents scored after they were in the game, one of the big men grabbed the ball and inbounded it.  He tossed it to Dylan, who had made a move to get away from his defender, and Dylan came to a perfect jump stop as he caught the pass.  Then, he pivoted and looked downcourt, where he spotted Tyler as he made a quick cut to get open.  Dylan passed the ball in his direction next and Tyler caught the pass in the air and came to a jump stop as well.  He also pivoted, so he could look toward the basket, and that's when he saw D'Wayne breaking toward the hoop.  Tyler hit him with a perfect pass and D'Wayne scored on a layup. 

The coach and the boys on the bench all jumped to their feet in excitement when this happened, while the players on the court switched over to defensive mode.  The other team was slightly shaken by how easy our team had just scored and this led them to make another mistake.  The boy dribbling the ball upcourt flinched when Tyler faked liked he was going to try to steal the ball and he ended up dribbling it off his foot.  When the ball bounced off his athletic shoe he chased after it, but it went out of bounds before he could get to it and gave possession back to us. 

Our team set up an inbound play, as the other team prepared to press again.  Tyler received the inbound pass, and almost as soon as the ball was in his hands, he fired a baseball pass to the streaking Dylan.  Dylan made another quick pass and tossed the ball to Anthony as he broke toward the hoop.  Anthony didn't even have to dribble, as he scored on another layup.  As the ball went through the net, our bench exploded into the air once again. 

Coach Jackson hurriedly signaled the team to set up their own press, which startled the other team.  The boy inbounding the ball saw a defender closing in on the man he was going to pass to and tried to hold up, but his momentum carried him over the baseline without releasing the ball and caused him to commit another turnover.  The other team's coach immediately called a timeout so he could settle his players down, and we would be inbounding the ball under our own basket when play resumed.  I watched as the players rushed over and sat down for a quick breather, while listening to what Coach Jackson had to say.  I was sitting close enough that I could hear everything when he spoke. 

"Dylan and Tyler, great job!" he exclaimed as he looked at each one.  "That's what you've got to do to beat the press.  You pass over it, not try to dribble through it.  Keep up the great work on offense and nice job on defense too.  We'll keep pressing them until they figure out how to break it, but keep looking for the openings on offense.  Set up inbounds play three when you go back out there."  The boys nodded in agreement, as they formed a circle and placed their hands together in the middle.  Then, they yelled 'Go Tigers!' as they broke the huddle, referring to the team's mascot. 

When the game started again, our team scored off the inbound play and then the other team scored too.  However, after they scored this time they pulled back into a half-court defense and Tyler brought the ball downcourt.  Karl stepped up to set a pick for him as he neared the foul line, but as Tyler went to drive off of the pick, Karl's man jumped out in front to double team him.  Tyler never hesitated and reached around the defensive player to feed Karl a nice bounce pass as he rolled toward the hoop.  Karl handled the pass easily and pulled up to take a short jumpshot, which he hit for the score.  Right away the other team's coach jumped up and start shouting directions to his team again, while Coach Jackson and our bench were cheering the team on. 

The other team wasn't able to settle down and regain their composure after that and ended up trailing by 10 points at the half.  After going to the locker room quickly to talk things over, both teams returned and warmed up again.  When they were ready to start the second half, I was surprised to see that Coach Jackson was starting Tyler and Dylan, since they had played the rest of the first half after they came in.  I guess Coach Jackson felt they would be able to help the team get off to a better start than they had in the first half. 

Dylan and Tyler played all of the third quarter and helped to extend the team's lead.  The other team had tried to press them again, but our boys broke it fairly handily and scored some easy baskets.  When the other team pulled back into a half court defense they didn't fare much better, so our team was up by 17 points as the 4th quarter began. 

Coach Jackson sat Dylan and Tyler down at this point and put some of the other boys in.  They all played much better this time and the team ended up winning the game easily.  They were all in a really good mood as they headed toward the locker room to shower and change, but Dylan and Tyler stopped to chat with us briefly before they joined the others. 

"Great game!" Justin yelled when they came over.

"You two were awesome out there!" Marcus added, just as enthused. 

"You were really good," Ethan added, looking at the older pair in awe. 

"Even I was impressed and I don't know that much about basketball," Cherie added with a huge grin. 

"Go clean up and I'll talk to you about the game at home," I urged, since I didn't want them to hold up the others.  "Great job though and we'll meet you back at the school."  After we watched them disappear, we went out and loaded into the Outback.

Needless to say, both boys were still walking on air when they got off the bus and joined us in the Outback.  "Coach Jackson said he's going to start us next game," Dylan gushed as we began to drive away. 

"Yeah, he said we proved something to him today and he was really impressed," Tyler added, equally excited.  "He said we certainly didn't play like first year players today." 

"I saw you took my advice to heart and you looked super out there," I agreed, smiling at them in the rearview mirror.  "I hope the others learned how to handle the press today as well." 

"Yeah, coach said he'd work with us on it next practice, but on the way back he told the team a lot of the same stuff you'd told me and Dylan," Tyler confirmed. 

Since it was getting late, everyone was hungry and Cherie hadn't started anything before we left, I decided to take them over to the diner to eat.  Ann lit up when she saw us walk through the door.  "Well it's been a long time since I've seen you in here," she stated as she came over to greet us. 

"Yes, Cherie has been fixing all of our meals, so the food has been ready when we get home," I confessed.  "We just stopped in now because Dylan and Tyler had an away basketball game and Cherie was with us.  Since we didn't feel like waiting until something was ready to eat at home, we decided to come here instead." 

"Well I'm glad you did.  Y'all follow me and we'll get you started," Ann offered, as she led us back to a booth. 

While we were eating, Ann's boss came over to say hello too.  "Nice to see you all again," he stated with a grin.  "I'm glad to see you haven't forgotten about us." 

"Never!" I shot back.  "We all like this place too much, but I'm not sure how often you'll see us for a while.  Things are pretty hectic right now, with the holidays and all." 

"I understand," he replied.  "It's just nice to see you once in a while." 

After we finished eating, we went home and I immediately started the bedtime routine.  After I had the younger boys clean and in bed, I showered with Dylan and Tyler next.  When we went out to get in bed later, I made sure Tyler was in the center and Dylan and I cuddled with him as we had the previous evening. 

It was a quiet night and we experienced no more problems, but I wasn't sure if that was because Tyler was in the middle again or if it was due to the fact that he was still riding high from the game and learning he was going to start the next game.  Either way, we all got a good night's rest. 

Thursday passed by quickly and quietly as well, so I was soon picking Cherie and Ethan up so we could go watch Justin and Marcus play.  Once we got to the school, we discovered their teams were playing each other today, which was a little easier for us to watch, but it also meant one of their teams would lose.  I hoped it wasn't going to become a problem later. 

It was actually a pretty good game and the score was close the entire way.  In the end, though, Justin's team won and he earned bragging rights for the night. 

"We'll beat you next time," Marcus threatened playfully.  "It was a good game, but next time my team will win." 

Justin just smiled and said, "We'll see," as we climbed into the Outback. 

We then went from there to pick up the older pair before heading home.  Cherie had started dinner before I picked her up earlier and had left it cooking on a very low heat.  After we got back, she quickly checked on everything and put together a couple of side dishes and prepared a salad.  We then sat down to eat together and enjoyed a wonderful meal.  It had been another hectic day, but we were now one step closer to the weekend. 

Friday night, after I got home from work, I said hello to Cherie, Ethan, Marcus and Justin, but then I spent a little time talking to Cherie alone before I went to spend time with the boys.  I had to keep an eye on the clock as well, so I wouldn't be late picking up Dylan and Tyler from practice.  Later, after I'd brought them home too, we all sat down to eat. 

While we enjoying our dinner, Tyler and Dylan told me about their practice and how Coach Jackson had worked the team hard, both on offense and defense.  They explained that their coach had made them practice breaking the second string's full-court press, but they said they also worked on their own press and used it against the second string when they switched up.  Both boys mentioned how Coach Jackson worked with the other boys on the best ways to get open, so Dylan and Tyler would be able to pass to them when breaking the press.  He also worked with them about not trying to score unless there was an opening and how they should transition into the half-court offense, if they weren't able to get an easy score after getting the ball over midcourt. 

Dylan also mentioned how the coach had worked with him and Tyler on how to double-team the ball handler when they were  pressing.  He taught them how to use the sideline and midcourt line as another defender and then use those two areas to force the man they were guarding to commit a turnover.  Using this technique they could force the ballhandler to possibly travel, step out of bounds, commit an over and back infraction, get called for a 5-second violation, or maybe just get him to make a bad pass and throw the ball away.  Any of those things would give their team possession again, and Tyler said they were getting good at timing when they sprung the trap.  It all sounded really super to me, so I told them I looked forward to watching them do these things in their next game. 

Shortly after we finished our meal, Sally and Andrew showed up to spend the weekend with us again.  Andrew burst through the door as soon as I opened it and wrapped his arms around my waist.  "Thank you for letting us stay over again," he rattled off as he was hugging me. 

"You're very welcome, but I hope you know that you and your mother are always welcome here," I stated to reassure him. 

"Yeah, but I miss you when we aren't here," Andrew added, as he squeezed my waist even tighter. 

"You wouldn't believe the week I had," Sally added, once her son finished talking.  "He asked me every day when we'd be coming back here, and it wasn't just Ethan he was anxious to see." 

"It's more fun here and I like spending time with Uncle Blake too," Andrew added after he finally released me.  Then, I sent him off to spend some time with the other boys while his mother and I walked out to the kitchen. 

As soon as Sally said hello to Cherie, we each grabbed a cup of coffee and headed into the dining to chat for a while.  We started off just asking how each other's week had gone and then we chatted briefly about going shopping the next afternoon and what presents we were thinking about buying on this trip.  We did this in a very hushed tone, in case little ears were listening in, and when we finished our discussion, it was time for me to take the boys upstairs to start getting them ready for bed. 

Andrew was so excited about taking his shower and seeing the other boys naked again that he literally grabbed me by the hand and dragged me along behind him.  Of course I followed willingly, or else he wouldn't have been able to move my much heavier frame, but there was no doubt there was an urgency behind his actions.  I could hear his mother chuckling behind us as she watched his antics. 

"What's the hurry?" I asked, once we reached the top of the stairs. 

"I just missed doing this while I was home," Andrew offered in reply.  "I knew the other boys were still taking their showers with each other, but I was at home and couldn't do it with them." 

"Oh, I'm sure the others will let you make up for whatever you think you missed out on," I teased in response.  I was certain the rest of the boys would let him fondle their privates all he wanted and would returned the favor if he was so inclined, so he should be satisfied before the night was over. 

I washed the younger pair first and they had their hands all over each other the entire time.  When I finished with them, I brought the next pair in to clean, but Andrew wanted to stay in with them too.  I didn't see in any harm in what he wanted, so Ethan dried himself off while I stayed in the shower with the others. 

While I was washing Justin, I noticed something and made a comment.  "Justin, I see you've got a few more hairs now," I stated, as he bent forward to check it out for himself.  "I hadn't notice it before, so I guess I must not have been paying attention lately, but there are certainly more hairs there now than before." 

"I didn't notice them either," he replied, somewhat amazed.  "I play with my dick all the time, but I guess I just forget to look and see if anything else had changed." 

"Yes, you were too wrapped up in the good feelings you get from playing with your penis," I teased, as he looked up at me and grinned. 

"Yep," was all he replied. 

When I glanced over at Marcus and noticed his reaction, it was fairly evident that he was feeling a bit depressed that he hadn't started sprouting any hairs yet.  In order to make him feel better, I reminded him that Justin was seven months older than him and he still had time to catch up.  I think that helped a little, although not entirely, since Marcus still appeared to be in a rush, or was that a race, to mature. 

While I'd been washing each of the older pair, Andrew had been happily groping the other one.  Neither objected to what he was doing and happily returned the favor by doing the same thing to him.  I think Andrew was pretty well sated by the time I had dried everyone off and they'd put on their pajamas, so we headed downstairs to join the others again. 

We soon discovered there was a Christmas special on TV and quickly agreed to watch it.  I sat in the rocking chair, which I had recently moved into the family room because it was getting a little crowded for all of us to sit on the sofa, and it didn't take Andrew very long before he climbed onto my lap.  Sally and Cherie were sitting on the sofa, so Justin sat down between them and Marcus plopped his butt down on one of the armrests and then leaned against Cherie.  Not to be left out, Ethan walked over and wiggled his way onto Sally's lap, while Dylan and Tyler sat on the floor and leaned back against either end of the sofa.  Once we'd all settled in, we focused on the screen and enjoyed the show. 

Every so often I would let my attention drift away from the program for a few moments, so I could see what everyone else was doing.  They all seemed to be quite comfy and very content, as I noted the expression on each of their faces and watched how they were silently, and even subconsciously, interacting with one another.  Anyone peeking through the window and viewing the scene inside would have thought we were just one big happy family. 

When the show ended, I took the four little ones upstairs and tucked them into bed.  The women followed behind us so they could say goodnight to the boys too, and we kissed each one on the forehead as we wished him sweet dreams.  Then, the ladies stayed upstairs and got ready for bed as well, while I went down to spend a little more time with the oldest pair. 

Once the boys realized we were alone, they wanted to know if we could do something sexual.  I reminded them that there was still a chance one or both of the women might come downstairs to get an item they might have forgotten or even just return to say goodnight.  They hadn't done that before going upstairs to tuck the other group in bed, because I don't think they had made up their minds to turn in until they were upstairs. 

After Tyler and Dylan thought about it for a while, they reasoned they didn't want to get caught doing anything like that, so they asked if we could do something when we got to the bedroom instead.  They felt Cherie and Sally might already be asleep by the time we turned in, but the problem was that I was worried they might not be sleeping or that we might even wake them up.  If they were to overhear what was going on, they might realize I'd been having sex with these two all along and I was afraid that knowledge could cause serious problems.  Even though Cherie and Sally had been supportive of everything else I'd done with the boys so far, they might change their minds if they thought I was using them for sex. 

Hoping we still might be able to do something, the boys pointed out that there was a basketball game on TV that they wanted to see, so they suggested we could watch it up in the bedroom.  That way, the noise from the TV should drown out any noises they might make if I did something with them, but I pointed out that the TV might also keep the women awake or wake them up, if they were already asleep.  After discussing this a little more, we decided to see if the women were still awake when we went upstairs and agreed to ask them about watching the TV if they were. 

After taking care of everything downstairs, we headed up to our bedroom.  We could hear the women talking as we got closer, so I decided to knock on their door.  "Come in," I heard one of them respond, so I opened the door and the three of us went inside. 

"The boys wanted to say goodnight, but we also planned to run something by you," I began, trying to explain the interruption. 

"We were just discussing that we hadn't said goodnight to the rest of you, so we were just getting ready to go back downstairs to do that," Sally responded, as she and Cherie moved in our direction.  We then hugged each one and wished them sweet dreams, before the boys kissed them on the cheek. 

"And what else did you want to discuss?" Sally continued, once we had made the rounds.

"The boys want to watch a basketball game before we go to sleep, but they wanted to do it while we were in bed," I stated, hoping to get their reaction.  "I was afraid the sound might keep you two up, so I told them we might have to watch it downstairs instead." 

"Why don't you go turn on the game and then we'll come over to let you know if it bothers us," Cherie offered as a solution. 

"Ok, we'll do that, but if you don't come over to complain within the next five minutes, then we'll take a quick shower and hop in bed to watch the game," I countered, to seal the deal. 

"That will work for us," Cherie agreed, so we thanked them and left. 

I wasn't sure if they might have figured out that we had an ulterior motive, but they never said anything or indicated that they were suspicious.  Hopefully, they'll just think it's a male thing and write it off as such. 

"It's a good thing we didn't try to do anything when we were in the family room, because they were going to come back to say goodnight to us," Dylan pointed out, looking horrified.  "If we had, they would have caught us and seen our junk!"

"I'm glad Uncle Blake was smart enough to realize that might happen," Tyler added, as they both began to look relieved.

We continued to wait to see if the women would come over to complain, but when we still hadn't heard from them several minutes later, I went over to lock the bedroom door and then we all got undressed and headed to the shower.  We cleaned up in record breaking time, but while we were washing each other I felt I still needed to make a point. 

"Ok, we can do something if you want, since the sound from the TV didn't seem to bother them, but you still have to promise that you will keep the noise down," I urged.  "I don't think any of us wants either of them to become aware of what we're doing or it could change our overall situation.  It might even get the women to move into Dylan's father's camp."  

"Yeah, we definitely understand," Dylan agreed, while eyeing me oddly.  "Even if it doesn't make them agree with my dad, I'm not sure I want my mom to know exactly what we've been doing.  I think that would be kind of embarrassing." 

"Didn't you kind of admit it to her on Thanksgiving, when you said you've done things before?" I countered, looking at him confused. 

"I only said I'd done stuff with Tyler and some other boys, but I didn't tell them what I did," he confessed.  "I guess they might have been able to figure some of it out, but I'm pretty sure my mom just thinks that we have jacked each other off.  It's gross enough to think that she has pictured that happening in her mind, but I don't want her thinking about the stuff we're really doing.  I think it would really gross me out, because I don't want my mother trying to mentally picture my dick.  I know she saw it when I was little, but this would be waaay different."  Tyler and I were trying to keep from giggling after hearing his comment, but I think we pretty much felt the same way. 

Once we finished washing each other and drying off, we brushed our teeth and then the boys raced out to get into bed.  I hadn't turned the volume up too loud, because I knew that would definitely bother the women, but I hoped it was loud enough to mask what we were about to do. 

"I figured we'd go back to the activity you boys liked the most, meaning I'll rim and suck each of you off," I began, while looking at their faces.  "My only question is, who's going first?"

I thought one of them would quickly volunteer, but they merely turned and looked at each other instead, as they communicated with their eyes and facial expressions.  Finally, Tyler spoke.  "I'll let Dylan go first," he offered and Dylan jumped up on his knees so he could hug his buddy. 

"Thanks.  I really appreciate it," he confirmed.  "It's been so long since we've done this that I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever be able to do it again." 

As soon as he finished speaking, Dylan let his body fall back on the bed and pulled his legs up to his chest, exposing his butt to me.  I guess he definitely was eager, but I looked over at Tyler and made a comment before I started.  "Just help me make sure he keeps the noise down.  If you have to, gag him for me." 

"You can bet on it," he agreed with enthusiasm.  "I don't want him messing up my chance to have you do it to me too." 

After hearing his response, I had to stifle a chuckle as I lowered my head so I could attack Dylan's butt.  He eagerly accepted my attention and I have to admit that he was just as animated as he always was when I did this to him, but he also managed to keep his whimpering and other noises down to a bare minimum.  I considered that Dylan may have been worried that I'd stop and leave him unfulfilled if he didn't keep the noise down, which was probably a good bet on his part, but it never came to that.  After I had rimmed him for about fifteen to twenty minutes, I began to work my way up his perineum until I reached his scrotum.  He slowly lowered his legs on either side of me at that point, so I could have complete access to his boy parts. 

I thought I heard him gently humming as I licked and tugged his fleshy sac, but then I realized it was more of a satisfied purr.  It was obvious that Dylan was now as content as a kitten being held and petted, as I toyed with the watery orbs and then moved up to his granite pole.  Dylan's penis was as a rigid as I'd ever seen it before and had an abundance of pre-cum leaking from it.  I was able to get most of it as I slurped my way up his shaft, and then I opened my mouth wide before lowering it over the spongy head.  After I'd completely swallowed his pride and joy and had moved my head downward until my lips came into contact with his public patch, I performed the best oral sex on him that I was capable of giving. 

Dylan was writhing around on the mattress as I worked on him, but then he suddenly began to aggressively thrust his hips up and down, as he buried his penis deep in my throat.  I knew this meant he was about to feed me his load, so I concentrated on helping him achieve his goal.  Before the next minute expired, his penis exploded and released a flood of juices that slithered down my throat.  I almost gagged on the quantity, because there was a great deal more than he usually produced, but I managed to handle the situation without pulling away.  As soon as Dylan was completely drained, his body collapsed onto the bed and then he remained absolutely motionless.  I would have been worried that something might be wrong with him, if I hadn't noticed the heaving of his chest.  He'd just had quite a workout, so now he was panting as if he'd just run a race and attempting to calm down, as he enjoyed his post-orgasmic afterglow. 

While Dylan was recuperating, I slid over so I could do the same thing to Tyler.  When he saw me moving in his direction, he quickly got into position and prepared for his own pleasurable release.  I did virtually the same thing to him that I'd just done to his best buddy, but Tyler's reaction to my effort wasn't quite as animated.  That didn't mean he was enjoying it any less than Dylan had, because Tyler was cooing and moaning in pleasure the entire time too, although he kept the volume down to just above a muted level. 

Eventually, Tyler's body stiffened, he arched his back off the bed and drove his penis into my throat, just before he released his boy cream.  After a handful of healthy spurts, his body slowly relaxed as his backside settled onto the mattress again.  Once he was completely drained, I released his penis and let him enjoy his climactic afterglow, as I took up my place between him and Dylan.

As I was getting comfortable, Dylan began urging me to lift my legs so he could rim me next.  I had basically been thinking that they were merely looking for some action tonight and hadn't really anticipated them returning the favor, but obviously I had been mistaken.  Before I did what he wanted, however, I checked the TV to make sure the game hadn't ended yet.  I felt if it was already over that it might be a dead giveaway that we hadn't gone to sleep yet and were wrapped up in other activities.  The game was still on though, so I did what he'd asked. 

Dylan dove into the task with his usual relish, as his tongue worked its way over and around my most private place.  I'd never seen anyone enjoy doing this, or even having it done to him, as much as Dylan always has, so I let him carry on for as long as he wanted.  When he finally pulled away, Tyler had recovered from his orgasm and attacked my penis like a dog going for a bone.  He was as aggressive doing this as Dylan had been when he was rimming me, and between their joint effort I enjoyed a very powerful release.  I think we were all satisfied, so we just cuddled against each other as we watched the end of the game. 

When the final horn sounded, we got up to use the toilet and grab a drink first, before I turned off the TV and we got back into bed.  We put Tyler in the middle and he cuddled against me, as Dylan spooned up behind him.  They fell asleep within a matter of minutes, but it took me a little longer to do the same.  Before that happened, I began to wonder if this pair would now try to pressure me into using this same pretext in the future, so we could do something like this again.  I concluded it was possible, but I'd deal with that situation when it arose.



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 72 - Christmas Preparations

After we woke up the next morning, we went downstairs to have breakfast with everyone else.  They had all eaten already, but Cherie made sure we were feed too.  While we were chowing down, she asked how the game was and, fortunately, we had watched the end of it and were able to answer.  Hopefully, she wasn't just checking out our response because one of them had heard something or were just basically suspicious about our sudden change in behavior. 

As soon as we were done eating, Dylan and Tyler said they were going to go to the family room to join the other boys.  I advised them that the younger group was probably watching cartoons or one of the other Saturday morning kiddie shows, but they said they didn't have a problem with that.  They were just going in to keep the rest of the boys company. 

As soon as they were gone and I'd helped Cherie and Sally clean up the mess from breakfast, I suggested that we go upstairs and change, so we could head over to the mall.  They agreed it was a good idea, so we went to our rooms and slipped into something appropriate for a day of shopping.  We stopped by the family room on the way out and told the boys what we were going to do.  They had no problem with it, although they made a few tongue-in-cheek comments about making sure we came back with something this time. 

We were at the mall for a few hours and picked up quite a few more gifts for the boys.  We dropped everything off at Ann's house again before returning home, but the three of us also agreed that we'd do a repeat of the previous week on Tuesday.  At that time I'd meet up with Sally, while Cherie was busy getting Ethan away from the house, so I could move everything over to our place. 

When we got home, we received the reaction we were expecting.  "How do you guys keep going shopping, but then never bring anything back?" Dylan asked as soon as we entered the house. 

"Most of the bigger stores have a thing call 'layaway', where we can purchase something and pay for it a little at a time until it's all paid off," I explained.  "It is also a good way to keep from bringing those things home until the last minute, so nosy boys can't go rummaging through the closets looking to see what we bought."  I felt this was another way to throw the boys off, so they wouldn't go looking for anything. 

"You think we'd do that?" Tyler shot back, while trying to look innocent. 

"Without a doubt," Cherie responded before I had a chance to open my mouth. 

"Even though your Uncle Blake might not realize it, we've seen you boys do things like this before," Sally added, referring to her and Cherie.  "We know you like to go looking to see if you can find out what you're going to get, so we've done what we can to prevent it.  We may bring everything here by Christmas Eve, and then again maybe not.  We've just decided not to give you any reason to tear the house apart." 

"Come on!  We just want to know that we're gonna get something," Marcus whined, trying to make us feel guilty. 

"Yeah, the presents can be wrapped and put under the tree.  We just like to have an idea about what we might be getting," Justin added. 

"Yes, by shaking the packages and tearing little holes in the wrapping paper.  I know your tricks," Cherie retorted, causing Justin to give her a surprised look. 

"Dylan may have done that, but I never have," he offered, but he wasn't convincing in his delivery. 

"Hey!  Don't try to pin all of that on me!" Dylan shouted.  "You did it just as much as I did."  Justin merely hung his head and blushed. 

"So this way no one will be tempted to be 'naughty' before the presents are due to be opened," I concluded.  "You all know you'll be getting something, but just how much and if they are items off the top of your list or somewhere near the bottom will depend on how well you've behaved." 

"Then we should get everything we asked for!" Ethan chirped, flashing us a grin. 

"Yeah, we've all been really good!" Andrew added, to support his partner in crime. 

"We'll see," Sally challenged, before moving us on to the next topic.  "It's already after lunchtime, so is anyone hungry?" 

Of course they all were, and the thought of putting something in their bellies made them temporarily forget about what they might be getting as gifts.  Sally and Cherie then went out to the kitchen and started making lunch, while I went to the family room with the boys, so I could have a private discussion with them. 

"After lunch, I want all of you to get dressed so I can take you to the mall," I advised them.  "This trip is to allow you to pick out some things to give Cherie and Sally." 

"But we won't be able to get stuff for you too, if you're with us," Tyler pointed out.   

"Let's worry about one thing at a time," I replied.  "I'm sure one of the women will take you to do that another time." 

"Ok," they all agreed. 

After we'd finished lunch, the boys all got ready so I could take them to the mall with me.  We walked around and I let them pick out various gifts for the women, including Ann, since she was going to be with us for Christmas too.  I sometimes had to step in and explain to them that what they wanted to buy wasn't such a great idea, and in most cases they eventually agreed with me, but sometimes only after a fairly heated discussion.  I had also done a little snooping before we left the house and had made notes on both women's clothing sizes, in case the boys wanted to buy something along those lines instead.  Once they had selected what they wanted to get and I'd paid for it, we took all of the items back to customer service area and had one of the professionals at the store wrap them for us, so we wouldn't have to do it.  I also made sure to collect all of the tags and various receipts, just in case the women wanted to return something later.  Then, we carried those packages with us when we went out to get back into the Outback to head home. 

"Where are we going to put this stuff so they won't snoop?" Dylan asked, thinking it was only fair. 

"I'll keep these things in the trunk of my car," I offered.  "I always keep it locked and I've got the only keys, plus the car is at work with me during the day, so your mother won't be able to find anything when she's all alone at home.  I only leave her the keys to the Outback for her to use, in case she needs it before I get home." 

"Ok, that will work," Dylan agreed, with the other boys nodding their support. 

I guess the women hadn't noticed me moving those things to my car when we got back, because when we went inside Cherie made a comment.  "So where are all the things that you boys just bought?" 

"We used that 'lay-aside' thing too, so you can't peek at what we bought you either," Justin replied, looking smug.  I don't think any of the boys caught his slip in terminology, because they were chiming in their own two-cents as well, but both women were grinning. 

"Yeah, it's that tit for tat thing Uncle Blake is always saying to me," Tyler added, thinking back to one of the phrases I'd used on him when he was injured. 

"Yeah, it's only fair," Andrew chimed in. 

"Ok, so that should mean you won't be asking us any more questions about what we got you," Sally confirmed, in an attempt to end future complaints from the boys.  Reluctantly, they all agreed. 

After that had been settled, the boys and I went in to watch a few of the various sporting events that were on TV.  We had both football and basketball games to choose from, so I only had to get them to agree on what we were going to select.  It wasn't really a problem though, at least not after we discovered the UGA football game would be starting shortly. 

I noticed the boys kept getting up during the commercials and leaving the family room, but I thought they were only going to the toilet or getting a drink.  They even brought me a drink at one point, but that wasn't why they had been leaving.  However, I didn't find that out until after we ate dinner together. 

"Sally and I are going to take the boys to the mall for a little while, so you will have the house to yourself," Cherie informed me.  "The boys mentioned to us that they wanted to go shopping again, so we agreed to take them this time.  It will allow you to watch whatever you want without any hassle now." 

I concluded this was the boys' attempt to have a chance to buy something for me, but I pretended as if I had no clue why they wanted to go shopping again.  The boys seemed satisfied as they took off, so I handed Cherie the key to the Outback and then went to see what was on TV. 

When they returned they had no packages with them, so I felt the boys had probably suggested that Cherie put those things in the trunk of her car for the time being.  I didn't quiz them, like everyone else had done and just made a simple comment.  "I know.  You used the layaway thing." 

Once the game I was watching ended, I had the boys say goodnight to Cherie and Sally before I took them upstairs for their showers.  I washed the four younger boys first and then put them to bed, because it was already past their bedtime.  Then Tyler and Dylan came up for their turn, but tonight we merely sucked each other off quickly in the shower.  Then we cuddled together for the rest of the night. 

After breakfast on Sunday, we decided to split up and take the boys shopping again, but this time so they could buy things for each other.  We figured they would definitely want to buy something special for their best buds and their brothers, so we agreed how we would split up when we got to the mall.  Sally would take Andrew and Marcus with her while Cherie took Justin and Tyler, which left me with Ethan and Dylan, as we headed off in different directions.  We'd already agreed on a time and place to meet up again, so we took our pair with us to select the items they wanted to buy. 

As soon as the boys in our group had what they wanted, we went to our rendezvous point and waited for the others to show up.  When we were all together again, we headed home, ready to call it a day.  When we got back, Sally and Cherie took the things the boys in their group had bought and placed them in the trunk of Cherie's car, while I did the same for my group, although they put their packages in the trunk of my car.

Once inside, the women took off to fix our lunch, while I had the boys help me vacuum and dust the rest of the downstairs.  I felt we shouldn't leave everything for Cherie to do, so this would leave her less to deal with.  I also had them bring down their hampers, so we could do some laundry afterward. 

After we ate, I started a load of laundry and then we all headed to the family room to see what was on television.  We discovered 'One Magic Christmas' on the Disney channel, so we agreed to watch it, and then that was followed by 'Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas', so we opted to watch that too.  Cherie and I got up during the commercials to go take care of the laundry or to work on dinner, but we saw most of both shows.  What was nice was that the boys continued switching where they were sitting, so we got to spend some time with each of them. 

After we ate dinner together, Sally told Andrew it was time for them to return home, but he thought quickly and talked his mother into letting him take his shower with us first, before he had to go.  Sally merely chuckled as I led the four youngest upstairs, but I was glad she was allowing Andrew to do this again.  Since Justin and Dylan had been staying with us, he'd been feeling that he was missing out, so maybe this would make up for some of it. 

Once I'd finished with that group, we all went downstairs to say goodbye to Sally and Andrew.  They both thanked us for the wonderful weekend and we agreed to all get together the next weekend too.  That seemed to help make Andrew feel a little better as well. 

After putting the younger boys to bed later and saying goodnight to Cherie; Dylan, Tyler and I had a repeat of the previous night's activities.  It wasn't anything time consuming or elaborate, but it did prove to be very satisfying and we were all quite relaxed when we cuddled up with each other in bed.  Once again, we placed Tyler in the middle so he could cuddle with me, while Dylan spooned up with him from behind.  This helped us to have a very relaxing and peaceful slumber. 

As soon as I got off of work on Monday, I raced to the house to pick up Cherie and the younger boys, so we could go watch Tyler and Dylan's home game.  I was eager to see how well the boys actually performed, since they had told me so much about what they'd been doing at their practices. 

Dylan and Tyler both started again and their team set up a full-court press the second they were on defense.  I was impressed with how well Tyler and Dylan worked together to steer the ballhandler where they wanted him to go and then set up a delayed trap to pin the boy against the midcourt line.  As he attempted to pivot so he could make a pass, he stepped on the midcourt line and committed and over and back violation, giving our team the ball. 

The other team wasn't pressing, so Dylan got the inbound pass and set up the offense.  The team seemed very sharp today and scored easily, which set the trend for how the game was going to go.  Dylan and Tyler played a little more than half of the game and caused some turnovers, had some assists and both scored as well, so they had a very productive game.  When they came over to speak with us afterward, we all congratulated them. 

"The press worked really well!" Tyler exclaimed after receiving everyone's accolades. 

"Yes, you did a great job trapping the ball," I agreed, nodding at each of them. 

"Yeah, the other team tried to dribble against our press and made it really easy for us," Dylan added with a huge grin.  "I hope their coach teaches them how to break the press before they play some of those other teams though." 

"Yes, they'll have a poor season if they don't learn to do that," I concurred. 

After we'd got home and had dinner, Ethan reminded me about his concert the following night.  I assured him that I remembered and confirmed that we would all be there to see him and Andrew perform.  He seemed pleased by this and then we put our heads together to decide what we were going to do next.  After looking at the TV listings and found out that the 'Frosty the Snowman' Christmas special was on, followed by the movie 'The Polar Express'.  The younger boys quickly agreed that was what they were going to watch, but Tyler noticed a basketball game was on that he wanted to watch instead. 

"You and Dylan can go upstairs and watch the game in our bedroom," I told him and they both thanked me and raced upstairs. 

"Go ahead, you can go with them," Sally urged.  "I know you'd rather watch the game then what we're going to do, so Cherie and I will stay with the other boys." 

"Are you sure?" I asked, since I had my doubts, but this time they both nodded their heads to confirm it.  "Ok and thanks.  I appreciate that you're so understanding." 

After I said that, I went upstairs to join the other boys.  It was a great game with two really good teams, but the boys had a proposal for me during one of the commercials.  "Since we're alone up here, how about we do something during half time?" 

"I suppose we could, if we hurry," I agreed.  "What did you have in mind?" 

"Would you rim us and suck us off again?" Dylan basically pleaded, hoping I'd agree. 

"Ok, but I'll stay dressed the entire time, in case anyone comes up and knocks on the door," I agreed.  "If that happens, you two can slip on your underwear and get under the covers while I open the door." 

They eagerly agreed and we watched the rest of the half.  The score was tied when the buzzer sounded to end the second quarter, which signaled the boys to hurriedly strip off their clothes and get into position.  I decided to work on Tyler first this time, since Dylan went first the last time we did this. 

We knew we wouldn't have very long pull this off, so I attacked Tyler as if I were a starving man and he was my first meal in several days.  I rimmed him first, before sucking him off, but the sexual release seemed to be enough to satisfy him.  I then started to do the same thing to Dylan, after warning him to keep the noise down, but I knew this would last into the first part of the third quarter.  He didn't seem to regret missing some of the game, since he enjoyed these activities so much, and after he'd had his release too, I went to get a drink and brush my teeth, just in case the women stopped by later to say goodnight.  Then, the three of us settled in to watch the rest of the game.  

It wasn't much of a surprise later when there was a knock on the door, but I told Cherie and Sally they would have to come inside if they wanted to say goodnight to the boys, since they were only in their underwear.  They grinned at each other and came in to kiss both boys first, and then they said goodnight to me before they left.  I was hoping that their shared glance didn't mean that they were suspicious about what we'd been up to.

Even though I didn't have to rush home from work on Tuesday, I still had to go to Ann's house to meet up with Sally and move the presents we had left there temporarily.  Cherie took Ethan to the grocery store again so I could move the items from my car to the garage, and I was waiting for them in the kitchen when they returned home. 

The rest of the evening was just as hectic.  After picking the four older boys up from their basketball practices and making sure all of them had their homework done, we had dinner earlier than normal.  Then, I had to make sure everyone was ready to go and Ethan was dressed appropriately for the concert.  Then, we all piled into the Outback and headed to the elementary school. 

Ethan had to go to his classroom first, so the rest of us went to find seats.  Sally spotted us after Andrew took off to go to his classroom too, so she and Ann came over and sat in the seats we had saved for them. 

"Ann, it's nice to see you again and I'm glad you could make it to the concert," I greeted her when she arrived. 

"My boss knows that some things are very important to me, such as watching my nephew's big moments, so he always makes sure I get to go," she replied, grinning broadly.  "He also told me to say hello to y'all for him, since he knew Ethan would be here too." 

"Thank you for passing that message along and it was very nice of him to think of us," I commented, quite pleased at receiving the message. 

"He really likes y'all, and like he said before, he thinks of y'all as family," she confirmed with a nod. 

"In that case, I'm sorry he couldn't join us too," I added, meaning every word. 

The concert was quite entertaining and we had a few laughs over the antics of some of the younger kids.  A few of them were aggressively waving at their parents and others were shouting out "Hi Mommy" or "Hi Daddy" at some very awkward moments.  There were also a couple of kids that were either very nervous or had to use the toilet, at least that's what I suspected by the way they were wiggling and dancing around on the risers, but as far as I could tell there were no accidents. 

Ethan and Andrew's group was quite entertaining as well.  They sang two songs, 'Up On the Housetop' and 'Jingle Bells', and I thought they did a fantastic job.  Although they both looked in our direction and smiled broadly at all of us, neither one yelled out any comments or did more than that.  They also sung their little hearts out, judging by the way they were belting out the lyrics, but it was impossible to hear any particular voice over the others, seeing there was so many of them. 

After watching each of the groups perform, from Kindergarten thru fourth grade, Santa made a brief appearance on stage and wished everyone in the audience a "Merry Christmas!"  He also reminded the kids to be good, since he was still keeping track of them.  Once the concert was over, Sally and I walked down to get Ethan and Andrew from their classroom, before going back to meet up with everyone else.  We didn't all go, because we thought it would be best to limit the crowds in the hallway. 

"Did we do good?" Andrew asked as soon as we were out in the hallway. 

"You did an excellent job," Sally confirmed, as Andrew looked up at her with an ear-to-ear grin. 

"Yes, I was very impressed and I think your grade was the best one out of the entire concert," I chipped in, which caused Ethan to light up as well. 

"It was fun!" Ethan announced, as a glow of accomplishment surrounded his face. 

After we'd all said goodbye to Sally, Andrew and Ann, we told Sally and Andrew that we'd see them again on the weekend.  That comment caused Andrew to smile broadly again and then we all headed home. 

It was a bit of a struggle to get Ethan to calm down while he was putting on his PJs, so I'm not sure how long it took him to fall asleep.  I don't think it took him too long though, because he seemed fairly alert and quite chipper at breakfast the following morning.  

Wednesday proved to be nearly as hectic as Tuesday, except I had no other stops to make and only had to pick up Dylan and Tyler from practice this time.  It worked out well though, because tonight was Marcus and Justin's turn to shine.  We sat down to eat dinner nearly as soon as we walked through the door and then we all had to get ready for the concert.  I went upstairs to make sure our performers were ready and give them a hand, since I had to tie their ties for them, because they'd announced they were planning to wear a dress shirt and tie.  They both looked quite handsome, as they followed me down to the car so I could drive everyone to the middle school. 

The cuteness factor was definitely lacking at tonight's concert, since this was the fifth thru eighth grades, but it also took on a slightly more 'professional' air.  Marcus' fifth grade group was up first, followed by Justin's sixth grade classmates.  Both groups sang a couple of songs and then we watched the 7th and 8th grade orchestra and band perform, followed by the chorus.  I'm not sure if everyone else felt the same way I did, but there were times during the evening when I felt the concert was never going to end.  That was due to the fact that the pieces the band and orchestra played were quite long and the chorus sang four songs, not two, possibly because it was composed of two grade levels. 

"Well, how'd we do?" Marcus asked, almost as soon as he'd joined us again. 

"You sounded great and helped to put us all in the holiday spirit," I replied, trying to be as positive as I could. 

"Yes, both your groups sounded wonderful," Cherie added, as she hugged both boys. 

"I think we were better," Ethan groaned, not giving in to the older pair.  The rest of us merely chuckled at his comment, since we didn't want to confirm or deny his observation and possibly offend the other two. 

"I wish we'd left after you guys finished up, because the last part was kind of boring," Dylan added, while also putting my thoughts into words. 

"Yeah, I'm glad Dylan and I wasn't part of any of those groups, because I thought they were lame," Tyler added.  "The guys on stage had plenty of talent, but I think they should have picked what they were going to do, not the teachers."  Dylan, Marcus and Justin were all nodding their heads in agreement, while the rest of us merely listened to what they had to say. 

Once we returned home, I discovered Marcus and Justin weren't quite as wound up as Ethan had been, but they were both talking a lot more than usual.  I think it was merely their response to the excitement of the day, but I had to remind them to stop their yapping and try to get some sleep after I'd tucked them into bed.  I reminded them that they would need all of their energy for the following afternoon, because they both had another basketball game.  They reluctantly agreed, so I was interested in seeing if they were actually able to follow my advice. 



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