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            The Guardian

Installment 37


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 73 - The Lead-up to Christmas Break

To my surprise, Marcus and Justin appeared more energetic than usual Thursday morning, so maybe they had been able to settle down.  Before I left for work though, Cherie informed me that there was a question she need to ask. 

"Blake, I want to know if it would be alright with you if I plan our Christmas Eve dinner to include the types of food a traditional Italian family would have on Christmas Eve?  This means the meal would consist mostly of fish, seafood and pasta dishes, so I wanted to check with you first, before making my shopping list, because Christmas Eve is a week from tomorrow." 

"Yes, it's creeping up on us quickly and that sounds fine," I agreed.  "I just hope there will be enough that the boys will like." 

"I'll ask them tonight, but I'll fix fish sticks for them instead, if they don't like cod, since I know they will eat the fish sticks," she confirmed, while looking pleased that I agreed.  "I'll plan on serving fried shrimp for all of us, as well as lobster tails that we'll share.  I think the boys should like those items, but there will also be a large pan of baked ziti too." 

"That's good, because they can always fill up on the pasta, if they don't like the other items," I concurred.  "It sounds fine, so go ahead and plan on doing it then.  And don't forget that I'll pick you and Ethan up after work, so we can go to Justin and Marcus' game." 

Since that had been cleared up, I took off for work.  Some of the women at the office were busy trying to get everyone's input about having a holiday luncheon at work the following Thursday, since we would be off on Friday, seeing Christmas was on Saturday.  It was beginning to look as if I was going to be doing a lot of pigging out next week. 

When the workday came to an end, I rushed home to pick up Cherie and Ethan, and then we went over to watch the next older pair play their basketball games.  They were on opposite courts this time, so we had to shift our attention from one game to the other, as we tried to be fair to both boys.  It was truly a shame that they weren't on the same team, because neither one ended up getting our complete attention. 

Both teams played a good game, although the outcomes were different.  Marcus' team won, but Justin's team lost when a boy on the other team threw up a desperation shot just before the buzzer sounded and it found its way in the hoop.  The boy had literally just thrown the ball in the direction of the basket and it hit the backboard, smacked off the front rim and then bounced off the backboard again before bouncing around on the rim again and then falling through the net.  It was a heartbreaking way for them to lose the game. 

Even though we congratulated Marcus when both boys came over to speak with us afterward, we all commiserated with Justin.  We all did our best to perk him up again, after such a heartbreaking loss, but when we finished he still seemed a little down.   Eventually, he and Marcus raced off to the locker room to take their showers, and when they came back Justin didn't seem to be taking the loss as badly as he first had. 

Now that they were ready, we went to pick up Tyler and Dylan from the elementary school next, because that was where they were practicing.  As soon as they were in the Outback with us, we drove home and I sent them off to do whatever they felt like, while I helped Cherie get dinner ready.  I almost told the boys to go do their homework, but since tomorrow was the last day of classes before the Christmas break, I doubted any of them had homework, so I switched my thought and what I was going to say in mid-sentence. 

After dinner, we all went to the family room and got comfortable, as we checked to see what was on television tonight.  We quickly discovered that 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' was on, so we all agreed to watch that.  There was a basketball game on too, but I think the older boys were trying to give Cherie a break and spend some time with her too, seeing we had opted out on Monday.  This way, we could all be together for the evening.  Even though I didn't say anything, I also suspected the teams playing weren't teams the older pair was interested in. 

During one of the commercials, Dylan reminded us that they had a home game after school the next day.  "Yes, I remember, but I still think it's kind of odd that you have a game on the last day of school before the break," I stated, still puzzled about the logic behind it. 

"We were supposed to play today, but that meant the fifth and sixth graders would have had to cancel their games, so they moved our game to tomorrow," Dylan offered in explanation.  "We couldn't use the elementary school either, because it was being used by the PTA for Santa's Secret Workshop."

"Yeah, that was fun," Ethan offered with a grin.  "We got to see Santa and some of the elves, and they gave us cookies too."

"I kinda wish they had cancelled our games so you guys could have played.  Maybe my team wouldn't have lost then," Justin sneered sarcastically. 

" I'm glad they didn't do that, because my team won," Marcus shot back defiantly. 

"It's only a game and you win some and lose some," I offered, philosophically.  "Just count your blessings that you're all healthy enough to participate." 

They hesitantly agreed with my observation, although Justin still would have liked to go back and erase that game from history, but he didn't have a time machine available to him to pull it off.  Instead, we just told Dylan and Tyler that we'd be there to see their game. 

The boys were all fairly upbeat for the rest of the night, seeing tomorrow was the last day of school before they enjoyed a two-week vacation.  They were still kind of giddy the next morning as well, as Cherie and I sent them off to get on their buses and told them to have a good day. 

While I was at work, my mind drifted away from what I was doing a few times, as I thought about how fortunate it was that Cherie was going to be with us and able to watch the boys while they were on break.  I felt badly for her though, seeing it appeared as if her marriage was going to end and she would soon be a single parent.  Even though she and the boys might all be better off without Don and the baggage he brought with him, I imagined that Cherie was probably terrified at the thought of having to do this on her own.  She would probably have to get a job when that happened, in order to make ends meet.  I'll offer to let her and the boys stay with us for as long as they need to, since it was working out fairly well this way, and maybe I could help them get over the rough spots by doing this for them. 

After I left work at the end of the day, I rushed home to pick everyone up and take them over to Tyler and Dylan's game.  Dylan and Tyler were starting again, but the other team wasn't pressing.  For that reason, the boys just ran their half-court offense and were doing quite well.  On defense, however, they set up their own press and Tyler and Dylan were able to effectively trap the ballhandler and caused several quick turnovers.  By the end of the half, their team had a sizeable lead. 

The coach started a group of other players to begin the second half and they were able to maintain the lead.  Dylan, Tyler and the other starters got to play a little more, but the coach let the other boys get more experience and they did quite well while they were in the game.  In the end, our team won handily.  After slapping hands with the other team, they spent some time giving their opponents a few pointers about the other teams in their league, hoping it might help them.  In return, the other team told our boys about some of the teams they had faced and our team hadn't.  In the end, both groups had gained some insights.

After the boys took their shower and changed, I drove everyone over to the diner to eat.  I called Sally to let her know what we were doing, if case she wanted to join us.  I also didn't want her to get to the house before we got back and then think that we'd deserted them.  Seeing she had already prepared dinner for her and Andrew, I told her that I'd call again when we were ready to leave for home. 

Ann was thrilled to see us again and I told her that we were looking forward to seeing her at our house the following Friday and Saturday.  She thanked us for including her and then we all ate quickly, so we didn't give Andrew an anxiety attack.  By the time we pulled into the driveway, they were already there waiting for us to arrive. 

"What took you so long?" Andrew asked, as he followed me to the front door. 

"We took time to chew our food before swallowing it, so we wouldn't choke," I replied, which caused Andrew to give me a strange look.  "We were hungry and didn't want to wait to fix something at home, so we went over to see your Auntie Ann and ate at the diner instead." 

Andrew seemed to understand that better, as we squeezed through the doorway together.  Once we were inside, the boys immediately went off to do their thing, so Sally, Cherie and I went out to the kitchen and talked, while I made a pot of coffee.  After it had finished brewing, we each grabbed a cup and went into the dining room to chat.  While we were there, Tyler showed up to tell me something. 

"I forgot to mention it earlier, but Coach Jackson said there wouldn't be any practices over the break, but he told us there would be an open gym on Tuesday and Thursday of both weeks, from 1:00 to 4:00.  He said we'd be able to just shoot or even play some pick-up games, so do you think we'll be able to go?" 

I didn't immediately reply and merely looked over at Cherie.  She would be home with them during those weeks, not me, so it was actually her decision to make, not mine.  She understood what my meaning was and answered instead. 

"Is this just for you and Dylan?" she wanted to know. 

"It's for anyone in the middle school, which would include Justin and Marcus too," Tyler replied.  "We could probably get Andrew and Ethan in with us too, but I'm not sure."

"Well I will take you, if you want to go, but we'll see what the other boys want to do," Cherie agreed.  "They can go with you if they want or they can stay here with me.  I'll just need you and Dylan to watch the other boys for me on Wednesday afternoon, so I can run to the grocery store to purchase what we'll need for Friday and Saturday's meals." 

"Yeah, we can do that," Tyler quickly agreed with a grin.  "Thanks, Aunt Cherie." 

Since that was taken care of, Tyler took off again and left the three of us to finish our conversation.  The women mentioned a few stocking stuffers and some other things they still wanted to pick up, so I told them they could go do that tomorrow and I'd stay home with the boys.  I would make sure the boys were kept occupied and stayed out of the garage while they were gone, but we also made plans about how we were going to work the final details out for the following weekend.  This was all done in whispers, so little ears wouldn't overhear, but I felt the boys were too busy doing other things to be paying attention to what we were up to right now. 

When we went in to join the boys later, they were watching 'National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation' on TV.  It had just started, so we sat down to watch it with them.  It was holiday themed and provided us with plenty of laughs, so it worked out well on many levels.  When it ended, I took the younger group upstairs for their shower. 

"We don't got no school for two weeks," Andrew announced as I was washing him, "so can I stay here with you the whole time?"  His request caught me by surprise. 

"You'll have to ask your mother and Aunt Cherie that question," I told him after a brief delay.  "It's up to your mother if she'll let you stay, but Aunt Cherie will have to agree too, because she'll be here watching the other boys.  I won't be home during the day, because I'll still be working." 

Andrew seemed to think about this briefly before he replied.  "Ok.  I'll ask them after I get my jammies on." 

Since the boys were on vacation, I had agreed to let them stay up a little later, although I felt some of them would probably fall asleep before then on their own.  When we went downstairs again, Andrew didn't waste any time and asked his mother if he could stay with us the entire time. 

"Let's see what Aunt Cherie has to say about that," Sally offered, since she had the same concern I'd had.  "It would help me out, because then I wouldn't have to hire someone to watch you, but I don't want to take advantage of her either." 

"Of course that will be fine," Cherie quickly agreed.  "I was pretty much expecting him to be here anyway.  In fact, you could bring over enough things for both of you and then stay here too.  I don't mind sharing my room with you while the boys are home." 

"Yes, I guess that would work out better, because then I'd still be able to see Andrew each night," Sally concurred, while nodding her head slightly. 

"And we could all celebrate New Year's Eve together," I quickly added, as I looked at the women to gauge their reactions.  "I can pick up a few things for that night, plan a few activities we can all do together and then we can bring in the New Year together." 

"Ok, that sounds like fun too," Sally confessed.  "Andrew and I can stay here until Sunday and then we'll go home to get ready for work and school the next day." 

"That sounds good to me," I confirmed, smiling at her. 

"And it sounds like a fine idea to me too," Cherie chimed in.  "In fact, I think it's the best idea I've heard in a very long time.  And just like spending Christmas together, it will be sort of a family New Year's celebration, with our uniquely blended family."  Sally and I quickly agreed with her observation and now we got busy planning the following weekend as well. 

By the time I went to check on the boys, I found Ethan, Andrew and Justin had all fallen asleep.  I asked Tyler and Dylan to carry Ethan and Andrew upstairs for me, while I picked up Justin.  Marcus followed behind us, because he was starting to doze off too, and I quickly tucked those four into bed.  Tyler and Dylan went to our bedroom and got ready to shower, but I told them I was going to run downstairs quickly to let the women know what we were doing.  The boys were fine with me going to do that and said they'd wait for me. 

When I went to speak to Sally and Cherie, they said they were about ready to turn in too, but they would stop by the other rooms first so they could kiss the younger boys goodnight.  Then, they'd come to our room to say goodnight to the oldest pair.  I told them I'd make sure Dylan and Tyler were decent first, since they were getting ready to shower when I left and I didn't want anyone to be embarrassed by an awkward encounter.  The women said that would be fine, so I headed upstairs first, so I could make sure Tyler and Dylan were prepared for them to drop by. 

As soon as the boys were ready, the women came to our room and bid the pair goodnight.  The boys stripped down again as soon as the women left the room and then we hopped in the shower.  The boys immediately asked if we could turn on the TV and do something again, but I told them that might be a dead give away to what we were up to.  We hadn't really watched TV in the bedroom without telling the women what we were doing first and they might already be suspicious that it was for more than just watching basketball games.  Dylan and Tyler didn't take very long to agree with my logic, so I offered to suck them off in the shower instead, which they immediately agreed would be fine. 

After I had washed and performed oral sex on both of them, they eagerly returned the favor.  Then we went out and got into bed, with Tyler in the middle again.  He hadn't had any nightmares since we'd been doing this, so we weren't about to change the arrangement and tempt fate.  Luckily, we enjoyed a very relaxing and restful slumber. 

Saturday, after we'd all had breakfast together, Sally and Cherie took off in Cherie's car to finish up the shopping.  On the way back, they stopped at Sally's place so she could pick up clothes for her to wear to work and whatever else she thought she and Andrew would need while staying with us for two weeks.  They took everything upstairs when they got back, leaving Andrew's things in Ethan's room and taking the rest of it to Tyler's room, which Cherie had been using. 

They left the other things they had purchased in the trunk of Cherie's car, so the boys wouldn't see what they'd bought.  They let the boys think they'd just gone to pick up the clothes and other items from Sally's house. 

While the women had been gone, I had spent the time talking to the boys about what they thought we could do on New Year's Eve, because I thought it would work out best if they helped to plan everything.  Then, I took their ideas and ran them by Cherie and Sally next, and once they agreed with most of the ideas, I made a list of the things I would need to get between now and then. 

Later that evening, after dinner, we talked the boys into watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' with us on TV, since I'd found a listing for it.  They were a little hesitant at first, saying it was old and gross, but we conned them into watching the entire movie, after we'd promised to take them to see a movie at the theater complex the following afternoon.  After a while, I think the boys decided the movie wasn't so bad after all, but I also tried to point out during the commercials how people lived back then, so they would understand the movie better. 

When the movie ended, I took the younger boys upstairs for their shower, but this time the women came up to say goodnight to them after they were all in their pajamas.  Cherie and Sally also said goodnight to Tyler, Dylan and me at the same time and then they went to their room to turn in as well.  As soon as they did that, the older pair and I went to shower too. 

We opted to suck each other off in the shower again and then we snuggled together on the bed, with Tyler between Dylan and me.  Before we fell asleep, the boys mentioned the names of a few movies they wanted to see, so I told them we'd run them by everyone else after breakfast and see what they agreed on. 

After we had finished eating breakfast the following morning, I got everybody together so we could discuss what we were going to see.  I had Tyler and Dylan tell them their suggestions, but we also searched the listing on the computer of what was playing locally before we began to discuss our options.  Dylan and Tyler really wanted to go see 'Hitman: Agent 47', but not everyone else was thrilled with that idea.  After much discussion, Cherie and Sally agreed to take Andrew and Ethan to see 'Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip', which that group preferred to see, while I took Dylan and Tyler to the other theater.  Justin opted to go with us too, but Marcus was afraid that movie would give him nightmares, so he went with the other group. 

I wasn't sure what to expect as we took our seats, but the movie turned out to be about a genetically engineered assassin, who was only referred to by the last two digits of the bar code on the back of his neck.  We soon discovered there had been 46 other agent clones, so he was the beneficiary of what the scientists had learned from those mistakes.  What it meant was that 47 had unprecedented speed, strength and intelligence, which made him very dangerous.  He'd also made plans to break into the corporation that had produced him, so he could build an elite army of killers like him.  The movie was definitely full of action and excitement, and the boys seemed happy that they'd had a chance to see it. 

When we met up with the others after it ended, those boys were equally pleased with the movie they had seen, so we returned home with a bunch of happy campers.  After we grabbed a quick bite to eat, the boys wanted me to watch the UGA football game with them, so Cherie and Sally told me to go ahead and they'd find something else to do.  They said there were plenty of other things to keep them occupied and they seemed fine with the idea, so I went off with the boys to the family room. 

It was an exciting game and the UGA 'Dawgs' won again, so we were all in a great mood when we went out to have dinner with Cherie and Sally after the game ended.  While we were eating, I asked the boys what they planned to do during the day while they were home and each group had their own ideas about how they wanted to pass the time.  I felt they would definitely keep busy and stay out of Cherie's hair for the most part, which was one concern I'd had.  I also told Cherie that I'd pick the boys up after the open gym sessions on Tuesday and Thursday, since they should be finishing up about the same time I was getting home from work, and she thought that would be fine and take another task away from her.  Ethan and Andrew had already decided that they didn't want to go with the other boys to the open gym, so I'd be able to squeeze the four that were going into my car when I brought them home and wouldn't have to pick up the Outback first. 

After dinner, we looked to see what was on TV and discovered that the Patrick Stewart version of 'A Christmas Carol' was on.  I thought it would be fun to watch, so the boys could compare it to the musical version, and I finally got them to agree.  I think they were willing to do it because they were familiar with Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard on the various Star Trek TV episodes and movies, so it worked for me. 

When it was over, we briefly discussed and compared the two versions, and the boys all agreed this one was much darker and not as much fun as the musical.  I was glad that they got to see it though, and then I took them upstairs to shower and change for bed. 

Monday morning, Tyler woke up the second I crawled out of bed to get ready for work.  I immediately urged him to go back to sleep, since he was on vacation this week, and he nodded his head slightly and told me to have a good day.  I thanked him and said I'd see him later, as I put on my suit and went downstairs to grab a bite to eat. 

Sally was already there when I got to the kitchen and Cherie had prepared something for the three of us to eat, so we sat down at the dining room table and enjoyed our breakfast together.  Just before Sally and I took off for work, we both told Cherie to call us if she needed anything or had a problem, and she promised she would. 

It was a very busy day at work, as my coworkers and I did what needed to be done to ensure everything was ready for the end-of-the-year reporting process to begin.  We also prepared to take care of the other special tasks that would have to be performed once the New Year began, to wrap up the previous calendar year's business.  I was moving from one task to another the entire time and barely had a chance to think about anything else.  Cherie never called, so I felt things must be going well at the house, as I finished up what I was working on and got ready to go home. 

The drive back seemed remarkably quiet, because there weren't nearly as many cars on the highway as there normally would have been.  I'm not sure if it was because school was out, so the buses, teachers and school personnel weren't on the road too, or whether a bunch of people had merely chosen this week to go on vacation.  Either way, it was a very enjoyable drive back home. 

Everyone was in good spirits when I arrived at the house and Cherie told me the boys had been terrific and spent most of the day playing outdoors.  She said it worked out great that they had each other to keep them entertained, because she really only saw the boys at breakfast and lunch.  The rest of the time they either did things in pairs or sometimes as a group, but there were never any problems.  I joked that this was only the first day of the Christmas break, so she should thank her lucky stars and start preparing for future flare ups. 

After dinner, we went to the family room to watch 'The Santa Clause', starring Tim Allen.  We had all seen it before, but we were eager to see it again because it is a hilarious movie, so we quickly settled in and got comfortable.  I must admit that it made us all laugh again, so we weren't disappointed. 

When the movie ended, I took the four younger boys upstairs for their showers and put them to bed.  Then, Dylan and Tyler came up to join me next and I showered with them too, but we also took a few minutes to suck each other off for some temporary relief.  After we finished, we piled into bed and cuddled together, ready for a good night's sleep.

Tuesday started off about the same as Monday and we were still very busy at work.  When the workday finally came to an end, I remembered I had to swing by the school to pick up the boys on the way home.  They were all smiling as they walked out of the building and seemed to be in a really good mood when they got in the car. 

"I take it you had a good time," I stated, as they were fastening their seatbelts. 

"Yeah, we played some pick-up games and it was pretty cool," Tyler agreed. 

"Did you play on the same team or against each other?" I followed, since I was curious. 

"Nah!  Me and Tyler played in the games with the older guys, while Justin and Marcus played with the guys their age," Dylan informed me. 

"But we took showers with the older boys and got to see them naked too," Justin piped up, all excited. 

"Yeah, and we got to see the younger boys in the shower too," Tyler confirmed.  "It was pretty good."

"I thought it was great!" Marcus chimed in.  "I can't wait to do it again on Thursday." 

During dinner, the boys told the women about playing in the pick-up games, but they avoided mentioning anything about the showers afterward.  I wound up chuckling to myself when I did a quick mental comparison of how they had explained their time at the gym to me and how they had just explained it to Cherie and Sally. 

After we finished eating, I noticed that 'Santa Clause 2: The Mrs. Clause' was on tonight, so I asked the boys if they wanted to watch that.  They did, so the women and I agreed to watch it with them so we all sat together in the family room, as we had the previous evening. 

When the movie ended, we did a quick repeat of what we'd done the night before.  I showered with the younger boys and tucked them in bed first, before I showered with the older pair and we helped each other take care of our sexual needs again. 



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 74 - Getting Ready for Christmas

On Wednesday morning, I chatted with Cherie and Sally as we ate breakfast together.  I asked how things were going in general and wondered if they needed anything from me.  Both women seemed satisfied with the way things had been progressing with our current living situation and said they were fine, so I added my approval as well and then said I'd see them later, as I went out to get in my car. 

We were busy at work again, but our female co-workers who were planning the luncheon also took a few minutes out of their day to make certain that everything was set for the following afternoon.  Since we'd all agreed to provide something for the meal, they just wanted to make sure that each of us remembered what we'd promised to bring.  The women had made a list of the items that would be needed and then asked each of us to sign up to bring one of them.  This way, they could make sure there wouldn't be any duplicates, that everyone was taking part and that nothing had been forgotten or overlooked. 

Rather than trying to fix something the night before or asking Cherie to do it for me, I signed up to supply the beverages.  I planned on picking up an assortment of non-alcoholic drinks after work, which would include ice tea, soda, bottled water and even some eggnog, which I thought would help to add to the holiday spirit.  

When I got home that night, the boys were playing video games against each other in the family room, so I merely said hello to them and then went out to talk to Cherie. 

"Did you have a good day?" I asked, to get the conversation started. 

"For the most part, but after lunch I had to go in and break up an argument," she confessed.  "It seems that not all of the boys thought they were getting a fair shot at playing the video games, because the boys who were better at it got to play a lot longer." 

"So how did you settle the problem?" I wondered, as I awaited her answer. 

"I sat down and watched the older boys play their game, since they were supposedly the best at it, and I timed how long it took them before something ended their session," she replied.  "Then I told the boys that everyone should get to play for that long, even if it took more than one attempt to use up their time." 

"And did that work?" I followed, while wondering how the boys responded to her suggestion. 

"For the most part, but then there was a question about what should happen if the boys used up their time and hadn't finished their last game," she explained.  "I merely told them that if they ran over by less than two minutes then they should just ignore it, but if it was more than two minutes then they could subtract the amount of time they went over from their next turn.  That seemed to work out fairly well." 

"I'm glad you were able to solve the problem, but today may only be a sign of things to come," I warned, as she looked at me and rolled her eyes. 

"I know, but I hope it doesn't get much worse than that," she countered. 

After we had dinner together, I noticed the same channel we'd been watching the past couple of nights was showing 'Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause' this evening.  Once again I asked the boys if they wanted to watch it and the four younger boys said they did, but Dylan and Tyler said they wanted to watch a basketball game instead.  I wondered if they really wanted to see the game or if it was just a ruse to give us a chance to do more than merely suck each other off tonight, so I decided to put it to the test.  I think I disappointed them when I suggested they could go ahead and watch it in the bedroom, without offering to go with them.  Although they looked at me oddly, they headed toward the staircase without a protest. 

Sally and Cherie immediately picked up on the fact that I didn't go with them, so they urged me to join the older pair, since they figured I'd rather watch the game than the movie.  After thanking them for being so considerate, I set off to catch up with Dylan and Tyler.  I reached the bedroom shortly after they did and it didn't take long before I found out what their true intentions were.  After I had entered the room, Tyler walked over to shut and lock the bedroom door behind me, while Dylan was busy turning on the TV and finding the channel for the game.  Then, they both began to perform an extremely seductive striptease in my honor, while also licking their lips and gyrating their pelvises provocatively.  I had no doubt this was going to be a very interesting evening. 

Once they were both completely naked, they came over and began to remove my clothing as well.  I tried to object and told them I should stay dressed in case someone came upstairs, but they countered that it would be quite a while before the movie ended and anyone showed up, so we would be in our underwear again before that happened.  Otherwise, we could just tell them we were getting ready to take our shower.  It seemed as if they had thought this out beforehand. 

As soon as they had me equally naked, they pushed me against the bed until I fell backward onto the mattress.  Then, they both attacked me, like a pair of hyenas that had just found a carcass left behind by a pride of lions.  I was totally at their mercy.  Now that I was prone on the bed, Dylan placed his mouth over mine and began to kiss me with an aggressiveness and urgency like never before.  His tongue not only dueled with mine, but there were times when he merely used it to trace over and seductively caress my lips, as he displayed a passion he had never shown before.  It was unlike anything I had ever encountered with him previously and it left me puzzled. 

At the same time, Tyler hovered over one of my nipples and playfully attacked it with his tongue first, before wrapping his lips around it, as he began to suckle on it like an infant at its mother's breast.  Then he started to nip at the erect nub and tugged on it as gently as a mother cat picking up one of her kittens in her mouth to move it safely.  When Dylan finally broke contact with my mouth, he moved down to the other nipple and Tyler began a slow journey down my abdomen. He paused briefly so he could use his tongue to tease my belly button for a few moments, before he zeroed in on my shaft. 

Once there, he began to use his tongue to explore every inch of its surface, before dropping slightly lower, so he could do the same thing to my scrotum.  After paying attention to that area for a while and toying with the watery nuggets contained within the fleshy sac, he moved up to my penis again.  After running his lips and tongue from its base to the spongy head, he opened his mouth and swallowed the top half of my shaft and began to nod up and down on it.  After doing this for a time, he lifted up and allowed Dylan to take over, as he crawled back up my body until his lips made contact with mine. 

Tyler expressed his love for me through his kisses next, while Dylan brought me closer to release.  When I finally busted a nut and exploded into Dylan's mouth, I wrapped my arms around the back of Tyler's neck and kissed him deeply, in an effort to show my gratitude for what the two of them had just done.  Then, after allowing me a few moments to catch my breath and mentally return from a mind-blowing experience, I knew it was time to return the favor. 

I moved over to Dylan first and kissed him again, to show him my appreciation for his efforts as well.  Then, I worked my way down his body and did many of the same things the two of them had just done to me.  After working on Dylan's scrotum for a few seconds, I lifted his legs, pushed them back to his chest and attacked his virgin opening with my tongue. 

Since Dylan loved to be rimmed, I knew he would soon start to become vocal, so I pulled away momentarily and asked Tyler to kiss him, to help muffle the sounds he was making.  Then, I dove into his most private place again and used my tongue to provide him with as much pleasure as possible.  Dylan was bucking his hips to assist me, as well as using them to give me his not so subtle signal that he didn't want me to stop.  At the same time, Tyler was doing his best to use his mouth to mask the guttural sounds emanating from Dylan's throat. 

After paying homage to Dylan's backside for what I considered to be a reasonable amount of time, I began to work my way higher, as I moved toward his scrotum again.  I slowly lowered his legs at the same time, as I started to nip and tug at his fleshy sac.  I also toyed with the water nuggets contained within, until I made my move on his granite pole.  His penis was leaking profusely as I began to run my tongue up and down the shaft, and I did my best to capture the sweet ambrosia running down its sides. 

Once I'd captured all of it, I lowered my mouth over the perfectly shaped helmet crowning his penis and continued to move my head downward until my lips came in contact with his pubic patch.  Then, I began to nod up and down on his straining pole and applied suction as I lifted my head upward, while also letting my tongue and lips stimulate the outer surface until he was ready to blow.  When that happened, he sent several blasts of his heavenly cream down my throat, before his body relaxed and then remained nearly motionless upon the mattress.  I quickly noticed that the only sign of movement was his heaving chest, while I was making sure he was completely drained. 

As soon as I had siphoned off the last drop of his sweet nectar, I slid away from Dylan and gave him a chance to enjoy his recent orgasm.  I then moved over to the other side of the bed, so I could start doing the same thing to Tyler.  Since he wasn't generally as loud as his buddy, I didn't have to wait for Dylan to recover so he could kiss him first, before I began to give Tyler the same attention I had just given Dylan.  I repeated every step and continued to worship his magnificent teen body until he'd enjoyed an equally powerful release.  While he was recuperating, I glanced at the TV and noticed the teams were just ending the first half, so I urged the boys to go with me to take their shower before the second half started. 

We hurriedly washed each other, since it was all we had left to do, and finished up with a little time to spare.  After urging the boys to slip into their boxer briefs first, because I felt someone would be stopping by eventually, I unlocked the bedroom door and then we all crawled under the covers.  After we got comfortable with our backs propped up against the pillows we had placed against the headboard, we watched the rest of the game.  Before it ended, however, there was a knock on the bedroom door, so I called out for the person on the other side to enter. 

"Sally and I just stopped by to say goodnight to Dylan and Tyler, but the other boys want you to go over and say goodnight to them too," Cherie informed me. 

"Give me a second to slip my pants on then, because we took our shower during halftime and only put our underwear back on afterward," I answered, as the two women smiled, left the room and shut the door. 

When I was ready, I went over to kiss the other boys goodnight and wish them sweet dreams, but before I did that, I told Sally and Cherie they could go inside to do the same with the other pair.  I also mentioned that the boys were still only in their briefs, so they probably wouldn't be getting out of bed, and both women smiled and winked at me, before entering my bedroom. 

When I returned, both women said goodnight to me as well and told me they were going to turn in now.  After biding them a pleasant slumber, the boys and I watched the rest of the game and then we called it a night as well.  The three of us cuddled with one another and it didn't take very long before we drifted off and enjoyed a very relaxing slumber. 

Thursday morning, I was actually able to slip out of bed without waking either boy, but both women were already up and waiting for me downstairs so we could have breakfast together.  Once we finished up, Sally and I headed off to work for the last time this week, since we were about to begin the three-day Christmas weekend. 

Things were very relaxed at the office, since we had all been working so hard and things were pretty much set for the end-of-the-year wrap up and reporting process.  When lunchtime rolled around, the women organizing the luncheon set everything out, so the rest of us proceeded to grab a plate and filled it with the assortment of goodies provided for this purpose.  After we had selected a beverage too, we sat down at tables set up for this purpose and enjoyed our meal. 

We quickly discovered this was actually the best-of-the-best, since everyone brought in their most popular dish and the one they were most famous for.  While we were eating, we also got a chance to chat with each other about subjects other than work and found out what each other was going to be doing over the Christmas weekend.  It was a truly marvelous experience, as well as a very delicious and filling repast. 

I think we all moved a little slower that afternoon, which seemed to drag on, because we were all a little drowsy from the big meal.  Going back to our desks was also kind of a letdown after having such a good time, but we all managed to last until the end of the workday.  I still got to leave before everyone else too, even though I'd joined them for lunch. but then I wished my boss and each or my coworkers a "Merry Christmas" before I raced out to the parking lot and headed home.  Fortunately, I remembered to pick up the four older boys along the way and drove over to the school first. 

The boys were waiting for me as I pulled up, but they didn't all look happy.  This surprised me, since they'd all been in such a great mood when they did this on Tuesday, so I was curious as to what was different about today.   I didn't have to wait very long before finding out either. 

"Why so sour, you two?" I asked, as Marcus and Justin got in the backseat.  "Didn't you have a good time today?"

"Yeah, at first," Marcus spat back, "but then the older boys decided to play a full-court game and wouldn't let us play too.  Their coach backed them up, so we only got to shoot at the baskets that are where the bleachers pull out from against the wall." 

I glanced over at Tyler first and then looked in the rearview mirror at Dylan next, waiting for an explanation.  After an awkward silence, Tyler finally spoke.  

"The guys in Justin and Marcus' grades aren't used to playing on the big court, so we knew they wouldn't be able to keep up," he began.  "They also aren't used to the way we play, compared to what they do, so it wouldn't really be fair to them." 

"I see," I said blandly after listening to his explanation.  "And how do you think they're supposed to get used to playing on the bigger court and doing the things you boys do if you don't let them play too.  It's not like this is one of your league games and will have an effect of your standings." 

"See, I told ya!" Justin snapped from the backseat. 

"But it wasn't just us," Dylan argued.  "The other guys didn't want them to play either." 

"And you two didn't stick up for your brothers and their friends?" I challenged, which caused both boys to look away from me, showing they were embarrassed by their actions.  "I expect a little more from you two than that." 

As I looked in the rearview mirror again, I noticed Justin and Marcus were looking quite smug as they stared at their brothers.  I was sure those two must have thought the same thing earlier, when they wanted their brothers to talk the others into letting them play too, and now they had my support as well.  

"Since this isn't working out fairly or the way I'd expected, I think you guys should stay home next week and not do this again," I stated, after which I received an immediate reaction from all four boys. 

"No!  Me and Dylan will get the others to let them play next time," Tyler offered, since he didn't want to be left out from going again. 

"Yeah, we'll do that next time," Dylan quickly agreed. 

"I'm not sure this is worthy of a second chance though, since you should have known better today," I countered, as I noted the shocked expressions on both of their faces. 

"But why do we have to stay home too?" Justin wanted to know, since he didn't feel that was fair. 

"I didn't think you'd want to go back, since you didn't have very much fun today," I answered, which caused them to react in a shocked manner as well.  "If your brothers aren't there next time, then I doubt the other boys will treat you any differently, so why go if you won't be happy or have fun?" 

They were all stewing about this as I pulled into the driveway and got out of the car.  Before I went into the house, I overheard Tyler make a comment to the others.  "Don't make a big fuss about what he just told us and let it drop for now," he urged.  "He'll be in a better mood after Christmas, so we'll ask him again on Sunday."  The other three boys echoed their agreement and then they all followed me inside. 

I didn't see Ethan and Andrew when I first entered the house, so I went out to the kitchen to see what Cherie was up to.  After pouring myself a cup of coffee, I filled her in about what had happened when I'd picked up the boys.  She merely shook her head and said she hoped the next couple of days would put them all in a better mood for next week. 

As I glanced out the window and surveyed the backyard, I noticed the youngest pair were out there playing catch.  I smiled as I watched them toss the baseball back and forth and realized how much they missed playing that sport.  Since they weren't actually involved in playing basketball like the other boys, they fell back on the one thing they really enjoyed doing. 

Shortly after Sally arrived at the house as well, we all sat down to have dinner together.  The conversation was lighthearted and the boys didn't offer much, but when we finished eating, they all raced off to see what was on TV.  When the rest of us got to the family room, the younger boys advised us that 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' special was going to be on and it would be followed by 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer', although on a different station.  Since there wasn't anything else on that looked really interesting, Cherie, Sally and I agreed to watch those programs with them.  Since the older pair was still stinging from the mild scolding I gave them earlier, Tyler and Dylan decided to go upstairs and see what they could find on the TV in our bedroom. 

Later, after both programs ended, I took the younger boys upstairs for their showers and then put them in bed.  We all decided to turn in after that, and when I went to my room I discovered Dylan and Tyler had already fallen asleep.  They had stripped down to their underwear and were under the covers, but the TV was still on, so I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth first, before I turned the TV off and climbed into bed beside them. 

Since we were all home on Friday, I suggested that we wait until everyone was up and then have our breakfast together.  I even offered to fix everything, so after asking those already up what they would like, I went out to whip up those items for all of us.   I merely got everything ready though and didn't start cooking it yet, as we waited for the last of the sleepyheads to come down and join us.  When they did, I fired up the burners and prepared our meal. 

After we finished eating, I sent Cherie and Sally off with the six boys, while I cleaned up the mess I'd made.  When I went to join them later, I was greeted with a question. 

"Tomorrow's Christmas, so why aren't there any present under the tree yet?" Ethan demanded, while the other boys looked at me and waited for my answer. 

"Dang!  Did we forget to go pick up those things from layaway?" I countered, while looking at Cherie and Sally in mock surprise.  "I guess what happened last night made me forget that I had to run out after dinner to get them.  Are the stores even open today?" 

"Gee, I'm not sure," Cherie answered, while glancing over at Sally and continuing the game. 

"Yeah, they are, but only until six," Justin responded.  "I think some will be open until nine o'clock too, but I'm not sure which ones.  I saw commercials on TV that said that." 

"So will all the stores be open to at least six or just some of them?" I shot back, pressing the issue. 

"I think all of them, but I'm not sure," he answered, as he started to look scared. 

"I'd better call and check then," I responded.  "I'm sorry, but we might have to wait until Monday and have our Christmas then, unless those stores are open on Sunday." 

The boys all groaned at first, before urging me to go call and see if they would be open.  I then went to my office and spent some time there, before coming out to join them again.  "I only got an answer from one of the stores we need, so I'm not sure about the others.  Maybe we should just wait then, so you can get everything at once," I announced. 

"No, we want to open something tomorrow," Andrew quickly countered, with his eyes bulging out and staring in my direction. 

"You'll have the presents from Santa Claus to open, if he didn't decide you'd been naughty.  That should be enough to hold you over until Monday," I replied, as I saw the older boys roll their eyes, since they believed the adults were Santa. 

The boys continued to urge me to go to the stores just to be sure, because they wanted me to pick up their gifts.  However, I explained I had too much to do right now, because I had to help get everything ready for dinner.  After hearing this, each boy assured me that I didn't need to worry about having a big meal later and they'd be happy with whatever we had, because they thought the presents were more important.  I told them I'd see about doing that in a little while then, before Cherie, Sally and I took off to start our preparations in the kitchen. 

"That was cruel,"  Sally stated, once we were alone. 

"Come on.  You had to know something like that was going to happen, since we wanted to keep everything under wraps until they were all in bed tonight," I pointed out.  She merely sighed and nodded. 

I continued to put the boys off for a couple more hours, but then I had to run out to pick up a few items we'd forgotten to get from the grocery store.  I told the boys I'd check the other stores too, but when I got back, I informed them those stores were either closed or were way too crowded to even fight my way inside.  I then added that I'd had a heck of a time just getting through the aisles of the grocery store to get the things we needed, so they'd just have to put their big day off for a little longer. 

Needless to say, none of the boys were in a very good mood throughout dinner or for the rest of the night.  Ann even made a comment about their less than festive mood shortly after she'd arrived, so Sally pulled her aside to explain the situation to her. 

The boys ate well enough though, since Cherie had done a truly marvelous job with the meal.  I was willing to give her most of the credit, even though she had Sally and me helping her out, because she'd planned everything and had done much of the work.  She'd fixed fish sticks for the boys who didn't like cod, but we asked each of the boys to at least try the fried shrimp and lobster tail, because there were several shrimp and half a lobster tail for each of us, along with plenty of melted butter.  There was also an assortment of side dishes, along with the large pan of baked ziti, so we were all stuffed by the time we pushed our chairs away from the tables.  In addition to the dining room table for the adults, we still had the banquet table that Don had loaned us for Thanksgiving that the kids used. 

After dinner, we all went to the family room and watched the 1947 version of 'Miracle on 34th Street'.  The boys all agreed that Edmund Gwenn, who'd played the part of Kris Kringle, actually looked like Santa Claus, so I responded, "Maybe he really was."

When the movie ended, Ann left to go back to her place for the night, since she didn't want to sleep on the couch, but she made sure to thank us for inviting her again.  After she had departed, I took the boys upstairs, rushed them through their showers and put them all in bed.  I even turned in with Tyler and Dylan too, since Sally, Cherie and I had all agreed that doing anything different would probably make that pair suspicious. 

As Tyler was getting undressed, he suddenly looked up at me and his face was covered with a strange expression.  Then he glanced over at Dylan for a second, before he looked over at me again and shrugged his shoulders.  That's when it struck me as to what his problem was.  I'd told him I'd make love to him as a Christmas present, but now he was suddenly wondering how we were going to be able to do that with Dylan sharing the room with us.  He knew I had agreed to do it with him, but I also didn't want Dylan to know about what we were doing, so I could read the apprehension on Tyler's face, as he wondered how I was going to keep my promise.  I'm sure that was still on his mind when he eventually fell asleep. 

Later, when Cherie and Sally were convinced that all of the boys were asleep, they snuck out of their bedroom and went down to the garage.  After they'd moved all of the presents inside, they arranged everything under the tree.  I had offered to help them do this, but they were afraid I would wake the older pair up when I got out of bed, so they turned me down.  They didn't want to ruin the surprise, so they assured me they'd be able to handle it on their own.  I thanked them and did my part in carrying out the deception.

We were awakened sometime between 5:00 and 6:00 the next morning, when Ethan and Andrew began running up and down the upstairs hallway shouting for us to get up. 

"Wake up!  Wake up.  Santa's been here and there are loads of presents under the tree!" they both screamed.  They were truly excited and both boys were dancing around in pure joy. 

While the rest of us were stretching the sleep from our bodies and yawning as we crawled out of bed, the boys noted that some of us were doing it more slowly than the others.  The other boys had already joined Ethan and Andrew in the hallway long before the rest of us got there, so they began urging Sally, Cherie and me to hurry up.  When we eventually got downstairs, we discovered that half of the living room floor was covered in presents. 

"Hey, some of this stuff is from you guys too!" Marcus pointed out after looking at a few of the gift tags. 

"Son of a gun!" I exclaimed.  "Santa must have bailed us out and picked up our gifts from the layaway department."  I got some strange looks from the older boys after I'd said this, but the younger ones were just eager to start opening their presents. 

"Ok, get back and I'll pass things out," I offered, to limit the confusion and make sure everyone got something to unwrap.  I called out who each gift was for, along with who it was from, as I picked up each package and handed it to the person mentioned. 

Cherie began playing some Christmas music in the background while I was doing this and we spent the next couple of hours opening gifts.  There were presents from all of us to each other, but there were also plenty of presents from Santa as well, even for the adults.  The boys got a mixture of toys, sporting goods and games, along with some clothes they'd mentioned that they wanted.  The adults got mostly clothes, although the women got some jewelry and perfume too, while I got a few sporting items.  As soon as everything had been unwrapped, I made one final announcement. 

"There is one present that's not here right now, because it was far too big to wrap," I advised them.  "It's also for everyone to enjoy, because I've purchased an above-ground pool for the backyard and it will be delivered and set up in the late spring." 

My announcement received more than a few cheers and I got just as many hugs of appreciation, as the boys thanked me for doing this for them.  Marcus even whispered in my ear that he was going to get his friends to swim naked with him at his next birthday party.  

Once we'd cleaned up the wrapping paper and got the living room in decent shape again, we all went upstairs to get dressed, because Ann would be showing up shortly so we could have breakfast together.  Once she arrived, we all sat down to eat, since Cherie, Sally and I had worked together to prepare a large breakfast.  We felt this should hold us over until later, when we had an early dinner. 

After the meal was over, we exchanged gifts with Ann.  Sally, Cherie and I had advised her to only get presents for the boys, because our gifts to her were from each family group, and we made sure she got some very nice things in return, as per Sally's suggestions. 

I was beginning to think that Ann had spent way too much doing this, when she announced that all of the gifts were from her and her manager.  He had given her money to buy the boys' presents too, so I felt guilty that we hadn't invited him to join us.  Ann assured me that we needn't worry, because he was celebrating with his family and wouldn't have been able to come anyway.  When I heard that, I told her we'd have to pick up a gift for him and then we'd stop by the diner to eat, so we could thank him and give him the present from us. 

After we finished exchanging those gifts, we all went in to watch the Christmas parade on TV and each of the boys made their rounds to spend time with each of the adults.  We had a very nice time, especially Ann, who seemed to revel in the boys' attention. 

Once the parade ended, the boys got busy checking out the various things they'd received and started taking some of the items up to their rooms.  While they were doing that, the rest of us went out to the kitchen so we could start getting things ready for Christmas dinner, as well as to sip on our coffee and chat at the same time. 

After we'd put the ham and various other items in the oven and were busy getting everything else ready for later, I heard the doorbell ring.  I was mildly surprised by this, since I wasn't expecting anyone else to show up, but then I thought it might be the Riordans stopping over from next door to wish us a Merry Christmas.  Therefore, I went to answer the door, but as I pulled it toward me and exposed who was there, I think my mouth must have hit the floor.  It was a total shock. 

"I know I'm the last person you expected to see today, but I'm hoping you'll give me a few seconds to explain why I'm here," Don stated with a hopeful expression on his face.  After a few awkward moments of standing frozen in place, I finally stepped to one side and asked him to enter. 



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