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            The Guardian

Installment 38


by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 75 - An Unexpected Surprise

"I came over to apologize to you," Don stated, as I stood there with my mouth hanging slightly open, while I gawked at him.  Fortunately, he continued speaking, since I hadn't responded.  "If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to apologize to my wife and sons too." 

"Of course," I offered, once I'd calmed down slightly and found my tongue again. 

After Don had come inside, I shut the door behind him.  I then turned around to face him again and Don began to speak once more. 

"Blake, I sincerely wish to apologize to you for acting like such an ass on Thanksgiving," he continued and I thought he looked as if he was being sincere.  "I've done a lot of soul-searching and a great deal of thinking since then, but I've also talked to a great many people to get their take on things as well.  I've also done some research on my own, so I hope you'll hear me out, rather than throw me out." 

"If you've come to apologize, then I'm more than willing to listen to what you might have to say," I confirmed, which put him slightly more at ease. 

"At first I was livid when I found out about you, so I started bitching to anyone who would listen.  Even though some of the people I spoke to agreed with me, there were many others that asked why I was so upset and made me question my long-held beliefs," he offered, while appearing truly contrite.  "People I work with wanted to know how I could have changed my opinion of you over this one issue, since we had gotten along so well and done so much together before I found out you were gay. 

"I tried to rationalize what I was feeling so they'd understand, but they kept hammering away and telling me how foolish I was being," he continued.  "When I told them that your orientation wasn't natural, quite a few of them countered that they thought gays were born the way they were and it wasn't a choice at all.  This suddenly reminded me about something Dylan had said on Thanksgiving."  Don then stopped momentarily, took a deep breath and wet his lips with his tongue before continuing. 

"Dylan said he's known he was gay since he was eleven, but I couldn't see how that could be possible.  It was long before he met you and way before he even knew very much about sex, so how could he have possibly chosen to be gay?  After thinking about this for a very long time, I finally realized that being gay was most likely an inborn trait.  I now believe it's kind of like being born left-handed, blond or having green eyes.  Once I'd figured that out, I could no longer hate someone for being gay.  I hope you will forgive me and let me try to make it up to you for my previous outburst." 

"Of course I will, Don," I confessed, while reaching out to shake his hand.  "Let me go get Cherie and the boys for you." 

When I turned around, I spotted Cherie cautiously peering at us from around the corner in the other room.  Since I wasn't sure if she'd been able to hear what had been said, I walked over to her and explained that Don had just apologized to me and would like to do the same to her.  A totally surprised expression came over her face, but then she returned to her normal appearance again, as she gathered herself and agreed to go speak with him.  I told her while she was doing that, I would go upstairs to get Dylan and Justin, so they could speak with their dad too.  I then went back and told Don that Cherie was waiting for him in the living room. 

After watching them greet each other and making sure nothing was amiss, I turned toward the staircase so I could go get them.  As I wheeled around in that direction, I saw Justin sitting on one of the lower steps, so I went over to speak with him.  "Your dad's here and he'd like to talk to you," I advised him.  He merely looked at me for a few seconds, but never made an attempt to stand up. 

"I knew he was here," Justin stated, while flashing me a very apprehensive look.  "When I heard the doorbell ring, I looked out the window in Marcus' room and saw his car.  What does he want?" 

"He came over to apologize," I explained.  "He has already done that to me and is now doing the same thing with your mother, but he said he would also like to apologize to you and Dylan too. 

"Will you go with me?" Justin quickly asked in return.  "I'm not sure I trust him and I'm afraid he just came back so he can take me away with him." 

After I told him I wouldn't let that happen, he still didn't seem totally convinced, so I agreed to go with him when he went to see his father.  Cherie and Don were hugging when we entered the living room and that made Justin relax slightly.  Then, Don looked up, noticed Justin and smiled.  I nudged Justin forward, as he tentatively moved closer to where his father was waiting. 

"I'm so sorry about the way I acted the last time we were all together," Don announced as he moved toward Justin.  "I'm also sorry for the way I behaved while you were growing up and for giving you the wrong impression about a lot of things.  I hope you'll let me make up to you for that now."  Don then embraced Justin in a powerful hug and kissed him several times on the top of his head.  Justin appeared completely shocked by his father's actions and glanced back in my direction as soon as he could, since he was confused about how he should respond. 

"Don't worry, I haven't gone mad," Don assured him, "but I will try to make up for not showing you the love I felt for you as you were growing up." 

This time when Don hugged him, Justin hugged him back and kissed his father on the cheek.  Since he no longer seemed to need me, I went upstairs to get Dylan.  He and Tyler were watching something on TV and they both looked up at me when I entered the room. 

"Dylan, there's someone downstairs to see you," I advised him and he flashed me a confused expression. 

"Who is it?" he wanted to know, but I wasn't about to spoil the surprise. 

"Just go downstairs and see," I urged, as he slowly got off the bed and moved toward the doorway. 

Dylan then passed me by and left the room with Tyler right behind him, but I grabbed a hold of Tyler's arm and held him back.  I wanted to give Dylan a little bit of a head start before we followed, so I had Tyler walk beside me and made sure we kept a discreet distance behind Dylan.  After we'd made our way down the staircase and entered the foyer, I told Dylan to head into the living room.  As he started to turn the corner, Dylan suddenly pulled up and came to an abrupt stop.  He was still standing frozen in place when we reached him, so I urged him to continue moving forward.  His father looked up when he saw us and started to move in Dylan's direction.  Don opened his arms wide as he did so and I prodded Dylan to continue moving forward and meet his dad partway. 

"I've already apologized to Blake, your mother and your brother, but now I'd like to apologize to you," Don stated, as he pulled Dylan into a powerful bear hug.  "I'm extremely sorry for the things I said back on Thanksgiving and hope you'll forgive me for acting so stupid.  I want you to know that I love you just the way you are and I no longer care that you might be gay.  You're my son and nothing will change that, so I want you to know that I'm very proud of you and love you dearly."  After saying this, he kissed Dylan on the forehead, several times, as Dylan's jaw dropped open. 

"Who are you and where's my dad?" Dylan shot back, totally bewildered by this apparent change, and Don began to laugh. 

"It's really me, son, and I've got a whole lot to make up to you for," Don confirmed, as he hugged Dylan again.  "I've acted like a huge jerk your whole life and I intend to make up to all of you for the way I've behaved, if you'll let me." 

Once Dylan agreed, the four of them joined together in a group hug.  I could see the smiles on everyone's face, including those merely observing this scene, and felt we had all just witnessed a true Christmas miracle.  As soon as they finished hugging and kissing each other, I spoke up. 

"Don, you're invited to join us for Christmas dinner, unless you have other plans," I offered, as they all turned toward me. 

"I'd love to do that," he quickly agreed, "but afterward I'd like to take my family home with me, if they don't mind.  I have presents waiting under the tree for them back there." 

This comment ignited another round of hugs and kisses, as Cherie and the boys agreed that they'd be happy to go home with him afterward.  I think we were all pleased at how this was working out, but I had a feeling Tyler was even more excited about it than even the Cochrans.  It now appeared as if Dylan wouldn't be with us tonight, so it meant I'd be able to keep my promise to him.  I could tell by the goofy smile on his face that he was now eagerly anticipating receiving this gift and it seemed to be more important to him than all of the other presents he'd received combined. 

Since it was quite an emotional reunion, the rest of us left the Cochrans alone in the living room so they could talk, while we set about doing other things.  The other boys went to check out their Christmas presents, while Sally, Ann and I went out to check on dinner and finished up what still needed to be done.  I told Ann she could go to the family room and take it easy if she wanted, since Sally and I could handle everything by ourselves, but Ann insisted on staying with us and helping out, so Sally and I gave in. 

Once the meal was ready, we called everyone out to eat.  After they had taken their places, we said grace first and then Sally, Cherie and I helped the boys load up their plates and head over to the 'kids' table.  The rest of us then passed the dishes around and took what we wanted, before we dug in and began to enjoy the wonderful meal.  While we were eating, Don made another announcement. 

"I'm truly thankful to have my family back again and I want to make a promise to them, in front of all of you as witnesses.  I promise that I will treat them all much better from this day forward and will do everything in my power to protect them and make them happy.  In a way, I'm kind of glad that the incident at Thanksgiving happened, because it helped to open my eyes and make me realize how foolish and misguided I've been.  I hope to make up to my wife and sons for the previous errors of my ways, but I hope to do that with the rest of you as well." 

We all, each in our own way, let Don know we appreciated his sudden turnaround and would hold him to his promise.  After that, we finished eating, as everyone smiled and had a great time. 

Later, after we'd all spent more time with each other, Cherie, Dylan and Justin went up to pack a few things to take with them before they returned home with Don.  Although Cherie drove her car home so she'd have it, they were all going back together.  Before she left, however, Cherie told me they would pick up the rest of their things later, either tomorrow or during the week, but she promised to still watch the boys for me while I was at work. 

I felt this should be a very happy time for them, because even though Don announced he had presents for them, I also knew Cherie and the boys had bought gifts for Don as well, which she had kept in the trunk of her car so they'd also have something to give him too, if he ever returned to his senses. 

Shortly after they left, Sally announced that she and Andrew were going to spend the night with Ann, since they didn't want her to be alone again.  I told them that would be fine and they promised they'd see us again the following afternoon. 

As they were grabbing a few things to take with them, I was thinking about how nice it was to have family and suddenly remembered something else.  When I had contacted Matt's parents about Matt and Kelly's deaths, I had also promised to bring their grandsons to see them.  Since the boys had been so busy over spring break, I had planned to do it at the end of summer instead, just before they returned to school.  But then Tyler was injured and wasn't able to make such a long trip, so I put off the idea again.  Now, I had to keep my word and this would be the perfect time to go see them. 

Before Sally and her group left, I mentioned to her about what I was thinking, so she would know what I was planning.  I told her I'd call my boss at home the following day, to see if he'd allow me to take the time off on short notice, and then I'd call Matt's parents to see if it would work for them.  After thinking about it briefly, she said that would be fine, and if I did it, then she'd just ask Cherie if she'd mind watching Andrew at her place instead, since Cherie had promised to watch the boys next week for us.  If Cherie would do that, then Sally would stop by their house each evening to see Andrew for a while before returning home for the night, so she could get ready for the next workday.  I promised we would be back the following Thursday, so they could all join us again and we'd be able to celebrate the New Year together. 

Once I was alone with my three boys, we went to the family room and I cuddled with them on the sofa, as we watched a couple of shows on television.  After the last one had ended, I told them it was time to shower and they all wanted to do it together tonight.  I thought their request was a bit unusual, but I had no problem honoring it, so we all went upstairs together and got undressed. 

As I washed each one, they thanked me for their gifts and for the wonderful day, so I mentioned to them about what I was thinking of doing.  They reacted with a mixture of disappointment and excitement, because they didn't want to leave their friends for so long, but they were also anxious to see their grandparents again.  Tyler also had an expectant look on his face as well, and this let me know that he hoped I was still planning to keep my promise tonight. 

As soon as we finished up in the shower, we dried off, brushed our teeth and then Marcus and Ethan put on their pajamas.  They quickly informed me that they wanted to sleep together tonight, so I tucked them both into Marcus' bed and then kissed them goodnight.  After closing the bedroom door, I returned to my room. 

Tyler basically attacked me after I'd shut and locked the door behind me, and then he began to barrage me with questions.  "Are we still going to do it tonight?  I was afraid Dylan was going to mess this up for me, but now you're still going to make love to me like you promised.  Aren't you?  Do I need to get anything or do something special first?  Mmmph..." 

Tyler was asking these questions in rapid succession and never gave me a chance to respond, so I lifted my hand and placed it over his mouth to prevent him from continuing.  "Slow down, take a deep breath and relax," I urged.  "I'll grab what we need, which isn't very much." 

After hearing what I'd said, Tyler broke into a huge grin that went from one ear to the other and he began hopping around the room in anticipation.  While he was doing that, I grabbed the bag containing the dildos he had been using, along with the lube, and brought it all back to the bed with me.  I then used the two largest dildos on him, one after the other, to make sure he was good and loose first.  Then, I let him suck on my penis long enough to get me hard, before I asked him if he was sure he still wanted to do this. 

"Of course I do, and I don't want you to use a rubber either," he insisted, which was the same desire he had expressed to me before.  Since I knew we were both 'clean' and had nothing to worry about, I agreed to do what he wanted.  I quickly lubed up my penis and added a little more lube to his rectum, before I positioned him with his butt hanging slightly over the side of the mattress while I stood on the floor.  Slowly, I inched my way closer until the mushroom head of my penis was touching his pulsing hole.  Tyler was trembling with excitement as I paused and spoke again. 

"Let me know if you feel any pain," I instructed him.  "I want you to enjoy this and I don't want to hurt you in any way, so you will have to be honest with me." 

After he agreed that he would, I began to lean my weight against him, as I tried to coax my penis to enter his virgin hole.  It took a few seconds before his sphincter stopped resisting my efforts and gave way, but eventually the bulbous head of my penis was able to pry open the resilient guardian that protected his most private place.  When that happened, I heard Tyler go 'oof', so I immediately froze in place and looked at his face, to see how he was holding up. 

"I'm ok," he assured me, forcing a grin.  "It was just a little bigger than I was expecting, so it kinda surprised me is all." 

Since he seemed to be handling it well, I continued to exert a little more pressure, as my shaft started to slide farther into him.  I did this slowly and kept pausing to give him a chance to adjust, but eventually my pubes were brushing against his backside and let me know I was completely seated.  At this point, his thighs were resting against my chest and his calves were laying on top of my shoulders, as I hesitated and gave him a little more time to get used to the intrusion. 

"Are you all right?" I asked, as I looked down at him. 

"Yeah, I'm fine and I love finally feeling you inside me, instead of those dildos," he cooed in response.  "I've been waiting a long time for this and now I really feel like I belong to you." 

"Indeed, we belong to each other and I couldn't love you more, even if I tried," I replied as his grin widened. 

"Go ahead and do it.  I'm good," he urged, so I slowly started to withdraw most of my penis, before slamming it back into him again. 

Since he seemed to be fine with this, I concentrated on what I was both doing and feeling.  His chute felt like a velvet glove gently wrapped around my male appendage, but it was also moist at the same time and radiated so much heat that my penis felt as if it were basking outdoors in the middle of summer.  It was a truly remarkable feeling and I hoped it felt just as good for him. 

Over the next few minutes, I worked into a nice relaxed rhythm, as my penis slid in and out of his love canal.  I'd pull back until only the bulbous head was still inside him and then I would thrust it in as deeply as it would go again, until my thighs were slapping against his butt cheeks.  I hadn't had unprotected sex in a great many years, since back when I'd first started having sex, and was unexpectedly reminded about how wonderful the feeling could be when it wasn't being partially masked by a thin coating of latex.  It was absolutely exquisite. 

I had also never thought about how loud the sounds of our lovemaking would be, since I'd never had to worry about anyone else being in the house or apartment at the time.  I was suddenly glad the women and other boys were gone for the night and prayed we weren't making enough noise to wake up Ethan or Marcus.  I worried about this, because the bedroom seemed to be echoing with the sound of my thighs slapping against Tyler's butt cheeks, along with my panting and Tyler moaning in pure ecstasy.  Since the bedroom door was shut and locked, along with Marcus' bedroom door being closed, I hoped it was enough to maintain our privacy. 

After many minutes at this leisurely pace, I felt the tingling sensation building deep in my gut, which signaled that my juices were starting to reach the boiling point and would soon begin the journey up the slender tubes.  This caused me to pick up the pace slightly, but not too much, since I didn't want this wonderful feeling to end too soon.  At the same time I began stroking Tyler's penis with my hand, because I was hoping I could get him to climax with me. 

When I knew I was getting close, I increased my pace again and began to aggressively pound Tyler's butt, while at the same time stroking his penis faster.  Tyler was moaning even louder now, while his head was lolling from side-to-side and his eyes had rolled back in their sockets slightly, as they also started to glaze over.  I felt this meant he was enjoying this as much as I was, so I picked up the pace one more time and began my sprint toward the finish line.

It wasn't very long after I did that before Tyler's dick erupted and his boy cream shot from the tip and landed on his body.  When this happened, his anal muscles clamped down on my penis and forced me over the edge too.  I drove into him one final time and then froze in place, as my semen shot up the tubes and I filled Tyler with my man seed.  Then, I thrust a few more times, thus completing the act and draining the last of my juices, but then I had to force myself to remain upright and not collapse on top of Tyler, since I knew that might injure him. 

After standing there for another minute or two, I started to withdraw from his well used chute, but this caused Tyler to react and shout out. 

"No, leave it in me!" he whined, as he eyes shot open and pleaded with me to relent. 

I stopped immediately and looked him in the eye, as I did what he wanted.  Unfortunately for him, nature was working against us, because my penis eventually deflated back to its flaccid state and involuntarily retracted from its temporary home.  I apologized to Tyler and explained this was happening on its own, since I was losing my erection.  He merely sighed and then nodded his head in understanding, as he quit complaining. 

"That was incredible," Tyler gushed a few second later.  "I loved feeling you inside me and I felt every squirt when you shot your load.  If I was a girl, then I know I'd be pregnant now."  He was absolutely glowing as he finished his comment. 

I loved it too!" I assured him.  "That had to have been the most wonderful experience I've ever had and you were absolutely terrific.  I think I also filled you up with my biggest load ever."  Tyler giggled when I said this.  "I'm sure it's going to start leaking out of you soon, so clamp your butt cheeks shut and try to waddle to the toilet so you can let it out there." 

"No, I want to leave it inside me," he countered, while looking very determined. 

"I'm afraid it will start leaking out of you whether you want it to or not," I reiterated.  "If you don't want to make a mess and end up sleeping on a huge wet spot, then I suggest you do what I just said." 

Tyler thought about it for a few seconds and then did what I'd suggested.  After making sure gravity had drained all of my semen from his body, Tyler reluctantly wiped away the last vestiges with some toilet paper and rejoined me in bed.  We kissed for a while and then cuddled with each other when I had another thought. 

"Merry Christmas, my love," I told him as I gave him another kiss, and then we clung to each other and drifted off to sleep. 



            The Guardian

by Erastes
Copyright 2015 by Erastes
Chapter 76 - Larry and June

On Sunday, the day after Christmas, I woke up and discovered Tyler was laying on his side facing me with a huge grin on his face.  "Good morning," he greeted me, as soon as he saw I had opened my eyes. 

"You're up early," I countered, since I knew he generally liked to sleep in. 

"That's because I'm so happy and feel so good," he responded, still grinning broadly.  "I loved what we did last night and I dreamed about us all night long." 

"I loved it too," I agreed, as I moved closer so I could kiss him. 

"Can we do it again tonight?" he immediately followed and I could read the expectation on his face. 

"Let's see how you're doing first," I suggested, "because we've got all day before we have to decide anything." 

"But I want you to do it to me again," Tyler insisted, not letting up. 

"And we just might, but I want to watch you first and see how you're doing before I agree to it," I replied, as he shook his head from side to side and gave me a disgusted look.  "Ok, but you'll see I'm fine." 

We then got out of bed, threw on some clothes and headed downstairs.  I was trailing behind Tyler and noticed that he appeared to be walking funny this morning.  It may have just been my imagination, but if not, I was certainly glad the women weren't here, because they would immediately be able to figure out what we'd done.  I was hoping, however, that Tyler would be back to normal before anyone showed up to join us again. 

Ethan and Marcus were already in the family room watching cartoons, so I asked the boys what they wanted for breakfast.  Once they told me, I went out and fixed it for them.  After we finished eating, Ethan and Marcus went back to the family room to watch their shows, while I cleaned up the kitchen.  A few minutes later, Tyler came up behind me and started kissing my neck.  As I began to turn around so I could ask him what was up, he kissed me on the cheek instead and then moved to my lips. 

"I just love you sooo much!" he exclaimed in between kisses.  "I know I'm totally yours now, because you filled me up with your love and I'm really, really happy about it." 

"I see and I appreciate that you feel so good, because I feel the same way.  You really have to stop acting like a giddy school girl though or everyone else will be able to figure out what we did last night," I warned and he merely nodded his head in agreement. 

"Ok, I'll try, but it's not going to be easy," he confessed before hugging me.  "I'm just so happy that you finally did it with me." 

"I know, but you can't be too obvious about it," I countered.  "It was bad enough that I thought you were walking funny when we came downstairs, but you can't be all clingy and go around with that goofy grin on your face when Sally and the others show up later." 

"I'm sorry, but I can't help that I'm feeling so good, but I wasn't walking funny," he insisted, while giving me a strange look. 

"I'm afraid you were," I confirmed.  "You were walking with your legs farther apart than normal, and I hate to say it, but you looked as if someone had shoved a bat up your ass."  Tyler giggled. 

"Yeah, your bat," he teased.  "I'll try to do better though, but it does kinda feel like you're still inside me." 

"That might be a good reason not to repeat it tonight," I pointed out.  "I don't want anyone to figure out what we've been up to." 

After I got Tyler to calm down and stop protesting about what I'd just said, I sent him on his way.  Then, I finished up what I was doing and went to my office for a few minutes alone.  I glanced at the clock after I sat down and noticed it was still before noon, so I decided to wait before doing what I'd planned.  I was going to call my boss first, but I wasn't about to do it before noon, and then I'd call Matt's parents next, if my boss agreed to let me take some time off.  While I was waiting, I thought about what I was going to say to each person after I'd dialed his number. 

Since I had been in my office for so long, Tyler stopped by to see what I was up to.  After I'd explained what I was waiting for, he plopped own on my lap and started to kiss me again.  I eagerly participated in this for a few minutes, but then I told him he had to stop, because someone might accidentally walk in on us. 

"But I kiss you other times too," he stated, perturbed. 

"You do on occasion, but not like you were just doing, at least not in front of others," I stated, causing him to grin. 

"Ok, I'll try to be better then," he agreed, as we sat and talked for a while. 

When I looked at the clock again, it was now quarter to one, so I told Tyler I wanted to be left alone so I could make a couple of phone calls.  He didn't give me too much trouble about it, but he did kiss me again before he left.  Once he was gone, I called my boss at home. 

"Hey, it's Blake," I responded, once he'd picked up.  "I really hate to bother you like this, but I need to ask a favor.  I forgot that I'd  told Matt's parents that I would bring the boys out to visit them, so I was wondering if you would let me take the coming week off to do it.  I'll take my laptop with me and do some work while I'm there, but I really want the boys to spend some time with their grandparents before it's too late.  I'm afraid neither one of Matt's parents are in very good shape." 

"Look, from what I could tell last week, we're in excellent shape for the start of the year," he agreed.  "There are probably still a few things you could clear up from your laptop, so I'll figure out how much time you actually spend working while you're there and then use some of your other time off to compensate you for the remaining hours.  Just drive safely and have a good time." 

After I thanked him for agreeing to this, I called Matt's parents next.  I hoped they weren't napping after lunch, which I knew they sometimes did, but I took the chance and dialed their number anyway.  "Hello," a woman's voice answered. 

"Mrs. Weaver, this is Blake Hunter.  I was wondering if you and your husband would mind if I brought your grandson's out to visit you for a few days?" I asked and then waited for an answer. 

"Yes, that would be lovely," she agreed without hesitation.  "We haven't seen the boys in quite a long time, so it would be nice to spend some time with them and see what they look like now." 

"I know you don't have room for us to stay with you, so I'll make a motel reservation, just to be sure we have a place to stay.  If there are no problems doing that, then we'll leave here first thing in the morning," I explained.  "I'll call you after we arrive and get settled in, but only if it's not too late.  If you are ok with the idea at that time, then we'll come by for a visit.  If it's too late when we get there, then we'll see you the following morning." 

"That will be fine, dear, and I'll let father know you'll be coming to see us," she confirmed. 

As soon as I hung up the phone, I got online and found a motel near where they lived and made a reservation for a room with two double beds.  Once that was confirmed, I went to the family room and let the boys know about our travel plans.  I also urged them to go upstairs with me so we could pack what we'd need to take with us.  I also told them we'd grab our toothbrushes in the morning, since we'd need them tonight.  Then, after we'd packed up what we needed to take with us, I went to spend a little more time with them before Sally and Andrew arrived. 

Those two showed up about an hour later and Sally was carrying a bag of groceries, as well as the overnight bag she had taken with her.  "Since Cherie isn't here, I've decided to fix dinner for all of us tonight and brought just about everything I'll need with me," she announced, as she set down her overnight bag and carried the other into the kitchen. 

I followed her and tried to explain that she didn't have to do this, but she insisted.  She explained that since the two of them had been staying with us for so long, she wanted to do something to return the favor.  She also told me that she'd spoken with Cherie and Cherie had agreed to watch Andrew while the boys and I were away, so she'd drop him off there in the morning, before heading to work.  I then gave her one of the spare keys I'd made for the boys to carry in their bat packs over the summer, so they could get in the house when I wasn't there.  This way, Sally would be able to pick up anything she might have forgotten after returning home. 

Sally prepared a very lovely meal for us, and after we'd finished eating, we all thanked her for what she'd done.  She and Andrew then went upstairs and packed up all of their belongings, so they could spend the rest of the week at home.  Sally didn't want to stay with us again tonight, because she was afraid they'd get in our way in the morning, when the rest of us were trying to get ready so we could leave on our trip. 

After we'd helped Sally load up her car, she and Andrew thanked us again and headed home.  Once they were gone, I watched a little more TV with the boys, before we went upstairs to shower together.  After tucking Ethan and Marcus into bed and kissing them goodnight, I shut their bedroom doors and went over to my room.  After I'd shut and locked that door as well, Tyler quickly confronted me.  "Can we do it again tonight?" he wanted to know. 

"I think we'd better wait for a while...," I started to say, but Tyler cut me off. 

"Why?  I want to do it again," he insisted. 

"I know you do, but Sally noticed that you were walking funny when you came out to the dining room earlier," I told him, while studying his face in the process.  "She made a comment about it to me, so I told her you'd slipped in the bathroom, fell and hurt your tailbone.  I think she bought it, but I'm not sure." 

"She really asked you about that?" he countered, looking totally shocked. 

"She did, but it shouldn't come as a surprise, because I told you that you were walking funny too," I reminded him.  "How about you do it to me tonight instead." 

"Really?  You'll let me do that to you too?" he wondered, looking amazed. 

"It's only fair and this way you'll get to see what that's like as well," I confirmed, before he started hopping around the room again. 

As soon as he calmed down, I explained to him how we were going to do it and then I lubed myself up, helped him get hard and then lubed him up as well.  Then, I got on all fours on the bed and let him move in behind me.  He had some difficulty getting in me at first, because he was a little off when he tried to line himself up.  After he got that down, he discovered it took a little effort on his part to breach the resilient ring, since it had been a while since I'd done this.  Once he was in me though, he got all excited. 

"Oh my God, it's so warm in there!" he exclaimed.  "And it feels so good." 

"Just go slowly and don't get too excited," I urged.  "I want you to be able to last for a while, so we'll both enjoy it." 

Tyler did his best to comply, but since this was his first time and he was enjoying it so much, he soon kicked it up a notch and began going a little faster.  I could hear him panting behind me, along with the frequent and slightly winded commentaries he kept uttering to let me know how much he liked doing it.  Before too much longer, he shifted into high gear and began slamming into my butt like a jackhammer trying to tear up the sidewalk.  A few moments later, he drove his penis into me one final time and then froze, as his boy seed began to spurt from the tiny opening at the end and started filling my butt.  After a few more seconds of inactivity, he started thrusting into me again and kept it up until he was no longer able to continue.  Then, he collapsed on top of me, so I gently lowered my body until I was laying on the bed. 

When Tyler eventually recuperated, he excitedly began to tell me how much he'd enjoyed it.  "That was almost as good when as when you did it to me, but I think I liked that a little better!" he exclaimed.  "Both times were fantastic though and now we've shared our love with each other.  We have also planted our seed, so now we'll always belong to each other." 

In his own way, he was demonstrating that he was my romantic little lover, but I shared his underlying feelings.  Both times had truly been fantastic and I now felt closer to him as well.  I was also pleased that he had experienced both giving and receiving, and that I had been his first both times. 

After Tyler had recuperated and climbed off my back, I went into the bathroom to release his semen into the toilet bowl, and he followed so he could clean up a bit too.  Then we went out and crawled back into bed together. 

"I'm glad we finally did this with each other," he stated, as he cuddled up against me.  "You've been my first with everything now and we're always gonna stay together.  Right?" 

"I certainly don't plan on leaving you, so we'll be together for as long as you want," I agreed, which brought a smile to his face. 

"Man, I'm so happy and so lucky," he sighed.  "I know Dylan would be jealous if he knew what we did, but don't worry, I'm not going to tell him." 

"You'd better not," I reminded him, in case he had any doubts.  "I don't mind Dylan joining in the other things we do, but this is one thing I just can't do with anyone except you." 

"But can I do it with Dylan sometime?" Tyler followed, looking at me with those puppy dog eyes again.  "He's mentioned it a few times, because he said he's tired of just using the dildos." 

"I don't mind if you do things with each other, but I suggest you use condoms," I answered.  "First of all, that will get you in the practice of using them, but if you start doing things with others without doing that, then we will have to start putting them on before doing anything with each other." 

"But Dylan don't got nothin' either," Tyler pointed out, so I had to support my objection. 

"Maybe not now, but he may not tell you every time he does something with someone else and I don't want us to take that chance," I explained.  "It's better to be safe than sorry, so that's why you have to promise to use a condom when doing stuff with anyone else or we'll have to start using the condoms instead."

"Ok, because I'd rather feel you inside me than Dylan or any other guy," he reluctantly agreed.  "I promise to always do that then." 

"Ok, and I trust you'll always keep your word," I agreed. 

After that discussion ended, we cuddled together and fell asleep.  It was a deep, relaxing and restful sleep, so we were both in a really good mood when we woke up the next morning. 

After I went in to wake the other boys up, we all got dressed and headed downstairs to have breakfast.  It was a quick, no frills affair this morning, but it was filling and would tide us over for a while.  Then, we went upstairs to brush our teeth, packed our toothbrushes in with our other belongings and carried it all downstairs to load into the Outback.  Even though we could have all fit in the car, I decided to take the Outback instead, in case we were able to talk Matt's parents into going out with us at some point. 

They lived in Greenville, NC, which is between Raleigh and the coast, and it took us about six hours to get there, since we also stopped for lunch along the way.  The area was a lot nicer than I'd expected and I drove over to the motel first, checked in and then we took our things inside to freshen up.  After we'd all done that, I called Mr. and Mrs. Weaver to see if it was all right for us to come over for a visit. 

"Yes, this would be a perfect time," Mrs. Weaver agreed after answering the phone. 

"We'll be right over then," I confirmed before ending the call.  

The assisted living facility they lived in was quite nice too and I was impressed with how well they were being taken care of.  Even though they both seemed to be having a good day, it was obvious neither one was in very good health.  They were both confined to wheelchairs; she because of her MS, while he had lost a leg due to diabetes.  He was also hooked up to an oxygen tank and I'd been told he was going blind, so he was squinting as he checked us out. 

"Although we've spoken on the phone several times, I'm Blake Hunter and I'm very glad to meet you," I told them after we were inside their small unit.  "Just so you don't get them confused, this is Tyler, this one is Marcus and this is Ethan," I added, just in case they'd forgotten.  That sometimes happened as people got older and they hadn't seen the boys in two or three years, so I didn't want any hurt feelings because their grandparents had forgotten their names. 

"Hi, Nana and Papa," the boys all greeted them, as they gave each one a hug and kissed them on the cheek. 

"I'm glad to see you boys again and you've all grown so much since we were last together," their papa told them.  "I'm really sorry about that, but as you can see it's kind of tough for us to get around."  All three boys nodded their heads in agreement.  "And Blake, you can call me Larry and my wife is June.  There's no need for you to be so formal while you're here." 

"Thank you.  I appreciate that," I confirmed.  "Would you be willing to let us take you out to dinner with us tonight?  It would be our privilege, but it would also give us a little more time to get to know each other." 

"I'm afraid that would be nearly impossible for us to do, unless you're driving a van adapted for wheelchairs," Larry answered.  "Besides, the dining hall is just a short trip down the hallway and the aides will be showing up later to help us get there, since our meals are all prepared for us." 

"Well I wanted to make the offer," I added, sorry that I couldn't do this for them.  "What time do you usually eat?" 

"The aides will arrive around 6:00, so that means we still have some time to visit before then," he replied.  "Unfortunately, it takes us about an hour to finish our meals and then when we get back, we immediately start getting ready for bed, because that takes us quite a while too.  We like to go to bed early and then get up early as well.  We have always been on that schedule, even when we were healthy and working." 

"That's fine, so we'll leave when you go to eat then," I confirmed.  "Would it be all right if we came back around 10:00 tomorrow morning then?" 

"Yes, that would be perfect," June answered this time.  "We'll be ready for you by then and we don't eat lunch until noon." 

"Ok, then we'll visit for a couple of hours first, before I take the boys out for lunch," I agreed.  "After we eat, we'll come back to spend some more time with you until dinner, unless you take a nap in between." 

"No, that will be alright," June stated.  "You may catch one or both of us dozing off from time to time, but that's just what happens after lunch, but one of us should be awake for you to visit with.  I hope you don't mind." 

"No, not at all," Tyler answered.  "We just want to be here with you." 

I then took myself out of the conversation and let the boys get to know their grandparents better.  The three of them split up and moved from one of their grandparents to the other, so Larry and June were chatting with one or two of the boys at a time. 

I'd been told the place was equipped with WiFi, in case any of the residents wanted to have a computer in their unit, but there were also public computers for the residents to use as well.  After excusing myself momentarily, I went out to grab my laptop from the Outback.  Then, I explained to the Weavers that I was going to do some work, while they spent time with the boys, seeing I was a fifth-wheel, so to speak. 

I worked for about an hour as they visited with each other, and then it was time for us to leave.  It was a little before 6:00 and I knew their aides would be showing up shortly, so we said our goodbyes and told them we'd see them again in the morning.  Then, I took the boys out to eat. 

They were quite talkative during the meal and filled me in about the various things they'd talked about with their grandparents.  It had been mostly about what their father had been like when he was growing up and the boys seemed excited and glad we had come.  Then, we made a quick trip to do some shopping, so we could buy their nana and papa each a Christmas gift.  Now that we'd spent time with Larry and June, I had a better idea about what we could get them.  I also bought gift bags to put their presents in, since I felt they would be easier for them to open. 

After we'd made our purchases, we went back to the motel and relaxed for a while.  The boys all watched something on TV, while I spent time working on my laptop again.  When I noticed it was getting late, I told the boys it was time for them to clean up.  Even though the boys weren't happy about it, the bathroom at the motel wasn't conducive to us taking our showers together, so Marcus and Ethan offered to take a bath with each other instead.  They only did this because they still wanted me to wash them, so I agreed. 

After they were clean and had put on their pajamas, I tucked them into one of the double beds and kissed them goodnight.  Once they were situated, Tyler and I then went into the bathroom and showered next.  It was a little awkward at times, but that was probably due to the fact that we were used to having a large shower stall to operate in.  When we'd finished up, dried off and brushed our teeth, we went out and slipped into a fresh pair of boxer briefs before we crawled into the other bed. 

Tyler and I hadn't done anything during our shower, since the other pair were just on the other side of the bathroom door, and not having a sexual release was very unusual for us.  I think the other pair was either already asleep or pretty close to it by the time we came out, so Tyler cuddled against me after we got into bed.  I think the boys were all tired from the long trip and the excitement of seeing their grandparents again, but this was fine with me.  However, if I'd known that Marcus and Ethan were this tired earlier, maybe Tyler and I might have done something to take care of each other. 

We all slept fairly well that night and then we went to check out the complimentary breakfast after getting dressed.  Then, we made sure we had the gifts with us, before we drove over to see their nana and papa again. 

Larry and June were waiting for us when we got there, so Marcus gave his grandfather his gift, while Ethan handed the other package to his grandmother. 

"What's this?" she asked, once he'd given it to her. 

"It's a Christmas present from all of us," Ethan told her.  "Yours is too, Papa." 

"You didn't need to do this," she stated, looking upset that she didn't have anything to give him in return. 

"But we wanted to do it," Tyler spoke up, to let her know they hadn't felt obligated.  "We thought these things were something each of you could use." 

We had purchased both of them a nice button-up sweater, since they had both been wearing one yesterday, and then again today, but it was fairly obvious that those sweaters had seen plenty of use.  We also bought each of them a nice bathrobe as well, which we felt they'd be able wear over their pajamas or nightgown if they didn't want or have time to get dressed up for breakfast. 

After they had inspected their gifts, they thanked the boys and gave each one a hug and a kiss to thank them.  I could tell each of their grandparents were slightly embarrassed that they didn't have anything to give the boys in return, but I'd try at some point to tell Larry and June discretely that it didn't really bother the boys.  I would explain that the boys had made out fairly well at home for Christmas, so they didn't really need any more presents. 

I had brought my laptop with me again, so I sat down to do some work while the boys visited with their grandparents.  Just before noon, I told the boys to say goodbye to their nana and papa so we could go get some lunch, because I knew the aides would be coming by for them shortly.  I told the boys we would come back again after we had finished eating, so they gave each of their grandparents a hug and kiss, and then we went to find a place to eat. 

After I talked the boys out of stopping at a fast food place, I spotted a diner that looked fairly nice and clean.  In fact, it reminded me a little of the place we liked to eat at home, so I almost expected Ann to greet us when we walked in.  The waitress we had was friendly, but she didn't have Ann's charm, and we had a decent lunch while we were there. 

When we returned to see their grandparents again afterward, June asked how long we were going to be staying.  I told her we'd be there all day tomorrow too, but then we'd be heading home after breakfast on Thursday.  She thanked me for the information and for allowing Larry and her to spend so much time with their grandsons.  I told her it was my pleasure and hoped we'd be able to do it again fairly soon.  I also explained why we hadn't been there before this and they both seemed to understand. 

I continued to work on my laptop again while they were visiting with each other, since it was their time, and not mine.  As it started to get closer to 6:00, I had the boys say goodbye and told June and Larry that we'd see them again in the morning.  I then took the boys out to dinner and we found a fairly nice Italian restaurant to stop at.  The boys were quick to agree on eating there, because they all like Italian food, and we had another nice meal together. 

When we got back to the motel, we spent a little time talking about the visit so far and then the boys watched a show on TV, while I did some work on the laptop.  A little while later, I took the younger pair into the bathroom and gave them another bath. They didn't seem to mind this, since it wasn't something we'd do that often, and then I got them ready for bed.  I let them continue watching TV even after I'd tucked them in and kissing them goodnight, and then Tyler and I went in to take our shower. 

As soon as we closed the bathroom door behind us, Tyler told me that he wanted for us to suck each other off.  I agreed, but said we'd have to be quick about it and keep the noise down.  The TV was still playing in the other room, so that would help to mask the sounds a bit, so we hurried through the oral sex and then washed each other, before brushing our teeth and finishing up in there. 

Neither of the other boys said anything about how long we had been in the bathroom, but I think Ethan was half asleep when we came out and Marcus was absorbed in the television show he was watching.  That worked out fine, so Tyler and I put on a clean pair of boxer briefs and hopped into bed.  He immediately cuddled against me, like metal filings being attracted to a strong magnet, so I told Marcus to turn the TV off when his show was over.  I hadn't fallen asleep yet when he did that, but then I saw Marcus get back into bed and cuddle up against his brother. 

After getting up and getting ready the next morning, we enjoyed another complimentary breakfast and then headed over to see their grandparents again.  Shortly after we arrived there, June handed each of us a Christmas card, and each one contained a $20.00 bill.  I wasn't sure if she had the cards already or if she'd asked someone on the staff to get them for her.  I also wasn't sure where she got the money from and worried that she might be shorting them of money they might need for the next month.  That's why I tried to tactfully refuse her gift. 

"June, this is very sweet of you, but you don't need to give me anything," I informed her.  "If you want to give your grandsons something then that's fine, but please accept mine back." 

"Nonsense," she spat back forcefully.  "You're family now too, since you're raising our grandsons, so please accept this from us.  We know it's not much, but Matt and Kelly left us some money in their will, more than I would have ever imagined, so we want to do this for all of you." 

Seeing she was so adamant and had hinted that it wasn't going to put them in a bind, we all thanked them for their kind gifts.  A short time after that, I told Larry and June I was going to go out and run some errands, mainly to fill the Outback up with gas, but there were also a few other things I needed to pick up before we headed home again.  Larry and June agreed that would be fine, but I also made sure Tyler had his phone with him before I left, in case he needed to get a hold of me before I got back.  He said he had it on him, so I took off to do my thing. 

After running my errands, I headed back to spend a little more time with Larry, June and the boys at the assisted living facility.  I chatted with either Larry or June while the boys were visiting with the other one, and Larry thanked me again for taking care of the funeral arrangements for Matt and Kelly after the accident.  He also thanked me for sending the flash drive with the video of the service and calling hours and explained they had watched it several times.  He then stated that they were very pleased with the way I had handled everything, as well as the way I was taking care of the boys.  He said he was very pleased with how well behaved and polite his grandsons all were, so I told him Matt and Kelly had seen to most of that long before I came into the picture. 

June, on the other hand, spent her time explaining that she didn't know how much longer she and her husband would be around, since neither of them were doing very well.  Even though they'd both had good days during the early part of our visit, I could tell that neither one was doing quite as well today.  It may have been partially due to our visit, since we hadn't given them much of a chance to nap during the day, but it could have also just been part of their continuing cycle of good and bad days.  I told her I understood and asked that they let us know if we could do anything to help out. 

I actually had lost track of time today and the aides showed up to take them to lunch before we left.  Larry and June introduced us to the aides briefly and we said hello to each one, but we also thanked them for taking such good care of our loved ones.  They thanked us in return, and then I took the boys and headed out to eat again. 

When we returned later, the boys eagerly filled both of their grandparents in about the different types of things they'd been involved with back home, such as baseball and basketball, and they also told them about their best friends.  Larry and June told the boys they were pleased they were all doing so well and that I was taking such good care of them.  That's when all three boys told their grandparents that they were really glad that their mom and dad had named me their guardian.  I could only second their comment. 

When it was nearly time for the Weavers to go to dinner, we said goodbye to them for the final time and gave each one a couple of extra hugs and kisses, although I shook Larry's hand rather than kiss him.  Then, I told them that we'd call and keep in touch, but I reminded them to call us as well, if we could do anything for them.  After they agreed, the boys and I took off. 

We stopped at a steak house for dinner, before heading back to our motel room and repeating the exact same process from the previous evening.  This meant that Tyler and I sucked each other off again before coming out and getting into bed.  We had a long drive ahead of us in the morning and I wanted to be fresh for it, so we turned in a little earlier tonight.  I kissed and hugged each of the boys first, and then Marcus and Ethan cuddled with one another in one bed, while Tyler and I did the same thing in the other bed.



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